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News Articles about The Bachelor


Gazette Journal 2/27/04 ‘Bachelor’ Bob Guiney brings music to Bubinga 2/27/04 Bachelor Bob Sings For Omaha

Reno Gazette-Journal 2/21/04 Reality TV star on the road selling wine

Press of Atlantic City 2/17/04 ‘Bachelor’ Bob tries luck at Taj

Reality TV World 2/12/04 'Bachelor's Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft getting back together?

Chicago Sun-Times 2/12/04 'Bachelor' pair back on couple track?

Channel Oklahoma 2/5/04 Bachelor Bob Dating 'All My Children' Star

Jersey City Reporter 2/1/04 Next 'Bachelor' is from Hoboken

Reality Reel 1/29/04 NFL Quarterback Is The Next "Bachelor"

Florida Today 1/23/04 Who will be Jesse's girl?

Orlando Sentinel 1/23/04 Ex-Gator hopes passes connect on reality TV

Gainesville Sun 1/23/04 Former UF quarterback is next 'Bachelor' 1/23/04 Giant's Quarterback Next "Bachelor" on ABC

Sturgis Journal 1/22/04 The Farr Side: Guiney proves there’s ‘3 Sides’ to every story

Zap2It 1/22/04 ABC Hands Off 'Bachelor' to NFL Quarterback

Extra 1/22/04 'The Bachelor'

Reality TV World 1/22/04 NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer to star as ABC's next 'Bachelor'

NY Daily News 1/22/04 Huddles & cuddles pack QB's playbook

Elites TV 1/22/04 Reality People Talk: Helene Eksterowicz and Gwen Gioia Of The Bachelor 2

KLTV 1/22/04 East Texas' Most Eligible Bachelor

Globe and Mail 1/22/04 Palmer set to throw another type of pass

Fox News 1/22/04 'The Bachelor's' 'Giant' Step

CBC 1/22/04 Giants' Palmer to "play the field" on reality TV

Elites TV 1/21/04 The Aftermath of The Bachelor 2 - Updates on Gwen, Helene and Aaron

Daily Herald 1/20/04 Kelly Jo looks back on the Bachelor

Elites TV 1/19/04 Nobody's Perfect: A Great Book For The Beach, Plane, Subway, Or Healthclub

Seattle PI 1/5/04 Estella unzips her lip about the Guiney pig

Reality TV World 12/30/03 'Bachelor' Bob and Estella finally publicly acknowledge breakup

Grand Rapids Press 12/30/03 Local show proves again our Bachelor Bob has got it goin' on

Reality News Online 12/30/03 Judge Says Bachelor Bob Can Sell CD

Elites TV 12/29/03 Bob Guiney’s “3 Sides”: Testing The Waters For World Domination

Kalamazoo Gazette 12/29/03 Bachelorette has no regrets about show

Zap2It 12/29/03 Judge Chooses Bob in 'Bachelor' Suit

Seattle Times 12/29/03 'Bachelor' and former fiancee friends

Reality TV World 12/25/03 'Bachelor' producers lose fight to enjoin marketing of Bob's '3 Sides' CD

Baltimore Sun 12/23/03 Love, television style

Reality News Online 12/23/03 Bachelor Bob Sued by ‘Bachelor’ Producers

MTV 12/22/03 Bob The Bachelor Sued For Rocking

Reality TV World 12/22/03 'Bachelor' Bob Guiney sued by show's producers over '3 Sides' promotion

Zap2It 12/22/03 'Bachelor' Producers Sue Guiney

NBC4 12/20/03 Reality Star Sued By Show's Producers

Denver Channel 12/18/03 Want A Date With Bachelor Bob?

Reality TV World 12/17/03 'Bachelor' Bob Guiney's CD '3 Sides' opens to disappointing sales

Television Without Pity 12/15/03 Marry Me A Lot

KMGH 12/11/03 Bob And Estella Break Up

Zap2It 12/11/03 Meredith Goes from Bootee to 'Bachelorette'

Washington Post 12/10/03 From Bob Guiney: '3 Sides,' No Point

New Haven Register 12/10/03 Humphrey’s serves as ‘Bachelor’ pad

Chicago Tribune 12/9/03 Bachelorette ties knot, but for Bachelor, it's not

Reality TV World 12/9/03 'Bachelor' couple Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft break-up

Zap2It 12/8/03 Third 'Bachelor' Strikes Out

Extra 12/8/03 Andrew and Jen Breakup

Southern Illinoisan 12/8/03 Sesser Native Trying Out Saturday To Be The Next 'Bachelor'

Morgan County Citizen 12/4/03 Reality television not-so-real

Reality TV World 12/4/03 'Bachelor' Bob Guiney denies reports that he's split with Estella Gardinier

Coming Soon 12/3/03 Meredith is the New Bachelorette!

Denver Channel 12/1/03 Audition For Next 'Bachelor'

Reality TV World 12/1/03 'Bachelor' couple Bob Guiney and Estella Gardiner already broken up? 11/26/03 - Bob & Estella on 'Ellen'

Reality News Online 11/26/03 The Bachelor 4: After the Finale Rose – Happily Ever After?

Zap2It 11/25/03 Usual Suspects Top Weekly Ratings; 'Bachelor' Finishes Strong 11/25/03 The Bachelor 11/19/03: It's Finally Over 11/24/03 Bob & Estella on 'The View'

Fans of Reality TV 11/24/03 After the Rose: Please Don't Make Them Laugh

Reality News Online 11/24/03 The Bachelor 4: Why Estella Won

Television Week 11/24/03 'Bachelor' Courting Syndie

Reality Reel 11/23/03 Bachelor Bob Revisited

Reality TV World 11/23/03 'Bachelor 4's Meredith Phillips to star in next 'The Bachelorette' series

NoPointNecessary 11/22/03 Bachelor Finale Recap "Amazing Journey Connection Promise"

Reality TV World 11/22/03 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose' takes a bite out of 'Survivor's ratings.. 11/22/03 'Bachelor' Winner's Friends Get Personal

Beacon News 11/21/03 Wheaton mother says country saw 'Kelly I know' on reality show

WLS 11/21/03 Bachelor Bob's book signing

Television Without Pity 11/21/03 Two Become One

Reality TV World 11/21/03 Bob Guiney's 'The Bachelor' season finale draws over 18.5 million viewers 11/21/03 Kelly Jo on 'Ellen' 11/21/03 Bob & Estella on Chicago Local News

Reality News Online 11/21/03 The Bachelor 4 Finale: Does Mother Really Know Best? 11/21/03 Bob, Estella & more on ‘Oprah’

ABC News 11/21/03 No Wedding Bells Yet 11/21/03 Bob & Estella on ‘Good Morning America’

Hollywood Reporter 11/21/03 'Bachelor' pads ABC ratings

Press Release 11/21/03 Bob Guiney to Release First Major Album on Wind Up Records

Milwaukee Channel 11/20/03 Mom Reveals Secrets About Daughter, Firestone

Reality Reel 11/20/03 The Bachelor Finale : And The Rose Is Given To...

Fans of Reality TV 11/20/03 It's Babytalk for Bachelor Bob! 11/20/03 The Bachelor Finale - 11/19/03

Reality TV World 11/20/03 Bob Guiney chooses Estella Gardinier but fails to propose at the end

TV Lovequest 11/20/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Chicago Tribune 11/20/03 Bob makes a promise ... to Estella

Zap2It 11/20/03 Boffo 'Bachelor' Builds for ABC Wednesday Win

Kalamazoo Gazette 11/20/03 Kuharski let down in final rose ceremony

Washington Post 11/20/03 ABC's 'The Bachelor' Chooses Estella

Chicago Daily Herald 11/20/03 Bachelor breaks Kelly Jo's heart

Zap2It 11/20/03 Estella Is Bob's Right-Hand Woman on 'The Bachelor'

KATV 11/20/03 Exclusive Interview with Reality Show Host

Media Life 11/19/03 Watch smoochin' Bob pick his dame

Extra 11/19/03 'The Bachelor' Finale

Reality TV World 11/19/03 'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All' special draws 12.4 million viewers

Oakland Press 11/19/03 Who will 'Bachelor' Bob choose?

The Province 11/19/03 Time for the final rose

Chicago Daily Herald 11/19/03 Will Wheaton woman get her TV man?

St Petersburg Times 11/19/03 Looking for direction

Oklahoma Daily 11/19/03 'Bachelor' Bob no longer a celebrity after tonight 11/19/03 Bachelor Buddy Picks Kelly Jo

Grand Rapids Press 11/18/03 Whose photo will wind up on Bachelor Bob's mantel?

Reality News Online 11/18/03 The Bachelor 4 Reunion: What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?

Reality News Online 11/17/03 Reunion Episode: Three Minutes Worth of Information

Elites TV 11/17/03 The Women Tell Some

Reality Reel 11/16/03 The Women Said Nothing

Reality Reel 11/16/03 Four Girls Three Roses

Reality Reel 11/16/03 Date Night For The Women

RealityTVTalk 11/14/03 Bachelor Reunion Recap "The Women All ... Showed Up!"

Nevada Daily Mail 11/14/03 Buerge to host 2003 Miss Merry Christmas Pageant

Washington Post 11/15/03 Dating Game Shows Get Personal

Television Without Pity 11/14/03 The Women Tell All

Fans of Reality TV 11/14/03 Bachelor Reunion: I Want What They're Taking.

Media Life 11/14/03 'Bachelor' is losing his youth appeal

Arizona Republic 11/14/03 Dating games evolve into 'Bachelor' 11/13/03 Dabone's Bachelor Recap - 11/12/03

TV Lovequest 11/13/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Kansas City Channel 11/13/03 Bob 'The Bachelor' Guiney Dishes With KMBC

Extra 11/12/03 'The Bachelor'

TV Barn 11/12/03 ABC PR: "Bachelor" finale

Reality News Online 11/12/03 The Bachelor 4: Adios, Mary – Hello, Reunion & Finale

Extra 11/11/03 Andrew Firestone

MSNBC 11/11/03 Throwing the book at Bachelor Bob

Reality News Online 11/11/03 The Bachelor 4: A Look Back at the Final Two

Elites TV 11/11/03 Bob Is. Bob Wants. Bob Gets.

Reality TV World 11/9/03 'Bachelor' Bob Guiney gets distributor for '3 Sides' CD

Television Without Pity 11/8/03 Me Estella, Eugene

Reality TV World 11/8/03 The Bachelor 4 - Episode 7 summary

NoPointNecessary 11/8/03 Bachelor Episode 7 Recap First Time For Everything

Reality TV World 11/8/03 'The Bachelor' announces additional casting call dates and locations

WSB-TV 11/7/03 ABC, WSB-TV to Hold Auditions for "The Bachelor

Reality TV World 11/7/03 Ratings: Seventh 'Bachelor' episode draws 13.3 million viewers

Hawaii Channel 11/6/03 Babble About Babies Gets Bachelorette Booted

The Gate 11/6/03 The Scoop: "The Bachelor" 11/6/03 And Then There Were Three

Fans of Reality TV 11/6/03 Three Hot Dates and One Lucky Bob 11/6/03 Dabone's Bachelor Recap 

Reality News Online 11/6/03 The Bachelor 4, Episode 7: A Classy Exit

TV Lovequest 11/6/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Chicago Daily Herald 11/6/03 Wheaton woman makes it to final round of 'Bachelor'

Zap2It 11/6/03 'Bachelor': Three Women, Two Roses, One Yawn

Television Without Pity 11/4/03 Death Becomes Them

Reality News Online 11/4/03 The Bachelor 4: Advice for the Final 3

Elites TV 11/4/03 Meredith, I'm Glad I Knew You 11/3/03 Four Families and a Funeral

Reality News Online 11/3/03 Bachelor 4’s Sixth Episode: Meet the Parents

Reality TV World 11/3/03 The Bachelor 4 - Episode 6 summary

No Point Necessary 11/2/03 Bachelor Ep 6 Recap- Hometown Hoedowns

Reality TV World 11/1/03 'The Bachelor' draws best ratings yet, wins time slot

Seattle PI 10/31/03 Bob the Bachelor predicts 'upset of century' for Cougs

Reality TV Talk 10/31/03 Ep 6 – Bob Meets the Folks

Reality News Online 10/31/03 The Bachelor 4, Episode 6: Paging Dr. Pooterbuns 10/31/03 Dabone's Bachelor Recap - 10/30/03

Fans of Reality TV 10/30/03 Ep. 6 Recap, King of the Jungle

TV Lovequest 10/30/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Chicago Daily Herald 10/30/03 Wheaton family has date with 'Bachelor'

Seattle PI 10/30/03 That 'Bachelor' Bob sure likes to kiss -- but he's close-lipped about love

KATU 10/30/03 Meredith said 'Bachelor' Bob enjoyed visit to Rose City

St Petersburg Times 10/30/03 Tampa resident makes it to next round of 'Bachelor'

Zap2It 10/30/03 'Bachelor' Bob Finds Himself One Rose Short

KATU 10/29/03 Bachelor's Meredith speaks to KATU about Bob

WLS 10/29/03 Bachelor candidate appears on ABC7 News

KATU 10/28/03 KATU speaks with Rose City's bachelorette

Reality TV Talk 10/28/03 The Bachelor: Ep 5 – The Balloon’s Full of Hot Air

Reality News Online 10/28/03 Five Things Never to Say on ‘The Bachelor’

NoPointNecessary 10/28/03 The Bachelor - The Final Four Women

Reality TV World 10/27/03 The Bachelor 4 - Episode 5 summary

Elites TV 10/27/03 The Most Shocking Article Ever!

Reality News Online 10/27/03 The Bachelor 4: The Many Faces of LeeAnn

Zap2It 10/26/03 'Bachelor' Burdens Don't Bother Bob 10/25/03 Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead!

NoPointNecessary 10/24/03 Bachelor4 Ep 5 Recap The Bitch is Dead, Long Live the Bitch

Television Without Pity 10/24/03 This Is Getting Old

Reality News Online 10/24/03 The Bachelor 4: Thoughts on the Final Four Plus Two

Channel Oklahoma 10/23/03 Bachelor Dumps Drama Diva

Fans of Reality TV 10/23/03 Ep. 5 Recap, And She's Outta Here! 10/23/03 - The Bachelor Recap - 10/22/03

The Gate 10/23/03 The Scoop: "The Bachelor"

TV Lovequest 10/23/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Zap2It 10/23/03 Bob's Friends Call It Right on 'The Bachelor'

Post-Searchlight 10/22/03 Callebs on ‘The Bachelor’

Reality TV World 10/20/03 The Bachelor 4 - Episode 4 summary

Reality News Online 10/20/03 The Bachelor 4’s Fourth Episode: I Am Obviously Jealous of Lee-Ann

NoPointNecessary 10/18/03 Bachelor Recap Ep4 Animal Magnetism

Television Without Pity 10/18/03 Lee-Ann Freaks Out

Reality Reel 10/17/03 The Bachelor, Wednesday, October 15 10/17/03 - Color Me Orgasmic!

The Gate 10/17/03 The Scoop: "The Bachelor"

Elites TV 10/17/03 The Lee-Ann Ultimatum 10/16/03 The Bachelor Recap - 10/15/03

Reality News Online 10/16/03 Episode 4: Oh, No, You’re Not A Weeping Bitch At All

Fans Of Reality TV 10/16/03 She Ain't Pretty , She Just Looks That Way

TV Lovequest 10/16/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Zap2It 10/16/03 'Bachelor': This Is Exactly What You Signed Up For

St Petersburg Times 10/16/03 Tampa's Delgado one of six on 'Bachelor'

Rockdale Citizen 10/15/03 Newton teacher may find romance on ‘Bachelor’

The Orion 10/15/03 Bachelor gets a little sleazy

Extra 10/14/03 'The Bachelor'

Reality TV Talk 10/14/03 The Bachelor: Ep 3 – Sand Castles and The Karaoke/Pajama Party

Reality News Online 10/14/03 The Bachelor 4, Third Episode: Most and Least Compatible 10/13/03 - How about a date with my dead grandmother?

Elites TV 10/13/03 The Bob Show

Reality TV World 10/12/03 Bob Guiney deep-sixes "3 Sides" CD and places singing career on hold

NoPointNecessary 10/10/03 Bachelor Ep 3 Recap "Kiss Them Under The Table"

Television Without Pity 10/10/03 It's My Bachelor Party....

Kansas City Channel 10/9/03 Bachelorettes End Up In Bed With Bob

Reality TV World 10/9/03 The Bachelor 4 - Episode 3 summary

Reality Reel 10/9/03 The Bachelor, He Could Feel Bad, but He Picked

Fans Of Reality TV 10/9/03 Episode 3 Recap - "Bachelor Bob and the Bawling Babes"

Reality News Online 10/9/03 Ep3: Applications Now Being Accepted for the “I Hate Lee-Ann Fan Club” 10/9/03 - The Bachelor Recap - 10/08/03

TV Lovequest 10/9/03 Insights regarding the main characters.

Zap2It 10/9/03 Bob Makes Out, But ABC's a Tease on 'The Bachelor'

WLS 10/8/03 ABC's Bachelor Bob appears on ABC7 Chicago

IndyChannel 10/8/03 'The Bachelor' Couple Sign Wine Bottles At Fishers Store

The Milwaukee Channel 10/7/03 Andrew Firestone: 'I'm Off The Market'

Reality News Online 10/7/03 The Bachelor 4’s Second Episode: Advice for Bachelor Bob

Oklahoma Daily 10/6/03 'Bachelor' triples the drama

Elites TV 10/6/03 How The Mighty Have Fallen

Reality News Online 10/5/03 The Bachelor 4, Episode 2: Psst! I’ve Got a Connection!

Reality TV Talk 10/4/03 The Bachelor Ep 2 Recap 15 - 1- 4 = 10

Greenville Online 10/3/03 Mauldin woman loses her bid for Bob

Reality TV World 10/3/03 The Bachelor 4 - Episode 2 summary 10/3/03 - Bikinis, boas, and boobs, Oh my!

Reality TV World 10/3/03 Second episode of ABC's 'The Bachelor 4' finishes third in timeslot

Fans of Reality TV 10/3/03 Girls Gone Wild - The Bobby Edition

Television Without Pity 10/3/03 The Chris/Miss Party

WCPO 10/2/03 Bob The Bachelor Talks About The Tri-State Bachelorettes

Reality TV World 10/2/03'Bachelor' Bob Guiney uses TV show in effort to jump-start singing career 10/2/03 - The Bachelor Recap - 10/1/03 10/2/03 ‘I’d do it all over again’

TV Lovequest 10/2/03 Insights regarding the main characters

The Gate 10/2/03 The Scoop: "The Bachelor"

St. Petersburg Times 10/2/03 Tampa woman among 10 to get another rose on 'The Bachelor'

Extra 10/1/03 'The Bachelor'

WCPO 10/1/03 Bob The Bachelor Talks About The Tri-State Bachelorettes

Herald Whig 10/1/03 Quincy native Kristi Houston hopes to catch the eye of ‘The Bachelor’

The State News 10/1/03 SWM, alumnus, 'Bachelor' seeks loving lady, good with mom, Spartan fan

Extra 9/30/03 'The Bachelor'

Reality TV World 9/30/03 Fourth edition of ABC's 'The Bachelor' opens with biggest audience ever

Reality TV World 9/30/03 Former 'Bachelor' Aaron Buerge to "star" in upcoming independent movie

KTRK 9/29/03 Sure he's funny...but can Bob the Bachelor sing, too?

Reality News Online 9/29/03 Bachelor Bob’s Big Blitz

Reality News Online 9/29/03 The Bachelor 4: First Impressions from One Dating Show to Another

Reality TV World 9/29/03 The Bachelor 4 - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV Talk 9/29/03 The Bachelor: Ep 1 – Where Did They Find These Women?

Television Without Pity 9/29/03 It's So Nice To Finally Meet You!

Reality Reel 9/28/03 Meet Bob Guinney, this season's new Bachelor 9/26/03 Bob Meets The Bachelorettes

The Gate 9/26/03 The Scoop: "The Bachelor"

St Petersburg Times 9/26/03 No wedding bells, just phone calls

The Times 9/26/03 Bachelor sends Shreveport woman home

Elites TV 9/26/03 Bob Guiney and his Kool-Aid Drinkers

Reality News Online 9/26/03 The Bachelor 4’s First Episode: A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose

Daily Tribune 9/25/03 Bachelor Bob is back in his own TV show

WCJB 9/25/03 Local Bachelorette Makes her Debut

Extra TV 9/25/03 'The Bachelor'

Fans of Reality TV 9/25/03 Premiere Recap - Leaner, Meaner, and Lookin' For Love

Reality News Online 9/25/03 Episode 1: Virgins, Mothers, and Tears – Oh My! 9/25/03 The Bachelor Recap - 9/24/03

TV-Lovequest 9/25/03 The Bachelor***Insights regarding the main characters. 

WSBTV 9/25/03 She Got a Rose! 9/25/03 When all else fails, seek true love on TV

Chicago Daily Herald 9/25/03 Rose bestowed on Wheaton native

Milwaukee Journal 9/25/03 'Bachelor' Bob to go on without our Shelly

Reality News Online 9/24/03 The Bachelor 4: Meet the Bachelorettes

ABC News 9/24/03 Ready for Love

WSBTV 9/24/03 Will She Get the Rose?

Reality TV World 9/24/03 New 'Bachelor' Bob Guiney hints of finding true love on the show 9/24/03 'Bachelor Bob' on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Boston Channel 9/24/03 New Bachelor Sets Out To Find Love

Gainesville Sun 9/24/03 Area lawyer looks for love on TV

Extra TV 9/23/03 'The Bachelor'

Zap2It 9/23/03 What About 'Bachelor' Bob? 9/23/03 "Bachelor" Aaron Buerge Chooses "Antlers" for Feature Film Debut

Reality TV World 9/23/03 Lawyer sues 'The Bachelor' producers over damage to Malibu estate... 

Reality TV World 9/23/03 to offer 'The Bachelor' viewers free access to exclusive video

The Times 9/22/03 Local looks for mate on TV

Zap2It 9/22/03 'Bachelor' Homeowners Sue Producers

The Smoking Gun 9/22/03 The Bachelor 

Boston Channel 9/18/03 ABC's 'Bachelor,' 'Bachelorette' Seeking Love In Boston

Milwaukee Journal 9/14/03 Another local gal after ABC's 'Bachelor'

WISN 9/14/03 Local Bachelorette Introduced In WISN-TV Primetime Special

Reality TV World 9/11/03 ABC reveals identities of the 25 women competing for Bob Guiney... 9/2/03 Audition For 'The Bachelor,' 'The Bachelorette' 8/15/03 Jen, Andrew Firestone Adjusting Well

Daily Herald 8/5/03 Firestone wine has marketing, but is that all?

Reality TV World 7/30/03 Fourth edition of 'The Bachelor' starring Bob Guiney to premiere on 9/24

Daily Local 7/26/03 ‘Bachelor’ finalist gets dose of reality

Reality TV World 7/18/03 Kirsten Buschbacher ('The Bachelor') appearing in Off-Broadway show

Daily Herald 7/17/03 'The Bachelor' wines and wows 'em in Barrington

Daily Southtown 7/16/03 Hot commodity

Birmingham News 6/26/03 No accident

Extra TV 6/25/03 'The Bachelor'

NewsNet5 6/20/03 'Bachelor,' Fiancee In Town; Couple Talks About Future

Daily Herald 6/19/03 'Burbs get date with 'Bachelor'

Zap2It 6/16/03 'Love or Money's' Campos Auditioned for 'Bachelor'

Daily Times 6/16/03 Prince Charming isn’t easiest fellow to find

Daily Herald 6/12/03 'Bachelor' hunk to bring smile here

Beacon Journal 6/11/03 `Bachelor' to pop cork June 21 at West Point

SF Chronicle 6/1/03 Firestone and his chosen one swear this one is the real thing

Washington Post 5/31/03 The Main Attraction

NY Daily News 5/30/03 Bob the heartthrob: A 'Bachelor' encore

Extra TV 5/29/03 'The Bachelor' 5/29/03 - ‘Bachelor’ Bob on ‘Live’

Reality TV World 5/28/03 'Bachelor' Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft attend Indy 500 together

The Saratogian 5/28/03 New hoop player has a wild past

Zap2It 5/27/03 Bravo Does Gay Version of 'The Bachelor'

Reality TV World 5/23/03 'Bachelor' couple Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft discuss having children 5/23/03 Jen & Andrew on 'The View' 5/23/03 Andrew, Jen & Kirsten on ‘GMA’

Fans Of Reality TV 5/23/03 You Had Me at Merlot: After the Final Rose

Reality TV World 5/23/03 'Bachelor' winner Helene Eksterowicz honored by high school

USA Today 5/23/03 Rosy romance for the Bachelor and bride-to-be

Extra TV 5/22/03 'The Bachelor' Happy Couple

Reality TV Talk 5/22/03 After the Final Rose - Maybe This One Will Last 5/22/03 The Bachelor I Never Knew.....

St Petersburg Times 5/22/03 Oh, those evil producers

Extra TV 5/21/02 After the Rose

Reality TV World 5/20/03 Ratings: 'Bachelor 3' series finale averages over 15 million viewers

Fans Of Reality TV 5/20/03 Bachelor 3: The Scream Heard Round the World

Television Without Pity 5/20/03 Sibling Bling Rivalry

Fans of Reality TV 5/20/03 Bachelor 3: The Night I Saw Andrew Firestone's Buttcrack

Island Packet Online 5/20/03 TVs blush at 'The Bachelor' finale

Washington Post 5/20/03 'The Bachelor' Gets the Girl but Not the Audience

Reality News Online 5/19/03 The Bachelor 3 Finale: It Just Makes Me Want to Throw Up

Reality TV World 5/19/03 Jen Schefft chosen as Andrew Firestone's mate on 'The Bachelor'

WISN 5/19/03 Bachelor Fiancee Described As 'Warm, Friendly' 5/19/03 The Bachelor 3 Season Finale 5/19/03 The Bachelor 3 Finale - 5/18/03

Reality TV Talk 5/19/03 The Bachelor Final Ep – Will You Marry Me And Feed My Alpacas?

WTAE 5/19/03 Bachelor Proposes With 3-Carat Ring

St Petersburg Times 5/19/03 In the end, she lost to love

Milwaukee Journal 5/19/03 Bachelor picks Jen, jilts Kirsten

NY Daily News 5/19/03 'The Bachelor' picks Jen

Zap2It 5/19/03 'The Bachelor' Makes a Very Decent Proposal

USA Today 5/18/03 Andrew Firestone chooses perky blonde Jen on 'The Bachelor' season finale

Television Without Pity 5/17/03 The Women Tell All

Fans Of Reality TV 5/16/03 Bachelor 3: The Bachlorette Beotch aka the Reunion

Reality News Online 5/16/03 The Bachelor 3, Episode 8: Maybe, Maybe, Maybe

The Gate 5/16/03 The Scoop On: "The Bachelor" - Finale

Star Tribune 5/16/03 Some selection advice for Andrew 'The Bachelor' Firestone 5/16/03 - Andrew, Shannon, Christi, LaNease, Heather & Gwen on ‘GMA’

Beacon Journal 5/16/03 Is his yen for Jen on `Bachelor' end?

Reality TV Talk 5/15/03 Bachelor Reunion Recap "The Women All Kvell"

Oakland Press 5/15/03 Ferndale resident to be new 'Bachelor' 5/15/03 - The Bachelor Recap - 05/14/03

Extra TV 5/14/03 'The Bachelor'

Lansing State Journal 5/14/03 Newest TV bachelor a Detroit-area resident

Reality TV World 5/14/03 Bob Guiney, former 'Bachelorette' suitor, to star as ABC's next 'Bachelor'

USA Today 5/14/03 Bachelor Bob asks: Who needs Trista?

Extra TV 5/13/03 The Next 'Bachelor'

Zap2It 5/13/03 New 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' Wedding on the Way

Television Without Pity 5/13/03 Bowling for Dullards

St. Petersburg Times 5/13/03 Waiting to see if the glass slipper fits

Fans Of Reality TV 5/9/03 Bachelor 3: Episode 7 - Welcome To The Fantasy Suite

Milwaukee Journal 5/8/03 Tina thought portrayal was fabulous

Reality TV World 5/8/03 The Bachelor 3 - Episode 6 Summary 5/8/03 Tina "Fabulous" on 'Good Morning America'

WTAE 5/8/03 Bachelor Doesn't Find Tina Sooooooo Fabulous 5/8/03 The Bachelor 3 Recap - 5/07/03 5/8/03 Fabulous No More

Reality News Online 5/8/03 The Bachelor 3, Episode 7: Absolutely Fabulous

WISN 5/8/03 Tina Says Goodbye To 'The Bachelor'

The Gate 5/8/03 The Scoop On: "The Bachelor"

Reality TV Talk 5/8/03 Episode 7 - Three Dates and A Boot

St Petersburg Times 5/8/03 Valrico woman in final round of Bachelor

Zap2It 5/8/03 'Bachelor' Less than Fabulous for Tina

Milwaukee Journal 5/7/03 Bachelor decides Tina isn't so fabulous

Extra TV 5/7/03 'The Bachelor'

FOX News 5/6/03 Andrew Firestone Finds Love on The Bachelor

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/03 Courtney Chan Answers Some of Our Questions About-The Bachelor (3)

Reality TV World 5/6/03 The Bachelor 3 - Episode 5 Summary

Ledger-Enquirer 5/6/03 'Bachelor' comes to Callaway

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 5/5/03 TV's Tina is fabulous enough for girl, 17

Click2Asia 5/5/03 Bachelor Contestant Courney Chan Interview

Tahoe Daily Tribune 5/5/03 Reality of being a bachelor

Reality TV Talk 5/3/03 "Wisconsin Winters and Portuguese Love Songs"

Fans Of Reality TV 5/3/03 Bachelor 3: The Snow, The Ho's and the Rose - Ep 6

Television Without Pity 5/3/03 Life (x4) 5/2/03 - "Crazy" Cristina on 'GMA'

Extra TV 5/1/03 'The Bachelor'

Milwaukee Channel 5/1/03 Now There Are Three

The Gate 5/1/03 The Scoop On: "The Bachelor" 5/1/03 How do you say Goodbye in Portugese? 5/1/03 The Bachelor Recap - 4/30/03

Reality News Online 5/1/03 Ep 6: It’s Getting Tiresome Even if Ruth Buzzi Shows Up

KOCO 5/1/03 Andrew Visits Bachelorettes' Hometowns

Milwaukee Journal 5/1/03 Bachelor holds on to Tina Fabulous

Zap2It 4/30/03 Too Close for Comfort on 'The Bachelor'

ABC7 4/30/03 Chicago bachelorette appears on ABC7 News

Reality TV World 4/30/03 Spoiler speculation about Andrew Firestone and Tina Panas questioned

KLTV 4/30/03 The Bachelor Comes To Town 4/30/03 The Bachelor IV: A Water Polo Player?

Extra TV 4/29/03 'The Bachelor'

Reality TV World 4/29/2003 'Bachelor' Aaron Firestone spotted in Wisconsin airport -- visiting Tina?

Reality TV World 4/28/03 'Bachelor' Aaron Buerge incurs wrath of series producers

Reality TV Talk 4/28/03 Episode 5 - Now There Are Four

Daily Herald 4/26/03 Bachelor's pick revealed: It must be Tina

Television Without Pity 4/25/03 Tennis, Everyone?

Zap2It 4/25/03 'Bachelor' Exes Make Lemonade Out of Rejection

KMBC 4/25/03 Ditched Bachelorette Dishes About Bachelor Run 4/25/03 "Watch" Cristina Whine

Fans of Reality TV 4/25/03 Taking the Goods - Literally, Ep. 5 Recap

WISN 4/24/03 'Tina Fabulous' Keeps 'Bachelor's' Attention

GM Today 4/24/03 Local woman collects rose on ‘The Bachelor’ 4/24/03 Anne-Michelle & Liz on ‘Good Morning America’ 4/24/03 - The Bachelor 3 Recap 4.23.03

Reality News Online 4/24/03 The Bachelor 3, Ep 5: Junior High All Over Again

Milwaukee Journal 4/24/03 Getting cheeky with the bachelor

Zap2It 4/24/03 'Bachelor' Gets Serious; What's That About?

Reality TV World 4/23/03 Identities of Andrew Firestone's Final 3 bachelorettes

USA Today 4/23/03 'Bachelor' is looking like a retread

GM Today 4/22/03 Panas has three roses from ‘The Bachelor’

Reality TV World 4/22/03 'The Bachelor 3' to end with two hour finale on Sunday, 5/18  9-11PM ET

Television Without Pity 4/20/03 When You're Here, You're Family

Fans of Reality TV 4/20/03  Bachelor 3: Ep 4 – The False and the Fabulous

Indy Channel 4/20/03 Indy Bachelorette Snags Another Rose

Reality TV Talk 4/19/03 The Bachelor Ep 4 "With Friends Like These..."

Reality TV World 4/18/03 'The Bachelor 3' ratings continue to grow with third episode 4/18/03 - 4.16.03 The Bachelor 3

Reality TV World 4/18/03 The Bachelor 3 - Episode 3 Summary

Zap2it 4/17/03 "The Bachelor" (04/23/03) Plays Tennis with Tracy Austin

Jokers Updates 4/17/03 - Avichaiyls Thoughts on the remaining six women! - Bachelor

Zap2It 4/17/03 'Bachelor' Exes Say There's More to the Story

Extra 4/17/03 'The Bachelor'

Reality News Online 4/17/03 The Bachelor 3, Episode 4: Conspiracy Theory

WCVB 4/17/03 Prospective Mrs. Firestone Becomes Apparent

WISN 4/17/03 'Tina From Wisconsin' Accepts Another Rose 4/17/03 - The Bachelor - Episode 3 - 4/16/03

Zap2It 4/17/03 'Bachelor's' Friends Play Cupid, Can't Shoot Straight

Extra 4/16/03 'The Bachelor'

Extra TV 4/15/03 'The Bachelor' 4/13/03 Dating in Groups of Five

Television Without Pity 4/11/03 Self-Respect, Or Shaq Thereof

Reality TV Talk 4/11/03 The Bachelor - Episode 3 "Mud, Shaq and Craps"

Herald Zeitung 4/11/03 ‘Reality TV’ hits home for NB woman

Reality TV World 4/10/03 The Bachelor 3 - Episode 2 Summary

Indy Channel 4/10/03 Indy Bachelorette Snags Another Rose

Fans of Reality TV 4/10/2003 Andrew Needs a Manual, Episode 3

Zap2It 4/10/03 No Regrets for Two 'Bachelor' Bootees

Extra 4/10/03 'The Bachelor'

Zap2It 4/10/03 Andrew Gets to Spend Some Alone Time with 2 Women.. 

Reality News Online 4/10/03 Episode 3: Things That Make Brian Go, “WHAT?” 4/10/03 The Bachelor - Episode 2 - 4/9/03

Milwaukee Journal 4/10/03 ...And 'The Bachelor' dismisses 4 on the ABC show

Zap2It 4/10/03 'Bachelor's' Influence Petaling Doesn't Sway Everyone

Montclair Times 4/9/03 A bachelorette in Montclair

Extra 4/9/03 'The Bachelor'

Reality News Online 4/8/03 Taking Aim at ‘The Bachelor’ 4/8/03 'The Bachelor' breezes south, dazzles the devoted

Oconomowoc Focus 4/7/03 Area woman makes first cut on 'The Bachelor'

ABC7 4/5/03 Casting Call for "The Bachelor IV"

Reality TV World 4/4/03 The Bachelor 3 - Episode 1 Summary

Asian Week 4/4/03 Chasing The Bachelor

Reality TV Talk 4/4/03 Hi, I'm Andrew! Hi, I'm Andrew - Show 1

WAVE 4/4/03 Kentucky Native Finalist On 'The Bachelor'

St Petersburg Times 4/4/03 A happy rejectee

Press Gazette 4/4/03 Look who made the ‘Bachelor’ cut

Television Without Pity 4/4/03 Spill the Whine

Extra 4/3/03 'The Bachelor'

Zap2It 4/3/03 Andrew Starts Dating 15 Women on ABC's "The Bachelor"

The Smoking Gun 4/3/03 The Bachelor 

WJXX 4/3/03 Local UNF student appears on "The Bachelor"

Fans of Reality TV 4/3/2003 The "F" Bomb, Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 4/3/03 The Bachelor 3, Episode 2: Yes, It’s “As in the Tires?” 4/3/03 The Bachelor 3 – Episode 1 (4/2/03)

St Petersburg Times 4/3/03 2 bay area women picked for next round of 'Bachelor'

On Milwaukee 4/2/03 Local woman to appear on "The Bachelor" -- are you next?

Extra 4/2/03 'The Bachelor'

Buffalo News 4/2/03 Buffalo teacher gets 8 seconds of fame on 'The Bachelor'

Times-Union 4/2/03 UNF student has a date with 'The Bachelor'

Extra 4/1/03 'The Bachelor'

WTAE 4/1/03 'Bachelor' Scouts Coming To Pittsburgh

Extra 3/31/03 'The Bachelor'

Television Without Pity 3/30/03 The Bachelor Revealed

The Wichita Eagle 3/30/03 Casting call for Wichita 'Bachelors': Or was it? 3/28/03 - Bachelor 3 Premiere 3/26/03 3/28/03 - Win A Date With Ryan's Brother

NY Daily News 3/28/03 ABC's latest 'Bachelor' stood up by viewers 3/28/03 The Bachelor III: Meet Andrew Firestone

Extra 3/27/03 'The Bachelor'

Reality News Online 3/27/03 The Bachelor 3, Episode 1: I Told You So

Fans Of Reality TV 3/27/03 Ep1, The Real Joe Millionaire vs. The Clones

WXXA 3/27/03 Bill Cosby Upset With Un-Tied Guest

WISN 3/27/03 'The Bachelor' To Hold Casting Call In Milwaukee Area

WCVB 3/27/03 Ladies Finally Meet Millionaire Bachelor

Reality TV Talk 3/27/03 The Bachelor Before the Real Show Teaser Show

WTVC 3/27/03 Local Woman Stars on ABC's "The Bachelor"

KMBC 3/27/03 KC Resident Appears On 'The Bachelor'

WISN 3/26/03 Oconomowoc Woman Vies For 'The Bachelor's' Eye

GM Today 3/26/03 Local girl on ‘The Bachelor’

Extra 3/26/03 'The Bachelor' 3/26/03 - Andrew Firestone on “Regis”

Berkshire Eagle 3/26/03 Role on 'Bachelor' becomes reality for Pittsfield woman

USA Today 3/26/03 Third 'Bachelor' is no ordinary Joe

Extra 3/25/03 'The Bachelor'

Zap2It 3/25/03 New 'Bachelor' Is All Business

Wine Spectator 3/24/03 "The Bachelor" to Feature Member of California Wine Family

Fans of Reality TV 3/24/03 The Dumbfounded and Heartbroken

Morning Journal 3/24/03 Firestone treading on new path - 'The Bachelor'

Beacon Journal 3/24/03 Firestone scion newest stud on `The Bachelor'

KRNV 3/22/03 Vegas bachelors hope to win spot on ABC hit show

Reality TV Talk 3/21/03 Recap - The Bachelor, Where Are They Now? 3/20/03 An exciting new season of group dating... 3/20/03 - 3/19's Bachelor Final 15 Minutes

SF Chronicle 3/20/03 Andrew Firestone is about to be TV's most famous single guy 3/19/03 - The Bachelor: Where Are They Now?

Zap2It 3/19/03 Meet Andrew Firestone's Potential Mate on ABC's "The Bachelor"

Zap2It 3/19/03 Meet the New 'Bachelor' Women

Extra 3/18/03 'The Bachelor: Where Are They Now?' 3/17/03 - Trista, Ryan & Charlie on Oprah

Extra 3/17/03 'The Bachelor' 3/17/03 Part of Trista, Ryan & more on 'Oprah'

WKRN 3/16/03 Bachelor audition to be held at the Stones River Mall in April!

Huntsville Times 3/14/03 Hands off, bachelors -- Brooke has boyfriend

Extra 3/13/03 'The Bachelor'

Extra 3/12/03 'The Bachelorette'

Zap2It 3/12/03 ABC Welcomes "The Bachelor" No. 3 Andrew Firestone

Media Fiends 3/11/03 Bachelor 3 Begins March 26

Zap2It 3/10/03 'The Bachelor' Heads Overseas

Zap2It 3/5/03 'Bachelor' Bootees Let Cameras Back In

South Jersey News 3/3/03 Life after `The Bachelor': Jilted, but not wilted

Extra 3/3/03 'The Bachelor'

Zap2It 3/3/03 ABC Unveils New 'Bachelor'

Monterey County Herald 3/1/03 Firestone has possibilities as next 'Bachelor'

Media Fiends 2/27/03 Brooke Dates Ryan's Brother

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/23/03 Helene and Zora: Why Jersey girls win on reality TV

Joplin Independent 2/21/03 Bid on dinner with Aaron Buerge   Click here to bid

Media Fiends 2/21/03 Helene & Aaron Tell All

ABC News 2/21/03 ‘Misled’

News-Leader 2/21/03 ‘Bachelor’: Distrust eroded our love

Reality TV Talk 2/21/03 The Helene & Aaron, He Said, She Said Show

Media Fiends 2/21/03 Charlie & Helene on 'GMA'

Zap2It 2/21/03 'Basically It's Over' for 'Bachelor' Couple Aaron and Helene

Reality News Online 2/21/03 Aaron and Helene Tell All – Why I Hate Aaron

News-Leader 2/20/03 Reality battle: ‘Bachelor’ vs. ‘Survivor’

Extra 2/19/03 Aaron and Helene

Extra 2/18/03 Aaron Buerge

Kansas City Channel 2/17/03 'Bachelor' Buerge Concentrates On New Restaurant

The Buzzle 2/12/03 Aaron Buerge Single Again

CNN 2/11/03 'Bachelor': No regrets on romance, reality TV

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/9/03 'Bachelor' gal back in the single life

Zap2It 2/8/03 'Bachelor's' Aaron Self-Involved?

Reality News Online 2/5/03 Bachelor Going 0-2

Zap2It 2/4/03 'Bachelor' Aaron, Helene Split

News Leader 2/1/03 ‘Bachelor,’ fiancée split up

Bolivar Free Press 1/24/03 Miss Bolivar candidates will be judged by Aaron Buerge March 8

Bolivar Free Press 1/17/03 'The Bachelor,' Aaron Buerge, will help choose Miss Bolivar

Zap2It 1/15/03 Next 'Bachelor' Debuts in March

New York Times 1/12/03 The 16th Minute

Teen Hollywood 1/11/03 Sandra Bullock's Bachelor Call

Salt Lake Tribune 12/24/02 Famous Fiance Says Romance With 'The Bachelor' Is Real

Joplin Independent 12/16/02 Females swoon over Aaron Buerge

Springfield News-Leader 12/12/02 Ozarks bachelor still in demand

Pittsburg Morning Sun 12/12/02 'Bachelor' taking part in toy drive

Springfield News-Leader 12/7/02 Helene and Aaron Reunite

Boston Channel 11/26/02 Bachelor Goes On Date With Another Woman

Television Without Pity 11/25/02 May The Best Ass Win 11/24/02 'Bachelor' looks to make match

USA Today 11/24/02 Will viewers find 'Bachelorette' as engaging as 'The Bachelor'?

St. Petersburg Times 11/23/02 My Dream: Women in waiting

Extra TV 11/22/02 'The Bachelor'

Washington Post 11/22/02 'Bachelor' Thrashes The Thong Show

Springfield News Leader 11/21/02 “Bachelor” Aaron Buerge reaches his conclusion: Helene

Extra TV 11/21/02 'The Bachelor' Finale

Milwaukee Journal 11/21/02 Love gets bitter when they turn camera off

Zap2It 11/21/02 ABC In Love with 'Bachelor' Finale Ratings

Fans of Reality TV 11/21/02 "Fini, That's Italian for The End"

Reality News Online 11/21/02 The Bachelor 2, Episode 9: Fait Accompli

NY Daily News 11/21/02 Jersey gal gets 'Bachelor'

San Francisco Chronicle 11/21/02 `The Bachelor' and his betrothed on a publicity whirl

Springfield News Leader 11/21/02 Springfield gets ‘positive attention’

Journal Star 11/21/02 `Bachelor' makes his choice, as do viewers

Media Fiends 11/21/02 The Bachelor & His Bride? on GMA

Zap2It 11/21/02 Helene Grabs the Diamond Ring on 'Bachelor 2'

St. Petersburg Times 11/21/02 A drawn out but 'easy' choice

Seattle Times 11/21/02 Seattle bachelorettes audition for spots on the next 'The Bachelor'

Springfield News Leader 11/21/02 Helene wins his heart

South Coast Today 11/21/02 Local viewers tune in to 'The Bachelor,' but don't brag about it

Washington Post 11/20/02 'The Bachelor' Chooses Helene

Extra 11/20/02 'The Bachelor'

Washington Post 11/20/02 Popping the Question

Springfield News Leader 11/20/02 ‘Bachelor’ reveals choice tonight

Boston Channel 11/20/02 First Bachelor's Relationship Didn't Last

Springfield News Leader 11/19/02 'Bachelor': the show some people love to hate

USA Today 11/19/02 As 'The Bachelor' picks his woman, he says hanky-panky was minimal

Extra TV 11/19/02 'The Bachelor'

State Gazette 11/19/02 Grandaughter of local family one of two finalists in 'Bachelor' season finale

Milwaukee Journal 11/19/02 'Bachelor' a singular sensation around here

Washington Post 11/19/02 'Bachelor' and 'Victoria's Secret' Will Go Head to Head

NY Daily News 11/19/02 'Bachelor' picks up ABC

St. Petersburg Times 11/19/02 Two big steps back

Reality News Online 11/19/02 Episode 8: Hello Kettle, I’m Pot, My You’re Looking Black Today

Deseret News 11/19/02 CBS and ABC tack toward TV tackiness 11/18/02 The Bachelorette's Diary

Nevada Appeal 11/18/02 Will the next "Bachelor" come from Reno?

Sign on San Diego 11/17/02 'The Bachelor' Comes To San Diego

NY Times 11/16/02 The Bachelor and His Barbies: Love at 25th Sight

Online Casino 11/16/02 Bachelor and potential wife ‘seen out together’

NY Times 11/16/02 Baby, It's You

Fans of Reality TV 11/15/02 Love (or Hate) is Sweeter the 2nd Time Around

Sign on San Diego 11/14/02 ABC swears 'The Bachelor' winner is a secret, despite rumors

Extra TV 11/14/02 'The Bachelor'

KC Channel 11/14/02 Amanda Marsh Says She Was Unprepared For Media Attention

Media Fiends 11/14/02 The Bachelor 2 Reunion Show - Every Rose has a thorn....

Springfield Leader 11/14/02 Nation falls for Springfield's famed bachelor

Extra TV 11/13/02 'Bachelor' Sneak Peek

St. Petersburg Times 11/13/02 Betting on 'The Bachelor' hits too close to home

WKRN 11/13/02 Bachelor Casting Call Comes to Nashville

Extra TV 11/12/02 'Bachelor' Reunion Episode

Chicago Sun Times 11/12/02 Who will 'Bachelor' pick? All bets are off

Television Without Pity 11/10/02 Wet, But Not Very Wild 11/9/02 Ladies risk TV screen for Mr. Right

Courier Post 11/8/02 `Bachelor' pad

Fans of Reality TV 11/8/02 Episode 7, "Hot Tub Honeys"

San Bernardino County Sun 11/8/02 Teen swears "The Bachelor" brings her family together

Hollywood Reporter 11/8/02 'Bachelor' pads ABC's ratings

Newsnet 5 11/7/02 Bachelorette's Father In Jail For Luring Teen

Zap2It 11/7/02 Gaming Site Suspends 'Bachelor' Betting

Extra TV 11/7/02 'The Bachelor'

Media Fiends 11/7/02 The Bachelor 2 – Episode 7 All You Need Is Love

Reality News Online 11/7/02 The Bachelor 2, Episode 7: Three Dates, Two Roses, One Reject

PR Newswire 11/7/02 Suspends Betting on The Bachelor

Extra TV 11/6/02 'Bachelor' Sneak Peek

Kansas City Channel 11/6/02 'Bachelor III' Holds Casting Call In Independence

Zap2It 11/6/02 'Bachelor' Babes Get Over It

Extra TV 11/5/02 'The Bachelor'

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Sand Mountain Reporter 11/2/02 Albertville in spotlight on ‘The Bachelor’

Fans of Reality TV 11/01/02 Episode 6 Recap, "Meet the Parents"

Media Fiends 11/1/02 The Bachelor 2 – Episode 6 There’s no place like home…

Reality News Online 10/31/02 The Bachelor 2, Episode 6: The Final Four

Extra TV 10/31/02 'The Bachelor'

Zap2It 10/30/02 'Bachelor' Odds Announced

Extra TV 10/30/02 'The Bachelor'

Contra Costa Times 10/30/02 Bachelorette finds East Bay romance

Extra TV 10/29/02 "Bachelor" Sneak Peek

Post Gazette 10/29/02 'Bachelor' interests women in hometown

Dallas Business Journal 10/28/02 lands 'The Bachelor'

Extra TV 10/28/02 'Bachelor' Casting Tips

Television Without Pity 10/27/02 Cult of (No) Personality

News Tribune 10/27/02 Bachelor has options if reality show doesn't score bride

Fans of Reality TV 10/25/02 Episode 5 Recap, "Fairy Tales"

Extra TV 10/24/02 'The Bachelor'

Media Fiends 10/24/02 The Bachelor 2 - Episode 5 By Shannon Oliver

Reality News Online 10/24/02 The Bachelor 2, Episode 5: Lifetime – Television for Victims

Springfield News Leader 10/24/02 Heather’s down in the dumps

Extra TV 10/23/02 'The Bachelor'

Television Without Pity 10/22/02 Love Means Never Having To Say You're Crazy

Deseret News 10/21/02 'Bachelor' was fun for Midvale woman

Sand Mountain Reporter 10/19/02 Smith hesitates before continuing

Fans of Reality TV 10/18/02 Episode 3 Recap, "Looney Tunes"

Hawaii Channel 10/17/02 Bachelor Picks Up On 'Fatal Attraction'

Extra TV 10/17/02 'The Bachelor'

Media Fiends 10/17/02 The Bachelor 2 - Episode 4 I Can’t Make You Love Me

Reality News Online 10/17/02 Episode 4: I Swear I'm Not Emotional But I'm Going to Cry Anyway

Hollywood Reporter 10/17/02 ABC's 'Bachelor' zings NBC's 'Wing' again Thurs.

Extra TV 10/16/02 'The Bachelor'

Extra TV 10/15/02 'The Bachelor' Diary

KSN TV 10/14/02 Bachelor Comes to Apple Butter Makin` Days

Television Without Pity 10/13/02 Leaving Normal

Zap2It 10/12/02 'Bachelor' Disser Has No Hard Feelings

Reno Gazette Journal 10/12/02 Slight ring of truth in ‘The Bachelor’

NY Daily News 10/11/02 Wedding belles tell ABC's Bachelor 'We don't'

Fans of Reality TV 10/11/02 Recap, Episode 2 - War and Mutiny

TV Insite 10/11/02 Bachelor producer inks ABC deal

Zap2It 10/10/02 'Bachelor' Suffers First Rejections

Extra TV 10/10/02 'The Bachelor'

Reality News Online 10/10/02 The Bachelor 2, Episode 3: Betting, Crying, Kissing, and Bitching

Extra TV 10/9/02 'The Bachelor'

Television Without Pity 10/6/02 Hello. I Love You. Won't You Tell Me Your Name?

News Leader 10/4/02 Banking bachelor should roam homeland, not ABC cast, for mate

Fans of Reality TV 10/4/02 The Bachelor 2 Recap, Week 2

Extra TV 10/3/02 'Bachelor' Castoffs

Media Fiends 10/3/02 The Bachelor 2 – Episode 2

Reality News Online 10/3/02 Bachelor, Episode 2: One Little, Two Little, Three Little Bachelorettes

Extra TV 10/2/02 'The Bachelor' in New York

Herald Dispatch 10/2/02 Kenova native gets chance on ‘Bachelor’

Extra TV 10/2/02 'The Bachelor' Preparations

Sand Mountain Reporter 10/1/02 What it's like being on The Bachelor

Television Without Pity 9/29/02 The Bachelor Revealed

Asbury Park 9/28/02 Lacey teacher on 'Bachelor' show

Zap2It 9/26/02 ABC Introduces New 'Bachelor'

Extra TV 9/26/02 'The Bachelor'

Media Fiends 9/26/02 The Bachelor 2 – Episode 1

Globe and Mail 9/26/02 TV's new shame: dating for ratings

Reality News Online 9/26/02 The Bachelor 2, Episode 1: When Boy Meets Girl

Extra TV 9/25/02 'The Bachelor'

Extra TV 9/24/02 'The Bachelor 2'

RealityTVLinks 9/3/02 Are TV Networks Cheating at Game Shows? Probably!

Extra TV 8/22/02 'The Bachelorette'

Deseret News 8/20/02  Will viewers take to 'Bachelorette'?

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Reality News Online 8/2/02 The Bachelor Guest Stars on NBC Show

New York Daily News 7/31/02 Once No. 2, Trista reigns

New York Daily News 7/30/02 On Family, bit o' s-e-x

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/02 ABC Family sets bonus 'Bachelor'

Zap2It 7/29/02 ABC Family Goes Backstage with 'The Bachelor'

Extra TV 7/19/02 'The Bachelorette'

New York Daily News 7/18/02 'Bachelorette' No. 1

Seattle PI 7/18/02 ABC turns the tables for 'The Bachelorette'

Chicago Sun Times 7/18/02 Men can fight over her this time

Zap2It 7/17/02 ABC's 'Bachelorette' a Familiar Face

Beacon Journal 6/6/02 `Bachelor II' auditions

Reality News Online 5/30/02 Search Is On for New Bachelor

Extra TV 5/22/02 'Bachelor' Outtakes

Zap2It 5/22/02 'Bachelor' Gets Longer to Woo

Elites TV 5/21/02 Review of Shannon’s Website—Highlight—Updates on the 25 Contestants

Extra TV 5/20/02 'The Bachelor' Auditions

Elites TV 5/11/02 Gully Guy Reconsidered

Elites TV 5/7/02 The Gully Guy, Yogi Berra, and Shannon

Elites TV 5/5/02 Alex v. Jon Stewart, Jon Wins!

St. Petersburg Times 5/4/02 Reality Bites Back

Elites TV 5/3/02 Why “The Bachelorette” Wouldn’t Work

Louisville Channel 5/3/02 E-Mail Circulating About 'Bachelor' Bedding Trista

Elites TV 5/2/02 ETV Exclusive: Chat with Shannon!

Reality News Online 5/2/02 Bachelors and Bachelorettes, Revisited: A Little Too Perfect

Elites TV 5/1/02 Alex Michel on a Falling Iceberg

Washington Post 5/1/02 'The Bachelor' Has the Right Moves

Zap2It 4/29/02 ABC Casting 'Bachelor 2'

Reality News Online 4/29/02 Point/Counterpoint with Susan and Brian: Amanda vs. Trista

Elites TV 4/28/02 Catfight: Shannon v. Dr. Corday. Shannon Wins!

Reality News Online 4/28/02 No Way, Dr. Corday!

Zap2It 4/28/02 ABC Looking for 'Bachlorette'

USA Today 4/28/02 'The Bachelor' has millions of witnesses, no date set

Elites TV 4/27/02 It's Over and... No one is Engaged!

St. Petersburg Times 4/27/02 At least we won't have to watch the breakup

Extra TV 4/26/02 'The Bachelor' Finale

Zap2It 4/26/02 'Bachelor' Ends Happily, But Ever After Will Have to Wait

Elites TV 4/26/02 Liquid Cindy and a ABC's Bachelor Story

Reality News Online 4/26/02 The Bachelor, Episode 6: On Bended Knee

Zap2It 4/26/02 'Bachelor' Picks Event Planner Marsh in Season Finale

Salon 4/25/02 One ring to rule them all

Extra TV 4/24/02 'The Bachelor'

Elites TV 4/24/02 Sitcom Plot Meets Reality Hell

Zap2It 4/24/02 Cast-off Shannon Never Trusted ABC's 'Bachelor'

Hollywood Reporter 4/24/02 'Bachelor' party on Thursday

Reality News Online 4/23/02 The Bachelor, Episode 5: Time for Dessert

Extra TV 4/23/02 'The Bachelor' Reunion

Extra TV 4/22/02 'The Bachelor'

Pop Politics 4/22/02 A Boy's Dream

Elites TV 4/18/02 Bachelor Bigotry?

Elites TV 4/18/02 Down to the Final 3

Zap2It 4/16/02 Alex Goes On Overnight Trips with the Three Women In His Life

Elites TV 4/16/02 Answers to the ETV Bachelor Mailbag

Reality News Online 4/16/02 The Bachelor, Episode 4: Meet the Parents 4/15/02 The Bachelor - Episode 4

NY Times 4/14/02 One Small Step for Man, 25 Backward for Women

Chicago Sun Times 4/12/02 Who wants to be the next Kenny?

Zap2It 4/11/02 ABC Wants More 'Bachelor'

Zap2It 4/10/02 It's Time to Meet the Parents

Elites TV 4/10/02 Answers to Your Bachelor Questions

Extra 4/9/02 'The Bachelor' -- Four girls remain 4/8/02 The Bachelor - Episode 3

Extra 4/8/02 'The Bachelor' -- His friends help him make some choices

Reality News Online 4/6/02 Bachelors and Bachelorettes

The Tribune 4/6/02 TV-sponsored marriages are here for better or worse

Guardian 4/3/02 Bachelor fad

Elites TV 4/3/02 The Bachelor, episode 2

Zap2It 4/3/02 Alex’s Friends Move in to Meet the Women

Extra 4/2/02 Girls of 'The Bachelor'

Reality News Online 4/2/02 The Bachelor, Episode 2: Beauty Cut Down in Its Prime

Fox News 4/2/02 Dating Shows Take a Nasty Turn 4/1/02 "The Bachelor" Episode 2

Extra 4/1/02 'The Bachelor'

Zap2It 3/26/02 The Remaining 15 Women Move into a Malibu Mansion with Alex

Reality News Online 3/26/02 The Bachelor, Episode 1: Love, Exciting and Whew!

Zap2It 3/26/02 'Bachelor' Makes Bank for ABC 3/25/02 "The Bachelor" Episode 1

Seattle Times 3/25/02 Reality TV’s reach for the stars: ‘Bachelor’ finds one in Seattle psychologist

Zap2It 3/25/02 Facilitating Love on 'The Bachelor'

Reality News Online 3/25/02 The (Un?)Luckiest Man in the World: 'The Bachelor' Premieres

Seattle PI 3/25/02 A favorable ruling for 'The Court' but 'Bachelor' should be left alone

Milwaukee Journal 3/24/02 'Bachelor' is singularly sleazy

Extra TV 3/22/02 'The Bachelor'

Zap2It 3/20/02 A Bachelor Meets 25 Women on the Premiere of ABC's New Reality Show

Extra TV 3/18/02 Meet 'The Bachelor'

Extra TV 3/11/02 'The Bachelor'

Zap2It 3/8/02 'The Bachelor' Looks for Love on ABC

Zap2It 11/28/01 ABC Shifts Reality Focus, Might Lose 'Millionaire'

Zap2It 9/28/01 ABC Begins the Search for Reality Series "The Bachelor" Candidates

Extra TV 9/6/01 The Bachelor

Zap2It 9/6/01 ABC Seeks 'Bachelor' for Marriage, TV Show


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