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News Articles about Harry Potter


Celebrity Spider 7/31/07 JK Rowling Regrets Not Telling Mother About Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 7/31/07 Daniel Radcliffe Begged JK Rowling to Reveal Harry Potter's Fate

Celebrity Spider 7/31/07 JK Rowling Upset Harry Potter Fans Are Cheating With Final Book

IHT 7/31/07 Lots of Harry Potter books in China, not all of them by the author

The Scotsman 7/31/07 Rowling reveals what Potter and co do next

Eastern Daily Press 7/31/07 Noise row hits Harry Potter printers

Daily Democrat 7/31/07 Rowling's 'Hallows' is simply magical

Centre Daily 7/31/07 Rowling reveals Harry Potter's unwritten feats

Celebrity Spider 7/30/07 JK Rowling Hates The Number 34

Celebrity Spider 7/30/07 JK Rowling: "I Couldn't Kill Arthur Weasley"

Celebrity Spider 7/30/07 JK Rowling Stalker Fined

The-Trades 7/30/07 "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"  Review

The-Trades 7/30/07 Book Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Newsday 7/30/07 Fans close the book on Harry Potter

MSNBC 7/30/07 Confused by Potter? Author sets record straight

Bloomberg 7/30/07 Bloomsbury Says `Harry Potter' Sold 573,845 Copies in Australia

Birmingham News 7/29/07 For 10 years, Harry Potter brought an escape, sense of wonder

Richmond Times 7/29/07 Harry Potter: The magic of growing up

Scotsman 7/29/07 Biggest curse a Potter critic faces? Turkey Twizzler tirades by the masses

Daily News 7/28/07 Harry Potter unlocks the magic inside our imaginations

Wall Street Journal 7/28/07 Generation Hex

LA Times 7/28/07 Harry Potter and the halo effect

Inside Bay Area 7/28/07 Church uses Harry Potter to reach out to children

Carroll County Times 7/28/07 The magic of Harry Potter...Good or evil

Toronto Star 7/28/07 The big, Harry deal in the city

Celebrity Spider 7/27/07 JK Rowling Plans Harry Potter Encyclopedia

Celebrity Spider 7/27/07 JK Rowling Proud Harry Potter's Fate Was Kept Secret

Entertainment Weekly 7/27/07 Daniel Radcliffe Talks 'Deathly Hallows'

Entertainment Weekly 7/27/07 Magical Mystery Tour

BBC 7/27/07 Potter author 'penning two books'

Celebrity Spider 7/26/07 Naomi Watts Signs Up for Next Harry Potter Movie

USA Today 7/26/07 J.K. Rowling's fond look back at Harry Potter (contains spoilers)

MTV 7/25/07 'Harry Potter' Author J.K. Rowling Talks Finale, Future Plans

Christian Science Monitor 7/25/07 Missing from 'Harry Potter' – a real moral struggle

Chicago Sun Times 7/25/07 Teen's pins ward off Harry Potter spoilers

icSurrey 7/25/07 Harry Potter fans create 600ft-long owl maze

Celebrity Spider 7/24/07 Excerpts From JK Rowling Today Show Interview

Celebrity Spider 7/24/07 Daniel Radcliffe Celebrates Birthday With Cricket Game

MTV 7/24/07 Harry Potter Pros Chime In On Series Finale: 'There's A Nice Bow'

Asia Times 7/24/07 Harry Potter and India's Curse

Globe and Mail 7/24/07 Canadian Potter sales up 25 per cent over No. 6

Yahoo! News 7/24/07 Harry Potter's fate, known yet unknown

CNN 7/24/07 A generation says goodbye to Harry Potter

Jam! 7/24/07 Missing Potter pages stall readers

Reuters 7/24/07 Rowling says will miss Harry Potter's world

News.com.au 7/24/07 Police seize pirated Potter covers

USA Today 7/24/07 'Deathly Hallows' records lively sales

MTV 7/23/07 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows': Sad And Satisfying

BBC 7/23/07 Harry Potter finale sales hit 11m

NY Times 7/23/07 Harry Potter’s Popularity Holds Up in First-Day Sales

Herald Sun 7/23/07 End justifies means for Harry

Seattle PI 7/23/07 How To... Make 'Harry Potter' snacks

NY Daily News 7/23/07 'Hallows' flies off the shelves at record pace

Courier Mail 7/23/07 The end for Harry Potter

BBC 7/23/07 Potter book to break sales record

CBS 7/23/07 Missing Harry Potter Pages Stall Readers

Minnesota Public Radio 7/23/07 Illustrator says goodbye to Harry Potter series

News.com.au 7/23/07 Harry Potter mania reigns across Australia

Seattle Times 7/22/07 Preserving the secrecy of the Harry Potter plot

Chicago Sun-Times 7/22/07 'Hallows': Grim yet poetic

Mercury News 7/22/07 Review: Potter Book 7 'as brilliant as hoped'

Newsday 7/22/07 Potter sells 8.3M copies, makes $250M

Toledo Blade 7/22/07 'Harry' keeps readers bleary-eyed under his spell

NY Times 7/22/07 Cash Tills Ring to The Tune Of Harry Potter

Chicago Sun-Times 7/22/07 Fans speed-read straight through to find out Harry's fate

Newsday 7/22/07 Potter fans endure late hours, long lines to reach finale

CNN 7/21/07 Review: Potter end gives 'fitting closure'

Daily Mail 7/21/07 Harry Potter casts a spell over co-star Katie

Courier Mail 7/21/07 Biggerstaff has magic touch

Entertainment Weekly 7/21/07 Enchanted

BBC 7/21/07 Final Potter does not disappoint

NY Daily News 7/21/07 Final Rowling tome worthy of Hallowed praises

NY Times 7/21/07 Long Lines and Wide Smiles Greet the Final Volume of ‘Harry Potter’

Daily Record 7/21/07 Harry Potter: So Do I Live or Die?

Jam! 7/21/07 Final 'Harry Potter' book reviewed

LA Times 7/21/07 Harry and the final party

NY Daily News 7/21/07 Fans wait a spell 'round globe for last Potter book

Detroit News 7/21/07 Excited Harry fans finally get their books

Daily Record 7/21/07 Magic At Midnight

NY Post 7/21/07 Potter Plotters 

Jam! 7/21/07 Potter publisher investigating leaks

Denver Post 7/21/07 Harry Potter: The wait is over

Dallas Morning News 7/21/07 Potter casts spell over N. Texas

Jam! 7/21/07 Indigo reports record sales for new Potter

Celebrity Spider 7/20/07 Harry Potter Publisher Sues Over Breach

Celebrity Spider 7/20/07 JK Rowling Urges Fans to Preserve Harry Potter Secrecy

The Trades 7/20/07 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Anticipation is Making Me Wait

Chicago Sun-Times 7/20/07 Potter spoiler alert: Seventh book 'fitting finale'

Newsday 7/20/07 Book review: Harry Potter comes to magical end

Entertainment Weekly 7/20/07 Goodbye, Harry

ET Online 7/20/07 Harry Potter 'Hallows' Hysteria Goes Global

Toledo Blade 7/20/07 Harry Potter magic: fans flock to book stores

Digital Spy 7/20/07 Potter makes pre-order book record

Sky News 7/20/07 Harry Potter Mania

Daily Record 7/20/07 Harry For A Fiver 

Orlando Sentinel 7/20/07 Speculation about Potter ruins magic of the moment

MTV 7/20/07 'Harry Potter' Spoiler Deluge Continues: Newspapers Publish Book Reviews

BBC 7/20/07 Hallows be thy name

NY Post 7/20/07 Death Looms Over Harry and Tony

Daily Record 7/20/07 JK Growling 

BBC 7/20/07 Reporter's log: Harry Potter launch

NY Times 7/20/07 Muggle Soirees Herald ‘Harry’ Finale

Digital Spy 7/20/07 JK Rowling given gold 'Blue Peter' badge

Jam! 7/20/07 London is epicentre of Pottermania

Dallas Morning News 7/20/07 Fans in D-FW prepare for Potter

BBC 7/20/07 World gears up for Potter release

NY Daily News 7/20/07 It's been a scary saga - especially for Rowling

BBC 7/20/07 Childline braced for Potter calls

Daily Record 7/20/07 Magic Day For Postie 

Star Tribune 7/20/07 Editorial: We're just wild about Harry

E!Online 7/19/07 Trying Times for Harry Potter

NY Times 7/19/07 An Epic Showdown as Harry Potter Is Initiated Into Adulthood

Globe and Mail 7/19/07 Rowling scorches New York Times for review

Daily Record 7/19/07 Wiz You Were Here 

Media Guardian 7/19/07 Harry Potter and the internet spoilers

BBC 7/19/07 Harry Potter and the podcasters

Daily Record 7/19/07 600,000 Potters in the Post 

MTV 7/19/07 Harry Potter Leaks Turning Into Flood; Mail-Order Mix-Up Could Be Partially To Blame

BBC 7/19/07 Potter publisher sues over breach

NY Daily News 7/19/07 Like magic, they've got 'Potter'

USA Today 7/19/07 Cloud looms over 'Deathly Hallows'

Celebrity Spider 7/18/07 JK Rowling to Discuss Conclusion of Harry Potter Series July 26 on Today Show

Celebrity Spider 7/18/07 Daniel Radcliffe Pleased to Meet Rock Heroes

Celebrity Spider 7/18/07 JK Rowling Helps Search for Missing Child

E!Online 7/18/07 Potter Publishers in Harry Situation

Entertainment Weekly 7/18/07 Harry Potter and the Impatient Muggles

NY Times 7/18/07 New Potter Book May Have Made Its Way to Web

Herald Sun 7/18/07 Potter's wheel

Daily Record 7/18/07 Potter Panic Over As Asda Pay Up

MTV 7/18/07 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows' Leaks: Some Are Legit, Rowling's Attorney Reveals

NY Daily News 7/18/07 Web of deceit!

Detroit News 7/18/07 Potter can't conjure up more young readers

NY Post 7/18/07 Harry Potter Printer in Indiana? Maybe

USA Today 7/18/07 Online leaks could ruin 'Potter' magic

NY Daily News 7/18/07 Rowling offers cryptic clues about end

Dallas Morning News 7/18/07 Photos of 'Harry Potter' pages show up online

Hello! 7/18/07 Harry Potter's girl Katie joins the fashion forward set in London

USA Today 7/18/07 Britain's Royal Mail releases Harry Potter postage

Celebrity Spider 7/17/07 Daniel Radcliffe in Love With Natalie Portman

Celebrity Spider 7/17/07 Harry Potter Film Tops International Box Office

Celebrity Spider 7/17/07 Helena Bonham Carter's Wand Trick Left Co-Star With Bloody Ear

Celebrity Spider 7/17/07 Evanna Lynch Will Line Up All Night for New Harry Potter Book

BBC 7/17/07 Asda apologises for Potter jibes

Telegraph 7/17/07 'Use Harry Potter to spread Christian message'

Hollywood Reporter 7/17/07 Harry's wand conjures $193 million

Philly.com 7/17/07 Her passion for Potter

BBC 7/17/07 Potted Harry for beginners

NY Times 7/17/07 The Voice of Harry Potter Can Keep a Secret

USA Today 7/17/07 How has Harry Potter cast such a wide spell?

Herald Net 7/17/07 Potter changed an industry

Jerusalem Post 7/17/07 Yishai opposes sale of 'Harry Potter' on Shabbat

BBC 7/17/07 Potter publisher halts Asda order

News.com.au 7/17/07 Potter books to help search for missing British girl

Herald Sun 7/17/07 Owls a hoot, say Potter fans

Celebrity Spider 7/16/07 More Magic for Harry Potter at the Box Office

Celebrity Spider 7/16/07 Rupert Grint Learns to Serve as Ice-Cream Vendor

MTV 7/16/07 Why Harry Potter Has To Die In Book Seven

Lake County News Sun 7/16/07 Harry Potter fans hope to avoid spoilers

Reuters 7/16/07 Harry Potter conclusion has fans sweating

MTV 7/16/07 'Harry Potter' Cast, Adam Sandler, Queen Latifah Share 'Deathly Hallows' Theories

Tuscaloosa News 7/16/07 Potter saved my life

Charlotte Observer 7/16/07 Harry Potter has us spellbound

USA Today 7/16/07 7th book, 7 questions for Rupert

NY Daily News 7/16/07 Potter proves to be a wizard at sales

BBC 7/16/07 Luna Lovegood actress talks Potter

Celebrity Spider 7/15/07 Emma Watson's Teeth Fall-Out

Celebrity Spider 7/15/07 Daniel Radcliffe Thrilled His Handprints are Close to John Wayne's

Celebrity Spider 7/15/07 Daniel Radcliffe: "I Won't Go Off the Rails"

Chicago Sun Times 7/15/07 Confessions of a Harry-come-lately

Orlando Sentinel 7/15/07 Mom's mysterious package unleashed magic of Harry Potter

NY Times 7/15/07 Harry Potter and the Four Directors

Toledo Blade 7/15/07 For kids, Harry makes reading an open book

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Emma Watson to be the Face of Chanel?

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Helena Bonham Carter Lets Slip About Harry Potter Conclusion

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Daniel Radcliffe Pays Tribute to Richard Harris

Entertainment Weekly 7/14/07 Helena Bonham Carter Gets Wicked

Toronto Star 7/14/07 Harry's comet and its impact on the book world

CBS 7/14/07 Alaska Teens Waiting 11 Days For Potter

TVNZ 7/14/07 Survey reveals last page cheats

Jam! 7/14/07 Kids can't wait for final 'Harry Potter'

Chicago Tribune 7/14/07 Radcliffe happy to take Harry to the dark side

NY Times 7/14/07 Harry Potter, Dissected

Celebrity Spider 7/13/07 Daniel Radcliffe Shuns Hollywood

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/07 Keeping Harry magic a bit of a Houdini act

Entertainment Weekly 7/13/07 Harry the 5th

Digital Spy 7/13/07 ITV to screen moment Potter ends

Jam! 7/13/07 The Harry Potter story so far

CBS 7/13/07 Growing Up Potter

BBC 7/13/07 TV cameras record Rowling's year

Jam! 7/13/07 Who's who in Harry Potter series

Christian Science Monitor 7/13/07 'Phoenix' rising: Harry Potter and the abridged tome

NY Daily News 7/13/07 A case of character assassination

Jam! 7/13/07 Waiting for 'Potter' book answers

Celebrity Spider 7/12/07 Emma Watson's Naked Ambition

The Trades 7/12/07 Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

MTV 7/12/07 Voldemort Talks! Dark Lord Spills The Beans About New 'Harry Potter' Book To Kurt Loder

Daily Mail 7/12/07 Potter fans to get latest book early after shops break embargo

Ananova 7/12/07 Radcliffe 'not too old' to play Harry

Jam! 7/12/07 Towns hope to keep Potter magic going

USA Today 7/12/07 Is Harry's doom ahead in 'Hallows'?

Daily Mail 7/12/07 Worth £8m and preparing to be the face of Chanel, Emma Watson is a girl with a magic touch

Digital Spy 7/12/07 Potter book could hit shelves early

BBC 7/12/07 Potter film breaks record in US

NY Daily News 7/12/07 Daniel Radcliffe & the sequel of danger

USA Today 7/12/07 Fans' teary eyes are all on 'Potter'

BBC 7/12/07 Potter embargo 'could be broken'

Jam! 7/12/07 American towns hope to keep Harry Potter magic going, despite series' end

NY Daily News 7/12/07 Two kids'-eye views of 'Harry Potter' film

Celebrity Spider 7/11/07 Daniel Radcliffe Enjoyed Irritating Paparazzi

Celebrity Spider 7/11/07 Gary Oldman Shakes Up Daniel Radcliffe for Sobbing Scene

Globe and Mail 7/11/07 Potter's Grint a certifiable heartthrob

Jam! 7/11/07 New 'Potter' movie bigger, badder

Zap2It 7/11/07 Harry Potter Does 'Masterpiece Theatre'

NY Daily News 7/11/07 Suspense, menace, romance: 'Phoenix' rises to challenge

E!Online 7/11/07 Potter Witching-Hour Shows Scare Up $12 Mil

Entertainment Weekly 7/11/07 Mr. Wizard

MTV 7/11/07 Harry Potter's First Date Flops, Quidditch Ditched: What 'Phoenix' Flick Leaves Out

Manchester Online 7/11/07 Potter's stamp of approval

NY Times 7/11/07 Potter Has Limited Effect on Reading Habits

Celebrity Spider 7/10/07 Daniel Radcliffe Has No Interest in Dating Actresses

Celebrity Spider 7/10/07 Emma Watson Relies on Co-Stars for Boy Advice

Celebrity Spider 7/10/07 Emma Watson Avoids Online Social Networking

The Trades 7/10/07 Harry Potter and Company Go Hollywood

Memphis Commercial Appeal 7/10/07 Hogwarts fantasy, serious literary study mix in Potter fan's Lausanne classroom

Extra 7/10/07 Dirty Harry

Coming Soon 7/10/07 Radcliffe, Watson and Grint on Harry Potter 5

Coming Soon 7/10/07 Staunton and the Crew of Harry Potter 5

Zap2It 7/10/07 'Harry Potter' Pals Cement Place in Hollywood

Toronto 7/10/07 Plot darkens as boy wizard faces demons

Chicago Sun Times 7/10/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Review by Roger Ebert

Celebrity Spider 7/9/07 JK Rowling's Teacher Tried to Ban Her From Fantasy

Celebrity Spider 7/9/07 Harry Potter Fans Campaign to Save Him From Death

Charlotte Observer 7/9/07 Join magic of Harry's double-whammy

BBC 7/9/07 Petition seeks extra Potter books

Daily Mail 7/9/07 Potter magic rubs off on Nintendo

ET Online 7/9/07 Harry Potter Readies for Battle

Celebrity Spider 7/8/07 JK Rowling Broke Down in Tears After Completing Final Harry Potter Book

Celebrity Spider 7/8/07 Daniel Radcliffe Fears His Character Will Die

Celebrity Spider 7/8/07 Emma Watson: "Money Doesn't Motivate Me"

NY Post 7/8/07 Fans Await ‘Hallow’ Ending

Newsday 7/8/07 Harry Potter's witchy woman

Arizona Republic 7/8/07 Harry Potter: Destined to be a classic?

NY Daily News 7/8/07 'Phoenix' hot for Harry

NY Post 7/8/07 Childhood's End

Beacon Journal 7/8/07 It's a Potter primer

Celebrity Spider 7/6/07 Emma Watson: "I've Missed Out on My Teens"

Entertainment Weekly 7/6/07 Goodbye, Harry

Knox News 7/6/07 Student of his craft

Entertainment Weekly 7/6/07 'Phoenix' Rising

Newsday 7/6/07 Harry Potter's witchy woman

Philly.com 7/6/07 Harry Potter and the fear of the deathly plot spoilers

NY Post 7/6/07 Potter's New Trick 

Daily Mail 7/6/07 JK Rowling and the amazing plunging neckline

BBC 7/6/07 Author 'devastated' at Potter end

Daily Mail 7/6/07 Potter magic rubs off on Nintendo

Jam! 7/6/07 'Potter' fans plot to avoid spoilers

Celebrity Spider 7/5/07 Harry Potter Star Emma Watson is Set for Life

Celebrity Spider 7/5/07 Daniel Radcliffe Still Star Struck by JK Rowling

CBS 7/5/07 Potter Trivia's Final Question

Daily Mail 7/5/07 Daniel Radcliffe: The $50 million film star

Herald Sun 7/5/07 Elementary Watson

MTV 7/5/07 Daniel Radcliffe Dishes On Harry Potter's First Kiss, 'Deathly Hallows' Theories

USA Today 7/5/07 Young, old and wild about 'Harry Potter'

MTV 7/5/07 Harry Potter's Magical Tale Might Be Truer To Life Than You Think

IGN 7/5/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Clips Debut on ABC Family

Jam! 7/5/07 It makes sense for Potter to die

Celebrity Spider 7/4/07 JK Rowling: "Harry Potter Ending Was Emotional"

Herald Sun 7/4/07 Harry's last word seventh heaven

Globe and Mail 7/4/07 Potter a magical draw

Daily Record 7/4/07 Harry Potter Premier:Pitter Potter 

Sky News 7/4/07 Potter's Party People

Hello! 7/4/07 JK shimmers in gold at premiere as 'Harry Potter' stars look for love

Herald Sun 7/4/07 Harry's last word seventh heaven

Daily Record 7/4/07 JK Looks Magic At Premiere 

Sky News 7/4/07 Harry Hits London

Digital Spy 7/4/07 Exclusive: Potter Premiere in Video: J.K. Rowling

Jam! 7/4/07 Potter fan has mixed emotions

Digital Spy 7/4/07 Exclusive: Potter Premiere in Video: Rupert Grint

Ananova 7/4/07 Rain fails to dampen wizard premiere

Daily Mail 7/4/07 Harry Potter casts a spell on the ladies

Celebrity Spider 7/3/07 Daniel Radcliffe Becomes Youngest Waxwork

News.com.au 7/3/07 Rowling joins Potter stars at London premiere

BBC 7/3/07 Fans brave rain for Potter stars

News.com.au 7/3/07 Spoiler! How Harry Potter ends

BBC 7/3/07 'Record demand for final Potter'

New Zealand Herald 7/3/07 Teen Harry Potter star a diva

Celebrity Spider 7/2/07 Daniel Radcliffe's Cricket Nightmares

ET Online 7/2/07 Harry Potter Readies for Battle

Daily Record 7/2/07 Knicker Potter Glory 

People 7/2/07 Emma Watson Gets Boy Advice From Harry Potter Costars

Digital Spy 7/2/07 Emma Watson wants acting training

Sydney Morning Herald 7/2/07 A life after Harry Potter

NY Times 7/2/07 Harry Potter and the Gyrating Book Sales

News.com.au 7/2/07 Magic month for Potter fans

The Scotsman 7/1/07 Still under the spell

Herald Sun 7/1/07 Reviewers dirty on latest Harry

Inside Bay Area 7/1/07 Muggles unite: Frenzy for all things Potter at peak


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