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News Articles about The Bachelor


Reality TV Magazine 3/30/10 The Bachelor Exclusive: Jake Pavelka’s Ex Thinks He Needs Therapy

E!Online 3/30/10 Bachelor's Vienna Girardi "Couldn't Be Cuter, Sweeter"?!

Digital Spy 3/30/10 'Bachelor' Jake 'losing weight on DWTS' 3/29/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010: Jake Pavelka Does A Jive For Week Two, Out With Vienna

People 3/29/10 Jesse Csincsak to Host Bachelor Reunion — and Someone’s Engaged! 3/26/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010: Jake Pavelka Getting Chummy With Chelsea
Reality TV Magazine 3/24/10 The Bachelor: Shocking Proof That Jake Is Cheating on Vienna 3/24/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010: Jake Pavelka Still With Vienna

Zap2It 3/24/10 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka's ex Tanya Douglas says he's only in it for the money

NY Daily News 3/24/10 Jake Pavelka's ex Tanya Douglas claims the 'fame-obsessed' pilot tried to get her on 'The Bachelor'

US Magazine 3/22/10 Bachelor Jake Calls Kate Gosselin a "Great Person"

US Magazine 3/18/10 Bachelor's Vienna: Gia "Would Have Been the Best Bachelorette"

Reality TV Fans 3/16/10 Dancing With The Stars – Jake and Chelsie’s Rehearsal

Reality TV Fans 3/16/10 Beyond Reality – Inside the Bachelor Recap 3/15/10

Digital Spy 3/16/10 'Bachelor' Jake, Vienna 'won't wed for year'

Digital Spy 3/16/10 Rycroft 'can't watch Mesnick proposal'

Reality TV Fans 3/15/10 Special Edition of 20/20 “Inside The Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose” Airs Tonight on ABC

US Magazine 3/12/10 Exclusive: Bachelor Jake Hit on Another Woman Post-Engagement to Vienna

E!Online 3/12/10 Bachelor Jake and Vienna: Still Going Strong

Orlando Sentinel 3/12/10 Tonight’s ‘Party with a Purpose’ features celeb lovebirds Jake and Vienna

NY Post 3/11/10 OK! magazine readers not that interested in 'Bachelor' wedding

Digital Spy 3/11/10 'Bachelor' Jake, Vienna 'are perfect match'

Digital Spy 3/11/10 Womack, Pappas 'reflect on The Bachelor'

BuddyTV 3/10/10 Which 'Bachelor' Couple Had The Best TV Wedding?

Reality TV Fans 3/10/10 The Bachelor – Jason and Molly Vows Moment

Reality TV Magazine 3/10/10 The Bachelor: Jake & Vienna’s Rocky Relationship

Reality News Online 3/10/10 The Bachelor: Jason and Molly’s Wedding or One Very Long Commercial Pitch?

E!Online 3/10/10 Mystery Solved: That Wasn't Rozlyn Papa in the Sex Tape, It Was...

US Magazine 3/10/10 Bachelor's Jake and Vienna Won't Have Kids for "a Few Years"

BuddyTV 3/9/10 The Bachelor: Jason and Molly's Wedding Album

BuddyTV 3/9/10 5 Most Romantic Moments of Jason and Molly's 'Bachelor' Wedding

Reality TV Fans 3/9/10 The Bachelor – Deleted Scene- Jason and Molly’s Wedding

Reality TV Fans 3/9/10 The Bachelor – Behind The Scenes With Jason and Molly

Reality TV Fans 3/9/10 Beyond Reality – The Bachelor – Jason & Molly’s Wedding Recap 3/8/10 3/9/10 Looking to Watch Molly and Jason's Wedding Online? Keep Waiting

Digital Spy 3/9/10 'Bachelor' wedding seen by 9.3 million

TMZ 3/9/10 Rozlyn Papa Alleged Sex Tape -- Grand Opening 3/8/10 The Bachelor: Jason and Molly's Wedding Recap

BuddyTV 3/8/10 The Bachelor: Preview of "Jason and Molly's Wedding"

Reality TV Fans 3/8/10 The Bachelor: Jason and Molly’s Wedding Airs Tonight on ABC

E!Online 3/8/10 Bachelor Wedding Paps Sue ABC for Battery

Zap2It 3/8/10 'Bachelor' Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney's wedding photos sneak peek

TV Guide 3/8/10 The Bachelor Becomes a Video Game

TMZ 3/8/10 Paps Sue Over 'Bachelor' Wedding Beat Down

Reality TV Talk 3/6/10 DTP Ep. 17 - "The Final Episode . . . For Now"

Reality TV Calendar 3/6/10 Jake Finaly Tells The Truth About Tenley - Report and Commentary

Digital Spy 3/5/10 'Bachelor' Vienna gives Kimmel 100 Grand

BuddyTV 3/4/10 Who Wouldn't Want to Play a 'Bachelor' Videogame Starring Jason Mesnick? 3/4/10 The Bachelor: Conference Call with Jason and Molly Mesnick

Reality TV Calendar 3/4/10 She Won't Quit For Jake But She'll Quit For Fame - Report and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 3/4/10 Jake And Vienna Broke The Rules - Together For The Last Three Months - Report and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 3/4/10 Let's Talk With Tenley About The Missing Spark, Jake The Dancer, And A Bunch Of New Suitors

People 3/4/10 Revealed! Jillian and Ed’s Wedding Gift for Jason and Molly

E!Online 3/4/10 Jake Pavelka Denies Cheating: "No Overlap" With Vienna and Ex-Girlfriend

Zap2It 3/4/10 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi play 'Newlywed Game' on 'Ellen'

People 3/4/10 The Bachelorette’s Ali Hopes Jake and Vienna Will Last

US Magazine 3/4/10 Jake Pavelka Denies Cheating on Vienna With Ex

TMZ 3/4/10 'The Bachelor' & Vienna -- The Second First Date

Zap2It 3/4/10 'Bachelor' Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney on the wedding, 'American Idol's' Jason Castro

TMZ 3/4/10 Bachelor Jake Pavelka's Ex GF Revealed

US Magazine 3/4/10 Bachelor Jake: I Knew Vienna Was the "One" Before We Jumped Into Bed

Zap2It 3/4/10 'The Bachelor' video game: Jason Mesnick jokes, 'Does he cry all the time?'

Digital Spy 3/4/10 'Bachelor' Pavelka 'fell for Vienna at castle'

BuddyTV 3/3/10 Post-Finale 'Bachelor' Interview: The Happy Couple, Jake and Vienna

BuddyTV 3/3/10 Is 'Bachelor' Jake a Good Fit for 'Dancing with the Stars'?

Reality TV Fans 3/3/10 The Bachelor – Promise Ring Moment

Reality TV Magazine 3/3/10 The Bachelor: Tenley Wants to Compete Against Jake on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/10 Jake And Vienna Talk About Jealousy, Trash Talking, Their Engagement And Their Future

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/10 Tenley Says "Well If They're In Love, Then Good For Them"

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/10 Talking With Chris Harrison About Jake's Surprising Decision And A Lot More - Interview

Reality News Online 3/3/10 The Bachelor 14 Finale: Sugar or Spice? Which is Jake’s Vice?

US Magazine 3/3/10 Bachelor: Taunting Ali Was Part of Vienna's Winning Strategy

US Magazine 3/3/10 Bachelor Winner Vienna: I'll Wed Jake "in a Year or Two"

Digital Spy 3/3/10 'Bachelor' Tenley 'needed to fall in love'

NY Post 3/3/10 Jake: We're the real thing

TMZ 3/3/10 'Bachelor' Winner -- Cruisin' for a Boozin'

Access Hollywood 3/3/10 Dish Of Salt: Tuesday TV Dish (Ten Reasons Why ‘The Bachelor/Bachelorette’ Annoys Me)

BuddyTV 3/2/10 Fans and Former Contestants React to Jake's Decision

BuddyTV 3/2/10 How Long will Jake and Vienna Stay Together?

Reality TV Fans 3/2/10 Diaries of the Departed, Season Finale – The Bachelor

Reality TV Fans 3/2/10 The Bachelor Deleted Scene – Fatherly Advice

Reality TV Fans 3/2/10 Beyond Reality – Bachelor Finale & After the Final Rose Recap 3/1/10

Reality TV Fans 3/2/10 ABC Announces Ali Fedotowsky for Season Six of “The Bachelorette” 3/2/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love - Conference Call with Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi 3/2/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love - Finale and "After The Final Rose" Recap 3/2/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love - Conference Call with Tenley Molzahn

Fans of Reality TV 3/2/10 Recap: Barmaid or Mermaid

Reality TV Calendar 3/2/10 Jake Talks About His Love And The Fireworks With Vienna

Reality TV Calendar 3/2/10 Against All Others Jake Makes His Choice And Defends It - Commentary and Recap

People 3/2/10 The Bachelor’s Tenley: ‘I’m Happy’ For Jake and Vienna

E!Online 3/2/10 The Bachelor: Rozlyn Now a Believer in Jake & Vienna's "Genuine" Love

Access Hollywood 3/2/10 ‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka On Fiancee Vienna: ‘I Just Can’t Keep Myself Off Of Her’

TV Guide 3/2/10 Bachelor's Chris Harrison On Jake Choosing Vienna: "She's Not a Popular Choice"

People 3/2/10 Jake’s Bachelor Blog: ‘I Am So In Love!’

Zap2It 3/2/10 'The Bachelor's' Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi, Tenley Molzahn talk 'Dancing with the Stars'

NY Post 3/2/10 Bachelor finally picks the 'bad' girl

Digital Spy 3/2/10 'Bachelor' Tenley 'confused by decision'

E!Online 3/2/10 The Bachelor's Jake and Vienna Gush About Their "Giant Love Story," and Reveal What's Next

Digital Spy 3/2/10 'Bachelor' Vienna 'finds bad press difficult'

Digital Spy 3/2/10 'The Bachelor': Season finale recap

BuddyTV 3/1/10 'The Bachelor' 14 Season Finale Live Recap: And the Winner Is...

BuddyTV 3/1/10 'The Bachelor' Finale Sneak Peeks: Meet the Pavelkas

BuddyTV 3/1/10 Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney Get Hitched

Reality TV Magazine 3/1/10 The Bachelor: After the Final Rose

Reality TV Magazine 3/1/10 The Bachelor: Season Finale 3/1/10 The Bachelor Finale: Jake Pavelka Picks His Wife ... Vienna Girardi

Zap2It 3/1/10 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose': Jake and Vienna are engaged, still together

Zap2It 3/1/10 'The Bachelor' finale: Jake Pavelka chooses Vienna Girardi

Reality TV Fans 3/1/10 It’s One of the Most Romantic and Dramatic Nights Ever Tonight on “The Bachelor”

Reality TV Magazine 3/1/10 The Bachelor: Photos from Jason Mesnick & Molly Malaney’s Wedding

Reality TV Calendar 3/1/10 Jake Is Worried You Won't Understand His Decision Tonight

People 3/1/10 Bachelor Jake Hopes ‘Everybody Understands the Decision I Made’

E!Online 3/1/10 The Bachelor: Vienna Tells Us She Deserved to Win (and We Believe It!)

Reality TV Calendar 2/28/10 Jason And Molly Are Married

US Magazine 3/1/10 Pic: Jason and Molly Head for Their Honeymoon

TMZ 2/28/10 'The Bachelor' Got Married Yesterday

US Magazine 2/28/10 First Pics: See Photos From Jason and Molly's Wedding

Access Hollywood 2/28/10 ‘Bachelor’s’ Mesnick & Malaney Wed In The Rain

Zap2It 2/28/10 'The Bachelor': Should it be Tenley or Vienna?

Reality TV Magazine 2/27/10 The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick & Molly Malaney’s Wedding Details

E!Online 2/27/10 Jason Mesnick a Bachelor No More

Reality TV Magazine 2/26/10 The Bachelor: Rozlyn’s Sex Tape Scandal

Access Hollywood 2/26/10 Jimmy Kimmel On ‘Bachelor’ Jake: ‘I Don’t Want Him Flying My Plane’

US Magazine 2/26/10 Melissa Rycroft Won't Attend Bachelor Jason Mesnick's Wedding Saturday

TMZ 2/26/10 Rozlyn Papa -- Multiple Sex Tapes on the Market

NY Post 2/26/10 Roz tries out for E! gig

People 2/26/10 The Bachelor’s Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney Set to Wed

E!Online 2/26/10 The Bachelor Finale Sneak Peeks: Jake Makes His Choice

BuddyTV 2/25/10 ABC to Reveal New 'Bachelorette' On 'Bachelor: After the Final Rose' Special

BuddyTV 2/25/10 The Bachelor 14: Finale Scenario Predictions

Reality TV Fans 2/25/10 The Bachelor The Women Tell All Outtakes Moment

Reality TV Calendar 2/25/10 This Is Outrageous! The Sex Tape! The Proposal! The Bachelorette! - Report and Commentary

Zap2It 2/25/10 'Bachelor' finale sneak peek: Jake's heart is leading him 'to both women'

E!Online 2/25/10 The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Jake Chooses His Leading Lady

TMZ 2/25/10 'Bachelor's' Rozlyn Papa in Sex Tape Drama

BuddyTV 2/24/10 More 'Bachelor' Outtakes: See Jake's "Comedic Chops"

Reality TV Fans 2/24/10 The Bachelor – The Women Tell All Deleted Scenes

Reality TV Magazine 2/24/10 The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are Engaged

Reality TV Calendar 2/24/10 ABC Schedules Another After The Final Rose Show, Why? - Report and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 2/24/10 Valishia Says Producers Pressured Her To Lie, So She Did - Report and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 2/24/10 Chris Calls Rozlyn "Classless" and "Tactless", She Calls Him "Gay" - Interview With Chris Harrison

Reality TV Calendar 2/24/10 The Finale - What's Going To Happen? I'll Tell You What I Think - Report and Commentary

Reality News Online 2/24/10 The Bachelor 14, The Women Tell All: Unicorns, Magicians, and Rozlyn

Digital Spy 2/24/10 'Bachelor' Elizabeth 'regrets no kiss rule'

E!Online 2/24/10 Is Jake Really Still in Love? Chris Harrison Tackles the Latest Bachelor Rumors

US Magazine 2/24/10 25 Things You Don't Know About Me: Chris Harrison

BuddyTV 2/23/10 Watch 'The Bachelor' Outtake Reel from the 'Women Tell All' (Video)

BuddyTV 2/23/10 The 7 Interesting Things That Happened on 'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All'

Reality TV Fans 2/23/10 Ratings Report: 9.2 Million Viewers Watch The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

Reality TV Fans 2/23/10 The Bachelor – 2/22 The Women Tell All – Rozlyn Moment

Reality TV Fans 2/23/10 Beyond Reality The Bachelor – The Ladies Tell All 2/22/10

Reality TV Magazine 2/23/10 Host Chris Harrison Calls Rozlyn ‘Desperate’ After Last Night’s ‘The Women Tell All’ Special

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/10 The Disney Girl, The Gossip Girls And Character Assassination - Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/10 Surprise Surprise - They Lied! - Report and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/10 “I Clearly Won’t Dignify That With A Response,” Until After The Show - Report and Commentary 2/23/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love - "Women Tell All" Recap 2/23/10 Bachelor's Chris Harrison Takes On Rozlyn Papa In Women Tell All

Fans of Reality TV 2/23/10 Recap : The Women Tell Nothing

Reality TV Magazine 2/23/10 The Bachelor: Women Tell All

LA Times 2/23/10 'The Bachelor': Return of the rejects... and Rozlyn

People 2/23/10 What You Didn’t See on The Bachelor’s Women Tell All

NY Daily News 2/23/10 Rozlyn Papa and 'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison: ugly accusations fly on 'Women Tell All' special

Zap2It 2/23/10 'Bachelor' guru Reality Steve to Chris Harrison: 'Stop the lies'

People 2/23/10 The Bachelor Blog: Jake Faces the Women

Zap2It 2/22/10 'The Bachelor': Rozlyn Papa and Chris Harrison Thunderdome

Reality TV Fans 2/22/10 Jake Faces the Women He Rejected Tonight on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

Reality TV Magazine 2/22/10 The Bachelor Reject Gia Allemand Dishes on Jake, Vienna, & Tenley

Reality TV Calendar 2/22/10 Jake Says He Is “Ecstatic" About His Final Choice - Report and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 2/22/10 Host Chris Harrison Slams Rozlyn Tonight - Here's The Details - Report and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 2/22/10 Jake Says He Would Have Picked Ali If She Stayed - Report and Commentary

People 2/22/10 The Bachelor’s Gia Regrets Not Opening Up with Jake

Zap2It 2/22/10 'The Bachelor's' Rozlyn Papa on the 'Women Tell All' reunion

US Magazine 2/22/10 Bachelor's Rozlyn: People Were "Flinging Things at Me" at Reunion

NY Post 2/22/10 No, not Vienna!

US Magazine 2/22/10 Bachelor Bob Guiney: Jake Should Choose Tenley

Reality TV Calendar 2/21/10 Gia Wants To Be The Next Bachelorette

Reality TV Magazine 2/22/10 The Bachelor: Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris Thinks Jake Pavelka Should Pick Tenley

TV Guide 2/21/10 Bachelor's Women Tell All: "You Will Hear Explosive New Details," Host Promises

Reality TV Calendar 2/20/10 Let's Talk With Gia About Her Broken Heart, Her Friend Vienna, Calling Jake Out And More

Reality TV Magazine 2/20/10 The Bachelor: Vienna Girardi is Still Obsessed With Her Ex-Boyfriend

Reality TV Fans 2/19/10 The Bachelor – Fearless Moment 2-15

Reality TV Calendar 2/19/10 Let's Talk With Ali About Her Regrets, How Vienna Hurt Her, Why She Really Left Jake & More

Reality TV Calendar 2/19/10 I'm Crazy About You Does Not Mean I Love You - Commentary and Recap

E!Online 2/19/10 The Bachelor Sneak Peeks: Get a First Look at the Women Tell All Special

People 2/19/10 The Bachelor’s Ali: I Still Miss Jake

NY Post 2/19/10 Ali: Next 'Bachelorette'?

Reality TV Fans 2/18/10 The Bachelor – Regret Moment 2-15 2/18/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love - Conference Call with Gia Allemand 2/18/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love - Conference Call with Ali Fedotowsky

Reality TV Calendar 2/18/10 Jake Says No Sex, Vienna Says No Ex, Gia Tells Ellen Yes - Report and Commentary

Reality News Online 2/18/10 The Bachelor 14: Who Will Receive the Final Rose?

Reality TV Magazine 2/18/10 Former Contestant Rozlyn Papa “Fires Back” at Chris Harrison During ‘The Women Tell All’ Taping

Zap2It 2/18/10 'The Bachelor's' Ali Fedotowsky: 'It would be exciting' to be the next Bachelorette

Zap2It 2/18/10 'Bachelor': Vienna's ex-boyfriend arrested in October for trespassing at her parents' house

People 2/18/10 The Bachelor’s Gia Was ‘Hysterical’ Reliving Heartbreak

E!Online 2/18/10 Bachelor Babe Vienna's Ex-Beau Busted for Trespassing

Zap2It 2/18/10 'The Bachelor's' Gia Allemand on Vienna: 'She's a great girl, I hope it's her'

E!Online 2/18/10 Does Ali Want to Be the Next Bachelorette? Her Answer Will Surprise You

Digital Spy 2/18/10 Harris, Swiderski considering TV wedding?

E!Online 2/18/10 The Bachelor: Did Producers Unfairly Edit Vienna to Conceal Her Fate?

Reality TV Fans 2/17/10 The Bachelor – Deleted Scene-Rotten Fruit

Reality TV Magazine 2/17/10 The Bachelor: Is a Big Twist in Store for Viewers on the Upcoming Finale?

Reality TV Calendar 2/17/10 What's Going To Happen Next Week? I'll Tell You What I Think

Reality TV Calendar 2/17/10 Bachelorette Jillian Says Tenley's The One

Reality TV Calendar 2/17/10 Spoiler: Vienna Wants Old Boyfriend Back - Caught Him And Another Woman In Bed

Reality TV Calendar 2/17/10 He Loves All 3, But This Ain't Big Love - Ranking The Final 2

US Magazine 2/17/10 Bachelor's Vienna Obsessed With Ex During Filming

Zap2It 2/17/10 'The Bachelor's' Vienna obsessed with ex-boyfriend?

NY Post 2/17/10 The 'Bach'-story of booted Roz

Digital Spy 2/17/10 Jake Pavelka 'feels bad about tabloids'

Reality TV Fans 2/16/10 The Bachelor – Diary of the Departed Week 7

Reality TV Fans 2/16/10 Ratings Report: ABC’s The Bachelor Holds Strong Against Olympics

Reality TV Fans 2/16/10 Beyond Reality – The Bachelor – On the Wings of Love Recap 2/15/10

Fans of Reality TV 2/16/10 Recap: Patron Saint

Reality TV Magazine 2/16/10 The Bachelor: Could Ali Be the Next Bachelorette? 2/16/10 Bachelor: Is it over yet?

Reality TV Calendar 2/16/10 Ali Tells Ellen How She Feels About Jake Rejecting Her - She's Not Happy 2/16/10 The Bachelor – St. Lucia Brings Romance and a Change of Heart

Reality News Online 2/16/10 The Bachelor 14, Episode 7: Two Roses, Three Fantasy Suites… Four Ladies?

People 2/16/10 The Bachelor’s Ali ‘Shocked’ Jake Didn’t Take Her Back

Zap2It 2/16/10 'The Bachelor's' Ali Fedotowsky on 'Ellen': 'I actually think it could be Vienna'

TV Guide 2/16/10 Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Ali "Definitely Has a Shot" to Be Next Bachelorette

People 2/16/10 Jake’s Bachelor Blog: ‘I Will Always Love Ali’

US Magazine 2/16/10 Bachelor's Ali "Shocked" by Rejection, Bachelorette Talk Is "Nice" 2/15/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love - Episode 7 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 2/15/10 The Bachelor: Fantasy Dates in St. Lucia

LA Times 2/15/10 'The Bachelor': Jake enjoys the Fantasy Suites while Ali wallows

Zap2It 2/15/10 'The Bachelor' in St. Lucia: Arrivederci, Gia. Too little, too late, Ali.

Reality TV Fans 2/15/10 Jake Sweeps the Final Three Women Away for Fantasy Dates Tonight on “The Bachelor”

Reality TV Magazine 2/15/10 The Bachelor: Vienna’s Sordid Past

Zap2It 2/15/10 'The Bachelor': Gia Allemand has a boyfriend?

US Magazine 2/15/10 Bachelor's Gia Has a Boyfriend?

Zap2It 2/14/10 'The Bachelor' preview: Ali has second thoughts

NY Post 2/14/10 The worst show on television

E!Online 2/14/10 The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Ali Comes Crawling Back

NY Post 2/14/10 The show you can't kill

Reality TV Fans 2/12/10 The Bachelor -Talking Moment 2-8

Reality TV Fans 2/12/10 The Bachelor – Decision Moment 2-8

Reality News Online 2/12/10 The Bachelor 14: Who Will Make the Final 2?

Zap2It 2/12/10 'The Bachelor's' Gia Allemand: Crash, dash and trash with pitcher Carl Pavano

NY Daily News 2/12/10 Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel in the arms of 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka on 'Extra'

Reality TV Magazine 2/11/10 The Bachelor: Fans Will Be “Shocked” and “Disappointed” by the Finale

Reality TV Fans 2/11/10 The Bachelor Sneak Peek – Ali Calls Jake

Reality TV Calendar 2/11/10 Jake Gets Threatened, Awkward Moments, The Knock Of Doom And The Decision

Reality TV Fans 2/10/10 The Bachelor – Diary of the Departed, Week 6

Reality TV Fans 2/10/10 The Bachelor – Deleted Scene – Hometown Dates

Reality TV Talk 2/10/10 DTP Ep. 15 - "Hometown Dates Re-Enacted by a . . . Thesbian?"

Reality TV Calendar 2/10/10 Spoiler: Chris Insists - Ali Is Coming Back

Reality TV Magazine 2/10/10 The Bachelor’s Host Chris Harrison: “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Ali and Jake”

US Magazine 2/10/10 Bachelor's Tenley "Withheld" Sex From Ex-Husband

NY Daily News 2/10/10 'Bachelor' host: It's not over between Jake Pavelka and Ali Fedotwosky

Reality TV Magazine 2/9/10 The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka’s “Heart Stopped” When Ali Drove Away

Reality TV Fans 2/9/10 Beyond Reality – The Bachelor – On the Wings of Love Recap 2/8/10

Reality TV Calendar 2/9/10 Spoiler: What's Going To Happen Next Week? I'll Tell You What I Think - Commentary & Report 2/9/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love: Episode 6 Recap

RealityShack 2/9/10 The Bachelor's Ali Leaves Jake Before the Altar

Orlando Sentinel 2/9/10 ‘The Bachelor’: Sanford’s Vienna coming on strong as other women botch their chances

LA Times 2/9/10 'The Bachelor': Hometown visits and an early exit

Reality TV Magazine 2/8/10 The Bachelor: Hometown Dates

People 2/8/10 Jake’s Bachelor Blog: ‘My Heart Stopped’ When Ali Left

Zap2It 2/8/10 'The Bachelor': Ali pulls an Ed

Reality TV Fans 2/8/10 Jake Visits the Four Remaining Ladies Home Towns Tonight on “The Bachelor”

Reality TV Magazine 2/8/10 The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka Couldn’t Get a Date in High School

Reality TV Fans 2/5/10 The Bachelor – 2/8 Episode Sneak Peek

Reality TV Calendar 2/5/10 Vienna Not The Only One To Pose Topless - Here's Gia

Reality News Online 2/5/10 The Bachelor 14: Who Will Make the Final Three?

People 2/5/10 The Bachelor’s Corrie Is ‘Proud’ to Be a Virgin

Zap2It 2/5/10 'The Bachelor': Jake meets the families, calls off rose ceremony

Reality TV Fans 2/4/10 The Bachelor – Let Go Moment 2/4/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love - Conference Call with Corrie Adamson

E!Online 2/4/10 Bachelor's Ousted Rozlyn Dishes on Rumored Winner and Who Should Win

TV Guide 2/4/10 Melissa Rycroft Joins Entertainment Tonight

Digital Spy 2/4/10 Harrison: 'Bachelor Vienna not a villain'

Reality TV Fans 2/3/10 The Bachelor – Missing Moment

Reality TV Calendar 2/3/10 Vienna's Ex-Husband Tells Jake To Stay Away From Her - Report and Commentary

Fans of Reality TV 2/3/10 Recap: Bed & Broad

Reality TV Talk 2/3/10 DTP Ep. 14 - "A Re-Enactment of the Most Boring Bachelor Episode Ever"

Reality TV Calendar 2/2/10 Spoiler: What's Going To Happen Next Week? I'll Tell You What I Think - Spoiler & Commentary

Reality TV Fans 2/2/10 Ratings Report: The Bachelor Hits Season Highs

Reality TV Fans 2/2/10 The Bachelor – Diaries of the Departed, Week 5

Reality TV Fans 2/2/10 Beyond Reality – The Bachelor – On the Wings of Love Recap 2/1/10

Reality News Online 2/2/10 The Bachelor 14, Episode 5: Do Not Call it Frisco

Reality TV Calendar 2/2/10 One Of These Girls Just Doesn't Belong - Ranking The Final 5 - Commentary and Rankings

Reality TV Calendar 2/2/10 Bull Dogs, Bullies And Boundaries - Commentary and Recap

Entertainment Weekly 2/2/10 'The Bachelor' recap: The Virgin Suicide

LA Times 2/2/10 'The Bachelor': Jake makes a virgin sacrifice

People 2/2/10 Jake’s Bachelor Blog: From San Francisco with Love

Entertainment Weekly 2/2/10 Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor': Season 14, Episode 5 2/1/10 The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love: Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 2/1/10 The Bachelor: And Then There Were Four 2/1/10 Bachelor: Skank girl breasts and Jake A' Roni - The Perfect San Francisco Treat 2/1/10 Bachelor: No San Francisco Rice-A-Roni ~ Bummer

Zap2It 2/1/10 'The Bachelor': Welcome to The Rock

Reality TV Fans 2/1/10 Jake Decides Which Four Women Will Get Hometown Dates Tonight on The Bachelor

People 2/1/10 Bachelor Exit Interview: Ella Was Shocked by Jake’s Choices

Access Hollywood 2/1/10 Original ‘Bachelorette’ Trista Sutter Talks Jason & Molly’s Upcoming TV Wedding

Reality TV Fans 1/30/10 The Bachelor – Not There Moment 1-25 1/30/10 Bachelor - Chris Harrison's Rose

Reality TV Fans 1/29/10 ABC Invites You to “The Bachelor” Wedding of Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney March 8

Reality TV Magazine 1/29/10 The Bachelor: Jason Mesnick and Molly To Marry On March 8

Reality TV Fans 1/29/10 The Bachelor – Deleted Scene- The Girls Spy on Jake

Reality TV Calendar 1/29/10 Let's Talk With Ella - Vienna Is Misunderstood - Tenley Is Jake's Best Choice

US Magazine 1/29/10 Bachelor Host's Wedding Gift to Jason, Molly: "Toaster!"

Digital Spy 1/29/10 'Bachelor' star 'stayed away from drama'

NY Post 1/29/10 'Bachelor' backlash

Reality TV Fans 1/28/10 The Bachelor – 2/1/10 Episode Sneak Peek

Reality TV Calendar 1/28/10 Vienna Posed Topless - Here's The Story And The Photo

Reality TV Calendar 1/28/10 Things Are Different This Week And Jake Is Just Not Ready - Commentary and Recap

Reality News Online 1/28/10 The Bachelor 14: Who Will Make the Final 4?

Zap2It 1/28/10 'The Bachelor': Vienna's topless calendar pic

US Magazine 1/28/10 Bachelor Jake's OK to Pick Vienna, Says Ex-Contestant

Reality TV Fans 1/27/10 The Bachelor – One Rose Moment 1-25

Fans of Reality TV 1/27/10 Recap: Campfire Girls

Reality TV Magazine 1/27/10 A Surprising End To The Bachelor?

Reality TV Calendar 1/27/10 Interview With Chris Harrison - Tenley's The Front Runner

Reality TV Calendar 1/27/10 WWCHD -What Would Chris Harrison Do? - Bachelor Commentary

Reality TV Fans 1/26/10 Beyond Reality – The Bachelor – On the Wings of Love Recap 1/25/10

Reality TV Fans 1/26/10 The Bachelor – Diaries of the Departed, Week 4

Reality TV Calendar 1/26/10 What's Going To Happen Next Week? I'll Tell You What I Think - Commentary and Report 1/26/10 Bachelor: Pack the Valtrex, we're road tripping it!

Reality TV Calendar 1/26/10 Here's Some "Expert" Commentary On Last Night's Episode - From Jake Himself 1/26/10 The Bachelor, Episode 4 – What Is Jake Doing, and Why Is Vienna Still There

Reality News Online 1/26/10 The Bachelor 14, Episode 4: Some Things Never Change

Reality TV Calendar 1/26/10 Who Does Jake Really Want - Ranking The Remaining 5 - Commentary and Rankings

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Reality TV World 5/25/04 The Bachelor 5 - Finale Episode summary

Reality TV World 5/25/04 'Bachelor' Bob becomes engaged to ABC soap opera star Rebecca Budig

Fox Sports 5/23/04 Mouth to Mouth: Jessie Palmer

Reality TV Calendar 5/23/04 Bachelor: Jessica Pregnant? Tara - Trish Brawl? Scoop & Photos!

Bradenton Herald 5/23/04 The search for Jesse's girl

RealityTVTalk 5/21/04 Bachelor V Episode 8 Recap "What's Big and Lumpy and Full of Hot Air?"

Zap2It 5/21/04 Giants May Send 'Bachelor' Packing

Television Without Pity 5/21/04 Djb's Last Bachelor Recap Ever, Suckas!

NY Daily News 5/21/04 'Bachelor' may be dumped

Daily Reflector 5/21/04 ECU grad wins ‘Bachelor’ hunk's heart

Extra TV 5/21/04 Rumor Control

Greenwich Time 5/21/04 Finally: Jesse loves Jessica

ESPN 5/21/04 Every rose has its thorn

CNN/SI 5/21/04 Palmer back to being Giants backup QB

Reality TV World 5/21/04 Fifth 'Bachelor' ends with Jesse Palmer drafting Jessica Bowlin to be his girl

Reality TV Calendar 5/21/04 The Bachelor: Collateral Damage

MSNBC 5/21/04 Are Bachelor's days numbered with Giants?

1010Wins 5/21/04 "Bachelor" Back To Business As Giants QB

USA Today 5/21/04 Tara gets heave-ho on gut-wrenching 'Bachelor' finale

NY Daily News 5/21/04 'Bachelor' duo are still a team

The Trades 5/20/04 The Bachelor - Episode 5-7

Extra 5/20/04 The Bachelor: The Last Rose

IndyChannel 5/20/04 'The Bachelor's' Mom Talks About Search For Jesse's Girl

Orange County Register 5/20/04 A rose but no ring

News Observer 5/20/04 'Bachelor' quarterback chooses love of ECU grad

AZ Central 5/20/04 'Bachelor' picks Jessica

Reality News Online 5/20/04 Season Finale, Part 2: All We Can Do Is Apologize and Be Nauseous

Reality News Online 5/20/04 The Bachelor 5 Season Finale, Part 1: When Kumquats Attack

Fans of Reality TV 5/20/04 The Finale: Thanks For Nothing & Other Nauseating Moments

Reality Steve 5/20/04 Bachelor 5 Summary - Season Finale Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/20/04 Bachelor: Quarterback Sneak, Broken Heart, & A One Way Ticket

TV Lovequest 5/20/04 Insights regarding the main characters.

Jam! 5/20/04 Jesse sacks Tara for Jessica

CTV 5/20/04 Canadian bachelor picks law student Jessica B.

NY Daily News 5/20/04 'Bachelor' picks Jessica

Zap2It 5/20/04 Jesse's Girl: Jessica Gets Final 'Bachelor' Rose

Salon 5/20/04 "Bachelor" party hangover

Extra 5/19/04 Spies, Rings and Final Decisions

Reality TV Calendar 5/19/04 The Bachelor: Before The Final Rose

Reality Reel 5/17/04 The Bachelor Episode 6: Down To Three Or Are We?

Reality TV World 5/17/04 The Bachelor 5 - The Women Tell All summary

Reality TV World 5/17/04 The Bachelor 5 - Episode 6 summary

Television Without Pity 5/16/04 Taller Than The Washington Monument

Reality TVTalk 5/14/04 Bachelor V Recap Eps 6&7 "Kvetching Women, Boring Dates"

Reality News Online 5/14/04 The Bachelor 5, Episode 6: Wanna Sleep Over?

Boston 5/13/04 Firestone, Tina 'Fabulous' Seen Together In Wisconsin

AZ Central 5/13/04 Trish is back, for a bit

Fans of Reality TV 5/13/04 The Women (Mostly Trish) Tell All (About Trish) Reunion

Fans Of Reality TV 5/13/04 The Bachelor 5/12 Episode - Psycho, Thy Name Is Trish

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/04 Bachelor: Ep 6 - 3 Fantasy Nights

Reality Steve 5/13/04 Bachelor 5 Summary - Episode 6 Recap

Reality News Online 5/13/04 The Bachelor 5 Women Tell All Reunion: Trish Trash Talking

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/04 Bachelor: The Women Tell All And Kelley Tells You

TV Lovequest 5/13/04 Insights regarding the main characters.

Zap2It 5/13/04 'Bachelor' Dumps Trish Again, and Oh Yeah, He's Falling in Love 5/12/04 The Bachelor 5/12/04 

WVEC 5/12/04 Va. Beach woman talks about her "Bachelor" days

Reality TV World 5/12/04 The Bachelor 5 - Episode 5 summary

Odessa American 5/12/04 Former Permian Basin resident makes it to ‘The Bachelor’ finals

The Nassau Guardian 5/12/04 Reality show taped in Andros airs Wednesday

Reality News Online 5/12/04 The Bachelor 5: The Beaver Is a Truly Proud and Noble Animal

Extra 5/11/04 'The Bachelor' Buffs Up

SCN 5/9/04 Reality TV Wrap-up

Stuart News 5/9/04 'Bachelor' hopefuls strut their stuff at Tradition in PSL

Television Without Pity 5/9/04 Gun Shy

Reality Reel 5/9/04 Episode 5: Down To Three 5/7/04 Andrew Firestone Crashes At Road America

San Diego Channel 5/7/04 ABC Scours San Diego For Next 'Bachelor'

Reality TV Talk 5/7/04 Bachelor V ep 5 Recap "The One To Spend The Rest of One's Life With Game"

Arizona Republic 5/7/04 'Bachelor' banter

The Trades 5/6/04 The Bachelor - Episode 5-5

KATV 5/6/04 'The Bachelor' Aaron Buerge Sets His Sights on Little Rock

ABC 5/6/04 Trish Tossed

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/04 Episode 5: Jesse Takes Out the Trash

Reality News Online 5/6/04 The Bachelor 5, Episode 5: The Ballad of Red State Craig

Reality Steve 5/6/04 Bachelor 5 Summary - Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/04 The Bachelor - Episode 5 Recap: Ironically Normal

TV Lovequest 5/6/04 Insights regarding the main characters.

Zap2It 5/6/04 Trish Exits 'Bachelor,' at Least for Now

Reality News Online 5/6/04 ‘Bachelor’ Women Tell Readers How to Fix Their Guys

Democrat & Chronicle 5/6/04 Vying for spot on TV's 'The Bachelor'

Sun Sentinel 5/6/04 Bachelor auditions hit Port St. Lucie

WOKR 5/6/04 Auditions Held For "The Bachelor" 5/5/04 - Take Out The Trash

Press Release 5/5/04 Casting Call – The Bachelor

Reality News Online 5/5/04 The Bachelor 5: A Loonie for Your Dignity

Reality TV World 5/4/04 The Bachelor 5 - Episode 4 summary

Orlando Sentinel 5/4/04 'Bachelor' spy is homegrown

WOKR 5/4/04 Bachelor Casting Call At Jillian's In Rochester

Television Without Pity 5/3/04 Marching Orders 

Reality TV Calendar 5/3/04 The Bachelor - The Trish Show

Reality Reel 5/2/04 The Bachelor - Episode 4: Down To Four

Capital Journal 5/2/04 Siblings bond on race route

Reality TVTalk 5/1/04 Bachelor V ep 4 Recap 'Long Day's Journey Into Slobber'

Capital Journal 5/1/04 Around Town: 'The Bachelor' at Heartland Park

Wisconsin State Journal 5/1/04 'The Bachelor' in Madison seeks a few bachelorettes 5/1/04 Karen Lindsay doesn't make Bachelor's cut

Oklahoma Daily 4/30/04 OU alum accepts TV Bachelor's rose 4/30/04 Omaha Ladies, Bachelor Wants You

The Trades 4/30/04 The Bachelor - Episode 5-4

Orlando Sentinel 4/30/04 Don't listen to 'Bachelor' -- he's confused

Arizona Republic 4/29/04 'Bachelor' Banter

ABC News 4/29/04 Dishing on Trish

Grand Rapids Press 4/29/04 Hopefuls vie for love and fame in TV auditions

Fans Of Reality TV 4/29/04 One Is the Loneliest Number - 4/28 Bachelor Recap

Reality News Online 4/29/04 The Bachelor 5, Episode 4: The Spy Who Loved Us

Reality Steve 4/29/04 Bachelor 5 Recap - Episode 4 Summary 4/29/04 Bachelor dumps former Miss R.I.

TV Lovequest 4/29/04 Insights regarding the main characters

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/04 The Bachelor: Episode 4 Recap

Zap2It 4/29/04 Spy's Outing Pushes 'Bachelor' Jesse to the Sidelines

The Low Standard 4/29/04 Revenge is a Trish best served cold.....

WCJB 4/28/04 The Bachelor's Spy Speaks

Zap2It 4/28/04 'Bachelor's' Day Job Possibly in Jeopardy

Reality TV World 4/28/04 ABC orders two more 'The Bachelor' installments for 2004-05 schedule

Star-Banner 4/28/04 She's a big fan of 'The Bachelor'

Newsday 4/27/04 The Bachelor' May Be Leaving Giants

Grand Rapids Press 4/27/04 We helped 13 'Bachelor/ette' hopefuls jump to front of the line

Television Without Pity 4/27/04 Spy In The House Of Love

Reality News Online 4/27/04 The Bachelor 5: The Trish Show

Zap2It 4/27/04 ABC Hooks Up Two More 'Bachelors'

Digital Spy 4/26/04 ABC renews 'The Bachelor'

Reality TV World 4/26/04 The Bachelor 5 - Episode 3 summary

Reality Reel 4/25/04 The Bachelor: Episode 3

Deseret News 4/24/04 Utah native says 'Bachelor' a party

Pensacola News Journal 4/24/04 Lookin` for love - `The Bachelor` way

Providence Journal 4/23/04 Ocean State's own still a Bachelor contender

Fans Of Reality TV 4/23/04 The Spy, The Skank, and The Sucker - Episode 3

Reality TV Talk 4/23/04 Bachelor V Episode 3 Recap "Um, This Show Sucks"

Television Week 4/23/04 ABC Renews 'The Bachelor' 4/22/04 Ocean State's own still a Bachelor contender

The Trades 4/22/04 The Bachelor - Episode 5-3

Reality News Online 4/22/04 The Bachelor 5, Episode 3: Pure As the Driven Sludge

Reality Steve 4/22/04 The Bachelor 5 Episode 3 Recap

ABC 4/22/04 Chicago Casting Event for "The Bachelor VI"

TV Lovequest 4/22/04. Insights regarding the main characters

The Low Standard 4/22/04 The Bachelor: The only thing open longer than her legs are her lips....

Newswire 4/22/04 The Bachelor Star Races Across America

Zap2It 4/21/04 'Bachelor' Calls His Own Play

Extra 4/21/04 'Bachelor's' Buddies Get In On the Action

Star Tribune 4/20/04 An office pool for 'Bachelor'

Reality Reel 4/19/04 The Bachelor - Episode 2: The Spy Revealed

Milwaukee Journal 4/19/04 New 'Bachelor' Says He Liked Anonymity

Daily Trojan 4/19/04 'The Bachelor' is as manly and dignified as Richard Simmons

Reality TV World 4/18/04 The Bachelor 5 - Episode 2 summary

Television Without Pity 4/18/04 Spy Vs. Not Spy

Macomb Daily 4/18/04 Warren woman trying to impress TV's 'Bachelor'

The Tennessean 4/17/04 Bachelor Bob has a date tonight in Nashville

Florida Today 4/16/04 MCC grad shares some 'Bachelorette' advice

Reality TV Talk 4/16/04 The Bachelor 5 episode 2 'Random House Sweepstakes'

Reality News Online 4/16/04 The Bachelor 5: O Canada 4/15/04 - Episode 2 – Spy Games 4/15/04 - Spy Revealed; Trish Exposed!

Reality TV World 4/15/04 'Apprentice' finalist Bill Rancic dating former 'Bachelor 3' fiancee Jen Schefft

Extra 4/15/04 Could Apprentice Bill Have Been ‘The Bachelor’

Fans of Reality TV 4/15/04 Episode 2: A Gold-Digger Says What?

Reality News Online 4/15/04 The Bachelor 5, Episode 2: Same Old Thong and Dance

TV Lovequest 4/15/04 Insights regarding the main characters.

Reality Steve 4/15/04 - "The Bachelor" Episode 2 Recap

Florida Today 4/15/04 'Bachelor' casts call for singles Saturday at Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney

The Low Standard 4/15/2004 The Bachelor: Every Rose has it's Thorn, and this one is called Trish!

Zap2It 4/15/04 'Bachelor' Spy Outed; Audience Says 'Duh'

Orlando Sentinel 4/15/04 Suit leads to divorce for bachelor, TV show

AZ Central 4/15/04 With 'Bachelor' behind him, Andrew Firestone is back to being a farmer of wine

Extra 4/14/04 Covert Bachelorette Spills Secrets of Love

Charlotte Observer 4/14/04 `Bachelor' and his band to play gig in Charlotte

Extra 4/13/04 Couples News: Who’s Got the Hook-up?

Post Gazette 4/13/04 TV Notes: 'Swan' beats 'Bachelor'

Reality TV World 4/12/04 The Bachelor 5 - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV World 4/12/04 ABC's Jesse Palmer-led 'Bachelor' premiere averages 10.9 million viewers

KOLR 4/12/04 Local Celebrities Talk About Life After Reality TV

Television Without Pity 4/11/04 I Spy

Arizona Republic 4/10/04 'Bachelor Bob' goes on road with new solo album 4/10/04 - 4/7/04: Jesse Keeps Sixteen

Reality Reel 4/10/04 The Bachelor Premiere: Their is A Spy Among Us

RealityTVTalk 4/9/04 The Bachelor V episode 1 "I Forgot Her Name"

WOKR 4/9/04 "Bachelor" Casting Call In Rochester

Orlando Sentinel 4/9/04 Former Gator fumbles a bit on 'Bachelor'

Fans Of Reality TV 4/9/04 The Bachelor: Premiere -“ Lets Put on the Eye Black"

TV Lovequest 4/9/04 Insights regarding the main characters.

TV Lovequest 4/9/04 Insights regarding the main characters

Press Gazette 4/8/04 ‘Bachelor’ Bob keeps it real

Elites TV 4/8/04 The Bachelor: From Bob to Jesse – A Quantum Leap or Mutton Dressed As Lamb?

Fox Sports 4/8/04 Things You'd Never Say: Jesse Palmer  
Reality News Online 4/8/04 The Bachelor 5, Episode 1: A Spy in the House of Love

Reality Steve 4/8/04 Bachelor 5 Episode 1 Recap 4/8/04 Season 5, Season Premiere – Am I Watching the Bachelor or Alias

NY Daily News 4/8/04 This QB sneak fumbles

Jam! 4/8/04 QB's playing the field

Vancouver Sun 4/8/04 Canadian football player Jesse Palmer forgets a name in debut on The Bachelor

Zap2It 4/8/04 'Bachelor' Premiere: Palmer Fumbles 4/7/04 S.A. Woman Among 'Bachelor' Contestants

Extra 4/7/04 'The Bachelor's' Tournament of Roses

ABC News 4/7/04 Great Catch

Fayetteville Online 4/7/04 'Bachelor' contestant 'scared'

Orlando Sentinel 4/7/04 Palmer enjoying hunk status

KATU 4/6/04 Learn about the women vying for 'The Bachelor's' heart

Extra 4/6/04 Meet the Newest Bachelor

WCJB 4/6/04 Former Gator QB To Be ABC's "The Bachelor" 4/6/04 'The Bachelor' Holding Auditions In Indianapolis 4/6/04 R.I. beauty queen meets The Bachelor: It's a weird experience, but it's fun

Beacon Journal 4/6/04 New `Bachelor' may actually wed

Journal News 4/6/04 Bachelor jitters

Zap2It 4/5/04 'Bachelor' QB Makes Pass at TV Romance

USA Today 4/2/04 Next 'Bachelor' won't drop the ball

Fans Of Reality TV 4/1/04 Bachelor Jesse, The Mole , and Winona Ryder - the Bachelor Pre-cap

NY Times 4/1/04 Giants' Palmer and Girls, Girls, Girls on 'The Bachelor'

Tribune Review 4/1/04 'Bachelor Bob' hopes to turn his 15 minutes into a career

NY Daily News 3/29/04 Ladies' man

Reality TV World 3/27/04 'Bachelor Bob' wins suit against producer over promotion of '3 Sides' CD

Coming Soon 3/23/04 New Bachelor to Include a Big Twist

Reality Reel 3/23/04 The Bachelor To Premiere April 7th!

Reality Reel 3/23/04 Meet Jesse Palmer ABC's Next Bachelor

Extra 3/23/04 How the Bachelor Will Get the Inside Story

Calgary Sun 3/19/04 Mole snaps to Bachelor

Reality TV World 3/18/04 ABC unveils the women competing for Jesse Palmer, including a "spy"

Zap2It 3/18/04 'Bachelor' Has a Spy in the House of Love

TV Barn 3/18/04 ABC PR: New "Bachelor" lineup

Star Tribune 3/18/04 This bachelor is an average Bob

NBC4 3/15/04 It's All Roses For Bob The Bachelor

US Newswire 3/12/04 Andrew and Adam Firestone to Drive in 2004 Cannonball One Lap of America


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