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News Articles about NBC Networks The Apprentice


Reuters 10/15/04 'Apprentice' Star Donald Trump Gets 'Roasted'

Randall the Vandal 10/15/04 The Price Is Wrong. Very Wrong.

Slate 10/15/04 Branson vs. Trump

MSNBC 10/15/04 Trump's new book will awe, and bore

Newsday 10/15/04 Friars roast The Donald 10/15/04 Trump Does Seventh Avenue

Orwell Project 10/15/04 The Price of Fashion Sends John Packing- The Apprentice Recap Episode 6

The Trades 10/15/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 6: The Cat Walk

Reality TV World 10/15/04 John Willenborg lacks model behavior and becomes sixth victim on 'Apprentice 2'

Reality Shack 10/15/04 Call the Fashion Police - The Apprentice 2, Episode 6

WCNC 10/15/04 The Apprentice hands the girls a win with designing clothes

Reality TV Calendar 10/15/04 High Fashion Downfall

Richmond Times Dispatch 10/15/04 Maria Watch: The Apprentice

Edmonton Sun 10/15/04 John's flushed

MSNBC 10/15/04 Why can’t Apprentices ‘talk the talk’?

Zap2It 10/15/04 Guys Suffer a Fashion Don't on 'The Apprentice'

Reality News Online 10/15/2004 The Apprentice 2, Episode 6: Dressed for Success

Pittsburgh Morning Sun 10/15/04 Students learn from 'Apprentice'

Reality TV Calendar 10/14/04 Who Made You Boss?

Reality News Online 10/14/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 5 Saturday Boardroom Footage: Liar, Liar!

Reality TV World 10/14/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 5 summary

Reality News Online 10/14/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 5: Gross!

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/14/04 Design task sure-fire win for 'bung-gals'? 10/13/04 Episode 5 - "Lights! Camera! Transaction!"

NBCMV 10/13/04 Apprentice Candidates Encounter The Glamorous World Of Fashion

Television Without Pity 10/13/04 Lights! Camera! Transaction!

Contact Music 10/13/04 Ivana Gears Up For Battle With Donald

The Age 10/13/04 The Apprentice

Reality News Online 10/13/04 The Apprentice 2 QVC Challenge: The Right Way to Measure Success?

Chicago Tribune 10/12/04 A house fit for an Apprentice

Reality TV Calendar 10/12/04 What's with the Women of Apex?

USA Today 10/12/04 Colleges recruit 'Apprentice' star

Reality News Online 10/11/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Pamela Lost

NY Daily News 10/11/04 'Apprentice' firedbrand

MSNBC 10/11/04 Are ‘Apprentice’ tasks getting worse? 10/11/04 Thinking Like a Trump - Part 2 10/11/04 Business lessons learned from Episode 5 of "The Apprentice"

Reality News Online 10/11/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 5: It Works, But Apex Doesn't

Seattle PI 10/11/04 'Apprentice' 101: Pamela crosses leadership line

Capital News 9 10/11/04 The Apprentice

NY Daily News 10/11/04 'Apprentice' firedbrand

KTVB 10/11/04 Former `Apprentice' star may attend Boise State

MetroWest Daily News 10/10/04 You're fired - really!

SheKnows 10/9/04 Episode 5: It all comes down to the final buck

Milwaukee Journal 10/9/04 'Apprentice' Team Selling Wares on QVC

MSNBC 10/8/04 Reality TV ruined my life

The Trades 10/8/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 5: Rescue Me from QVC 10/8/04 Thinking Like a Trump

Reality TV World 10/8/04 Pamela Day gets forced to switch 'Apprentice 2' teams, becomes fifth candidate to be ousted

Reality TV Calendar 10/8/04 The Price Is Wrong: Episode 5 Recap

MSNBC 10/8/04 When good reality shows go bad

NBC13 10/8/04 'The Apprentice 2' Recap: 10/07/2004

PR Newswire 10/8/04 Winning Team of NBC's 'The Apprentice' Returns to QVC For 2nd Chance to Sell on the Network 10/8/04 Pamela on 'The Today Show'

Reality Shack 10/8/04 It's Not Even Going to Be Close - The Apprentice 2, Episode 5

WCNC 10/8/04 Small margin of error sends young apprentice packing

Reality News Online 10/8/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 5: The Price is Right

Zap2it 10/7/04 Apex Makes Itself at Home in the 'Apprentice' Boardroom

Cincinnati Post 10/7/04 'Apprentice' men outlasting women

Reality News Online 10/7/04 Last Comic Standing 3 - The Final Episode is Back On!

Reality TV World 10/7/04 NBC cancels 3rd edition of its Emmy-nominated 'Last Comic Standing' with only one episode to go

Lawrence Journal World 10/7/04 'Apprentice' advises taking high road to find success

Herald Leader 10/7/04 On 'You're fired' and 'You're Hired'

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/7/04 'Apprentice' men outlasting women

Richmond Times Dispatch 10/7/04 'Apprentice' ice cream . . . get it while it's cold

Crain's Chicago Business 10/7/04 Sun-Times moving out, clearing way for Trump

Reality News Online 10/7/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 4 Extended Footage: Keep It Simple, Stupid

Daily News Tribune 10/6/04 Apprentice speaks at Bentley 10/6/04 The Apprentice 2: Episode 5 Preview 10/7/04

Journal Now 10/6/04 Burned Out: Trump's firing method isn't reality, experts say

NBC 10/5/04 Apprentice Candidates to Travel to QVC to Sell New Products Live on Television 10/5/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 4

Reality News Online 10/5/04 Win a Copy of You're Hired, by Apprentice winner Bill Rancic

WQAD 10/5/04 Northern Illinois patterns class on TV show 'The Apprentice'

Reality News Online 10/5/04 He’s Hired, You’re Inspired: A Review of Apprentice Winner Bill Rancic’s Book

Reality TV World 10/4/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 4 summary

TV Rules 10/4/04 The Apprentice 9/29 Summary-Man, We Could Use A Restaurateur 10/4/04 Deconstructing the Trump-ster

Reality News Online 10/4/04 The Apprentice 2 Episode 4: Zagat's the Way it Crumbles, Cookie-Wise

Star Ledger 10/4/04 Reality bites twice

NY Lawyer 10/4/04 What's Up With That Associate on "The Apprentice?"

Reality TV World 10/4/04 'Apprentice 2' contestant Jennifer Crisafulli loses real-world job due to show remarks

Seattle PI 10/4/04 'Apprentice' 101: Take pointers from Apex on what not to do as part of team

Palm Beach Post 10/4/04 Kepcher's book one of three by 'Apprentice' principals

MSNBC 10/4/04 'Apprentice' leader on women in business

Television Without Pity 10/3/04 The Last Supper

Reality TV Calendar 10/3/04 Pamela Switches Sides - Next Episode Preview

Seattle PI 10/2/04 'Apprentice' reject loses her off-air job over on-air remarks

Post Standard 10/2/04 'Apprentice' star loses two 'jobs' in two days

Reality TV Calendar 10/1/04 She Just Didn't Get It: Episode 4 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 10/1/04 Apprentice 9/29: Girl, Interrupting

Entrepreneur 10/1/04 Ex-Apprentices find life after "The Donald" is all business

CNN 10/1/04 Fired 'Apprentice' aiming for Trump?

Vail Daily 10/1/04 Catty attitudes sink 'Apprentice' girls

Boston Globe 10/1/04 The sting of 'You're fired!'

Times Dispatch 10/1/04 Jennifer C. gets served by Trump

Wake Forest University 10/1/04 Bill Rancic postpones Oct. 13 lecture at WFU

Star Telegram 10/1/04 'Apprentice' survivor is choosing her battles

Times Union 10/1/04 Fired 'Apprentice' loses her real-life job

Zap2It 10/1/04 Fired Again: 'Apprentice' Contestant Loses Real Job

NY Daily News 10/1/04 'Apprentice' works (better) on Saturdays

NY Daily News 10/1/04 Trump ex-apprentice fired up

Contact Music 10/1/04 Betting Suspended on Trump's Apprentice

Buffalo News 10/1/04 Trump's pearls of wisdom run gamut of topics from marriage to revenge

St. Petersburg Times 9/30/04 Gambling site suspends betting on 'The Apprentice'

Times Dispatch 9/30/04 Maria Watch: The Apprentice

TV Barn 9/30/04 How to fail at “The Apprentice” without really trying

Miami Herald 9/30/04 Trump's fired 'Apprentice' back to reality

Reality TV Calendar 9/30/04 Mark Cuban or Donald Trump - Who's Your Money On?

The Trades 9/30/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 4: It's a No-Brainer! 9/30/04 Table for Trump

Big News Network 9/30/04 Donald Trump approves of Trump doll

Kansas City Star 9/30/04 Trump's Speaking Fee Raises Eyebrows 9/30/04 'The Apprentice 2' Recap: 09/29/04

NBCMV 9/30/04 Special Wednesday 'Apprentice' Scores Two-And-A-Half Year Time-Slot High

Reality News Online 9/30/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Jennifer C. Lost

WCNC 9/30/2004 The Apprentice understands what Survivor can't, change can be good

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/30/04 Team targets Andy as weak link

Albany Times Union 9/30/04 The Donald sends her packing

MSNBC 9/30/04 Too many I's in Team Apex

Capital News 9 9/30/04 "The Apprentice" loses local appeal

Washington Square News 9/30/04 Trump talks tough at NYU

Reality Shack 9/30/04 You Failed You Failed You Failed! - The Apprentice 2, Episode 4

Reality News Online 9/30/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 4: Eating Their Words

Reality News Online 9/30/04 Another Gambling Scandal? The Apprentice 2 Finalists May Be Revealed!

NY Daily News 9/30/04 The Donald has new doll on arm

Zap2It 9/30/04 Apex Hits Its Nadir On 'Apprentice'

Press of Atlantic City 9/30/04 Boardroom woes?

Reality TV World 9/29/04 Third 'Apprentice 2' episode retains ratings despite stiff competition

Press of Atlantic City 9/29/04 If Trump keeps it up, ‘Apprentice’ audience will be saying ‘I quit!’

Zap2It 9/29/04 Offshore Bookie Closes 'Appentice' Betting

Television Without Pity 9/29/04 Send In The Crowns

Reality TV World 9/29/04 Identities of 'Apprentice 2' finalists leaked via online betting?

The Republican 9/29/04 Fired 'apprentice' praises experience in 'trenches'

Post Gazette 9/29/04 TV Preview: 'Apprentice' adviser finds new crop of contestants more trying

Buffalo News 9/29/04 Trump fired up for visit to UB

Straits Times 9/29/04 Trump towers

Vail Daily 9/28/04 Characters you love to hate 9/28/04 'Apprentice' plug sends interest in new Crest product to all-time high

Contra Costa Times 9/28/04 Apprentice works hard as Trump understudy

WCNC 9/28/04 Bets may reveal final 'Apprentice' candidates

MSNBC 9/28/04 The Donald is in it for The Drama

NBCMV 9/28/04 Special Wednesday "Apprentice" Features The Return Of Bill To The Boardroom

Reality TV World 9/28/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 3 summary

Press of Atlantic City 9/28/04 ‘Apprentice’ promo hires, fires gamblers in A.C. ‘boardroom’

Reality News Online 9/28/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 3: That's Crazy Talk 9/27/04 - The Apprentice 2 - episode 3

NY Lawyer 9/27/04 Biglaw Associate Rolls On in "The Apprentice"

Seattle PI 9/27/04 'Apprentice' 101: Own up to your mistakes instead of scapegoating 9/27/04 Deconstructing the Trump-ster

Denver Post 9/27/04 People in the biz disagree on job "Apprentice" is doing

Star Telegram 9/27/04 'Apprentice' alumnus has new gig: author

Dallas Morning News 9/26/04 From 'Apprentice' to author

Charlotte Observer 9/26/04 Kwame Jackson hires on to speak for life insurance

Bradenton Herald 9/26/04 A few lessons learned from 'The Apprentice'

Times Dispatch 9/25/04 Breaking down 'The Apprentice'

Reality TV World 9/24/04 Stacie Jones Upchurch is "brushed" off as third boot from 'The Apprentice 2'

Fans Of Reality T.V. 9/24/04 What's The Definition Of Crazy?

Reality TV Calendar 9/24/04 I'm Not Crazy! Episode 3 Recap

Reality News Online 9/24/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Stacie Lost

CBS Marketwatch 9/24/04 Mark Cuban unplugged about Trump 9/24/04 Trump Brushes Up

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier 9/24/04 'Apprentice' runner-up a hit at UNI

WCNC 9/24/04 Magic eight ball has all the answers on 'The Apprentice' 9/24/04 - 9/23/04 The Apprentice: The Glamming Up of Trump

The Trades 9/24/04 The Apprentice 2: Episode 3: Cool Runnings and Frosty Receptions

Reality Shack 9/24/04 That Girl Ain't Right - The Apprentice 2, Episode 3

Reality News Online 9/24/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 3: The Brush-Off

Richmond Times Dispatch 9/24/04 The Apprentice: Maria Watch

Edmonton Journal 9/24/04 Stacie's shame

TV Barn 9/24/04 Minty fresh Stacie J gets squeezed

Cincinnati Post 9/24/04 P&G uses show as marketing tool

Washington Post 9/24/04 For the Sweet Smell of Success, Lauder Offers an Eau de Trump 9/24/04 'The Apprentice 2' Recap: 09/23/2004

Economic Times 9/24/04 Raj Bhakta battles for trump Apprentice slot

NY Daily News 9/24/04 1-liner, 'You're tired'

Zap2It 9/24/04 Stacie Gets the 'Apprentice' Brush-Off

CNW Telbec 9/23/04 The Apprentice's Nick Warnock teams up with London, Ontario's gdox!

CNN 9/23/04 Trump: The fragrance

Zap2It 9/23/04 Last Week's 'Apprentice' Boardroom Shocked Carolyn

The WBAL Channel 9/23/04 'Apprentice' Ice Cream Selling In Maryland Faster Than It Can Melt

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/23/04 'Apprentice 2' panelists agree Stacie J. won't last

Star Telegram 9/23/04 Taken to task

Arizona Republic 9/23/04 'Apprentice' dummy: Bradford's hopes melt like Red Velvet 9/23/04 'Apprentice's' Kepcher judges new season

St Petersburg Times 9/23/04 Getting the scoop on 'The Apprentice'

Las Vegas Mercury 9/23/04 Idiot Box Savant: 'Survivor' vs. 'The Apprentice'!

Stevens Point Journal 9/22/04 'Apprentice' winner will speak at UWSP

Star Tribune 9/22/04 Fired up: Donald Trump is the greatest show on Earth -- Just ask him 9/22/04 Kevin - The Apprentice 2

NBCMV 9/22/04 NY Mets Superstar Mike Piazza Guest Stars in Tomorrow Night's Episode of 'The Apprentice' 

Reality News Online 9/22/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 2: Mmmmmm... Donuts!

Big News Network 9/21/04 Donald Trump cries foul over Emmys

Reality TV World 9/21/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 2 summary

AJC 9/21/04 Trump Trounces 'Benefactor' in TV Ratings

Reality TV World 9/21/04 'Apprentice 2' rebounds with second episode, ranks as the week's top program in Adults 18-49 9/21/04 - The Apprentice 2 - episode 2

NBCMV 9/21/04 Candidates Create & Implement PR Campaign for New Flavor of Crest Toothpaste (9/23, 9:00-10:00PM ET)

The Emory Wheel 9/21/04 'Apprentice' winner visits business school, promotes book about reality show success

Reality News Online 9/21/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Bradford Lost

Wake Forest University News 9/20/04 Apprentice" winner discusses secrets of success at WFU

Seattle PI 9/20/04 'Apprentice' 101: Plenty of fumbles, few touchdowns

NY Lawyer 9/20/04 Lawyer Gets Fired on "The Apprentice," But Biglaw Associate Hangs On

Reality News Online 9/20/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 2 Bonus Footage: Bye, Bye Bradford

Reality Shack 9/20/04 Stupid is as Stupid Does - The Apprentice 2, Episode 2

Television Without Pity 9/20/04 Scoop Dreams 9/20/04 Deconstructing the Trump-ster

Daily Press 9/20/04 Welcome to My world

PR Newswire 9/20/04 Some Professional Suggestions for The Apprentice Candidates From Lee Hecht Harrison

Daily Press 9/19/04 Regent prof likes student's chances with The Donald

TV Barn 9/19/04 Watching “The Apprentice”

Daily Press 9/19/04 Last year's 'Apprentice' has a book, but he doesn't have much to say

The Tennessean 9/19/04 'Personally, I would have fired Ivana'

Reality Reel 9/18/04 " Amy Henry And The Uni-Ball Search for "America's Most Stylish" Contest "

Richmond Times Dispatch 9/18/04 Trump to player: 'You're stupid'

Charlotte Observer 9/18/04 Trump hits his stride in new `Apprentice'

Fans of Reality TV 9/18/04 Well That Was Stupid (9/16 recap)

The Trades 9/17/04 The Apprentice 2: Episode 2: 32 Flavors and then some...

Zap2It 9/17/04 Suit Claims Burnett Stole 'Apprentice' Idea

Reality TV Calendar 9/17/04 Boardroom Suicide: Ep 2 Recap

Reality TV Hall of Shame 9/17/04 Hall of Shame Moment: Apprentice 2 Bradford’s Bad Boardroom Bet

NBCMV 9/17/04 Sizzling Numbers for 'Apprentice,' 'Will & Grace' and 'Joey' Power #1 NBC on Thursday Night

Zap2It 9/17/04 'Apprentice 2' Lesson 2: Keep Your Mouth Shut

Deseret News 9/17/04 Trump vice president tells how to hear, 'You're hired'

Reality News Online 9/17/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 2: We All Scream for Ice Cream

Reality HQ 9/17/04 Apprentice 2 - Episode 2 Recap

Richmond Times Dispatch 9/17/04 Maria Watch 

MSNBC 9/17/04 Bradford's firing: Absolutely deserved

Calgary Sun 9/17/04 Business gets easier

Salt Lake Tribune 9/17/04 Trump aide delivers a pep talk

Business Wire 9/16/04 Lawsuit Filed by Mark Bethea Charges NBC-TV's Hit ``The Apprentice'' Was Ripped Off

US News & World Report 9/16/04 Trump's $250,000 bill 9/16/04 Suit claims NBC-TV's 'The Apprentice' was ripped off

KSL-TV 9/16/04 Carolyn from "The Apprentice" Visits SLC

The Republican 9/16/04 TV 'Apprentice' contestant has roots in Longmeadow

AJC 9/16/04 'Apprentice' hopeful a puzzle to employer

Sun News 9/16/04 New reality show challenges Trump

Arizona Republic 9/16/04 'Apprentice' update, courtesy the 8 Ball

Chicago Tribune 9/16/04 Donald Trump: The size of his ego is no act

Reality News Online 9/16/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Rob Lost

Boulder Daily Camera 9/15/04 'The Apprentice' vs. just cause 9/15/04 Star World to air NBC hit show 'The Apprentice'

Extra 9/15/04 Which Trump Will You Watch?

Contact Music 9/15/04 Trump Threatens Legal Action

Television Without Pity 9/15/04 Toying With Disaster

Seattle PI 9/15/04 'Apprentice' 101: Leadership lessons seen in a popular TV show

LA Times 9/15/04 Mattel Takes Car Idea, Leaves 'Apprentice' Team in the Dust

Boston Globe 9/15/04 'Apprentice' vet sizes up new season

MSNBC 9/14/04 Dressing down ‘The Apprentice’

NY Lawyer 9/14/04 Trump-Wannabe Lawyer Scores on "The Apprentice"

CNN 9/14/04 Mattel: 'Apprentice' toy car is hired

Orwell Project 9/14/04 "The Full Scoop" – Apprentice 2 Upcoming Show

North Carolina State Technician 9/14/04 Students apathetic about 'Apprentice'

NY Daily News 9/14/04 Trump bondholders balking

Reality News Online 9/14/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 1: Crustacean Frustration

Daily Herald 9/13/04 Fans line up to meet 'Apprentice'

Reality TV World 9/13/04 NFL tackles Trump for a loss as new 'Apprentice' debut draws lowest Thursday ratings ever

NBCMV 9/13/04 'Apprenti' chill out on Ep 2 when Trump's task has them creating & selling new flavor of gelato for Ciao Bella

Reality TV World 9/13/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 1 summary

The Oregonian 9/13/04 Of two narcissistic billionaires

NY Times 9/12/04 Trumpologies

Reality News Online 9/12/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 1 Extras: Toy Story 2 9/12/04 - The Apprentice 2 - episode 1

Detroit News 9/11/04 'The Apprentice' gets sleek new kitchen

Zap2It 9/10/04 'Joey' and 'The Apprentice' Have Good, Not Great, Starts

Vail Daily News 9/10/04 Charisma on Raj's side

Zap2It 9/10/04 'Apprentice' Toy Will Hit Stores

Fans of Reality TV 9/10/04 What's Up With The Guy With The Cane? (9/9 recap)

Reality News Online 9/10/04 What ‘Apprentice 2’ Applicants Should Have Learned

The Trades 9/10/04 The Apprentice 2: Episode 1

Reality TV Calendar 9/10/04 The Do Nothing Moron: Episode 1 Recap

Calgary Sun 9/10/04 Trump bored room

Richmond Times Dispatch 9/10/04 Maria Watch: The Apprentice

Chicago Tribune 9/10/04 Men get trounced 9/10/04 'The Apprentice 2' Recap: 09/09/04

Business Wire 9/10/04 The Winning Toy from ``The Apprentice'' Task Has Everything Boys Love!

NY Times 9/10/04 'The Apprentice' Is Learning About the Trump Style

WCNC 9/10/04 The Apprentice return anchored by Orville Redenbacher

Zap2It 9/10/04 'Apprentice' Lesson No. 1: Step Up or Step Off

PR Newswire 9/10/04 Tempur-Pedic Mattresses Star on the Apprentice 2

Reality Shack 9/10/04 It's Not Personal, It's Just Business - The Apprentice 2, Episode 1

Reality News Online 9/10/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 1: Toy Story 9/9/04 Trump, Burnett all fired up

Times Dispatch 9/9/04 Making a big impression

Extra 9/9/04 Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

USA Today 9/9/04 'Apprentice': Back to work with a crucial job

Milwaukee Journal 9/9/04 New crew's in awe of The Donald

Boston Herald 9/9/04 No more Mr. Nice Guy: Last season's winner turns the tables on new cast

Chicago Tribune 9/9/04 Bill Rancic: The art of his deal

Sun Sentinel 9/9/04 Kwame, Troy, Bill: Where are they now?

Houston Chronicle 9/9/04 Even 'Apprentice' losers are cashing in

Media Life 9/9/04 NBC's hire being, The Donald, returns

NY Daily News 9/9/04 Stakes hire for Donald's new crew

NY Newsday 9/9/04 Will 'Apprentice' trump the hype?

Daily Herald 9/9/04 NIU's 'Apprentice' class helps students trump competition

POAC 9/9/04 Donald’s back in business

NY Newsday 9/9/04 Review: "The Apprentice"

The Mercury 9/9/04 Hill alum to appear on Trump reality show

ZDNet 9/9/04 Yahoo hired to host 'Apprentice' Web site

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/9/04 Look for Crest marketers on 'The Apprentice'

Mercury News 9/9/04 NBC banks on Trump as top commodity

Boston Globe 9/9/04 Trump pumps up coif, ego, tension in 2d 'Apprentice'

Beacon Journal 9/9/04 Trump back for Round 2

Hartford Courant 9/9/04 Cuban, Branson Vs. Trump

NBCi5 9/9/04 N. Texan Competes To Be Next Apprentice

Boston Herald 9/9/05 Brushing aside critics, Trump reveals coif secret

AJC 9/8/04 Three with local ties try to become the next 'Apprentice'

Motley Fool 9/8/04 Apprentice to a Hoax

AJC 9/8/04 'Apprentice' trumps all again

Virginian-Pilot 9/8/04 Beach’s Maria Boren keeps us on the reality-show map

USA Today 9/8/04 'Apprentice': Back to work with a crucial job

Dallas Morning News 9/8/04 Prepare for a new round of 'You're fired!'

Cincinnati Post 9/8/04 The 'Donald' returns

San Francisco Chronicle 9/8/04 The reality of 'The Apprentice' is that it's been great for NBC

Post Gazette 9/8/04 Trump is primed for second round of 'The Apprentice'

Globe and Mail 9/8/04 Where Trump towers

The Low Standard 9/8/04 The Apprentice: Analyzing the new Apprentice (Part 2)

Turn to 10 9/8/04 'Apprentice Two' Episode Guide

Palm Beach Post 9/8/04 Boca man in Trump's new batch

Media Life 9/7/04 Question: Can the Donald do it again?

Emory Wheel 9/7/04 B-School alum to star in NBC's 'The Apprentice'

News Record 9/7/04 Getting trumped: Kotis loses bid for ' Apprentice'

TV Rules 9/7/04 The Apprentice 2: Episode 2 Preview 9/16/04

Post Dispatch 9/7/04 Forget their shows, why don't Trump and Cuban change their hair?

Milwaukee Journal 9/6/04 'Apprentice' set to fire away

Zap2It 9/6/04 Burnett, Trump Fire Up Second 'Apprentice'

Milwaukee Journal 9/6/04 'Apprentice' set to fire away

Pioneer Press 9/5/04 'Apprentice' brings clarity to workplace

Zap2It 9/5/04 'Apprentice 2' Trumps Show's First Season

Reality Reel 9/4/04 The 18 Candidates On Season Two Of NBC's "The Apprentice"

Reality Reel 9/4/04 NBC Universal And Best Buy Team Up For Apprentice Promotion

Cincinnati Post 9/3/04 'You're hired!'

Toronto Star 9/3/04 All business for Apprentice winner

Contact Music 9/3/04 Trump Planning NYC Wedding

Danbury News Times 9/2/04 Ridgefield woman works 'Trump' card

CBC News 9/2/04 TV chef puts Trump's 'Apprentices' to work

National Post 9/2/04 Winner of TV's The Apprentice writes book, will appear on season 2

TMCnet 9/2/04 STC Fall Conference to Feature "Apprentice" Keynote Speaker

AZ Central 9/2/04 'Apprentice' gets bigtime product placement

Contact Music 9/1/04 Trump's Bid to Copyright "Your Fired" Shot Down

Newsday 9/1/04 'Supersizing' Trump's show

Hollywood Reporter 9/1/04 'Apprentice' casting tough for some format buyers

The Low Standard 9/1/04 The Apprentice 2: The *truly* important facts you need to know about the new Apprentice (Part 1)

Denver Post 8/31/04 Vail keeps TV in touch with reality

Star Telegram 8/30/04 Former 'Apprentice' hopeful Hogg lands job close to home

NY Times 8/30/04 'Fired' Topped by 'Hired' at the Trademark Office

Times-Leader 8/30/04 'Apprentice' fans get more of same in '2,' 'Benefactor'

PR Newswire 8/30/04 Bowie Hogg From 'The Apprentice' Joins Management Team of National Care Network

Reality TV World 8/30/04 NBC reveals identities of 'The Apprentice 2's eighteen contestants 8/29/04 Three Wharton grads cast for 'Apprentice 2'

Chicago Sun-Times 8/29/04 U. of C. law student aims to become new 'Apprentice'

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/28/04 Former Cincinnati resident will be on Apprentice 2

Ventura County Star 8/28/04 Trump will keep closer tabs on show's contestants

Reality News Online 8/28/04 The Apprentice 2 Preview: Fired... Up!

NY Daily News 8/28/04 And the 'Apprentices' are...

Times Dispatch 8/27/04 Virginian trumps the field

Vail Daily News 8/27/04 Local enters the boardroom

MSNBC 8/27/04 Hoping to 'Apprentice'

Zap2It 8/27/04 Meet the New 'Apprentices'

Extra 8/27/04 Only the Best Boardroom Backstabbers

NBCMV 8/27/04 NBC Introduces the 18 New Candidates to Compete on Season 2 of 'The Apprentice' Premiering 9/9

Plain Dealer 8/27/04 Getting fired up over The Donald on first season of 'Apprentice'

Newsday 8/27/04 Second 'Apprentice' Cast Hired

NY Daily News 8/27/04 Will Trump be Dean of mean?

Zap2It 8/26/04 'Apprentice' Runner-Up Works Toward Moguldom

Extra 8/26/04 Ready for the Boardroom

Orlando Sentinel 8/26/04 'Apprentice' spawns avalanche of books

Reality News Online 8/26/04 ‘10 Secrets I Learned from The Apprentice’ Not a Big Revelation

NWI 8/26/04 Indiana candy maker keeps 'Apprentice' contestants in chocolate

WJLA 8/26/04 Kwame Jackson: Says He Doesn't Want To Be a Reality TV Star

Inside Indiana Business 8/25/04 Indiana Candy Company Strikes Gold on "The Apprentice"

Charlotte Observer 8/25/04 Credit card firm hires Rancic as spokesman

NBCMV 8/25/04 NBC Universal and Best Buy Team Up for Apprentice Promotion

Reality TV World 8/24/04 CNBC to repeat 'The Apprentice 2' episodes on Fridays and Tuesdays

Access Hollywood 8/24/04 'Apprentice' Loser Lands Billion-Dollar Deal

Zap2It 8/24/04 Chrysler Dumps 'The Apprentice'

Seattle PI 8/24/04 This Week's Hot Video: 'The Apprentice: The Complete First Season'

NY Daily News 8/24/04 'Apprentice' DVD pays off

Detroit News 8/23/04 DaimlerChrysler drops 'Apprentice' backing

Palatka Daily News 8/21/04 ‘The Apprentice': Bill Rancic delivers his success story to local audience

St. Augustine Record 8/21/04 'Apprentice' helps Putnam cause

Palm Beach Post 8/20/04 Wedding brings 'Apprentice' cast together

Beacon Journal 8/20/04 `You're hired,' extras are told

BBC 8/19/04 Donald Trump game set for shops

St. Augustine Record 8/19/04 Trump's 'apprentice' coming to Palatka

Washington Post 8/19/04 Donald Trump Unveils Board Game
Toronto Star 8/19/04 Trump, chairman of the board game

NY Daily News 8/19/04 This time, she Trumps her rivals

Concord Monitor 8/16/04 Kepcher of 'The Apprentice' advises dressing for the job you want

Lowell Sun 8/15/04 Trumped up

Press-Enterprise 8/14/04 Other shows capitalize on 'The Apprentice' success

Zap2It 8/14/04 'Apprentice' Winner Picks Up Extra Work

AJC 8/14/04 'Apprentice' Winner Gets Second Job

TMCnet 8/12/04 Advanta Signs Bill Rancic, Winner of 'The Apprentice,' as Corporate Spokesperson

Newsday 8/11/04 Ex-Apprentices tell Trump: Dump the casinos

NY Daily News 8/11/04 The Donald show – Bankruptcy!

NY Daily News 8/11/04 Trump change all that's left

PR Newswire 8/10/04 Kwame Jackson, Runner-up on NBC's 'Apprentice,' to Accept Entrepreneurship Award

AJC 8/10/04 Perhaps Trump should be fired

Deseret News 8/10/04 When billionaires battle, there's no one to root for

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/9/04 Hire hopes

NY Lawyer 8/9/04 Associate to Play on "The Apprentice" Next Season

NY Daily News 8/9/04 Do you wanna dress like The Donald?

Seattle Times 8/8/04 Hundreds hope to hear "You're hired!"

Cincinnati Post 8/7/04 Hundreds interview for 'Apprentice' slot

UTSA 8/6/04 UTSA students and alumni vie for 'Apprentice' shot

Reality TV World 8/5/04 Former 'Apprentice' Ereka Vetrini lands gig on Tony Danza's new upcoming daytime talk show

Zap2It 8/5/04 'Apprentice' Contender Goes From Trump to Danza

Cincinnati Post 8/5/04 Hundreds try to probably hear 'You're fired'

The Age 8/5/04 Hairdressed for success 8/4/04 Apprentice star's secret

New Zealand Herald 8/3/04 The Apprentice brings out the worst in corporate culture

IBD 8/2/04 Trump 'Apprentices' Line Up, But The Donald Not Among Them

Tribnet 8/2/04 Applicants fired up to appear on reality TV

CFRA 7/30/04 Omarosa to Run for Office?

Indian Television 7/30/04 'The Apprentice' launches in 6 weeks on Star World

Milwaukee Journal 7/30/04 Trump Searches Big Apple for 'Apprentice' 7/29/04 'The Apprentice' Contestant Says Tow Truck 'Gang' Beat Her

Charlotte Observer 7/29/04 `Apprentice' runner-up hopes to woo voters

News14 7/29/04 Reality T.V. star rallies NC delegates

Digital Spy 7/29/04 Trump 'after $18 million an episode'

Ananova 7/29/04 Trump 'wants $18m an episode'

NY Daily News 7/29/04 'Apprentice 2': 3-hour finale?

Arizona Republic 7/28/04 Scottsdale man puts squeeze on 'The Donald' for a spot on TV show

Minnesota Daily 7/28/04 U graduates interview for ‘The Apprentice’

Seattle PI 7/28/04 'Apprentice' auditions come to Seattle

Bay City Times 7/27/04 'The Apprentice' star signs on for Covenant fund-raising event

Deseret News 7/26/04 'Apprentice' learning ropes

The Trades 7/25/04 "10 Things I Learned From The Apprentice" Review

Time 7/25/04 They're Hired — As Authors

Star Tribune 7/24/04 The ultimate job interview: Auditions for 'The Apprentice'

San Antonio Express 7/24/04 Trying to get in with the Donald

NBC5 7/23/04 Open Casting Call For 'Apprentice 3'

Business Wire 7/22/04 Apprentice's Troy McClain `Hired' by Pinnacle Financial Corporation

USA Today 7/21/04 What is 'Apprentice' building?

Chicago Sun-Times 7/21/04 NBC ready to hire new Apprentices

Indy Star 7/21/04 Trump beats out Bird for last Indiana casino

Channel Cincinnati 7/19/04 Casting Call For 'The Apprentice'

Kansas City Star 7/19/04 Donald Trump Finishes 56th in Golf Tourney

Chicago Business 7/19/04 Local toymaker to debut diminutive Donald

Reality TV World 7/18/04 NBC's 'Apprentice 2' to premiere September 9, Bill Rancic to guest star... and more tips roll in

Honolulu Advertiser 7/18/04 'Apprentice' tryout draws all kinds

Salt Lake Tribune 7/17/04 'The Apprentice' recruiting in Utah

Deseret News 7/17/04 Utahns vie to get Trumped

Seattle PI 7/17/04 A moment with ... Donald Trump, billionaire/reality TV star

Kansas City Business Journal 7/16/04 Lenexa company tells 'Apprentice' contestant: 'You're hired!'

Sun Sentinel 7/15/04 Want to be the third Apprentice? Miami interviews to be held Friday

Ottawa Citizen 7/15/04 The Donald roars into action 7/15/04 Omarosa shops with cops

Salt Lake Tribune 7/14/04 'The Apprentice' holding casting call in Utah

Denver Post 7/14/04 Trump runner-up to speak in Denver

NY Daily News 7/14/04 Cuban playing Trump card

South Florida Business Journal 7/13/04 'The Apprentice' coming to Miami Beach

Teen Hollywood 7/13/04 Trump Tells Spears: 'get A Pre-nup'

Globe and Mail 7/13/04 Apprentice's sorcerer

News 9 7/12/04 Casting call for hit reality show coming to S.A.

Zap2It 7/12/04 Rancic Enters Boardroom for New 'Apprentice' 7/12/04 Trump's 3d 'Apprentice' will tap Wharton's expertise 7/12/04 Omarosa Causes A Stir

Chicago Sun-Times 7/12/04 Trump's 'eyes and ears'

The Oregonian 7/12/04 Donald Trump holds forth in the Gilded Palace of Sin 7/11/04 10 rules for success according to The Donald

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/11/04 'Apprentice' applies to Cincinnati

Zap2It 7/11/04 Trump Toys with 'Apprentice' Hopefuls

Journal News 7/10/04 Star of "The Apprentice" gives students business tips

LA Daily News 7/10/04 You're hired!

KFMB 7/10/04 L.A. Brain Surgeon Among Hopefuls For 'The Apprentice'

NBCMV 7/10/04 'The Apprentice: Season One' Comes to DVD....

Milwaukee Journal 7/10/04 Same old Trump, only more so

Extra 7/9/04 Trump in '04?

WGRZ-TV 7/9/04 Donald Trump Is Looking For The Next Apprentice

WJXX 7/9/04 Local Man Hoping to be "The Apprentice"

Dallas Morning News 7/9/04 Men Accused in Ex-'Apprentice' Star Brawl

WJXX 7/8/04 "The Apprentice" is Coming to Jacksonville

Reality TV World 7/6/04 NBC announces nationwide casting tour for 'The Apprentice 3'

Ad Age 7/5/04 Chrysler Declines to Sponsor Second Season of Apprentice

Zap2It 7/4/04 Trump Stumps For Third 'Apprentice' Cast

Reality Reel 7/3/04 'The Apprentice' Marathon To Begin July 6 At 8:00 PM ET

Reality Reel 7/3/04 Donald Trump Heads To Hollywood To Launch Recruiting Tour for Apprentice 2

Media Bulletin 7/2/04 After The Apprentice it is publishing with Trump World

News Journal 7/1/04 Former 'Apprentice' star says she and fiance were beaten

NBCMV 7/1/04 Donald Trump Heads to Hollywood to Launch Recruiting Tour for 'The Apprentice'

Stuff 7/1/04 Watching bad taste with the olds

Sun Sentinel 6/30/04 Apprentice TV star involved in scrap in North Miami Beach

Local 10 6/29/04 'The Apprentice' Contestant Says Tow Truck 'Gang' Beat Her

USA Today 6/29/04 It's Trump's 'World'; we're just living in it

NY Daily News 6/29/04 Trump fires up the presses

NY Times 6/28/04 Exporting Trump's 'Apprentice'

SMH 6/28/04 The Apprentice

Media Post 6/25/04 Trump: I Almost Wasn't Hired For 'The Apprentice'

Mercury News 6/21/04 Cuban to Trump: Hire me

Delaware Beachcomber 6/18/04 You're ... hired?

Press Release 6/17/04 Casting Call – The Apprentice 3

Palm Beach Post 6/16/04 'Apprentice' alum still wheels and deals

Journal News 6/15/04 'Apprentice' learns ropes in Westchester

Winnipeg Sun 6/14/04 Show changed my life, says Apprentice star

POAC 6/14/04 Tune in to Trump’s radio ‘chats’

Reality TV World 6/11/04 'Apprentice' winner Bill Rancic to write book about business success

ClickOnDetroit 6/10/04 'Apprentice' Star To Speak At Detroit Charity Event

Sun Sentinel 6/8/04 You're hired! Office Depot taps Trump as pitchman

Jam! 6/8/04 'Apprentice' winner Rancic writing book

Baltimore Business Journal 6/7/04 Donald Trump coming to WBAL

Chicago Tribune 6/6/04 Trump's tower control about to be total

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/6/04 Talking With Trump

Chicago Sun-Times 6/5/04 Rancic reaps benefits of his 'Apprentice'-ship

Reality TV World 6/4/04 'The Apprentice' nominated for "Program of the Year" by television critics

Louisville Business Journal 6/3/04 Women's conference to feature finalist from 'The Apprentice'

Access Hollywood 6/2/04 Trump: The Wedding Planner?

Reality TV World 6/1/04 'Apprentice' runner-up Kwame Jackson axed as 'Miss Universe' judge

Reality TV World 6/1/04 'Apprentice' Bill Rancic no longer dating Jen Schefft, now seeing Amy Henry

Zap2It 6/1/04 'Apprentice' Runner-Up Fired Again

NY Daily News 6/1/04 Kwame double whammy 5/31/04 Apprentice girls sell sex

Reality TV Calendar 5/29/04 Catching Up With The Apprentice Gang

Detroit News 5/28/04 'Apprentice' gave leadership lesson 5/27/04 In the realm of fashion, he's no apprentice

Palatka Daily News 5/27/04 Apprentice' star scheduled to come to Palatka

Chicago Tribune 5/27/04 Will Trump say: 'You're higher'?

Turn to 10 5/26/04 Omarosa Trades Reality TV For Soap Opera

Reality TV World 5/24/04 'Apprentice 2' continues NYC filming & challenge details continue to leak

Chicago Sun Times 5/24/04 Rancic's Little Village rehab preserves style, meets code

Sydney Morning Herald 5/24/04 The Apprentice

Entrepreneur 5/21/04 Donald and the Apprentice

NY Daily News 5/21/04 Crest stunt, down the tubes (middle of article)

Reality News Online 5/21/04 ‘Apprentice 2’ Challenge: Selling Crest, But Somebody Doesn’t Sparkle

The Smoking Gun 5/20/04 Trademark sought for "Apprentice" villain clothing line

Pittsburgh Pirates News 5/20/04 Stars from The Apprentice to spend a "Girls Night Out" at PNC Park

U.S. Newswire 5/19/04 'Apprentice' Star to Address Austin CPAs

Sports Illustrated 5/18/04 Talking 'Canes with Katrina

London Free Press 5/17/04 Being fired by Trump opens doors

Newsday 5/17/04 My pal Trump towers over TV land

Reality News Online 5/17/04 Apprentice 2 Contestants’ First Challenge: Yu Gi Oh Cards?

Munster Times 5/14/04 Fed chair, 'Apprentice' speak to students

Reality TV World 5/13/04 NBC's 'The Apprentice 2' begins filming in NYC... and spoilers begin leaking

The Mercury 5/13/04 Axed Apprentice is hot

Reality TV World 5/12/04 'Apprentice' Nick Warnock denies accepting Oakland Raiders position

Reality News Online 5/12/04 ‘Apprentice 2’ Begins Filming

Zap2It 5/11/04 'Apprentice' Warnock Says No to Raiders

SF Chronicle 5/11/04 Raiders haven't hired Apprentice's Warnock

Chicago Sun-Times 5/11/04 Rancic making all the rounds before starting on Trump Tower

New Zealand Herald 5/11/04 Trump's hair apparent

Lowell Sun 5/9/04 'The Apprentice' goes to Greater Lowell Tech

Fox News 5/8/04 'Apprentice' Nick Ditches Raider Nation

Arizona Republic 5/8/04 Kwame Jackson fans make Trump-like profits

Reality TV World 5/8/04 NFL's Oakland Raiders hire 'Apprentice' loser Nick Warnock

Zap2It 5/8/04 'Apprentice' Nick Gets a Job

NBC San Diego 5/7/04 Life After The Apprentice

Bergen Record 5/7/04 Raiders Hire 'Apprentice' Nick Warnock

The Triangle 5/7/04 Bressler gets down to business

USA Today 5/7/04 Friars Club to roast Donald Trump

The Trades 5/6/04 The Apprentice: Its Aftermath: Beth's Take on the Multiple Neuroses of Fame

The Age 5/6/04 The Apprentice

Milwaukee Journal 5/3/04 Trump, Fallon to Play in Golf Tournament

KBCI 5/2/04 Women's Show Offers Clothing, Make-up, Massage, and TV Star

NY Times 5/2/04 Work for Trump? First, Let's Hear What He's Offering

Hello 4/30/04 Donald Trump to wed for third time

Business Wire 4/30/04 Mike Ditka and Bill Rancic to Volunteer for Misericordia Candy Days Tonight

Media Life 4/29/04 'Trumped!' The Donald on the radio 4/29/04 Reality TV's Trump card

Charlotte Observer 4/29/04 Kwame Jackson lands on 'Most Beautiful' list

Extra 4/29/04 Trump's Next Big Deal: Marriage

Hollywood Reporter 4/29/04 Clear Channel to Trump: You're hired

Zap2It 4/29/04 Trump Gets Engaged

Globe and Mail 4/29/04 Trump proposes to girlfriend

Chicago Sun-Times 4/28/04 Rancic's busy, but makes time to knock us down

Winchester Star 4/28/04 Bloom Will Welcome ‘Apprentice’ Runner-up

Playbill 4/28/04 Tony n' Tina's Wedding Returns to NYC with Fired "Apprentice"

Patriot News 4/28/04 'Apprentice' duo tout Kisses

The Age 4/28/04 Reality gets greedy

Post Gazette 4/27/04 The Private Sector: 'The Donald' trumped

KTVB 4/27/04 Troy McClain turns TV host

SMH 4/27/04 The trump card

TBO 4/26/04 Bad Hair Day For Omarosa: Clairol Tells Her, `You're Fired'

Extra 4/26/04 Tycoons in Reality TV Turf War

Chicago Tribune 4/26/04 More in store?

MSNBC 4/26/04 Lie detector sets off Omarosa's flee detector

Chicago Tribune 4/26/04 Far from a done deal

Chicago Sun-Times 4/26/04 'The Apprentice' returns home to Chicago, big job

Globe and Mail 4/24/04 Pumping new life into the reality genre

The Spoof 4/24/04 Omarosa To Star in Apprentice Spinoff
Chicago Sun-Times 4/24/04 Trump's man Rancic now has to deliver

Star Telegram 4/23/04 You can't keep it real on TV without race

Access Hollywood 4/23/04 Omarosa Walks Out On 'Kimmel' Show

Reality News Online 4/23/04 The Apprentice on Larry King Live: A Recap

Reality TV World 4/23/04 'Apprentice' Omarosa storms off 'Jimmy Kimmel Show' 

Oxford Press 4/22/04 You're Fired! owner not worried over Trump move on catchphrase

Reality TV World 4/22/04 Clairol decides against ad featuring 'Apprentice' Omarosa 

San Francisco Examiner 4/22/04 Omarosa's hairy situation

Montreal Gazette 4/22/04 Flirting doesn't do the job, as Apprentices learned

NoPointNecessary 4/21/04 The Apprentice 'Grand Finale! (Finally)'

London Free Press 4/21/04 Apprentice links up with London

Television Without Pity 4/21/04 Down to the Wire, Part 2

Reality TV World 4/21/04 'Apprentice' winner Bill Rancic to star in an on-the-job sequel?

Fans Of Reality TV 4/21/04 The Apprentice Season Finale: The Lastest Story Every Told

Washington Post 4/21/04 NBC's Trump Lineup Aces the Competition

Digital Spy 4/21/04 'Apprentice' contestants do CNN interview

Detroit News 4/21/04 'Apprentice' runner-up uses publicity to his advantage

Reality News Online 4/21/04 The Apprentice: Why Bill Won

Digital Spy 4/21/04 'Apprentice' spinoff may be in works

Palm Beach Daily News 4/21/04 Valet pushes Trump Ice as next hot seller

Chicago Sun-Times 4/21/04 Another job for Bill: TV star?

Hollywood Reporter 4/21/04 Weekly ratings: 'Apprentice' working for NBC

Reality TV World 4/20/04 Will 'Apprentice' Bill Rancic's Chicago Trump project actually be built?

Reality TV World 4/20/04 Clairol debates ad deal with 'Apprentice' villain Omarosa

Chicago Sun-Times 4/20/04 No beginner's luck on 'The Apprentice'

MSNBC 4/20/04 Kwame Jackson capitalizes on being No. 2

Extra 4/20/04 The Other Side of Omarosa

Gainesville Times 4/20/04 Youth is nice, but give me boomers

Zap2It 4/20/04 NBC Trumps Weekly Ratings Competition

Times Picayune 4/20/04 Thanks, Donald! NBC scores a Trump-inspired ratings win

NBCMV 4/20/04 Top-Ranked 'Apprentice' Powers NBC's Towering Weekly Win

Newsday 4/20/04 Shill wind blows hard 4/20/04 Thank you, Donald

Zap2It 4/20/04 'Apprentice' Cameras May Stay on Job

Hollywood Reporter 4/20/04 The Vine: More work for 'Apprentice'?

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/20/04 Hey Trump, You're Copying

Reality News Online 4/20/04 Sam Solovey’s Suitcase

Chicago Tribune 4/19/04 Better than B-school: Lessons from Trump TV

Access Hollywood 4/19/04 Omarosa's 'Apprentice' Backlash

Chicago Tribune 4/19/04 Bill: Chicago gig a 'double win'

Chicago Sun-Times 4/19/04 Why Trump hired Bill Rancic and the other Apprentices fell by the wayside

Newsday 4/19/04 Win could bring a loss for The Apprentice

Media Guardian 4/19/04 Tycoon's Apprentice comes to aid of NBC

Reality TV World 4/19/04 NBC's 'Apprentice' finale seen by 40 million viewers

Reality TV Hall of Shame 4/19/04 Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth: Triple Threat 4/19/04 Oh my God, Omarosa

Chicago Sun-Times 4/18/04 'Average Joe' work ethic helped 'Apprentice' win

Kansas City Star 4/18/04 What ‘The Apprentice' taught us

Washington Post 4/18/04 On 'Apprentice,' a Briefcase Study in Chutzpah (end of article)

NY Daily News 4/18/04 Happy to be finally free of Trump reality

Chicago Tribune 4/18/04 `The Apprentice' leaves a hollow feeling

NY Times 4/17/04 'The Apprentice' Scores Ratings Near Top for the Season

Reality Reel 4/17/04 More Than 40 Million Watched The 'The Apprentice' Finale

Daily Herald 4/17/04 The first of another day at the office for 'The Apprentice'

Charlotte Observer 4/17/04 'Apprentice' reaps rewards of TV run

Sun Herald 4/17/04 Kwame's rival shares insights

Boston Globe 4/17/04 Trump promotes winner and his own interests

Orlando Sentinel 4/17/04 Kwame's downfall? You're looking at her

Elites TV 4/17/04 The Apprentice Finale

Hollywood Reporter 4/17/04 'Apprentice' finale posts season's 3rd-best ratings

Reality TV World 4/17/04 'Apprentice' loser Kwame debates job offer from 'Benefactor' Mark Cuban

Chicago Sun-Times 4/17/04 Obnoxious Omarosa pumps up a deflated ego, experts say

The Spoof 4/17/04 Apprentice Scandal: Does Carolyn Look like Di?

The Oregonian 4/17/04 'Apprentice' follows script of double-cross

NY Daily News 4/17/04 A job well-done

NY Daily News 4/17/04 Katie: The Donald is The Franchise

NY Times 4/17/04 Chicago May Give 'Apprentice' Lesson in Reality

MSNBC 4/16/04 The Party's Over

Extra 4/16/04 Rancic Rules Boardroom, But Other Apprentices Also Score

Market Wire 4/16/04 Synergy Brands' Cigars Around the World Founder Becomes 'The Apprentice'

Zap2It 4/16/04 'Apprentice' Ratings Keep NBC in Business

Business Week 4/16/04 What Trump Saw in Bill: The Donald

CNN 4/16/04 The Donald hires Bill as 'The Apprentice'

Newsday 4/16/04 'The Apprentice' begins media blitz 4/16/04 USA Today Web site names wrong 'Apprentice'

NBCMV 4/16/04 'Apprentice' finale soars to the highest 18-49 rating for a NBC program in 18 months

Beacon Journal 4/16/04 NBC Wins Ratings Game With 'Apprentice'

Reality News Online 4/16/04 The Apprentice: Why Kwame Lost

WCNC 4/16/04 Kwame fired for loyalty to Omarosa

The Trades 4/16/04 The Apprentice-Season Finale: The OsamaRosa Strikes Terror, Yet Again!

Zap2It 4/16/04 'Apprentice' Finale Fires Up NBC Thursday

Reality TV World 4/16/04 Bill Rancic trumps Kwame Jackson to become The Donald's 'Apprentice'

USA Today 4/16/04 Bill is named Trump's 'Apprentice' in TV showdown

Jam! 4/16/04 Bill gets a Trump job

Dallas Morning News 4/16/04 Bill hired as 'Apprentice' hype clears

Milwaukee Journal 4/16/04 You're Hired

Press of Atlantic City 4/16/04 Hired! Bill gets Trump’s OK

Reality News Online 4/16/04 The Apprentice, Episode 14: You’re Hired!

Washington Post 4/16/04 In the End, Omarosa Was The Donald's Trump Card

Fox News 4/16/04 'Apprentice' Stars Party After Show

Globe and Mail 4/16/04 Clash of the pinstripe titans

Hartford Courant 4/16/04 Trump Hires Chicagoan In Finale Of `Apprentice'

Salt Lake Tribune 4/16/04 Rancic trumps TV rivals, makes his dream job a reality

Boston Globe 4/16/04 High energy triumphs over calm in 'Apprentice'

Chicago Tribune 4/16/04 He's fired up!

Toronto Star 4/16/04 Bill's all hired up as Apprentice winner

Calgary Sun 4/16/04 He fits the Bill

Salon 4/16/04 Bill trumps Kwame

Chicago Tribune 4/16/04 Chicago loves its Bill

Bloomberg 4/16/04 NBC's `The Apprentice' Ends as Trump Chooses Rancic

CNN 4/16/04 Companies cash in on 'Apprentice'

Sun Sentinel 4/16/04 'Bill, you're hired:' Trump picks winner on The Apprentice

Detroit Free Press 4/16/04 Trump to Bill: 'You're hired'

BBC 4/16/04 What does The Apprentice have to teach us?

St Petersburg Times 4/16/04 Trump finally utters the words 'You're hired!'

NY Daily News 4/16/04 One shines brightest in a show

Chicago Sun-Times 4/16/04 Bill wins, sticks close to home

BBC 4/16/04 Trump chooses winning Apprentice

NY Daily News 4/16/04 Get to work!

Zap2It 4/16/04 Trump Pockets $250,000 Bill on 'Apprentice' Finale

Hollywood Reporter 4/16/04 Survey: Execs wouldn't work for Trump

Mobile Register 4/16/04 NBC milks 'Apprentice'; fresh 'Third Watch' later

NY Daily News 4/16/04 Fired! Then all fired up

The Low Standard 4/16/04 Wild Bill, Calm Kwame..who will weather the storm named Donald?

Go Memphis 4/15/04 Watch 'em squirm, relieved it's not your job

Media Life 4/15/04 Finally, Donald says 'You're hired'

Hartford Courant 4/15/04 Trump's Reign Tapers Off 4/15/04 The Apprentice Finale

Reality TV World 4/15/04 'Apprentices' Troy and Jessie launch credit-counseling website

Newsday 4/15/04 The final cut

Extra 4/15/04 The Scoop on 'The Apprentice' Showdown

SCN 4/15/04 Professors use show in business classes

SCN 4/15/04 Area pulling for Orland native to win 'Apprentice'

Fox News 4/15/04 Viewers Wait to Hear: 'You're Hired'

NBCMV 4/15/04 Donald Trump Can’'t Say 'You're Fired!' to the Winner of Verizon's Sweepstakes

Reality TV World 4/15/04 'Apprentice' finalist Bill Rancic dating former 'Bachelor 3' fiancee Jen Schefft

Extra 4/15/04 Could Apprentice Bill Have Been ‘The Bachelor’

Orlando Sentinel 4/15/04 Apprentice face-off

MSNBC 4/15/04 ‘Apprentice’ finally reaches a showdown
Detroit News 4/15/04 The tried, the true and the Trump

Boston Globe 4/15/04 'The Apprentice': a case study

Baltimore Sun 4/15/04 You're hired

Deseret News 4/15/04 Trumped! Show is irresistible

Reality News Online 4/15/04 Dateline: Behind the Apprentice – Beyond the Boardroom

Beacon Journal 4/15/04 `The Apprentice' a guilty pleasure

Boston Globe 4/15/04 This reality isn't business as usual

CNN 4/15/04 Who will become 'The Apprentice'?

STL Today 4/15/04 As Trump says, 'You're hired,' he looks toward new seasons

SCN 4/15/04 Local people in business weigh in on 'The Apprentice'

Mercury News 4/15/04 Trump towers

Toronto Star 4/15/04 Time to say, 'You're hired'

Press Enterprise 4/15/04 Catching up with ... "The Apprentice"

NY Times 4/15/04 Dehumanizing and Mean? It's All Part of the Fun

Baltimore Sun 4/15/04 The grail is within sight as the joust finally ends

Palm Beach Post 4/15/04 Trump's reality? 'I'm having fun'

Times Picayune 4/15/04 And then there were two

Denver Post 4/15/04 'You're hired' 4/15/04 Donald's TV Trump card

MSNBC 4/15/04 Mark Burnett: Mr. Reality TV

The Olympian 4/15/04 Fired or hired?

Mansfield News Journal 4/15/04 Burnett, Trump built phenomenon

Seattle PI 4/15/04 Well, I'll be trumped: 'Apprentice' is a winner

Globe and Mail 4/15/04 A vote for Trump's Apprentice is a vote for Dubya 4/15/04 Down to two: 'Apprentice' fans' loyalties are set

Houston Chronicle 4/15/04 Trump, play on corporate culture give 'The Apprentice' fan appeal

Chicago Sun-Times 4/15/04 Will our Bill get paid?

NY Daily News 4/15/04 Trump's hire calling

USA Today 4/15/04 10 lessons of 'The Apprentice'

Detroit Free Press 4/15/04 'The Apprentice' masters the media

USA Today 4/15/04 Master of 'The Apprentice'

Press of Atlantic City 4/15/04 ‘The Apprentice’ climbs to the top

USA Today 4/15/04 Reviewing the resumes one last time

Mobile Register 4/15/04 'Idol,' 'Apprentice' vie for season's hot-show status

Newsday 4/15/04 The making of The Donald

Forbes 4/14/04 Apprentices Form Financial Firm

Extra 4/14/04 Bedroom and Boardroom Secrets Revealed

Newsday 4/14/04 'Apprentice' to wrap with big bash 4/14/04 - Apprentice Auction

Sun Sentinel 4/14/04 As The Apprentice winds down, The Donald's the only sure winner

Forbes 4/14/04 Trump Dumped As Potential Boss

Newsday 4/14/04 Coulda been contenders

NBC10 4/14/04 Amy Spills Beans About 'Apprentice' Finale

Newsday 4/14/04 The final cut

Seattle Times 4/14/04 'Apprentice' wannabes reach for the Trump card

Slate 4/14/04 Donald Fires Himself

Elites TV 4/14/04 The Apprentice: Interview with an Empire

WCNC 4/14/04 The Donald on "The Apprentice" finale

Television Without Pity 4/14/04 Down To The Wire

Fans Of Reality TV 4/14/04 Episode 13 Recap (Part II): Dude, Where's My Star? 4/14/04 - Ereka Did Not Call Omarosa The N-Word

Hollywood Reporter 4/14/04 'Apprentice' is new demo boss

Virginian-Pilot 4/14/04 It's down to Bill vs. Kwame in ''Apprentice'' finale

Desert Sun 4/14/04 ‘The Apprentice’ season finale

Marion Star 4/14/04 Trump to play TV finale card 4/14/04 Martha trumps Donald

Globe and Mail 4/14/04 Residents mobilize to fight Trump

Reality News Online 4/14/04 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 13 – Last Chances

NY Daily News 4/14/04 Scandals of 'The Apprentice'

SF Chronicle 4/14/04 Bad hair, great casting -- behold the sorcery of 'The Apprentice'

Chicago Sun-Times 4/14/04 Headhunters rate 'Apprentice' candidates


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