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Top News for the Olympic Games 5/1/04- 2/28/05


Seattle PI 2/28/05 Officials expect Winter Olympics to exceed Vancouver world's fair

China Daily 2/28/05 A Shanghai teacher pens logo for 2007 Olympics

Newsday 2/26/05 NYers ponder aftermath of Olympic bid

Around The Rings 2/26/05 2012 Olympics Group Clears Halfway Mark

People's Daily Online 2/25/05 100,000 volunteers to work for Beijing Olympics

ABC News 2/25/05 Consider a Trip to the Olympics

NY Times 2/25/05 Olympic Bid May Require a Do-Over

ABC News 2/24/05 Olympics: Passion and Trust Drive New York 2012 Bid

Contra Costa Times 2/24/05 Bush gives financial boost to NYC bid for Olympics

NY Times 2/24/05 Olympics in New York: Lights Out, Charm On

ABC News 2/23/05 NYC Assures IOC It Can Handle Olympics

BBC 2/23/05 Strike threat to Paris 2012 bid

USA Today 2/23/05 Mayor, snow greet Olympic delegates in New York

People's Daily 2/23/05 "Beijing Olympics Gold Bar" successfully issued

This is London 2/23/05 IOC poll shows Britons back bid

Mercury News 2/23/05 New York won't hear talk of 2016 Olympics

NY Times 2/23/05 New York: Skyscrapers, Olympics, Everything

BBC 2/22/05 Will Africa ever host the Olympics?

Newsday 2/22/05 IOC team tours the city

NY Times 2/21/05 New York Tries to Get Olympic Panel to Look Beyond Stadium

USA Today 2/21/05 New York's Olympic bid focuses on stadium

CBS 2/21/05 New York pulls out all the stops in effort to lure Olympics

BBC 2/20/05 London Olympic hopes finely poised

Guardian 2/20/05 Blair will fly out to fight for 2012 gold

BBC 2/19/05 Inspectors praise London 2012 bid

Telegraph 2/16/05 Taxpayers face bill for Olympics over-spending, but only in London

The Scotsman 2/16/05 Olympic Inspection: Mayor Keeps Fingers Crossed
Times Online 2/15/05 London welcomes Olympics inspectors

ansa.it 2/15/05 Turin 2006: Focus; 5 Million Euros For Games Security

Reuters 2/15/05 Britons pessimistic about 2012 bid

Daily Times 2/14/05 Paris Games to trigger business boost

This Is London 2/14/05 Olympics bid 'too close to call'

Anorak 2/14/05 London Rings The Changes

CTV 2/13/05 Vancouver starts countdown to 2010 Olympics

The Guardian 2/13/05 London 2012 to be 'the greenest games'

Telegraph.co.uk 2/13/05 Are the Olympics any of our business?

Newsday 2/12/05 City to woo IOC with night out on the town

ABC Online 2/12/05 Sevens hopeful of 2012 Olympic return

Vancouver Sun 2/12/05 Vancouver 2010: Five Years to Go

Mercury News 2/12/05 Good news, bad news for Turin Olympics

The Statesman 2/12/05 Beijing Olympics hits steel supply

Telegraph.co.uk 2/12/05 Olympics: Paris told to toe line over drugs

BBC 2/12/05 Floating protest against Olympics

ABC News 2/11/05 IOC Chief Looks Forward to 'Excellent' Turin Games

GamesBids.com 2/11/05 Moscow Says Its Ready To Host The 2012 Games

This is London 2/11/05 Capital level with Paris

The Guardian 2/11/05 How ready is London for the Olympics? Four days that could make or break the bid

San Francisco Chronicle 2/10/05 Madrid Mayor Says Car Bomb Hurts 2012 Bid

ABC News 2/10/05 One-Year Countdown Starts for Turin

Mercury News 2/9/05 A year away: Turin prepares for Winter Olympics show

Reuters 2/9/05 Olympics Chief Lauds Discovery of Test-Cheating Drug

This is London 2/7/04 500,000 give support to Olympics bid

BBC 2/7/05 Madrid short on the 'wow' factor

SLAM! Sports 2/7/05 CBC loses Olympics

Financial Times 2/7/05 Inspection for 2012 Olympics begins

Yahoo 2/6/05 Thorpe, Phelps hype NY Olympic bid at Super Bowl

Globe and Mail 2/6/05 Making TV rights pay is Olympic hurdle

The Guardian 2/6/05 Why London needs the Olympics

China Daily 2/5/05 New phase of Olympic preparations kicks off

CNN/SI 2/5/05 Madrid: 2012 bid race not over yet

Around The Rings 2/5/05 New Challenges for NYC Olympics Stadium

Xinhua 2/4/05 Beijing has enough hotel rooms for 2008 Olympics

Daily Times 2/4/05 Winter Olympics — Testing times for Turin with a year to go

Jam! 2/4/05 Olympic TV rights could impact sports coverage

NY Daily News 2/3/05 Let the ad Games begin

Financial Times 2/3/05 Paris leads race to host Olympics

NY Times 2/3/05 An Olympic-Size Saturation Is Planned to Impress 2012 Evaluators

BBC 2/2/05 The mood in Madrid

NY Times 2/1/05 New York's Olympic Bid No Longer a Long Shot

China Daily 1/31/05 Olympics 'nightmare' for Beijing mayor Wang

The Guardian 1/31/05 Jowell says we can still win the bid for 2012

SF Chronicle 1/31/05 Rogge visits Canada to promote 2010 Winter Games

Reuters 1/31/05 Olympics: Games Spotlight Shines on 2012 Bid Cities

The Guardian 1/30/05 London's Olympic dream in tatters

MSNBC 1/29/05 Turin Olympics still face budget shortfall

Cincinnati Post 1/29/05 Lockout might keep NHL out of Olympics

News.com.au 1/29/05 Olympics 'a marketing success'

GamesBids.com 1/28/05 Turin 2006 Needs More Sponsors – In A Financial Crunch

Daily Times 1/28/05 Beijing mayor vows to clean up litter, toilets before Olympics

The Standard 1/26/05 Kenya can host 2016 Olympics, insists minister Ayacko

NBCSandiego.com  1/25/05 Organizers Meet About Bringing Olympics To Region

The Standard 1/25/05 Adidas signs on as Olympics sportswear partner

China Daily 1/24/05 Harbin to bid for 2014 Winter Olympics

BBC 1/24/05 Train's Olympic livery backs bid

BBC 1/24/05 Austrians pick Salzburg for 2014

Guardian 1/22/05 BBC's fractured relations casts cloud over 2012
Business Day 1/21/05 2012 Olympics will affect host city's rating

Sydney Morning Herald 1/21/05 Olympic pest defrocked as priest

CNN 1/20/05 London, Paris Olympic bids well-rated

FOX News 1/19/05 BBC cans Olympics debate

Scotsman 1/18/05 Ministers game for a London Olympics

BBC 1/17/05 Plea to back London Olympics bid

Scotsman 1/17/05 Sprint Finish for London's Olympics Bid

BBC 1/17/05 Sharapova to promote Moscow bid

BBC 1/17/05 Advantages of Olympics announced

China Daily 1/16/05 Beijing lists 8 criteria for 'high level' Olympics

Rediff 1/15/05 IOC chief supports Kenyan Games bid

Telegraph 1/14/05 Kenyans join the race to host 2016 Olympic Games

NY Times 1/13/05 In Turin, Olympics, Italian Style

ABC News 1/13/05 Kenya Plans to Make Bid for 2016 Olympics

BBC 1/13/05 Can Kenya host the Olympics?

Telegraph.co.uk 1/12/05 BBC forced to rework debate by bid cities

ABC News 1/11/05 IOC Chief Urges Africa to Bid for 2016

SF Chronicle 1/11/05 IOC rules out 2012 Olympic bid debate

Sports Illustrated 1/10/05 Munich wants to bid for 2014 Winter Olympics

Charlotte Observer 1/10/05 UNC-CH professors to help Beijing prepare for Olympics

Around the Rings 1/10/05 Madrid Olympics Bid Says “Ready For You”

Beijing 2008 1/9/05 Review of Major News about Preparation for Beijing Olympics in 2004(photos attached)

Guardian 1/9/05 Olympics bid at risk as sports quit the capital

Around The Rings 1/8/05 Germany Loses Olympics Equestrian Medal

SF Chronicle 1/7/05 Venues completed for Turin 2006 Olympics

Financial Times 1/7/05 The curious tale of London's patriotic French backer

BBC 1/7/05 Turin Games venues finished off

NY Times 1/6/05 A Breathless Run, and View, on the Turin Olympics Slope

Chicago Tribune 1/6/05 Bid Cities Mark Countdown to Olympic Vote

Hindustan Times 1/6/05 Paris, City of Light, illuminates ambition to host 2012 Olympics

Telegraph 1/5/05 London moves up to second on final lap

The Guardian 1/5/05 London bid must not make any hollow promises

MSNBC 1/1/05 Let the 2012 Olympic mudslinging begin!

The Guardian 1/1/05 Olympic rivals square up on live TV

People's Daily Online 12/31/04 Beijing sets five tasks in preparation for Olympics next year

Around the Rings 12/31/04 2012 Olympics Bids Ring-In New Year

Xinhua 12/30/04 Pyeongchang chosen again to bid for 2014 Winter Olympics

Japan Today 12/29/04 Beijing group launches Olympics newspaper

International Herald Tribune 12/29/04 Olympics: In Athens, a gold medal in drama and in the unpredictable

Around the Rings 12/28/04 2006 Olympics Ticket Sales: €5.5 Million

New Kerala 12/28/04 2,008 students support panda as mascot for Beijing Olympics

The Guardian 12/27/04 Why a medal by courier is the new Olympic glory

Beijing 2008 12/27/04 BOCOG Looks for a New Olympic Theme Slogan

Around the Rings 12/27/04 Olympics Tree for Moscow 2012 Bid

Independent 12/26/04 MPs fail to back race for Olympics

Asia Times 12/24/04 Lenovo partners with Visa for Beijing '08 Olympics

Washington Post 12/22/04 Opening Ceremony: The IX Olympic Gripes

Around the Rings 12/22/04 Thorpe, Pele, Comaneci For NYC Olympics

Zap2It 12/22/04 Beard, Breasts Prompt FCC Olympic Complaints

Guardian Unlimited 12/21/04 Gridlocked Greeks still paying for the miracle of Athens

Around the Rings 12/21/04 Paris 1st, NYC 2nd in Olympics Bid Poll

BBC 12/21/04 Newborn baby set for Olympics

USA Today 12/20/04 Olympic lab charged in Hamilton doping case

BBC 12/20/04 Babies offered a part in Olympics

Telegraph.co.uk 12/20/04 London Olympics can be the first of a new generation

BBC 12/19/04 Coe urges UK to back London bid

China Daily 12/18/04 Beijing to promote "Green Olympics" theme

Around the Rings 12/18/04 20-12 Olympics Day in New York City

BBC 12/17/04 Olympic delay for 2006's Oscars

Zap2It 12/16/04 Olympic Indecency Complaints Total Nine

Washington Post 12/16/04 A Controversy of Olympic Proportions? Well, Not Exactly

Korea Times 12/15/04 Muju Not Eligible for Hosting 2014 Winter Olympics: FIS

China Daily 12/14/04 Mass entries vie for 2008 Olympic mascot

Stuff 12/14/04 Reaction to Real bomb scare could help Olympics bid

Channel News Asia 12/14/04 Beijing maps out new city plan for 2008 Olympics

China Daily 12/14/04 Hotel bed shortage feared at Olympics

Zap2It 12/13/04 Olympic Opening Runs Afoul of the FCC

Around The Rings 12/12/04 Turin Olympics Budget Crisis Nears Fix

Milwaukee Journal 12/10/04 NBC Turns Over Tapes of Olympic Opening

The Guardian 12/10/04 Problems shroud Turin games

Ad Week 12/10/04 FCC Weighs Olympics Indecency Complaints

SF Chronicle 12/10/04 China fills top sports post for 2008 Olympics

BBC 12/10/04 London 2012 bid 'has no chance'

Channel News Asia 12/10/04 Olympics: IOC urges cardiac screening for all athletes to counter sudden death

NY Daily News 12/9/04 City, Olympics bigs pushin' over Games budget cushion

CBC 12/8/04 Sweden to bid for 2014 Olympics

NY Times 12/6/04 City Locks In Space for Ads in Preparation for Olympics

Guardian 12/5/04 How drugs shattered America's Olympic dreams

Telegraph 12/4/04 Olympics: Rogge gets tough as bids begin

Guardian 12/3/04 Rogge raps Olympic rivals for 'bickering'

CBS NY 12/3/04 NY Kicks Off Int'l Olympics Campaign

Times Online 12/3/04 Cities bidding for Olympics told it must be a clean fight

Guardian 12/3/04 Rogge raps Olympic rivals for 'bickering'

Chicago Tribune 12/2/04 New York Starts 2012 Olympic Ad Campaign

BBC 12/2/04 Rogge hits out at 2012 bid rivals

NY Daily News 12/1/04 Olympics would shut parts of parks

Around the Rings 12/1/04 IOC Says Turin Olympics Makes Big Step

Around the Rings 12/1/04 Got A Song? Beijing Olympics Will Listen

China Daily 11/29/04 Golf faces challenge to appear at 2008 Olympics

Hindustan Times 11/29/04 Beckham to endorse London bid for Olympics

Around the Rings 11/28/04 Prague Summer Olympics Bid Considered

ABC News 11/28/04 Ebersol Shapes How Millions See Olympics

Daily Times 11/28/04 Prague Olympics would cost 4.2b euros

Guardian 11/27/04 London tries to duck mud clinging to Slavkov

BBC 11/26/04 IOC recommends Slavkov expulsion

Guardian 11/26/04 Madrid fury over Olympic 'diplomats'

CNN 11/25/04 Finance police raid Olympic files

SF Chronicle 11/25/04 Madrid questions Paris' use of embassies to promote 2012 bid

The Times 11/25/04 Olympics rivals clash over promotional tactics

BBC 11/25/04 Paris 2012 accused over embassies

Canada.com 11/22/04 IOC president Rogge says new sports could be introduced at Olympics

India Daily 11/22/04 Sandeep Chowta to compose theme track of Olympics 2008

Washington Times 11/21/04 '98 Olympics relay torch stolen

New Kerala 11/20/04 India hopes to bid for 2016 Olympics: Manmohan

Guardian 11/20/04 London begins to believe the impossible

This is London 11/19/04 Olympics bid details unveiled

ABC News 11/18/04 Athens Olympics Cost More Than Thought

IHT 11/18/04 Olympics: French see politics aiding Paris bid for Games

This is London 11/18/04 Race row could cost Madrid Olympics

Telegraph 11/17/04 The Olympics would cost Londoners 38p a week

BBC 11/17/04 London plots 2012 marathon route

NY Times 11/17/04 New York Unveils Sweeping Olympic Bid

BBC 11/16/04 Pitchside ads irk London 2012 bid

icWales 11/16/04 Olympics: Welsh stars back 2012 bid

Guardian 11/15/04 London Olympics more fun in land of make-believe

New Zealand Herald 11/15/04 Olympics: Rogge says Athens set new standard

NY Times 11/14/04 Despite Skepticism and Criticism, New York Olympics Can Succeed

Edmonton Sun 11/14/04 Panic button hit by feds over Olympics

Arizona Republic 11/14/04 Tickets, room reservations available for 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin

The Guardian 11/13/04 Olympics €2.4bn over budget

Washington Times 11/13/04 Summer Olympics cost $11.2 billion

San Francisco Chronicle 11/12/04 The bill is in for the Athens Olympics: $11.6 billion

BBC 11/12/04 Cost of Greece Olympics doubles

Kansas City Star 11/12/04 Norway Won't Back 2014 Olympic Bid

ABC News 11/11/04 New York Launches Final 2012 Olympics Bid

Daily Times 11/11/04 Olympics: IOC awaits answers from 2012 Games candidates

Newsday 11/11/04 Poll: NYers want Olympics, not stadium

Telegraph.co.uk 11/11/04 London play it by the book but flex their muscles

Herald Sun 11/11/04 Australia warms to Winter Olympics task

Washington Post 11/10/04 Tickets for Turin Go on Sale

Ansa.it 11/10/04 Turin 2006: Focus; Italgas 'Inflames' The Olympics

BBC 11/9/04 Games to create 'lasting legacy'

China Daily 11/9/04 2008 Games expected to be 'People's Olympics'

Daily Times 11/9/04 No change in age limit for 2008 Olympics football competition

Independent 11/8/04 London unveils plans for Olympic challenge

Xinhua 11/8/04 Police take measures to make sure Games safe

The Sunday Times 11/7/04 London Olympics bid takes flight on winged stadium

Herald Sun 11/6/04 Heat on Olympics

ABC News 11/5/04 Blood Gold-Medal Horse to Be Tested

Guardian 11/5/04 London 2012 wins local seal of approval

BBC 11/5/04 Lucky number for Chinese Olympics

SF Chronicle 11/4/04 Turin Olympics chief organizer resigns, citing power struggle

Xinhua 11/4/04 2012 Olympics in Moscow of great significance for the Olympic Movement

NY Times 11/3/04 Stadium Vote Linked to Olympics Bid and West Side's Future

SF Chronicle 11/3/04 Tickets for Turin 2006 Olympics to go on sale

Xinhua 11/3/04 ATHOC tells Beijing not to copy Athens Olympics

BBC 11/2/04 Paris handed government boost

Newsday 11/2/04 Getting the Olympics won't be a slam dunk

Xinhua 11/1/04 Rogge plays down controversy of frugal Olympics in 2008

Xinhua 11/1/04 Beijing inaugurates Olympic Press Center

Daily Times 10/31/04 Asia’s richest man donates $13 million to Beijing Olympics

The Age 10/31/04 China can be frugal with Olympics 2008

Xinhua 10/30/04 IOC President Rogge arrives in Beijing

Olympic.org 10/29/04 Beijing 2008: From plans to reality

Xinhua 10/29/04 Beijing to build more star-grade hotels for Olympics

Xinhua 10/28/04 Broadcast company launched for Beijing Olympics

GameBids.com 10/28/04 Turin 2006 Already Has 20,000 Volunteers

Xinhua 10/27/04 IOC officials to review Beijing preparations for 2008 Olympics

USA Today 10/27/04 Lockout could affect player participation in Olympics, Worlds

BBC 10/26/04 Olympics 'were UK race success'

BBC 10/25/04 UK urged to prepare for Olympics

IranMania News 10/24/04 Moradian to create Winter Olympics symbol

BBC 10/23/04 Spain's leaders back Madrid bid

Fox Sports 10/22/04 Three new Olympics appeals

NY Times 10/21/04 It's Official: Hamm Can Keep Gymnastics Gold

SF Chronicle 10/21/04 Rogge presses Berlusconi over Turin Games

Xinhua 10/20/04 Chinese to receive FBI training for Beijing Olympics

Media Guardian 10/20/04 Journalist on Olympic doping story stabbed

This is London 10/18/04 London's 2012 rivals limbering up

Sunday Herald 10/17/04 Scots are right to question who benefits from Olympics

The Times 10/14/04 Scots 'are not behind 2012 Olympics bid'

BBC 10/14/04 Plea to SNP over London Games

BBC 10/13/04 London Games 'could make profit'

MSNBC 10/13/04 Nearly 4 billion tuned in to Olympics

BBC 10/12/04 Irish hero hit by drugs test

CNN/SI 10/11/04 Sinopec to clean up fuel as Olympics sponsor

CNN/SI 10/11/04 Young swimmers gear up for 2008 Olympics

Guardian 10/10/04 O'Connor will lose his Athens gold
Washington Post 10/9/04 Equestrian Doping Issue May Be Golden for U.S.

SF Chronicle 10/8/04 USOC asks Bush campaign to stop use of 'Olympics' in Kerry parody

Telegraph.co.uk 10/8/04 Olympic drug shock

CNN/SI 10/7/04 Los Angeles wants to bid for third Olympics

Los Angeles Daily News 10/7/04 Council backs bid for 3rd L.A. Olympics

Around the Rings 10/7/04 Bobsleigh Track For Moscow Olympics Bid

Daily Northwestern 10/5/04 Alumni share tales of covering Olympics

Hellenic News 10/3/04 Athens Olympics Surprise and Thrill the World

BBC 9/30/04 Women 'may outsprint men by 2156'

Star Tribune 9/29/04 Skating world in a tizzy over scoring

USA Today 9/29/04 Snow and ice: Mascots named for Turin Olympics

Telegraph.co.uk 9/29/04 Women athletes will one day out-sprint men

Mail & Guardian Online 9/29/04 Olympics to cost Athens eight billion euros

The Guardian 9/28/04 In training for the Olympics

LA Canyon News 9/23/04 L.A. Hopes to Host 2032 Olympics

Reuters 9/23/04 Games Finances Correct, Athens Olympics Chief Says

BBC 9/23/04 Tensions threaten 2012 bid

BBC 9/23/04 Five up for Games inclusion

Xinhua 9/22/04 2008 Beijing Olympics countdown begins

Seattle Times 9/21/04 New shoes and Olympics help Nike sales to soar

Scotsman.com 9/21/04 London 'Has Good Chance of Hosting Olympics'

NY Daily News 9/21/04 Olympics golden for Nike products

The Guardian 9/20/04 Local concerns grow over 2012 Olympics bid

NY Times 9/19/04 New York Hopes to Win Olympics by Dividing Votes

Indian Express 9/19/04 Inflation: Blame it on Beijing Olympics too

The Scotsman 9/18/04 Hgh Tests Used at Olympics

NY Times 9/18/04 Athens Athletes Were Tested for Human Growth Hormone

China Post 9/17/04 We'll be at Beijing Games, Wu says

Christian Science Monitor 9/17/04 In Athens, the other Olympics

Guardian 9/17/04 Blair urges public to back 2012 bid

MSNBC 9/17/04 Knight says Olympics players too pampered

Korea Times 9/16/04 Two Cities at Loggerheads Over 2014 Winter Olympics

BBC 9/16/04 'Passion' needed for Olympic bid

BBC 9/14/04 Zurich rules out 2014 bid

USA Today 9/14/04 Lockout, Olympics have possible connection

CNN 9/14/04 Zurich abandon plans to host Games

BBC 9/12/04 Greek debt spirals after Olympics

LA Times 9/12/04 More Women's Soccer Teams for '08 Olympics

Forbes 9/11/04 Greece Says Deficit Could Hit 5 Percent

Stuff.co.nz 9/11/04 China may tighten purse strings on Olympics construction projects

Guardian 9/10/04 Olympic park gets go-ahead

Financial Times 9/9/04 Beijing scales back building programme for Olympics

Manchester Online 9/9/04 Follow us to Olympics

Business Week 9/9/04 A Big Fat Greek Triumph

Web User 9/8/04 Olympics prove a digital hit

MLive 9/8/04 Greece proud of Olympic security

Scotsman 9/7/04 Academic Work to Help London Olympics Bid

BBC 9/6/04 Beijing seeks Games cuts

The Statesman 9/6/04 China may stage part of Olympics in Hong Kong

Kathimerini 9/6/04 Polls hail Olympics as success

Seattle Times 9/5/04 People of Athens say Games worth the effort

Peoples Daily 9/5/04 Athenians say Olympics improves living conditions

Straits Times 9/4/04 Can China sustain its Olympic dream?

Vanguard 9/4/04 Persons Who Shaped Athens 2004 Olympics

Epoch Times 9/3/04 Human Rights Must Improve Before 2008 Olympics

Business Day 9/3/04 Olympics add 9 billion euros to Greek GDP

Times of India 9/3/04 Let us say no to Olympics

China Daily 9/3/04 All hands on deck for 2008

Voice of America 9/2/04 Hong Kong Seeks to Host Parts of Beijing 2008 Olympics

BBC 9/2/04 Olympics man on indecency charges

NY Times 9/1/04 New York Is Already Up to Speed for Olympics

Christian Science Monitor 9/1/04 A post-Olympic hurdle for Greece: the whopping bill

Chicago Sun-Times 8/31/04 A last look at the big picture in Athens

International Herald Tribune 8/31/04 A permanent Olympic home?

Hollywood Reporter 8/31/04 NBC sets new Olympic record: 200 mil viewers

Independent 8/31/04 China on course for great leap forward at Beijing Games

Newsday 8/31/04 Countdown to Beijing

Telegraph.co.uk 8/31/04 Beijing casts shadow over Greek success

Japan Today 8/31/04 Tibet activists pressure China as Olympics turn to Beijing

Christian Science Monitor 8/31/04 Athens Wins a Laurel

Telegraph.co.uk 8/31/04 Greeks face tax hikes as Olympic debts rise

Christian Science Monitor 8/31/04 Greek women lead Olympics to success

MSNBC 8/30/04 'Great escape' begins from Athens airport

USA Today 8/30/04 Some won, some lost, but Greece triumphed over all

Zap2It 8/30/04 NBC Sticks Landing at Olympics

Media Guardian 8/30/04 Early winners at Beijing Olympics

CBS 8/30/04 Curtain Falls On Athens Olympics

Christian Science Monitor 8/30/04 A 'new Greece' beams after success of Games

Telegraph 8/30/04 Intruder disrupts marathon

Japan Today 8/30/04 Baton passed to Beijing as curtain comes down on Athens

Washington Post 8/30/04 So Long, Bye-Bye To XXVIII

NY Daily News 8/30/04 Greece is gone, ring in Beijing

Telegraph 8/30/04 In the end, Athens was just the ticket

CBS 8/30/04 Bizarre Attack Mars Marathon

Boston Globe 8/29/04 Beijing ahead of Games for '08

New York Times 8/29/04 Wrapping Up the Athens Games

USA Today 8/29/04 Olympics 2004 were games of education, enlightenment

Baltimore Sun 8/29/04 Greece proved to be ideal host

BBC 8/29/04 Powell too 'scared' to visit Athens

NY Times 8/29/04 The Olympics Are Ending: Now Athens Pays for a Nice Party

NY Times 8/29/04 Weight Lifter and Wrestler Are Disqualified for Drug Use

MSNBC 8/28/04 Athens deserves a gold medal for 2004 Games

BBC 8/28/04 'Nature loses' at Athens Games

The Scotsman 8/28/04 Powell cancels visit to Olympics

SF Chronicle 8/28/04 Beijing 2008 could be the snazziest and most competitive Olympics yet

USA Today 8/27/04 China ready with one exception

BBC 8/27/04 US protest in gymnast row

Washington Post 8/27/04 Bush Campaign Won't Pull Ad Despite Complaint by USOC

Voice of America 8/27/04 Greece Proud of Olympics, Despite High Cost

BBC 8/27/04 Russian athlete fails test

The Guardian 8/27/04 There's only one winner in this race

CSM 8/27/04 The Olympics, outside the camera angles

The Hindu 8/26/04 China to stage closing ceremony of Olympics

Hollywood Reporter 8/26/04 NBC Uni basks in Olympic glory

Seattle Times 8/26/04 TV coverage in Athens is all Greek

Boston Globe 8/26/04 Ode to ancient Games, nudity and all

Chicago Tribune 8/26/04 Does race matter in the Olympics?

USA Today 8/26/04 As Olympics near end, organizers meet ticket goal

Houston Chronicle 8/26/04 Drugs cast shadow over Olympics again

San Francisco Chronicle 8/26/04 Getting a cranky feeling

New Zealand Herald 8/26/04 Olympics: MAF confirms NZ medallists must leave wreaths

Newsday 8/26/04 Reacquainting Greece with philosophy of sport

Washington Post 8/25/04 Olympians Party on in Athens

Salt Lake Tribune 8/25/04 Broadcasters' grip keeps Olympics footage off the Web

NY Times 8/25/04 Israelis Revel in First Taste of Gold

ABC News 8/25/04 Olympics Choreographer a Sensation

Fox News 8/25/04 USA Dominating at the Olympics

Melbourne Herald Sun 8/24/04 Fans happy with Olympic security

SF Chronicle 8/24/04 Tremor felt in Greek capital during Olympics

Washington Post 8/24/04 Hungarian Stripped of Gold in Men's Discus

Voice of America 8/24/04 Olympics Organizers Reach Ticket Sales Goal

Fox Sports 8/24/04 At the Olympics, judge not, lest ye be judged

NY Daily News 8/24/04 Olympics Roundup

Christian Science Monitor 8/24/04 Despite worries, a smooth logistical ride to the Games

NY Times 8/24/04 Looking at the Rising Cost as the Games Wind Down

ESPN 8/23/04 U.S., China, Russia dominate medal race

BBC 8/23/04 Drugs haul in sprinters row

USA Today 8/23/04 Host mayor: Rising costs could limit future bids

BBC 8/23/04 'Russian roulette' Olympics death

Zap2It 8/23/04 Olympic Ratings Running Ahead of 2000

Chicago Tribune 8/23/04 Selig: Major Leaguers Unlikely in Olympics

Newsday 8/23/04 Having a good ol' Olympics

CBS 8/23/04 Russian Stripped Of Gold Medal

The Age 8/23/04 'Sold out' signs going up at Games events

CNN/SI 8/22/04 No news is good news on Athens' security front

USA Today 8/22/04 Despite early worries, Athens gets high marks in midterm evaluation

SF Chronicle 8/22/04 Powell to visit Olympics, attend closing ceremony

BBC 8/22/04 Going for gold or bust?

SF Chronicle 8/22/04 Some of the doping cases at the Athens Olympics

NY Times 8/22/04 Glory Comes Amid Empty Seats and Closed Shutters

Hollywood Reporter 8/21/04 NBC's Olympics ratings hits 30 mil Thurs.

Mercury News 8/21/04 Athens and the Olympics: Successful, but expensive

Boston Globe 8/21/04 Olympics are proving a hit for NBC

NY Daily News 8/21/04 Scandal grows as Greek flunks drug test

Chicago Tribune 8/20/04 Security has lapses, rated unobtrusive

Discovery Channel 8/20/04 Olympic Symbols Have Sinister Origins

BBC 8/20/04 Erotic glossy 'taints Olympics'

SF Chronicle 8/20/04 Bush campaign won't stop running Olympics ad despite query from U.S. organizing committee

Washington Post 8/20/04 Scalpers Sell Athens Tickets at Face Value

MSNBC 8/20/04 Track could be boon to poor Athens ticket sales

Washington Post 8/20/04 More HDTV, but Hold the Commercial

BBC 8/20/04 Weightlifters fail tests

New Zealand Herald 8/20/04 Untiring volunteers make the Games go round

Sydney Morning Herald 8/20/04 Greeks up for $A12b games bill

Washington Post 8/19/04 For China, Future Is Both Now And Later

Mercury News 8/19/04 Olympics online coverage extensive but disappointing

San Francisco Chronicle 8/19/04 New York mayor kicks off publicity push for 2012 bid

NY Times 8/19/04 What's in a Word? An Olympics Letter Will Let You Know

Washington Post 8/19/04 Greek Gov't: Games Will Top $8.5 Billion

CBS 8/19/04 5 Olympians Suspended For Drugs

USA Today 8/19/04 NBC fails to capture that Olympic spirit

NY Daily News 8/19/04 Mayor Greeces bid

AJC 8/18/04 After all these years, have Greeks lost interest in the Olympics?

CNN/SI 8/18/04 Life of Reilly: Athens style

Telegraph 8/18/04 1,611 years on, and the Games return to Olympia

ABC News 8/18/04 Greek Sprinters Withdraw From Olympics

NY Daily News 8/18/04 A success on fields & screens, Athens Olympics still don't sit well

USA Today 8/18/04 Games return to village where they began

NY Daily News 8/18/04 Olympics ratings gain back some luster

Telegraph 8/18/04 Athens lacks atmosphere but not true Olympic spirit

Independent 8/18/04 Kederis protests his innocence

Zap2It 8/17/04 Late Olympics Charge Gives NBC Weekly Win

BBC 8/17/04 Olympics return to ancient home

Chicago Tribune 8/17/04 Olympics ratings start off pace

Telegraph 8/17/04 Briton killed by competitor's car on Athens road

Chicago Sun-Times 8/17/04 Olympics on tape-delay just aren't the same

CNN/SI 8/17/04 Empty Olympics stands lead to lack of excitement and lousy television

This Is London 8/17/04 Olympic security alert over tutu man

NY Times 8/17/04 Olympics' Old Home to Play Host Again (Zeus Willing)

Independent 8/17/04 Kederis and Thanou to face criminal investigation

Hollywood Reporter 8/16/04 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Zap2It 8/16/04 NBC Pleased With Early Olympic Returns

Media Guardian 8/16/04 Olympic sponsors leave Europeans unimpressed

USA Today 8/16/04 NBC tries to cover every angle of Olympics

Telegraph 8/16/04 If we want the Olympics, we need Greece's Gianna

Boston Globe 8/15/04 A quick look ahead at Monday's Olympics

San Francisco Chronicle 8/15/04 Greece: Olympic venues safe despite tabloid report

BBC 8/15/04 Olympic 'security lapses' exposed

Newsweek 8/15/04 Of Gods & Games

Channel News Asia 8/15/04 Olympics: Greek officials angry over Olympic security cat-and-mouse game

The Age 8/15/04 Empty stadiums set off alarm bells

BBC 8/15/04 Papers still focused on Olympics

NY Daily News 8/15/04 Trace of explosives forces evacuation

Telegraph 8/15/04 Greeks refuse to bow over scandal

NY Daily News 8/15/04 Uniting the world is giant Olympic myth

The Guardian 8/15/04 To Greece the glory after a stunning start to Games

Sports Illustrated 8/14/04 'A terrorist's dream'

NY Times 8/14/04 On Tape, Greek Ceremony Was a Little Lost in Translation

MSNBC 8/14/04 Opening Ceremony kicks off Games

BBC 8/14/04 Greek duo face exit

NY Daily News 8/14/04 Americans on top of the world

BBC 8/14/04 Athens lights up the Games

Newsday 8/14/04 Greece opens Games by getting embarrassed

The Guardian 8/14/04 The waiting is over, but for the hosts the Olympic spirit is already broken

The Telegraph 8/14/04 Greece's victory turns pyrrhic

USA Today 8/14/04 Athens proves the Olympics can go home

National Post 8/13/04 2010 officials pledge to have venues operating two years before Winter Games

Christian Science Monitor 8/13/04 The Olympics for American viewers

Hollywood Reporter 8/13/04 NBC Olympic coverage to set world record

NY Daily News 8/13/04 At the Olympics, a few spoilsports

Newsday 8/13/04 Athens is ready

USA Today 8/13/04 Olympics 3,000 years ago and today

Telegraph 8/13/04 Greeks hit by drugs scandal on eve of Games

Sky.com 8/13/04 Security Is Tightest Ever

BBC 8/12/04 Athens divided as Olympics begin

SF Chronicle 8/12/04 Olympic pin madness sweeps Athens

CBS 8/12/04 Athens Stands At The Ready

Zap2It 8/12/04 NBC Sprints Toward Olympic Ad Deadline

Hollywood Reporter 8/12/04 NBC Olympic ads are gold: 98% sold

About.com 8/12/04 Hosting the Olympics Can Be an Economic Burden

Telegraph 8/12/04 VIPs gather as Olympic flame sails into Athens

Newsday 8/12/04 Greece lightning getting it done

Christian Science Monitor 8/12/04 Athens goes 'sci-fi' for Olympics security

Fox Sports 8/12/04 London bid fears ease

Telegraph 8/12/04 We are ready to compete on the world stage again

MLive.com 8/11/04 Opening ceremony to honor ancient values

National Post 8/11/04 Olympic opening ceremony to include giant statues and acrobats

USA Today 8/11/04 Ancient and modern collide in Athens

SF Chronicle 8/11/04 In a dash to the starting gate, Greece proclaims it's ready

Mercury News 8/11/04 The view from Athens: Make an effort at security, but don't fret

Chicago Sun-Times 8/11/04 You can watch Olympics for 70 hours a day

BBC 8/10/04 The greatest security show on Earth

Newsday 8/10/04 Hoping war takes break

USA Today 8/10/04 Athletes village at center of scrutiny

BBC 8/10/04 Athens ready for Olympics

Voice of America 8/10/04 Greeks Say Everything Ready for Olympics

MSNBC 8/10/04 In Athens, new can't hold a torch to the old

Christian Science Monitor 8/10/04 Olympic leaps

National Geographic 8/9/04 Ancient Olympics Mixed Naked Sports, Pagan Partying

CNN 8/9/04 Iraq arrive with hope and not fear

USA Today 8/9/04 The Olympic ideal, captured in print

BBC 8/9/04 Did the Sydney Olympics pay off?

Media Guardian 8/9/04 Anyone for more Olympics?

Seattle PI 8/9/04 Athens spends $1.5B on security equipment

Washington Post 8/8/04 Documenting How the Games Began

Telegraph 8/8/04 Finally ready to raise the roof

Arizona Republic 8/8/04 10 reasons to tune in to Olympics

Sunday Herald 8/8/04 Athens 2004: Let the games begin ...

Channel News Asia 8/8/04 Vote buying claims plunges IOC into new corruption scandal

Beacon Journal 8/8/04 Marathon coverage of the Olympics is about to start

Post Gazette 8/8/04 Olympics on TV: So you think there are only 24 hours in a day? Think again

IOL 8/7/04 Olympics worth the sacrifices, say Athenians

Channel News Asia 8/7/04 Greece bars Belarus sports minister from Olympics

The Scotsman 8/7/04 Sponsors, too, are going for gold at the Olympics

IOL 8/7/04 Flame to rest at Acropolis on Olympics eve

Washington Post 8/7/04 Fun and Games and Profits: NBC's Expansive Olympics Strategy

Channel News Asia 8/6/04 Athens doping lab ready to break records

India Daily 8/6/04 Olympics break Greece''s spending target

Seattle PI 8/6/04 Movie business will take long time-out during Olympics

Channel News Asia 8/6/04 New York 2012 Olympic bidders make major venue changes

Hindustan Times 8/6/04 US caterers reveal formula for feeding Olympians

Media Life 8/5/04 A veil of worry looms over Olympics

Indy Star 8/5/04 These Olympics are brought to you by . . .

Seattle PI 8/5/04 IOC boss says stage set for 'magical games'

CBS 8/5/04 Greece Steps Up Olympic Security

The Scotsman 8/5/04 Greeks cut hotel prices as tourists stay away

Channel News Asia 8/5/04 Athens is ready says IOC chief

icKent 8/4/04 Where the Olympics were a real battle

The Age 8/4/04 Less than half of Athens tickets sold

Channel News Asia 8/4/04 Greek armed forces on Olympic war footing

Telegraph 8/4/04 Olympics: London deny breaking rules

BBC 8/3/04 IOC member 'selling votes'

Chicago Tribune 8/3/04 Ticket Sales Pick Up for Olympics

News 24 8/2/04 Olympics seen boosting Greece

MSNBC 8/2/04 No green medals for Athens Games

USA Today 8/2/04 Israeli athletes to get extra security in Village

MSNBC 8/2/04 A Gold Medal for Brutality

Charlotte Observer 8/1/04 Trip to Olympics is tough sell in U.S.

Mercury News 8/1/04 Countdown to the Olympics with quick facts

LA Times 8/1/04 U.S. Seems Ready for Olympics

Post Gazette 7/31/04 Olympics Notebook: Treated patches raise questions

Telegraph 7/31/04 Olympics bid team asks banks to change working hours

Zap2It 7/30/04 NBC Sponsors TV World Record Try for Olympics

Guardian 7/30/04 Tickets slump hits Olympics

BBC 7/29/04 Olympic countdown: 14 days

MSNBC 7/29/04 Athens visitors to get price guides to beat Olympic profiteers

Star Tribune 7/29/04 Olympics gets another test

Mercury News 7/29/04 Phone Outage Hits Athens, Olympic Sites

USA Today 7/29/04 The best of brand-new Athens

BBC 7/27/04 BBC strike 'will not hit Olympics'

NY Times 7/25/04 After the Scandals Have Played Out, Let the Games Begin

Telegraph.co.uk 7/25/04 Britons shun Greece over fears of terror attack on Olympics

SF Chronicle 7/25/04 Spotlight on the Olympics and ancient Greece

Boston Globe 7/24/04 As Games approach, old and new mix

Mercury News 7/24/04 Ancient Olympics Weren't All That Pure

Chicago Sun-Times 7/24/04 Electronic security web ready

Japan Today 7/24/04 Japan to send police to Athens Olympics

SF Chronicle 7/24/04 Security blimp makes test patrol over Athens

NBCMV 7/23/04 Listings For NBC's 'Olympic Summer Games 2004'

Daily Record 7/23/04 Race For Finish Ups Death Toll

Media Guardian 7/23/04 Bectu strike threatens Olympic broadcast

The Guardian 7/23/04 Athens is suddenly winning the race to be ready

NY Times 7/23/04 The Olympics As They Were

MSNBC 7/22/04 Games hold allure for would-be host cities

Media Guardian 7/22/04 Olympics battles against 'ambush marketing'

CNN 7/21/04 U.S. commits 400 soldiers for Olympics

Post Gazette 7/20/04 The history of the Olympics in their place of origin ...

Time 7/18/04 The Made-for-TV Olympics

Naples Daily News 7/18/04 Going to Greece: Athens scrambles on eve of Olympic games

Times-Star 7/18/04 The Olympics: NBC's glut of coverage will take viewers ringside

Scotsman 7/16/04 Olympics hit wildlife areas

Seattle Times 7/16/04 Athens Olympics steps up cybersecurity

Charlotte.com 7/16/04 Athens Suburb Prepping for Olympics

Computerworld 7/16/04 NBC seeks network stability for Olympics

Sports Features 7/15/04 Athens Olympics: Athens 2004 President interviewed on Greek National Radio

KRON4 7/15/04 Bush daughters going to Olympics; Jenna plans to teach

Shout 99 7/15/04 London Olympics? Opportunity for SMEs

Daily Camera 7/14/04 1968's Olympics of protest remembered

icWales 7/14/04 Greek blackout threatens Olympics

BBC 7/13/04 Athens makes tickets plea

Seattle PI 7/13/04 Focus on doping cases clouds Olympics

Daily Record 7/13/04 Heat's On Greeks

Borowitz 7/12/04 Athens Officials Admit They Have Not Begun Building Stadium

SF Chronicle 7/12/04 Power outage a month before Olympics hits Athens, parts of Greece

Mercury News 7/12/04 Forget the fears, America should embrace Olympics Games

The Guardian 7/12/04 Olympics organisers target rival logos

Herald Sun 7/12/04 Jones crashes out of Olympics

Telegraph 7/11/04 Greeks to poison up to 15,000 stray dogs before the Olympics

The Age 7/11/04 Security not ready for Olympics

Telegraph 7/11/04 Johnson claims Seoul was full of drug cheats

Scotland on Sunday 7/11/04 The adrenalin rush signals the Olympics are close

Sports Features Communications 7/10/04 Athens Olympics: Athens 2004 President carries the Flame in Knossos

SF Chronicle 7/10/04 Winning at all costs mattered most in ancient Olympics

Telegraph 7/10/04 'Bargains' abound as Olympics hopes rise

SF Chronicle 7/10/04 Athens 2004: After nearly 3,000 years, Olympics still worth celebrating

MSNBC 7/10/04 Marion won't defend Olympic 100-meter title

Salt Lake Tribune 7/9/04 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials: Drug scandal hanging over meet

Christian Science Monitor 7/9/04 In Olympic track, whispers of drugs cast a fog of doubt

MSNBC 7/9/04 Mo Greene going for mo’ gold in Athens games

USA Today 7/9/04 Security officials, athletes worry Greece isn't ready to police Olympics

Fox News 7/8/04 The Art of the Olympics

Scotsman 7/8/04 Hotel staff strike over Olympics pay

Borowitz Report 7/7/04 Athens Officials Admit They Have Not Begun Building Stadium

BBC 7/7/04 Olympics hotels face strike threat

San Francisco Chronicle 7/6/04 Steady diet of junk sports has ruined the Olympics

All Africa 7/6/04 London, Moscow, Others Battle for 2012 Olympics

IC Wales 7/5/04 Free transport for Olympics

Clarion Ledger 7/5/04 10 changes would improve Olympics
St. Petersburg Times 7/4/04 Some at Olympics has changed, some has not

Sunday Times 7/4/04 Security measures at Olympics not tested yet\

China View 7/4/04 Individual fined for selling notebooks with Olympics emblem

VOA 7/3/04 Athens Olympics Organizers Race Against the Clock

Globe and Mail 7/3/04 Flag becomes the rage before Olympics start

Sports Features 7/3/04 Athens Olympics: The Olympic Flame reaches Helsinki

Voice of America 7/2/04 Greece Mounting Unprecedented Security for Olympics

Environmental News Network 7/1/04 Turtle conservation loses out to Olympics in Greece

Around the Rings 6/30/04 Olympics In Germany, Scandinavia Celebrated With Torch Relay

ABC 6/30/04 Athens Olympics security starts rolling

MSNBC 6/29/04 Parthenon’s makeover comes up short for Olympics

SF Chronicle 6/29/04 Interpol chief: No known threats on horizon for Athens Olympics

Ad Week 6/29/04 N.Y. Unveils Olympics-Bid Campaign

Daily Record 6/29/04 Late Finish At Stadium

Independent 6/27/04 How I carried a torch for the Olympics (and passed it to Beefy)

Around the Rings 6/26/04 Olympics Ceremony Secrets Emerge

BBC 6/26/04 Torch burns bright under dull sky

ABC 6/26/04 Arafat commits to truce during Olympics

CNN 6/26/04 Navratilova selected for Olympics

Washington Post 6/25/04 Olympic Security Exercise Begins

Financial Times 6/25/04 Beijing Olympics authority siphoned off funds

Bloomberg 6/25/04 Greek Hotels May Be Shut Down for Overcharging During Olympics

Channel News Asia 6/25/04 IOC chief Rogge runs with Olympic flame in historic relay

MSNBC 6/24/04 The Olympics: How Safe?

Fox Sports 6/24/04 Scandal hits 2008 Beijing Olympics

The Herald 6/24/04 Olympics: Athens to Athens

Channel News Asia 6/24/04 Olympics: Preparations for Athens Games almost complete

Israel Insider 6/23/04 Israel playing major role in Athens Olympics security

Financial Times 6/23/04 Athens Olympics organisers deny ticket return reports

Guardian 6/23/04 London bid signs Sydney guru

ABC.net.au 6/22/04 Olympic tickets sold at snails pace

Business Week 6/21/04 The Olympics: How Safe?

TV Barn 6/21/04 Complete lineup of Olympics hosts, announcers

BBC 6/21/04 Fears of Athens sex slave boom

Hollywood Reporter 6/21/04 NBC gets unlikely support for Olympics

NY Times 6/20/04 How to Win the 2012 Olympics

Sports Feature 6/20/04  Flame of Olympic Torch Relay at New York City’s ‘Athens Park’

Teen Hollywood 6/19/04 Lopez Backs Out Of Olympic Event

Guardian 6/19/04 Twenty20 has vision of Olympics

Channel News Asia 6/18/04 New Zealand warns of terrorist attack during Athens Olympics

Digital Spy 6/18/04 BBC wins rights to 2010, 2012 Olympics

BBC 6/18/04 Cricket makes Olympics bid

Guardian 6/18/04 Hotel workers threaten to strike during Olympics

CNN 6/17/04 Olympics costs more than expected

Channel News Asia 6/17/04 Olympics: UCI set date to finally sign WADA anti-doping code

BBC 6/17/04 Cost of staging Olympics spirals

Lowell Sun 6/17/04 Local Greeks smiling as Olympics return to ancient Athens roots

The Australian 6/16/04 Greeks face 'decade of debt'

Around the Rings 6/15/04 Olympic Torch Relay Reaches North America

ABC.net 6/14/04 Greece tightens up its security for the Olympics

Business Times 6/14/04 Athens airport readies plan for Olympics

Voice of America 6/14/04 '84 Olympics Organizer Ueberroth to head US Olympic Committee

Sioux City Journal 6/13/04 NBC expanding Olympics schedule

Charlotte.com 6/13/04 Terrorism fears keep some from Olympics

Local London 6/13/04 MP backs Olympics bid

Orlando Sentinel 6/12/04 Playing host to Olympics is no bargain

Sunday Times 6/12/04 Mandela bears Olympic flame

Sun Herald 6/12/04 Greeks Putting Final Touches on Olympics

CBC Sports 6/11/04 Pound predicts tumultuous Olympics

Mercury News 6/11/04 Olympics appear scary, but the Games are vital

Webindia123.com 6/10/04 A memorable Olympics torch run in Delhi

Newsday 6/10/04 Poll: NYers mostly support Olympic games

TV Barn 6/10/04 NBC Expands Olympics Hours, 90 Pct Sold on Ads

Hollywood Reporter 6/10/04 Celebs will carry Olympic torch

Hollywood Reporter 6/10/04 NBC throws high beams on Olympics

Zap2It 6/9/04 NBC Goes All-Out for Olympics

TV Barn 6/9/04 NBC to air 1,210 hours of Olympics (and that's just the gymnastics...)

San Francisco Chronicle 6/8/04 Police told no clear threat so far against Olympics

Channel News Asia 6/8/04 Olympic torch in 2008 host city Beijing with Yao Ming on key relay leg

BBC 6/7/04 Greek officials in security push

Guardian 6/7/04 Coe puts his own team in place

Channel News Asia 6/7/04 Greek security chiefs to kick-start Olympic security plan

News.com.au 6/6/04 Olympic flame burns bright in Melbourne

Around the Rings 6/5/04 Final Test Events For Athens Olympics

SF Chronicle 6/4/04 New York addresses IOC concerns about 2012 bid plans

Scotsman 6/4/04 City joins Olympics race

Augusta Chronicle 6/3/04 Athens mayor travels to United States to promote Olympics

USA Today 6/3/04 Athens mayor says city will be ready for Olympics

BBC 6/3/04 Athens torch starts journey

Sports Features.com 6/3/04 Athens Olympics: The official poster of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Bloomberg 6/3/04 Greece to Allow U.S. Armed Guards for Olympics, Ta Nea Says

Zap2It 6/3/04 Lampley In, Olbermann Out for Olympics Coverage

The Scotsman 6/3/04 Corrupt Olympics chief sent to jail

BBC 6/2/04 Olympics 'may cost Greece dear'

This is London 6/2/04 Olympics tax backed by only 13%

Ananova 6/2/04 Free concert planned to welcome Olympic Torch
The Spoof 6/1/04 Zeus to light torch at Athen's Olympics ceremony

SP Times 6/1/04 Summer Olympics $1 Billion Over Budget

Daily News 5/31/04 Olympics can be more than a bunch of games

CBC 5/31/04 Rogge guarantees Olympics will take place on time

MSNBC 5/30/04 Athens: The Art of the Olympics

NMC 5/28/04 Avril Lavigne Sings for Olympics

WebIndia 123 5/27/04 Avril's single muscles into the Olympics album

icSouthLondon 5/26/04 Olympics glee for Greenwich

San Francisco Chronicle 5/25/04 IOC chief predicts Athens Olympics will be the best

ABC.net.au 5/25/04 Head of Greek Olympics launches attack on Australian travel warnings

San Francisco Chronicle 5/24/04 Greece to get American radiation detectors for Olympics

Telegraph 5/24/04 Olympics can attract right responses

Seattle Times 5/23/04 Cheater hunt picks up as Athens Games near

Staten Island Advance 5/23/04 Athens cleans up for Olympics

NY Daily News 5/22/04 The Olympic Games people like to play

Madison 5/22/04 Olympics: Supplements raise concerns

ZDNet 5/21/04 Athens prepares Olympic cybersecurity

BBC 5/20/04 What the Olympics can do for us

USA Today 5/20/04 Bush says Greece is making good progress

Guardian 5/20/04 Postal Service to Issue Olympics Stamp

Channel News Asia 5/20/04 Athens Games likely to be most security-conscious ever: FBI director

Fox News 5/20/04 U.S. Sprinter Banned From Olympics for Doping

Media Guardian 5/20/04 BBC's Olympic coverage 'could crash web'

Anorak 5/19/04 London Calling

Telegraph 5/19/04 Paris the team to match

IHT 5/19/04 Olympics: European capitals dominate finalists for 2012

Newsday 5/19/04 NYC can do without Olympics

Fox Sports 5/18/04 Report: Athens Olympics to open with a splash

CNN 5/18/04 Five cities in race for 2012 Games

USA Today 5/18/04 New York City in running, but not 2012 favorite

Voice of America 5/18/04 Greece to Deploy Army to Secure Railway During Olympics

BBC 5/18/04 Who should host the Olympics in 2012?

NY Daily News 5/18/04 Transsexuals get OK for Olympics

BBC 5/17/04 TV presenter sparks Olympic scare

NY Times 5/17/04 Jones Said She Would Sue If Barred From Olympics

Time 5/16/04 Olympics | Archaeology Going to the Temple of Love

SF Chronicle 5/16/04 IOC set to select finalists in race for 2012 Olympics

Times of India 5/16/04 IOA eyes Asiad in 2014, Olympics in 2016

Guardian 5/16/04 Fears grow over security chaos at Athens Olympics in terrorist crisis

Sydney Morning Herald 5/16/04 Athens losing the race against time

SF Chronicle 5/15/04 Pope calls for peace and union at Olympics

NY Times 5/15/04 Before Games, U.S. Athletes Shrug Off Fears

NMC 5/14/04 Avril Goes for Gold

Anorak 5/14/04 Greek Pique

Newsday 5/14/04 City gets to ring Olympic bell

The Herald 5/14/04 Bombers issue Olympics alert over security

The Advertiser 5/14/04 Games opening poses biggest threat

Seattle Times 5/13/04 Iraq soccer team earns berth in Olympics

MosNews.com 5/13/04 Moscow Unveils Plans for Olympics Facilities

BBC 5/11/04 Athens 'ready' for Olympics

USA Today 5/11/04 Greek official: blasts 'high treason' before Olympics

TV Barn 5/11/04 Bravo's summer plans include (surprise) Olympics coverage

Bloomberg.com 5/11/04 London 2012 Bid to Host Olympics Gets 6 Million Pounds Backing

BBC 5/10/04 Olympic roof takes shape

Channel News Asia 5/9/04 Olympics: Work on Athens Olympics stadium roof to start soon

The Observer 5/9/04 Load of hot air over Athens

Daily Tribune 5/9/04 Olympics had simple, wonderful beginnings

Scotland on Sunday 5/9/04 An olympic struggle

The Observer 5/9/04 Olympics face moment of truth

Calgary Sun 5/8/04 Athletes to be under heightened security at Olympics

Dallas Morning News 5/8/04 Greek official confident Olympics will be safe

Detroit Free Press 5/8/04 Athens' blemishes get Olympic cover-up

CSM 5/6/04 Lessons for Athens from Salt Lake City

Chicago Sun-Times 5/6/04 Greece says bombing not Olympics-related

CBS 5/6/04 Star-Studded Olympic Torch Relay

Scotsman 5/6/04 Blasts set off safety fears for Olympics

This Is London 5/5/04 Trouble in the Athens rubble

MSNBC 5/5/04 Greek tourist workers threaten to strike during Olympics

Times of India 5/5/04 Athens bombs raise worries

Guardian 5/5/04 The Greeks have the words for it - chaos or catastrophe

Telegraph 5/5/04 Race is on for the Athens Olympics

Guardian 5/5/04 One hundred things you never knew about Athens 2004

CNN 5/4/04 Athens' Olympic roof delayed again

The Guardian 5/4/04 Satellite monitor at Beijing Olympics

SF Chronicle 5/3/04 U.S. team secures berth for 2006 Olympics

Washington Times 5/2/04 Some to get armed guards at Olympics

BBC 5/2/04 Athletes to get armed guard


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