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News Articles for the Olympic Games 


Telegraph 1/31/07 Fears grow over cost of Olympics

Daily India 1/30/07 Beijing to ensure epidemic-free 2008 Olympics

China Daily 1/30/07 Green Olympics dream coming true

Union Tribune 1/30/07 IOC official dismisses 'scare stories' over London Olympic costs

BBC 1/29/07 China warns on Olympics morality

China Daily 1/28/07 China shall bid to host Winter Olympics

Reuters 1/27/07 Olympics-Beijing mayor worries about pollution, rudeness

Telegraph 1/27/07 Brown 'to raid social funds for Olympics'

BBC 1/26/07 Olympics site toxic waste fears

The Age 1/25/07 Olympics may change China's visa policy

Chronicle Herald 1/25/07 2010 Olympics goes to work on the railroad with CP

Scotsman 1/25/07 Highly-polluting cars threat to China's 'green Olympics'

China Daily 1/25/07 Games preparations help fuel Beijing boom

Guardian 1/24/07 Committee warns over Olympics cost

Financial Times 1/24/07 MPs attack Brown on Olympics cash

NWI 1/24/07 Ambitious plan for Chicago Olympics unveiled

Guardian 1/23/07 London 2012 organisers plan greenest games ever

Wanstead and Woodford Guardian 1/22/07 Do you want to be involved in the Olympics?

The Peninsula 1/22/07Who wants a deep-dish Olympics?

NY Times 1/22/07 Olympics Are Still a Dream for Female Ski Jumpers

China Daily 1/22/07 Beijing seeks theme song for 2008 Olympic Games

Korea Times 1/21/07 PyeongChang's Olympic Bid Not Shaken by Tremor

Madera Tribune 1/20/07 Los Angeles ready for 2016 Olympics, backers say

BBC 1/19/07 Lotto cash concern over Olympics

Chicago Tribune 1/17/07 City tries Olympic ad splash at O'Hare

Reuters 1/17/07 Olympics-Beijing to close unsanitary restaurants

Hindustan Times 1/17/07 2008 Olympics to have 25 per cent more dope tests

The Star 1/16/07 Beijing focuses on rooting out crime for Olympics

BBC 1/15/07 GB and Australia agree 2012 deal

Express India 1/14/07 Tibetans rally against Beijing Olympics

NY Times 1/13/07 Rights Group Says Conditions in China Worsen as Olympics Near

Sports Illustrated 1/12/07 Russia aims for compact '14 Olympics

Chicago Tribune 1/11/07 Olympics-bid cooperation comes from Lake County

Guardian 1/11/07 China rights record deteriorating before Olympics -group

China Post 1/11/07 China visitors can look forward to forced smiles

CNN 1/10/07 Beijing gets $1.54B Games facelift

BBC 1/9/07 Lottery cash 'may help Olympics'

Charlotte Observer 1/9/07 USOC to announce on Tuesday it will submit bid for 2016 Olympics

ABC 1/8/07 3 Cities Complete Bids for 2014 Olympics

Guardian 1/8/07 The starting gun has been fired on the race for 2012 rights

Bloomberg 1/8/07 London Olympics Triggers Largest Expansion Since Canary Wharf

International Herald Tribune 1/7/07 Beijing official says China will tighten anti-corruption measures for 2008 Games

People's Daily Online 1/7/07 Pyeongchang to hand in plan for hosting 2014 winter Olympics

Xinhua 1/6/07 Expert: Chinese economy will remain robust after 2008 Olympics

Toronto Star 1/5/07 Inflated roof rips at B.C. Olympic site

Yonhap News 1/4/07 S. Korea to push to host Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang this year

The Independent 1/4/07 Lloyds TSB set for £80m deal to sponsor London Olympics

The Guardian 1/3/07 Tourist industry gives stark warning over London Olympics

Xinhua 12/30/06 Beijing Olympic broadcast skyscraper completed

The Telegraph 12/29/06 Pollution target forces Beijing to shut industry

Union Tribune 12/28/06 Olympics-Beijing frets over medical facilities

Mercury News 12/27/06 China touts mass transit before Olympics

BBC 12/26/06 Azerbaijan to launch Olympics bid

Sports Illustrated 12/26/06 Azerbaijan to bid for 2016 Olympics

Star Journal 12/25/06 2010 Olympics ahead on sponsors, venues

LA Daily News 12/24/06 Southland coalition aims to bring 2016 Olympics to L.A.

Parksville Qualicum News 12/22/06 2010 Olympics ahead on sponsors

Xinhua 12/22/06 Tokyo to give sports aid for support of Olympic bid

Telegraph 12/21/06 Olympics will cost extra £1bn

Yorkshire Post 12/21/06 Hopes of huge 2012 Olympics spin-offs for region 'unrealistic'

China Daily 12/21/06 Fuwa to promote Green Olympics

Globe and Mail 12/20/06 Female ski jumpers set to confront IOC
BBC 12/19/06 Olympics win legal fight for land

China Daily 12/18/06 Bookings for hotels to begin in spring

ABC Online 12/17/06 Chinese Govt releases press rules for Beijing Olympics

Detroit Free Press 12/17/06 Whistler builds for 2010 Olympics

China Daily 12/16/06 Beijing to ensure food security

WKBW 12/15/06 Pataki announces money for Lake Placid region, eyeing future Winter Olympics?

CBS 12/15/06 Media Troubles For The Biggest Event Of 2008?

BBC 12/14/06 Work begins on 2012 Olympic Park

Slam! 12/14/06 Olympics target gene doping

Guardian 12/13/06 Bloated and ill-defined regeneration plans could leave a disastrous legacy for the 2012 Olympics

Boston Globe 12/13/06 China promises 'clean' 2008 Olympics

New Scientist 12/13/06 Chilling prospects for Winter Olympics

BBC 12/12/06 Qatar will bid for 2016 Olympics

MSNBC 12/12/06 Doping not criminal offense for ’12 Olympics

USA Today 12/11/06 If 2016 Summer Games bid fails, Qatar officials plan to keep bidding

India Times 12/11/06 China curbs Everest climbers 'for Olympics'

Harrow Times 12/11/06 Olympics: Mayor pledges 'no tax rise'

International Herald Tribune 12/11/06 Olympics and the Asian Games: an unwanted comparison

People's Daily Online 12/11/06 Volunteer drivers for Beijing Olympics to receive English test

Guardian Unlimited 12/8/06 Two Koreas join forces for 2014 bid

Business Week 12/7/06 2014 Olympics candidates to pitch IOC

Daily Mail 12/6/06 Favorite pulls out of 2012 Olympics sponsorship deal

BBC 12/6/06 Tax-payers 'fear Olympics bill'

People's Daily 12/6/06 Beijing tightens controls on guns, dangerous goods to ensure Olympics security

Guardian Unlimited 12/5/06 China forecasts perfect weather reports for Olympics

Silicon.com 12/5/06 No 3G for the Olympics?

Sporting Life 12/5/06 Olympics chief refutes claims

MSNBC 12/4/06 The Olympic Effect

St. Petersburg Times 12/4/06 Sochi Hoping To Woo Asia’s Olympic Council

China Daily 12/4/06 Olympics director inspired by opening ceremony

Chicago Tribune 12/3/06 Array of talent forms base for Chicago's Olympics bid

Guardian Unlimited 12/3/06 Olympics site to deliver £4bn windfall after games

Xinhua Online 12/2/06 Beijing renovating scenic parks for 2008 Olympics

People's Daily Online 12/2/06 Beijing Olympics director inspired by Doha Asiad opening ceremony

The Australian 12/2/06 China breaks shackles on press for Olympics

Wimbledon Guardian 12/1/06 Council rejects ‘Olympics tax’

Guardian Unlimited 12/1/06 Cuts could result in 'plasterboard Olympics'

Sky Sports 11/30/06 Magnusson meets Olympic chiefs

ABC 11/29/06 Olympians warned over sweet and sour steroids

Guardian Unlimited 11/29/06 Beijing announces 'affordable' Olympics

Union Tribune 11/29/06 Austria backs Salzburg's bid for 2014 Olympics

The Peninsula 11/29/06 Games opening ceremony to be biggest ever

The Star Online 11/28/06 S.Korean governor says N.Korea backs province's Winter Olympics bid

This is London 11/28/06 Londoners 'too lazy' to host the Olympics

Sports Illustrated 11/28/06 4,000 doping tests set for '08 Games

CBS 11/27/06 New Events Considered For 2010 Olympics

BBC 11/27/06 London scales down 2012 pool plan

BBC 11/26/06 Olympics audio surveillance row

BBC 11/26/06 Olympics confidence 'ebbing away'

The Observer 11/26/06 New 2012 row as bill for Olympics Stadium nears £500m

China Daily 11/25/06 Chinese learn to smile for 2008 Olympics

Telugu Portal 11/25/06 Qatar trains sights on hosting 2016 Olympics

Comox Valley Record 11/24/06 Winter Olympics boon for tourism

ABC News 11/23/06 Euphoria replaced by reality over London 2012

BBC 11/22/06 Q&A: Olympic costs

Forbes 11/22/06 London Mayor Livingstone says 2012 Olympics will make a profit

icHuddersfield 11/22/06 Olympics cost is rising

Daily Record 11/22/06 £6BN For Olympics  

Sports Illustrated 11/21/06 Azerbaijan plans bid for 2016 Games

Telegraph 11/21/06 £400m spent 'to make 2012 Olympics cheaper'

WMAQ Chicago 11/20/06 Mayor Researching Olympics Bid In Spain

International Herald Tribune 11/20/06 Russian billionaire buys Sochi airport, hoping city will stage 2014 Winter Olympics

MSNBC 11/20/06 Olympics might end Canada's Afghan mission

This is London 11/19/06 Cost of Olympics rises to £8bn...and maybe more

China Daily 11/18/06 Beijing chooses flowers for 2008 Olympics

The Guardian 11/17/06 Olympic costs are under control, insists Jowell

Financial Times 11/17/06 Ministers to raid lottery to fund the Olympics

BBC 11/16/06 London 'must start Olympics work'

London Times 11/15/06 London Olympics costs soar 60 per cent

Daily Mail 11/15/06 Olympics 2012 bill set to soar over £5bn

Guardian Unlimited 11/15/06 Livingstone reveals row over Olympics contingency fund

MSNBC 11/14/06 San Francisco escapes Olympics mess

Chicago Sun Times 11/14/06 Olympics: And then there were two ...

People's Daily 11/14/06 Beijing cashes in on Olympics to boost bank card use

Boston Globe 11/13/06 San Francisco abandons 2016 Olympics bid

San Francisco Chronicle 11/10/06 49ers' announcement throws city's bid for Games into disarray

Chicago Sun Times 11/10/06 Could be Chicago vs. L.A. for Olympic bid

BBC 11/9/06 BMX park 'on track for Olympics'

Sports Illustrated 11/9/06 USOC details difficulties of Oly bid

Idaho Statesman 11/9/06 Idaho will start planning for 2010 Winter Olympics

Toronto Star 11/8/06 Shaman blesses London Olympic site

Yale Daily News 11/8/06 Olympics to make China more green

ESPN 11/8/06 Sri Lankan anti-terror police to advise on Beijing Olympics

Chicago Tribune 11/8/06 U.S. bidders for 2016 Games banking on funding flexibility

Sports Illustrated 11/6/06 Beijing ponders car-free days for '08

This is London 11/6/06 Olympics rocked by £1bn tax bill

Western News 11/6/06 Stephenson to help guide 2010 Olympics

Channel News Asia 11/6/06 Asia-Pac broadcasters urge IOC to reconsider Beijing schedule changes

Guardian Unlimited 11/5/06 Former Olympics boss refuses to explain fears

AdAge.com 11/5/06 Why NBC Will Charge Dearly for Beijing Olympics Ads

Sunday Times 11/5/06 Nazi bombs threaten London Games

Celebrity Spider 11/2/06 Oliver Stone Shooting Olympic Promo

International Herald Tribune 11/2/06 Olympics: Qatar plans to bid for 2016 Games

Telegraph 11/2/06 How London never budgeted for victory

Gulf Times 11/2/06 Doha set to bid for 2016 Olympics

Guardian 11/2/06 Can London really deliver its promises?

Daily Mail 11/2/06 Political war over the 2012 Olympics stadium

Telegraph 11/2/06 MPs demand guarantees over Olympic costs

BBC 11/1/06 Caborn defends Olympic progress

Idaho Statesman 10/31/06 Idaho engineer glad he left 2012 Olympics

BP News 10/31/06 With 2008 China Olympics in view, Baptists plan ministries

BBC 10/30/06 Public transport plan for Games

This is London 10/30/06 Olympic VIP motorcade threatens massive traffic disruption

Edmonton Journal 10/29/06 Native protests could mar 2010 Olympics, bands warn

FortWayne.com 10/29/06 Composer joins panel on ’08 Olympics ceremonies

International Herald Tribune 10/27/06 Beijing to close mines ahead of Olympics, report says

Guardian 10/27/06 Olympics work 'ahead of time'

My SA 10/27/06 2008 Olympics changes events for U.S. TV

Media Daily News 10/27/06 NBCU Taps Winter To Sell Summer Olympics, Other Sports

Chicago Tribune 10/26/06 City halfway to raising Olympics money

Sports Illustrated 10/26/06 IOC to increase doping tests for 2008

Harrow Times 10/26/06 Londoners face extra £200m bill for Olympics

Chicago Tribune 10/26/06 City halfway to raising Olympics money

San Diego Union Tribune 10/26/06 CEO of Vancouver Olympics says games will be on budget

MosNews.com 10/26/06 Russian Greens Protest Against “Alien” Winter Olympics in Sochi

ABC News 10/26/06 2008 Olympics changes events for U.S. TV

Sports Business 10/25/06 London Olympics preparation on time and on budget

ABC News 10/25/06 China considers Beijing shutdown for Olympics

The Telegraph 10/25/06 Olympics will leave no legacy, says Simmonds

Cox News 10/25/06 IOC Chief Urges China to Stay Focused Ahead of 2008 Olympics in Beijing

Channel News Asia 10/24/06 Olympics: Olympic chief worries about China's image

Bangkok Post 10/24/06 China in Olympics drug spotlight

This is London 10/24/06 2012 Olympics won't be another Wembley fiasco

Victoria Advocate 10/23/06 Rekindling The Special Olympics Spirit

SF Gate 10/23/06 Quincy Jones joins Spielberg and Lee for 2008 Beijing Olympics

The Sentinel 10/23/06 Time to take advantage of the Olympics

Washington Post 10/22/06 Education the heart of Olympics says Rogge

Wanted in Rome 10/21/06 Rome to bid for Olympics

Guardian 10/20/06 Met assistant to handle Olympic security threat

This is London 10/20/06 Blair wants contract extension to oversee 2012 Olympics

Guardian 10/19/06 Olympics 'will be terror target'

Ely Standard 10/19/06 2012 Olympics hotel hopes

Zap2It 10/19/06 'Brokeback' Director Gets Artistic for Olympics

Los Angeles Times 10/18/06 2016 Bid Mixes New and Old

CBC News 10/18/06 Homeowner tries to get jump on Vancouver Olympics

Super Sport 10/18/06 Berlin set to bid for 2020 Olympics

BBC 10/18/06 Lemley quits 2012 Olympics post

ESPN 10/18/06 American quits key 2012 London Olympics post

Deseret News 10/17/06 GE, others bid for Olympics gold

Globe and Mail 10/17/06 Students may get break during B.C. Olympics

Guardian Unlimited 10/17/06 Animal rights activists announce their next 'legitimate target': 2012 Olympic site

In the News 10/17/06 London Olympics to 'eliminate child poverty'

Guardian Unlimited 10/17/06 China enjoys successful Olympics dress rehearsal

China Daily 10/16/06 English name change for 2008 Olympics mascots

This is Hertfordshire 10/16/06 Community looses out to Olympics

CBC 10/15/06 Muslim holy month at odds with 2012 London Olympics

IHT 10/15/06 Chinese residents protest construction of generator near Olympics site

Energy Tribune 10/13/06 A Green Olympics in Beijing?

Chicagoist 10/13/06 Chicago Shines for Olympic Bid

CBS 10/12/06 Michael Jordan To Join City's Olympics Bid

This is London 10/12/06 "Green beacon" for 2012 Olympics

LA Daily News 10/12/06 Olympics bid could cool Korean crisis

Sports Illustrated 10/11/06 Korea cites nuclear tension in '14 bid

The Mirror 10/11/06 Fury over Olympics burger link

Belfast Telegraph 10/11/06 Councils in battle for a pool fit for Olympics

Daily Mail 10/10/06 London Olympics faces questions over McDonald's sponsorship

Star Tribune 10/10/06 100,000 volunteers signed up for 2012 Olympics

CBS2 Chicago 10/9/06 Daley Heading To Athens To Meet Olympic Organizers

Chicago Business News 10/9/06 What would Olympics really bring to Chicago?

Red Orbit 10/9/06 Beijing to Spend 59.5bn Dollars on Improving Infrastructure for Olympics

Mercury News 10/8/06 China puts brawn into preparing for the Olympics

ABC News 10/8/06 China dissidents urge IOC to press Beijing on rights

Newsweek 10/8/06 Olympics: Will Doha Get the Gold?

The Observer 10/7/06 Bomb detector plan for Games

Times Colonist 10/5/06 Beijing Olympics has put pollution in the spotlight

Eastday 10/4/06 Green Olympics: a pledge to honor for Beijing

Globe and Mail 10/4/06 Olympics help in building a country

CTV 10/3/06 Games organizers, Workopolis team up for 2010

Sports Illustrated 10/3/06 Rome's 2016 Oly bid back on track

Globe and Mail 10/2/06 Mixing cruise ships with Olympics a bad idea

AHN 10/2/06 China Wants To Cash In On 2008 Beijing Olympics

Cox News 10/2/06 Russia Wants to Host 2014 Winter Olympics and Have the Games in Black Sea Resort of Sochi

Chicago Sun Times 10/2/06 W. Side must get cut of Olympics: alderman

North County Times 9/30/06 Los Angeles mayor pitches city's diversity in bid for 2016 Summer Olympics

Chicago Tribune 9/30/06 Mayor says Olympics would bring city transportation boon

Mercury News 9/29/06 China prepares for world stage at 2008 Olympics

Globe and Mail 9/29/06 VANOC confident media can be accommodated

Chicago Tribune 9/28/06 Chicago faces uphill climb for Olympics

Sports Illustrated 9/28/06 Qatar plans to bid for 2016 Games

Seattle PI 9/28/06 Downhill financing plagues Vancouver Olympics

Globe and Mail 9/27/06 Olympics hurting taxpayers, critic says

People's Daily 9/27/06 Feature: What can Sydney tell Beijing?

Guardian Unlimited 9/27/06 Media free to roam in China during 2008 Games

ESPN 9/27/06 Official denies reports Beijing plans to expel migrants for Olympics

Guardian Unlimited 9/27/06 China defends shutting unregistered schools

ABC 9/25/06 Beijing shutting schools for Olympics: rights group

Chicago Tribune 9/25/06 Olympic park is about Daley, not South Side

Home News Tribune 9/24/06 It's never too early to plan for the 2008 Summer Olympics

Daily SouthTown 9/24/06 Olympic plans taking shape on lakefront

Chicago Tribune 9/23/06 Olympic stadium cost $100 million higher

Chicago Business 9/23/06 Plan for 2016 Olympics disclosed

San Francisco Chronicle 9/23/06 49ers add stadium to S.F. Olympic bid

Chicago Tribune 9/21/06 City pins Olympic hope on South Side stadium

Tucson Citizen 9/21/06 'Bad' air might be Candrea's biggest foe in '08 Olympics

Chicago Tribune 9/20/06 Change in plans for Chicago Olympics bid

ESPN 9/20/06 Madrid eyes 2016 Olympics

BBC 9/20/06 Protest over wages for Olympics

ESPN 9/20/06 China accused of human rights failings for Olympics

Computer Weekly 9/19/06 Integrator wanted for London Olympics

Philadelphia Business Journal 9/19/06 Philadelphia's Olympics boosters will try to lure other events

Asia Media 9/18/06 Freedom of the press at Olympics not assured

News 24 9/18/06 Private cars banned at Olympics

MSNBC 9/15/06 Baseball makes pitch to rejoin Olympics

SF Chronicle 9/15/06 Man believed to be oldest living Greek Olympian dies at 97

Daily Mail 9/15/06 Beijing considers hospitalising mentally ill for Olympics

Peoples Daily 9/15/06 Greece hopes to cooperate with China over the 2008 Olympic Games Security

CTV 9/14/06 2010 Games costs almost double the estimates

Citywire 9/13/06 London Olympics ‘may boost inflation’

Raw Story 9/13/06 Former Norwegian host cities may team up for Winter Olympics bid

TVNZ 9/12/06 Press freedom slims as Olympics nears

MegaStar 9/11/06 Doctors Olympic plea

People's Daily 9/9/06 Over 150,000 apply to be volunteers for 2008 Olympics

ic Wales 9/9/06 Sponsorship comes first to ensure a profitable Olympics

Asia News 9/7/06 China gears up for Olympics: one more human rights activist arrested

Media Guardian 9/6/06 Media will be free to roam during Olympics, pledges Beijing

News Wales 9/6/06 Wales prepares for 2012 Olympics

India Times 9/5/06 Beijing faces first Olympic test

CNN 9/1/06 Rio will bid to host 2016 Olympics

AftenPosten 8/31/06 Oslo politicians want to host Winter Olympics

Daily Yomiuri 8/31/06 Ishihara's proposals hit right note with JOC

CBC Sports 8/30/06 Vancouver Olympics gets cash infusion

Denver Post 8/30/06 2018 Olympics on horizon for Colorado?

Washington Times 8/30/06 Tokyo is Japan's bid for 2016 Summer Games

People's Daily 8/28/06 Recruitment of Beijing Olympics volunteers kicks off

Guardian 8/28/06 Beijing expects deluge of volunteer applications

ESPN 8/28/06 Official questioned in Beijing Olympic scandal returns to work

BBC 8/27/06 Local Olympics facilities appeal

CCTV 8/27/06 Environmental protection of 2008 Olympics

The Australian 8/26/06 Critics silenced before Olympics

Great Falls Online 8/26/06 Montana dancers to perform in Beijing Olympics

All Headline News 8/23/06 2008 Beijing Olympics To Be Shown On Mobile Phone TV

Arizona Republic 8/19/06 Beijing's infrastructure fitted for 2008 Olympics

News.com.au 8/18/06 On your couches, TV set, go

Washington Post 8/17/06 China Hones Game For 2008 Olympics

China Daily 8/17/06 China to tighten anti-terror training ahead of Olympics

Gulf Times 8/15/06 Athens struggles to find use for 2004 Olympics venues

Chicago Tribune 8/13/06 Running ahead of Olympics

LA Daily News 8/12/06 L.A. leaders push city as host for 2016 Olympics

SF Chronicle 8/11/06 Mayor has some doubts on Olympics- He wonders if city can meet all of U.S. committee's demands

The Star 8/11/06 Olympics committee visits San Francisco to bolster 2016 bid

Shanghai Daily 8/10/06 Beijing Olympics offers help to foreign media

People's Daily 8/10/06 New mobile technology gets Beijing Olympics closer to spectators

Press Telegram 8/10/06 S.F. Olympics plan scrutinized

People's Daily 8/10/06 China plays down gold medals chances at 2008 Olympics

Taipei Times 8/10/06 Why can't Taiwan host the Olympics?

Chicago Tribune 8/9/06 Chicago Olympics plan gets another look

Washington Times 8/9/06 China expects clean air for Olympics

CBS Chicago 8/9/06 Chicagoans Already Excited About Olympic Prospects

Gulf Times 8/9/06 China full of confidence two years from start of Olympics

The Star 8/9/06 China says no TV delay for Olympics

Willits News 8/9/06 USOC to visit finalists to host 2016 Olympics

UNPO 8/8/06 Tibet: Olympics Must Be Catalyst for Change

CBC 8/8/06 Beijing Olympics 2 years away

China Daily 8/8/06 Olympics call for gracious behaviours

China Daily 8/8/06 China full of confidence for Olympics

ESPN 8/7/06 Russian official charged with shakedown related to 2014 Olympics bid

CSM 8/7/06 Hopes for change hung on '08 Olympics

Bernama 8/4/06 Olympics 2008 Will Add RM48 Billion To China's Coffers

Chicago Tribune 8/2/06 Olympics security guard hailed

The Star 8/1/06 Oil palm mats for Beijing Olympics
CNN 8/1/06 Rome's '16 chances slim, says Italy

The Star 8/1/06 Oil palm mats for Beijing Olympics

Duluth News Tribune 7/29/06 Beijing Olympics already has problems

LA Daily News 7/27/06 L.A. might be 2016 Olympics host

Houston Chronicle 7/26/06 Houston out of running for 2016 Olympics

Philly.com 7/26/06 Philadelphia knocked out of Olympics bid

Chicago Tribune 7/26/06 Chicago in final 3 for U.S. Olympics bid

Philly.com 7/25/06 Philadelphia could get word tomorrow on fate of bid for 2016 Olympics

Scotsman 7/24/06 Scots urged to aid Games effort

The Independent 7/24/06 Cost of Olympic stadium set to soar to £280m

Telegraph 7/23/06 China calls for the ultimate sacrifice from its Olympics workforce

Philly.com 7/22/06 Decision on city's Olympics hopes comes next week

Chicago Tribune 7/21/06 Olympics bid update slated

Sports Illustrated 7/20/06 Moscow won't bid for 2016 Games

Chicago Journal 7/19/06 A bullish look at the 2016 Olympics

Hamilton Spectator 7/17/06 Nostalgia rules as costly but successful 1976 Olympics remembered

BBC 7/17/06 2012 Olympics roadshow rolls in

NBC 11 7/17/06 SF To Be Named U.S. Finalist For 2016 Olympics

11 Alive 7/16/06 Atlanta Olympics Museum Opens

Guardian 7/16/06 BBC at war over 'mad' Olympic start times

Seattle PI 7/14/06 Torino Olympics chief: Vancouver's construction budget too low

WNDU 7/13/06 Chicago makes bid for the 2016 summer Olympics

NBC 5 7/13/06 Chicago Announces Bid For 2016 Olympics

CNN 7/11/06 Rome not bidding for 2016 Olympics

WXIA-TV 7/10/06 Museum Honors Atlanta Olympics

People's Daily Online 7/10/06 Forecasters begin Olympic practice

AJC 7/9/06 A burning devotion

Daily Telegraph 7/9/06 Migrant builders are crucial to Olympics

BBC 7/6/06 Madrid to bid for 2016 Olympics

InTheNews.co.uk 7/6/06 Olympics 'will not help tourism'

Guardian Unlimited 7/5/06 New lottery game to support 2012 Olympics

People's Daily 7/4/06 Salzburg starts drafting bid plans for 2014 Games

BBC 7/3/06 Olympic plan 'on target' for 2012

Fox Sports 7/3/06 Madrid to bid for 2016 Games

UTV 7/2/06 Olympics: Lord Coe: 'London 2012 on schedule'

Slam 6/30/06 Tokyo, Fukuoka submit bids to host '16 Olympics

USA Today 6/29/06 China rolls out the big guns, aiming for a dry Olympics

Peoria Journal Star 6/28/06 Olympics on state 'wish list'

Chicago Tribune 6/28/06 Governor backs bid for Olympics

Shanghai Daily 6/26/06 Olympic menu planners test Chinese cuisine

The Sunday Times 6/25/06 Dirty great cloud hangs over Beijing Olympics

UPI 6/24/06 Chicago pitches stadium for 2012 Olympics

The Telegraph 6/24/06 Corruption scandal hits Beijing Olympics

Houston Chronicle 6/24/06 Houston gets chance to tout its case for 2016

Mercury News 6/24/06 USOC head says Olympic program at a crossroads

The Guardian 6/24/06 Bullet train for London Olympics unveiled

Stuff.co.nz 6/23/06 Great wall gets the Olympic touch

CBS 6/23/06 Five U.S. cities make pitch for 2016 Summer Olympics

CNN 6/23/06 Norway will make 2018 Olympic bid

CBS 6/22/06 3 Cities Make 2014 Winter Olympics Cut

Business Day 6/22/06 Durban urged to bid for 2016 Olympics

Guardian 6/21/06 Olympics promise massive tourism boost

Globe and Mail 6/21/06 A sterling endorsement for Olympics in 2010

MSNBC 6/20/06 IOC to pick finalists for 2014 Winter Games

Sydney Morning Herald 6/20/06 Olympics swim finals decision on hold

CTV 6/19/06 Feds reviewing new Van. 2010 funding request

China Daily 6/19/06 Beijing to ensure air quality during Olympics

The Telegraph 6/19/06 History is erased as Beijing makes way for Olympics

Time 6/16/06 Olympic Swimmers, Rise and Shine!

USA Today 6/15/06 Hotel prices to rise 50% during Beijing Olympics

National Post 6/15/06 Vancouver Olympics reveals escalating costs

CBC 6/15/06 Vancouver Olympic security could limit military might overseas

Globe and Mail 6/14/06 Vancouver Olympics on schedule and on budget, report says

The Guardian 6/14/06 More women builders to be trained in Olympics lead-up

The Australian 6/14/06 Beijing Games building boss sacked

Shanghai Daily 6/14/06 Beijing books room rates for visitors to Olympics

BBC 6/13/06 Olympic sailing venue gets revamp

CBC British Columbia 6/13/06 Olympic worker dies in explosion

Chicago Sun-Times 6/12/06 City proposes temporary Olympic venue

China Daily 6/9/06 Beijing's dramastic fall a concern for Olympics

MosNews 6/9/06 Russian Govt Backs Sochi Bid for 2014 Winter Olympics

Philly.com 6/8/06 Phila. invited to make case for 2016 Olympics

ESPN 6/8/06 Houston mayor says city wants 2016 Olympics

Chicago Tribune 6/7/06 USOC seeks more info from Olympic contenders

KYW 6/6/06 Leadership Announced for Philadelphia's Olympics Bid

BBC 6/5/06 Lord Coe gives Olympics lecture

Shanghai Daily 5/26/06 Olympics says no to drugs and alcohol

Eastday 5/25/06 Beijing Olympics organizers visit Cuba

Celebrity Spider 5/24/06 Quincy Jones Offers to Write Olympic Theme

Xinhua 5/24/06 Beijing Olympics organizers visit Cuba

NewKerala.com 5/24/06 China may face boycott of Olympics if it attacks Taiwan: US

People's Daily Online 5/23/06 Beijing to put 144 new subway trains into operation by 2008

Philly.com 5/22/06 Sydney spokeswoman's message to Philly: 'Go for it'

MSNBC 5/21/06 Olympics could mean billions to Phila.

Chicago Tribune 5/21/06 The day after the Olympics

Xinhua 5/20/06 Beijing to build over 100 star hotels for 2008 Olympic

Sacramento Bee 5/19/06 L.A., S.F. woo 2016 Summer Olympics

China View 5/19/06 Beijing prepares emergency health response for Olympics

SF Chronicle 5/18/06 USOC set to visit S.F. today

LA Daily News 5/18/06 Team pitches L.A. as venue for Olympics

Chicago Tribune 5/18/06 China races to clear the air before start of '08 Games

Olympic.org 5/18/06 Beijing 2008: Good Progress, Spectacular Venues

Media Guardian 5/17/06 IOC says sponsors can raise $1bn for London

China Daily 5/17/06 IOC officials impressed with venue construction

Xinhua 5/16/06 Olympic vehicles generate competition

The Guardian 5/16/06 Olympics may not bring jobs for locals, says report

BBC 5/16/06 Olympic 2012 bill 'to hit £2bn'

Delaware County Times 5/15/06 Philly is wide open in bid for Olympics

Peoples Daily 5/13/06 Beijing Olympic committee chief pledges good media facilities

Washington Post 5/12/06 Beijing to boost civil patrol force for 2008 Games

BBC 5/12/06 'Tight schedule' for the Olympics

Washington Post 5/10/06 Chicago May Bid for 2016 Olympics

Guardian 5/9/06 Full steam ahead for Olympic land grab

BBC 5/9/06 Probe into Olympic land evictions

Irish Examiner 5/9/06 Olympics roadshow announced

Independent 5/9/06 Smokery ends Olympics site fight

Houston Chronicle 5/8/06 Houston gets shot to make case for 2016

NWI Times 5/8/06 The cost of hosting the Olympics

Houston Chronicle 5/8/06 Games bid gets in gear

Chicago Tribune 5/7/06 Will the mayor run the distance to 2016?

Globe and Mail 5/6/06 Ottawa waffles on committing funds to Games

Xinhua 4/28/06 Beijing police trained to fight possible terrorism

People's Daily 4/28/06 Beijing 2008 Games program finalized

Washington Post 4/24/06 Fukuoka applies to host 2016 Games

China View 4/23/06 Spain's Jaca sets up executive commission for 2014 Winter Olympics bid

News Tribune 4/22/06 Beijing to Raze Neighborhoods for Olympics

The Guardian 4/21/06 Olympics is a marathon, not a sprint

The Mirror 4/21/06 UK's 2012 Bid 'Fix'

BBC 4/20/06 Inspectors check London progress

The Lawyer 4/18/06 Wanted: new legal chief for Olympics

Celebrity Spider 4/17/06 Zhang Yimou to Direct Olympic Ceremonies

icWales 4/17/06 London Olympics could topple Welsh churches

The Guardian 4/16/06 Olympics for £22bn. Is that just a China syndrome?

BBC 4/16/06 Spielberg and Yimou join Olympics

The Australian 4/15/06 GE tips $1.4bn Olympics booster

Planet Ark 4/12/06 Olympics - US Urges China to Clean Up Environment

People's Daily Online 4/11/06 Cuba praises China's preparations for 2008 Olympics

BBC 4/10/06 Olympics 2012 cash to be awarded

NY Times 4/9/06 U.S.O.C. to Broaden Role in Cities' Bids

Forbes 4/7/06 Beijing Olympics reaps financial windfall - IOC chief Rogge

Daily Times 4/7/06 Olympics to bring Beijing short reprieve from pollution woes

Zee News 4/7/06 India among six nations in fray for 2016 Olympics

BBC 4/6/06 Work begins on 2012 Games venues

New Kerala 4/5/06 Manmohan Singh says India will bid for 2016 Olympics

Turkish Press 4/5/06 IOC upbeat on Beijing Olympics, but has concerns: Rogge

USA Today 4/4/06 Blair: London Olympics will bring prosperity

BBC 4/2/06 Olympics lining up financial rewards

Guardian 4/2/06 Olympics budget 'must rise by £2bn'

Boston Globe 3/31/06 Games hosts try to polish Chinese manners

CBC 3/29/06 Vancouver hotels warned not to overcharge during Olympics

Guardian 3/26/06 Don't make grassroots pay for Olympics

Scotsman 3/24/06 SNP told: Olympics are British

BBC 3/22/06 Brown reveals 2012 funding boost

BBC 3/22/06 Mayor defiant over Olympics row

Duluth News Tribune 3/21/06 Bill would look into Minnesota hosting 2020 Olympics

Sports Illustrated 3/20/06 Chinese Oly official: Manners, please

News.com.au 3/20/06 $42m bill for Sydney Olympics sites

Xinhua 3/18/06 Legislation to ensure safer Olympics

Epoch Times 3/17/06 Vancouver Olympics Already Stirring Controversy

People's Daily Online 3/17/06 Beijing Games unveils bid to recruit specialist talent

The Age 3/15/06 Ierodiaconou eyes 2010 Olympics

Guardian 3/14/06 BBC Olympics investigation dropped

Mainici Daily News 3/14/06 Tokyo preparing to bid for 2016 Olympics

Star Gazette 3/13/06 Especially in the Olympics, winning isn't everything

Springfield Business Journal 3/13/06 Olympics teach businesses how to go for gold

Mainichi Daily News 3/13/06 Tokyo preparing to bid for 2016 Olympics

Chicago Tribune 3/12/06 Pulling off an Olympics coup

Xinhua 3/10/06 Beijing to recruit 2,000 police for Olympics: official

Xinhua 3/9/06 IOC chief urges Madrid to bid for 2016 Games

BBC 3/8/06 Tokyo joins race for 2016 Games

Sofia News Agency 3/8/06 Rogge Optimistic on Sofia 2014 Olympic Bid

Media Week 3/8/06 Advertisers challenge Olympics restrictions

KOIN 3/7/06 Washington Hopes To Cash In On 2010 B.C. Olympics

Bloomberg 3/5/06 Hollywood, Olympics, Networks Lose Their Magic

News Democrat 3/5/06 Medallists can earn big bucks in Olympics

Reading Eagle 3/4/06 Boycotting Olympics would be a futile act

Washington Post 3/3/06 China can't afford extravagant Games: Congress delegate

Financial Times 3/3/06 Highs and lows at the Winter Olympics

USA Today 3/2/06 Why 2008 Olympics will be big winner

MSNBC 3/2/06 Wade won't try to sell Shaq on Olympics

CNN/Money 3/2/06 Olympics didn't sweep away ABC and Fox

USA Today 3/2/06 Moving forward, let's just eliminate Winter Olympics

MSNBC 3/1/06 China teaching how to spit, sit for 2008

BBC 3/1/06 Beijing clamps down on spitting


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