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News Articles about NBC Networks The Apprentice


Chicago Tribune 4/13/04 Chicago's hope

MSNBC 4/13/04 Was there a glass ceiling on 'The Apprentice'?

NBC5 4/13/04 Sneak Peak At The 'Apprentice' Finale

MSNBC 4/13/04 Bill has the edge on ‘The Apprentice’

WCNC 4/13/04 Charlotte fired up for "The Apprentice" finale

Reality TV World 4/13/04 Will ‘The Apprentice’ make Donald Trump the highest-paid actor...?

Extra 4/13/04 Trump TV: First Impressions of the Apprentices

Extra 4/13/04 Couples News: Who’s Got the Hook-up?

NBCMV 4/13/04 #1 'Apprentice' Paces NBC's Weeklong 18-49 Win

CNN 4/13/04 Trademark challenger: Fired up over 'The Apprentice'

Crazy4RealityTV 4/13/04 The Apprentice - Final Comments and Predictions

TVRules 4/13/04 The Apprentice eBay auction benefits The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Fans of Reality TV 4/13/04 Episode 13, Pat I: Next Time, Put Your Mind To It

Boston Globe 4/13/04 Trump Rides a Monster Wave of Self-Promotion

BBC 4/13/04 Trump TV hit edges towards finale

NoPointNecessary 4/13/04 The Apprentice ep 14 'The Interview'

Reality News Online 4/13/04 The Apprentice: Why Amy Lost

NY Daily News 4/13/04 Donald's new 'Apprentice' salary is... 100G a pop

Extra 4/12/04 Trump TV Day 1: The Donald's Right-Hand Works It Out

Zap2It 4/12/04 Trump Cuts New Deal with NBC

Reality TV World 4/12/04 Penultimate 'Apprentice' episode tops the week among Adults 18-49 ratings 

St Petersburg Times 4/12/04 Trump U.

MSNBC 4/12/04 Trump gets big raise for 'Apprentice' work

NY Times 4/12/04 Next Season on 'The Apprentice': Poor Joe Stockholder?

Salt Lake Tribune 4/12/04 Trump's ready to say, 'You're hired,' to 'The Apprentice'

Zap2It 4/12/04 Trump: I Haven't Decided 'Apprentice' Winner Yet

Reality TV Hall of Shame 4/12/04 Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth: She’s Back, and She’s Still Shameful

Elites TV 4/12/04 The Apprentice: Special Feature: My Encounter with Mr. Donald J. Trump

The Low Standard 4/12/04 Who will stay and who will go? We break down the final two.

Fox News 4/12/04 Donald Trump Is Cool ... Grrr!

NY Daily News 4/12/04 NBC News has a full deck of Trump

NY Daily News 4/12/04 The Trump ace is ...

Milwaukee Journal 4/11/04 He's The Donald and you're not

Washington Post 4/11/04 Omarosa: 'I Thought My Talents Were Enough'

Knox News 4/11/04 On Thursday, one contestant earns role of 'The Apprentice'

Orlando Sentinel 4/11/04 Trump proves he's a good hire

Post Gazette 4/11/04 TV Preview: 'The Donald' plays trump card on NBC

Media Guardian 4/11/04 Trump towers over TV ratings as shares tumble

Washington Post 4/11/04 The Masters of 'The Apprentice'

Sunday Herald 4/11/04 Who Wants To Work For A Billionaire?

Washington Post 4/11/04 Sam: 'Tasks Are Easy; People Are Difficult'

Herald Sun 4/11/04 Donald Trump's top 10 secrets of success

Reality Reel 4/10/04 'The Apprentice' Is #1 In Adults 18-49 For The Week To Date

Jersey Journal 4/10/04 'You're fired!' - and Hudson guy is gone

Reality TV World 4/10/04 Donald Trump's 'Apprentice' comes down to Kwame Jackson or Bill Rancic

Crazy4RealityTV 4/10/04 Watch Your Back – The Apprentice, Week 13

Times Reporter 4/10/04 ‘Apprentice’ not a hit with everyone

Reality Reel 4/10/04 The Apprentice: Trump’s Four Stooges

NY Daily News 4/10/04 Fired up for Trump

Zap2It 4/10/04 'Apprentice' Women Strip Down

NY Daily News 4/10/04 Trump sells NY vacation dig

Extra 4/9/04 'The Apprentices' The Morning After

Zap2It 4/9/04 Trump Changes His 'Fired' Tune to 'Hired'

NBC10 4/9/04 Amy And Nick Spill The Beans On 'Today'

Chicago Tribune 4/9/04 Chicago vs. New York

USA Today 4/9/04 Experts agree: 'Apprentice' finalists have right stuff

Newsday 4/9/04 Trumping reality TV

Reality News Online 4/9/04 The Apprentice: Why Nick Lost

NBCMV 4/9/04 'Apprentice' Is #1 In 18-49 For The Week To Date

NBC13 4/9/04 'The Apprentice' Recap

Newsday 4/9/04 Getting 'fired' has its rewards

The Trades 4/9/04 The Apprentice-Episode 14: Jumpin' Jessica 4/9/04 - Nick & Amy on 'The Today Show'

Reality Reel 4/9/04 Fans of ‘The Apprentice’ Get ‘Fired Up’ Over Official Series Merchandise

Reality News Online 4/9/04 The Apprentice, Episode 13: The Firing Squad

WCNC 4/9/04 Charlotte native fires way into top two

NBC10 4/9/04 'Apprentice' Women Turn Heads With Magazine Layout

Charlotte Observer 4/9/04 Local son in top 2 on 'Apprentice'

Digital Spy 4/9/04 'Apprentice' merchandise goes on sale

Chicago Sun-Times 4/9/04 Oh the shamelessness! But it worked

NY Daily News 4/9/04 Trump pares 'Apprentice' field to final pair

Zap2It 4/9/04 Trump Trims Two on 'The Apprentice' 4/9/04 'Apprentice' Down To Final Two People 4/9/04 The Africana QA: The Apprentice's Omarosa

The Low Standard 4/9/04 O-My-Rosa! Put her on a milk carton, Jessica Simpson is missing!

Charlotte Observer 4/8/04 Will N.C.'s own be Trumped?

POAC 4/8/04 Fired up

NBC13 4/8/04 'The Apprentice' Recap

Reality TV World 4/8/04 Twelfth 'Apprentice' episode draws 20.2 million viewers 4/8/04 - 4/8/04 The Apprentice

Reality TV World 4/8/04 Omarosa hawks tell-all book, as production secrets of 'Apprentice' slip out

Extra 4/8/04 The Ladies of 'The Apprentice' Cash In

Sun Herald 4/8/04 'Apprentice' finalist's uncle watching from Gulfport

NBCMV 4/8/04 NBC Gives Fans of ‘The Apprentice’ a Chance to Get ‘Fired Up’....

Chicago Tribune 4/8/04 All fired up over 'The Apprentice'

Morning News 4/8/04 Reality’s Apprentice

Reality Reel 4/8/04 "Signs You Are Obsessed with Donald Trump"

Newsday 4/8/04 Will the Donald fire himself?

Fox News 4/8/04 'You're Fired!' Gets the Boot — Except From Trump

NBCMV 4/8/04 Trump and 'SNL' Deliver Big Numbers

Boston Globe 4/8/04 Money talks

Post Standard 4/8/04 Tension Builds on 'Apprentice'

Reality News Online 4/8/04 The Apprentice: Why Troy Lost

Reality TV World 4/8/04 The Apprentice - Episode 12 summary

Business Wire 4/8/04 Women of ``The Apprentice'' Featured in FHM's May Issue;...

NY Daily News 4/8/04 Contest is down to the hire

NY Daily News 4/8/04 'Apprentice' biz is getting personal

Chicago Sun-Times 4/8/04 Trump counts his victories before they're hatched

Star Ledger 4/8/04 All TV: Pumping Trump

TBO 4/7/04 Apprentice' Plays A Trump Card: Nobody's Favorite, Omarosa, Is Back

Extra 4/7/04 Trump's 'Apprentice' Paycheck

Chicago Tribune 4/7/04 The Realities of TV

Reality News Online 4/7/04 The Apprentice: A Look at the Final Four

Post Gazette 4/7/04 Local business students are sold on 'The Apprentice' and The Donald 4/7/04 'Apprentice' Countdown!

Globe and Mail 4/7/04 Being fired is a pain-filled hell

Yale Daily News 4/7/04 Dean fires on Trump's hit show

Reality Reel 4/6/04 KFC Says: 'You're Hired!' To Apprentice Runner Up

Reality Reel 4/6/04 'Spider-Man® 2', Troy, and Omarosa Drop In On This Week's Apprentice

Seattle PI 4/6/04 'The Apprentice' soars among TV viewers

Reality News Online 4/6/04 Apprentice Runner-Up Can Chicken Out with KFC Job

Television Without Pity 4/6/04 The Price Is Height

Portland Tribune 4/6/04 As 'Apprentice' sun sets, another rises

Zap2It 4/6/04 KFC Woos 'Apprentice' Loser with Finger Lickin' Offer

Fans of Reality 4/6/04 Episode 12b Recap: Idahoped He'd Win.

Reality News Online 4/6/04 The Apprentice: Weekly Performance Review, Episode 12 – Total Shock

Detroit Free Press 4/5/04 Tale Of The Tape: Steinbrenner vs. Trump

Reality TV World 4/5/04 'Apprentice' episode to feature return of Troy, Omarosa... and Spider-Man

Time 4/5/04 Trump's Reality Woes

USA Today 4/5/04 'The Apprentice' exposes reality of glass ceiling

Fortune 4/5/04 The Trophy Life

Fox News 4/5/04 Is Donald Trump serious?

NBC10 4/5/04 'Apprentice': The Troy-Omarosa Controversy

Chicago Tribune 4/5/04 Comedic riches lie in Trump's willingness to fire on himself

The Missoulian 4/5/04 Montanan lands behind-the-scenes job on 'The Apprentice'

Reality TV World 4/5/04 The Apprentice - Episode 11 summary

The Low Standard 4/5/2004 Apprentice: Handicapping the Final Four, Odds are we know who will win!

USA Today 4/5/04 'Spider-Man 2' uses TV trailer to snare audience

South Bend Tribune 4/5/04 You're fired!

Go Memphis 4/4/04 Donald wannabes get acts together

Journal News 4/4/04 She's hired

Reality Reel 4/4/04 'The Apprentice' Trumps An Original 'CSI' In 18-49 For The First Time

NoPointNecessary 4/3/04 The Apprentice Episode 13 'The Passion of the Donald'

Jersey Journal 4/3/04 TV spotlight shines on 'Apprentice' dad

The Oregonian 4/3/04 Seeking a spot on Trump's card

William and Mary News 4/3/04 The Apprentice’ star wins over most of PBK

Omaha World Herald 4/3/04 Shot at 'Apprentice' draws hopefuls to Omaha 4/3/04 From ‘Today’ to ‘Tonight,’ Troy loves being fired

NY Daily News 4/3/04 Youth pick The Donald

Contra Costa Times 4/3/04 Trump's 'How to Get Rich' doesn't have a huge payoff

Crazy4RealityTV 4/2/04 The Passion Of The Trump – The Apprentice, Week 12 4/2/04 - Troy on 'Today'

Chicago Tribune 4/2/04 Troy: Back to Idaho

Modesto Bee 4/2/04 Would-be 'Apprentices' are some of the nicest people

NBC10 4/2/04 It's Confirmed: Omarosa Is Back

Seattle PI 4/2/04 Managers should learn from TV 'firings'

The Oregonian 4/2/04 Hundreds of people interview for spot on "The Apprentice"

NBCMV 4/2/04 'The Apprentice' Trumps An Original 'CSI' In 18-49 For The First Time

The Trades 4/2/04 The Apprentice-Episode 13: These Boots were Made for Walkin'...

WCNC 4/2/04 Charlotte native Kwame survives another boardroom bout

NBC10 4/2/04 Troy Talks About Firing On 'Today' 4/2/04 Troy hears dreaded words: ‘You’re fired!’

Reality News Online 4/2/04 The Apprentice, Episode 12: Mile-High Club

USA Today 4/2/04 Cupid lurks in cubicles, so what's a worker to do?

KTVB 4/2/04 Troy: you're fired!

Chicago Sun-Times 4/2/04 Bill gets in a plug for Loyola while dodging The Donald's wrat

Star Telegram 4/2/04 Trump slump? Who cares? He's a star.

Chicago Tribune 4/2/04 `Apprentice' fans get fired up at home of TV show 4/2/04 Favorite Fired In 'Apprentice' Shocker

Arizona Republic 4/2/04 Trump watch

AJC 4/2/04 Diva gets trumped in bid for radio gig

KATU 4/1/04 'The Apprentice' draws Oregon hopefuls

The Low Standard 4/1/04 The Apprentice: Five alive, but not for long! 4/1/04 - 4/1/04 The Apprentice

NY Times 4/1/04 Trump's Chilly Sidekick Thaws a Bit Off Camera

Palm Beach Daily News 4/1/04 Tonight's 'Apprentice' winners to earn PB visit

Tribune-Review 4/1/04 Lessons from 'The Apprentice'

LA Weekly 4/1/04 Hey, Donald, You Should Be Fired

Digital Spy 4/1/04 BBC Two favourite to win 'Apprentice' rights

Reality News Online 4/1/04 The Apprentice: Short-Term Gains and Long-Term Employment

Reality TV World 4/1/04 Nationwide auditions for 'Apprentice 2' draw huge crowds, lots of reporters

NY Daily News 4/1/04 Visa deal draws Trump card

SF Chronicle 4/1/04 Trump, you could be fired

Mobile Register 4/1/04 'Apprentice' a big draw

Reality TV World 3/31/04 Eleventh 'Apprentice' episode sets numerous series ratings records

Palm Beach Post 3/31/04 How far will nice Amy go on 'Apprentice?'

Star Tribune 3/31/04 'The Apprentice' as educational TV

Television Without Pity 3/31/04 Circus, Circus

The Columbian 3/31/04 Arrive early for a chance to be fired

Columbus Business First 3/31/04 Bank One to offer Trump credit card

Chron Watch 3/31/04 Top 10 Reasons Liberals Don't Like Donald Trump and ''The Apprentice''

Business Wire 3/31/04 If you could ask Donald Trump any business-related question, what would it be?

NBC10 3/31/04 Trump Tackles Hair Issue Head-On

Press Enterprise 3/30/04 Trump's get-rich book sells big

Miami Herald 3/30/04 Amid 'Apprentice' success, Trump's casinos in trouble financially

Chicago Tribune 3/30/04 Trump's trademark plan is under fire

Reality News Online 3/30/04 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 11 – Playing to Win

Hollywood Reporter 3/30/04 Getting all fired up over 'The Apprentice'

NBCMV 3/30/04 'Apprentice' and 'Las Vegas' hit high-water marks, carrying NBC to another big week

Toronto Star 3/30/04 Trump tub thumpers: You're fired

Dallas Morning News 3/29/04 Say-so: Firing The Donald

TV Week 3/29/04 Trump Model Transfers to TV

NoPointNecessary 3/29/04 The Apprentice Episode 12 "Whose stupid idea was it?"

Reality News Online 3/29/04 The Apprentice: Who Will Be Fired in Episode 12?

Beacon Journal 3/29/04 `Apprentice' is trademark Donald Trump: He's all show

Fans of Reality TV 3/29/04 Only Is A Lot (Ep 12 recap)

NY Times 3/28/04 Is Trump Headed for a Fall?

Reality TV World 3/28/04 Donald Trump faces $10K in fines for "You're Fired" banner

Dallas Morning News 3/28/04 Trump's'You're Fired' Banner Draws Ire

NY Times 3/28/04 Queued in a Cattle Call, Waiting for the Star

San Francisco Chronicle 3/28/04 'The Apprentice' takes realistic inside look at corporate world

Globe and Mail 3/28/04 Playing the race card in a stacked game

Plain Dealer 3/27/04 It's cash only for a spot at top of the line to Trump

Miami Herald 3/27/04 Ex-'apprentice' a star already, and may glow brighter

WCNC 3/27/04 Donald Trump faces fines for 'You're Fired' sign

Democrat and Chronicle 3/27/04 Professionals get fired up about TV's ‘ The Apprentice'

Crazy4RealityTV 3/27/04 Wheels of Fortune – The Apprentice, Week 11

Reality TV World 3/27/04 Donald Trump tries to gain ownership of 'Apprentice' phrase 'You're fired!'

Chicago Sun-Times 3/27/04 Local exec evades Trump's firing line

NY Daily News 3/27/04 Fire that sign, city tells Trump

Sydney Morning Herald 3/27/04 The sorcerer's apprentice: how Donald trumps reality TV

Extra 3/27/04 Rumor Control: The Apprentice - Katrina Fires Back

The Trades 3/26/04 The Apprentice - Episode 12: Let's Make a Deal

Reality News Online 3/26/04 The Apprentice: Why Katrina Lost

WCNC 3/26/04 "The Apprentice" team snags high rollers sending Trump's favorite to the boardroom

Survivor Review 3/26/04 Survivor vs The Apprentice 3/26/04 - The Apprentice: 3/25/04

Hollywood Reporter 3/26/04 'Dateline' coverage of 'Apprentice' draws fire

USA Today 3/26/04 It's nothing personal? On 'Apprentice,' it's all personal

MLive 3/26/04 Gobles man seeks to join 'The Apprentice'

Idaho Statesman 3/26/04 Boise’s Troy McClain survives on ‘Apprentice’

Sioux City Journal 3/26/04 Trump holds all the cards with 'The Apprentice'

Press of Atlantic City 3/26/04 Troy McClain, Heidi Bressler charm ‘Apprentice’ fans at the Taj Mahal

Reality News Online 3/26/04 The Apprentice, Episode 11: Eye of the Tiger

Sun Sentinel 3/25/04 S. Florida real estate agent has mixed emotions on 'Apprentice' stint

The Low Standard 3/25/04 Holy Craps: Contestants Gamble Their Future in AC! 3/25/04 - 3/25/04 The Apprentice 3/25/04 Emotional intelligence key to winning on "The Apprentice"

NBC 10 3/25/04 'The Apprentice' Returns Tonight!

Mercury News 3/25/04 Contestants scramble for Trump

Deseret News 3/25/04 Trump a teacher? Let's be serious

USA Today 3/25/04 'Apprentice 2' hopefuls mob audition sites

York Daily Record 3/25/04 Trump topples language

Television Without Pity 3/25/04 A Look Back

Reality TV Hall of Shame 3/25/04 Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth of ‘The Apprentice’: Bad for Business

NY Times 3/24/04 Pointing Fingers Back at Trump, for Fun

Extra 3/24/04 The Donald Dismisses 'Apprentice' Rumors

USA Today 3/24/04 'Apprentice' henchmen fired up 3/24/04 Trump's all fired up: Show is hit with some local CEOs

CBS 3/24/04 Trumping Trump

The Virginian-Pilot 3/24/04 What’s in a phrase? Ask The Donald

Reality TV Talk 3/23/04 The Apprentice - Meaningless Filler/Episode 11

CNN 3/23/04 Strike while the iron is hot, Donald

Reality Reel 3/23/04 'The Apprentice' Is The #1 Show On Thursdays

Reality Reel 3/23/04 Trump Sends Final 6 To Atlantic City For The Grandest Task Yet

Reality Reel 3/23/04 Casting For The Apprentice 2 Well Underway

Chicago Tribune 3/23/04 You're hired!

Press of Atlantic City 3/23/04 ‘Apprentice’ action moves to the Taj

Miami Herald 3/22/04 Do you want to apprentice? 3/22/04 All-New Apprentice Thursday At 8 And Local Tryouts April 1!

Chicago Tribune 3/22/04 Finding purpose on a Saturday 3/22/04 Publishers hope Donald Trump's book is a success

NBCMV 3/22/04 Donald Trump Sends the Final 6 to Atlantic City ...

Union Tribune 3/21/04 Trump's 'The Apprentice' shows lessons to be learned

Chicago Sun-Times 3/21/04 Omarosa played too many cards and got Trumped

Chicago Sun-Times 3/21/04 They're ... fired up

Chicago Tribune 3/21/04 Line forms early for Trump spot

Boston Globe 3/21/04 'Apprentice' hopefuls seek fame, fortune

Zap2It 3/21/04 Trump Tries To Trademark Termination

AJC 3/20/04 Would-be 'Apprentices' line up in Atlanta

Globe and Mail 3/20/04 Taken with a Trump

NoPointNecessary 3/20/04 The Apprentice Episode 11 "Recapping the Recrap"

The Spoof 3/20/04 Donald Trump Takes Over Vatican: Tells Pope "You're Fired!"

Journal News 3/20/04 A chance at stardom 3/20/04 Trump tries to trademark 'You're fired!'

Crazy4RealityTV 3/19/04 Recapping The Recap - The Apprentice, Episode 11

USA Today 3/19/04 Real or not, show inspires college course

BBC 3/19/04 Trump the winner in hit gameshow

Newsday 3/19/04 Riding high _ again _ with The Donald and his ``Apprentice''

NBCMV 3/19/04 'The Apprentice' Is The #1 Show On Television Thursday Night

Hollywood Reporter 3/19/04 NBC's 'The Apprentice' is most-watched program

WCNC 3/19/04 Why 'The Apprentice' trumps 'Survivor'

News Record 3/19/04 Dealing: Kotis angles for slot with Trump

Reality TV World 3/19/04 The Apprentice - Episode 10 summary

Reality News Online 3/19/04 An Interview with Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth of ‘The Apprentice’

Fans of Reality TV 3/19/04 Deja Vu All Over Again, Only More Boring (3/18 recap)

Reality News Online 3/19/04 The Apprentice, Recap Episode: Business As Usual 3/19/04 Donald Plays Trump Card

NY Daily News 3/19/04 You're Fired!® - by the Donald

Ananova 3/19/04 Trump aims to make catchphrase his own

NY Daily News 3/19/04 Crowd seeks Trump card

NY Daily News 3/19/04 Steamed up at 'fired' sign 3/19/04 'Apprentice 2' Holds Casting Call In Boston

The Smoking Gun 3/18/04 Donald seeks to trump "You're Fired" Market

Newsday 3/18/04 'Apprentice' fans want to be hired

Chicago Tribune 3/18/04 The Donald growing into a f-f-f-folk hero

MSNBC 3/18/04 Wannabe tycoons try out for ‘The Apprentice’

MSNBC 3/18/04 'You're fired!' could become Trump trademark

Chicago Tribune 3/18/04 Be there or be fired! 3/18/04 Hit Show 'The Apprentice' Makes Casting Calls

Arbiter Online 3/18/04 Fired up for Trump

Fox News 3/18/04 Fired 'Apprentice' Contestant Gets Warm Reception at Luncheon

The Village Voice 3/18/04 Freezing Outside of the Box

Digital Spy 3/18/04 'The Apprentice' coming to UK

NBCMV 3/17/04 'The Apprentice' -- Episode Title Updates

Reality TV World 3/17/04 'Apprentice 2' to kick off nationwide casting tour on March 18 in New York

Cincinnati Post 3/17/04 Show trumps up exec world

KTVB 3/17/04 "Apprentice" star attracts sell-out crowds

Reality News Online 3/17/04 Weekly Performance Review, Ep10 – New Favorites and New Victims

Idaho Statesman 3/17/04 Idahoans rally around homegrown celebrity

NBCMV 3/16/04 The Nation-Wide Search Has Begun For Donald Trump’s Next Apprentice

Idaho Statesman 3/16/04 Does Troy stand a chance?

AJC 3/16/04 'You're Fired!' good news for T-shirt maker

MSNBC 3/16/04 ‘Apprentice’ is ‘Survivor’ transplanted to New York

Reality TV World 3/16/04 Tenth 'Apprentice' episode draws 19.2 million viewers,....

Reality News Online 3/16/04 The Apprentice: Why Heidi Lost

Chicago Sun-Times 3/16/04 A Trump card for TV hopefuls

Elites TV 3/15/04 The Apprentice: NASDAQ NASCAR Chariots of Fire

NoPointNecessary 3/15/04 The Apprentice ep 10 'It's the Big Idea stupid!'

Reality News Online 3/15/04 An Interview with Heidi Bressler of ‘The Apprentice’

USA Today 3/15/04 'The Apprentice' teaches valuable lessons 3/15/04 Getting axed by Trump opens new doors for Bressler

USA Today 3/15/04 Hundreds line up to star in 'Apprentice'

Realitytvtalk 3/14/04 The Apprentice - Rickshaws Rule/Episode 10

Reality Reel 3/14/04 Apprentice Episode 10: Now Amy Sells Company Advertisements on Rickshaws

Television Without Pity 3/14/04 Wheeling and Dealing

LA Daily News 3/14/04 Audition has hopefuls all fired up

NY Times 3/14/04 Trump Is Firing as Fast as He Can

Fans Of Reality TV 3/13/04 The Apprentice: 3/11 Recap - Dogs, dog butts, and the fleas that love them 3/12/04 Taken for a Pedi-ride - The Apprentice, Episode 10

Reality TV World 3/12/04 ...Omarosa makes unsupported racial slur allegation 3/12/04 - Donald Trump & Heidi on ‘The View’

The Idaho Statesman 3/12/04 Boise man still working for Trump

Chicago Tribune 3/12/04 Professor Trump--America's dean of business

MSNBC 3/12/04 Fired ‘Apprentice’ contestant says racial slur used on the show 3/12/04 Steelies will have ’apprentice’ on PA

WCNC 3/12/04 "The Apprentice" releases two singles to radio stations across the country

NBCMV 3/12/04 Viewers Keep Their Appointment With Thursday's Red-Hot 'Apprentice'

Desert Sun 3/12/04 Casino not a good gamble for Donald Trump

WCNC 3/12/04 Donald Trump and 'The Apprentice' gone disco

NY Daily News 3/12/04 No racial slur is found on 'Apprentice': Trump

The Trades 3/12/04 The Apprentice - Episode 10: Wheeling & Dealing - Of Petty Cabbies and Men… 3/12/04 - Heidi from 'The Apprentice' on 'The Today Show'

Reality News Online 3/12/04 The Apprentice, Episode 10: Rickshaw Cowboy 3/12/04 Philly's 'Apprentice,' Heidi, is fired!

USA Today 3/12/04 Paranoia won't destroy ya, according to Trump

Denver Post 3/12/04 Coloradans join the hunt to become next 'Apprentice'

Reality TV World 3/12/04 'Apprentice' foursome turn down $1,000,000 'Playboy' offer

The Low Standard 3/11/04 Apprentice: When Rickshaws Attack!

Our Sports Central 3/11/04 Troy McClain to apprentice as Steelheads PA announcer

KTVB 3/11/04 Boise contestant; the one to beat 3/11/04 'Apprentice 2' Holds Casting Call In Boston 3/11/04 - The Apprentice: 3/11/04

Borowitz 3/11/04 Trump Fires Bin Laden

Reality TV World 3/11/04 The Apprentice - Episode 9 summary 3/11/04 Local gal with the salty vocabulary still a player in The Donald's game

Extra 3/11/04 Take a Meeting with Trump

Star Ledger 3/11/04 What we can learn from Donald Trump's 'Apprentice'

Palm Beach Post 3/11/04 Trump didn't hire them, but others will

Chicago Tribune 3/11/04 Omarosa 'on top of the world' 3/11/04 Boisean trumping his foes on TV

Reality TV World 3/11/04 Omarosa hopes to cash in on 'Apprentice' with clothing line and talk show 3/11/04 Ereka from ‘The Apprentice’ on ‘The View’

Zap2It 3/11/04 Trump Leverages 'SNL' Hosting Duty

Palm Beach Post 3/11/04 Which Apprentice will hear 'You're hired!'

USA Today 3/11/04 Troy seems least likely to hear 'You're fired!'

Detroit Free Press 3/11/04 'You're fired' on fire: It's a hit when Donald Trump says it

NBCMV 3/10/04 Donald Trump 'Fires' Up NBC's 'Saturday Night Live'

TV Barn 3/10/04 Non-shocker: Trump to host "SNL"

TVRules 3/10/04 Casting: The Apprentice-Open Casting

Television Without Pity 3/10/04 The Art Of The Deal

MSNBC 3/10/04 Omarosa: I was fired because I was the strongest player

Buffalo News 3/10/04 Getting a crash course from Trump

Business Wire 3/10/04 The Apprentice Show Finalist Orders ``I Got Here. You Can Too!''....

Reality News Online 3/10/04 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 9: Art and Commerce

Press Release 3/10/04 Reality Centrals’ Nationwide Search for “The Intern”

Reality Reel Media 3/9/04 The Apprentice Crew Hits The Road For Casting

Daily Item 3/9/04 "The Apprentice" gives local collegians business insight

NY Times 3/8/04 ABC Under Disney: Kingdom, Yes. Magic, No.

Reality TV World 3/8/04 Ninth 'The Apprentice' episode draws over 20 million viewers

Chicago Sun-Times 3/8/04 'Apprentice' a good lesson in how to land job you want

Fans Of Reality TV 3/8/04 The Apprentice-Episode 9 Recap: The Ballad of Little O

Reality News Online 3/8/04 The Apprentice: Why Omarosa Lost

NY Daily News 3/8/04 Trump set to do '2,' maybe '3'

NY Daily News 3/7/04 What it's really like to work for Trump

Press Enterprise 3/6/04 Trump the teacher

Extra 3/5/04 So Long to A Survivor and a Trump-in-Training

NoPointNecessary 3/5/04 Episode 9 Recap "Don't give me no stinkin' excuses"

The Trades 3/5/04 The Apprentice-Episode 9: Life Imitating Art 3/5/04 "You Can Buy Manhattan For $24, But It’s Hard To Sell Art" 

Reality News Online 3/5/04 The Apprentice, Episode 9: Catty Games

WCNC 3/5/04 ...Headache gets alleviated on Apprentice

NBCMV 3/5/04 'The Apprentice' Rules Its Thursday Time Period In 18-49

USA Today 3/5/04 Trump makes firing people look easier than reality

Dayton Daily News 3/5/04 CSU grad 'fired' on 'Apprentice'

Globe and Mail 3/5/04 Episode Nine

The Low Standard 3/4/04 Apprentice: The Art of doing Business

Extra 3/4/04 'The Apprentice' Heats Up

Courier Press 3/4/04 NBC hoping Trump can take over after 'Friends' departs

Reuters 3/4/04 Donald Trump to Build Residential Hotel in Toronto

Chicago Sun-Times 3/4/04 Trump TV hopeful lands cigar gig with Da Coach

NBC4 3/4/04 Pizzuti Calls 'The Apprentice' Fun But Not Realistic

Reality News Online 3/4/04 “I Stick By My Decision”: An Interview with Ereka Vetrini 

Reality News Online 3/4/04 The Apprentice: Weekly Performance Review, Episode 8 

Reality TV World 3/3/04 The Apprentice - Episode 8 summary

Reality Reel 3/3/04 "The Art Of The Deal"

Television Without Pity 3/3/04 Ice Escapades

Media Post 3/3/04 NBC Promotes Its 'Apprentice,'...

St Petersburg Times 3/3/04 The Donald is NBC's new best friend 3/2/04 Does This TV Program Paint a 'Real' Picture?

Zap2It 3/2/04 Zucker Hails 'Apprentice' As Sweeps Hero

Reality TV World 3/2/04 'The Apprentice' apartment rental staged for TV?

Reality TV Talk 3/1/04 The Apprentice - Ereka on Ice/Episode 8

Fans Of Reality TV 3/1/04 The Apprentice: Episode 8 recap: Nothing Personal

NMCMV 3/1/04 Episode 9 of 'The Apprentice' (3/4) Incorporates 'The Art Of The Deal....

Reality News Online 3/1/04 The Apprentice: Why Ereka Lost

Fast Company 3/1/04 The Trump School of Business

Star Telegram 2/29/04 TCU enjoys graduate's success on 'Apprentice'

Post Crescent 2/29/04 Learning from ‘The Apprentice’

Star Telegram 2/29/04 Tough Sell

Salt Lake Tribune 2/29/04 'Apprentice' glamorizes bad business

NoPointNecessary 2/28/04 The Apprentice Ep 8 Recap "Don't be a beggar"

Reality TV World 2/28/04 The Apprentice - Episode 7 summary

Hollywood Reporter 2/28/04 'Apprentice' strong on Thursday; CBS tops in viewers

USA Today 2/27/04 Star is born on 'Apprentice,' and it's not a contestant 2/27/04 “Trump Ice – Straight From Trump Tower Faucets” - Ep. 8

USA Today 2/27/04 Should Trump protect his rep?

The Trades 2/27/04-The Apprentice-Episode 8: Trump's "Passion"

NoPointNecessary 2/27/04 The Apprentice Ep 7 Recap "Don't Lose Your Cool"

Reality News Online 2/27/04 The Apprentice, Episode 8: Water World

Globe and Mail 2/27/04 The price of water

Post Standard 2/26/04 'The Apprentice' analyzed

Daily Nebraskan 2/26/04 'Apprentice' casting-calls coming to Nebraska

Arizona Republic 2/26/04 Reaction to brassy 'Apprentice' contestant bares racial unease

CSM 2/26/04 Are you experienced?

News-Graphic 2/26/04 Potillo all ‘fired’ up about audition

Television Without Pity 2/25/04 Real Real Estate, Trump Style

Reality News Online 2/25/04 An Interview with Jessie Connors of ‘The Apprentice’

Press Release 2/24/04 Casting Call – The Apprentice 2

Reality News Online 2/24/04 The Apprentice: Weekly Performance Review, Episode 7

Ananova 2/23/04 Billionaire proves he doesn't wear a wig

Slate 2/23/04 Trumpeting Trump

MSNBC 2/23/04 The World According to Trump

Hollywood Reporter 2/23/04 NBC's 'Apprentice' battles CBS' 'CSI'

Fans of Reality TV 2/23/04 Episode 7: I'll Show You Mine If You Show me Yours

Reality News Online 2/23/04 The Apprentice: Why Tammy Lost

Reality TV World 2/22/04 Seventh 'Apprentice' episode draws nearly 20 million viewers

Star Tribune 2/21/04 The only challenges on Trump's 'Apprentice' are ethical

Arizona Republic 2/21/04 Only challenges on 'Apprentice' are ethical

Hollywood Reporter 2/21/04 NBC's 'Apprentice' battles CBS' 'CSI'

Washington Post 2/21/04 Landon's Trump Card

Staten Island Advance 2/20/04 A small dose of reality goes a long way

Dayton Daily News 2/20/04 'Apprentice' contestant puts on CSU game face

Springfield News Sun 2/20/04 ‘Apprentice’ contestant visits Springfield friend

NBCMV 2/20/04 NBC's Red-Hot 'Apprentice' Matches Its Best-Yet 18-49 Rating 2/20/04 “Apartment Renovations and Duping Accusations” - Episode 7

The Trades 2/20/04 The Apprentice - Episode 7: Real Real Estate, Trump Style - Duping the Don

AZ Central 2/20/04 Trump: 'Terrible mistake' for competitors to single out Henry again

Reality News Online 2/20/04 The Apprentice, Episode 7: Duped!

USA Today 2/20/04 Contestant Amy Henry shines above the others

SMH 2/20/04 Trump searches for his hair apparent

Henry Herald 2/20/04 Local woman feels she has the right stuff to be ‘The Apprentice'

USA Today 2/20/04 'Today' Show hosting 'Intern' competition

The Low Standard 2/19/04 Apprentice: Movin on Up...To the West Side

Extra 2/19/04 Trump Flying High

KTVB 2/19/04 Local man still vying for Trump job

News Tribune 2/19/04 Real business gets Trumped

Beacon Journal 2/19/04 Being dumped by Trump not the death of bright career

NoPointNecessary 2/18/04 The Apprentice Ep 6 Recap "The Art of Negotiation"

Orlando Sentinel 2/18/04 `Apprentice' offers up bunch of bull

Television Without Pity 2/18/04 Tit for Tat

The Gazette 2/17/04 Survival of the egotist

Fox News 2/17/04 Trump Center Stage, a Bear in the Wings?

Reality News Online 2/17/04 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 6 – A Chance to Shine

Bergen Record 2/16/04 Some say Trump's show doesn't reflect real life

National Enquirer 2/16/04 Hey Donald, You’re Fired!

NY Times 2/16/04 Rare Programming No-No: Burnett Show vs. Burnett Show

Reality News Online 2/16/04 The Apprentice: Why Jessie Lost

NY Daily News 2/16/04 A Penthouse Pet peeve

Rocky Mountain News 2/16/04 Saunders: Jesus, Trump bring in viewers

Washington Post 2/15/04 Playing With Fired

Reality Reel 2/15/04 Episode 6 - A Rude Awakening

Washington Post 2/15/04 Rating TV's 'Apprentice'

Fans of Reality TV 2/13/04 Episode 6: The Worst Compliment...Ever!

Reality TV World 2/13/04 Supersized 'Apprentice' episode performs well,.....

The Trades 2/13/04 The Apprentice-Episode 6-Tit for Tat (or Something Like that)

Reality News Online 2/13/04 The Apprentice, Episode 6: For a Good Cause

USA Today 2/13/04 Charity challenge raises issue of philanthropy

The Economist 2/12/04 In praise of the Donald

The Olympian 2/12/04 Trump's ace producer

Fans of Reality TV 2/12/04 Lying and Pigeons and Snakes, Oh My! (2/5 Episode)

Daily Press 2/12/04 Teamwork: Reality TV puts teamwork in a fishbowl

Television Without Pity 2/11/04 Trading Places

BBC 2/10/04 TV helps Trump win more fame and fortune

Chicago Tribune 2/10/04 Really getting fired by Trump is not like `The Apprentice'

In These Times 2/10/04 Gilding the Donald

NBCMV 2/9/04 Next Apprentice to Feature Celebrity Guests and Aids Benefit Auction

Reality News Online 2/9/04 Weekly Performance Review, Ep5 – A Reshuffled Deck Deals a Bad Hand

The New Yorker 2/9/04 For the young hopefuls on “The Apprentice,” Trump towers

Financial Times 2/9/04 Sunshine on Trump apprenticeship

Morning Call 2/8/04 Women in 'The Apprentice' surprise by using sex appeal

Reality Reel 2/7/04 Jessie’s Girl

NY Daily News 2/7/04 'CSI' towers over Trump

Slate 2/6/04 Breast for Success

NBCMV 2/6/04 'The Apprentice' Impresses Again

Digital Spy 2/6/04 Trump's 'Apprentice' gets second season

State Press 2/6/04 Sex Trumps on 'Apprentice'

Extra 2/6/04 Donald Trump

The Trades 2/6/04 The Apprentice-Episode 5: A Few Good Women

NoPointNecessary 2/6/04 The Apprentice Episode 5 Recap "Let's Do the Shuffle"

Reality Reel 2/6/04 Apprentice Ratings Impress Again

Reality News Online 2/6/04 The Apprentice, Episode 5: Flea Circus

Hollywood Reporter 2/6/04 NBC prepares sophomore 'Apprentice'

Zap2It 2/6/04 'The Apprentice,' The Donald Will Return to NBC

TVRules 2/6/04 Trump Returns For A Second Apprentice

Reality TV World 2/6/04 NBC renews 'The Apprentice' for a 2nd season, accepting applications

Reality Reel 2/6/04 'The Apprentice' Will Be Back For Another Season

USA Today 2/5/04 First woman gets the ax; should Trump be next?

TV Week 2/5/04 NBC Renews 'Apprentice'

Courier Press 2/5/04 'Apprentice' engaging, but it has slight odor of hypocrisy

Miami Herald 2/5/04 Personnel pros say firing on 'The Apprentice' not realistic

Chicago Tribune 2/5/04 Sex sells in office

Coming Soon 2/5/04 The Apprentice 2 Gets the Green Light

KVBC 2/5/04 Donald Trump Has Plans for Vegas

Star Telegram 2/5/04 Outspoken tycoon wannabe stirs things up on 'Apprentice'

Beacon Journal 2/5/04 `Survivor,' `Apprentice' duke it out

Chicago Tribune 2/4/04 Trump has business schools taking note

Orlando Sentinel 2/4/04 Learning by watching

Reality TV World 2/4/04 The Apprentice - Episode 4 summary

Reality News Online 2/4/04 An Interview with Bowie Hogg of “The Apprentice”

Newsday 2/4/04 Dumped by Donald

Newsday 2/4/04 The Donald can exploit female sexuality, but his 'Apprentices' cannot

Reality TV World 2/3/04 Airing versus 'CSI' repeat, NBC's 'The Apprentice' wins Adults 18-49

Television Without Pity 2/3/04 Ethics, Schmethics

Toronto Star 2/3/04 Men at their weakest

The Battalion 2/3/04 Trump it Ags!

Newsday 2/3/04 Dumped by Donald

NBCMV 2/3/04 'The Apprentice' Fires Up Thursday Night To Lead NBC's Strong Week

Reality Reel 2/2/04 "The Apprentice" Dominates Its Time Slot

Reality Reel 2/2/04 Donald Trump Reshuffles The Two Teams

Reality Reel 2/2/04 The Men Loose Yet Again

NBCMV 2/2/04 Donald Trump Reshuffles the 2 Teams... on February 5

Wichita Eagle 2/2/04 Contestants learn the biz on 'The Apprentice'

Hartford Courant 2/2/04 Watching `The Apprentice'? See Whose Errors Hurt The Team

Reality News Online 2/2/04 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 4 – When Winning Means Losing

Newsday 2/2/04 A Victory Cigar? He's Smokin' Now

Reality Reel 2/1/04 He’s Got Game

Fans Of Reality TV 1/31/04 The Apprentice: Losers, Schmoozers

Independent 1/31/04 Trump's self-publicity machine strikes it rich seam

NY Daily News 1/31/04 NBC eying Trump card

NoPointNecessary 1/30/04 The Apprentice Ep 4 (Jan 29) Recap "Booze and Broads"

Extra 1/30/04 'The Apprentice'

NBCMV 1/30/04 'The Apprentice' Makes an Appointment, Dominating its Time Period..

Reality News Online 1/30/04 The Apprentice: Sex Sells, But Will It Win the Game?

The Trades 1/30/04 The Apprentice-Episode 4

Star Telegram 1/30/04 Hometown guy gets the boot on Trump TV show

USA Today 1/30/04 Women win again, but Trump tires of their tactics

Hollywood Reporter 1/30/04 'The Apprentice' perked up in its return to Thurs. lineup

Reality News Online 1/30/04 The Apprentice, Episode 4: The Bar is Lowered

Free Lance Star 1/30/04 Area stylists weigh in on how to tame Donald Trump's outrageous hair

Reality Reel 1/29/04 "Apprentice" Invasion Of Planet Hollywood

Reality TV World 1/29/04 NBC to air "supersized" 'Apprentice' episodes against 'Survivor'....

Extra 1/29/04 'The Apprentice'

Online Casino News 1/29/04 Betting on the right candidate

USA Today 1/29/04 Donald Trump coming out with a new book

Palm Beach Post 1/29/04 'Hit the elevator. You're fired'

CSM 1/29/04 Trump 'The Apprentice' - with social value

Contra Costa Times 1/29/04 Trump's 'Apprentice' has business lessons to teach

Palm Beach Post 1/29/04 Donald Trump's business tips 1/29/04 'The Apprentice' is giving guys a good name

Boston Globe 1/29/04 When race enters boardroom, 'Apprentice' really heats up
Globe and Mail 1/29/04 The smart money is on Trump's women

Star Ledger 1/29/04 Give 'Apprentice' a shot

NBCMV 1/28/04 'The Apprentice' Takes Over Planet Hollywood in Times Square…

Deseret News 1/28/04 Trump attacks CBS chief

York Daily Record 1/28/04 Does reality show trump real-life business?

Television Without Pity 1/28/04 Respect

Mobile Register 1/28/04 Trump is beaten back by 'Idol'

Reality News Online 1/27/04 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 3: What Are the Odds?

The Hilltop 1/27/04 "The Apprentice" Draws Acclaim on Prime Time TV

Reality TV World 1/26/04 The Apprentice - Episode 3 summary

Reality News Online 1/26/04 An Interview with Sam Solovey of ‘The Apprentice’

Press of Atlantic City 1/25/04 Taj Trump’s choice for final ‘Apprentice’

NY Times 1/25/04 Due Diligence on the Donald

Newsday 1/25/04 'The Apprentice' and the Real World

Chicago Tribune 1/25/04 Q eye for the rich guy

Reality Reel 1/24/04 Sam, Your Fired!

Casino City Times 1/23/04 Offers Odds on "The Apprentice"

Denver Business Journal 1/23/04 Odds don't favor Qwest employee

Media Life 1/23/04 Oops! NBC shifts Trump to Thursdays

Zap2It 1/23/04 'Idol' Sends NBC, 'Apprentice' Scrambling

Media Guardian 1/23/04 Cowell roughs up Trump's Apprentice in US ratings

Washington Post 1/23/04 Sam, Outside the Box and Off the Show

The Trades 1/23/04 The Apprentice - Episode 3 - Respect

NY Daily News 1/23/04 Rejectee's sweetheart contract

NY Daily News 1/23/04 'Idol' Trumps Donald

NoPointNecessary 1/22/04 Episode 3 Recap "The Art of Negotiation"

Reality TV World 1/22/04 After getting trumped by 'Idol,'  'Apprentice' gets moved back to Thursdays

TV Week 1/22/04 'Apprentice' Gets Thursday Berth

Fans Of Reality TV 1/22/04 The Apprentice: 1/21 Episode: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Reality TV World 01/22/04 Third 'Apprentice' episode gets crushed in matchup with 'American Idol'

Reality Reel 1/22/04 Apprentice: Episode 3 - The Quarterback is Toast

USA Today 1/22/04 Sorry, Donald: 'American Idol' crushes 'The Apprentice'

NBCMV 1/22/04 'The Apprentice' Scores NBC's Wednesday Highest Series Ratings in Almost 3 Yrs

Globe and Mail 1/22/04 Trump towers in ratings game. Go figure

Reality News Online 1/22/04 The Apprentice, Episode 3: Put Up or Shut Up

Media Life 1/22/04 Comely 'Apprentice' shows it's got legs

Daily Southtown 1/22/04 'Apprentice' hangs on

USA Today 1/22/04 Women, despite arguments, win 3rd week in a row

NY Daily News 1/22/04 Now hair's an idea Donald

Extra 1/21/04 'The Apprentice'

Palm Beach Daily News 1/21/04 ‘Apprentice’ ratings 'red-hot'; third episode to air tonight

Forbes 1/21/04 NewBiz: Perception trumps reality on reality TV

NBCMV 1/21/04 'Friends' and 'The Apprentice' Hit New Highs, Powering NBC's Week

USA Today 1/21/04 Fire the signature comb-over, stylists say

USA Today 1/21/04 'Apprentice' challenges 'Idol' Wednesday at 8

Reality News Online 1/21/04 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 2 – Asleep at the Wheel

Deseret News 1/20/04 Talented Burnett has a chink in his armor — telling lies

Hollywood Reporter 1/20/04 When fact challenged meets tact challenged

Television Without Pity 1/20/04 Sex, Lies, and Attitude

Reality Reel 1/20/04 Women Win Again

Reality Reel 1/20/04 Down by One

Reality Reel 1/20/04 Episode 2: The Advertising World

NBCMV 1/20/04 With Sam as Project Manager, Will the Men Finally Defeat the Women ...? 

The Trades 1/20/04 My Interview with "The Apprentice" Cast-Off Extraordinaire: David Gould

Reality TV World 1/20/04 The Apprentice - Episode 2 summary

Reality News Online 1/20/04 An Interview with Jason Curis of ‘The Apprentice’

Capital Times 1/20/04 Trump freshens reality genre

Plain Dealer 1/20/04 Luckily, he's the boss

Orlando Sentinel 1/20/04 Hair apparent? Trump is critical of competition

News Journal 1/20/04 It's best to talk to the client first

NBC13 1/19/04 Jet Company To Air Ad Created By 'Apprentice' Contestants

Rocky Mountain News 1/19/04 TV, Trump equal fireworks

Star Telegram 1/18/04 When it comes to ego, it's hard to trump the Donald

Zap2It 1/18/04 Moonves: Trump Just Has Hair Envy

Reality TV World 1/17/04 The Apprentice - Episode 1 summary

Globe and Mail 1/17/04 Return of the short-fingered vulgarian

Reality TV World 1/17/04 Second 'The Apprentice' episode sets reality ratings records,...

Mercury News 1/17/04 It's called `The Apprentice,' but the boss is the star

Fans of Reality TV 1/16/03 Episode 2: The Power of Pointy Things

NoPointNecessary 1/16/04 The Apprentice Episode 2 "Always Deal With The Boss"

NoPointNecessary 1/16/04 The Apprentice Episode 1 "A Simple Summary"
Reality TV World 1/16/04 NBC to repeat 'The Apprentice' episodes on CNBC cable network

The Trades 1/16/04 The Apprentice - Episode 2 - Sex, Lies and Altitude

Reality News Online 1/16/04 The Apprentice, Episode 2: Steak vs. Sizzle

NBCMV 1/16/04 'Apprentice' Trumps The Competition

Boston Globe 1/16/04 A real winner of 'Apprentice'

NY Times 1/16/04 Ad From 'Apprentice' Will Get Real Use

Chicago Sun-Times 1/16/04 'Apprentice' hopeful takes it all in

NY Daily News 1/16/04 Art of the (real) deal

CSM 1/16/04 Wanna make it big? Forget hard work. Wow The Donald

National Post 1/15/04 The Apprentice

WNBC 1/15/04 NYC Native First To Get 'Fired'

Las Vegas Mercury 1/15/04 Idiot Box Savant: 'I'm rich! Bow to me!'

The Province 1/15/04 Trump, TV star, goes off on CBS boss and talks hair

TV Barn 1/15/04 It figures! CNBC to re-air "The Apprentice"

Salon 1/14/04 Meet the Donald

Milwaukee Journal 1/14/04 Trump pulls no punches off-screen

Extra 1/14/04 Donald Trump

Zap2It 1/14/04 Trump: CBS Chief Couldn't Handle 'Apprentice'

TV Barn 1/14/04 On NBC, greed trumps all

USA Today 1/14/04 Toupée or not toupée: Is there really any question?

Washington Post 1/14/04 NBC's 'Apprentice' Proves a Quick Learner

Psychology Today 1/13/04 Big Egos in Business

NBCMV 1/13/04 NBC Scores the Highest New Series Debut Ratings in More Than A Year

WXXA 1/13/04 Trump's $5 Million Reality TV Fine

Reality Reel 1/13/03 High Debut Ratings For 'The Apprentice'

Reality TV World 1/13/04 NBC moves second 'The Apprentice' episode to Thursday after 'Friends'

Reality News Online 1/13/03 The Apprentice: Weekly Performance Review – Initial Evaluation

NBCMV 1/12/04 'The Apprentice' Encounters the Madison Avenue Advertising Jungle....on 1/15

Toronto Star 1/12/04 The Donald trumps CSI with reality show debut

NY Times 1/12/04 2 Donalds and a World of Self-Confidence

The Eagle 1/12/04 Two Aggies work their way to the top

CNN 1/12/04 'Apprentice' producer talks shop

Fans Of Reality TV 1/12/04 When Life Hands You Lemons . . .

Television Without Pity 1/12/04 Meet the Billionaire

Reality News Online 1/12/04 ‘Apprentice’ Kristi’s ‘Swimming Naked’ Past Revealed

Reality Reel 1/11/04 Your Fired!

Reality Reel 1/11/04 Back To Basics

Reality Reel 1/11/04 What An Original Concept.

NY Daily News 1/10/04 Trump's first firing

Detroit News 1/10/04 Clinton Township man survives rift with 'The Donald'

Palm Beach Life 1/10/04 Mar-a-Lago party sweet on 'Apprentice'

Celebrity Justice 1/9/04 'The Apprentice'

NBCMV 1/9/04 The Apprentice Scores Highest 18-49 Rating for New Series Premiere in last Year

Zap2It 1/9/04 'Apprentice' Contestant Has Soft-Core Past

Reality TV World 1/9/04 'The Apprentice' contestant Kristi Frank has soft-core porno past

The Trades 1/9/04 The Real Thang The Apprentice - Lesson One

Reality News Online 1/9/04 The Apprentice, Episode 1: When Life Gives You Lemons…
Press of Atlantic City 1/9/04 Memo to Trump: Good job on ‘Apprentice’

Reality TV World 1/9/04 NBC to repeat 'The Apprentice' premiere on Saturday, January 10

Zap2It 1/9/04 'Apprentice' Assists NBC Thursday Win

USA Today 1/9/04 Women trump the men in first episode

Reality TV World 1/9/04 'The Apprentice' preview premieres big, draws over 18 million viewers

KTVB 1/8/04 Local man vies for "The Apprentice"

TVRules 1/8/04 Has The Don Been Trumped?

AJC 1/8/04 'The Donald' overwhelms all in 'Apprentice'

Washington Post 1/8/04 The Real Reality Show: An '80s Survivor

Sun Sentinel 1/8/04 Reality contestants compete to work for Donald Trump 1/8/04 The Apprentice is Survivor set in the corporate jungle

Boston Globe 1/8/04 With Donald Trump in charge, 'Apprentice' isn't business as usual

Contra Costa Times 1/8/04 'The Apprentice' is worth studying

Palm Beach Post 1/8/04 A cold dose of reality - Trump-style

Courier Journal 1/8/04 Trump is captain for NBC's new reality series

NY Times 1/8/04 Contestants, Meet the King of the Jungle 1/8/04 Will the networks ever learn? 'Apprentice' is another lemon

Washington Post 1/8/04 Who Wants to Work for A Millionaire?

USA Today 1/8/04 Kowtowing to Trump for fun and profit

Detroit News 1/8/04 Could silence be Trump card for reality TV contestant?

Baltimore Sun 1/8/04 'Apprentice' glorifies greed

NY Daily News 1/8/04 Trump series Must-CEO TV

Detroit Free Press 1/8/04 Donald Trump wanna-bes battle for shot at big-business glory

Seattle PI 1/8/04 What a deal: Top TV execs get a dose of reality

STL Today 1/7/04 NBC plays its reality series Trump card

Chicago Tribune 1/7/04 There's nothing rich about 'Apprentice'

Slate 1/7/04 Winner Trumps All

Reality TV World 1/7/04 It's "Marketing 101" in 'The Apprentice' premiere

Globe and Mail 1/7/04 If you can make it here . . .

Boston Globe 1/7/04 NBC plays its Trump card

TBO 1/7/04 NBC Holds Trump Card With Its New `The Apprentice' Reality Series

Chicago Sun-Times 1/7/04 Get the knack or get the sack from Trump

Star Ledger 1/7/04 NBC plays the Trump card

SF Chronicle 1/7/04 Perverse promise on 'Apprentice' 1/6/04 And you thought your boss was grumpy

Reality TV World 1/6/04 It's the men vs. the women on NBC's 'The Apprentice'

Portland Tribune 1/6/04 NBC Trumps reality genre 1/6/04 'The Apprentice' a 'Survivor' for the rich and conspicuous

Deseret News 1/6/04 Trump and Tammy Faye try their luck with reality TV 1/6/04 Survivor creator comes up Trumps

Ad Week 1/5/04 Chrysler Corners Car Mart on NBC Show

NBCMV 1/5/04 Chrysler Signs on as Exclusive Automotive Sponsor of NBC’s 'The Apprentice'

NBCMV 1/5/04 It Will Be The Men vs. The Women When NBC’s 'The Apprentice' Premieres Jan 8

Zap2It 1/5/04 Trump Seeks an 'Apprentice' to Share His Edifice Complex

Salt Lake Tribune 1/5/04 'Apprentice' has potential, but there are no likable contestants

Orlando Sentinel 1/4/04 Reality's trump card

Journal News 1/4/04 Crowning the next tycoon

Washington Post 1/4/03 Trump Welcomes Interns to the Jungle

Milwaukee Journal 1/3/04 New reality show plays a Trump card

Winston Salem Journal 1/2/04 The Reality Biz

CNN 1/1/04 Trump rules boardroom in NBC's 'The Apprentice'

Reality News Online 12/29/03 The Apprentice: New Business for Reality TV

Reality TV World 12/16/03 NBC unveils the sixteen contestants competing on 'The Apprentice'

NY Daily News 12/16/03 In Trump's game, speed wins

NBCMV 12/15/03 NBC Announces The 16 'Apprentice' Contestants

Extra TV 12/15/03 'The Apprentice'

Zap2It 12/15/03 'Apprentice' Contestants Trump Reality Peers

Deseret News 12/3/03 'Ed,' 'Miss Match' are both Trumped

TVRules 11/26/03 The Apprentice Premiere Date Set! 11/25/03 Reality series about Donald Trump debuts

NY Daily News 11/25/03 NBC hoping to Trump its rivals

Milwaukee Journal 11/24/03 Trump's 'Apprentice' just a sideline for him

Reality TV World 11/24/03 NBC's 'The Apprentice,' starring Donald Trump, to premiere January 8

Zap2It 11/24/03 'Apprentice' Trumps 'Ed' for NBC in January

NBCMV 11/24/03 'The Apprentice' Trumps NBC's Schedule with a Premiere 1/8 at 8:30PM ET

The Age 11/13/03 Surviving and thriving

Ad Week 10/24/03 Donny and The Donald Team Up for Episode of NBC's 'The Apprentice'

NY Times 10/19/03 'Survivor' Meets Millionaire, and a Show Is Born

Sun-Sentinel 9/30/03 Trump enters the world of reality TV with 'The Apprentice'

Reality TV World 9/16/03 Mark Burnett begins shooting NBC's 'The Apprentice' for February premiere 8/19/03 Assessing Donald Trump as Reality Show and Celebrity Brand

NY Daily News 7/16/03 Reality dreams

Slate 7/14/03 Project Greenmail 7/7/03 Audition In Dallas For NBC Reality Show

Business Journal 7/2/03 St. Louisans get chance to be Trump's 'apprentice' 7/1/03 The Apprentice

Miami Herald 6/28/03 Trumping the reality shows

Miami Herald 6/27/03 To be or not to be the Trump's chump

Reality TV World 6/26/03 'The Apprentice' holding casting call in Chicago on June 28th

Seattle PI 6/26/03 Local auditions for Donald Trump's TV apprentice

NBCMV 6/25/03 NBC's 'Apprentice' To Recruit In Chicago June 28

Reality TV World 6/17/03 NBC & Mark Burnett announce casting call schedule for 'The Apprentice'

NBCMV 6/16/03 NBC and Mark Burnett Embark on 15 City Recruiting Tour for ‘The Apprentice’

Denver Post 5/1/03 Wanna be an intern for the Donald?

The Boston Channel 5/1/03 Here Comes Business Survivor

NY Daily News 4/24/03 Trump tasks will be a dose of reality

Business Week 4/23/03 Here Comes Business Survivor

NBCMV 4/9/03 Nationwide Search for America's Next Business Mogul Begins..

Press of Atlantic City 4/8/03 This makes sense

NBCMV 4/1/03 NBC and Producer Mark Burnett Team Up for 'The Apprentice'

Zap2It 4/1/03 'Survivor' Guru Burnett Branches Out

Herald Tribune 4/1/03 New Reality Show to Feature Tycoon Trump


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