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News Articles about the Reality Television Genre


NY Times 12/31/04 Gentlemen, Start Your TV Sets

Aberdeen News 12/29/04 Not much real on TV's reality shows

Reality TV Calendar 12/29/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 12/28/04 I Want My MTV Reality

MSNBC 12/28/04 Ask the Experts: Top 10 reality questions

Reality TV Calendar 12/28/04 News Rumors and Rants

Bergen Record 12/27/04 Reality bites

NY Daily News 12/27/04 Lamer than fiction

Digital Spy 12/27/04 More reality TV than ever in 2005

USA Today 12/27/04 The good, the bad and the 'Swan' ugly

International Herald Tribune 12/27/04 Reality TV goes beyond a slice of life

Independent 12/26/04 Nearly 200 reality TV shows set for 2005

Chicago Sun-Times 12/25/04 When Chinese get real on TV, it's really friendly

Anorak 12/24/04 From A Little Acorn...

Reality TV Calendar 12/23/04 News Rumors and Rants

Stamford Advocate 12/23/04 Reality Check 

Reality TV Calendar 12/22/04 News Rumors and Rants

Asbury Park Press 12/21/04 Checking in with reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 12/21/04 News Rumors and Rants

MSNBC 12/20/04 Who’s the most famous reality TV alum?

Beacon Journal 12/20/04 Has reality TV signed a pact with the devil?

Reality TV Calendar 12/20/04 News Rumors and Rants

Suburban Chicago News 12/23/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Boston Globe 12/19/04 Hanging on

Reality TV Calendar 12/19/04 News Rumors and Rants

NY Daily News 12/19/04 Reality Bites

News & Reporter 12/18/04 Reality TV has its merits

Reality TV Calendar 12/18/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 12/17/04 Shame On FOX: Commentary by Cari C.

Reality TV Calendar 12/17/04 News Rumors and Rants

Baltimore Sun 12/16/04 TV drama trumping TV reality

Reality TV Calendar 12/16/04 News Rumors and Rants

ABC News 12/16/04 Chinese Reality Series Hits U.S. First

Stamford Advocate 12/16/04 Reality Check

STL Today 12/16/04 Viewers speak: Enough already with reality

Reality TV Calendar 12/15/04 News Rumors and Rants

MSNBC 12/14/04 Why do all reality contestants look alike?

Reality TV Calendar 12/14/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 12/13/04 News Rumors and Rants

Suburban Chicago Newspapers 12/12/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Reality TV Calendar 12/12/04 News Rumors and Rants

NY Times 12/12/04 3BR, 14 Models

Reality TV Calendar 12/11/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 12/10/04 News Rumors and Rants

Chicago Tribune 12/9/04 Harsh reality

Stamford Advocate 12/9/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 12/9/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 12/8/04 News Rumors and Rants

Zap2It 12/7/04 Reality Porn Program May Cross Atlantic

Reality TV Calendar 12/7/04 News Rumors and Rants

MSNBC 12/6/04 Time to define ‘flying under the radar’

Bergen Record 12/6/04 Reality bites

Reality TV Calendar 12/6/04 News Rumors and Rants

Suburban Chicago News 12/5/04 Reality TV Wrap Up

Reality TV Calendar 12/5/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 12/4/04 News Rumors and Rants

Dallas Morning News 12/3/04 Some 'mean' reality shows have a heartwarming side

Reality TV Calendar 12/3/04 News Rumors and Rants

TEC Online 12/2/04 Reality shows permeate television

Stamford Advocate 12/2/04 Reality Check

East Carolinian 12/2/04 Reality shows permeate television

The Guardian 12/2/04 Reality TV boosts family viewing

Reality TV Calendar 12/2/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV World 12/1/04 Report: NBC set to land Mark Burnett's upcoming Martha Stewart reality show

Reality TV Calendar 12/1/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/30/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/29/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/28/04 News Rumors and Rants

NY Daily News 11/28/04 Reality Bites

Reality TV Calendar 11/27/04 News Rumors and Rants 11/26/04 For November, Drama Beats Reality, Cable Trumps Network--Slightly, Magna Study Finds

Stamford Advocate 11/25/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 11/25/04 News Rumors and Rants

Chart Attack 11/23/04 Survivor And American Idol Stars Try To Jingle Their Way Back To The Top

Reality TV Calendar 11/23/04 News Rumors and Rants

Daily Trojan 11/23/04 Reality television needs a conscience

Journal Sentinel 11/22/04 Price of reality is humiliation - and we are willing to pay

MSNBC 11/22/04 We name reality TV’s turkeys of the year

Slate 11/22/04 Reality television is deeply ambivalent toward excess flesh

Borowitz Report 11/22/04 Reality Show Contestants to Compete for Flu Shot

Newsday 11/22/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 11/22/04 News Rumors and Rants

Suburban Chicago News 11/21/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Reality TV Calendar 11/21/04 News Rumors and Rants

NY Daily News 11/21/04 Reality Bites

Reality TV Calendar 11/20/04 News Rumors and Rants

The Scotsman 11/19/04 TV executives don't like reality shows

Reality TV Calendar 11/19/04 News Rumors and Rants
The Chronicle 11/19/04 Keeping it real

The Advocate 11/18/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 11/18/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/17/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/04 The Battle Of The Billionaires: Dear Mr. Burnett

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/04 News Rumors and Rants

MSNBC 11/15/04 Ask the Reality TV Experts

Cornell Daily Sun 11/15/04 Reality Television: Fall of Western Civilization?

Media Week 11/15/04 Fox Must Face Reality

Bergen Record 11/15/04 Reality bites

Reality TV Calendar 11/15/04 News Rumors and Rants

Newsday 11/15/04 Reality Check

NY Daily News 11/14/04 'Big Fat' hoax

Reality TV Calendar 11/14/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/12/04 News, Rumors And Rants

Stamford Advocate 11/11/04 Reality Check

The Age 11/11/04 Facing reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 11/11/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/10/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/10/04 What's On Tonight?

NY Times 11/9/04 Imitators and Parodies, Testing the Job Market

Chicago Tribune 11/9/04 Yet another dose of reality

The Decatur Daily 11/9/04 Are reality shows about entertainment or ridicule?

Reality TV Calendar 11/9/04 News Rumors and Rants

MSNBC 11/8/04 The worst (and best) reality TV moments

Deseret News 11/8/04 Overdosing on reality shows

Newsday 11/8/04 Reality Check

SCN 11/7/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

NY Daily News 11/7/04 Reality Bites

Sun Sentinel 11/7/04 Reality bites? Actually, some shows are quite excellent

Reality TV Calendar 11/5/04 News Rumors and Rants

Stamford Advocate 11/4/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 11/4/04 News Rumors and Rants

BellaOnline 11/3/04 Sneak Preview At Reality TV's Newest Shows

Reality TV Calendar 11/3/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 11/2/04 News Rumors and Rants

MSNBC 11/1/04 Survivor’ contestants can get personal

Zap2It 11/1/04 Fox's New Reality: Unscripted Shows Dominate Schedule

NY Times 11/1/04 Fox Will Follow Red Sox Surge With Reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 11/1/04 News Rumors and Rants? 10/31/04 On the island or in the boardroom, racial frictions are the same

NY Daily News 10/31/04 Reality Bites

Reality TV Calendar 10/30/04 News Rumors and Rants?

Washington Post 10/30/04 For Its New 'Season,' Fox Tosses Out the Scripts

St Petersburg Times 10/29/04 The reality of color on TV

Reality TV Calendar 10/29/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 10/28/04 News Rumors and Rants

Greenwich Time 10/28/04 Reality Check

Zap2It 10/27/04 'Scrubs' Producer Mocks Reality for WB

Reality TV Calendar 10/27/04 Reality TV Nominations: People Choice Awards

Reality TV Calendar 10/26/04 News Rumors and Rants?

MSNBC 10/25/04 Life on ‘Survivor’s’ Loser Island -Plus: How to apply for shows; ‘Pop Stars’ update

Dallas Morning News 10/25/04 Reality TV comes up with more kinks to keep this twisted genre lively

Ad Week 10/25/04 Reality Sets in for Flagging Fox Network

Reality TV Calendar 10/25/04 News Rumors and Rants?

NY Daily News 10/25/04 As scripted shows rise, reality gets old

SCN 10/24/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Reality TV Calendar 10/24/04 News Rumors and Rants?

Sun Sentinel 10/24/04 The reality is, reality TV's fading

NY Daily News 10/24/04 Reality Bites

Zap2It 10/23/04 Cartoon Characters Are 'Drawn' into Reality Living

Guardian 10/23/04 Big Brother's next step: show that lasts forever

Reality TV Calendar 10/23/04 News Rumors and Rants

St Petersburg Times 10/22/04 TV reality not often spoken of: race

Northwest Herald 10/22/04 Next in reality TV: Watch it and gag

Reality TV Calendar 10/22/04 News Rumors and Rants

Seattle Times 10/22/04 Reality shows reflect race issues

Stamford Advocate 10/21/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 10/21/04 News Rumors and Rants 10/21/04 Curse of the reality cuties

Media Life 10/20/04 Reality television is on the wane. (Not.)

Reality TV Calendar 10/20/04 Reality TV Secrets Revealed: Must Reading by Evan Baltz 10/20/04 Half Of Adults Believe Reality TV Can Teach Family Lessons

Emediawire 10/20/04 A Reality TV Rebellion Has Formed

Media Guardian 10/20/04 Altered reality

Hollywood Reporter 10/19/04 TBS will sign reality checks for Nash Ent.

Reality TV Calendar 10/19/04 News Rumors and Rants

Journal Gazette 10/19/04 Reality shows: Race to the finish?

Zap2It 10/18/04 Cox and Arquette Add to TBS Reality Slate

Newsday 10/18/04 Reality check

Reality TV Calendar 10/18/04 News Rumors and Rants

Toledo Blade 10/17/04 Author James Says He Started Reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 10/17/04 News Rumors and Rants

Chicago Tribune 10/17/04 Reality bites back

Reality TV Calendar 10/16/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 10/15/04 News, Rumors and Rants

USA Today 10/15/04 Retooling for glamour

CNN 10/14/04 Dream may be over for reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 10/14/04 News, Rumors and Rants

Contact Music 10/14/04 Blackman Blasts Reality TV 10/14/04 Reality Bubble Bursts, Agency Finds TV Genre Losing Steam

USA Today 10/14/04 Iraqi TV delivers twists on reality and reality shows 10/13/04 Realtors storm reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 10/13/04 News, Rumors and Rants 10/12/04 If this is reality, ladies, you're in trouble

Reality TV Calendar 10/12/04 News Rumors and Rants

Bergen Record 10/11/04 Reality TV is gathering female nuts

New Kerala 10/10/04 No reality TV for Bush's twins

NY Daily News 10/10/04 Reality Bites

NY Times 10/10/04 Reality Stars Keep on Going and Going . . .

Reality TV Calendar 10/10/04 News Rumors and Rants?

Reality TV Calendar 10/9/04 News Rumors and Rants?

Reality TV Calendar 10/8/04 News Rumors and Rants

MSNBC 10/8/04 Reality TV ruined my life

Media Post 10/7/04 Reality TV Ratings Are Down, But the Genre's Not Out

Stamford Advocate 10/7/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 10/7/04 News Rumors and Rants

USA Today 10/7/04 Reality TV gets a big dose of...guess what

Chicago Sun Times 10/6/04 It's not Amos & Andy, but reality TV has image problem

Reality TV Calendar 10/6/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 10/5/04 News Rumors and Rants

Bergen Record 10/4/04 Reality bites

Reality TV Calendar 10/4/04 News Rumors and Rants

Boston Globe 10/3/04 Felons are becoming reality TV's most wanted

Reality TV Calendar 10/3/04 News Rumors and Rants

Texas City Sun 10/2/04 Consider This: Some real good in ‘reality’ TV

Journal Now 10/1/04 National Lampoon takes aim at reality shows in parodies on DVD

Town Hall 10/1/04 'Wife swaps' and wood shop

Reality TV Calendar 10/1/04 News, Rumors and Rants

Boston Globe 9/30/04 For next crop of reality-show stars, crime pays

Deseret News 9/30/04 It's tough when 'reality' is over

Reality TV Calendar 9/30/04 News, Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 9/29/04 Do You Miss Tuesday Nights?

Reality TV Calendar 9/29/04 News, Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 9/28/04 News Rumors and Rants

The Pacer 9/28/04 The reality behind real TV

Rolling Good Times 9/27/04 Casinos Remain Cautious of Reality Shows

Daily Reflector 9/27/04 North Carolina has been well-represented in the reality TV genre

Newsday 9/27/04 Reality check

Reality TV Calendar 9/27/04 News Rumors and Rants

Arkansas News Bureau 9/26/04 How about reality politics on TV?

Chicago Tribune 9/26/04 Wines pair nicely with reality shows

NY Daily News 9/26/04 Reality Bites

NY Times 9/26/04 The New Faces of Reality TV

The Australian 9/26/04 Reality TV a headache for many

Contact Music 9/24/04 Reality TV Tragedy

Reality TV Calendar 9/24/04 News Rumors and Rants

Stamford Advocate 9/23/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 9/23/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 9/22/04 News Rumors and Rants

Journal Now 9/21/04 The Next It? Married women are a hot topic this reality season

MSNBC 9/21/04 How to be a reality show contestant

Reality TV Calendar 9/21/04 News Rumors and Rants

Newsday 9/20/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 9/20/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 9/19/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 9/18/04 News Rumors and Rants

CTV 9/17/04 Emmy show to spoof the reality TV craze 9/17/04 - Do You Like Reality Shows & Want To Write About Them?

Washington Blade 9/17/04 Keeping it ‘real’

Reality TV Calendar 9/17/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 9/16/04 News Rumors and Rants

Stamford Advocate 9/16/04 Reality Check

Star Tribune 9/16/04 Reality-TV kingpin Mark Burnett is Hollywood's greatest survivor

Media Post 9/15/04 The Reality of Reality TV

I Love Reality 9/15/04 Gilligan's Island production affected by Hurricane Ivan

Reality TV Calendar 9/15/04 News Rumors and Rants

Slate 9/14/04 A guide to the language of reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 9/14/04 News Rumors and Rants

Newsday 9/13/04 Reality check

Straits Times 9/13/04 No guts, no glory

Salon 9/13/04 Three cheers for reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 9/13/04 News Rumors and Rants

Media Guardian 9/13/04 When reality doesn't exist

SCN 9/12/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Plain Dealer 9/12/04 Coming out on top is all about strategy on reality television

Boston Globe 9/12/04 Reality TV show, Iraqi style, fixes houses, lives

Reality TV Calendar 9/12/04 News Rumors and Rants

NY Daily News 9/12/04 Reality Bites

Chicago Tribune 9/10/04 Back to reality

Star Telegram 9/10/04 Reality Confidential

Southern Voice 9/10/04 Keeping it ‘real’

Reality TV Calendar 9/10/04 News Rumors and Rants

Seattle Times 9/9/04 Reality Check

The Advocate 9/9/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 9/09/04 News Rumors and Rants

Arizona Republic 9/8/04 Four new reality shows tout their rich, famous hosts

Delmarva Now 9/8/04 Reality television: A sign of the times?

Chicago Sun Times 9/8/04 Where's the real in reality TV?

Mercury News 9/8/04 Network's Can't Deny Reality

Reality TV Calendar 9/8/04 News Rumors and Rants

Shorthorn Online 9/7/04 Return to Reality

Reality TV Calendar 9/07/04 News Rumors and Rants

Forbes 9/7/04 The Most Profitable Reality TV Shows

Globe and Mail 9/7/04 The cold hard reality of an actor's life

Pittsburgh Live 9/7/04 Nothing's on TV except reality shows -- which aren't anything

Reality TV Hall of Fame 9/7/04 Introducing “The Winner’s Circle”

Alameda Times Star 9/6/04 Reality shows shift into high gear for new television season

Newsday 9/6/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 9/06/04 News Rumors and Rants

NY Daily News 9/4/04 Reality Bites

Reality TV Calendar 9/4/04 News Rumors and Rants

MSNBC 9/3/04 10 tips for reality-show contestants

The Scotsman 9/3/04 Is this the sickest reality TV show yet?

MSNBC 9/3/04 Reality shows leave viewers seeing double

Reality TV Calendar 9/3/04 News Rumors and Rants

Stamford Advocate 9/2/04 Reality Check

Seattle Times 9/2/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 9/2/04 News Rumors and Rants

NY Daily News 9/2/04 New reality sinking in

USA Today 9/2/04 Cable networks bask in summer ratings

WCNC 9/1/04 Reality Roundup: Fall TV lineup a reality lover's dream

Reality TV Calendar 9/1/04 News Rumors and Rants

Dayton Daily News 8/31/04 Reality wannabes out to Trump fall schedules

Star Tribune 8/31/04 'Reality' TV will remake classic series

Reality TV Calendar 8/31/04 News Rumors and Rants

TV Week 8/30/04 Nets: More Reality and Less Laughs

Greenwich Time 8/30/04 Reality TV: Is the message suitable for kids?

Baltimore Sun 8/30/04 Return of the reality shows

Seattle Times 8/30/04 Reality Check

Sign on San Diego 8/30/04 All over the dial, TV networks have A firm grasp on reality

Independent 8/30/04 Corporation 'must ditch reality TV in its latest reinvention'

Reality TV Calendar 8/30/04 News Rumors and Rants

SCN 8/29/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Seattle Times 8/29/04 Shelter shows — with a reality-TV accent — are popping up everywhere

Boston Globe 8/29/04 Sneak peek at upcoming reality TV series

Media Guardian 8/29/04 Charities lose out as celebrity TV delays donations

Reality TV Calendar 8/29/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 8/28/04 News Rumors and Rants

BBC 8/27/04 BBC's Humphrys slates reality TV

Newsday 8/27/04 Unscripted nurturing

Reality TV Calendar 8/27/04 News Rumors and Rants 8/26/04 Reality TV on the Rise

Seattle Times 8/26/04 Readers pitch ideas for most unreal shows

Stamford Advocate 8/26/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 8/25/04 News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 8/24/04 News Rumors and Rants

Courier Journal 8/24/04 Reality rules television – and is here to stay

Newsday 8/23/04 Reality Check

Grand Rapids Press 8/22/04 Reality stars return to real life

Baltimore Sun 8/22/04 TV's new reality

NY Daily News 8/22/04 Reality Bites

Star Tribune 8/22/04 No Trump? No problem for a boy chasing TV reality in New York

Reality TV Calendar 8/21/04 Daily News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 8/20/04 Daily News Rumors and Rants

Hollywood Reporter 8/19/04 CBS programs Sloan as new reality head

Stamford Advocate 8/19/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 8/19/04 Daily News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 8/18/04 Daily News Rumors and Rants

Reality TV Calendar 8/17/04 Daily News Rumors and Rants

USA Today 8/17/04 Lucky ones are disc-continued

USA Today 8/17/04 DVDs are reality TV's trump card

Newsday 8/16/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 8/16/04 The Real Fear Factor: Why "Normal" TV Is Running Scared

TV Week 8/16/04 Reality Gets Reworked for Prime

Press Release 8/16/04 Top Reality Stars Dive Into The Fishbowl

SF Chronicle 8/15/04 Reality Bites Back

LA Daily News 8/15/04 Spanish-language reality shows take on race, cultural issues

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/04 Daily News Rumors and Rants

Globe and Mail 8/14/04 The bitch is back -- big time

Knox News 8/14/04 Reality shows getting star treatment

Baltimore Sun 8/13/04 Competing reality television networks coming soon 8/13/04 - Frank Fontana Signs With REBEL!

Seattle Times 8/12/04 Finales are here: How will we cope?

Reality TV Calendar 8/12/04 Daily News Rumors and Rants

Post Gazette 8/12/04 Site lets fans dive into more reality TV

Press Release 8/11/04 Reality TV All-Stars Release "Reality Unleashed" DVD

Hollywood Reporter 8/11/04 Nets neck-in-neck Tues. with alternate realities

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/04 Daily News Rumors and Rants

Washington Post 8/10/04 Reality Is Only An Illusion, Writers Say

Reality TV Calendar 8/10/04 Daily News Rumors and Rants

USA Today 8/10/04 Reality TV's growing pains: It can't be child-proofed

Newsday 8/9/04 Reality check

Reality TV Calendar 8/9/04 Daily News, Rumors and Rants 8/9/04 Networks slow on the hook for most 'reality' shows

Chicago Sun-Times 8/9/04 The tribe has spoken -- now scram

NY Daily News 8/8/04 Reality Bites

Reality TV Calendar 8/8/04 Daily News Rumors & Rants

Billings Gazette 8/8/04 Reality TV, Iraqi style: Families watch homes being rebuilt

Reality HQ 8/7/04 Show me the green

Independent (UK) 8/7/04 After Big Brother, what next for Reality TV?

Telegraph (UK) 8/6/04 Reality television . . . Get me out of here

Sioux City Journal 8/6/04 The reality of winning

Reality TV Calendar 8/6/04 Daily News Rumors & Rants

The Advocate 8/5/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/04 Daily News Rumors & Rants

CTV 8/5/04 Reality show offers green card as prize

Seattle Times 8/5/04 Oh, no! Reality TV is planning to breed

Media Life 8/4/04 Think of reality TV as family fare. It is.

CBS 8/4/04 The Ultimate Reality TV Show

Press Release 8/4/04 Reality Television Stars Introduce the New Reality in Audio Video Interaction

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/04 Daily News Rumors & Rants

Reality TV Calendar 8/3/04 Daily News Rumors & Rants

Globe and Mail 8/3/04 Let the reality TV end, and the Games begin

Media Life 8/2/04 MTV's big gamble with 'Reality Awards'

Northwest Herald 8/2/04 Reality show should have soul segment

NY Times 8/2/04 In Reality TV, Is It Thievery or Flattery?

Sydney Morning Herald 8/2/04 After the war, reality TV pitches in to pick up the broken pieces

Reality TV Calendar 8/2/04 Daily News Rumors & Rants

Independent 8/1/04 Even the Queen and Blair regret it. So why do we fight to be the stars of reality TV?

Macon Telegraph 8/1/04 'Reality' producer Mark Burnett is the hottest guy in Hollywood

Reality TV Calendar 7/31/04 Daily News Rumors & Rants

NY Times 7/30/04 Madison Avenue Takes Cues from Reality TV Shows

Reality TV Calendar 7/30/04 The Best Weekly Column You Aren't Reading: He Said / She Said

Star Telegram 7/29/04 Survivor: Hollywood 

St Petersburg Times 7/29/04 The amazing disgrace

Stamford Advocate 7/29/04 Reality Check

Hollywood Reporter 7/28/04 CBS reality: Viewer crown for week

Christian Science Monitor 7/27/04 Reality TV hits home in Baghdad 7/27/04 Reality checks: Unscripted shows become money pits

NY Daily News 7/27/04 Democrats vote for reality favorites

CNN 7/26/04 Study: TV reality harsher than fiction

The Sun 7/26/04 The grim realities of telly

Suburban Chicago News 7/25/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Orlando Sentinel 7/25/04 TV's man of the moment

NY Daily News 7/25/04 A cut above

STL Today 7/25/04 Imitation of life

Mississauga News 7/23/04 Reality TV stars shine at fundraiser 7/23/04 Sperm race new reality TV concept

Reality TV Calendar 7/22/04 He Said / She Said RTV Commentary 7/22/04 - 'Dog Chapman' Premieres August 31 on A&E

Stamford Advocate 7/22/04 Reality Check 

USA Today 7/22/04 Smile! You're on many candid cameras

Media Guardian 7/22/04 Broadcasters shun 'sperm race' show

Reality TV Calendar 7/20/04 Apprentice 2 and Benefactor 1

USA Today 7/20/04 In reality, there's nothing new under the TV sun

TV Week 7/19/04 Reality TV Fuels Copycat Flap 7/19/04 Trump, Sugar, Branson Put the Show Into Business

Deseret News 7/19/04 Fox goes on offensive over theft allegations

Denver Post 7/19/04 Reality is, Fox exec loves job

Globe and Mail 7/19/04 With Fox being sly, Stallone's all fired up

Seattle PI 7/19/04 Sly like Fox? Hey, all the networks copy each others' reality shows

Reality TV Calendar 7/19/04 American Idol Age & Auditions, Emmy Nods 7/19/04 - 'Growing Up Gotti' Contest

Chicago Sun-Times 7/19/04 ABC, NBC accuse Fox of stealing ideas for shows

NY Times 7/19/04 Rivals Are Incensed by Fox's Alternate Reality

SCN 7/18/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

NY Daily News 7/18/04 Reality Bites

Daily Camera 7/17/04 Facing reality after the TV show

Milwaukee Journal 7/17/04 Fox TV executive offers reality check to his network rivals

Daily Camera 7/17/04 Post-Reality

SF Chronicle 7/17/04 Hell hath no fury like a TV show cloned

Reality TV Calendar 7/17/04 Allison & Donny Are Still Arguing, A Divo Is Born

The Oregonian 7/17/04 Did Fox steal reality-show ideas, or is it just business as usual?

Media Life 7/16/04 Gail says a thing or two about theft

Zap2It 7/16/04 Fox's Darnell Spars With Reporters

Zap2It 7/16/04 Fox Fires Back on Theft Allegations

Post Gazette 7/16/04 Is Fox ripping off reality series ideas?

BBC 7/16/04 Fox bites back over reality shows

Reality News Online 7/16/04 Making Hope a Reality: The Stars Come Out in Toronto

Reality TV Calendar 7/16/04 A Big Brother Wedding and RTV Critics

Reality TV Calendar 7/16/04 He Said / She Said: Weekly RTV Commentary

The Advocate 7/15/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 7/15/04 ABC Crowns Domestic DIVO

Reality Reel 7/15/04 ABC Television Network Crowns The New Domestic Diva

Reality TV Calendar 7/15/04 Real World Rant and Amish Kids Gone Wild

USA Today 7/14/04 What is real reality TV?

Fans of Reality TV 7/14/04 Diva Eye for the Straight Guy (recap)

JokersUpdates 7/14/04 Preview: Growing Up Gotti

Deseret News 7/14/04 ABC also accuses Fox of theft

Hollywood Reporter 7/14/04 Reality fare drives CBS to weekly ratings wins

Businesswire 7/14/04 DGA National Board Ratifies New Reality Television Agreement

Reality News Online 7/14/04 VH1's 40 Greatest Reality TV Moments Part One: 40-21

Reality TV Calendar 7/14/04 Jenna and Paris Porn Problems, FOX RTV Network

Hollywood Reporter 7/14/04 Planned Fox net won't be alone on reality TV island

USA Today 7/14/04 Fox plans all-reality, all-the-time channel

BBC 7/14/04 Fox sets up US reality channel 7/13/04 - 'Growing Up Gotti' Premieres August 2nd on A&E

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/04 Rob & Amber's Marriage, Several Meanwhiles

Hollywood Reporter 7/13/04 The Vine: Fox preps reality net

NY Daily News 7/13/04 ABC exec blasts Fox's reality rush jobs

Zap2It 7/12/04 ABC Joins in Fox-Bashing

Newsday 7/12/04 Reality check

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/04 Eat My Words, FLOM 4, The Price Of Fame

USA Today 7/12/04 NBC steps into the ring with fall reality programs

East Valley Tribune 7/11/04 Reality TV puts faith to the test

Washington Post 7/11/04 Call It Re-Reality TV

NY Daily News 7/11/04 NBC: Fox raiding reality rivals

NY Daily News 7/11/04 From front to Outback

Sun Herald 7/10/04 NBC Exec Slams Fox Reality TV 'Imitators'

Reality TV Calendar 7/10/04 Kevin And Drew Unleashed: Ep 1 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/10/04 My Thoughts On RTV: Guest Columnist CC McCandless

Arizona Republic 7/9/04 Girls night out

USA Today 7/9/04 Reality TV fame can help, hinder career

Reality TV Calendar 7/9/04 It Ain't Funny, RTV Quickies

Media Research Center 7/8/04 Depressing “Reality” Show Sleaze

Seattle Times 7/8/04 Reality Check 

Stamford Advocate 7/8/04 Reality Check 

Reality TV Calendar 7/8/04 Big Brother Thoughts & Scandals, Ex-Bachelor Bob

Reality TV Calendar 7/7/04 RTV Pools, Swan Casting, Paris' Phone Number

Denver Post 7/6/04 Networks angry at Fox reality "thief" Darnell

Reality TV Calendar 7/6/04 Big Brother & The Amazing Race, Plus Whines From Evil Rachel

Washington Post 7/5/04 There's No Escaping Reality

Globe and Mail 7/5/04 Monday lineup morphs into a reality nightmare

Journal Gazette 7/5/04 Reality dating programs are producer’s backbone

Digital Spy 7/5/04 BB Australia evicts wrong housemate

Centre Daily 7/5/04 Falsity abounds in most so-called 'reality' shows

Baltimore Sun 7/4/04 Reality TV beats up on women in the worst way

Christian Examiner 7/4/04 Reality TV programs more vulgar, sexually explicit than scripted shows

Reality TV Calendar 7/3/04 Big Brother Info and TAR According To Phil

Echo Press 7/2/04 Globetrotting and house arrest

Sun Herald 7/2/04 Famous? Notorious? Who knows the difference?

Reality TV Calendar 7/2/04 Fantasia's Sales, Greenlights and Jack Black

Stamford Advocate 7/1/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 7/1/04 Big Brother Cast, Low Blow For Schmo

Reality Reel 6/30/04 Reverend Al Sharpton Serves As Career Counselor In New Series "I Hate My Job"

Forbes 6/30/04 The Reality Show, Already Past It's Prime

Reality TV Calendar 6/30/04 Hilton RTV, 492 Instances of Sex, Idol Releases

USA Today 6/30/04 Summer a bummer for network TV programming

Reality TV Calendar 6/29/04 The Reality Romance Machine Shifts Into Low Gear 6/29/04 - Reverend Al Sharpton Serves as the Ultimate Career Counselor in "I Hate My Job"

Reality TV Calendar 6/29/04 Presidential Candidate To Star In RTV Show

Reality Reel 6/29/04 VH1: The 40 Greatest Reality TV Moments

Reality TV Calendar 6/29/04 Outback Preview & Pics, Ambers Bikini

NY Times 6/29/04 At Fox, Reality Robbery Mastermind or Just Playing the Game? 6/28/04 PTC Study Shows Sex, Violence, and Foul Language Increased 52% on Reality TV..

NBC13 6/28/04 Parent Group: Reality Shows Harsher Than Fiction

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/04 BB House Tour, Swap City, Clones R Us

USA Today 6/28/04 Who wants to watch a rip-off? TV copycats abound

NY Daily News 6/28/04 Reality losing its bite

Bergen Record 6/27/04 The reaction to reality overload

Sun News 6/26/04 Reality TV turns life upside down

Reality TV Calendar 6/26/04 Simple Acting, Lord Rocco, Another Couple Quits

Globe and Mail 6/25/04 Reality TV and DVDs hit actors, writers where it hurts

Reality TV Calendar 6/25/04 Simon Served Crow, CBS Rocks On

Boston Herald 6/25/04 Bimbos, dimwits and Jessica: We rate the latest in reality shows

Reality Reel 6/24/04 New Reality Show The Next Great Rock Star

Reality News Online 6/25/04 Are You Ready for the ‘New Sensation’?

Backstage 6/24/04 TV Writers Voice Mixed Feelings About Reality TV

Stamford Advocate 6/24/04 Reality Check 6/24/04 - 'The Tribe Has Spoken' is due in stores in early September

Reality TV Calendar 6/24/04 Movies and Reality TV, Casino Crapping Out

Salt Lake Tribune 6/23/04 Many viewers ready to vote reality TV off -- but not me

Reality TV Calendar 6/23/04 The Luck Of Fantasia, Big Brother House Tour

Media Guardian 6/23/04 Lawsuit over 'mistreated' animals in French reality show

CBS 6/22/04 Pimp My Bride

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/04 Mohr Explaining, Outback Jack Premieres Tonight

Courier Journal 6/21/04 Networks' summer plans stick to reality

Reality TV Calendar 6/21/04 Porn Star Jenna, Marry My Dad, Outback Jack

Newsday 6/21/04 Reality check

Hollywood Reporter 6/21/04 Critic's notebook: Time for TV's reality check

Chicago Sun Times 6/20/04 We hate reality TV women because they're beautiful

News OK 6/19/04 Reality shows leave imprint on television

Reality TV Calendar 6/19/04 Nightmares On RTV Street, Straight Girls & Numbers

New Zealand Herald 6/19/04 Fatigue hits once-loved reality TV

Backstage 6/18/04 Casting Directors and Talent Agents Bewail Reality TV

New Zealand Herald 6/18/04 Fatigue hits once-loved reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/04 Fantasia's Single, Big Brother Riot, Burnett's Spin

Kentucky New Era 6/18/04 Getting real with imaginary TV

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/04 Hardwired: Keeping It Clean In RTV World

Wausau Daily Herald 6/17/04 Reality TV steams ahead

Jam! 6/17/04 Englund to host 'Nightmare' reality show

Daily Herald 6/17/04 Reality TV steams ahead

Stamford Advocate 6/17/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/04 Dating The Judge, The Surreal Life, Nicole The Virgin

Reality TV Calendar 6/16/04 Jessica's Rack, Burnett's Prediction, Convert Or Hypocrite

Daily Telegraph 6/16/04 Reality, makeover shows dominate

Reality TV Calendar 6/15/04 The Smary Host, The Boxer, and The Rich Bimbos

USA Today 6/14/04 More reality television shows get down to business

Zap2It 6/14/04 Reality Producers Look to Heavens

Newsday 6/14/04 Reality check

Chicago Tribune 6/14/04 From Paris to Vegas, a busy week in reality TV

Globe and Mail 6/14/04 Reality TV gets dose of reality in Australia

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/04 The Vine: Reality TV's eye on final frontier

Reality TV Calendar 6/14/04 Casino, Next Action Star, 2 Schmos, Simple Life 2

Media Guardian 6/14/04 If you can't stand the heat ... 6/14/04 Once a rerun desert, summer blooms with fresh shows

Reality News Online 6/14/04 Burnett’s Rock Star Band Revealed?

SCN 6/13/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Palm Beach Post 6/13/04 Reality Check 6/13/04 Television transforming viewers' notion of what is real

Reality TV Calendar 6/12/04 Canadian RTV, Paris vs Nicole, More On Rock Idol

USA Today 6/11/04 Summer is full of real situations

Reality TV Calendar 6/11/04 TAR Cast, Plastic Idols, Aiken Scalped, Trash TV

Reality News Online 6/11/04 Mark Burnett Brings Us the Next Big Rock Star

Seattle Times 6/10/04 Reality Check

USA Today 6/10/04 Reality TV FAQ

Low Standard 6/10/04 Summer Series Preview: Simple Life 2, Next Action Star, The Casino, and FLOM 3

Stamford Advocate 6/10/04 Reality Check 

Media Guardian 6/10/04 Brat, oinker or slapper?

Reality TV Calendar 6/10/04 Amber & Rob, Rock Idol, Fixing The Election

Tennessean 6/9/04 Tennessee is luring reality TV producers

Reality TV Calendar 6/9/04 Paying Homage, Rock Idols, and Male Models

Reality TV Calendar 6/8/04 Hardwired: Visuals Of The Mind

Reality TV Calendar 6/8/04 Idol Tours, Unfaithful Bachelors, A Guys Simple Life

Newsday 6/7/04 Reality Check 

Reality TV Calendar 6/7/04 Kicking Off This Summer's Reality TV

Globe and Mail 6/7/04 Fox found a show even it can't get away with airing

Hollywood Reporter 6/7/04 MTV working in real time on unscripted celeb series

Chicago Tribune 6/7/04 Juiced, huh? Some other shows we need

SCN 6/6/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

STL Today 6/6/04 Get used to it: "Reality" is here to stay

NY Times 6/6/04 Mark Burnett, Reality Commando

Press Enterprise 6/5/04 The 'real' IE

Reality TV Calendar 6/5/04 OJ's RTV, TAR 5 A Go, Politics and RTV 6/5/04 House Dems Spoof GOP With Reality Show

Fox Sports 6/4/04 O.J. wants to star in reality TV series

Stamford Advocate 6/3/04 Reality Check

Reality Steve 6/3/04 Bachelor 5 Summary - "After the Final Rose" Recap and More

Seattle Times 6/3/04 Tidbits to tide over reality-TV addicts

Elites TV 6/3/04 Don Mark Burnett - The Godfather of Reality Television

Reality TV Calendar 6/3/04 Jessica's Rack, & Burnett's Prediction

Rocky Mountain News 6/3/04 Fox rejects a low in 'reality'

CNN/SI 6/2/04 Television's hottest genre is hurting sports viewership

Reality TV World 6/2/04 WB loads up on reality shows & M.Burnett scripted programming for 04-05 season

Fans Of Reality TV 6/2/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality May 23-29

Reality TV Calendar 6/2/04 MTV Lovefest, Kwame Get's Fired Again

Digital Spy 6/2/04 NBC names new reality TV chief

Extra 6/1/04 Reality Hunks Cool By The Pool

Media Guardian 6/1/04 What to say about ......Reality television

Reality TV Calendar 6/1/04 Canadian Idol & A Racist Rant

Reality TV Calendar 6/1/04 Hardwired: Stuff That Needs To Be Said

Reality TV Calendar 6/1/04 We Preview June's 14 New Reality TV Shows

Guardian 5/31/04 The truth behind reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 5/31/04 Daily News Rumors & Rants 5/31/04 Reality's a dream for Perth

Reality TV Calendar 5/30/04 Daily News Rumors & Rants

The Spoof 5/29/04 Dinosaur Reality Show Is Racist

Reality TV Calendar 5/29/04 Reality Ratings: Simon's Mistake, Strong RTV

Guardian 5/29/04 Reality TV is a public service, says culture secretary

Seattle Times 5/29/04 Networks betting on reality TV to bring males 18-34 back to prime time viewing

Chicago Sun Times 5/28/04 Love reality TV? Don't miss 'Watching Paint Dry'

Reality TV Calendar 5/28/04 Paula's Breast, Jessica's Alien Baby, FOX Cans Gays

Stamford Advocate 5/27/04 Reality Check

ESPN 5/27/04 Reality TV's Worst Stars

Reality TV Calendar 5/27/04 Withdrawal, She's Back, Winners & Losers

Go Edwardsville 5/26/04 Reality TV? We don't think so

The Star 5/26/04 Real Time Woes

Hollywood Reporter 5/26/04 Dialogue with producer Mark Burnett

San Francisco Chronicle 5/26/04 Reality trend swings toward the positive

Daily Camera 5/26/04 CU staying out of reality TV spotlight — so far, anyway

Guardian 5/26/04 Geldof looks forward to the death of 'reality'

Reality TV Calendar 5/26/04 Fantasia Dissed Diana, Swan Clones

USA Today 5/25/04 TV's reality trend grew bigger this season

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/04 Meatballs, Queer Eyes, Airlines & Cast Photos

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/04 Love Your RTV? - You Are Not Alone!

Fans of Reality TV 5/24/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality May 16-22

Post Gazette 5/24/04 Reality show successes luring more advertisers

Reality TV Calendar 5/24/04 Bachelor Brawl? Bob Engaged, Carson the Thespian

Herald Bulletin 5/23/04 Reality TV needs a sports twist

Reality TV Calendar 5/23/04 The Death of Eden & P.I.S. - A Fox Rant

Reality TV Calendar 5/22/04 No Cohabitation, Just Do It

Crazy4RealityTV 5/22/04 2004 Fall Reality Lineup

Globe and Mail 5/22/04 Reality bites Canada

Herald Bulletin 5/21/04 Reality TV needs a sports twist

Daily Sentinel 5/21/04 Reality TV Forces Colleges to Weigh Risk

Reality TV Calendar 5/21/04 FLOM 4, TAR 6, Studio 7, Top 3

Hollywood Reporter 5/21/04 Canada TV's reality unchanged

Stamford Advocate 5/20/04 Reality Check 5/20/04 Economic Reality: Mark Burnett is shaking up TV financing

Denver Post 5/20/04 Networks bank on reality for fall

CNN 5/20/04 Singapore reality TV: 1st pregnant couple wins

Centre Daily Times 5/20/04 Advertisers now gung-ho for reality-show spots

Detroit News 5/20/04 Reality TV Forces Colleges to Weigh Risk 5/20/04 - TBS Heads Down Under for Wild New Reality Comedy Series

Reality TV Calendar 5/20/04 American Idol Voting Scandal: FOX Responds

Seattle Times 5/20/04 Reality Check

KXAN 5/19/04 Plastic Surgeons Frown on Reality TV Shows

Orlando Sentinel 5/19/04 WB adds blue-collar humor and red-hot reality concept

Washington Post 5/19/04 Fourth-Place ABC's Motto: In Reality Shows We Trust

Reality TV Calendar 5/19/04 Boxers, Singers, and a Jasmine Rant

Hollywood Reporter 5/19/04 WB introduces new reality series at upfront

USA Today 5/19/04 In their reality, No. 2 will do just fine

Post Gazette 5/19/04 WB sticks with reality in fall lineup of shows

USA Today 5/19/04 ABC fall lineup is leaning on more reality

SF Chronicle 5/19/04 ABC, WB pick drama, reality over laughs

Seattle Times 5/18/04 Networks plan to keep feeding viewers' hunger for reality TV

Jam! 5/18/04 Reality shows the new sitcoms at NBC

Times Journal 5/18/04 Reality about reality TV is disturbing

Elites TV 5/18/04 Founder of Reality Television, Mark Burnett, To Receive 'Philanthropist of the Year' Award

SF Chronicle 5/18/04 The new reality for NBC is a really big dose of reality shows

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/04 Idol Voting Problems, PBS House, Bachelor 6

Fans Of Reality TV 5/17/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality May 9-15

Newsday 5/17/04 Reality check

Detroit Free Press 5/17/04 Reality rules as schedules unveiled

Reality TV Calendar 5/17/04 Meatballs Done? Canadians, Super Hoax

SCN 5/16/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Salt Lake Tribune 5/16/04 The reality of dealing with reality TV

Reality TV Calendar 5/16/04 Survivor Wins, Swan Scandal, Trophy Wives 5/15/04 Product placement is a reality on TV

Reality TV Calendar 5/15/04 Clueless FOX, Gay Texas, Top Models

International Herald Tribune 5/14/04 A lesson for the real world from reality television

Reality TV Calendar 5/14/04 Survivor ATC: Good, Bad & Ugly

Stamford Advocate 5/13/04 Reality Check

Seattle Times 5/13/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/04 American Tribal Council, Questions & Winners

USA Today 5/13/04 Networks are facing reality for fall

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/04 "They were idiots!" ..... Amber

The Mirror 5/11/04 Quarantine: How Sick Is Reality TV?

Milwaukee Journal 5/11/04 Unmasking the reality of extreme surgical makeovers

BBC 5/11/04 Doctors slam plastic surgery TV

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/04 2 Brats, A Wanker & 12 Pols

Mobile Register 5/11/04 Rural reality: Show scuttled

Globe and Mail 5/11/04 If you like reality TV, you'll love next year's lineups

Scotsman 5/11/04 Cosmetic surgeons hit out at reality TV shows

Fans Of Reality TV 5/10/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality May 2-8

Courier Journal 5/10/04 TV's cutting edge

Newsday 5/10/04 Reality check

NY Times 5/10/04 Reality TV Hits (Further) Below the Belt

Reality TV Calendar 5/10/04 It's Over Sort Of, We Endorse Rupert

Reality TV Calendar 5/9/04 It's Over (Yawn) - It's The Editing (Again)

Reality TV Calendar 5/8/04 Hot Survivor and Kwame's Balls

Jam! 5/8/04 Hillbilly 'reality TV' show axed

Chicago Sun-Times 5/8/04 NBC kills show that angered Appalachians

Reality TV Calendar 5/7/04 Sell-Out, Survivors, Models & Boxers

Stamford Advocate 5/6/04 Reality Check 

Telegraph Forum 5/6/04 'Reality TV' really disturbing

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/04 Pregnant Survivor? The Final Rose Revealed?

Hollywood Reporter 5/5/04 Branded entertainment

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/04 Gambling, Music, & Pregnant Survivors

Oregon Daily Emerald 5/4/04 Only skin deep

TV Week 5/4/04 Stellar Programs Aside, Reality Losing Its Shine

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/04 The Swan, The Hillibillies & Big Brother Showers

Irish Examiner 5/3/04 Reality shows 'crass', says Frasier

Reality TV Calendar 5/3/04 Educational Reality TV

Fans Of Reality TV 5/3/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality April 25-May 1

Reality TV Calendar 5/3/04 Black & White RTV, Idol Tour & Special

Chicago Sun-Times 5/2/04 My reality formula: 'Starving Joe Mole and the Virgin'

Reality TV Calendar 5/2/04 A New Star - Feelin' Good - School's Out

Post Gazette 5/2/04 Has reality TV claimed the water cooler crowd?

Reality TV Calendar 5/1/04 Reality TV News Log - April, 2004

Reality TV Calendar 5/1/04 Swan Casting - Nashville Finale - Survivor Special

Express Times 4/30/04 A Reality TV checkup

Reality TV Calendar 4/30/04 Simon Predicts, The M-Word, & Trading Places

Stamford Advocate 4/29/04 Reality Check

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/04 The Voters Got It Right - Jesse Got It Wrong

WFIE-TV 4/29/04 Reality TV Could be Boosting Plastic Surgery Business

Newsday 4/28/04 `20/20' bills adoption show as `reality' TV

Orlando Sentinel 4/27/04 Reality TV pays off for area

NY Daily News 4/27/04 Hogging the reality road: cars

Hollywood Reporter 4/27/04 WGA looks to take reality bites

Fans Of Reality TV 4/26/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality April 18-24

SCN 4/25/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Newsday 4/25/04 Voted off the tube

PJ Star 4/24/04 Producer: Reality TV a dangerous trend

USA Today 4/23/04 Reality stars care about HIV awareness

Orlando Sentinel 4/23/04 Reality's standards are off-key

Stamford Advocate 4/22/04 Reality Check

Elites TV 4/22/04 Reality Stars Shine for Diabetes Fundraiser in the Queen City

Seattle Times 4/22/04 How to get your fix post-'Apprentice'

The Herald 4/22/04 Viewers turned off by glut of reality shows

NY Daily News 4/21/04 An overdose of reality 4/21/04 Too Much Reality TV Is Turn off for Viewers

This is London 4/21/04 Reality leaves arts losers

Extra 4/20/04 Extra! Extra! Reality Check

Globe and Mail 4/20/04 Sheesh. Now here's the real story behind reality TV

Fans Of Reality TV 4/19/04 The FORTastic Moments in Reality TV for April 11-17

NY Times 4/19/04 Reality Intrudes on a Spring Rite of Network TV

Zap2It 4/17/04 'Celebrity Farm' Could Be Orwellian for French Politico

USA Today 4/16/04 Postscript: Where are they now?

USA Today 4/16/04 Real star or reality star?

Seattle Times 4/16/04 Reality Check 

CBS 4/16/04 Reality TV On A Roll

Stamford Advocate 4/15/04 Reality Check 

Reality News Online 4/15/04 WB’s ‘Superstar USA’ Turns ‘American Idol’ On Its Head

USA Today 4/14/04 TV viewers idolize reality 4/13/04 Confessions of a reality TV addict

Slate 4/12/04 Mark Burnett -Saving the world one reality show at a time

Fans Of Reality TV 4/12/04 The FORTastic Moments in Reality April 4-10

Zap2It 4/12/04 TV Gal Questions Some Reality Show Motives

Fresno Bee 4/12/04 Back to reality

SCN 4/11/04 Reality TV Wrap-Up

Herald-Leader 4/10/04 A weekly roundup of reality TV

Seattle Times 4/8/04 Reality Check

Stamford Advocate 4/8/04 Reality Check

Deseret News 4/7/04 It'll be 'Amazing'


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