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News Articles about Harry Potter


Celebrity Spider 6/30/07 Daniel Radcliffe Signs on for Final Two Harry Potter Films

Celebrity Spider 6/30/07 Harry Potter Film Premieres in Japan

Daily Mail 6/30/07 Can Harry foil post strike? Wizard idea by Royal Mail to save JK Rowling book launch

NY Post 6/30/07 Potter Reaches Cult Phenomenon Status

Daily Mail 6/30/07 Review: Harry and the Phoenix that's sure to fly high

Newsday 6/30/07 Rowling offers hints about final Harry Potter book

Advertiser Adelaide 6/30/07 'End of an era' for Potter stars

Newsday 6/30/07 A crash course in everything Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 JK Rowling Fights to Save Elf

Hello! 6/29/07 'Potter' star Daniel casts a spell over his Tokyo fans

Daily Mail 6/29/07 Daniel Radcliffe: The $50 million film star

NY Post 6/29/07 Not So Wild About Harry

Daily Mail 6/29/07 Being in Harry Potter's gang isn't child's play any more

CBS 6/29/07 Does Harry Potter Have Migraines?

Daily Mail 6/29/07 Harry casts his spell again - critics praise darkest Potter film yet

Herald Sun 6/29/07 Harry Potter worm infects PCs

Digital Spy 6/29/07 Radcliffe gets $50m for two 'Potters'?

Celebrity Spider 6/28/07 Katie Leung Praises Daniel Radcliffe Kissing

Chicago Sun-Times 6/28/07 Demand for 'Potter' book on the rise

Star Ledger 6/28/07 When Harry met Tony: A Potter-'Sopranos' mashup

Digital Spy 6/28/07 Radcliffe regrets 'Potter' death wish

MTV 6/28/07 'Harry Potter' Roundtable: Experts Battle Over Theories On How Series Will End

Digital Spy 6/28/07 'Potter' actress tops female icon poll

Media Guardian 6/28/07 World waits for Harry Potter's last adventure

BBC 6/28/07 Potter star greets Japanese fans

Detroit News 6/28/07 `Harry Potter' movie premieres in Japan

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Daniel Radcliffe: Nakedness Prepared Me for Kiss

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Daniel Radcliffe: "I Will be Sensible With My Cash"

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Harry Potter Star Related to Witches

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Harry Potter Stars Vow to Keep Bad Behavior Under Wraps

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Daniel Radcliffe Loves Newfound Female Attention

IGN 6/26/07 Interview with Daniel Radcliffe- Harry Potter talks about his new adventures, from the set in London

IGN 6/26/07 Interview with David Barron- The Producer of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

IGN 6/26/07 Interview with Matthew Lewis- Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom

IGN 6/26/07 Interview with Emma Watson- Harry Potter's Hermione Granger

BBC 6/26/07 Potter stars look to the future

NY Times 6/26/07 Defenders of Secrets, Unite

BBC 6/26/07 Harry Potter book sold for £9,000

Celebrity Spider 6/25/07 Rupert Grint Plans to Sell Ice Cream

Celebrity Spider 6/25/07 Daniel Radcliffe Hates Growing Up on Screen

MTV 6/25/07 'Harry Potter' Casting Call Could Help Ron Weasley Find Perfect Shade Of Lavender

Daily Mail 6/25/07 Harry Potter stars line up for fifth feature

Daily Record 6/25/07 Barbed Wire, Guard Dogs and Security Cameras.. Welcome to Fort Potter

The Telegraph 6/25/07 Harry Potter's secrets revealed on the internet

Buffalo News 6/24/07 Welcome Back, Potter 

Metro 6/24/07 Shops face Harry potter price war

The Age 6/24/07 On the radar - Harry Chic

Celebrity Spider 6/23/07 JK Rowling Leaks Harry Potter Ending to Husband

Celebrity Spider 6/23/07 Hacker Posts Harry Potter Spoiler

Celebrity Spider 6/23/07 Katie Leung Denies Emma Watson Rivalry

NY Times 6/23/07 Is This the End of Harry, on the Web?

Irish Examiner 6/23/07 'Kids don't get into trouble in Potter movie': Leung

Celebrity Spider 6/22/07 Katie Leung Refused to Practice for Harry Potter Kiss

Business Week 6/22/07 The Twisted Economics Of Harry Potter

E!Online 6/22/07 Potter Sneak Peek: A Look Under the Li'l Wizard's Hat

Newsday 6/22/07 Harry Potter and the hokey hacker

BBC 6/22/07 Film opportunity for Potter fans

Chicago Sun-Times 6/22/07 Gamezone: Game of the week

Sky News 6/22/07 Dan's Stubble Drama

Celebrity Spider 6/21/07 JK Rowling and Publisher Accused of "Eating" Harry Potter Profits

Celebrity Spider 6/21/07 Film Crew Gathered Round to See Daniel Radcliffe's First Kiss

BBC 6/21/07 Harry Potter book sold for £7,200

USA Today 6/21/07 Harry Potter fans enjoy a magical summer

BBC 6/21/07 Hacker claims Potter book spoiler

Sun Sentinel 6/20/07 Universal keeping new Harry Potter theme park plans a guarded secret

The Register 6/20/07 Harry Potter transcript claim doesn't convince

Telegraph 6/20/07 Harry Potter 'hacker' posts plot on internet

News.com.au 6/20/07 What's in store for Harry Potter?

MTV 6/20/07 Harry Potter Video Game Creators Get J.K. Rowling's Stamp Of Approval

BBC 6/20/07 Rare Potter novel to fetch £15k

Japan Today 6/20/07 Security tight as Japan fans get first look at new 'Harry Potter' movie

News.com.au 6/19/07 Potter fans board France's Hogwarts Express

BBC 6/19/07 Dumbledore's Army talk Harry Potter

Times of India 6/18/07 Harry Potter and His Crazy Fans

This is Basingstoke 6/18/07 Interviews with Bonnie Wright, Evanna Lynch & Matthew Lewis

NY Times 6/17/07 Potter Fans Are on Board, Eagerly Awaiting the Finale

Scotsman 6/16/07 When Harry met Cho

Celebrity Spider 6/16/07 Emma Watson Confirms Her Role in Another Harry Potter Movie

Celebrity Spider 6/15/07 Harry Potter Land an "M" Rating Down Under

Celebrity Spider 6/15/07 Emma Watson Plays Down Stalker Reports

ABC 6/15/07 Amazon Won't Profit From 'Harry Potter'

Washington Post 6/14/07 Harry Potter casts spell on location vacations

LA Times 6/14/07 Rowling coming to U.S. in October for 'Harry Potter' tour

MTV 6/13/07 Harry Potter Fans Battle Over Theories At School-Sanctioned Sleepover

Access Hollywood 6/13/07 JK Rowling To Discuss 'Potter' On 'The Today Show'

The Times 6/13/07 Potter game tailored for Macs

The Examiner 6/11/07 Harry Potter fans speculate on final chapter

Newsweek 6/11/07 Movies: 'Harry's' Guiding Hand

The Scotsman 6/11/07 The trouble with Harry

Washington Post  6/11/07 Harry Potter magic spells losses for booksellers

Daily Mail 6/10/07 Harry Potter's Hermione turns to modelling

The Record Searchlight 6/10/07 Potter books turn magic for woodworker

Daily Record 6/9/07 Spells Fear Miss Bans Potter Book 

Hernando Today 6/9/07 End of the line for Harry

The Trades 6/8/07 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Pioneer Press 6/8/07 Harry Potter illustrator says goodbye

BBC 6/8/07 Secrets of Harry Potter revealed

Detroit Free Press 6/8/07 Could new Harry Potter artwork offer clues to finale?

The Guardian 6/8/07 Teaching assistant quit in protest at Harry Potter

Newsday 6/8/07 Harry Potter and the deluxe edition

TVNZ 6/7/07 'Will Harry Potter die?' bets stopped

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 First Edition Harry Potter Book Going Up for Auction

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 Emma Watson Bemused by Attention Seeking Celebrities

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 Daniel Radcliffe's Women Nerves

CBS 6/6/07 Harry Potter & The Continuous Exploitation

MTV 6/6/07 Harry Potter Fandom Reaches Magical New Level Thanks To Wizard-Rock Bands

Metro 6/5/07 Harry Potter first edition up for grabs

Bloomberg 6/4/07 Harry Potter Fans Await Hero's Fate as Bookies Bet He's Doomed

Daily Mail 6/3/07 Madeleine's face to appear on bookmarks in latest Harry Potter novel

New Zealand Herald 6/3/07 Potter could be New Zealand-bound

Chicago Sun-Times 6/3/07 Doing Harry proud

New Zealand Herald 6/3/07 Taking the guesswork out of the final episode

NY Post 6/2/07 Potter, Pots & Pans

ABC News 6/2/07 Photos: Sneak Peek at Harry Potter Park 

Union Tribune 6/2/07 Web pair wild about 'Harry'

Celebrity Spider 5/31/07 Harry Potter Theme Park to Open

E! Online 5/31/07 Potter Theme Park Goes Universal

BBC 5/31/07 Harry Potter theme park planned

IGN 5/30/07 Phoenix Flies Forward

USA Today 5/30/07 Book industry will miss 'Potter'

IGN 5/29/07 The Wrath of Harry Potter

Coming Soon 5/29/07 Harry Potter 5 Moved Up Two Days

The Daily 5/29/07 Harry Potter Goes to College

FOX News 5/29/07 Judge Turns Down Request to Have Harry Potter Books Removed From Georgia School District's Libraries

AJC 5/29/07 Next installment of mom vs. Potter set for Gwinnett court

Scoop.co.nz 5/28/07 Final Harry Potter Installment Means Business

The Mirror 5/26/07 Potter in the Dark 

Desert Sun 5/26/07 Everybody's waiting for Harry this summer

Coming Soon 5/26/07 Harry Potter 6 to Film in Scotland?

Courier Mail 5/26/07 Will Harry Potter die?

New Zealand Herald 5/25/07 Final chapter of Harry Potter

The Sentinel-News 5/25/07 Harry Potter inspires reading, recreation

Stuff 5/25/07 Rowling to read Potter at midnight

Ananova 5/23/07 Potter premiere set for Tokyo

Charlotte Observer 5/23/07 Scholastic's Harry Potter sweepstakes

BBC 5/23/07 Rowling plans Potter night party

Coming Soon 5/22/07 6 Harry Potter 5 TV Spots

TVNZ 5/22/07 Harry Potter turning Japanese

MTV 5/21/07 Harry Potter Conference Hits New Orleans: Quidditch, Tribute Bands And 'Snape Is Sexy!'

Glasgow Daily Record 5/21/07 Potter Set for Mail's Stamp of Approval

The Age 5/20/07 Book sellers aren't that wild about Harry

The Telegraph 5/19/07 Rowling's magic conjures prize for best book

Celebrity Spider 5/18/07 Helena Bonham-Carter Shocked by Filming on Harry Potter Movie

AJC 5/17/07 'Burbs of Atlanta lead list to scare up last Potter book

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 JK Rowling Brands Book Spoilers "Sad Individuals"

IGN 5/15/07 On Set With Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 5/14/07 JK Rowling to Pen Eighth Harry Potter Book

Buddy TV 5/10/07 What Are They Up To? The O.C.'s Benjamin McKenzie

The Standard 4/14/07 Harry Potter and the budget price

BBC 5/14/07 Beware 'spoilers', warns Rowling

The Independent 5/14/07 Final Harry Potter novel spawns glut of spin-offs

The Telegraph 5/13/07 Pottermania goes potty

Digital Spy 5/13/07 'Potter' star turns down teen movies

Market Watch 5/12/07 In final Harry Potter launch, a tinge of sales magic

Beacon News 5/12/07 Excitement grows for final Harry Potter book

The Telegraph 5/12/07 A new chapter for Harry Potter and JK

MTV 5/11/07 'Harry Potter' In Rob Zombie's Hands? 'Very Violent With A Lot Of Nudity'

Oxford Mail 5/11/07 Town goes potty over Harry

Norfolk Eastern Daily Press 5/11/07 Chris plays it by book

Celebrity Spider 5/9/07 Movie Bosses Apologize for Emma Watson's New Look in Harry Potter Promo

Mercury News 5/9/07 `Order of the Phoenix': Harry Potter starts to grow up

Yahoo! News 5/8/07 Southern English town most Harry Potter-crazy in Britain

CNN 5/8/07 Latest Harry Potter conjures 1M advance orders

Scotsman 5/8/07 Harry Potter makes it magic time for tourism

Daily Mail 5/8/07 Harry Potter fans fooled by net fake

Courier Post 5/7/07 'Potter' mysteries and more

Stamford Advocate 5/7/07 Blog offers insights for Harry Potter readers

LA Times 5/6/07 Serious magic

NY Post 5/6/07 'Potter' Racks Up Interest

Star Telegram 5/6/07 Harry Potter books disappear

Daily Mail 5/5/07 Harry Potter and the mystery of Hermione's curves

Celebrity Spider 5/4/07 David Yates to Direct Another Harry Potter Movie

Digital Spy 5/4/07 'Potter' game gesture-based spells revealed

Newsday 5/4/07 'Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix'

The Guardian 5/4/07 The trouble with Harry: he's too cheap

Pioneer Press 5/4/07 An A+ writer long before Potter

Coming Soon 5/4/07 Harry Potter 5 Character Banners

USA Today 5/3/07 After final 'Harry Potter' book, can anyone fill the void?

Christian Science Monitor 5/2/07 Harry Potter and the magic of reading

Burlington Free Press 5/2/07 Vt. paper mill wins Harry Potter contract

The Current 4/30/07 Don't make Harry Potter the scapegoat for abnormal behavior this summer

Shreveport Times 4/30/07 Fans debate Potter's fate in final book

Naperville Sun 4/29/07 Muggles, get ready for Potter's final spell

Now Magazine 4/29/07 Daniel Radcliffe has £17million fortune

Daily Bulletin 4/28/07 Emma Watson expects to graduate from Hogwarts

Coming Soon 4/27/07 Behind-the-Scenes of Harry Potter 5

IGN 4/26/07 Interview: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Herald Sun 4/26/07 Teaser hints at darkest Potter

Daily Mail 4/25/07 Harry's Order of the Phoenix set to be darkest Potter film yet

Star Ledger 4/22/07 Harry Potter's Disappearing Act  

Coming Soon 4/22/07 The International Harry Potter 5 Trailer!

UK Express 4/22/07 Helena Casts Her Spell Over Harry

Celebrity Spider 4/21/07 Daniel Radcliffe Play Closing

Hollywood Reporter 4/20/07 Imax waves 3-D wand over 'Potter'

Springfield News Leader 4/18/07 Spell of anticipation cast on Harry Potter fans

Celebrity Spider 4/17/07 Harry Potter: The Ride?

Herald Sun 4/17/07 Harry Potter our favourite read

NZ Herald 4/17/07 Harry Potter's world to become a reality?

NY Post 4/16/07 Potter Fan Sites Likely to Stay Around

Charlotte Observer 4/15/07 Harry Potter mania ahead

Union Tribune 4/15/07 Library conjures up Harry Potter bus stop

Daily Record 4/14/07 Potter's A Best Speller 

NY Times 4/14/07 Fan Sites Look Back at Rise of Potter

Associated Content 4/14/07 Universal Studios Plans a Harry Potter Theme Park

Celebrity Spider 4/12/07 Harry Potter Movie Shortened to Avoid Grindhouse Failure

Daily Mail 4/12/07 Shouldn't that be 'Harry Spotter' Daniel?

Scotsman 4/12/07 "Harry Potter" breaks record

Gwinnett Daily Post 4/11/07 Harry Potter appeal hearing set for May

USA Today 4/11/07 As end nears for Potter books, fan sites remember their own rise

Daily Telegraph 4/10/07 Magic is in Harry Potter's blood

Celebrity Spider 4/9/07 Imelda Staunton Shocked to be Offered Ugly Harry Potter Role

Daily Mail 4/8/07 Scientists get £1m grant to invent 'Harry Potter' invisibility cloak

The Star 4/8/07 Harry Potter and the ticking clock

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/8/07 Staunton: 'Potter' Role Is No Joke

TVNZ 4/6/07 Harry Potter train vandals arrested

Courier Mail 4/6/07 Harry Potter train attack

USA Today 4/5/07 Want a peek at 'Potter'? Good luck

BBC 4/3/07 Tough times at Harry Potter firm

Scotsman 4/2/07 Harry casts a spell on students

Sunday Herald 4/1/07 Bloomsbury has poor spell without Potter

Daily Record 3/31/07 A Grilling For Harry 

Daily Mail 3/30/07 The girls putting the magic into the new Harry Potter film

Entertainment Weekly 3/30/07 'Phoenix' Rising

Herald Sun 3/30/07 Harry Potter's cover stories

Coming Soon 3/29/07 New Harry Potter 5 Photos

Globe and Mail 3/29/07 Potter covers give nothing away

Daily Mail 3/28/07 Final Harry Potter book covers unveiled

BBC 3/28/07 Final Potter book jacket unveiled

MTV 3/28/07 'Harry Potter' Book Covers Confirm 'Deathly' Battle With Voldemort

Zap2It 3/26/07 Confirmed: 'Harry Potter' Pals Return

Hollywood Reporter 3/26/07 'Potter' stars set for more wizardry

USA Today 3/26/07 Audiobook of final Harry Potter out this summer

Sunday Mirror 3/25/07 Harry Potter Ron And Doherty's Druggie Ex 

Celebrity Spider 3/24/07 Warner Brother's Bosses Confirm Emma Watson Won't Quit Harry Potter

Aiken Standard 3/24/07 Muggles learn about the science behind the 'Harry Potter' series

BBC 3/24/07 Potter stars to stay with movies

Celebrity Spider 3/23/07 Hogwarts Express Vandalized by Youths

The-Trades.com 3/23/07 Friends to the End: Radcliffe, Grint and Watson Commit to Harry Potter Roles Through All Seven Films

Coming Soon 3/23/07 Radcliffe, Grint & Watson Back for Harry Potter 6 & 7

BBC 3/23/07 Potter train attacked by vandals

Times Herald Record 3/22/07 J.K. Rowling's last word on Harry Potter: scar

Deutsche Welle 3/22/07 School Shelves Harry Potter After Parent Complaint

Celebrity Spider 3/21/07 Harry Potter Book "Greenest Ever"

Celebrity Spider 3/20/07 Warner Brothers Play Down Emma Watson Quitting Reports

BBC 3/19/07 Watson 'will finish' Potter films

Celebrity Spider 3/19/07 Emma Watson Turns Down Contract for Final Two Harry Potter Films

Celebrity Spider 3/18/07 Harry Potter Star Emma Watson "Stalker" Questioned by Police

NY Post 3/18/07 Harry's Gal Casts Her Last Spell

BBC 3/15/07 Record print run for final Potter

Celebrity Spider 3/14/07 Harry Potter Gets Stamp of Approval in France

USA Today 3/14/07 Harry Potter and the massive print run

BBC 3/14/07 French issue Harry Potter stamps

USA Today 3/13/07 France puts Harry Potter on stamps

Daily Union 3/13/07 Harry Potter covers depend on recycling

BBC 3/12/07 Harry Potter book 'often unread'

Glasgow Daily Record 3/12/07 We're in no hurry to read Harry

The Telegraph 3/10/07 JK Rowling conjures up $1 billion fortune

Variety 3/9/07 France to get Harry Potter stamp

Chicago Tribune 3/9/07 `It's liquid luck,' said Hermione excitedly. `It makes you lucky!'

Globe and Mail 3/8/07 Rock me, Harry Potter

Ananova 3/7/07 Radcliffe reveals Harry Potter secrets

Sky News 3/6/07 Is Dan Still Harry Potter?

NY Post 3/6/07 More Harry Potter Fodder 

Ananova 3/6/07 Radcliffe reveals Harry Potter secrets

Daily Record 3/5/07 JK: Bring Potter Pirates to Book

MegaStar 3/5/07 Potter gets bashful

Stuff 3/5/07 Potter puts model trains back on track

Celebrity Spider 3/4/07 Daniel Radcliffe Scared to Reveal All to Harry Potter Cast

Celebrity Spider 3/3/07 Daniel Radcliffe Signs on for Final Two Harry Potter Films

BBC 3/2/07 Potter star signs for final films

Celebrity Spider 3/1/07 Stephen Fry: "Daniel Radcliffe's Performance is More Than Nudity"

San Antonio Express News 3/2/07 The end of Harry Potter has begun

This is London 3/1/07 Harry Potter and the curse of the screaming groupies

NY Times 2/28/07 Harry Potter Passes a Test

Celebrity Spider 2/27/07 Harry Potter Mania Forces Richard Griffiths Out Theatre Window

Celebrity Spider 2/27/07 JK Rowling Sues eBay

Daily Mail 2/27/07 Stars exit by window to escape Potter mob

Celebrity Spider 2/26/07 Daniel Radcliffe Criticized for Smoking on Stage

Celebrity Spider 2/26/07 Harry Potter's Dumbledore to Become Father at 66

The Sun 2/26/07 Potter star in perv rant

Sunday Business Post 2/25/07 Harry Potter scenes set to be shot in Ireland

Wausau Daily Herald 2/25/07 Hype builds for Potter finale

Sunday Mirror 2/25/07 Mumbledore - Gambon To Be Dad At 66 

ic Newcastle.co.uk 2/25/07 Potter tops poll

Daily Mail 2/24/07 A baby wizard on the way for Dumbledore and his lover

Daily Mail 2/23/07 Harry Puffer draws fire for smoking

Manchester Online 2/23/07 It's horse play for Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 2/22/07 Daniel Radcliffe's Co-Star Defends Nude Scene

The Harvard Independent 2/22/07 Harry Potter and My Deathly Hollowness

ABC News 2/22/07 Harry Potter Fans Meet Hebrew Translator
Daily Mail 2/22/07 Baby-faced Daniel shows signs of a beard

Canada.com 2/22/07 Pre-orders of Harry Potter book tops Amazon.ca's fiction list

The Pace Press 2/21/07 The Scar That Launched Thousands of Dollars in Deals

Scotsman 2/21/07 'Harry Potter' rail-line passengers will enjoy a magical £3m revamp

Celebrity Spider 2/19/07 Daniel Radcliffe Wants Harry Potter to Die

Stuff 2/19/07 It's Harry, Hogwarts and all

NY Post 2/18/07 A Very Harry Ending 

Digital Spy 2/18/07 Warner Bros "fully support" Radcliffe

NY Daily News 2/18/07 Here's the full Harry

NY Post 2/18/07 Our Pal Who Has Met J.K.

Daily Mail 2/17/07 Please kill me off, begs Harry Potter star

New Paltz Oracle 2/15/07 Harry Potter Gets Way Hotter

New Paltz Oracle 2/15/07 I Tried, but There’s no Resisting the Magic of Harry Potter

The Herald 2/15/07 Leaving Harry behind for good

Celebrity Spider 2/13/07 Daniel Radcliffe Stunned by Female Fans at Age 11

NY Times 2/13/07 Die, Harry Potter, Die

Celebrity Spider 2/12/07 Daniel Radcliffe: "Female Attention is Wonderful"

Guardian 2/12/07 Harry Potter and the Never-Ending Torrent of Publicity

NY Times 2/11/07 ‘Mugglenet.com’s What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7’

Rocky Mountain News 2/9/07 Help line is on the way for Harry fans

BBC 2/9/07 Potter book tops borrowing list

Celebrity Spider 2/8/07 JK Rowling's Mixed Emotions on Final Harry Potter Book

Entertainmentwise 2/8/07 JK Rowling “Heartbroken” Over Harry Potter Ending

USA Today 2/6/07 Rowling reacts to Potter's end

Daily Mail 2/6/07 Online readers go Potty for new Harry Potter

Life Style Extra 2/5/07 Watson's raunchy role

Celebrity Spider 2/5/07 Daniel Radcliffe Defends Naked Stage Role

USA Today 2/5/07 Rowling: No e-book for Harry Potter VII

Chicago Sun Times 2/4/07 More cash for J.K. Rowling? $65 Harry Potter 7 planned

MSNBC 2/4/07 Once again, no plans for Harry Potter e-book

Mercury News 2/3/07 Harry Potter deluxe edition tops charts

Celebrity Spider 2/2/07 JK Rowling Marks Final Harry Potter Moment

NY Daily News 2/2/07 Harry's final episode means wicked hot July

NY Times 2/2/07 Harry Potter’s Final Act Is Set for July 21

The Book Standard 2/2/07 Harry Potter Release Announcement Keeps on Giving

Zap2It 2/1/07 'Harry Potter' Finale Set For July Release

BBC 2/1/07 Rowling unveils last Potter date

Detroit Free Press 2/1/07 Final Harry Potter book on shelves July 21

CBS 2/1/07 Final Harry Potter Book Due Out In July

NY Post 1/31/07 Wizard of Ahhhs

Celebrity Spider 1/30/07 Raunchy Daniel Radcliffe Pictures Upset Parents

Extra 1/30/07 Harry Potter Gets Hot

Daily Mail 1/30/07 What will Hermione say, Harry?

MegaStar 1/30/07 Harry bares his magic bits

Glasgow Daily Record 1/30/07 Hairy Potter

AJC 1/28/07 Harry Potter Case – Myth vs. Truth

BBC 1/25/07 BBC to seek 'real' Harry Potter

Bella Online 1/25/07 Harry Potter's Secret Blood Relative

BBC 1/24/07 Harry Potter charity books stolen

Telegraph 1/22/07 Harry Potter and the order of the furniture

Daily Record 1/20/07 JK Rolling in Potters of Money 

Coming Soon 1/19/07 New Hi-Res Harry Potter 5 Photo

AJC 1/18/07 Mom seeks appeal in Harry Potter case

Princetonian 1/17/07 Harry Potter actor Radcliffe to join Class of 2011

Celebrity Spider 1/16/07 Skin Doctor Blasts Harry Potter Films for Digital Acne Treatment

BBC 1/15/07 Potter movies boost UK spending

The Signal 1/14/07 Kids, Stores and Libraries Brace for Next 'Potter'

LA Times 1/14/07 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'

Telegraph 1/13/07 Final Potter book could vanish from small shops

New Zealand Herald 1/12/07 No pottering about when it's Harry Potter

Coming Soon 1/11/07 Jason Isaacs on Harry Potter 5

BBC 1/10/07 Potter fanfic writer launches first book

The Mirror 1/9/07 Unseen Harry Potter is Net No 1

Charlotte Observer 1/7/07 Harry Potter fans can see movie sites in U.K.

IGN 1/7/07 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

BBC 1/5/07 Potter agent offers novel prize

Columbus Dispatch 1/3/07 Newest ‘Harry Potter’ title leaves fans guessing, waiting

ic Liverpool 1/3/07 Actor to step out of Potter to Pinter

NY Times 12/31/06 7/7/07 Has Hogwarts Written All Over It

Journal Now 1/1/07 Survivor? It looks like it's the year of Harry Potter

Journal Now 12/31/06 Another Visit to Hogwarts?

BBC 12/28/06 Postal plan begins on Potter book

CBS 12/28/06 UK Mail Service Prepares For Potter Book

News.com.au 12/28/06 Potter top of web book chart

Digital Spy 12/27/06 Bets start over Harry Potter's fate

Celebrity Spider 12/22/06 New Harry Potter Title Announced

Celebrity Spider 12/21/06 JK Rowling Dreaming of Harry Potter

BBC 12/21/06 Title of Harry Potter 7 revealed

Sky News 12/21/06 Why is JK Stressed?

Zap2it 12/21/06 Rowling Unveils 'Harry Potter 7' Title

Interfaith Family 12/21/06 Interfaith Celebrities: Is Harry Potter Half-Jewish?

Daily Mail 12/20/06 Under pressure Rowling dreams of Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 12/16/06 Harry Potter Saved From Library Ban

Access North Georgia 12/14/06 Mother may appeal decision to keep Harry Potter on the shelves

Coming Soon 12/15/06 New Harry Potter 5 Photo Released

Gazette-Journal 12/15/06 'Potter' star gaining age on Harry

USA Today 12/14/06 Ga. board: Harry Potter books can stay

WKYC 12/12/06 School official: 'Harry Potter' should stay in library

Metro 12/11/06 Harry Potter films to benefit from new tax rules

Newsweek 12/10/06 Movies: Who's That Guy With Harry Potter?

Gwinnett Daily Post 12/10/06 Final vote on Potter this week

IGN 12/7/06 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Herald Sun 12/6/06 Harry Potter falls for Melbourne

Glasgow Daily Record 12/5/06 Lil Chris sizes up Potter star

Honolulu Advertiser 12/4/06 Hairy affairs in Potter movie

Celebrity Spider 12/1/06 Harry Potter Artwork for Sale

Forbes 12/1/06 Harry Potter And The Ministry Of Fire

Daily Mail 11/30/06 Harry Potter and the £8,500 sketch

BBC 11/27/06 Gromit and Potter awarded Baftas

Advertiser Adelaide 11/26/06 Preview new Potter movie

Herald Sun 11/26/06 Harry's back...almost

ITV 11/25/06 Potter back on his broomstick

Cinema Blend 11/24/06 Harry Potter Gets Ordered Up By A Phoenix

IGN 11/22/06 Harry Potter Casts His Spell Next Year

Coming Soon 11/21/06 Harry Potter 5 Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Coming Soon 11/21/06 EA and WB Announce Harry Potter 5 Game

Herald Sun 11/19/06 Harry Potter's first kiss

Daily Mail 11/18/06 Harry Potter star makes the most of his first on-screen kiss

Daily Record 11/18/06 Under Harry's Spell At Snogwarts 

Coming Soon 11/17/06 New Harry Potter 5 Photos & Trailer Details!

USA Today 11/17/06 First look: Catch a snitch of 'Phoenix' as trailer flies in

Celebrity Spider 11/15/06 JK Rowling Beats Cyber Squatters

Coming Soon 11/15/06 The Harry Potter 5 Teaser Poster

Celebrity Spider 11/14/06 Guillermo Del Toro Rejected Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 11/9/06 Emma Thompson Jokes About Harry Potter Security Chip

Daily Record 11/9/06 Potter Book 'Best Ever'

Celebrity Spider 11/8/06 Daniel Radcliffe Aspires to Poetry

This is London 11/7/06 The Potter Principle

Celebrity Spider 11/6/06 Daniel Radcliffe Slams "Bad Behavior" Youths

Celebrity Spider 11/6/06 Daniel Radcliffe: "Theatre Roles is a Dream Come True"

Telegraph 11/5/06 Harry Potter and the full frontal dilemma

TVNZ 11/5/06 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Charlotte Observer 11/4/06 A Harry Potter witch hunt

Daily Mail 11/3/06 The darker side of Harry Potter

The Herald 11/2/06 Countdown to final Harry Potter

Colgate University 11/2/06 Harry Potter casts spell over campus-community event

Coming Soon 10/31/06 Rowling Now Has 3 Titles for Harry Potter 7

Celebrity Spider 10/24/06 Daniel Radcliffe Watches Out for Gold-Diggers

Celebrity Spider 10/24/06 Harry Potter Filming Disrupts London Commuters

Celebrity Spider 10/23/06 Daniel Radcliffe Explains Controversial Theatre Role

Coming Soon 10/23/06 New Harry Potter 5 Set Photos

NY Daily News 10/23/06 'Potter' star goes in nude direction

Digital Spy 10/23/06 Teen 'Potter' star caught with cocaine

MSNBC 10/22/06 Harry Potter and the Frank and Far-Reaching Discussion

Daily Mail 10/22/06 London tube station closed for Harry's wizardry

BBC 10/22/06 Harry Potter rides on London Tube

The Mirror 10/22/06 Harry Potter Star, 17, Snorts Cocaine

Digital Spy 10/21/06 'Potter' actor passes driving test

Daily Mail 10/19/06 Scientists develop Harry Potter style invisibility 'cloak'

CanMag 10/16/06 Columbus Returning to Harry Potter Franchise?

Sydney Morning Herald 10/16/06 Potter star's nude stage debut

Sunday Paper 10/15/06 The big picture regarding Harry Potter

Celebrity Spider 10/14/06 Richard Griffiths Tired of Harry Potter Fans

IGN 10/13/06 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

INQ7.net 10/12/06 A London visit to ‘Harry Potter 5’ set

Edinburgh News 10/11/06 Potter book conjures up charity cash

IGN 10/11/06 Potter Gets Happy

Coming Soon 10/11/06 Harry Potter 5 Teaser in Theaters Nov. 17

Scotsman 10/10/06 Plaque spells out Harry's birthplace

Coming Soon 10/9/06 Dobby Missing From Harry Potter 5

MTV 10/6/06 Elf's Absence From Next 'Harry Potter' Flick Opens Up Plot Questions

Slate 10/6/06 Harry Potter- Pampered jock, patsy, fraud.

Rye & Battle Observer 10/6/06 Harry Potter star in Rye

Celebrity Spider 10/5/06 Harry Potter "Promotes Witchcraft" Board Hears

Newsday 10/5/06 Mom wants to ban Harry Potter

IOL 10/4/06 Does Harry Potter belong in school libraries?

Cinema Spider 10/3/06 Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets to Air on ABC Network October 21st

Sky News 10/3/06 Emma's growing pains

Henry Daily Herald 10/3/06 Harry Potter books excite imagination not evil

Celebrity Spider 10/2/06 Harry Potter Actress Emma Watson Threatens to Quit Role

AJC 10/2/06 State board will hear woman's objections to Harry Potter

The Columbian 10/2/06 Young Voices: Harry Potter not devil's work, just innocent fun

Newsweek 10/1/06 Exclusive: Harry Potter and the Wavering Costar

Scotland on Sunday 10/1/06 Rowling tops US library ban wish list over witchcraft fears

Celebrity Spider 9/29/06 Miriam Margolyes Furious at Harry Potter Axe

TMZ 9/29/06 Harry Potter Rocks!
TMZ 9/28/06 Harry Potter and the Disappearing Co-Star

News.com.au 9/28/06 Harry's magical coming of age

NY Post 9/28/06 Potter's Plotters

MTV 9/27/06 Get A Glimpse Of Harry Potter And Company In These 'Order Of The Phoenix' Photos

MSNBC 9/27/06 Exclusive: Harry Potter and the Wavering Costar

The Daily Vidette 9/27/06 Banning Harry Potter is not the answer

Celebrity Spider 9/26/06 Harry Potter Star Desperate for Dating Magic

Daily Record 9/26/06 Hermione film role in doubt

Daily Mail 9/26/06 Harry Potter star Emma can't find love despite fame

MSNBC 9/24/06 Emma Watson on Her Future

The Scotsman 9/25/06 Harry Potter and the big hype

The Mirror 9/25/06 Harry Scary

Coming Soon 9/25/06 The First Harry Potter 5 Photos

Daily Record 9/25/06 New Hairy Potter

Midland Daily News 9/24/06 Harry Potter ends up on MDN front page

Book Standard 9/21/06 Without Harry Potter Sales for Scholastic Drop

This is London 9/20/06 JK Rowling dismisses rumours Harry Potter is near finished and says expect a long wait

BBC 9/19/06 Bloomsbury buoyed by Potter magic

Wizard News 9/18/06 When the Philosopher met Harry

UPI 9/16/06 Harry Potter tops for Gitmo book club

Naples Daily News 9/16/06 On Religion: What sort of end will Harry Potter meet?

Midland Daily News 9/15/06 Harry Potter leads to occult, Auburn woman says

NY Daily News 9/15/06 She waves wand & 'Harry' tale flies

Celebrity Spider 9/14/06 JK Rowling Pleads With Airline Security

Philly.com 9/14/06 J.K. Rowling challenges airport security

BreakingNews.ie, Ireland 9/13/06 Harry Potter manuscript sparks flight saga

Celebrity Spider 9/10/06 Harry Potter Video Banned from Internet

Williams Lake Tribune 9/8/06 Is Harry Potter really that evil?

Celebrity Spider 9/5/06 Lord Voldemort Voted Top Villain

Coming Soon 9/5/06 The Harry Potter 5 Set Photos Continue

This is London 9/5/06 'My driving's not magic' admits Harry Potter star
Our Midland 9/2/06 Auburn woman says Harry Potter books are dangerous

Celebrity Spider 9/1/06 JK Rowling Corrects Harry Potter Error

BBC 9/1/06 Readers spot Harry Potter error

Sydney Morning Herald 9/1/06 Devil in the detail: Vatican exorcises Harry Potter


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