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This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about the Olympic Games


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Top News for the Olympic Games 7/1/01-7/31/01


St. Petersburg Times 7/31/01 Logo gets new name at request of officials

Florida Today 7/31/01 2012 Olympics proposal strong, Florida group says

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/29/01 Olympic proposal difficult to score

St. Petersburg Times 7/29/01 In the shadow of Olympic dreams

Washington Post 7/27/01 5th Anniversary of Olympic Bombing

St. Petersburg Times 7/27/01 Olympic stadium plan okayed

CNN 7/25/01 Salzburg, Kitzbuehel to joint bid

CNN 7/23/01 Swiss member takes over Athens spot

BBC 7/22/01 Livingstone wants Olympics for London

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/21/01 Olympics here? 'Get real'

Kentucky Post 7/20/01 States may cover Olympic deficit

Seattle Times 7/19/01 Ailing Samaranch will miss ceremony

CNN 7/18/01 Russia's Committee elects Tyagachyov

CSM 7/17/01 His vision: down-to-earth Olympics

CSM 7/17/01 New Hand on Games Helm

Way More Sports 7/16/01 Pound resigns top IOC posts after losing to Rogge

Way More Sports 7/16/01 Samaranch Jr. elected to IOC

ninemsn 7/15/01 Critics savage Beijing Olympics over human rights

Seattle Times 7/15/01 Olympic-size price tag for rooms in Salt Lake City

Way More Sports 7/15/01 IOC race down to wire for Pound

CNN 7/14/01 Moscow to bid for 2012 Olympics

New Jersey Online 7/14/01 China says it will be ready for 2008 Olympics

Washington Post 7/13/01 IOC Awards 2008 Olympics to Beijing

CNN 7/13/01 Beijing 2008: The most expensive Games ever?

This is London 7/13/01 Olympic bid goes to China

Philly.com 7/13/01 Beijing is awarded 2008 Olympics

Bloomberg 7/12/01 NBC Sells Out About 75% of Advertising for Salt Lake Olympics

CSM 7/12/01 China's Bid for the Gold

St. Petersburg Times 7/12/01 China's Olympics bid

CSM 7/11/01 The Games long past, Sydney manages the legacy

Washington Post 7/11/01 IOC Protest Stopped

Seattle Times 7/10/01 USOC president lauds Kim

San Francisco Chronicle 7/10/01 Sydney 2000 booster critical of Beijing bid

CNN 7/10/01 Paris' big obstacle may be Athens

Milwaukee Journal 7/9/01 Olympic Panel Unveils New TV Ads

Globe and Mail 7/9/01 Olympic Illusions calls for some cheatin' music

Star Telegram 7/9/01 IOC meets for two big decisions

Sunday Times 7/8/01 Olympics tied up in Chinese puzzle

Washington Post 7/8/01 Olympic Spirit's Body Politic

CNN 7/6/01 Samaranch arrives in Moscow

Washington Post 7/6/01 Beijing's Olympic Dream-in-Progress

USA Today 7/5/01 The keys to Salt Lake City

New Jersey Online 7/4/01 Canadian lawyer cites vision in seeking IOC presidency

Pueblo Chieftain 7/4/01 Decision for 2008 Summer Games quickly approaching

Washington Post 7/3/01 Olympics Could Be Paris Match

San Francisco Chronicle 7/3/01 Athens meets sponsor goals for 2004 Games

Guardian 7/1/01 Should Beijing get the games?


Top News for the Olympic Games 6/1/01-6/30/01


Way More Sports 6/29/01 Last-minute bid lobbying could be intense

BBC 6/29/01 IOC urged to reject Beijing bid

Way More Sports 6/29/01 TO-Bid mum on Russia trip

Dallas Observer 6/28/01 Never mind lethal injection, there's lots of Olympic spirit here

Way More Sports 6/27/01 More jump on bid bus

CNN 6/27/01 China: police acted inappropriately

Sport 365 6/27/01 Beijing Will Climb Mountain To Host Olympics

San Francisco Chronicle 6/27/01 Don't expect Web sites to ease tape delay

Way More Sports 6/27/01 Moscow bar bids for party rights

San Francisco Chronicle 6/26/01 West Coast viewers lose out on live Olympics coverage

Zap2It 6/26/01 Salt Lake Olympics Won't Air Live

Deseret News 6/26/01 Will 2002 Games face 'Survivor'?

Washington Post 6/26/01 NBC Reluctantly OKs Olympics Tape-Delay

Seattle PI 6/26/01 KING to join in delay of Winter Games

Way More Sports 6/26/01 American silence is good news for Toronto bid

Washington Post 6/25/01 U.S. Decides To Stay Neutral On Beijing's Olympics Bid

ESPN 6/25/01 Freeman says she has roots in China

Washington Post 6/24/01 Gasp! An Air Of Olympic Inevitability

San Francisco Chronicle 6/24/01 Byzantine twist to Olympic politics

Way More Sports 6/23/01 Paris 2008 bid chief rips Beijing over human rights record

St. Petersburg Times 6/22/01 City's Olympic bid loses wheel

Way More Sports 6/22/01 Lastman sorry for `joke' about Africa . . . 25 times

Seattle Times 6/22/01 Toronto mayor admits he was a Canucklehead

Cincinnati Post 6/21/01 City: Yes to Olympic bid, no to funds

CNN 6/20/01 Canadian official says Paris out of it

Way More Sports 6/20/01 Funding shortfall may scuttle Olympic bid

CNN 6/20/01 Samaranch says Athens will succeed

BBC 6/20/01 Athens receives thumbs up

CNN 6/19/01 Freeman, Gebrsalassie honored by IOC

Herald Sun 6/19/01 Warning over new Olympics book

Way More Sports 6/18/01 Paris is genuine 2008 threat

ESPN 6/18/01 Group says it is peacefully protesting China's bid

CNN 6/18/01 Chang supports China's bid

St. Petersburg Times 6/18/01 Hedging its Olympic bets

ESPN 6/17/01 Dallas next stop on USOC tour of cities

Washington Post 6/14/01 Olympic Scandal Figure To Tell Story

CNN 6/14/01 IOC called to check food supplements

Washington Post 6/14/01 Region 'Raises the Bar' on Olympic Competition
CNN 6/13/01 IOC alerts police over threats

Seattle Times 6/13/01 Utah will use X-ray vision to get ready for Olympics

CNN 6/13/01 IOC denounces letter as forgery

Way More Sports 6/13/01 Letter attacking Samaranch a fake

CNN 6/12/01 Activists oppose Beijing Olympics

Way More Sports 6/12/01 Critics launch campaign to derail Beijing bid

Washington Post 6/12/01 USOC Gives Area the Once-Over

Way More Sports 6/12/01 Africa will vote as a bloc: IOC official

San Francisco Chronicle 6/10/01 Olympic bid offers benefits to Bay Area

Seattle Times 6/9/01 Former Olympic stars lend support

San Francisco Chronicle 6/6/01 Bay Area to explain Summer Games plan

Australian 6/6/01 Sydney Olympics wins UN award

MSNBC 6/6/01 Winter Olympic Games succeed in attracting some big sponsors

The Times 6/6/01 Athens winning 2004 race

ESPN 6/4/01 Samaranch rules out Tel Aviv if there's no peace

ESPN 6/1/01 Cuba to bid for 2012 Olympics

Bergen Record 6/1/01 N.J. part of N.Y. Olympics bid


Top News for the Olympic Games 5/1/01-5/31/01


Bloomberg 5/31/01 NYC Panel Submits Bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/31/01 Olympics bid due on Friday

Washington Post 5/31/01 N.Y. Details Bid for 2012 Olympics

ZDNet 5/29/01 Net falls short of Olympic gold

ZDNet 5/28/01 Olympic online efforts fall flat

CNN 5/28/01 Bid for 2012 Olympics drops Baltimore

Cnet 5/28/01 Olympics trains for Net challenge

CNN 5/27/01 Reno-Tahoe to submit Olympics bid

ESPN 5/25/01 Poll results favor Beijing

Globe and Mail 5/25/01 NBC doesn't see threat from Internet

Washington Post 5/24/01 Anti-Olympics Statement Issued

Star Telegram 5/23/01 Oppose China's bid, even if it hurts Dallas

The Scotsman 5/21/01 Greece and Turkey make up to bid for Euro 2008

Cnet 5/21/01 Olympic officials put tickets on eBay

Seattle Times 5/19/01 Son may rise to IOC

CNN 5/17/01 IOC announces medication crackdown

Channel 4000 5/16/01 Lawmakers Eye 2012 Olympics

ESPN 5/16/01 Application filed to make golf an Olympic sport

CNN 5/16/01 China offers Taiwan chance to co-host

ESPN 5/14/01 SLOC chief summoned to Lausanne

Guardian Unlimited 5/13/01 Gene cheats aim to conquer Olympics

CNN 5/11/01 Dalai Lama backs Olympics bid if boosts rights

CNN 5/10/01 Dalai Lama says China deserves 2008 Games

Cnet 5/8/01 Olympic Web site host pulls the plug

CNN 5/7/01 Schmitt would rotate Games by continent

Journal 5/7/01 Olympics seek runners to carry torch

Guardian Unlimited 5/6/01 FA attempts to save Wembley with bid for 2012 Olympics

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/5/01 Olympics visit is July

ESPN 5/2/01 Officials fear Olympic visitors could bring disease

BBC 5/2/01 Greeks told to keep on running


Top News for the Olympic Games 4/1/01-4/30/01


CNN 4/29/01 USOC: Salt Lake preparations 'superb'

The Scotsman 4/25/01 Golf on course for Olympic return

CNN 4/25/01 Schmitt hopes for chance as president

TV Insite 4/23/01 NBC debates delayed Olympics feed
USA Today 4/20/01 Olympics seeks new Web site provider

People Daily 4/19/01 Chinese in Russia Back Olympic Bid

CNN 4/17/01 Profiles of IOC presidency candidates

The Age 4/17/01 The Games - expect the unexpected

Milwaukee Journal 4/17/01 Olympic Memorabilia Goes To Auction

ninemsn 4/12/01 Ten Network blames Olympics for profit slip

Milwaukee Journal 4/11/01 Olympic torch headed for Milwaukee

Washington Post 4/10/01 Report: USOC Sent Drug Users to Games

Bloomberg.com 4/10/01 1.3 Million Tickets Sold For Salt Lake Olympics, Organizers Say

ESPN 4/10/01 DeFrantz coy about China's chances for 2008 bid

This is London 4/9/01 Trials give Olympic failures a fresh start

Japan Today 4/9/01 Drugged US athletes competing at all Olympics

ESPN 4/9/01 China crisis fuels efforts to stop Beijing's Olympic bid

ESPN 4/8/01 And it's happened before, doctor says
Hark the Herald 4/7/01 Olympic officer: Games a golden opportunity

CNN 4/6/01 Salt Lake to supply condoms at Games

People's Daily 4/5/01 Traffic Facilities to Be Improved for 2008 Olympics

CNN 4/4/01 China hopes to avoid fallout from spy plane crisis

Seattle Times 4/3/01 WTO, Olympic dreams might moderate China

This is London 4/3/01 MPs warn against rushing Olympics bid

Deseret News 4/3/01 2002 Olympics: Feeding frenzy

Russia Today 4/2/01 Swimming-Thieves Steal Gold Medals From Klim and Popov


Top News for the Olympic Games 3/1/01-3/31/01 


CNN 3/30/01 Bribery defense will not question IOC

Inside China 3/29/01 Key U.S. Committee Approves China Olympic Resolution

CSM 3/28/01 Race to host Olympics: Let the PR wars begin

Bloomberg 3/28/01 Greece May Cut Defense Budget to Help Fund Olympics

Seattle Times 3/25/01 Hockey: 10 chosen for Olympic team

St. Petersburg Times 3/23/01 Rivals dispute Olympics figures

ESPN 3/23/01 Kim throws hat in ring for IOC chief

ESPN 3/22/01 China criticizes U.S. Olympics resolution

CNN 3/21/01 USOC, NHL agree on drug testing

BBC 3/19/01 Mormons under pressure on drink

CBC 3/9/01 Groups opposed to bid meet Olympic evaluators

Houston Chronicle 3/9/01 Group looks to bolster bid for Olympics

CBC 3/7/01 Flag-raising marks Toronto's bid for Olympics

Guardian Unlimited 3/7/01 Briton to combat Olympics threat

ESPN 3/6/01 Wrestler stripped of gold wants ban lifted

CNN 3/6/01 Anxious organizers vs. laid-back `Greek way'

Canada Newswire 3/5/01 IOC Commission assessing Toronto 2008 Olympic bid

CNN 3/2/01 IOC grants first Internet media accreditation

Globe and Mail 3/2/01 Turgeon merits Olympic consideration

BBC 3/1/01 IOC completes Osaka tour

ESPN 3/1/01 Officials say their standards preceded USOC resolution


Top News for the Olympic Games 2/1/01-2/28/01 


Deseret News 2/28/01 Will professionals play in the Olympics?

Globe and Mail 2/28/01 A new plan of Olympic attack

ESPN 2/27/01 11,500 torchbearers will carry the flame

Denver Business Journal 2/26/01 Merchandiser going for Olympic gold

CNN 2/25/01 Pedal power boost to China's olympic bid

San Francisco Chronicle 2/24/01 Lantos Wants Olympics Tied to Human Rights

BBC 2/24/01 China impresses Olympics inspectors

CNN 2/24/01 Olympic inspectors' Beijing visit goes smoothly

CNN 2/23/01 Beijing says all is in order for 2008 Olympics

BBC 2/21/01 Beijing's Olympic hopes under scrutiny

BBC 2/20/01 Beijing's Olympic bid under scrutiny

CNN 2/20/01 Beijing starts Olympics inspection

CNN 2/19/01 Under the microscope

ESPN 2/19/01 Dissidents' families allegedly told to keep quiet

US News 2/17/01 An Olympic competitor

Bergen Record 2/17/01 Gardner remains a hero

BBC 2/15/01 Athens faces fresh Olympic scrutiny

ESPN 2/13/01 Skaters love the Olympic ice

ESPN 2/12/01 Street still pointing to Salt Lake Olympics

UK Guardian 2/12/01 Greeks splash out for Olympic sponsorship

UK Observer 2/11/01 GB medal hopes for next year's Winter Olympics

Unison 2/11/01 Free kit wins no medals from Olympic athletes

Austin 360 2/11/01 As Olympic Games approach, Salt Lake tackles image

CBC 2/9/01 Judge reserves Olympics corruption decision

People Daily 2/9/01 Olympic Bid Official Denounces Falun Gong Cult

CBC 2/8/01 Olympics bribery suspects want charges dropped

New Jersey Online 2/8/01 Warning about possible terrorism at Greek Olympics in 2004

Bergen Record 2/6/01 IOC won't clear revoked medallist

UK Telegraph 2/5/01 Dome may form part of bid for Olympics

ESPN 2/5/01 Athens earlier said a shift would benefit NBC

Daily Telegraph 2/5/01 Historic bid for IOC presidency

Seattle Times 2/3/01 DeFrantz reportedly plans to run for IOC presidency

Inside China 2/2/01 94.9 Percent of Beijing Residents Back Olympic Bid

CNN 2/1/01 Change of plans


Top News for the Olympic Games 1/1/01-1/31/01 


Seattle Times 1/31/01 Olympic swimmer's name will be cleared

BBC 1/29/01 Olympic appeal to the world's Greeks

CNN 1/29/01 Salt Lake unveils athletes' village

The Scotsman 1/26/01 SFA slams pan-British Olympic proposal

BBC 1/25/01 Olympic boss wants British football team

New Jersey Online 1/25/01 Olympic organizers to begin search for 60,000 volunteers

Sport Telegraph 1/25/01 British team could play in Olympics

Wired 1/25/01 Sports Threat: Gene Transferring

New Jersey Online 1/24/01 Already Olympians are talking the talk

Japan Times 1/24/01 Osaka announces details of bid to host '08 Olympics

BBC 1/22/01 Tories weigh into Olympics row

UK Telegraph 1/22/01 Smith casts doubt on UK bid for Olympics

Seattle Times 1/21/01 Utah already has Olympic glow

Daily Herald 1/21/01 SLOC not losing sleep over new administration

BBC 1/21/01 UK Olympics bid may be foiled

This is London 1/21/01 'Transport could blight Olympics bid'

Newswire 1/17/01 Olympic bid comes with Ontario guarantee

BBC 1/15/01 Five held over Olympics plea

Delaware Online 1/14/01 Olympic road starts this week

Deseret News 1/13/01 Did bogus 'Russian' pull Olympic scam?

New Zealand Herald 1/12/01 Claims Olympic athletes suffered economy-class syndrome

BBC 1/11/01 Olympic watersport plans under fire

BBC 1/11/01 Olympic athletes suffered clots from flying

Financial Times 1/10/01 Olympics cultural team fired

Zap2It 1/10/01 McKay Joins NBC To Announce 2002 Olympics

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/10/01 Olympics backers switch pitch

Europe Media 1/8/01 Getting ready for the digital 2004 Olympic Games

San Francisco Chronicle 1/7/01 2004 Olympics Might Force Greece to Attack Terrorism

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/7/01 City report opposes Olympic grant

BBC 1/5/01 Australia hunts Olympic overstayers


Top News for the Olympic Games 12/1/00-12/31/00 


Inside China 12/31/00 Dissidents Urge Olympic Committee to Press China

BBC 12/30/00 Olympic heroes lead honours list

Court TV 12/29/00 Olympic organizers sue over unofficial Web site

This is London 12/29/00 Backing grows for London Olympic bid

IAAF 12/29/00 Athletes make history of Olympic Games

The Australian 12/27/00 China faces Olympics language dilemma

People Daily 12/25/00 Beijing Approved by All 28 Olympic Sports Federations

Spokesman Review 12/24/00 Lawyers want end to Olympic charges

Inside China 12/22/00 Beijing to Spend Billions on Olympic Clean-up

ESPN 12/21/00 UPS withdraws as Olympic sponsor

BBC 12/20/00 Taekwondo included in 2004 Olympics

People Daily 12/19/00 Buenos Aires Supports Beijing's Bid for 2008 Olympics

Financial Times 12/18/00 Greek PM upbeat on Olympics

CNN 12/17/00 Massive files released in Olympic bribery case

CNN 12/16/00 Olympic long jump silver medalist hurts knee in car crash

Syracuse Online 12/15/00 New York City enters bid for 2012 Olympic Games

The Australian 12/14/00 Good and bad of the Olympics

Biz Journal 12/13/00 Cincinnati Olympic bid readied today

Spokesman Review 12/13/00 IOC warns against supplements

Deseret News 12/10/00 Tribes prepare for Olympics

People Daily 12/9/00 Chinese Star Gymnasts Hit by "Post-Olympics" Symptom

Time 12/8/00 No Olympics on the Web

People Daily 12/8/00 Forbidden City, Great Wall: 2008 Olympic Venues Promised

BBC 12/5/00 LA bids for third Olympics

CBC 12/4/00 Another top official quits Athens Olympics committee

CNN 12/4/00 In Olympics bid, Beijing's bathrooms face scrutiny

Seattle Times 12/4/00 New media seek greater presence at future Olympic Games

BBC 12/3/00 New Year cheer for Olympic heroes

People Daily 12/1/00 Attempt to Foil Beijing's Bid for Olympics Futile


Top News for the Olympic Games 11/1/00-11/30/00 


CNN 11/30/00 Florida unveils bid plan for 2012

Financial Times 11/28/00 Sydney faces Olympic bill

Financial Times 11/28/00 Taiwan may co-host Olympics

St. Petersburg Times 11/27/00 Group set to unwrap Olympic plan

Bloomberg 11/27/00 Australia Probably Returned to Deficit in October: Survey

Taipei Times 11/26/00 Beijing may want Olympics' co-host

Financial Times 11/24/00 Athens games get go-ahead

People Daily 11/24/00 Beijing Pondering Co-hosting 2008 Olympic Games with Taiwan

The Guardian 11/23/00 Chinese hope to bury past in Olympic sand

BBC 11/23/00 Big clean-up for Beijing

BBC 11/22/00 Athens to speed up completion

CNN 11/20/00 Olympic preparations 'on track' despite sacking

The Guardian 11/20/00 Greek culture minister in charge of Olympics fired

BBC 11/19/00 Greek Olympics minister sacked

CNN 11/19/00 Greek Olympics minister sacked

CNN 11/18/00 IOC executive says potential is there for Athens games

BBC 11/17/00 Athens gets green light

Ananova 11/16/00 Olympic bribery charge duo 'did nothing illegal'

The Guardian 11/16/00 Olympic gold to BBC gold

BBC 11/16/00 Queen throws Olympic party

CNN 11/14/00 WADA to help oversee drug testing of Americans

Golf Online 11/13/00 Tiger makes a pitch for golf in Olympics

Inside China 11/12/00 Chinese Catholics Pray For 2008 Olympics

Spokesman Review 11/12/00 Controversy mounts as Athens lags behind

The Australian 11/11/00 Olympics pays off with tourism boom

CNN 11/10/00 Officials say Romanian bans will stand

Deseret News 11/7/00 S.L. Olympic official gets walking papers

Sports Illustrated 11/6/00 Australian faces charges of making terrorist threats

Spokesman Review 11/5/00 Governor sets aside day for Olympic gold medalist

Zap2It 11/4/00 NBC Presents "The Olympic Show"

CNN 11/4/00 Overstaying their welcome

IT News 11/1/00 Stratos likes Sydney’s Olympic style


Top News for the Olympic Games 10/1/00-10/31/00 


Spokesman Review 10/31/00 Brooks is U.S. hockey coach

BBC 10/30/00 Greece ends Olympics salary row

IAAF 10/28/00 Korzeniowski may seek fourth Olympic gold

Spokesman Review 10/26/00 Blake quits USOC post

IAAF 10/25/00 Edwards doesn’t rule out another Olympics

NJO 10/23/00 Olympic 'culture' chief quits

CNN 10/23/00 2004 Olympic tennis set to be just before U.S. Open

BBC 10/23/00 German Olympic gold-medal-winner disgraced

IT.com 10/23/00 Olympics' high-tech assets up for grabs

BBC 10/22/00 Olympic tennis in doubt

St. Joseph News Press 10/22/00 Landmark honors Olympic weightlifter

South Bend Tribune 10/21/00 U-M hails its Sydney Olympics victors

CNN 10/18/00 Government report measures importance of tourism to Australia

New Jersey Record 10/17/00 U.S. wrestler in line for gold

CNN 10/12/00 WSF says Hunter case hurts Jones' marketability

CNN 10/12/00 NBC's tedious telecast was caught in a time warp

BBC 10/9/00 Olympic Lions revive pride

BBC 10/6/00 Feeling down Down Under

BBC 10/6/00 Driver arrested in Pinsent medal case

Tahoe.com 10/5/00 The greatest upset in Olympic history has Carson connection

BBC 10/5/00 Rugby makes its Olympic case

CNN 10/4/00 Viewers tune out in the final days of Olympics

ESPN 10/4/00 Jones received e-mail threats during Games

BBC 10/4/00 Greene turns back on huge payday

BBC 10/4/00 I have evidence, says US drugs boss

CNN 10/4/00 Student accused of e-mailing death threat to Jones

BBC 10/4/00 Sydney lure too strong for some

ESPN 10/4/00 IOC doesn't identify athletes in question

CNN 10/3/00 Olympics organizer announces surprise end to politics

ESPN 10/3/00 Aussies give Prime Minister uplifting experience

BBC 10/3/00 New drugs scandal hits Olympics

CNN 10/3/00 Olympian charged with sexual assault

BBC 10/3/00 Golden stars come home on a high

CNN 10/3/00 Samaranch reflects on his last and 'best ever' games

ESPN 10/3/00 Talent available, but support lacking

BBC 10/3/00 Britain's heroes arrive home

BBC 10/3/00 Pentathlon An amazing dream come true

BBC 10/2/00 Sydney says goodbye

BBC 10/2/00 Going out in style

BBC 10/2/00 Britain's best for 80 years

BBC 10/2/00 Five star golden girls

BBC 10/1/00 Africans enjoy marathon clean sweep

BBC 10/1/00 Two more fail drug tests

CNN 10/1/00 Dream Team holds off France for gold medal

CNN 10/1/00 NBC airs men's basketball final live

BBC 10/1/00 Boxing: Brave Audley makes history

BBC 10/1/00 USA take basketball gold

BBC 10/1/00 Yugoslavia strike volleyball gold


Top News for the Olympic Games 9/1/00 - 9/30/00


CNN 9/30/00 Rating drops to new low on 15th night of coverage

BBC 9/30/00 Greene takes US to relay gold

BBC 9/30/00 Johnson takes gold again

ESPN 9/30/00 Jones finishes Games on golden note

BBC 9/30/00 Russian 400m runner fails test

CNN 9/30/00 Jones' quest for five gold medals ends with long jump

BBC 9/30/00 Percy gives Britain third sailing gold

ESPN 9/30/00 Armstrong finally gets Olympic medal

CNN 9/30/00 Cycling: Armstrong settles for bronze in time trial

BBC 9/30/00 Savon makes boxing history

CNN 9/30/00 Volleyball: U.S. fails to medal, losing bronze to Brazil

BBC 9/30/00 BBC Cycling: Zijlaard completes golden treble

BBC 9/30/00 Roaring Lions win football gold

BBC 9/30/00 Russian 400m runner fails test

ESPN 9/29/00 Jones falls short in long jump

CNN 9/29/00 Jones cruises to victory in 200-meter finals

ESPN 9/29/00 U.S. escapes with 85-83 triumph

BBC 9/29/00 Robertson sails to gold

ESPN 9/29/00 Paper cites wide difference in tests, suspensions

CNN 9/29/00 Soccer: Norway defeats U.S. 3-2 in extra time for gold

BBC 9/29/00 Korzeniowski walks to second gold

ESPN Boxing: Williams wins dramatic bout 42-41

CNN 9/29/00 U.S. offers to hand over drug testing to world agency

BBC 9/29/00 Javelin: Hattestad throws down the gauntlet

CNN 9/29/00 Jones faces biggest challenge in long jump

BBC 9/29/00 No problems for GB 4x400m team

CNN 9/29/00 IOC chief says Sydney Games could be 'best ever'

BBC 9/29/00 Baton misery for Australia's women

CNN 9/28/00 Ousted Romanian hammer thrower loses appeal

BBC 9/28/00 British disaster in sprint relay

CNN 9/28/00 Perec tells French newspaper why she left Sydney

CNN 9/28/00 Still no apology, Freeman's win won't change government's position

CNN 9/28/00 U.S. advances to semifinals with win over Russia

BBC 9/28/00 Court supports IOC over Raducan

BBC 9/28/00 Track: Miller boost for Marion

CNN 9/28/00 After sitting out sprints, Miller set to go in relays

BBC 9/28/00 Lewis launches attack over funding

BBC 9/28/00 Macey slips back in decathlon

ESPN 9/27/00 Sheets shuts down Cuba on three hits

BBC 9/27/00 Olympics to end in blaze of glory

ESPN 9/27/00 Basketball: Leslie scores 18 in defensive struggle

Football Unlimited 9/27/00 Olympic flop costs Brazil coach his job

CNN 9/27/00 Report: Romanians return medals

BBC 9/27/00 Tennis: Williams storms to Olympic gold

Glasgow Herald 9/27/00 Shot putter has O J's lawyer on his side

BBC 9/27/00 Hammer champion thrown out

BBC 9/27/00 Jones happily back on track

Sydney Morning Herald 9/27/00 Volleyball: Rain fails to dampen American spirit

CNN 9/27/00 IOC leaders rip Hunter, U.S. on drugs

BBC 9/27/00 Cycling: Golden finish for Ullrich

CNN 9/27/00 Venus takes care of Dementieva in straight sets

Zap2It 9/26/00 Track Leads to Big Ratings For Olympics

ESPN 9/26/00 Jones will have to battle for her image

BBC 9/26/00 Lewis praises Freeman's role

ESPN 9/26/00 Wild week ends in controversy

BBC 9/26/00 US drugs crisis deepens

CNN 9/26/00 Distraught Hunter denies allegations of steroid usage

BBC 9/26/00 Golden gymnast tests positive

ESPN 9/26/00 Retirement, politics all part of discussion

BBC 9/26/00 Venus on course for Olympic double

CNN 9/26/00 Miller out of 200 meters

BBC 9/26/00 Legend Fraser hits out at 'drugs cheats'

CNN 9/26/00 U.S. boxers soundly beaten in quarters

BBC 9/26/00 Baseball: Kindelan clinches Cuba's final charge

CNN 9/25/00 All-around winner stripped of gold after positive drug test
BBC 9/25/00 Golden night of action

BBC 9/25/00 Golden gymnast tests positive

ESPN 9/25/00 Hunter says he'll 'vigorously' defend himself

CNN 9/25/00 Hunter tested positive after meet in July

BBC 9/25/00 Drug test blow for Jones' husband

BBC 9/25/00  Williams sets up Dementieva clash

BBC 9/25/00 Cubans set the real standard

CNN 9/25/00 Homer in 10th lifts U.S. past China

BBC 9/25/00 El Gerrouj cruises to 1500m semi

CNN 9/25/00 Three injured when buses collide

ESPN 9/24/00 Johnson, Freeman make respective finals

CNN 9/24/00 Volleyball 'A dream come true'

BBC 9/24/00 Second gold for British rowers

ESPN 9/24/00 Hamm's offense leads way vs. Brazil

BBC 9/24/00 Double boost for Lewis

CNN 9/24/00 Seles advances to play Venus

BBC 9/24/00 Latvian rower in positive drugs test

BBC 9/24/00 The 'Princess' of volleyball

CNN 9/23/00 Takahashi outruns pack en route to marathon mark

NBC 9/23/00 A waterfall of golden tears

BBC 9/23/00 Mexican outrage over 'Olympic robbery'

CNN 9/23/00 U.S. men, women shatter medley relay records

NBC 9/23/00 Upset silver, daring bronze for U.S. pairs

UK Telegraph 9/23/00 Finesse and power will herald the fastest man on earth

CNN 9/23/00 Latvian rower expelled for drugs

CBS 9/23/00 In the swim of things

BBC 9/23/00 Australia's secret weapon

BBC 9/23/00 Barber moves clear as Lewis struggles

CNN 9/23/00 Cuba beats U.S. as tempers flare

BBC 9/23/00 De Bruijn completes hat-trick

ZDNet 9/22/00 No gold for NBC Olympics Web site

ESPN 9/22/00 Soft focus blots out stark realities

ESPN 9/22/00 First two heats no problem for U.S. pair

BBC 9/22/00 Jones kickstarts gold rush

BBC 9/22/00 Favourites negotiate sprint opener

BBC 9/22/00 Johnson marches on as Brits suffer

CS Monitor 9/22/00 The Olympics that can't compete

BBC 9/22/00 Perec complains of press pressure

CNN 9/22/00 Swiss duo eliminates top-seeded Australian men

BBC 9/22/00 Crowds swell as Olympic athletics start

ESPN 9/21/00 Track stars start quest in heats

BBC 9/21/00 Perec flees Games after threats

ESPN 9/21/00 Good news from NBC: Aussies angry at TV, too

CNN 9/21/00 Perec leaves Sydney

ESPN 9/21/00 U.S. came close to losing first game

BBC 9/21/00 Olympic ticket scam under investigation

NBC News 9/21/00 Spills, injuries mar event

ESPN 9/20/00 Money is there, but not for long

CNN 9/20/00 Bad ratings? No wonder

BBC 9/20/00 Olympic medallist stripped after test

ESPN 9/20/00 Man harasses Perec in hotel room

ESPN 9/20/00 China beats U.S. in 14 innings

BBC 9/20/00 Is the Olympic spirit dead?

CNN 9/20/00 Australians Finding Innovative Ways to Count Their Olympic Medals

ESPN 9/20/00 Coach suspects cheating, but has no proof

CNN 9/20/00 Extreme ping pong

BBC 9/20/00 Drugs doubt over Czech cyclist

CNN 9/20/00 Dutch end Cubans' 21-game Olympic winning streak

BBC 9/20/00 Olympic officials hi-jacked by prisoners

BBC 9/20/00 Colombia picks up historic gold

ESPN 9/19/00 Weightlifter, thrower test positive

Salon 9/19/00 The Olympics: Tuesday

Zap2It 9/19/00 NBC's Olympic Coverage Sweeps Competition

BBC 9/19/00 Freestyle giants go head to head

CNN 9/19/00 Japan ends U.S. team's 112-game win streak

BBC 9/19/00 The great tall of China

CNN 9/19/00 Americans take easy beach win against France

BBC 9/19/00 African novice makes big splash

ABC.net 9/19/00 Olympic tourists have taken the town

BBC 9/18/00 Thorpe beaten at last

BBC 9/18/00 No sales boom for Sydney

BBC 9/18/00 China wins first men's team title

BBC 9/18/00 Romanians back in Games

BBC 9/18/00 Jamaicans protest against Ottey

CNN 9/18/00 Dream Team opens Olympics with 47-point win

BBC 9/18/00 IAAF rejects Baumann appeal

BBC 9/18/00 Olympic record for GB pursuit team

CNN 9/17/00 Not up to form

ESPN 9/17/00 Service held for Samaranch's wife

CNN 9/17/00 Hundreds attend memorial for Samaranch's wife

ESPN 9/17/00 Games let Freeman promote her people's plight

CNN 9/17/00 Stars were out of alignment for the U.S. women

ESPN 9/17/00 Lifters will compete despite doping charge

CNN 9/17/00 "Watching" the triathlon

ESPN 9/17/00 Team USA breaks down Chinese twin towers

BBC 9/17/00 Fredericks withdraws from Olympics

ESPN 9/17/00 South African substitutes engineer upset

Zap2It 9/17/00 Olympics Score Swimmingly For NBC

BBC 9/17/00 Romanian weightlifting team expelled from Olympics

CNN 9/17/00 U.S. women struggle in gymnastics prelims

Irish Independent 9/17/00 Irish test unmasks cheats at Olympics

CNN 9/17/00 Nott gives U.S. unexpected medal in weightlifting

BBC 9/16/00 Samaranch mourns wife's death

CNN 9/16/00 Five world records broken on first day of swimming

ESPN 9/16/00 Harrigan pitches first Olympic solo no-hitter

CNN 9/16/00 Romanian Weightlifting Team Banned from Olympics

ESPN 9/16/00 Glitch was fixed after five minutes

BBC 9/16/00 Thorpe sets Olympics alight

ESPN 9/16/00 Solid preliminaries gives U.S. men hope

ABC.net 9/16/00 Pre-Games tests give all-clear

London Times 9/16/00 Sydney stages spectacular show of unity

CNN 9/16/00 Lasorda feels right at home

CNN 9/15/00 Sydney Olympics Open on Note of Racial Unity

ESPN 9/15/00 Ceremony spectacular opens Games

Bloomberg 9/15/00 NBC's Olympics Coverage Faces Tough Fight for Big TV Ratings

BBC 9/15/00 Sydney begins final countdown

CNSNews 9/15/00 Report Says Olympic Games Have Cost Taxpayers Billions

BBC 9/15/00 Romanian lifters banned

ZDnet 9/15/00 Web an exhibition sport at Olympics

CNN 9/15/00 Thousands light the Sydney sky as 2000 Olympic Games open

BBC 9/15/00 Olympic flame burns high and bright

RTE News 9/15/00 Sydney welcomes Olympic flame

CSM 9/15/00 Olympic gold

BBC 9/15/00 'Positive' drugs tests at Sydney

ABC.net 9/15/00 Athletes busted for EPO use

BBC 9/15/00 'No clean winners' says Brazil coach

Milwaukee Journal 9/14/00 Much of prime time will be dedicated to profiles

CNN 9/14/00 Long-awaited arrival

ESPN 9/14/00 Triathletes deal with cold water, jellyfish

BBC 9/14/00 Sydney witnesses torch arrival

CNN 9/14/00 N. Korea lacking in numbers for joint opening march

BBC 9/14/00 Sydney prepares for flame's arrival

ESPN 9/14/00 Rules still in question as Games begin

BBC 9/14/00 Sydney braced for windy Games

Bloomberg 9/14/00 Sydney Olympic Protests to Reveal `Secret Shame'

LA Weekly 9/14/00 Olympic Anti-Doping an Uphill Battle

BBC 9/14/00 Trainer charged with drugs offence

BBC 9/14/00 Chinese lifters pull out of Olympics

CNN 9/13/00 Breaking tradition, athletes, officials will walk together

BBC 9/13/00 Athletes go into 'hiding'

ESPN 9/13/00 Testing helps but only time will restore faith

Milwaukee Journal 9/13/00 Let the party begin, Sydney residents say

CNN 9/13/00 Fumes leak at Sydney airport

CNN 9/13/00 Chinese admit athletes failed drug tests

Sports Illustrated 9/13/00 Olympic athletes have chance for financial windfalls

BBC 9/13/00 Samaranch fears fresh revelations

Sydney Morning Herald 9/13/00 Stadium lift engineers strike

BBC 9/13/00 Aussies set for golden Games

Milwaukee Journal 9/13/00 Waukesha's Hamm twins growing by leaps and bounds

ESPN 9/12/00 Nearly everything up for grabs

BBC 9/12/00 Bulgarian fails Olympic drugs test

ESPN 9/12/00 Official: Ruling sends wrong message

ESPN 9/12/00 The magic of the Olympics can sneak up on you

CNN 9/12/00 Violent protesters may target Opening Ceremony

BBC 9/12/00 Spitz predicts world records spree

BBC 9/12/00 Playing your cards right

CNN 9/12/00 Gymnast Morgan White withdraws from Olympics

BBC 9/12/00 Stars and gripes

BBC 9/12/00 Greece in fresh Games warning

BBC 9/11/00 Late tests for Olympians

CNN 9/11/00 Olympic hoops teams make bizarre pre-dawn exit

BBC 9/11/00 Unique Olympic flag reappears

BBC 9/11/00 Brazil seek first gold

CNN 9/11/00 Australian Media Betting Dawn Fraser Will Light Olympic Flame

Guardian 9/11/00 British camp welcomes banned Christie

BBC 9/11/00 Greene fears only himself

CNN 9/11/00 Athletes train their brains for Olympics

Guardian 9/10/00 Growth drug that will put out Olympic flame

BBC 9/10/00 Olympics brings Koreas together

ESPN 9/10/00 IOC brokers deal for joint march by Koreans

CNN 9/10/00 Koreas to march into Olympics together

Guardian 9/10/00 Australia is up for it

CNN 9/10/00 Hurdler responsible for return of fiance's body to Nigeria

ESPN 9/10/00 'Geld' memo considered libelous by some

Guardian 9/10/00 Easy to be out of tune with village people

BBC 9/10/00 Sydney declares 'We're ready'

CNN 9/10/00 Protest makes U.S. women's hoops team late for practice

Guardian 9/10/00 British athlete pulls out over drugs

CNN 9/10/00 103-year-old Olympian returns original five-ring flag

CNN 9/10/00 Bus drivers upset with conditions

Guardian 9/10/00 Dope and glory

CNN 9/10/00 Torch survives hijack attempt

CNN 9/10/00 Good weather predicted for Opening Ceremonies

Guardian 9/9/00 IOC damned for drugs failure

CNN 9/9/00 The days are dwindling

ESPN 9/9/00 Cuban, U.S boxers to dominate in Sydney

BBC 9/9/00 Time running out for Greece

CNN 9/9/00 No free rides for IOC prez

CNN 9/9/00 Australian PM explains ban to Samaranch

Guardian 9/9/00 Let the McGames begin

CNN 9/9/00 AIBA to keep an eye on judges

BBC 9/9/00 Report out of date says IOC chief

CNN 9/9/00 Athletes free to bet on Games

BBC 9/9/00 Olympic cyclist denies drugs charge

ESPN 9/9/00 One believed to have ties to organized crime

BBC 9/8/00 IOC criticised over drug stance

Wired 9/8/00 IBM's Olympic Nervous System

ESPN 9/8/00 Too much time on their hands?

Great Outdoors 9/8/00 British Olympic hopeful banned for 12 months

CNN 9/8/00 Million fans set to see soccer; field surface ruled OK

Financial Times 9/8/00 Sydney's Olympic sell

The Guardian 9/8/00 A drugs-free Olympics is still a dream

BBC 9/8/00 Athletes 'fail' drug tests

BBC 9/7/00 Top athletes targeted

BBC 9/7/00 The Faster Race

BBC 9/7/00 Rowing body wants explanation

CBS Sports 9/7/00 Walhalla, Australia has declared itself Olympics-free

NBC 9/7/00 Olympic torch burns teenage leukemia sufferer

ABC.net 9/7/00 China explains Olympic athlete withdrawal

ESPN 9/7/00 Drugs in baggage of Uzbekistan official

BBC 9/7/00 Drugs seized at Olympics

BBC 9/7/00 Olympic official 'carrying illegal drug'

CNN 9/7/00 Agency confirms 10 positive tests

BBC 9/7/00 Canadian rider fails drugs test

BBC 9/7/00 Australians excused their French

CNN 9/7/00 Uzbekistan official could face expulsion over substances

ESPN 9/6/00 All part of 40 Chinese to be left home

CNN SI 9/6/00 Young Olympic torchbearer burned by faulty torch

BBC 9/6/00 Chinese axe athletes under 'suspicion'

ESPN 9/6/00 Comparisons to Atlanta beginning to start

Sports Illustrated 9/6/00 Banned Smith de Bruin begins to miss Olympics

ESPN 9/6/00 Agassi's replacement undetermined

BBC 9/6/00 East Timorese set for Sydney

Sports Illustrated 9/6/00 Chelsea Clinton to represent family

BBC 9/6/00 Greece appeal for 'Olympic Truce'

CNN 9/6/00 CBS pits 'Survivor' reruns against Olympics

ESPN 9/6/00 Budget gap of $76 million one concern

Deseret News 9/6/00 Athletes now use doggie drugs

CNN 9/6/00 Olympic officials ban athletes from online storytelling

ESPN 9/5/00 U.S. swim coaches say IOC soft on drug-testing

Golf Web 9/5/00 Golf and the Olympics just don't mix

ESPN 9/5/00 Olympics-Prohibited drugs categories

BBC 9/5/00 Olympic Village faces overcrowding

ESPN 9/5/00 Drugs as old as Olympia, as new as the Internet

ESPN 9/5/00 Seven rowers dropped because of EPO tests

ESPN 9/5/00 Aussie reprimanded for 'drugs cheat' charge

BBC 9/5/00 Olympians hit by thefts

ESPN 9/5/00 China works to keep herbs from causing scandals

BBC 9/4/00 Aborigines granted Olympic protests

ESPN 9/4/00 Swimming tickets hard to come by

ESPN 9/4/00 Soon-to-be retired Samaranch arrives

BBC 9/3/00 Chinese walker fails test

BBC 9/3/00 Johnson wins final warm-up

BBC 9/2/00 Top Brits drug tested

BBC 9/2/00 Sydney Olympic village opens

ESPN 9/1/00 All federations agree to anti-doping pact

ESPN 9/1/00 Female Olympic athletes now more confident

ESPN 9/1/00 Visitors, media beginning to arrive

ESPN 9/1/00 Professionals not released to play in Games


Top News for the Olympic Games 11/17/98 - 9/30/00


ESPN 8/31/00 Some residents not gung-ho over Games

CNN 8/31/00 Technology helps train Olympic tri-athlete

ESPN 8/31/00 Australians angered by food prices

ESPN 8/31/00 Individual seen as main Games security threat

BBC 8/30/00 Olympic security fears lone maverick

The Guardian 8/30/00 Website 'discriminated against blind'

ESPN 8/30/00 Sprinters expected to be biggest draw

CNN 8/28/00 Shortlist narrows for 2008 Olympics

ESPN 8/28/00 China aims to avoid doping scandals in Sydney

BBC 8/28/00 IOC introduces blood tests

CNN 8/28/00 Taliban reject bin Laden link to nuclear plot during Olympics

ESPN 8/28/00 American DeFrantz could succeed Samaranch

CNN 8/26/00 Newspaper reports plot against Olympics foiled

ESPN 8/26/00 Officials says there's no evidence of threat

CNN 8/26/00 Report: Police foil plot against Sydney Olympics

ESPN 8/25/00 IOC representative optimistic early in visit

BBC 8/25/00 Greece faces Olympic race

ESPN 8/25/00 Odd distances add to track's flavor

ESPN 8/25/00 U.S. supports testing that meets rules

ESPN 8/25/00 Coach let go after confiscation

ESPN 8/25/00 Some protest inclusion of drag queens

BBC 8/24/00 Greek Olympic plans under scrutiny

CNN 8/25/00 Banned Christie withdraws from Olympic role

ESPN 8/24/00 Expect high-energy out of Sydney

CNN 8/24/00 Youth attempts to douse Olympic flame in Australia

BBC 8/23/00 Olympic powers for Australian army

Guardian 8/22/00 Games officials race to stop pirates showing Olympics on internet

CNN 8/21/00 IOC may allow Olympic Web coverage in 2002

BBC 8/21/00 Aussies suffer Olympic backlash

CNN 8/21/00 Controversy surrounds advanced Olympic swimsuits

BBC 8/20/00 Olympics chief reveals rail solution

CNN 8/15/00 Internet media banned from the Olympics

BBC 8/14/00 Olympic legend Thompson blasts IOC

BBC 8/14/00 Terror tales of Olympic hopefuls

BBC 8/11/00 Kenya Olympic rift deepens

BBC 8/9/00 'Sharkbusters' to defend triathletes

CNN 8/7/00 Former Olympic organizers plead not guilty in bribery scandal

ESPN 8/4/00 Utah planners not panicking ... yet

ESPN 8/1/00 One season not enough for some

CNN 8/1/00 Go for the gold in Sydney

BBC 7/27/00 Drugs in Sydney: Is it time to act?

ESPN 7/26/00 Sydney indifferent to Olympics

BBC 7/26/00 Mixed news on drug tests

ESPN 7/24/00 Officials confident Olympics will be safe

BBC 7/20/00 Web activists target Olympics

BBC 7/13/00 IOC hit back in Ottey doping case

CNN 7/13/00 Cybersquatters face Olympic-sized lawsuit

BBC 7/6/00 Drug inquiry collapses

BBC 7/5/00 Aussies promise drugs inquiry

ESPN 6/22/00 Bigger budget needed for Sydney Olympics

CNN 6/20/00 Wrestler reaches brink of Olympics

ESPN 6/16/00 Twelve buy first tickets for Sydney Olympics

CNN 5/22/00 IBM prepares for Olympic online onslaught

BBC 5/9/00 Protesters fight Olympic beach stadium

BBC 5/8/00 Olympics drugs threat

BBC 5/1/00 Spoof Olympics feels croc

ESPN 4/21/00 IOC sends message to Greek organizers

BBC 4/20/00 Athens Olympics in jeopardy

BBC 4/18/00 Sydney Olympics get thumbs-up

BBC 4/2/00 Aborigines target Olympics

BBC 3/28/00 Olympic flame to light up Barrier Reef

ESPN 3/13/00 Sema's Olympic dream: Obscurity

BBC 3/4/00 Athlete faces drugs probe

BBC 2/29/00 Stop and search powers for Olympic officals

BBC 2/15/00 Christie handed Sydney training ban

ESPN 2/14/00 Sydney gets good grades from IOC

BBC 2/12/00 Athletes rocked by doping clampdown

ESPN 2/2/00 SOCOG Accepts Rescue Package

ESPN 2/1/00 Ten cities apply for 2008 Summer Olympics

BBC 1/31/00 Torchbearers warm to the task

ESPN 1/31/00 Aussie IOC executive cries foul

ESPN 1/16/00 Deal allows Nilsson to play in Sydney Olympics

BBC 1/3/00 Venues for Olympic dreams

BBC 1/3/00 Sydney seeks fantastic year

BBC 1/3/00 Sydney revels in world's gaze

ESPN 12/16/99 NBC expands Olympic coverage

CNN 12/13/99 Australian company under scrutiny for Olympic marketing

BBC 12/13/99 Samaranch fails to obtain royal seal of approval

BBC 12/8/99 Reebok quits Sydney Olympics

BBC 12/7/99 Samaranch under renewed pressure

CNN 11/22/99 U.S. training center for Olympians set to close

BBC 10/29/99 Apology for Olympic ticket fiasco

CNN 10/20/99 U.S. drug chief, Olympians call for anti-doping reforms

CNN 10/20/99 U.S. drug chief seeks tougher testing for Olympic athletes

CNN 9/23/99 Testimony by IOC president in House Olympics probe uncertain

CNN 9/16/99 Atlanta Olympics officials concede 'excess inherent' in bid

CSM 9/15/99 Sydney builds for life after the Olympics

BBC 9/14/99 Sydney confident about budget

BBC 9/8/99 Olympic doping code condemned

CNN 8/31/99 U.S. Olympic group considers stronger ethics code

CNN 8/14/99 Congress urged to pressure Olympic leaders

BBC 8/5/99 Are drug tests reliable?

BBC 6/14/99 Olympics official resigns

BBC 6/13/99 Australia unveils Olympic Stadium

BBC 6/6/99 'No Olympic amnesty for illegals'

BBC 3/18/99 IOC votes for its future

CNN 3/18/99 IOC president will stay to oversee reforms

BBC 3/17/99 The list of shame

CNN 3/17/99 IOC votes to expel 6 members in bribery scandal

BBC 3/15/99 Sydney Olympics bid 'broke rules'

BBC 3/6/99 Sydney Olympics sets its first record

CNN 3/2/99 IOC considers no-gift, term limit policies in wake of Olympics scandal

BBC 3/1/99 Olympics must ban 'gift-giving'

BBC 2/10/99 IOC may expel more members

BBC 2/10/99 Polishing the Olympic image

BBC 2/9/99 Olympic probe condemns two

BBC 2/2/99 Olympics chief under fire

UK Telegraph 1/26/99 Quitting is not my style, says Olympics chief

BBC 1/25/99 Putting the Olympic house in order

BBC 1/26/99 Olympic Spirit: Shiftier, Sleazier, Dodgier?

BBC 1/25/99 Olympics bidding shake-up

BBC 1/24/99 Princess Anne attacks Olympic scandal

BBC 1/23/99 Compensation call for UK Olympic bid

BBC 11/17/98 Olympic progress over drugs code


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