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AM900 CHML 8/31/07 Melomania to hit Hamilton Place

Stoney Creek News 8/31/07 Stoked over Melo

Nova News 8/30/07 Dwight d'Eon says he thankful for opportunity of a lifetime

Mission Record 8/30/07 Jepsen shines in park performance

Metro 8/30/07 Dwight plots return to rock

Mission City Record 8/30/07 Mission Idol comes home to family, friends

Nova News Now 8/30/07 Dwight d'Eon thankful for opportunity of a lifetime

Daily News 8/30/07 Wrong song, wrong suit ended Idol dreams

Chronicle Herald 8/30/07 And then there were three

Mission City Record 8/30/07 Jepsen earns spot in top 3

Leader Post 8/30/07 Rapley avoids Idol curse

Montreal Gazette 8/30/07 At least he got to sing for 'legend' Anka

Reality News Online 8/29/07 Canadian Idol 5, August 28: Top Four Results, Plus Paul Anka

Reality TV Calendar 8/29/07 Forgettable, That's What You Are

Yarmouth Vanguard 8/29/07 Dwight d'Eon's Idol run comes to an end

Nova News Now 8/29/07 Dwight d'Eon's Idol run comes to an end

Chart Attack 8/29/07 Canadian Idol Update: D-Day For D'Eon

Vancouver Sun 8/29/07 Hope burns bright for Carly Rae

Red Deer Advocate 8/29/07 Jaydee sings way to final three

CTV 8/29/07 Lobster fisherman Dwight d'Eon eliminated at Top 4 

Metro 8/29/07 Former fisherman flops in netting votes

Vancouver Sun 8/29/07 D'Eon picks Melo to win Idol

Jam! 8/29/07 'Canadian Idol' down to three

Idolhead Ed 8/28/07 Woe is me, it’s down to three. Is it the right three? 8/28/07 Vocal Masterclass For Canadian Idol Season Five Top Four Singers With Paul Anka

Reality News Online 8/28/07 Canadian Idol 5, August 27: The Top Four Salute The Standards

Chart Attack 8/28/07 Canadian Idol: Average Versions Of Standard Songs

Yarmouth Vanguard 8/28/07 Dwight in white – goodnight?

andPop 8/28/07 Canadian Idol Welcomes Paul Anka for Top Four

Abbotsford News 8/28/07 Carly Rae of sunshine in Mission

Toronto Star 8/28/07 A young Idol embraces his maturity

Metro 8/28/07 Idols show off 2 songs

Idolhead Ed 8/27/07 The Standards make me happy. Did the top 4?

Yarmouth Vanguard 8/27/07 Dwight d'Eon gets a huge welcome at home on the weekend

Jam! 8/27/07 Four 'Idol' hopefuls remain 8/26/07 Vocal Masterclass For Canadian Idol Season Five Top Five Singers

Vancouver Province 8/26/07 A chat with Canadian Idol Carly Rae

Vancouver Sun 8/26/07 Fans bid homegrown Idol contender an enthusiastic welcome home

Chronicle Herald 8/26/07 4,000 cheer on Dwight d'Eon

Vancouver Province 8/26/07 Carly Rae Jepsen developing 'alligator skin' on Canadian Idol

Nova News Now 8/25/07 Photo Essay: Dwight d'Eon Day in Yarmouth

Digital Spy 8/25/07 Kelly Clarkson prefers 'Canadian Idol'

Jam! 8/25/07 'Idol' Jaydee hits high gear 8/25/07 Warm welcome for Canadian Idol

Abbotsford News 8/24/07 Carly's confidence stronger than ever

CTV 8/24/07 Bon Jovi to perform on Canadian Idol finale, coach Top 2 

Vancouver Sun 8/24/07 Music a family tradition for Canadian Idol wannabe

Ottawa Citizen 8/24/07 Idol finalist making most of his shot

Nova News Now 8/24/07 Gearing up for Dwight d'Eon day Saturday at the Mariners Centre

Vancouver Province 8/24/07 Mission holds Carly Rae Day tomorrow

650 News Talk 8/24/07 Idol Matt Rapley Arrives Back In Regina

Vancouver Sun 8/23/07 'Cute' B.C. singer a favourite to win Idol

Mission Record 8/23/07 Mission’s Idol comes home

Vancouver Sun 8/23/07 Mission gives Canadian Idol her own day

Hello 8/23/07 Original 'Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson coaches Canadian hopefuls

Jam! 8/23/07 'Canadian Idol' nabs Bon Jovi

Metro 8/23/07 Rapley ‘feeling good’

Metro 8/23/07 Idol’s Top 4 contestants open up

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/07 Top Five Results Show Recap

Reality News Online 8/22/07 Canadian Idol 5, August 21: Top Five Results, and Kelly Too

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/07 Kelly Clarkson Mentors The Top Five

Jam! 8/22/07 'Canadian Idol' axes Regina teen

Chart Attack 8/22/07 Canadian Idol Update: Clarkson Rooted And Rapley Booted

Huntsville Forrester 8/22/07 Bassist joins Canadian Idol’s big band show

Metro 8/22/07 Canada sends soulful Idol hopeful home

Idolhead Ed 8/21/07 And tonight the loser is…..

Reality News Online 8/21/07 Canadian Idol 5, August 20: The Top Five Honour Their Idols

Chart Attack 8/21/07 Canadian Idol Update: Kelly Clarkson Tries To Help

Metro 8/21/07 Three weeks, five hopefuls

Prince George Citizen 8/21/07 Viewers can help pick songs to be sung by final 3 'Idol' contestants

Nova News Now 8/21/07 Canadian Idol Top 5 becomes a Top 4 tonight

Idolheaded Ed 8/20/07 Kelly,Kelly, Kelly! Oh, and the top 5 pick their favorites 8/20/07 Jepsen is a woman with a Mission

Idolhead Ed 8/19/07 Canadian Idol 5: Canada finally gets it wrong….Really wrong

London Free Press 8/19/07 Idol judge Farley Flex has many admirers of his threads

Abbotsford News 8/18/07 Greg most talented, not most popular

Nova News 8/17/07 Community to celebrate with Dwight d'Eon next weekend

Mission Record 8/16/07 Jepsen rocks pop/rock night

Metro 8/16/07 Ex-Idol hopeful Oram looks ahead to future 8/15/07 Vocal Masterclass For Canadian Idol Season Five Top Six Singers: Pop Rock With Maroon Five

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/07 Top Six Week - Country Music Is Still Alive

Reality News Online 8/15/07 Canadian Idol 5, August 14: Top Six Results – The One Less Pop-ular

Moose Jaw Times Herald 8/15/07 Tyler Lewis coming home for a show

Metro 8/15/07 Idol hopeful says goodbye to her shot at the crown

Nova News 8/15/07 Dwight d'Eon makes the Canadian Idol Top 5

Chart Attack 8/15/07 Canadian Idol Update: Tara Oram Eliminated

Reality News Online 8/14/07 Canadian Idol 5, August 13: The Top Six Tackle Pop Music

Jam! 8/14/07 Tara booted from 'Canadian Idol'

Chart Attack 8/14/07 Canadian Idol Update: Pop Goes The Idol

The Gazette 8/14/07 O Idol, where art thou?

Nova News 8/14/07 Dwight d'Eon hoping to make a smooth transition into Top 5

St. John's Telegram 8/14/07 Oram’s performance trounced

Regina Leader Post 8/14/07 Rapley has loyal fans

Metro 8/14/07 Pop rock night for last six hopefuls

Regina Leader Post 8/13/07 'Idol' whining not going to change vote

CTV 8/10/07 Neufeld faces bright future after untimely elimination

Ancaster News 8/10/07 Hamilton's Brian Melo - the next Idol?

Ottawa Citizen 8/10/07 'I'll come back and show them'

Abbotsford News 8/9/07 Carly Rae is still OK

Mission City Record 8/9/07 No more Fraser Valley competition for Jepsen

Abbotsford News 8/9/07 Abbotsford’s idol eliminated

Jam! 8/9/07 Albertan 'Idol' takes fame in stride

Metro 8/9/07 Elimination a shock for Neufeld

Beavers On Idol 8/8/07 Regional Voting Gives Canadians What They Want?

Reality TV Calendar 8/8/07 Top Seven Week - No Time For Losers

Reality News Online 8/8/07 Canadian Idol 5, August 7: Brace For A Shocker

Nova News 8/8/07 Dwight d'Eon makes it to Canadian Idol's top 6

Star Phoenix 8/8/07 Rapley remains on Idol

Chart Attack 8/8/07 Canadian Idol Shocker: Greg Neufeld Bites The Dust

Metro 8/8/07 ‘Canada got this wrong’: Idol host

Idolhead Ed 8/7/07 The biggest Idol shocker of all time. But I have an explanation 8/7/07 Vocal Masterclass For Canadian Idol Season Five Top Seven Singers: The Music Of Queen

Reality News Online 8/7/07 Canadian Idol 5, August 6: The Top Seven and the Music Of Queen

Metro 8/7/07 Idols tackle challenges on Queen show

Chart Attack 8/7/07 Canadian Idol Update: We Will Mock You

Idolhead Ed 8/6/07 Top 7 sing Queen

Foxes On Idol 8/6/07 Canadian Idol 5: The Idols Visit “We Will Rock You”

Jam! 8/5/07 Idol hopefuls have rockin' time

Jam! 8/5/07 Queen featured on 'Canadian Idol'

Toronto Star 8/4/07 Legends give tips to Idols

Beavers On Idol 8/2/07 Kelly Clarkson to Show Canadian Idol Contestants How It's Done

Montreal Gazette 8/2/07 Queen rocks stage and 'Idol' hopefuls

CTV 8/2/07 Martha Joy to continue doing what she does best

Nova News 8/2/07 Canadian Idol finalists have workshops with Queen's Taylor, May

Metro 8/2/07 ‘Watch out for me,’ Joy says 8/2/07 Nova Scotian d’Eon still alive in Canadian Idol 8/1/07 Vocal Masterclass For Canadian Idol Season Five Top Eight Singers: Unplugged With Enrique

Reality TV Calendar 8/1/07 No Joy In Candian Idol: Top 8 Results Show Recap

Reality News Online 8/1/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 31: Top Eight Results

Hello! 8/1/07 Savvy Enrique inspires contestants on Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 8/1/07 Canadian Idol Update: Enrique Iglesias Heats Things Up

Nova News Now 8/1/07 Dwight d'Eon advances to Canadian Idol top 7

Regina Leader Post 8/1/07 Rapley survives to sing another night

Idolhead Ed 7/31/07 Yo! Toronto that wasn’t Martha Stewart you sent home

Reality TV Calendar 7/31/07 "Eight Is More Than Enough" Top 8 Performance Recap

Chart Attack 8/1/07 Canadian Idol Update: Enrique Iglesias Heats Things Up

Nova News Now 8/1/07 Dwight d'Eon advances to Canadian Idol top 7

Regina Leader Post 8/1/07 Rapley survives to sing another night

Idolhead Ed 7/31/07 Yo! Toronto that wasn’t Martha Stewart you sent home

Reality TV Calendar 7/31/07 "Eight Is More Than Enough" Top 8 Performance Recap

Reality News Online 7/31/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 30: The Top Eight, Unplugged

Halifax News 7/31/07 N.S. lobster fisherman still in the hunt on Canadian Idol

Jam! 7/31/07 No more Joy in 'Canadian Idol'

Regina Leader-Post 7/31/07 Judges, fans rap Rapley this week

Nova News Now 7/31/07 Dwight d'Eon sings Police classic on Canadian Idol "unplugged" show

Toronto Star 7/31/07 Idol chatter with contestants

Metro 7/31/07 Idols can pick songs, but need to believe it

Chart Attack 7/31/07 Canadian Idol Update: Unplugged And Unimpressed

Toronto Star 7/31/07 Idol chatter with contestants

Idolhead Ed 7/30/07 Top 8 get unplugged but only a couple plug in some magic

CTV 7/30/07 Top 8 lose some power when going unplugged

Reality TV Calendar 7/29/07 Ranking The Top 8

The Western Star 7/28/07 Idol competitor Oram thankful for home-province support

Mission Record 7/26/07 Jepsen one step closer

Leader Post 7/26/07 Rapley gaining confidence on stage

Metro 7/26/07 Khalila grabs life after Idol

Reality News Online 7/25/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 24: Top Nine Results

Reality TV Calendar 7/25/07 Where Are They Getting Their Support?

Inside Pulse 7/25/07 In Hindsight: Canadian Idol Recap - July 24 (Results)

Chart Attack 7/15/07 Canadian Idol Update: Cryingest Elimination Yet

Regina Leader Post 7/25/07 Rapley moves on in 'Idol'

West Island Chronicle 7/25/07 Khalila is Dorval’s idol already

Nova News 7/25/07 D'Eon does it again: Dwight makes it to the Top 8

Metro 7/25/07 Song choice crucial for sticking around

Idolhead Ed 7/24/07 One more goes home and didn’t deserve to

Idolhead Ed 7/24/07 Top 9 do better than fine

Reality Next Online 7/24/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 23: The Top Nine Perform the Music of the Sixties

Reality TV Calendar 7/24/07 The Top Nine Performance Recap

Chart Attack 7/24/07 Canadian Idol Update: Idols Step It Up For The '60s

Regina Leader Post 7/24/07 Rapley was rapturous

Metro 7/24/07 Idols head back to the ’60s

CTV 7/24/07 Top 9 amaze judges with one of best shows ever

Inside Pulse 7/23/07 Live Canadian Idol Recap - July 23

Reality News Online 7/23/07 Canadian Idol 5: A Tour of the Idol Mansion

Le Messager 7/23/07 Singer and Dorval resident Khalila Glanville on Canadian Idol's Top-Ten

Vancouver Sun 7/21/07 Post-Idol Kalan puts mom first

Metro 7/20/07 Hopeful Mila looks onward

Chronicle Herald 7/20/07 Miller sent packing on Canadian Idol, N.S.’s d’Eon safe

Reality TV Calendar 7/19/07 Ranking The Top 9

Reality TV Calendar 7/19/07 Signed, Sealed, Eliminated: Top 10 Results Show Recap

Reality News Online 7/19/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 18: Top Ten Results, and an Um-bar-ella-ella-ella

Inside Pulse 7/19/07 Live Canadian Idol Recap - July 18 (Results)

Reality News Online 7/19/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 17: The Top Ten Perform Number One Hits

Idolhead Ed 7/19/07 Top 10 shocker! Well at last a third shocker

Chart Attack 7/19/07 Canadian Idol Update: Mila Miller's Fate Is Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Metro 7/19/07 Tough decision to send one Idol hopeful home

Mission City Record 7/19/07 Competition increases

CTV 7/19/07 Rihanna advises Idols to work like they have a hit

Nova News Now 7/19/07 Dwight d'Eon survives another week on Canadian Idol

Star Phoenix 7/19/07 Express yourself, judges tell Regina singer

Regina Leader-Post 7/19/07 Rapley makes first cut on 'Canadian Idol'

Red Deer Advocate 7/19/07 Bixby survives another week

Media In Canada 7/19/07 Canadian Idol spawns spin-off

CTV 7/19/07 Mila Miller becomes first competitor cut from Top 10 

Inside Pulse 7/18/07 Live Canadian Idol Recap - July 17

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/07 The Top Ten Performance Show Recap 7/18/07 Vocal Masterclass For Canadian Idol Season Five Top Ten Singers: Number One Billboard Hits.

Jam! 7/18/07 Canadian Idol on the road could be interesting experiment: Mulroney

Oak Bay News 7/18/07 He didn’t win, but Liam still a favourite

Nova News Now 7/18/07 Dwight d'Eon performs in Canadian Idol's first Top 10 show of the season

CTV 7/18/07 Top 10 launch into first performance at Bassett Theatre

Regina Leader-Post 7/18/07 Rapley hopes to jump to next round

St. John's Telegram 7/18/07 Cape Breton ‘Idol’ fans upset over phone problems

Chronicle Herald 7/18/07 Cheering for Dwight

Montreal Gazette 7/18/07 Jaydee a bit brighter than dim

Chart Attack 7/18/07 Canadian Idol Update: #1 Hits And Misses

Jam! 7/18/07 Rihanna shows 'Canadian Idol' hopeful the ropes as one is sent packing

Metro 7/18/07 Joy came out to win at karaoke-tinted Idol

Idolhead Ed 7/17/07 The top 10 perform… to speak.

The Beacon 7/17/07 One step closer

The Province 7/17/07 B.C. has two in Top 10

Nova News 7/17/07 Dwight d'Eon makes his first Top 10 performance tonight on Canadian Idol

Ontario Mirror Guardian 7/17/07 Scarborough teen reaches Canadian Idol Top 10

CTV 7/17/07 Eliminated competitors dumbstruck by Canada's choice

Metro 7/17/07 Top 10 taste stardom

Beavers On Idol 7/16/07 All For You - Brandon Jones - Delightful Surprise

Standard Freeholder 7/16/07 Sass Jordan loves a live audience

Metro 7/16/07 ‘It’s about making them rock stars,’ Idol stylist says

Beavers On Idol 7/15/07 Canadian Idol Dumps on Canadian Talent

Idolhead Ed 7/15/07 Now that the first 3 legs are done let’s look back, and forward to the 4th.

Chronicle Herald 7/13/07 Halifax bar band vet makes Idol’s Top 10

Times Colonist 7/13/07 Victoria Idol contestant comes home

The Daily News 7/13/07 Idol singer lost without guitar

Vancouver Sun 7/13/07 Canadian Idol's final 10 ready to sing their hearts out

Abbotsford News 7/13/07 Now idols have to compete against each other

Jam! 7/13/07 'Canadian Idol' viewers stay safe

Metro 7/13/07 Avril among Idol’s guest performers

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/07 Ranking The Top Ten

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/07 Meet Your Top Ten!

Reality News Online 7/12/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 11: Top Ten Decided!

Idolhead Ed 7/12/07 Top 10 revealed. Some surprises? May be

650 CKOM News Talk Radio 7/12/07 Rapley Thinking Pop

Chart Attack 7/12/07 Canadian Idol Update: The Top 10 Are Revealed

Metro 7/12/07 Canada, say hello to the Top 10 hopefuls

Mission City Record 7/12/07 Idol star continues to shine week after week 7/12/07 Pop stars coming to "Canadian Idol"

Nova News Now 7/12/07 Dwight d'Eon cracks Canadian Idol top 10

Westmount Examiner 7/12/07 Westmount teacher makes the grade on Canadian Idol

StarPhoenix 7/12/07 Canadian Idol dream alive for Sask. singer

Times Colonist 7/12/07 Victoria singer voted off Canadian Idol, but he's still getting star treatment at home 7/11/07 Vocal Masterclass For Canadian Idol Season Five Top Seven Female Singers

Reality TV Calendar 7/11/07 Take Me Out To The Ballgame: Top 7 Girls Performance Recap

Reality News Online 7/11/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 10: Ladies’ Last Chance

Idolhead Ed 7/11/07 Ladies’ night and oh what a night. I love that optimistic math

Chart Attack 7/11/07 Canadian Idol Update: Girls Fight Back

Metro 7/11/07 Idol ladies strutting stuff to get into Top 10 7/10/07 Vocal Masterclass For Canadian Idol Season Five Top Seven Male Singers

Reality News Online 7/10/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 9: Last Chance for the Men

Reality TV Calendar 7/10/07 Going Once, Twice, Gone to the Top 10

Idolhead Ed 7/10/07 Top 7 guys make their last bid for top 10. A valiant effort by all

Chart Attack 7/10/07 Canadian Idol Update: Talented Tykes Tangle For Top 10

Jam! 7/10/07 Canadian Idol 'pitiful'

Metro 7/10/07 No memorable performances

Times Colonist 7/10/07 Chang scores with another strong Idol performance

Reality TV Calendar 7/9/07 Foreseeing the Top Ten

Abbotsford News 7/7/07 Both idols survive to sing again

Celebrity Spider 7/6/07 Kalan Porter to Release His Sophomore Album Wake Up Living August 28

Beavers On Idol 7/6/07 Canadian Idol 5: Amended Ideal Top 10

Cape Breton Post 7/6/07 Memo to ‘Canadian Idol’ producer: the audience is always right

CTV 7/6/07 Eliminated Top 18 competitors say they learned to be strong 7/6/07 Kalan Porter lends voice to cancer fight

Reality News Online 7/5/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 4: The Second Elimination

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/07 Ranking The Top 14

Cape Breton Post 7/5/07 Mull-adored

Inside Toronto 7/5/07 Rexdale resident enjoys her short time on Canadian Idol

Mission City Record 7/5/07 Jepsen earns spot in Top 14

Sarnia Observer 7/5/07 Austin voted off Idol

York Region Era Banner 7/5/07 Woodbridge Idol hopeful advances

Nova News Now 7/5/07 Dwight d'Eon survives another week on Canadian Idol

CTV 7/5/07 Judges' picks line up with votes in Top 18 elimination

Times Colonist 7/5/07 Victoria teen stays in Idol hunt

StarPhoenix 7/5/07 Regina Idol makes the cut with ballad

Metro 7/5/07 Voters pick well to send 4 packing

Jam! 7/5/07 'Idol' producer fed up with T.O.

Chart Attack 7/5/07 Canadian Idol Update: Canada Knocks One Out Of The Park, Four Off The Show

Idolhead Ed 7/4/07 Four more hit the door and I ain’t too happy.

MasterclassLady.Com 7/4/07 Vocal Masterclass For Canadian Idol Season Five Top Nine Females

Reality News Online 7/4/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 3: Can the Women Meet the Challenge?

Idolhead Ed 7/4/07 Girl’s night out or girl’s nightmare out. What happened?

Chart Attack 7/4/07 Canadian Idol Update: More Than Just Karaoke Nonsense?

Metro 7/4/07 Dreadfully long season ahead for this Top 10

MasterclassLady.Com 7/3/07 Canadian Idol Season Five: Our Top Nine Male Singers Start To Shine

Reality News Online 7/3/07 Canadian Idol 5, July 2: The Men Answer the Call

Idolhead Ed 7/3/07 Top 9 guys finally show up and I like it.. Move over ladies

Chart Attack 7/3/07 Canadian Idol Update: Top Nine Boys Battle It Out

News Talk 650 7/3/07 Regina's Canadian Idol Impresses Again

Nova News Now 7/3/07 Dwight d'Eon rocks the Canadian Idol stage

Regina Leader-Post 7/3/07 Rapley raises bar for rivals

Sarnia Observer 7/3/07 Idol history

Metro 7/3/07 Idols deploy secret weapons

Reality TV Calendar 7/2/07 Ranking The Top 18

Times Colonist 7/2/07 Island Idol hopefuls face next challenge tonight

Idolhead Ed 7/1/07 A very funny or unusual thing could happen this season on Canadian Idol.

Nova News Now 7/1/07 Hometown singer/songwriter shines at Canadian Idol 7/1/07 Idol crew films Tyler at home

Jam! 6/30/07 'Canadian Idol' exec irked at T.O.

Ottawa Sun 6/30/07 Idol's warm-up drowns out the drums

Abbotsford News 6/30/07 Idols impress judges, fans vote both into Top-18

Calgary Herald 6/30/07 'Fannikas' welcome home Calgary's Idol hopeful

RealityShack 6/29/07 Long Hair, Rock and Soul – Canadian Idol 5 Top 22 Guys Night

Beavers On Idol 6/29/07 Why Doesn't Canadian Idol Promote Its Own?

Times Colonist 6/29/07 Cheer on Victoria's Idol competitor

Victoria News 6/29/07 Idol finalists sing with Arden and Canadian Idol finalists

The Daily News 6/29/07 Nova Scotians survive to sing again

Beavers On Idol 6/28/07 Canadian Idol 5: The Ideal Top 10

Inside Pulse 6/28/07 Live Canadian Idol Recap - June 27 (Results)

Reality News Online 6/28/07 Canadian Idol 5, June 27 - The First Four Are Gone

Chart Attack 6/28/07 Canadian Idol Update: The First Cut Is The Deepest

Jam! 6/28/07 'Idol' producer lambastes Torontonians for not supporting homegrown talent

Metro 6/28/07 Canadian Idol hopefuls set on the chopping block for elimination episode

Mission City Record 6/28/07 Jepsen performs Rae song

Abbotsford News 6/28/07 Idols impress judges, fans vote both to Top-18

Sarnia Observer 6/28/07 Andrew Austin advances on Canadian Idol

Mission City Record 6/28/07 Jepsen learns to follow instinct

Nova News Now 6/28/07 Dwight d'Eon sticking around on Canadian Idol

CTV 6/28/07 First viewer eliminations cut Top 22 down to 18 

North Island Gazette 6/28/07 Local talent makes cut

Inside Pulse 6/27/07 Live Canadian Idol Recap - June 26

Idolhead Ed 6/27/07 Four hit the door. Any surprises?

Reality News Online 6/27/07 Canadian Idol 5, June 26: The Women Take The Stage

Idolhead Ed 6/27/07 Top 11 girls make mincemeat of the guys. AI 6 anyone?

Chart Attack 6/27/07 Canadian Idol Update: Girls On Top

Metro 6/27/07 Girls’ night out at Idol reveals one ballsy singer

Inside Pulse 6/26/07 Live Canadian Idol Recap - June 25

Reality News Online 6/26/07 Canadian Idol 5, June 25: The Trinity Battle Begins

Idolhead Ed 6/26/07 Top 11 guys give it a shot. Most got shot down

Nova News Now 6/26/07 Votes pour in Monday night for Dwight d'Eon on Canadian Idol

CTV 6/26/07 Strong start to live shows as Top 11 males take the stage

Metro 6/26/07 Boy’s night at Idol’s first live performances

Chart Attack 6/26/07 Canadian Idol Update: The Boys Of Summer

York Region 6/26/07 Aurora student among Idol finalists

Leader Post 6/26/07 Rapley's debut impresses 'Canadian Idol' judges 6/25/07 Canadian Idol Season Five Is Going To Kick

Metro 6/25/07 Scarlett fever

Beavers On Idol 6/23/07 Low Level Flight: A High Level Listen

All Headline News 6/23/07 Season 5 Of Canadian Idol Kicks Off

Abbotsford News 6/23/07 Idols need our support to survive

Beavers On Idol 6/22/07 Ballad of Ricky Hoggard: Nemesis of American and Canadian Idol

London Free Press 6/22/07 Sarnian holds out high hopes as Idol

Mission City Record 6/22/07 Jepsen makes Canadian Idol Top 22

The Daily News 6/22/07 Canadian idols, Squid join Tall Ships festival

Western Star 6/21/07 Hare Bay country singer among Idol's Top 22

Bellville Intelligencer 6/21/07 Ousted Idol believes comments cost him

Jam! 6/21/07 Albertan duo living 'Idol' dream

CTV 6/21/07 Diverse and talented Top 22 kick off Idol summer

Vancouver Sun 6/21/07 Four British Columbians make it to Idol's Top 22 list

Leader Post 6/21/07 Regina student makes 'Idol' cut

Celebrity Spider 6/20/07 Canadian Idol Top 22 Announced

Reality News Online 6/20/07 Canadian Idol 5, June 19: The Top 22 Are Named

Idolhead Ed 6/20/07 How often do the judges really miss the boat on contestants?

Reality News Online 6/20/07 Canadian Idol 5, June 18: The Fight For The Top 22 Begins!

Idolhead Ed 6/20/07 Top 22 decided…..sort of and I’m disappointed a bit.

Cape Breton Post 6/20/07 Idol fans mulling over Mullendore

Metro 6/20/07 Arbitrary decisions on Idol

Chart Attack 6/20/07 Canadian Idol: And Then There Were 22

Ottawa Citizen 6/20/07 Canadian Idol judge defends Top 22 list of finalists

Victoria Times Colonist 6/20/07 Victoria's Liam Styles Chang wins spot in Canadian Idol final

Red Deer Advocate 6/20/07 Red Deer teen makes Idol cut

The Observer 6/20/07 Sarnian advances to Canadian Idol semi-finals

Jam! 6/20/07 22 'Canadian Idol' hopefuls named

News Talk 650 6/20/07 Regina Teen Among Idol Hopefuls

Lakeshore Advance 6/19/07 Canadian Idol contestant’s career has just begun

Metro 6/19/07 Elimination kicks off Canadian Idol

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/07 Lost In Translation: Episode 2 Recap

Beavers On Idol 6/16/07 CI Season 5 Spoiler: Top 22 Revealed

The Observer 6/16/07 Local man has chance for top 22 Idol berth

Moose Jaw Times Herald 6/15/07 With a year of celebrity under his belt, Lewis ready to tour Sask.

Reality TV Calendar 6/14/07 An Instrumental Beginning

Reality News Online 6/13/07 Canadian Idol 5, June 12: Gold Tickets

Chart Attack 6/13/07 Canadian Idol Update: It Cuts Like A Knife

Idolhead Ed 6/13/07 Canadian Idol……Rocks the house

Times Colonialist 6/13/07 Victoria hopeful passes first hurdle on Canadian Idol

Metro 6/13/07 Instruments drag out buskers to Idol stage

Windsor Star 6/12/07 Tweaking show improves Canadian Idol this season

Ottawa Citizen 6/12/07 Early signs are good for Canadian Idol's new round

The Province 6/12/07 Just don't ask him to sing

Jam! 6/12/07 Ex-Idol still 'chasing the dream'

Jam! 6/9/07 'Canadian Idol' kicks off

Montreal Gazette 6/9/07 Montreal Idol

Torontoist 6/8/07 This Is... The Idol

Broadcaster 6/7/07 CTV's Canadian Idol Peaks at 2-million Viewers

Reality TV Calendar 6/5/07 A Proposal, Some Gold And A Spitter: Episode 1 Recap

Reality News Online 6/7/07 Canadian Idol 5, June 5: The Journey Begins

Idolhead Ed 6/6/07 Canadian Idol season 5 starts..Now

CTV 6/6/07 Singers, dancers & screamers step in front of Idol's judges 

Jam! 6/6/07 Ottawa hits sour note on 'Idol'

Metro 6/6/07 Canadian Idol’s big draw? Instruments

Chart Attack 6/6/07 Canadian Idol Premiere Raises The Bar For Public Humiliation… Again

Jam! 6/5/07 'Canadian Idol' raising the bar

Toronto Star 6/5/07 I asked. Idol's judges answered

Vancouver Sun 6/5/07 Canadian Idol wannabes to hit the stage again

HFX News 6/5/07 Canada's Idol pool deep

MSN 6/5/07 'Canadian Idol' executive producer speak

Reality TV Calendar 6/4/07 Everything You Want To Know And More

Beavers On Idol 6/3/07 Canadian Idol: CTV Press Release - Hype, Damn Lies and Statistics

Jam! 6/3/07 'Idol' judge attacks American rival

Globe and Mail 6/2/07 Canadian Idol: Kindler, gentler and bleep-free

Ottawa Citizen 5/31/07 Eva Avila to shine at Canada Day celebrations

Jam! 5/31/07 Rise of Sanjaya was the fault of judges says 'Canadian Idol's' Flex

CTV 5/30/07 Idol to premiere June 5 with 90-minute episode

Celebrity Spider 5/29/07 Canadian Idol Broadcast Schedule Announced by CTV

MasterclassLady.Com 5/29/07 Canadian Idol Ready To Rock

CTV 5/23/07 Tyler Lewis takes his music to where the heart is

Channel Canada 5/16/07 CTV Summer Lineup Begins with the Return of Canadian Idol

Jam! 5/10/07 Sass Jordan kicks off tour

CTV 5/10/07 Duchess of York visits Idol cast on McHappy Day 

CTV 4/27/07 Aaron Walpole heads to Calgary for stage show 4/26/07 Canadian Idol judge motivates city’s teens

CTV 4/26/07 Media competitors get Idol-style razzing

Calgary Sun 4/21/07 Idol finalist born to perform

Northern Life 4/17/07 Canadian Idol judge coming to Sudbury

Montreal Gazette 4/17/07 Guitars, keyboards and an erhu join voices of would-be popstars at 'Idol' audition

Foxes on Idol 4/16/07 Canadian Idol 5: The Toronto Auditions

Metro 4/16/07 Idol Dreams Take Shape

Metro 4/16/07 Song goes out of this world

Toronto Sun 4/15/07 My idle attempt at Idol

Torontoist 4/15/07 Sing Your Little Heart Out, Toronto

St. John's Telegram 4/15/07 Zack Werner high on Newfoundland talent

Toronto Star 4/15/07 More than an Idol dream

680 News 4/14/07 Thousands attend Canadian Idol auditions in Toronto

CTV 4/14/07 Stars and hopefuls shine at outdoor Idol concert

Hello! 4/13/07 Eva puts best foot forward as career continues to take off 4/10/07 Goudie show cancelled

Hindustan Times 4/6/07 Indo-Canadian woman among top hopefuls for Canadian Idol

Star Phoenix 4/4/07 Canadian Idol star Avila deserving of wider attention

Hello 4/3/07 Natural beauty Eva Avila is new face of Maybelline 4/3/07 Idol judge blamed for JUNO mishap 

Edmonton Journal 3/31/07 Avila rides Idol fame-thrower

CTV 3/30/07 Years after leaving his band, Zack still knows how to perform

Durham Region News 3/30/07 Canadian Idol auditions in Oshawa April 17 and 18

Jam! 3/29/07 Eva Avila has a full schedule

Vue Weekly 3/29/07 Avila Finds You Can't be an Idle Idol

Chart Attack 3/28/07 Katharine McPhee, Eva Avila And Canadian Idol Auditions To Hit Toronto

CNW 3/27/07 Maybelline New York signs Eva Avila as their First Ever Canadian Beauty Ambassador

Chronicle Herald 3/26/07 Hopes high for Idol chance

Daily News 3/25/07 Sexy Rexy gets intimate

Daily News 3/25/07 Highs, lows for hopefuls at TV tryout 3/25/07 Hopes high for Idol chance

CTV 3/24/07 Helpful parents and stage moms show their support 3/24/07 It’s Idol time in Halifax

London Free Press 3/22/07 Avila treats small turnout

Chart Attack 3/20/07 Ryan Malcolm Moves Past Canadian Idol With Low Level Flight

Ottawa Sun 3/19/07 Idol new route to the top

Sun News 3/18/07 Idol worshippers in town

Chart Attack 3/13/07 Kalan Porter Almost Done New Record, But Fears Getting Hit By Train

York Region 3/13/07 Idol O'Neil to appear at mall

Montreal Gazette 3/11/07 Cheers and tears at Canadian Idol audition

London Free Press 3/7/07 London contestants impress Idol judges, especially one singer

Jam! 3/6/07 'Canadian Idol' seeks out London's best talent

St. Thomas Times Journal 3/6/07 West Lorne teen takes her shot at Idol fame

CTV 3/4/07 London hopefuls share their traditions & superstitions

Jam! 3/4/07 'Cdn Idol' hopefuls flock London, Ont

London Free Press 3/3/07 Idol judge sees show as circus

CTV 3/2/07 Another pit stop in Winnipeg for judge Jake Gold 

Jam! 3/1/07 'Canadian Idol' OKs instruments

CTV 2/25/07 Season 3's Josh Palmer finds a pretty good day job

Jam! 2/25/07 'Idol' hopefuls chase gold ticket

Ottawa Sun 2/22/07 Idol in tune with students

Ottawa Sun 2/21/07 Viva Avila! 2/21/07 Avila's career is meant to fly

CNW Telbec 2/21/07 Canadian Idol Eva Avila Comes Home to Gatineau to Celebrate Band Aid Grant with Local Schools

Star Phoenix 2/20/07 Idol wannabe exits auditions with ego intact

Star Phoenix 2/20/07 Hopefuls crave fame

Beavers On Idol 2/19/07 Why Major Canadian Labels Can't Make Major Canadian Idols

CTV 2/18/07 Amber Fleury rides the roller coaster of life

Star Phoenix 2/17/07 Idol auditions this weekend at Market Mall

Star Phoenix 2/15/07 Sass tells it like it is

Jam! 2/15/07 'Canadian Idol' experience humiliating

Abbotsford News 2/15/07 Batten joins with young guns

Soul Shine 2/14/07 Rex Goudie Looks Closer on the Road

Globe and Mail 2/14/07 Ryan Malcom: An Idol's Next Move

Star Phoenix 2/14/07 Tyler transformed

Nanaimo News Bulletin 2/13/07 Singer determined to make Idol

CTV 2/13/07 Farley Flex gets down to business in Calgary

Vernon Morning Star 2/11/07 Cowles chases Canadian Idol spot

Calgary Sun 2/11/07 Tuning in for Idol auditions

CTV 2/11/07 Ashley Leitao learns to use Idol's launching pad

Abby News 2/10/07 Another idol for Abbotsford

Metro 2/6/07 More than 1,200 want to be an Idol

MSN 2/5/07 Canadian Idol's adds newest castmate

National Post 2/5/07 Lining up for a shot at fame

Toronto Star 2/5/07 B.C. kicks off Idol tryouts

Kamloops This Week 2/4/07 Rawn rocks on

Jam! 2/2/07 Ex-Canadian Idol guilty of harassment

Vernon Morning Star 2/2/07 Canadian Idol to audition local talent search finalists

StarPhoenix 2/1/07 Theresa goes prime time 1/30/07 Eva Avila Makes Charlottetown Stop On Debut Tour
Reality TV Links 1/18/07 Casting Call - Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 1/17/07 Instruments Welcome For Canadian Idol's Season Five Auditions

Beavers On Idol 1/15/07 Canadian Idol 2006 CD Releases in Review

Chronicle Herald 1/13/07 Idol Doucette part of opening ceremony

Goderich Signal Star 1/10/07 Hometown Idol set to take stage

Winnipeg Free Press 1/4/07 Theatre gala adds Idols to fundraiser show

Star Phoenix 12/28/06 Spared the Idol curse

Kamloops This Week 12/27/06 Nation now Suzi’s new stage

Reality News Online 12/26/06 ‘Canadian Idol 5’ Tryouts Announced

Jam! 12/19/06 'Idol' OKs singers to play instruments

Jam! 12/11/06 Rex Goudie back with new album

Jam! 12/10/06 A closer look at Rex Goudie

Beavers On Idol 12/8/06 Billy Klippert: Naked and the Simple Truth

Fort McMurray Today 12/4/06 Idol visit a thrill for locals

Chart Attack 11/30/06 Rex Goudie Tries To Move Beyond Canadian Idol On New Album

CTV 11/30/06 Rex on sharing, Ski-Doos and his brand new album

Daily News 11/23/06 Idol officially an artist

Bayshore Broadcasting News Centre 11/23/06 Idol contestant visits Kincardine

Soul Shine 11/20/06 Rex Goudie Tells Fans to 'Look Closer'

Winnipeg Sun 11/19/06 A Good Sport

Toronto Star 11/19/06 Inside the Idol machine

Calgary Sun 11/19/06 Musician an idol for Idols

Chart Attack 11/16/06 Look Closer, Sexy Rexy Is Back

Jam! 11/16/06 Life after 'Idol' for Mitchell

The Gazette 11/16/06 Idol rising

London Free Press 11/16/06 Mitchell not staying idle 11/16/06 Sweet little rock'n'roller

Jam! 11/15/06 Rejected 'Idol' feeds musical passion

Ottawa Citizen 11/14/06 Avila comes up with best Idol debut disc yet

Calgary Herald 11/14/06 Eva's Ambition 11/14/06 A real star is (perhaps) born

Jam! 11/14/06 Avila's amazing road to stardom

Edmonton Sun 11/14/06 Eva ready

Jam! 11/14/06 Eva Avila launches inaugural album today

Chart Attack 11/11/06 Canadian Idol Eva Avila Goes Somewhere Else On Debut

OurSports Central 11/8/06 Eva Avila Interview 11/8/06 Rex Goudie's second CD out next month

Jam! 11/4/06 Cdn Idol Malcolm taking 'Flight'

Jam! 11/4/06 Klippert finding success after 'Idol'

Ottawa Sun 10/28/06 High-flying Eva keeps grounded

Jam! 10/27/06 'Canadian Idol' Eva wows Ottawa fans

Ottawa Sun 10/27/06 Home is for Eva

Calgary Sun 10/23/06 Idol sings for troops

Our Sports Central 10/20/06 Canadian Idol winner added to Grey Cup lineup

Windsor Star 10/14/06 Idol finalist to perform at multicultural forum

CBC 10/12/06 Thieves idolize N.B. singer's road signs

Ottawa Sun 10/7/06 Model deal for Avila

Foxes On Idol 10/6/06 Canadian Idol 4: A Season Review

CNW Telbec 10/5/06 Exclusive: Canadian Idol Eva Avila Signs Modeling Contract

Bohol Chronicle 9/30/06 Canadian Idol finalist performs w/ Bautista

Vancouver Sun 9/27/06 Can Eva Avila be the next Kelly Clarkson?

The Nor'wester 9/27/06 Goudie keeping busy in the fast lane

Southern Gazette 9/26/06 'Idol' talk

Winnipeg Sun 9/26/06 'Peggers give real Canadian Idol pride

Jam! 9/22/06 'Idol' Malcolm takes Flight, eyes album

Foxes On Idol 9/21/06 Canadian Idol 4 – the Post-Finale Press Conference

Edmonton sun 9/21/06 Canadian Idol judge to attend dropout seminar

Ottawa Citizen 9/21/06 Now comes the hard part for Eva

Inside Pulse 9/20/06 Canadian Idol Eva Avila Interview

Inside Pulse 9/20/06 Canadian Idol Runner-Up Craig Sharpe Interview

The Trades 9/19/06 Canadian Idol 4 - The Finale

Metro 9/20/06 Sharpe keen on going home

Metro 9/20/06 If young Sass had tried out for Idol, 'I would have sucked and tanked'

Jam! 9/20/06 'Idol' winner faces blast from past

Reality News Online 9/19/06 Canadian Idol 4, the Finale: We Have a Winner!

Toronto Sun 9/19/06 Newfoundland singin' the Idol conspiracy blues

Toronto Sun 9/19/06 Sunday's finale: Lowest rated yet

Yahoo! News 9/18/06 Conspiracy theories abound in Newfoundland after Sharpe's loss on Canadian Idol

Jam! 9/19/06 Eva ready to make leap to stardom

Metro 9/19/06 Idol win came as a surprise

The Trades 9/18/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 22: Week Nine

Yahoo News 9/18/06 Sharpe loses Idol finale; fans hold steady

Reality Shack 9/18/06 It’s Only The Beginning - Canadian Idol 4, Finale

Reality TV Calendar 9/18/06 Eva Avila Is The Canadian Idol: Finale Recap

Chart Attack 9/18/06 Canadian Idol: Eva Avila Won Your Hearts And The Title

Jam! 9/18/06 Winner credits tough audition

Jam! 9/18/06 Eva's No. 1 with hometown crowd

Jam! 9/18/06 Eva wins dull 'Idol'

Toronto Star 9/18/06 West crowns Quebec singer

Calgary Sun 9/17/06 He loves Idol, he hates Idol

Jam! 9/17/06 Idol's all about Eva

Toronto Star 9/17/06 Idol in the fast lane

Jam! 9/17/06 Canada to crown 'Idol' tonight

Inside Pulse 9/16/06 Live Canadian Idol Recap - September 11

Foxes On Idol 9/16/06 Canadian Idol 4: Eva or Craig? Who Will Win and Why

Jam! 9/16/06 Rejected 'Idols' pick their faves

Jam! 9/16/06 'Idol' to crown champ Sunday

CTV 9/15/06 Winner decided by vote margin of 3.3 per cent

Chart Attack 9/15/06 Furtado, O'Neil And Surprises Promised For Final Canadian Idol Show

Jam! 9/15/06 Cdn Idol closest race Eva

Vernon Morning Star 9/15/06 Idol has something unexpected

CTV 9/14/06 Top 10 are back in town to prepare for finale

Chart Attack 9/14/06 Canadian Idol: The Two Finalists Can't Get Much More Banal In Interviews

Ottawa Sun 9/14/06 Idol competition very close

Reality Shack 9/13/06 The Finalists Face Off - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 31

Jam! 9/13/06 Eva Avila finds romance on 'Idol'

Huntsville Forester 9/13/06 Bestwick fills in for Canadian Idol orchestra member

CTV 9/12/06 'Meant to Fly' holds lyrical link to Idol journey

Inside Pulse 9/12/06 Canadian Idol - Recap - September 11

Beavers On Idol 9/12/06 Canadian Idol Top 2 - Finale

Foxes on Idol 9/12/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, September 11

Reality TV Calendar 9/12/06 The Final Two Perform: Episode 31 Recap

Reality News Online 9/12/06 Canadian Idol 4, September 11: Le Prince et le Dragon

Foxes On Idol 9/12/06 Triumphant Trio: A Review of “Braided,” Made Up of Former ‘Canadian Idol’ Contestants

Chart Attack 9/12/06 Canadian Idol: Flip A Coin, Or A Finalist, To Decide A Winner

CTV 9/12/06 Craig & Eva launch winner single to rave reviews

andPop 9/12/06 Canadian Idol Crown Still Belongs To Either Finalist

CTV 9/12/06 Eva admits she's been dating Chad for three weeks

Georgian 9/12/06 Sharpe squares off with Eva Avila for Canadian Idol crown

Jam! 9/12/06 It's Eva's turn to Fly

Jam! 9/12/06 Duo battle for 'Idol' crown

Metro 9/11/06 Music Runs In Eva's Blood

Metro 9/11/06 Craig's Music Teacher Will Be With Him In Spirit

Jam! 9/11/06 Cdn Idols set to face off

Jam! 9/10/06 'Idol' eye-opening for Tyler Lewis

Montreal Gazette 9/9/06 A Star Is Born

Beavers On Idol 9/9/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 3 Performances 9/9/06 Sharpe, Avila will race to finish line as friends in competition

Winnipeg Sun 9/9/06 Idol glass slipper already fits Avila

CTV 9/8/06 Lewis proud to be rallying point for Saskatchewan

Metro 9/7/06 'I Wanted To Have A Ball'

CTV 9/7/06 Nelly Furtado to perform live on Idol's finale

Reality Shack 9/7/06 Some Not-So-Subtle Words From Our Sponsors - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 30

CBC 9/7/06 Tyler Lewis eliminated from Canadian Idol

Reality Shack 9/7/06 Shaking Up The Standards - Canadian Idol 4, Episode 29

Reality TV Calendar 9/6/06 Who's Left Standing After The Standards? Episode 30 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 9/6/06 Tyler Gone - Craig On Top: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Sept. 6th

Reality News Online 9/6/06 Canadian Idol 4, September 5 - The Final Two

Chart Attack 9/6/06 Canadian Idol: Lewis Loses Out

Calgary Sun 9/6/06 West’s last hope booted

Ottawa Sun 9/6/06 Eva's just two good

Discover Moose Jaw 9/6/06 Lewis Eliminated on Canadian Idol

andPop 9/6/06 And the Final 2 Canadian Idol Contestants Are...

The Trades 9/5/06 Canadian Idol 4 - Episode 21: Top Ten - Week Eight

Beavers On Idol 9/5/06 Canadian Idol Top 3 - Standards Night

Reality News Online 9/5/06 Canadian Idol 4, September 4: Labour Day Standards

Foxes on Idol 9/5/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 4, September 4

Reality TV Calendar 9/5/06 Standard Singing: Episode 29 Recap

Jam! 9/5/06 'Canadian Idol' down to final 2

Chart Attack 9/5/06 Canadian Idol: Tony Bennett Shows How It's Done

Beavers On Idol 9/2/06 CI4: A Look at the Top 4 Performances

Chronicle Herald 9/2/06 Hero’s welcome for Idol’s Chad

Inside Pulse 9/4/06 Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap - September 4


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