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CTV 8/31/06 Chad returned to Idol with more maturity, skill

Metro 8/31/06 Goudie wouldn't change a thing

CTV 8/31/06 Goudie a bona fide Canadian Idol success story

Chronicle Herald 8/31/06 For Idol contender Doucette, it’s the start of something new

Metro 8/31/06 Idol dream cut short

CTV 8/31/06 Record-breaking vote count ousts Chad at Top 4

Reality TV Calendar 8/30/06 Chad Gone, Craig On Top: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 30th

Reality TV Calendar 8/30/06 And Then There Were Three: Episode 28 Recap

Reality News Online 8/30/06 Canadian Idol 4, August 29: Three Are Set for NYC

CTV 8/30/06 90-minute show finale moving to Sunday, Sept. 17

CBC News 8/30/06 Fans flock to pay phones to give Sharpe an Idol edge

Jam! 8/30/06 'Canadian Idol' judges gush over Eva

Chart Attack 8/30/06 Canadian Idol: The Douce Is Now On The Loose

CTV 8/30/06 Record-breaking vote count ousts Chad at Top 4

Chronicle Herald 8/30/06 Chad voted out of Idol competition

Inside Pulse 8/29/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 28

Beavers On Idol 8/29/06 Canadian Idol Top 4 - Judges' Choice Night

Reality News Online 8/29/06 Canadian Idol 4, August 28: Two By Four

Jam! 8/29/06 Canadian Idols to the four-front

andPop 8/29/06 We're Down To Three on Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 8/29/06 Canadian Idol: Judges Choose Songs For Final Four

Edmonton Sun 8/29/06 Fantastic four?

The Telegram 8/29/06 Craig Sharpe gets some support from home

CTV 8/29/06 Top 4 face tough assignment: singing judges' picks

Reality TV Calendar 8/27/06 And the Judges Chose…….? Episode 27 Recap

Foxes on Idol 8/29/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, August 28

CTV 8/28/06 McBride hopes Idols learn the value of their fans

Ottawa Citizen 8/28/06 All eyes on Gatineau's Idol hopeful

Jam! 8/27/06 'Idol' memories

Chronicle Herald 8/26/06 Idol hopeful thanks N.S. fans for their "amazing support’

Jam! 8/26/06 Kreviazuk no 'Idol' contestant

Leader Post 8/25/06 Tyler planning to win

Daily News 8/25/06 Canada’s East Infection going strong

The Telegram 8/25/06 Homesick, but hanging in

Ottawa Sun 8/25/06 Idol's Avila: 'I'm a firm believer in destiny'

CTV 8/25/06 The multi-talented Steffi has plans to try it all

Metro 8/25/06 'We're all going to be friends'

Reality News Online 8/24/06 Canadian Idol 4, August 22: The Final Four Is Set

Beavers On Idol 8/24/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 5 Performances

Jam! 8/24/06 'Canadian Idol' reject has no regrets

Ottawa Sun 8/24/06 No turning back on road to stardom for Gatineau's Idol

Metro 8/24/06 Steffi D: 'Experience of a lifetime'

Star Phoenix 8/24/06 Sokyrka: the real thing

Celebrity Spider 8/23/06 Tony Bennett Set for Canadian Idol Appearance

Reality Shack 8/23/06 No Curtains For This Debutante - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 26

Inside Pulse 8/23/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 21

Reality TV Calendar 8/23/06 Steffi Gone, Tyler First, Eva Drops: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 23rd

Reality TV Calendar 8/23/06 There's No Broadway In Nashville: Episode 26 Recap

Chart Attack 8/23/06 You Get What You Give With Sass Jordan

Chart Attack 8/23/06 Canadian Idol: D Is For Defeated

CTV 8/23/06 Top 3 going to New York to work with Tony Bennett

Daily News 8/23/06 Chezzetcook's Chad makes it to final four

Chart Attack 8/23/06 Canadian Idol: D Is For Defeated

Chronicle Herald 8/23/06 Chad makes it to final four

Metro 8/23/06 'They have what it takes'

Channel Canada 8/23/06 Steffi D. Walks Right Out of Canadian Idol

Jam! 8/22/06 'Canadian Idol' bids adieu to Steffi

Reality Shack 8/22/06 The Top Five Helps Us Forget About Country - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 25

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/06 What Happened To Country?

Beavers On Idol 8/22/06 Canadian Idol Top 5 - Country Night

Foxes on Idol 8/22/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, August 21

Reality News Online 8/22/06 Canadian Idol 4, August 21: A Little Bit Country

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/06 Is It A Little Bit Country? Episode 25 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/06 Have the Judges Lost their Edge?

Leader Post 8/22/06 Rockglen's Lewis wins praise

Chart Attack 8/22/06 Canadian Idol: A Little Country Gets Thrown Into The Pop Mix

The Telegram 8/22/06 ‘A little Sharpe’

andPop 8/23/06 Down to the Final Four in Canadian Idol

CTV 8/22/06 Top 5 go to Nashville and return with a twang

Jam! 8/20/06 McBride meets with Canadian Idol contestants

Daily News 8/19/06 East Chezzetcook Idolizes Chad

CTV 8/18/06 Coulter says her last song on Idol was her best

Foxes On Idol 8/18/06 Canadian Idol 4: Chasing Eva?

Inside Pulse 8/17/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 15

Inside Pulse 8/17/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 14

Beavers On Idol 8/17/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 6 Performances

Leader-Post 8/17/06 The whole town stands behind Tyler

Jam! 8/17/06 Coulter's 'Idol' experience ends

Jam! 8/16/06 'Canadian Idol' Ashley Coulter ousted

Reality TV Calendar 8/16/06 Who Gets Unplugged This Week? Episode 24 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/16/06 They Shock Us Again This Week: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 16th

Foxes On Idol 8/16/06 Canadian Idol 4: O Canada, What Hath Thou Done?

Reality News Online 8/16/06 Canadian Idol 4, August 15: The Final Five Is Set

Chart Attack 8/16/06 Canadian Idol: Coulter's Crying And Leaving

Leader Post 8/16/06 Rockglen's Lewis makes the top five

CJME 8/16/06 Lewis on Cloud 9, Rockglen Enjoying the Ride

Chronicle Herald 8/16/06 Chad’s fans happy he’s still part of Idol show

London Free Press 8/16/06 Ashley Coulter reflects on being bounced from Canadian Idol

Beavers On Idol 8/15/06 Canadian Idol Top 6 - Unplugged Night 8/15/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 18: Top Ten - Week Five

Reality News Online 8/15/06 Canadian Idol 4, August 14: Idol Unplugged

Foxes On Idol 8/15/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, August 14

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/06 Unplugging The Top Six: Episode 23 Recap

Chart Attack 8/15/06 Canadian Idol: Mixed Advice From Chantal Kreviazuk

Hamilton Spectator 8/15/06 Canadian Idol 'chameleon' wows fans with new look

CTV 8/15/06 Unplugged show displays Top 6 Idols' raw talent

The Telegram 8/15/06 Great voice but …

Windsor Star 8/14/06 Idol hopeful's fans hooked up

Metro 8/14/06 Kreviazuk plays mentor

CTV 8/14/06 Kreviazuk takes Canadian Idol unplugged

Jam! 8/13/06 Kreviazuk to make 'Idol' appearance

Beavers On Idol 8/13/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 7 Performances

Toronto Star 8/13/06 Smaller flock for Idol?

CTV 8/12/06 Focus on artistry over celebrity, says Kreviazuk

CTV 8/11/06 James says Idol convinced him to never give up

Reality Shack 8/10/06 Leaving the Past Behind Us - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 22

Jam! 8/10/06 'Canadian Idol' Rob not bitter

CTV 8/10/06 James' last song on Idol leaves judges dancing

CTV 8/10/06 Idols shine after advice from seasoned rockers

Winnepeg Sun 8/10/06 Fallen Idol?

Chronicle Herald 8/10/06 Doucette gets unplugged with Idol contestants

Metro 8/10/06 James pleased with 'Idol' effort

Inside Pulse 8/9/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 8

Reality News Online 8/9/06 Canadian Idol 4, August 8: The Cast Shrinks Again

Reality TV Calendar 8/9/06 Sad But No Shocker This Week: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 9th

Reality TV Calendar 8/9/06 Canadian Idol Or Teeny Bop Idol: Episode 22 Recap

London Free Press 8/9/06 London's Coulter still in race

Ottawa Sun 8/9/06 Local lasses land in Canadian Idol Top 6

Chart Attack 8/9/06 Canadian Idol: No Bartles, No McMaster, And Now No James

The Trades 8/8/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 17: Top Ten - Week Four

Inside Pulse 8/8/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 7

Reality News Online 8/8/06 Canadian Idol 4, August 7: Classic

Beavers On Idol 8/8/06 Canadian Idol Top 7 - Classic Rock Night

Reality Shack 8/8/06 The Top Seven Returns to Classic Rock - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 21

Reality TV Calendar 8/8/06 Living in the Seventies: Episode 21 Recap

Foxes on Idol 8/8/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, August 7

Chart Attack 8/8/06 Canadian Idol: Monday Night's Show Was Classic

Vancouver Sun 8/7/06 Elvis Stojko sings on upcoming album by Canadian Idol contestants

Beavers On Idol 8/6/06 Hedley Is Hardly Fading, but Shows How It's Done

Reality Shack 8/5/06 Who Stands Out As The Most Unoriginal? - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 20

CTV 8/5/06 Jones says he'd like to work for Canadian Idol

CTV 8/4/06 Rockers caution Idols against losing their roots

Beavers On Idol 8/4/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 8 Performances

Metro 8/4/06 Rock legends head to Idol set

Inside Pulse 8/2/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 1

Chart Attack 8/2/06 Canadian Idol: Little Girls Disappointed As Brandon Jones Is Tossed

Beavers On Idol 8/2/06 Canadian Idol: Can It Be Successful if All the Winners Fade Away?

Reality TV Calendar 8/2/06 Bopping Our Way To A Top Seven: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 2nd

Reality TV Calendar 8/2/06 She Bops Another One: Top 8 Results Show Recap

Reality News Online 8/2/06 Canadian Idol 4, August 1: The First Surprising Result

London Free Press 8/2/06 Local favourite among seven finalists on Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 8/1/06 Canadian Idol: The '80s Bring Out The Best In Some, But Not Others

Reality Shack 8/1/06 Fine 80’s Dining With The Top Eight - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 19

Inside Pulse 8/1/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - July 31

Beavers On Idol 8/1/06 Canadian Idol Top 8 - 80s Review

The Trades 8/1/2006 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 16: Top Ten - Week Three

Foxes On Idol 8/1/06 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 4, July 31

The Star 8/1/06 No shortcuts, Lauper tells Idols

Reality TV Calendar 8/1/06 Bopping with Cyndi: Top 8 Performance Show Recap

Reality News Online 8/1/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 31: Misses of the Eighties

The Telegram 8/1/06 More rave reviews for Sharpe

CTV 7/31/06 Cyndi Lauper dispenses advice to Canadian Idols

Beavers On Idol 7/30/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 9 Performances

Beavers On Idol 7/28/06 The Power of Regional Voting on Canadian Idol

Metro 7/28/06 Former Canadian Idol finalists release CD as members of new group Braided

Metro 7/27/06 Former finalists weave together band Braided

Metro 7/27/06 Loverock leaves satisfied

Inside Pulse 7/26/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - July 25

Inside Pulse 7/26/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - July 24

Reality Shack 7/26/06 The Final Nine Sing the Rolling Stones - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 17

The Trades 7/26/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 15: Top Ten - Week Two

Reality TV Calendar 7/26/06 Should We Raise The Age Limit?

Reality TV Calendar 7/26/06 A Stone's Throw Away: Episode 18 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/26/06 The Rolling Stones Produce A Top 8: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 26th

Reality News Online 7/26/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 25: And Then There Were Eight

Chart Attack 7/26/06 Canadian Idol: No Love For Loverock

Beavers On Idol 7/25/06 Simon Cowell Comments on Canadian Idol Top 9 Performances

Reality News Online 7/25/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 24: Another Idol First!

Foxes on Idol 7/25/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, July 24

Reality TV Calendar 7/25/06 Rolling With The Stones: Episode 17 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/25/06 What's in a Theme? 7/25/06 Judges gush over latest Canadian Idol finalists

Chart Attack 7/25/06 Canadian Idol: Finalists Show Their Stones 7/25/06 Elvis Stojko sings on upcoming album by Canadian Idol contestants 7/25/06 Idols trying the high life

Beavers On Idol 7/22/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 10 Performances

Metro 7/20/06 Music Pursuit Not Over

Metro 7/20/06 Idol Chaperones Keep Hopefuls Going

The Trades 7/19/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 14: Top Ten - Week One

Reality TV Calendar 7/19/06 The Top Nine: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 19th

Reality Shack 7/19/06 There’s No Emo in Elimination - Canadian Idol, Episode 16

Reality TV Calendar 7/19/06 And Tonight's Loser Is? Episode 16 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/19/06 It Shouldn't Be Bigger Than An Election

Reality News Online 7/19/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 18: And Then There Were Nine

Chart Attack 7/19/06 Canadian Idol: Durst Is The Worst, And We Don't Mean Fred

Metro 7/19/06 A Taste of Fame, Fortune

Toronto Star 7/19/06 Taste of high life for Idol hopefuls

Jewish Canadian News 7/19/06 Jewish Canadian Idol contestant falls short of top 10

Inside Pulse 7/18/06 Canadian Idol - Recap

Jam! 7/18/06 Kati booted from 'Canadian Idol'

Reality Shack 7/18/06 Nelly Furtado Coaches the Top Ten - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 15

Foxes On Idol 7/18/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, July 17

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/06 Canadian Idols Sing Canadian Hits: Episode 15 Recap

Reality News Online 7/18/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 17: Canada Rocks

Jam! 7/18/06 'Canadian Idol' Top 10 living it up

Chart Attack 7/18/06 Canadian Idol: Competitors Cover Canadian Songs

Calgary Herald 7/18/06 Canadian Idol's top 10 has been chosen -- how long will they stay in the spotlight?

Reality News Online 7/17/06 The Canadian Idol 4 Top Ten Preview

Inside Pulse 7/17/06 Canadian Idol - Recap

Jam! 7/17/06 It's a battle of the sexes on 'Idol'

Inside Pulse 7/17/06 Live Canadian Idol Recap - July 10

Beavers On Idol 7/16/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 14 Performances

Reality Shack 7/14/06 The Suspense Doesn’t Kill Me, but Stabs Me Slowly - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 14

Beavers On Idol 7/14/06 Predictions for Canadian Idol 4

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/06 Initial Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 13th

The Trades 7/13/06 Canadian Idol 4- Episode 13: The Final Ten

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/06 A "Shocking" Top 10 Revealed

Reality Shack 7/13/06 Guys Make Their Final Attempts to Woo Us - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 13

Chart Attack 7/13/06 Canadian Idol: Down To The Final 10

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/06 And The Top Ten Is..... Episode 14 Recap

Reality News Online 7/13/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 12: The Top Ten, Revealed

Inside Pulse 7/12/06 Canadian Idol - Recap

The Trades 7/12/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 12: Men's Auditions Week 3

Reality Shack 7/12/06 Ladies' Turn to Cook, Crash, and Burn - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 12

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/06 Come On People - Get The Look!

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/06 Ranking The Top 7 Guys

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/06 The Guys Step It Up - 5 Will Survive: Episode 13 Recap

Foxes On Idol 7/12/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, July 11

Reality News Online 7/12/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 11: Seven Up!

Goderich Signal-Star 7/12/06 Kati Durst one step away from Idol top ten

Chart Attack 7/12/06 Canadian Idol: The Men Rise To The Occasion

Jam! 7/12/06 Furtado, Lauper to be 'Idol' coaches

Inside Pulse 7/11/06 Live Canadian Idol Recap - July 10

Reality TV Calendar 7/11/06 Ranking The Top 7 Girls

The Trades 7/11/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 11: Women's Auditions Week 3

Inside Pulse 7/11/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - July 10

Chart Attack 7/11/06 Canadian Idol: Which Women Will Stick?

Reality News Online 7/11/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 10: No One Is Ever Safe

Jam! 7/11/06 Rex Goudie knows the ropes

Reality TV Calendar 7/11/06 The Girls Shine - But Two Will Leave: Episode 12 Recap

Jam! 7/11/06 Melissa O'Neil chasing big dreams

Foxes On Idol 7/11/06 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 4, July 10

Beavers On Idol 7/11/06 Ryan Malcolm + Great Musicians = Low Level Flight

CTV 7/11/06 Top 14 ladies sing like it's their last chance

Winnipeg Sun 7/11/06 Local Idol hopefuls' mentors cheer on their boys

Abbotsford News 7/11/06 Berry, berry good time!

Regina Leader-Post 7/11/06 Sask. is ringing those phones

Reality TV Calendar 7/10/06 Wildcard or No Wildcard

CTV 7/9/06 Eliminated Top 18 Idols have CD release plan

Abbotsford News 7/8/06 Neufeld falls short on votes

Beavers On Idol 7/7/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 18 Performances

Jam! 7/7/06 Calgary’s Klazek not Canadian Idol material

Coast Reporter 7/7/06 Loverock advances to final 14

Reality Shack 7/6/06 Sighs of Relief - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 11

Chart Attack 7/6/06 Canadian Idol: Four More Go Down For The Count

Reality TV Calendar 7/6/06 Commentary: So Much for My Predictions

Reality News Online 7/6/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 5: The Results 7/6/06 Canadian Idol: Alisha Nauth cut? WTF?!

Reality TV Calendar 7/6/06 The First Shocker Of The Season: Episode 11 Recap

Winnipeg Sun 7/6/06 Winnipeg duo still standing after this week's Idol vote

Jam! 7/6/06 Calgarian out at 'Idol'

The Telegram Online 7/6/06 Local teen going to next round of Canadian Idol

London Free Press 7/6/06 Local Canadian Idol hopefuls advance to next show

Inside Pulse 7/5/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - July 5

Reality Shack 7/5/06 Where's the Emotion? - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 10 7/5/06 Canadian Idol: Girls far superior

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/06 Predictions for Guys' Top 7

Chart Attack 7/5/06 Canadian Idol: The Women Won This Week

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/06 Predictions for Girls' Top 7

Metro 7/5/06 School Fuels Idol Hopeful 

CTV 7/5/06 Idol fans oust panel favourites in Top 18 cuts

Discover Moose Jaw 7/5/06 Canadian Idol Chaos

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/06 Commentary: Who Besides Us Wants to See It?

CTV 7/5/06 Jake declares Idol's ladies the winners of Top 18

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/06 Snap! Sizzle! And Flop? Top 9 Girls Performance Recap

Foxes On Idol 7/5/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, July 4

Reality News Online 7/5/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 4: Nine Ladies Hit the Floor

Goderich Signal-Star 7/5/06 Kati Durst flies through opening Idol vote

Winnipeg Sun 7/5/06 Can our boys survive tonight's Idol purge?

Always Reality Television 7/4/06 7/4 Recap - Magic Carpet Burn

Always Reality Television 7/4/06 7/3 Recap - Mama, He's Coming Home

Foxes on Idol 7/4/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, July 3 7/4/06 Canadian Idol: Only one guy shining

Peace River Record Gazette 7/4/06 Idol hopeful hangs on for next round of competition

Chart Attack 7/4/06 Canadian Idol: The Men Stumble A Bit

Reality News Online 7/4/06 Canadian Idol 4, July 3: And then There Were Nine

Reality Shack 7/4/06 A Variety of Cheeses – Canadian Idol 4, Episode 9

Inside Pulse 7/4/06 Live Canadian Idol Recap - July 3

Reality TV Calendar 7/4/06 Commentary: What Is An Idol Anyway?

Inside Pulse 7/4/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - July 3

Reality TV Calendar 7/4/06 And Things Heat Up: Top 9 Guys Performance Recap

The Trades 7/4/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 09: Men's Auditions Week 2

Vermilion Standard 7/4/06 Brown voted off

CTV 7/4/06 Idols face challenge: mix it up or play to strengths

London Free Press 7/4/06 Family helps to spread the word about Goderich-area Idol hopeful

Winnipeg Sun 7/3/06 Round 2 for Idol 'Peggers

Beavers On Idol 7/2/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 22 Performances

Always Reality Television 7/1/06 6/27-28 Recap - C'est La Vie

Beavers On Idol 7/1/06 Television Ratings Reveal Possible Trouble in Canadian Idol Land

Always Reality Television 7/1/06 6/26 Recap - Throwing Garbage Cans

Reality TV Calendar 6/30/06 First Eliminations Are No Great Surprise

Winnipeg Sun 6/30/06 'Peg's Koz still upbeat despite Idol banishment

CTV 6/29/06 Eliminated competitors say Idol gave inspiration

Reality Shack 6/29/06 Farewell to Four Forgettables - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 8

Chart Attack 6/29/06 Canadian Idol: The Public Eliminates Its First Four Contestants

Reality News Online 6/29/06 Canadian Idol 4, June 28: The First Results

Reality TV Calendar 6/29/06 The First Eliminations Give Us A Top 18: Episode 8 Recap

CTV 6/29/06 Valerie, Nathan, Koz and Anna-Belle voted off

Edmonton Journal 6/29/06 Edmontonian dropped from Idol lineup

Calgary Sun 6/29/06 Local Idol safe

Winnipeg Sun 6/29/06 It's a lost Koz for Canadian Idol 6/29/06 Canadian Idol: Trimming the fat

Waterloo Record 6/29/06 Kitchener teen makes Idol cut

Inside Pulse 6/28/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - June 28

The Trades 6/28/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 07: Women's Auditions Week 1

Reality Shack 6/28/06 Top 11 Females Shake Things Up - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 7

Chart Attack 6/28/06 Canadian Idol: The Best Male Lineup Any Idol Has Ever Seen?

Chart Attack 6/28/06 Canadian Idol: Gals Can't Match The Guys

Reality News Online 6/28/06 Canadian Idol 4, June 27: My 11-Woman Fantasy

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/06 The Girls Versus The Guys

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/06 Ranking The Girls

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/06 Do The Girls Just Want to Have Fun? Episode 7 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/06 Ranking The Guys

Goderich Signal-Star 6/28/06 Goderich businesses, residents crazy for Kati

Metro 6/28/06 All about powerful performances

Inside Pulse 6/27/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - June 27

Reality Shack 6/27/06 Top Eleven Males Show Canada Their Pipes - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 6

Reality News Online 6/27/06 Canadian Idol 4, June 26: The Holy Trinity

Reality TV Calendar 6/27/06 Top 22 Boys & Girls: A Test Of The New System

Reality TV Calendar 6/27/06 The Best Male Line Up Ever? Episode 6 Recap 6/27/06 Canadian Idol: Boys fail to impress

Record Gazette 6/27/06 Canadian Idol hopeful performs live in top 22

Vermilion Standard 6/27/06 Dewberry Idol

Jam! 6/26/06 Idol contestants not so naive after all

Jam! 6/26/06 'Canadian Idol' awaits your vote

Always Reality Television 6/25/06 6/20 Recap - Another 114 Bite The Dust

Chronicle Herald 6/23/06 There’s something about Doucette

Market News 6/23/06 Telus Sponsors Canadian Idol

Meridian Booster 6/23/06 Dewberry local next Canadian Idol? 6/23/06 Calgary Idol sings in Canadian Idol

Reality Shack 6/22/06 Daring Duos and Strong Solos - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 5

Reality Shack 6/22/06 Contestants Fly Solo and Together for the Judges - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 4

Beavers On Idol 6/22/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 22 Contestants

Always Reality Television 6/22/06 6/20 Recap - Singing All Day and All Through the Night

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/06 Avid, Ardent, And Passionate Supporters

Reality News Online 6/22/06 Canadian Idol 4, June 20: 212 Into 22 - It Just Doesn't Go

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/06 Airtime Versus Fair Time

Abbotsford News 6/22/06 Abby’s Idol in the finals

Chronicle Herald 6/22/06 East Chezzetcook singer in Canadian Idol’s Top 22

Regina Leader-Post 6/22/06 Rockglen adores hometown 'Idol' finalist

Reality TV Calendar 6/21/06 And The Top 22 Is? Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/21/06 Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Episode 4 Recap

Chart Attack 6/21/06 There's No Crying In Baseball, But There Is On Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 6/21/06 Canadian Idol Cuts Contestants From 212 To 44

Caledon Citizen 6/21/06 Jordan Fine makes top 100 of Canadian Idol

Signal Star 6/21/06 Hometown Idol going strong in nationwide competition

Winnipeg Sun 6/21/06 Trio of 'Tobans survive Idol cull

650 CKOM 6/21/06 Menus Changing in Honor of Idol Hopeful

Regina Leader-Post 6/21/06 Rockglen man is a 'Canadian Idol' semifinalist

24 Hours Vancouver 6/21/06 Two from B.C. battle it out on Canadian Idol

Jam! 6/20/06 'Canadian Idol' contestants named

Winnipeg Sun 6/19/06 Getting the scoop on Canadian Idol

Canada NewsWire 6/18/06 Scheduling Alert - Monday's Canadian Idol Moves to Tuesday, June 20 at 8 p.m.

CTV 6/17/06 Amber, Ashley and Casey release single to radio 6/17/06 Canadian Idol slightly better than American Idol

CTV 6/15/06 Top 22 to be announced on Tuesday's Idol episode

Reality Shack 6/13/06 The Final Fires of Canada - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 3

Reality News Online 6/13/06 Canadian Idol 4, June 12: Klaatu Barada Nikto

Reality TV Calendar 6/13/06 The Viewers Get What They Want

Reality TV Calendar 6/13/06 It's All About the Good(s) - Episode 3 Recap

Jam! 6/13/06 Ottawa busboy steals 'Idol' show

Chronicle Herald 6/13/06 18 Nova Scotians advance in Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 6/13/06 Canadian Idol's First Round Ends With More Hilarity

Jam! 6/13/06 Canuck Idol winners 'Let It Go'

Jam! 6/13/06 'Tobans strike 'Idol' gold

CTV 6/12/06 Rex and Melissa lean on each other

Metro 6/12/06 Rex, Melissa hit high note

Beavers On Idol 6/10/06 As the Idol Empire Starts to Crack, American Idol Remains the Jewel in the Crown

CTV 6/9/06 Idol's judges defend their Episode 2 outbursts

Reality TV Calendar 6/7/06 The Judges Explode! The Fans Are Angry!

Beavers On Idol 6/7/06 How to Put a Canadian Performer onto the American Idol Stage

Reality Shack 6/6/06 High Strung Judges for Every Bad Note - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 2

Fans Of Reality TV 6/6/06 Do You Know "When Monkeys Fly Out Of My Butt"?

CTV 6/6/06 Judges lose their cool on Idol's second episode

Winnipeg Sun 6/6/06 More local faces on Idol

Reality News Online 6/6/06 Canadian Idol 4, June 5: The Monday Night Fights

Reality TV Calendar 6/6/06 The Judges Versus The Judges: Episode 2 Recap

Metro 6/6/06 Judges throw huge fit on Canuck Idol

Chart Attack 6/6/06 Canadian Idol Judge Attempts To Brain Contestant With Trash Can 6/5/06 Why no Canadian Idol in U.S.?

Beavers On Idol 6/5/06 Top 30 Performances from Canadian Idol

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Chart Attack 2/14/06 Juatco Joins "Bentastic" Mulroney On Canadian Idol

Reality TV Links 2/3/06 Casting Call - Canadian Idol

Edmonton Sun 2/3/06 Hot date for Idol hopefuls

Winnipeg Sun 2/2/06 Portage Place to host Canadian Idol auditions

Channel Canada 1/30/06 Canadian Idol Winner Melissa O'Neil To Co-Host CTV's eTalk Daily on February 1st

The Telegram Online 1/30/06 Sexy Rexy’s a good sport

Soul Shine 1/20/06 Canadian Idol Auditions Open Nationwide Next Month

Chart Attack 1/19/06 Canadian Idol Adds The Yukon To Try-Out Locales

Beavers On Idol 1/19/06 Kalan Porter's Sophomore Expectation

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Jam! 1/18/06 'Canadian Idol' widens search

Chart Attack 1/18/06 Canadian Idol Returning For Season Four

Jam! 1/18/06 Yellowknife, Kitchener, Ont., among cities to host Cdn Idol auditions

Celebrity Spider 1/17/06 CTV Announces Fourth Season of Canadian Idol

Beavers On Idol 1/17/06 Rex Goudie's Music in Review

Beavers On Idol 12/31/05 Snow White and the Group of Seven: The Complete Spoiler of the Toronto Musical 12/29/05 ‘Idol’ good news story of ‘05

Winnipeg Free Press 12/22/05 Idol rivals now best buds, touring together 12/16/05 Goudie fans raise much stink over video snub

Chart Attack 12/12/05 One Idol Runner-Up To Another 12/11/05 - Melissa O’Neil arrives with “Melissa O’Neil”

Jam! 12/11/05 Idol's Rex Goudie releases album

Jam! 12/10/05 Idol's sexy Rex

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Edmonton Sun 11/27/05 Adjusting to instant stardom

Jam! 11/26/05 Canadian Idol winner returns to Calgary

Calgary Sun 11/26/05 From Idol to high gear

CBC Newfoundland 11/18/05 Goudie foundation raises money for dialysis

Beavers On Idol 11/13/05 Jason Greeley's Live...Love...Sing - Review

Beavers On Idol 11/8/05 Jason Greeley Entertainer of the Year

Beavers On Idol 11/7/05 Rex Goudie to Perform at Mile One Stadium in St. John's

Foxes on Idol 11/4/05 Canadian Idols in the Theater

CBC News 10/25/05 Early sellout dashes hopes for Goudie fans

Soul Shine 10/25/05 Hedley Take New Album Out On The Road

Jam! 10/18/05 Lowdown: Kalan Porter co-writing new album


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