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Courtney Marit was born in Washington, D.C. An avid gymnast, she reached elite level, was nationally ranked and eventually received a gymnastics scholarship from the University of Georgia, where she was part of the 1993 NCAA Championship team.  Marit is currently a performance artist, working with others to collaborate and create theatrical shows that include music, fire, trapeze, stilts and a myriad of circus arts. Having traveled to over 30 countries around the globe, Marit previously worked as a deckhand/cook and helped deliver luxury yachts across the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. She also worked as a massage therapist, ski instructor, snow maker, farmer, elder caregiver, trailblazer, biking/hiking guide and importer. Marit is currently single and living in Los Angeles. Her birth date is May 24, 1974.


News Articles about Survivor Panama Exile Island contestant  Courtney Marit


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