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Top News for the Olympic Games 1/23/03-4/30/04 


Chicago Tribune 4/30/04 Kobe Bryant Unlikely to Play in Olympics

Telegraph 4/29/04 Olympics: London told to look to Sydney

Voice of America 4/28/04 North, South Korea to Discuss Joint Appearance at Athens Olympics

Mercury News 4/28/04 Olympics have odd bedfellow

NY Daily News 4/28/04 U.S. gov't goal: Drug-free Olympians

MSNBC 4/27/04 Olympics preps down to the wire

MSNBC 4/27/04 U.S. Olympics team seeks NBA help

Washington Times 4/26/04 Athens plumbing may not hold for Olympics

Oregon Live 4/23/04 Athens in rush to finish Olympics projects

CNN 4/22/04 Greek police special forces hold Olympic drill

Seattle Times 4/22/04 A race to the finish for Athens Olympics

NY Times 4/21/04 Queens Is Better Than Manhattan for Jets-Olympics Facility

WCNC 4/20/04 Olympics: 4 U.S. athletes warned for stimulant use

New Zealand Herald 4/20/04 IOC 'really confident' Athens will be ready on time

USA Today 4/19/04 IOC close to deal for cancellation insurance

The Age 4/18/04 AOC confident of Athens village

Newsday 4/18/04 Athens beyond the games

Telegraph 4/17/04 Greek islands face Olympic struggle

Voice of America 4/17/04 NATO Begins Planning for Athens Olympics

Independent 4/17/04 Olympics boss wins £50,000 for false quote

Newsday 4/17/04 . . . and during the Olympics

SF Chronicle 4/16/04 A weekly look at the push to prepare Athens for the Olympics

Channel News Asia 4/16/04 Olympics: Mixed response to Olympic ticket sales

This Is London 4/15/04 Wembley Stadium may be ready early

Channel News Asia 4/15/04 Olympics: Greece admits delays in Athens transport security

Novinite 4/15/04 Sofia Bids for Hosting 2014 Olympics

Financial Times 4/13/04 Athens plans an eleventh hour facelift

Daily Times 4/13/04 Athens Olympics: Swifter, higher, stronger — and riskier

MSNBC 4/12/04 Ticket sales slow in U.S. for Athens' Olympics

Chicago Sun-Times 4/12/04 Tennessee State president accused of using job to go to Super Bowl

CBS 4/11/04 Greece Behind In Race For Olympics

The Scotsman 4/11/04 Marathon Can Boost London Olympics Bid

Newsday 4/11/04 Deputy mayor: Olympics provide an impetus for development

SF Chronicle 4/10/04 Fears of terrorism aren't keeping everyone away from Athens

Press Enterprise 4/10/04 Olympics construction deadlines tested

Jacksonville Business Journal 4/9/04 Super Bowl suburbs coming up short

Washington Times 4/8/04 U.S. ticket sales slow for Olympics

CNN 4/8/04 Athens pledge - 'no more cutbacks'

Scotsman 4/8/04 Athens Games Goes over Budget

Columbia Daily Spectator 4/8/04 NYC Battles for 2012 Olympics

Xinhua 4/8/04 ATHOC to offer wireless services during Olympics

Post Gazette 4/7/04 Greek premier 'guarantees' safe Olympics

Seattle Times 4/7/04 Potential traffic problems spoil view of 2010 Olympics

NY Times 4/7/04 Uneasy Greeks Are Concentrating on Olympic Safety

SF Chronicle 4/5/04 Ancient Greek ship replica repaired for Olympics

The Star 4/4/04 Animal lovers fight over strays in the streets for Olympics

China Daily 4/3/04 IPR protection for 2008 Games stressed

CNN/SI 4/2/04 With the Olympics approaching, here are the top U.S. storylines to follow

Washington Time 4/2/04 U.S. views Olympics military challenge

CNN 4/2/04 Olympic Games pool crisis deepens

Hello 4/1/04 Prince Albert lights Olympic flame in Greece

Boston Globe 4/1/04 Is it us against them at Olympics?

USA Today 4/1/04 10 Greek places to behold in the land of the Olympics

CNN/SI 3/31/04 IOC warns Greece as strike hits builders

USA Today 3/30/04 Fans clamor for Olympics luxuries of Shaq, Garnett

Voice of America 3/30/04 US Tennis Star Serena Williams to Play in Olympics

ABC News 3/29/04 US ambassador rejects claims athletes will boycott Athens Olympics

Times Picayune 3/28/04 Even with setbacks, Greeks excited about Olympics

St. Petersburg Times 3/28/04 Group effort works toward safe Olympics

NY Times 3/28/04 Regionalize the Olympics

Washington Post 3/27/04 NATO Pledges Ships And Aircraft to Help Safeguard Olympics

National Post 3/27/04 IOC official says construction of main stadium roof must stop in June

Straits Times 3/27/04 Olympics worth every cent of $17b spent

NY Daily News 3/27/04 Greek pride, burning bright

Telegraph 3/26/04 'Olympics could be targeted by al-Qa'eda'

VOA 3/26/04 Inspector Says Athens Should be Ready for Olympics
Globe and Mail 3/26/04 Officials fear attacks on Olympics, athletes

Newsday 3/25/04 Olympics bid backers hopeful

Guardian 3/24/04 Leader of Olympics bid weakened by Blair row and PR industry doubts

International Herald Tribune 3/24/04 Olympics: One little problem: the month of August

Xinhua 3/23/04 Beijing to seek mascot for 2008 Olympics

SF Gate 3/22/04 Greece will seek to provide security without robbing Olympics of celebration

Newsday 3/22/04 Design 2012: Visualizing a land fit for Olympians

Sunday Herald 3/21/04 Olympics struggle towards starting line

Scotland on Sunday 3/21/04 Race is on to make Olympics safe

BBC 3/20/04 Athens roof plans abandoned

SF Chronicle 3/20/04 Greek Premier promises 'maximum security' effort for Olympics

Washington Times 3/20/04 Athens Olympics cancels pool roof

Sydney Morning Herald 3/19/04 PlayStation to release game on Athens Olympics

SF Chronicle 3/18/04 A record 202 nations for Athens Olympics

Xinhua 3/18/04 First group of hotels for 2008 Olympics named

Fox Sports 3/17/04 Report: Shaq, K.G. invited to Olympics

CNN/SI 3/16/04 Marathon route to be ready before Olympics

USA Today 3/16/04 Americans pledge attendance at Games

NY Times 3/15/04 Bomb Is Found in Athens

Reuters 3/15/04 Greeks debate NATO help for Olympics

The Australian 3/14/04 Olympics 'not al-Qaeda target'

SF Chronicle 3/13/04 Birthplace of Olympics to be reborn for Athens Games

Newsday 3/13/04 Gambling $110M on 2012 Olympics

SF Chronicle 3/13/04 Facts and figures about Ancient Olympia

Independent 3/13/04 Olympics: Security is top priority as Athens chief approaches the finish line

MSNBC 3/12/04 ‘Our Games Will Be a Celebration’

ABC 3/12/04 Olympics organisers lose top official

Mercury News 3/11/04 Anheuser-Busch extends contract for Olympic sponsorship

Toronto Star 3/11/04 Marchers protest Olympics security drill

Newsday 3/11/04 NYC unveils finalists for 2012 Olympics village

Washington Post 3/11/04 Greece Begins Multinational Security Exercises for Olympics

SF Gate 3/10/04 New premier vows to do his utmost for ``best and safest'' Olympics

Guardian 3/10/04 Greece to ask Nato to protect Olympics

MSNBC 3/9/04 Olympic-size savings in Athens

The Guardian 3/9/04 Olympic initiative by Karamanlis

SF Chronicle 3/8/04 IOC congratulates new Greek leader on election victory

Washington Times 3/8/04 New Greek leader vows safe Olympics

BBC 3/8/04 British hopes in balance

AZ Central 3/7/04 Pre-Olympics elections crucial vote for Greeks

Star Tribune 3/ Press 3/5/04 Oxfam hits Olympics clothing sweatshops

Boston Globe 3/5/04 As Olympics loom, Greeks set to vote

Reuters /5/04 Police say Olympics to spell Greek anarchists' end

CNN/SI 3/4/04 IOC boss praises security plans for Athens

Washington Times 3/4/04 Workers exploited to cash in on Olympics

USA Today 3/3/04 Athens Games officials race to starting line

Hollywood Reporter 3/3/04 NBC targets USA for Olympic trials

Guardian 3/3/04 Delays leave Athens' Olympics plans in chaos

The Scotsman 3/2/04 BBC Puts Olympics Coverage on Internet

TV Barn 3/2/04 NBC shocker (not): USA new home of Olympic cablecast

Zap2It 3/2/04 NBC Set to Shift Olympic Trials to USA

SF Chronicle 3/1/04 Anxiety in Athens as Olympics approach

Daily Times 3/1/04 Pre-Olympics jitters

ABC.net.au 2/29/04 Roof or no roof, the games will go on: Rogue

BBC 2/29/04 Longer drugs bans proposed

ESPN 2/29/04 Davies proposes four-year Olympics ban

The Age 2/29/04 Athens Games "most secure" ever

Telegraph 2/28/04 Athens still behind schedule

CNN/SI 2/28/04 'Hundreds' of U.S. troops to join security drills

Mercury News 2/28/04 Playing Games - will Athens be ready for Olympics?

Dallas Morning News 2/28/04 Athens Olympics Report

Reuters 2/27/04 Nothing will stop the Games, says Athens chief

BBC 2/27/04 Iraq's Olympic suspension lifted

CNN 2/27/04 Rogge guarded over Athens progress

Ananova 2/26/04 Tomb Raider star to carry Olympic torch

Guardian 2/26/04 'Thousands evicted' for Olympics

People's Daily 2/26/04 Two Koreas agree to joint march for Athens Olympics

Worcester Telegram 2/25/04 McDonald's Renews Olympic Sponsorship

Tacoma News Tribune 2/25/04 Iraqis to compete in Athens Olympics

SF Chronicle 2/25/04 Police clash with demonstrators protesting Olympics

CSM 2/25/04 A walk through Athens, then and now

USA Today 2/24/04 Chambers banned for life from Olympics for positive THG test

SF Chronicle 2/24/04 Rogge praises security plans for Athens Olympics

Canada.com 2/23/04 U.S. athletes preparing for hostile reception in Athens Olympics

Herald Sun 2/22/04 Scam cost us the Olympics
China View 2/21/04 Beijing's traffic problem won't impede Olympics: Mayor

BBC 2/20/04 Olympic turf war resolved

The Province 2/20/04 'Politics' blamed for delay in naming 2010 Olympics czar

BBC 2/20/04 Nato pledges to help at Olympics

Daily Times 2/20/04 Swimming roof for 2004 Olympics deemed a must

News Tribune 2/20/04 Audit: Atlanta underreported crime ahead of Olympics

Telegraph 2/19/04 Olympics: Litmus test for London's Olympic bid prospects

Media Guardian 2/19/04 EastEnders could back Olympic bid

News.com.au 2/18/04 Athens in swim set-back

ABC.net.au 2/17/04 China trade mission seeks Olympics 2008 contracts

Telegraph 2/17/04 Athens Olympic dome threatened by delays

The Guardian 2/17/04 Armed guards for British athletes

BBC 2/16/04 My London: 'We can manage the Olympics'

NY Times 2/16/04 Good Morning, Mr. Phelps. Next Mission: Olympics.

Guardian 2/15/04 US stars fear they are easy targets of Olympics terror

The Age 2/14/04 For the Greek diaspora, Athens is the patriot Games

Hindustan Times 2/14/04 Olympics cut down suicide rates

Globe and Mail 2/14/04 Athens faces challenge of Olympic proportions

Chicago Tribune 2/14/04 Possible Olympics Attacks Causes Concern

SMH 2/14/04 The Time of Our Lives: Inside the Sydney Olympics

BBC 2/13/04 Olympics 'can cut suicide rates'

Newsday 2/12/04 City Wraps Up 2012 Olympics Bid

The Desert Sun 2/12/04 Oympics losing U.S. teams left and right

CNN/SI 2/12/04 Greeks to switch builders on marathon route

BBC 2/12/04 Wales' role in Olympics bid

Voice of America 2/11/04 Athens Olympics to Issue More Secure ID Cards

Canoe 2/10/04 Olympics sends archaeologists on treasure hunt

USA Today 2/10/04 Cuban, Brown clash over Olympics

Channel News Asia 2/10/03 IOC chief Rogge warns athletes about new growth hormone tests

Herald Sun 2/8/04 Delta asked to sing at Olympics

Guardian 2/7/04 Rats limber up for Olympics after cat cull

SF Chronicle 2/5/04 U.S. to fund Iraqi wrestlers' training for Olympics

SF Gate 2/5/04 Greek police add ears to electronic eyes watching over Olympics

SABC 2/4/04 Security budget a problem ahead of Olympics

News.com.au 2/4/04 Uninsured doctors to miss start at Olympics

Chicago Tribune 1/30/04 Museum in Greece to Be Open for Olympics

SF Chronicle 1/30/04 Anti-terrorism drill helps Athens' security expert ready for Olympics

The Age 1/29/04 PM declines Athens Olympics invite

BBC 1/27/04 S Korea holds IOC vice-president
CNN 1/27/04 Olympic V-P held on fraud charges

Media Guardian 1/26/04 Just taking part is not good enough

Ananova 1/25/04 The Winter Olympics began on this day

Bangkok Post 1/24/04 Iraq gets ready for Olympics

BBC 1/23/04 S Korea Olympics man suspended

Seattle PI 1/23/04 Winter X Games go live

Fox Sports 1/22/04 Angry at security plans, protesters march against Athens Olympics

BBC 1/21/04 Athens eyes final push

Independent 1/21/04 Afghanistan's Olympics team to train on Lesbos

Telegraph 1/21/04 This marbles madness

Scotsman 1/20/04 Terrorists on their marks for Olympics

CBS 1/20/04 Ancient Artifacts Found In Greece

SF Chronicle 1/18/04 A monthly look at Athens and the countdown to the Olympics

The Sun 1/18/04 Blair £2.4bn Olympics bid

Guardian 1/18/04 London hires global team of Olympics informants - but don't call them spies

NY Times 1/17/04 City Sees Gain of $12 Billion From Landing 2012 Olympics

Arizona Republic 1/17/04 7 nations to help with security for Olympics

CNN/SI 1/17/04 New York outlines bid for compact 2012 Games

Independent 1/17/04 Faster, higher, stronger? Rival cities stake their claims to Olympics

Guardian 1/17/04 A games for the whole nation, say organisers

Independent 1/17/04 Olympics bid: Chorus of fine words launches £2.5bn leap of faith

Ananova 1/16/04 Wembley and Wimbledon at heart of Olympics bid

BBC 1/16/04 UK Olympics 'would boost capital'

CNN 1/16/04 Parisian bid draws on savoir-faire

Daily Telegraph 1/16/04 Olympics: Blair adds weight as Games bid takes wing

BBC 1/16/04 Cities unveil Olympic bids

CNN/SI 1/16/04 British soccer team possible if London wins Games

Chicago Tribune 1/15/04 Bidding Process for 2012 Olympics

The Age 1/15/04 Tourists cool on Athens Olympics

Zap2It 1/15/04 Olympics Will Jump-Start NBC's Fall Schedule

Guardian 1/15/04 London lays out its golden prospectus

Telegraph 1/15/04 Olympics: Eyes of the world on Oscar-style ceremony

BBC 1/15/04 Ad campaign for London Games bid

Telegraph 1/15/04 Olympics: Game on and all to play for in race to finish line

BBC 1/14/04 Olympic flame to visit Wimbledon

NY Times 1/14/04 In Olympian Dreams, Designs for the City

Telegraph 1/14/04 Olympics: Living up to Sydney pentathlon standard

CNN/SI 1/13/04 Foreign minister: Declare Feb. 25 truce day

Channel News Asia 1/12/04 Olympics: Madrid confident on 2012 Olympic bid

Telegraph 1/10/04 Olympics: London 'mini bid' to stress speedy travel

Aftenposten 1/9/04 Tromsoe's Olympics bid raises flak

Taipei Times 1/8/04 Construction for Olympics unearths treasures

Novinite.com 1/8/04 Greek Tourism Chief: The Olympics Are Tremendous Advantage to Bulgaria

Telegraph.co.uk 1/8/04 Olympic Games: Paris dig at London out of line

USA Today 1/7/04 IOC: All Salt Lake samples clear of THG

CNN/SI 1/7/04 Greece struggles to showcase Cultural Olympiad

BBC 1/7/04 Paris risks IOC wrath

SF Chronicle 1/7/04 Mazeika to coach U.S. team at Athens Olympics

This Is London 1/7/04 Paris puts the boot in over Olympic bid

CNN/SI 1/4/04 Poll: Greeks to flock to Athens during Olympics

CNN/SI 1/3/04 IOC president hails progress in Athens works

Daily Telegraph 1/2/04 Volunteers take spirit to Athens

ABC.net.au 1/1/04 Athens Olympics construction on schedule

CNN 12/31/03 Athens 'on schedule' for Olympics

CNN/SI 12/31/03 Athens throws party for Olympic year

NY Daily News 12/31/03 7 U.S. Olympians fail drug tests

CNN/SI 12/30/03 Former airport security chief concerned

News.com.au 12/30/03 Iraqi boxers join Olympic qualifiers

Telegraph 12/30/03 Olympic Games: Scots block cash plan for London

SF Gate 12/30/03 Bush, other world leaders invited to Olympics

BBC 12/29/03 S Korean IOC figure questioned

Telegraph 12/28/03 Olympics: London bid for 2012 is on right track

SMH 12/24/03 China going green over Olympics

Xinhua 12/24/03 Beijing to improve garbage treatment capacity in preparation for Olympics

Voice of America 12/24/03 Beijing Begins Construction on Main Venue for 2008 Olympics

News.com.au 12/23/03 New charge for Olympic medallist

Xinhua 12/23/03 Beijing names seven candidate theme songs for Olympics

BBC 12/23/03 Ferrero eyes Olympics

Guardian 12/22/03 Blair denies 'Olympics lobbying charge'

BBC 12/22/03 Blair denies 'Olympic pitch'

This Is London 12/22/03 'Transport system rules out Olympics in capital'

Independent 12/22/03 Delays over £1bn rail link threaten bid for Olympics

Beacon Journal 12/21/03 Tips on Greece for Olympics in newsletter

China Daily 12/21/03 Beijing Olympics offer world stage for Chinese brands

Deseret News 12/19/03 NBC Games guru re-ups for 9 years

Fresno Bee 12/18/03 Olympics tops list of favorite sporting events

Boston Globe 12/17/03 Hewitt rules himself out of Olympics

New Zealand Herald 12/17/03 Olympics: Nine bids to host 2012 Games

The Wharf 12/17/03 No Fast Food For Olympics

BBC 12/16/03 Rogge praises 2012 contenders

BBC 12/16/03 London 'to set new standard'

TV Barn 12/16/03 NBC PR: Ebersol signed thru 2012 Games

Daily Camera 12/14/03 Greek-Americans up to bat in Olympics

CNN/SI 12/12/03 Access to Olympics facilities to be strictly limited by June

Herald Tribune 12/12/03 IOC: Turin Needs to Promote 2006 Olympics

Reuters 12/11/03 Greeks worried about cost of Games and security

USA Today 12/10/03 Athens Olympics drawing criticism

SF Gate 12/9/03 Officers demand hazard pay leading to Olympics

EPSN 12/9/03 Groups cite mistreatment, poverty of gypsies

Time 12/7/03 Big Fat Greek Headaches

Boston.com 12/6/03 Olympics:U.S. Lawmakers Give Athens Games Thumbs-Up

SF Chronicle 12/5/03 IOC could bar U.S. track officials from Olympics
LA Times 12/5/03 Pair Acquitted in Olympics Bribery Probe

NY Times 12/5/03 Judge Dismisses I.O.C. Bribery Case

BBC 12/5/03 Olympics bribery case collapses

SF Chronicle 12/5/03 Greece to create processing center for illegal immigrants before Olympics

SF Gate 12/4/03 IOC rejects ban on flags, anthems for nonpaying governments

Telegraph 12/4/03 New lottery would help fund London Olympics

MSNBC 12/2/03 Athens public left out of security plan

CNN/SI 12/2/03 Greeks hold security planning meeting

CNN/SI 12/1/03 Rogge: Baseball's Olympic future uncertain

BBC 12/1/03 Rogge hits out at US athletics

BBC 12/1/03 Clijsters pulls out of Olympics

Oregonian 11/30/03 Getting Tickets For The Olympics

SF Chronicle 11/29/03 U.S. men fail to qualify for Olympics in volleyball

USA Today 11/28/03 International forces on standby if Olympics attacked

News Hax 11/28/03 Ann Coulter beats out Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics

CNN/SI 11/28/03 Rogge: Anti-terrorism a top priority

ABC News 11/28/03 Security Said to Be Key in Greek Olympics

Deepika Global 11/28/03 Athens 2004 Olympics to increase drug testing by 25 per cent

CBC 11/27/03 Terrorism concern at Athens Olympics

Guardian 11/27/03 Saatchis win Olympic brief

Eastday 11/27/03 Greece seeks broad cooperation in security of Athens Olympics

Seattle PI 11/26/03 Brit terror chief warns Olympic planners

CNN/SI 11/26/03 Greeks deny reports of air-defense drill

Reuters 11/26/03 Athens Olympic Torch Relay to Visit Record 27 Nations

SignOnSanDiego.com 11/26/03 Olympics get security boost

New Zealand Herald 11/26/03 Olympics: Athens strict on security

CNN/SI 11/25/03 Iraqi Olympic athletes to train in Romania

Financial Times 11/24/03 Greece to deploy 10,000 soldiers at Olympics

SF Chronicle 11/22/03 Shot put at ancient birthplace of Olympics

The Hindu 11/22/03 Women lifters earn four berths in Athens Olympics

BBC 11/21/03 Clijsters makes Olympics threat

NY Daily News 11/21/03 Lack of cash may hold up Olympic bid

BBC 11/20/03 Rugby on Olympic 'waiting list'

Sunday Times 11/19/03 Insulting Athens Olympics to become a criminal offence

The Guardian 11/19/03 US dope delay puts New York at risk

News.com.au 11/19/03 Greeks reassure French

Deepika 11/18/03 India to bid for 2020 Olympics

CNN 11/17/03 Police clash with Greek protesters

BBC 11/17/03 London Olympics logo unveiled

CNN 11/17/03 Greek police get Olympic test

The Advocate 11/17/03 Olympics to open door to transsexual athletes

Channel News Asia 11/15/03 Greek President backs relocation of 2004 Olympics shot put event

SF Chronicle 11/14/03 United States beats Cuba, earns Olympics berth

Seattle PI 11/13/03 IOC OK transsexual athletes in Olympics

Boston.com 11/13/03 Greece drops brothel bill for Olympics

CNN/SI 11/13/03 Greek street protesters moved to sidewalks

Channel News Asia 11/12/03 Beijing eyes lower air pollution ahead of '08 Olympics but won't cut cars

Reuters 11/12/03 Four U.S. Athletes' B Samples Test Positive for THG

This Is London 11/12/03 Olympics 'will force 350 relocations'

BBC 11/11/03 THG use 'probably not widespread'

This Is London 11/11/03 Olympic venues revealed

BayNews9 11/11/03 Pasco County business takes part in 2004 and 2008 Olympics

USA Today 11/10/03 Olympics won't be the same without U.S. baseball team

Jerusalem News 11/10/03 Israel to help guard Greek waters during Olympics

MSNBC 11/9/03 No U.S. in ’04 Olympics? Ridiculous

Mercury News 11/8/03 Gun-toting at the Olympics for safety measures?

Stuff.co.nz 11/8/03 Greek anarchists bomb banks in protest at FBI visit

Washington Post 11/8/03 U.S. Fails To Qualify In Baseball

Boston Globe 11/6/03 Evidence thrown out in Olympics bribe trial

Fox News 11/5/03 FBI Director to Review Greek Security for Olympics

Detroit News 11/4/03 Get in the game now for Olympics tickets

Eastday 11/4/03 Beijing hotels to be upgraded for Olympics

The Oregonian 11/4/03 Athens offers homes for rent at Olympics

Time 11/3/03 Dangerous Games?

Salon 11/3/03 FBI director to inspect Olympic security in Athens

The Telegraph 11/2/03 India can host Olympics: Kalam

The Age 11/1/03 Claims Utah bribed to win Olympics

Forbes 10/31/03 Opening statements to begin in Utah Olympics trial

BBC 10/30/03 New blow for Leipzig Olympic bid

NY Times 10/29/03 Trial Opens in Salt Lake City on How the Games Were Won

News.com.au 10/28/03 Greece 'not ready' for terrorist attacks

BBC 10/28/03 Olympics bribe trial jury selected

Oregonian 10/28/03 Report: Greece downplays Olympics threat

Globe and Mail 10/27/03 Rogge touts Bulgaria's Winter Games bid

BBC 10/27/03 Secret police cast shadow on Olympic bid

SF Chronicle 10/27/03 Former Olympic bid leaders prepare to go on trial

BBC 10/27/03 Olympics bribe trial set to open

AJC 10/26/03 Coca-Cola nurtures close ties with Greek Olympics

Daily Times 10/25/03 Inter-Korean team for 2008 Beijing Olympics proposed

Xinhua 10/25/03 Shooting referees gear up for Beijing Olympics

BBC 10/24/03 Athens 'must sprint to Olympic finish'

BBC 10/24/03 Athens back on track

China Daily 10/23/03 Olympics food safety discussed

KOAA 10/23/03 Zero tolerance could keep athletes out of the 2004 Olympics

Oregonian 10/22/03 IOC begins to inspect Olympic preparations

Daily Times 10/21/03 Olympics torch relay to cross Istanbul

Edmonton Sun 10/21/03 Thanks for the silver, but ...

Oregonian 10/21/03 Report: IOC concerned about project delays

Seattle PI 10/21/03 Olympians seek changes to guard athletes

Daily Times 10/21/03 Greece to shield 2004 Olympics from public protests

News Hax 10/20/03 IOC Gives Up, To Legalise Steriod Use

Channel News Asia 10/20/03 Olympics: Organisers study alternatives to delayed train project

Xinhua 10/18/03 IOC member: Beijing Olympics faces traffic challenge

Channel News Asia 10/17/03 IOC official confirms worries about Olympic stadium roof

Ananova 10/17/03 US track stars 'in doping conspiracy'

CNN 10/17/03 Doctor: Doping 'all about money'

Newsday 10/16/03 Man Gets 4 Years for 2002 Olympics Blast

The Oregonian 10/16/03 Athens increases Olympic security budget

VOA 10/16/03 Athens Plans Festive, but Safe 2004 Olympics

San Antonio Express 10/16/03 Olympics create four-week break in WNBA season

The Oregonian 10/16/03 New steroid tests catch some U.S. runners

Telegraph.co.uk 10/16/03 Olympics: Palace out in cold

Forbes 10/15/03 Establishment shuns Geneva telecoms 'Olympics'

BBC 10/15/03 Olympic tax hike challenged

Boston Globe 10/15/03 NBA plans to realign; WNBA to take hiatus during Olympics

Daily Times 10/15/03 Greeks claim Athens Olympics safer than US and Britain

CNN/SI 10/15/03 Greek tourist chief promises 'giant party'

London Free Press 10/15/03 Vancouver aims for clean 2010 Games

Seattle Times 10/11/03 Athens Olympics will have 25 percent more drug tests

The Province 10/10/03 B.C. small business to get 'significant help' from Olympics

SF Chronicle 10/9/03 Rogge cites security as top priority for 2012 bidders

Telegraph.co.uk 10/8/03 Stasi links endanger bid for 2012 Olympics

Gainesville Sun 10/8/03 Cops Scuffle With Cops in Greece

NY Daily News 10/8/03 'We must win' at Olympics, says DiCicco

New Zealand Herald 10/8/03 Olympics: Iraq, Timor to attend Games

CNN/SI 10/7/03 Extensive torch relay planned for Turin 2006

News.com.au 10/7/03 Olympic mobile access lagging

Pioneer Press 10/7/03 Police Warn of Strikes Before Olympics

Newsday 10/7/03 Xerox to End Its Sponsorship of Olympics

Guardian Unlimited 10/7/03 How has London done so far?

CNN/SI 10/6/03 Iraq, Afghanistan to show at 2004 Olympics

Ad Week 10/6/03 Dream Ad Team Set To Play for NYC2012

Canoe.com 10/5/03 Vcr. must increase disabled access: Olympic advocates

Daily Express 10/2/03 3D archery could bring Olympics into focus as popularity grows

News 24 10/2/03 Back to Olympics for rugby

SF Gate 10/1/03 Jan Ullrich cleared for Olympics

Guardian 10/1/03 All-night tube to aid London's bid to host Olympics

Ananova 9/30/03 London can win Olympics race, says Cram

Voice of America 9/30/03 More Tickets Released for Athens Olympics

CNN/SI 9/29/03 Greece to mint euro2 coin to help fund Olympics

MPA News 9/29/03 Greece Will Hold The Safest Olympics

Telegraph.co.uk 9/28/03 Lee ready to beef up London's challenge

ABC News 9/27/03 Report: Security Faulty for Athens Olympics

Wyoming News 9/27/03 Mayor wants to boost Olympics role in city

Daily Times 9/27/03 Greece admits budget fears for 2004 Olympics

MSNBC 9/26/03 The quest for Beijing’s Olympic gold

TribNet.com 9/26/03 USA Baseball appoints trio of assistants

Telegraph.co.uk 9/26/03 Olympics: Athens delighted with progress

Canada Newswire 9/25/03 Furlong on the Olympics: "none of us can be bigger than it"

Forbes 9/25/03 NYC Olympic committee kicks off design contest

Fox News 9/25/03 Going for the Gold One More Time

The Hindu 9/24/03 China to hold torch relay over Everest for 2008 Olympics

BBC 9/23/03 Brussels to bid for 2016

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/23/03 Athletes Can Now Have Caffeine, Sudafed

Courier Mail 9/23/03 Olympics win 'a defining moment'

SF Gate 9/19/03 Hockey Federation announces 2006 Winter Games formats

CNN/SI 9/16/03 London trails New York, Paris in early 2012 Olympic bidding

CBS 9/15/03 Athens' Post-9/11 Olympics Task

MSNBC 9/13/03 Athens concentrating on security

SF Gate 9/13/03 Thirty-two boats qualify for Olympics

Telegraph.co.uk 9/13/03 Olympics: Cassani still looking to fill key role

SF Chronicle 9/11/03 Two Greek athletes to miss Olympics after two-year ban

Financial Times 9/11/03 Beijing airport to expand for Olympics

CNN/SI 9/11/03 Milan organizing bid for 2016 Olympics

New Zealand Herald 9/11/03 Samaranch amazed at progress in Athens

Telegraph.co.uk 9/10/03 Beijing's police go into training for the Olympics - with a phrasebook

Fox Sports 9/10/03 Athens Olympics 'still behind'

CNNSI 9/8/03 U.S. Olympic softball team announced

CNET 9/8/03 Three nations sign 2008 Olympics IT pact

CNNSI 9/7/03 Next test for Athens: completing Olympic venues

Boston.com 9/5/03 Former IOC chief says Athens nearly lost Olympics

Boston.com 9/4/03 Beijing, vowing `green Olympics,' promises environmental improvement

Fox Sports 9/3/03 $121m Athens Olympics clean-up

News.com.au 9/3/03 Local maestro loses Games deal

VOA 9/2/03 Athens Olympics Chief Vows Success Despite Recent Setbacks

Globe and Mail 9/2/03 Organizers pleased with Athens test events

Telegraph.co.uk 9/2/03 BBC must improve before Olympics

BBC 9/1/03 China launches Olympics plan

Plain Dealer 9/1/03 2004 Olympics will present a scheduling headache

Kiplinger.com 8/28/03 Race for Olympic Travel Deals

Daily Times 8/27/03 IOC president backs unified Korean team for Olympics

OregonLive 8/26/03 Premier promises top security at Olympics

Macon Telegraph 8/26/03 Rudolph lawyer seeks dismissal of lawsuit

Seattle PI 8/26/03 Greek prostitutes protest brothel limits

VOA News 8/26/03 Greek PM Promises Safe Athens Olympics Next Year

Houston Chronicle 8/25/03 Chinese see red over new logo

Telegraph.co.uk 8/23/03 British team miss out on Olympics

Guardian 8/23/03 This week

BBC 8/22/03 IOC condemns 'athletes market'

News.com.au 8/22/03 Athens metro stockpiles gas masks

Financial Times 8/22/03 Olympics security role for telecoms groups

Pak Tribune 8/22/03 Afghan contingent to take part in Athens Olympics next year

New Zealand Herald 8/21/03 IOC warns that Games deadline tight

USA Today 8/20/03 The dirt: Athens venues have too much of it

NZ Herald 8/19/03 Olympics: Athens starts fightback to favour

SF Chronicle 8/18/03 Greek premier says shortcomings remain in Olympics preparations

News.com.au 8/18/03 Athens ready for 2004 Olympics

NY Times 8/17/03 Doubts Mount Over Athens Olympics

Straits Times 8/16/03 Beijing plans 'super hospital' for Olympics

New Zealand Herald 8/16/03 Olympics: Games site infected

CNN 8/14/03 Olympic sponsors go for gold

Hollywood Reporter 8/14/03 NBC inks Olympic promo deal

Telegraph.co.uk 8/14/03 Coe's fate in world poll will offer hint on London bid

MSNBC 8/13/03 Five years before Olympics, China works to protect the official emblem

Olympic.org 8/13/03 Invitations for Athens 2004 Games Sent to 201 National Olympic Committees

SI.com 8/13/03 Clock starts ticking at gym worlds

BBC 8/13/03 Greece 'back on track' for Olympics

AdWeek 8/13/03 McDonald's Preps 'Greek Mac' for Olympics

Telegraph.co.uk 8/13/03 Modern makeover for ancient city

Telegraph.co.uk 8/13/03 Enduring beauty of Panathenaic Stadium can steal the show

Telegraph.co.uk 8/13/03 Sydney casts long shadow over Games

MSNBC 8/12/03 Brooks always downplayed his ‘Miracle’

Salt Lake Tribune 8/12/03 NBC to expand use of simul-cam during 2004 Athens Olympics

Herald Sun 8/12/03 Games ring of steel

Salt Lake Tribune 8/11/03 2004 Athens Olympics: Gearing up for the Games

Boston.com 8/10/03 Reports: Heads Will Roll Over Athens Test Blunders

NY Times 8/10/03 The Chastened Dream Team Sets Sights on Olympics in Athens

Seattle PI 8/9/03 Olympics Notebook: Games coming, so sex must go

CNN 8/9/03 Athens Olympics still work in progress

Fox Sports 8/8/03 Athens tickets go on sale

Contra Costa Times 8/7/03 Olympics flunking first test

Straits Times 8/6/03 Beijing to invest billions on sports hub dream

New Zealand Herald 8/6/03 Olympics: Only one third of Britons support London bid

News.com.au 8/6/03 Greece, UK talk marble return

SF Chronicle 8/5/03 Time change for first test event at Olympics

BBC 8/5/03 London venues earmarked for Olympics

Japan Today 8/5/03 Japan proposes prepaid cash cards for 2008 Beijing Olympics

SF Chronicle 8/4/03 Athens 2004 organizers take Olympics on a test drive

CNN 8/3/03 Beijing unveils Olympics emblem

Deseret News 8/3/03 Vancouver Games likely boon for northwest U.S.

Seattle Times 8/3/03 Athens or bust? Plan now for 2004 Olympics

Financial Times 8/2/03 US-led team wins London Olympics planning contract

National Geographic 8/1/03 Will 2004 Olympics Destroy Ancient Greek Battleground?

Daily Herald 7/27/03 Company to thwart Olympics from going to the dogs

Guardian 7/27/03 East End targeted for gold if London wins Olympics race

Lancaster Online 7/24/03 Dahlberg: Athens Scurries to Get Ready

BBC 7/23/03 Anger over Greek Olympic brothels

Macon Telegraph 7/22/03 Fired Adviser Sues Olympics Organizers

Ananova 7/22/03 First ever Santa Olympics to be held this Christmas

Guardian 7/22/03 An Olympic land grab

BBC 7/21/03 Olympic ticket line hits hurdle

KTVX 7/21/03 Olympics Again?

People's Daily 7/20/03 Beijing to Launch Market Plan for 2008 Olympics in Sept

Times of India 7/20/03 Indian archers qualify for Athens Olympics

Herald Tribune 7/19/03 China to spend more on security for 2008 Olympics

This Is London 7/17/03 Test for dope or miss Olympics

Boston.com 7/16/03 More than 473,000 tickets sold for 2004 Games

Newsday 7/15/03 Senator Threatens to Block USOC Overhaul

Fox Sports 7/15/03 USOC formally nominates New York City for 2012 Games

BBC 7/15/03 Olympic bids: The rivals

This Is Local London 7/15/03 2012 Olympics "overcrowded race"

Canada Newswire 7/15/03 Canada Supports Vancouver 2010 Bid with Limited-Edition Flag Stamp

MSNBC 7/14/03 Greek opposition wants Olympics out of election

People's Daily 7/14/03 Beijing Marks 2nd Anniversary of Successful Bid for 2008 Olympics

People's Daily 7/14/03 Warning in Advance by Li Furong when Athens Olympics is Approaching

This Is Local London 7/13/03 Government: No Crossrail for Olympics

Sunspot.net 7/11/03 Baseball will be going Greek at 2004 Olympics in Athens

MLB.com 7/10/03 MLB prepares for Olympics

USA Today 7/10/03 Melissa Stark to cover Olympics for NBC

Star-Tribune 7/10/03 Tribe loses $2.7 million in booth at Olympics

Voice of America 7/10/03 Leipzig, Germany to Bid for 2012 Olympics

Fox Sports 7/9/03 South Korean village eyes 2014 Winter Olympics host

Globe and Mail 7/9/03 Games won't need government money

SF Gate 7/9/03 South Korean village eyes 2014 Winter Olympics

People's Daily 7/9/03 Beijing Olympics Torch to Light World's Highest Peak

This Is Local London 7/8/03 Rio to challenge London for Olympics

Globe and Mail 7/8/03 Olympic boosterism has a hollow ring

New Zealand Herald 7/8/03 Olympics: Brazil chooses Rio as candidate for 2012 Games

ESPN 7/7/03 Olympics must answer to D'Alessandro

New Zealand Herald 7/7/03 Olympics: Korean wins IOC vote

Toronto Star 7/6/03 Olympic boycott urged over seal hunt

CBC 7/5/03 Big bash begins countdown to Olympics

Boston.com 7/4/03 DeFrantz: IOC, Olympics need more women

Washington Times 7/4/03 U.S. Must Wait for New IOC Member

Lancaster Online 7/4/03 Kim Wins IOC Vice Presidency

Zap2It 7/4/03 Vancouver's Olympic Win a Triumph for NBC

CTV 7/3/03 Opponents fear Olympics' legacy will be debt

SF Chronicle 7/3/03 IOC buys rights to documentary on 1936 Olympics

Calgary Herald 7/3/03 Olympics are paved with gold for B.C.

SF Chronicle 7/3/03 Backers of Reno-Tahoe Olympics say 2014 bid on course

Hollywood Reporter 7/3/03 Olympic win for Vancouver, NBC

Lancaster Online 7/2/03 2010 Games May Mean High Ratings for NBC

BBC 7/2/03 Vancouver wins Olympic vote

SF Chronicle 7/2/03 Vancouver gets 2010 Winter Olympics Games..

Seattle PI 7/2/03 Vancouver's winning of 2010 Olympics hailed in Washington state

Forbes 7/2/03 Canadian dollar boosted by SARS, Olympics news

CTV.ca 7/2/03 Vancouver win 'nerve racking,' Chretien says

CTV.ca 7/2/03 Vancouver victorious in bid for 2010 Olympics

Japan Times 7/2/03 Winter Olympics candidates intensify lobby efforts

Star Ledger 7/2/03 Olympics: 2010 site may affect N.Y. hopes for 2012

SF Chronicle 7/1/03 Talks progress for joint Korean team at Olympics

News.com.au 7/1/03 Olympic hotel in asbestos scare

The Age 7/1/03 IOC boss dismisses glamour

Cincinnati Post 6/30/03 IOC OKs New Medal Design for 2004 Games

SF Gate 6/30/03 Rogge: Olympics don't need Beckham

ABC 6/30/03 IOC agrees to delay China Games

SABCNews.com 6/30/03 2004 organisers boosted by IOC nod of approval

BBC 6/29/03 Candidate cities await 2010 vote

BBC 6/29/03 Afghanistan back in Olympics

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/29/03 Rogge to Meet With Fehr Over USOC Reform

Fox Sports 6/29/03 Cheaper Olympics are good, just don't touch the French

Ananova 6/29/03 IOC strips Russian skier of medals

Fox Sports 6/29/03 IOC looking at how to get Iraqis to Athens Olympics

Toronto Star 6/28/03 Afghanistan cleared for 2004 Olympics

Vancouver Sun 6/27/03 Olympics financing 'a thicket of assumptions'

SF Gate 6/27/03 Vancouver proposes Sea to Sky Games for 2010 Olympics

Fox Sports 6/26/03 Capsules of contenders for 2010 Winter Olympics

SF Chronicle 6/26/03 South Koreans say Olympics would bring peace to divided peninsula

SI.com 6/25/03 Site row could block USOC reform

Fox Sports 6/25/03 IOC president confident that Athens will host successful Summer Olympics

New Zealand Herald 6/25/03 Olympics: Royal bid for 2012 Games

Las Vegas Sun 6/24/03 McCain Wants USOC Reforms in Place Soon

Canada.com 6/24/03 Vancouver 2010 officials won't say who or what will be in final presentation

Telegraph.co.uk 6/24/03 Olympics: Princess helping bid

Newsday 6/23/03 American-born Londoner tries to steal Olympics from New York

CNN/SI 6/23/03 President Roh says Games can promote Koreas relations

CNN/SI 6/21/03 Gretzky to help Vancouver in bid for 2010 Winter Olympics

SF Gate 6/20/03 IOC satisfied with progress for 2006 Games - for now

CNN/SI 6/20/03 New York struts its stuff

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/19/03 Panel Proposes Permanent Boss for USOC

This Is Local London 6/18/03 Deputy Mayor rejects Olympics bid

Ananova 6/18/03 American to lead Olympic bid

Lancaster Online 6/17/03 Criminal Checks Planned at Athens Games

International Herald Tribune 6/17/03 Athens races toward finish

Nzoom.com 6/16/03 Acropolis may miss Olympics

SF Gate 6/16/03 Delegates hope Iraq's Olympics program is back up by 2004

Guardian 6/16/03 US woman to lead Olympic bid

Washington Post 6/15/03 Athens Summer Games 101

SF Chronicle 6/10/03 Chancellor to coach U.S. women's basketball team '04 Olympics

MSNBC 6/10/03 Afghanistan likely to participate in 2004 Olympics after ban lifted

Media Life 6/9/03 What NBC gets for its Olympic billions

New Zealand Herald 6/9/03 Olympics: NBC wins Games screening rights

People's Daily 6/9/03 First Olympic Project Gets Underway in Beijing

News.com.au 6/8/03 Olympic construction halted

Detroit News 6/7/03 NBC wins rights to 2010, 2012 Olympics

Ananova 6/6/03 Istanbul bids for 2012 Olympics

Miami Herald 6/6/03 Cuba Announces Bid for 2012 Olympics

Zap2It 6/6/03 NBC Shells Out for 2010, 2012 Olympics

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/5/03 ABC Makes Pitch for 2010, 2012 Olympics

Fox News 6/5/03 Olympics Have $2 Billion Price Tag for Networks

Telegraph.co.uk 6/4/03 Olympics: Television to put a price on 2012 Olympics

Oregon Live 6/4/03 Drug Test Likely to Be Ready for Olympics

Media Life 6/3/03 Olympic puzzler: Where's ABC?

BBC 6/3/03 London unveils Olympics shortlist

SF Gate 6/3/03 Bidding for TV rights to 2010, 2012 Olympics to begin

Zap2It 6/3/03 CBS Won't Bid on Olympics

FOX Sports 6/2/03 IOC officials begin Olympics inspection

MSNBC 6/2/03 Bremer vows to help Iraq return to Olympics

CBS 6/2/03 CBS pulls out of Olympics bidding

Kansas City Star 6/2/03 Rudolph goes to Alabama first for trial

Washington Post 6/1/03 Alleged Olympics Bomber Caught

USA Today 5/31/03 Rudolph arrest may bring closure to Atlanta Olympics

Guardian 5/31/03 Al-Qaida threat to Olympics

Voice of America 5/30/03 Turkey to Bid for 2012 Summer Olympics

MSNBC 5/29/03 Greek battle to kick smoking habit before Olympics

OregonLive.com 5/29/03 Women to get ranking points for 2004 Olympics

BBC 5/27/03 IOC to ban no-hopers

ABC News 5/27/03 Report: Olympic Host Greece Is Al Qaeda Target

Moscow Times 5/26/03 Moscow Makes Bid for 2012 Olympics

Guardian 5/23/03 Running late - crucial London rail link that may miss the Olympics

USA Today 5/23/03 Moscow joins candidates to hold 2012 Olympics

News.com.au 5/23/03 Olympics bribery trial in October

ABC Sport 5/22/03 Brazilians consider Sao Paulo 2012 Olympics bid

FOX Sports 5/22/03 French sports minister knocks London's bid

Seattle Times 5/21/03 S. Korea Bids for 2010 Winter Olympics

This Is Local London 5/21/03 Olympics could 'succeed' without Crossrail

USA Today 5/21/03 Paris will bid for 2012 Olympics

SF Gate 5/21/03 Reno-Tahoe makes claims to host 2014 Winter Olympics

KNSD 5/20/03 San Diego Company Gets Security Contract For 2004 Olympics

BBC 5/19/03 Olympic bid 'fails without rail link'

The Sun 5/19/03 Lotto is going for gold

New Zealand Herald 5/18/03 Pacific Island Kiribati joins games

The Observer 5/18/03 High-flyer is sought to lead Olympics bid

This Is Local London 5/16/03 Olympics will mean 15 years of construction

BBC 5/16/03 Koreas consider joint Olympic team

Zap2It 5/16/03 Olympic TV Bidders Won't Have to Wait Long

The Sun 5/16/03 2012 ... Games on

BBC 5/15/03 The Olympics' political hurdles

Ananova 5/15/03 London has '1:3 chance of getting 2012 Olympics'

USA Today 5/15/03 Doping allegations from '88 continue to dog USOC

USA Today 5/15/03 London joins New York, Madrid in race for 2012 Olympics

The Sun 5/15/03 Blair's Olympic gamble

FOX Sports 5/14/03 Olympics organizers complete operational plans for all 2004 facilities

FOX Sports 5/14/03 London on verge on bidding for Olympics

Boston.com 5/14/03 Olympic promotions postponed due to SARS

Globe and Mail 5/14/03 Paris to bid for 2012 Olympics

Herald Sun 5/14/03 It's just not the Olympics ticket

SF Chronicle 5/12/03 Tickets for Athens Olympics go on sale

BBC 5/12/03 Tromsoe wants to host Olympics

Telegraph 5/11/03 Olympics: Countdown to bid launch

Times Online 5/10/03 Mayor's gibe 'could cost London the Olympics'

Voice of America 5/8/03 Salzburg Threatens to Withdraw 2010 Olympics Bid

Mercury News 5/7/03 IOC to help Iraq reconstruct its Olympics program

New Zealand Herald 5/7/03 Olympics: Games bid date

Zap2It 5/6/03 Networks Prepare to Bid Billions for Olympics

Fox News 5/6/03 Four U.S. states support Vancouver's 2010 Winter Olympics bid

USA Today 5/3/03 Vancouver gets best evaluation for 2010 Games

USA Today 5/3/03 Roster almost set; training camp could be in New York

Zap2It 5/2/03 Composer Williams Receives Olympic Order

Washington Times 5/2/03 Olympic Bid Leaders Ready for Trial

Chicago Tribune 5/2/03 Glance at 2010 Winter Olympics Bid Sites

Independent 5/2/03 Experience is key for 2010 Games bidders

Dallas Morning News 5/1/03 When it comes to scandals, Olympics has a lot to learn

USA Today 4/30/03 Hungarian government drops 2012 Olympic bid

Globe and Mail 4/29/03 Koreas consider joint 2010 Olympics bid

MSNBC 4/29/03 Iverson, Kobe named to Olympics

Salt Lake Tribune 4/27/03 Olympics Trial Like a Bad Rerun

BBC 4/23/03 Olympics bribes case to go ahead

Detroit Free Press 4/23/03 Senate panel seeks views on USOC

TribNet 4/23/03 Lewis rejects call that he return his Seoul 100 gold

SF Chronicle 4/22/03 Cuba will bid for 2012 Olympics

USA Today 4/22/03 Bidding for the Olympics on TV

CNNSI 4/21/03 Advance tickets for Athens Olympics all snapped up

SF Chronicle 4/21/03 Olympics coverage carries NBC to 13 Sports Emmys

The Sun 4/21/03 Lotto to fund Olympics

Sky.com 4/19/03 Go-Ahead For UK Olympics?

News24.com 4/18/03 Cuba wants 2012 Olympics

FOX Sports 4/16/03 EU proposes easing visa process for Athens Olympics

CBC Sports 4/16/03 U.S. athletes competed in Olympics despite positive drug tests

USA Today 4/15/03 Ex-USOC official calls testing lax

Voice of America 4/15/03 Athens Security Chief for 2004 Olympics Resigns

Seattle Times 4/15/03 Athens Organizers Hit Construction Snag

USA Today 4/15/03 Former USOC president Robert Helmick dies

Seattle Times 4/14/03 USOC's board says it approves of changes

USA Today 4/12/03 Reform committee members cost more than athletes

USA Today 4/12/03 Martin will serve as president if he's elected

USA Today 4/12/03 USOC task force proposes drastic changes

Oregon Live 4/9/03 No voting on USOC reforms expected at board meeting

USA Today 4/5/03 Martin backed to head USOC full time

CNNSI 4/4/03 IOC president promises closer scrutiny

Fox Sports 4/3/03 Premier says Olympics complex to be park after games

Eastday.com 4/1/03 Stadium design okayed

USA Today 4/1/03 Iraq's Olympic headquarters in Baghdad is bombed

Salt Lake Tribune 3/31/03 Athens Olympic Preparation in Question

Korea Herald 3/31/03 PyeongChang's Olympic bid put on civic group's agenda

Contra Costa Times 3/29/03 IOC boss dismisses WSF bid

AllAfrica.com 3/28/03 Ackerman Prepared to Head New Olympic Bid

BBC 3/27/03 Master plan for Beijing Olympics

Salt Lake Tribune 3/26/03 Salt Lake City to Erect Monument to Olympics' 'Child of Light'

Eastday.com 3/26/03 Beijing Olympic stadium designs put on show

Korea Herald 3/24/03 Governor upbeat about 2010 Winter Olympics bid

Fox Sports 3/19/03 2004 Olympics organizers campaign for accessibility at stores, businesses

CNNSI 3/19/03 Ailing USOC asks for help from Congress

FOX Sports 3/18/03 Olympics official hopes war with Iraq over by 2004 Games

CNNSI 3/18/03 Athens bridge to be ready for Games

Asia Times 3/17/03 Friction builds over Beijing's Olympic revamp

CNNSI 3/17/03 Olympic official hopes war over by Athens Games

USA Today 3/16/03 USOC task forces wants to change function of board

NY Daily News 3/14/03 Lord of rings smiles on N.Y. Olympic bid

Business Journal 3/14/03 Reno-Tahoe to bid for 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Voice of America 3/13/03 Ticket Sales for 2004 Olympics Exceeding Expectations

FoxSports 3/13/03 Hamburg favorite to gain German bid for 2012 Olympics

CNNSI 3/13/03 Olympics not part of Selig's vision for the future

CNNSI 3/12/03 Olympic sponsor calls for audit of USOC

Budapest Sun 3/12/03 Olympics in 2012 would be ‘risky’

CNNSI 3/10/03 China begins corruption prevention for Beijing Olympics

Palm Beach Interactive 3/9/03 War in Iraq could hurt N.Y. bid

Fox Sports 3/9/03 Bleak Olympic prediction

London Times 3/7/03  How Olympics boosted Barcelona

FOX Sports 3/6/03 Olympics ban 'crazy'

CBS 3/4/03 NBA players in Olympics would face random drug testing

NY Times 3/3/03 The Olympics Needs the U.S.

Philadelphia Inquirer 3/1/03 Jets Unveil Plan for Manhattan Stadium

USA Today 3/1/03 Senators visit USOC headquarters, rip management

SF Chronicle 3/1/03 Winter Olympics stories leave a warm glow

Eastday.com 2/28/03 Athens launches ticket website for 2004 Olympics

CNNSI 2/24/03 Greece: IOC criticism over-dramatic

USA Today 2/21/03 IOC postpones decision on trimming sports

Seattle Times 2/21/03 Vancouver, B.C., to vote on 2010 Olympics bid

Washington Post 2/21/03 IOC Okays Olympic Torch Route for 2004

Canoe 2/21/03 Opposition to hosting Olympics because of cost dates back to first Games

CNNSI 2/21/03 IOC: Athens falling behind again

SF Chronicle 2/20/03 IOC executive postpones decision on trimming sports from Olympics

Fox Sports 2/19/03 Top organizer of 2004 Olympics says games will be on time

Fox Sports 2/19/03 Athens Olympics organizing committee restructured

Washington Post 2/18/03 Athens Wants New Look for 2004 Olympics

Fox Sports 2/17/03 Greece says ex-King can attend Olympics but must not 'offend' democracy

SF Chronicle 2/17/03 IOC in talks with EU over Internet broadcasting

USA Today 2/15/03 USOC finalizes list of members for task force

USA Today 2/15/03 Government again delays decision on 2012 London bid

Korea Herald 2/13/03 97.3 percent of Koreans approve of bid for 2010 Winter Olympics

News Observer 2/11/03 Athens organizers donate land for animal shelters

Times Leader 2/11/03 S.Cal's Schubert named women's 2004 Olympics coach

USA Today 2/9/03 Executive board backs USOC chief Ward

USA Today 2/8/03 IOC: Brazil a strong contender for 2012 Games

ESPN 2/7/03 Classes part of $600 million security budget

Philadelphia Business Journal 2/7/03 Aramark signs on for Olympics in $36.5M deal

The Olympian 2/7/03 U.S. Olympic Committee hopes meeting quells turmoil

NY Daily News 2/6/03 Athens Olympic flame to burn 2-4/7 on NBC

Zap2It 2/5/03 NBC Plans Round-the-Clock Olympics Coverage for '04

BBC 2/5/03 US Olympics chief quits post

VOA 2/5/03 Greece Struggles to Fund $800M Olympics Budget Shortfall

Telegraph 2/5/03 Rocky ride paved way for prized Olympic legacy

VOA 2/5/03 USOC Praises Greece for Olympic Security Plans

Telegraph 2/4/03 Olympics: Report fuels bid support

CNN 2/4/03 French sports minister urges 2012 Olympic bid

Salt Lake Tribune 2/4/03 Booster Says We Could Be Host in 2022

Guardian 2/2/03 Hopes grow for London Olympics

Beaufort Gazette 1/31/03 USOC gets catty over 'Rat Olympics'

This is London 1/31/03 Cabinet delay their decision on Games

Washington Post 1/29/03 U.K. Delays 2012 Olympics Bid Decision

USA Today 1/29/03 Opponents of USOC's Ward, Mankamyer set for fight

Gainesville Sun 1/27/03 Olympics Boss Urges Greece on Security

Newsweek 1/26/03 Olympics: Let the Games End

This Is Local London 1/25/03 Lottery cash for London Olympics

SF Gate 1/24/03 Officials reach agreement on funding for 2012 Olympics

icBirmingham.com 1/23/03 London Olympic bid desirable - but not at any price


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