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News Articles about Harry Potter


NY Times 7/15/05 Potter Book Flies Off Shelves in Britain

Metro 7/15/05 Records set to tumble as Harry Potter goes on sale

Toledo Blade 7/15/05 'Harry Potter' and the wall of secrecy have fans buzzing

Teen Hollywood 7/15/05 Fans Wait for Midnight and Potter Book

NY Times 7/15/05 Rowling Promises Answers in Potter Book

Daily Record 7/15/05 We're Spellbound

BBC 7/15/05 Fans await Harry Potter release

USA Today 7/15/05 We're off to see the boy wizard

Daily Mail 7/15/05 Potter hysteria mounts for book launch

NY Daily News 7/15/05 Whatcha doin' tonight?

BBC 7/15/05 World awaits Potter's new adventure

USA Today 7/15/05 When Jim Dale speaks, people listen to 'Potter'

CBS 7/14/05 Stores Start Potter Price War

BBC 7/14/05 Chancellor praises Potter books

Chicago Sun-Times 7/14/05 Harry to make history early Saturday morning

USA Today 7/14/05 In latest 'Harry Potter' leak, buyer calls plot 'shocking'

Knox News 7/14/05 Grudge match: Willy Wonka vs. Harry Potter

BBC 7/14/05 The magic of selling Harry Potter

Daily Mail 7/14/05 Pope: Harry Potter 'distorts Christianity'

BBC 7/14/05 US boy buys new Harry Potter book

NY Daily News 7/14/05 Wild about Harry

NY Times 7/14/05 Harry Potter and the Half-Crazed Summer Camper

BBC 7/14/05 'Why I hate Harry Potter'

Globe and Mail 7/14/05 Welcome back Potter

News.com.au 7/14/05 Wizard of a delivery

Stuff 7/14/05 Pope disapproves of Harry Potter, letters suggest

Celebrity Spider 7/13/05 Harry Potter Book Mistakenly Sold in New York

Celebrity Spider 7/13/05 Court Order Preserves Harry Potter Mystery

Celebrity Spider 7/13/05 Jim Dale Fears He Cheated JK Rowling Over Harry Potter Voices

CBS 7/13/05 Potter Sales Smash Own Record

Philly.com 7/13/05 Harry Potter works his magic on teens

Detroit News 7/13/05 Bookseller to move Harry Potter launch

Zap2It 7/13/05 'Harry Potter 3' Co-Star Becomes Father

Digital Spy 7/13/05 Hollywood fears Harry Potter

BBC 7/13/05 Potter venue changed after bombs

USA Today 7/13/05 New 'Potter' leak plugged, this time in New York

NY Daily News 7/13/05 Wild about Harry

Newsday 7/13/05 Feeding her fan base

Celebrity Spider 7/12/05 Harry Potter Preview for Canadian

Celebrity Spider 7/12/05 Charlotte Church to Join Harry Potter Rush the Weekend

Zap2It 7/12/05 Canadian Store Leaks New Potter

Celebrity Justice 7/12/05 Rowling's People Scramble to Keep Harry's Secret

Sky News 7/12/05 Who's Next In Harry Potter?

BBC 7/12/05 Court order prevents Potter leak

NY Daily News 7/12/05 Wild about Harry

USA Today 7/12/05 Copies of new Harry Potter book sold by accident

BBC 7/12/05 Keeping Harry under lock and key

Toronto Star 7/11/05 U.S. Harry Potter fans urged to buy Canadian

Entertainment Weekly 7/11/05 New Potter book leaks in Canada, gag order issued

CBS 7/11/05 The Voice Behind Harry Potter

USA Today 7/11/05 'Harry Potter' and the phenomenal fascination

BBC 7/11/05 Potter fan wins Rowling interview

NY Daily News 7/11/05 Wild about Harry

BBC 7/11/05 UK retailers fight for Potter sales

Daily Record 7/11/05 Quiz Wizard's JK Show

Celebrity Spider 7/10/05 Harry Potter Net Leak Furor

Herald Sun 7/10/05 Potter mania

Sunday Mirror 7/10/05 Witching Hour For Rowling

NY Daily News 7/10/05 A muggle's guide to Harry Potter

Toronto Star 7/10/05 The Class of Potter

Newsday 7/10/05 Harry and his fans grow up

Toledo Blade 7/10/05 Harry Potter and the really long wait

Daily Record 7/9/05 Reading Rowling Is Cool For Kids

Newsday 7/9/05 The story so far -- Harry Potter I through V

Celebrity Spider 7/8/05 Who is The Half Blood Prince?

USA Today 7/8/05 Readers (and booksellers) just wild about 'Harry'

Mercury News 7/8/05 What will happen? Who will die? Until new book arrives, fans can only guess

Seattle Times 7/8/05 'Harry Potter' scribe is top Amazon author

Daily Mail 7/8/05 Magical guide to Harry Potter

USA Today 7/7/05 Like magic, she's wealthy

BBC 7/7/05 Fans urged to buy recycled Potter

Jam! 7/6/05 New 'Harry Potter' book eagerly awaited

Toronto Star 7/6/05 Learning the science of Potter

NY Daily News 7/6/05 Potter's field

NY Times 7/5/05 Test for Security Efforts: Next Harry Potter Book

CNN 7/5/05 Harry Potter and the shrinking stuff

Celebrity Spider 7/4/05 Braille Translation Begins on Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Daily Record 7/4/05 Publisher reveals how his eight-year-old daughter helped launch JK's career

Bella Online 7/4/05 Plant a Harry Potter Garden with your Children

Fashion Monitor 7/4/05 Will Harry Potter Grow With his Fans?

BBC 7/3/05 Books boost for blind Potter fans

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/3/05 Everyone's quiet about 'Harry'

Courier Journal 7/3/05 Pottermania builds as July 16 nears

New Zealand Herald 7/3/05 The eight-year-old girl who saved Harry Potter

Hindustan Times 7/2/05 Scholastic hires 600 trucks for Harry Potter

Scotsman 7/2/05 Harry Potter fan hopes book will work its magic on Rowling

Zap2It 7/1/05 Scholastic Readies 10.8 Million Copies of New 'Potter'

The Guardian 7/1/05 Harry Potter enjoys a spell in the dictionary

Scotsman 7/1/05 Harry set to cast a spell with massive hype for new book

South Bend Tribune 7/1/05 Rowling will tape interview for 'Today'

Times Online 6/30/05 Bloomsbury prepares for sixth Harry Potter

NY Times 6/30/05 Harry Potter and the Preordering of the Prince

Celebrity Spider 6/28/05 Harry Potter Thief Pleads Not Guilty

Newsday 6/28/05 Will teens still be wild about Harry?

CBBC 6/28/05 Potter orders top million mark

Daily Record 6/28/05 Harry Jotter On Sale For £25K

NY Daily News 6/28/05 New 'Harry' book set to work magic

News 24 6/27/05 Harry Potter fever soars

BBC 6/27/05 Potter orders break million mark

Baltimore Sun 6/27/05 The story so far -- Harry Potter I through V

BBC 6/27/05 Man in court over Potter thefts

The Scotsman 6/27/05 Man Denies Harry Potter Theft Plot

Guardian 6/26/05 Harry Potter, marketing magician

Jam! 6/25/05 'Harry Potter' has stores stocking up

CTV 6/25/05 Less merchandise for new Harry Potter release

Media Guardian 6/24/05 Harry Potter and the digital prisoners

Scotsman 6/24/05 Harry Potter and the Tourism Bonanza

Canada.com 6/24/05 Potter craze goes back to the basics

News Sentinel 6/23/05 Meet the man who gives voices to Harry Potter and his pals

Bradenton Herald 6/23/05 Test your Potter IQ

Prague Daily Monitor 6/23/05 Harry Potter's parents fear Prague nightlife

Manchester Online 6/23/05 Harry Potter price war rages

Canada.com 6/22/05 B.C. muggle wins trip to Scotland

BBC 6/21/05 US expecting record Potter sales

Asbury Park Press 6/21/05 Here are some signs of a wizard

Celebrity Spider 6/19/05 Daniel Radcliffe's Parents Move Location of Fifth Harry Potter Film

Herald Sun 6/19/05 Half-Blood Harry spells sales

This Is London 6/18/05 Price war looms over Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 6/15/05 Harry Potter's New Movie Role

Celebrity Spider 6/15/05 JK Rowling Bans Online Harry Potter Books

Zap2It 6/15/05 'Potter' Star Grows Into 'Boys' Role

BBC 6/15/05 Potter star takes Australian role

Newsday 6/14/05 There's no magic potion

CBS 6/14/05 No E-Book For Harry Potter

BBC 6/13/05 Pair in court over Potter theft

Yahoo 6/13/05 Duo face trial for alleged Harry Potter book theft

Asbury Park Press 6/11/05 Now Potter fans have their say

MegaStar 6/10/05 Rowling rings

Celebrity Spider 6/9/05 Harry Potter Fan to Interview JK Rowling

Newsday 6/9/05 Harry Potter Fan Gets Invite From Author

Zap2It 6/9/05 Harry Potter Fan Invited to Interview Rowling

Times Online 6/9/05 Potter fan woken by a magical call

Press Gazette 6/9/05 Blanket press injunction aims to keep Harry Potter's secret

Daily Mail 6/8/05 Harry Potter fan to quiz JK on new book

The Mirror 6/7/05 New Potter Set To Beat Sales Record

CNN 6/7/05 Harry Potter and 'Deep Throat'

Webindia123 6/7/05 Harry Potter book party at Illinois mall

Daily Record 6/7/05 Potty About Harry

Times Online 6/7/05 Harry Potter lookalike fails to see the joke

Celebrity Spider 6/6/05 Harry Potter Thieves Charged

Post Gazette 6/6/05 Selling Harry: 1 castle, 70 kids, 2,000 bus ads

CNN 6/6/05 Stolen Harry Potter 'mum' in U.S.

Celebrity Spider 6/5/05 Harry Potter Plot Smashed

Celebrity Spider 6/5/05 JK Rowling Stamps Out Harry Potter Leak

Metro 6/5/05 Publisher has over 10 mln Potter books ready

CNN 6/4/05 Arrests 'in Potter leak attempt'

Daily Record 6/4/05 Hogwarts No More

Media Guardian 6/4/05 Harry Potter and the missing gun

BBC 6/4/05 'Stolen' Potter book pair charged

Daily Record 6/4/05 Harry Shotter

NY Times 6/4/05 Britons Charged Over Alleged Harry Potter Book Plot

Jam! 6/3/05 'Potter' thief fired at reporter: police

Coming Soon 6/3/05 Harry Potter Picture and Filming Update

BBC 6/3/05 Gunfire over 'stolen Potter book'

Ananova 6/3/05 Charlotte not happy with Pope

Hollywood Reporter 6/3/05 Warners casts spell over 'Potter' satire 

Coming Soon 6/2/05 Miranda Richardson on Harry Potter 4

Digital Spy 6/2/05 Richardson on 'Potter' character

Yahoo 5/31/05 Library to Win Signed Harry Potter Book

Celebrity Spider 5/30/05 Harry Potter Blighted By Acne

Guardian 5/29/05 Potter works his magic

Celebrity Spider 5/28/05 JK Rowling Warns Fans of Internet Imposters

Celebrity Spider 5/28/05 Harry Potter Director Fights British Government

Post Gazette 5/27/05 'Harry Potter' unlikely as a download

Coming Soon 5/27/05 Harry Potter Facing the London Bureaucracy

Celebrity Spider 5/26/05 Harry Potter Betting Resumes

Celebrity Spider 5/25/05 HP Fan Trips Coincide with Release of Sixth "Harry Potter" Book

BBC 5/25/05 Bets reopen on Dumbledore death

Daily Record 5/25/05 Amy's Potter Invite is Magic

Guardian 5/24/05 Betting patterns point to Potter leak

BBC 5/24/05 Harry Potter rumours

This is London 5/24/05 Bookies fear Harry Potter leak

Canoe 5/24/05 Potter book just too big

The Age 5/24/05 Germans keep the presses Rowling

Celebrity Spider 5/23/05 Harry Potter Six Under Guard 

Jam! 5/23/05 'Potter' tops summer books preview

Times Reporter 5/21/05 Harry Potter fans counting days

Retail Week 5/20/05  Amazon Potter UK pre-orders fly

Seattle PI 5/20/05 Writing contest gives Harry Potter fans a chance to visit London

Shropshire Star 5/18/05 Midnight opening for new Harry Potter book

Canada.com 5/17/05 Barnes & Noble dips, but Potter's coming

The Scotsman 5/15/05 Potter book out to break publishing records

Celebrity Spider 5/14/05 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Telegraph 5/14/05 Bookstores are quids in with latest Potter story

Financial Times 5/14/05 Harry Potter ready to work another spell for book sales

BBC 5/14/05 Castle launch for new Potter book

Globe and Mail 5/14/05 Rowling plans midnight reading of new Potter book

Daily Record 5/14/05 JK's Magic Castle

Daily Record 5/12/05 Wizard Artwork Unveiled

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 Scholastic Releases Artwork for Deluxe Edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince

The Scotsman 5/11/05 Harry Potter Artwork Unveiled

Sofia News Agency 5/10/05 Exclusive Krum, Hermione Scene Shown

The Guardian 5/10/05 Potter trailer makes fiery debut online

CBBC 5/8/05 Potter four film trailer released

LA Daily News 5/8/05 Harry Potter books help Spanish speakers learn English

Mobile Register 5/7/05 2nd Harry Potter flick airs

Star Ledger 5/7/05 An evening with Harry Potter

Daily Record 5/6/05 Harry Under Fire

BBC 5/5/05 Harry's head over heels about the ladies

CBS 5/5/05 Oprah Pick Topples Harry Potter

BBC 5/4/05 Potter Goblet clips to air in US

USA Today 5/4/05 There's no looking back

USA Today 5/4/05 Harry and pals undergo trial by 'Fire'

Digital Spy 5/4/05 Same-day Imax release for 'Goblet of Fire'

BBC 5/3/05 Potter film to get Imax release

Reuters 5/3/05 Imax, Warner Bros. make 'Harry Potter' deal

Celebrity Spider 5/2/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to be Simultaneously Released as IMAX Film November 2005

Jam! 5/2/05 4th 'Potter' film to debut on Nov. 18

Zap2It 5/2/05 Next 'Potter' Film Conjures Up IMAX Release

Coming Soon 5/1/05 First Goblet of Fire Footage Airs on ABC

Celebrity Spider 4/24/05 New Pope Hits Out at Harry Potter Books  

The Age 4/24/05 Potter spell broken

Sydney Morning Herald 4/24/05 Cyber-spite over Harry's girl

Teen Hollywood 4/24/05 Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets To Make Its Television Debut

Coming Soon 4/21/05 Harry Potter 4 Teaser Trailer in May

Zap2It 4/21/05 ABC Conjures Preview of Fourth 'Potter' Movie

BBC 4/21/05 Pope books beat Potter in Germany

Sify 4/19/05 Fans furious with Harry Potter's love

BBC 4/16/05 'Harry Potter' fraudsters jailed

CBBC 4/16/05 Potter actor cast as next Dr Who

Coming Soon 4/14/05 First Look at Harry Potter 4 on May 7

Zap2It 4/12/05 'Harry Potter 4' Goes Virtual

Celebrity Spider 4/11/05 Racists Target Harry Potter Actress

Bozeman Daily Chronicle 4/11/05 Young Potter fans await next book in series

Commercial Appeal 4/10/05 'Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince' orders booming online

Manchester Online 4/8/05 Rowling says new Potter is one of best

Toronto Star 4/7/05 Witching hour plans brewing for next Potter

Daily Record 4/7/05 Rowling On Course

Ananova 4/7/05 JK reveals passion for book

Celebrity Spider 3/31/05 JK Rowling Laughs Off Mansion Rumors

New Kerala 3/31/05 From Harry Potter to “Hairy” Potter

CBS 3/31/05 Potter Mania Revving Up Again

Daily Record 3/31/05 Aaarghy Potter

Daily Record 3/31/05 My 15-Bed Mansion? It's A Dud Rumour

Telegraph 3/30/05 Harry Potter set to break all US records

Canada.com 3/30/05 All stops pulled out for Harry Potter

USA Today 3/30/05 'Potter' print-run record goes 'poof!'

BBC 3/30/05 Bloomsbury set for Potter boost

NY Times 3/30/05 'Potter' Will Have 10.8 Million in Print

Celebrity Spider 3/28/05 Children Banned From Harry Potter Experience

Celebrity Spider 3/27/05 Harry Potter Bosses Want to Quit Filming in Britain

Telegraph 3/27/05 Academics to study Harry's Hogwarts

Belfast Telegraph 3/22/05 Harry Potter stars issue really wizard spelling challenge to pupils

IGN 3/16/05 Isaacs Talks Next Potter

Coming Soon 3/15/05 New Harry Potter 4 Promo Poster

Bergen Record 3/15/05 'Potter' artist takes project personally

Christian Science Monitor 3/15/05 Let the Harry Potter guessing game begin!

MSNBC 3/14/05 Harry Potter and the billion-dollar brand

BBC 3/13/05 City is potty for new Harry novel

CBBC 3/13/05 Exeter is most Potter crazy place

WYFF 3/10/05 Harry Potter Fans Target Of Scam E-Mail

Sify 3/10/05 Something creepy in Harry Potter

Zap2It 3/8/06 'Harry Potter 6' Cover Revealed

Sky News 3/8/05 New Harry Potter Book Cover

Seattle Times 3/7/05 Clock irks devotees of Harry Potter

Cape Codder 3/4/05 Bookstores plan for 'Harry Potter' arrival

Guardian 3/3/05 Praise for 'forest friendly' Potter

China Daily 3/3/05 New 'Harry Potter' book due in July

Daily Record 2/28/05 Green Harry

Contact Music 2/25/05 Grisham Upset By Rowling's Dominance

The State 2/24/05 Army’s ‘Harry Potter’ parody angers author

Digital Spy 2/21/05 Hurley for 'Harry Potter' 5

Contact Music 2/20/05 Hurley Chased to Star in Harry Potter

Ireland Online 2/19/05 Crew get names on gravestones in Potter sequel

Zap2It 2/18/05 'Harry Potter's' Hermione and Ron Pucker Up?

Contact Music 2/18/05 Crew Get Names On Gravestones In Potter Sequel

Norton Mirror 2/18/05 Orpheum Theatre goes all out for Harry Potter

Zap2It 2/18/05 'Harry Potter's' Hermione and Ron Pucker Up?

Hollywood Reporter 2/18/05 'Azkaban' claims top visual effects honor

New Kerala 2/18/05 Potter movie to have staff name on tombstones

Ananova 2/18/05 Harry Potter's ghostly ending for staff

New Zealand Herald 2/17/05 Amazon blames muggles for Harry Potter mixup

Sky News 2/16/05 Daniel's Voice Shock

Coming Soon 2/15/05 Star Wars, Harry Potter & Batman Begins Pics

Contact Music 2/14/05 Radcliffe Misses BAFTAs To Study For Exams

Digital Spy 2/13/05 Grint wants to stay for fifth 'Harry Potter'

Sydney Morning Herald 2/13/05 Potter No. 6 is on the way

Metro 2/10/05 'Potter' Weaves Magic at Saturn Awards

WHNT 2/9/05 Harry Potter Creator Considers Lawsuit Against Redstone Arsenal

BBC 2/9/05 New Potter pre-orders top 100,000

Toronto Star 2/9/05 Five months before release, Potter book tops charts

Zap2It 2/7/05 'Harry Potter' and the U.S. Army

BBC 2/7/05 Army mag draws Potter comparisons

Contact Music 2/6/05 Rowling To 'Sue' US Army

Daily Record 2/5/05 Herr-Y Potter

Digital Spy 2/5/05 JK Rowling's cousin takes live lie test

Chicago Sun-Times 2/3/05 'Potter' fans warned not to fall for Internet scams

The Australian 2/2/05 Author issues warning to fans

Houston Chronicle 2/2/05 Author warns 'Harry Potter' e-book a scam

Contact Music 2/2/05 Rowling: Don't Keep Owls as Pets

Contact Music 2/1/05 Rowling's Cousin to Take Lie Detector Test

San Francisco Chronicle 2/1/05 Wizards, witches and Christians: A Christian bookstore sells Harry Potter

Access Hollywood 1/26/05 Grammy-Winner Accused Of Stealing 'Harry Potter' DVD

Contact Music 1/25/05 Yates Chosen As Next Harry Potter Director 

BBC 1/25/05 Potter author names baby daughter

Zap2It 1/24/05 'Harry Potter' Author Gives Birth to Girl

Jam! 1/24/05 Potter author gives birth to third child

BBC 1/24/05 Baby daughter for Potter author

Zap2It 1/22/05 Brit TV Helmer to Direct 'Harry Potter 5'

Toronto Star 1/22/05 Potter praise is heartfelt

Coming Soon 1/21/05 Goblet of Fire Set Visit Preview

Cinema Confidential 1/19/05 Yates to direct "Harry Potter 5"

Zap2It 1/15/05 'Harry Potter's' Snape Lends Voice to 'Hitchhiker'

Star Telegram 1/13/05 King Arthur, Frodo might provide clues to Harry's future

Coming Soon 1/13/05 New Goblet of Fire Picture of Harry

This is London 1/13/05 Harry Potter waves magic at Bloomsbury

Daily Record 1/12/05 JK Strolling

Zap2It 1/11/05 'Harry Potter 6' Online Scam Shut Down

CBBC 1/11/05 Potter book six web scam foiled

BBC 1/10/05 Alert over Harry Potter web scam

Contact Music 1/9/05 Franz Ferdinand Argue About Potter Track

Press of Atlantic City 1/7/05 It’s too early to be wild about Harry

Boston Globe 1/3/05 Next 'Harry Potter' already casting spell

The Scotsman 1/3/05 Harry Potter Craze 'Putting Owls at Risk'

Contact Music 1/2/05 Harry Potter Movie Blunders

Digital Spy 12/27/04 Church criticise BBC over 'Harry Potter'

Contact Music 12/27/04 Harry Potter TV Screening Blasted By Church

Zap2It 12/23/04 Fans Already Wild About 'Harry Potter 6'

Sky News 12/22/04 Magic! Harry's Already Top

Daily Record 12/22/04 Author JK Rolling In It

Anorak 12/22/04 The Trouble With Harry

Chicago Tribune 12/22/04 Potter's latest already magic

Daily Record 12/22/04 Potter Fans, Mark This Date In Your Diary..

Contact Music 12/22/04 Potter Release Date Announced

Digital Spy 12/22/04 Sixth 'Potter' book tops sales chart

USA Today 12/22/04 Booksellers wild about Harry pre-sales

Ananova 12/22/04 Latest Harry Potter book tops book chart

BBC 12/22/04 New Harry Potter tops book chart

USA Today 12/21/04 J.K. Rowling hints at what's to come in 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'

Zap2It 12/21/04 'Harry Potter 6' Hits Shelves July 16

Contact Music 12/21/04 Next Harry Potter Book Completed

Sky News 12/21/04 JK Finishes Sixth Potter Book

BBC 12/21/04 July date for Harry Potter book

USA Today 12/21/04 J.K. Rowling's sixth Potter novel due July 16

BBC 12/21/04 Potted Harry for beginners

Contact Music 12/20/04 Potter And Spider-Man Battle For Effects Oscar

ABC News 12/20/04 J.K. Rowling Completes 6th Potter Novel

Coming Soon 12/20/04 Half-Blood Prince Complete & New Images

Webindia123 12/20/04 Potter actor pitches for Daniel Day Lewis

Digital Spy 12/20/04 A race against time for J. K. Rowling

Tribune Review 12/19/04 Franz Ferdinand drops of Harry Potter

Scotland on Sunday 12/19/04 Harry Potter and the fury of Franz

CBBC 12/18/04 Harry Potter drops in fave thing chart!

BBC 12/18/04 Potter shortlisted for FX Oscar

BBC 12/16/04 Irish spells for Harry Potter

Contact Music 12/15/04 Radcliffe Refuses To Watch His Potter Debut

Ananova 12/15/04 Harry Potter star refuses to watch debut

Daily Record 12/14/04 Wand Is Right - As If By Magic

Contact Music 12/12/04 Rowling In Baby Race

Daily Record 12/11/04 JK's Battle Of Bulge

Stuff 12/9/04 How will Harry Potter end?

The Herald 12/8/04 Collectors thrilled by Potter post

Manchester Online 12/8/04 Why Harry Potter party spelled trouble

Rochdale Observer 12/7/04 Magic day spells trouble for library

Rediff 12/3/04 Mira Nair rejects Harry Potter film

Hollywood Reporter 12/2/04 'Spider-Man 2' swings on day 1; 'Potter' tops

New Zealand Herald 12/2/04 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

New Kerala 12/1/04 Harry Potter actors reveal their struggle to keep a straight face

Coming Soon 12/1/04 Newell on Harry Potter & More Updates

CBBC 11/30/04 The Goblet of Fire director talks

Munster Times 11/30/04 Harry Potter grows up in latest sequel

Digital Spy 11/30/04 Maggie Smith wants to laugh at 'Potter'

Zap2It 11/29/04 'Harry Potter' Star's Underwater Christmas Greeting

Ananova 11/26/04 Natalie and Dobby: Separated at birth?

Orlando Sentinel 11/26/04 Top Release: A magical 'Harry Potter'

Plain Dealer 11/26/04 Third 'Harry Potter' chapter is a spellbinding movie

Winnipeg Sun 11/26/04 Azkaban casts another spell over Potter fans

Daily Record 11/26/04 Postal Order Of The Phoenix

ic Surrey Online 11/25/04 Harry's lookalike is just potty about Potter

Teen Hollywood 11/25/04 DVD Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Reno Gazette-Journal 11/24/04 Small touches add magic to ‘Harry Potter’

Telegraph.co.uk 11/24/04 BBC pins Christmas hopes on two Potters

Coming Soon 11/24/04 Harry Potter & Seinfeld Big on DVD

Contact Music 11/24/04 Radcliffe's Aquatic Christmas Cards

Contact Music 11/24/04 Harry Potter Star Lights Up London

BBC 11/24/04 Potter makes BBC Christmas debut

Digital Spy 11/23/04 Radiohead star appears in 'Harry Potter'

Canada.com 11/22/04 Harry Potter's third and darker film adventure slated for home video release

Mercury News 11/21/04 Teen 'Harry Potter' film best one of 3 adaptations

Digital Spy 11/21/04 Harry Potter stars to stay for fifth film?

The Sunday Telegraph 11/21/04 Potter magic under the sea

BBC 11/19/04 Gossip from the Azkaban DVD party

BBC 11/19/04 DVD review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Zap2It 11/19/04 New Director to Wave Wand Over 'Harry Potter 5'

BBC 11/19/04 Harry and Hermione let their hair down

Ananova 11/19/04 Brit to direct Harry Potter 5

Novinte 11/19/04 Bulgarian Song Wanted for Next "Harry Potter"

Extra 11/18/04 Third Time's the Charm

Ananova 11/18/04 Franz Ferdinand pull out of Harry Potter

Contact Music 11/18/04 Franz Ferdinand Pull Out of Potter Film

Zap2It 11/17/04 'Harry Potter 5' Film Gets New Writer

Scotsman 11/17/04 Harry Potter Weaves Magic for Children's Charity

Contact Music 11/17/04 Oldman's Potter Woe

Hollywood Reporter 11/17/04 Goldenberg to script fifth 'Potter' film

BBC 11/16/04 Festive switch-on for Potter star

Guardian 11/15/04 Filming under way for new Harry Potter film

Sky News 11/15/04 Potter's Camp Action

BBC 11/15/04 Potter star to light up Oxford St

Daily Record 11/15/04 Tents Times for Harry Potter

Digital Spy 11/13/04 Professor axed from fifth 'Harry Potter'

New Kerala 11/12/04 New Harry Potter film does away with Professor Sprout

Contact Music 11/12/04 Margolyes Dumped From Potter

Ananova 11/12/04 Professor Sprout not in next Harry Potter film

IGN Insider 11/11/04 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Ananova 11/11/04 Harry Potter actress moves in with Saffron Burrows

Glasgow Evening Times 11/11/04 All my son wants is to read Harry Potter boo

Contact Music 11/4/04 Brosnan Tips Potter Star For Bond

Daily Record 11/3/04 Potter Jotter Fetches A Lotta

BBC 11/2/04 Tiny Potter book sold for £11,000

Daily Record 11/2/04 Potter Load Of Witchcraft

Sofia News Agency 10/31/04 Harry Potter Author Sweeps Top Movie Award

Digital Spy 10/30/04 Director turns down fifth 'Harry Potter'

Daily Record 10/30/04 Potter Track's £6m Overhaul

Whyalla News 10/29/04 Whyalla wizardry to be worked on Harry Potter

Contact Music 10/28/04 Potter Stars Should Keep Their Roles

News-Press 10/26/04 Ninja, Harry Potter, Princess Jasmine costumes among most popular for '04

The Register 10/25/04 Harry Potter games outfit loses its magic

Zap2It 10/25/04 Mickey Lords It Over Pooh, Harry and SpongeBob

Indy Star 10/22/04 Expect an easy time with Harry Potter game

New Kerala 10/21/04 Harry Potter's love life depends on the punters

Launch 10/21/04 Jarvis Potter

Sky News 10/21/04 Cocker To Pen Potter Music

Ananova 10/21/04 Jarvis to write Harry Potter soundtrack

Contact Music 10/21/04 Cocker To Play Potter Music

ic Lanarkshire 10/20/04 Harry Potter sketches unveiled

The Reporter 10/19/04 Harry Potter event set for Thursday

BBC 10/19/04 Franz making music for Potter

Contact Music 10/17/04 Potter Star Joins Olsens On Rich List

NMC 10/15/04 Franz Ferdinand Has a 'Harry' Future

Bucks Free Press 10/14/04 Fan filmed with idols in Harry Potter movie

New Zealand Herald 10/14/04 Aussies to bring Potter's goblet alive

This Is London 10/14/04 Harry rockers!

Sky News 10/14/04 Potter Roles For Ferdinand

The Scotsman 10/14/04 Scots band set to write next Harry Potter music

Contact Music 10/13/04 Franz Ferdinand Compose For Potter

Launch 10/13/04 Franz for Harry Potter

Independent 10/13/04 The Investment Column: Harry Potter printer loses its magic

News.com.au 10/12/04 Harry turns to Oz

CBBC 10/11/04 Azkaban DVD secrets are revealed

Sify 10/11/04 Family thrilled about making brooms for Harry Potter

Zap2It 10/9/04 Rowling Kills Off Another Wizard in Next 'Harry Potter' Book

NY Daily News 10/9/04 Rowling to pick off another Potter pal

BBC 10/8/04 JK Rowling on next Potter book

Sky News 10/8/04 New Death In Harry Potter

This is London 10/8/04 Mystery of next Potter death

BBC 10/8/04 JK Rowling wields a wand of death

BBC 10/8/04 Family's brooms for Harry Potter

Telegraph 10/8/04 JK Rowling reveals Harry Potter loses another friend

Wizard News 10/4/04 J.K. Rowling says someone else will die in Harry Potter

HPana 10/4/04 Rowling updates site with answers to many questions

Daily Yomiuri 10/2/04 Harry Potter magic may be wearing off

Ananova 9/30/04 New project for Harry Potter director

CBBC 9/28/04 Potter book auctioned for charity

Digital Spy 9/28/04 ITV lands 'Harry Potter', 'Matrix'

Market Wire 9/27/04 Rail Europe's New 'Hogwart's Express' Tour Takes You to Magical Castle of Harry Potter Films

Contact Music 9/26/04 Rowling's Cousin Insists He's The Real Harry Potter

Belfast Telegraph 9/22/04 Irish 200th language for Harry Potter

CBBC 9/21/04 Potter 5: 'No casting plans yet'

CNN 9/21/04 Missing Harry Potter'$ magic

The Times 9/21/04 Options vanish at Harry Potter publisher

Eastbourne Herald 9/20/04 Film Wizards Shoot Harry Potter Scenes

Contact Music 9/20/04 Branagh Goes Recognised At American Embassy

New Kerala 9/20/04 JK Rowling reveals 'real facts' behind 'hurtful gossip'

Contact Music 9/19/04 Brown Strikes Up Friendship With Potter Star

CBBC 9/18/04 Musical surprise for Potter star

ic Lanarkshire 9/18/04 Potter author rubbishes claims

Boston Globe 9/16/04 Sibling musicians bring out the 'punk' in Harry Potter
The Register 9/16/04 Harry Potter IP claim pinned down on the beaches

Times Recorder 9/15/04 Harry Potter stories not so innocent

Eastbourne Herald 9/14/04 Harry Potter Magic Comes To Seaford

CBBC 9/11/04 More Goblet of Fire actors cast

Digital Spy 9/11/04 Three more actors cast for 'Harry Potter'
Northern Star 9/9/04 Harry Potter bewitches NIU

Kathimerini 9/8/04 Harry Potter reveals darker side

Zap2It 9/6/04 Rowling Gives Glimpse of 'Harry Potter 6'

Teen Hollywood 9/6/04 Potter Fans Get A Preview

KARE 9/5/04 Harry Potter Illustrator to Make Next Year's State Fair Poster

BBC 9/4/04 Fans win preview of Potter novel

Ananova 9/4/04 Potter fans get sneak preview

Zap2It 9/3/04 'Vanity Fair' Director Eyes 'Harry Potter 5'

People's Daily 9/3/04 Harry Potter wins press award in China with a million copies sold last year

Times of India 9/3/04 Mira offered fifth Potter movie

Japan Today 9/1/04 Japanese translation of 5th Harry Potter book goes on sale

Irish Examiner 8/30/04 Rowling shocked by bad-boy lust

PR Newswire 8/27/04 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Paperback Debuts at #1 on USA Today Best-Seller List

Times of India 8/27/04 Harry Potter fetches 20,000 pounds

BBC 8/26/04 On location with Harry Potter 4

Independent 8/26/04 Harry Potter boosts Pinewood's profits

BBC 8/25/04 Potter 'first edition' for sale

Ananova 8/25/04 Harry Potter helps studio profits

BBC 8/25/04 Harry Potter helps studio profits

123Bharath.com 8/24/04 Reading Harry Potter could ruin men's love lives

Ananova 8/24/04 Harry Potter books don't impress women

Daily Record 8/24/04 Harry's A Turn-Off For Girls On The Pull

Shropshire Star 8/24/04 Harry Potter display ready to delight fans

Ananova 8/23/04 Rowling denies ex-husband link

Webindia123.com 8/21/04 Buy Harry Potter's Book of spells for 9 pounds!

Daily Record 8/19/04 Save Our Sara: Author JK Helps Keep Cash Rowling In

Daily Record 8/17/04 Potter Tribute To Put JK On Pedestal

Chicago Tribune 8/17/04 Little enchantment in latest 'Harry Potter' game

Business Wire 8/17/04 Parents Choose...and Harry Potter as a Classmate in New Back-to-School Survey by Office Depot

BBC 8/17/04 Potter movie tops $500m globally

Zap2It 8/16/04 Rowling Raises 'Harry Potter' Questions

CBS 8/16/04 Author Gives Harry Potter Clues

Daily Record 8/16/04 Potter Fans Quiz JK

The Guardian 8/15/04 Rowling hints at Harry's future

BBC 8/15/04 Rowling's magical morning

Sky.com 8/15/04 Rowling Reads For Fans

BBC 8/15/04 Rowling reads to gathered fans

Daily Record 8/14/04 Touts Won't Be Rowling In It

Orlando Business Journal 8/10/04 Harry Potter to hit Central Florida billboards

Chicago Tribune 8/9/04 Harry Potter, Shakespeare inspire repeat reading

Newsday 8/9/04 Harry Potter Book Due Out Tuesday

Times of India 8/7/04 Potter convention strictly adult affair

Zap2It 8/6/04 Richardson's Reporter Annoys 'Harry Potter'

Digital Spy 8/5/04 Fiennes to play Voldemort

Teen Hollywood 8/5/04 Ralf Fiennes and Miranda Richardson Join New "Potter"

BBC 8/5/04 Fiennes named as Potter villain

Ananova 8/5/04 Voldemort actor announced

BBC 8/3/04 Potter film diaries fetch $4,000

Stuff 8/3/04 Harry Potter publisher pitches magic for grown-ups

WOKR 8/2/04 JK Rowling Planning 'Potter 8'

Digital Spy 8/1/04 Coltrane unsure over Harry Potter future

Sunday Mail 7/31/04 Many Harry Returns

York Daily Record 7/30/04 'Harry Potter and the Magically Enlarged Film'

Telegraph.co.uk 7/30/04 Now Rowling takes internet by storm

Sky.com 7/30/04 JK's Website Is Just Magic

ic Berkshire.co.uk 7/29/04 Tom hits the big time as he lands Harry Potter part

IOL 7/29/04 It's Harry Pottawa, as adult Muggles descend

BBC 7/28/04 Harry Potter helps Warner profits

UW Daily 7/28/04 My life as Harry Potter

This Is London 7/26/04 Third baby for Potter author

Sky.com 7/24/04 JK Rowling Pregnant

NY Times 7/24/04 Author Says Pregnancy Won't Delay 6th 'Harry Potter'

BBC 7/24/04 Author Rowling having third child

NY Times 7/24/04 'Harry Potter' Inspires a Christian Alternative

IHT 7/24/04 Harry Potter is a capitalist pig

Stuff.co.nz 7/22/04 Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Dallas Morning News 7/22/04 Who's the Prince in the next Harry Potter book?

CNN 7/22/04 Potter, sports games aid Electronic Arts

Times Reporter 7/21/04 Class based on Potter books spurs reading

Fox News 7/20/04 A Pox on Potter

Daily Record 7/19/04 Potters Of Gold

NY Times 7/18/04 Harry Potter, Market Wiz

Washington Times 7/17/04 Harry Potter is published in Japanese

Yorkshire Post 7/17/04 Flying visit to city for Harry Potter car

WBALChannel.com 7/15/04 Harry Potter Birthday Card Shuts Down Post Office

Korea Times 7/15/04 `Azkaban' Finds Harry Potter Series Growing Up

The Herald 7/14/04 Thousands in ballot to meet Rowling

Daily Record 7/14/04 Fans Need Magic To Catch JK

Ananova 7/13/04 Rowling criticised by Czech president

New Zealand Herald 7/13/04 Cages upset Harry Potter author

NY Daily News 7/12/04 Potter pic conjures new faces

Halifax Herald 7/11/04 Rowling to rescue of abused children

Hartford Courant 7/11/04 `Harry Potter' Casts Spell For Time Warner

New Zealand Herald 7/11/04 Michael Seresin, the New Zealander who filmed Harry Potter

BBC 7/10/04 Potter author makes public plans

Herald Sun 7/10/04 Rowling honoured

New Kerala 7/9/04 Harry Potter makes J K Rowling's day!

USA Today 7/9/04 Author J.K. Rowling gets honorary degree

BBC 7/8/04 JK Rowling honoured with degree

Sky.com 7/8/04 Rowling Picks Up Honour

Scotsman 7/8/04 Harry Potter Author to Receive Honorary Degree

Sky News 7/7/04 China Bans Harry Potter

Times of India 7/7/04 How did Harry get his name?

New Zealand Herald 7/6/04 French get philosophical about Harry Potter

The Hindu 7/6/04 Potter fails to weave magic for 'jaduwallahs' in India

IOL 7/5/04 French go potty over Harry's politics

Irish Examiner 7/2/04 Fry worried Potter sequel will be too long

Penn State Live 7/2/04 Science programs plunge kids into 'Harry Potter' adventures

Irish Examiner 7/1/04 Cleese prefers Bond to Harry Potter

Daily Record 7/1/04 JK Plans 8th Book For Harry

News.com.au 7/1/04 Potter title revealed

Stuff 6/30/04 Rowling squashes ugly rumours

The Gate 6/30/04 Rowling Unveils Title For Sixth Potter Book

Zap2It 6/30/04 Sixth 'Harry Potter' Title Revealed

MegaStar 6/30/04 Potter title announced

Sky.com 6/30/04 Harry Potter Title Out

NY Daily News 6/30/04 New Potter book gets title

Japan Today 6/29/04 Harry Potter casts spell on Japan

Coming Soon 6/29/04 Harry Potter 6 Title Announced

AJC 6/29/04 Rowling Announces Title of Potter Book

Canada.com 6/29/04 Harry Potter game is fun, but may not appeal to hardcore gamers

BBC 6/29/04 Author reveals sixth Potter title

Hollywood Reporter 6/29/04 Wizard, ogre hold sway over overseas market again

Ananova 6/29/04 New Harry Potter book gets name

Novinite.com 6/27/04 Potter Next Book Title Looming

Japan Today 6/27/04 New Harry Potter film released at 820 screens across Japan

The Star 6/26/04 They have Harry Potter tours now

Star Bulletin 6/26/04 Tracking the Truth

Coming Soon 6/25/04 Filming Starts on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Times Online 6/25/04 Publisher sets sight on paper Potter success

London Free Press 6/24/04 New Harry Potter not magic

Scotsman 6/24/04 Harry magic continues

USA Today 6/22/04 'Potter' games cast enchanting spells

BBC 6/22/04 Potter sequel continues UK reign

Seattle Times 6/21/04 "Harry Potter" video game brews up a tricky potion

USA Today 6/21/04 'Azkaban' could have healing powers for kids' fears

BBC 6/21/04 Potter film's US chart reign ends

Wham Gaming 6/20/04 Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Daily Comet 6/19/04 Teachers borrow from Harry Potter to teach science

Bolton Common 6/18/04 Movie review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Times Star 6/18/04 'Harry Potter' leads five movies to plus $20 million

Anchorage Daily News 6/18/04 Director gives 'Harry' a new look

Webindia123.com 6/17/04 Clemence Poesy is playing dangerous games with Harry Potter!

Lance-Star 6/17/04 A well worthwhile 'Prisoner' flick

The Battalion 6/17/04 On The Big Screen - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

NY Times 6/17/04 Harry Potter on the Flat Screen

ic Essex.co.uk 6/17/04 Pupil to star in Harry Potter movie

Daily Trojan 6/16/04 Harry Potter fans should stick to books

News.com.au 6/16/04 Potter spell zaps rivals

Webindia123.com 6/15/04 Harry Potter was created in a cafe, reveals JK Rowling!

Herald Sun 6/15/04 Pottering about in cafes

Zap2It 6/15/04 French Actress Cast As 'Harry Potter' Competitor

Hollywood Reporter 6/15/04 'Azkaban' holding tight in int'l boxoffice follow-up

BBC 6/15/04 Potter's global magic set to grow

Hollywood Reporter 6/15/04 'Harry' still magical at No 1 as 'Riddick' bows in 2nd

USA Today 6/15/04 'Azkaban' audiences do a vanishing act

CBBC 6/14/04 Fleur Delacour cast in Potter 4

Seattle Times 6/14/04 'Harry Potter' keeps box office top spot

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/04 'Potter' waves off rivals

BBC 6/14/04 Potter sequel continues US reign

NY Daily News 6/14/04 Potter's field of green

Coming Soon 6/13/04 Harry Potter Tops Box Office a Second Weekend

Herald Sun 6/13/04 Harry's a wizard at box office

Zap2It 6/13/04 Audiences Still Under 'Harry's' Spell

The Age 6/12/04 Why we adore Harry

New Zealand Herald 6/12/04 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

MSNBC 6/11/04 Behind the magic of 'Harry Potter'

Charlotte Observer 6/11/04 `Prisoner' recaptures magic of Hogwarts

Sioux City Journal 6/11/04 Adolescence takes its toll on Harry Potter and friends

BBC 6/11/04 Harry Potter, The Prisoner Of Azkaban webchat

News Sun 6/11/04 With new director, 'Harry Potter' series grows up

USA Today 6/11/04 Buckbeak's fame soars with 'Harry Potter'

CBBC 6/10/04 Cedric actor first pic exclusive

NY Daily News 6/10/04 Conjuring votes

SMH 6/10/04 A darker but far more enlightening time at Hogwarts

Stuff 6/10/04 Potter 'better than ever'

Herald Sun 6/10/04 Boy wizard gets head start on Shrek

The Age 6/10/04 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

News.com.au 6/10/04 Harry Potter's adolescent angst

MSNBC 6/9/04 'Harry Potter' technology could be coming your way

Buffalo News 6/9/04 Third time's a charm for Harry Potter

Star Telegram 6/9/04 And now, 'Harry Potter and the Unwholesome Lifestyle Choice'

News.com.au 6/9/04 Harry slays 'M' rating

Seattle PI 6/8/04 Harry Potter records third-best opening weekend ever

CBS 6/8/04 Watson's 'Hermione' Grows Up

BBC 6/8/04 Azkaban conjures up a global hit

Ananova 6/8/04 Harry Potter continues to break records

SMH 6/8/04 Harry Potter and the ageing child stars

NY Times 6/7/04 Hijacking Harry Potter, Quidditch Broom and All

MTV 6/7/04 'Harry Potter' Delivers Knockout Punch To 'Shrek 2'

Evening Times 6/7/04 Train trip to drive fans potty

Teen Hollywood 6/7/04 Harry Potter movie tops U.S. box office

BBC 6/7/04 Harry Potter loves the Distillers

Ananova 6/7/04 IMAX release for Harry Potter

Hollywood Reporter 6/7/04 Potter makes magic at U.S. boxoffice

BBC 6/7/04 Harry Potter conquers US cinemas

Ananova 6/7/04 Harry Potter off to a flying start

USA Today 6/7/04 Third Potter movie pulls in $92.6 million

NY Daily News 6/7/04 'Harry' takes no prisoners in $93M opening

The Trades 6/6/04 "Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban" Review

Zap2It 6/6/04 June Box Office Records Set by 'Azkaban'

Digital Spy 6/6/04 'Azkaban' breaks US record

Superherohype.com 6/6/04 Harry Potter Doesn't Break Spidey's Records

Zap2It 6/5/04 'Azkaban' Beats 'Spider-Man' Opening Day Box Office Record

Press Enterprise 6/5/04 "Harry Potter" changes direction

San Mateo County Times 6/5/04 Everyone's wild about Harry Potter

Times Star 6/5/04 Muggles turn to Harry Potter for late-night movie magic

Gwinnett Daily Post 6/5/04 Harry Potter matures in third movie about magical world

The Scotsman 6/5/04 No room for Harry Potter on must-read list of top 50 books

Teen Hollywood 6/5/04 Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Dallas Morning News 6/5/04 Devotees go whole Hogwart

Baltimore Sun 6/4/04 Simply spellbinding

Toledo Blade 6/4/04 Movie review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ****

Fox News 6/4/04 Harry Matures in Dark 'Potter' Movie

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/4/04 A wizard comes of age

CSM 6/4/04 Harry Potter's darker magic

Louisville Channel 6/4/04 Review: Magic Is Wickedly Fresh In 'Prisoner Of Azkaban'

CSM 6/4/04 Harry Potter - with a beard?

CNN 6/4/04 Review: 'Azkaban' top of the Potters

Teen Hollywood 6/4/04 Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Globe and Mail 6/4/04 The trouble with Harry

Bergen Record 6/4/04 ‘Azkaban’ finally delivers true magic of Potter

Seattle PI 6/4/04 Harry Potter's Hollywood future

CBS 6/4/04 Harry Potter Grows Up

Seattle PI 6/4/04 Will wonders never cease! Harry Potter's latest tale is sublime

Seattle Times 6/4/04 Third 'Potter' is darker and delightful

Hollywood Reporter 6/4/04 Boxoffice preview: 'Prisoner' to run asylum

BBC 6/4/04 Sequel breaks Potter film record

USA Today 6/4/04 Hogwarts attracts a British who's who

Jam! 6/4/04 We're prisoners of love

USA Today 6/4/04 'Azkaban' wizard Cuaron casts an artful spell

Jam! 6/4/04 Darker side of Harry

Teen Hollywood 6/3/04 Robbie Coltrane: Hagrid in New York

CNN 6/3/04 A kick in the 'Azkaban'

Salon 6/3/04 "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

Times of India 6/3/04 Potter 3 not for Aussie kids

CBS 6/3/04 Stopping Harry Potter Pirates

NY Times 6/3/04 An Adolescent Wizard Meets a Grown-Up Moviemaker

Times of India 6/3/04 Potter 3 breaks all UK box office records

BBC 6/3/04 Potter-ania fuels pesky virus

Ananova 6/3/04 Harry Potter rats staying in UK

Ananova 6/3/04 Harry Potter film makes 5m on its first day

Ananova 6/3/04 Coltrane hates being in make-up

BBC 6/3/04 Is the new Harry P director mad?

NY Daily News 6/3/04 Third 'Potter' casts first-class spell

Teen Hollywood 6/2/04 Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson: The “Azkaban” Interview

Teen Hollywood 6/2/04 Harry Potter Star Watson Pranked

Extra 6/2/04 'Potter' Stars Bring Back the Magic

Zap2It 6/2/04 'Harry Potter' Rat Imported from Germany

Sky.com 6/2/04 Potter Breaks Records

Newsday 6/2/04 Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

News.com.au 6/2/04 Harry gets M15 rating

Globe and Mail 6/2/04 Harry, how you've changed

BBC 6/2/04 Potter makes £5m on its first day

Boston Herald 6/2/04 Scary movie 3: As Harry Potter matures so do themes in `Azkaban'

Times of India 6/2/04 Harry Potter set to rock

Jam! 6/2/04 Elementary Watson

BBC 6/2/04 Harry Potter tops children's poll

Times of India 6/1/04 Wizard idea to check Potter piracy

Time 6/1/04 When Harry Met Sirius

Slate 6/1/04 Harry Potter and the Fountain of Youth

Straits Times 6/1/04 Simply magical

Teen Hollywood 6/1/04 Harry Potter Rocks

Zap2It 6/1/04 'Harry Potter' and the Fretful Career Change

Yorkshire Post 6/1/04 Harry Potter and the boy who wouldn't give up

BBC 6/1/04 Pottermania hits London once again

CBS 6/1/04 Harry Potter Returns

Hollywood Reporter 6/1/04 Night vision goggles being used to catch 'Potter' pirates

BBC 6/1/04 Cinemas seek out Potter pirates

Ananova 6/1/04 Cinemas to stamp out Harry Potter pirates

BBC 6/1/04 In pictures: Reactions to Harry Potter

The Sun 6/1/04 Harry Rocker

Ananova 6/1/04 Harry Potter star would like to be a rock star

Guardian 5/31/04 Harry Potter and the wizard idea to foil cinema pirates

Digital Spy 5/31/04 Night vision goggles prevent 'Potter' pirates

Times of India 5/31/04 Potter's third kill

Teen Hollywood 5/31/04 Potter Star Loves Fame

Sky News 5/31/04 Fears Over Potter Piracy

BBC 5/31/04 Cinemas seek out Potter pirates

Sky News 5/31/04 Fans Spellbound by Magic

Seattle PI 5/31/04 New 'Harry Potter' film benefits from outsider's vision

The Sun 5/31/04 Hermione Hogs limelight

BBC 5/30/04 Potter casts new spell over UK

NY Daily News 5/30/04 Hermione gets some girl power

Jam! 5/30/04 Potter stars are growing up fast

NY Daily News 5/30/04 Horror & hormones

News.com.au 5/29/04 The little girl who became a teen witch

Canada.com 5/29/04 Harry Potter's gentle, jesting giant

Globe and Mail 5/29/04 Could Harry Potter be Imax's magic brew?

Hollywood Reporter 5/28/04 Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban

Zap2It 5/28/04 'Harry Potter' Author Reveals Secrets on Website

Times of India 5/28/04 The K word in J K Rowling

Teen Hollywood 5/28/04 'Harry Potter' Star's 'Awkward' Romance

BBC 5/28/04 Quiz: Test your muggle know-how

MegaStar 5/28/04 Potter predicts his fate

Zap2It 5/28/04 'Polar Express' Trailer Catches 'Harry Potter' Train

Ananova 5/28/04 Harry Potter could die in final book

BBC 5/27/04 Harry Potter predicts his own downfall

Zap2It 5/27/04 'Harry Potter's' New Director Comes Clean

FOX News 5/27/04 Rowling Web Site Rife With 'Potter' Trivia

BBC 5/27/04 Rowling backs Potter fan fiction

Teen Hollywood 5/27/04 Harry Potter Premiere: You are There!

Zap2It 5/27/04 Radcliffe Predicts Harry Potter's Death

Big News 5/27/04 Young Harry Potter star buys BMW

Ananova 5/27/04 Harry Potter star auditioned as a woman

Teen Hollywood 5/26/04 Potter Star Auditioned As A Woman

Ananova 5/26/04 Harry Potter stars to outgrow characters?

BBC 5/26/04 Stars 'can complete Potter films'

Zap2It 5/26/04 'Harry Potter' Teens May Not Outgrow Roles

Times of India 5/26/04 'Harry Potter' is too old to act!

Guardian 5/26/04 Director: Harry Potter kids can last the series

News.com.au 5/25/04 Harry Potter grows up

Ananova 5/25/04 Two more signed up for fourth Harry Potter film

The Scotsman 5/25/04 Harry Potter's magic when you're short of work and cash

Zap2It 5/24/04 'Troy' Star Gets Moody for 'Harry Potter 4'

Telegraph 5/24/04 Growing up with Harry Potter

Extra TV 5/24/04 Wild About 'Harry'

Sky News 5/24/04 Hip Hip Harry

Ananova 5/24/04 New Harry Potter 'the best yet'

BBC 5/24/04 Potter mania erupts stateside

London News Review 5/24/04 Harry Potter and the magical mystery of Daniel Radcliffe

NY Daily News 5/24/04 Stuck on Harry, H'warts and all

Newsday 5/24/04 'Harry Potter' Stars and Fans Growing Up

Ananova 5/24/04 Harry Potter star is huge fan of Brad Pitt

BBC 5/24/04 Potter star mobbed at US premiere

Ananova 5/24/04 Harry Potter stars step out for world premiere

BBC 5/23/04 Potter star mobbed at US premiere

News.com.au 5/23/04 Potter coup for Tassie

News.com.au 5/23/04 Potter coup for Tassie

Courier Mail 5/22/04 Harry's rite of passage

Premiere Magazine 5/21/04 The Writer of Azkaban

The Tribune 5/21/04 A heady potion for Potter fans

Teen Hollywood 5/21/04 New Addition to Harry Potter Website

San Antonio Business Journal 5/20/04 Warner Bros. releasing Harry Potter on IMAX

The Star 5/19/04 Harry Potter mania again

Business Wire 5/19/04 World Premiere: ``Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban''

Zap2It 5/18/04 'Harry Potter' Director Finally Finds Relief

Extra 5/18/04 Third Time's The Charm

Katu.com 5/17/04 Latest 'Harry Potter' flick will make Rowling even richer

Sky.com 5/17/04 Potter Book Under Way

Ananova 5/17/04 J K Rowling 'well under way' on sixth Potter book

Times of India 5/17/04 New Harry Potter movie may scare kids

Sun Herald 5/16/04 'Guide' prepares fans for Potter film

NY Daily News 5/16/04 Internet magic for muggles


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