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News Articles about Harry Potter


Sydney Morning Herald 5/15/04 Harry Potter and the raging hormones

Teen Hollywood 5/15/04 Experts Discuss Grief and Fear in Harry Potter Movie

Seattle Times 5/14/04 In pursuit of Harry Potter film locations

Wichita Eagle 5/14/04 An early look at the new 'Harry Potter' flick

CBBC 5/14/04 Rupert reveals his Azkaban antics

Seattle Times 5/14/04 England: Lacock offers a rich past and a Harry Potter present

Teen Hollywood 5/13/04 Harry Potter Finds Fame Tough

North County Times 5/12/04 TVHS graduate is an artist for Harry Potter
Washington Post 5/12/04 Harry Potter's New Direction

WOKR 5/12/04 Webster Family Wins Harry Potter Trip To London

Ananova 5/12/04 Potter star doesn't want to be "really" famous

Business Wire 5/11/04 Save the Date: World Premiere of ``Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban''

Teen Hollywood 5/11/04 Harry Potter Gets First Girlfriend

Fox News 5/10/04 Ballet Students Denied Rights to 'Potter' Dance

Ananova 5/10/04 Author blocks Harry Potter play

Ananova 5/10/04 Harry Potter's girlfriend chosen

Daily Record 5/10/04 Harry Falls Under Katie's Spell

Bloomberg 5/9/04 Scholastic Corp. Struggles to Make More Magic With Harry Potter

Irish Examiner 5/7/04 Carpentry the biggest magic in latest Potter film

Zap2It 5/7/04 ABC Showcases the Once and Future Wizard of 'Harry Potter'

Teen Hollywood 5/6/04 First Harry Potter Film Will Debut on T.V. with Azkaban Trailer

This Is Newton 5/6/04 Robbers disappear with haul of Harry Potter bedding

Ananova 5/4/04 JK Rowling too busy for Dr Who

Daily Record 5/4/04 JK Hasn't Got The Timelord

BBC 4/30/04 Being Harry Potter's enemy

Miami Herald 4/29/04 Spider-Man, Harry Potter Head Summer Films

Fox23 4/29/04 Malkovich Signs for Potter 4

Webindia123.com 4/28/04 Harry Potter's voice fails to impress Radcliffe!

Teen Hollywood 4/28/04 Potter Stars Become Their Characters

Ananova 4/28/04 Harry Potter star hates his voice in first film

CBBC 4/27/04 Dan's music help in Potter scenes

Teen Hollywood 4/27/04 Radcliffe Hates His Young "Harry" Voice

The Australian 4/27/04 Willing prisoner of Harry Potter

Daily Record 4/22/04 Harry Heads Back To The Highlands

Business Wire 4/21/04 Warner Brothers Pictures Launches All New Harry Potter Website

Wizard News 4/21/04 Witches and wizards Ottawa-bound for Harry Potter Convention

Borowitz 4/19/04 New Harry Potter Book Set in Bush White House

Irish Examiner 4/19/04 Potter author wins dispute with neighbours

Novinite 4/19/04 Harry Potter Creator among World's ‘Most Influentual'

This is London 4/19/04 Magic millions for Potter boy

The Australian 4/17/04 Movies scarier than books, to wit Harry Potter

News.com.au 4/16/04 Harry Potter the 'new Prozac'

Ananova 4/15/04 Harry Potter 4 release date announced

The Australian 4/15/04 Harry Potter a burning issue

Coming Soon 4/14/04 Two International Harry Potter 3 Posters Online

Boston Globe 4/14/04 ABC is just wild about 'Harry'

Zap2It 4/13/04 'Harry Potter 4' Gets 2005 Release Date

Coming Soon 4/12/04 New Harry Potter 3 Pics & Casting Rumors

Times Online 4/10/04 Behind the scenes of Harry Potter: a producer's dream

CBBC 4/8/04 Harry Potter is 'the ideal child'

Webindia123.com 4/8/04 Harry Potter's evil family out of fourth film!

CBBC 4/7/04 Dursleys are 'cut from Potter 4'

Zap2It 4/7/04 ABC Sneaks Peek at Third 'Harry Potter'

Ananova 4/7/04 Dursleys dropped from fourth Potter film

The Star 4/6/04 Columbus impressed with Cuaron's handling of Harry Potter 3

Ananova 4/6/04 Original Harry Potter director praises replacement

The Australian 4/6/04 Vodafone signs Harry Potter

Courier Post 4/2/04 Wizardry aside, Harry Potter and pals deal with mortal issues as they turn 13

Webindia123.com 4/1/04 Harry Potter's growing-up woes!

News.com.au 3/31/04 When Harry met fatty

Hello 3/30/04 Two Harrys set to battle for top teen fortune

Seattle PI 3/30/04 This Week's Hot Game: 'Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup'

The Scotsman 3/30/04 Actor 'Used Harry Potter Character to Lure Boys'

Boston Globe 3/29/04 Harry Potter is the subject in Salem

Scotsman.com 3/27/04 Harry Potter and the adult market

Ananova 3/25/04 New Harry Potter trailer released

Coming Soon 3/25/04 New Harry Potter 3 Trailer & Site Online!

Teen Hollywood 3/25/04 Winslet for 'Harry Potter' Wizard

Mirror.co.uk 3/24/04 Harry Potter School Porn Shame

Business Wire 3/24/04 World Premiere Trailer: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Times of India 3/24/04 Kate Winslet in Harry Potter

Yahoo 3/23/04 Harry Potter works magic for Bloomsbury Publishing

Ananova 3/23/04 Winslet 'offered wizard Potter role'

News.com.au 3/23/04 Schools 'should study Harry Potter'

Daily Record 3/22/04 Glencoe Potter Filming Kicks Off

Telegraph.co.uk 3/22/04 How £4,000 loan gave rise to Harry Potter

The Olympian 3/22/04 Harry Potter hits his teens in latest movie

Ananova 3/22/04 Chilean girl flew to London to meet Harry Potter actor

BBC 3/22/04 Loan helped Rowling create Potter

Washington Times 3/22/04 Chilean girl duped in Harry Potter hoax

Ananova 3/22/04 J K Rowling 'saved by friend's loan'

Register Guard 3/21/04 No prequels, sequels to Potter series, author says

Coming Soon 3/21/04 Filming Starts on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Teen Hollywood 3/21/04 Potter Prank Upsets Fan

The Mirror 3/20/04 Harried Potter

The Scotsman 3/20/04 Having a wizard time with Harry Potter

USA Today 3/19/04 Harry hits his teens

Coming Soon 3/18/04 Screen Shots From the New Harry Potter Trailer

Xinhua 3/18/04 Harry Potter III release delayed

ic Wales 3/17/04 Harry Potter and the Carmarthen Parade

Coming Soon 3/17/04 Henderson on Harry Potter 4 & New Trailer News

This Is London 3/17/04 Rowling scoops People's award

BBC 3/16/04 Potter epic wins People's award

Japan Today 3/16/04 Amazon taking orders for 5th Harry Potter book

Ananova 3/16/04 Rowling wins People's award

Coming Soon 3/14/04 Two New Harry Potter 3 Posters Surface

Daily Record 3/12/04 Wizard Women

BBC 3/11/04 Who's having lunch with the Queen?

Teen Hollywood 3/5/04 JK Hints at More Potter

Zap2It 3/5/04 'Harry Potter' and the Midlife Crisis?

Forbes 3/5/04 J.K. Rowling And An Eighth Harry Potter Book?

Daily Record 3/5/04 JK: Harry Potter Is Not Good Enough

Scotsman 3/4/04 Potter May Not Hang Up Wand after All

Zap2It 3/4/04 Win a Magical Harry Potter Trip

CBS 3/4/04 Post-Hogwarts Potter A Possibility

Ananova 3/4/04 Rowling may conjure up 8th Potter book

NY Times 3/4/04 Rowling Hints About New Book, Owes Harry Apology

Louisville Channel 3/4/04 Rowling Ponders Post-Hogwarts Books For Harry Potter

North-West Evening Mail 3/3/04 Ulverston Pupils Quiz Harry Potter Author

PR Newswire 3/3/04 Ultimate Fans Work Magic for 'Harry Potter' Tour

Globe and Mail 3/3/04 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Telegraph.co.uk 3/1/04 Harry Potter and the £50,000 bill for a TV chef dinner

This Is London 3/1/04 JK spends big at charity ball

Ananova 3/1/04 Rowling pays £28,000 for tour of Edinburgh

Coming Soon 2/27/04 First Look at Wormtail in The Prisoner of Azkaban

BBC 2/27/04 Rowling joins Forbes billionaires

Telegraph 2/27/04 Harry Potter writer becomes billionaire

Guardian 2/27/04 Harry Potter's adventures propel JK Rowling to billionaires' row

Dallas Morning News 2/26/04 J.K. Rowling, Google guys join Forbes billionaire's club

Guardian 2/26/04 JK Rowling's £526m Potter gold

This Is London 2/26/04 JK joins world's super-rich list

Sky.com 2/26/04 JK Joins The Ultra-Rich

Ananova 2/26/04 J K Rowling among world's richest

BBC 2/19/04 Rings finale 'beats Potter total'

Novinite 2/18/04 Bulgaria's Victor Krum Known Within Days

Coming Soon 2/18/04 New Troy and Harry Potter 3 Trailers!

Daily Record 2/16/04 Sweets a treat for Harry Potter fans

The Spoof 2/16/04 Harry Potter goes 'gay'?

Scotsman 2/13/04 Honorary Degree for Harry Potter Author

Ananova 2/13/04 JK Rowling is 42nd most borrowed author

Coming Soon 2/12/04 Thompson on Harry Potter and Nanny McPhee

MegaStar 2/12/04 Thompson goes Potter potty

Zap2It 2/12/04 Thompson Discusses Divine 'Harry Potter' Role

Ananova 2/11/04 iPod creator tops Rowling and Gervais in culture list

Hindustan Times 2/9/04 Harry Potter turns Greek

Newsday 2/8/04 Casting Spells

BBC 2/8/04 It's all Greek to Harry Potter

Ananova 2/5/04 Bulgarians skip school for Harry Potter auditions

Coming Soon 2/4/04 John Hurt Returning for Harry Potter 4

Novinite 2/3/04 200 Kids Auditioned in Sofia's Harry Potter Casting

Coming Soon 2/3/04 More on the Victor Krum Casting for Harry Potter 4

PR Newswire 2/3/04 'Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix' in paperback on 8/10/04

Zap2It 2/2/04 'Harry Potter' Maintains His Single Status

Ananova 1/30/04 Director resists temptation to split Potter film

CBBC 1/29/04 Cho Chang casting held in London

Entertainment Law Digest 1/28/04 Ruling – Harry Potter

Ananova 1/28/04 Bulgarians bid for Potter role

Ananova 1/21/04 Goblet of Fire to be 'most expensive movie ever'

Zap2It 1/20/04 'Harry Potter 4' Is 'Most Expensive Movie Ever'

BBC 1/19/04 Queen has Harry Potter answer

Ananova 1/19/04 Rare Harry Potter book sells for £1,468

Telegraph.co.uk 1/19/04 Harry Potter and the laughing Queen

BBC 1/19/04 'Wrong name' Harry Potter book sold

Ananova 1/19/04 Queen shows off Harry Potter knowledge

Coming Soon 1/18/04 Heyman and Cuaron Talk More Harry Potter 3

Sunday Mail 1/18/04 Harry Potter And The £170m Film Bill

BBC 1/17/04 Emma 'will be back as Hermione'

AJC 1/17/04 'Y Tu Mama' Director Tackles Potter

Ananova 1/15/04 Bloomsbury lifted by Potter magic

Ananova 1/14/04 Harry Potter shortlisted for adult fiction award

BBC 1/14/04 Rowling up for adult book prize

BBC 1/12/04 Potter boosts record UK film year

Digital Spy 1/8/04 Atkinson lined up for 'Potter' role

Ananova 1/8/04 Rowan Atkinson denies Harry Potter rumours

Coming Soon 1/7/04 Rowan Atkinson Not Cast in Harry Potter 4

BBC 1/7/04 Rowan to go serious

Sky.com 1/7/04 Mr Bean Turns Mr Bad

The Sun 1/7/04 Mr Bean to play Potter villain

Coming Soon 1/5/04 Atkinson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

NonfictionReviews.com 1/5/04 Looking at the Morality of Harry Potter

News.com.au 1/2/04 Rowling in money

Hello! 12/30/03 JK Rowling out-earns Catherine Zeta-Jones by 10-1

Telegraph 12/30/03 Lego wobbles as Star Wars and Harry Potter sales tumble

CBBC 12/22/03 Girls queue for Potter auditions

This Is London 12/22/03 Flash bulbs for Harry Potter

BBC 12/22/03 Girls line up for Potter stardom

Coming Soon 12/22/03 Thousands Come Out for Harry Potter Casting Call

Teen Hollywood 12/22/03 Teenagers Brave The Cold For Chance Of Potter Stardom

Zap2It 12/19/03 'Harry Potter' Seeks Date to the Dance

Ananova 12/19/03 Harry Potter film to be shown on Imax

BBC 12/19/03 Imax screenings for Potter film

The Age 12/18/03 Harry Potter fails test of legal wizardry

Business Wire 12/18/03 Harry Potter's 3rd Yr at Hogwarts to Come Alive in...Videogame

Coming Soon 12/18/03 The Prisoner of Azkaban to be Released on IMAX

Zap2It 12/18/03 'Harry Potter' Apparates to IMAX

Globe and Mail 12/18/03 Imax goes to Hogwarts

Ananova 12/18/03 Search on for Harry Potter's school ball dates

BBC 12/18/03 Hunt on for Harry Potter actors

CBS 12/17/03 Scholastic quarterly profit drops

Troy Record 12/15/03 Harry Potter Stars Confirmed For Next Two Movies

USA Today 12/13/03 Harry Potter game keeps kids hoppin' in P.E. classes

Zap2It 12/13/03 Smells Like Teen Angst for Harry Potter 4

Coming Soon 12/12/03 Walters on the Next Two Harry Potter Films

Business Wire 12/12/03 EA's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Now Available for Next-Gen Consoles

CBC News 12/11/03 Harry Potter works magic on Transcontinental profit

Ananova 12/10/03 Signed Potter first edition fetches £30,000

Sky.com 12/10/03 Rare Potter Books Sold

BBC 12/10/03 Rowling's father auctions Potter

KRON 12/4/03 White House decorations feature "Cat in the Hat" and "Harry Potter"

Chicago Tribune 12/2/03 5th Potter Book to Be Released in France

The Scotsman 12/2/03 Magic Moment for French Harry Potter Fans

Teen Hollywood 12/1/03 Isaacs' Harry Potter Wait

Sky.com 12/1/03 Potter Wins Kids' Vote

Ananova 12/1/03 Stars turn out as Potter scoops award

BBC 12/1/03 Potter sequel works Bafta magic

Star Tribune 11/30/03 Gym teachers bring Harry Potter's quidditch to their classes

IOL 11/28/03 Harry Potter game is enchanting youngsters

CBBC 11/27/03 Crabbe from Harry Potter is 'lucky to be alive'

Fox23 11/24/03 JK Rowling's Dad To Cash In On Potter Secret

Jam! 11/17/03 'Potter' sales hit 250 million

Zap2It 11/17/03 Spoofers Wave Wand at 'Harry Potter'

Ananova 11/17/03 Harry Potter book sales total 250 million

BBC 11/17/03 Potter world book sales hit 250m

Salt Lake Tribune 11/16/03 Harry Potter artist speaks at library

BBC 11/16/03 You love 'spooky' Potter trailer

Ananova 11/14/03 Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings in Hollywood spoof

Jam! 11/13/03 'Potter' trailer hits Internet

Extra TV 11/13/03 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'

Irish Examiner 11/13/03 New Harry Potter film due out next summer

BBC 11/13/03 Internet debut for Potter trailer

Zap2It 11/12/03 'Harry Potter 3' Trailer Premieres Via Satellite

BBC 11/12/03 First Azkaban trailer is here!

Scotsman 11/12/03 Harry Potter's adventures hold no magic for McGregor's children

PR Newswire 11/12/03 Harry Potter World Premiere Trailer Debut

icWales 11/9/03 Welsh comic lands Harry Potter film role

Stuff.co.nz 11/9/03 Germans snatch up fifth Harry Potter book

Scotsman 11/8/03 Hindi Harry Potter

USA Today 11/7/03 Glimpse the next 'Harry Potter' film

Ananova 11/7/03 New Harry Potter trailer out next week

Herald Sun 11/7/03 Watch out Harry Potter

Ananova 11/6/03 Grotter Potter parody banned

Central Chronicle 11/6/03 Harry Potter to be translated in other languages

Edinburgh News 11/3/03 Potter makes Rowling top Scottish earner

News.com.au 11/2/03 Lotta cash for Potter author

BBC 11/2/03 JK Rowling named 'best paid author'

Scotsman 11/2/03 Harry Potter and the buckets full of royalties

Coming Soon 10/31/03 The Prisoner of Azkaban Trailer Update & More!

Dallas Morning News 10/30/03 Doctor links 'Potter' binges and headaches

BBC 10/30/03 Potter 'gives children headaches'

Ananova 10/30/03 Harry Potter 'is giving children migraines' warns Doc

BBC 10/29/03 Mobile makers to use Potter ideas

Seattle PI 10/29/03 J. K. Rowling backs forest-friendly books

BBC 10/28/03 Potter magic charms Nokia chief

BBC 10/27/03 Wizardry heads children's Baftas

ABC.net.au 10/26/03 Portuguese version of latest Harry Potter adventure storms bookstores

Contra Costa Times 10/26/03 Harry Potter: 101 -- boy wizard becomes subject of scholarly inquiry

BBC 10/26/03 Rowling lauded for 'moral' books

Teen Hollywood 10/25/03 Radcliffe Back For Goblet Of Fire

Zap2It 10/24/03 Radcliffe Will Play Potter Again

Ananova 10/24/03 Daniel Radcliffe to return as Harry Potter

BBC 10/24/03 Radcliffe will star in fourth Potter film
Daily News 10/21/03 Mill donates 500 'Potter' books to libraries

Zap2It 10/21/03 'Harry Potter' Roles up for Auction

Coming Soon 10/20/03 Young Singer Joins Harry Potter Extras

Channel News Asia 10/20/03 Fifth Harry Potter book makes publishing record in Portugal

BBC 10/20/03 Live webchat with Chris Rankin aka Percy Weasley

Daily Record 10/18/03 Buy A Part in Potter

Hello 10/17/03 JK Rowling Named Hollywood's Most Powerful Woman

Irish Examiner 10/13/03 Thompson prepares for her Harry Potter role

Coming Soon 10/12/03 Six Call Sheets For The Prisoner of Azkaban

BBC 10/11/03 Lupin actor says: 'No Muggles!'

Sunday Mail 10/11/03 Wand-Erful To Be Here

Ananova 10/10/03 JK Rowling awaits decision over Harry Potter parody

BBC 10/10/03 Actress Thompson for next Potter

ABC.net 10/9/03 Harry Potter excerpts help German homeless

NY Times 10/7/03 Harry Potter Weaves His Magic for Publishers

Zap2It 10/6/03 Divine Miss Emma to Instruct 'Harry Potter'

WTNH 10/6/03 Playing Harry Potter's game

Ananova 10/6/03 Emma Thompson joins cast of new Harry Potter film

Daily Record 10/4/03 Harry Potter Kills 6.5M Trees

Ananova 10/3/03 Harry Potter goes 'green' for next instalment

Badger Herald 10/2/03 Maryland University offers Harry Potter course

HPANA 10/2/03 'Harry Potter' good for New Age business

Miami Herald 10/1/03 German Edition of Harry Potter at Printers

Digital Spy 9/28/03 'Harry Potter' leads BBC One Xmas

Star Tribune 9/27/03 Harry Potter illustrator appears Saturday

Sun Sentinel 9/26/03 Harry Potter's Quidditch comes to life

Jam! 9/24/03 'Potter ads target older readers

Baltimore Sun 9/23/03 Harry Potter college class explores links between magic, science

Ananova 9/22/03 Stars celebrate life of Richard Harris

BBC 9/22/03 Stars pay tribute to actor Harris

Ananova 9/21/03 Harry Potter works his magic on young Chinese

Stevens Point Journal 9/21/03 Harry Potter series tops national banned-book list

KAIT 9/21/03 Mad rush in China for translation of latest Harry Potter book

Washington Times 9/20/03 Harry Potter works magic on students

Fox News 9/18/03 To Battle Pirates, China Bumps Up Potter Publication

BBC 9/18/03 Early sale for Chinese Potter

Ananova 9/18/03 Chinese Potter publisher battles pirates

Belfast Telegraph 9/13/03 Wizard Beckham's book scores, but Harry Potter netted winner

Media Guardian 9/10/03 Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury plots some international magic

Kansas City Star 9/10/03 'Harry Potter' creator wins Spanish prize

Ananova 9/10/03 Rowling wins £35,000 Harry Potter prize

Ananova 9/9/03 Harry Potter conjures up more magic for publisher

Mirror.co.uk 9/8/03 Rogue Harry Potter book lacks magic

Zap2It 9/4/03 'Mindless Toerags' Vandalize Hogwarts Express

BBC 9/4/03 Vandals attack Harry Potter train

Ananova 9/4/03 Hogwarts Express trashed by vandals

MSNBC 9/4/03 Harry Potter movie train carriages vandalized

Daily Record 9/4/03 J Spray Rowling

News.com.au 9/4/03 Harry Potter train vandalised

BBC 9/3/03 Harry Potter and the Bad Translator

Sky.com 9/3/03 Harry's Secret May Be Out

BBC 9/3/03 Potter pirate sorry for mistakes

Ananova 9/3/03 New Potter book titles 'revealed'

Guardian 9/2/03 Potter leads, but not Harry

BBC 8/29/03 Potter's potter slides into the red

BBC 8/29/03 Harry Potter comes of age, and other stories

Ananova 8/27/03 Harry Potter to get Gaelic translation

Greenpeace 8/27/03 New Harry Potter won't endanger forests

Telegraph.co.uk 8/26/03 BBC defends £10m for Harry Potter

Seattle PI 8/22/03 Barnes & Noble profits jump some 10 pct.

Smart Money 8/21/03 Borders Soars on Harry Potter Sales

BBC 8/21/03 Magic fails in Rowling fan drive

The Advertiser 8/21/03 Two-day Potter festival proves magical magnet

BBC 8/20/03 Rings DVD breaks Potter record

Ananova 8/20/03 Lord of the Rings takes Harry Potter record

Forbes 8/19/03 Harry Potter cuts Indigo Books first-quarter loss

BBC 8/14/03 Harry Potter knocked off top spot

Ananova 8/14/03 Atkins diet knocks Harry Potter off bestseller spot

DeHavilland 8/13/03 Tokyo Harry Potter fan invents invisibility cloak

Zap2It 8/11/03 Newell Milks the 'Potter' Cash Cow

BBC 8/11/03 Modern readers' classics 'confusion'

BBC 8/10/03 Four Weddings director for Potter

Coming Soon 8/10/03 Mike Newell Confirmed for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Ananova 8/10/03 Potter movie for Four Weddings director

Slate 8/8/03 The latest Harry Potter was digitally pirated. What's next?

Ananova 8/8/03 Police seize fake Harry Potter books

Daily Times 8/8/03 Harry Potter computer game to be launched

BBC 8/8/03 'Potter pirates' charged in Chile

Ananova 8/6/03 Pictures from new Harry Potter shoot released

BBC 8/6/03 Harry Potter pictures

BBC 8/6/03 In pictures: Harry Potter 3 film

BBC 8/5/03 Daniels sought wizard role

Frederickburg.com 8/5/03 Harry's Latin lesson

Sydney Morning Herald 8/4/03 Oh, to find Harry in some real hot water

Ottawa Citizen 8/3/03 Myth and meaning

The Age 8/3/03 Harry Potter and the ardour of the critiques

Border Mail 8/2/03 Potter generates witchcraft interest

BBC 8/1/03 Pirated Potter book hits Chile

Reuters 8/1/03 'Harry Potter' Publisher Brings Festival to Brazil

Herald Sun 8/1/03 Whiz-bang Harry Potter buying spree

NY Daily News 7/31/03 Abracadabra, here's 'Azkaban'

icWales 7/31/03 Harry Potter fans treated to glimpse of new film

Herald Sun 7/31/03 There's no hurry for Harry Potter

Baltimore Sun 7/30/03 The web of magic

New Zealand Herald 7/29/03 Fourth Harry and a director

MSNBC 7/29/03 Caution: Wizard at Work

Eastday.com 7/29/03 Harry Potter faces off against counterfeiters

New Zealand Herald 7/28/03 Harry Potter flying off library shelves

Newsweek 7/27/03 Harry Potter: Mum Shall Stay Mum

Boston Globe 7/27/03 Harry Potter and the Enthusiasm of the Students

CNN 7/26/03 Post-'Potter' blues

Zap2It 7/25/03 Newell Interested in 'Potter IV'

Hollywood Reporter 7/25/03 Newell eyes 4th 'Potter'

BBC 7/23/03 Amazon buoyed by Harry Potter

Smart Money 7/22/03 'Harry Potter' Helps Amazon

Zap2It 7/22/03 Potter's House Goes Unsold

Ananova 7/22/03 Potter house fails to sell

BBC 7/22/03 Potter house fails to sell

Chicago Sun-Times 7/22/03 Beanie Baby con man adds Harry Potter to scam

BBC 7/22/03 Vicar takes on Harry Potter

Fox News 7/21/03 Potter 'Reel' Estate Goes on the Block

SunSpot 7/21/03 Communist Vietnam releases first authorized translation of new Harry Potter book

Times Union 7/20/03 Hefty Harry Potter adventure hard to put down

Naples News 7/19/03 Harry Potter gathering draws fans from afar

Telegraph.co.uk 7/18/03 Harry Potter is a triumph, but a classic? I don't think so

Macon Telegraph 7/18/03 Loyal adult fans converge on magical Harry Potter convention

Detroit News 7/17/03 Potter backlash causes some to go wild -- against Harry

Dallas Morning News 7/16/03 Keep the magic of Harry Potter going with other tales

Boston.com 7/15/03 Eager German fans take translation of new Harry Potter into their own hands

The Guardian 7/15/03 No 2,358

CNN 7/14/03 Harry Potter takes to the Web

BBC 7/14/03 India falls under Harry Potter's spell

BBC 7/14/03 Harry Potter gets gross new look

Ananova 7/14/03 Harry Potter book being downloaded illegally

Gay.com.uk 7/14/03 Is Harry Potter gay?

BBC 7/14/03 Chinese Potter frauds hit web

The Scotsman 7/14/03 Directors cash in on Harry Potter

Star Tribune 7/14/03 Harry Potter and the Internet Pirates

USA Today 7/11/03 Listening Library rises with 'Phoenix'

Star-Ledger 7/10/03 Harry Potter isn't just silly kid stuff 

SF Chronicle 7/10/03 Harry Potter grapples with the scariest, murkiest demon... 

BBC 7/10/03 Booker winner slates Potter books

Ananova 7/10/03 AS Byatt slams Harry Potter

CNN 7/9/03 Impatient German Potter fans do own translation

Indiana Statesman 7/9/03 Harry Potter gains popularity among college crowd

CNN 7/9/03 Harry Potter fan sets house ablaze

Times-Star 7/9/03 Harry Potter grows up

BBC 7/9/03 Legal rematch for German Potter fans

Daily Planet 7/8/03 A Dark Turn For Harry Potter

KFoxTV.com 7/8/03 Parenting Harry Potter Alternatives

Ananova 7/8/03 Harry Potter house is up for sale

BBC 7/8/03 Harry Potter home for sale

BBC 7/7/03 Pupils to stage 'Potter' ballet

Daily Record 7/7/03 Harry Potter and the £75 Ripoff

Buffalo News 7/6/03 Keeping Harry Potter's secrets

Heraldnet 7/6/03 Young readers review 5th 'Harry Potter'

Morning Herald 7/5/03 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Go Edwardsville 7/5/03 Local libraries ride recent wave of Harry Potter enthusiasm

ABC News 7/4/03 Harry Potter Video Game Being Planned

Media Guardian 7/4/03 'Never again' says Times man of Rowling legal wrangling

BBC 7/4/03 Pakistan pirates hit Harry Potter

NY Times 7/4/03 Rival Publishers Pray for Harry Potter 'Halo' Effect

Ananova 7/4/03 Schoolboys face legal action over Harry Potter translation

The Trades 7/4/03 "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" Review

NZ Herald 7/4/03 Harry weaves his magic among Kids' Top 50

Ananova 7/3/03 Children find skull while looking for Harry Potter

NY Times 7/3/03 Pirated Potter Casts Spell of His Own in Pakistan

Ananova 7/2/03 Harry Potter - in English - tops French best sellers

BBC 7/2/03 Australian college bans Potter

Globe and Mail 7/2/03 Harry Potter banned

Independent 7/2/03 Harry Potter magic casts spell on HMV trading

Rocky Mountain News 7/1/03 'Mother' of Harry Potter fields fans' questions

BBC 7/1/03 School keeps Potter profits

Ananova 7/1/03 School profits from Potter film extras

BBC 7/1/03 Potter conquers French book list

Forbes 6/30/03 Looking Up To Harry Potter

New Zealand Herald 6/30/03 J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Guardian 6/30/03 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling

NY Times 6/29/03 Stores Catch Breath After Potter Frenzy

Denver Post 6/29/03 The bewitching haunts of Harry Potter

Salt Lake Tribune 6/29/03 Harry Potter's captivating spell

Scotland on Sunday 6/29/03 Harry Potter battles internet pirates in fight for copyright

Guardian 6/29/03 Harry Potter: the verdict

New Zealand Herald 6/29/03 They're all just wild about Harry

Guardian 6/28/03 Harry Potter: the verdict

BBC 6/27/03 Potter author's reading treat

BBC 6/26/03 JK, 4,000 kids and me

The Age 6/26/03 Harry Potter's future in doubt

New Zealand Herald 6/26/03 Few errors found says Potter publisher

BBC 6/25/03 Rowling reads to Albert Hall

Guardian 6/25/03 Harry Potter and the fascist bully-boys

Independent 6/25/03 Harry Potter and the chatroom of secrets

BBC 6/25/03 Printing flurry for US Potter books

NY Daily News 6/25/03 More Harry to appear soon

International Herald Tribune 6/25/03 A Harry Potter fix in the nick of time

Washington Post 6/24/03 Harry Potter, Still Quite The Charmer

Bloomberg.com 6/24/03 Can Harry Potter Rescue U.S. Children's Media?

Borowitz Report 6/23/03 Saddam Nabbed Buying Potter Book

BBC 6/23/03 Student speed reads Potter book

MSNBC 6/23/03 Odyssey to deeper, much darker places

Fox News 6/23/03 Harry Potter Rally Loses Steam for Scholastic, Barnes & Noble

MSNBC 6/23/03 Her Magic Moment

NBC San Diego 6/23/03 Mail Carrier Suspended For Delivering Harry Potter Book

MSNBC 6/23/03 New Harry Potter book pirated

Media Guardian 6/23/03 Harry casts worldwide spell

New Zealand Herald 6/23/03 J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Ananova 6/23/03 Wizard sales for new Harry Potter book

USA Today 6/23/03 Harry Potter casts a record-breaking spell

BBC 6/23/03 Potter smashes sales estimates

BBC 6/23/03 Harry Potter: The witch's view

CBS 6/23/03 Potter Couldn't Be Hotter

NY Daily News 6/23/03 With 5M sold, he's Harry jack-Potter

USA Today 6/22/03 The wait is over for 'Harry Potter' fans

Time 6/22/03 That Old Black Magic

Newsday 6/22/03 Harry's Not an Only Child

CTV.ca 6/22/03 Harry Potter helps E-tailer set one-day record

Dallas Morning News 6/22/03 Review: Twists tangle 'Harry'

Hindustan Times 6/22/03 It's got to be magic: Harry Potter sales hit roof in India

Stuff.co.nz 6/22/03 All aboard the Hogwarts Express

Guardian Unlimited 6/22/03 We've been muggled

NY Times 6/21/03 Countdown in Times Sq.: 3-2-1, It's 870 More Pages of Potter

CNN 6/21/03 Potter-mania sweeps bookstores

BBC 6/21/03 Magical Harry Potter night at The Forum

Washington Post 6/21/03 It Must Be Magic. The Whole World Is Reading.

BBC 6/21/03 Harry Potter night at the Forum

Globe and Mail 6/21/03 Stores report selling out of Harry Potter book

NY Times 6/21/03 Potter Books Fly Off Shelves Like Magic

NY Times 6/21/03 For Famous Young Wizard, a Darker Turn

CBS 6/21/03 Harry's Here Again... Finally

BBC 6/21/03 World greets new Harry Potter

Ananova 6/21/03 Harry Potter lookalikes hope to set record

BBC 6/21/03 Fans rush for Harry Potter book

BBC 6/21/03 Potter deliveries disappoint few

Ananova 6/21/03 Britain goes potty for Harry

NY Daily News 6/21/03 Pottermania grips city

News.com.au 6/21/03 Harry Potter fever hits Brisbane

The Age 6/21/03 Why Harry Potter is so magical

Newsday 6/21/03 Harry Potter Mania Hits City

Teen Hollywood 6/20/03 Harry Potter Series Keeps Getting Better

BBC 6/20/03 Potter magic fails to rub off on retailers

BBC 6/20/03 Potter world lives online

Seattle Times 6/20/03 'Phoenix' finally arrives, but can the Potter magic last?

CBS 6/20/03 Potter Book Frenzy Spellbinds Fans

BBC 6/20/03 Final countdown for Potter fans

Ananova 6/20/03 Rowling already working on next Harry Potter

USA Today 6/20/03 Rich characters, magical prose elevate 'Phoenix'

Dallas Morning News 6/20/03 Variety of stores hoping to cash in on Potter

CSM 6/20/03 Hillary, Potter, and the growing goblet of fame

BBC 6/19/03 Rowling's 'guilt' at Potter wealth

CNN 6/19/03 Magic spells and gamma rays

CNN 6/19/03 Harry Potter and the Big Wad of Cash

Houston Chronicle 6/19/03 Third Potter movie slated to hit theaters summer 2004

CNN 6/19/03 What diehard Harry Potter fans need

Borowitz Report 6/19/03 Harry Potter Thieves Spoil Book's Ending

Ananova 6/19/03 Rowling to sue paper over internet 'preview'

BBC 6/19/03 Rowling sues over Potter leak

Toronto Star 6/19/03 Adult Potter fans meet at Disney World

CBS 6/19/03 Frenzy Over 'Phoenix'

Globe and Mail 6/19/03 Harry Potter not working magic on bottom line

USA Today 6/19/03 Harry Potter's 'Phoenix' slips out of book bag days early

Jam! 6/19/03 Potter turning children into readers like magic

NY Daily News 6/19/03 Stores book Potter parties

NZ Herald 6/19/03 Wal-Mart Canada probes premature Harry Potter sale

CSM 6/19/03 Harry Potter and the disappearing books

Film Jerk 6/18/03 Harry Potter and the Order of Silence

Newsday 6/18/03 It's 'The Hulk' vs. 'Harry Potter'

Miami Herald 6/18/03 Harry Potter Author Sues Newspaper

Forbes 6/18/03 Harry Potter's Magic Money

Washington Post 6/18/03 Harry Potter and the Copyright Lawyer

CTV 6/18/03 Theft, slip-ups disrupt Potter countdown magic

BBC 6/18/03 Potter's place in the literary canon

BBC 6/18/03 Rowling's tears at Potter book death

NY Daily News 6/18/03 Here's first look at what happens

Ananova 6/18/03 Rowling's tears over who died in Harry book

NY Daily News 6/18/03 Hocus-pocus! We got Harry

CNN 6/17/03 What's next for Harry Potter films?

NY Daily News 6/17/03 Harry Potter set to cast mega-spell

CNN 6/17/03 Thousands of Potter books stolen

BBC 6/17/03 Why grown-ups go potty over Harry

BBC 6/17/03 Thousands of Potter books stolen

The Sun 6/17/03 £1m Potter books theft

Star Tribune 6/17/03 New Harry Potter, unlike last one, won't stop the presses

Time 6/16/03 The Shy Sorceress

Sky.com 6/16/03 US Spellbound By Harry

Teen Hollywood 6/16/03 Daniel Radcliffe Stays On As Potter

Las Vegas Sun 6/16/03 Security tight at Amazon.com for Harry Potter book deliveries

NBC San Diego 6/16/03 SD Library Orders 300 Copies Of 'Harry Potter'

NBC4.com 6/16/03 Harry Potter Summaries

USA Today 6/16/03 'Phoenix' flies high ahead of Saturday arrival

The Sun 6/16/03 Dan stays in Potter role

CBS 6/15/03 The Magic Behind Harry Potter

Time 6/15/03 The Real Magic of Harry Potter

Globe and Mail 6/15/03 Harry Potter makes sun shine on Raincoast

Ananova 6/15/03 Royal Mail laying on extra vans for Harry Potter launch

Sky.com 6/15/03 Vans Ready For Harry

BBC 6/15/03 Harry Potter 'too heavy' for posties

Jam! 6/15/03 Phoenix rising

NY Daily News 6/15/03 Mad about the boy

News.com.au 6/15/03 Harry Potter actor retires

Daily Record 6/14/03 Operation Harry Potter

icWales 6/14/03 Harry Potter and the battle of the Welsh bookshops

The Age 6/14/03 Harry Potter and the crock of gold

Times-Star 6/13/03 Security tight on early copies of new Harry Potter book

Seattle PI 6/13/03 Title wave of books examines every nook of Harry Potter's world

USA Today 6/13/03 What's in store for Harry?

Star Ledger 6/12/03 Sorry, Hillary. We'll stick with Harry

Jam! 6/12/03 Audio clip of new 'Potter' book online

BBC 6/12/03 Potter extract appears on web

The Sun 6/12/03 Make killing on Potter pal

Forbes 6/11/03 Harry Potter not magic enough for US bookstores

The Mirror 6/11/03 Potted Potter

Houston Chronicle 6/11/03 Signed copy of new Potter back returns to eBay

Jam! 6/11/03 Book sellers brace for 'Potter' mania

Toronto Star 6/11/03 Mountains of Potter ready to move June 21

BBC 6/10/03 Latest Potter book up for auction

The Sun 6/9/03 JK Rowling's love and magic

Herald Sun 6/9/03 Harry Potter price cut

Independent 6/8/03 Harry Potter and the Order of the Discount

Guardian 6/8/03 Harry Potter and the Crock of Gold

NY Daily News 6/6/03 'Potter' buildup a $4M 'Order'

CBS 6/5/03 Pirating 'Potter' Robs Publishers

Teen Hollywood 6/5/03 Rowling's Harry Potter Reading to Be Broadcast Online

CNN 6/5/03 Here comes the Harry Potter hype

London Free Press 6/5/03 Harry Potter off press in Canada

Ananova 6/4/03 Retailer reports one million advance Harry Potter orders

CNN 6/4/03 Amazon's Potter orders top 1M

Sky.com 6/4/03 World Goes Harry Potty

The Sun 6/4/03 Potter theft man sentence

Ananova 6/4/03 Potter author to weave her magic on the web

USA Today 6/3/03 J.K. Rowling to read from new Potter book on the Web

Financial Times 6/3/03 Harry Potter and the Bloomsbury share split

CSM 6/3/03 Monitor quiz: How well do you know Harry Potter?

Media Guardian 6/2/03 Harry Potter toppled in sales charts

Bloomberg.com 6/1/03 Barnes & Noble, Borders Hope `Harry Potter' Is a Sales Wizard

Denver Post 6/1/03 No Muggles about it

Globe and Mail 5/31/03 Harry Potter and the goblet of hype

STL Today 5/30/03 Harry Potter: Guaranteed bestseller?

Motley Fool 5/29/03 Harry Potter's Lament

CSM 5/29/03 A Harry Potter Happy Meal?

Newsday 5/28/03 "Potter" Publisher Cutting Jobs

Press Gazette 5/28/03 Badger to provide paper for new ‘Harry Potter’ book

Teen Hollywood 5/28/03 Four arrested over Harry Potter books

Tuscaloosa News 5/27/03 Harry Potter and the magic of reading

The Gazette 5/26/03 Harry Potter is good for science

Teen Hollywood 5/26/03 Harry Potter Book is Huge!

The Age 5/25/03 Potter fans await countdown

NZ Herald 5/23/03 Harry Potter's magic kept secret

Forbes 5/21/03 Shipping Harry Potter's magic may prove tricky

Forbes 5/21/03 Amazon says latest Harry Potter fastest ever seller

BBC 5/21/03 Fifth Potter 'to break online records'

Ananova 5/19/03 Harry Potter 'to smash US records'

Press and Journal 5/17/03 Heavy Rain Halts Harry Potter Filming In Glen

Sunday Mail 5/17/03 Hagrid's Double

BBC 5/17/03 Top 100 books are child's play

Glasgow Herald 5/16/03 Harry Potter crew takes to the hills

Financial Times 5/16/03 It's a kind of magic

Ananova 5/16/03 Youth apologises to JK Rowling for Potter theft

AJC 5/14/03 Man Pleads Guilty to Harry Potter Theft

BBC 5/14/03 Man admits stealing Potter book

Ananova 5/14/03 Driver admits Potter book theft

Sydney Morning Herald 5/12/03 Jane Austen tops Harry Potter

The Age 5/12/03 Harry Potter lawyers get injunction
Herald Sun 5/11/03 Countdown to Harry hysteria

Teen Hollywood 5/10/03 Newspaper Foils Harry Potter Book Scam

BBC 5/9/03 Four charged over Potter book

Ananova 5/9/03 Four charged over Harry Potter thefts

CBS 5/9/03 Plot To Steal Harry Potter #5 Foiled

BBC 5/8/03 Four held after Potter find

NY Times 5/8/03 Four Arrested Over Dumped New Harry Potter Books

Media Guardian 5/7/03 Harry Potter and the riddle of the proofs

Ananova 5/6/03 Harry Potter suspected book theft confirmed

Ananova 5/6/03 Police investigate suspected theft of latest Potter book

Ananova 5/6/03 Copies of fifth Harry Potter novel found dumped in field

BBC 5/6/03 Unpublished Potter 'dumped in field'

Newindpress.com 5/5/03 Harry Potter's Bengali plotters face legal action

Morning Herald 5/4/03 Harry Potter weaves novel bit of history

Sunday Herald 5/4/03 Harry Potter's magic touch is wizard for Milton Hotels

BBC 5/2/03 Rowling treat for Potter fans

Ananova 5/1/03 Rowling to take Harry Potter to Albert Hall

Baltimore Sun 4/30/03 Harry Potter and the Internet hoax

Ananova 4/30/03 Harry Potter thanked for boosting boarding school numbers

BBC 4/30/03 'Potter in Calcutta' banned

CNN 4/29/03 Museum links burning of Harry Potter stories to Nazi book burning

NY Daily News 4/29/03 Tall 'Order' for Potter fans

Zap2It 4/28/03 Muggles Pilfer Potter Pieces from Scottish Set

Ananova 4/28/03 Harry Potter fans take souvenirs from Scottish film set

Ananova 4/26/03 Harry Potter author 'worth more than the Queen'

New Zealand Herald 4/24/03 Harry Potter items stolen

Media Guardian 4/24/03 Harry Potter is wizard for tourism

BBC 4/23/03 Judge overturns Potter 'ban'

CBS 4/23/03 Harry Potter Beats His Foes - Again

News.com.au 4/22/03 Harry Potter star in doldrums

Seattle PI 4/21/03 Libraries stock up on Potter

Ananova 4/21/03 Lord of the Rings in classical favourites top 10

The Trades 4/19/03 "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - DVD" Review

Jam! 4/18/03 Harry Potter, right to your door!

NY Times 4/17/03 Enchantment: 'Potter' Moves 6 Million on Day 1

Toronto Star 4/16/03 Imagining Harry Potter's next adventure

News.com.au 4/16/03 Harry hoax fools Aussies

BBC 4/14/03 Potter DVD breaks record

Business Journal 4/14/03 Aspyr to release 'Harry Potter' game

Ananova 4/13/03 Harry Potter breaks DVD sales record

Ananova 4/13/03 Children 'terrified' of Draco Malfoy actor

Chicago Tribune 4/12/03 Secret is out: `Harry Potter' magic runs out

Washington Post 4/12/03 Unlocking the Magic of Harry Potter

Boston Channel 4/11/03 Harry Potter's 'Chamber Of Secrets'

Washington Post 4/11/03 "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" (PG)

BBC 4/11/03 Harry Potter secrets 'revealed'

Ananova 4/11/03 Harry Potter most popular library book

Jam! 4/11/03 Discs full of Potter magic

Dallas Morning News 4/11/03 DVD review: Hurray for Harry

Zap2It 4/10/03 See Photos of Star-Studded 'Harry Potter' DVD Launch

BBC 4/10/03 Dawn French takes Potter role

Ananova 4/9/03 French to star in Potter film

BBC 4/9/03 Harry Potter DVD launch

BBC 4/9/03 Potter DVD unlocks more secrets

BBC 4/9/03 Fourth Potter 'to make two films'

Detroit News 4/8/03 'Harry' spooks competition with release

Detroit Free Press 4/8/03 The kids will want to have a user-friendlier 'Potter'

Ottawa Citizen 4/7/03 Darker, scarier Harry Potter returns in Chamber of Secrets

UPI 4/7/03 Video of the Week: 'Harry Potter'

San Diego Union Tribune 4/5/03 New Harry Potter book spells cash for local distributor

BBC 4/3/03 Rowling blocks Grotter release

Ananova 4/3/03 Harry Potter triumphs over Russian rival

BBC 4/2/03 Special report from Harry Potter 3 location

Daily Record 3/31/03 Triple Take at Harry's Magic Bus

New Haven Register 3/31/03 Some churches want schools to ban ‘Harry Potter’

Edinburgh News 3/29/03 JK sees Sense for charity sale

Zap2It 3/28/03 'Harry Potter' and 'Troy' Walkout Averted

This Is Hertfordshire 3/27/03 Harry Potter strike averted at eleventh hour

BBC 3/27/03 Deadline looms for Potter walkout

BBC 3/27/03 'Grotter' author defends 'satire'

Zap2It 3/26/03 Walkout May Delay Next 'Harry Potter' Film

BBC 3/26/03 Pay dispute could hit Potter film

Ananova 3/25/03 Potter takes on Grotter in Dutch court

Washington Post 3/25/03 'Phoenix' Uncovered

BBC 3/24/03 JK Rowling celebrates birth of son

Ananova 3/24/03 Baby joy for Potter author

Sunday Herald 3/23/03 Now Harry Potter has got into Oxford ... the dictionary, that is

Guardian 3/23/03 Harry Potter goes to China

Toronto Star 3/22/03 Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix will have two cover designs

This is London 3/21/03 First sight of new Potter

BBC 3/20/03 Harry Potter lifts Bloomsbury

NY Times 3/19/03 Scholastic Posts $500,000 Loss in Quarter

Forbes 3/18/03 Random House to publish 5th Harry Potter audiobook

Sky.com 3/17/03 Harry Potter Online Bids

BBC 3/17/03 Fifth Harry Potter up for auction

Ananova 3/17/03 Next Harry Potter book in online charity auction

News.com.au 3/14/03 Japan ready to pulp Potter

Japan Today 3/13/03 Harry Potter luster wears off as unsold books pile up

BBC 3/13/03 Rowling seeks ban on Grotter book

Internet Wire 3/11/03 Harry Potter Fans Go "Batty" for Alivan's

Daily Record 3/11/03 Harry Parroter

St Petersburg Times 3/10/03 Be patient about Potter

BBC 3/5/03 Location report from Harry Potter 3 filming

BBC 3/5/03 Potter first edition fetches £1,400

KHBS 3/4/03 Parents Sue Over School Library's 'Harry Potter' Policy

Ananova 3/3/03 Russian 'Harry Potter' stands for office

Zap2It 3/2/03 New 'Harry Potter' Director Discusses First Week of Filming

Zap2It 2/26/03 'Harry Potter' Author Lends Voice to 'The Simpsons'

Daily Telegraph 2/26/03 Harry Potter artist forced into exile by house prices

BBC 2/26/03 Simpsons date for Potter author

Ananova 2/26/03 JK Rowling to feature in The Simpsons

Washington Post 2/24/03 Artist Adds Magic to Harry Potter Books

Ananova 2/23/03 Fire at Harry Potter film location

BBC 2/21/03 North East farewell to Harry Potter

BBC 2/21/03 Gambon takes Harris Potter role

Ananova 2/21/03 Gambon confirmed as new Dumbledore

BBC 2/19/03 Branagh back on London stage

Herald Sun 2/17/03 Harry Potter lives ... in Ukraine

Dallas Morning News 2/17/03 Guidebook spells out the magic of Harry Potter

Sunday Mail 2/16/03 Harry Potter and the 1/2 Price Order of the Phoenix

Chicago Sun-Times 2/12/03 'Harry Potter' publisher's shares tumble

Seattle Times 2/12/03 Massive sales seen for 'Potter' book

Coming Soon! 2/12/03 Harry Potter 3 Already Filming in London

USA Today 2/11/03 New 'Harry Potter' book gets massive print run

Motley Fool 2/11/03 Harry Potter and the Scholastic Stoned

Ananova 2/11/03 French and Saunders to send-up Harry Potter

Zap2It 2/4/03 Frodo Baggins Vs. Harry Potter -- Comparing the Classic Characters

BBC 2/3/03 Harry Potter gets Vatican's blessing

CNN 2/3/03 Does Putin have a case against the 'Harry Potter' house elf?

NJ.com 2/3/03 Vatican gives thumbs up to Harry Potter's good vs. evil morals

Sunday Herald 2/2/03 JK Rowling: I'm putting baby before Harry Potter

Scotland on Sunday 2/2/03 Harry Potter and the mystery of empty libraries

Toronto Star 2/1/03 Putting the Putin in Potter

Sunday Herald 2/1/03 JK Rowling: I'm putting baby before Harry Potter

BBC 1/31/03 Potter pays for teenager's studies

Ananova 1/31/03 Harry Potter beats Tolkien book at auction

Dallas Morning News 1/30/03 Latest 'Potter' is epic size

San Francisco Examiner 1/30/03 Harry Potter X old hat here

Ananova 1/28/03 Potter and Gandalf to do battle at auction

Ananova 1/28/03 Possible court action over Dobby-Putin resemblance

Zap2It 1/27/03 David Thewlis Goes Soft on Harry Potter

BBC 1/26/03 Fifth Potter book 'too pricey' for US libraries

The Smoking Gun 1/25/03 Harry Potter 

Ananova 1/24/03 David Thewlis joins Harry Potter 3

The Age 1/23/03 Top security over release of new Harry Potter 

Sydney Morning Herald 1/22/03 Harry Potter pills seized

Dallas Morning News 1/22/03 'Harry Potter' sequel to be released on DVD, video in April

Zap2It 1/22/03 Secrets Come with Latest 'Harry Potter' DVD Set for April

Toronto Star 1/22/03 The enormity of Harry

BBC 1/20/03 Fans rush to join Potter extras school

Washington Post 1/17/03 New Harry Potter Book Gets Record Orders

Buffalo News 1/17/03 Harry Potter keeps local Quebecor plant busy

Ananova 1/17/03 Thousands of Harry Potter fans pre-order new book

BBC 1/16/03 Shops see Order-ing of the Phoenix frenzy

Dallas Morning News 1/16/03 Potter promises more magic than ever

Ananova 1/15/03 Spall to 'star in next Harry Potter film'

BBC 1/15/03 June debut for Potter latest

Ananova 1/15/03 Harry Potter book to hit shops in June

MTV.com 1/10/03 Harry Potter, Get Ready To Meet Count Dracula

Ananova 1/9/03 Harry Potter film boosts Bloomsbury

Ananova 1/8/03 Gary Oldman 'in talks to join Harry Potter 3'

Sun Herald 1/5/03 Harry Potter's Punta Gorda connection

BBC 1/3/03 Warner Bros hails Potter magic

icWales 12/31/02 Harry Potter no racist rules Russian court

Miami Herald 12/29/02 Scouts in Thailand Seek 'Harry Potter'

Journal Star 12/28/02 Wizard sparks Harry's reversal of fortune

La Crosse Tribune 12/28/02 Bishop ponders Potter's future

Coming Soon! 12/27/02 McKellen Has NOT Been Cast as Dumbledore!

Jam! 12/27/02 McKellen to Replace Harris as Dumbeldore

CNN 12/26/02 Wizard Potter in hate inquiry

Sky.com 12/21/02 Will It Be Harry McPotter?

Seattle Times 12/20/02 The further (imagined) adventures of one Harry Potter

BBC 12/20/02 Filming for Harry Potter 3 set for Scotland

Japan Today 12/17/02 Magic hasn't gone to Harry Potter star Radcliffe's head

New Zealand Herald 12/16/02 Te Papa treat for Rings fans

New Zealand Herald 12/16/02 'Saruman' mum on Harry Potter role

BBC 12/12/02 Potter teaser sells for £28,680

BBC 12/11/02 Potter fans bid for story clues

New Haven Register 12/8/02 Harry Potter site enlists fans’ help

ABC28 12/8/02 Group hoping to make fan bid for clues to next Potter book

icWales 12/5/02 JK Rowling helps MS sufferers

New Zealand Herald 12/5/02 Harry Potter adventures offer lessons to social workers

Capital 9 News 12/3/02 Harry Potter in 2004

BBC 12/2/02 Potter flies back to top US box office

Teen Hollywood 11/30/02 Potter Bosses Won't Lend Name Out

Citizen Times 11/29/02 Harry Potter books encourage kids to use their imagination

Dallas Morning News 11/28/02 Harry Potter, Peter Pan a threat, preacher says

BBC 11/26/02 Policeman fined over Harry Potter fraud

BBC 11/26/02 Potter breaks its own UK record

Film Jerk 11/25/02 Growing Up is Hard to Do: “Harry Potter and Mystery of Shaving”

The Age 11/25/02 Hooked on Harry Potter

BBC 11/25/02 Bond outwits Potter at box office

Toledo Blade 11/24/02 The world of Harry Potter

News.com.au 11/23/02 Harry Potter school vandalised

Free Lance Star 11/23/02 Harry Potter: Moral of the story is morality

Fox News 11/22/02 Branagh Steals the Show in Potter

BBC 11/19/02 Daniel has no plans to act after Potter

BBC 11/18/02 JK Rowling stops Potter book

Ananova 11/18/02 New Potter film smashes box office records
TV Guide 11/18/02 Harry Potter Star in Slugfest!

NY Daily News 11/18/02 When 'Harry' met Shady

BBC 11/18/02 Harry Potter breaks records...again

Ananova 11/18/02 New Harry Potter film tops US box office

Sky News 11/17/02 Potter Book Withdrawn

Ananova 11/17/02 Rowling's lawyers force cover change for Potter study

Zap2It 11/17/02 Q & A With the Kids Who Star in 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'

Seattle Times 11/17/02 Fans line up in rain to see new Potter film

CTV 11/17/02 Kids call new Harry Potter flick funny, cool

Zap2it 11/17/02 Director of Harry Potter Speaks about Cast and Future


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