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News Articles about The Bachelor


Examiner 12/31/12 'The Bachelor' premiere photos: Sean Lowe's search ready for sharing

Fearless-Diva 12/29/12 Will Melissa Rycroft Be Watching Sean Lowe as "The Bachelor?"

Examiner 12/22/12 'The Bachelor': Sean Lowe talks about new season and Emily Maynard

E!Online 12/21/12 Melissa Rycroft Dishes on Ashley and J.P.'s Chances and Why She Won't Watch The Bachelor's New Season

Fearless-Diva 12/13/12 What Annoyed Sean Lowe As The Bachelor?

Examiner 12/13/12 'The Bachelor' season 17 spoilers: Sean Lowe talks and more drama

Fearless-Diva 12/12/12 The Bachelor, Sean Lowe's Bachelorettes Revealed

Zap2It 12/12/12 'The Bachelor' spoilers: Sean Lowe tells us what to expect in season 17

Entertainment Weekly 12/12/12 Sean Lowe teases rule-breaking, feelings for multiple women, and house drama (or, the usual!)

Examiner 12/11/12 'The Bachelor' season 17 spoilers: New premiere drama details

E!Online 12/10/12 The Bachelor Season 17 Photos: See Sean Lowe's Ladies

Zap2It 12/7/12 'The Bachelor' premiere: Sean Lowe to 'bend the rules' and more things to expect

WCNC 12/6/12 Another 'Bachelorette' hails from Charlotte

E!Online 12/5/12 The Bachelor: Meet the Ladies Competing for Sean Lowe's Love

Daily Mail 12/5/12 Meet the ladies who will compete to win hunky Sean Lowe's heart in new season of The Bachelor

US Magazine 12/5/12 Meet Sean Lowe's 25 Sexy Bachelor Contestants

Washington Post 12/5/12 Washington political consultant Lesley Murphy, ‘Bachelor’ contestant

Digital Spy 12/4/12 'Bachelor' Molly Mesnick 'feeling really good' with pregnancy

People 12/3/12 Kristin Chenoweth Dating Jake Pavelka

E!Online 12/2/12 Kristin Chenoweth on Dating Bachelor Jake Pavelka: "I'm Single and Loving It"

Reality TV Magazine 11/27/12 The Bachelor Spoiler Alert! Sean Lowe’s Fiancee Revealed

Zap2It 11/26/12 'Bachelor' finale spoiler: Who does Sean Lowe pick and are they engaged?

Examiner 11/19/12 'The Bachelor' 17 wraps filming: Final four and more revealed

Reality TV Magazine 11/18/12 Sean Lowe Wraps Up Filming For The Bachelor

Examiner 11/16/12 'The Bachelor': Ben Flajnik opens up about Courtney Robertson

Reality TV Magazine 11/15/12 Ben Flajnik Continues To Trash Courtney Robertson

Reality TV Magazine 11/15/12 Kristin Chenoweth’s Dating Jake Pavelka

Fearless-Diva 11/14/12 Bachelor Star, Ben Flajnik Wishes He Would Have Done Things Differently

Reality TV Magazine 11/13/12 Ben Flajnik Scores His Own Reality Show

Examiner 11/13/12 'The Bachelor': Ben Flajnik returning to television but not to date

Reality TV Magazine 11/12/12 Ben Flajnik Finally Admits That He Never Knew The Real Courtney Robertson

Reality TV Magazine 11/11/12 Courtney Robertson Continues To Bash Ben Flajnik

Examiner 11/11/12 'The Bachelor': Emily Maynard jealous, Ben Flajnik 'glad' over Courtney

People 11/9/12 Ben Flajnik Bristles at Ex Courtney Robertson with Arie Luyendyk

Reality TV Magazine 11/8/12 Ben Flajnik Fires Back At Courtney Robertson

Examiner 11/8/12 'The Bachelor': Ben Flajnik reacts to Courtney Robertson dating news

Zap2It 11/8/12 'Bachelor' spoilers: Sean Lowe's final four women are ...

Reality TV Magazine 11/7/12 Courtney Robertson Admits That She Is Dating Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Digital Spy 11/5/12 'Bachelor' bosses slam Chuck Lorre over "idiotic" remark

Reality TV Magazine 11/3/12 Chris Harrison New Bachelor Sean Lowe Really Wants To Find Love

Reality TV Magazine 11/2/12 Courtney Robertson And Arie Luyendyk Jr. Snagged On Another Date

Examiner 11/1/12 'The Bachelor': Chris Harrison talks about Sean Lowe's season

Examiner 10/31/12 'The Bachelor': Courtney Robertson on Ben Flajnik and future plans

Parade 10/31/12 'The Bachelor' Sean Lowe Getting High Marks

US Magazine 10/30/12 Chris Harrison: New Bachelor Sean Lowe Is "So Sincere"

Time Magazine 10/22/12 Does The Bachelor Discriminate Against Blacks?

Reality TV Magazine 10/18/12 Courtney Robertson And Arie Luyendyk Jr. Are Not Dating

Reality TV Calendar 10/17/12 Bachelor - Bachelorette: Two Couples Split And One Sets The Date

Zap2It 10/15/12 'Bachelor' lawsuit: Judge says show does not have to cast minorities

E!Online 10/15/12 Bachelor Racial Discrimination Suit: Case Dismissed

US Magazine 10/15/12 Courtney Robertson Returns Engagement Ring After Ben Flajnik Split

BuddyTV 10/14/12 'Bachelor' Roundup: A Cheating Scandal, a Breakup, and Baby News

Reality TV Magazine 10/14/12 Justin Bieber Not Happy About His Mom Dating Chris Harrison

Reality TV Magazine 10/14/12 Courtney Robertson Moves On With Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Examiner 10/14/12 'The Bachelor': Courtney Robertson moves on with Arie Luyendyk Jr.

E!Online 10/14/12 The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson Caught Making Out With Bachelorette Runner-Up

TMZ 10/13/12 'Bachelor' Winner Courtney Sucks Face with 'Bachelorette' Reject

Reality TV Magazine 10/12/12 Jason And Molly Mesnick Are Having A Baby

Reality TV Magazine 10/12/12 Ben Flajnik Reveals The Real Reason He And Courtney Robertson Split

Examiner 10/12/12 'The Bachelor': Ben Flajnik talks reasons for Courtney split

Examiner 10/11/12 'The Bachelor': Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson talk about split

E!Online 10/11/12 The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Love Scorecard: Find Out Who Is Still Together

People 10/11/12 Baby on the Way for Jason and Molly Mesnick

Reality TV Magazine 10/10/12 Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Open Up About Split

US Magazine 10/9/12 Courtney Robertson Speaks on Ben Flajnik Split: We "Tried Our Best"

Reality TV Magazine 10/8/12 Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson’s Split: Were You Surprised?

US Magazine 10/8/12 Courtney Robertson Steps Out Without Engagement Ring After Ben Flajnik Split

Examiner 10/7/12 'The Bachelor': Ben and Courtney end relationship as he moves on

Fearless-Diva 10/5/12 Another Bachelor Couple Calls It Quits

People 10/5/12 Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson End Engagement

People 9/29/12 Sean Lowe: 5 Things to Know About the New Bachelor

Reality TV Magazine 9/28/12 Kacie Boguskie Joins New Cast Of The Bachelor

Examiner 9/27/12 First 'The Bachelor' season 17 photos: Sean Lowe talks about series

Zap2It 9/27/12 'The Bachelor' adds Kacie Boguskie - report

Zap2It 9/26/12 'Dancing With the Stars' Melissa Rycroft knows and approves new 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe: 'He's a really great guy'

BuddyTV 9/25/12 'The Bachelor' Season 17: Meet Sean Lowe's Ladies

Fearless-Diva 9/25/12 ABC Finally Confirms Next Bachelor

NY Daily News 9/25/12 Sean Lowe announced as latest star of 'The Bachelor': 'If I found my wife, it would be worth it'

Zap2It 9/25/12 'Bachelor': Meet Sean Lowe and his 24 lucky bachelorettes

Entertainment Weekly 9/25/12 Sean Lowe is the new Bachelor. It's official

Reality TV Magazine 9/24/12 Exclusive! Chris Harrison Confirms Bachelor Identity To SheKnows

Examiner 9/23/12 'The Bachelorette': New Emily and Jef photos and Arie speaks out

Reality TV Magazine 9/22/12 Arie Luyendyk Jr. Had No Interest In Being The Bachelor

US Magazine 9/21/12 Arie Luyendyk Jr.: "I Passed on" Being the Next Bachelor

Reality TV Magazine 9/20/12 Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson May Be Planning A 2013 Wedding

BuddyTV 9/14/12 'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Is Sean Lowe the Next 'Bachelor'?

Reality TV Magazine 9/13/12 Spoiler! The Bachelor 2013 Star Snagged Filming

Fearless-Diva 9/13/12 Is Sean Lowe the Next Bachelor?

E!Online 9/13/12 The Bachelor Casting: Sean Lowe "Is Our Choice," Source Says

Entertainment Weekly 9/11/12 George Clooney? Robert Pattinson? Ryan Lochte? Chris Harrison talks the next 'Bachelor'

Dallas News 9/11/12 Dallas’ Bachelorette contestant Sean Lowe dishes on finding a Dallas wife, ‘The Bachelor’ and… purses?

Examiner 9/7/12 'Bachelor Pad': Chris Harrison teases season 3 finale and 'Bachelor'

E!Online 9/6/12 Ryan Lochte "Out of the Running" for The Bachelor: "It's Down to Arie and Sean"

Zap2It 9/6/12 'Bachelor' reveal is 'imminent,' says host Chris Harrison

Reality TV Magazine 9/4/12 Roberto Martinez Will Definitely Not Be The Next Bachelor

Reality TV Magazine 9/2/12 Arie Luyendyk Jr. Confirms That He Will Not Be The Next Bachelor

Herald Online 8/31/12 Arie Luyendyk Jr. Chooses Racing Over Romance

Reality TV Magazine 8/28/12 Sean Lowe On Why He Would Be A Great Candidate For The Bachelor

Daily Mail 8/28/12 From reality TV to Republican convention: Former 'Bachelor' Andrew Firestone now a delegate

Sacramento Bee 8/27/12 Video: Ex 'Bachelor' on rough and tumbles of politics and love

Reality TV Magazine 8/21/12 Ryan Lochte Looking For Money On ABC’s The Bachelor

Zap2It 8/21/12 'Bachelor' spoilers: Who is the next 'Bachelor' - Roberto Martinez, Sean Lowe or someone else?

Digital Spy 8/20/12 'Bachelor Pad' Chris Bukowski: 'Bachelor would be great opportunity'

Reality TV Magazine 8/19/12 Are Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Secretly Planning Their Wedding?

US Magazine 8/18/12 Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Hint At Possible Wedding Venue

LA Times 8/17/12 Late Night: Ryan Lochte will do 'Bachelor' only if family approves

Digital Spy 8/16/12 Chris Harrison on 'Bachelor' Ryan Lochte: You can't pee in the hot tub

BuddyTV 8/15/12 The Situation and Former 'Bachelor' Join 'Celebrity Big Brother' in U.K.

Digital Spy 8/13/12 Ryan Lochte 'hoping to star on The Bachelor'

Zap2It 8/10/12 Ryan Lochte as next 'Bachelor'? Swimming star is 'looking towards' it

Examiner 8/8/12 'The Bachelor': Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson photos and news

Reality TV Magazine 8/7/12 The Bachelor Wedding Extravaganza – Get An Inside Look

People 8/7/12 Chris Harrison Officiates Wedding of Bachelor Producers

US Magazine 8/6/12 Ben Flajnik, Emily Maynard Attend Bachelor Producers' Wedding

BuddyTV 8/2/12 Who Should Be the Next 'Bachelor'? We Break Down the Mandidates

Reality TV Magazine 8/2/12 The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Take The Plunge And Move In Together

Reality TV Magazine 7/31/12 What’s Holding Arie Luyendyk Jr. Back From Doing The Bachelor?

Reality TV Magazine 7/30/12 Who Should Be The Next Star Of The Bachelor?

Examiner 7/24/12 'The Bachelorette': Chris Harrison talks Emily, Jef and 'Bachelor'

US Magazine 7/19/12 Exclusive: Is Sean Lowe the Next Bachelor?

E!Online 7/19/12 Bachelor Casting Alert: Sean Lowe Enters the Mix

ET Online 7/19/12 Chris Harrison Disappointed by Emmy Snub

Reality TV Magazine 7/18/12 Roberto Martinez Dumps The Bachelor For New Girlfriend

OK Magazine 7/13/12 'Bachelorette' Hunk Sean Lowe Talks About Being the Next 'Bachelor' — Is He Up For It?

NY Post 7/13/12 Was accountant cooking the books in Fantasy Suite?

People 7/3/12 Travis Stork is Married

US Magazine 7/3/12 Former Bachelor Travis Stork Marries Charlotte Brown

Reality TV Magazine 6/26/12 Is The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson Writing A Tell-All Book?

Fearless-Diva 6/20/12 Melissa Rycroft Opens Up About Bachelor Experience and More

Reality TV Magazine 6/20/12 Ali Fedotowsky Breaks Her Silence About Roberto Martinez Doing The Bachelor

Gather 6/20/12 'The Bachelor': Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Talk Dating

MSNBC 6/15/12 'Bachelor' creator claims '70 to 80 percent' of reality TV is fake

US Magazine 6/15/12 Exclusive Video: Ali Fedotowsky "Freaking Out" Over Roberto Martinez's Potential Bachelor Casting

Reality TV Magazine 6/14/12 The Bachelor Producer Disses Reality TV, Says Most Shows Are Rigged

Fearless-Diva 6/13/12 Will Roberto Martinez Be the Next Bachelor?

Gather 6/13/12 'The Bachelorette': Jesse Csincsak Talks Jef & 'Bachelor' Roberto

Reality TV Magazine 6/12/12 Roberto Martinez Signed And Sealed As The New Bachelor

Gather 6/12/12 Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Share Photo, Talk 'Bachelorette'

Reality TV Magazine 6/7/12 Is Roberto Martinez The Next Bachelor? It’s A Mystery

Reality TV Magazine 6/7/12 Is Ben Stiller’s ‘Burning Love’ Better Than ‘The Bachelor’? (Hint: The Answer Rhymes With “Mess”)

Reality TV Magazine 6/6/12 There’s No Stopping The King Of The Bachelor And The Bachelorette Spoilers

US Magazine 6/6/12 Roberto Martinez Has "No Interest" In Being the Next Bachelor

Reality TV Magazine 6/5/12 Breaking Bachelor News! Sweet and Sexy Roberto Martinez Is The Next Bachelor

Reality TV Magazine 6/5/12 No Black Men on ‘The Bachelor’? Blame The First Amendment

Zap2It 6/5/12 Ali Fedotowsky's ex Roberto Martinez is the next 'Bachelor' hopeful -- report

Hollywood Reporter 6/4/12 'Bachelor' Producers Settle Lawsuit with Spoiler Website 'Reality Steve'

E!Online 6/4/12 ABC Responds to Bachelor Discrimination Claim: Casting Is Protected by the First Amendment

Santa Rosa Press Democrat 5/20/12 Ex-’Bachelor’ to be honored

The Daily Beast 5/21/12 ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’: Inside the Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

NY Daily News 5/18/12 Brad Womack has no plans to watch Emily Maynard’s ‘Bachelorette’

Reality TV Magazine 5/17/12 Melissa Rycroft Drops Two Toddlers

E!Online 5/16/12 Chris Harrison Talks Marriage Breakup: Being a Bachelor "Scares the Holy Hell Out of Me"

Radar Online 5/13/12 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Celebrate Mother’s Day With His Mom And Sister

Reality TV Magazine 5/10/12 To Be Or Not To Be The Next Bachelor – That’s The Question That Chris Harrison Finally Answers

Hollywood Reporter 5/10/12 ABC Renews 'The Bachelor,' 'Dancing With the Stars,' 'Shark Tank'

People 5/9/12 Chris Harrison Hopes to Find Love Again – But Not on The Bachelor

WTAQ 5/6/12 Chris Harrison: 10 Reasons He Should Be The Next 'Bachelor'

Gather 5/6/12 Ben Flajnik Sister & Courtney Robertson Enjoy Time Together

E!Online 5/5/12 Bachelor, Bachelorette Alums Peyton Wright & Chris Lambton Get Married

People 5/4/12 Chris Harrison: Should He Be The Next Bachelor?

People 5/4/12 Chris Harrison, Wife Gwen Are Splitting

OK Magazine 5/3/12 Red Carpet Confidential: ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Are Not Rushing to Marry

E!Online 5/3/12 The Bachelor Curse Strikes Chris Harrison—Host and Wife Split Up

Digital Spy 5/3/12 'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison splits from wife Gwen after 18 years

Las Vegas Sun 5/3/12 Photos: Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson at Wet Republic, Social House, Pure

Gather 5/2/12 Ben Flajnik's Ex Kacie B Flaunting Something Sparkly on Ring Finger

Reality TV Magazine 4/30/12 The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Still Going Strong

NY Daily News 4/30/12 'Bachelor' star Ben Flajnik, fiancee Courtney Robertson: We're in 'no rush' to get married soon

USA Today 4/30/12 'Bachelor' couple Flajnik, Robertson still living apart

People 4/30/12 Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson 'Go Back and Forth' About Where to Live

US Magazine 4/30/12 Bikini-Clad Courtney Robertson Super-Affectionate With Ben Flajnik in Las Vegas

Daily Mail 4/29/12 The Bachelor's Courtney & Ben Flajinik strip down to reveal their toned beach bodies at poolside party

TMZ 4/29/12 'Bachelor' Ben & Courtney- Shallow Times in Vegas

E!Online 4/27/12 Sarah Silverman Slams "Offensive" Female Bachelor Contestants on Behalf of Womankind

Forbes 4/25/12 Why ABC's 'The Bachelor' Racial Discrimination Suit Is Good For America

People 4/21/12 Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Are 'Engaged Dating'

Reality TV Calendar 5/15/12 My Helicopter's Bigger than Your Helicopter - Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 5/15/12 Emily Tells Us Who Really Impressed Her 5/15/12 'The Bachelorette': Beaverton's Tony Pieper still in the race for the roses

Parade 5/15/12 Ashley Hebert's 'Bachelorette' Blog: The Secret Formula to Emily's Happily Ever After

Fox News 5/15/12 'Bachelorette' Recap: Former winner Jesse Csincsak gives us his 'yays' and 'no ways'

Zap2It 5/15/12 'The Bachelorette' meets the Muppets and the first two solo dates revealed

US Magazine 5/15/12 Ali Fedotowsky: Why Bachelorette's Jef Is a Perfect Match for Emily Maynard

Entertainment Weekly 4/20/12 It is terrible that 'The Bachelor' has never starred a minority, and ridiculous to sue the show for it

Reality TV Magazine 4/19/12 Bachelor Show Discrimination Case: ABC Responds

People 4/19/12 Ben Flajnik: I Miss My Dog

Zap2It 4/19/12 'The Bachelor': Is it racial discrimination or targeting a certain audience?

Reality TV Magazine 4/18/12 The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Will Not Rush Into Marriage

Entertainment Weekly 4/18/12 'Bachelor' producers say discrimination lawsuit 'without merit'

Hollywood Reporter 4/18/12 'The Bachelor' Racial Discrimination Lawsuit: Read the Full Complaint

Entertainment Weekly 4/18/12 Men suing 'The Bachelor' discuss their case

BuddyTV 4/17/12 10 Years, 23 Seasons, 0 Stars of Color: 'Bachelor' Franchise to be Sued for Racial Discrimination

Reality TV Magazine 4/17/12 The Bachelor Franchise To Be Slapped With Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Daily Mail 4/17/12 Courtney Robertson tries on wedding dress at a bridal show with Bachelor star Ben... 

OK Magazine 4/17/12 Courtney Robertson Is Still Friends With Girls From 'The Bachelor': "It's Not as Bad as It Seemed!"

Entertainment Weekly 4/17/12 'Bachelor' threatened with racial discrimination lawsuit, experts weigh in

E!Online 4/17/12 ABC's The Bachelor, Bachelorette to Be Sued for Racial Discrimination

Access Hollywood 4/17/12 Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson: ‘No Rush’ To Wed

Reality TV Magazine 4/16/12 The Bachelor’s Melissa Rycroft Shares Her Battle With Postpartum Depression

Digital Spy 4/12/12 'The Bachelor' begins casting for 17th season lead

People 4/9/12 Bachelor Ben Hits Vegas – Without Courtney

Examiner 4/6/12 'The Bachelor': Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson talk relationship

Extra 4/4/12 Ben and Courtney Dish on Marriage Rumors

Wetpaint 4/4/12 What’s Kacie Boguskie Been Up to After The Bachelor 16?

People 4/3/12 Courtney & Ben Cuddle Adoptable Puppies in Mexico

Examiner 4/1/12 'The Bachelor': Photos of Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson 'in love'

Access Hollywood 4/1/12 Have ‘Bachelor’ Ben & Courtney Set A Wedding Date?

Reality TV Magazine 3/31/12 The Bachelor: Ashley Hebert Defends Courtney Robertson

BuddyTV 3/30/12 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Among Famous Reality TV Faces at 'Night of a Billion Reality Stars'

Extra 3/30/12 'Bachelor' Ben and Courtney Respond to Baby Rumors

USA Today 3/30/12 Flajnik, Robertson hit the red carpet in L.A.

Daily Mail 3/30/12 Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson kiss and canoodle in public...making sure it is caught on camera

US Magazine 3/30/12 Bachelorette Alum Ashley Hebert Defends Courtney Robertson

E!Online 3/30/12 Bachelor Ben Flajnik "Taking It Slow" With Fiancée Courtney Robertson

US Magazine 3/30/12 Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Claim: "We Love Each Other Very Much"

People 3/30/12 Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson 'Happy' with Long-Distance Romance

Entertainment Weekly 3/30/12 Could this man be the first black Bachelor?

Reality TV Magazine 3/28/12 The Bachelor: Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson On Vacation

Examiner 3/28/12 'The Bachelor': New photos of Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik

Daily Mail 3/28/12 The Bachelor's Ben and Courtney defy rumours of 'trouble in paradise' with holiday PDA in Mexico

E!Online 3/27/12 So True? So False? Did The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Move In Together?

US Magazine 3/27/12 Courtney Robertson, Ben Flajnik Move In Together

Daily Mail 3/27/12 The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson take a 'make or break' holiday to Mexico

USA Today 3/27/12 'Bachelor' Ben, Courtney take romantic getaway 3/26/12 'The Bachelor' Lovebirds Ben and Courtney Spend Weekend in Mexico

US Magazine 3/26/12 Pics: Ben Flajnik, Bikini-Clad Courtney Robertson Celebrate Engagement in Mexico

Reality TV Magazine 3/22/12 Trouble In Paradise For The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson

People 3/22/12 The Bachelor Turns 10! Chris Harrison's Most Memorable Moments

Reality TV Magazine 3/21/12 The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson Speaks Out About Ben Flajnik’s “Cheating” Photos

Extra 3/21/12 Pics! 'Bachelor' Ben and Courtney: Are They Together?

TV Guide 3/20/12 Video: Ben's "Exes" Count Down our Top 5 Moments From This Season of The Bachelor

Daily Mail 3/20/12 The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson claims she still trusts fiancé Ben Flajnik after cheating rumours

Wetpaint 3/20/12 Courtney Speaks! First Solo Interview Since Winning The Bachelor — Exclusive

Reality TV Magazine 3/19/12 The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Out In Public For The First Time

TMZ 3/19/12 'The Bachelor' Ben and Courtney Ready for Some PDA?

Daily Mail 3/19/12 Lights, cameras, action! The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson play the loving couple and lock lips

US Magazine 3/18/12 Fiances Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Make Their Public Debut

Daily Mail 3/18/12 Ben Flajnik and fiancée Courtney Robertson are spotted out in public for first time on a not so romantic stroll

BuddyTV 3/16/12 The Questions I Would Like to Ask This Woman Who Saw Jesus on 'The Bachelor' (Video)

Reality TV Magazine 3/16/12 Should Kris Humphries Try To Find Love On The Bachelor?

Digital Spy 3/16/12 'Bachelor' Courtney Robertson 'not joining Dancing with the Stars'

Christian Post 3/16/12 Jesus Appears to Fla. Woman During 'The Bachelor' (Video)

BuddyTV 3/15/12 Could a 'Bachelor' Star Join the 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 14 Cast?

Reality TV Magazine 3/15/12 The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik Has No Regrets

Reality TV Magazine 3/15/12 The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson Joining Dancing With The Stars?

Examiner 3/15/12 'The Bachelor': New Courtney Robertson photos, Ben Flajnik speaks

US Magazine 3/15/12 Courtney Robertson is Not Joining Dancing With the Stars

E!Online 3/15/12 The Bachelor Bling! Courtney Robertson Flashes Engagement Ring From Ben Flajnik

Zap2It 3/15/12 'The Bachelor': Courtney Robertson - biggest villain ever? How does she stack up?

BuddyTV 3/14/12 Ben's Final 'Bachelor' Blog: 'It is Going to be a Long Road to Recovery'

Reality TV Fans 3/14/12 Beyond Reality – The Bachelor Finale & After the Final Rose Recap – 3/12/12

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/12 Former Bachelor Contestant Ashley Spivey's Take On The Weirdest Moments Of The Season Finale

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/12 The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik Spotted With Another Woman

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/12 The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Explains Why He And Courtney Robertson Work Well Together

ET Online 3/14/12 Lindzi: Dumpsville Text Trumps 'Bachelor' Split

People 3/14/12 Lindzi Cox: The Bachelor Taught Me to Be a Better Dater

USA Today 3/14/12 Lindzi Cox is ready for prime time

People 3/14/12 Will The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson Join DWTS?

Digital Spy 3/14/12 Barbara Walters: 'The Bachelor offends me and degrades women'

Access Hollywood 3/14/12 Shannon Elizabeth Shows Off Her Impression Of ‘The Bachelor’s’ Courtney Robertson

TV Guide 3/14/12 Video: Bachelor Runner-Up Lindzi Wonders If Ben Knew It Was Courtney All Along

People 3/14/12 Ben Flajnik Writes Final Blog as The Bachelor

TV Guide 3/14/12 Video: Barbara Walters Calls The Bachelor a "Degradation to Women"

BuddyTV 3/13/12 'Bachelor' Finale Photos: Ben Flajnik Rejects Lindzi Cox, Proposes to Courtney Robertson at the Matterhorn

Reality TV Magazine 3/13/12 The Bachelor: Lindzi Cox Would "Totally Do It Again"

Reality TV Fans 3/13/12 The Bachelor: After Party 3-12 Parts 1 – 4

Reality TV Magazine 3/13/12 The Bachelor Season Finale: Ben Flajnik's Funky Hair

Reality TV Fans 3/13/12 The Bachelor: After Party 3/12: Part 5 – 7

Reality TV Magazine 3/13/12 Ben Flajnik Tweets "No More Reality TV For Me"

Reality TV Calendar 3/13/12 Ben And Courtney After The Final Rose - Recap and Commentary

Reality News Online 3/13/12 The Bachelor 16, After the Final Rose: Happily Ever After?

Reality TV Calendar 3/13/12 He Proposes, She Accepts, It's Over - Recap and Commentary

Reality News Online 3/13/12 The Bachelor 16, The Finale: Winning or Wedding?

Daily Mail 3/13/12 You're not a Bachelor anymore! Engaged Ben Flajnik is straddled by Courtney Robertson lookalike in the park

TV Guide 3/13/12 Bachelor's Chris Harrison on Ben and Courtney: "They Might Just Be Weird Enough to Work"

Hollywood Reporter 3/13/12 ‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky: Ben and Courtney Will Probably Make It

Daily Beast 3/13/12 ‘Bachelor’ Finale: Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson & a Terrible Season

Zap2It 3/13/12 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik's alternate ending to the finale

People 3/13/12 Ben Flajnik: Courtney and I 'Work Really Well Together'

US Magazine 3/13/12 Courtney Robertson Steps Out After Bachelor Finale Without Engagement Ring

Entertainment Weekly 3/13/12 Lindzi Cox on whether she bought Courtney's apology and why she wasn't on 'After the Final Rose'

MTV 3/13/12 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik's Decision 'Driven By His Pants'

Digital Spy 3/13/12 'The Bachelor' Chris Harrison Q&A: 'Courtney really made mistakes'

E!Online 3/13/12 Bachelor's Lindzi Cox Dishes on Courtney's Bad Behavior! Plus, Does She Still Have Feelings for Ben?

US Magazine 3/13/12 Lindzi Cox Hates Ben Flajnik's Haircut, Pities Courtney Robertson

NY Daily News 3/13/12 'The Bachelor' finale: Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson back together after engagement split

E!Online 3/13/12 Was Bachelor Ben the Worst Bachelor Ever?

Zap2It 3/13/12 'The Bachelor's' Lindzi Cox 'very interested' in 'Bachelor Pad'

Hollywood Reporter 3/13/12 'The Bachelor': Lindzi Reflects on the Finale, Says She's 'In a Really Good Place Now'

LA Times 3/13/12 'The Bachelor' recap: Front-runner takes home Ben's final rose

ABC News 3/13/12 'The Bachelor' Picks Courtney: Lindzi Cox Discusses

Zap2It 3/13/12 'The Bachelor's' Lindzi Cox: Courtney Robertson 'was naked a lot,' maybe that's why she won

Santa Rosa Press Democrat 3/13/12 Sonoma's 'Bachelor' proposes, breaks up, then ...

Entertainment Weekly 3/13/12 'The Bachelor' season finale recap: Wave the Red Flag

People 3/13/12 Lindzi Cox Wishes Bachelor Couple 'Nothing But the Best'

NY Post 3/13/12 'Bachelor' finale recap: Before, During and After the Final Rose

Fox News 3/13/12 'Bachelor' villain Courtney Robertson gets final rose, engaged to Ben despite controversy

Time 3/13/12 The Bachelor Finale: Did Ben Pick Courtney or Linzi?

Radar Online 3/13/12 The Bachelor’s Runner-Up Lindzi Cox: ‘Happy With How It Ended Up’

People 3/13/12 Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson Are Back Together After Split

Entertainment Weekly 3/13/12 Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' finale and 'After the Final Rose'

US Magazine 3/13/12 Lindzi Cox: "If I Skinny Dipped" I Might Have Won The Bachelor

Daily Mail 3/13/12 Emotional Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson insist they plan to ride out storm together after The Bachelor

Gainesville Sun 3/13/12 'The Bachelor' chooses model as his Swiss mrs., sending Ocala-connected Lindzi home

NY Daily News 3/13/12 ‘The Bachelor’ season finale recap: Ben goes with his gut, picks model Courtney over earnest Lindzi

Seattle PI 3/13/12 ‘Bachelor’ finale shuns another Seattle woman, Lindzi Cox

BuddyTV 3/12/12 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose' Recap: In Which the First Part of That 'Ever After' Wasn't So 'Happily'

BuddyTV 3/12/12 'The Bachelor' Finale Recap: Congratulations on Your Impending Nightmarriage

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TV Guide 7/6/10 Vienna & Jake, TV's Beauty and the Beast

Zap2It 7/6/10 'The Bachelorette': The Jake and Vienna interview disgusts us all

NY Post 7/6/10 Jake & Vienna implode

US Magazine 7/6/10 Jake Admits Withholding Sex From Vienna

LA Times 7/6/10 'The Bachelorette': Vienna interrupts Jake, and some stuff happens to Ali, too

People 7/5/10 Jake and Vienna: The Showdown Gets Ugly

NY Daily News 7/5/10 In ABC interview, Vienna Girardi says she had no 'voice' after break up with Jake Pavelka

Gather 7/3/10 The Bachelor - Good Morning America's Sneak Peek - Jake Pavelka And Vienna Girardi Bachelorette Interview

E!Online 7/3/10 Let the Cheating Accusations Begin! More From Jake and Vienna's Hostile Sitdown

People 7/2/10 Sneak Peek: Jake and Vienna’s ‘Emotionally Charged’ Interview

TV Guide 7/2/10 Jake Pavelka "Never Considered" Playgirl

TV Guide 7/2/10 Trista Sutter: Jake and Vienna Were Not a Good Match

BuddyTV 7/1/10 Vienna, Justin 'Rated R' Rego Tell Their Sides of the Story

Reality TV Fans 7/1/10 The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi to Pose Nude for Playboy?

Gather 7/1/10 The Bachelorette 2010 - Sneak Peek of Jake Pavelka And Vienna Girardi's Final Interview

E!Online 7/1/10 See Jake and Vienna Face Off About Their Breakup—and Possibly Jake Naked

Access Hollywood 7/1/10 Rep: Jake Pavelka ‘Never Considered’ Doing Playgirl

NY Post 7/1/10 'Fame whore' Vienna walks out on Jake in reunion show

US Magazine 7/1/10 Vienna Defends Selling Split to Tabloid

BuddyTV 6/30/10 Ali's New Man, Vienna for 'Playboy' and More 'Bachelor' Rumors

Reality TV Magazine 6/30/10 The Bachelor: Vienna Girardi’s Mom Calls Jake Pavelka “Verbally Abusive”

Gather 6/30/10 The Bachelorette 2010 - Could We See Ali Fedotowsky And Jake Pavelka Back Together?

Gather 6/30/10 The Bachelor - Vienna Girardi Has Plans For Playboy - Calls Jake Pavelka Out

E!Online 6/30/10 Vienna Calls Jake a "Fame Whore" (Oh, and She's Posing for Playboy, Too?)

People 6/30/10 Could Ali Fedotowsky and Jake Pavelka Rekindle a Romance?

TMZ 6/30/10 Vienna Girardi -- Face Full of Man Junk

US Magazine 6/30/10 Playgirl Hopes Jake Pavelka Will Pose Nude

Gather 6/29/10 The Bachelor - Is Jake Pavelka Gay?
US Magazine 6/29/10 Vienna Calls Bachelor Jake a "Liar," "Fame Whore"

NY Daily News 6/29/10 Jake Pavelka's split from Vienna Girardi helped him with 'Drop Dead Diva' scene, says Camille Guaty

Digital Spy 6/29/10 'Bachelor' contestants 'supporting Vienna'

Reality TV Magazine 6/28/10 The Bachelor: Vienna Girardi Says She Broke Up With Jake Pavelka Over Intimacy Issues
Digital Spy 6/28/10 'Bachelor' Jake 'still wants to marry'

US Magazine 6/28/10 Diva Costar: Vienna Split Helped Jake's Acting

US Magazine 6/28/10 Jake Pavelka: "I Haven't Slept in Three Days"

Reality TV Magazine 6/27/10 Jake Pavelka’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Co-Stars Sound Off About Split From Vienna Girardi

Gather 6/27/10 The Bachelor - Vienna Girardi Felt Threatened By Jake Pavelka - Did She Really?

Reality TV Fans 6/26/10 Bachelor Breakup: Jake & Vienna Split

Reality TV Magazine 6/26/10 The Bachelor: Vienna Girardi’s “Other Man” Gregory Michael Speaks Out About Infidelity

US Magazine 6/26/10 Jake Pavelka Plays Bachelor-esque Villain on New Show

People 6/25/10 DWTS and Diva Costars Say Jake and Vienna’s Split Was No Surprise

NY Post 6/25/10 'Bachelor' reunion blowup

US Magazine 6/25/10 Jake: "I Don't Regret" Engagement to Vienna

Reality TV Magazine 6/24/10 The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka on Extra Tonight

Reality TV Magazine 6/24/10 Jake Pavelka Broke Up With Vienna Girardi Over The Phone Because of “Trust Issues”

Gather 6/24/10 The Bachelorette 2010 - Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi To Reunite For Interview

TV Guide 6/24/10 Newly Single Jake Pavelka to Stop By Bachelor Pad

Extra 6/24/10 'Extra' Exclusive: 'Bachelor' Says Vienna Was Never 'Threatened'

Zap2It 6/24/10 'Drop Dead Diva' first look: Does 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka actually make it to the altar?

NY Post 6/24/10 Vienna has to give ring back to ABC

Extra 6/24/10 'Bachelors' and 'Bachelorettes': Where Are They Now?

US Magazine 6/24/10 Exclusive: Vienna Storms Off in Tears During Jake Reunion Special

Daily Mail 6/24/10 The Bachelor split turns ugly as Jake Pavelka accuses Vienna of cheating... while she brands him 'a monster'

E!Online 6/24/10 Jake & Vienna Sit Down and Talk: How Do You Think That Went?

People 6/24/10 Jake Pavelka: Why I Broke Up with Vienna Girardi by Phone

US Magazine 6/24/10 Jake: Vienna Got "Insanely Jealous" of My Fame

TV Guide 6/24/10 Bachelor's Jake Pavelka: There Were "Trust Issues" with Vienna

US Magazine 6/24/10 Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi to Reunite on The Bachelorette

Reality TV Magazine 6/23/10 The Bachelor: Vienna Girardi’s Infidelity Caused Breakup With Jake Pavelka

Reality TV Magazine 6/23/10 The Bachelor: Vienna Girardi Is ‘Shocked’ By Breakup With Jake Pavelka

Gather 6/23/10 The Bachelor - Vienna Girardi And Jake Pavelka Trash Talk Through Break-Up

Reality TV Calendar 6/23/10 Jake Says Vienna Cheated - Vienna Says Jake Wouldn't "Be Intimate" With Her

TV Guide 6/23/10 ABC to Interview Bachelor Exes Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Together

People 6/23/10 Should Jake Pavelka Move into ABC’s Bachelor Pad?

E!Online 6/23/10 Jake and Vienna: Have We Been Had?

US Magazine 6/23/10 Exclusive: Jake Pavelka: Vienna Cheating Was the "Final Straw"

E!Online 6/23/10 Source: Vienna Girardi Dumped Jake Pavelka via Phone Monday Night, Moved Out Tuesday

US Magazine 6/23/10 Vienna Suggests Relationship With Jake Was "Broken"

BuddyTV 6/22/10 'The Bachelor' Breaking News: Jake and Vienna Split

Reality TV Magazine 6/22/10 The Bachelor: Vienna Girardi Moved Out On Saturday

Gather 6/22/10 The Bachelorette 2010 - Why Did Jake Pavelka And Vienna Girardi Break Up - Is It Because Of Ali?

Reality TV Magazine 6/22/10 The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi Break Up

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/10 It's All Over For Jake And Vienna - Report and Commentary

Gather 6/22/10 The Bachelor - Jake Pavelka And Vienna Girardi Break-Up

TMZ 6/22/10 Vienna Girardi & Gregory Michael -- Hand In Hand

US Magazine 6/22/10 Exclusive: Pic: Vienna Girardi Still Wearing Engagement Ring

TMZ 6/22/10 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka: No Hard Feelings

People 6/22/10 Pal: Vienna Girardi in 'Shock' over Breakup with Jake Pavelka

TMZ 6/22/10 Vienna's Stepmom: She Gave The Ring Back

E!Online 6/22/10 It Sucks to Be Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi and Gregory Michael

Extra 6/22/10 Trista Sutter's Reaction to Jake & Vienna's Split

TMZ 6/22/10 'Bachelor' Split -- Accusations of 'Fame Whoring'

Zap2It 6/22/10 Jake and Vienna break up -- nobody gets to keep the ring

E!Online 6/22/10 The Real Story Behind Jake and Vienna's Breakup: "She Was Kind of Stalkerish"

TMZ 6/22/10 Vienna Stopped Sleeping with Jake on Saturday

Digital Spy 6/22/10 Vienna Girardi: 'I didn't cheat on Jake'

TMZ 6/22/10 Random 'Bachelor' Reject Blames Jake for Split

Gather 6/15/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010 - Bachelor Jake Pavelka Lands Drop Dead Diva Role

Digital Spy 6/14/10 'Bachelor' Jake lands 'Diva' acting role

BuddyTV 6/10/10 Spoilers: The Final Four 'Bachelor' Candidates for Next Season

Reality TV Fans 6/8/10 Melissa Rycroft to Co-Host ABC’s “Bachelor Pad” Premiering August 9

Gather 6/8/10 Bachelor Pad 2010 - Melissa Rycroft Signs On - Partial Bachelor Pad Cast List Leaked

NY Post 6/1/10 'Bach' reunion

Digital Spy 5/31/10 'Bachelor' Jake, Vienna vacation in Hawaii

Digital Spy 5/31/10 Ali recalls 'Bachelor' mansion memories

Gather 5/30/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010 - Vienna Girardi Wants To Dance Next Season [Video]

Digital Spy 5/27/10 'Bachelor' Vienna 'loved princess dress'

Digital Spy 5/26/10 'Bachelorette' star 'interested in Bachelor'

US Magazine 5/25/10 Bachelorette's Ali and Vienna Bury the Hatchet

Gather 5/21/10 Jake Pavelka To Dance With Vienna Girardi On Finale - Who Do You Want To Win DWTS?

People 5/21/10 The Bachelor‘s Vienna to Make Dancing Debut

E!Online 5/20/10 DWTS Finale: Bachelor Jake Dancing With...Vienna

The Insider 5/18/10 Eliza Dushku Warns Vienna Girardi: Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Man

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/10 The Bachelor Exclusive: Vienna Girardi Is Having Second Thoughts About Marrying Jake Pavelka

Gather 5/12/10 The Bachelor - Vienna Girardi Doubting Her Future Wedding Plans To Jake Pavelka

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/10 The Bachelor Exclusive: Vienna Girardi Is Having Second Thoughts About Marrying Jake Pavelka

Gather 5/1/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010 - Jake Pavelka Now All Smiles Following Elimination - Hits Regis & Kelly 

Gather 4/28/10 Another Bachelor Couple Goes Bust - Find Out Who Here

Gather 4/28/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010 - Jake Pavelka And Vienna Girardi Post Elimination Heartbreak

US Magazine 4/28/10 Jake, Vienna Inconsolable After He's Booted Off DWTS

Digital Spy 4/28/10 Jake Pavelka: 'Bachelor break-up sucks'

Digital Spy 4/28/10 'Bachelor' Jake 'wants to romance Vienna'

Gather 4/27/10 The Scoop On Jake Pavelka,Vienna Girardi And Jake Talks About The Bachelorette

People 4/27/10 Ex-Bachelor Stars Charlie O’Connell and Sarah Brice Split

E!Online 4/26/10 DWTS: Behind-the-Scenes Scoop on Jake and Vienna

TMZ 4/23/10 'Bachelor' Star Vegas Wedding - Laughing Matter

Digital Spy 4/23/10 'Bachelor' Jake 'losing weight on Dancing'
TMZ 4/22/10 'Bachelor' Bride -- Massive Diamond Uncovered

Reality TV Magazine 4/21/10 The Bachelor: Shayne Lamas Elopes In Vegas

Gather 4/21/10 The Bachelor - Jake Pavelka And Vienna Giardi Hit MTV Party After Jake's DWTS Save

Reality TV Fans 4/20/10 More of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette: Where Are They Now

Reality TV Magazine 4/20/10 The Bachelor: Bob Guiney’s Wife Files For Divorce

Gather 4/20/10 The Bachelor - Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Out In Los Angeles, Wedding Date Is Set

Gather 4/20/10 The Bachelor - Bob Guiney Will Be A Bachelor Again, Headed To Divorce Court

Digital Spy 4/20/10 Jake, Vienna clear up marriage rumors

TV Guide 4/20/10 Bachelor Bob Guiney and Rebecca Budig to Divorce

Digital Spy 4/20/10 Lamas: 'Marriage not publicity stunt'

Reality TV Fans 4/19/10 The Bachelor and The Bachelorette: Where Are They Now

Gather 4/19/10 Former Bachelor Winner Does Quickie Marriage Vegas Style

TMZ 4/19/10 'Bachelor' Winner -- Elopes in Vegas

Digital Spy 4/14/10 'Bachelor' Jake, Vienna 'ignore criticism'

Gather 4/13/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010 - Jake Pavelka And Vienna Girardi Smooch At The Mint

Gather 4/13/10 Former Bachelor & Bachelorette Hopefuls Set To Tie The Knot - Find Out Who

Reality TV Magazine 4/12/10 The Bachelorette: Jillian Harris’ Advice To Jake & Vienna

Gather 4/12/10 Former Bachelor Hopeful Speaks About Jake & Vienna - Jake Pavelka Opens up about DWTS & Kate Gosselin

Reality TV Magazine 4/12/10 The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars: Jake Pavelka Interview

US Magazine 4/12/10 Bachelor's Vienna Lands TV Gig

People 4/10/10 Bachelorette’s Jillian Harris: Jake and Vienna Should Tune Out Talk

Gather 4/9/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010 - Jake Pavelka Out With Vienna Girardi

Digital Spy 4/9/10 'Bachelor' Jake 'takes Vienna on date night'

Gather 4/8/10 We See Ali Fedotowsky at Work in First Video Leaked from Upcoming Season - The Bachelor Spinoff Planned 

Gather 4/5/10 Dancing With The Stars 2010 - Jake Pavelka Goes Egyptian For His Quickstep - Seen Out With Vienna 


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