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News Articles about NBC Networks The Apprentice


Entertainment Weekly 5/20/05 Extreme Makeover 5/20/05 Commentary: 'The Apprentice' winner revealed during lightning round

Newsday 5/20/05 Trump Developing 'Apprentice' Musical

Reality TV World 5/20/05 Donald Trump chooses Kendra Todd as his next 'Apprentice'

Fans of Reality TV 5/20/05 Finale - Do or Do Not. There Is No Whine

The Trades 5/20/05 Apprentice 3: Season Finale: The Anti-Climax

Reality TV Calendar 5/20/05 Was Tana Fired or Not?

Reality Shack 5/20/05 You’re Hired! – Live From New York, It’s The Apprentice 3 Finale

Reality News Online 5/20/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Kendra Won

Reality TV World 5/20/05 Kendra Todd defeats Tana Goertz to become Donald Trump's third 'Apprentice'

Reality News Online 5/20/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Tana Lost

Reality News Online 5/20/05 The Apprentice 3 Finale: Live From New York

Reality TV Calendar 5/20/05 The Finale Photo Scoreboard and Rankings

Reality TV Calendar 5/20/05 Stroke of Genius or Huge Mistake? The Finale Recap 5/20/05 - Live from NY---It's all things Trump!

Salon 5/20/05 She's hired! We're tired

Newsday 5/20/05 Kendra becomes first female 'Apprentice'

Des Moines 5/20/05 Donald Trump ends Tana Goertz's quest for Apprenticeship

Palm Beach Post 5/20/05 Boynton woman wins 'The Apprentice'

Sun-Sentinel 5/20/05 To Kendra's co-workers, Apprentice win is no surprise

Virginian Pilot 5/20/05 Beach's Kendra trumps Tana on ''Apprentice''

Metro 5/20/05 Kendra hired as Apprentice

KWWL 5/20/05 Iowa "Apprentice" Finalist Fired 5/20/05 Tana didn't make it on payroll

MBNBC 5/20/05 Trump should have hired both women

Chicago Tribune 5/20/05 1st female `Apprentice' gets points for teamwork

Gainesville Sun 5/20/05 UF graduate 'hired' by the Donald 5/20/05 Boynton woman wins Apprentice job with Donald Trump

Post Gazette 5/20/05 'Apprentice' runner-up speaks on business, deals

Jam! 5/20/05 Trump hires first female 'Apprentice' 5/20/05 Kendra Todd's first female Apprentice

BBC 5/20/05 Donald Trump picks new Apprentice

Metro 5/20/05 Trump picks property pro as 1st woman 'Apprentice'

Zap2It 5/20/05 Kendra Stakes Out 'Apprentice' Real Estate 5/19/05 - Apprentice 3 Finale

Newsday 5/19/05 Kendra wins 'Apprentice'

Celebrity Spider 5/19/05 Donald Trump Admits to Hand Shaking Phobia

Des Moines Register 5/19/05 Will Tana hear 'You're hired'?

Sun-Sentinel 5/19/05 Boynton real estate agent on track to be first female Apprentice

Access Hollywood 5/19/05 Too Close To Call For Tonight's 'Apprentice' Finale

Palm Beach Post 5/19/05 Who will be the next Apprentice?

Arizona Republic 5/19/05 Kendra clicks as Tana's flag droops

Des Moines Register 5/19/05 How far will street smarts get you?

NY Daily News 5/19/05 WTC model lands 'Apprentice' role

USA Today 5/19/05 May the best woman win

Naples Daily News 5/19/05 New right-hand man on 'Apprentice' will be a woman

Celebrity Spider 5/18/05 Donald Trump to Hire First Female Apprentice

Des Moines Register 5/18/05 Handicapping Tana and Kendra on 'The Apprentice'

Salt Lake Tribune 5/18/05 Family, friends cheer for former Utahn on 'The Apprentice'

MSNBC 5/18/05 ‘Apprentice’ not a test of corporate skills

ABC News 5/18/05 Ex-'Apprentice' Candidates Differ on Hire

Jam! 5/18/05 Which woman will Donald Trump hire: Kendra Todd or Tana Goertz?

Reality News Online 5/18/05 Apprentice 3, Analysis of the Final Task: Into the Stretch

Television Without Pity 5/18/05 Into the Stretch

Reality TV World 5/18/05 The Apprentice 3 - Episode 16 summary

Newsday 5/18/05 "Apprentice" promotion payoffs

Celebrity Spider 5/17/05 Odds Are Kendra Todd Will Win The Apprentice 3

Reality TV World 5/17/05 NBC to air both Donald Trump and Martha Stewart 'Apprentice' editions this fall

USA Today 5/17/05 'Apprentice' video game hires Trump

Reality News Online 5/17/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 16 Extras: Her Way

Black Enterprise 5/17/05 Predictions for The Apprentice Finale

Kansas City Star 5/17/05 Watch 'Apprentice' to see gender differences in action

NY Daily News 5/17/05 Change rules 'Apprentice'

Journal News 5/17/05 'Apprentice' goes to work

Star Tribune 5/17/05 Trump sidekick goes by the book

Seattle PI 5/16/05 Apprentice 101: Street-smart Tana apparently never learned people skills

MSNBC 5/16/05 Trump to star in 'Apprentice' video game 5/16/05 Business "Lessons Learned" from Episode 17 of "The Apprentice"

Fast Company 5/16/05 What I Learned on The Apprentice

CNN 5/16/05 Tana, Morgan Stanley & 'The Apprentice'

Zap2It 5/16/05 Oddsmaker Makes Kendra 'Apprentice' Favorite

NY Times 5/16/05 NBC's Fall Roster Leans on Comedy and 'The Apprentice'

NY Daily News 5/16/05 Reality bites for Trump's chumps

Celebrity Spider 5/15/05 Second Apprentice Winner Kelly Perdew Works in Small Windowless Office

Des Moines Business Record 5/15/05 If Tana wins, she should ‘fire’ Trump

MSNBC 5/15/05 What's Second Prize?

Inside Pulse 5/15/05 Riding Coattails: Where Is The Love?

Fans of Reality TV 5/14/05 Won't Somebody Pay Me A Compliment?

Tribune-Review 5/14/05 Westmoreland native in 'Apprentice' finale 5/14/05 - Episode 3.16 - "Into The Stretch"

Courier Post 5/14/05 Kendra's prospects bright on `Apprentice'

Reality TV World 5/13/05 Original 'Apprentice' winner Bill Rancic to publish children's book

Metro 5/13/05 Tana drops the ball on Apprentice

Zap2It 5/13/05 'Apprentice' Winner Sells 'Lemonade Stand' to Kids 5/13/05 The Apprentice - Week 15

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 13th

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/05 What A Difference An Episode Makes

Reality TV World 5/13/05 Kendra Todd and Tana Goertz face off in 'The Apprentice 3's final task

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/05 Leadership Style and Respect: Episode 16 Recap

Reality Shack 5/13/05 ”The Final Two” – The Apprentice 3, Episode 16

Entertainment Weekly 5/13/05 The Star-Spangled Bummer

Palm Beach Post 5/13/05 Case closed! In the nick of time (second article)

Des Moines Register 5/13/05 Tana, Kendra duke it out on 'Apprentice' 5/13/05 'Apprentice' Finalists Wait To Hear 'You're Hired!' 5/12/05 - Final 2 Complete Their Tasks

Inside Pulse 5/12/05 Ask Chris Russo: My strong opinions of the final week

Celebrity Spider 5/12/05 Winner of Season One's The Apprentice, Bill Rancic Signs Deal to Write Book

KSL-TV 5/12/05 Family in Utah Cheering for 'Apprentice' Finalist

Newsday 5/12/05 Looks like Kendra will win

Calgary Sun 5/12/05 Trump’s office politics

Palm Beach Post 5/12/05 Boynton's 'Apprentice' finalist seeks sales, not celebrity

WJXX 5/12/05 Interview: Erin Elmore Discusses Tonight's Episode of The Apprentice

Reality TV World 5/11/05 The Apprentice 3 - Episode 15 summary

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 Final "Apprentice" Task Focuses on NYC2012

WAVY-TV 5/11/05 Contestant with Virginia Beach Roots Could be Next 'Apprentice'

Television Without Pity 5/11/05 The Games People Play

Reality News Online 5/11/05 The Apprentice 3 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 15: Negativity

Celebrity Spider 5/10/05 Tana & Kendra Begin Boardroom Battle Ending in a Cliffhanger

Seattle Times 5/10/05 Seattle "Apprentice" bedazzled by fame?

Des Moines Register 5/9/05 Apprentice Goertz, Gertz? Why 'o' had to go

Reality TV World 5/9/05 Former 'Apprentice' contestant Ereka Vetrini gets engaged

Seattle PI 5/9/05 Apprentice 101: Finalists face major personnel issues

Reality News Online 5/9/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 15 Extras: Another One Bites the Dust 5/9/05 Business lessons learned from episode 16 of "The Apprentice"

OCRegister 5/9/05 'Apprentice' invention could be worth hiring

Chicago Tribune 5/8/05 Fired `Apprentice' leaves it a 2-woman showdown

Inside Pulse 5/7/05 Riding Coattails: You Go, Girls!

Reality TV Calendar 5/7/05 Interviews, Final Tasks, And Drama: Episode 15 Recap 5/7/05  Episode 3.16 - The Games People Play

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/05 They're Gonna Make It After All

MSNBC 5/6/05 It’s the Hotheads vs. the Scatterbrains

The Trades 5/6/05 Apprentice 3: Episode 15: The Interview Round

Virginian Pilot 5/6/05 Beach native advances to finals of ''Apprentice''

Jam! 5/6/05 It's down to final 2 candidates on The Apprentice

WHO TV 5/6/05 Tana Stays Alive

Inside Pulse 5/6/05 Ask Chris Russo: My Strong Opinions of Week 15

Inside Pulse 5/6/05 Ask Nick Warnock: Season 3 - Episode 15 5/6/05 Tana advances to final challenge on 'The Apprentice' 5/6/05 - Craig on 'Today'

Reality Shack 5/6/05 Interview with Alex from “The Apprentice” Season 3

Reality TV World 5/6/05 Craig Williams gets fired as NBC's 'The Apprentice 3' selects its final two contestants 5/6/05 - Managing the unmanageable under a disco ball...

Reality Shack 5/6/05 The Scatterbrains v. The Three Stooges – The Apprentice 3, Episode 15

Reality News Online 5/6/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Craig Lost 5/6/05 The Apprentice - Week 15

Des Moines Register 5/6/05 See Tana at Rock Bottom Brewery

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 6th

Entertainment Weekly 5/6/05 The Donald's Rejects

Reality News Online 5/6/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 15: With Friends Like These

Zap2It 5/5/05 Girl Power Rules on 'Apprentice'

Reality TV World 5/5/05 'Apprentice 3' finalist Tana Goertz hopes to be first female winner 5/5/05 - Book Smarts vs Street Smarts Begins Again 5/5/05 Boynton player still alive in Apprentice

Arizona Republic 5/5/05 Tana's surprise offensive dooms Alex

Des Moines Register 5/5/05 Perfect mom, perfect wife ... perfect Apprentice?

Black Enterprise 5/5/05 Who's The Best? Kwame, Kevin or Craig

Annapolis Capital 5/5/05 Former 'Apprentice' contestant visits local MOMS Club

WHO TV 5/5/05 Tana Answers Your Questions

Digital Spy 5/5/05 One hour finale for NBC's 'Apprentice'

Inside Pulse 5/5/05 A Talk With Apprentice 3's Tara Dowdell Part II

Inside Pulse 5/5/05 A Talk With Apprentice 3's Tara Dowdell Part I

DesMoines Register 5/5/05 Perfect mom, perfect wife ... perfect Apprentice?

Reality News Online 5/5/05 The Apprentice 3 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 14: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Bedazzle 'Em

Television Without Pity 5/4/05 Bedazzled By A Beefy T

Reality News Online 5/4/05 The Apprentice 3, Analysis of a Win: Bedazzled by a Beefy T

Celebrity Spider 5/3/05 Final Three Candidates Are Subjected to Dreaded Interview Process

Crain's Detroit Business 5/3/05 Domino’s CEO to appear on 'The Apprentice'

Inside Pulse 5/3/05 Ask Nick Warnock: Season 3 - Episode 14 5/2/05 Episode 14: Down to four

Reality News Online 5/2/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 14 Extras: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bedazzled

WJXX 5/2/05 Erin Elmore from The Apprentice Joins Good Morning Jacksonville As Angela Spears Donates Kidney to Father 5/2/05 Business "Lessons Learned" from Episode 15 of "The Apprentice"

St Petersburg Times 5/2/05 On 'The Apprentice' one day, in stores the next

Fast Company 5/2/05 Fast Talk: What I Learned on The Apprentice

Seattle PI 5/2/05 Apprentice 101: Prosecutor Alex didn't prep for Judge Trump

Fans of Reality 4/30/05 Abra Bedazzler: The Stereotype Disappears

Courier Post 4/30/05 Losses, lie lead to Alex's firing

Reuters 4/30/05 'Survivor' Tops 'Apprentice' in Unscripted Battle

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 Hanes Taps NBC's The Apprentice Candidates to Design Great American T-Shirt

MSNBC 4/29/05 ‘Apprentice’ turns into a dogfight

Black Enterprise 4/29/05 The Apprentice: Season 3

Boston Globe 4/29/05 `The Apprentice' down to final three

Reality Shack 4/29/05 Interview with Stephanie from “The Apprentice” Season 3
The Trades 4/29/05 Apprentice 3: Episode 14: Hanes Her Way 4/29/05 - Episode 3.15 - "Bedazzled by a Beefy T"

Reality Shack 4/29/05 The BeDazzler – The Apprentice 3, Episode 14

Reality TV World 4/29/05 Alex Thomason becomes the fifteenth contestant eliminated from NBC's ‘The Apprentice 3’

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of April 29th

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/05 Top Guns In T-Shirts: Episode 14 Recap

Reality News Online 4/29/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Alex Lost 4/29/05 The Apprentice - Week 14

Entertainment Weekly 4/29/05 Case Dismissed

Reality News Online 4/29/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 14: Teed Off

Zap2It 4/28/05 Marketing Trumps Sales on 'Apprentice'

The Des Moines Register 4/28/05 Goertz hopes T-shirt design is a fit

Arizona Republic 4/28/05 Office-clutter task sweeps out Bren

Tribune-Review 4/28/05 'Burgh artist challenges 'The Apprentice'

OurSports Central 4/28/05 “The Apprentice” winner to visit BlueClaws 4/28/05 Local `Apprentice' doing the job

Anderson Exchange 4/28/05 Apprentice Returns to Anderson

Reality News Online 4/28/05 The Apprentice 3: A Look at the Final Four

Reality News Online 4/28/05 The Apprentice 3, Analysis of a Win: I Can't Believe It's Not Clutter

Courier-Post 4/27/05 Trump is down to four: Can't anybody play this game?

Beacon Journal 4/27/05 Apprentice 'a big, fat monster'

Television Without Pity 4/27/05 I Can't Believe It's Not Clutter

Dayton Daily News 4/27/05 Tardy Trump fires up crowd

Reality News Online 4/27/05 The Apprentice 3 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 13: Tabled

Celebrity Spider 4/26/05 Final Four Apprentice Candidate Design a Commemorative T-Shirt for Hanes

Inside Pulse 4/26/05 Ask Nick Warnock: Season 3 - Episode 13

Commercial Appeal 4/26/05 Bren takes his bows after Trump 'firing'

Dayton Daily News 4/26/05 Trump event ties up traffic

Business Wire 4/25/05 Trump, Burnett to be Deposed this Week for Lawsuit Alleging 'The Apprentice' Was Ripped Off 4/25/05 Business "Lessons Learned" from Episode 14 of "The Apprentice"

Seattle PI 4/25/05 Apprentice 101: Seattleite Alex among final 4, despite close call 4/25/05 Business "Lessons Learned" from Episode 14 of "The Apprentice"

Seattle PI 4/25/05 Apprentice 101: Seattleite Alex among final 4, despite close call

The Apprentice Blog 4/25/05 Episode 16 - Into the Stretch

Reality News Online 4/25/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 13 Extras: No Risk

Inside Pulse 4/24/05 Riding Coattails: Drive Them Staples Deep

Inside Pulse 4/23/05 Ask Chris Russo: My Strong Opinions of Week 13

Arizona Republic 4/23/05 Doors opening for fired 'Apprentice' contestant

Celebrity Spider 4/22/05 Winner of NBC's 'The Apprentice II' to be Honored with 'Outstanding Young Californian' Award

Pittsburgh Business Times 4/22/05 Local artist to make 'Apprentice' appearance

Reality TV Calendar 4/22/05 The Road To The Final Four - Episode 13 Recap

Black Enterprise 4/22/05 The Apprentice: Week 13

Reality TV Calendar 4/22/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 22nd

Reality News Online 4/22/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Bren Lost

Fans of Reality TV 4/22/05 How To Crash & Burn In Business Without Really Trying 4/22/05  Bren on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Entertainment Weekly 4/22/05 Supplies Losers 4/22/05  Bren on 'The Today Show'

Reality  Shack 4/22/05 "Cleaning Up Mess By Making More Mess” – The Apprentice 3, Episode 13

Reality TV World 4/22/05 Bren Olswanger becomes the thirteenth 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired 4/22/05 Hip To Be Square

Reality News Online 4/22/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 13: That Was Easy 4/22/05 Net Worth Down Another Man

Celebrity Spider 4/21/05 Staples "Desk Apprentice" Becomes a Reality

Sign on San Diego 4/21/05 Cruise ship skipped stop for 'Apprentice'

Zap2It 4/21/05 'Apprentice': For Adults Only

Courier Post 4/21/05 Trump shows softer side in firing of Chris

Boston Globe 4/21/05 Staples moves into The Donald's office

Reality News Online 4/21/05 The Apprentice 3, Analysis of a Win: A Lonely Drive

Reality TV Calendar 4/21/05 Coming Soon: Trump - The Movie!

Reality News Online 4/21/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Chris Lost

Entertainment Weekly 4/20/05 Missing the Boat

Television Without Pity 4/20/05 A Lonely Drive

Celebrity Spider 4/19/05 The Five Final Apprentice Candidates Invent New Office Product for Staples

First Coast News 4/19/05 Apprentice Stars Speak To The First Coast

Inside Pulse 4/19/05 Ask Nick: Season 3 - Episode 12

Reality News Online 4/19/05 Weekly Performance Review, Ep 12: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Working

Seattle PI 4/18/05 Apprentice 101: Net Worth gets lost in boring details 4/18/05 "The Apprentice" Comes to New Orleans Hillel

Reality TV World 4/18/05 The Apprentice 3 - Episode 12 summary

Reality News Online 4/18/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 12 Extras: Cry Me a River

Inside Pulse 4/17/05 Riding Coattails: Virgin Leaves Whorehouse 4/17/05 - Episode 3.12 - "A Lonely Drive"

Fans Of Reality TV 4/16/05 The Apprentice Recap 4/15: The Hot Sexiness of Twisted Metal 4/15/05 Episode 8: Girls, boys and a car

Seattle PI 4/15/05 Episode 12: Marketing by dummies 4/15/05 The Apprentice - Week 12

MSNBC 4/15/05 Which Apprentice will Trump them all?

Extra 4/15/05 'Angry Apprentice' Has No Regrets 4/15/05 - Chris on 'Today'

Reality Shack 4/15/05 Driving Miss (and Mr.) Lazy - The Apprentice 3, Episode 13

The Trades 4/15/05 Apprentice 3: Episode 12: Chris gets Out-Thunk

Reality TV World 4/15/05 Chris Shelton becomes the twelfth 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired

Inside Pulse 4/15/05 The Apprentice - Recap - Episode 12

Inside Pulse 4/15/05 Ask Chris: My Strong Opinions of Week 12

Reality TV Calendar 4/15/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of April 15th

Reality TV Calendar 4/15/05 You Can Never Ever Quit! Episode 12 Recap

WCNC 4/15/04 Commentary: 'Apprentice' hopeful leaves boardroom in tears 4/15/05 - 4.14.05: Kendra Does All The Work

Reality News Online 4/15/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 12: Driven 4/15/05 - 4/14: Someone on the Sweet Six gets a Slam-Dunk!

Entertainment Weekly 4/15/05 Car Crash

Zap2It 4/15/05 'Apprentice' Separates the Woman from the Boys

Chicago Tribune 4/15/05 Pontiac gets ride on `Apprentice'

Arizona Republic 4/14/05 Once again, Chris ducks knockout punch

UCLA Daily Bruin 4/14/05 ‘Apprentice’ visits alma mater

Bryan College Station Eagle 4/14/05 Aggie 'Apprentice' star gives tips on business

The Chronicle 4/14/05 Trump's Sidekick Gives Business Advice

Deseret News 4/14/05 'Survivor' is hot; 'Apprentice' not 4/14/05 It is all in how you dress

Sun Newspapers 4/14/05 Man leaves 'Apprentice' for life of leisure suits

Reality TV Calendar 4/14/05 Finale Details and Bill Rancic Re-Hired

Reality TV World 4/13/05 Trump says he'll 'be there' for 'Apprentice' contestant Chris Shelton

The Battalion 4/13/05 'Apprentice' star to speak about business creativity

Reality TV World 4/13/05 The Apprentice 3 - Episode 11 summary

Reality News Online 4/13/05 First 'Apprentice' Winner Bill Rancic Hears "You 're Hired" Again"

Reality News Online 4/13/05 'Apprentice 3' Finale Cut to an Hour, Viewers Breathe Sigh of Relief

Reality News Online 4/13/05 The Apprentice 3 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 11: American Idiots

Celebrity Spider 4/12/05 Apprentice Season Three Finale May 19th

Celebrity Spider 4/12/05 There's Crying in the Boardroom on This Weeks Apprentice

POAC 4/12/05 Former ‘Apprentice’ contestant goes after another job

Zap2It 4/12/05 'Apprentice' Rancic Stays with Trump; Season Finale Trimmed

Reality News Online 4/12/05 Apprentice 3 Chris' Temper Gets Him Arrested - Will It Get Him Fired Too?

TC Palm 4/12/05 Trump offers to 'be there' for exec candidate busted in Tampa

Celebrity Spider 4/11/05 Trump's Apprentice Boy Arrested at Florida Hotel

Cornell Daily Star 4/11/05 Street Smarts Vs. Book Smarts 4/11/05 Business "Lessons Learned" from Episode 12 of "The Apprentice"

Seattle PI 4/11/05 Apprentice 101: Seattleite Alex 'brought down' by teammates

Reality News Online 4/11/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 11 Extras: Poor Angie

Inside Pulse 4/11/05 Ask Chris Russo: My Strong Opinions of Week 11

Reality TV Calendar 4/11/05 Chris Goes Postal - Gets Arrested & Jailed

The Smoking Gun 4/11/05 "Apprentice" Finalist Arrested

Inside Pulse 4/11/05 'Apprentice' Contestant Arrested

Reality TV World 4/11/05 'Apprentice 3' contestant Chris Shelton arrested for disorderly conduct

Bay News 4/10/05 Reality show contestant under arrest 4/9/05 Angie on 'The Today Show'

Asbury Park Press 4/9/05 'Apprentice' Reject Surprised at Outcome

Celebrity Spider 4/8/05 Colgate-Palmolive Allegedly Copycats Apprentice Commercial 4/8/05 - Episode 3.11- Seam Stress

Seattle PI 4/8/05 Episode 11: Stitches and hitches

Fans of Reality TV 4/8/05 A Loser Among Bigger Losers

The Trades 4/8/05 Apprentice 10: Episode 11: Loaded on Air & Running on Empty

Reality TV Calendar 4/8/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 8th

Reality News Online 4/8/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Angie Lost

Reality TV World 4/8/05 Angie Harper becomes the eleventh 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired

Reality TV Calendar 4/8/05 'Failure Is Never An Option' Episode 11 Recap

Reality Shack 4/8/05 “Hang Out with Losers and Become a Loser” – The Apprentice 3, Episode 12 4/8/05 The Apprentice - Week 11

Babson College 4/8/05 "Apprentice" Finalist at Babson Competition

Metro 4/8/05 Cringing Chris evades axe

MSNBC 4/8/05 ‘Apprentice’ sponsors are the real losers

Reality News Online 4/8/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 11: Get Me to the Presentation On Time

Entertainment Weekly 4/8/05 Choking Hazards

Zap2It 4/7/05 Magna Pockets Another 'Apprentice' Win

Courier-Post 4/7/05 Magna's edge is a matter of marketing

Arizona Republic 4/7/05 Pizza task skewers Stephanie

The Heights 4/7/05 Bhakta's life after the show

Celebrity Spider 4/6/05 Time Runs Out as One Team Gets Clotheslined on The Apprentice

Reality TV World 4/6/05 The Apprentice 3 - Episode 10 summary

Television Without Pity 4/6/05 The Pie's The Limit

Reality News Online 4/6/05 The Apprentice 3 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 10: Meat Heads

Detroit News 4/6/05 Pizza outlets grab piece of Trump pie

Tribune-Review 4/5/05 American Eagle teams with 'Apprentice'

Chicago Sun-Times 4/5/05 Papa John's muscles in on 'Apprentice' pizza spot

The Apprentice Blog 4/5/05 Episode 11 - Functional Fashion

Reality News Online 4/5/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 10 Extras: Pork Princess

SheKnows 4/5/05 Episode 11: Pizza, pizza

Washington Square News 4/5/05 Skirball to play host to ‘Apprentice’ finale

Seattle PI 4/4/05 Apprentice 101: Trump has no room for the weak

Inside Pulse 4/4/05 Ask Nick Warnock: Season 3 - Episode 10 4/4/05 - Episode 3.10 - "The Pie's the Limit"

Post Gazette 4/3/05 Getting fired was a terrific career move

Inside Pulse 4/3/05 Riding Coattails: Mangia This!

Fans Of Reality TV 4/3/05 The Apprentice 03/31 – Hell Hath No Fury Like A Man Without His Chew

Arizona Republic 4/2/05 ASU grad's TV time 'valuable'

Reality TV Calendar 4/2/05 Pizza Wars! Latest News From The Front

The Trades 4/2/05 Apprentice 3: Episode 10: Manga Meatballs & Mad Spells

Milwaukee Journal 4/2/05 'Apprentice' Reject Sticks by Criticism

Celebrity Spider 4/1/05 Domino's Pizza Launches New Cheeseburger Pizza As Seen on 'The Apprentice'

KSL-TV 4/1/05 'Apprentice' Contenders Have Utah Ties

Reality Reel 4/1/05 'Apprentice' Task Takes Over the Aisles of The Home Depot

Black Enterprise 4/1/05 The Apprentice: Season 3

The Apprentice Blog 4/1/05 Stephanie fired for "Lack of Leadership" 4/1/05 - 3/31: Mensa Mangas with Meatballs...

Reality TV World 4/1/05 Stephanie Myers becomes the tenth ‘The Apprentice 3’ contestant to be fired

Reality Shack 4/1/05 “Can You Smell What The Donald is Cooking?” – The Apprentice 3, Episode 11

Reality News Online 4/1/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Stephanie Lost

Reality News Online 4/1/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 10: Pizza My Mind

Inside Pulse 4/1/05 Ask Chris Russo: My Strong Opinions of Week 10

Reality TV Calendar 4/1/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of April 1st

Reality TV Calendar 4/1/05 Know When To Fold: Episode 10 Recap 4/1/05 - 3.31.05: Who Doesn't Like Meatballs? 4/1/05 - Episode 3.9 - "Pandora's Box" 4/1/05 The Apprentice - Week 10

Entertainment Weekly 4/1/05 War and Pizza

MSNBC 4/1/05 Anger management

Detroit Free Press 4/1/05 The Donald serves up Domino's

Zap2It 4/1/05 Meathead Survives Meatball 'Apprentice'

Inside Pulse 4/1/05 The Apprentice - Recap - Episode 10 3/31/05 TV ad pokes fun at rival's appearance on NBC's "The Apprentice" 3/31/05 Iowan cools TV competition

Extra 3/31/05 Pam's Back, Bigger and Better than Ever

Reality News Online 3/31/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Erin Lost

Star Telegram 3/31/05 Domino's rolls out cheeseburger pizza with Donald Trump's blessing

Arizona Republic 3/31/05 Cheeky comment gets Erin canned

Ottawa Citizen 3/31/05 Ticking time bombs: Sure, Erin was cocky, but nutbars won't survive much longer

Provo Daily Herald 3/31/05 Trump should be fired for distorting view of college vs. 'street cred'

MSNBC 3/31/05 The Donald, wrong? Say it isn’t so

Reality News Online 3/30/05 The Apprentice 3, Corner Office/Mailroom, Episode 9: Torn Bettween Two Whiners

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TVRules 2/8/05 Trump Uncovers Another Boardroom First

Reuters 2/8/05 Paraplegic Claims Disability Bias by 'Apprentice'

NBCMV 2/8/05 Candidates Get "Fresh" With Dove & Trump Encounters Another Boardroom First (Feb 10)

Post-Dispatch 2/8/05 'The Apprentice' sued by local lawyer

Television Without Pity 2/8/05 Trouble Is Brewing

Toronto Star 2/8/05 Hopefuls aim to line up Apprentice jobs

Reality News Online 2/8/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 3 Extras: Two Male Losers 2/8/05 Michigan Based Rapper Kameil Madison Teams Up with Donald Trump and the Apprentice

Reality Reel 2/7/05 The Apprentice 3 Episode 3: Verna Walks, Danny Is Fired


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