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This site has links to news, websites and other information about Survivor II and Survivor Philippines Contestant Michael Skupin.




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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Michael Skupin


Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/11/13 Mike Skupin dodges accusations of shady business practices

CBS Local 2/26/13 Former ‘Survivor’ Contestant Arrested In Michigan

Hamilton Spectator 1/18/13 Video: Tips from a Survivor survivor

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/12 Video Exclusive Interview — Mike Skupin Reveals Other Seasons He Nearly Competed On

Survivor Fans Podcast 12/16/12 Red Carpet Interview with Michael Skupin

Entertainment Weekly 12/17/12 'Survivor': Mike Skupin blames Ponderosa for his loss; says he was blackmailed by one juror

Hollywood Reporter 12/17/12 'Survivor: Philippines' Winner Reveals Plans for $1 Million Prize; Final 4 Spill Finale Secrets

Zap2It 12/17/12 'Survivor: Philippines': Who won: Lisa, Malcolm, Skupin or Denise?

Reality TV Magazine 11/15/12 Survivor: Philippines — Artis Silvester Calls Mike Skupin A “Snake-Oil Salesman”

Zap2It 11/15/12 'Survivor: Philippines' castoff Artis Silvester slams Skupin: 'Mike was just a waste of time'

Hollywood Reporter 9/19/12 'Survivor: Philippines': Michael Skupin Says the Contestants Endure More 'Suffering' Than Ever Before

Detroit Free Press 9/19/12 Michael Skupin goes for 2nd chance on 'Survivor: Philippines'

Reality TV Calendar 9/14/12 Meet Michael Skupin - Stimpy's Take, Interview, Bio And More

Entertainment Weekly 9/11/12 'Survivor: Philippines': Michael Skupin says he still has the fire to compete (no pun intended) -

Zap2It 8/22/12 Michael Skupin on 'Survivor: Philippines' return: 'I have no fear of the fire - it won't take me out this time'

Detroit Free Press 8/22/12 Michael Skupin fired up for another 'Survivor' run

Entertainment Weekly 8/21/12 'Survivor: Philippines': Michael Skupin, Jonathan Penner & Russell Swan return, & talk about it here

Zap2It 8/21/12 'Survivor: Philippines': Jonathan Penner, Michael Skupin and Russell Swan return

Carroll County Comet 8/16/06 Delphi UMC to host 'Outback Survivor'

WLNS 12/20/05 "Survivor" Star Visits Local School

Reality News Online 3/9/04 Survivor Walkers: The Four Musketeers

Springfield News-Sun 3/8/04 ‘Survivor’ contestant to speak

The Telegraph 11/9/03 Reality TV show 'survivor' inspires others

Toledo Blade 11/1/03 ‘Survivor’ gives credit to Saviour

Midland Daily News 10/23/02 A survivor


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