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Colleen  was voted off Survivor on Episode 11

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Cast of Survivor (including Colleen)
USA Today Survivor Gallery

Colleen in The Animal

Jenna & Colleen 8/23/00

Survivor Foxes Gallery

You can now purchase the Animal with Colleen Haskell's movie debut!!  Click the picture for more information.  You expect cheap gags from a Rob Schneider movie, and The Animal delivers in the best possible way. Schneider plays Marvin Mange, a schlub of a police file clerk who drives off a cliff and is horribly mangled--only to wake up not only whole, but feeling better than he ever has in his life. He suddenly develops strange powers that lead to him being praised as a super cop. Unfortunately, his powers are the result of a scientist's bizarre experiment--and before long, some side effects start to take over his life.


News Articles about Colleen Haskell


Reality TV World 8/11/03 'Survivor' juror Colleen Haskell moves into reality-show production

Washington Post 7/20/03 Question Reality

Zap2It 6/3/02 “Survivor's” Colleen Haskell Guest Stars on Maybe It's Me

Baltimore Sun 5/2/02 Chat with Colleen Haskell

Zap2It 3/21/02 'Survivor's' Haskell Returns to TV

Augusta Chronicle 6/5/01 Can 'Survivor' contestant survive Rob Schneider?

Milwaukee Journal 6/4/01 'Survivor' Colleen Falls Into Acting

CNN 6/4/01 'Survivor' Colleen hits big screen with 'Animal'

Oklahoman 6/1/01 'Survivor' guru tackles challenge of 'The Animal'

San Francisco Chronicle 6/1/01 Evolution of a 'Survivor' also-ran

Milwaukee Journal 5/31/01 Haskell surviving Hollywood 5/31/01 Haskell Survives The Animal

TV Guide 5/31/01 SNL Alum's Pet Project

TV Guide 5/29/01 Survivor's Colleen Has Animal Instinct

Zap2It 5/28/01 'Big Brother' Gets a Facelift for July Premiere 5/23/01 Colleen Haskell Interview

Reality News Online 5/23/01 Survivor Colleen Plugs New Movie on Tonight Show

National Post 5/23/01 Colleen's animal magnetism

If Magazine 5/4/01 Cute Colleen From Survivor Fame Braves Rob Schneider in her First Feature

San Francisco Chronicle 5/3/01 First Seasons Survivor Cast Staying in the Spotlight

Detroit Free Press 2/28/01 Survivor celebs

Reality TV Links 1/29/01 Is Elisabeth the new Colleen?

Ironminds 12/14/00 TV Viewers Are the True Survivors

Teen Hollywood 12/5/00 Colleen's Animal Instincts

San Francisco Chronicle 11/10/00 Rob Schneider films comedy at City Hall

ESPN 10/26/00 Getting Crazy With Survivor Colleen

Reality News Online 9/30/01 Survivor I, Episode 11 in Retrospect

Zap2It 9/28/00 'Survivor's' Colleen Lands Movie Role

CNN 9/28/00 'Survivor' star Colleen lands movie role

E!Online 9/28/00 "Survivor" Colleen Heads to Big Screen

Topeka Journal 9/13/00 Just how long will the 'Survivor' cast members last on television?

PR Newswire 9/12/00 Colleen to Appear on Regis Live September 20
Entertaindom 9/8/00 Isle of You

Zap2It 8/22/00 'Survivor' Castaways To Appear on 'Letterman'

Zap2It 8/12/00 Colleen Song Comes To MP3

Zap2It 8/10/00 'Survivor' Colleen Meets the Press

Zap2It 8/10/00 'Survivor's' Sitting Duck Colleen Out

EOnline 8/10/00 Goodbye Dearest Pixie, Hello "Survivor" Record

Milwaukee Journal 8/9/00 'Play fair,' departing student Colleen says

E!Online 8/2/00 Another Survivor Going Native?

St. Petersburg Times 5/30/00 Will we survive?


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