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News Articles for the Olympic Games


Times Online 10/31/07 Beijing Olympics site crash halts ticket sales

BBC 10/30/07 Olympics chief urges 2012 action

New Zealand Herald 10/30/07 Olympics: Huge demand for tickets

Citizen 10/30/07 Olympic chief has 'no regrets' over choosing Beijing

China Daily 10/29/07 2008 Beijing Olympics window into China: Jordanian king

Sports Illustrated 10/29/07 Transit may enhance Chicago '16 bid

BBC 10/28/07 Beijing to sell Olympics tickets

LA Times 10/28/07 Olympic fame divides a Russian resort

Telegraph.co.uk 10/26/07 Beijing pollution still major Olympic concern

China Daily 10/26/07 Upcoming Olympics helps boost Beijing's tourist number by 12.6%

Yahoo! News 10/25/07 Lavish show signals Qatar bid for 2016 Olympics

BBC 10/24/07 Chan makes Beijing Olympics song

CNBC 10/23/07 Air quality for Beijing Olympics tops agenda with IOC inspectors during visit

Xinhua 10/23/07 Beijing promises more emergency shelters before Olympics

Telegraph 10/23/07 London Olympics to ban cars in 2012

DW World 10/23/07 Munich Mulls 2018 Winter Olympics Bid

This is London 10/23/07 Olympics 'robbing heritage of £160 million'

The Herald 10/23/07 Maxwell claims Olympics will ‘rob’ Scottish sport of millions

Chicago Tribune 10/22/07 IOC members: 'Chicago not lagging' in race for 2016 Games

Prague Daily Monitor 10/22/07 Czech mayors seek referendum on Olympics

Chicago Tribune 10/22/07 Sydney Games seen as beacon for Chicago

Canadian Press 10/19/07 Vancouver Olympics raking in sponsorships

China Daily 10/19/07 Olympics creates 600,000 jobs annually

Express India 10/19/07 China hikes 2008 Olympics budget to US $2 billion

Globe and Mail 10/19/07 Olympic traffic plan gets political support

Hollywood Reporter 10/19/07 NBC Uni preps expanded Olympics coverage

Sports Illustrated 10/18/07 Radioactive waste found at 2012 site

Bloomberg 10/18/07 China Uses Detention Law to Clean Up for Olympics, Amnesty Says

China Daily 10/18/07 China promises anti-doping, clean Olympics

Daily Mail 10/17/07 Olympic consultants cost taxpayers £1m a week

Bloomberg 10/17/07 Vancouver Olympics to Finish Venues Before Beijing Games Open

Reuters 10/17/07 China pledges religious services during Olympics

UPI 10/15/07 Businessman adopts '08 Olympics mascot

Reuters 10/15/07 China must host good Games: president

LA Times 10/14/07 The Olympics' long, sordid history

Hollywood Reporter 10/13/07 Kodak to end Olympics sponsorship

The Age 10/13/07 Nine, Foxtel secure Olympic broadcast rights

Seattle Times 10/12/07 Vancouver 2010 sets ticket prices

Boston Globe 10/12/07 Chinese researcher: Beijing will be clean for 2008 Olympics

CTV 10/11/07 VANOC unveils ticket prices for 2010 Olympics

Chicago Sun Times 10/11/07 Chicago can't handle marathon -- or Olympics

Telegraph 10/10/07 Olympics will leave lasting legacy

China Daily 10/10/07 Baby boom for the Beijing Olympics

Washington Post 10/9/07 Pollution Concerns Cloud Olympics

The Age 10/9/07 Beijing, here we come

NY Times 10/9/07 Jones Hands Over Her Olympic Medals

International Herald Tribune 10/8/07 Rights group appeals to China to stop executions ahead of Olympics

CBS2 Chicago 10/8/07 Will Chicago Marathon Help Or Hurt Olympic Bid?

Times Online 10/8/07 Hi-tech underground line to move Olympic masses

Media Guardian 10/8/07 You can't use the O-word

LA Times 10/7/07 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: Cutting through China's smoke

Chicago Tribune 10/7/07 Tokyo takes Chicago tack

Winston-Salem Journal 10/7/07 Float honoring Olympic Games at Beijing comes under fire

HeraldNet 10/7/07 In Vancouver, B.C., clock's ticking toward Olympics

CBS 10/5/07 Marion Jones Pleads Guilty To Doping

Chicago Sun Times 10/4/07 Olympics boss says Chicago in 3rd or 4th place

People's Daily 10/4/07 Constructing for 2008 Olympics

FOX Sports 10/3/07 Spain readies 2016 Summer Olympics bid

CNBC 10/3/07 Olympics one big step in shoemakers' race for China's sportswear market

ESPN 10/2/07 Beijing bans smoking in taxis ahead of 2008 Olympics

Washington Post 10/2/07 China Rejects Attempt to Link Developments in Burma to Beijing Olympics

FOX News 10/1/07 Gov. Ritter: Colorado Poised to Pursue 2018 Olympics

IHN 10/1/07 London gets planning permission for Olympic Park

Gulf Times 10/1/07 Doha determined to clinch 2016 Olympics

Reuters 10/1/07 Olympics-Sochi gives Rogge a warm reception

MSNBC 10/1/07 Restrain the Riffraff

China Daily 10/1/07 Beijing to close 1,000 coal mines before Olympics

The Canadian Press 10/1/07 Olympics watchdog says VANOC isn't doing enough to make Games sustainable

The Moscow Times 10/1/07 Putin Calls Sewage an Olympic Problem

ESPN 9/30/07 Chinese man arrested for running fake Beijing 2008 Olympics Web site to bilk fans

Tulsa World 9/30/07 Preparing for the 2008 Olympics, China is shining its ancient capital

Seattle Times 9/30/07 Maverick Vancouver, B.C., mayor faces Olympic-size challenge

SF Chronicle 9/29/07 Protesters urge Olympic boycott over Chinese support for Burma

Chicago Tribune 9/28/07 Chicago faces tough rivals for Olympics

Telegraph 9/27/07 Dark clouds shroud Beijing before Olympics

China View 9/27/07 Xinhua to open Beijing Olympics News Service

Channel News Asia 9/26/07 Olympics: China to tighten Everest access for torch relay

The Hindu 9/25/07 Beijing moves toward "Green Olympics"

Reuters 9/23/07 Sports risk Olympic ban for not adopting anti-doping code

BBC 9/22/07 Beijing drivers ignore No Car Day

Reuters 9/22/07 China holds 'No Car Day' ahead of Olympics

Globe and Mail 9/22/07 Texas ticket broker jumps gun on 2010 Olympics

The Times of India 9/22/07 Eyeing Olympics, China curbs mass events

Shanghai Daily 9/21/07 Beijing Olympics tickets can only be resold once

Wanstead and Woodford Guardian 9/21/07 Plans for Athletes' Village revealed

Yahoo! News 9/21/07 China readies for "no car" day ahead of Olympics

Sports Illustrated 9/21/07 Adidas becomes the third sponsor of London Olympics

Times Online 9/20/07 Adidas named as London 2012 sponsor

USA Today 9/20/07 Olympics seen as leverage for Darfur

Wall Street Journal 9/20/07 China's Visa Crackdown Reflects Olympics Anxiety

Chicago Sun Times 9/19/07 City's Olympic logo unveiled — a 6-pointed star

Ski Racing 9/19/07 Nevada officials ramp up efforts for 2018 Olympics

The Province 9/18/07 Decision to close schools over Olympics upsets parents

BBC 9/17/07 Hotels urged to lose Fawlty image

Times Online 9/17/07 Peacekeepers hope to stop Olympics being branded the ‘genocide games’

Reuters 9/17/07 China capital targets "fake" water before Olympics

Honolulu Advertiser 9/17/07 Terminal an Olympics showcase

Scotland on Sunday 9/16/07 London Olympics 'will bring in extra £2.1bn' for UK tourism

LA Times 9/16/07 Beijing revitalizes as 2008 Olympics nears

International Herald Tribune 9/16/07 Australian men, women qualify for Beijing Olympics

Press Association 9/15/07 Olympics may boost tourism by £2bn

NY Times 9/15/07 Olympics Bound

LA Times 9/14/07 Glory-bound: Beijing's gold-medal transformation

Seattle Times 9/14/07 Chicago among seven cities vying for 2016 Olympics

ABC News 9/14/07 China's Pre-Olympic Religious Crackdown

Bloomberg 9/14/07 Hitler's Buried Bombs Threaten Cleanup of London Olympics Site

Times Online 9/14/07 Advertisers and sponsors going for gold at the Beijing Olympics

AFP 9/13/07 Construction on track for 2010 Winter Olympics

Chicago Tribune 9/13/07 Chicago in 7-city race for Olympics?

Vancouver Sun 9/13/07 Olympic satisfaction

Christian Science Monitor 9/13/07 China to evict petitioners before Olympics

China Daily 9/12/07 Computerized polyglots to serve Beijing Olympics

Guardian 9/12/07 Japan cabinet approves Tokyo 2016 Olympics bid

CSM 9/12/07 China to evict petitioners before Olympics

Sports Illustrated 9/11/07 Rio de Janeiro officially enters bid for 2016 Olympics

ABC 9/11/07 Beijing Olympics 'Face Terrorism Threat'

AFP 9/11/07 Tokyo's bid for 2016 Olympics gets government backing

Xinhua 9/10/07 Interpol to send security support team to Beijing for Olympics

BBC 9/10/07 BBC criticised over Olympics logo

Xinhua 9/10/07 Beijing's 80,000 guards to offer "cordial, professional" services for Olympic Games

This is London 9/10/07 London Olympics hit by 'fat cat' salary row as running costs spiral

San Diego Business Journal 9/10/07 Invitrogen Strives for Gold Medal Performance at Beijing Olympics

The Guardian 9/8/07 Coe worried over Olympics allegations

USA Today 9/7/07 Taiwan premier raises hopes for compromise on Olympic torch route

International Herald Tribune 9/6/07 Chinese stocks could benefit from Olympic effect

Baltimore Sun 9/6/07 Bush accepts invite to '08 Olympics in China

People's Daily 9/6/07 Organizers looking for smiling children's faces for ceremonies

Business Week 9/6/07 London Hotels Booming in Olympics Run-Up

CNBC 9/5/07 It's official: Chicago is American bid city for 2016 Summer Olympics

Xinhua 9/5/07 Visits to Beijing cultural relics restricted during Olympics

Scotsman 9/5/07 Olympics 'will be a £3bn winner for tourism'

CNN 9/4/07 China arrests anti-Olympics activist

Sports Illustrated 9/4/07 Prague enters bid for 2016 Summer Olympics

Sports Illustrated 9/4/07 Third time's a charm?

Yahoo! News 9/3/07 China police to shape up for Olympics

Kansas City Star 9/1/07 Visitors headed to Beijing for Olympics can check out city’s bohemian side

The Telegraph 9/1/07 'World must see best and worst of China at Olympics'

Sports Illustrated 8/31/07 Mizuno warns of post-Olympics slowdown in China

USA Today 8/31/07 Beijing 'ready' for '08 Summer Olympics

China Daily 8/31/07 Olympic temperatures anyone's guess

BBC 8/31/07 China dishes up menu translations

USA Today 8/30/07 Beijing 'ready' for '08 Summer Olympics

FOX News 8/29/07 Richard Jewell, Wrongly Accused in Atlanta Olympics Bombing, Dead at 44

China Daily 8/29/07 China to check police behavior for Olympics

Honolulu Advertiser 8/28/07 Athletes not sure how to train for pollution

The Telegraph 8/27/07 Greece fires threaten ancient Olympia

Chicago Tribune 8/26/07 Arctic city warms to Olympic bid

CTV 8/26/07 Greek firefighters protect ancient Olympic ruins

China Daily 8/24/07 Organizers of 2008 Olympics allocate 1.6m tickets

BBC 8/24/07 Dope cheats will get Olympics ban

Washington Times 8/23/07 Bush urged to boycott Olympics

IHT 8/22/07 Orwell goes to the Beijing Olympics

Times of India 8/22/07 Terror threat to '08 Olympics, warns China

Guardian Unlimited 8/21/07 Olympics Beijing already bulging at the seams

BBC 8/21/07 London Olympics expands sponsors

People's Daily 8/20/07 China calls for standardized use of languages for 2008 Olympics

Reuters 8/20/07 Olympics-Cars stay away but Beijing smog remains

Mercury News 8/19/07 It's not too early to plan for Beijing Olympics

Hollywood Reporter 8/17/07 Beijing sees Olympics as China's shot at gold

BBC 8/17/07 £42m NI cash diverted to Olympics

Sky News 8/17/07 Olympics Could Be Bad For Your Health

Guardian Unlimited 8/17/07 Weathermen fear Beijing Olympics lightning strikes

Yahoo! News 8/17/07 Olympics: Beijing bans 1.3 million cars to cut pollution

Times Online 8/16/07 How China can lose the Beijing Olympics

Reuters 8/16/07 Beijing warns of lake algae a year before Olympics

Yahoo! News 8/16/07 China cracks down on AIDS groups ahead of Olympics

Times Online 8/16/07 How China can lose the Beijing Olympics

Herald Tribune 8/15/07 Olympics: Athletes face dizzying choice of causes

Financial Times 8/15/07 Beijing to clear runways ahead of Olympics

PC World 8/15/07 China Spends $400 Million on Tech for Olympics

ESPN 8/15/07 Beijing official denies 1.5 million relocations to make way for 2008 Olympics

CNN 8/14/07 Chinese architect slams Olympic 'pretend smile'

Guardian Unlimited 8/14/07 China says crime down "greatly" year before Olympics

People's Daily 8/14/07 Beijing Olympics website unknown to many foreigners

People's Daily 8/13/07 Guest Say: Legacies of Beijing Olympics

People's Daily 8/13/07 China to hold online contest on Olympics-related laws, regulations

San Jose Mercury News 8/13/07 A marathon of building for Beijing Olympics

The Moscow Times 8/13/07 Putin Meets Advisors to Discuss Olympics

Yahoo! News 8/12/07 Olympics boost sentiment, but no gold for economy

Mercury News 8/12/07 Olympics `like a spiritual event' for Beijing residents

NY Times 8/12/07 Beijing ’08: Let the Politics Begin

Daily Yomiuri 8/12/07 In hosting '08 Games, China's dignity at stake

Chicago Tribune 8/12/07 Barcelona shows what Olympics can mean

LA Times 8/11/07 Clearing the air for Beijing Olympics

Xinhua 8/10/07 Beijing to test effects of less cars

Mercury News 8/10/07 More at stake in Beijing in 2008 than outcome of Olympic Games

Sky News 8/9/07 Olympics To Boost Builders' Fees

Shanghai Daily 8/9/07 Beijing Olympics to cost less than Athens

Daily Yomiuri 8/9/07 Beijing Olympics coming at a price

LA Times 8/8/07 China addresses ugly side in run-up to Olympics

Telegraph 8/8/07 Niels De Vos plans overhaul for Olympics

Seattle Times 8/8/07 Plans for cashing in on 2010 Olympics

Reuters 8/8/07 China restricts press despite Olympics promise

BBC 8/8/07 China marks one year to Olympics

Newsweek 8/7/07 Transparency Gap

Guardian 8/7/07 Georgia up in arms over Olympic cash

Forbes 8/7/07 Protests, Smog Cloud Olympics a Year Out

Sports Illustrated 8/7/07 NBC to air more than 3,600 hours of Olympic coverage

CBS 8/7/07 Waters Wants To Boycott Beijing Olympics

Times of India 8/7/07 Amnesty says Chinese rights crackdown could tarnish Olympics

Scoop 8/7/07 Countdown to the Olympics

Telegraph 8/7/07 GE aims for $500m Olympics payout

The Guardian 8/6/07 After 180 million years, first 2012 Olympic venue is ready for action

CNN 8/6/07 Olympics can speed change in China

The Guardian 8/5/07 China orders police to be more polite ahead of Games

NY Times 8/5/07 Free Spirits Wonder How Olympics Will Treat Them

Times of India 8/4/07 Beijing to add security cameras ahead of Olympics

Canada.com 8/4/07 Fuel-cell buses promised for 2010 Olympics

The Telegraph 8/4/07 Beijing 2008 Olympics: the race is on

CKNW 8/3/07 Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games will mark an Olympic first.

International Herald Tribune 8/3/07 Residents refused to make way for Beijing Olympics

Sports Illustrated 8/2/07 India refuses stadium use to Olympic protestors

Yahoo! News 8/2/07 Olympics are a year away but Beijing is "ready!"

Yahoo! News 8/2/07 Sharapova backs Sochi bid

CNET News 8/2/07 Beijing starts IT testing for Olympics

The Hindu 8/1/07 Volunteer applicants for Beijing Olympics set new record

BBC 7/31/07 Olympics ban for China firm

ABC 7/31/07 China's 'King Kong' wants to carry Olympics torch
Mercury News 7/30/07 Olympics visitors: Try bohemian Beijing

MSNBC 7/30/07 Tourists trinkets made from panda poop?

People's Daily 7/30/07 Beijing Olympics to use 50 Li-ion battery powered buses

Celebrity Spider 7/28/07 Steven Spielberg Threatens to Quit Beijing Olympics Role

Daily Express 7/28/07 The £12.6Bn Olympics

China View 7/28/07 Two Olympic venues completed

Slam! Sports 7/28/07 Rio has shown it can handle an Olympics

Vancouver Sun 7/27/07 Mounties seek more money for Olympics security

MSNBC 7/27/07 Crackdown on rowdy sports fans in run up to Beijing Olympics

CNN 7/26/07 Faking it: Piracy poses headache for Olympics

Union Tribune 7/25/07 Beijingers cautioned again about behavior during 2008 Olympics

Chicago Tribune 7/25/07 Olympics panel tries to ease fear

Wired 7/24/07 Smog and Mirrors: China's Plan for a Green Olympics

Contra Costa Times 7/24/07 China spying on activists before 2008 Olympics

ESPN 7/24/07 London completes acquisition of land required for main venues of 2012 Olympics

Easier 7/24/07 First-time buyers snap up homes on the edge of Olympics zone

Reuters 7/24/07 German leaders endorse Munich 2018 winter Olympics bid

Guardian 7/22/07 Olympics bosses must back Africa Games, organiser says

Miami Herald 7/22/07 Going to the Olympics

Scotland on Sunday 7/22/07 Darling's fears on cost of Olympics revealed

News 10 Now 7/22/07 Lake Placid looks to host International Youth Olympic Games

Canoe.ca 7/22/07 2010 organizers looking for trademark infractions

The Republic 7/20/07 The Olympics cause displacement

Kommersant 7/20/07 Russians Hail Choice of Sochi for 2014 Olympics

SF Chronicle 7/18/07 Gold-Plated Phone Planned for Olympics

Reuters 7/18/07 Olympics - China's Wen urges green Olympic construction

Register 7/17/07 China aims artillery for a blue-sky Olympics

PC World 7/16/07 Chinese Sports Fans Go Online for Olympics

Pantagraph 7/15/07 Past organizers offer advice for Chicago on 2016 Olympics bid

Xinhua 7/15/07 Chinese marine police stage anti-terrorist drill for Olympics

News.com.au 7/14/07 Marj named Olympics great

CBS2 7/14/07 Mayor Daley Tours Rio's Olympic Village

MSNBC 7/13/07 Heavy hitters offer Chicago Olympic advice

Herald Sun 7/13/07 Olympic size safety blitz

Yahoo News 7/12/07 Rogge welcomes Rio bid for 2016 Olympics

Chicago Sun Times 7/12/07 Amateur-level protesting won't work on Olympics stage

Courier News 7/11/07 2 of 12 Beijing venues have been completed

China Daily 7/10/07 Food safety for 2008 Olympics 'fully guaranteed'

BBC 7/10/07 London Olympics 'need iron hand'

Telegraph 7/10/07 Olympics budget 'is out of control'

PC Advisor 7/10/07 Government 'forgot' London Olympics IT costs

Epoch Times 7/9/07 Chinese Farmers Say No to Olympics

China News 7/9/07 2008 Olympics equestrian venues ready for tests

Detroit News 7/9/07 China's Olympics inflame activists

Vancouver Sun 7/8/07 Vanoc, IOC debate 2010 progress as annual session wraps

The West 7/8/07 Six cities in running for 2016 Olympics

Guardian 7/8/07 Olympics cost likely to overrun, MPs warn

Chicago Tribune 7/8/07 Olympics bid's tactical commander

MSNBC 7/6/07 Baseball, softball could return to Olympics

BBC 7/6/07 IOC approves new Youth Olympics

Daily Times 7/6/07 Olympics 2008: Beijing to clear ‘uncivilised’ elements from subway stations

Washington Post 7/6/07 Putin Sees Olympics Choice As Proof of Russian Progress

NY Times 7/6/07 After Celebrating Winning Bid, Russia Has Work Ahead

Bloomberg 7/5/07 Sochi Secures Russia's First Winter Olympic Games

Yahoo 7/5/07 Several factors at play in Sochi's win for 2014 Olympics

BBC 7/5/07 Sochi given 2014 Winter Olympics

Business Week 7/5/07 Russia's Olympic Investment Pays Off

Time 7/5/07 The Sochi Olympics: A Win for Putin

ABC News 7/5/07 Olympics Highlight Human Rights in China

CBS 7/4/07 Russia To Host 2014 Olympic Games

Yahoo 7/4/07 Olympics: Tearful Salzburg eliminated from Winter Olympics race

USA Today 7/4/07 Beijing to test partial car ban before Olympics

Star Telegram 7/1/07 Austrians go on offensive for 2014 Games

China Daily 7/1/07 Longest road for Olympics opens

Yahoo 7/1/07 Sochi says victory will change Russian lives for ever

USA Today 7/1/07 Tiny Pacific island chain gets Olympic recognition

Times Online 7/1/07 Mocked Olympic logo ‘evolves’

The Guardian 7/1/07 China sees strong demand for 2008 Games tickets

The Telegraph 6/28/07 Purnell heads Olympics after reshuffle

Chicago Tribune 6/28/07 Shakeup in Chicago Olympics bid group

International Herald Tribune 6/27/07 Capsules of contenders for 2014 Winter Olympics

Forbes 6/27/07 Olympics Spotlight China's Pollution

Yahoo 6/26/07 2014 Winter Games race a dead-heat: experts

Christian Science Monitor 6/26/07 Activists press China with 'Genocide Olympics' label

BBC 6/25/07 Lottery money 'loan' for Olympics

People's Daily 6/25/07 Beijing airport to launch emergency alert mechanism for Olympics

AJC 6/24/07 Phony Olympic souvenirs not rampant in China so far

Canada East 6/24/07 South Korean leader to visit Guatemala for IOC vote on 2014 Olympics

Reuters 6/22/07 China GrenTech wins China Mobile contract for Olympics

ABC News 6/23/07 Beijing Organizers Firm on Taiwan Route

East London Advertiser 6/22/07 The 2012 'green' Olympics aren't green enough, slams Town Hall report
News.com.au 6/22/07 Olympics inflating Beijing hotel prices

Metro 6/21/07 Security plan for Olympics ‘flawed’

Guardian 6/21/07 Olympics evictees go without a struggle

BBC 6/21/07 Culture paves way to 2012 Games

Christian Science Monitor 6/20/07 Olympic torch may stall at Taiwan strait

Boston Globe 6/20/07 Tibet official lauds Everest road

The Guardian 6/20/07 Olympics evictees go without a struggle

Broadcast Newsroom 6/20/07 Olympics Go Broadband in Beijing

The Guardian 6/20/07 China plans highway to Mount Everest for Olympics

People's Daily 6/20/07 Chinese HIV carriers plant trees for green Olympics

People's Daily 6/20/07 China holds anti-terrorist exercise for 2008 Olympics

Daily Mail 6/19/07 Bank accounts 'raided' to pay for 2012 Olympics

Sporting News 6/18/07 Volunteers may come close to outnumbering foreign visitors at Beijing Olympics

Forbes 6/18/07 Olympic Labor Abuse Charges Make Waves

Vancouver Sun 6/18/07 2010 Olympics: The end or a new beginning?

BBC 6/17/07 Olympic report best ever - Jowell

New Zealand Herald 6/16/07 Olympics: Pollution likely to be main problem in Beijing

Daily News & Analysis Hello Kitty ready for Beijing Olympics

UPI Asia 6/14/07 Analysis: FBI offers Beijing help on Olympics security

Channel 4 6/14/07 2012 Olympics gets inspectors boost

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/07 Beijing expects 4 bil viewers for Olympics

BBC 6/13/07 Two logos by different designers, one very similar idea for the 2012 Olympics... how could it be?

Voice of America 6/13/07 Congress Using Olympics to Pressure China on Sudan

USA Today 6/12/07 China promises safe food for '08 Olympics

Seattle PI 6/12/07 Olympics bosses need to take a time out

ABC7 6/12/07 Study shows 2 million displaced for recent Olympics

Christian Science Monitor 6/12/07 Ahead of Olympics, China faces charges of child labor

Yahoo! 6/12/07 Jowell defends Olympics and logo

The Guardian 6/12/07 Most youngsters 'hate' 2012 logo

Telegraph 6/11/07 Ministers told 'stop Olympics meddling'

The Guardian 6/11/07 I hold a torch for the Olympic logo

BBC 6/10/07 Chinese Olympic firms deny abuse

Time 6/10/07 Olympics Gear Made by Child Labor

BBC 6/10/07 Games 'may need foreign police'

Media Guardian 6/10/07 The Olympian silence of man behind the logo

Malaysia Star 6/9/07 Tattoos a no-no at Beijing Olympics

CNN 6/8/07 Skateboarding has Olympic backing

USA Today 6/8/07 Beijing boycott hot topic on Capitol Hill

Daily Record 6/8/07 Olympics Log-Off 
Chicago Sun-Times 6/8/07 Tokyo throws hat into ring for 2016 Olympic Games

Guardian 6/7/07 Rights image haunts China before Games -campaigner

Chicago Tribune 6/7/07 Tokyo enters bid to host 2016 Olympics

NY Times 6/7/07 2012 Olympic Logo: Sparks Precede the Flame

Guardian 6/6/07 35,000 want Olympics logo scrapped

AOL Sports 6/6/07 Beijing Bans Water Closets for Olympics

Guardian 6/6/07 Please look away ... it's the 2012 logo
Scotsman 6/6/07 Olympics film removed amid seizure fears

Guardian 6/5/07 Cross your fingers and hope like hell

BBC 6/5/07 London 2012 team defend new logo

Sports Illustrated 6/5/07 Millions displaced by '08 Games

Guardian 6/4/07 London Olympics sport new logo

ABC Online 6/4/07 Full steam ahead for Beijing Olympics plans

China Post 6/3/07 China rights record could hurt Olympics

ABC Online 6/3/07 Beijing builds new subway for Olympics

Malaysia Sun 6/2/07 Chinese economist sees sustained growth after Olympics

People's Daily Online 6/1/07 Six people nabbed in HK for selling fake Olympics products

Sudan Tribune 6/1/07 UN chief rebuff threats of linking Beijing’s Olympics to Darfur crisis

Independent Catholic News 6/1/07 China may ban Catholics from 2008 Olympics

Times Colonist 5/31/07 Organ-harvesting claims spark call for boycott of Beijing Olympics

Architectural Record 5/31/07 Crouching Olympics, Hidden Preservation

Yahoo News 5/31/07 Children rally in Tiananmen Square to promote Olympics

Evening Star 5/31/07 Olympics roadshow heads to Suffolk

Telegraph 5/30/07 Beijing Olympics nothing to do with sport

Guardian 5/30/07 Madrid named as Spain's candidate for 2016 Olympics

China Daily 5/30/07 Tourism: Super 8 offers help to Olympics

Courier Mail 5/29/07 Bid for low-smoke Olympics

ic Wales 5/29/07 Olympics budget is a bad joke

Kuwait Times 5/29/07 How much will Beijing pay for the Olympics?

People's Daily 5/28/07 Chinese police to get better equipment for Olympics

Xinhua 5/27/07 Beijing mulls new heatstroke index before Olympics

UPI 5/25/07 Analysis: China not changing for Olympics

China Daily 5/23/07 Victory ceremony costume for Beijing Olympics sought

Munster Times 5/23/07 Olympic family ties

Yahoo! News 5/22/07 Japan unlikely to boycott Beijing Olympics over Darfur crisis

RIA Novosti 5/22/07 How much will Beijing pay for the Olympics?

People's Daily 5/21/07 Beijing to limit visitor numbers at heritage sites during Olympics

The Statesman 5/20/07 Weather stations to aid Olympics torch relay

People's Daily 5/20/07 Beijingers draw breath as Shougang confirms plant closure in time for Olympics

Times Online 5/20/07 Beijing fears mass Chinese demos at Olympics

News One 5/19/07 Vancouver plans clean-up before Olympics

CBS 5/18/07 Beijing Olympics To Represent In Rose Parade

Christian Post 5/18/07 Christians Plan for Beijing Olympics

Forbes 5/18/07 Vancouver Plans Clean-Up Before Olympics

China Daily 5/18/07 Zhang immersed in working on Olympics ceremonies

Yahoo! News 5/18/07 New Chinese FM says Darfur will not hurt Olympics

Guardian 5/18/07 Building chief tells politicians not to meddle in Olympics

Seattle PI 5/10/07 Vancouver's goal: Keep it clean in 2010

CBS 5/16/07 Air Quality Concerns Beijing Olympics

Boston Globe 5/16/07 Olympics: British awed by Beijing venue

Chicago Tribune 5/16/07 Chicago ordered to dump Olympics logo

ABC 5/16/07 IOC Opens Bid Process for 2016 Games

CBC 5/15/07 Scam artists try to cash in on Vancouver Olympics

Yahoo! News 5/15/07 Beijing hotels target Olympic gold

Yahoo! News 5/15/07 Tibetan exiles plan to take shine off Beijing Olympics

Baltimore Sun 5/14/07 McDonald's in an Olympic bind

China Daily 5/14/07 Beijing considers ban on smoking in Olympic venues

Stratfor 5/14/07 China: Security, Public Relations and the 2008 Olympics

Daily Telegraph 5/14/07 London could end up worse off after Olympics

Sydney Morning Herald 5/13/07 Fears our athletes will choke at the Olympics

Daily Telegraph 5/12/07 Kids losing interest in Olympics

Globe and Mail 5/12/07 Businesses suffer in name of public transit for 2010 Olympics

Times of India 5/11/07 200 medical workers recruited for Olympics doping control

Moscow Times 5/11/07 Sharapova Sochi Ambassador

Scotsman 5/11/07 London Olympics can bolster Glasgow's campaign

Asia News 5/10/07 Drinking water shortage at Beijing Olympics

ESPN 5/9/07 Please don't drink the tap water ... unless you're in the Olympic Village

Washington Post 5/9/07 Dry Beijing to take neighbor's water for Olympics

Guardian Unlimited 5/9/07 Music chief attacks Olympics raid

ESPN 5/8/07 Committee begins mapping Chicago's bid for Olympics

CBC 5/8/07 1 Olympics, 2 conflicting visions

Chicago Sun Times 5/8/07 $70 for a seat? Some could go for $950

Vancouver Sun 5/7/07 Calgary Games continue to have lasting, positive effect on sport

Gulf News 5/7/07 Why race for The Olympics?

Guardian 5/6/07 Olympics wildlife on the move

Times of India 5/6/07 China's cultural clean-up ahead of Olympics

Sports Illustrated 5/3/07 London wants to build temp venues

BBC 5/3/07 Technology row over 2012 Olympics

Sports Illustrated 5/2/07 IOC proposes four new members

East London Advertiser 5/2/07 2012 'Green Olympics' architects get the 'gold'

Indy Star 5/1/07 Chicago bid looms big for Indiana

CTV 4/30/07 Activists calling for more housing before Olympics

Calgary Herald 4/30/07 Darfur protesters call for boycott of Beijing Olympics

The Telegraph 4/29/07 'Cover-up' of £1bn hole in Britain's Olympic bid

BBC 4/29/07 Games 'catalyst for China abuses'

USA Today 4/29/07 China chided on human rights as Olympics near

BBC 4/28/07 Delhi will bid for 2020 Olympics

Times Online 4/29/07 Old Beijing falls to Olympics bulldozer

CTV 4/28/07 GM to showcase eco-friendly cars at 2010 Games

China Daily 4/28/07 With the Olympics looming, China goes green

BBC 4/27/07 China and Taiwan in Olympics row

Newsweek 4/27/07 Fanning the Flame

Bizjournals.com 4/26/07 Coke renews Olympic Torch sponsorship

Buffalo News 4/26/07 Meteorologists aim for Olympic sunshine

Seattle Times 4/26/07 Beijing announces longest torch route ever for 2008 Olympics

ABC 4/26/07 China human rights abuse rife amid Olympics preparation: Amnesty

San Francisco Gate 4/25/07 4 activists detained for anti-Olympics protest on Mount Everest

FMNN 4/24/07 The 2008 Olympics and Beijing's crackdown on religion

Yahoo! News 4/24/07 Spin games for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Edinburgh News 4/23/07 Scottish sport to lose £55m to help pay for London Olympics

Guardian Unlimited 4/23/07 India shelves plans for 2016 Olympics bid

News.com.au 4/23/07 China shuts fake Olympics site

China Daily 4/22/07 Exhibition to mark one-year countdown to Olympics

Arizona Republic 4/21/07 Poor air, clogged roads bad news for Beijing

LA Times 4/20/07 London's budget is up, so is negativity

Yahoo! News 4/20/07 Beijing plans big umbrella for athletes during Olympics

Lake County News 4/20/07 Lakewood protectionists promise to take Olympics protest to county

UPI 4/19/07 'Positive' review to Beijing Olympics

NWI 4/19/07 Safety at Olympics becomes a priority

Seattle Times 4/18/07 Beijing cabbies get their marching orders for Olympics

NY Times 4/17/07 No Spitting on the Road to Olympic Glory, Beijing Says

Chicago Tribune 4/17/07 Olympics venue an intriguing bet, just not in Chicago

International Herald Tribune 4/17/07 As Olympics near, Beijing tries to shed its bad habits

UPI 4/17/07 London Olympics estimates fell short

The Olympian 4/16/07 2008 Olympics tickets go on sale

Chicago Tribune 4/15/07 Chicago sports fans cheer a victory unlike any other

MSNBC 4/15/07 Looking to beat world cities for Olympics, Chicago touts diversity

MLive.com 4/15/07 Chicago tops L.A., to bid for 2016 Games

Yahoo 4/15/07 2008 Beijing Olympics tickets go on sale

NY Times 4/15/07 Chicago to Be U.S. Bid for ’16 Olympics

Yahoo 4/14/07 Hard work just starting for Chicago

SF Chronicle 4/14/07 USOC to Decide on 2016 Host Candidate

Today Online 4/14/07 Beijing's war of words heats up as Olympics get closer

Union Tribune 4/13/07 Taiwan offers compromise for China-bound Olympic torch

FOX News 4/13/07 Mitt Romney Says Chicago Would Be 'Wonderful' Place for 2016 Summer Olympics

Science Daily 4/13/07 Improving Air Quality For 2008 Beijing Olympics

Chicago Tribune 4/12/07 Olympics hosting a waiting game

USA Today 4/12/07 Ueberroth ready to make USA's push for 2016 Olympics

Daily Mail 4/12/07 Gone in seconds... China dynamites sports stadium as it prepares for Olympics

Guardian 4/11/07 Chinglish unlikely to vanish totally by '08 Olympics

The Ledger 4/11/07 Beijing Olympics volunteers near half million

Sporting News 4/11/07 Why should Chicago land Olympics?

Sports Illustrated 4/10/07 California authorizes $250M for Olympics

WMAQ 4/10/07 Mayor Goes To D.C. For Final Olympics Pitch

CBS2 4/9/07 Just 5 Days Until Chicago Finds Out About Olympics

Suffolk and Essex Online 4/9/07 Wannabe bell ringers sought for Olympics

Washington Post 4/9/07 Beijing opens Web quest for foreign families

Sporting News 4/9/07 Azerbaijan hoping to host 2016 Summer Olympics

Daily China 4/8/07 DPRK's IOC member backs Pyeongchang's bid to host 2014 Winter Olympics

Reuters 4/8/07 Beijing to boost disease control for Olympics

Telegraph 4/7/07 Olympics 'needs a tsar or legacy will be chaos'

Channel News Asia 4/6/07 Olympics: Beijing working to tame Olympic 'white elephants'

Guardian 4/5/07 Olympics team sets out 'demolish, dig and design' agenda for 2008

ABC News 4/5/07 Chinese man wants Beijing free of flies for Olympics

BBC 4/4/07 First milestone for 2012 Olympics

Boston Globe 4/3/07 In homestretch to Olympics, Beijing still fighting haze

Telegraph 4/3/07 Fears for China's Olympics workers as 6 die

NY Times 4/2/07 For Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics, Proprietary Words

The Guardian 4/2/07 2012 Olympics chairman says budget is under control

Vancouver Sun 4/1/07 Collapse in subway line planned for Beijing Olympics

The Telegraph 4/1/07 Revealed: cash-strapped London ready to share Olympics with France

BBC 4/1/07 'I want the Olympics to be drug free'

Japan Today 3/31/07 Ishihara defends bid for 2016 Olympics

Yahoo! News 3/30/07 Olympics officials say diners still at risk from food poisoning

News 24 3/30/07 Tromsoe bids for 2018 Olympics

SF Gate 3/30/07 LA officials say Olympics would bring city $7 billion

Sports Illustrated 3/29/07 China blasts attempts to link Olympics with Darfur

Northern Territory News 3/29/07 Subway being built for Olympics collapses

Globe and Mail 3/29/07 Farrow attacks Spielberg, Olympic sponsors on Darfur

Yahoo! News 3/29/07 London 2012 gets vote of confidence from Sydney chief

Metro News 3/29/07 £9.3bn Olympics budget could rise

The Standard 3/29/07 Beijing wants you for 2008 Olympics

Salt Lake Tribune 3/28/07 Beijing's Olympic gold medals to have touch of jade

Guardian Unlimited 3/28/07 Olympic wind turbine may get athletes in a spin

Chicago Tribune 3/27/07 Chicago's 2016 Olympics bid given an edge over L.A. by online site

Chicago Tribune 3/27/07 Los Angeles pumps up bid for Olympics in final days

Shanghai Daily 3/27/07 Air pollution not new to Olympics

UPI 3/26/07 U.N. hails Olympics' anti-doping measures

CNN 3/26/07 500 days to start of 2008 Olympics

The Guardian 3/26/07 Tories line up panel of experts to give advice on Olympics

Horse & Hound Online 3/25/07 London Olympics 2012 promises equestrian legacy

Mercury News 3/24/07 Delegates present 2014 Olympic bids

Yahoo! News 3/23/07 ESPN, Olympics lead race for Sports Emmys

BBC 3/23/07 Time to squeeze squash into the Olympics

Shanghai Daily 3/23/07 Forecasters guarantee accuracy during Olympics

CNN 3/22/07 Beijing gets ready for Olympics by discouraging spitting

Evening Gazette 3/22/07 How the Olympics can improve the health of the area

CNN 3/22/07 Prague to make bid for 2016 Games

Press Telegram 3/22/07 Long Beach sister city bids for Olympics

Borders Today 3/22/07 Massive hike in London Olympics budget set to hit Borders groups

Slam! Sports 3/21/07 French presidential candidate suggests Beijing Olympics boycott over Darfur

Telegraph 3/21/07 China to stifle pre-Olympics 'hostile forces'

Chicago Tribune 3/21/07 Olympics bid gets suburban backing

BBC 3/20/07 Olympics 'threat' to local sport

Guardian 3/18/07 Olympics are costly, but regeneration is priceless

Manchester Evening News 3/16/07 Backlash on £9bn Olympics

BBC 3/16/07 Small firm strikes Olympic gold

Daily Record 3/16/07 Olympics Chaos As Bill Hits £9Billion 

Telegraph 3/16/07 Olympics budget trebles to £9.3 billion

BBC 3/15/07 Q&A: Olympics budget increase

ESPN 3/14/07 Lloyds TSB becomes first domestic sponsor of 2012 Olympics

Telegraph 3/14/07 New £700m Lottery raid to pay for Olympics

Daily Southtown 3/14/07 Chicago OKs $500M for Olympics bid

CTV 3/13/07 Still no public price tag on 2010 Winter Olympics
Chicago Sun Times 3/12/07 City committee approves Olympic cash

Sporting News 3/12/07 Beijing Olympics under pressure to be smoke free

BBC 3/12/07 Companies race for Olympics work

Sunday Mirror 3/11/07 £9 Billion Olympics 

China Daily 3/11/07 Beijing forms helicopter police for Olympics

Chicago Tribune 3/10/07 Chicago tweaks 2016 Olympics plan

Chicago Tribune 3/9/07 City's potential Olympics bill: $500M

China Daily 3/9/07 Advisor suggests Bibles offered in hotels during Olympics

Chicago Tribune 3/8/07 Is city OK with cost of Olympics?

Yahoo 3/8/07 Beijing Olympics tickets to go on sale in April

Guardian 3/7/07 Brown proud of Olympic preparations

Scotsman 3/7/07 Blair tries to calm fears Olympics will hit arts

Washington Post 3/6/07 Beijing Games can be safe on the cheap: official

FOX News 3/6/07 Barack Obama Helps Chicago Make Bid for 2016 Summer Olympics

Sporting News 3/6/07 Olympic flag stolen from Vancouver as 2010 Winter Games inspection opens

Sports Illustrated 3/5/07 Chicago makes play for '16 Olympics

News.com.au 3/4/07 Lend Lease wins $10bn London Olympics deal

Xinhua 3/4/07 Chinese parade in Hollywood to promote '08 Olympics

LA Times 3/3/07 L.A. hopes charm is good for third time

ABC7Chicago.com 3/3/07 Gold medalist supports Chicago's bid to host the Olympics

USA Today 3/3/07 Los Angeles gets Olympic visit from U.S. Olympic Committee officials

Chicago Maroon 3/2/07 Olympic proposal stirs University community

New Kerala 3/2/07 China to banish beggars prior to 2008 Olympics

Guardian 3/1/07 Government warned of Olympics 'disaster'

Chicago Tribune 3/1/07 Let the games for the Games begin

KTLA 3/1/07 LA Versus Chicago For 2016 Summer Olympics

USA Today 2/28/07 Windy City enters the running for 2016 Olympics

Telegraph 2/28/07 Olympics budget set at £5bn in bid to end row

Guardian 2/27/07 Jowell to admit cost of Olympics has doubled to near £6bn

New Kerala 2/26/07 Beijing starts removing 'Chinglish' signs ahead of Olympics

CBC 2/26/07 North lines up to benefit from Vancouver Olympics

BBC 2/25/07 BOA wants 2012 budget confirmed

The Telegraph 2/24/07 Beijing Olympics to boost ad market

CNN 2/24/07 London Olympic cost may hit $17.6B

Sports Illustrated 2/23/07 Coliseum makeover planned if LA wins '16 Olympics

Houston Chronicle 2/23/07 Makeover for Coliseum if LA Gets Games

BBC 2/23/07 London Olympics could cost £9bn

Lincoln Courier 2/23/07 Chicago readies itself for Olympic visit

Sofia Echo 2/23/07 Bulgaria and Serbia to Apply Jointly for Winter Olympics Host 

Yahoo 2/23/07 Russia faces time challenge in 2014 bid: IOC

Guardian 2/22/07 Report warns of complacency in UK's anti-doping plans

icWales 2/21/07 Get fit to supply for London Olympics contracts

Chicago Tribune 2/21/07 City's Olympic plans not just about Games

Guardian 2/20/07 Putin presses Russia's Winter Olympics bid

BBC 2/20/07 Doubts over 2012 transport plans

This is London 2/19/07 Reprieve for Londoners over huge Olympics bill

Washington Times 2/19/07 Olympics may halt 'supermosque'

Around the Rings 2/17/07 Korean President Says 2014 Olympics Good for Nation

Press-Telegram 2/16/07 L.B. talked up as an Olympic venue

China Daily 2/16/07 Olympic tickets, same price for all

BBC 2/15/07 Olympics 'risk good causes cash'

China Daily 2/15/07 Octogenarian serves Olympics

Yahoo News 2/15/07 Amid revival, China's patriotic Catholics ready to embrace Olympics

Chicago Tribune 2/14/07 City to highlight Olympics fundraiser

IHT 2/14/07 Danish crown prince backs idea of Copenhagen bid for 2024 Olympics

icWales 2/14/07 Olympics 'will have impact on Wales Lottery cash'

Guardian 2/14/07 WWF appeals to Putin over Olympics ecology

Seattle Times 2/13/07 Protesters disrupt Olympics ceremony in Vancouver

Guardian 2/12/07 South Korea bid city turns to tainted executive

CBS 2/12/07 Olympics making Vancouver housing crisis worse: critic

icWales 2/12/07 Olympics: Wales is going for gold

Austin American Statesman 2/11/07 Ahead of Olympics, Beijing cleans up its 'Chinglish'

CTV 2/10/07 Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics only 3 years way

USA Today 2/9/07 Beijing looks to clear the air for '08 Games

NC Times 2/9/07 Reno-Tahoe group plans 2018 Winter Olympics bid

USA Today 2/8/07 China: Don't spit, litter or cut in line at the Olympics

Washington Post 2/8/07 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin Lost Money

Seattle Times 2/6/07 Lost-in-translation signs to be cleansed for Olympics

Yahoo! News 2/6/07 Sochi 'favourite' to host 2014 Olympics

NBC Sports 2/6/07 Rockslide closes main 2010 Olympics highway

Chicago Flame 2/5/07Possible aquatic center for Olympics

Sporting News 2/5/07 More than 320,000 volunteer for Beijing Olympics

The Telegraph 2/5/07 True figure for Olympics costs 'still years away'

Guardian 2/4/07 Row over Olympics budget intensifies

China Daily 2/3/07 Thousands answer call for 2008 Olympic theme song

Telegraph 2/2/07 Good causes miss out as Olympics soaks up half a billion in Lotto funds

Reuters 2/2/07 Auditors criticise lack of budget for London Olympics

Houston Chronicle 2/2/07 China Considering Winter Olympics Bid

BBC 2/2/07 Lottery games' £100m for Olympics

Guardian 2/2/07 China to invite Japanese royals to Olympics

BBC 2/1/07 How much will the Olympics really cost?

BBC 2/1/07 London 2012 seeks more UK backers


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