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News Articles about Harry Potter


Go Memphis 11/15/02 'Potter' sequel is long on easy fun, short on magic

Extra TV 11/15/02 'Harry Potter' Premiere

BBC 11/15/02 Potter sequel makes its debut

Teen Hollywood 11/15/02 Potter Causes Pandemonium

BBC 11/15/02 Cinemas braced for Potter stampede

Pop Politics 11/15/02 Lessons From Harry

Detroit News 11/15/02 'Potter' magic proves easier the second time around

Dallas Morning News 11/15/02 New Harry Potter flick opens on record number of screens

Detroit News 11/15/02 'Harry' turns scary

BBC 11/15/02 'Chamber Of Secrets' Missing Crucial Scene?

Detroit News 11/15/02 Stores get more 'Potter' stuff than you can shake a wand at

Seattle Times 11/15/02 'Harry Potter' sequel sparkles with magic

CNN 11/14/02 Looking into Harry Potter's crystal ball

USA Today 11/14/02 A potion for 'Potter' success

CBS 11/14/02 Magical Friends

NJ.com 11/14/02 Plenty of popcorn for `Potter' debut

Zap2It 11/13/02 Harry Potter Fan, 16, Gets to Cover Red Carpet Arrival in New York

Teen Hollywood 11/13/02 Hogwarts Trio: In the Chamber of Secrets

NY Daily News 11/13/02 'Harry 2' has more of the fright stuff, say li'l previewers

BBC 11/13/02 Potter pirates 'fail' to copy film

CBS 11/13/02 Potter Fans Must Wait On 5th Book

Stuff 11/13/02 Harry Potter back in Chamber of Secrets

CBS 11/12/02 The Magic Of Harry Potter

Fairfield Minuteman 11/12/02 Harry Potter brings fame to Fairfield student

The Trades 11/11/02 "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" Review

NY Daily News 11/11/02 'Potter' premiere enchants 'em

Film Jerk 11/10/02 How "Harry Potter" is rich and creamy, like processed cheese

NY Daily News 11/10/02 Harry Potter goes for glory

CSM 11/8/02 Has Harry lost the magic?

Zap2It 11/8/02 Harry Potter's Secret Chamber

BBC 11/8/02 Potter conjures up more magic

BBC 11/7/02 Harry Potter star defends sequel's scary scenes

BBC 11/7/02 Legal threat for 'Russian Potter'

Zap2It 11/6/02 WB Offers a Peek at 'Potter'

NY Daily News 11/6/02 Who'll run Hogwarts?

BBC 11/6/02 Potter and Bond 'block smaller films'

CBS 11/6/02 Harry Potter To Tanya Grotter: 'Nyet'

New Zealand Herald 11/6/02 Sequel too flash Harry

Teen Hollywood 11/5/02 'Order Of The Phoenix' Is Finished

Telegraph 11/5/02 Harry Potter book price is pure magic

BBC 11/4/02 Thousands go potty for Harry

Extra TV 11/4/02 'Harry Potter' Premiere

Teen Hollywood 11/4/02 New Potter Film Debuts in London

NY Daily News 11/4/02 The magic continues for 'Harry'

BBC 11/3/02 Stars expected for Potter première

BBC 11/1/02 Harry Potter's online premiere

Washington Post 11/1/02 Chinese Pirates Rob 'Harry' of Magic, and Fees

Guardian 10/31/02 Harry Potter castle casts spell on rural life

Ananova 10/31/02 Harry Potter star gets job as cinema usher

Coming Soon 10/30/02 Oprah and BBC Interview Harry Potter Stars

Teen Hollywood 10/29/02 'Potter' Ponders Role

icNewcastle 10/26/02 Will locations star in Harry Potter 3?

Sign on San Diego 10/26/02 Richard Harris death raises questions for Harry Potter franchise

BBC 10/25/02 Potter director hails 'unstarry' actors

BBC 10/25/02 Actor Richard Harris dies

Telegraph 10/24/02 Dark days come to Hogwarts

Extra TV 10/23/02 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'

Guardian 10/23/02 Director says Potter stars will stop at three

New York Daily News 10/23/02 'Harry Potter' conjures up diversity

Extra TV 10/22/02 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone'

NY Daily News 10/22/02 Seven 'Potters,' and that's final

USA Today 10/22/02 Harry Potter matures into a wilier wizard

BBC 10/21/02 Potter book rumour denied

NY Times 10/20/02 'Harry Potter' to Battle `Lord of the Rings,' Again

Sunday Mail 10/20/02 JK to Roll Out 8 Harry Books

My Inky 10/19/02 Church: Harry Potter could help spread gospel

Teen Hollywood 10/19/02 Publishers Cash in on Hot Movies

Sci Fi Wire 10/18/02 Rowling OKs Potter Sequel

BBC 10/17/02 Potter star Harris recovering

Ananova 10/15/02 International Harry Potter trailer debuts on internet

BBC 10/14/02 Potter star Harris has cancer

Sunday Mail 10/13/02 Bookies Potty Bet on JK Baby's Name

NY Times 10/8/02 Coca-Cola to Start Harry Potter Promotion

Herald Dispatch 10/5/02 Harry Potter casts spell on symphony

Sky News 10/5/02 New Harry Potter To Open In London

Coming Soon 10/4/02 Alfonso Cuaron on Harry Potter 3

BBC 10/3/02 BBC grabs Potter TV rights

Independent 9/28/02 Prepare yourself: it's Harry versus Frodo round two

Louisville Channel 9/27/02 Tickets For Next 'Potter' Movie Already Selling In U.K.

BBC 9/27/02 Potter sequel tickets go on sale

Coming Soon 9/24/02 New Harry Potter 2 TV Spot Airing

Naples News 9/24/02 Hold on, Potter fans

Guardian 9/23/02 Old children's favourites retain magic of Harry Potter

BBC 9/22/02 Potter tops literature survey

Telegraph 9/22/02 Harry Potter casts his spell over all ages

BBC 9/19/02 JK Rowling expecting baby

The Star 9/19/02 Lawyers ward off Harry Potter imitators

BBC 9/19/02 Rowling wins Potter plagiarism case

BBC 9/17/02 Bloomsbury awaits more Potter magic

BBC 9/16/02 Russian 'Potter' author defends book

Extra TV 9/13/02 New Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Trailer

Daily News 9/13/02 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

BBC 9/12/02 Fans teased with new Potter trailer

Cinema Confidential 9/11/02 Where you can watch the new "Harry Potter" trailer...

Times of India 9/11/02 New Harry Potter to be released on Nov 15

BBC 9/10/02 Potter films to stream online

Coming Soon 9/6/02 Producer talks Harry Potter 3

This is Derbyshire 9/5/02 Has Harry Cast A Spell Over Young?

Cinema Confidential 9/5/02 Daniel Radcliffe growing too fast for "Harry Potter"?

Coming Soon 9/4/02 Harry Potter 2 Pics and Toys

Guardian 8/31/02 Rowling backed in security row

Telegraph 8/31/02 The intriguing tale of Harry Potter and the Mexican director

Ananova 8/30/02 Row over Rowling's bid to tighten home security

BBC 8/30/02 Harris's Potter role unaffected by illness

Guardian 8/28/02 Former NoW journalist reignites Harry Potter row

Gainesville Sun 8/25/02 J.K. Rowling seems to be stuck on volume five

Seattle Times 8/23/02 The Rowling myth and the missing Potter book
Coming Soon 8/21/02 Harry Potter Official Site Update & More

Coming Soon 8/5/02 New Harry Potter Trailer Not with Spy Kids 2

St. Petersburg Times 8/1/02 The enchanted gather for Harry

BBC 8/1/02 Harry Potter firm hit by Microsoft exit

This is London 7/26/02 Harry Potter and the reading parents

New York Daily News 7/23/02 'Harry' the third

Zap2It 7/22/02 'Y Tu Mama' Director Takes Over Harry Potter Films

BBC 7/22/02 Erotic director leads new Potter film

Local 6 7/21/02 Girl Injured Attempting To Fly Like 'Harry Potter'

Sign on San Diego 7/19/02 Harry Potter-inspired class works its magic

BBC 7/18/02 JK Rowling 'stalker' deported

Northants News 7/12/02 Potter film star’s sworn to secrecy

Modesto Bee 7/9/02 Hidden in 'Harry'

Telegraph 7/8/02 Church can take a tip from Harry Potter, says Hope

OJR 7/8/02 Potter Sweet and Sour

Independent 7/7/02 'Hysterical' quest for next Potter

Ananova 7/7/02 Court rules against Harry Potter author over schools books

BBC 7/4/02 Fake Harry Potter novel hits China

Edinburgh News 7/3/02 Harry Potter books a place at Sothebys

Times Record 6/27/02 School Board Makes Harry Potter Disappear

DM News 6/24/02 Scholastic Conjures Deals for 'Harry Potter' Release

Journal Standard 6/24/02 Harry Potter: New appreciation

BBC 6/21/02 Potter teaser arrives in UK

ZDNet 6/20/02 Harry Potter at the mercy of pirates?

Ananova 6/19/02 Harry Potter turned into American study guide

Coming Soon 6/18/02 Harry Potter Trailer Satellite Feed

BBC 6/17/02 Harry Potter boosts video sales

BBC 6/13/02 Potter trailer gets Scooby outing

Guardian 6/11/02 New Potter II trailer released

ZDNet 6/11/02 Harry Potter spins magic online

Guardian 6/11/02 New Potter II trailer released

USA Today 6/10/02 Harry to offer peek inside 'Chamber'

Sacramento Bee 6/7/02 When local teen met Harry, a hot Web site brewed

Sky News 6/6/02 Harry Potter's Giant Riddle Solved

Guardian 6/6/02 Spider-Man spins a web for Harry Potter

Hollywood Reporter 6/5/02 'Potter' casts rental spell

Guardian 6/5/02 Size means everything as Harry's big secret slips out

IGN 6/5/02 Dobby Teases New Potter

Coming Soon 6/4/02 Harry Potter 2 Trailer Pics and Audio

The Trades 6/3/02 DVD Review Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

The Trades 6/3/02 DVD Review Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Coming Soon 6/2/02 Chris Columbus Denies Harry Potter 3 Gossip

Seattle Times 5/31/02 'Harry Potter' is ready to go home

Coming Soon 5/30/02 Harry Potter DVD Extras Hard To Access

New Zealand Herald 5/30/02 Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone

Zap2It 5/29/02 Warner Bros. Searches for New 'Harry Potter' Director

IGN 5/29/02 More Potter Possibilities

BBC 5/29/02 Fans queue for Harry Potter DVD

Guardian 5/29/02 Cuaron linked to Harry Potter III

BBC 5/28/02 Erotic director 'in Potter talks'

This is North London 5/27/02 Wizard Jape for Harry Potter at Film Location

Coming Soon 5/26/02 Chris Columbus Out of Harry Potter 3?

San Francisco Chronicle 5/26/02 Magical 'Harry Potter' DVD provides tours of Hogwarts, grounds

This is Bristol 5/21/02 Harry Potter and the Trap of Poverty

This is London 5/20/02 Harry Potter takes a year out

BBC 5/16/02 Dutch 'Harry Potter' on the way up

BBC 5/13/02 Potter breaks another UK record

BBC 5/11/02 Potter DVD fever sweeps UK

Sky News 5/11/02 Harry To Sell A Million

Toledo Blade 5/10/02 Fifth Harry Potter installment may not be available until '03

Guardian 5/9/02 Unwelcome suspense for Harry Potter fans

BBC 5/9/02 Potter fans may be kept waiting

Telegraph 5/9/02 New delay spells gloom for Harry Potter fans

Globe and Mail 5/8/02 Hamilton school board to review Harry Potter

Zap2It 5/6/02 Pick Your Wand With the New 'Harry Potter' D

Coming Soon 4/30/02 More Harry Potter 2 Set Work

BBC 4/28/02 Stores plan midnight Potter

This is London 4/26/02 Harry Potter orders flood the shops

Evening Telegraph 4/23/02 A wizard reply for Potter fan Damon

BBC 4/20/02 Siberian Potter fans drink poisonous potion

NJ.com 4/18/02 Hallmark recalls Harry Potter 'Magic Potion' key chain

BBC 4/10/02 Harry Potter book sales slow

Coming Soon 4/5/02 Harry Potter 2 Set Pictures!

The Register 4/4/02 MS contract saves world from Compaq Harry Potter PC

Times of India 3/30/02 Harry Potter gives Ramu Company
BBC 3/27/02 Harry Potter casts spell on Russia

News Leader 3/20/02 Schools consider ban on ‘Potter’

Times of India 3/19/02 Harry Potter wins costume designers award

BBC 3/18/02 Italian mouse challenges Harry Potter

Sun Sentinel 3/18/02 'Harry Potter,' 'Royal Tenenbaums' win Oscars for costume design

Zap2It 3/14/02 'Buffy,' 'Harry Potter' Lead Saturn Nominations

Herald Leader 3/13/02 Teachers proposing book ban in Russell

BBC 3/12/02 Harry Potter spells profits for Argonaut

BBC 3/8/02 Rowling stops Potter radio readings

IGN 3/5/02 Chamber Casting Secrets Revealed

ninemsn 3/5/02 Branagh lands Harry Potter role

Sci Fi 3/4/02 More Potter Casting Announced

BBC 3/4/02 New face to battle Potter

Edinburgh News 3/2/02 Harry Potter globe goes under the hammer

Grocery Network 2/22/02 Supermarkets a Major Potter Target

BBC 2/20/02 Potter back on top

Zap2It 2/19/02 'Harry Potter' Edges Out 'Star Wars' at Worldwide Box Office

BBC 2/19/02 Potter makes movie chart history

BBC 2/18/02 Potter prompts course in witchcraft

Detroit News 2/18/02 Might be a longer wait for next Harry Potter story

This is London 2/17/02 Potter spell will lift Argonaut

Guardian 2/14/02 Harry Potter expelled from UAE schools

Hello 2/13/02 First Printing of Harry Potter Goes Under the Hammer

BBC 2/13/02 Potter toppled by thriller

BBC 2/12/02 Emirates ban Potter book

BBC 2/12/02 Potters go under the hammer

The Trades 2/11/02 Through the Wringer

BBC 2/11/02 Potter 'sees off pirates' in China

Financial Times 2/9/02 Harry Potter film charms Chinese

Sci Fi 2/7/02 Isaacs Gets Odious In Potter 2

MacNN 2/7/02 Aspyr to begin shipping Harry Potter?

Zap2It 2/5/02 'Harry Potter' Lands on DVD May 28

Telegraph 2/5/02 Hornby gets a bit of Harry Potter magic

Michigan Live 2/4/02 Potter, good or bad? Board will hear arguments again

Facing the Challenge 2/4/02 Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, a Christian Parent's Nightmare?

BBC 2/4/02 Harry Potter boosts Hornby profits

Science Daily 2/1/02 Backyard Bird Count Includes Harry Potter's Snowy Owls

BBC 2/1/02 Rowling challenges Cookson at library

Empire Online 2/1/02 Potty About Potter

Steamboat Pilot 1/31/02 Group discusses Harry Potter phenomenon

Financial Times 1/31/02 Electronic Arts boosted by Harry Potter sales

Guardian 1/29/02 Hobbits run rings round Potter

Coming Soon 1/29/02 Harry Potter DVD Details on Feb 5th

Zap2It 1/28/02 'Harry Potter' Casts Spell Over China

Zap2It 1/28/02 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Harry Potter' Among Nominees for Best Editing

BBC 1/27/02 Harry Potter casts spell on China

Anchorage Daily News 1/26/02 Harry Potter books inspire new love for literature

Chud 1/24/02 Harry Potter and the DVD Release Date

Coming Soon 1/22/02 Harry Potter Tops Dinos Overseas

BBC 1/17/02 Bloomsbury set for wizard profits

IGN 1/16/02 Enter The Chamber!

BBC 1/11/02 Potter battles Rings in movie awards

This is London 1/11/02 Potter, Tolkien magic for Ottakar's

Telegraph 1/10/02 Harry Potter weaves his magic at Hamleys

ABC 28 1/9/02 Controversial Harry Potter Ad

BBC 1/7/02 Potter propels Euro box office

BBC 1/7/02 Rings and Potter still surging ahead

Holland Sentinel 1/5/02 Harry Potter issue in dispute after board resignation

York Dispatch 1/4/02 Board OKs Harry Potter

Brockport Post 1/4/02 Still wild about Harry

Hollywood Reporter 1/4/02 'Potter' fuels boxoffice boom in int'l markets

Daily Telegraph 1/3/02 Drug dealers cash in on Potter

BBC 1/3/02 Potter books reclaim top spots

Guardian 1/1/02 Harry Potter and the sermon of fire

Chud 1/1/02 Harry Potter and the Webpage of Secrets

Zap2It 12/31/01 'Harry Potter' Creator J.K. Rowling Weds Over Weekend

BBC 12/31/01 'Satanic' Harry Potter books burnt

NY Times 12/31/01 The Fifth 'Potter' Raises Questions

BBC 12/30/01 Christmas wedding for Rowling

My San Antonio 12/29/01 Harry Potter teaches kids about being a good person

Zap2It 12/28/01 Harry Potter Haters Set Up Phone Line, Burn Books

Sci Fi 12/28/01 Potter 2 Casting Revealed?

BBC 12/28/01 Potter studio derails train plan

Sci Fi 12/27/01 Smith Talks Potter 2

BBC 12/24/01 Potter pays homage to Catalonia

CNN 12/24/01 Potter author's big secret

BBC 12/24/01 Potter's final chapter written

This is London 12/22/01 Harry Potter stills magicked away

Bloomberg.com 12/22/01 Europeans Focus on Harry Potter Goods, DVDs as Holiday Gifts

CNN 12/21/01 Harry Potter toys hot for holidays

BBC 12/20/01 Film boosts Potter books

Girls World 12/20/01 Harry Potter And the Sorcerer's Stone

BBC 12/19/01 Locals protest at 'occult' Potter

Zap2It 12/18/01 'Harry Potter's International Box Office Dominance Continues

BBC 12/18/01 Diary star joins Potter sequel

BBC 12/18/01 Harry Potter has UK staying power

Hollywood Reporter 12/18/01 'Potter' flies past $300 mil o'seas

BBC 12/17/01 Potter enchants South Korea

National Geographic 12/16/01 Harry Potter Owl Scenes Alarm Animal Advocates

BBC 12/11/01 Harry Potter's weekend record

Zap2It 12/10/01 'Matrix Revolutions' May Postpone Third 'Harry Potter'

BBC 12/10/01 Clooney's crooks oust Potter

Scotsman 12/9/01 Harry Potter vanishing act gives parents a Christmas Day crisis

The Times 12/8/01 Potter & Co mint box office gold

BBC 12/7/01 Can Potter work tourism magic?

BBC 12/7/01 Harry Potter art fails to impress

BBC 12/6/01 Harry Potter art up for auction

Chosun 12/5/01 Harry Potter Fever Hits Korea

New Zealand Herald 12/4/01 Harry Potter and the verbs of yore

Zap2It 12/4/01 'Harry Potter' Sinks 'Titanic' for Overseas Weekend Box Office Crown

BBC 12/3/01 'Passionate' Rings praised above Potter

Milwaukee Journal 12/3/01 `Harry Potter' Still No. 1

BBC 12/3/01 Potter breaks Japan records

Maine Today 12/2/01 Thumbs up for Harry Potter

CJ Online 12/2/01 Small town postmaster prepared for continued 'Potter' craze

Seattle Times 12/2/01 Don't even think about getting an owl as a pet

Sci Fi 11/30/01 Potter Casting Rumors Fly

Zap2It 11/30/01 ABC Wins 'Harry Potter' Broadcast Rights

Seattle Times 11/30/01 Will 'Potter' produce cheers, tears or fears?

BBC 11/30/01 Potter breaks Australian record

Milwaukee Journal 11/30/01 ABC Buys TV Rights to 'Harry Potter'

New Republic 11/29/01 Wizards of Two Kinds

BBC 11/29/01 Schools ban Potter 'occult' books

Cnet 11/29/01 Macau ripe with pirated "Harry Potter" copies

Sky News 11/28/01 Parents Go Potty Over Harry Lego

Faz.net 11/28/01 Harry Potter Set to Enchant Christmas Sales

Milwaukee Journal 11/28/01 'Harry Potter' fans swarm Internet site

Record Eagle 11/27/01 Name her Hermione

Zap2It 11/27/01 MPAA Chief Jack Valenti Cracks Down on 'Harry Potter' Piracy

USA Today 11/27/01 'Potter' pace may not sink 'Titanic'

BBC 11/27/01 Police suspended in Potter inquiry

BBC 11/27/01 Harry Potter continues UK magic

BBC 11/27/01 Harry Potter pirates arrested

News.com.au 11/27/01 Potter stars spooked by dolls

Valley News 11/26/01 'Harry Potter' Enchants

Zap2It 11/26/01 'Harry Potter' and the Pirated Copies of Asia
BBC 11/26/01 Harry Potter breaks more records

Milwaukee Journal 11/25/01 It doesn't take much to re-create 'Potter's' style

BBC 11/25/01 Potter piracy spreads to Hong Kong

Toledo Blade 11/25/01 Harry Potter fills toy shelves

Seattle Times 11/25/01 Harry Potter gives hope for future

Tullahoma News 11/24/01 Minister complains about Harry Potter to school

Seattle Times 11/23/01 The magic (and caring) of 'Harry Potter'

Guardian 11/23/01 Philosophising Harry Potter

Coming Soon 11/23/01 Tom Felton Talks Harry Potter 2

BBC 11/23/01 Long wait for Potter stage shows

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/23/01 Should teens see ‘Harry’?

Guardian 11/23/01 Class dismissed | Harry potty

Detroit News 11/22/01 Michigan girl has role as extra in Potter film

BBC 11/22/01 Harry Potter takings equal Star Wars

Zap2It 11/21/01 Keen-Eyed Fans Find Flubs in 'Harry Potter' Film

Guardian 11/21/01 UK tourism pins hopes on Pottermania

BBC 11/21/01 Harry Potter set to equal Star Wars

Zap2It 11/21/01 'Harry Potter' No Match for the Death of a King

Baltimore Messenger 11/20/01 'Harry Potter' provides the lesson for the day

Zap2It 11/20/01 'Harry Potter' Pirate Copies Populate Asia

BBC 11/20/01 Potter conjures up UK magic

BBC 11/20/01 Potter author attacks child poverty

Post Gazette 11/20/01 Even before its Harry Potter role, the owl was cloaked in myth

ABC 11/19/01 Potter Draws Online Sales — and Ire

Pop Politics 11/19/01 The Harry Hype

Zap2It 11/19/01 Two 'Harry Potter' Sequel Scenes Exposed

BBC 11/19/01 Harry Potter to weave tourism magic

BBC 11/19/01 Harry Potter smashes box office record

Milwaukee Journal 11/19/01 'Potter' Makes $22.9M in Britain

Denver Post 11/18/01 'Potter' spells success

Anchorage Daily News 11/18/01 Harry Potter Comes Alive In A Quilt

Tuscaloosa News 11/18/01 ‘Harry Potter’ is just OK, but worth seeing

Guardian 11/17/01 Harry Potter and the endless wait

Detroit News 11/17/01 Harry's head honcho

Toledo Blade 11/17/01 ‘Harry’ fans give quiet approval

Oakland Press 11/17/01 'Harry Potter' movie wows fans both young and old

Journal Star 11/17/01 Pumped Up for Potter

Tallahassee Democrat 11/17/01 Some Christians critical of Pottermania

Florida Today 11/17/01 Fans pleased with magic of 'Harry Potter' film

Canberra Times 11/17/01 Parents beware: Harry Potter fever has set in

Union Leader 11/17/01 Harry Potter magic enchants movie fans

San Francisco Chronicle 11/17/01 Big day for little wizards

Wired 11/17/01 The Fully Accessible Harry Potter

Seattle Times 11/16/01 Pottermania arrives in downtown Seattle

BBC 11/16/01 Potter fans fly in for film

Zap2It 11/16/01 CNN Profiles Kid Wizard Harry Potter

CSM 11/16/01 Going Hogwarts over 'Harry'

Go Memphis 11/16/01 Hallie Woodward on 'Harry Potter': Love conquers fears aplenty

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/16/01 ‘Harry Potter’: A triumph of cinematic wizardry

BBC 11/16/01 Potter hits the big screen

Zap2It 11/15/01 'Harry Potter' Blows Away Online Ticket Sales Record

Cinema Confidential 11/15/01 Interview with Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe

Zap2It 11/15/01 'Harry Potter' to Play at the Witching Hour

Salon 11/15/01 The war of the wizards

Zap2It 11/15/01 Hollywood Brings Out its Magic for the 'Harry Potter' Premiere

BBC 11/15/01 Potter set to smash US records

BBC 11/15/01 Potter star's 'magic' movie

BBC 11/14/01 Harry Potter paintings sell-off

Cnet 11/14/01 Where's Harry Potter? Probably not online

BBC 11/14/01 Harry Potter's healing powers

USA Today 11/14/01 Making the film: Norbert pops up, Peeves goes poof

Go Memphis 11/14/01 Road to hell paved with 'Harry Potter'?

BBC 11/14/01 Coltrane spills Potter beans

Go Memphis 11/14/01 He's Harry Potter, and you're not

Zap2It 11/13/01 'Harry Potter' Shatters Records in Britain

BBC 11/13/01 Potter director's Brit passion

New Zealand Herald 11/13/01 Fans just wild about Harry as the witching hour approaches

Milwaukee Journal 11/13/01 'Harry Potter' Movie True to Novel

The Trades 11/12/01 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

BBC 11/12/01 Potter sponsor Coke under attack

Detroit News 11/12/01 Just wild about 'Harry'

Detroit News 11/12/01 Potter conjures up retail profits

BBC 11/12/01 Actor Harris tamed by Potter

San Francisco Chronicle 11/11/01 Harry Potter's England

St. Petersburg Times 11/11/01 Muggle world manic over Harry Potter merchandise

San Francisco Chronicle 11/11/01 Sorcerers have all the luck

Guardian 11/11/01 Shops hit parents with Potter toys price hike

Sunday Times 11/11/01 Wanamaker anger at Potter pay deal

Zap2It 11/10/01 Chris Columbus May Conjure up Seven Harry Potters

Detroit News 11/10/01 Harry Potter and the sudden onset of adolescence

Toledo Blade 11/10/01 Harry Potter’s wave builds

Zap2It 11/9/01 Harry Potter's Secret Chamber

Digital Spy 11/9/01 Harry Potter: Behind-the-scenes special

Zap2It 11/8/01 Pirated 'Potter' Not on the Net Yet, But 'Potter' Porn Is

BBC 11/8/01 Potter storms bestseller list - again

Zap2It 11/7/01 'Lord of the Rings' Director Peter Jackson is a 'Harry Potter' Fan

BBC 11/7/01 Rings director denies Potter is rival

Detroit News 11/7/01 Harry who?

Zap2It 11/7/01 'Harry Potter' to Conjure Up Widest Release of All Time

Indian Express 11/7/01 Harry Potter, who?

The Scotsman 11/7/01 Celebrities show they’re Potter-trained

Salon 11/6/01 Kiss Harry Potter goodbye

CNN 11/6/01 Critics declare 'Harry' just wizard

Zap2It 11/6/01 'Harry Potter' Star Richard Harris Bashes Other Stars at Premiere

Milwaukee Journal 11/6/01 'Harry Potter' already conjuring up crowds

Zap2It 11/5/01 The Eyes Have it for 'Harry Potter' Fans
BBC 11/5/01 Harry Potter sparks eyewear craze

Zap2It 11/5/01 'Harry Potter' is No Sell-Out When It Comes to Merchandising

Coming Soon 11/5/01 Radcliffe Talks Harry Potter Sequels

Independent 11/5/01 Harry Potter is mobbed by the muggles

Telegraph 11/5/01 Harry's here and the fans are spellbound

This is London 11/5/01 Harry Potter set to smash all records

Sunday Times 11/4/01 Movie pirates cash in on Harry Potter mania

BBC 11/4/01 Starry night for Harry Potter

CNN 11/4/01 Hurrahs for 'Harry'

BBC 11/4/01 World awaits Harry Potter

Online IE 11/3/01 Potter's Hagrid like Hell's Angel taking tea

BBC 11/3/01 World awaits Harry Potter

Milwaukee Journal 11/3/01 Actors Excited About 'Potter' Roles

BBC 11/2/01 Potter mania sweeps cinemas

Zap2It 11/2/01 'Harry Potter' Tickets Selling Like Gangbusters in U.K.

St. Petersburg Times 11/1/01 Shalt thou read Harry Potter?

BBC 11/1/01 Potter's voice 'was not' dubbed

BBC 11/1/01 'Last-minute stand-in' for Harry

USA Today 11/1/01 You're a wizard, Harry Potter, at selling advance tickets

Zap2It 11/1/01 Zoinks! 'Scooby-Doo' Trailer to Debut in Front of 'Harry Potter'

Zap2It 10/31/01 Advance Tickets to 'Harry Potter' Go on Sale

BBC 10/31/01 Harry Potter props vanish from set

Zap2It 10/31/01 'Harry Potter' Pilfered Props Pop Up on the Net

Jam! 10/30/01 'Harry Potter' preview gets rave review

Daily Herald 10/30/01 Will Harry Potter save Christmas?

This is London 10/29/01 Business buys up Harry Potter

BBC 10/29/01 Potter fans assured of seeing movie

Zap2It 10/28/01 'Harry Potter' Scores Magic PG Rating

Sunday Times 10/28/01 Censor clears Harry Potter for under-12s

Des Moines Register 10/27/01 Potter fans, feast on this candy

Independent 10/27/01 Harry Potter offers children a long spell at the cinema

Fox News 10/26/01 Harry Potter Movie is Long -- Two and a Half Hours Long

BBC 10/26/01 Première plans scaled down

BBC 10/26/01 Potter preview stirs excitement
ABC 10/25/01 From Shakespeare to Harry Potter

LJ World 10/24/01 Harry Potter books subject of KSU professor's study

Zap2It 10/23/01 'Harry Potter's Plan for World Domination Revealed

IGN 10/23/01 WB Pres Dishes Potter

Town Online 10/22/01 Tolkien vs. Rowling

Coming Soon 10/22/01 Harry Potter Sequels Status

Sci Fi 10/22/01 Potter Rumors Reported

Ireland.com 10/20/01 Belfast firm's ban on Harry Potter

Zap2It 10/18/01 Advocates Object to Harry Potter Coke Ads

BBC 10/18/01 Coke attacked for Harry Potter links

Media Guardian 10/18/01 Harry Potter fans oppose Coke deal

Zap2It 10/18/01 'Harry Potter'-Coca-Cola Coalition Sparks the Ire of Washington Group

SciFi 10/17/01 Potter Premiere Tix Auctioned

USA Today 10/17/01 Harry Potter stuff appears like magic

Guardian 10/12/01 Harry Potter director denies casting rumours

SciFi 10/11/01 Potter Rumors Debunked

BBC 10/10/01 Lucas wins Potter effects contract

Florida Today 10/10/01 Lewis offers 'Potter' options

Zap2It 10/9/01 'Harry Potter' and Coca-Cola to Rule the World

BBC 10/9/01 Coke backs Harry Potter literacy drive

Coming Soon 10/8/01 Coca-Cola Launching 'Harry Potter' Campaign
Sunday Times 10/7/01 A scary one for Harry

BBC 10/5/01 Harry Potter inspires thesis

Florida Times Union 10/4/01 Bewitching 'Potter' books spells challenge for schools

BBC 10/3/01 Harry Potter author wins press complaint

IGN 9/29/01 No Hugh in Harry 2

Empire Online 9/28/01 Potter Flies The Flag

BBC 9/28/01 Harry Potter slated for 'Satanism'

Zap2It 9/27/01 The WB Presents a Harry Potter Sweeps for Kids

Alabama Live 9/26/01 Harry Potter among most "challenged" books in schools

This is London 9/26/01 Potter publisher heads for film lift

BBC 9/26/01 Harry Potter brings wizard sales

BBC 9/24/01 Toy shop bans Harry Potter

The Times 9/22/01 Harry Potter goes platinum

BBC 9/21/01 Book honour for Harry Potter author

Guardian Unlimited 9/19/01 Actors' strike could hit Harry Potter film

IGN 9/18/01 Spielberg Wants Potter 3?

BBC 9/17/01 Potter theme gets Proms airing

Zap2It 9/17/01 Steven Spielberg May Helm 'Harry Potter' Sequel

Guardian 9/14/01 Richard Harris turned down Harry Potter three times

SciFi 9/13/01 Star Nervous About Potter

Zap2It 9/13/01 Richard Harris Says Granddaughter Talks Him into 'Harry Potter'

Daily News 9/11/01 Valley designer puts twinkle in young wizard's eye

Toledo Blade 9/9/01 Wild about Harry

Jacksonville.com 9/7/01 Under Harry's spell

BBC 9/7/01 Harry Potter première date set

Guardian 9/5/01 JK Rowling praises film company as it works its magic on Harry Potter

Zap2It 9/5/01 'Harry Potter' Pics in Vanity Fair

Zap2It 9/5/01 Spielberg: Harry Potter No Challenge

BBC 9/4/01 Harry Potter photo tease

Coming Soon 9/4/01 Pictures of Filming on 'Harry Potter' Sequel!

BBC 9/3/01 Potter film exclusive

Newsroom 9/3/01 Harry Potter Will Cast Card-Swapping Spell

Sunday Times 9/2/01 Church puts faith in Harry Potter

Guardian 8/31/01 Second Harry Potter movie derailed

Motley Fool 8/31/01 AOL Time Warner Needs Harry Potter

SciFi 8/31/01 Consumers Wary Of Potter Toys?

Detroit News 8/28/01 Leave it to 'Potter'

Coming Soon 8/27/01 Toymakers Are Betting on 'Harry Potter'

BBC 8/23/01 Excellence award for Rowling

Coming Soon 8/23/01 Harris Signed for 3 'Harry Potter' Movies

CNN 8/20/01 Complex books draw young readers

Syracuse.com 8/19/01 Harry Potter to aid religious instruction

Florida Today 8/19/01 Harry Potter The case for, the case against

Florida Today 814/01 More of your views about Harry Potter

BBC 8/12/01 Rowling complains over holiday snaps

Milwaukee Journal 8/11/01 Harry Potter Creater Protests Photos

BBC 8/8/01 Potter author denies 'writer's block'

Daily Telegraph 8/8/01 Potter card craze enchants parents

This is London 8/7/01 Harry Potter takes on Pokemon

BBC 8/7/01 Potter takes on Pokémon

Guardian 8/6/01 Harry Potter boost for tourist industry

Florida Today 8/4/01 Video demonizes 'Harry Potter'

MSNBC 8/2/01 Harry Potter goes back to school

Inc. 8/1/01 Licensing Wizardry

IGN 7/31/01 Harry Potter Birthday Bash

Free Lance Star 7/31/01 Harry Potter shares a birthday with his creator, J.K. Rowling

Gamespot 7/25/01 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

IGN 7/25/01 Potter Previewed at Comic-Con

Empire Online 7/20/01 Ooh! Potter Playthings

Zap2It 7/19/01 Fans Note 'Harry Potter' Scar is Askew

BBC 7/18/01 Potter teaser set for UK cinemas

Empire Online 7/18/01 Second Potter Trailer Hits Cinemas

Seattle PI 7/17/01 Harry Potter's in the cards for Wizards of the Coast

BBC 7/11/01 Japan braced for more Pottermania

Zap2It 7/9/01 Is Harry Potter Worth $70 Million?

Telegraph 7/6/01 Williams uses her Harry Potter powers

BBC 7/5/01 Harry Potter paintings for auction

Zap2It 7/5/01 Original Harry Potter Art to be Auctioned

Coming Soon 7/4/01 Phillips Sorts Out 'Harry Potter'

Scotsman 7/1/01 A bit of wizardry to raise cash for farmers’ appeal

Washington Post 6/30/01 Finding the Spiritual Power of Harry Potter

Guardian 6/29/01 Harry Potter and the publicity stunt

The Times 6/29/01 Potter lifts publisher's share price

Guardian 6/29/01 Hugh Grant up for Harry Potter role

This is London 6/28/01 Harry Potter's trail blazer

Independent 6/28/01 'Harry Potter' fans teased with second trailer

This is London 6/28/01 More Potter magic at Bloomsbury

Zap2It 6/27/01 'Harry Potter' Director Stays True to the Book

USA Today 6/27/01 'Harry Potter' revealed

BBC 6/27/01 Harry Potter director breaks silence

CNN 6/27/01 Peek at 'Potter' trailer causes buzz on Internet

USA Today 6/27/01 Director doesn't want movie's trailer to spill all of Harry's secrets

Zap2It 6/27/01 Steven Spielberg Has a Fear of 'Harry Potter'

BBC 6/26/01 Second Potter teaser unveiled

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/25/01 Kids have magical time at Harry Potter camps

Deseret News 6/25/01 Artemis Fowl looking a lot like the next Harry Potter

Film Force 6/20/01 Potter Trailer #2 Set for AOL, A.I. Debut

Chud 6/20/01 Potter Trailer Materializing

Coming Soon 6/19/01 Second 'Harry Potter' Teaser Trailer Coming

LJ World 6/13/01 Harry Potter conjures trouble

Coming Soon 6/12/01 Second 'Harry Potter' Poster

Empire Online 6/12/01 Peek At Potter Poster

Coming Soon 6/11/01 Rupert Grint Shares 'Harry Potter' Scoop

Empire Online 6/11/01 Grint Talks Potter

BBC 6/10/01 No top prize for Potter

IGN 6/6/01 Harry Happenings

Independent 6/3/01 Cries of foul over 'new Harry Potter'

Cincinnati Post 6/2/01 Harry Potter works magic for bookstores

IGN 6/1/01 Son of Harry Potter LEGOs

SciFi 5/31/01 Rowling Donates Potter Winnings

Kansas City Star 5/29/01 'Harry Potter' film is 'incredibly faithful' to book, screenwriter says

BBC 5/25/01 Now...the Harry Potter video game

Milwaukee Journal 5/23/01 'Harry Potter' gets music wizardry

Cincinnati Post 5/23/01 Harry Potter wizardry alive on Web

Seattle Times 5/23/01 'Harry Potter' screenwriter breaks film's silence

Milwaukee Journal 5/23/01 'The Legend of Rah and the Muggles'

CNN 5/22/01 Video game makers conjure up first 'Potter' title

SciFi 5/22/01 Potter Film Is Faithful

Jam! 5/21/01 'Potter' movie not for kiddies: Screenwriter

CNN 5/21/01 'Harry Potter' scribe promises edgy adaptation

On Magazine 5/20/01 Harry Potter Game: Inside the Halls of Hogwarts

The Herald 5/9/01 Experts hail Harry as wizard role model

Film Force 5/8/01 Harry Potter LEGOs Revealed

Fox News 5/8/01 Harry Potter Scores Big With Shrinks

The Scotsman 5/5/01 Harry Potter: victim of the PC-brigade

BBC 5/2/01 Potter sales hit magic number

The Guardian 5/2/01 Cameron Diaz to star in 'new Harry Potter'

The Times 4/27/01 Harry Potter selected as muggles' favourite

The Guardian 4/23/01 Harry Potter actors sign secrecy contracts

BBC 4/22/01 Magician author's Potter gold

bCentral 4/20/01 Harry Potter meets Wizard of Dumb

Write News 4/20/01 Intervisual to Produce 3-D Harry Potter Books

Film Force 4/18/01 Potter Pics Per Premiere

BBC 4/4/01 Harry Potter and the broadband adventure

ZDNet 4/4/01 Harry Potter development update

CBC 4/3/01 Sales of new Harry Potter audio book boom

BBC 4/2/01 £1m sales for Potter CD

Seattle Times 3/30/01 As Harry's fortunes increase, Larry's author cries foul

CBC 3/30/01 Raincoast Books enjoys windfall thanks to Harry Potter

Coming Soon 3/39/01 'Harry Potter' Sequel on the Fast Track

The Guardian 3/29/01 Harry Potter and the money mine

This is London 3/29/01 JK breaks promise on Potter book

CNN 3/28/01 Potter publisher profit up

BBC 3/28/01 Harry Potter and the 120% profit hike

Washington Post 3/27/01 Muggle Versus Wizard

Empire Online 3/27/01 Cathedral Covers Up For Potter

ABC News 3/26/01 Pa. Church Members Burn Harry Potter, Other Books 'Against God'

Milwaukee Journal 3/22/01 U.K. Royals Love Harry Potter

BBC 3/22/01 Queen's wizard book day

BBC 3/20/01 From Medea to Muggle

The Register 3/19/01 Warner Bros scraps Harry Potter legal actions

Salon 3/19/01 Salon recommends

BBC 3/18/01 Trail blazer for Potter fans

Toledo Blade 3/17/01 Preview of Harry Potter movie is available on the Internet

Seattle PI 3/17/01 Young Potterheads in for a treat with pair of lighthearted series spinoffs

The Guardian 3/16/01 When Harry met Larry

The Register 3/16/01 Claire Field wins Harry Potter Web site case

ZDNet 3/16/01 Warner Bros. backs off Harry Potter fight

BBC 3/16/01 Larry Potter returns to print

Detroit News 3/15/01 Parents make new 'Potter'-related books disappear off shelves

CBC 3/15/01 Muggles books that allegedly inspired Harry Potter series re-issued

Journal Star 3/15/01 Author suing Rowling to have books reissued

Empire Online 3/15/01 Harry Potter Screenings

Seattle Times 3/14/01 Harry Potter's 'texts' add depth to fans' world of wizardry

Toledo Blade 3/13/01 J.K. Rowling writes textbooks for a young wizard

ABC News 3/12/01 More Adventures For Harry Potter

Milwaukee Journal 3/12/01 'Harry Potter' Author Adds Titles

BBC 3/12/01 Potter magic helps charity

Seattle PI 3/10/01 Few gaps in Harry Potter's world of wizardry

BBC 3/2/01 Potter creator to receive OBE

Media Guardian 3/2/01 Harry Potter joins Barbie on the toyshelf

This is London 3/2/01 Charles the Harry Potter fan

CNN 3/2/01 Harry Potter creator at Palace

BBC 3/1/01 Potter fans to see movie teaser

UK Guardian 2/26/01 Mattel conjures up Harry Potter game

Detroit Free Press 2/25/01 Even wizardry can't save kids

BBC 2/21/01 Coke and Harry Potter join forces

UK Telegraph 2/21/01 £95m Harry Potter deal with Coca-Cola

Guardian Unlimited 2/20/01 Coke to cash in on Harry Potter

CNN 2/20/01 Harry Potter: Coke is it

BBC 2/19/01 Potter film needs more time

Coming Soon 2/18/01 'Harry Potter' Production In Trouble?

UK Observer 2/18/01 Potter boy's contract spells trouble for film

BBC 2/16/01 Potter weaves spell in libraries

The Herald 2/15/01 Why Harry Potter readers must wait for a spell

FilmForce 2/15/01 Visit the New Official Harry Potter Site

Washington Post 2/14/01 The Trouble With Harry

Coming Soon 2/12/01 'Harry Potter' Teaser Description

Coming Soon 2/11/01 'Harry Potter' Filming Update

This is London 2/7/01 Six more Harry Potter films planned

UK Guardian 2/7/01 Harry Potter books are sexist, says US academic

Film Force 2/6/01 Screenwriter Kloves Talks Harry Potter

EWTN 2/6/01 Harry Potter Slammed by Polish Priest

Game Center 2/2/01 Lego and Harry Potter team up

PR Newswire 2/2/01 Complaints Against Harry Potter Series Triple

Variety 1/31/01 Pottermania Lures Hollywood Kids to Lit

The Times 1/30/01 Deal turns Harry Potter into a card

This is London 1/29/01 Harry Potter 'is a sexist pig'

UK Telegraph 1/27/01 Minister looking for the magic touch

BBC 1/26/01 Potter sketches up for sale

Deseret News 1/26/01 Aussie school bans 'violent' Harry Potter

The Australian 1/23/01 Harry Potter banned from school

Empire Online 1/22/01 Exclusive: Potter Location Report

The Guardian 1/22/01 Warner Brothers in fresh battle over Harry Potter website

BBC 1/22/01 Harry Potter online tug-of-war

ZDNet 1/22/01 Girl in Harry Potter Web address battle

UK Telegraph 1/20/01 Harry v Hobbit at Superbowl

The Times 1/20/01 Boy wizard trounces cooks and romantics

The Guardian 1/19/01 First screening of Harry Potter trailer

Empire Online 1/17/01 Touchdown For Harry Potter

Salon 1/12/01 Harry Potter hanky-panky

The Guardian 1/10/01 Harry Potter books are sexist, says US academic

The Guardian 1/8/01 Drugs scandal hits Harry Potter film

BBC 1/8/01 Potter actors back after drugs scare

This is London 1/8/01 Harry Potter studios in drug probe

BBC 1/4/01 Harry casts spell on parents

The Herald 12/28/00 Potter wizardry fails to save stores

UK Telegraph 12/28/00 Mystery of the Harry Potter audience

BBC 12/26/00 BBC's festive Potter treat

The Guardian 12/24/00 Harry Potter teacher is school role model

UK Telegraph 12/24/00 Harry Potter and the lost profits of M&S

ZDNet 12/23/00 Warner Bros. claims Harry Potter sites

The Times 12/22/00 UN rules on Harry Potter

BBC 12/21/00 Defeat for Harry Potter cybersquatter

ZDNet 12/21/00 Warner Bros. claims Harry Potter sites

Bloomberg 12/21/00 Time Warner Wins Harry Potter Internet Site Names, Reports Say

Newsbytes 12/21/00 Harry Potter Domains Snatched From 'Cybersquatter'

Tech TV 12/20/00 Harry Potter Fan Magically Produces Controversy

The Register 12/15/00 Warner Bros backs down on Harry Potter Web site

Oregonian 12/15/00 Harry Potter fan's writing wizardry earns prize

CNN 12/15/00 'Harry Potter' fever sweeps through Vietnam

This is London 12/14/00 Harry Potter and the poisoned chalice 

Empire Online 12/13/00 First Potter Poster Revealed

Seattle PI 12/12/00 'Harry Potter' creator to get the royal treatment -- later

The Register 12/12/00 Reg to fight for Harry Potter 'cybersquatter'

Milwaukee Journal 12/12/00 J.K. Rowling Delays Investiture

BBC 12/11/00 Potter author postpones OBE date

BBC 12/9/00 Pottering about for cancer charity

The Register 12/8/00 Warner Brothers bullies girl over Harry Potter site

The Scotsman 12/4/00 Old comic favourite Dennis breaks Harry Potter’s spell

The Guardian 12/4/00 Unofficial aid adds to Harry Potter cult

UK Independent 12/1/00 I'm no fan, but eight hours of Harry Potter is magic

The Times 11/30/00 Harry Potter from noon 'til night

The Guardian 11/30/00 Harry Potter and the Radio Marathon

Media Guardian 11/29/00  Radio 4 to broadcast Harry Potter special on Boxing Day

BBC 11/29/00 Potter takes over airwaves

Empire Online 11/28/00 Harry Potter’s Wicked Aunt

BBC 11/28/00 Potter elbows 'macho' Prescott

UK Telegraph 11/27/00 Harry Potter conjures wave of Magic Circle applications

UK Telegraph 11/26/00 Hague's new hero is 'Euro-sceptic' Harry Potter

BBC 11/25/00 Pilgrim beats Harry Potter

CNN 11/24/00 Potter publisher upbeat

Ananova 11/18/00 Harry Potter author is Scotland's top earner

BBC 11/18/00 Rowling heads rich list

CBC 11/17/00 J.K. Rowling writes last chapter of Harry Potter, Book Seven

Bergen Record 11/17/00 Harry Potter takes his time

BBC 11/15/00 Potter first edition up for grabs

The Guardian 11/15/00 Harry Potter put to flight by darker forces

UK Telegraph 11/15/00 Judges rule Harry Potter out and former addict's novel in

Scifi 11/9/00 Potter Casting Confirmed

Scifi 11/9/00 Potter Behind Schedule?

Milwaukee Journal 11/8/00 Harry Potter's creator wards off evil spell of success

BizJournals 11/8/00 Harry Potter snags presidential nod

BBC 11/7/00 Walters joins Potter cast

This is London 11/5/00 Harry Potter fans spot blunder

The Times 11/5/00 Harry Potter author admits blunder

Internet.com 11/2/00 Dot Com Bankruptcy and the Goblet of Fire

This is London 11/1/00 Wizard Halloween showing for Harry

Tuscaloosa News 10/31/00 Harry Potter leads pack of popular costumes

CNN 10/30/00 The devil and Harry Potter

SF Chronicle 10/30/00 For Girls, Female Role Models Come Up Short in Harry Potter Books

Bergen Record 10/29/00 Harry Potter's naming game

UK Telegraph 10/28/00 Cleese lined up as Harry Potter ghost

BBC 10/27/00 Python joins Potter cast

San Francisco Chronicle 10/26/00 Harry Potter wizard look leads this Halloween's hot costumes

UK Telegraph 10/26/00 J K Rowling says Harry can't play at school

CNN 10/25/00 More than 10,000 fans hear Harry Potter author at Skydome

CNN 10/25/00 Eagle-eyed child spots error in Harry Potter book

The Times 10/25/00 Rowling to visit school after banning its Potter play

This is London 10/25/00 Harry Potter's wizard new words
This is London 10/24/00 Child learns Harry Potter secret

Union Leader 10/24/00 Harry Potter’s wizardry: Alexandria resident says it’s witchcraft

CBC 10/23/00 J.K. Rowling reveals title of the next Harry Potter book

CBC 10/23/00 Infoculture’s special coverage of J.K. Rowling’s Canadian tour

BBC 10/21/00 Potter book reprinted over error

CNN 10/20/00 J.K. Rowling Discusses the Surprising Success of 'Harry Potter'

UK Telegraph 10/20/00 J K Rowling has trouble with Harry

BBC 10/18/00 Book fair thanks Potter

CNN 10/14/00 Harry Potter sparks scrums in Germany

Staten Island Live 10/13/00 Magical clothes

Empire Online 10/12/00 Osment Poo-Poos Potter

CBC 10/12/00 J.K. Rowling to raise funds for Toronto kids' literacy programs

Empire Online 10/9/00 Hogwarts Pupil Pics

BBC 10/6/00 Harry Potter battles Chinese pirates

BBC 10/4/00 Potter creator supports lone parents

UK Telegraph 10/4/00 Harry Potter author helps lone parents

Empire Online 10/3/00 Exclusive: Zoe Joins The Potter Cast

The Guardian 9/30/00 Wizard wheeze Bloomsbury profits from Harry Potter

BBC 9/29/00 Potter author's content warning

Financial Times 9/29/00 Harry Potter spells profit

BBC 9/29/00 Harry Potter works publishing magic

The Times 9/28/00 French translator survives Harry Potter ordeal

CBC 9/25/00 Children's museum re-creates Harry Potter's wizardry school

Write News 9/25/00 Harry Potter Among 100 Most Challenged Books in Banned

ABC News 9/25/00 ‘Muggles’ Honored

CBC 9/25/00 People's Republic prepares for Harry Potter invasion

BBC 9/25/00 Harry Potter's Chinese adventure

Empire Online 9/25/00 Harry Potter Pics

Empire Online 9/20/00 Harry Takes The Tube

UK Telegraph 9/18/00 £23,000 price tag for set of Harry Potter first editions

BBC 9/14/00 Harry Potter is big in Japan

Deseret News 9/14/00 Most banned books? Potter makes list

JapanTimes 9/13/00 Volume 2 of 'Harry Potter' to hit Japan stores

Empire Online 9/4/00 Boyzone Singer in Harry Potter?

CBC 9/4/00 Carleton University professor offers Harry Potter course

BBC 9/1/00 Harry Potter and the German pirates

London Times 9/1/00 Church to lure young with Harry Potter

The Register 8/31/00 Achtung! Harry Potter copyright breakensung

UK Telegraph 8/27/00 Harry Potter conjures wave of Magic Circle applications

CNS 8/25/00 Paganism Finds Growing Interest Among UK Children

UK Telegraph 8/24/00 Harry Potter actor proves a wizard with the media

Australian Broadcasting 8/24/00  Harry Potter to hit the big screen

Guardian 8/24/00 Boy shows wizard charm

BBC 8/23/00 Shy Harry meets the press

CNN 8/23/00 'Harry Potter' Actor to Go Before London Press

Empire Online 8/23/00 McKellen's Advice For Harry Potter

Salon 8/22/00 Harry Potter kids cast

Deseret News 8/21/00 Muggles filling magical roles

CNN 8/21/00 Daniel Radcliffe to Portray Harry Potter on Big Screen

Empire Online 8/21/00 The Real Harry Potter

Write News 8/21/00 Daniel Radcliffe Selected To Play Harry Potter

iconLondon Telegraph 8/21/00 Harry Potter takes his author to top

BBC 8/21/00 Wizard chance for Potter star

BBC 8/18/00 Potter fans await film verdict

Evening Standard 8/18/00 Schoolboy lands Harry Potter role

UK Telegraph 8/18/00 British actor tipped for Harry Potter role

Salon 8/16/00 A list of their own

The Record 8/16/00 Potter combine wins round in 'Muggles' trademark suit

Wired News 8/15/00 Harry Potter: He's Everywhere!

This is London 8/11/00 Harry Potter meets Lara Croft

BBC 8/10/00 Rickman and Harris wanted for Potter film

Complete Review 8/10/00 Harry who?

BBC 8/8/00 Harry Potter goes to church

CBC 7/27/00 School forbids teachers to read Harry Potter books aloud

Writenews 7/26/00 Harry Potter Fastest-Selling Book in History

Salon 7/24/00 Harry Potter fans detect devilish discrepancy

London Telegraph 7/23/00 Unwritten Potter already best-seller
National Review 7/22/00 Mugglemania

CBC 7/21/00 J.K. Rowling to visit Canada this fall

Empire Online 7/21/00 More Harry Potter casting chaos

CBC 7/21/00 Part 3: Dispelling myths: J.K. Rowling sets the record straight

CBC 7/19/00 Part 2: Good and scared: J.K. Rowling on fear

CNN 7/18/00 When he talks, 'Harry Potter' fans listen

CBC 7/18/00 Part 1: Evan Solomon gets the low-down on Harry Potter from author J.K. Rowling

India Express 7/15/00 Harry Potter casts a spell on Indian kids

EmpireOnline 7/14/00 Rugby star for Harry Potter?
Star Telegram 7/14/00 Christian booksellers shun Harry Potter books

EmpireOnline 7/12/00 Lego Land Harry Potter deal

CBC 7/11/00 Record-breaking sales prove readers are wild about Harry
Infoplease 7/10/00 With Goblet in Hand

San Francisco Chronicle 7/10/00 Potter Books Fly Out of Local Bookstores
Jacksonville.com 7/9/00 Georgia bookstores stage antics in honor of Harry's latest novel

UK Telegraph 7/9/00 Britain goes wild about Harry the fourth
BBC 7/8/00 Author marvels at Potter  'madness'
Cnet 7/7/00 Harry Potter and the Sultan of Spam
ZDnet 7/7/00  'Harry Potter and the Wacky Web'
CNN 7/6/00 Bubbling troubles trail Harry

Milwaukee Journal 6/22/00 Harry Potter's creator given honorary PhD

CNN 10/21/99 Success of Harry Potter bowls author over
CNN 10/20/99 Harry Potter: boon to reading or dangerous warlock?
Salon 10/1/99 Harry Potter!!!

CNN 9/8/99 Readers clamor for new Harry Potter Book


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