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News Articles about the Reality Television Genre


Washington Post 2/25/03 TV Becoming Arena For Amateurs

News-Star 2/25/03 Reality TV offers escape from life

National Post 2/25/03 All reality television all the time

Rocky Mountain News 2/25/03 Reality takes bigger bite

USA Today 2/25/03 Fox to mark its first sweeps-month victory

NY Daily News 2/25/03 ABC stuck in a real bind

Press Release 2/24/03 NBC Seeks Woman to Star in New Reality Series

Media Life 2/24/03 OK, sly Fox, what's next?

NY Times 2/24/03 TV Networks Plan Flood of Reality Programming for Summer

NY Times 2/23/03 A Rundown of the New Reality Shows

CBS 2/23/03 Reality vs. `Reality' on TV these days

NY Times 2/23/03 A Barnum of Reality Chases the Relatable Concept

Deseret News 2/23/03 Get real — 'celebrity' reality TV?

Fans of Reality TV 2/23/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, February 15-21

Washington Post 2/23/03 Reality Bites Like You've Never Tasted Before

CBS 2/22/03 Reality TV: The Toast Of TV

NY Times 2/22/03 Are You Hot? Not if You're a Sitcom Writer

SF Chronicle 2/22/03 On new breed of TV hits, reality sinks in slowly

Globe and Mail 2/22/03 Reality bites

NY Times 2/22/03 Blurring Reality With Soap Suds

Zap2It 2/21/03 Reality Explosion Forces Emmys To Revamp

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/21/03 Stop Whining & Learn To Love TV Voyeurism

CNN 2/20/03 Spring's slate of new reality television shows

Fox News 2/20/03 'Unveiling' Reality Stars' Steamy Pasts

Ames Tribune 2/20/03 From Shirley Temple to Joe Millionaire

Reality News Online 2/19/03 Sci-Fi's Prank Show Backfires When Alien Attack Victim Sues

Beacon Journal 2/19/03 Hollywood player

USA Today 2/17/03 Reality-show contestants raise glasses, concerns

NY Daily News 2/17/03 Contestants get a reality check

Beacon Journal 2/17/03 Fox's success based firmly in reality TV

San Diego Tribune 2/16/03 Reality shows taking a huge bite out of TV

Time 2/16/03 Why Reality TV Is Good For Us

Beacon Journal 2/16/03 Get Real!

Fans of Reality TV 2/15/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, February 8-14

Media Life 2/14/03 History speaks to reality's untimely end

NY Times 2/14/03 Advertisers Decide It's Time for 'Reality'

Contra Costa Times 2/13/03 Reality shows like to fish area pool

Seattle PI 2/13/03 Men vs. women: Now that's reality

NY Times 2/13/03 It's All About Hottitude and Tweaking 'Reality'

National Post 2/12/03 Shame on reality television

Media Life 2/11/03 Reality's power to wrinkle its foes

MSNBC 2/10/03 The business of reality TV

USA Vanguard 2/10/03 Reality TV has gone too far

MSNBC 2/10/03 The business of reality TV

Fans of Reality TV 2/10/03 Top Moments in Reality TV, Feb. 1-7

Washington Post 2/10/03 On Fox, Making Reality a Reality

NY Daily News 2/10/03 Pitched - into the trash

USA Today 2/10/03 Networks mindful of a reality bite

Ventura Star 2/9/03 Reality shows continue to emphasize romance

NY Times 2/9/03 Reality Is Harsh on TV's Creative Teams

Daily Camera 2/9/03 Is this for real?

Corning Leader 2/8/03 The bite of 'reality' TV

The Daily Telegraph 2/8/03 Reality television: we ain't seen nothing yet

Canton Repository 2/8/03 The Reality Is, We’re Stuck With This TV Programming

Reality News Online 2/7/03 Update: Bad Singers, Bad Shows, and Bad Celebs

The Olympian 2/6/03 A Dose of Reality

NY Daily News 2/6/03 Reality shows pumping up Fox ad profits

BBC 2/5/03 Reality TV continues US domination

News Observer 2/5/03 Suckers for 'reality'

Free Lance Star 2/5/03 Too large a dose of reality

News Observer 2/5/03 Suckers for 'reality'

Press Release 2/4/03 Casting Call for New Reality Series - Anything for Love

Press Release 2/4/03 Actor Couples Wanted for New Reality Series in NYC Area

NY Daily News 2/4/03 Reality in little bites

Seattle PI 2/4/03 All that reality has left a dent in sweeps

Media Life 2/3/03 For sweeps, ABC's reality quick-fixes

DW World 2/3/03 Reality TV Still a Hit in Germany

Lansing State Journal 2/2/03 Reality's 5 faces

Washington Post 2/2/03 Reality TV as a Teaching Tool

Fans of Reality TV 2/2/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, January 25-31

NY Daily News 2/1/03 Dangerous obsession

Nashville Business Journal 1/31/03 Real life truly is stranger than fiction

Desert Sun 1/31/03 Master of deception admits he loves reality

Reality News Online 1/31/03 Bridezillas: Were They Really That Bad?

Washington Post 1/31/03 Getting Down and Dirty in The Hot Tub

NY Daily News 1/31/03 TV contestants have colorful ties to past

Tiger News 1/31/03 Reality TV craze catches on with success at Clemson

Tallahassee Democrat 1/31/03 Mean-spirited reality TV degrades participants, viewers

Business Week 1/30/03 America's Reality-TV Addiction

Arizona Daily Sun 1/30/03 Is 'real' TV any better than fiction?

Press Release 1/30/03 Real Bachelorettes on a Man Hunt

Reality News Online 1/29/03 Reality News Update

UC Berkeley 1/29/03 Filmmakers come to campus looking for a few good-but not too good- men

San Francisco Chronicle 1/29/03 Reality TV meets real-life politics

The News Tribune 1/28/03 Execs say some ideas are too much for reality TV

CSM 1/28/03 Even reality TV producers turn some ideas down

Fans of Reality TV 1/27/03 Winners of the First Annual FORTy Awards

Guardian 1/27/03 Reality TV is here to stay

NY Times 1/26/03 Bachelor No. 1 and the Birth of Reality TV

Beacon Journal 1/26/03 Big 4 flip script for reality TV

NY Times 1/25/03 Reality TV Alters the Way TV Does Business

Reality News Online 1/25/03 Canadian Popstars: Alberta & Newfoundland

Mercury News 1/24/03 Reality TV surviving, thriving

Fans of Reality TV 1/24/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, January 18-24

Deseret News 1/20/03 ABC addicted to reality TV

USA Today 1/20/03 Fox not wasting any time

San Francisco Gate 1/20/03 It's time to get real about reality TV

St Petersburg Times 1/20/03 Brace yourself

Fans of Reality TV 1/18/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, January 11-18

Reality News Online 1/18/03 S.Africa Reality TV: 2002 Aftermath and 2003 Preview

The Globe and Mail 1/18/03 In Hollywood, the D-List is the new A-List

New York Times 1/18/03 Forgotten Stars Show Up on Reality TV

Reality News Online 1/17/03 The Reality Factor–1/17/03: Theft, Eviction, Lies, and Celebrities

Reality News Online 1/17/03 Canadian Popstars: The One – Saskatoon and Montreal

Milwaukee Journal 1/17/03 ABC aims to please with cheese

USA Today 1/17/03 Wishing upon a star search

CBS News 1/17/03 Reality TV Really Takes Off

Reality News Online 1/16/03 Man Versus Beast: Who Is Faster, Stronger… and Smarter?

Chicago Sun-Times 1/16/03  Are these for real? Absolutely

USA Today 1/16/03 ABC will face reality to lift ratings, but can it work?

Media Life 1/15/03 'Joe Millionaire' isn't the only hot new show

Milwaukee Journal 1/15/03 For some on TV shows, once isn't enough

Chicago Tribune 1/15/03 Like ragweed, 'Bachelorette,' other reality TV are in bloom

SF Gate 1/15/03 ABC says it's taking responsible approach to reality TV

Zap2It 1/15/03 Reality Series Plug ABC Schedule Holes

ABC News 1/15/03 Reality Television Grabs Strong Ratings 1/15/03 Networks basking in misfortunes

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/15/03 2002 Hall of Shame Year in Review Awards: "Worst Of" Segment

Reality News Online 1/15/03 2002 Hall of Shame Year in Review Awards: "Best Of" Segment

NY Times 1/15/03 Has Fox's Own Reality Imp Reached the Limit?

Time 1/14/03 Attack of the Killer B-List

Fans of Reality TV 1/14/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, Jan 5-11

The Herald-Star 1/14/03 'Reality' television going way too far

Contra Costa Times 1/14/03 Truth is networks see no stability with reality TV

Reality News Online 1/14/03 Organization Fights to Stop ‘Real Beverly Hillbillies’ Show

Reality TV Links 1/14/02 Lifecycle of a Reality Show

MSNBC 1/13/03 An all-too-real television trend

New Zealand Herald 1/13/03 Reality bites back at TV shows

Washington Post 1/13/03 All Too Real

NY Daily News 1/13/03 Reality bites the bottom line

Washington Post 1/13/03 For the Press, Talk of Reality TV and, Well, Bear Baiting

Fox News 1/12/03 'Reality' Bites for Some TV Contestants

Sun News 1/10/03 Shaking off the reality monkey

Fans of Reality TV 1/10/03 Cast Your Vote - The 1st Annual FORTy Awards

NY Daily News 1/10/03 A new reality for networks

USA Today 1/9/03 Networks' star search finds a winner: Dating shows

Fox News 1/9/03 Reality Show Contestants: Rising Stars or Flameouts?

Press Release 1/8/03 Casting Call - New Playboy Reality Series

SF Chronicle 1/8/03 'Celebrity Mole' is the worst of a bad bunch of midyear reality shows

Post-Gazette 1/8/03 Reality TV puts bite into midseason shows

Milwaukee Journal 1/8/03 Plenty of 'reality' TV to go around

Seattle PI 1/7/03 Even B-list folks earn a shot in new reality TV offerings

NY Times 1/7/03 Growing Rowdier, TV Reality Shows Are Attracting Suits

San Francisco Examiner 1/6/03 Reality bites

Reality News Online 1/6/03 Battle of the Sexes – Guide to the Fantasy Game

USA Today 1/5/03 TV gets real this week with 6 new shows

Post-Gazette 1/5/03 Ready or not, more reality television

New York Times 1/5/03 Celebreality: The 'Stars' Are Elbowing Their Way In

El Paso Times 1/4/03 Reality TV shows let us be Peeping Toms -- safely

Milwaukee Journal 1/4/03 Nightmares become reality shows

Deseret News 1/3/03 Reality bites

ABC News 1/3/03 Reality Overload

The Athens News 1/2/03 Will OU students get to star in forthcoming 'real life' movie?

MediaFiends 1/2/03 - The Good, The Bad & The Notorious

Reality News Online 1/1/03 Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes

Washington Post 12/29/02 Getting A Grip On Reality

USA Today 12/22/02 The good, the bad and the ugly of 2002 TV

MediaFiends 12/19/02 Upcoming Reality Shows 

Press Release 12/17/02 Casting Call - New ABC Reality Special

Fans of Reality TV 12/16/02 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, Dec. 8-14

Hall of Shame 12/11/02 Jerri Manthey, Wicked Witch of “Survivor 2”

Reality News Online 12/10/02 Reality High Test Results, Dec 1-7, Go With the Flo

Evening Herald 12/9/02 Reality TV Plan For Mayflower Replica

Hall of Shame 12/9/02 BB2’s Shannon, a Toothbrush, and a Whole Bunch of Germs

Fans of Reality TV 12/9/02 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, Dec. 1-7

Chicago Tribune 12/9/02 Face the facts: Reality TV's 15 minutes just won't end

The Globe and Mail 12/7/02 TV's harsh reality

BBC 12/3/02 The Great Reality TV Swindle

NY Times 12/3/02 In a Spanish Reality TV Show, Even the Losers Win

Reality News Online 12/2/02 Reality High Test Results, Nov. 24-30 Déjà Vu All Over Again

Christian Times 12/2/02 Reality programs latest vehicle for prime-time television raunch

Hollywood Reporter 12/2/02 Woolery game for reality series

Deseret News 12/1/02 Viewers refuse to vote reality shows off island

Independent 12/1/02 Coming soon: Celebrity Detox

Reality News Online 11/25/02 Reality High Test Results, November 17-23, 2002: Early Christmas!

St. Petersburg Times 11/25/02 Idol threat

Fans of Reality TV 11/23/02 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, Nov. 17-23

Reality TV Talk 11/23/02 Reality TV Review for Week of 11/18 – 11/22 11/21/02 Forget 'The Bachelor,' give us 'The Laundry'

Press Release 11/20/02 Casting Call - Couples Wanted for New Reality Series

CBS 11/20/02 London's 'Cadaver' Reality Show Low

My Inky 11/19/02 Reality TV filling the airwaves

Reality News Online 11/19/02 Reality High Test Results, Nov. 10-16, 2002: It’s the Same Old Song

Media Life 11/18/02 The great reality TV swindle (a true story)

Press Release 11/18/02 The WB Announces North Shore Reality Show

Zap2It 11/18/02 'North Shore' Becomes a Reality for WB

Guardian 11/18/02 The price of fame

Fans of Reality TV 11/15/02 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, Nov. 10-16

Zap2It 11/15/02 Engaged Couples Will 'Race to the Altar' on NBC

My Inky 11/14/02 Reality series goes on blind 'Star Dates'

BBC 11/13/02 Russian TV clinches space deal

Reality News Online 11/12/02 Reality High Test Results, Nov 3-9, 2002: Recipes, the Park, & Other Things

USA Today 11/11/02 Many are getting thier time on reality shows

Rocky Mountain News 11/9/02 Allen Funt, meet Anna Nicole

Reality News Online 11/6/02 Reality High Test Results, Oct. 27 - Nov. 2, 2002: Cliques and Heathers

Fans of Reality TV 11/4/02 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, Oct. 27 - Nov. 2

Post Gazette 11/3/02 A trip back in time: 'The 1940s House'

Fans of Reality TV 10/28/02 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, Oct. 20-26

Reality News Online 10/28/02 Reality High Test Results, October 20-26, 2002: Sigmund Freud, Analyze This!

Reality News Online 10/21/02 Reality High Test Results, October 13-19, 2002

Orange County Register 10/21/02 It's all about me

Fans of Reality TV 10/21/02 Top 10 Reality Moments, 10/13-10/19

NY Times 10/20/02 Hunt for a Killer Creates a New Kind of Reality TV

Reality News Online 10/19/02 Want to Be on Reality TV? Be Yourself, Teeth and All

Sacramento Bee 10/19/02 Sony's new reality TV show makes mockery of unemployed

NY Daily News 10/19/02 Roseanne to get real on ABC

Reality News Online 10/18/02 News on American Idol 2, Star Search, and The Show

BBC 10/18/02 Reality show plans Everest climb

Reality News Online 10/18/02 Roseanne and the Mountain: Two New Reality Shows for 2003

Zap2It 10/17/02 'Show' Searches for Baseball Stars

Zap2It 10/16/02 E! Has Another Odd Reality Show on the Way

Guardian 10/16/02 Reality TV shows scoop viewers' choice awards

Teen Hollywood 10/16/02 Reality TV Still Hot

Alternet 10/15/02 Who Wants to Be Employed?

Fox News 10/15/02 Forgotten Celebs Find Refuge in Reality Shows

Press Release 10/12/02 Casting Call - Network Reality Show

MRC 10/10/02 Harsh Reality TV

USA Today 10/9/02 Voyeuristic viewers can't get enough, so reality TV obliges 10/9/02 Russia TV Network Announces Space Tourism Contest

Sign on San Diego 10/4/02 Aspiring stars have their reality rechecked at Belly

BBC 10/3/02 Homeless men sue over 'Bumfights'

The Exponent 9/30/02 Reality TV puts people on display

RNO 9/28/02 'Murder in Small Town X' Winner and 9/11 Hero to Have Street Named After Him

Newhouse News 9/27/02 What's the Space Station Supposed to Be, Anyway?

BBC 9/27/02 Reality TV under fire

Daily Journal 9/27/02 Reality programming going too far

My Inky 9/26/02 He's not Greg Brady, he just played one on TV

BBC 9/26/02 Four charged over tramp fights film

Reality News Online 9/26/02 The Reality Top 5, September 15-21, 2002

Guardian 9/25/02 'Win a job' game show sparks union outrage

Reality News Online 9/25/02 The Best & Worst of This Week’s Reality TV, Sept. 15-21, 2002

San Francisco Chronicle 9/22/02 Reality show on (gasp) the History Channel?
Sky News 9/20/02 White House Survivor?

Sky News 9/18/02 Space Trip For TV Winner

San Francisco Chronicle 9/18/02 Air of unreality

Reality News Online 9/16/02 Best and Worst of This Week's Reality TV, Sept. 8-14, 2002

Zap2It 9/16/02 'Celebrity Daredevils' Make the Leap for FOX

Buffalo News 9/15/02 Unscripted humanity puts reality in 'reality TV'

Press Release 9/13/02 All You Need is Love Casting Call

Hollywood Reporter 9/13/02 In-house reality: NBC's 'Funniest' compiles comics

BBC 9/13/02 Reality TV search for Argentine politician

Reality News Online 9/11/02 Everything Old is a New Reality Show Again

Hollywood Reporter 9/10/02 Men's mag plans TV reality series

Reality News Online 9/9/02 The Best and Worst of This Week's Reality TV, Sept 1-7, 2002

Zap2It 9/9/02 NBC Orders Episodes of New Reality Show "Adrenaline X"

Reality News Online 9/7/02 Does "Being Yourself" Work on Reality TV?

The Scotsman 9/5/02 Reality TV contestants sue

Reality TV Links 9/3/02 Are TV Networks Cheating at Game Shows? Probably!

Reality News Online 9/2/02 The Best and Worst of This Week's Reality TV, August 25-31, 2002

Orlando Sentinel 9/2/02 TV makes love a sporting game

Press Release 8/31/02 Faking It Auditions in Oregon and California

Reality News Online 8/31/02 Green Acres is the Place for Reality TV to Be

Kentucky Post 8/31/02 Reality show will perpetuate hillbilly stereotype

New York Daily News 8/30/02 CBS' 'Idol' idea: A new 'Star Search'

BBC 8/28/02 Viewers question reality TV

BBC 8/27/02 Game show scrapped after deaths

Reality News Online 8/26/02 The Best & Worst of This Week's Reality TV, August 18-24, 2002

Reality News Online 8/26/02 The Reality Top 5, August 18-24, 2002

Reality News Online 8/25/02 Colorful Characters on Reality TV

Press Release 8/23/02 Faking It Auditions In Pennsylvania This Weekend

Hollywood Reporter 8/21/02 More heat for summer of reality

USA Today 8/20/02 Young adults love a good summer reality show

Zap2It 8/20/02 Satire Stranger Than Reality for NBC

Zap2It 8/19/02 British Reality Contestants May Sue Producers

Independent 8/18/02 'Scarred' reality show survivors queue to sue TV companies

CSM 8/15/02 Reality Me

Naples Daily News 8/15/02 Don't Quit Your Day Job!: Reality TV comes to Naples

CSM 8/9/02 Reality TV's fall mix: dogs, dating, and circus stunts

San Francisco Chronicle 8/7/02 Viewers share the blame for reality blights

Guardian 8/6/02 News Corp plans reality TV channel

MSNBC 8/6/02 So You Wanna Be a Star?

Globe and Mail 8/5/02 Are all those nasty shows just more reality TV?

Media Research Center 8/2/02 "Reality" Mocks Romance

Press Release 7/31/02 Faking IT Casting Call

Hollywood Reporter 7/31/02 Nets basking in reality summer

Reality News Online 7/30/02 The Reality Top 5: July 17-27

Tee Vee 7/29/02 Reality Show Lottery

Guardian 7/29/02 Reality bytes

New York Times 7/28/02 Mixing High Brow and Low, TV Plays to the Bottom Line

Washington Post 7/28/02 Reality Show Alumni

Zap2It 7/28/02 PBS Returns to the Past with 'Colonial House'

Zap2It 7/26/02 ABC Seeks Unattractive People

Guardian 7/26/02 Sinisa's story

Daily Telegram 7/23/02 Reality-based TV has finally run its course

Zap2It 7/23/02 ABC Tries 'The Dating Experiment'

BBC 7/19/02 Indian TV show arranges marriages

Reality News Online 7/19/02 Season-Ending Reality Top 10: 2001-2002

Post Crescent 7/19/02 Upcoming celebrity reality shows are more must not see TV

Press Release 7/18/02 The Big Choice Casting Call

The Sun News 7/18/02 Some lives not worthy of reality TV

Globe and Mail 7/16/02 Loads of reality TV, and a lot of dishonesty TV

BBC 7/16/02 Minnelli plans reality TV show

Zap2It 7/14/02 New British Reality Show Causes Controversy

BBC 7/11/02 'Blind Date' for single mothers

Reality News Online 7/10/02 The Reality TV Hall of Shame: Krista Stegall of 'Big Brother 2'

Star Online 7/7/02 No stop to 'reality'

Reality News Online 7/4/02 When TV Meets Reality

Independent 7/1/02 BBC raises the stakes with new 'reality TV' show

Ames Tribune 6/29/02 TV needs to get a little less real

San Francisco Chronicle 6/26/02 'Bumfights' makes gladiators of homeless

Media Week 6/24/02 Reality Retains Viewers

Reality News Online 6/21/02 The "Psycho B*tch" Factor of Reality TV

USA Today 6/20/02 Personal ad: 'We'll learn to love each other' 6/17/02 Reality TV Takes on the Web

Dallas Morning News 6/17/02 Reality check: Breezy fare sees networks through summer

San Francisco Examiner 6/17/02 I see desperate people

Reality News Online 6/16/02 The Dads of Reality TV

BBC 6/13/02 Couple sue over TV corpse 'prank'
Media Life 6/12/02 Reality summer: The good, the bad, the ugh

Reality News Online 6/11/02 Reality TV Hall of Shame: David "Puck" Rainey of 'Real World'

Bergen Record 6/10/02 Osbournes give rise to copycats

Reality News Online 6/9/02 Looking for Love In All the Wrong TV Shows

Contra Costa Times 6/6/02 Reality TV lures overeager stars

Reality News Online 6/6/02 The Reality TV Hall of Shame: 'Chains of Love'

Deseret News 6/5/02 'Reality' clones will attack

Extra TV 6/4/02 Summer Television

Augusta Chronicle 6/4/02 Ratings suggest reality TV is popular among youth

USA Today 6/4/02 Networks ready to roll out the 'reality'

Reality News Online 6/3/02 The Reality TV Hall of Shame: Justin Sebik of 'Big Brother 2'

Reality News Online 5/31/02 Introducing the Reality TV Hall of Shame

Seattle Times 5/31/02 A big sea change for reality TV — less nastiness

Reality News Online 5/30/02 Reality Cruise Lowers Prices

Reality News Online 5/28/02 The Reality Top 10: May 19-25, 2002

Guardian 5/28/02 BBC pays damages to angry castaway

Zap2It 5/27/02 BBC Pays Reality Contestant for Damage to Reputation

NY Times 5/26/02 They Want Their Mean TV

BBC 5/25/02 Reality TV tramps in 'ultimate degradation'

Reality News Online 5/25/02 Musings on Reality, Life, and the World in General

Reality News Online 5/20/02 The Reality Top 10: May 12-18, 2002

Guardian 5/20/02 BBC pays out in dispute with Castaway Ron

Globe and Mail 5/20/02 The Lofters lose their TV perch

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/19/02 Year on TV: Less reality, fewer quizzes

New York Times 5/19/02 In Hollywood, Everyone Wants to Be Ozzy
Reality News Online 5/14/02 The Reality Top 10: May 5-11, 2002

New York Times 5/13/02 Reality-TV Idea: Gay Men Groom Straights

New York Times 5/12/02 Reality TV Finds New Prey

Zap2It 5/12/02 Kato Kaelin Is Once Again a 'House Guest'

Deseret News 5/11/02 Mishaps highlight game-show mayhem

Salon 5/9/02 Thy tight buns are like a red, red rose

Reality News Online 5/8/02 Reality From La-La Land: Rainy Days and Sundries Always Get Me Down

Reality News Online 5/7/02 Reality TV: Why the Hype, and Why the Slump Since 9/11

Reality News Online 5/6/02 The Reality Top 10: April 28-May 4, 2002

Milwaukee Journal 5/5/02 Kaelin hopes to enter more homes as 'Houseguest'

Elites TV 5/3/02 Smut Reality Anyone?

Reality News Online 5/1/02 The Reality Factor: May 1, 2002

Fortune 5/1/02 When Good TV Execs Go Bad

Bozeman Chronicle 5/1/02 Local youth audition for new game show

Globe and Mail 5/1/02 Golden opportunity for reality pioneers

Reality News Online 4/30/02 The Reality Top 10: April 21-27, 2002

San Francisco Examiner 4/29/02 Get Real

Zap2It 4/29/02 MTV to Tap P. Diddy For New Reality Show?

Variety 4/25/02 HBO will let auds step up to plate

Reality News Online 4/23/02 The Reality Top 10: April 14-20, 2002

Reality News Online 4/22/02 The Reality Factor: April 22, 2002

South Reporter 4/18/02 What is it about Reality TV?

Reality News Online 4/18/02 The Reality Factor: April 18, 2002

The Advocate 4/18/02 Keeping it real

Reality News Online 4/17/02 Excuse Me, I Believe You're Standing on My Pride

Elites TV 4/17/02 Going down under, Down Under

Salon 4/17/02 Hoop dreams meet hoop reality

Reality News Online 4/16/02 The Reality Top 10: April 7-13, 2002

Reality News Online 4/10/02 The Reality Factor, April 10, 2002

Rainbow Network 4/10/02 Reality TV is Gay TV

Reality News Online 4/10/02 Reality From La-La Land: It's All Vague, Baby

Elites TV 4/9/02 On Reality TV, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Hollywood Reporter 4/9/02 Fox World grabs French 'Coach' for world market

Reality News Online 4/9/02 The Reality Top 10: March 31-April 6, 2002

Dallas Morning News 4/8/02 Reality shows are hits for must-peep TV

NY Times 4/7/02 Are You Ready for 'Survivor: The Hamptons'?

Reality News Online 4/4/02 The Reality Factor

Reality News Online 4/3/02 'Fear' Redux -- Mina Dos Estrellas

Fox News 4/2/02 Dating Shows Take a Nasty Turn
Reality News Online 4/2/02 The Reality Top 10: March 24-30, 2002

Zap2It 4/1/02 MTV Looks For Reality After 'Osbournes'

Naples Daily News 4/1/02 Reality TV hits Spanish-language networks

Zap2It 4/1/02 'The Hamptons' Highlights Haughty Hoopla

Reality News Online 4/1/02 CBS Shocks the Nation

Guardian 3/31/02 Children face TV trial in the jungle

USA Today 3/28/02 Reality TV cools its jets 3/28/02 Dating shows attempt to save 'reality' TV

Reality News Online 3/25/02 The Reality Top 10: March 17-23, 2002

Chicago Sun Times 3/22/02 Reality is, we've seen it all before

BBC 3/21/02 US gets Pop Idol

Reality News Online 3/18/02 The Reality Top 10: March 10-16, 2002

CNN 3/16/02 Reality TV recreates horror of war

Tee Vee 3/14/02 HBO Is Looking for a Few Good Brains

Reality News Online 3/13/02 Reality From La-La Land: Wait, Don't Drink That!

BBC 3/13/02 UK to get 'deepest fears' reality show

Newswire 3/12/02 Canadian First: Viewers Determine the Cast of Reality TV Show

Washington Times 3/9/02 Are reality programs fighting to survive?

Pop Politics 3/7/02 A Big Bowl of Sin

Reality News Online 3/7/02 Idol Threat

CNN 3/4/02 Spain turns on to sex-free reality TV

Reality News Online 3/3/02 Fighting the Winter Blues

St. Petersburg Times 3/3/02 And now back to your regularly scheduled 'reality'

Zap2It 2/27/02 HBO's "Candidate 2012" Begins Nationwide Search for Future U.S. President

Fox News 2/26/02 Spreading the Word on Reality TV

Globe and Mail 2/26/02 None of your reality TV please, we're British

Zap2It 2/25/02 Red Cross to Star in New Reality Series

Reality News Online 2/25/02 Reporting, Reality TV, and Narcissism

Hollywood Reporter 2/25/02 Show gets real with Red Cross

Reality News Online 2/22/02 The Glutton Bowl: Hail to the Gluttiators

Reality News Online 2/20/02 Reality From La-La Land: That's Some Pitch You've Got There...

Bizjournal 2/15/02 Screaming Flea Productions makes reality TV shows without Hollywood hype

Technique 2/15/02 Dating TV shows: Real romance or really ridiculous?

Reality News Online 2/10/02 Today's Roman Coliseums

Reality News Online 2/10/02 Princess Margaret and Royalty TV

Globe and Mail 2/9/02 Don't I know you?

Reality News Online 2/6/02 Reality From La-La Land: Getting Sucked In

KCRA 2/4/02 U.C. Davis Sorority Could Be In New Reality TV Show

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The Australian 6/18/01 Let's put asylum seekers into reality TV

The Times 6/13/01 Big Brother switches to football

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Sunday Times 5/20/01 Reality TV: The art of life

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Zap2It 5/15/01 Reality Bites At Nick At Night

BBC 5/15/01 French watchdog cuts Loft Story

CNN 5/14/01 Blow for French reality show

Zap2It 5/12/01 French Protesters Try to Free 'Loft Story' Contestants

Time 5/11/01 'Survivor' and '60 Minutes' — Reality Programming that's not Really Real

Journal Star 5/11/01 Real life tougher than reality TV

Michigan Live 5/10/01 Reality still beats the heck out of reality TV

Milwaukee Journal 5/10/01 French TV Chair Slams Reality Show

Daily Camera 5/9/01 Reality TV happily uses goods

News Journal 5/9/01 Reality of weight problems next stop for TV

Sacramento Bee 5/8/01 Will reality TV survive deals averting strikes in Hollywood?

Cincinnati Post 5/8/01 He wants a shot at reality TV

Seattle Times 5/6/01 Exciting exploits of home inspectors hit TV

Time 5/4/01 How Reality TV (Just Maybe) Saved the Writers from Themselves

Lycos News 5/4/01 France Gets 1st Reality TV Show

San Francisco Chronicle 5/3/01 TV is the true survivor

Globe and Mail 5/2/01 Couples face reality of city after pioneer year on TV show

Media Life 5/2/01 Reality shows appeal across racial lines

Zap2It 5/2/01 Reality Show Craze Captures France

CNN 5/2/01 How much 'reality' TV can we survive?

BBC 4/30/01 Reality TV in the wings

Milwaukee Journal 4/28/01 Past Paving the Way for Reality TV

Zap2It 4/28/01 A&E Gazes at Cosmos, Real World

Zap2It 4/25/01 Leykis To Host UPN Reality Pilot

Columbia Chronicle 4/25/01 'Reality television' invasion is here to stay

The Scotsman 4/24/01 Oh please, Mrs Robinson

San Francisco Chronicle 4/23/01 When reality rules and sitcoms tank, it's no time to go on strike

CSM 4/20/01 Strike could make television more 'real'

Time 4/20/01 Virtuous Reality

Globe and Mail 4/19/01 Reality TV uber alles

New Zealand Herald 4/12/01 Just how real is real?

Zap2It 4/12/01 USA Does 'Cannonballs'

Seattle PI 4/9/01 Integrity one of the many coats that quiz shows often shed

Seattle PI 4/5/01 Expect war games for the next level of reality TV

BBC 4/4/01 Reality TV still a hit 4/4/01 Reality check

Zap2It 4/2/01 CBS Wants Your 'Love Stories'

BBC 3/30/01 Nice TV versus nasty TV

Zap2It 3/27/01 TBS To Try Reality TV With 'Worst Case'

Zap2It 3/22/01 Reality Programming Invades TV

BBC 3/22/01 US TV viewers face more reality

Toledo Blade 3/19/01 Do you have what it takes for ‘Survivor’?

Zap2It 3/17/01 'Big Diet' Reality Series Kicks off in Holland

BBC 3/14/01 Vanessa attacks reality TV

Bergen Record 3/11/01 A strike could be a 'reality'

Daily Telegraph 3/10/01 Be scared, really scared

Toledo Blade 2/25/01 Reality shows have ‘flexible’ rules

Zap2It 2/20/01 No Show Is An Island: Comparative Reality

Washington Post 2/20/01 Reality TV Broadcasts 'Bad Black Guy' Stereotype

CSM 2/20/01 Europe spawns more 'reality TV' but viewers tire

Seattle PI 2/19/01 Reality TV where a good sense of community survives

Milwaukee Journal 2/12/01 TV just can't show enough reality

Seattle Times 2/12/01 What if everyone on 'Survivor' were nice?

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Hampton Roads 2/8/01 Which reality TV shows make the grade?

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CSM 2/2/01 The reality of "real" TV: It comes in cycles

CNN 2/1/01 Why is There Such a Big Trend for Reality TV Nowadays?

BBC 2/1/01 Broadcast prizes for reality shows

Milwaukee Journal 1/31/01 Show Will Look at Reality TV

Zap2It 1/30/01 Reality Producers Campaign for Emmy Category

PsycPort 1/27/01 Psychologists Help Ensure Health, Spark of Reality TV

Variety 1/24/01 Co-op Effort Ties Websites to Reality Shows

Wired News 1/24/01 One Giant Leap for Reality TV

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/01 Voyeurism hooked us long ago

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/01 Writers strike could send TV real-ing

Variety 1/19/01 NAPTE High on Reality

BBC 1/16/01 Baby reality TV show 'planned'

Milwaukee Journal 1/14/01 Writers strike could send TV real-ing

San Francisco Chronicle 1/14/01 A Big Dose of Reality TV shows bound to dry up in a hurry

UK Independent 1/14/01  BBC game show to send contestants into space

Worldnet Daily 1/12/01 My mommy, the lab rat

BBC 1/11/01 Has Reality TV gone too far?

CNN 1/11/01 Reality TV: Where Do We Go From Here?

CNN 1/10/01 Reality TV Old Hat in Europe

CNN 1/10/01 Anthropologist Helen Fisher Discusses Morals and Reality TV

Media Guardian (UK) 1/10/01 Reality TV unreal

CNN 1/10/01 Would You Try Out For Reality TV?

Globe and Mail 1/9/01 'Reality TV' stoops to worse temptations

Post Gazette 1/9/01 Chances slim on survival of reality TV copycats

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/9/01 A Dose of Reality Television

CNN 1/8/01 Reality Shows: Trash TV or Worth the Watch?

Deseret News 1/8/01 Temptation of reality grips TV

BBC 1/8/01 Reality TV bandwagon rolls

St. Petersburg Times 1/5/01 Reality Check

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The Guardian 12/2/00 After Big Brother, reality TV goes pop

Zap2It 11/30/00 The WB Aims For More Reality

Inside Denver 11/20/00 On TV, reality keeps getting stranger

AJR News 11/6/00 Surviving Reality Television

Zap2It 10/27/00 Affleck To Produce ABC Mystery Series?

Zap2It 10/27/00 FOX Goes To Auction Block

Milwaukee Journal 10/18/00 Reality TV tries weeding out contestants

NY Times 10/16/00 Fox Pursuing a Gentler Reality

AJR News 10/6/00 Surviving Reality Television

Futon Critic 9/25/00 The Beginning of the End of Reality Television Part 2

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Post Crescent 9/18/00 We've seen reality, and it's bad TV

BBC 9/4/00 Reality TV: What's the attraction?

BBC 8/12/00 Reality TV Overload

Christian Science Monitor 8/4/00 Good Morning This is your reality check

Milwaukee Journal 7/23/00 Reality-show rejects share tales of televoyeurism 7/21/00 Fox lines up quality control for reality shows

Salon 7/20/00 Aaahhh! Invasion of the "reality people"!

The Futon Critic 7/18/00 NBC Executive Vows to Air Reality Programs

Milwaukee Journal 7/16/00 Success of 'reality' genre limited, says ABC executive

Naples Daily News 7/14/00 A flood of 'Survivor' imitators is on the way 7/13/00 Networks scramble for programming based on reality

CS Monitor 7/7/00 Behind the curtain of TV voyeurism

Hampton Roads 7/3/00 Are you a fan of Reality TV?

Naples Daily News 7/2/00 Frank Rich: Voyeurism for the entire family

Milwaukee Journal 7/10/00 Survivor' Imitators on the Way

CNN 6/27/00 Larry King - What's Driving the Popularity of `Reality TV'?

CS Monitor 6/2/00 Get real

Daily Camera 3/10/00 Networks dish out more reality TV


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