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News Articles about CTV Networks Canadian Idol


Reality TV Calendar 9/3/04 The Standards Results Show Recap

Chart Attack 9/3/04 Canadian Idol: Jason Greeley Gives His Final Bow

Reality News Online 9/3/04 Canadian Idol 2, September 2: The Final Three Emerge

Curlio 9/3/04 Canadian Idol - and then there were three

CTV 9/3/04 Tight competition edges Greeley out of Idol

Beavers On Idol 9/2/04 So What Has Happened to Our Canadian Idol 2 Greatest Moments CD?

Reality TV Calendar 9/2/04 Top 4 Perform The Standards: Recap by Keri Lambert

Beavers On Idol 9/2/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Top 4 (Rat Pack Night)

Foxes On Idol 9/2/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2, September 1

TVRules 9/2/04 Canadian Idol: Final Four Performance Summary 9/1/04

CTV 9/2/04 Idol's top four croon the standards

Reality News Online 9/2/04 Canadian Idol 2, September 1: Does It Get Any Better Than This?

The Telegram 9/1/04 Greeley seen as the new Idol underdog

Nipawin Journal 9/1/04 Canadian Idol-mania sweeps through Nipawin

Foxes On Idol 9/1/04 “We’re An Idol Family” – An Interview with Canadian Idol 2’s Elena Juatco

Reality News Online 8/31/04 Canadian Idol 2 – The Best and The Worst: A Night of Torture

Foxes on Idol 8/30/04 Idols at the EX - A Recap

CTV 8/30/04 Right look lets Idols feel like stars

CTV 8/30/04 20-Piece Orchestra Plays The Standards for Canadian Idol Rat Pack This Week on CTV

Beavers On Idol 8/29/04 So What Has Happened to Ryan Malcolm - Our First Canadian Idol?

The Telegram 8/29/04 Greeley modest about Idol success

Foxes On Idol 8/29/04 Canadian Idol: The Younger Sibling Makes Its Own Mark

Foxes On Idol 8/27/04 Canadian Idol: Top Five Vocal Master Class: Summertime Hits

CTV 8/27/04 Elimination ends Wiebe's Idol streak

Chart Attack 8/27/04 Canadian Idol: Shane Leaves, The Rockers Stay 8/27/04 Canadian Idol - now we are down to final four

andPOP 8/27/04 Canadian Idol: Shane goes home with the Summertime Blues 8/27/04 "Idol" comes home

Reality TV Calendar 8/27/04 Summer Hits Results Show Recap

Beavers On Idol 8/27/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Top 5 (Summertime Hits Night)

Reality News Online 8/27/04 Canadian Idol 2, August 26: Summer's Over for Someone

Times Herald 8/26/04 Theresa continues her run on Canadian Idol

andPOP 8/26/04 Canadian Idol: Final Five Sing Summertime Hits

TVRules 8/26/04 Canadian Idol: Then There Were 4 (Results Show Summary 8/26)

Fans Of Reality TV 8/26/04 Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast

CTV 8/26/04 Idols celebrate season with summertime hits

Reality TV Calendar 8/26/04 Canadian Idol Summer Hits Performance Show Recap

Foxes On Idol 8/26/04 We’ll Be The Judge Of That! – Canadian Idol 2, August 25

CTV 8/26/04 Juatco thrilled about her Idol journey

Reality News Online 8/26/04 Canadian Idol 2, August 25: Celebrating The Canadian Month of Summer

Foxes On Idol 8/26/04 "Just Call Me The Revolution": An Interview with Canadian Idol 2's Kaleb Simmonds

The Telegram 8/25/04 Final five a hit on stage

Beavers On Idol 8/25/04 Proud to Be Canadian: Review of First Canadian Idol Mini-Concert in Toronto

Star Phoenix 8/25/04 Idol Worship: Rambunctious audience essential ingredient in Idol recipe

Globe and Mail 8/25/04 Idol needs populist winner to keep franchise alive

The Telegram 8/24/04 Is Jacob singing on borrowed time?

CTV 8/24/04 The Best and the Worst of Canadian Idol

Canada NewsWire 8/24/04 Toronto Goes Ga Ga for Canadian Idol as 7,000 Fans Enjoy Summertime Concert at the CNE

Soul Shine 8/24/04 Canadian Idol Contestants Get Second Chance

Beavers On Idol 8/24/04 Making Your Vote Count: Canadian Idol

Soul Shine 8/23/04 Gary Beals Releases Debut Album

Chart Attack 8/23/04 Canadian Idol Searches For Its Own William Hung

Foxes On Idol 8/23/04 Surviving a Canadian Idol Live Show – A Report from the Frontline

Foxes on Idol 8/22/04 Canadian Idol 2: Top Six Vocal Master Class: The Music Of Gordon Lightfoot

Fans Of Reality TV 8/20/04 Bad Day For B.C. 8/20/04 Canadian Idol - getting harder to vote 8/20/04 Canadian Idol: Elena's Graceful Goodbye

Soul Shine 8/20/04 Canadian Idol to Perform at the CNE EX

Chart Attack 8/20/04 Canadian Idol: Elena Leaves Theresa As The Only Girl In The Pack

Reality TV Calendar 8/20/04 Gordon Lightfoot Results Show Recap

Beavers On Idol 8/20/04 Change Is Gonna Come: An Interview with Canadian Idol 2 Semi-finalist Mohanza Kelly

TVRules 8/20/04 Canadian Idol: 8/19 Results, Then There Were 5

Reality News Online 8/20/04 Canadian Idol 2, August 19: Another Idol Falls

CTV 8/20/04 Idols down to five as Juatco exits competition

Foxes on Idol 8/19/04 We'll Be the Judge of That - Canadian Idol, August 18

Reality News Online 8/19/04 Canadian Idol 2, August 18: A Canadian Legend Comes to Town

CTV 8/19/04 Idols put own spin to Lightfoot's classics 8/19/04 Canadian Idol: Idols Meet Icon Gordon Lightfoot

CTV 8/19/04 Idols pay tribute to Gordon Lightfoot 8/19/04 Canadian Idol - it was Gordon Lightfoot's Night

Fans Of Reality TV 8/19/04 Hey! It Wasn't Horrible!

Reality TV Calendar 8/19/04 The Top 6 Perform Gordon Lightfoot, Recap

Beavers On Idol 8/19/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Top 6 (Gordon Lightfoot Night)

Times Herald 8/18/04 Dad feels tide has turned for Theresa

TVRules 8/18/04 Canadian Idol: 8/18 Summary, Final Six Performance

Canada NewsWire 8/18/04 "Idols at the EX" Brings Idol Worship to the CNE Next Monday

Daily News 8/18/04 Crowd still wild for Beals

The Telegram 8/18/04 Thursday saddest day for Idol Greeley

Chronicle Herald 8/18/04 Beals appeal

Soul Shine 8/17/04 Canadian Idol's Play Gordon Lightfoot Thursday

CTV 8/16/04 World First: Canadian Idol Goes Instrumental This Thursday

Canada Newswire 8/16/04 Canadian Idol Salutes Canadian Icon Gordon Lightfoot August 18 and 19 on CTV

National Post 8/16/04 Going for gold in vocal high jump

Toronto Star 8/16/04 No. 2 Beals ready for spotlight

Foxes On Idol 8/16/04 An Interview with Canadian Idol 2’s Joshua Seller 8/13/04 Canadian Idol - we are now down to six

The Chronicle Herald 8/13/04 Kaleb's Canadian Idol dreams kaput

Fans Of Reality TV 8/13/04 Canadian Idol 08/12 – Say You, Say What?

Foxes On Idol 8/13/04 Canadian Idol 2: Top Seven Vocal Master Class

Reality TV Calendar 8/13/04 Top 7 Sing Lionel Richie: Results Recap

Toronto Star 8/13/04 N.S. carpet layer cut from Canadian Idol

CTV 8/13/04 Simmonds takes his final bow on Idol

andPOP 8/13/04 Canadian Idol Loses Hip-Hop Artist Kaleb

Reality News Online 8/13/04 Canadian Idol 2, August 12: “You’ll Leave a Huge Hole in This Show…”

Fans of Reality TV 8/12/04 Just For You, Canada! (8/11 recap)

Chart Attack 8/12/04 Canadian Idol: Elena's Got The Funk, Kalan's Got The Girls

CTV 8/12/04 Seller adjusts to life after Canadian Idol

Reality TV Calendar 8/12/04 Recap: The Top 7 Sing Lionel Richie

Beavers On Idol 8/12/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Top 7 (Lionel Richie Night)

The Chronicle Herald 8/12/04 Truly low key, Kaleb 8/12/04 Canadian Idol - Lionel Richie songs big hit

Foxes On Idol 8/12/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2, August 11

Reality News Online 8/12/04 Canadian Idol 2, August 11: It’s Come Down to Who Has the Least Star Power?

CTV 8/12/04 Idols show soul with Lionel Richie hits

CFCN 8/11/04 Kalanadian

Canada NewsWire 8/11/04 Hundreds Line Up for Tickets as Canadian Idol Fan-demonium Takes Over Front Street

CTV 8/9/04 Lionel Richie Idolized on Canadian Idol August 11 and 12

CTV 8/9/04 Seller bids farewell to remaining Idols

Foxes On Idol 8/9/04 Canadian Idol 2: Kalan vs. Well… All the Rest

Foxes On Idol 8/7/04 Canadian Idol 2: Top Eight Vocal Master Class

Winnipeg Sun 8/7/04 Polishing an Idol

Chart Attack 8/6/04 Canadian Idol: Joshua Seller Isn't Rock 'N' Roll Enough For Idol

Fans Of Reality TV 8/6/04 Believe It Or Not, It's Just Josh

Beavers On Idol 8/6/04 Heinz Winckler (South African Idol) to Appear in Toronto Area Musical

Reality TV Calendar 8/6/04 Rock and Roll Results Show Recap

Reality News Online 8/6/04 Canadian Idol 2, August 5: It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

CBC 8/6/04 Idol voting kills dial tones in Medicine Hat

Star Phoenix 8/6/04 Sokyrka too sweet for her own good

London Free Press 8/6/04 Brigden crooner ends run at Idol

Fans of Reality TV 8/5/04 Everybody In Leather

TV Rules 8/5/04 Canadian Idol: And Now We Have 7 8/5/04 Results

Beavers On Idol 8/5/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Top 8 (Rock 'n' Roll Night)

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/04 The Top 8 Perform Rock N' Roll

London Free Press 8/5/04 Brigden contender sings ballad as Idol fare

andPop 8/5/04 Canadian Idol: It's only rock 'n roll ... did we like it?

Foxes On Idol 8/5/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2, August 4

Reality News Online 8/5/04 Canadian Idol 2, August 4: Where Have All My Idols Gone?

TVRules 8/5/04 Canadian Idol: Top 8 Performance Summary 8/4

Reality TV Hall of Fame 8/5/04 Pain and Perseverance: Manoah Hartmann of ‘Canadian Idol 2’

CTV 8/5/04 Idol top eight rock hard to stay alive

Newswire 8/3/04 Canadian Idol Rocks it Out Tomorrow on CTV

Foxes On Idol 8/2/04 It’s Just a Stop Sign: An Interview with Canadian Idol 2’s Manoah Hartmann

Beavers On Idol 8/2/04 How Do the Idols Measure Up against Original Artists?

Calgary Sun 8/1/04 Idol finalists detour to London

Foxes On Idol 8/1/04 Canadian Idol 2: Top Nine Vocal Master Class

Foxes On Idol 7/31/04 I Should Have Been The Judge Of That - Canadian Idol 2, just after July 28, 2004

Chart Attack 7/30/04 Canadian Idol: Manoah Exits, Jacob Steals The Show 7/30/04 Canadian Idol-finals are down to eight

Reality TV Calendar 7/30/04 Final 9 Results, Recap and Photos

Fans Of Reality TV 7/30/04 The Day Nova Scotia's Phones Went Dead

Reality News Online 7/30/04 Canadian Idol 2, July 29: Are Sweet Dreams Made of This?

andPOP 7/30/04 Canadian Idol: And Then There Were Eight

CTV 7/30/04 Idol odyssey ends for Regina schoolteacher

Fans of Reality TV 7/29/04 We'll Be Kicked Out of the Commonwealth (7/28 recap)

Reality News Online 7/29/04 Canadian Idol 2, July 28: Hail Brittania

Curlio 7/29/04 Canadian Idol - final nine perform to remain

Foxes On Idol 7/29/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2, July 28

Reality TV Calendar 7/29/04 The Top 9 Perform: Recap by Keri Lambert
Beavers On Idol 7/29/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Top 9 (British Invasion Night)

TVRules 7/29/04 Canadian Idol: Final 9 Performance 7/28

CTV 7/29/04 Idols battle it out with 'British Invasion' hits 7/29/04 Canadian Idol: Contestants Tackle Brit Hits

Times Herald 7/28/04 Dad says it’s not easy being an Idol

Queen's Journal 7/27/04 Elena makes Idol’s Top 10

The Telegram 7/27/04 Voices not enough

Foxes On Idol 7/26/04 Canadian Idol 2: Top Ten Vocal Master Class

Beavers On Idol 7/25/04 Idols Floating across the Pond in Fragile Boats

Fans of Reality TV 7/24/04 Highs and Lows of the Camera Hogs (7/22 recap)

London Free Press 7/23/04 Seller still in hunt

CTV 7/23/04 Brandy Callahan is the First Finalist Eliminated from Canadian Idol

The Telegram 7/23/04 Greeley advances to next round

CTV 7/23/04 Idols emotional with first Top 10 elimination

Chart Attack 7/23/04 Canadian Idol: Brandy Leaves, Jacob, Theresa And Kalan Shine

Reality TV Calendar 7/23/04 Final Ten Results Recap

Foxes on Idol 7/23/04 "Wow, I Might Not Just Be Lucky:" An Interview with Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney

Reality News Online 7/22/04 Canadian Idol 2, July 22: Someone’s Gotta Go!

Fans of Reality TV 7/22/04 Canadian Hits & Misses (7/21 recap)

Reality TV Calendar 7/22/04 Canadian Hits - Final 10 Performance Recap

Beavers On Idol 7/22/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Top 10 (Canadian Hits Night)

Foxes On Idol 7/22/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2, July 21

Reality News Online 7/22/04 Canadian Idol 2, July 21: The Game Is On

The Telegram 7/22/04 Local singer receives accolades on Canadian Idol

CTV 7/22/04 Idol Top 10 kicks off with Canadian tribute

andPOP 7/22/04 Kalan the Favourite to Win Canadian Idol

London Free Press 7/22/04 Judges divided on Seller's Idol effort

Chart Attack 7/21/04 Canadian Idol Theme Shows Announced, Lionel Richie To Guest

National Post 7/21/04 Online gambling site includes Canadian Idol odds on its roster

Meridian Booster 7/21/04 Dream far from over for Sandulak

Casino City Times 7/21/04 Offers Canadian Idol Odds

Canada NewsWire 7/20/04 Gordon Lightfoot, Lionel Richie Idolized In Canadian Idol Top 10 Theme Shows

CTV 7/19/04 Top 10: Interviews with Elena Juatco and Jason Greeley

Foxes On Idol 7/19/04 Canadian Idol 2: Ranking the Top Ten

CTV 7/16/04 Wild card hopefuls complete Idol 10-pack 7/16/04 Idol narrows field to 10 competitors

Fans Of Reality TV 7/16/04 Ain't No Sunshine

Fans Of Reality TV 7/16/04 There's No Third Time, Kids

Chart Attack 7/16/04 Canadian Idol: The Top 10 Is Complete And Looking A Bit Shabby

Beavers On Idol 7/16/04 An Introduction of Canadian Idol 2 to the American Audience

Reality TV Calendar 7/16/04 The Wild Card Results and The Final 10

Reality News Online 7/16/04 Canadian Idol 2, July 15: Rounding Out the Top Ten

Curlio 7/15/04 Canadian Idol-Final eight contestants try for final two spot

Reality TV Calendar 7/15/04 Recap: The Wild Card Group Performs

Beavers On Idol 7/15/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Wild Card Special

Foxes on Idol 7/15/04 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 2, July 14

CTV 7/15/04 Idols 'wild' for second chance at Top 10

Reality News Online 7/15/04 Canadian Idol 2, July 14 Wildcard Show: The Last Chance Saloon

Fort Frances Times 7/13/04 Former students helping ‘Canadian Idol’ finalist

Chart Attack 7/13/04 Canadian Idol Tickets On Sale Tomorrow

Abbotsford Times 7/13/04 More than one Abby Idol

Queen's Journal 7/13/04 Student chases Canadian Idol fame

CTV 7/12/04 Judge's Choice: Eight Named as Canadian Idol Wild Cards

Meridian Booster 7/12/04 Sandulak back as wild card

CTV 7/12/04 Top 10: Interviews with Manoah Hartmann and Shane Wiebe

Halifax Daily News 7/10/04 Beals reels in fans for vid shoot

Foxes on Idol 7/10/04 We'll Criticize That! The Canadian Idol Wildcard Preview

Fans Of Reality TV 7/9/04 Canadian Idol 07/08 – The Animosity Continues

Chart Attack 7/9/04 Canadian Idol: Manoah And Shane Continue, Wild Cards Revealed

Curlio 7/9/04 Canadian Idol-two more advance and eight wild cards chosen

CTV 7/9/04 Two more hopefuls bound for Idol Top 10

Abbotsford Times 7/9/04 More than one Abby Idol

580 CFRA Radio 7/9/04 Abbott Out Of Idol

Canada NewsWire 7/9/04 Judge's Choice: Eight Named as Canadian Idol Wild Cards

Reality TV Calendar 7/9/04 Group 4 Results Show Recap by Keri Lambert

Reality News Online 7/8/04 Canadian Idol 2, July 8: And Then There Were Eight

Fans Of Reality TV 7/8/04 Canadian Idol 07/07 – Trapped in A Clay Aiken Universe

Reality TV Calendar 7/8/04 The Final Group Of 8 Performs

Beavers On Idol 7/8/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Group 4

CTV 7/8/04 Final eight singers battle for spots in Idol showdown 7/8/04 Canadian Idol-final eight battle for spot in top 12

580 CFRA Radio 7/8/04 Becky Does Ottawa Proud

CTV 7/8/04 Top 10: Interviews with Theresa Sokyrka and Jacob Hoggard

Foxes On Idol 7/8/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2, July 7

Reality News Online 7/8/04 Canadian Idol 2, July 7: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Horrible

TVRules 7/7/04 Canadian Idol: 4th Group of Eight Performance and Phone Numbers

Calgary Sun 7/7/04 Calgary Idol lovin’ the race

CTV 7/6/04 Canadian Idol’s Final Group of Eight Duke it Out July 7 on CTV

Foxes on Idol, 7/6/04 Canadian Idol Canadian Idol's Billy Klippert Shows His True Colors

Chart Attack 7/2/04 Canadian Idol: Theresa And Jacob Win In A Landslide

CTV 7/2/04 Two new Idol finalists stand proud on Canada Day

London Free Press 7/2/04 Area singer takes loss in stride

Abbotsford Times 7/2/04 Abby man aims for Idol fame

Fans Of Reality TV 7/2/04 Canadian Idol 07/01 – Oh Western Canada!

Reality News Online 7/2/04 Canadian Idol 2, July 1: There’s Something About Group 3

Reality TV Calendar 7/2/04 Canadian Idol: Group 3 Results

Beavers On Idol 7/1/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Group 3

Reality News Online 7/1/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 30: Star Power

Reality TV Calendar 7/1/04 Canadian Idol: Group 3 Performs

Fans Of Reality TV 7/1/04 Canadian Idol 06/30 - I Like It, But I Don’t Like It

CTV 7/1/04 Voters get busy as third Idol group hits stage

London Free Press 7/1/04 Archer the real idol deal

Foxes On Idol 7/1/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2, June 30

TVRules 6/30/04 Canadian Idol: First of the Top Ten Performance, June 30 Summary

CTV 6/30/04 Top 10: Interviews with Kalan Porter and Kaleb Simmonds

Meridian Booster 6/30/04 Sandulak not giving up on her Idol dream

London Free Press 6/29/04 Idol singer feels at home on stage

Foxes On Idol 6/28/04 A Sky-Rocketing Star!- An interview with ‘Canadian Idol’ finalist Billy Klippert

Fans Of Reality TV 6/25/04 Canadian Idol 06/24 – Special K’s

Reality TV Calendar 6/25/04 Canadian Idol: Episode 9 Recap - The Next Two Are Chosen

Crazy4RealityTV 6/25/04 "Four Down, Six To Go!" - Canadian Idol 2 - Episode 9

Chart Attack 6/25/04 Canadian Idol: Kalan And Kaleb Advance To Top 10

CTV 6/25/04 Canadian Idol unveils two more finalists

580 CFRA Radio 6/25/04 Ottawa Idol Hopes Dashed

Reality News Online 6/25/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 24: Two Down, Six to Go!

Canada NewsWire 6/24/04 1.3 Million Votes Propel Kalan and Kaleb Into the Canadian Idol Top 10

Curlio 6/24/04 Canadian Idol: Judges' Favorites Move Into Top 10

Fans of Reality TV 6/24/04 One Way Ticket to Obscurity

Beavers On Idol 6/24/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Group 2

Reality TV Calendar 6/23/04 Canadian Idol: Group 2 Performs

Crazy4RealityTV 6/24/04 "The Next 8 Step Up To the Plate" - Canadian Idol 2 - Episode 8

Reality News Online 6/24/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 23: Rock the Vote!

Foxes On Idol 6/24/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – Canadian Idol 2, June 23

CTV 6/24/04 Second group of Idol hopefuls reach out to voters

Curlio 6/24/04 Canadian Idol Group 2 Restores Hope in Show’s Future

Northumberland News 6/23/04 Canada's idol gives band standing ovation

Foxes On Idol 6/23/04 A Byrd's Eye View: An Interview with Idol Vocal Coach Debra Byrd

Fans of Reality TV 6/19/04 It's All About the Curly, Blonde Hair

Chart Attack 6/18/04 Canadian Idol: Joshua And Brandy Win With Schmaltz

Beavers On Idol 6/18/04 Billy Klippert's Debut Album Is Not a CD to Levon the Shelf

London Free Press 6/18/04 Seller hits Idol's first high note

Calgary Sun 6/18/04 Idol no more

CTV 6/18/04 First finalists pave way to Canadian Idol's Top 10

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/04 Canadian Idol: The First Two Are Chosen

Crazy4RealityTV 6/18/04 "The First 2 Are In!" - Canadian Idol 2 - Episode 7

Reality News Online 6/18/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 17: Is It All About The J's?

Stirling Community Press 6/18/04 Fantastic live entertainment continues at Waterfront on Sunday

Curlio 6/17/04 Canadian Idol: Brandy Callahan and Joshua Seller Advance 6/17/04 Canadian Idol: 6/17/04 Results Summary

Beavers On Idol 6/17/04 BOI CI Judging Panel - Group 1

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/04 Canadian Idol: Group One Take The Stage

Foxes On Idol 6/17/04 We'll Be The Judge of That! - Canadian Idol 2, June 16

Crazy4RealityTV 6/17/04 "Let The Voting Begin!" - Canadian Idol 2 - Episode 6

London Free Press 6/17/04 Idol chatter disrupts area singers' big night

CTV 6/17/04 First eight Idol contenders face the phone vote

TVRules 6/17/04 Canadian Idol: First 8 of 32 Summary 6/16

Reality News Online 6/17/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 16: Holding Out for. Something

Mississauga News 6/16/04 Here comes the judge

Curlio 6/16/04 Canadian Idol’s Group 1 Struggles With Nerves and Bad Songs

Beavers On Idol 6/16/04 The Real Predictions for Canadian Idol 2

London Free Press 6/16/04 Local talent faces Idol test

Chart Attack 6/15/04 Canadian Idol Preps For Voting Flood

CTV 6/14/04 Exclusive Interview with Jake Gold

CTV 6/14/04 Canada Goes To The Polls After Televised Singing Debate

Reality TV Talk 6/14/04 - Deej's Top Ten Picks for Canadian Idol

Foxes On Idol 6/14/04 Canadian Idol 2: The Top 32

Fans Of Reality TV 6/12/04 CI 6/10 - Tears, More Tears & What Did Ryan Do To His Hair?

Chart Attack 6/11/04 Canadian Idol: Top 32 Revealed

Reality TV Calendar 6/11/04 Canadian Idol: Final 32, Recap and List

Crazy4RealityTV 6/11/04 "The Top 32 Is Chosen!" - Canadian Idol 2 - Episode 5

Reality News Online 6/11/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 10: Crunch Time

StarPhoenix 6/11/04 Sask. voices in Idol showdown

Calgary Sun 6/11/04 Local Idols advance

The Telegram 6/11/04 Local among Canadian Idol survivors

Winnipeg Sun 6/11/04 Manitobans eliminated from Idol

London Free Press 6/11/04 Three area singers make Idol's top 32

Daily Miner 6/11/04 Canadian Idol contestant from Keewatin

Curlio 6/10/04 Canadian Idol Judges Pick The Final 32

Thunder Bay Post 6/10/04 Final TB Canadian Idol Contestant Cut

Winnipeg Sun 6/10/04 Idol slashes contestants

CTV 6/10/04 Canadian Idol Trims Down Top 155

Reality TV Calendar 6/10/04 Canadian Idol - Whittling Down The Top 155

Crazy4RealityTV 6/10/04 "The Eliminations Begin" - Canadian Idol 2 - Episode 4

Reality News Online 6/10/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 9: Under Pressure

Fans of Reality TV 6/10/04 Canadian Idol: If You Want To Win, Learn the Words.

Curlio 6/9/04 Canadian Idol: And Then There Were 80...

Winnipeg Sun 6/9/04 Reprieve for Idol loser

London Free Press 6/9/04 Local Idol hopefuls brace for big cut

Winnipeg Sun 6/9/04 Idol contestant Marc Devigne to appear in Rainbow's King and I

Foxes On Idol 6/9/04 Canadian Idol 2 Picks to Click

CTV 6/7/04 This Week's 2-Part Nail-biter

Beavers On Idol 6/6/04 What Will Become of the Next Canadian Idol?

Fans Of Reality TV 6/5/04 Canadian Idol 06/03- "You're the Best I've Seen"

Winnipeg Sun 6/4/04 Interesting Zack facts

Star Phoenix 6/4/04 Local singer passes first Idol test

Calgary Sun 6/4/04 Calgarians survive first Idol cut

Imprint 6/4/04 Life after "Idol"

Winnipeg Sun 6/4/04 Popstars vet an Idol winner

Reality TV Calendar 6/4/04 Canadian Idol: The Final Auditions

Crazy4RealityTV 6/4/04 "That's A Little Better" - Canadian Idol 2 - Premiere (Part 3)

Reality News Online 6/4/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 3: Go West, Young Singer

Curlio 6/4/04 Canadian Idol Goes West

Fans Of Reality TV 6/3/04 Canadian Idol 06-02 – Singing The Pants off Canadians

Reality News Online 6/3/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 2: East Bound and Down

Canada NewsWire 6/3/04 Canadian Idol Returns with a "She-Bang" - Audiences Up 15 percent..

CTV 6/3/04 Canadian Idol kicks off season with laughter and heartache

Winnipeg Sun 6/3/04 Idol: Many tears, few cheers

Halifax Herald 6/3/04 Meet the 11 local Idol contestants

Thunder Bay Post 6/3/04 Thunder Bay Idol's Big Moment

Calgary Sun 6/3/04 Wannabes hit wrong notes

Reality TV Calendar 6/3/04 Canadian Idol: The Search Continues

Crazy4RealityTV 6/3/04 "Things Are Not Looking Good" - Canadian Idol 2 - Premiere (Part 2)

Reality News Online 6/3/04 Canadian Idol 2, June 1: They’re Baaack

Winnipeg Sun 6/2/04 Good, bad, and awful 6/2/04 Canadian Idol Season 2 Appears Promising

Calgary 6/2/04 Klippert to lead Forest Lawn parade

Chart Attack 6/2/04 Canadian Idol: The Race Is On And The Gloves Are Off

CTV 6/2/04 New hopefuls kick off Canadian Idol Season 2

Fans Of Reality TV 6/2/04 Canadian Idol 06/01 – Not Exactly A Whole New World

Reality TV Calendar 6/2/04 Canadian Idol: The Search Begins - Recap by Keri Lambert

Calgary Sun 6/2/04 Is there a Hung in the house?

Crazy4RealityTV 6/2/04 "The Phenomenon Returns!" - Canadian Idol 2 - Premiere (Part 1)

Star Phoenix 6/1/04 New Idol debuts tonight

London Free Press 6/1/04 Idol Nation

Winnipeg Sun 6/1/04 Zack zaps American Idol counterpart Cowell

Reality News Online 6/1/04 Canadian Idol 2 Preview: Even More Idol! 5/31/04 Canadian Idol's Simon says fans run the show

Reality TV Calendar 5/31/04 Canadian Idol: Keri Lambert's Preview

CTV 5/30/04 Canadian Idol lauches 2nd season on Tuesday

CTV 5/17/04 Canadian Idol Winner Ryan Malcolm to Appear on Tomorrow's American Idol

CTV 5/15/04 Heightened competition ends Idol dream for many

Chart Attack 5/7/04 Canadian Idol Part Deux Starts On June 1

CTV 5/7/04 Canadian Idol kicks off second season June 1

Winnipeg Sun 5/7/04 One Idol after the other

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/04 Canadian Idol to premiere on June 1

Nipawin Journal 4/28/04 Canadian Idol auditions attracts talent from northeast

The Province 4/27/04 There's a lot of idle in Idol

Montreal Gazette 4/27/04 Canadian Idol favourite singing her own song now

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CTV 4/12/04 Canadian Idol auditions heading to Regina on April 14

Winnipeg Sun 4/9/04 Idol wraps up local auditions

Winnipeg Sun 4/8/04 More Idol wannabes make grade

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Winnipeg Sun 4/7/04 Facing the music

Stirling Community Press 3/30/04 Brighton - One step closer to Canadian Idol

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Shoreline Beacon 3/23/04 Brother-sister duo ousted from Idol competition

Timmins Daily Press 3/19/04 Singers come from far away to compete in Timmins for Northern Idol spot

Chart Attack 3/18/04 Loose Ends: Billy Talent And Ryan Malcolm Hit The Mall

Shoreline Beacon 3/16/04 Kahgees make second cut on Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 3/11/04 Kurt Nilsen and Thousands Of Fashion Victims Show Up At T.O. Idol Auditions

StarPhoenix 3/10/04 Regina expects big turnout for Idol

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The Guardian 2/25/04 Islanders pass audition for Canadian Idol show

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Fort Frances Times 2/23/04 Would be pop-stars line up early

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Montreal Gazette 2/21/04 Auditions stressful and cruel

Halifax Herald 2/19/04 Britney I'm not, but I'll give Idol a shot

Chart Attack 2/16/04 Canadian Idol’s Billy Klippert Scores Record Deal

National Post 2/13/04 Audition numbers almost double as 2nd Canadian Idol opens doors in Ottawa

Chart Attack 2/4/04 Canadian Idol Audition Venues Confirmed 2/3/04 From the 'Unlikely musicians' file

Montreal Gazette 1/31/04 Idol's out to prove his artistry

Reality TV World 1/22/04 CTV announces 'Canadian Idol 2' audition dates

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Halifax Herald 12/31/03 2003 has been a year to remember for Beals

Reality TV World 12/28/03 CTV to air 'Canadian Idol 2' in Summer 2004, audition cities announced

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Kingston This Week 12/19/03 Malcolmaniacs send Idol’s dad to London contest

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Chart Attack 12/9/03 CD Reviews: Ryan Malcolm, ....Ruben Studdard and many more

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Kingston This Week 11/13/03 Canadian Idol Malcolm jets sets around the world

Reality TV World 11/13/03 'World Idol' competition planned for holiday season,... 

Chart Attack 11/13/03 Ryan Malcolm To Compete In World Idol On Christmas Day

Foxes On Idol 11/12/03 ‘World Idol’ May Air in December

Ananova 11/12/03 Fuller 'planning World Idol'

Beavers On Idol 11/11/03 Vanessa Olivarez Begins to Shine in Canada

Reality TV World 11/10/03 Ryan Malcolm is #1 for 5th wk, will sing "Let It Snow" on Idol Xmas.... 

Chart Attack 11/4/03 Ryan Malcolm To Share A Cup Of Holiday Cheer With Ruben And Clay

CJAD 11/4/03 Canadian Idol Ryan Malcolm to appear on AI TV Christmas special

Reality TV World 11/3/03 Ryan Malcolm and Kelly Clarkson remain 1-2 in Canada single sales

Chart Attack 10/31/03 Ryan Malcolm To Bring It Home In December

Chart Attack 10/30/03 Not By Choice, Ryan Malcolm Get Ready For Some Football

CFCN 10/28/03 Canada AM with Billy Klippert Live In Calgary

Reality TV World 10/24/03 'CI' finalist Audrey de Montigny signs recording deal with BMG Canada

Reality TV World 10/24/03 'CI' Ryan Malcolm holds off Kelly Clarkson for top single in Canada

Reality TV World 10/20/03 'CI' winner Ryan Malcolm logs second week with #1 single in Canada

Beavers On Idol 10/14/03 Four Crystal Balls

Calgary Sun 10/12/03 Calgary fans show Billy's still our Idol

Chart Attack 10/10/03 Canadian Idol’s Audrey de Montigny Snags Record Deal

Calgary Herald 10/9/03 Billy's big chance 10/9/03 Audrey de Montigny signs with BMG, to release album in early 2004

Reality News Online 10/7/03 Working for Success – An Interview with CI’s Rocker, Billy Klippert

Foxes On Idol 10/7/03 A Rocker’s Reflections – Interview with Canadian Idol’s Billy Klippert

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Kingston Whig-Standard 10/1/03 Ryan a hit with crowd – and in stores

Kingston Whig-Standard 9/30/03 There’s More in store for of Ryan

Halifax Herald 9/28/03 Canadian Idol fans unwittingly dialed up the future for wireless carriers

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Canada Newswire 8/14/03 Wal-Mart Canada launches "Canadian Idol" line of apparel

Canada Newswire 8/14/03 Idol Worship Kicks Off 125th Edition of CNE Aug. 15

CTV 8/13/03 Mikey Bustos, Tyler Hamilton cut from Idol

The Gazette 8/13/03 Local favourite De Montigny advances to round of six

Chart Attack 8/13/03 Canadian Idol: Mikey And Tyler Busted By Motown

Canada Newswire 8/13/03 Mikey and Tyler Become the next 2 Finalists Eliminated From CI

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Kingston Whig-Standard 8/13/03 And then there were six: Malcolm makes Idol cut

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CTV 8/6/03 Canadian Idol field narrowed to eight

Halifax Herald 8/6/03 Wilcox's Idol hopes over

Canada Newswire 8/6/03 Candida, Richie and Karen-Lee Become the First Finalists Eliminated 

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Canada Newswire 7/25/03 Céline to Appear on CTV's Canadian Idol

Chart Attack 7/23/03 Canadian Idol Round 3: Audrey, Gary and Karen-Lee Move Up

Halifax Herald 7/23/03 Beals makes Idol Top 10

Reality News Online 7/23/03 Canadian Idol, July 22: Idols Meet Idols 7/23/03 3 more Idols join top 10, wildcards announced

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Canada Newswire 7/22/03 2.25 Million Viewers Catapult 3 Into Canadian Idol's Top 10

Halifax Herald 7/22/03 Beals sings well 'beyond his years'

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Mirror Guardian 7/18/03 Scarborough's Canadian Idol happy to have competed

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Halifax Daily News 7/16/03 Second group of Idol finalists hails from Nfld., Alta., and N.S.

Chart Attack 7/16/03 Tyler, Richie and Jenny Gear Charm Canada 7/16/03 Three more selected for Canadian Idol's Top 10

Halifax Herald 7/16/03 Little Richie in Idol Top 10

Calgary Sun 7/16/03 Quirky crooners advance to finals

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Sydney 7/3/03 New Waterford native may be first Canadian Idol

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The Whig 7/2/03 Idol dreams: Kingston singer makes show finals

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Daily Press 6/28/03 Timmins man makes the cut as Canadian Idol finalist

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London Free Press 6/25/03 Londoner makes next Idol round

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Sault Star 5/20/03 Timmins judge offers advice

Sault Star 5/20/03 Two from the Sault: one will be North’s Canadian Idol

Halifax Herald 5/16/03 Nothing subtle about Idol TV

Halifax Daily News 5/16/03 Final day golden for select few

Halifax Daily News 5/15/03 Superstardom will have to wait

The Gate 5/14/03 'Canadian Idol' Premieres June 11

Halifax Herald 5/14/03 Canadian Idol wannabes

Halifax Daily News 5/14/03 Idol tryouts: wait was worth it

Halifax Herald 5/8/03 Vying for Canadian Idol

Halifax Daily News 5/8/03 A 'kinder, gentler' Idol

Montreal Gazette 5/4/03 Idol tryouts draw 1,250

Squanish Chief 5/2/03 Squamish's Idols

Ottawa Sun 4/30/03 Singer hits right note with judges

CFCN Plus 4/28/03 Canadian Idol searches for Alberta finalists

Halifax Daily News 4/26/03 Idol judge loves being onstage

CFCN Plus 4/25/03 Canadian Idol fever makes Calgary stop 4/23/03 Starry-eyed Vancouverites sing for shot at fame

Vancouver Sun 4/23/03 Capilano jazz singer heads to Toronto

Chart Attack 4/14/03 Sass Jordan Is Canadian Idol’s Paula Abdul

CTV 4/14/03 Sass Jordan among Canadian Idol judges

Billboard 10/18/02 Great White North Secures Its Own 'Idol'

Zap2It 10/17/02 'Idol' Heads North to Canada

Digital Spy 10/16/02 Search for a "Canadian Idol" in 2003


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