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Terry Deitz was born and raised in Matawan, New Jersey, by his mother, Peggy and father, George. He has three brothers, Mickey, Skip and Tommie, and one sister, Pegi.  Deitz attended St. Joseph's Grammar School in Keyport, New Jersey, where he played little league baseball, football and basketball.  He then attended St. John Vianney High School in Holmdel, New Jersey, where he earned 11 Varsity letters.  He received All County and All Conference awards and made All-State Baseball 1st Team. In addition, he was Varsity Captain for three sports.  From 1978 to 1982, Deitz attended the United States Naval Academy. In 1984, Deitz was ordered to the US Navy flight school in Pensacola, Florida, where he learned to fly a Navy T-34 turbo prop.  Deitz met his wife, Trish, six days before his last six-month cruise. They had three dates, and then he went away for six months. They eventually married on October 5, 1991.  Deitz presently resides in Simsbury, Connecticut with Trish and their children, Kayla and Daniel. He continues to fly with American Airlines, piloting the Airbus A300. His birth date is October 10, 1959. In 2015, Terry will return for Survivor: Cambodia. 

News Articles about Survivor: Cambodia and Survivor: Panama Exile Island contestant Terry Dietz


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