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News Articles about Harry Potter


Celebrity Spider 8/31/06 Harry Potter Fans Angry With Quidditch Omission

Sydney Morning Herald 8/31/06 Devil in the detail: Vatican exorcises Harry Potter

Columbus Dispatch 8/30/06 Hogwarts minus two — but who?

Digital Spy 8/30/06 Quidditch scenes cut from Potter film

Celebrity Spider 8/28/06 Daniel Radcliffe to Shock Fans With War Role

Philly.com 8/29/06 Harry Potter podcast makes 17-year-old a star

Media Guardian 8/28/06 ITV tries Potter luck for revival

The Scotsman 8/25/06 Rare Harry Potter snapped up

Daily Record 8/25/06 Hermione magics up top results

Casino Times 8/25/06 The Write Stuff - JK Rowling

Celebrity Spider 8/24/06 Rupert Grint's Driving Shame

Celebrity Spider 8/24/06 Rupert Grint: "I Don't Want to be Killed Off"

Daily Record 8/24/06 I'm a man now - but I'd rather be a schoolboy

Barnsley Today 8/24/06 Being called Harry Potter can be a bit tricky

Daily Mail 8/25/06 What does JK Rowling do with her money?

Celebrity Spider 8/23/06 Harry Potter Stars Kissing Marathon

Daily Mail 8/23/06 Potty Daniel kisses co-star 30 times to get it right

Coming Soon 8/22/06 Stevenson is Hopkirk in Harry Potter 5

The Age 8/21/06 Harry Potter and the chamber of zealots

Daily Record 8/21/06 Potter's girl set to star in Mulan

Celebrity Spider 8/17/06 Harry Potter Star's Fishy Beginnings

Guardian 8/16/06 Harry Potter is better known in US than Blair

Celebrity Spider 8/15/06 Rupert Grint Happy for Break From Harry Potter

BBC 8/15/06 US 'better on Potter than Blair'

Digital Spy 8/15/06 Radcliffe hopes for 'Potter' death scene

Daily Mail 8/14/06 Harry Potter author earns £77 a minute

Turkish Daily News 8/13/06 Harry Potter struts around in Ottoman style

Celebrity Spider 8/9/06 Jason Isaacs Praises Harry Potter Cast for Their Manners

DM News 8/9/06 Harry Potter and the Irresistible Offer

El Dorado Hills Telegraph 8/8/06 Teens meet famed Harry Potter author

CSM 8/8/06 Harry Potter was here ... and here ... and here

Celebrity Spider 8/7/06 JK Rowling Keeps Harry Potter Book Secret

Guardian 8/6/06 Harry Potter and the mystery of an academic obsession

Yahoo 8/5/06 Harry Potter is stinking rich

Celebrity Spider 8/4/06 Helena Bonham Carter Goes Bad for Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 8/3/06 Stephen King: "Keep Harry Potter Alive"

MTV 8/3/06 J.K. Rowling Reveals Further Details About Final 'Harry Potter' At Wednesday Event

Hollywood Reporter 8/3/06 'Phoenix' rises with Hooper, Bonham Carter

MTV 8/2/06 Love, Death, Redemption — J.K. Rowling Drops Hints About Final 'Harry Potter

USA Today 8/2/06 Helena Bonham Carter joins 'Harry Potter' cast

CBS 8/2/06 Two Heavyweight Votes For Harry

Zap2It 8/2/06 Readers Will 'Loathe' or 'Love' Final 'Harry Potter'

Zap2It 8/2/06 'Harry Potter' Woos New Co-Star, Composer

Stuff 8/2/06 Don't kill Potter, authors urge Rowling

IGN 8/2/06 Harry Potter Casting News

Daily News 8/2/06 JK: I'll be Glad to See Back of Harry

Sky News 8/2/06 Helena Does Harry Potter

Daily Mail 8/2/06 Bonham Carter is new Harry Potter villain

BBC 8/2/06 'I'll miss Harry' says JK Rowling

NY Daily News 8/2/06 Rowling parries queries on Harry's fate 

Fox News 8/1/06 'Harry Potter' Author Rowling 'Liberated,' Writes Final Book in Series

Celebrity Spider 7/31/06 Andrew Lloyd Webber Missed Out on Harry Potter Musical

Celebrity Spider 7/28/06 Harry Potter Stars to Team Up for Equus

This is London 7/28/06 Harry Potter 'goes nude'

Zap2It 7/28/06 'Harry Potter' Star Radcliffe Will Go Nude, Torture Horses

Cnet 7/28/06 Site challenges 'Harry Potter' denouement

IGN 7/28/06 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Gazette.net 7/27/06 Harry Potter fans spend a magical week at Hogwarts

Scotsman 7/27/06 Harry Potter spells success

Digital Spy 7/25/06 Shyamalan to direct sixth Potter film?

Oregonian 7/25/06 Punky Potters make Harry rock

The Book Standard 7/25/06 Harry Potter and the Positive Impact

New Kerala 7/22/06 Harry Potter will not die says literature expert

Edinburgh News 7/22/06 Harry Potter and UK films cast £2bn spell over world

The Reporter 7/21/06 Students learn Harry Potter's wizardry tricks

Celebrity Spider 7/20/06 Harry Potter Character Based on Hell's Angel

MSNBC 7/19/06 Laying odds in the Harry Potter dead pool

Daily Record 7/19/06 Now JK's a Hit in Outer Space

Scotsman 7/18/06 Shyamalan has a sixth sense about Potter film

Zap2It 7/12/06 'Harry Potter 4' Conjures Up Home Video Awards

Kansas City Star 7/8/06 Harry Potter dies? Riddikulus!

The Scotsman 7/8/06 Hogwarts loco fuels tourist boom

Celebrity Spider 7/7/06 JK Rowling Receives Honorary Doctorate

CNN 7/7/06 The final Potter: Just a year away?

Daily Record 7/7/06 It's Hairy Hotter for JK

BBC 7/6/06 Rowling has a degree of success

Celebrity Spider 7/3/06 Bets Placed on Harry Potter's Death

Jam! 7/3/06 Wyrd Sisters to appeal 'Potter' ruling

International Herald Tribune 7/3/06 The world's favorite wizard

Scotsman 7/2/06 Rowling spins web of intrigue with prophesies of Harry Potter's doom

The Age 7/2/06 Why Harry Potter must finally die

Ledger Enquirer 7/1/06 State Board of Education to hear Potter case

Times Dispatch 6/30/06 Deathwatch gets Potter fans talking

CBBC 6/29/06 Kids think Harry Potter will die

Guardian Unlimited 6/28/06 Harry Potter and the death foretold

MegaStar 6/28/06 Potter to pop off?

USA Today 6/28/06 'Potter' doomsday approaches, but for whom?

Celebrity Spider 6/27/06 JK Rowling Considers Pottercide

Celebrity Spider 6/27/06 JK Rowling: "I Will Never Write Another Harry Potter Novel"

NY Daily News 6/27/06 Harry may not make it

Zap2It 6/27/06 Key Characters Perish in 'Harry Potter' Finale

BBC 6/27/06 Rowling to kill two in final book

Daily Mail 6/26/06 Rowling: 'I may kill off Harry Potter'

BBC 6/26/06 Rowling staying mum over Potter

News.com.au 6/26/06 Potter saga nears end

Celebrity Spider 6/23/06 JK Rowling to Receive Honorary Degree

Coming Soon 6/22/06 Isaacs Starts Filming Harry Potter 5 in Sept.

Cinema Spider 6/21/06 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Coming to IMAX

CBS 2 Chicago 6/19/06 Harry Potter Fans Try Out Quidditch At NIU

Monterey County Herald 6/15/06 Harry Potter and the final chapter

Gwinnett Daily Post 6/13/06 Parent who fought Harry Potter appeals decision to state

BBC 6/12/06 New Harry Potter scene for Queen

USA Today 6/12/06 Harry Potter's qualities cast spell in business world

Coming Soon 6/11/06 Harry Potter 5 Filming in Italy

Celebrity Spider 6/8/06 JK Rowling Named Greatest Living British Author

BBC 6/8/06 Rowling tops book magazine poll

ic Huddersfield.co.uk 6/2/06 Harry Potter and the latest in email scams

USA Today 6/2/06 Except of 'If Harry Potter Ran General Electric'

Daily Telegraph 5/31/06 Potter 'not to blame'

Daily Mail 5/30/06 Harry Potter heroine 'encourages violence in girls'

Coming Soon 5/28/06 Harry Potter 5 Filming in the West Highlands

Telegraph 5/26/06 Harry Potter invisibility cloak 'within five years'

Digital Spy 5/25/06 New casting for 'Harry Potter' roles

Coming Soon 5/25/06 Harry Potter 5 Casting and Book 7 News

CNN 5/25/06 Scientists may be able to make magic like Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 5/24/06 Dinosaur Named After JK Rowling

Times Online 5/24/06 Dinosaur is dead ringer for Potter dragon

The Mirror 5/23/06 Harry's A Boost For Brit Films

CBBC 5/22/06 Harry voted top school walk pal

Arizona Daily Star 5/20/06 Audies add to Harry Potter's laurels

Celebrity Spider 5/19/06 Harry Potter Car Found

Telegraph 5/19/06 Harry Potter's stolen flying car comes in to land

The Sun 5/19/06 Boy wizard's car is back

NY Times 5/19/06 For Book Publishing in '05, Harry Potter Worked Magic

Zap2It 5/19/06 Stolen 'Harry Potter' Flying Car Found

Digital Spy 5/18/06 JK Rowling knows title of Harry Potter 7

Bloomberg 5/18/06 Harry Potter Fans Bid $1,000 to Hear Rowling Read From Book

Mainichi Daily News 5/17/06 Fans welcome Japan release of latest Harry Potter book

Jerusalem Post 5/17/06 Researchers: Harry Potter's wizardry OK with Rambam

Herald Sun 5/15/06 Harry Potter takes the goblet

Celebrity Spider 5/12/06 JK Rowling Drowning in Paper

ALA 5/12/06 Harry Potter Defeats Another Detractor

Gwinnett Daily Post 5/12/06 Board keeps 'Harry Potter' on shelves

CBS 5/11/06 Fans Supply J.K. Rowling With Writing Paper

AJC 5/11/06 School board to decide Harry Potter's fate tonight

NY Times 5/10/06 J. K. Rowling Is Coming to New York for Charity Reading

Gwinnett Daily Post 5/10/06 ‘Potter’ decision expected at next board meeting

News & Star 5/4/06 Harry Potter and the translation to Polish

Digital Spy 5/4/06 Gilliam to direct next Potter film?

Family News In Focus 5/3/06 Harry Potter Books Rarely Challenged in Churches

Christian Post 5/2/06 Harry Potter Exposure Increases, Left Unchallenged

AJC 4/30/06 Ban on Harry Potter a blow to children's enlightenment

Digital Spy 4/29/06 'Potter' actor clueless about fifth film

INQ7.net 4/28/06 Fake ‘Harry Potter’ toys seized in Manila

The Guardian 4/27/06 Harry Potter and a gobbed jet of ire

Celebrity Spider 4/25/06 Rupert Grint Leaves School

Digital Spy 4/25/06 New composer for 'Harry Potter'

Henry Herald 4/24/06 Who's afraid of Harry Potter?

11 Alive 4/21/06 Gwinnett Mom Battles Harry Potter

IBN 4/21/06 J K Rowling looks beyond Potter

CBBC 4/21/06 Dan Radcliffe in young rich list

AJC 4/21/06 Hearing draws Potter foes, fans

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 JK Rowling Supports MS Center

WIS 10 4/20/06 Georgia school board to hear request to ban Harry Potter books

Cinema Spider 4/18/06 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sets IMAX Record

WXIA-TV 4/15/06 Gwinnett Mom: 'Ban Harry Potter'

AJC 4/14/06 'Harry Potter' devotees stand up for boy wizard

Celebrity Spider 4/13/06 Daniel Radcliffe Sets National Portrait Gallery Record
Daily Mail 4/12/06 Harry star 'potty' about new portrait

Digital Spy 4/12/06 Potter star to have portrait hung in gallery

Oxford News 4/11/06 Harry Potter star plays in twinning event

Stuff 4/10/06 Vatican exorcist warns of Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 4/9/06 Harry Potter Star Becomes an Extra

Celebrity Spider 4/6/06 JK Rowling Blasts Influence of Skinny Models

BBC 4/6/06 Rowling bemoans paper 'shortage'

BBC 4/4/06 Bloomsbury in Harry Potter boost

Celebrity Spider 3/30/06 Harry Potter 7 "Coming Along Nicely"

Celebrity Spider 3/30/06 Harry Potter Scoops British Book Award

BBC 3/30/06 Book award win for Harry Potter

Stuff 3/30/06 Rowling wins Book of the Year award

Ananova 3/23/06 Oldman returns for Potter film

BBC 3/23/06 US Potter publisher hit by losses

Coming Soon 3/22/06 Oldman Confirmed for Harry Potter 5

Celebrity Spider 3/20/06 Harry Potter Actor Eyes Quentin Tarantino Film

Entertainment Weekly 3/20/06 Harry-ing Back?

Delaware Online 3/20/06 Potter heroine sees character as role model

Celebrity Spider 3/19/06 JK Rowling Raises Funds for MS Charity

News & Star 3/18/06 You can be the next girl Harry Potter

Helsingin Sanomat 3/16/06 Harry Potter made fans queue all night long

Hollywood Reporter 3/16/06 Fourth 'Potter' is all No. 1 on video charts

Celebrity Spider 3/15/06 Danielle Radcliffe Hails Harry Potter Director David Yates

Celebrity Spider 3/15/06 Daniel Radcliffe Embarrassed by Onscreen Kiss

Channel 4 3/14/06 Potter stars delighted at award

Sky News 3/14/06 Gong Glory for Harry Potter

Scotsman 3/13/06 Harry Potter scoops top film award

Sun-Sentinel.com 3/12/06 Goblet keeps Potter flame burning bright

Celebrity Spider 3/11/06 US Harry Potter Magic as DVD Sells Five Million in a Day

Rocky Mountain News 3/10/06 'Goblet' quenches thirst for thrills

TMZ 3/9/06 'Potter' DVD Sells 5 Mill On First Day

CBS 3/7/06 Harry's 'Goblet' Runneth Over

Dallas Morning News 3/7/06 DVD review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Jam! 3/7/06 'Potter' DVD works magic

Seattle PI 3/7/06 This Week's Hot Pick: 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'

Beacon Journal 3/5/06 Fourth `Harry Potter' movie is best yet

Scotsman 3/2/06 Harry's final tale keeps on getting longer

Celebrity Spider 3/1/06 Vatican Official: "JK Rowling "Lures Kids to Satan"

Coming Soon 3/1/06 More Potter for Cuaron?

Coming Soon 2/25/06 Harry Potter 5 Set Pictures

BBC 2/24/06 Potter movie joins world top five

Metro 2/24/06 4th "Potter" is No. 5 on all-time overseas list

Celebrity Spider 2/23/06 Senor Potter Now in Spanish

The Trades 2/23/06 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Widescreen Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)

Independent 2/23/06 Harry Potter's owl takes flight to Scottish isle

BBC 2/22/06 Potter star buys Rowling document

TMZ 2/21/06 Spanish Translation of Sixth 'Harry Potter' in Stores Thursday

LA Daily News 2/21/06 Wilsona axes 'Harry Potter'

New Kerala 2/20/06 Harry Potter's mummy still tidies his room

Bella Online 2/16/06 J. K. Rowling is Writing the Last Harry Potter Book

Celebrity Spider 2/14/06 Gary Oldman Will Make Harry Potter Return

Digital Spy 2/14/06 Oldman in negotiations for 'Potter 5'

IGN 2/13/06 Potter Casting News

Celebrity Spider 2/10/06 Gary Oldman Axed From Harry Potter?

CBBC 2/10/06 Sneak preview of the Goblet of Fire DVD

Digital Spy 2/10/06 Church criticises Pope for 'Potter' slam

CBBC 2/10/06 Exclusive: More Potter casting

Modesto Bee 2/8/06 Scam Alert: Dark arts spawn fake extra hunt for 'Harry Potter'

Ledger Enquirer 2/7/06 'Potter' filming begins

Celebrity Spider 2/6/06 JK Rowling Campaigns for Handicapped Children

Daily Record 2/6/06 Rowling Rat Love

Sunday Mirror 2/5/06 £435M JK Cash Worries

Sunday Mirror 2/5/06 Exclusive: Harry Potter Star Is A Love Rat

Daily Record 2/4/06 Magic Parents 

Celebrity Spider 2/3/06 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Starts Filming

Celebrity Spider 2/3/06 New Harry Potter Love Interest

Zap2It 2/3/06 'Potter' Production Begins with Expanded Cast

Ireland Online 2/2/06 Louth girl lands key Harry Potter role

MTV 2/2/06 Harry Potter's 'Phoenix' Begins Rising Next Week

Access Hollywood 2/2/06 Oscar Nominee Joins 'Potter' Cast

Coming Soon 2/2/06 Filming Begins for Harry Potter 5 

E!Online 2/2/06 "Potter," "Narnia" Set for Sequels

Celebrity Spider 2/1/06 Ralph Fiennes Warms to Harry Potter

The Hindu 2/1/06 Now Harry Potter turns to Hindi in India

Digital Spy 2/1/06 JK Rowling to guest at Queen's party

BBC 1/30/06 Treasures of 'Harry Potter' sewer

Digital Spy 1/30/06 New cast members for next 'Harry Potter'

Daily Record 1/30/06 Potter Film Snow Blow

Webindia123 1/28/06 Potter's invisibility cloak may soon be a reality

Daily Record 1/27/06 Rowling's Mercy Mission

The Scotsman 1/25/06 Rowling in Romania to visit orphans

Globe and Mail 1/25/06 E-mail scammers target Harry Potter hopefuls

Sofia News Agency 1/25/06 Harry Potter Star "Dreams" of Shooting with Jolie

Daily Record 1/24/06 JK Gala For Needy Kids 

Cinema Spider 1/19/06 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to Air on ABC February 4th

BBC 1/19/06 Guard jailed for Harry book theft

The Mirror 1/19/06 You Can't Be In Harry Potter ..You're From Essex!

Yahoo 1/19/06 Jail for British security guard in Harry Potter theft

Celebrity Spider 1/18/06 Harry Potter Exams Cost Warner Brothers Dear 

Female First 1/17/06 Madonna bans Lourdes from Potter auditions

Celebrity Spider 1/15/06 Student Harry Potter Stars Cost Film Bosses Millions

Sunday Mirror 1/15/06 15,000 Girls Go For Harry 

The Telegraph 1/14/06 Hunt for Harry Potter girl draws thousands

BBC 1/14/06 Potter auditions draw thousands

Celebrity Spider 1/13/06 Hunt for the Next Star of Harry Potter

Coming Soon 1/13/06 Goblet of Fire on DVD March 7

Celebrity Spider 1/12/06 JK Rowling Keeps Tabs on Spending

Daily Record 1/12/06 Potter Search

Celebrity Spider 1/10/06 JK Rowling Regrets Not Telling Mother About Harry Potter

Coming Soon 1/10/06 Harry Potter 5 Luna Lovegood Casting Call

The Telegraph 1/10/06 Exclusive interview with J K Rowling: Harry Potter was born the day my mother died

Zap2It 1/10/06 'Sith,' 'Kong' and 'Potter' Sound Off For Oscar

Ananova 1/10/06 J K Rowling on Mum, Harry and fame

Telegraph 1/10/06 Exclusive interview with J K Rowling

Zap2It 1/9/06 'Goblet of Fire' Conjures IMAX Record

Celebrity Spider 1/8/06 JK Rowling Faces Final Book Struggle

WTOP 1/8/06 'Potter' fastest-selling book ever

BBC 1/7/06 Potter is US best-seller of 2005

Metro 1/6/06 Harry Potter tops best-seller list for 2005

Jam! 1/5/06 Rowling resolves to 'do better' in 2006

Christian Science Monitor 1/5/06 Harry Potter and good and evil

Sunday Times 1/4/06 Potter gets darker as heroes grow older

Digital Spy 1/3/06 'Goblet of Fire' deleted scenes revealed

NY Times 1/3/06 Safety: With Harry Potter, Injuries Dip Like Magic

Webindia123 1/2/06 Rowling is a 'Scrooge' when it comes to charity!

Daily Record 12/31/05 Hagrid O.B.E

Sofia News Agency 12/30/05 Harry Potter Star in Bulgaria for Holidays

Watford Observer 12/29/05 Harry Potter to raise funds for hospice

Daily Record 12/28/05 Blog-Warts Harry

FemaleFirst.co.uk 12/28/05 Harry Potter's X-rated role

Hindustan Times 12/28/05 Harry Potter voted the Most 'Blogged' Person of 2005

Celebrity Spider 12/27/05 JK Rowling to Wrap Up Harry Potter in 2007

Zap2It 12/27/05 'Harry Potter' and the Highly Anticipated Finale

BBC 12/27/05 JK Rowling 'dreads' Potter finale

Scotsman 12/24/05 The Great Wall of Potter

Digital Spy 12/24/05 McFly blast 'Harry Potter' star Radcliffe

TVNZ 12/24/05 Potter magic helps accident-prone kids

Daily Mail 12/23/05 Fiennes returns to dark side in new Potter film

Entertainment 12/23/05 Potter magic helps accident-prone children: study

Independent 12/23/05 Harry Potter's £43m makes it top box office hit

ABC News 12/22/05 Harry Potter Keeps Kids Safe

BBC 12/22/05 Potter is 2005's biggest UK movie

Daily Record 12/22/05 Dream Park For Potter

BBC 12/22/05 Mirror rapped over Rowling photo

Newindpress 12/21/05 Harry Potter' wants a shot at direction

Jam! 12/20/05 Security guard pleads guilty to stealing latest Harry Potter novel

BBC 12/20/05 Potter book thief admits threats

Outlook India 12/18/05 Kids choose Harry Potter's author Rowling as Person of the Year

Daily News 12/17/05 Sense of center is missing in Harry Potter stories

Celebrity Spider 12/16/05 Daniel Radcliffe Set for Controversial Role in Shaffer Play

Washington Times 12/14/05 Virginia native brings Potter to life

Sofia News Agency 12/14/05 Bulgarian Kids Storm Bookstores for Harry Potter

Scotsman 12/12/05 Harry Potter and the first edition sale

Xinhua 12/11/05 Harry Potter's Fire Goblet overflows

Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier 12/11/05 In 'Goblet of Fire,' Harry wows again

Celebrity Spider 12/9/05 JK Rowling: "Children Must be Scared"

Celebrity Spider 12/9/05 JK Rowling to Treat Kids to a Handmade Christmas 

Post Gazette 12/9/05 Is Harry Potter really a massive conspiracy?

Digital Spy 12/9/05 Hagrid absent from 'Potter' 5?

Digital Spy 12/8/05 Julie Walters returns for 'Potter 5'

ABC.net.au 12/8/05 Is Harry Potter for kids?

GSU Signal 12/8/05 Harry Potter has never been hotter

Daily Record 12/7/05 Tip For the Chop 

WJLA 12/7/05 'Harry Potter' Coming to D.C.'s Biggest Screen

Celebrity Spider 12/6/05 Harry Potter Will Die

MSNBC 12/6/05 New Harry Potter game aims for mass appeal

Metro 12/6/05 'Goblet' tops $332 million at foreign box office

BBC 12/6/05 Potter film remains on top in UK

Daily Record 12/6/05 Harry Potted

Celebrity Spider 12/5/05 Emma Watson Worries About Possibility of Harry Potter Replacement

iAfrica.com 12/5/05 Potter casts a spell over SA

The Trades 12/4/05 Daniel Radcliffe: No Ordinary Wizard

Entertainment Weekly 12/4/05 Practical Magic

Sunday Mail 12/4/05 Strange Spell of 2 Hagrids

Digital Spy 12/3/05 'Potter' actress wants to keep role

Outer Banks Sentinel 12/3/05 `Goblet of Fire' -- best Harry so far

Celebrity Spider 12/2/05 JK Rowling to Change Name for New Book

Digital Spy 12/2/05 Harry Potter film likely to stay at top of box office

Harvard Post 12/2/05 Movie review: Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

News.com.au 12/2/05 Hot Potter

Herald Sun 12/1/05 Harry Potter fans fire up

News.com.au 12/1/05 Harry's darkest hour

Sydney Morning Herald 11/30/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

China View 11/29/05 Harry Potter's "Goblet" gains $8 mln in China

Celebrity Spider 11/28/05 Daniel Radcliffe: "I'm Not Elijah Wood"

BBC 11/28/05 Potter film tops $400m worldwide

USA Today 11/27/05 Bewitched adults keep Potter's 'Fire' blazing

SF Chronicle 11/27/05 Harry's 'Goblet' Nets $54.9M at Box Office

Coming Soon 11/27/05 Potter Goblets Up Thanksgiving

Fiji Times 11/27/05 Harry Potter sets box office ablaze

Herald Sun 11/27/05 Cinemas are relying on a magic spell

Chicago Tribune 11/26/05 For Potter movies, Kloves is sorceress' apprentice

Daily Record 11/26/05 JK's Gift Is Just Magic 

Asbury Park Press 11/26/05 'Potter' Star Says New Film Must Be Dark

Herald Sun 11/26/05 Harry's bit of menace

Cinema Spider 11/25/05 NASA Makes Magic: "Harry Potter Goes to Space"

Metro 11/24/05 'Harry Potter' starlet is a hit in China

BBC 11/24/05 Space screening for Potter movie

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Shatters IMAX Records

Stuff 11/23/05 Potter sets box office record

Nevada Beehive 11/22/05 New Harry Potter Movie Sure to Please

Guardian 11/22/05 Potter rules the world

Zap2It 11/22/05 'Harry Potter' Curses Previous IMAX Records

Celebrity Spider 11/21/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Hits Internet Before Theatres

Celebrity Spider 11/21/05 Daniel Radcliffe Begs JK Rowling: "No More Quidditch"

Celebrity Spider 11/21/05 Daniel Radcliffe Thrilled Harry Potter Kept Him Out of School
Celebrity Spider 11/21/05 Daniel Radcliffe is Britain's Wealthiest Teenager

BBC 11/21/05 'Record UK haul' for Potter film

Sky News 11/21/05 How Much Is Daniel Worth?

USA Today 11/21/05 'Goblet of Fire' keeps wizard tales hot

Hollywood Reporter 11/21/05 'Potter' enchants o'seas boxoffice

USA Today 11/21/05 'Harry Potter' fans are screaming with delight

NY Daily News 11/21/05 'Harry' flick soars

USA Today 11/21/05 'Potter' series casts a spell over entire genre

News.com.au 11/21/05 'Goblet' overflows

Hollywood Reporter 11/20/05 'Potter' conjures up $101.4 mil at boxoffice

Zap2It 11/20/05 'Goblet of Fire' Engulfs Box Office

Seattle PI 11/19/05 New director brings British take on school to latest 'Potter' movie

Coming Soon 11/19/05 Harry Potter Opens to $36.4 Million

Celebrity Spider 11/18/05 Mike Newell Directed Harry Potter Stars as Adults

Celebrity Spider 11/18/05 Harry Potter Movies Make Spectacles a Fashion Item

The Trades 11/18/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Chicago Sun-Times 11/18/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Roger Ebert review

Christian Science Monitor 11/18/05 'Goblet' is a sure-fire hit

CBS 11/18/05 Hermione's Bulgarian Bon Bon

Baltimore Sun 11/18/05 The goblet's half full

CBS 11/18/05 Fans Swarm Theaters To See Potter

Christian Science Monitor 11/18/05 Harry and the Potters rock by the book

Zap2It 11/18/05 'Potter' Actors Offer Suggestions to Rowling

Philly.com 11/18/05 Harry vs. puberty, Voldemort

Toledo Blade 11/18/05 Movie review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ****

CNN 11/18/05 Review: New 'Potter' tries to do too much

Knox News 11/18/05 So-so sorcery in Potter's 'Fire'

Daily Record 11/18/05 We're Freezing ..Anyone Got A Goblet Of Fire

Metro 11/18/05 Latest Potter unfurls in leaps, bounds

Seattle PI 11/18/05 From dragons to dances, Harry Potter is up to his wizard's hat in new terrors

Daily Mail 11/18/05 Dark warning over new Potter film

NBC13 11/18/05 Review: 'Goblet Of Fire' Rousing Firestorm Of Adventure

Jam! 11/18/05 Potter casts magical spell

BBC 11/18/05 Potter faces Narnia fantasy challenge

NBC13 11/18/05 Review: Measuring 'Goblet Of Fire' Up To Book

Jam! 11/18/05 New 'Harry Potter' movie the best yet

USA Today 11/18/05 Casting the evil eye

NY Times 11/18/05 The Young Wizard Puts Away Childish Things

Celebrity Spider 11/17/05 Mike Newell: My Harry Potter is the Best

Celebrity Spider 11/17/05 Harry Potter Star Jets Off to Australia

Chicago Tribune 11/17/05 Get ready for 'Goblet'

Coming Soon 11/17/05 Harry Potter and the Full-Blood Producer

Celebrity Spider 11/15/05 Ian Brown Credits Harry Potter For His Success

Zap2It 11/15/05 Newell Polishes Potter's 'Goblet'

Daily Record 11/15/05 There's More To Me Than Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 11/14/05 Emma Watson Slams Style Conscious Stars

CBS 11/14/05 More Wizard Hazards For Harry

Zap2It 11/14/05 'Goblet' Gang Doesn't Shy from PG-13 Rating

Daily Record 11/14/05 Exclusive: My Broad Accent Scot Me A Job As Harry Girl

Coming Soon 11/14/05 Potter Opens in Record 72 IMAX Theaters

USA Today 11/14/05 Potter fans give stars a shout-out

Coming Soon 11/14/05 Goblet of Fire Set Visit

Cinema Spider 11/13/05 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Premieres on ABC Saturday November 19th

Seattle Times 11/13/05 "Harry Potter": Growing up, Hogwarts and all

NY Post 11/13/05 What's New at Hogwarts

Chicago Sun Times 11/13/05 Harry Potter's so-called life

NY Daily News 11/13/05 'Goblet' brims with fear

Jam! 11/12/05 Potter's spellbound by girls

NY Daily News 11/12/05 Hogwarts heaven

Digital Spy 11/12/05 'Potter' actress Watson lives normal life

Celebrity Spider 11/11/05 Daniel Radcliffe: "Harry Potter is Stealing My Life"

IGN 11/11/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

MSNBC 11/10/05 Dragon steals the show at ‘Potter’ premiere

BBC 11/10/05 Polished Potter ups fright factor

BBC 11/10/05 New Potter stars on hitting big time

Hollywood Reporter 11/10/05 Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire

BBC 11/10/05 Mixed reviews for new Potter film

Stuff 11/10/05 Harry Potter's new foe - puberty

Celebrity Spider 11/9/05 Ralph Fiennes "I Hated First Two Potter Films"

Hecklerspray 11/9/05 Not Even Canadian Folk Singers Can Stop Harry Potter

Daily Mail 11/8/05 Is Scary Potter too frightening?

Herald Sun 11/8/05 Harry Potter darker, scarier and funnier

Celebrity Spider 11/7/05 Terry Gilliam Vows Never to Direct Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 11/7/05 Harry Potter Star Takes Scuba Diving Lessons

Daily Mail 11/7/05 Hermione outshines stars at Potter premiere

This Is London 11/7/05 Fans go wild for Harry

Sky News 11/7/05 Magical Potter Premiere

Ananova 11/7/05 Harry Potter mania hits London

Herald Sun 11/7/05 Harry Potter fans united

BBC 11/6/05 Potter premiere casts its spell

Telegraph 11/6/05 Harry Potter and the goblet of fear

BBC 11/6/05 In Pictures: Goblet of Fire world premiere

Denver Post 11/6/05 Harry Potter cast attends London premiere

BBC 11/6/05 Potter stars arrive for premiere

Digital Spy 11/6/05 'Potter' actress talks about screen kiss

Celebrity Spider 11/5/05 Daniel Radcliffe's Coming of Age Joy

Digital Spy 11/5/05 'Potter' actor unsure of bank balance

Coming Soon 11/4/05 Watch the Goblet of Fire Premiere Live

Globe and Mail 11/4/05 Judge dismisses Wyrd Potter case

Celebrity Spider 11/3/05 Katie Leung Auditioned for Harry Potter for Fun

Celebrity Spider 11/3/05 Daniel Radcliffe Denies Older Woman Rumors

BBC 11/3/05 Screenwriter back for Potter six

Entertainment Weekly 11/2/05 Things Are Getting Harry

This is London 11/1/05 Harry is ultimate fantasy hero

Celebrity Spider 10/31/05 Harry Potter Star Chooses Acting Over University

BBC 10/31/05 Harry Potter 'best fantasy hero'

Zap2It 10/31/05 When Harry Met Hermione

This is London 10/31/05 The girl who's cast a spell on Harry

Digital Spy 10/31/05 Harry Potter scriptwriter to return

The Herald 10/31/05 It’s the newest old pals’ act

Time 10/30/05 Growing Up Potter

Tribune-Review 10/30/05 Millions of 'Harry Potter' books go unsold

The Independent 10/30/05 Harry Potter and the half-baked print run: 2.5 million books unsold in the US

United Press International 10/30/05 Harry Potter book longer in French

Sunday Times 10/30/05 Composer waves his magic wand over Harry Potter

The Telegraph 10/29/05 A wave of the 'baguette magique' - and Harry Potter translates into a monstrous 720 pages

Star Ledger 10/29/05 WB reveals 'Potter' tricks in a timely treat for fans

Boston Globe 10/29/05 At rare book fair, Harry Potter is aside literary giants

Asbury Park Press 10/29/05 Radcliffe fights evil, adolescence in new "Potter" film

Celebrity Spider 10/28/05 Harry Potter Car Stolen

The Telegraph 10/28/05 I was so fearful of breaking the spell

BBC 10/28/05 Harry Potter's 'flying' car taken

Celebrity Spider 10/27/05 Respectful Daniel Radcliffe Calls Elders "Sir"

Celebrity Spider 10/27/05 Daniel Radcliffe Wants Harry Potter to Die

Sutton Borough Guardian 10/27/05 Fantasy film star flies in

Seattle PI 10/27/05 'Goblet of Fire' finds an assured Radcliffe growing into his role

Celebrity Spider 10/26/05 Emma Watson Desperate For Weasley Romance

Ananova 10/26/05 Daniel to quit as Harry Potter?

Guardian 10/26/05 Harry Potter faces dancing demons

Zap2It 10/26/05 Wyrd Sisters May Jeopardize Canadian 'Potter' Release

Stuff 10/26/05 Rockers to appear in Potter film

Jam! 10/26/05 Young 'Harry Potter' cast ready for more

Cinema Spider 10/25/05 Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire: Soundtrack Out November 15th

Celebrity Spider 10/25/05 Mike Newell Clashes With Producers Over Harry Potter Movie Financing

Yahoo 10/25/05 Harry Potter legal challenge next week could block film's release in Canada

CTV 10/25/05 Potter faces girls, Voldemort in 'Goblet of Fire'

BBC 10/25/05 Emma: Potter deserves 12A rating

Stuff 10/25/05 Parents, school help Harry Potter kids handle fame

Zap2It 10/25/05 Kloves Returns for Sixth 'Potter'

New Zealand Herald 10/25/05 UK rockers sip from Potter's 'Goblet'

The Mirror 10/25/05 Potter In 'Colossal' Cash Row

Daily Mail 10/25/05 Hormonal Harry looks forward to life after Hogwarts

TV NZ 10/25/05 Harry Potter stars deal with fame

Daily Record 10/25/05 Japanese Harry is a Cool £10K

Times Online 10/24/05 Potter and Cocker battle the online pirate muggles

Coming Soon 10/24/05 Listen to the Goblet of Fire Soundtrack

Metro 10/24/05 Money rows despite "colossal" Potter film budget

USA Today 10/24/05 A 'Goblet' of intense images

Metro 10/24/05 Parents, school help Harry Potter kids handle fame

Digital Spy 10/22/05 Cocker unhappy over 'Harry Potter' songs

Celebrity Spider 10/21/05 New Harry Potter Movie Too Scary For Young Children

Extra 10/20/05 'Extra' Exclusive: Harry Potter

BBC 10/20/05 Older rating for new Potter movie

Ananova 10/20/05 Staunton agrees to Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 10/18/05 Emma Watson Has No Time for Boyfriends

Xinhua 10/17/05 Chinese version of Harry Potter VI sells well

The Seoul Times 10/17/05 "Harry Potter" to Land in S. Korea Dec. 14

Glasgow Sunday Mail 10/16/05 Harry Potter And The Secret Crush

China Daily 10/15/05 Chinese version of Harry Potter goes on sale

Ninemsn 10/15/05 Harry Potter's mate visits Down Under

IGN 10/13/05 Brendan Gleeson talks Goblet of Fire.

Celebrity Spider 10/12/05 J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Wins Book of the Year Award

Edinburgh Evening News 10/12/05 Harry Potter printer having a tough spell

BBC 10/12/05 Rowling, Dylan honoured for books

Daily Record 10/12/05 Potter's Spell of Nudity

News Letter 10/11/05 Harry Potter Can Conjure Up Success For NI Firms

BBC 10/10/05 Guard admits Potter book thefts

Deutsche Welle 10/10/05 Desperate Harry Potter Fan Runs Amok

Boston Globe 10/9/05 In Witch City, college professors tackle Harry Potter

Boston Globe 10/6/05 When Harry met Salem

Teen Hollywood 10/6/05 Harry Grows Up

Metro 10/6/05 Author expelled after calling Harry Potter gay

Celebrity Spider 10/4/05 Harry Potter Band Row

Coming Soon 10/4/05 The Goblet of Fire One-Sheet Revealed

BBC 10/4/05 Global Potter sales top 300m mark

Coming Soon 10/4/05 New Goblet of Fire Picture

Celebrity Spider 10/3/05 Ralph Fiennes: "Harry Potter is Changing My Life"

CBBC 10/3/05 Authors on the spot: JK Rowling

Celebrity Spider 9/30/05 Robert Carlyle Hates Harry Potter

Chart Attack 9/30/05 Canadian Folk Group sues Jarvis Cocker, Members of Radiohead, Warner Brothers over Harry Potter Movie

CBBC 9/30/05 Exclusive: Search for Luna starts

Daily News Record 9/29/05 Why Should We Bother With Harry Potter?

Yale Daily News 9/27/05 'Harry Potter' editor comes to Silliman

Mt. Pleasant News 9/26/05 Autographed Harry Potter book being displayed in Hoillsboro

Herald Today 9/25/05 Imagining Harry

Thanh Nien Daily 9/25/05 Latest Harry Potter in Vietnamese sold out instantly

Coming Soon 9/22/05 More International Harry Potter 4 Posters

BBC 9/22/05 US Potter sales exceed 11 million

Teen Hollywood 9/21/05 Exclusive Photo from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

USA Today 9/21/05 New Harry Potter book sales hit 11 million

BBC 9/20/05 Harry Potter 'key to discipline'

Daily Breeze 9/20/05 Actor transforms 'Harry Potter' into great listening

Houston Chronicle 9/19/05 Ralph Fiennes puts fear into kids with latest Potter

Yahoo 9/19/05 Latest Harry Potter book to be published in Vietnamese

IGN 9/19/05 Exclusive: Potter PSP Preview

Ananova 9/19/05 Autograph ban for Harry Potter star

LA Daily News 9/18/05 A different kind of wizardry in fourth 'Harry Potter'

Digital Spy 9/17/05 Leung defends 'Potter' fans

Daily Record 9/16/05 Enter The Dragon ..Exit Harry Potter

Teen Hollywood 9/16/05 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Sneak Peek!

Scotland Today 9/16/05 Katie Leung Harry Potter Interview

Coming Soon 9/16/05 New International Harry Potter 4 Trailer!

BBC 9/16/05 Fine art inspires new Potter game

Celebrity Spider 9/15/05 Emma Watson: "Hermione is a Part of Me"

MTV 9/15/05 New 'Goblet Of Fire' Trailer Gives A Taste Of PG-13 'Potter'

USA Today 9/14/05 Potter's 'Fire' glows darkly

Reuters 9/13/05 Bloomsbury profit rises as Potter rewards wait

Daily Record 9/13/05 Potter's a Digital Wizard

Celebrity Spider 9/11/05 Harry Potter Star Faces Racial Hatred

Sunday Mail 9/11/05 I Just Never Expected Such Racist Hate But It Has Only Made Me Stronger

The Mirror 9/9/05 JK Warns Of Potter EBAY Con

Celebrity Spider 9/8/05 JK Rowling Fights Piracy With Harry Potter Downloads

Celebrity Spider 9/8/05 Harry Potter Digital Audiobooks Debut Exclusively on iTunes Music Store

Newsday 9/8/05 Potter wizards on the hunt

BBC 9/8/05 Potter books on sale as downloads

Celebrity Spider 9/7/05 JK Rowling Portrait Unveiled

Miami Herald 9/7/05 Potter novels available for downloads

Coming Soon 9/7/05 Harry Potter 4, Corpse Bride Pics & More

CJAD 9/7/05 Transcontinental to print French version of the 6th Harry Potter in Canada

BBC 9/7/05 Potter author unveils 3D portrait

The Sun 9/7/05 Eye can see you, Harry!

Times Online 9/7/05 Rowling unveils her fictional self

CBBC 9/6/05 Portrait of JK Rowling unveiled

Honolulu Advertiser 9/6/05 Pau with 'Potter'

Buffalo News 9/5/05 Harry Potter and the online pirates

Celebrity Spider 9/4/05 Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliff Considered for Teenage 007 Role

Plain Dealer 9/4/05 Latest 'Harry Potter' is best heard

icWales 9/4/05 Welsh magic for Harry

Hindustan Times 9/3/05 Ganesha helps Harry Potter cast magic spell

The Waltonian 9/2/05 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince sets the stage for book seven

Celebrity Spider 8/30/05 Terry Gilliam Still Upset About Harry Potter Snub

The Standard 8/29/05 Retailer sees magic in Harry Potter deal

Lihue Garden Island 8/28/05 Harry Potter Author's Kaua'i Ties

The Observer 8/26/05 Harry Potter In College

The Sun 8/26/05 Manson's Potter swipe

The Observer 8/26/05 "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Book Review

Celebrity Spider 8/25/05 Voldemort Sketches Sold Fiennes on Harry Potter Role

Celebrity Spider 8/24/05 Harry Potter Thief Pleads Guilty to Threatening Reporter

Coming Soon 8/22/05 International Goblet of Fire Trailer

Missourian 8/22/05 Harry Potter popular target

Post-Dispatch 8/18/05 U. City library wins autographed Harry Potter book

CNN 8/18/05 Harry Potter puts hex on Barnes & Noble

Democrat and Chronicle 8/18/05 Professor does academic duty: To fully analyze Harry Potter

Ann Arbor News 8/17/05 Harry's magic rallies Borders only so far- U.S. sales of 'Half Blood Prince' can't offset drop in U.K.

WGAL 8/17/05 Bible School To Use Harry Potter Theme

Guardian 8/16/05 James Bond and Harry Potter film studios to expand

MSNBC 8/16/05 Harry Potter and the genetics lesson

South Bend Tribune 8/16/05 Magic in voice of 'Harry Potter' narrator

Webindia123 8/16/05 Harry Potter can make zoos interesting for kids

Digital Spy 8/15/05 'Potter' actor is "rubbish" with girls

Chicago Tribune 8/15/05 Narrator a sound investment for the `Harry Potter' series

Celebrity Spider 8/14/05 Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Hates Attracting Attention

CantonRep.com 8/14/05 Science class incorporates Harry Potter

Sunday Mail 8/14/05 JK Finds Secret Scots Family

VietNam News 8/14/05 Savvy VN publisher buys Potter rights

Celebrity Spider 8/13/05 Harry Potter Struggles to Impress Girls

Philly.com 8/12/05 Harry Potter and the online book pirates

Coming Soon 8/12/05 New Goblet of Fire Footage Online!

Daily Record 8/11/05 JK Rowling And The Half-Prince Chicken

ic Wales 8/11/05 Harry Potter memorabilia goes on show

Chicago Tribune 8/11/05 At 19 hours, new `Harry Potter' recording is worth every cent

BBC 8/11/05 Harry Potter boosts UK box office

Canton Repository 8/11/05 Some parents value Christian theme in ‘Harry Potter’ books

Celebrity Spider 8/10/05 Ralph Fiennes Plays Lord Voldemort for Family

Celebrity Spider 8/10/05 Ralph Fiennes Speaks of His Dislike for the First Two Potter Films

The Guardian 8/10/05 Harry Potter author hits back

Reuters 8/10/05 Harry Potter bewitches Guantanamo Bay prisoners

The Mirror 8/10/05 El Potter Site Axed

News24 8/9/05 Harry Potter 'illegally zapped'

Daily Record 8/9/05 Prisoners Love Potter

Manchester Online 8/9/05 Potter magic for St Ives

Coming Soon 8/8/05 Ralph Fiennes on Lord Voldemort

News.com.au 8/8/05 To err is muggle

BBC 8/5/05 Rowling shortlisted for US award

Evanston Review 8/4/05 Harry Potter narrator brings characters to life

Hindustan Times 8/4/05 India's blind await Harry Potter magic

Canada Free Press 8/4/05 Harry Potter and the Rise of the Book

Jam! 8/4/05 J.K. Rowling, Bob Dylan in Quills list

Hello 8/3/05 The girl who cast a spell on Harry Potter

San Francisco Chronicle 8/3/05 If you're an obsessed Harry Potter fan, Voldemort isn't the problem. It's Hermione versus Ginny

BBC 8/3/05 French snap up latest Potter book

Jam! 8/2/05 New Delhi cops bust Potter piracy ring

Celebrity Spider 8/1/05 Harry Potter Pirates Hit China

Celebrity Spider 8/1/05 JK Rowling More Powerful Than the Queen

Celebrity Spider 8/1/05 Terry Pratchett Attacks JK Rowling for Marginalizing Other Writers

BBC 8/1/05 Pirate Chinese Potter books sold

Washington Post 7/31/05 Chinese Pirates Work Magic on Potter Book

BBC 7/31/05 Pratchett anger at Rowling's rise

The Trades 7/30/05 "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Book Review

BBC 7/30/05 Academics hold Harry Potter talks

Oklahoma Daily 7/29/05 Bookstores and Broomsticks

Deccan Herald 7/29/05 He who stands alone

LA Times 7/28/05 He knows the magic words

The Ledger 7/28/05 Adults Agree Newest Potter Enjoyable Read

Malay Mail 7/28/05 Pirated copies of Potter book seized

Detroit News 7/28/05 It's a Harry Potter summer -- but not in Spanish, French, German ...

Manchester Online 7/27/05 New Potter book conjures up records

Hindustan Times 7/27/05 Harry Potter turned Rowling into a wine and nicotine addict!

Newswatch 50 7/27/05 Potter Makes Reading Cool Again

NorthJersey.com 7/26/05 No Potter Books Available in Spanish Yet

Stuff 7/26/05 Pirated Potter book sells briskly

Scotsman 7/25/05 Harry Potter hit by pirates

Coming Soon 7/25/05 The New Blood From Goblet of Fire

Des Moines Register 7/25/05 Iowa library gets autographed Harry Potter book

Moscow Times 7/25/05 New Harry Potter Book Hits RuNet

NY Daily News 7/24/05 Harry too scary? Nah

Newsday 7/24/05 Have you read 'Harry Potter' yet?

Honolulu Advertiser 7/24/05 Harry Potter creator anticipates series' end

Sunday Times 7/24/05 Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince by J K Rowling

Deccan Herald 7/24/05 Potter mania could negatively affect kids: psychiatrists

The Star 7/24/05 Harry Potter and the half-baked plot

Ireland Online 7/23/05 Pranksters reveal Harry Potter ending to motorists

San Francisco Chronicle 7/23/05 Latest adventure reawakens teen's buried love for Harry Potter and his pals

Herald Sun 7/23/05 Wild about Harry

Times Picayune 7/23/05 Harry Potter and the Cauldron of Race

The State 7/23/05 Even Harry Potter can’t make speeding fire disappear

Celebrity Spider 7/22/05 Chinese Authorities Investigates Harry Potter Cyber Rip Off

Newsday 7/22/05 Have you read 'Harry Potter' yet?

Hollywood Reporter 7/22/05 Pirates quick to scan new Potter book online

BBC 7/21/05 Potter ending revealed to drivers

Metro 7/21/05 New Potter book posted on Chinese Web site

USA Today 7/21/05 'Half-Blood Prince' is a full-on smash

BBC 7/21/05 Potter agent sends piracy warning

Coming Soon 7/20/05 Official Goblet of Fire Site Launched

BBC 7/20/05 Half-Blood Prince Webchat With Chris Rankin

BBC 7/20/05 Three reviews: The Half-Blood Prince

Jam! 7/19/05 Readers respond to new Harry Potter book

BBC 7/19/05 Pirated Harry Potters hit Mumbai

USA Today 7/19/05 'Harry Potter' fans mourn character's death

Hollywood Reporter 7/19/05 No royalties for Potter's 'Prince'

Celebrity Spider 7/18/05 JK Rowling Dreads Final Potter Book

Hindustan Times 7/18/05 Rowling fears what she'll do after Harry Potter

Zap2It 7/18/05 Potter Gets Hotter: 'Prince' Smashes Records

New Zealand Herald 7/18/05 Review - J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

USA Today 7/18/05 'Harry' does some serious growing up

NY Times 7/18/05 Harry Potter Book Sets Record in First Day

Newsday 7/18/05 Harry Potter sales soar to record

BBC 7/18/05 Potter book smashes sales records

NY Daily News 7/18/05 Harry's $100M magic

Celebrity Spider 7/17/05 J.K. Rowling Makes $36 Million In A Day

USA Today 7/17/05 Potter-mania sweeps USA's booksellers

BBC 7/17/05 Critics split on new Harry Potter

NY Daily News 7/17/05 It's flying off the shelves

BBC 7/5/05 Farmer 'lifted in air' by tornado

KSDK 7/5/05 Likely Tornado Hits Belleville

WLTX 7/4/05 Tornado Opens Eyes in Newberry County

Sunday Mirror 7/17/05 New Potter Book Breaks All Records

NY Daily News 7/17/05 Welcome back, Potter

Newsday 7/16/05 'Harry' magical once again

CBS 7/16/05 Harry Potter Flies Off Shelves

Detroit News 7/16/05 Be brave, dear reader: new Potter book demands mettle

Jam! 7/16/05 'Harry Potter' mania sweeps the world

Daily Record 7/16/05 £40m In One Day

NY Daily News 7/16/05 Spellbound fans

BBC 7/16/05 Harry Potter review blog

Jam! 7/16/05 Rowling read to fans at castle

NY Daily News 7/16/05 The boy wizard grows up

Daily Mail 7/16/05 Plenty of surprises in store for Potter fans

BBC 7/16/05 Potter magic at Edinburgh Castle

NY Daily News 7/16/05 Potter's got magic word - marketing

BBC 7/16/05 In pictures: Wait over for Potter


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