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News Articles about NBC Networks The Apprentice


Bowling Green News 2/7/05 Omarosa from 'Apprentice' offers BG audience attitude

Seattle PI 2/7/05 Apprentice 101: Magna brews up a quitter and a bully

Miami Herald 2/7/05 Verna Quits, Danny Fired on 'Apprentice'

GW Hatchet 2/7/05 Alumni and students can try out to work for Trump

MSNBC 2/7/05 Stewart’s ‘Apprentice’ won’t replace Trump

Reality News Online 2/7/05 The Apprentice 3, MVPs and LVPs: Episodes 2 & 3 Corner Office & Mailroom Assignments

Contra Costa Times 2/6/05 Persistence pays off for Trump's first apprentice

Mercury News 2/6/05 Wannabe tycoons vie for TV spot

WXIA-TV 2/6/05 Hundreds Line Up for 'Apprentice'

Digital Spy 2/6/05 UK 'Apprentice' Sugar blasts "show off" Trump

Denver Post 2/6/05 600 in line as next "Apprentice"

NY Daily News 2/6/05 Young Donald's reality show

WIS 2/5/05 News 10 sits in on "The Apprentice" casting in Atlanta

Clarion Ledger 2/5/05 Ex-JSU student walks off TV show

Arizona Republic 2/5/05 Tempe 'Apprentice' contestant isn't Trumped yet

News-Journal 2/5/05 'Apprentice' casting calls set for Tampa, Orlando

MSNBC 2/5/05 Wannabe Trumps and Stewarts audition

NY Daily News 2/5/05 Fired up to be Trump

Digital Spy 2/5/05 Trump regrets not televising wedding

The Business Journal 2/4/05 Bombs, billions don't intimidate project manager

Fans of Reality TV 2/4/05 Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

KVOA 2/4/05 Casting call for The Apprentice

SheKnows 2/4/05 Episode 3: Would you like some coffee?

CNET News 2/4/05 Microsoft worker quits Trump's 'Apprentice'

OSU - The Lantern 2/4/05 Omarosa visits campus

North Lake Tahoe Bonanza 2/4/05 Incline Village Realtor could be the next 'Apprentice'

Click 2 2/4/05 Hundreds Of Houstonians Audition For 'The Apprentice'

Randall the Vandal 2/4/05 You're Exempt From Reading This Recap

Reality TV Calendar 2/4/05 The Donald Got It Wrong! Hardwired Commentary by Teri Sue

The Apprentice Blog 2/4/05 Not Playing by the Rules

Reality TV Calendar 2/4/05 "Lead With Authority" - Danny Doesn't Have A Chance: Episode 3 Recap

The Apprentice Blog 2/4/05 Danny Fired For Lacks...

Reality TV World 2/4/05 Danny Kastner becomes the third 'Apprentice 3' candidate to be fired, Verna quits

The Trades 2/4/05 Apprentice 3: Episode 3: Nestled Tastes, Trump's Choices

Reality Shack 2/4/05 “Some Rules are Made to be Broken…Or Not” – The Apprentice: Season 3, Episode 3

Reality Shack 2/4/05 Repeat, or All New? You Decide! - The Apprentice 3, Episode 3 Commentary

Reality News Online 2/4/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Verna Lost 2/4/05 - 2/3: Coffee makes College Grads Crazy! 2/4/05 - 2.3.05 Apprentice

WCNC 2/4/05 Commentary: Tummy ache has white flag raised on 'The Apprentice'

Entertainment Weekly 2/4/05 Instant Failures

Beacon Journal 2/4/05 Ex-Clevelander gets Trump's heave-ho

Metro 2/4/05 Apprentice teams break rules

MSNBC 2/4/05 Desperation starting to show on ‘Apprentice’

Zap2It 2/4/05 'Apprentice' Dispatches Two Magna Corpses

Indy Star 2/4/05 Chocolatier gets hired back

Business Wire 2/4/05 Nescafe Taster's Choice Adds a Java Jolt to NBC's ``The Apprentice''

Reality News Online 2/4/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 3: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

The Low Standard 2/4/05 The Apprentice - Quitters never win, but they never get fired either

Tampa Bay Online 2/3/05 Sell Yourself With Personality In Tampa Auditions For `The Apprentice'

Reality Reel 2/3/05 The Apprentice 3 Episode 2: An Apple Short Of Something

WXii 2/3/05 'The Apprentice' N.C. Casting Call: Are You Going?

Contact Music 2/3/05 Trump's Wedding Regrets 

Tufts Daily 2/3/05 TV Review - The demise of the Donald

ClickZ News 2/3/05 Can POPstick CEO Make It As "Apprentice"?

Press Release 2/3/05 Casting Call – The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

Reality News Online 2/3/05 Martha Stewart's Apprentice: A Good Thing?

Detroit News 2/3/05 You're picked: 'Apprentice' auditions come to Detroit

Reality TV World 2/3/05 Martha Stewart to star in her own NBC 'The Apprentice' series

WDIV 2/3/05 Warm Up To 'The Apprentice' With Free Coffee

NY Daily News 2/3/05 The Donald & Diva show!

KESQ 2/3/05 SJSU students, staff to audition for "The Apprentice"

Reality News Online 2/3/05 The Apprentice 3 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 2: Staying Over and Walking Out

The Apprentice Blog 2/2/05 You Thought The Donald Was Tough - The Martha Spinoff

Extra 2/2/05 The Donald and The Martha?

Reality TV World 2/2/05 Martha Stewart to star in NBC 'The Apprentice: Martha Stewart' spin-off

The Apprentice Blog 2/2/05 Calling It Quits

Indy Star 2/1/05 'Apprentice' seeking Hoosier contestants

Reality TV World 2/1/05 The Apprentice 3 - Episode 2 summary

Television Without Pity 2/1/05 Motel 666

Reality Reel 2/1/05 One Candidate Quits And Another Is Fired, Feb 3rd On The Apprentice

Oregon Daily Emerald 2/1/05 Trumping Common Sense

Reality TV World 2/1/05 Donald Trump to appear at 'The Apprentice 4's New York auditions

Reality TV Calendar 2/1/05 Scoreboard: Pre-Episode 3 Rankings

NY Daily News 2/1/05 Trump set to go 4th on the next 'Apprentice'

Reality News Online 2/1/05 Apprentice 3: The Big Picture - Attitude Adjustment

Orlando Sentinel 2/1/05 'Street smarts' earn her spot on reality show

Forbes 2/1/05 Burnett: 'Apprentice' Producer Inks Multi-Show Home Depot Deal

Vail Daily 1/31/05 Riding 'The Apprentice' aftershocks

Press Release 1/31/05 Casting Call – The Apprentice 4

The Apprentice Blog 1/31/05 Preview Episode 5 - Airstream of Consciousness

Washington Post 1/31/05 The Ultimate Job Interview

Seattle PI 1/31/05 The Insider: More info, sort of, about the other Seattleite on 'Apprentice'

Seattle PI 1/31/05 Apprentice 101: Loss is net result of poor leadership, loose cannon

Business Wire 1/31/05 IDS Scheer Announces Apprentice season 1 winner Bill Rancic as Keynote Speaker for ProcessWorld 2005

Reality News Online 1/31/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 2 Extras: Under Pressure 1/30/05 - Brian on 'Today'

The Apprentice Blog 1/30/04 Critical Success Factors in a PR campaign

State Press 1/28/05 ASU grad turns 'apprentice'

The Trades 1/28/05 Apprentice 3: Episode 2: Potty Mouths & Crappy Decisions

Randall the Vandal 1/28/05 The Strife Of Brian

Anorak 1/28/05 Using His Knauss

Black Enterprise 1/28/05 The Apprentice: Season 3

Fans of Reality TV 1/28/05 You Can Check Out Anytime You'd Like, But You Can Never Leave

The Apprentice Blog 1/28/04 Brian Fired for... well... everything.

Entertainment Weekly 1/28/05 John D'Oh!

Providence Journal 1/28/05 Apprentice to interview in Providence

Forbes 1/28/05 Apprentice-ing With Forbes

MSNBC 1/28/05 Type A ‘Apprentices’ need an intervention

The Apprentice Blog 1/28/05 Challenging Motel Challenge - Episode 2 Summary

SheKnows 1/28/05 Episode 2: A walk off 1/28/05 - Trump dodges the F-Bombs!

Reality News Online 1/28/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Brian Lost

Reality TV Calendar 1/28/05 No Leadership - No Job: Episode 2 Recap

Reality Shack 1/28/05 Break Out the Boxing Gloves - The Apprentice 3, Episode 2 Commentary

Reality Shack 1/28/05 “Don’t Flush My Toilet!” – The Apprentice 3, Episode 2

Reality TV World 1/28/05 Brian McDowell becomes the second 'Apprentice 3' candidate to be fired

Press of Atlantic City 1/28/05 Wildwood’s ‘Apprentice’ fires himself

DM News 1/28/05 Burger King Is No Apprentice at Building Web Traffic

Motley Fool 1/28/05 Tossed Out of Motel Trump

Zap2It 1/28/05 'Apprentice' Hotel Task Goes Down the Toilet

Reality News Online 1/28/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 2: Your Ass Doesn't Know the Difference 1/27/05 - 1.27.05 The Apprentice

The Low Standard 1/27/05 The Apprentice - $20M couldn't clean up New Jersey enough for me to stay there

CNET News 1/27/05 Microsoft worker wants to be Trump's 'Apprentice' 1/27/05 Wildwood Man Is Wild Man On 'The Apprentice'

Ottawa Citizen 1/27/05 It's like the suits against the dungarees

Clarion-Ledger 1/27/05 Former JSU student gets slot on 'The Apprentice' 1/27/05 'Apprentice' Casting Call Being Held At NBC 10

Louisville Business First 1/27/05 Louisville hosts casting call for "The Apprentice"

Reality TV World 1/27/05 NBC's 'The Apprentice' to begin nationwide casting tour on January 29

The Apprentice Blog 1/27/04 What will be the most critical factor in the Motel Task?

NY Daily News 1/27/05 'Apprentice' also-ran gears up for car series

Arizona Republic 1/27/05 Tempe roots for one of its own on 'The Apprentice'

The Apprentice Blog 1/27/04 Episode 2 - Motel 666

Reality News Online 1/27/05 The Apprentice 3 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 1: No Class

TVRules 1/27/05 The Apprentice Casting Call

Oregon Daily Emerald 1/27/05 'American Idol' and 'Apprentice' jump into another reality TV round

Reality News Online 1/27/05 Apprentice 3, MVPs and LVPs: Episode 1 Corner Office and Mailroom Assignments

Reality TV World 1/26/05 The Apprentice 3 - Episode 1 summary

The Sanford Herald 1/26/05 Show's idea trumps hunger

StarPhoenix 1/26/05 You're hired: Apprentice winner coming here for seminar

KFOR-TV 1/26/05 The Apprentice Casting Call - Oklahoma City

WJXX 1/26/05 "The Apprentice" Casting Calls

Business Wire 1/26/05 Last Call to Bid on Advanta Spokesperson Bill Rancic's Dream Car Won on "The Apprentice''

Zap2It 1/26/05 'Apprentice' Casting Enters Neverending Loop

Television Without Pity 1/26/05 Whopper 101

Reality TV Calendar 1/26/05 Dumping on Danny: Hardwired Commentary

The Apprentice Blog 1/25/04 Casting Dates for Season 4

Dallas Morning News 1/25/05 Street smarts may trump book smarts

Times Dispatch 1/25/05 An accomplished apprentice 1/25/05 The Apprentice and Burger King Team Up for Third Season Kickoff

Gazette Journal 1/25/05 Dozens in Reno try for spot on Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ show

E!Online 1/25/05 "Apprentice" Back in Business

NBCMV 1/25/05 "The Apprentice Is Casting In A City Near You"

Reality Reel 1/25/05 One Candidate Faces The Possibility Of Quitting This Thurs. On The Apprentice

Reality Reel 1/25/05 The Apprentice 3: Episode 1: As The Burger Flips

Reality News Online 1/25/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 1 Extras: The Blame Game

Digital Spy 1/25/05 'Apprentice' renewed through fifth season

Washington Post 1/24/05 The Ultimate Job Interview 1/24/05 The Apprentice 3: Episode 1 Summary 'Whopper 101' 1/20/05

Reality News Online 1/24/05 Apprentice 3: The Big Picture - The Client is King

Always Reality Television 1/24/05 Premiere Recap - Believable

Seattle PI 1/24/05 Apprentice 101: Street-smart John makes all the right moves

Seattle PI 1/24/05 Why 'The Apprentice'? Seattle candidate's Web site tells all

News Observer 1/23/05 Hopefuls dream of 'You're hired'

Journal Now 1/23/05 Winner on 'Apprentice' to give advice on succeeding

News 13 1/22/05 Triangle professionals audition for "The Apprentice"

Herald Sun 1/23/05 You're hired, Mrs Trump

Baltimore Sun 1/23/05 Trump poor model to his 'apprentices'

News 14 1/22/05 Triangle professionals audition for "The Apprentice"

Randall the Vandal 1/22/05 Who Needs A Fancy Ed-u-ma-cashun?

Miami Herald 1/22/05 'Apprentice' Firee Has a Good Cry

Plain Dealer 1/22/05 CSU grad does great job in first day on 'Apprentice'

Fans Of Reality TV 1/22/05 The Apprentice 1/20 – Would You Like Fries With That?

Herald Sun 1/21/05 Ideal 'Apprentice': Opinionated and animated

Reality Shack 1/21/05 The Return of The Donald - The Apprentice 3 Demands Your Attention

SheKnows 1/21/05 Episode 1: Book Smarts vs. Street Smarts, part one

The Trades 1/21/05 Apprentice 3: Episode 1: A Whoppin' Win

Reality TV World 1/21/05 "Street smarts" wins 'The Apprentice 3's first task, sending Magna to the boardroom 1/21/05 Todd on 'Today'

Reality TV Calendar 1/21/05 Burger King Gets A Clown: Episode 1 Recap

The Apprentice Blog 1/21/05 Todd Fired For Slow Fast Food

Reality Shack 1/21/05 “Not Your Average Hamburger” – The Apprentice: Season 3, Episode 1

Orlando Sentinel 1/21/05 Burger King Turns to Trump for Latest Ads

PR Newswire 1/21/05 Donald Trump Signs for Record Speaking Fee - $1,000,000 an Hour

MSNBC 1/21/05 ‘Apprentice 3’ candidates make it personal

NY Times 1/21/05 Burger King Takes a Product From TV to the Table

Entertainment Weekly 1/21/05 Cheese on Top

Reality News Online 1/21/05 The Apprentice 3: Why Todd Lost

WCNC 1/21/05 'The Apprentice' premiere a Whopper

The Low Standard 1/21/05 The Apprentice - College Graduates Need Not Apply

Black Enterprise 1/21/05 Season 3: Week 1

Motley Fool 1/21/05 Trump Draws the Line

Zap2It 1/20/05 College Kids Flame-Broiled in 'Apprentice 3' Opener

Reality News Online 1/20/05 The Apprentice 3, Episode 1: Have it Your Way 1/20/05 1.20.05 Apprentice Premiere

NBC 11 1/20/05 'Apprentice' Women In Magazine Layout

Bloomberg 1/20/05 Trump Wants NBC to Extend `The Apprentice' for Two More Seasons

MSNBC 1/20/05 Can ‘Apprentice 3’ rescue the concept?

Beacon Journal 1/20/05 Ohio native vies to be `Apprentice'

Boston Globe 1/20/05 Money talks for 'Apprentice' also-ran

Toronto Star 1/20/05 Don't look now, Trump is back

Mobile Register 1/20/05 'Apprentice' returns tonight

Press of Atlantic City 1/20/05 Another ‘Apprentice’ in the works College grads form one team, high school grads the other

Reality News Online 1/20/05 What 'Apprentice 3' Applicants Should Have Learned

Reality News Online 1/20/05 Apprentice 3's Kristen Was Previously 'Murdered' in Small Town X

Newsday 1/20/05 Call him irreplaceable - he does

NY Daily News 1/20/05 Watching 'Apprentice' is getting to be a job

Detroit News 1/20/05 Enjoy 8-day cruise with 'Apprentice' cast members

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/05 Scoreboard: Photos, Bios, News and More

Orlando Sentinel 1/19/05 No Trump invites for 'Apprentice' alums

NY Daily News 1/19/05 Trump musical has him fired up 

Extra 1/19/05 Here Comes the Groom

Zap2It 1/18/05 'Apprentice' Musical in the Works

Reality News Online 1/18/05 The Apprentice 3 Preview: Book Smarts Vs. Street Smarts

Hollywood Reporter 1/18/05 Boardroom to Broadway boards

Reality Reel 1/17/05 Interview With Maria Boren Of The Apprentice Season Two

Charlotte Observer 1/16/05 As a manager, Trump doesn't make the grade

Star Telegram 1/16/05 Career advice from 'killer Carolyn'
Palm Beach Post 1/16/05 Trump stages Palm Beach's wedding of the century (so far)

Toronto Star 1/15/05 The Donald's seminar fee hits $1 million U.S. per hour

South Bend Tribune 1/14/05 'The Apprentice' helper

Journal Gazette 1/13/05 Philharmonic pulls plug on ‘Apprentice’ concerts

Reality Reel 1/13/05 and Trump World Magazine Launch "The Apprentice" Theme Cruise

NBCMV 1/13/05 Candidates run a Burger King franchise and launch a new hamburger on the season premiere of "The Apprentice"

DM News 1/13/05 'The Apprentice' Winner Bill Rancic to Keynote CADM Show

Contact Music 1/13/05 Trump To Launch Apprentice-Inspired Caribbean Cruise

Newsday 1/11/05 Cruise lets you sail with 'The Apprentice'

Reality TV World 1/10/05 'Apprentice's Donald Trump preparing for for January 22 wedding

Wake Forest University 1/10/05 Advisory: "Apprentice" winner Bill Rancic speaks at WFU

Charlotte Observer 1/9/05 `Apprentice' runner-up to bring message home

Politics NJ 1/8/05 Ex-McGreevey aide is on "street smarts" team despite claim of college degree

Savannah Morning News 1/7/05 Savannah's Jennifer Massey talks about her turn on The Apprentice

Buffalo News 1/6/05 Trump executive tells of apprenticeship

MIX 1/5/05 The Apprentice Finale Results are In: Perdew, Sennheiser Hired

Business Wire 1/3/05 Bodog Brings Back ``The Apprentice''

Finger Lakes Times 1/3/05 Former Genevan gets close to fame: Area grad works for 'Apprentice' contestant

Forbes 1/3/05 Howard Hughes Vs. Donald Trump

Contact Music 12/31/04 Trump Launches Men Hair Care Range

Gainesville Sun 12/30/04 Lake City native joins 'Apprentice'

Reality TV World 12/30/04 NBC's 'The Apprentice 3' to feature former 'Murder In Small Town X' contestant 12/29/04 Building on Site of Future Trump High Rise Catches Fire

Golf Online 12/28/04 The Donald's Right-hand Woman

Extra 12/27/04 Trump's Wedding Spectacular

Reality TV Calendar 12/27/04 Official Cast Photos, Bios, Team Names, and More

Seattle PI 12/27/04 New 'Apprentice' to include 2 contestants from Seattle area

Reality TV World 12/26/04 NBC announces identities of 'The Apprentice 3' contestants

Reality TV World 12/26/04 The Apprentice 2 - Finale episode summary 12/24/04 Kwame Jackson Is Still On The Scene

Salt Lake Tribune 12/24/04 Utahn tosses her hat into 'The Apprentice'

Deseret News 12/24/04 1 current, 1 ex-Utahn on 'Apprentice 3'

BBC 12/24/04 Trump revamps his Apprentice show

Record-Eagle 12/24/04 Cadillac woman wins contest to attend live 'Apprentice' finale

Union Tribune 12/24/04 Two San Diego County residents in the running for 'The Apprentice'

The Tennessean 12/24/04 Prosecutor from Memphis on new 'Apprentice' team

Press of Atlantic City 12/24/04 Wildwood entrepreneur among 18 to compete on ‘Apprentice 3’

NBCMV 12/23/04 NBC Introduces 18 New Candidates To Compete on Season Three of  'The Apprentice'

Zap2It 12/23/04 'Apprentice' Introduces New Cast with 'Smarts'

Television Without Pity 12/23/04 The Bigger Finale

Zap2It 12/22/04 'Apprentice' Bootee Stacie J. Auctions Magic 8-Ball

PR Web 12/22/04 Trump says, “You’re Hired” and Places the Spotlight on Hiring Veterans

Reality TV Calendar 12/21/04 First Glance At The Third Season Cast

St Petersburg Times 12/21/04 'Apprentice' finale ratings drop

NBCMV 12/21/04 'Apprentice' Finale Fires Up NBC's Week Of Dec. 13-19

Digital Spy 12/21/04 Third 'Apprentice' to premiere January 20

Entertainment Weekly 12/20/04 You're Tired!

Seattle PI 12/20/04 Apprentice 101: Kelly demonstrates that he has what it takes 12/20/04 Deconstructing the Trump-ster

NY Lawyer 12/20/04 Associate Clobbered on "Apprentice" Finale

Market Wire 12/20/04 The Winner of the 2nd Season of "The Apprentice" to Ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell

Ann Arbor News 12/20/04 Domino's to host a challenge in 'The Apprentice'

USA Today 12/20/04 'Apprentice,' 'Survivor' gear goes to eBay

Reality News Online 12/20/04 The Apprentice 2 Finale Extras: Rain, Rain, Go Away

North County Times 12/19/04 Carlsbad resident describes 'Apprentice' competition

Times Dispatch 12/19/04 Bright lights, big city and The Donald

SheKnows 12/19/04 Finale: Mr. Trump's newest apprentice, Kelly

Television Without Pity 12/19/04 The Big Finale

Hollywood Reporter 12/18/04 Finale of 'Apprentice 2' strong Thursday 12/18/04 Iowan competing to be next 'Apprentice'

Arizona Republic 12/18/04 In Kelly vs. Jen, the fembot finally loses

Herald Tribune 12/18/04 New 'Apprentice' enters whirlwind

Fans of Reality TV 12/18/04 A Three Hour Tour

NY Times 12/18/04 No Rookie Now, 'Apprentice' Feeds on Office Tension

Washington Post 12/18/04 This 'Apprentice' Doesn't Do the Job

NY Daily News 12/18/04 Trump 2 ratings less fired-up

Extra 12/17/04 Apprentice Kelly Gets the Job

CNN 12/17/04 Seven lessons from 'The Apprentice'

MSNBC 12/17/04 Why Kelly won

Seattle PI 12/17/04 Episode 15: What a finale 12/17/04 The Apprentice - Finale Party 12/17/04 Wife Of KCCI Employee On Next 'Apprentice'

Contact Music 12/17/04 Trump Prepares For Fatherhood

The Trades 12/17/04 Apprentice 2: Finale: Holy Chutzpah

Reality TV World 12/17/04 NBC's 'The Apprentice 3' to premiere January 20, pit "street smarts" vs. "book smarts"

Zap2It 12/17/04 'Apprentice' Finale Ratings Take a Dive

NBCMV 12/17/04 Update: An Estimated 30 Million Watch All Or Some Of Last Night's 'Apprentice' Finale

MSNBC 12/17/04 Trump turns ‘Apprentice’ into ‘Idol’

Reality TV Calendar 12/17/04 Kelly Perdew Is The Apprentice: Finale Recap by Professor Dan

Zap2It 12/17/04 'Apprentice 3' Pits Education Vs. Experience

Media Life 12/17/04 'Apprentice' finale takes a big tumble

Contact Music 12/17/04 Trump Slimming Down

Reality News Online 12/17/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Kelly Won

Reality News Online 12/17/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Jen Lost

WCNC 12/17/04 Final apprentice revealed after three hour delay 12/17/04 - Kelly & Trump on 'Today' 12/17/04 - The Apprentice Finale: Two Hours Too long...

Reality TV World 12/17/04 Kelly Perdew trumps Jennifer Massey to become The Donald's second 'Apprentice'

Reality News Online 12/17/04 The Apprentice 2 Finale: Three Trumptastic Hours

Chicago Tribune 12/17/04 'Apprentice,' you're fired!

Edmonton Sun 12/17/04 Kelly Trumps 'em

WSAV 12/17/04 "You're Fired!"

Milwaukee Journal 12/17/04 Mogul in the making

Courier-Journal 12/17/04 Kentucky native is new 'Apprentice'

Star Telegram 12/17/04 No Surprises

Toledo Blade 12/17/04 Executive trumps lawyer to hear 'You're hired'

ABC News 12/17/04 West Point Man Is Trump's Second Apprentice

CBS 12/17/04 Software Exec Is Trump Apprentice

NY Daily News 12/17/04 Kelly hears 'Hired!' on TV finale

Arizona Republic 12/17/04 Predictable 'Apprentice' finale like a 3-hour bored-room meeting

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/17/04 Young professionals gather to hear The Donald give his final ‘You’re fired’

NBCMV 12/16/04 Less than 24 hours after winning 'The Apprentice,' either Kelly or Jennifer will appear on 'The Tonight Show'

Zap2It 12/16/04 Kelly Gets the Green on 'The Apprentice' 12/16/04 - The Apprentice 2 Finale

Extra 12/16/04 Boardroom Showdown

Contact Music 12/16/04 Trump Inundated With Finale Requests

Contact Music 12/16/04 Trump Has Doubts About TV Wedding

ABC News 12/16/04 On 'The Apprentice,' a Mogul Is Born

Newsday 12/16/04 'Apprentice' getting old?

WCNC 12/16/04 Commentary: Kelly a given to win 'The Apprentice'

Reality News Online 12/16/04 Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Ep14: Education is Great, Unless You Have Too Much

Media Life 12/16/04 Bang the drums for 'The Apprentice'

Courier-Journal 12/16/04 'Apprentice' finalist has bonds with Kentucky

Calgary Sun 12/16/04 Who’s hired?

Cincinnati Post 12/16/04 Trump enjoys role as TV's reality czar

Plain Dealer 12/16/04 One will be hired, one will be fired, on tonight's 'Apprentice' conclusion

Cincinnati Post 12/16/04 First 'Apprentice' winner isn't 'running' big project

Palm Beach Post 12/16/04 'Apprentice' Andy still has strong South Florida ties

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/16/04 Kelly odds-on favorite for job

Hartford Courant 12/16/04 Kelly Vs. Jennifer: `The Apprentice' Season Finale

Chicago Sun-Times 12/16/04 Trump promises a decision off top of his head

Kansas City Star 12/16/04 'Apprentice' limps to the finish line

Free Lance-Star 12/16/04 Trying to sell Trump

Palm Beach Post 12/16/04 Trump weighs in on tonight's 'Apprentice' showdown

Detroit Free Press 12/16/04 Only the Donald could trump 'The Apprentice 2'

Christian Science Monitor 12/16/04 Open letter to Donald Trump

Contact Music 12/15/04 Trump Aims For A TV Wedding

Contact Music 12/15/04 Jewellers Slams 'Freebie' Trump Reports

Media Life 12/15/04 It's Donald Donald Donald all over

Extra 12/15/04 In the Hair Tonight

Press-Enterprise 12/15/04 'The Apprentice' becomes tool for students, teachers and managers

Wyoming News 12/15/04 ''Apprentice'' finalist has Cheyenne roots

The Tennessean 12/15/04 Kelly's mom at finale for 'Apprentice'

Las Vegas Sun 12/15/04 Planned Vegas tower featured in 'Apprentice' season finale

Business Wire 12/15/04 Bill Rancic Puts Genesys Meeting Center to Work in Building Chicago's Trump International Tower

Zap2It 12/15/04 Trump Taking 'Apprentice' Choice to the Wire

Hollywood Reporter 12/15/04 The 'Apprentice' line: Internet bookies cut their losses

Milwaukee Journal 12/15/04 Remember when the apprentice did . . .

Television Without Pity 12/15/04 Intellectual Horsepower

Rocky Mountain News 12/15/04 Wedding to Trump reality

Reality News Online 12/15/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Sandy Lost

Reality TV World 12/14/04 Chris Webber considering legal action over 'Apprentice' name use

Post Gazette 12/14/04 'Apprentice' ends

Business Wire 12/14/04 AOL Members to Donald: Pick Jennifer! 12/14/04 He's 'fired,' not stupid

MSNBC 12/14/04 Will Kelly or Jenn become ‘The Apprentice’?

Business Week 12/14/04 Trump: Bigger than Coke or Pepsi?

Toronto Star 12/14/04 What The Donald taught me

The Journal News 12/14/04 Apprentice buys a White Plains condominium from Trump

Sarasota Herald-Tribune 12/14/04 Local graduate has a chance to be Trump's next apprentice

Reality TV World 12/14/04 Donald Trump hires Regis Philbin to host 'The Apprentice 2' reunion show

Reality News Online 12/14/04 The Apprentice 2, MVP and LVP: Final Corner Office and Mailroom Assignments

NY Daily News 12/14/04 Wedded to reality TV?

NY Daily News 12/14/04 Media not as fired up about 'Apprentice'

Zap2It 12/13/04 Trump Hires Philbin for 'Apprentice' Reunion

Business Wire 12/13/04 ``The Donald'' Hires A Very Special Mini ``Apprentice'' Direct From The Cabbage Patch!

Zap2It 12/13/04 NBA Star Objects to 'Apprentice' Name Check

Star Ledger 12/13/04 All TV: Down on Donald

Milwaukee Journal 12/13/04 'Apprentice' Rejects Allen, Ferreira Speak

NBCMV 12/13/04 Donald Trump "Hires" Regis Philbin To Co-Host "The Apprentice" Cast Reunion

Reality News Online 12/13/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Kevin Lost

Reality News Online 12/13/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 14 Extras: Marco Polo

Seattle PI 12/13/04 Apprentice 101: Two down, one more to go before someone gets hired

NY Lawyer 12/13/04 Associate Plays On on "The Apprentice"

TVRules 12/12/04 The Apprentice: Season Finale Preview 12/16/04

Reality Reel 12/11/04 Interview With Bradford From The Apprentice Season Two

Reality TV Calendar 12/11/04 Professor Dan's You're Hired Prediction

Times Dispatch 12/11/04 Trump Power: The art of building awareness

Greenwich Times 12/11/04 Residents wait for their turn on 'The Apprentice'

Sacramento Bee 12/11/04 Webber says there never was a role for him in 'The Apprentice'

Reality TV Calendar 12/10/04 Winning Is Everything: Episode 14 Recap

The Trades 12/10/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 14: The Final Showdown

Zap2It 12/10/04 Online Bookie Confirms 'Apprentice' Insider Betting

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Fans Of Reality TV 12/10/04 The Apprentice 12/09 –The Amazing, Self-Righteous Duo

Black America Web 12/10/04 Black Wharton grad doesn’t survive ‘The Apprentice’s’ racial minefield 12/10/04 The Apprentice - Week 14

Edmonton Sun 12/10/04 Say it ain't so!

Arizona Republic 12/10/04 Jennifer, Kelly keep their 'Apprentice' hopes alive 12/10/04 - The Apprentice 12/9: Meow!!!

Reality Shack 12/10/04 Two Down, One to Go - The Apprentice 2, Episode 14

USA Today 12/10/04 Jennifer and Kelly 'Apprentice' finalists

Zap2It 12/10/04 'Apprentice' Saunters to Finale

Reality News Online 12/10/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 14: Firing Squad 12/9/04 The Apprentice - 12/9/04 

Reality TV Hall of Shame 12/9/04 Ivana Tramp: A Hall of Shame Moment from The Apprentice 2 12/9/04 It's hers to lose, says guy who did

Reality News Online 12/9/04 The Apprentice 2, MVPs and LVPs: Episode 13 Corner Office and Mailroom Assignments

Toronto Star 12/9/04 Apprentice elder draws peer heat

Contact Music 12/9/04 Trump Uses TV Show to Get Free Wedding Ring

Sydney Morning Herald 12/9/04 Free $1m ring no hard graft for Trump

Stamford Advocate 12/9/04 Dropping your bottom is no way to the top

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/9/04 Today's 'semi-final' dividing opinions

WISTV 12/9/04 "The Apprentice" as business education

Star Ledger 12/9/04 Trump slumps

MSNBC 12/8/04 10 weirdest moments of ‘The Apprentice’

Reality TV World 12/8/04 NBC accepting applications for 'The Apprentice 4'

Reality News Online 12/8/04 The Apprentice 2: A Look at the Final Four

Miami Herald 12/8/04 'Apprentice' Contender Kelly Not Popular

Reality News Online 12/8/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 13: Candy from Strangers

Reality TV World 12/8/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 13 summary

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The Age 12/7/04 Branson and Trump find their inner huckster

Reality News Online 12/7/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Ivana Lost

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Television Without Pity 12/7/04 Sweet and Lowdown

NBCMU 12/7/04 Final Four Get Grilled by Some of the Worlds Top Executives

NY Lawyer 12/6/04 Associate Piles Up Televised Hours on "The Apprentice"

ABCD Lady 12/6/04 Interview with Raj from Apprentice

Access Hollywood 12/6/04 Stripping Not 'Proudest Moment' For Fired 'Apprentice'

Fans Of Reality TV 12/6/04 The Apprentice 2: Ivana Be Alone - 12/2/04 recap

Reality News Online 12/6/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 13 Extras: The Quality of Ivana Is Quite Strained

Reality News Online 12/6/04 The Apprentice 2: "A Look Back": Ah, Memories

NBCUMV 12/6/04 Apprentice Winner Hired Live From Lincoln Center December 16

Reality Reel 12/5/04 Interview With Chris Russo From The Apprentice Season Two

Chicago Sun Times 12/5/04 Sunday Lunch with ... Bill Rancic

Times Dispatch 12/5/04 Insurance firm gets fired . . . up

Television Without Pity 12/4/04 A Look Back

The Trades 12/3/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 13: Good Bye Baby, No I Don't Mean Maybe

TVRules 12/3/04 The Apprentice: 12/2/04 Summary Drop Your Drawers

Chicago Sun Times 12/3/04 Unhappy returns for 'Apprentice' loser

Edmonton Sun 12/3/04 Stripped of Ivana 12/3/04 The Apprentice 2’s Ivana on 'Today'

Reality TV Calendar 12/3/04 Know Your Enemy And Keep Your Clothes On: Episode 13 Recap

WCNC 12/3/04 Trump strips Ivana of The Apprentice title

Zap2It 12/3/04 'Apprentice' Final Four Spot Melts in Ivana's Hands

Reality News Online 12/3/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 13: Candy Strippers 12/2/04 - 12/2/04 Apprentice

Reality TV World 12/2/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 12 summary

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/2/04 'Apprentice' team: Ivana's time is up

Television Without Pity 12/2/04 The Pepsi Challenged

Reality TV Calendar 12/2/04 The Recap Recap

Reality News Online 12/2/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Andy Lost

Reality News Online 12/2/04 Apprentice 2 Roundtable: Who Would You Hire?

WKYC 3 12/1/04 Apprentice’ exec talks about her new ventures and the show

NBCMV 12/1/04 The Final Five Candidates Sweeten Up To Candy Giant M&M'S® on NBC's "The Apprentice" (Dec 2)

Plain Dealer 12/1/04 'Apprentice' star touts book, promotes moxie

Reality News Online 12/1/04 The Apprentice 2, MVPs and LVPs: Episode 12 Corner Office and Mailroom Assignments

Reality News Online 11/30/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Ep 12: I'd Like to Buy the World a... Pepsi?

NPR 11/30/04 Branson and Trump: Two Business Styles, Televised

Harvard Crimson 11/29/04 Trump Ousts Harvard Alum

Monterey County Herald 11/29/04 'Apprentice' winner oozes charm

Seattle PI 11/29/04 Apprentice 101: Rookie quarterback pulled from game

Motley Fool 11/29/04 Trump's Rough Edge

NY Times 11/29/04 Fired on Trump Show; Hired for a Pepsi Ad

Fans Of Reality TV 11/29/04 The Apprentice 2 :Over the Edge - 11/25/04 recap

Reality News Online 11/29/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 12 Extras: Everybody Hates Jennifer

Baltimore Sun 11/29/04 Power Plays

The Tennessean 11/28/04 Episode 12: Mosaic lands in the drink over a bottle

Times Dispatch 11/27/04 Trump Power: Andy's designs on winning fall flat

Reality News Online 11/27/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 12: On the Edge

Courier Post 11/27/04 S.J. Boardroom picks Kelly to win `Apprentice' 11/27/04 Youngest Candidate Fired on 'Apprentice'

Reality TV Calendar 11/26/04 Global Disaster: Episode 12 Recap

Reality Shack 11/26/04 Getting The Edge on The Competition - The Apprentice 2, Episode 12

The Trades 11/25/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 12: Around the World in Three Shakes and a Pop!

Zap2It 11/25/04 Debate Champ Gets Soda Jerked on 'The Apprentice'

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/25/04 Ivana gains new respect; Kevin keeps favorite role 11/25/04 Young adults feel connection to 'The Apprentice' 11/25/04 - Five Top Reasons Why Maria Would Never Be 'The Apprentice' 11/24/04 Recap: 'The Butt Stops Here'

Capital News 9 11/24/04 Former Apprentice contestant in town

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Greeley Tribune 11/23/04 Interacting in an honest way

NBCMV 11/23/04 Pepsi 'Pops' Up on a Special Thanksgiving Episode of NBC's 'The Apprentice' (11/25, 9-10PM ET)

Reality TV World 11/23/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 10 summary

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Reality News Online 11/23/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 11 Extras: They've Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway

NY Lawyer 11/22/04 Crafting a Video Resume for Associate on "The Apprentice" 11/22/04 Deconstructing the Trump-ster

Seattle PI 11/22/04 Apprentice 101: Leaders lose respect if they wimp out

NY Times 11/22/04 Post and Riposte in a Bit of Off-Camera Reality 11/22/04 'Apprentice' turns to dual firings

Reality News Online 11/22/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Wes Lost

Kennett Paper 11/21/04 Wes Moss hears 'You're Fired'

Contact Music 11/21/04 DeGeneres Fired By Trump

Fans Of Reality TV 11/21/04 The Apprentice 2 - 11/18/04 recap: Butt Out 11/21/04 - Maria and Wes Get Canned - extended boardroom footage

Times Dispatch 11/20/04 Trump Power: Stylish Maria gets the boot

Palm Beach Daily News 11/20/04 'Apprentice' champ: 'I really didn't know' I'd win

Sun Sentinel 11/20/04 The Apprentice winner stands in for his boss in Palm Beach, shares secrets to success

Palm Beach Post 11/20/04 'Apprentice' works a room like his boss 11/20/04 Episode 10: Another boardroom first...Two fired!

Motley Fool 11/19/04 Denim and the Donald

MSNBC 11/19/04 You’re fired! And ... so are you!

The Trades 11/19/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 11: Two Fashionistas Sing the 501 Blues

Reality TV Calendar 11/19/04 Firing Both Barrels Is Twice The Fun: Episode 11 Recap

Times Dispatch 11/19/04 Maria sent packing by Trump

Virginia Pilot 11/19/04 Beach woman booted from TV's ''Apprentice''

WCNC 11/19/04 'The Apprentice' layoffs had me by the seat of my pants

Reality News Online 11/19/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Maria Lost

Reality Shack 11/19/04 Butt Shots and The Piano Man - The Apprentice 2, Episode 11

Reality News Online 11/19/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 11: Blue Jean Blues

Canoe 11/19/04 Double whammy

Contact Music 11/19/04 Stern Thanks Trump's Reality TV Contestant for Romance

Zap2It 11/18/04 Mosaic Gets Acid Washed on 'The Apprentice'

Columbia Spectator 11/18/04 Aspiring Apprentices Meet The Donald's Aide

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/18/04 Viewers lean toward Ivana as next to go

Reality News Online 11/18/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Chris Lost

Times Dispatch 11/18/04 Maria: Something to talk about

NY Daily News 11/18/04 Trump dismisses 'Apprentice' fine print

Reality News Online 11/18/04 Apprentice 2, MVPs and LVPs The Corner Office or the Mailroom for the First 10 Episodes

Reality TV World 11/17/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 10 summary 11/17/04 Mosaic Administers Old Fashioned 'Butt-Kicking' - extended footage week 10

Reality News Online 11/17/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 10: Neither Putting Up Nor Shutting Up

Reality News Online 11/17/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 10 Extras: No Regrets

Television Without Pity 11/17/04 Runaway Pride

Times Online 11/16/04 You’re fired, he’s fired up. Trump’s still having fun 11/15/04 Deconstructing the Trump-ster
NY Lawyer 11/15/04 Trump Falls Out of Love With Associate on "The Apprentice"

Fresh Inc. 11/14/04 The Apprentice - Week 10

Fans Of Reality TV 11/13/04 The Apprentice 2: The Wedding Ringer - 11/11/04 recap

The Trades 11/12/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 10: Who Needs Bridezillas, When You've Got Jennifer M? 11/12/04 The Apprentice - Week 10

Forbes 11/12/04 'Apprentice' Phonies

Reality TV Calendar 11/12/04 Yo Chris, sell This! Episode 10 Recap

WCNC 11/12/04 Life without Raj a disastrous affair 11/12/04 - Forget the dang task--Show Me The Diamonds!

Reality Shack 11/12/04 Always the Bridesmaid - The Apprentice 2, Episode 10

Richmond Times Dispatch 11/12/04 Maria Watch: The Apprentice

Edmonton Sun 11/12/04 Chris crushed

Zap2It 11/12/04 Bridezilla Crushes 'Apprentice' Project Manager

Reality News Online 11/12/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 10: Here Come the Brides

Extra 11/11/04 Can Branson Trump The Donald?

Denver Post 11/11/04 Lowdown on "Apprentice" lothario

Business Review 11/11/04 'Apprentice' cast member to make River Rats game appearance

Reality News Online 11/11/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Raj Lost

Arizona Republic 11/11/04 Raj out to lunch, boss off to dinner

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/11/04 Bridal shop opportunity will expose incompetence

Digital Spy 11/11/04 Trump slates "failure" Branson

NY Daily News 11/11/04 Rich rival Trump gives Branson poor marks

Reality News Online 11/11/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 9: Team Destruction

Apprentice Blog 11/11/04 Episode 10 Runaway Pride

Television Without Pity 11/10/04 Bringing Down The House

MSNBC 11/10/04 ‘Apprentice’ stars hit the books

OurSports Central 11/10/04 Apprentice Star to visit River Rat game on November 19th

Tribune-Review 11/10/04 'You're hired': The Apprentice contestant speaks to Southmoreland students

NBCMV 11/10/04 The Final 9 Candidates Create and Operate a Bridal Shop on NBC's 'The Apprentice' (11/11, 9-10pm ET)  

Contact Music 11/10/04 Trump Inspires Business School Professors

Reality News Online 11/10/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 9 Extras: A Black Tie Firing

Reality TV World 11/9/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 9 summary

Barrington Times 11/9/04 'Apprentice' contestant visits BHS 11/9/04 A loser from the Apprentice is a winner to these students

USA Today 11/9/04 TV styles of the real and fake bosses

NY Lawyer 11/8/04 BigLaw Associate Emerges as Cold and Conniving on "The Associate"

MSNBC 11/8/04 Raj admits he deserved to be fired 11/8/04 Deconstructing the Trump-ster

Detroit News 11/8/04 'Apprentice' judge shares business tips

Wake Forest University 11/8/04 "Apprentice" winner Bill Rancic speaks at WFU

Seattle PI 11/8/04 Apprentice 101: To come out ahead, know the fundamentals

Newsday 11/8/04 'The Apprentice' makes its way to college curricula 11/8/04 - The Apprentice 2 - episode 9

Fans Of Reality TV 11/8/04 Apprentice: A Tale of Two Bathrooms.

Tribune-Review 11/7/04 'Apprentice' finalist visits school

SF Chronicle 11/7/04 Unlikely 'Apprentice' got MBA on the streets Five questions for Bill Rancic

Mercury News 11/7/04 Omarosa Manigault- Stallworth

Milwaukee Journal 11/6/04 Bow Tie-Wearer Tossed From'Apprentice'

Reality Shack 11/5/04 Extreme Makeover: Trump Edition - The Apprentice 2, Episode 9

Reality TV World 11/5/04 Raj Bhakta breaks down wall to become ninth 'Apprentice 2' boot

Richmond Times Dispatch 11/6/04 Boss Trump gives Raj the business

Randall the Vandal 11/5/04 What's Happening, Raj!

Reality TV Calendar 11/5/04 There's no Crying in Business! Episode 9 Recap

The Trades 11/5/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 9: Grounding Yourself

Richmond Times-Dispatch 11/5/04 Maria Watch: The Apprentice

TV Barn 11/5/04 Raj breaks through the third wall 11/5/04 Trump's Extreme Home Makeover 11/5/04 The Apprentice - Week 9

Reality News Online 11/5/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 8: Destruction and Rebuilding 11/5/04 - Bye to the Raj Master

MSNBC 11/5/04 Raj was just too much like Trump

Quad City Times 11/5/04 Apprentice rebounds after firing by Trump

Ball State Daily News 11/5/04 Speaker says to take risks

Zap2It 11/5/04 Walls, Apex Come Tumblin' Down on 'The Apprentice'

Toledo Blade 11/4/04 'Apprentice' taught value of networking, Toledo group told

Omaha World-Herald 11/4/04 'Apprentice' designs help launch label

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/4/04 Fired candidates to wreak havoc?

Arizona Republic 11/4/04 Elizabeth manages her way to doom 11/4/04 - The Apprentice 2 - episode 8

WNDU-TV 11/3/04 Apprentice star makes stop in Michiana 11/3/04 Hillary Clinton And Trump 'Apprentice' At Every Woman's Conference, Nov 6th

Reality TV World 11/3/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 8 summary

Television Without Pity 11/3/04 A Tale of Two Leaders

Reality News Online 11/3/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 7 Weekly Performance appraisals: New York's Finest?

Orwell Project 11/3/04 Apprentice 2 Episode #9 Preview - Bringing Down The House

Zap2It 11/3/04 Familiar Ghosts Return for 'Apprentice'

Reality News Online 11/3/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Elizabeth Lost 11/2/04 Episode 8 - "Bringing Down the House"

NBCMV 11/2/04 Stacie J., Jen C., Rob & Bradford Rejoin 'The Apprentice' (11/4) as the Teams Renovate a Home on Long Island

PR Newswire 11/2/04 Business Schools Incorporate 'The Apprentice' Into the Classroom, Says

NBCMV 11/2/04 'Biggest Loser,' 'SVU, ' 'Apprentice,.... Highlight NBC's Week Of Oct. 25-31 11/2/04 - What the hell's missing with Elizabeth? - extended footage

Reality Shack 11/2/04 Interview With Omarosa of The Apprentice 11/1/04 Business lessons learned from Episode 8 of "The Apprentice."

Seattle PI 11/1/04 'Apprentice' 101: Learn a thing or two on passion, vision

NY Lawyer 11/1/04 How Did That BigLaw Associate Do on "The Apprentice" This Week?

Palm Beach Daily News 11/1/04 Eau de Trump to waft through stores this month

Reality News Online 11/1/04 The Apprentice 2: How Elizabeth Could Have Saved Herself

SheKnows 10/31/04 Episode 8: NYPD

Chicago Tribune 10/31/04 One Trump reality worth all the hype

Times Dispatch 10/30/04 Trump Power: Soft sell gives team a boost

Charlotte Observer 10/30/04 Book proves Trump picked the right guy

Fans of Reality TV 10/30/04 When Was the Last Time You Were Fired?

Reality Shack 10/30/04 NYPD Blues - The Apprentice 2, Episode 8 10/29/04 NYPD Trump

TV Barn 10/29/04 Finally, some quality control! 10/29/04 The Apprentice - Week 8

Reality TV World 10/29/04 Elizabeth Jarosz flip-flops as manager and becomes eighth 'Apprentice 2' firing

Orwell Project 10/29/04 Flip-Flopping Elizabeth Fired o­n the Spot - The Apprentice Recap Episode 8

The Trades 10/29/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 8: Stop or I'll Shoot (Myself in the Foot)

Reality TV Calendar 10/29/04 New York's Finest: Episode 8 Recap

Reality News Online 10/29/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 8: Military... Police?

WCNC 10/29/04 When was the last time The Apprentice gave you goose bumps?

Richmond Times Dispatch 10/29/04 Maria Watch: The Apprentice

MSNBC 10/29/04 What’s with Trump’s weird voiceovers?

Chicago Sun Times 10/29/04 This Trump show is called 'Demolition'

Zap2It 10/29/04 'Apprentice' Makes a Man of Mosaic 10/28/04 - The Apprentice 2 - episode 7

KWQC-TV 10/28/04 Trump kicks off construction process of 90-story Chicago tower

Arizona Republic 10/28/04 Stacy R. is thrown to the dogs

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/28/04 No consensus on next to get the boot

Ottawa Citizen 10/27/04 Trump's comb-over, Paris Hilton and dog among Stephen King's pet peeves

Television Without Pity 10/27/04 Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Vail Daily News 10/27/04 Free beer with bow tie

Crain's Chicago Business 10/27/04 Just call him Demolition Donald

Contact Music 10/27/04 Trump's Reality Show Goes Hip-Hop

Reality News Online 10/27/04 The Apprentice 2: Why Stacy Lost

TV Guide 10/27/04 Apprentice Loser Still Talking

NBCMV 10/26/04 Candidates on 'The Apprentice' Create New Ad Campaign for the NYPD....

Orwell Project 10/26/04 The Apprentice 2 Episode 8 Preview - Teams Create Ad Campaign For NYPD 10/26/04 'The Apprentice 2' Recap: 10/21/2004 10/26/04 Trump plants partner Ruffin in a spotlight 10/26/04 - Lil' Stacy Gets the Axe - extended footage week 7

South Florida Business Journal 10/25/04 'Apprentice' to work to sell 605 Lincoln Road

Reality TV World 10/25/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 7 summary

eChannelLine 10/25/04 Gdox hires Apprentice cast member to build dealer channel

Pioneer Press 10/25/04 Kwame Jackson capitalizes on 'Apprentice' appearance 10/25/04 Business lessons learned from Episode Seven of "The Apprentice."

Seattle PI 10/25/04 'Apprentice' 101: Team makeovers highlight importance of temperaments

NY Lawyer 10/25/04 BigLaw Associate Maneuvers on "The Apprentice"

USA Today 10/25/04 Trump on the light side

Fans Of Reality TV 10/25/04 The Apprentice 2: All Bark, No Bite - 10/21/04 recap

TVRules 10/25/04 The Apprentice: It's All About Dogs 10/21/04 Summary

Reality News Online 10/25/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 7: Dogging It

Columbia Basin Herald 10/24/04 'Apprentice' contestant settles in for Q&A at BBCC

Detroit Free Press 10/24/04 Trump shares secrets from a billionaire's life

Tribune Review 10/24/05 Trump strengthens his new role of entertainer

SheKnows 10/23/04 Episode 7: "The Dogs Have It...Stacy R. Is Out!"

Sacramento Bee 10/23/04 Omarosa's new battle: To empower businesswomen

Reality Shack 10/22/04 Every Dog Has Its Day - The Apprentice 2, Episode 7

Reality TV World 10/22/04 Stacy Rotne becomes seventh contestant fired as 'Apprentice 2' goes to the dogs

Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/22/04 Maria Watch: The Apprentice

TV Barn 10/22/04 Doggie style 10/22/04 Lady and the Trump

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/22/04 Reality show for the business-savvy

The Trades 10/22/04 Apprentice 2: Episode 7: Dog-Eat-Dog

Contact Music 10/22/04 Trump To Remain Boss Of Troubled Company

Reality TV Calendar 10/22/04 It's Dog Eat Dog: Episode 7 Recap

Reality Shack 10/22/04 Interview With Amy Henry of The Apprentice 10/22/04 - Stacy R. on 'The Today Show'

Reality News Online 10/22/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 7: Dog Eat Dog
Edmonton Sun 10/22/04 Gone to the dogs

NY Daily News 10/22/04 Mayor's on a role with Donald's show

MSNBC 10/22/04 Boardroom behavior brought Stacy down

Zap2It 10/22/04 Trump Sends a Yappy 'Apprentice' to the Pound

Casino City Times 10/21/04 Takes Wagers on 'The Apprentice'

KSL-TV 10/21/04 Utah Teen Appears on 'The Apprentice'

Reality News Online 10/21/04 The Apprentice 2, Episode 6 Extras: Business Models 10/21/04 Show's over; time for work

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/21/04 Elizabeth at top of to-go list

Palm Beach Post 10/21/04 Sound like the boss - even if you're the apprentice

Television Without Pity 10/20/04 Crimes of Fashion

Rocky Mountain News 10/20/04 Trump's sidekick tells women to set the bar high, take risks

Denver Post 10/20/04 "Apprentice" toughie plays role of inspirer 10/20/04 - The Apprentice 2 - episode 6

Deseret News 10/20/04 Are TV billionaires a bust?

Reality News Online 10/20/04 The Apprentice 2: Why John Lost

NY Daily News 10/20/04 Billionaire thumped by Trump

Orwell Project 10/19/04 The Apprentice 2 Episode 7 Teaser - "New Yorkers love their dogs," says Trump

Daily Athenaeum 10/19/04 'Apprentice' alumnus to speak in 'Lair on getting a first job 10/19/04 Reality TV contestant lands with IT solution provider

NBCMV 10/19/04 Trump Shakes Up the Teams in a Surprise Corporate Restructure Before Sending Them to the Dogs....

Reality TV World 10/19/04 The Apprentice 2 - Episode 6 summary

SheKnows 10/19/04 Episode 6: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Zap2It 10/18/04 Kato, Omarosa Get 'Clues' for Court TV 10/18/04 Business lessons learned from episdode six of "The Apprentice"

Miami Herald 10/18/04 'Apprentice' Celebrates Latest Episode

NY Lawyer 10/18/04 BigLaw Associate Hangs On on "The Apprentice"
Pop Politics 10/18/04 The Apprentice: The Missing Episode

NY Daily News 10/18/04 Father knows, um...

USA Today 10/18/04 Trump is roasted till he's well done

Reality News Online 10/18/04 The Apprentice 2 Weekly Performance Review, Episode 6: Fashionably Fired!

Seattle PI 10/18/04 'Apprentice' 101: Understanding product is a winning strategy

The Star 10/17/04 The Donald speaks about the No 1 show on TV 10/17/04 - 10/14/04: Apex Lives Up to its Name

Fans Of Reality TV 10/17/04 The Apprentice 2 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - 10/14/04 recap

Times Dispatch 10/16/04 Trump Power: A less-appealing 'Apprentice'?

Journal News 10/16/04 The Apprentice's Carolyn Kepcher offers business tips in new book

NY Times 10/16/04 Donald Trump Is Done to a Turn

NY Daily News 10/16/04 Money can't buy him love


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