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This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about the Olympic Games


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Top News for the Olympic Games 8/1/01-1/20/03 


The Star 1/20/03 New Beijing mayor chosen as city prepares for Olympics

ESPN 1/20/03 USOC to form panel to review charges against Ward

ESPN 1/20/03 Saddam's oldest son accused of torturing athletes

BBC 1/16/03 Sport chief calls for Olympics fund

CBC News 1/14/03 2010 Olympics in Vancouver would cost $1.3 billion, organizers say

Gainesville Sun 1/14/03 Lawmakers Wary of Cost of a London Games

Financial Times 1/14/03 Contract delay sparks Olympics security fears

CNNSI 1/12/03 Athens prepares for Rogge visit

Daily and Sunday Express 1/11/03 London Olympics bid "is doomed"

CNNSI 1/10/03 Rogge to unveil Athens' torch

USA Today 1/10/03 Three Olympic candidates submit documents

Sport Telegraph 1/10/03 Secret deal signed for Olympic site

The Age 1/9/03 $2b security bill to make Athens safe for Olympics

CBC News 1/7/03 Utah shows little economic benefit from 2002 Games

Courier Mail 1/7/03 Vancouver bids for 2010 Games

CNN 1/7/03 Olympic 'fixer' faces extradition

ESPN.com 1/6/03 Shaq says two medals are enough

Aurora Sentinel 1/6/03 Metro commission looks at Olympic possibilities

The Observer 1/5/03 Sport celebrities back fight for 2012 Olympics

USA Today 1/4/03 Bryant plans to play on Olympic team

Washington Post 1/3/03 Greece Playing It Safe With Olympics

UPI 1/3/03 Report: Kobe to play in 2004 Olympics

Stuff.com 12/31/02 Turin, eyeing Olympics, turns on the style

Guardian Unlimited 12/28/02 British officials start spinning for Olympics

USA Today 12/28/02 U.K. study favors Paris in 2012

People's Daily 12/26/02 Beijing Olympics - A Good Beginning Is Half the Battle

The Olympian 12/23/02 Paris likely to win bid to host 2012 Olympics

BayArea.com 12/23/02 Britain Still Considering 2012 Olympic Games Bid

Guardian Unlimited 12/22/02 Greeks in a race to beat the clock as Olympics prepare to come home

Sports Illustrated 12/22/02 Official: India ready to bid for Games

Gainesville Sun 12/22/02 UK Panel Sees Paris Getting 2012 Games

BBC 12/22/02 Caborn eases Olympic fears

Sky.com 12/22/02 Olympic Bid In The Balance

The Observer 12/22/02 Britain's Olympics bid to be scrapped

This Is London 12/20/02 £2.5 billion is new price of Olympics

SF Gate 12/20/02 Rogge: Olympics will not be pushed into accepting trendy sports

Gainesville Sun 12/18/02 Greek Leader: Fewer Delays for Olympics

BBC 12/17/02 Can London host the Olympics?

San Francisco Chronicle 12/15/02 Shrink the Games IOC wants to reduce number of athletes, media

San Francisco Gate 12/13/02 Greece takes out $1.5 billion loan for Olympics

WayMoreSports.com 12/12/02 Olympic vote stuns officials

BayArea.com 12/11/02 Vancouver to Vote Feb. 22 on Hosting Olympic Games

The NY Times 12/10/02 Athens Sprinting in Olympics' Home Stretch

The Globe and Mail 12/10/02 Utah governor touts payoffs of hosting Olympics

This is London 12/10/02 No rush on Olympics decision

This is London 12/9/02 Rogge: Blair must back Olympic bid

Deseret News 12/6/02 NBC awarded 'Golden Rings' for 2002 Olympic

China Daily 12/5/02 IOC lavishes praise on Beijing's preparations for 2008 Olympics

This is London 12/3/02 London needs the Olympics

CBS 11/29/02 Olympics Delays Sports' Elimination

Way More Sports 11/29/02 Who'll insure Athens Games?

BBC 11/27/02 Boost for endangered Olympic sports

Globe and Mail 11/27/02 Pound is right to call for Olympic shrinkage

CNN 11/26/02 IOC to go ahead with vote on expelling sports for 2008

New Zealand Herald 11/23/02 Olympics: Security for 2004 includes missiles

ESPN 11/20/02 Rogge wants smaller Olympic Games

NJ.com 11/20/02 IOC doping commission chief dies

Buffalo News 11/20/02 Four top NBA stars will play in Olympics

NY Daily News 11/14/02 Olympics site being contested

Washington Post 11/13/02 MLB Lobbies IOC to Keep Baseball

Health Central 11/13/02 Performance Boosting Goes Back to Ancient Olympics

This is London 11/12/02 Olympic bid requires "unanimous" support

San Francisco Chronicle 11/11/02 Bay Area bid was undercut by budget surplus disclaimer

Washington Times 11/10/02 NYC's Olympic glory tainted by selection

Business Times 11/8/02 Shell-shocked Olympic bid team tries to get back to reality

NJ.com 11/6/02 Olympic venue timetables under review

NY Times 11/6/02 How the U.S. Hurts Its Bid for Olympics

CSM 11/4/02 New York leaps a hurdle in race for 2012 Olympics

Oregon Live 11/4/02 Olympic delays may claim new victim: lavish design for main Athens stadium

Times Daily 11/4/02 New York Faces 2012 Olympic Hurdles

San Francisco Chronicle 11/3/02 Failed bid bums out Bay Area

NJ.com 11/3/02 New York's bid mixes substance with pizzaz

San Francisco Chronicle 11/2/02 2012 Olympics vote today

Guardian 11/2/02 Caborn: London Olympics could cost £4bn

Bloomberg.com 11/2/02 U.S. Olympic Committee to Choose New York or San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle 10/30/02 S.F.'s golden promise to Olympics

NY Times 10/30/02 I.O.C. Visits to Possible Host Cities May Return

CNN 10/29/02 Samaranch says he overhauled IOC

BBC 10/29/02 Olympic city to build first mosque

7 Online 10/29/02 Sympathy Factor Should Not Influence New York's Olympics Bid

Business Week 10/28/02 The Olympics: A Man, a Plan, New York

Contra Costa Times 10/27/02 S.F., N.Y. plans for 2012 Olympics near photo finish

Guardian 10/27/02 2012 Olympic bid set for scrapheap

Way More Sports 10/23/02 Whistler votes to back Vancouver's 2010 Olympic bid

Herald Tribune 10/22/02 Greek Premier Urges Olympics Action

San Francisco Chronicle 10/21/02 N.Y. neighbors unite to fight Olympic bid

NJ.com 10/20/02 Bay Area sites deny they're available for 2012 Olympics games

Telegraph 10/18/02 Ministers deaf to Olympic support

Frontier Post 10/17/02 Golf likely to come in Olympics

NDTV 10/17/02 Athletes set sights on Athens Olympics

Billings Gazette 10/11/02 Olympics coordinator takes break in Billings

CNN 10/10/02 Greece seeks Olympics safe from fear

Deseret News 10/7/02 U.S. may copy Games security

NJ.com 10/6/02 Mock torch relay filmed for city's bid for 2012 Summer Games

Telegraph 10/4/02 Ryan issues London Olympic bid warning

Hark the Herald 10/3/02 Bullock: Divine hand helped 2002 Olympics

NJ.com 10/3/02 76ers coach says he wants to coach U.S. Olympic team

Way More Sports 10/3/02 Is it Salzburg in 2010?

Way More Sports 9/30/02 Athens Olympics dealing with serious threats

Globe and Mail 9/27/02 Bern withdraws 2010 Olympic bid

NY Times 9/27/02 U.S.O.C. Reviewing Games Bid Contacts

CNN 9/26/02 Olympic champions doubt ISU can cure skating's ills

This is London 9/25/02 New Wembley 'could host Olympics'

ESPN 9/24/02 Not to be too judgmental ...

Seattle Times 9/24/02 China to take strong stand on drugs at '08 Olympics

CNN 9/24/02 Officials discuss baseball's future in Olympics

Washington Post 9/22/02 Swiss Voters Hinder Bid for Olympics

CNN 9/18/02 Premier cites 2004 progress before IOC inspection

Seattle Times 9/18/02 Salt Lake City Olympics ring up $101 million profit

Deseret News 9/16/02 2002 Winter Games win big at Emmys

KATU 9/13/02 Old bombs discovered during 2004 Olympics construction

CNN 9/12/02 Ancient past could haunt Athens' bid

The Olympian 9/7/02 Germany announces compensation plan for Olympics tragedy

NJ.com 9/6/02 Political, sporting leaders mark 30th anniversary of 1972 Munich Olympic massacre

Miami Herald 9/4/02 Winning Olympics a loser for taxpayers

Golf Web 9/3/02 IOC takes another step toward golf in 2008 Olympics

New Zealand Herald 8/30/02 Rugby and golf possible for 2008 Games

NJ.com 8/30/02 Three sports could be bounced from Olympics

San Francisco Chronicle 8/29/02 Bay Area vs. New York for global bragging rights in 2012

Ananova 8/28/02 Four cities make cut for 2010 Winter Games

CBS 8/27/02 SF, NYC Named Olympic Finalists

CSM 8/26/02 The first heat for the Olympics of ... 2012

CNN 8/25/02 Trends favor North America for 2010

Washington Times 8/25/02 USOC close to picking final Olympic hopefuls

Sacramento Business Journal 8/16/02 Bay Olympics can't guarantee gold

BBC 8/11/02 Munich Olympic victims remembered

CNN 8/11/02 Athletes remember Olympic massacre

NY Times 8/11/02 Despite Obstacles, U.S. Team Looks to Future
This is London 8/6/02 Why London must bid for Olympics

This is London 8/5/02 London must make Olympic bid

Times Online 8/5/02 Manchester's success opens the door to Olympic bid

Bloomberg.com 8/4/02 Greek Police Find Explosives Buried Near Athens Olympic Stadium

Smoking Gun 8/4/02 Olympic Skating Scandal Court Documents

Indianapolis 8/3/02 Judging scandal could cost skaters

Globe and Mail 8/1/02 Mob links alleged in Olympic skating fix

Deseret News 7/26/02 Olympic fame fleeting for skaters

Telegraph 7/24/02 Ecclestone to bid for Olympics

icWales 7/22/02 Manchester key to 2012 Olympics

Washington Post 7/17/02 Area Bid Gains Olympic Stature

Sacramento Bee 7/15/02 Olympics push starts in earnest

San Francisco Chronicle 7/15/02 USOC panel takes stock of S.F.'s competition

SF Business Times 7/15/02 Bay Area faces crucial Olympic trial

Houston Chronicle 7/14/02 2012 bid does city 'proud'

CNN 7/14/02 One year down, six to go

Washington Post 7/12/02 Houston, Bay Area Now Under USOC Watch

BizJournals 7/8/02 Making the bed for 2012 -- and sleeping in it, too

My San Antonio 7/4/02 Chinese City Dreaming of Olympics

Globe and Mail 7/2/02 B.C. shows confidence in 2010 winter Olympic bid

Washington Post 6/30/02 USOC Sees 'No Shortfalls' in Washington Bid

Baltimore Business Journal 6/28/02 Olympics will bring challenges, benefits to Baltimore

Washington Post 6/28/02 D.C. Wants to Compete Faster, Higher, Stronger

CNN 6/28/02 Salt Lake bid leaders seek compensation

VOA News 6/26/02 IOC Inspectors Visit Athens

CNN 6/25/02 'A very big honor'

Deseret News 6/17/02 SLOC's marketing toppled records

CNN 6/15/02 Rogge: Moscow could host 2012 Games

BBC 6/13/02 Cycling to open Athens Olympics

Standardnet 6/8/02 Former SLOC official off to Torino Olympics

Deseret News 6/6/02 FBI chief lauds Games security

Washington Times 6/6/02 Williams vows big Olympics bid

Business Day 6/5/02 Olympics unite China, Greece

CNN 6/4/02 USOC to narrow U.S. bid cities to two

NJ.com 5/30/02 Scientists try to unravel the secrets of winning medals at the Olympics

San Francisco Chronicle 5/26/02 2010 candidates to pay $600,000 for right to bid

Washington Post 5/26/02 Austrian Olympic Ski Officials Banned

North Jersey 5/25/02 U.S. Olympic official resigns after lying about credentials

CNN 5/22/02 Lawyers want USOC to release results

DJC 5/20/02 Utah's Olympic tax haul not so big

Houston Chronicle 5/19/02 Olympics should keep winter sports fresh in Utah

USA Today 5/16/02 Asda recruits Christmas cracker joke writer

Telegraph 5/16/02 A woman's touch puts Athens on track

San Antonio News Express 5/15/02 Olympics facing huge doping dilemma

BBC 6/18/02 Big Brother is a woman

Reno Gazette Journal 5/13/02 Dinner to raise funds for pursuit of 2014 Olympics

San Francisco Chronicle 5/2/02 Solution for skating scandal: Ban the sport from Olympics

Uni Sci 5/1/02 Olympic Bioterrorism And Disease Watch Worked Well

Guardian 4/30/02 Taking the myth out of the Olympics' gruesome twosome

CNN 4/30/02 Olympic skating row pair banned

Business Journal 4/29/02 With finish line in sight, 2012 bid unveils strategy

Seattle Times 4/25/02 Salt Lake Olympics prove good as gold

Express India 4/24/02 India to bid for 2012 Olympics

CNN 4/22/02 Figure skating officials considering computerized judging

Seattle Times 4/22/02 USOC gives USATF an ultimatum

Guardian 4/21/02 Doh! Greeks model Olympic mascots on wrong Homer

San Francisco Examiner 4/18/02 Sprinter stands up for S.F. bid

Sacramento Bee 4/17/02 Bay Area Olympics group has $170 million endowment

Seattle Times 4/14/02 Networking helps former Olympic athletes find jobs

Japan Times 4/11/02 IOC president wins praise from U.S. critic

Washington Post 4/11/02 2012 Olympics Bid Centers on Anacostia

ESPN 4/5/02 Committee convinced the games will end up profitable

BBC 4/4/02 IOC seeks Athens improvements

CNN 4/4/02 IOC overseer demands security plan

CNN 4/2/02 Sydney chief briefs Greek officials

DJC 4/2/02 Salt Lake organizers pay off Olympic bills

Business Times 4/1/02 Don't leave state holding the ball for Olympic bid


Top News for the Olympic Games 3/1/02-3/31/02


USA Today 3/29/02 Athens builders racing on eve of IOC visit

Salt Lake Tribune 3/22/02 Economist Sees Lasting Olympic Benefits

The Independent 3/19/02 Olympic Torch visits Lincoln Elementary

Salt Lake Tribune 3/19/02 Olympic Planner's Job Not Over

Web MD 3/18/02 Few Serious Injuries at Olympics Games

Salt Lake Tribune 3/17/02 IOC Concludes Hearings Into Drug Offenses

BBC 3/15/02 Inquiry into blood doping

BBC 3/14/02 Disgraced Spanish skier quits

BBC 3/13/02 Norway contest Olympic medals

Salt Lake Tribune 3/12/02 Oly Transport System 'Just Worked'

Salt Lake Tribune 3/10/02 Utah Ski Resorts to Reap Oly Benefits

BBC 3/7/02 'Skategate' official threatens to sue

CNN 3/6/02 Congestion is 'biggest challenge' for Athens 2004

Washington Post 3/5/02 WRC's Winter Gains: Olympics Sweep Up Gold

Salt Lake Tribune 3/4/02 Lillehammer's Olympic Spirit Alive After 8 Years

Salt Lake Tribune 3/1/02 Visa Rakes in the Gold During Olympics

BBC 3/1/02 Two athletes fail drug tests


Top News for the Olympic Games 2/1/02-2/28/02


Salt Lake Tribune 2/28/02 Lines for Berets Keep Going and Going . . . 

BBC 2/28/02 S Korean Olympic chief quits

Salt Lake Tribune 2/28/02 Grieving the Games, Getting Back to Reality

USA Today 2/26/02 Salt Lake's success bodes well for 2012

BBC 2/26/02 French official denies wrongdoing

BBC 2/26/02 Warm welcome for Olympic stars

Seattle PI 2/26/02 Turin prepares for next Games

Post Gazette 2/26/02 Olympic planners finally feel secure

Salt Lake Tribune 2/26/02 We Liked Games, World Liked Us

Rocky Mountain News 2/26/02 After the historic party, expensive cleanup begins in Salt Lake City

Canoe 2/26/02 Let the Turin Games begin

Seattle PI 2/26/02 Countdown to 2004 begins, with many hurdles ahead

Salt Lake Tribune 2/26/02 Olympic Payback's a Boon

Seattle PI 2/26/02 Bowling as an Olympic event?

BBC 2/25/02 Games end under a cloud

Zap2It 2/25/02 NBC Skates to Profitable, Highly Rated Olympics

Salt Lake Tribune 2/25/02 Thanks for The Memories

BBC 2/25/02 Fireworks fiesta closes Games

Dallas Morning News 2/25/02 Olympics' closing concert turns into epic spectacle

Washington Post 2/25/02 NBC's Olympics Alchemy: Gold From Brass

Post Gazette 2/25/02 Postcard from Salt Lake

Salt Lake Tribune 2/25/02 Happy IOC Leader: 'These Were the Athletes' Games'

Seattle PI 2/25/02 Winter Games End on High Note

Washington Post 2/25/02 Two Athletes Lose Golds For Drug Use

BBC 2/25/02 Highs and lows of 2002 Games

Seattle PI 2/25/02 Final Dose of Olympics Controversy

Post Gazette 2/25/02 Security: Thorough checkpoints, coming and going

Milwaukee Journal 2/24/02 Olympics coverage had golden moments

USA Today 2/24/02 Games colored red, white and blue

CNN 2/24/02 IOC chief pleased with Salt Lake Games

Salt Lake Tribune 2/24/02 Ceremony About Fun And Games

USA Today 2/24/02 Double gold leaves lasting taint

Guardian 2/24/02 A gold for Bear baiting

Seattle PI 2/24/02 Police, Crowd Clash at Winter Games

Salt Lake Tribune 2/24/02 Russians Don't Take Losing Well

Post Gazette 2/24/02 Postcard from Salt Lake

BBC 2/24/02 GB still in the second tier

CNN 2/24/02 Italian city prepares for next Games

Washington Post 2/24/02 U.S. Investment In Olympians Is Paying Off

USA Today 2/23/02 Venue designers had patriotic crowds in mind

Post Gazette 2/23/02 Olympic follies need to cease

Seattle PI 2/23/02 French Judge Says Canada Pressured

Salt Lake Tribune 2/23/02 Major changes planned after scandal

Washington Post 2/23/02 Russia's Olympic Chill

USA Today 2/23/02 Russia's reaction to hockey loss reflects Games

BBC 2/23/02 Russians to stay at Games

Post Gazette 2/23/02 Olympic follies need to cease

Salt Lake Tribune 2/23/02 Utah Prepares to Bid Weary Farewell to Games

Seattle PI 2/23/02 U.S.-Canada hockey final a medal matchup for ratings?

Canoe 2/23/02 Russians play crying game

USA Today 2/22/02 Olympics no longer worth their fallout

BBC 2/22/02 IOC promises judging reform

CSM 2/22/02 An improbable journey

Seattle PI 2/22/02 Everyone gets a medal in the blame Games

Rocky Mountain News 2/22/02 Old habits fail to die amid Boo Hoo Games

BBC 2/22/02 Putin enters Olympic row

Salt Lake Tribune 2/22/02 Officials Seize Loads of Fake Oly Merchandise

BBC 2/22/02 Young talent takes flight

USA Today 2/22/02 NBC's coverage has been innovative

Washington Post 2/22/02 NBC, Synchronizing Its Watchers

Post Gazette 2/22/02 Russians threaten to quit Games

Salt Lake Tribune 2/22/02 Olympic Garbage Getting Second Chance at Life

Washington Post 2/22/02 Russia Threatens to Pull Out of Olympics

USA Today 2/21/02 Suddenly, chaos goes for the gold

BBC 2/21/02 Rogge acts to calm Russian storm

Post Gazette 2/21/02 Postcard from Salt Lake: 2/21/02

BBC 2/21/02 Winter Olympics - day 14 action

Salt Lake Tribune 2/21/02 Shea Family Spirit Has Filled Games

Hollywood Reporter 2/21/02 Olympics has NBC on podium

Orlando Sentinel 2/21/02 NBC's skating analysts have made their mark

Salt Lake Tribune 2/21/02 Late-Night Spotlight Is on Utah

TeeVee 2/21/02 TiVoLympics

Guardian 2/21/02 Lottery money has not been poured away into Salt Lake

Oregonian 2/20/02 Personality disorder helps for Olympic curling

USA Today 2/20/02 Shea took family along on his gold-medal ride

Digital Spy 2/20/02 Olympics: Hicks, Carillo host closing ceremony

BBC 2/20/02 Winter Olympics - Day 13 action

USA Today 2/20/02 Foreign networks view Games differently

Salt Lake Tribune 2/20/02 Tickets Sell At a Profit These Days

Rocky Mountain News 2/20/02 Tourist class

TeeVee 2/20/02 In Praise of Curling

Zap2It 2/20/02 Olympics Give NBC Season Ratings Lead

Canoe 2/20/02 Long shifts, lots of enthusiasm for Olympic volunteers
Seattle PI 2/20/02 How figures judging turns out is anybody's guess

Washington Post 2/20/02 Officials Allege Efforts to Fix

Salt Lake Tribune 2/20/02 Rural Utah Courting Olympics Reporters

Guardian 2/20/02 Stapleford threatens legal action

Hollywood Reporter 2/19/02 Winter games still hot enough for NBC on Monday night

Salt Lake Tribune 2/19/02 Midway A Wallflower Of Oly Party

Post Gazette 2/19/02 Postcard from Salt Lake

Guardian 2/19/02 British official drawn into skating row

USA Today 2/19/02 Mormons take pride in taking part in Olympics

Seattle PI 2/19/02 Another culture also bears torch

Salt Lake Tribune 2/19/02 Dreams of Oly Gold Turning to Lead for Many Utah Businesses

BBC 2/19/02 Belarus in fresh Olympic scandal

Florida Times Union 2/19/02 Controversial calls continue to cloud Olympics

Tallahassee Democrat 2/19/02 It's time to pull the plug on Olympic figure skating

USA Today 2/18/02 French judge's claims discounted

Salt Lake Tribune 2/18/02 Party Poopers Avoid Games

Washington Post 2/18/02 In Skating, a Golden Glow

USA Today 2/18/02 Canadians figure that lives changed forever

BBC 2/18/02 Gold at last for Canadians

Post Gazette 2/18/02 Six days after skating final, Canadians get their golds

Salt Lake Tribune 2/18/02 Scandal Lingers in Minds of Some Skaters

BBC 2/18/02 Winter Olympics - day 10 action

Seattle PI 2/18/02 Olympic Judge Denies Making Deal

San Francisco Chronicle 2/17/02 With apologies to Ohno, these really are the no games

Sacramento Bee 2/17/02 Duo wants the spotlight to fade, but it's not likely

USA Today 2/17/02 NBC puts offbeat sports on road to respectability

Salt Lake Tribune 2/17/02 Salt Lake City Learns to Party

Post Gazette 2/17/02 Postcard from Salt Lake

Canoe 2/17/02 Remote Control

Salt Lake Tribune 2/17/02 Utahn May Be The Olympics' Gold Medal Fan

Caller Times 2/16/02 Merchants say Olympics are hurting sales

CBS 2/16/02 Midway through the Games, there is much to enjoy

Canoe 2/16/02 Some Mormons abandoning Sabbath prohibitions during Olympics

BBC 2/16/02 Salt Lake fated by 'Skategate'

Salt Lake Tribune 2/16/02 Russia's Sikharulidze: 'Please, Don't Make Our Life Unhappy'

Post Gazette 2/16/02 Canadian figure skaters win battle over judging

Washington Post 2/16/02 NBC Shares the Olympic Golden Moment

Seattle Times 2/16/02 Skating union calls for reform after judging scandal engulfs Olympics

Salt Lake Tribune 2/16/02 Official Merchandise Is a Big Hit

Post Gazette 2/16/02 IOC's decision quite honorable, but it doesn't solve the problem

BBC 2/16/02 Russians unhappy at sharing gold

USA Today 2/15/02 Official: ISU chief got letters about judge deal

Washington Post 2/15/02 Canadians' Medal Turns to Gold

BBC 2/15/02 Canadians delighted by gold

Salt Lake Tribune 2/15/02 Greek Official's Outburst Takes IOC by Surprise

Hollywood Reporter 2/15/02 Ad shifts pump Olympics ratings

BBC 2/15/02 Skating scandal heads for court

Washington Post 2/15/02 'All Federations Are Involved'

Chicago Sun Times 2/15/02 Games fun again on NBC

Post Gazette 2/15/02 Scalpers hustling to make a buck

Salt Lake Tribune 2/15/02 Liquor Laws Still Confuse, Frustrate Visitors

Seattle PI 2/15/02 Let's be honest about delay of Games

USA Today 2/15/02 Utah also home to supplements

Post Gazette 2/15/02 Gold for all could solve figure skating controversy

Washington Post 2/14/02 Strike Up the Brand

BBC 2/14/02 Skating judge 'under pressure'

USA Today 2/14/02 Skate scandal slides quickly in cyberspace

Salt Lake Tribune 2/14/02 French: Judge Was Pressured in Scoring

Post Gazette 2/14/02 Root of pairs figure skating controversy must be addressed

Washington Post 2/14/02 Heat Is On in Olympic Figure Skating

BBC 2/14/02 Canada appeals for extra gold

Salt Lake Tribune 2/14/02 Page 2: Utah's First Winter Games

Rocky Mountain News 2/14/02 NBC one-upping its coverage from Down Under

Milwaukee Journal 2/13/02 NBC strikes gold with skating controversy

MSNBC 2/13/02 Bush’s Olympics Ad Lib Causes a Stir Abroad

USA Today 2/13/02 Eleven countries have one-athlete teams

BBC 2/13/02 Russians keep gold despite inquiry

Salt Lake Tribune 2/13/02 SLC Parking Boomtime Is Really a Bust For Games

Washington Post 2/13/02 Canada Demands Review In Pairs

BBC 2/13/02 Olympic skating gold sparks inquiry

Washington Post 2/13/02 NBC Rides Olympics to Ratings Win

USA Today 2/13/02 Skating's Cold War resumes

Salt Lake Tribune 2/13/02 Of Contraband Cola and Unholy Water

Seattle Times 2/13/02 Postcard from Utah — Jayda Evans

BBC 2/13/02 Anthrax scare at Salt Lake City

Post Gazette 2/13/02 Big brouhaha at Games over figure skating

BBC 2/12/02 Judges got it so wrong

Zap2It 2/12/02 Gold Medal Decision Stuns Figure Skating Commentators

San Francisco Chronicle 2/12/02 NBC handling coverage adroitly

BBC 2/12/02 Love Story turns sour

Salt Lake Tribune 2/12/02 Anticipated Olympic Crime Not Yet a Problem for City

Post Gazette 2/12/02 Postcard from Salt Lake

Salt Lake Tribune 2/12/02 No Pat-Downs for Protesters

BBC 2/11/02 Supporters on the sidelines

Salt Lake Tribune 2/11/02 Visitors Mostly Praise Utah Hospitality

St. Petersburg Times 2/11/02 Live from Salt Lake

NY Times 2/11/02 From Gold Medals to Britney Spears, NBC Airs It Out

Globe and Mail 2/11/02 A cold climate brings you the Olympics and love

Detroit News 2/11/02 Gen-X athletes such as Kass give Olympics a dose of fresh air

Washington Post 2/11/02 On Opening Night, NBC Wins Ratings Gold

Canoe 2/11/02 Cheers! It's not so hard to drink at Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake Tribune 2/11/02 SLC Churches Attract Few Out-of-Towners

Post Gazette 2/11/02 Secret Service very thorough at checkpoints

Seattle PI 2/11/02 No excuse for network contempt for viewers

BBC 2/11/02 Delays at the downhill

USA Today 2/10/02 NBC gets it right in Salt Lake

Zap2It 2/10/02 Olympics Opening Sets New Ratings Record

Salt Lake Tribune 2/10/02 Pins Create Logjam At Security Checks

BBC 2/10/02 The scale of Salt Lake's Games

Post Gazette 2/10/02 Security: Scrutiny tight for media, too

USA Today 2/10/02 What's buzzing about Olympic host

Washington Post 2/10/02 Heavy Security Lightens Anxiety

Salt Lake Tribune 2/10/02 Sweet Games Really One Bad Mother

Post Gazette 2/10/02 Postcard from Salt Lake

Contra Costa Times 2/10/02 NBC coverage of Olympics isn't a 6.0, yet

Zap2It 2/9/02 Steven Spielberg Honored as Olympic Flagbearer

Salt Lake Tribune 2/9/02 Hockey Gold Team Lights 2002 Caldron

BBC 2/9/02 Emotion as Olympics begin

Washington Post 2/9/02 NBC's Opening Night Coverage Is More Limp Than Olympic

USA Today 2/9/02 Security tight in areas near venues

Canoe 2/9/02 Confidence is high

Salt Lake Tribune 2/9/02 For Wild Utah, Games May Be A Turning Point

Post Gazette 2/9/02 Olympics bioterror security starts here

Washington Post 2/9/02 'Miracle Men' Get Fired Up

BBC 2/9/02 Games get patriotic welcome

USA Today 2/9/02 One athlete sent home for positive drug test

Milwaukee Journal 2/8/02 1st event: Olympic speed blabbering

Salt Lake Tribune 2/8/02 No Wagering on Olympics in Nevada, But There's Always the Internet

Washington Post 2/8/02 Old Glory and New Prestige

USA Today 2/8/02 McKay, who has done it all, but tackles new role

BBC 2/8/02 Drugs crackdown at Winter Olympics

Post Gazette 2/8/02 Patriotic Americans set to take on world in Salt Lake

Seattle PI 2/8/02 ABC's McKay joins NBC team for the Olympics

BBC 2/8/02 Flame completes epic journey

Salt Lake Tribune 2/8/02 Cold weather, warm cheers: Olympic torch rolls in SLC

Washington Post 2/8/02 City Trying to Make Everyone Feel at Home

CNN 2/7/02 NBC to delay Olympics on TV

BBC 2/7/02 World awaits Winter Olympics

USA Today 2/7/02 Officials concerned about crush of spectators

Washington Post 2/7/02 Olympics Has an Air About It

Seattle Times 2/7/02 NBC offers a mountain of TV coverage from Wasatch Range

Salt Lake Tribune 2/7/02 Making the World Welcome

BBC 2/7/02 Guarding the Games

Post Gazette 2/7/02 Relatively Meaningless: Olympics Stuff

San Francisco Chronicle 2/7/02 Olympics are about the danger

Seattle PI 2/7/02 NBC wringing the most out of Olympics

Digital Spy 2/7/02 Olympics: Live from Salt Lake City

Salt Lake Tribune 2/7/02 Delays, chills likely at Opening Ceremony

Zap2It 2/7/02 'Star Trek' Crew to Compete at the Olympics?

CNN 2/6/02 Economic impact of the Olympics

CBS 2/6/02 Higher prices pop up around Salt Lake City

BBC 2/6/02 Hopes pinned on Olympics

USA Today 2/6/02 NBC banks on Olympics as something for everyone

BBC 2/6/02 Ground Zero flag set for Olympics

Washington Times 2/6/02 Utah is at peak of security

Seattle Times 2/6/02 U.S. Olympians check into Village

USA Today 2/6/02 Olympic airspace violated as restrictions tighten

Washington Post 2/5/02 IOC Rejects Proposal

Salt Lake Tribune 2/5/02 Non-Sponsors Sneak In Oly Connections

USA Today 2/5/02 IOC puts hold on ethical standards on hold

BBC 2/5/02 London's voice in Salt Lake City

BBC 2/5/02 Eight cities bid for 2010

Seattle Times 2/5/02 Utah welcomes torch with a blessing

USA Today 2/5/02 Foreign journalists expect excess nationalism

Salt Lake Tribune 2/5/02 Carrying Torch Burned Away My Cynicism

BBC 2/5/02 Safe in Mitt's hands

Rocky Mountain News 2/5/03 Eyeing the best seats to history

Rocky Mountain News 2/5/02 The grand scheme of things

CNN 2/4/02 Drug-testing program should make cheaters easier to catch

Zap2It 2/4/02 2002 Winter Olympics: Wednesday, Feb. 13

Salt Lake Tribune 2/4/02 Torch relay enters Utah at Delicate Arch

BBC 2/4/02 Mayor makes Games pledge

Zap2It 2/4/02 NBC Goes Light on Olympic Gizmos

CNN 2/4/02 IOC meetings open amid unusual frivolity

BBC 2/4/02 Peace at the Games

NDTV 2/4/02 Olympics must be scaled down: Rogge

Salt Lake Tribune 2/4/02 SLC Our Olympics Is Model for Canada's Bid

Washington Post 2/4/02 IOC President Disturbed by Progress in Athens

Washington Post 2/3/02 Red, White, Blue -- and Gold

Canoe 2/3/02 New IOC chief opens meeting

Salt Lake Tribune 2/3/02 Mountains and Snow -- Scandal and Mormons

Washington Post 2/3/02 Organizers Vow Light Touch in Ceremonies

Salt Lake Tribune 2/3/02 Sponsors Using Games to Pitch Their Products

Salt Lake Tribune 2/2/02 Oly Worker Diversity Trails Utah Rate

Zap2It 2/2/02 NBC Promises 'Event Heavy' Olympics Coverage

BBC 2/2/02 Rogge faces dilemma over truce

Rocky Mountain News 2/2/02 U.S. team relishes patriot Games

Salt Lake Tribune 2/2/02 Olympic torch travels up Vail Mountain on snowshoes, down on skis

Seattle Times 2/2/02 2008 Games may have wushu, but no sumo

Salt Lake Tribune 2/2/02 SLOC Thanks International Board

Billings Gazette 2/2/02 Olympics used as teaching tool

ESPN 2/1/02 Olympic official wins defamation case

CBS 2/1/02 Drug testing will be much more rigorous in Salt Lake

CNN 2/1/02 Snow predicted for Opening Ceremony

BBC 2/1/02 Security on IOC meeting agenda

Salt Lake Tribune 2/1/02 Monument Valley Celebration Planned for Olympic Torch

Lacrosse Tribune 2/1/02 Olympic volunteers ready for emergencies

Salt Lake Tribune 2/1/02 Survey: Athletes Skeptical of Supplements


Top News for the Olympic Games 1/1/02-1/31/02


Sacramento Bee 1/31/02 NBC is selling Salt Lake as the 'healing Games'

BBC 1/31/02 World tunes in for Super Bowl

San Francisco Chronicle 1/31/02 NBC's Olympics -- roll the tape, and the truck

Salt Lake Tribune 1/31/02 Olympic Media Center Ready for Journalists

Zap2It 1/31/02 MTV Jumps on Olympic Bandwagon

BBC 1/31/02 Bush to attend Olympic opening

Salt Lake Tribune 1/31/02 Heber Hat May Be Oly 'Must-Have'

BBC 1/31/02 Condoms spark Olympic protest

Washington Post 1/31/02 Security Agencies Challenged By Series of High-Profile Events

USA Today 1/30/02 IOC boss makes scene in Salt Lake

Salt Lake Tribune 1/30/02 Panel Agrees, Olympians Should Avoid Supplements

USA Today 1/30/02 Critics: Games could be more Earth-friendly

CBS 1/30/02 California search-and-rescue team among six headed to Salt Lake

Hollywood Reporter 1/30/02 NBC eyes Olympic-size profit

Salt Lake Tribune 1/30/02 Athletes Village Providing Haven for Oly Competitors

BBC 1/30/02 Rogge looks ahead to 'great' Games

Washington Post 1/30/02 Olympic-Sized Dreams

Tampa Tribune 1/29/02 Olympic Dream Unfolds

USA Today 1/29/02 Man arrested near Olympic Village

BBC 1/29/02 Security upgrade at Salt Lake City

Salt Lake Tribune 1/29/02 Games End Vacancy Blues For Hoteliers

BBC 1/29/02 Confusion over China bid

Salt Lake Tribune 1/29/02 Will Games Put Those Living On the Edge Out on the Street?

BBC 1/29/02 Snowed under at Salt Lake City

Washington Post 1/28/02 An Olympic Challenge: Counter Mormon Image

Pollution Online 1/28/02 Olympics 'Cleaner and Greener' in Utah

USA Today 1/28/02 China, Spain enter bids for 2010 Games

Salt Lake Tribune 1/28/02 Pin Trading Has Become Olympic Event

Salt Lake Tribune 1/28/02 Prisoners' Huts to Keep Oly Officers Warm

BBC 1/28/02 China enters race for 2010

San Francisco Chronicle 1/27/02 Salt Lake City Stories Utah eager to host 'healing Games'

BBC 1/27/02 Bobsleigher handed Olympics ban

Salt Lake Tribune 1/27/02 Clerk: I Was Told to Shred Olympic Files

Salt Lake Tribune 1/27/02 Bestor, Cardon Honor Keepers of the Olympic Flame

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/27/02 Ky. students in on Winter Games

Salt Lake Tribune 1/26/02 SLOC Offers Refunds to Oly Ticketholders

Salt Lake Tribune 1/26/02 Utah Town Will Get Its 2 Minutes of Flame

Washington Post 1/25/02 Olympics Blasted Over Environment

Montana Forum 1/25/02 Olympics still not green enough, conservation groups say

Salt Lake Tribune 1/25/02 Liquor for Oly Visitors to Flow Through Diplomatic Channels

Heraldnet 1/25/02 Area troops to guard Olympics

Washington Post 1/25/02 Vancouver Bids for 2010 Olympics

BBC 1/25/02 British Olympic bid to be costed

Courier Herald 1/25/02 Olympics next stop for Rainier park ranger

Rocky Mountain News 1/25/02 U.S. Nordic skiers voice disgust with doping

Salt Lake Tribune 1/25/02 SLC to Allow More Cabs During Games

Washington Post 1/24/02 Court Asked To Reinstate Charges in Olympics Case

CBS 1/24/02 Salt Lake City secure thanks to $310 million plan

Seattle Times 1/24/02 Poll reveals SLC terrorist fear

Salt Lake Tribune 1/24/02 Oly torch takes first tugboat ride to Seattle

BBC 1/24/02 Osmond duo to carry Olympic torch

Salt Lake Tribune 1/24/02 Home Rentals For Games Too Abundant

BBC 1/23/02 Jaca bids for 2010 Games

CNN 1/23/02 Olympic venues ready for Games

BBC 1/23/02 Bribery scandal appeal bid

Salt Lake Tribune 1/23/02 Games Not So Green, Activists Say

Seattle Times 1/23/02 An Evergreen Olympic flame

BBC 1/23/02 Russia alleviates doping fears

USA Today 1/22/02 'Patriotic' could become name of these Games

BBC 1/22/02 Sting sings at Winter Olympics

USA Today 1/22/02 U.S. officials gain key advisory posts in IOC

Standardnet 1/22/02 Stars ready to kick off Olympics

USA Today 1/22/02 Former Olympian Jack Shea dies after car crash

Pollstar 1/22/02 Olympic Opening Ceremonies Get Stung

ESPN 1/22/02 Housing, transportation have IOC brass worried

San Francisco Chronicle 1/20/02 Winter Games security - swifter, higher, stronger

New Britain 1/19/02 Educator one of 320 from Conn. to help guard Olympics

CNN 1/18/02 Ashcroft surveys Olympic security plan

USA Today 1/17/02 X Games, Olympics appeal to different generations

Hopewell News 1/17/02 Local culinary student cooking at Olympics

BBC 1/16/02 Screen composer records Olympic theme

San Francisco Chronicle 1/16/02 '60 Games were come-as-you-are informal

Canada.com 1/17/02 Pound says doping test assault should cut down cheaters at Salt Lake

USA Today 1/17/02 X Games, Olympics appeal to different generations

Hopewell News 1/17/02 Local culinary student cooking at Olympics

BBC 1/16/02 Screen composer records Olympic theme

San Francisco Chronicle 1/16/02 '60 Games were come-as-you-are informal


Top News for the Olympic Games 1/1/02-1/15/02


BBC 1/15/02 Get ready for Olympic action

New Journal 1/13/02 Newspapers, TV struggle with ethics of reporters carrying Olympic torch

USA Today 1/12/02 USOC officials tout 'unprecedented' security

USA Today 1/12/02 Judge dismisses Olympic bombing suit — again

San Francisco Chronicle 1/11/02 Olympic budget highlights big costs

WCAX 1/10/02 Ridge says Olympics will be user-friendly despite security

White House 1/10/02 Homeland Security and the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

Army Times 1/9/02 Montana Guard unit to work Olympics

Digital Spy 1/9/02 Winter Olympics goes interactive

USA Today 1/9/02 Time short for Salt Lake City

Zap2It 1/8/02 NBC Returns to 'America' for Olympics

Alabama Live 1/7/02 Olympic ticket brokers getting desperate

Guardian 1/6/02 How to buy the Olympics

Digital Spy 1/3/02 Millionaire goes on location for Olympic special

London Times 1/3/02 Rogge determined to clean up IOC's act

Seattle Times 1/2/02 An average guy starts torch relay

Times Reporter 1/2/02 In the Olympic tradition...


Top News for the Olympic Games 12/1/01-12/31/01


USA Today 12/28/01 Polygamy-tinged ads cause stir in Salt Lake

Herald News 12/28/01 Olympic torch run

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/26/01 At 102, Olympic torchbearer has only one worry

NY Times 12/26/01 Olympics Marketing Campaigns Begin

San Francisco Chronicle 12/25/01 Countdown to the Salt Lake City Olympics

Seattle Times 12/25/01 Ohio woman, 102, ready to carry torch

San Francisco Chronicle 12/23/01 Olympic torch begins its journey through New York

Washington Post 12/22/01 Olympic Torch Snub Burns Md. Runners

Philly Burbs 12/22/01 Olympic torch to sprint through New Jersey

USA Today 12/20/01 Pound out as IOC marketing chief

ESPN 12/19/01 Malone: Olympics have wrong focus

The Times 12/18/01 Games competitors face EPO testing

TV Insite 12/17/01 NBC to Plug Olympics in 6,000 Cinemas

Way More Sports 12/17/01 Olympic rejects refusing to whine

Bergen Record 12/15/01 U.S. must look beyond the stars to win 1st Olympics since 1980

News OK 12/15/01 Tragedy on the slopes overshadows Olympic countdown

Way More Sports 12/13/01 Athens Olympic Village builder fired

Snowboarding Online 12/13/01 The 2002 Olympics: 57 Days and Counting

Fairfax Journal 12/13/01 Residents get set for torch relay

Sun News 12/13/01 IOC wants Afghans to compete in 2004

USA Today 12/12/01 Logistical, computer problems predicted

CNN 12/12/01 IOC to send envoy to Afghanistan

Way More Sports 12/12/01 Athens budget gets approval

CSM 12/12/01 At $2 billion, Salt Lake Olympics will be most costly ever

USA Today 12/11/01 IOC eyeing 2004 Afghan Olympic team

Business Day 12/10/01 Berlin backs off 2012 Olympic bid

Seattle Times 12/9/01 Gold-medal Olympic meals will be artsy and quite pricey

Seattle Times 12/9/01 Tracking Team USA

Mesabi Daily News 12/8/01 Olympian dreams come true

Daily Press 12/8/01 Student will run with Olympic torch

Alabama Live 12/7/01 Olympic torch relay begins Florida tour in Jacksonville

St. Petersburg Times 12/6/01 3 residents are Olympic torchbearers

USA Today 12/5/01 Olympic flame begins relay to Salt Lake City

Online Athens 12/5/01 Ali sends Olympic torch on journey across America
Hark the Herald 12/5/01 Fox, Showtime kill Olympic scandal movies

Online Athens 12/4/01 Olympic torch lights up Athens

Wired 12/4/01 Olympics Net Security Is His Game

USA Today 12/4/01 Athens Games will be a marathon to finish

Seattle Times 12/2/01 Games will cost $1.9 billion

Deseret News 12/2/01 Oly alcohol plan unites Rocky and former foe

Seattle Times 12/1/01 SuperGraphics wraps up buses and more for Winter Olympics


Top News for the Olympic Games 11/1/01-11/30/01


BBC 11/30/01 Scientists warn of 'super athletes'

San Francisco Chronicle 11/30/01 Olympic organizers say 2002 ticket sales on track

CNN 11/28/01 Internal turmoil could drop triathlon from Olympics

Zap2It 11/28/01 NBC Will Use Olympics to Promo Midseason Shows

San Francisco Chronicle 11/26/01 Storms dump snow on Olympic venues

Independent 11/25/01 Ministers' shock at '£5bn' 2012 Olympics price tag

Washington Post 11/25/01 Extreme Winter Games

BBC 11/22/01 IOC fears Athens delays

Ad Age 11/20/01 Two Olympic Web Sites Debut

CNN 11/19/01 Olympic torch begins journey to Salt Lake City

CNN 11/18/01 Organizers hope skies clear for torch-lighting ceremony

Philly.com 11/15/01 Charges dismissed in Olympics bribery scandal

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/15/01 Olympics bid shuts down

San Francisco Chronicle 11/13/01 Promoting Olympics to the extreme

San Francisco Chronicle 11/12/01 EU backs IOC in going ahead with Winter Olympics

CNN 11/12/01 Athens on target

Seattle Times 11/11/01 Fear not halting Games

Columbus Dispatch 11/10/01 Ex-official says probe of 2012 Olympics grant unfounded

Clinton Courier 11/9/01 FEMA: We're ready for Olympics

CNN 11/7/01 The show must go on

Deseret News 11/7/01 Parents insist schools close during Games

USA Today 11/7/01 Luge team hopes youth will be served

ABC 11/6/01 SOCOG ordered to pay Sydney man $3.5m in damages

Deseret News 11/6/01 SLOC books host of stars to shine on Games closing

CNN 11/6/01 Skiers 'worried' about competing in U.S.

Seattle Times 11/6/01 Guard unit prepares for Games

Hark the Herald 11/3/01 Meteorologists discuss Olympic weather

CNN 11/1/01 Premier: Security Greece's top priority

NJ.com 11/1/01 Union Pacific, Kimberly-Clark last to board Olympic sponsor train


Top News for the Olympic Games 10/1/01-10/31/01


St. Petersburg Times 10/31/01 Preparing for the worst at the Winter Olympics

CNN 10/31/01 Beijing pledges not to evict migrants

BBC 10/30/01 Billion-dollar boost for Beijing

CNN 10/29/01 Greek cabinet reshuffled to boost Olympics effort

Alabama Live 10/29/01 Winter Olympics right around the corner

CNN 10/28/01 New USOC leader wants Olympic issues more visible

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/28/01 Thank-you note to the USOC

St. Petersburg Times 10/27/01 The Olympics legacy

Media Guardian 10/26/01 Olympics pulls in sponsorship cash

Cincinnati Post 10/26/01 Cincinnati loses 2012 Olympic bid

allAfrica 10/26/01 Implement Adeagbo Panel Report, Olympic Committee Told

CNN 10/25/01 Financial tug of war to burden Games

CNN 10/24/01 Greek PM appoints 'dream-team'

Rocky Mountain News 10/24/01 IOC director: 'No plan' to stop Games

BBC 10/23/01 Rome wants Worlds, then Olympics

St. Petersburg Times 10/22/01 Olympics paring roster of 2012 bidders

Milwaukee Journal 10/21/01 Leno To Forgo Olympics Show

CNN 10/21/01 Utah's 'Black Ice': Cyber-attack scenario

Seattle Times 10/21/01 With faith, fate and F-16s, Games will go on

Sunday Times 10/21/01 Gene cocktails raise fear of 'super-athlete' cheats

CNN 10/20/01 Lipinski has no regrets

CNN 10/19/01 Salt Lake to ground planes during Olympic ceremonies

USA Today 10/18/01 Salt Lake redoubles efforts to safeguard Olympics

CNN 10/17/01 Athens to get Olympic facelift

USA Today 10/17/01 Securing the Salt Lake Games

Deseret News 10/16/01 If no Games, who pays?

Desert News 10/13/01 Olympics still on — for now

CNN 10/12/01 IOC has no cancellation insurance

The Times 10/10/01 London may abandon bid for 2012 Olympics

Deseret News 10/9/01 Romney, Rogge talk Games

BBC 10/5/01 Winter Olympics safety fear

Bozeman Chronicle 10/5/01 Locals picked to carry Olympic torch toward Salt Lake City

Billings Gazette 10/5/01 Torchbearers selected for pre-Winter Olympics ceremony

BBC 10/2/01 Winter Olympics still on track

Deseret News 10/2/01 Feds given full authority during Games

CNN 10/2/01 Greek officials say Games preparations on track

This is London 10/1/01 New fears over bid to stage Olympics


Top News for the Olympic Games 9/1/01-9/30/01


Deseret News 9/30/01 Olympics are a draw for extremists seeking glory

CNN 9/29/01 Olympic security concerns head to Washington

Sun News 9/28/01 Greek officials may have promised IOC too much
San Francisco Chronicle 9/28/01 Athletes take on a new routine in wake of attack

Globe and Mail 9/27/01 IOC issues broad warning on supplements

USA Today 9/26/01 Rogge warns Greeks that time is running out

USA Today 9/26/01 Greeks may require visas for 2004 Games

CNN 9/24/01 Athens plans to unveil tougher plan for 2004

The Times 9/24/01 Johnson scandal mars Olympics

USA Today 9/22/01 Utah: Games will go on

CNN 9/22/01 N.Y. bid for 2012 Olympics in focus after attacks

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/22/01 2012 Olympics: Talk of bids seems 'shallow'

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/22/01 NYC still wants to host 2012 games

Seattle Times 9/20/01 Immigration crackdown worries IOC

Globe and Mail 9/20/01 Rogge gets special powers to act

CNN 9/19/01 Salt Lake residents fear terrorist attacks during Games

This is London 9/19/01 Decision on London 2012 bid delayed

USA Today 9/19/01 A healing process at Salt Lake

BBC 9/18/01 IOC reviews security plans

USA Today 9/18/01 NYC, Washington deserve '12 Games

CNN 9/17/01 Disgraced IOC member reinstated

Deseret News 9/17/01 Ogden launches Olympics cleanup plan

USA Today 9/17/01 Olympic pin will raise money for relief work

Seattle Times 9/16/01 Salt Lake committee sets sights on terror

CNN 9/14/01 Winter Games may have military look

USA Today 9/13/01 Athens plans to upgrade security

Seattle Times 9/13/01 Olympic officials vow to stage 2002 Games

This is London 9/12/01 Salt Lake City Olympics 'to go ahead'

CNN 9/11/01 Going forward as planned

USA Today 9/8/01 Romney presses Congress for security money

San Francisco Chronicle 9/7/01 Fresh ideas for downsizing Olympics

CNN 9/1/01 China hopes Games success leads to golden Olympics


Top News for the Olympic Games 8/1/01-8/31/01


St. Petersburg Times 8/30/01 Dade City is back on track for Olympic bid

CNN 8/28/01 IOC chief gives full backing to Beijing

BBC 8/27/01 New boss to cut Olympic growth

CNN 8/27/01 Rogge's arrival highlights day

LA Times 8/25/01 Revisiting Sydney's Olympic Games

Hark the Herald 8/23/01 Olympic ZIP codes coming

Bay Insider 8/22/01 Olympics Officials Considering Bay Area

CNN 8/22/01 Strug keeps low profile as intern

USA Today 8/22/01 World Anti-Doping Agency moves to Montreal

Washington Post 8/20/01 Before Olympics, Officials Confront Public Expectorations

BBC 8/20/01 Elgin Marbles to 'stay put'

News 24 8/17/01 IOC boss defends Beijing decision

San Francisco Chronicle 8/16/01 Nearly three years later, Olympic scandal still unsettled

Standard Examiner 8/15/01 Ogden man recalls events from Lake Placid

People Daily 8/14/01 IOC Issues Commemorative Cover for Beijing's Olympics Win

CNN 8/10/01 2004 torch relay will circle the world

USA Today 8/9/01 SLOC's outlook rosy for Games

CNN 8/9/01 Baldwin wants new CEO in place soon

USA Today 8/9/01 USA rebuilds in run-up to Athens

Standard Examiner 8/8/01 IOC leader impressed with Games preparations

Seattle Times 8/8/01 Informal Rogge doesn't want a limousine

USA Today 8/7/01 IOC leaning to move Games around, Africa mentioned as possible host

St. Petersburg Times 8/6/01 Olympic official soothes Tampa

St. Petersburg Times 8/6/01 Saddlebrook hosts Olympic tour

USA Today 8/6/01 Rogge's visit heartens U.S. Olympic officials

Tallahassee Democrat 8/5/01 Florida keeps eyes on 2012 Olympics

St. Petersburg Times 8/5/01 Olympic panel treks to far-flung venues

St. Petersburg Times 8/4/01 Love fest for Olympic guests

St. Petersburg Times 8/3/01 Olympic committee to evaluate Saddlebrook

St. Petersburg Times 8/2/01 Tampa 2012 puts wheels on its bid for Olympics



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