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Born and raised just outside of Boston, Danielle DiLorenzo grew up the eldest of three children in a small town called Lynnfield. She attended the Winthrop Gymnastics Academy, Massachusetts, where she competed for eight years and won many awards. At Lynnfield High School, she played varsity soccer, basketball and track. An athlete and fierce competitor, DiLorenzo set high school state records in track and was captain of both her track and soccer teams. At 16, DiLorenzo was selected to represent the United States at the World Gothia Cup and traveled to Germany, Sweden and Austria. Additionally, she worked with the Ford Modeling Agency, participating in fashion shows in the Boston area.  DiLorenzo was then recruited to play Division One soccer at Quinnipiac University, where she studied marketing. Unfortunately, a knee injury during pre-season kept her from playing her first year. She decided to transfer to Northeastern University, where she eventually earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business with a concentration in both finance and marketing. After graduation, DiLorenzo moved to Florida, where she currently works for a medical sales company. Her proudest accomplishment to date is the purchase of her first home in Boca Raton, Florida.  Danielle DiLorenzo is currently single and resides in Pompano Beach, Florida. Her birth date is June 3, 1981.


News Articles about Survivor Panama Exile Island contestant  Danielle DiLorenzo


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