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News Articles about CTV Networks Canadian Idol


Beavers On Idol 10/15/05 Dalovely Melissa O'Neil Establishes Idol Firsts in North America

London Free Press 10/8/05 Walpole uses own idols at first headlining show

London Free Press 10/6/05 Life crowded after Idol

CTV 10/3/05 Idols Soar Under Debra Byrd's wing

St. Thomas Times-Journal 9/26/05 Throng greets Walpole

Canada East 9/26/05 Way to go Casey 9/23/05 - American Idol/Canadian Idol: A Tale of Two Seasons in one year.

St. Thomas Times-Journal 9/23/05 Aaron and friends in park Sunday

Chart Attack 9/22/05 Idol Runner-Up Goudie Inks Record Deal

CTV 9/20/05 Idol champ O'Neil excited to take on unknown

Reality News Online 9/20/05 Canadian Idol 3: The Post Finale Press Conference

Foxes On Idol, 9/20/05 Interviews with Melissa O'Neil and Rex Goudie of Canadian Idol 3

Macleans 9/20/05 The Canadian Idol hits the ground running -- in circles

Reality News Online 9/19/05 Canadian Idol 3, The Finale: Ben, The Envelope Please! 9/19/05 Catching up on all the excitement.

Calgary Sun 9/17/05 Idol runner-up sings for CPO

Jam! 9/17/05 Live Review: Kalan Porter in London

The Telegram 9/15/05 Goudie loses by a hair

Chart Attack 9/15/05 All Hail Canada's First Female Idol Winner, Melissa O'Neil 9/15/05 - The Canadian Idol Finale: The King is dead. Long live the Queen.

St. Thomas Times-Journal 9/15/05 Walpole at Pinafore Sept. 25

Soul Shine 9/15/05 Melissa O’Neil Crowned First Female Canadian Idol

Toronto Star 9/15/05 A muted Melissa our first Idol queen

Edmonton Sun 9/15/05 All kneel for O'Neil

Metro 9/15/05 Idol fans pick O'Neil

Jam! 9/15/05 Calgary teen is first female 'Idol'

Reality Shack 9/15/05 Who Will Stay Alive? - Canadian Idol 3, 9-13-05

Canada NewsWire 9/15/05 Canadian Idol Rocks with Star-Studded Finale As Audience Peaks at 3.8 Million Viewers

Calgary Herald 9/14/05 Calgary teen becomes first female winner of Canadian Idol

Foxes On Idol 9/14/05 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 3 Finale

CTV 9/14/05 O'Neil and Goudie duke it out for Idol crown

Reality TV Talk 9/14/05 Canadian Idol Top 2...Rowdy Goudie vs The Concrete Angel

Inside Pulse 9/14/05 Canadian Idol - Recap - September 13

Reality News Online 9/14/05 Canadian Idol 3, The Finale Part 1: This Is It, Baby 9/14/05 - The Final 2 battle it out. Who came out on top?

Foxes On Idol 9/14/05 Live in Hamilton: A Review of the Hedley Concert Featuring Canadian Idol 2's Jacob Hoggard

Chart Attack 9/14/05 Rex Goudie And Melissa O'Neil Still Alive At Idol Showdown

Jam! 9/14/05 O'Neil soars in 'Cdn. Idol' final

Chart Attack 9/13/05 Melissa O'Neil Hopes For Idol Girl Power

Calgary Sun 9/13/05 Go Melissa!

Jam! 9/13/05 Mel vs. Sexy Rexy in 'Idol' finale

Beavers On Idol 9/12/05 Idols at the Elgin 9/12/05 The Final 2 A look Ahead: Who Will Win and Why

Chart Attack 9/12/05 Rex Goudie Goes From The Garage To Compete For Idol Gold

Times-Journal 9/12/05 Walpole wows Western fans

Channel Canada 9/12/05 Details Confirmed for Canadian Idol's Most Spectacular Show Ever

Reality Shack 9/12/05 Rat Tail Mullet Man - Canadian Idol 3, 9/7/05

Edmonton Sun 9/12/05 Rex has the Corner on Idol fans

Inside Pulse 9/11/05  Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - September 7

Inside Pulse 9/11/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - September 6

Jam! 9/11/05 'Idol' contestants search for post-TV stardom

Calgary Sun 9/10/05 Finding her voice

Inside Pulse 9/10/05 Canadian Idol - Recap - Sept 06

London Free Press 9/9/05 Porter marks Idol anniversary at Western Fair

Calgary Sun 9/9/05 Friendly giant

CFCN 9/9/05 Calgary cheers on local Idol finalist

Jam! 9/9/05 'Cdn. Idol' Walpole a gracious loser

London Free Press 9/9/05 Walpole to sing for Mustangs

Metro 9/9/05 Former Idol finalist plans to rock on

Reality News Online 9/9/05 Canadian Idol 3 Reader Poll Results: Who Will Win It All?

London Free Press 9/9/05 Walpole has 'no regrets' about Idol 9/8/05 The final is set: One guy and a girl with a mop

Chart Attack 9/8/05 Aaron Walpole Settles For Third Place On Idol

Reality Shack 9/7/05 Bare Naked - Canadian Idol 3, 9-6-05

Reality News Online 9/8/05 Canadian Idol 3, September 7: Last Step Before the Finals

CTV 9/7/05 Rex Goudie and Melissa O'Neil to Compete for Canadian Idol Crown as Aaron Walpole is Eliminated

Brampton Guardian 9/7/05 Canadian Idol fave at Heritage Theatre

Chart Attack 9/7/05 Final Three Idols Get Barenaked

Reality TV Talk 9/7/05 Canadian Idol Top 3..."Your inability to sing is going to come back and haunt you." 9/7/05 - The top 3 go “Barenaked”

Reality News Online 9/7/05 Canadian Idol 3, September 6: Bare Naked Final Three

London Free Press 9/7/05 Idol judges' comments keep Walpole in hope

CTV 9/7/05 Canadian Idols battle it out with BNL hits

St. Thomas Times-Journal 9/7/05 Walpole ‘the best singer left’: Flex

Canada NewsWire 9/7/05 Barenaked Ladies to Perform Live on Canadian Idol Finale, Sept. 14 on CTV

St. Thomas Times-Journal 9/6/05 Walpole resumes Idol chase

Foxes On Idol 9/6/05 "I Really, Really, Really Tried": Interviews with Casey LeBlanc and Daryl Brunt of 'Canadian Idol 3'

Beavers On Idol 9/6/05 Canadian Idol 3: Top 4 Performances Retrospective

Jam! 9/5/05 Rawn keeps rockin' after 'Idol'

Canada East 9/5/05 Casey Express rolls into winner's circle

Inside Pulse 9/3/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - August 31

London Free Press 9/3/05 Aaron hits Idol high note

Calgary Sun 9/2/05 Our Idol's on the rise!

St. Thomas Times-Journal 9/2/05 ‘I can’t believe it'

Kamloops This Week 9/2/05 Kamloops' fortunate daughter comes home

Soul Shine 9/2/05 Hedley Tries to Shake Idol Status with New Album and Tour

Chart Attack 9/1/05 Rocker Suzi Rawn Ousted From Idol

Reality Shack 9/1/05 The Famous Jungle Room - Canadian Idol 3, 8-31-05

Reality Shack 9/1/05 Elvis Pretzel - Canadian Idol 3, 8-30-05

Times-Journal 9/1/05 Aaron's in final three

Inside Pulse 9/1/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - August 30 9/1/05 - It’s down to the final 3, two guys and one singer.

Jam! 9/1/05 Suzi heartbroken after 'Idol' boot

Reality News Online 9/1/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 31 - No Matter How You Slice It, Someone's Going Home

London Free Press 9/1/05 Walpole hits Idol's top three

Canada NewsWire 8/31/05 Suzi Rawn Checks Out of Canadian Idol & into the Heartbreak Hotel as Next Competitor is Eliminated

Chart Attack 8/31/05 Hedley Won't Dish Dirt On Kalan Porter

Inside Pulse 8/31/05 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 31 8/31/05 - The Final 4 Check into the Heartbreak Hotel and broke Zack’s heart.

Metro 8/31/05 Rawn rolls in oozing of Elvis' heartbreak

Reality News Online 8/31/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 30: NEXT!

Foxes on Idol 8/31/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, August 30

Chart Attack 8/31/05 Canadian Idols "Massacre" Elvis Hits

Times-Journal 8/31/05 He's a Teddy Bear

Times-Journal 8/30/05 Pulling for Walpole

Jam! 8/29/05 'Idol' fans wager on their favourite

Inside Pulse 8/29/05 Canadian Idols Get All Shook Up in Graceland

Reality TV Calendar 8/29/05 Canadian Idols Salute Canadian Icons

Beavers On Idol 8/28/05 Canadian Idol 3: Top 5 Performances Retrospective

Inside Pulse 8/28/2005 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - August 24

Yahoo 8/27/05 New Brunswick fans welcome home eliminated Canadian Idol contestant

Jam! 8/27/05 Ex-cellent Idols wow 'em in T.O.

Foxes On Idol 8/26/05 Canadian Idol 3: What A Difference A Year Makes

Kamloops This Week 8/26/05 LeBlanc gets le boot

Metro 8/26/05 She's no Pretender

Macleans 8/26/05 Jacob Hoggard finishes the sentences

Chart Attack 8/25/05 Idol Stay Not So Timeless For Casey Leblanc 8/25/05 - Down to the final 4 and down to one teen.

Edmonton Sun 8/25/05 'Corpsey' shuffles off Idol coil

Reality News Online 8/25/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 24: Heading Into the Home Stretch

CTV 8/25/05 Casey LeBlanc ends quest for Canadian Idol crown

Fans of Reality TV 8/24/05 - Is That The One With Ashton Kutcher?

Canada East 8/25/05 Casey bids Idol farewell

Times-Journal 8/25/05 Aaron’s Eyes earns final four

Metro 8/24/05 Idol quest ends for LeBlanc

Reality Shack 8/24/05 Spastic Loser - Canadian Idol 3, 8-24-05

Chart Attack 8/24/05 Last Five Idols Bring It On For Burton Cummings

Inside Pulse 8/24/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - August 23

Inside Pulse 8/24/05 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 23 8/24/05 - The Top 5 Sing “The Guess Who”…….And Guess What?

Reality News Online 8/24/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 23: Honouring The Guess Who

Reality TV Talk 8/24/05 Canadian Idol Top 5...The Guess Who

London Free Press 8/24/05 Walpole garners universal praise

Foxes on Idol 8/24/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, August 23

Reality Shack 8/24/05 Watching Paint Dry - Canadian Idol 3, 8-23-05

Excalibur Online 8/24/05 Idol among the faculty members of York

Times-Journal 8/24/05 Walpole woes 'em

Metro 8/24/05 Guess who has his Eyes on Idol prize?

Canada NewsWire 8/24/05 The Amazing Walpole Brothers - a Dual Success Story

CTV 8/24/05 Idol's Top 5 rock to Guess Who classics

St. Thomas Times-Journal 8/23/05 Idol chase continues 8/23/05 Brunt’s back

Ottawa Citizen 8/22/05 Sunny skies, Canadian idol boost festival's bottom line

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/05 Big Bands and Classic Rock

Canada NewsWire 8/22/05 It's "Canadian Idol Day" in Toronto Friday, Aug. 26 as Fans Get Two Chances for Idol Worship

St. Thomas Times-Journal 8/22/05 Barenaked Ladies added to Idol list

Halifax Herald 8/22/05 Life after Canadian Idol

Beavers On Idol 8/21/05 Confessions of a Canadian Idol Fan: "I Voted For The Worst"

Inside Pulse 8/21/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts

Beavers On Idol 8/20/05 Canadian Idol 3: Top 6 Performances Retrospective

Foxes On Idol 8/19/05 “This Is Who I Am, This Is What I Do:” An Interview with Canadian Idol 3’s Josh Palmer

Metro 8/19/05 No regrets here 8/18/05 - The Rockers get Rocked and we’re down to 5.

Chart Attack 8/18/05 Josh Palmer Eliminated From Canadian Idol

Reality TV Calendar 8/18/05 The Top 7 Results Show Recap

CTV 8/18/05 Josh Palmer ends Canadian Idol on a high note

Reality News Online 8/18/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 17: His Silence Speaks Volumes

Jam! 8/18/05 The 'worst' rocks out in 'Canadian Idol'

Times-Journal 8/18/05 Aaron's safe

Calgary Sun 8/18/05 Saskatoon’s Palmer picked off Idol

Times & Transcript 8/18/05 Casey’s Idol hopes still alive

London Free Press 8/18/05 Walpole survives another Idol cut

Reality Shack 8/18/05 The Swamp Man of Cedar Lake - Canadian Idol 3, 8-17-05

Reality Shack 8/17/05 Would You Shut Up For a Minute? - Canadian Idol 3, 8-16-05

Fans of Reality TV 8/17/05 Canadian Idol: Serving The Cheese and Grilling It 8/17/05 - The Bigger the Band Baby!

Daily Gleaner 8/17/05 Casey rocks with judges

CTV 8/17/05 Idols crank up competition with classic rock

Inside Pulse 8/17/05 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 16

London Free Press 8/17/05 Walpole draws judges' raves

Reality News Online 8/17/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 16: It’s Time to Rock and Roll

Inside Pulse 8/17/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - August 16 8/17/05 Idol No. 2 Sokyrka's album goes gold

Reality TV Calendar 8/17/05 Top 7 Performance Show Recap

St. Thomas Times-Journal 8/17/05 Aaron's hot blooded

Reality TV Talk 8/17/05 Canadian Idol Top 6...Classic Rock..sort of 8/17/05 - Top 6 Rock And Roll…….Well, at least 5 did.

Foxes on Idol 8/17/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, August 16

Chart Attack 8/17/05 Canadian Idols Take On The Rock

Scarborough Mirror 8/17/05 Former Idol finalist holds fundraising concert at arts centre

Metro 8/17/05 Classic rock tests contestants' mettle

London Free Press 8/16/05 Idols aim to create pizzazz

St. Thomas Times-Journal 8/16/05 Aaron's back!

London Free Press 8/16/05 Aaron's dad pleading for support

Beavers On Idol 8/14/05 Canadian Idol 3: Top 7 Performances Retrospective 8/13/05 Today is Daryl Day 8/12/05 - Making a case for Melissa O’Neill

Inside Pulse 8/12/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - August 10

Kamloops This Week 8/12/05 Idol fouls phone lines

Metro 8/12/05 Not easy being green

Toronto Star 8/11/05 Daryl takes brunt of judges' scorn 8/11/05 - My Sassy Views Thus Far

Reality News Online 8/11/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 10: "Go Out There and Make Us Proud!" 8/11/05 - Down to six with an even mix

Jam! 8/11/05 Timid teen out of 'Canadian Idol'

St. Thomas Times-Journal 8/11/05 Walpole survives scare

Calgary Sun 8/11/05 Brunt punted 8/11/05 Grunt for Brunt

Reality Shack 8/10/05 I Finally Got to Say Something Nice - Canadian Idol 3, 8-10-05

Reality Shack 8/10/05 Talented Guy in a Parallel Universe - Canadian Idol 3, 8-9-05

Inside Pulse 8/10/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - August 9

Reality News Online 8/10/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 9: “Everybody Stays!”

CTV 8/10/05 Idol's Top 7 sizzle with the standards

Foxes on Idol 8/10/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, August 9

St. Thomas Times-Journal 8/10/05 Walpole receives glowing review

Reality TV Talk 8/10/05 Canadian Idol Top 7...It's De-Lovely and I'm Feeling Good! 8/10/05 - We’re down to seven and it was “Almost Heaven”.

Chart Attack 8/10/05 They Ain't Got That Thing, But Idols Get That Swing

London Free Press 8/10/05 Walpole wows 'em with Idol rendition

Metro 8/10/05 Idols tackle pop and jazz classics

CBC New Brunswick 8/10/05 Vote Casey for worst Idol singer: website

Inside Pulse 8/9/05 Canadian Idol - Recap - August 9

Reality TV Calendar 8/9/05 Filling The Void With Canadian Idol

Beavers On Idol 8/8/05 Canadian Idol 3: Top 8 Performances Retrospective

Beavers On Idol 8/7/05 Is There Hope for Canadian Idol 3?

Calgary Sun 8/5/05 ‘I had a good cry’

Metro 8/5/05 Praise from Idol judges doesn't save Fleury

Reality News Online 8/5/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 3: Who Would You Save?

Kamloops This Week 8/5/05 There's nothing Idol about this 'mom'

Digital Home Canada 8/5/05 Canadian Idol Tops Summer Ratings

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/05 The Top 8 Performance Recap

London Free Press 8/4/05 Walpole stays, Fleury departs, seven remain

Chart Attack 8/4/05 Amber Fleury Goes Down In Flames On Idol

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/05 The Top 8 Results Recap 8/4/05 For the second time, real talent walks, but this time not as shocking

Reality Shack 8/4/05 Some Weird Choices - Canadian Idol 3, 8-3-05

Jam! 8/4/05 'Canadian Idol' cuts Calgary singer

Metro 8/4/05 Amber bids adieu to Idol chance

St. Thomas Times Journal 8/4/05 Voters carry Aaron Walpole into next round of Canadian Idol

Northern Life 8/4/05 Brunt survives another elimination round

Inside Pulse 8/3/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - August 3

Reality Shack 8/3/05 Rowdy Goudie and Tacky Zacky - Canadian Idol 3, 8-2-05

Inside Pulse 8/3/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - August 2

Fans of Reality TV 8/3/05 A Kick Up The 80's 8/3/05  The Top 8 Sound Great

Foxes on Idol 8/3/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, August 2

TVRules 8/3/05 Canadian Idol Summary – August 2, 2005

Reality TV Talk 8/3/05 Canadian Idol 80's Week....Holding Out For An Idol

Reality News Online 8/3/05 Canadian Idol 3, August 2: Eighties or Oldies?

Metro 8/3/05 Idols serve up bad blazers, 80s cheese

Chart Attack 8/3/05 Canadian Idol Hopefuls Journey To The '80s

Jam! 7/31/05 Ben Mulroney doesn't care what 'Idol' haters think

Beavers On Idol 7/29/05 Canadian Idol 3: Top 9 Performances Retrospective

Inside Pulse 7/29/05 Canadian Idol Thoughts - July 27

Metro 7/29/05 Idol entrant undeterred

Reality Shack 7/28/05 Zack Has a Cactus in His Butt - Canadian Idol 3, 7-27-05

Foxes On Idol 7/28/05 “I Don’t Have Any Regrets”: An Interview With Canadian Idol 3’s Emily Vinette

Chart Attack 7/28/05 Ashley Leitao Turfed From Canadian Idol

London Free Press 7/28/05 Walpole hangs in for next Idol round

St. Thomas Times-Journal 7/28/05 Aaron ‘idols’ on

Northern Life 7/28/05 Daryl Brunt survives another week of Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 7/28/05 Canadian Idol Performances: Who Stole The Soul?

Yahoo 7/28/05 Bet on Canadian Idol at

CTV 7/28/05 Ashley Leitao Says Goodbye to Canadian Idol Dream

Jam! 7/28/05 B.C. singer out of 'Canadian Idol'

Reality News Online 7/28/05 Canadian Idol 3, July 27: Another Idol Falls 7/27/05 - The second Idol heads home and shocks the Idolhead

Jam! 7/27/05 Ashley Leitao, 18, of Burnaby, B.C., receives fewest votes on Cdn Idol

LTV News 7/27/05 Daryl Brunt Makes Elite 8

Reality Shack 7/27/05 Boom! – Canadian Idol, 7/26/05

Inside Pulse 7/27/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - July 26

Reality TV Calendar 7/27/05 The Top 9 Performance Show Recap

Reality News Online 7/27/05 Canadian Idol 3, July 26: “Then Figure it Out!”

Foxes on Idol 7/27/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, July 26

Reality TV Talk 7/27/05 Canadian Idol Top 9...Very Super-Souless! 7/27/05 - The final 9 do Stevie Wonder ….sort of.

Beavers On Idol 7/27/05 Canadian Idol 3: Top 10 Performances Retrospective

Canada East 7/27/05 LeBlanc kicks up her performance

Times-Journal 7/27/05 Aaron Walpole wows 'em at Canadian Idol

London Free Press 7/27/05 Judge calls Walpole Canadian Idol best

Ottawa Sun 7/23/05 Ousted Idol anything but idle

Beavers On Idol 7/22/05 Jenn Beaupre;: Idol Loss for Canadian Idol 3
Chart Attack 7/21/05 Idol Recap: Emily Vinette Cryyyying All The Way Home

Reality Shack 7/21/05 This is What You Were Born to do, So Do It! - Canadian Idol 3, 7-20-05

Inside Pulse 7/21/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - July 20

Ottawa Sun 7/21/05 Idol judges say au revoir to Ottawa's Vinette

Edmonton Sun 7/21/05 'Choke round' claims teen

Reality TV Calendar 7/21/05 The First Cut Is The Deepest: Top 10 Results Show Recap

Times-Journal 7/21/05 Walpole moves on

CTV 7/21/05 Emily Vinette departs Canadian Idol's Top 10

Jam! 7/21/05 Ottawa gal gets fewest 'Idol' votes

Reality News Online 7/21/05 Canadian Idol 3, July 20: One Down... 7/21/05 - The first Idol goes home shocker!

Canada NewsWire 7/21/05 Canadian Idol Ryan Malcolm to perform in Windsor

Calgary Sun 7/21/05 Emily cryin’

London Free Press 7/21/05 Canadian Idol local entry still in race

Reality News Online 7/20/05 Canadian Idol 3, July 19: Live From Downtown Toronto, It's The Top 10!

Reality Shack 7/20/05 You Make Me Vibrate Uncontrollably - Canadian Idol 3, 7-19-05

Fans of Reality TV 7/20/05 Who Were You Again?

Chart Attack 7/20/05 Canadian Idol's Top 10 Kicks Off, Let The Hate Mail Begin!

Inside Pulse 7/20/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - July 19

Reality TV Calendar 7/20/05 The Top 10 Performance Recap

Reality TV Talk 7/20/05 Canadian Idol Top 10...Born To Be A Bar Singer

Foxes on Idol 7/20/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, July 19: The Top Ten! 7/20/05 - The top 10 begins

CTV 7/20/05 Canadian Idol celebrates homegrown hits

CFCN 7/20/05 Canadian Idol/Calgary Idol

London Free Press 7/20/05 Idol entry awaits tonight's verdict

Metro 7/20/05 Josh's Hallelujah less than heavenly

Ottawa Citizen 7/19/05 Capital achievement for Idol

CBC New Brunswick 7/19/05 Leblanc's fans set for night of Idol worship
High River Times 7/19/05 Ament’s career not sitting ‘Idol’

CTV 7/18/05 Oh Canada! Canadian Idol Moves to Top 10 Stage with "Canadian Hits" Episode Tomorrow on CTV

Foxes On Idol 7/18/05 Canadian Idol 3: Top Ten Preview

Beavers On Idol 7/17/05 Canadian Idol 3: Wildcard Performances Retrospective

Jam! 7/17/05 Calgary girls will be Idolized

Calgary Sun 7/16/05 Porter’s life hardly idle

Port Huron Times Herald 7/16/05 Performer finds new following at festivals

London Free Press 7/16/05 What a trip 7/15/05 Sudbury’s Idol

Metro 7/15/05 Ex-Idol hopeful follows heart

Fans of Reality TV 7/14/05 Two Shots of Testosterone

Beavers On Idol 7/14/05 Is Canadian Idol Actually Improving with Age?

Inside Pulse 7/14/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - July 13

CTV 7/14/05 Walpole and Palmer grab final spots in Top 10

Inside Pulse 7/14/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - July 12

Edmonton Sun 7/14/05 Wild cards go for it, badly

London Free Press 7/14/05 Walpole makes final in Canadian Idol

Times-Journal 7/14/05 Aaron in Top-10

Winnipeg Sun 7/14/05 Barrett's Idol dreams dashed

Metro 7/14/05 Men added to Top 10 after wild-card round 7/14/05 - The final 2 what will we do?

Reality News Online 7/14/05 Canadian Idol 3, July 13: The Top 10 Is Complete

Reality Shack 7/13/05 Can We Finally Move On? - Canadian Idol 3, 7-13-05

Fans of Reality TV 7/13/05 "Go Wild"

Canada NewsWire 7/13/05 Josh Palmer & Aaron Walpole round out Canadian Idol Top 10... 

Reality Shack 7/13/05 Pick a Wildcard, Any Wildcard – Canadian Idol 3, 7-12-05

Reality TV Talk 7/13/05 Canadian Idol 3 Wildcards...Were you ConVinced? 7/13/05 - The Wild Cards do themselves proud, sort of.

Foxes on Idol 7/13/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, July 12: The Wildcard Round

Reality News Online 7/13/05 Canadian Idol 3, July 12: And the Wildcards Are...

London Free Press 7/13/05 Area Idol entry takes his shot

Metro 7/13/05 What 'being memorable' really means

Jam! 7/12/05 'Idol' hopeful Aaron Walpole lauds coach

St. John's Telegram 7/11/05 Teens backing Rex Goudie

Beavers On Idol 7/11/05 Groups Three and Four of Top 32 Performances Retrospective

Inside Pulse 7/9/05 Canadian Idol - Recap - July 5

Soul Shine 7/8/05 Canadian Idol Top 10 Welcomes Melissa O'Neil and Suzi Rawn

Calgary Sun 7/8/05 Western stronghold

Chart Attack 7/7/05 Two More Women Join Canadian Idol's Top 10

CTV 7/7/05 Rawn, O'Neil join Canadian Idol top 10

Edmonton Sun 7/7/05 Rawn rocks into Top 10

Times-Journal 7/7/05 Walpole ‘sad, but very happy'

Winnipeg Sun 7/7/05 Peitsch makes pitch to be Idol wild card

London Free Press 7/7/05 Walpole misses automatic berth 7/7/05 Canadian Idol Results Summary - July 06, 2005

Inside Pulse 7/7/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - July 6 7/7/05 - The final 2 from the final 8 and who’s the wild bunch.

Reality Shack 7/7/05 Let Me Convince You - Canadian Idol 3, 7-06-05

Reality News Online 7/7/05 Canadian Idol 3, July 6: Winners & Wildcards

Reality News Online 7/7/05 Canadian Idol 3, July 5: A Group Four the Ages

Reality Shack 7/6/05 Don't Sing Out Loud - Canadian Idol 3, 7-05-05

Fans of Reality TV 7/6/05 Mixed Bag O' Tricks and A Girl Named Sue 7/6/05 - The last 8 throw down the gauntlet and it ain’t too bad. 7/6/05 Canadian Idol- Top 32- Group 4 Summary 07/05/05

Reality TV Talk 7/6/05 Canadian Idol Group 4...The Fortunate Rocker

Inside Pulse 7/6/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - July 5

St. Thomas Times-Journal 7/6/05 Walpole wows ’em

Foxes on Idol 7/6/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, July 5

London Free Press 7/6/05 Walpole confident he's a hit

Foxes On Idol 7/5/05 Canadian Idol 3 Wildcard Twist Revealed!

St. Thomas Times-Journal 7/5/05 Walpole in Idol showdown

Jam! 7/4/05 'Idol' reject Peitsch gets 2nd chance

CTV 7/4/05 Canadian Idol's Final Group of Eight Duke it out Live Tomorrow on CTV

Metro 7/4/05 Families encourage music

Times Journal 7/4/05 Idol fever heats up

Edmonton Sun 7/4/05 Alberta girl makes it into Idol's top 10

Ottawa Sun 7/4/05 Icing on cake for Ottawa Idol

Beavers On Idol 7/3/05 Canadian Idol 3: The Top 32 - Group Four

Jam! 7/2/05 Walpole hopes to be a standout

Jam! 7/1/05 Shock and awe for 'Idol'

CTV 6/30/05 Judges' picks Fleury and Goudie head to Top 10

Chart Attack 6/30/05 Paralegal And Student Join Canadian Idol's Top 10

Metro 6/30/05 Fleury, Goudie in Idol Top 10

Inside Pulse 6/30/05 Live Canadian Idol Thoughts - June 29

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/30/05 A Fresh Of Breath Air

Reality News Online 6/30/05 Canadian Idol 3, June 29: Numbers Five and Six

Reality Shack 6/30/05 Vocals Beat out Dimples - Canadian Idol 3, 06-29-05

Jam! 6/30/05 'Sexy Rexy' wows 'Canadian Idol' 6/30/05 - Who moves on from the 3rd group of 8? I can’t believe it.

Winnipeg Sun 6/30/05 Coulda been a contender

Kamloops This Week 6/29/05 No idle moments for Suzi

Metro 6/29/05 Ladies amaze on bumpy episode 6/29/05 Indian girl dazzles on Canadian Idol

Inside Pulse 6/29/05 Canadian Idol - Recap - June 28

Inside Pulse 6/29/05 Canadian Idol Thoughts - June 28

Reality Shack 5/29/05 Sexy Rexy - Canadian Idol 3, 5-28-05

Reality News Online 6/29/05 Canadian Idol 3, June 28: "My Favourite Part Was When You Stopped and It Was Really Silent"

Reality TV Talk 6/29/05 Canadian Idol Group 3...Amazing Fleury!

Foxes on Idol 6/29/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, June 28 6/29/05 - The 3rd group of 8; First Rate!

St. John's Telegram 6/28/05 All on a lark

Metro 6/28/05 GTA hopefuls show diversity

Beavers On Idol 6/27/05 Canadian Idol 3: The Top 32 - Group Three

CTV 6/27/05 Sixteen down. Sixteen to go

Beavers On Idol 6/26/05 Group Two of Top 32 Performances Retrospective

andPOP 6/25/05 Thornhill Teen on Canadian Idol Tuesday

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/24/05 Did You Vote Correctly, Canada?

CBC 6/24/05 Canadian Idol fever grips Nackawic

Reality News Online 6/23/05 Canadian Idol 3, June 22: Two Become Four

CTV 6/23/05 Canadian Idol gets a double dose of girl power

Reality Shack 6/23/05 After This Break ... Nothing Will Happen - Canadian Idol 3, 06-22-05

andPOP 6/23/05 Casey and Emily Join Canadian Idol Top 10

Chart Attack 6/23/05 Canadian Idol Top 10: And Then There Were Four

Hindustan Times 6/23/05 Indo-Canadian woman among top hopefuls for Canadian Idol

CNW Telbec 6/23/05 Casey and Emily Join Canadian Idol Top 10 6/23/05 - Four down, 6 to go.

Jam! 6/23/05 Ottawa gal in 'Canadian Idol' Top 10

Metro 6/22/05 Few Group 2 hopefuls impress

Fans of Reality TV 6/22/05 The Group Two Trainwreck

Reality Shack 6/22/05 Pork Chops Couldn't Save Us - Canadian Idol, 06-21-05

Reality News Online 6/22/05 Canadian Idol 3, June 21: Underwhelmed

Reality TV Talk 6/22/05 Canadian Idol group 2...Overjoyed and Underwhelmed 6/22/05 We Judge the 2nd group of 8

Foxes on Idol 6/22/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, June 21

North Renfrew Times 6/22/05 No regrets for Idol contestant

Melfort Journal 6/21/05 Theresa Sokyrka brings music and inspiration to Melfort students

Beavers On Idol 6/21/05 Canadian Idol 3: The Top 32 - Group Two

Foxes on Idol 6/21/05 I'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, June 14

Metro 6/20/05 Daryl's heart helps him move ahead

Metro 6/20/05 Ashley's enjoying the ride

Beavers On Idol 6/19/05 Group One of Top 32 Performances Retrospective

Always Reality Television 6/19/05 6/14 & 6/15 Recap - Pray for the Soul of Georgia

Beavers On Idol 6/18/05 VoteForTheWorst Sets Its Sights on Canadian Idol 3

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/17/05 The Colour Of The Win

News Leader 6/17/05 Leitao in Idol's top 10

Hamilton Mountain News 6/17/05 Canadian Idol hopeful has local connection

CTV 6/16/05 Teens grab first two spots in Idol Top 10

Chart Attack 6/16/05 First Two Canadian Idol Finalists Announced

Reality Shack 6/16/05 Dead Space - Canadian Idol 3, 6-15-05

Reality News Online 6/16/05 Canadian Idol 3, June 15: Choosing the First Two

Winnipeg Sun 6/16/05 Idol boots 'Peg's Cher off roster 6/16/05 One step closer to Canadian Idol fame 6/16/05 Indian girl Devika Mathur in 'Canadian Idol' race

Vaughan Citizen 6/16/05 Local singers pass Canadian Idol tests

Jam! 6/16/05 Bringing out the worst in 'Cdn. Idol'

Ottawa Citizen 6/16/05 Voters send Ontario and B.C. singers into Canadian Idol's Top 10

Reality Shack 6/16/05 Summertime, and the Music is Cheesy - Canadian Idol 3, 6-14-05

Reality News Online 6/16/05 Canadian Idol 3, June 14: Show Us What You've Got! 6/15/05 - Canadian Idol: We have our first 2

Fans of Reality TV 6/15/05 Solid Performances With A Side of Fromage

Reality TV Talk 6/15/05 Canadian Idol 3 Group One "It's Summertime...Again!"

Foxes On Idol 6/15/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 3, June 14 6/15/05 Judging the First Canadian Idol 8

Times of India 6/15/05 Indian girl as Canadian Idol?

Metro 6/15/05 First group of performers hit bumps

Beavers On Idol 6/14/05 Canadian Idol 3: The Top 32 - Group One

Rediff 6/14/05 Mumbai girl on Canadian Idol

CNW Telbec 6/14/05 Letters of Inspiration... Canadian Idols will find them in the mail

Hindustan Times 6/14/05 Devika Mathur among top 32 singers in Canadian Idol

Foxes On Idol 6/13/05 I'll Be The Judge Of That! - Canadian Idol 3 So Far

Calgary Sun 6/13/05 Singing praises of Alberta Idols

CTV 6/13/05 Voting Begins in the Search for Canada’s Next Canadian Idol

Metro 6/13/05 Theresa follows her heart

Jam! 6/12/05 Singing praises of Alberta Idols

The Timmins Times 6/11/05 Timmins Songster Strives For Success

Metro 6/10/05 Acting beckons

The Daily Press 6/10/05 Singer Hopes For Better Luck

Winnipeg Sun 6/10/05 'Peg singer abandoned Idol pursuit

Metro 6/9/05 Canadian Idol judges pick Top 32

Fans of Reality TV 6/9/05 Nothing Gold Can Stay

Reality Shack 6/9/05 Here’s Your Top 32, Canada – Canadian Idol 3, Episode 5

Reality TV Talk 6/9/05 Early Top 10 Canadian Idol Picks

Chart Attack 6/9/05 Canadian Idol Top 32 Announced

Jam! 6/9/05 Ex-boy band member in 'Canadian Idol'

Reality News Online 6/9/05 Canadian Idol 3, June 8: The Final Cuts to the Top 32!

Jam! 6/9/05 'Canadian Idol' judges pick Top 32

Fans of Reality TV 6/8/05 No Yelling Is A Good Sign

Reality News Online 6/8/05 Canadian Idol 3, June 7: The Top 180... Something

Reality Shack 6/8/05 Zack, You Bastard! - Canadian Idol 3, Episode 4

Canada East 6/7/05 Cuban defector makes run for Canadian Idol

Metro 6/6/05 Opportunities knock for hopefuls

Beavers On Idol 6/5/05 Canadian Idol 3: The Auditions

Jam! 6/5/05 Why kill Canadian Idol?

Jam! 6/4/05 Surviving 'Canadian Idol' boot camp

Metro 6/3/05 Canadian Idol cross-country quips

Edmonton Sun 6/3/05 No Idol endeavour

Canada NewsWire 6/2/05 Millions Tune In As Canadian Idol Delivers Record Ratings In Season 3 Debut

Metro 6/2/05 Emotional stories fuel Canadian Idol

Fans of Reality TV 6/2/05 The FORT Interview with Farley Flex

Fans of Reality TV 6/2/05 It's All in the Numbers, Eh?

Reality Shack 6/2/05 Waldo was in Sudbury all Along - Canadian Idol, Season 3, Episode 3

Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal 6/2/05 Thunder Bay singers make it to Canadian Idol semis

St. Thomas Times-Journal 6/2/05 Locals grace Canadian Idol crowd

Jam! 6/2/05 London gets turn in 'Idol' spotlight

Reality News Online 6/2/05 Canadian Idol 3, June 1: Happy Birthday, Ben

London Free Press 6/2/05 London gets turn in Idol spotlight

Metro 6/1/05 East Coast yields little Idol talent

Fans of Reality TV 6/1/05 You're Not From Around Here, Are You?

Reality Shack 6/1/05 You Look Like a Lobster - Canadian Idol, Season 3, Episode 2 6/1/05 Canadian Idol 3: The auditions day 2:The Very Good, Bad and Awful

Reality News Online 6/1/05 Canadian Idol 3, May 31: "You're Ridiculously Talented!"

The Daily News 6/1/05 Idol dreams

Reality News Online 6/1/05 Canadian Idol 3, May 30: You're Going to Toronto

Canadian Jewish News 6/1/05 Canadian Idol judge is a successful artist manager

Amherstburg Echo 5/31/05 Local youth aiming to be Canadian Idol

Always Reality Television 5/31/05 5/31 Recap - East Coast Represent

Fans of Reality TV 5/31/05 The FORT Interview with Jake Gold

Fans of Reality TV 5/31/05 Do You Want Hand Actions? 5/31/05 Canadian Idol 3: The Beginning

Thunder Bay Source 5/31/05 Two locals move on in Canadian Idol

Reality Shack 5/31/05 King Size Suzy and the Chainsaw Chuck - Canadian Idol Season 3, Episode 1

Whitewood Herald 5/31/05 Theresa Sokyrka concert a huge hit

London Free Press 5/31/05 Sass idolizes Canuck contestants

Always Reality Television 5/30/05 5/30 Recap-The Best of the West (and all the Rest)

Metro 5/30/05 Jokers kick off Idol season

Edmonton Sun 5/30/05 Fake superstars

CTV 5/30/05 Confessions of a Canadian Idol host

Fans of Reality TV 5/30/05 The FORT Interview with Jon Dore

Metro 5/30/05 Idol's packing surprises

Halifax Herald 5/30/05 Idol promises lots of Sass!

Pop Journalism 5/30/05 Being Ben Mulroney

Jam! 5/30/05 'Canadian Idol' preps third season 5/29/05 Canadian Idol more diverse, says judge

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/28/05 Canadian Idol: The FORT Interview with Sass Jordan

Toronto Star 5/28/05 Move over, Carrie. Canadians are here

Reality News Online 5/27/05 Canadian Idol 3, A Preview: It's That Time Again
Pop Journalism 5/26/05 Third season of 'Canadian Idol' set to premiere on May 30

Whitewood Herald 5/17/05 Theresa Sokyrka concert Saturday

Canada NewsWire 5/14/05 Ben Mulroney and Kalan Porter to participate in the 2005 Variety Village Sunshine Games

Melfort Journal 5/11/05 Kalan Porter in Melfort tomorrow

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/05 Canadian Idol To Premiere May 30th

CTV 5/5/05 New season, new flavour for Idol host

Winnipeg Sun 5/3/05 17 Manitobans to vie for Idol crown

Metro 5/3/05 Canadian Idol hits TV May 30
Metro 5/3/05 Canadian Idol auditions: Toronto

CTV 5/2/05 Canadian Idol, Season Three, Premieres May 30 on CTV

CTV 5/2/05 Canadian Idol Audition Tour Ends with Record Number of Gold Tickets as 187 Advance to Toronto

Chart Attack 5/2/05 Like A Bad Penny, Canadian Idol Turns Up Again

Jam! 5/2/05 Almost 200 Canadian Idols get 'gold tickets'

CTV 4/28/05 Large crowds cap off Canadian Idol tour in Toronto

Macleans 4/27/05 Ben Mulroney finishes the sentences

Soul Shine 4/26/05 The Doors, Kalan Porter Play North Bay Heritage Festival

Jam! 4/26/05 'Idol' hopefuls flock to Toronto

StarPhoenix 4/22/05 No 'Idol' time: Theresa Sokyrka is one busy musician

CTV 4/21/05 Canadian Idol shops for talent in Montreal

Seaforth Huron Expositor 4/20/05 Local singers try out for Canadian Idol's new season in London

Metro 4/20/05 Canadian Idol auditions: Moncton

Montreal Gazette 4/20/05 Canadian Idol mines Montreal for golden voices

940 News 4/19/05 Idol auditions draw crowd

Toronto Star 4/19/05 Dashing our Idol dreams

Metro 4/19/05 They will not quit day jobs

CTV 4/18/05 Canadian Idol 'Hub'nobs with Moncton's hopefuls

Metro 4/15/05 Canadian Idol auditions: St. John's

Canada East 4/15/05 Idol hopefuls hit the audition line

CTV 4/14/05 Canadian Idol looks for diamond in the Rock

CTV 4/14/05 Flexin' for the future: Exclusive interview with Farley Flex

Nipawin Journal 4/14/05 Theresa Sokyrka on Canadian Idol, her career, and Saskatchewan

Journal Pioneer 4/14/05 Making the Canadian Idol cut

Whitewood Herald 4/12/05 Theresa Sokyrka tickets selling fast

CTV 4/11/05 Canadian Idol drops anchor in Cape Breton

Metro 4/11/05 Canadian Idol auditions: Charlottetown

CTV 4/11/05 CTV Challenges Toronto Media To Go Before Canadian Idol Judges

Daily News 4/9/05 Idol hopefuls get on the bus

CTV 4/9/05 Canadian Idol drops anchor in Cape Breton

Times and Transcript 4/8/05 Wow the judges, but don't forget Ben

CTV 4/7/05 Tiny P.E.I. dreams big at Canadian Idol auditions

Halifax Daily News 4/6/05 Idol gets serious

Chart Attack 4/6/05 Idol Reject Theresa Sokyrka Signs With MapleMusic

Chart Attack 3/29/05 Is Theresa Sokyrka The Next Folk Hero?

CTV 3/28/05 Gold-driven: Exclusive interview with Jake Gold

Beavers On Idol 3/25/05 How Success Can Destroy an Idol Competition

Jam! 3/22/05 Canadian Idol runner-up Sokyrka to release debut CD next month

Melfort Journal 3/22/05 Youth gone wild for Idol

The Varsity 3/22/05 Nobody's Idol

CTV 3/21/05 Idol runner-up Sokyrka inspires children at former school

Nipawin Journal 3/16/05 Theresa Sokyrka playing one show in Nipawin

Brock Press 3/15/05 Canadian Idol runner-up to succeed at Brock
Calgary Sun 3/13/05 Idol attempt to prove it

London Free Press 3/12/05 Idol fans know to go "Woooooooo!" on cue

Chronicle Journal 3/12/05 Humbled by the Idol-ation

London Free Press 3/12/05 Judging Idol's judges

London Free Press 3/11/05 Just too much talent

Jam 3/11/05 Kalan Porter has a lot to prove 3/10/05 Full Interview With Kalan Porter - Canadian Idol

London Free Press 3/10/05 Idol's numbers eye-popping

London Free Press 3/10/05 Sokyrka sings praise of city 3/8/05 10 singers invited to compete for spotlight

Metro 3/8/05 Canadian Idol auditions

CTV 3/7/05 Canadian Idol fever sweeps through Sudbury 3/7/05 Idol Talk - Kalan Porter Canadian Idol

Metro 3/7/05 Ex-Idol hopeful postpones singing to aid victims

Reality News Online 3/7/05 Reality TV Well Represented in Canadian Juno Awards Nominations

Canada NewsWire 3/5/05 Sudbury Canadian Idol Auditions Extended Until 12 p.m. Sunday

Winnipeg Sun 3/4/05 Tough love key to Idol judging

Metro 3/4/05 Canadian Idol auditions: Winnipeg

London Free Press 3/3/05 Former Idol finalist with new band

Winnipeg Sun 3/3/05 Less is more at local Idol auditions

London Free Press 3/3/05 Wild-card contender says it changed his life

CTV 3/3/05 Canadian Idol Invades Sudbury this Saturday

Winnipeg Sun 3/2/05 Third time's a charm for Idol

Jam! 3/2/05 Centennial songs loathed by 'Idol' judges

Winnipeg Sun 3/1/05 Wanna be an Idol? Now's your chance

CTV 3/1/05 Winnipeg Canadian Idol Auditions Extended Until 12 p.m. Wednesday

Metro 3/1/05 Canadian Idol auditions: Whitehorse

CTV 2/28/05 Yukon tests mettle at Canadian Idol auditions

Chronicle-Journal 2/26/05 Thunder Bay's new Idol warms up to audition

Reality TV World 2/26/05 'Canadian Idol' audition tour reaches the Yukon Territory

Canada NewsWire 2/25/05 CTV Announces Details for Canadian Idol's Maritime Auditions this April

Lindsay This Week 2/25/05 Canadian Idol winner leads off festival

CTV 2/24/05 Canadian Idol Goes to the Yukon

Metro 2/23/05 Canadian Idol auditions: Saskatoon

Beavers On Idol 2/23/05 Will "The Pride of Canada" Get a Shot at Performing on American Idol 4?

Canada East 2/23/05 4-Ice Centre hosts Canadian Idol auditions

Celebrity Spider 2/21/05 Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter presents $10,000 instrument grant to local schools

TB Source 2/21/05 Thunder Bay Idol Winner

Jam! 2/19/05 'Canadian Idol' competition stiff

Metro 2/18/05 Canadian Idol auditions: Calgary 2/17/05 Would-be Idols advance to final Calgary performance

CTV 2/17/05 Canadian Idol rounds up talent at the Saddledome

Canada NewsWire 2/17/05 Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter presents $10,000 instrument grant to local schools...

CTV 2/17/05 Runner-Up Theresa Sokyrka and Finalist Manoah Hartmann Kick off Saskatoon Canadian Idol Auditions

Calgary Sun 2/17/05 Shooting for stardom

Metro 2/16/05 Kalan’s Idol pursuits

CNW Telbec 2/16/05 Calgary Canadian Idol Auditions Extended Until 2 p.m. Tomorrow

Chatham This Week 2/16/05 Chatham tryouts a chance to attend Canadian Idol auditions

Jam! 2/15/05 Looking for a new 'Idol' 2/15/05 Canadian Idol makes its first stop in Vancouver

CTV 2/14/05 Vancouver hopefuls kickstart Idol tour

CTV 2/14/05 Theresa Sokyrka Brings her music to the fans!

Metro 2/14/05 Canadian Idol auditions: Vancouver

Chart Attack 2/11/05 The Kids Are Alright: Kalan Porter And Keshia Chante Dominate Readers' Poll Final Standings

Jam! 2/11/05 Nervous Vancouverites do yoga breathing as Canadian Idol begins star search

Ottawa Citizen 2/11/05 Search is on for the next Kalan Porter

Vancouver Sun 2/10/05 No more Mr. Nice Guys 2/9/05 Are you tone deaf? Can't dance? Perfect. Idol judges are waiting for you

Chart Attack 2/8/05 Meet The Nominees: Ryan Malcolm Wears A Really Big Hat These Days

Metro 2/8/05 Ex-Canadian Idol contestants also earn Juno nods

Beavers On Idol 2/8/05 An Idol's Fan Base (a discovery of Kalan Porter)

Chart Attack 2/7/05 Live: Kalan Porter Has Trouble Finding Himself

London Free Press 2/5/05 Crowd worships Idol winner wins

andPOP 2/5/05 Gary Beals Answers Your Questions

Soul Shine 2/4/05 New Block of Tickets for Kalan Porter in Toronto

Reality News Online 2/4/05 Canadian Idol 3: Coming Soon!

London Free Press 2/4/05 Sokyrka to sing here Kalan Porter sets out to prove himself

Winnipeg Sun 1/29/05 Idol auditions in 'Peg scheduled for March 1

CTV 1/28/05 CTV Announces Details for Canadian Idol's Winnipeg Auditions, March 1

Edmonton Sun 1/20/05 Canadian Idol auditions hit Calgary Feb. 16

Soul Shine 1/14/05 Canadian Idol Is Comin’ A-Knocking

London Free Press 1/13/05 Idol dreams take flight in London 1/13/05 Canadian Idol to visit smaller cities

CTV 1/13/05 CTV Announces Most Ambitious Canadian Idol Audition Tour Ever 1/13/05 Sudbury to host Canadian Idol auditions

Winnipeg Sun 1/13/05 Canadian Idol returns to city March 1

Edmonton Sun 1/13/05 No Edmonton stop for Idol

Calgary Sun 1/13/05 Idol hopefuls get chance

Whitehorse Star 1/13/05 Yukon chosen as ‘Canadian Idol’ territory

Calgary Sun 1/13/05 Idol chatter

Jam! 1/13/05 'Canadian Idol' search snubs Ottawa

Chart Attack 1/12/05 Canadian Idol Announces Season Three Auditions

Beavers On Idol 1/11/05 Ryan Malcolm's Second CD: Sophomore Blues

Chart Attack 1/7/05 Chart Year End Readers' Poll: Sam Roberts And Keshia Chante Up, Canadian Idol Still Down

Jam! 1/7/05 CD Review: Kalan Porter: 219 Days
Chart Attack 1/6/05 Canadian Idol Fans Hate ChartAttack Readers

CTV 12/22/04 Canadian Idol Winner Kalan Porter Rocks The Country With Sold-Out Concert Tour and Best-Selling CD

Soul Shine 12/17/04 Kalan Porter Gets Ambitious

Metro Toronto 12/17/04 Singer croons with Porter

Winnipeg Sun 12/16/04 Canadian Idol Porter to play Peg March 9

Chart Attack 12/16/04 Kalan Porter Fills His Kalandar With National Tour

Edmonton Sun 12/16/04 Kalan Porter to play Shaw

Ottawa Start 12/10/04 CTV Announces Third Season of Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 12/9/04 Canadian Idol 3 Set For 2005

Toronto Star 12/9/04 Another chance to be a Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 12/6/04 Kalan Porter To Hit The Road In February

Beavers On Idol 12/6/04 Seeing a Real Live Idol in Action: Kalan Porter at Vaughan Mills

Meridian Booster 12/5/04 Idol hopeful to give thank you performance

Winnipeg Sun 12/1/04 Idol Chatter A talk with Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter

StarPhoenix 11/30/04 The warrior within: Contrary to his looks, Canadian Idol winner has a tough side

Foxes On Idol 11/29/04 “This Has Far Exceeded Anything That I Would Have Ever Imagined” – An Interview with Kalan Porter

Foxes On Idol 11/28/04 “I’m Gonna Keep It Pretty Natural” – An Interview With ‘Canadian Idol 2’ Runner-Up Theresa Sokyrka

Beavers On Idol 11/27/04 Kalan Porter's "219 Days" Is Not Your Average Idol Debut Album

Calgary Sun 11/26/04 Fans wild for Kalan

London Free Press 11/25/04 Idol album marks journey

CNW Telbec 11/24/04 Change of venue - Kalan Porter now performing at Calgary Sun Centre on November 25

Edmonton Sun 11/24/04 Mall mayhem

Beavers On Idol 11/21/04 Born to Reign: Mohanza Kelly's Music

Edmonton Sun 11/20/04 Porter holds middle ground

Brampton Guardian 11/18/04 Local drummer backs Idol

CTV 11/17/04 Kalan Porter Debuts New CD 219 Days on Vicki Gabereau, Nov. 23 on CTV

Canada East 11/17/04 Kalan makes fan's day

Beavers On Idol 11/17/04 Jenny Gear and Whisky Kittens Tour

The Cold Lake Sun 11/9/04 Canadian Idol finalist at Malibu Nightclub

Foxes On Idol 11/4/04 Idol Chartwatch, November 4: Lip-Sinking?

Soul Shine 11/2/04 Kalan Porter Announces Album Title

OurSports Central 11/2/04 Saskatoon Idol Theresa Sokyrka Sings Saturday Night

CTV 11/1/04 Exclusive Interview with Kalan Porter

CTV 11/1/04 Idols Theresa and Jacob on Vicki Gabereau

Foxes On Idol 10/28/04 Idol Chartwatch, October 28: All Over the Map

Wynyard Advance Gazette 11/22/04 Theresa Sokyrka Visits Wynyard’s Schools

Beavers On Idol 10/22/04 Christian Idols and Other Taboo Subjects

CTV 10/21/04 Kalan Porter Blasts On To Music Scene with Biggest Single Debut Ever

CTV 10/21/04 Theresa Sokyrka seeks inspiration for success

Beavers On Idol 10/20/04 A View of Canadian Idol from an American Perspective

Foxes On Idol 10/20/04 Idol Chartwatch, October 20: Awake in a Dream?

Beavers On Idol 10/17/04 So You Want to Be a Canadian or an American Idol? Join Yahoo Groups!

Foxes On Idol 10/13/04 Idol Chartwatch, October 13: Movin’ On Up

CTV 10/11/04 Cdn Idol Porter excites thousands at homecoming

Beavers On Idol 10/5/04 Kalan Porter Debut Single Rip-Off?

Foxes On Idol 10/1/04 Canadian Idol 2: The Moment Kalan Porter Won

Soul Shine 9/30/04 Kalan Porter Releases First Single

Beavers On Idol 9/29/04 Billy Klippert, the Lucky Wanderer: Interview with the Rocker

Foxes On Idol 9/29/04 Canadian Idol 2: Renegade Single Chafes Champ’s Thunder

Chart Attack 9/27/04 Jacob Hoggard Says "Oops," Fans Say "Yay!" BMG Says "Grr"

CTV 9/27/04 Kalan Porter begins life after Idol

CTV 9/26/04 Edmonton station spinning bootleg Idol song

Halifax Herald 9/20/04 Singer counts blessings

Beavers On Idol 9/20/04 Kalan Porter: Our New Canadian Idol, eh?

Foxes On Idol 9/19/04 Canadian Idol 2 Top Two Vocal Master Class: Kalan and Theresa Showcase

Toronto Star 9/19/04 The rise and thrall of an Idol

Beavers On Idol 9/19/04 Jenny Gear and Whiskey Kittens Release Debut CD

Reality News Online 9/19/04 Canadian Idol 2, the Grand Finale: And the Winner Is…

National Post 9/18/04 Critics fear originality 'casualty' of new Idol world; finalists riding wave

TVRules 9/17/04 Canadian Idol: And the winner is!

Chart Attack 9/17/04 Kalan Porter Is Your Canadian Idol

Billboard 9/17/04 Porter Named 'Canadian Idol' 9/17/04 Canadian Idol -Prince becomes King

Fans Of Reality TV 9/17/04 Canadian Idol 09/15 - A Tale of Two Beauties

Reality TV Calendar 9/17/04 An Idol Is Crowned: Final Recap by Keri Lambert

CTV 9/17/04 Kalan Porter grabs Canadian Idol crown

Leader Post 9/17/04 Sokyrka second best: Canada opts for Porter

CBC Edmonton 9/17/04 Kalan Porter wins Canadian Idol 9/16/04 Canadian Idol - last chance to impress

Reality TV Calendar 9/16/04 The Final 2 Perform: Recap by Keri Lambert

Reality News Online 9/16/04 Canadian Idol 2, September 15: The Final Showdown

Beavers On Idol 9/16/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Boy vs. Girl (The Grand Finale)

Foxes On Idol 9/16/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2 Finale

CTV 9/16/04 Viewers cast final votes for new Idol

Leader Post 9/16/04 Winner crowned tonight

Calgary Sun 9/16/04 Voices wary

CTV 9/16/04 Hoggard reflects, anticipates post-Idol future

Times-Herald 9/15/04 A star is born in Saskatchewan

CBC Saskatchewan 9/15/04 Calvert told to show his 'Canadian Idol' support at home

Calgary Sun 9/15/04 Kalan one win away

StarPhoenix 9/15/04 Theresa ready to shine on Idol

London Free Press 9/15/04 Humble idols leave fight to fans

Foxes On Idol 9/15/04 “I Broke My Own Heart” – An Interview with Canadian Idol 2’s Shane Wiebe

Foxes On Idol 9/15/04 FOI Roundtable: Kalan or Theresa – Who Will Be the Next Canadian Idol?

Chart Attack 9/14/04 CTV Predicts Record Number Of Votes For Canadian Idol Finale

Halifax Daily News 9/14/04 ‘Feel like winners’

Foxes On Idol 9/14/04 “This Has Been an Opportunity of a Lifetime” – An Interview With Canadian Idol 2’s Jacob Hoggard

Edmonton Journal 9/13/04 Kalan, Theresa say they're ready for Canadian Idol finale after hectic summer

Calgary Sun 9/13/04 Hatters mad about final Idol

CTV 9/13/04 CTV Launches On-Line Canadian Idol Store

Foxes on Idol 9/13/04 "Never Give Up on What You Believe In": An Interview with Canadian Idol 2's Jason Greeley

Fans Of Reality TV 9/12/04 Canadian Idol 09/09 – The Fall of the Most Anticipated Performer™

Beavers On Idol 9/11/04 Winning Is Not "the Only Thing" Zack Werner: Exploring the Elimination of Jacob Hoggard

Foxes On Idol 9/11/04 Canadian Idol 2 Top Three Vocal Master Class: Judges’ Choice!

Chart Attack 9/10/04 Canadian Idol: Jacob Hoggard Leaves It To Kalan And Theresa

Calgary Sun 9/10/04 Albertan still in Idol race 9/10/04 Canadian Idol-one week and two idols left

CTV 9/10/04 Hoggard rocks out of Idol competition

Reality TV Calendar 9/10/04 The Top 5 Results: Judge's Choice

Fans of Reality TV 9/10/04 You Want Me To Sing WHAT? (9/8 recap)

Foxes On Idol 9/10/04 Canadian Idol 2 – A Tribute to Theresa Sokyrka 9/9/04 Canadian Idol - very talented three

Beavers On Idol 9/9/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Final 3 (Judges' Choice Night)

Foxes On Idol 9/9/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2, September 8

Reality News Online 9/9/04 Canadian Idol 2, September 8: Switching It Up

CTV 9/9/04 Canadian Idol Top 3 sing judges' picks
Chart Attack 9/8/04 Ashley MacIsaac Has The Hots For The Boys Of Canadian Idol

Newswire 9/7/04 Audrey de Montigny Returns to the Canadian Idol Stage Thursday, Sept. 9 on CTV

Foxes on Idol 9/6/04 Canadian Idol 2: Top Four Vocal Master Class: Big Band Era!


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