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Metro 9/11/08 Alberta student wins Idol
The Canadian Press 9/10/08 Mitch MacDonald and Theo Tams will learn tonight if they are next Canadian Idol

Reality News Online 9/9/08 Canadian Idol 6, September 8: The Final Performances
Jam! 9/8/08 Idol winner still a toss-up
Yahoo! News Canada 9/7/08 Canadian Idol final two happy for 'great start' to careers, regardless of winner
The Hawk 9/8/08 Mitch's last performance for Canadian Idol Monday
Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 9/7/08 - As Usual The Best Competitor Gets The Boot! Drew Wright Gets Screwed!

Jam! 9/7/08 'Idol' crown up for grabs
Jam! 9/5/08 Final 'Canadian Idol' face off
Reality News Online 9/3/08 Canadian Idol 6, September 2: The Final Two Are Defined!
Courier-Herald 9/3/08 Wright excited about life after Canadian Idol
Edmonton Journal 9/2/08 Remaining Idols tackle Bryan Adams tunes
Jam! 9/2/08 'Canadian Idol' rocker cut
Reality News Online 9/1/08 Canadian Idol 6, September 1: The End Is Approaching
andPop 9/1/08 Canadian Idol Final Three Recap
Reality News Online 8/27/08 Canadian Idol 6, August 26: One Bird Gets Grounded
Reality News Online 8/26/08 Canadian Idol 6, August 25: Snowbird Alert!
Jam! 8/26/08 'Canadian Idol' down to final three
CTV 8/26/08 Top 4 perform songs from the 'Anne Murray Songbook'
Calgary Herald 8/25/08 Back home and hopeful

Metro 8/25/08 Idol hopeful returns home

Jam! 8/23/08 Mariah set for Can Idol finale
Jam! 8/22/08 Mariah, Legend in 'Cdn. Idol' finale
Chart Attack 8/20/08 Fans Don't Come Together For Mookie
Metro 8/21/08 Mookie eliminated

Idolhead Ed 8/20/08 Amberly's exit more than just an Idol exit
Reality News Online 8/20/08 Canadian Idol 6, August 19: Another Long and Winding Road… Ends

Reality News Online 8/19/08 Canadian Idol 6, August 18: Helter Skelter
Jam! 8/19/08 'Canadian Idol' down to final four
andPop 8/18/08 Canadian Idol Top 5 Recap 8/14/08 'Trust your gut,' says eliminated Idol

Reality News Online 8/13/08 Canadian Idol 6, August 12: Another Idol Plan Ends
andPop 8/13/08 Sausage Fest on Canadian Idol

Reality News Online 8/12/08 Canadian Idol 6, August 11: A Simple Plan to Win
Jam! 8/12/08 Last female 'Canadian Idol' booted
Canadian Press 8/11/08 No 'walk of shame' for booted 'Canadian Idol' finalists, say producers

Jam! 8/10/08 'Cdn. Idol' cast-offs enjoy perks

Jam! 8/10/08 No 'walk of shame' for booted 'Canadian Idol' finalists
CTV 8/7/08 Mark Day says Canadian Idol made him a better person
Reality News Online 8/6/08 Canadian Idol 6, August 5: Thunderballed!
The Gazette 8/6/08 Angel face gets the axe on Idol
Newswire 8/6/08 The Canadian Idol Top 6 are Revealed as Mark Day is Eliminated

Reality News Online 8/5/08 Canadian Idol 6, August 4: It’s Not Unusual... Oh, Wait…
andPop 8/5/08 Canadian Idol Top 7 Recap

Metro 8/1/08 Rossdale’s reality gig
Star Phoenix 7/31/08 Idol's first 'sex symbol' voted off
Reality News Online 7/30/08 Canadian Idol 6, July 29: One Gets Unplugged
Reality News Online 7/29/08 Canadian Idol 6, July 28: Eight Is Enough
Idolator 7/29/08 "Canadian Idol" Gets Smooth And Mellow
andPop 7/28/08 Canadian Idol Top 8 Recap
Reality News Online 7/25/08 Canadian Idol 6: Top Nine Week, In Review
AndPop 7/22/08 Canadian Idol Top 9 Results
Idolator 7/22/08 Rock And Roll Heaven Week Makes My Love For "Canadian Idol" 100% Official
Channel Canada 7/23/08 Canadian Idol Guest Stars Revealed as Katherine St-Laurent is Eliminated
The Record 7/22/08 Rubinoff: Idol fading as it loses its sense of irony
CTV 7/17/08 Adam Castelli 'rides out' on high note
Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 7/16/08 - Adam Castelli's Motorcycle Performance Gets The Boot!
Reality News Online 7/16/08 Canadian Idol 6, July 15: Ten Become Nine
Reality News Online 7/16/08 Canadian Idol 6, July 14: Finals, Finally!
CTV 7/16/08 Adam Castelli first competitor to be eliminated from Top 10
Chart Attack 7/16/08 Canadian Idol: So Long Castelli
andPop 7/15/08 Canadian Idol Recap - Top 10 Results
Chart Attack 7/15/08 Canadian Idol: Top 10 Busts
Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 7/15/08  Top Ten Performances- Cruel and Unusual Punishment
CTV 7/11/08 Six more competitors eliminated from Canadian Idol
Reality News Online 7/10/08 Canadian Idol 6, July 9: The Top Ten Is Defined
Jam! 7/10/08 It's raining men on 'Canadian Idol'
CTV 7/10/08 Top 10 Revealed!
Reality News Online 7/9/08 Canadian Idol 6, June 23: The Last Train to the Bassett Leaves Wednesday!
andPop 7/9/08 Canadian Idol Recap - Tuesday
Reality News Online 7/8/08 Canadian Idol 6, July 7: Who’s Taking the Train to the Bassett Theater?
The Daily Observer 7/8/08 Singing soldier wants to be an "Idol"
CTV 7/8/08 Top 16: The 'playoffs' of Canadian Idol
TV Robot 7/24/08 Big Brother's Gay Rodeo Circuit 7/24/08  BB10: Interview with Steven
Idol Thoughts 7/24/08 Big Brother's Jessie Models in the Nude
Big Brother Network 7/24/08 Big Brother 10 Week 3 HoH Keesha's Expected Nominations
Reality TV World 7/24/08 Steven Daigle the second houseguest evicted from 'Big Brother 10'
Big Brother Updates 7/24/08 CBS Big Brother 10 Live Feed Updates - She's a Threat to Me 7/24/08 Big Brother 10 Episode 6 Recap – Steven and Dan Up for Eviction 7/24/08 Big Brother 10 Episode 5 Recap – Keesha Wants Libra Out!
Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 7/24/08  Jessie Makes Questionable Comment On Black Women!
Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 7/24/08  Steven Evicted 9-0- Spoiler Alert- Keesha Makes Promises
Reality News Online 7/24/08 Big Brother 10, As I See It: When Will They Ever Learn?
Reality News Online 7/24/08 Big Brother 10: Why Steven Lost
Reality TV Calendar 7/24/08 Live Feed and Spoiler Report: Libra IS Kissing Ass
Reality TV Calendar 7/24/08 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings: Keesha Takes The Lead
Reality TV Fans 7/2408 Beyond Reality - Big Brother 10 Recap 7/23/08 7/24/08  BB10: Steven on 'The Early Show' 7/24/08  BB10 LFs: July 24thChart Attack 7/2/08 Canadian Idol: Canada Day
Reality News Online 7/3/08 Canadian Idol 6, July 2: Trimming the Cast
Reality News Online 7/2/08 Canadian Idol 6, July 1: It’s Canada Day, Where Are the Fireworks?
Reality News Online 7/1/08 Canadian Idol 6, June 30: From Angels to Giant Grapes
Chart Attack 6/27/08 Canadian Idol: I Left My Heart With Shaun Francisco
Reality  News Online 6/26/08 Canadian Idol 6, June 25: The First Cut Is the Deepest
CTV 6/26/08 Idol Results Show: First four competitors eliminated
Reality News Online 6/25/08 Canadian Idol 6, June 24: Twelve More Explore the Myth of the Trinity
Chart Attack 6/25/08 Canadian Idol: Second 12 Of Final 24 Are Better
Halifax News Net 6/25/08 Idol rejects Luke and Jock still getting TV fame
Chart Attack 6/25/08 Canadian Idol: Second 12 Of Final 24 Are Better
CNW Group 6/25/08 Twenty Remain: First Canadian Idol Results of Season Revealed
London Free Press 6/25/08 Canadian Idol chooses to go out on a limb again
Metro 6/24/08 Marie-Pierre Bellerose & Katherine St-Laurent Top 24 on Canadian Idol
Chart Attack 6/24/08 Canadian Idol: First 12 Of Final 24 Show Signs Of Life
andPop 6/24/08 Canadian Idol Recap - Monday June 23
CTV 6/24/08 Canadian Idol competitors rock the first live show
The Gazette 6/21/08 The evolution of Canadian Idol and host
Calgary Herald 6/23/08 Mulroney stands by Canadian Idol talent
Jam! 6/23/08 'Canadian Idol' filled with new surprises
Idolhead Ed 6/21/08 Canadian Idol sets sail with 24 on board
The Expositor 6/19/08 Last year's Canadian Idol winner touring Canada
Chart Attack 6/18/08 Canadian Idol: Top 24 Pave Way For Potential
The Gazzette 6/18/08 Canadian Idol Season Six is all about talent, says Mulroney
Reality News Online 6/18/08 Canadian Idol 6, June 17: Simple Math: 200 Contestants / 4 Judges = 22 Finalists. Or Not!

Chart Attack 6/18/08 Canadian Idol: Top 24 Pave Way For Potential
Channel Canada 6/18/08 Canadian Idol Top 24 Announced
CTV 6/18/08 Format change driven by competitors: Idol's Executive Producer
Reality News Online 6/17/08 Canadian Idol 6, June 16: Does Two Hundred Go Into Twenty-Two?
Chart Attack 6/17/08 Canadian Idol: Top 200 Aren't So Bad
Reality News Online 6/11/08 Canadian Idol 6, June 10: The Search Concludes
CTV 6/11/08 Tears of sadness, joy and laughter: Idol Eps. 3
CTV 6/11/08 Opera and death metal: Idol Eps. 2
Chart Attack 6/11/08 Canadian Idol: Episode Two Provides Few Thrills
Chart Attack 6/11/08 Canadian Idol: Third Show Plays To The Heart
andPop 6/10/08 Canadian Idol Recap
Reality News Online 6/10/08 Canadian Idol 6, June 9: The Search Continues

The Star 6/3/08 On tutoring a tame Idol crew

Metro 6/4/08 Talent shines in Season 6 debut of Canadian Idol
andPop 6/4/08 Canadian Idol Recap
Reality News Online 6/4/08 Canadian Idol 6, June 3: The Search Begins

The Trades 6/04/08 A Dose of Reality: Canadian Idol 6 - Audtions Part 1: Toronto and Calgary
Idolhead Ed 6/3/08 Canadian Idol starts …..Now!
Vancouver 24 Hrs 6/3/08 24 seconds with Ben Mulroney

Toronto Star 6/3/08 On tutoring a tame Idol crew 6/3/08 Idol audition shows short on content 6/3/08 What it takes to be an Idol
Jam! 6/2/08 Werner revved up for Canadian Idol
The Star Phoenix 6/2/08 How to be crowned Canadian Idol
Metro News 6/2/08 Idol touts talent gains
The Post Chronicle 6/1/08 'Canadian Idol' Facing Cancellation
CTV 5/30/08 New season of Idol starts this Tuesday!
Vancouver Sun 5/15/08 Jully Black wows them
CNW Group 5/15/08 Canadian Idol Broadcast Details Revealed, Beginning June 3 on CTV

The Telegram 5/6/08 From Newfoundland to Nashville
Soulshine 5/2/08 Brian Melo Readies for Cross Canada Tour

Missassauga News 4/30/08 Idol winner gets healthy back-to-school lesson

Tillsonburg News 4/28/08 DeBruyne vying for Idol audition

CTV 4/21/08 Jully Black living her dream

Metro Canada 4/18/08 34 more approach Idoldom

Jam! 4/17/08 'Canadian Idol' living the Dream

Northern News 4/16/08 Canadian Idol auditions start despite weather

Toronto Star 4/15/08 Argos' Belli to do it his way at Canadian Idol

Toronto 4/14/08 Canadian Idol hopefuls dreaming in the rain

Jam! 4/14/08 'Canadian Idol' auditions go to cyberspace

Metro Toronto 4/14/08 Idol gets wet welcome

CTV 4/14/08 Canadian Idol announces 'last chance' online auditions

Toronto Star 4/14/08 Canadian Idol hopefuls dreaming in the rain

Toronto Sun 4/13/08 Rain can't ruin Idol parade

CFRB 4/13/08 Canadian Idol comes to Toronto

Barrie Examiner 4/12/08 Canadian Idol contestant to perform at Foundation

Celebrity Spider 4/9/08 Jully Black Joins Cast of Canadian Idol

CTV 4/9/08 Idol hits the island of "rock"

Calgary Sun 4/6/08 Canadian un-Idle comes home a star

St. John's Telegram 4/5/08 Warm up those pipes

Calgary Herald 4/2/08 Where have all the Idols gone?

Nipawin Journal 4/2/08 Shalamar to audition for Canadian Idol in Toronto

Chronicle Herald 3/31/08 Idol hopefuls strut their stuff

101.5FM The Hawk 3/30/08 Canadian Idol Auditions in Halifax

The Telegram 3/29/08 Idol alum Sharpe wins Ovation and opportunity

Des Moines Register 3/27/08 Gordon Lightfoot: Folk giant goes 'Canadian Idol'

Northern News 3/26/08 Hopeful sets sights on Idol

York Region 3/22/08 Golf club manager sings for Marlies, Idol judges

North Bay Nugget 3/22/08 The golden ticket; Teen gets second chance to make her Canadian Idol dreams come true

Nova News Now 3/20/08 Performing March 29 for Canadian Idol judges

Metro 3/20/08 27 more near Idol

CTV 3/16/08 Montreal auditions: Looking for the next Canadian Idol in the midst of hockey history

Metro 3/13/08 20 earn Idol gold

CTV 3/10/08 Children's Miracle Network "Champions" meet Canadian Idol cast

CTV 3/9/08 Ottawa Auditions: Putting the 'Canadian' in Canadian Idol 3/8/08 Stars in their eyes

Ottawa Citizen 3/8/08 Tracking down the former Ottawa finalists

Ottawa Citizen 3/8/08 2006 winner had single hit No. 1 on the charts

Metro 3/6/08 27 more close in on Idoldom

CTV 3/5/08 Idol shines at Canadian Music Week

CTV 3/5/08 Canadian Idol hits 'The Hammer' 

Hamilton Spectator 3/3/08 With a song in their hearts

Hamilton Spectator 3/1/08 Aspiring stars flood mall for Idol tryout

Metro 2/24/08 24 more advance in Idol

CTV 2/24/08 Searching for the next Idol in the music hotbed of Winnipeg

Winnipeg Sun 2/24/08 Idol auditions draw the starry-eyed

Winnipeg Sun 2/23/08 Make my Idol dream

Edmonton Sun 2/22/08 Post Idol pandemonium

Stoney Creek News 2/22/08 Eastgate to welcome Canadian Idol hopefuls

CTV 2/21/08 Steffi D: singing sensation to rising TV star 

Winnipeg Sun 2/20/08 A little Idol chatter

Metro 2/15/08 Idol moves 21 ahead

Standardbred Canada 2/12/08 Canadian Idol Belted Out Anthem

CTV 2/11/08 Vancouver auditions: going for 'gold'

24 Hours Vancouver 2/11/08 Dreams fly at Metropolis

Coast Reporter 2/8/08 Former Idol considers her dream

Vancouver Sun 2/7/08 Get ready Metro -- Idol's on the way

Metro 2/7/08 19 more earn Idol gold tix

Jam! 2/6/08 Rejected 'Idol' has blossoming career

Vancouver Sun 2/6/08 Are you a Canadian Idol?

CTV 2/4/08 Huge turnout at Calgary auditions 

AM900 CHML 2/4/08 Melo rocks MacNab with Lumsden and Campanelli

Calgary Sun 2/3/08 From Shower to Wowser

Calgary Herald 2/3/08 Canadian Idol hopefuls search for golden ticket

Calgary Sun 2/2/08 Idol Kalan Porter anything but idle

Calgary Sun 2/2/08 Find your pipes' dream

Canada NewsWire 1/31/08 Brian Melo and Mayor Eisenberger kick off World Vision Campaign

Metro 1/31/08 Idol auditions hit Alberta 1/27/08 Fantasyland turns into heartbreak hotel for hundreds of aspiring singers

Edmonton Sun 1/27/08 An Idol kind of town

Ottawa Citizen 1/24/08 Canadian Idol auditions kick off

Jam! 1/24/08 Hedley make headway on new album 1/24/08 You haven't heard the last from Hedley

Standardbred 1/23/08 Melo To Appear At O'Brien Awards

The Coaster 1/22/08 Rex Goudie shines at Christmas Cup tournament

Edmonton Journal 1/22/08 Canadian Idol auditions here this weekend

Edmonton Sun 1/21/08 Hedley heads into stardom

Edmonton Journal 1/21/08 Post-Idol pace remains frenetic

Times Colonist 1/18/08 Review: Goofball energy gives Hedley diehards reason to scream - and text each other 1/17/08 Jacob Hoggard is an idiot no more 1/17/08 Life after Canadian Idol is 'fresh ... new and exciting'

CTV 1/16/08 Is Idol's Brian Melo engaged to Tara Oram?

Vancouver Province 1/16/08 Hedley: What you see is what you get

Fort Record 1/15/08 Canadian Idol in Fort

CTV 1/8/08 Third proves as good as first for Carly Rae Jepsen

CBC Saskatchewan 1/4/08 Premier outraged Idol skipping Saskatchewan

Reality TV Links 1/3/08 Casting Call - Canadian Idol

Jam! 1/3/08 No Sask stop for 'Canadian Idol'

Ottawa Citizen 12/29/07 Ben Mulroney engaged to fashion stylist

Ottawa Citizen 12/21/07 Stoked by flames of Idol success

Jam! 12/20/07 Canadian Idol auditions starting soon

CTV 12/18/07 O'Neil having time of her life in Dirty Dancing musical

24 Hrs 12/18/07 24 seconds with Brian Melo

Cochrane Times 12/12/07 Idol judge ‘Flex’es his message at Bow Valley

Edmonton Journal 12/11/07 Who needs Canadian Idol?

Edmonton Sun 12/11/07 Bixby cautious of Idol curse

The Province 12/10/07 Top 3 reunite for Idol gigs

MTV 12/7/07 Agonist Singer Recalls Painful Time On 'Canadian Idol'

CTV 12/6/07 Brian fesses up to his relationship with Tara 12/6/07 Canadian Idol contestant returns to St. John Vianney

Jam! 12/6/07 Latest Canadian Idol hits the road

VUE Weekly 12/5/07 Idol Finalist Keeps Some Songs Private 

Thunder Bay Source 12/5/07 Top Canadian Idol trio performs in city

Cochrane Times 12/5/07 Farley Flex coming to Bow Valley High

Toronto Star 12/4/07 Idol romance

Ottawa Citizen 11/30/07 Idol finalists put on breezy show

AM900 11/30/07 Hometown idol returns home

The Chart Attack 11/29/07 Rex Goudie Plans To Kick Ass Without A Record Company

Vancouver Sun 11/29/07 Idol winner living his dream

ET Canada 11/28/07 Brian Melo leads Idol tour

CTV 11/27/07 Melo is 'Livin' It' with release of debut album

Toronto Star 11/27/07 Melo hopes for good Karma

CNW Telbec 11/24/07 Justin Trudeau and Eva Avila unveil the Swarovski Crystal Wish Tree at the Toronto Eaton Centre 

Nova News Now 11/23/07 Dwight d'Eon special guest for Christmas Daddies Telethon

Newstalk 1010 CFRB 11/22/07 Canadian Idols on Toronto at Noon

Jam! 11/20/07 Canadian Idols happy to entertain on tour without fear of getting voted off

Chronicle Herald 11/18/07 Melo taking Idol in stride

Halifax Daily News 11/18/07 Canada's newest Idol brings his tour to Rebecca Cohn

Jam! 11/9/07 'Canadian Idol' goes on tour

The Beacon 11/5/07 Not slowing down

Sudbury Star 10/27/07 Canadian Idol brings generations together: Flex; Judge visits Sudbury students

Sudbury Star 10/26/07 'There's no such thing as failure'; Idol idol delivers positive message to troubled youth

Yarmouth County Vanguard 10/22/07 Dwight d'Eon performing two concerts at Th'YARC

Ottawa Citizen 10/21/07 Idol judge to bring personal experience to talk at ALS fundraising dinner

Stoney Creek News 10/19/07 Canada's Idol comes home

The Star 10/17/07 Canada's new idol sweethearts?

The Aurora 10/15/07 Going gaga over Goudie

Canada East 10/13/07 New album brings Kalan back to Metro

CTV 10/13/07 Mulroney suits up for UNICEF Halloween campaign

AM900 10/12/07 Big Day For Brian Melo

Vernon Morning Star 10/12/07 Death to over-produced pop

Daily News 10/12/07 New album 'a lot more me,' Idol Porter tells Halifax

News Leader 10/10/07 Former Idol contender plays guild show

Edmonton Journal 10/5/07 Kalan takes the reins

Stoney Creek News 10/5/07 See Canadian Idol Brian Melo Dec. 1 in Hamilton

Canada NewsWire 10/5/07 Eva Avila performs at Walt Disney World

OurSports Central 10/5/07 Brian Melo To Sing National Anthem At Ticats Game

StarPhoenix 10/4/07 Growing out of the Idol mould

Jam! 9/29/07 Kalan Porter not staying Idol

Hamilton Mountain News 9/28/07 Surprise visit from Canadian Idol

Jam! 9/27/07 Kalan Porter puts family first

Soulshine 9/20/07 Kalan Porter and Skye Sweetnam Touring Canada

Chronicle Herald 9/20/07 Bixby visits family, friends in hometown

Calgary Herald 9/19/07 Kalan Porter Unscrambled

Ponoka News 9/19/07 Red Deer’s Bixby is Alberta’s idol

Foxes On Idol 9/18/07 Canadian Idol 5: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, He’s Ours

Ottawa Citizen 9/17/07 Mulroney: Canadian Idol

Inside Pulse 9/15/07 Interview with 2007 Canadian Idol Runner-Up Jaydee Bixby

Inside Pulse 9/15/07 Interview with 2007 Canadian Idol Brian Melo

OurSports Central 9/14/07 Eva Avila Perfoms At Edmonton Oil Kings Home Opener

Jam! 9/14/07 Life a blur for Cdn. Idol winner

Ottawa Citizen 9/14/07 Porter strives to wake up fans

CTV 9/14/07 Dark horse Brian Melo takes Canadian Idol crown

Reality News Online 9/13/07 Canadian Idol 5, The Finale: An Idol Is Crowned

Metro 9/13/07 Melo takes win in stride

Vancouver Sun 9/13/07 Melo's album will have 'indie-rock vibe'

Metro 9/13/07 Idol runner-up Bixby now ready for next step

Chart Attack 9/12/07 Canadian Idol Folks Look To Future Now That Fifth Season Ends

Calgary Herald 9/12/07 Bixby headed for Nashville

Montreal Gazette 9/12/07 Brian Melo: The humble winner

Jam! 9/12/07 Brian Melo seeking 'longevity' 9/12/07 Canadian Idol top three on tour

Toronto Star 9/12/07 Brian Melo wins Canadian Idol

andPop 9/12/07 Bon Jovi Ushers Brian Melo to Canadian Idol Victory Last Night

Jam! 9/12/07 'Idol' Jaydee goes back to school 9/12/07 Idol's Bixby fans singing blues over phone voting troubles

Edmonton Sun 9/12/07 Alberta teen second at Idol

Metro 9/12/07 Canada picks rocker

Chart Attack 9/12/07 Brian Melo Is Your Canadian Idol

Idolhead Ed 9/11/07 Lawdy Miss Clawdy! We have a winner

Reality News Online 9/11/07 Canadian Idol 5, September 10: The Final Performances

Jam! 9/11/07 Ontario rocker wins 'Canadian Idol'

Jam! 9/11/07 Is Melo the next Idol? 9/11/07 Where are they now?

Metro 9/11/07 It’s all over, kids

Jam! 9/11/07 'Canadian Idol' set to crown winner

Toronto Star 9/11/07 Hamilton's Brian Melo crowned Canadian Idol

National Post 9/11/07 Canadian Idol recap: Top 2 performances 9/11/07 Is 'Idol' talent pool drained in Canada?

CTV 9/11/07 Jaydee or Brian? Canadian Idol set to crown winner

Idolhead Ed 9/10/07 The Showdown….or Hoedown

Toronto Star 9/10/07 Brian and Jaydee dare to dream

Regina Leader Post 9/10/07 Is 'Idol' talent pool drained in Canada?

Metro 9/10/07 ‘I’m really excited’: Melo

Metro 9/10/07 Alberta’s Bixby eyes end of competition

Jam! 9/10/07 'Idol' showdown looms

Metro 9/10/07 Canadian Idol vote difficult to predict

Nova News Now 9/9/07 Photo Essay: A look back at Dwight d'Eon's Idol journey

Langley Times 9/9/07 Idol curiosity at LFAS Kalan Porter performs outside Fort Langley school

Toronto Star 9/9/07 Carry on, Porter

Ottawa Citizen 9/8/07 Canadian Idol winners -- where are they now?

CNW Telbec 9/7/07 2% Difference Between Brian & Jaydee in Race for Idol Crown

Dundas Star 9/7/07 Hamilton councillor a self-professed Melo-maniac

Stoney Creek News 9/7/07 City gears up for Melo-mania

Hamilton Mountain News 9/7/07 Cheer on Melo at event

Mission City Record 9/6/07 Idol Journey Ends

Metro 9/6/07 Future excites Jepsen

Abbotsford News 9/6/07 Carly Rae Jepsen out at No. 3

Red Deer Advocate 9/6/07 Bixby’s mom on pins, needles

Vancouver Sun 9/6/07 Carly Rae Jepsen thanks fans for their support

AM900 CHML 9/6/07 Melo-mania set to escalate on Tuesday

CTV 9/6/07 Carly Rae Jepsen waves white flag at Top 3

Calgary Sun 9/6/07 Jaydee Bixby is our choice for Canadian Idol stardom ... he's an Alberta boy

Reality News Online 9/5/07 Canadian Idol 5, September 4: Three Becomes Two as Ryan, Kalan, and Jacob Rock

Canadian Press 9/5/07 'Canadian Idol' finalist Brian Melo says he's unsure of his chances to win

Chart Attack 9/5/07 Canadian Idol Update: It All Comes Down To Bixby And Melo

Metro 9/5/07 Only Idol men left standing

Star Phoenix 9/5/07 Jepsen gets Idol boot

Dose 9/5/07 Final Canadian Idols standing worlds apart

National Post 9/5/07 Canadian Idol recap: Top 3 results -- Carly Rae Jepsen is gone

Vancouver Province 9/5/07 'The ride of my life' -Jepsen all smiles after elimination

Jam! 9/5/07 Brian vs. Jaydee in 'Canadian Idol'

Ottawa Citizen 9/5/07 Canadian Idol judges bounce Carly Rae

Idolhead Ed 9/4/07 We have our final two, and the Idolhead is blue

Reality TV Calendar 9/4/07 As Diverse As Canada

Reality News Online 9/4/07 Canadian Idol 5, September 3: The Top Three and a Selection of Songs

Chart Attack 9/4/07 Canadian Idol Update: Judges And Fans Choose The Songs

Metro 9/4/07 Idols sing judges' picks

Idolhead Ed 9/3/07 Top 3 sing the people’s and judges choice. Now, we choose again. Easy for me.

Vancouver Sun 9/3/07 Do you know your Idols? You should


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