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News Articles about the Reality Television Genre 4/5/04 Reality TV lacks longevity: BBC exec

Media Life 4/5/04 NBC's action-filled summer of reality

Fans Of Reality TV 4/5/04 The FORTastic Moments in Reality for March 28 - April 3

Zap2It 4/5/04 NBC Fills Summer with Reality Goodness

NY Daily News 4/5/04 There's no escaping reality this summer

SCN 4/4/04 Reality TV Wrap-up

Hollywood Reporter 4/4/04 Study reveals reality of ratings, genre trends

NBCMV 4/2/04 NBC Keeps Summers Hot With Exciting Slate Of Original Programming

Chicago Tribune 4/2/04 Returning to normal not that easy after the world has seen you on TV

Stamford Advocate 4/1/04 Reality Check 

Rocky Mountain News 4/1/04 TV 'reality' pretty bleak

Seattle Times 4/1/04 Reality Check 

Media Life 4/1/04 Reality steals from scripted TV. (Not.)

Elites TV 4/1/04 The Clash Of The Titans - Here Comes Mark Burnett And He’s Winning The Race!

Reality News Online 4/1/04 (April Fools Day) Watch Out for a ‘Con Job’

News Hax 3/29/04 Al Qaeda Complains of TV Network Bias, Pitches New Reality Show

USA Today 3/29/04 Burnett of 'Survivor' expanding empire

Zap2It 3/29/04 CBS Delves For Domestic Divas

Fans Of Reality TV 3/29/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality March 21-27

NY Times 3/28/04 Casting Reality TV Becomes a Science

Salt Lake Tribune 3/26/04 Cable, reality shows kill off tired old notion of 'seasons'

CSM 3/26/04 Can reality TV 'survive' in the Middle East?

Press Release 3/25/04 Americans Getting A Reality Overdose?

The Advocate 3/25/04 Reality Check

Deseret News 3/25/04 Reality dominates the ratings

Elites TV 3/25/04 Has The Wily FOX Outsmarted Himself This Time By Not Playing It Straight?

Ipsos News Center 3/24/04 Americans Getting A Reality Overdose? 3/24/04 - Reality TV Pitch Contest

Slate 3/24/04 Why gay men on reality TV can paint bedrooms but aren't allowed to pair-bond

Beacon Journal 3/23/04 Reality shows dominate the Nielsens

Deseret News 3/23/04 'The West Wing' team shuns 'reality' TV shows

Daily News 3/23/04 Television that is not all reality

Digital Spy 3/23/04 Reality TV launches new channel for women

MSNBC 3/23/04 Gentler side of reality television

News Dispatch 3/22/04 Why do people like reality TV shows?

Fans Of Reality TV 3/22/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality Countdown – March 14-20,2004

Reality TV World 3/22/04 George Foreman join NBC's 'The Contender' team

TV Week 3/22/04 Reality Goes Upscale

Milwaukee Journal 3/21/04 Makeover shows selling fairy tales

Fox News 3/21/04 Reality's Lucky Losers

Post and Courier 3/21/04 Thousands try out for reality shows

Zap2It 3/20/04 Foreman Becomes NBC's Latest 'Contender' Heavyweight

Reality TV World 3/18/04 ABC announces initial audition dates for Mark Cuban's 'The Benefactor'

Stamford Advocate 3/18/04 Reality Check 

Seattle Times 3/18/04 Reality Check 

Milwaukee Journal 3/17/04 The reality is that television is slipping

Press-Telegram 3/16/04 The new reality

WCNC 3/16/04 Reality Roundup

Redlands Daily Facts 3/16/04 The real deals - reality TV

Elites TV 3/16/04 The Tide Has Turned And It's Headed Our Way! 3/15/04 - Volunteer Writers Wanted

Reality TV World 3/15/04 Sugar Ray Leonard joins upcoming 'The Contender' series, ...

Zap2It 3/15/04 Reality Stars Give Back

Fans Of Reality TV 3/15/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality Countdown – March 7 to 13

PR Newswire 3/15/04 Reality TV Stars Launch 'The Reality Cares Foundation' Via The Giving Back Fund

NY Daily News 3/15/04 An overdose of reality

TV Week 3/15/04 Syndicator Rides 'Idol's' Success to Full Slate of Reality Shows

The Spoof 3/14/04 Reality TV Show for Space Rovers to be Filmed on Mars

Chicago Sun-Times 3/13/04 Now is the perfect time for a Reality Check

Extra 3/12/04 Reality Check: Surviving the Game

Stamford Advocate 3/11/04 Reality Check 3/10/04 A defence of reality TV

Reality TV Hall of Shame 3/10/04 UPN’s ‘Manhunt’ a Maggot for Real

Ocala Star-Banner 3/10/04 No escaping reality

Fans Of Reality TV 3/9/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality Countdown – Feb. 29 to March 6

Chicago Sun-Times 3/8/04 Reality TV leads to unreal expectations

Winnipeg Sun 3/8/04 Reality Check

St Petersburg Times 3/8/04 Mostly trash TV

Daily Californian 3/8/04 100 Percent Clay Aiken-Free

Al Bawaba 3/7/04 The reality of Reality TV in the Middle East

San Francisco Chronicle 3/7/04 Italian program 'Scalpel!' is on cutting edge of reality television

NY Times 3/5/04 A Kiss Is Not Just a Kiss to an Angry Arab TV Audience

Naples Daily News 3/5/04 How much farther will reality TV go?

Fox News 3/4/04 Is 'Reality' Moving Up in the World?

Stamford Advocate 3/4/04 Reality Check 

Elites TV 3/4/04 Turner Entertainment Networks Unveil Broad Original Programming Slate

Contra Costa Time 3/3/04 Reality TV Shows Take Arab World by Storm

Fans Of Reality TV 3/2/04 FORTastic Top Moments in Reality Countdown – Week of 2/22 through 28

Chicago Sports Review 3/2/04 Reality and Unreality

Milwaukee Journal 3/1/04 March becomes reality show month

Globe and Mail 3/1/04 Reality Bites 3/1/04 Magic Moments on TV This Week

Reality TV Hall of Fame 3/1/04 A Man of True Courage: Angel Juarbe, Jr., of ‘Murder in Small Town X’

Monroe Times 3/1/04 Area tunes in to reality television

Media Guardian 3/1/04 Why the US loves British reality

Newsday 3/1/04 Reality check

Beacon Journal 2/29/04 Reality TV

BBC 2/29/04 BBC 'should drop reality shows'

Zap2It 2/28/04 Fox Prepares to 'Test the Nation' again

AZ Central 2/27/04 Taking reality to a whole new level

Muskegon Chronicle 2/27/04 Mean season: Reality TV scores at the expense of contestants

Stamford Advocate 2/26/04 Reality Check 

Reality TV Hall of Fame 2/26/04 Introducing the Reality TV Hall of Fame

NY Daily News 2/26/04 Real good vs. real bad

Seattle Times 2/26/04 It's down the tubes for 4 Seattle residents

Washington Post 2/25/04 The Evil Sista Of Reality Television

Globe and Mail 2/25/04 Something is rotten in the state of reality-TV 2/24/04 Reality Shows Get An Emmy Category

ABC News 2/23/04 Reality Check 2/23/04 Magic Moments on TV This Week

Hollywood Reporter 2/23/04 Emmy puts focus on reality

Herald Sun 2/22/04 Life after reality TV

BBC 2/22/04 Big Brother comes to Arab world

Fans Of Reality TV 2/22/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality Countdown – February 15 to 21

NY Times 2/21/04 The Woman Who Gave Birth to Reality TV

Hollywood Reporter 2/21/04 Emmy puts focus on reality

NY Times 2/21/04 Losing Touch With Reality

Reality News Online 2/20/04 Burnett and Stallone Sell Boxing Reality Show to NBC

Citizen-Times 2/19/04 Amazingly cool things on reality TV

Stamford Advocate 2/19/04 Reality Check

Indy Star 2/19/04 'Reality' TV does have limit (really!)

Village Voice 2/18/04 My Big Fat Obnoxious Prank

USA Today 2/18/04 Here come a 'Millionaire,' 'Swan' and 'One That Got Away'

USA Today 2/18/04 Networks feeding on big, fat reality ratings

Broken Newz 2/17/04 Ultrasounds of the Rich and Famous Called New Direction in Reality TV

Teen Hollywood 2/17/04 Carrey Fears America Is Becoming The Truman Show

Globe and Mail 2/17/04 An opportunity to hook up with preening airheads

Daily Star 2/17/04 Reality television, promoting a false and hollow way of life? 2/16/04 Magic Moments on TV This Week

The Province 2/16/04 The reality of TV's situation

SCN 2/15/04 Reality Show Wrap-Up

Fans OF Reality TV 2/15/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality Countdown – February 8 to 14

Chicago Tribune 2/15/04 Hold your nose, reality phenom is here to stay

USA Today 2/13/04 Reality TV locations double as must-see destinations

Stamford Advocate 2/12/04 Reality Check

Hartford Courant 2/12/04 Offbeat Reality Shows Multiply

Seattle Times 2/12/04 Networks rely on ever-more-extreme reality shows to reel in viewers during sweeps

Daily Emerald 2/11/04 Reality shows keep tradition of exploitation, degeneration

Reality News Online 2/10/04 Reality News Update, February 10: Cancelled, Renewed, and Fighting It Out 2/9/04 Magic Moments on TV This Week

Fans Of Reality TV 2/9/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality Countdown – February 1 to 7

Tee Vee 2/9/04 Stop Being Polite and Start Being Real

SCN 2/8/04 Reality Show Wrap-Up

Globe and Mail 2/6/04 Reality Bites

Stamford Advocate 2/5/04 Reality Check

Beacon Journal 2/3/04 Pioneer in reality TV dies at 57

Oklahoma Daily 2/3/04 Escape from reality...television 2/3/04 Magic Moments on TV This Week

Hollywood Reporter 2/3/04 Editors find new role in reality TV landscape

Sacramento Bee 2/2/04 Reality TV surges on, but it could be worse

SCN 2/1/04 Reality Show Wrap-Up

Fans Of Reality TV 2/1/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality Countdown – Jan. 26 to Feb. 1 1/30/04 Reality-show winners survive financial perils

Reality TV World 1/30/04 Legendary reality TV producer Mary-Ellis Bunim dead at 57

Reality Reel 1/30/04 Mary-Ellis Bunim Has Died Thursday

LA Daily News 1/30/04 Unions target reality TV

Stamford Advocate 1/29/04 Reality Check

Edmonton Sun 1/29/04 Latest reality TV shows are just so unreal

Ad Week 1/28/04 GSD&M Mimics Reality TV for 'Bob Quits'

Tufts Daily 1/28/04 Reality TV reaches for new material

UW Badgers 1/28/04 Enrico Still in the Running

Washington Post 1/28/04 'Queer Eye' for Big Brother

Washington Post 1/28/04 Ain't Nothin' Like the Reality Thing, Baby

Elites TV 1/27/04 Reality Television In Australia 2004

News Journal 1/27/04 Don't count on TV for your reality

USA Today 1/26/04 Suffering the consequences

Crazy4RealityTV Magazine 1/26/04 Magic Moments on TV This Week

Daily Emerald 1/26/04 More real than reality

Fans Of Reality TV 1/25/04 The FORTastic Top Moments in Reality Countdown – Jan. 18 to Jan. 24

NY Times 1/25/04 Unions Aim to Share in the Success of Reality TV

Crazy4RealityTV Magazine 1/24/04 Blinded By The Light – The New Wave of Reality Shows

Orlando Sentinel 1/24/04 Reality check

Reality Reel 1/22/04 Reality Reel Roundup

Stamford Advocate 1/22/04 Reality Check

The East Carolinian 1/21/04 Reality TV braves the new year

MLive 1/21/04 Reality TV is finally getting real clean

Rocky Mountain Collegian 1/21/04 Reality TV romances can paint inaccurate picture

NY Daily News 1/21/04 Reality? No future in it

AJC 1/20/04 Reality TV gets own magazine

TeeVee 1/19/04 Reality TV Onslaught

Washington Post 1/19/04 Reality TV Goes Amish -- and Amiss

SCN 1/18/04 Reality Show Wrap-Up

NY Times 1/17/04 Greeting Big Brother With Open Arms

CBS 1/17/04 Famous By Association

Times of India 1/15/04 Sex, cockroaches and reality TV

USA Today 1/15/04 Getting a line on reality TV

Hall of Shame 1/15/04 2003 RNO/Reality TV Hall of Shame Yr in Review Awards: "Worst Of" Segment

Reality News Online 1/15/04 2003 RNO/Reality TV Hall of Shame Yr in Review Awards: “Best Of" Segment

Denver Channel 1/15/04 New Reality Shows Take It To The Edge

Zap2It 1/14/04 Fox Will 'Test the Nation' Again

NY Times 1/14/04 WB Ratings Slide: Reality vs. Reality Shows

Reality Reel 1/13/04 "Truth Behind Reality TV"

Reality News Online 1/13/04 Will Ted Nugent Survive Himself?

Seattle Times 1/13/04 The latest batch of reality: Cutthroat models, freaky fiancés and The Donald

NY Daily News 1/13/04 Reality Check for mag debuts

Orlando Sentinel 1/12/04 The reality binge

ABC Online 1/11/04 Teenager stays awake for a week to win reality TV show

Scotsman 1/11/04 There's a bit of the sadist in all of us

Deadbrain 1/11/04 Probe into long-term health effects of reality TV

Crazy4RealityTV Magazine 1/10/04 Why Does Mark Burnett Play Games?

The Advertiser 1/10/04 Reality TV show under investigation

Sign on San Diego 1/9/04 Let's say it loud and say it clear: reality television is not a talent

Press Release 1/9/04 PRIMEDIA Gives Television Viewers a Reality Check

Star Telegram 1/8/04 Texans use Lone Star appeal to land roles

Boston Globe 1/8/04 More real than real

Stamford Advocate 1/8/04 Reality Check 1/8/04 Why Reality TV Sucks… as in sucks the viewers in

Baltimore Sun 1/8/04 It's starting to look as though reality is here to stay

Knox News 1/7/04 A peek at new reality shows

Courier Journal 1/7/04 Networks' midseason crop heavy with reality

SB Sun 1/7/04 Harsh reality

NY Times 1/6/04 A City Full of Material for Reality TV

Reality News Online 1/6/04 VH1 News Presents: Reality Secrets Revealed

The Spoof 1/6/04 Reality TV Update

Chicago Sun Times 1/6/04 Reality TV: He mocked it, he milked it

Sun-Herald 1/6/04 'Real' girls are easy

Post Dispatch 1/6/04 Rumors of the demise of reality TV have been greatly exaggerated 1/5/04 Is this all for real?

Extra 1/5/04 Reality Check

Reality News Online 1/5/04 Reality TV: Some of What’s in Store for 2004

Chicago Sun-Times 1/5/04 'Reality' mopes deserve what they get

Orlando Sentinel 1/4/04 Reality's trump card

Beacon Journal 1/4/04 Here's the reality of TV in early '04

St Petersburg Times 1/4/04 They lied!

Post Gazette 1/4/04 TV Reviews: Reality TV just won't go away

Washington Post 1/4/04 Celebrities Lend Their Names to Reality Shows

Newsday 1/4/04 Smells Like Reality TV

Toronto Star 1/3/04 Coming soon: Reality TV meets reality

Times Dispatch 1/3/04 Ready or not, they're here

Star Telegram 1/2/04 Keepin' it real

Portland Tribune 1/2/04 Networks stick to 'reality' genre

The Age 1/1/04 Networks and viewers can't escape reality 1/1/04 Volunteer Writers Wanted

Morning Call 1/1/04 Only a drunken worm could like reality TV

Teen Hollywood 12/31/03 Where Are They Now: Realilty T.V. Stars of 2003

Press Enterprise 12/31/03 2003 In Review: 'Reality' blurs the lines, but TV has its moments

SF Chronicle 12/31/03 Why reality TV is focusing on celebrity

Foxes On Idol 12/31/03 2003, Reality TV, and Me!

Reality TV World 12/30/03 Executive turmoil threatens future of reality TV powerhouse Endemol

Reality News Online 12/30/03 More Twists Than Ever on New ‘Obnoxious’ Fox Show

Reality TV World 12/29/03 FOX's new 'My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé' series to premiere January 19

Reality News Online 12/29/03 Reality Television: The Aftermath When the Cameras Go Away

Chicago Sun-Times 12/28/03 In the world of reality TV, the worst was best

Washington Post 12/28/03 Reality TV: Nobodies' Home

Times Star 12/28/03 Time's up, 'celebrities,' now go away

Post Gazette 12/28/03 Reality TV shows have a local flavor

Morning Call 12/27/03 In 2003, reality TV remained as unreal as ever — but still very popular

Reality News Online 12/26/03 As Said on Reality TV
Arizona Republic 12/23/03 Reality TV shifts into high gear

Reality News Online 12/22/03 From Paradise to Eden – Fox Prepares for Reality Soap Opera

NY Times 12/22/03 Networks Find Reality Has Become a Part of Life

Washington Times 12/22/03 'Reality' shows expand, settle in for long TV run

Seattle PI 12/22/03 Reality TV gave us a really quotable year

Free Lance-Star 12/21/03 Reality pick-a-date/mate shows should be annulled

Zap2It 12/19/03 The Heck You Say: Screenwriters Diss Unscripted TV

USA Today 12/19/03 Original series keep MTV hip

Arizona Republic 12/18/03 Apparently we'll watch any 'reality,' so why not these?

Beacon Journal 12/17/03 Reality is, people are watching

Media Guardian 12/16/03 Viewers treated like 'morons'

The Scotsman 12/16/03 Fame at A Price

Newsday 12/16/03 What's Next for Reality TV?

Media Life 12/15/03 Reality steps in to halt the bleeding

Sunspot 12/14/03 Beware - reality TV has escaped from the set

SCN 12/13/03 A real question

Guardian 12/13/03 Appear on reality TV and win an arranged marriage

Media Life 12/12/03 Hispanic TV's new reality factor 12/12/03 Reality TV has helped gay acceptance, says DJ UK

Stamford Advocate 12/11/03 Reality Check

Boston Globe 12/10/03 On TV, vows don't seem so sacred

USA Today 12/9/03 Reality rules an unusual ratings week

Fans of Reality TV 12/9/03 Good, Bad, and Ugly: Nov. 30 - Dec. 6

NY Times 12/9/03 The Next Reality Show: Bumpkins Join Jet Set

Media Life 12/9/03 Reality TV, so very hot again

SCN 12/7/03 Reality Show Wrap-up

Beacon Journal 12/6/03 Home improvement in a box

Star Telegram 12/4/03 Jingle-bell flop

Stamford Advocate 12/4/03 Reality Check 

Reality News Online 12/4/03 ‘As Seen on TV’ Provides a Humorous Look at Reality TV

ABC News 12/3/03 Their Real (Rich) Worlds

Media Guardian 12/3/03 Reality TV is a disgrace, says Green

NY Daily News 12/3/03 To grieving mom, TV's reality bites

Capital Times 12/2/03 Reality TV takes route of the rich

Washington Post 12/2/03 La Plata Couple Sues Over Reality TV Show

St Petersburg Times 12/2/03 The new celebrity standard

Fans Of Reality TV 12/1/03 Good, Bad & Ugly Nov 23-29

Media Guardian 12/1/03 Reality - the next stage

SMH 12/1/03 We're glued to reality TV

Boston Globe 11/30/03 Reality shows highlight the ritzy, glitzy, and comically ditzy

Tallahassee Democrat 11/28/03 Reality television is the solution to Democratic candidates' PR woes

MSNBC 11/28/03 Reality TV with a twist: Israeli ''actor'' has no idea he's being filmed

Stamford Advocate 11/27/03 Reality Check

Indian Television 11/27/03 Print and Reality TV team up for a hybrid avatar

My Inky 11/26/03 Fox chief admits 'We got greedy' ordering second 'Joe Millionaire'

Colorado Springs Gazette 11/25/03 Decision time for 'Bachelor' and 'Joe Millionaire'

Fans of Reality TV 11/24/03 Good, Bad, and Ugly - November 16-22

Jupiter Courier 11/23/03 Nothing is more fake than reality TV

Cornell Daily Sun 11/21/03 The Reality of Reality T.V.

Washington Times 11/20/03 Russian reality TV horrifies Berlin

Stamford Advocate 11/20/03 Reality Check 

Fans of Reality TV 11/18/03 The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (Nov. 9-15)

Reality News Online 11/17/03 After Dissing Reality TV, ABC Orders More of It....

St Petersburg Times 11/17/03 Reality check

Media Guardian 11/17/03 Celebrity nobodies

SCN 11/16/03 Reality Show Wrap-up

Stamford Advocate 11/13/03 Reality Check 

Beacon Journal 11/13/03 Average guys are all the rage on TV now

Fans Of Reality TV 11/11/03 The Good, Bad and Ugly of Reality TV Nov. 2-8.

Borowitz 11/7/03 Saddam's Fake Weapons Claims were part of "Joe Hussein" Reality Show

Media Guardian 11/7/03 Thank you, reality TV

Stamford Advocate 11/6/03 Reality Check 

Zap2It 11/5/03 Roddick Courts Reality Run

Fans of Reality TV 11/4/03 Good, Bad & Ugly (Oct. 26-Nov. 1)

Zap2It 11/4/03 PPV Series Asks 'Can You Be a Porn Star?'

Hollywood Reporter 11/4/03 New reality TV show asks: 'Can You Be a Pornstar?'

Zap2It 11/3/03 She's a Man, Baby: British Reality 'Twist' Spawns Legal Threat

Chicago Sun-Times 11/3/03 How low will reality shows go? Well ...

Milwaukee Journal 11/3/03 Reality pairings are inherently fake

NY Times 11/2/03 Reality Television vs. Real Careers

Journal Gazette 11/1/03 Power couples

Zap2It 10/30/03 Kathy Griffin Tears into Reality Competition

Stamford Advocate 10/30/03 Reality Check 

Hollywood Reporter 10/28/03 Life deals fitting blow to '03 Reality Awards

Newsday 10/27/03 There's Less Here Than Meets the Eyelash

Fans Of Reality TV 10/27/03 Good, Bad & Ugly - Oct 19-25

Oklahoma Daily 10/27/03 Reality TV forms a short, but fun, bond

Media Life 10/24/03 In reality, men and women are different

News Record 10/24/03 Reality check 10/24/03 'The John Walsh Show' is Doing a Reality TV Episode

BBC 10/24/03 First reality TV awards scrapped

Reality News Online 10/24/03 Reality from La-La Land: A Crash-and-Burn Return to Reality

Tufts Daily 10/23/03 Reality TV is taking over Tufts

Zap2It 10/23/03 ABC Scuttles Reality Awards Show

Stamford Advocate 10/23/03 Reality Check

Hollywood Reporter 10/23/03 Reality awards show canceled

Daily Emerald 10/22/03 Reality shows give viewers sorry reality

Fans Of Reality TV 10/19/03 Good, Bad & Ugly - Oct 12-18

Chicago Tribune 10/19/03 Females tune in love; males do competition

Beloit Daily News 10/18/03 Keeping it real

Daily Californian 10/16/03 Pioneering Idiocy

Stamford Advocate 10/16/03 Reality Check 

WTHR 10/16/03 Reality TV in the classroom

Fans Of Reality TV 10/14/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV Oct 5-11

Forbes 10/14/03 Home remodel shows renovate with games, 'reality'

CSM 10/14/03 Colombians want real life to mimic reality TV

Hollywood Reporter 10/14/03 Reality 'piracy' raises int'l flag

Indy Channel 10/13/03 IU Offers Class On Reality TV

Independent 10/13/03 US sitcoms bite the dust as reality TV blooms

NY Times 10/12/03 Wallpaper, Swatches and Adrenaline: A Whole New Design Game

Stamford Advocate 10/9/03 Reality Check 

London Free Press 10/9/03 Blame reality TV for Arnold

NY Daily News 10/8/03 TV no match for real life

Reality News Online 10/7/03 Reality News Update, October 7: Cartoonish TV

Fans of Reality TV 10/6/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, 09/28-10/04

Zap2It 10/5/03 Reality TV Experts Talk About 'Keeping It Real'

Star Telegram 10/5/03 Admit it, YOU want to be famous, too

Orlando Sentinel 10/4/03 The reality of reality TV: It makes us feel better

Times Herald 10/3/03 Reality shows taking away time for sleep

ABC News 10/3/03 Dashed Dreams

Stamford Advocate 10/2/03 Reality Check

Reality News Online 9/30/03 Reality News Update, September 30

USA Today 9/29/03 University to use reality TV trend to recruit students

Fans of Reality TV 9/29/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, Sept. 21-27 9/25/03 Sex Sells, Bad Sex Just isn't Good

The Stamford Advocate 9/25/03 Reality Check 

The Scotsman 9/25/03 Fear the quantity, not quality of reality TV

Reality News Online 9/23/03 An Update on How Reality Dating Show Couples Are Doing

ABC News 9/22/03 Reality Addicts

TV Week 9/22/03 EchoStar to Carry Reality TV Network

Fans Of Reality TV 9/21/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV Sept 14-20

Stamford Advocate 9/18/03 Reality Check 

USA Today 9/18/03 End to summer's reality TV fling 9/18/03 Volunteer Writers Wanted

Chicago Tribune 9/17/03 Reality TV a mood lifter

TEC 9/17/03 How to get on reality TV

Fans Of Reality TV 9/15/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV September 7-13

Television Week 9/15/03 The Reality of Honoring Reality

Hampshire Gazette 9/13/03 ‘Reality TV’ is anything but, teens say

Hollywood Reporter 9/12/03 Fake reality? TV genre does some staging

Stamford Advocate 9/11/03 Reality Check 

BBC 9/11/03 Has reality TV had its day?

East Carolinian 9/10/03 Fall TV gets a reality check

CNN 9/10/03 Africans hail Big Brother 'unity'

News Sentinel 9/8/03 Reality TV raises the romance bar too high for most guys

Fans of Reality TV 9/8/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, Aug. 31 - Sept. 6

St Petersburg Times 9/8/03 Cynical? Who, me? 9/8/03 Can ABC win at its own 'reality' awards show?

Hartford Courant 9/7/03 Reality Check

Ventura County Star 9/6/03 Reality shows see mixed success

Star Tribune 9/5/03 The plastic world of 'reality' TV 9/5/03 Reunions on 'Dad,' 'Love or Money'

Reality News Online 9/5/03 Reality TV Gets Its Own Awards Show

Portland Tribune 9/5/03 Looks like reality isn't all it's cracked up to be

CSM 9/5/03 Why reality TV makes for so-so films

Zap2It 9/4/03 15 Minutes and Counting: Reality TV Gets an Awards Show

Stamford Advocate 9/4/03 Reality Check 

TV Week 9/4/03 'Reality Awards' to Air on ABC 9/3/03 KFC Kicks Off 'Reality TV' Ad Contest

Jersey Journal 9/2/03 Hooked on reality TV

BBC 9/1/03 Reality TV show irks French PM

NY Times 9/1/03 Frontier of Surreality: Mocking Reality Shows

Fans Of Reality TV 8/31/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV August 24-30

SF Gate 8/29/03 The Bay Area exports computer software, wine & now, it seems, reality-show contestants

Stamford Advocate 8/28/03 Reality Check

Contra Costa Times 8/28/03 Reality TV faces the ratings

NY Daily News 8/28/03 Who was hot, or not

News Press 8/25/03 2003 fall lineup leaves some reality behind

UPI 8/25/03 Analysis: Facing up to reality (TV)

Fans Of Reality TV 8/25/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV August 17-23

STL Today 8/24/03 The reality is ...we haven't seen the last of the reality series

USA Today 8/24/03 It's television without pity on reality shows

Times Union 8/23/03 Most TV dating is hardly reality

Zap2It 8/21/03 British Show Dupes Men with 'Lapdance Island'

Beacon Journal 8/21/03 The lessons those reality shows are teaching us

Deseret News 8/20/03 'Gun' aims at reality shows

St Petersburg Times 8/19/03 Summertime, and the viewing is sleazy

Fans Of Reality TV 8/18/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV August 9-18

The Trades 8/18/03 TV Talk

BBC 8/15/03 Big Brother Africa ban overturned

Fans Of Reality TV 8/11/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV August 2-8

Newsday 8/8/03 Reality Crosses a Rubicon

Beacon Journal 8/7/03 Actress is candid about reality TV

Sun-Sentinel 8/7/03 Looking to be in a reality TV show? Living in S.Fla increases your chances 8/7/03 Country Bans Big Brother

Stamford Advocate 8/7/03 Reality Check 

NY Times 8/5/03 Malawi Bans 'Big Brother' Reality Show

Chicago Sun-Times 8/5/03 The standout characters of summer

State Press 8/5/03 '101 Things Removed from the Human Body' is typical FOX

Times Picayune 8/3/03 End of the summer brings reality check

Fans Of Reality TV 8/3/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV July 26 - August 1

Journal News 8/2/03 Unreal TV

Daily News 8/1/03 Reality TV is an assault on family values

Boston Globe 8/1/03 'Reality' camera goes from candid to cruel

Stamford Advocate 7/31/03 Reality Check 

Media Life 7/30/03 Now, summer reality's winners and losers

Deseret News 7/30/03 ABC to hold back reality show deluge 7/30/03 On 'Big Brother,' alliances in tatters

Media Life 7/29/03 At last, reality TV wins buyers' hearts

BBC 7/29/03 Reality TV 'worries viewers' 7/29/03 For Love, or Reality-  The perfect television show

Courier Journal 7/29/03 There's no substitute for the old reality shows

NY Times 7/28/03 Reality TV as Sitcom: 'Green Acres, We Are There'

Seattle Times 7/28/03 Peacock network wraps up fall TV tour, pitting art vs. reality

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/27/03 Viewers turn off reality shows

Fans Of Reality TV 7/27/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV July 18-25

CSM 7/25/03 Made (over) in the USA

Hollywood Reporter 7/25/03 NBC likes being a summer place

USA Today 7/25/03 NBC plans to repeat reality

Post-Gazette 7/25/03 Reality shows get ripped on TV critics press tour

CNN 7/24/03 Become famous, no talent necessary

MSNBC 7/24/03 Reality TV looks to space again

Elites TV 7/23/03 Fun At The Reality 4 Diabetes Fundraiser

Times Union 7/22/03 The reality is the shows are a big hit

Sacramento Bee 7/21/03 Tenor of many reality shows and behavior of contestants make feminists cringe

NY Times 7/21/03 Britons Go Bonkers for Cheeky Makeover Shows

Fans Of Reality TV 7/20/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV July 12-18

Washington Post 7/20/03 Question Reality

Milwaukee Journal 7/20/03 Summer is missing breakout reality TV

Charlotte Observer 7/19/03 `Reality' TV receives genuine criticism

BBC 7/18/03 Less reality TV pledged

Beacon Journal 7/18/03 Reality shows make inroads with prime-time Emmy nods

Independent 7/18/03 Boom in reality TV leads to record increase in complaints

Stamford Advocate 7/17/03 Reality Check 

Seattle PI 7/17/03 Thankfully, ABC is losing its grip on reality this fall

News Observer 7/16/03 Look-at-me syndrome

Extra TV 7/16/03 Reality Check

Capital-Journal 7/16/03 'Reality' television is real for who?

Hartford Courant 7/16/03 Spelling No Fan Of `Reality'

Toronto Star 7/16/03 Reality TV swirls down drain

Washington Post 7/16/03 Kelley Finds It's Hard to 'Practice' What He Preaches

KSDK 7/15/03 Reality Television

USA Today 7/15/03 Reality shows shoot arrows into heart of romance 7/15/03 Those randy reality shows? ABC says it's off the stuff

NY Daily News 7/15/03 ABC's additions a reality check

Bergen Record 7/14/03 The reality pack's still bunched

Fans of Reality TV 7/14/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV July 5-11

Washington Post 7/14/03 An African 'Big Brother' Unites and Delights

Contra Costa Times 7/13/03 Reality alive and well on summer TV

Beacon Journal 7/11/03 Reality shows multiply. Is that good?

NY Daily News 7/11/03 Repeats win over reality

News Messenger 7/10/03 One night of reality TV enough to make a man paranoid

CBS 7/10/03 Reality TV Breaks African Barriers

CNN 7/10/03 The reality of July TV

Stamford Advocate 7/10/03 Reality Check 

NY Daily News 7/10/03 Networks real in younger viewers

USA Today 7/9/03 TV is on the brink of breakout bankruptcy

Reality News Online 7/8/03 Reality Hit List, July 8: It’s Getting Better

NY Daily News 7/8/03 Reality's monster Nash

CSM 7/8/03 Reality TV hit unites Africa in 'Brother'-hood

Washington Times 7/7/03 America Channel aims to redefine reality TV

Sacramento Bee 7/7/03 Get real, women

Bridgeton News 7/7/03 Dose of reality -- TV?

BBC 7/7/03 BBC strikes US TV deal

Fans Of Reality TV 7/7/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV June 28 - July 4

Hollywood Reporter 7/4/03 'Cabin Fever' game again

Hartford Courant 7/4/03 Second-Place Stardom

Seattle PI 7/4/03 On TV, we're still not completely free from Britain's influence

Calgary Sun 7/4/03 Reality takes aim

Boston Globe 7/3/03 Summer programs are too much of a real thing

Stamford Advocate 7/3/03 Reality Check 

NBCMV 7/2/03 Tuesday's Reality: Six NBC Wins In A Row

NY Times 7/2/03 Reality Producer Makes Switch to Fiction

Buffalo News 7/2/03 Lowest Of The Low: What's next for reality TV?

Hartford Courant 7/2/03 The Reality Of Summer: Reruns Rule

NBCMV 7/1/03 NBC Wins Its Fifth Week In A Row Thanks To Reality Growth

Time 6/30/03 Trading Faces

Reality News Online 6/30/03 Reality Hit List, June 30: Oh, Lighten Up Already!

Fans of Reality 6/30/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV June 21-27

Star Telegram 6/29/03 Now that's a novelty -- a show that votes no one off

ABC News 6/27/03 Ambush TV 6/27/03 Reality around the world

Media Life 6/26/03 Ads score better with viewers in groups

Salt Lake Tribune 6/26/03 If ESPN must do reality TV, here are wilder suggestions

Stamford Advocate 6/26/03 Reality Check 

Globe and Mail 6/26/03 Will reality TV leave romance in the dust?

Post-Gazette 6/26/03 Reality TV breaks up usual summer fare

NBCMV 6/24/03 NBC Reality Rules Monday In 18-49

Capital Times 6/24/03 Reality TV sans real people

Courier Journal 6/24/03 Viewers are abandoning TV reality for summer

NY Times 6/23/03 Major Stars Not So Crucial as Concept Trumps Celebrity

Reality News Online 6/23/03 Reality Hit List, June 23: Hope and “Reality”

NY Times 6/23/03 Irish Reality Show Is More Like a Nightmare

Fans Of Reality TV 6/21/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV June 14 - 20

Media Life 6/19/03 Reality TV saves summer from itself

Zap2It 6/19/03 Future Prospects for 'Cabin Fever' Develop Scurvy

Fox News 6/19/03 In 'Reality' the Nice Guy Finishes First

Stamford Advocate 6/19/03 Reality Check 

Toronto Star 6/18/03 Hate reality TV? Blame Britain

NY Times 6/18/03 A Nose Job Just Scratches the Surface

USA Today 6/18/03 Ratings for networks wilt as reality sets in

NBCMV 6/17/03 First-Run Reality Leads NBC to Its Sixth 18-49 Win in Seven Weeks

Reality News Online 6/17/03 Reality Hit List, June 17: Fiacres and Fiascos

USA Today 6/16/03 Reality Check! Your weekly reality show update

Fans of Reality TV 6/16/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV - June 7 - 13th

Jokers Update 6/16/03 Chat with George Boswell (BB1) and Executive Producer Eddie Rosenstein

USA Today 6/16/03 Quiet guy satisfies viewer hunger for reality

Ventura County Star 6/15/03 Paradise lost?

Washington Post 6/15/03 Get on Reality TV

Denver Post 6/15/03 Reality shows get boost from study

Star Journal 6/15/03 Reality TV 'stars' come to help kids

Post Gazette 6/15/03 Like it or not, reality rules television

Dallas Morning News 6/14/03 Reality stars face own reality

The News Item 6/14/03 So you want to be a star of Reality TV?

BBC 6/13/03 Reality TV ship hits the rocks

Ledger Enquirer 6/13/03 Ship Hosting Reality TV Show Hits Rocks

Salon 6/12/03 Reality rapture

SCN 6/12/03 'Reality' romances

Stamford Advocate 6/12/03 Reality Check

NBCMV 6/11/03 NBC Is A Hot Four-For-Four With Its Summer Reality Launches

Newsday 6/9/03 NBC Really Gets 'Real' This Week

NY Times 6/9/03 Networks Try Reality Cure for Summer Rerun Blues

CNN 6/9/03 Web site exposes reality TV's embarrassing secrets

Bergen Record 6/8/03 Networks, cable battle for a hot summer hit

OC Register 6/8/03 Everything but the truth

Fans of Reality TV 6/7/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV May 31 - June 6

Star Telegram 6/6/03 Appraising prime time's 'real' estate

USA Today 6/6/03 Copy cats aren't cool

BBC 6/6/03 'Ultimate' reality TV show planned 6/6/03 'Fame,' 'Amazing Race' and much more on the way

Media Life 6/5/03 Yes, this is reality summer, times two

Stamford Advocate 6/5/03 Reality Check 

USA Today 6/5/03 So far, summer TV's livin' is easy

San Mateo Times 6/5/03 Summer of reality overload

Sunspot 6/2/03 Reality TV in hit-or-miss quandary

Deseret News 6/2/03 It's a 'reality TV' overload

FOX news 6/2/03 Help Wanted: Reality Stars

St Petersburg Time 6/2/03 The reality of summer TV

Edmonton Journal 6/1/03 A little respect for reality TV

Fans of Reality TV 6/1/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, May 24-30

Chicago Sun-Times 6/1/03 Reality TV series take poetic license to new levels

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/1/03 Reality over reruns this summer

Mobile Register 6/1/03 Reality TV contests herald new talent

National Post 5/31/03 Reality television like great literature, scholar argues

St Petersburg Times 5/30/03 My fear factor: No more reality TV

Press Release 5/30/03 Producer seeks "Behind the Scenes" Reality Show Footage

Washington Post 5/30/03 This Summer, Inescapable Reality

SF Examiner 5/29/03 Summer viewin'

Zap2It 5/28/03 Audience Goes Off Script in 2002-03

Milwaukee Sentinel 5/28/03 Networks learn reality and focus on favorites

Orange County Register 5/27/03 Crashing back to reality

NY Daily News 5/27/03 Lazy? Hazy? Crazy!

Mobile Register 5/27/03 Here's a summertime reality show check

Beacon Journal 5/26/03 Forget reruns, summer's prime time for reality TV to shine

Media Guardian 5/26/03 Get a grip on reality

Ventura County Star 5/25/03 Get real

Fans Of Reality TV 5/25/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV May 16-23

Contra Costa Times 5/22/03 Fact is reality's here to stay

Media Daily News 5/22/03 Aftermath: Reality Fades And Creativity Follows

NY Daily News 5/21/03 Reality bites into ad sales

Stanford Daily 5/20/03 Pitfalls of reality TV

Daily Barometer 5/20/03 Reality shows taking over the "real world" 5/19/03 The reality-TV typing test

CNN 5/19/03 'American Idol' wins, reality losing

Denver Post 5/19/03 Networks lose lust for reality shows in fall lineup

Media Guardian 5/19/03 Death by celebrity

USA Today 5/19/03 Reality will rely on old favorites, but new shows could show up fast

NY Times 5/19/03 The Genre Is Scorned, but TV Networks Still Rely on Reality

USA Today 5/18/03 Reality will rely on old favorites, but new shows could show up fast

ABC News 5/18/03 Reality TV Absent on Most Network Slates

Fans of Reality TV 5/17/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV: May 10-17

US News and World Report 5/16/03 Reality gets a makeover

NY Daily News 5/16/03 Fox anchored in reality, plus seven new scripts

NY Daily News 5/14/03 Reality shows to showbiz reality

Mansfield News Journal 5/13/03 Popularity of reality shows almost unreal

BBC 5/12/03 Reality TV enters mainstream

Hollywood Reporter 5/12/03 NBC, Kunitz ink for more reality

Journal Star 5/11/03 Reality shows are here to stay

USA Today 5/11/03 Ad buyers back off reality programs

Fans Of Reality TV 5/11/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV May 3 - 9

NY Times 5/10/03 Desperately Seeking Real People

Globe and Mail 5/10/03 American TV gets a grip on reality

Deseret News 5/9/03 NBC will keep it real

Independent 5/9/03 Reality television being flogged to death, Jowell warns

SF Examiner 5/8/03 Reality checks

EDP 24 5/8/03 Bearing too much reality TV

CNN 5/7/03 Reality TV check with 'Guide' editor

Independent 5/7/03 Tears on camera - but is reality TV harming its participants?

Washington Post 5/6/03 In Reality, Fox and NBC Have Big Summer Plans for Viewers

WBBM 5/5/03 Dole And Clinton On Reality TV

Fans of Reality TV 5/5/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, April 26 - May 2

NY Times 5/4/03 Why Reality Won't Rule The Fall

Greenville Online 5/3/03 Let's get real about today's dating: TV shows amuse, annoy young singles

The Chronicle 5/2/03 A new way to look at reality television

Deseret News 4/30/03 Can reality channel be a real success?

Time 4/28/03 American Idol Worship

Reality News Online 4/28/03 NBC Reveals Psychic Secrets

Zap2It 4/28/03 Reality Central Responds to TV's Reality Dearth

Business Week 4/28/03 All Reality TV, All the Time

Fans of Reality TV 4/28/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV April 19-25

Reality News Online 4/28/03 Former ‘AR’ Participants Announce New 24/7 Reality TV Cable Channel

USA Today 4/28/03 Moviegoers resoundingly reject reality of 'Cancun'

Times-Star 4/27/03 Reality TV and the sneer factor

San Bernardino County Sun 4/26/03 Sorry, no reality checks accepted -- cash only!

CSM 4/25/03 Reality TV's big-screen test

Press Release 4/24/03 Fox Announces new series Paradise Hotel

NY Times 4/24/03 It's All About Class, Guys and Gals

OC Register 4/22/03 Would you pay for ‘reality’?

Press Release 4/22/03 ABC Casting Call for The Swap

NY Times 4/21/03 Ready for a Reality Movie?

NY Daily News 4/21/03 Racy reality reaches big screen

Fans of Reality TV 4/20/03 Top Ten Moments In Reality TV April 12 - 18

Reality News Online 4/18/03 April 18: Fame, Paradise, Protests, and More

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Readers Digest 4/14/03 Why I'm Addicted to Reality TV

Ventura County Star 4/13/03 Looking hot, but ...

Fans of Reality TV 4/12/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV April 4-11

Reality News Online 4/11/03 Reality News Update: New Shows and Show News

USA Today 4/10/03 Reality shows hit the big screen

Reality News Online 4/7/03 April 7: Superheroes, Comedians, and Sharon Osbourne

Contra Costa Times 4/7/03 Cancun becomes focus of 'Real World' movie

Fans of Reality TV 4/6/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV 3/29-4/4

Zap2It 4/3/03 Reality Spring Break Film Hits Big Screen

NY Daily News 4/3/03 Wanted: Masters of reality

Zap2It 4/2/03 April Fool's Gets Real About Reality

Tee Vee 4/1/03 ABC - The Reality Network

Reality News Online 4/1/03 Reality News Update: Frat Life Legal Woes, Zora Day, and New Shows

Reality News Online 4/1/03 Who Should Be Voted Out of Reality Television?: March 16-29  

Zap2It 4/1/03 Food Network Serves Up Buffet of New Shows

USA Today 4/1/03 Reality coup for American TV

Honolulu Advertiser 3/31/03 Ready for 'Who Wants to Marry an Idle American Bachelor?'

Media Post 3/31/03 Counterpoint: Reality TV's Getting Tired and Not a Bargain

Honolulu Advertiser 3/31/03 Teens rule a different reality on TV

Media Post 3/31/03 Reality TV's Great For Everyone Involved

Fans of Reality TV 3/29/03 Top Ten Moments in Reality TV March 22-28

News-Leader 3/29/03 ABC rolls into Springfield looking for new reality stars

CSM 3/28/03 Confessions of a reality-TV veteran

NY Times 3/28/03 Reality Shows Face a Very Real War

Zap2It 3/26/03 War's Reality Moves Staged Reality Off Air

Washington Post 3/26/03 Americans' New Choice for Reality TV: Live From Iraq

NY Daily News 3/26/03 New reality takes ABC toll

Reality News Online 3/25/03 Paula’s Necklace, Hillbilly Protests, Evan & Zora, Big Brother 4, ...

Reality News Online 3/24/03 Lewinsky, Oprah & the Bachelorette, Star Search CDs, and More

Fans of Reality TV 3/23/03 Top ten moments March 15-21

Providence Journal 3/22/03 The ultimate reality TV

Press Release 3/21/03 Casting Call - Is Your Life Worthy of a Reality Show?

Press Release 3/21/03 Playboy Casting Call The Extreme Truth

Naples Daily 3/21/03 Ratings show that not every reality program is treated equally by viewers

NY Daily News 3/21/03 It's the new reality TV

Salt Lake Tribune 3/21/03 Horiuchi: 'Reality TV' Beats Out Real War

Pop Politics 3/19/03 Reality Check

Beacon Journal 3/19/03 Reality could delay reality TV

USA Today 3/19/03 I'm a TV critic — get me out of here!

NY Daily News 3/19/03 War coverage is a reality check 3/18/03 Reality shows now taking bite out of marriage, family

Tri Valley Herald 3/17/03 Get real regarding reality

Edmonton Sun 3/17/03 Reality TV about to bump against reality

Reality News Online 3/17/03 Who Should Be Voted Out of Reality Television?..

Boston Business Journal 3/17/03 Ready for prime time: Business meets reality

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, March 8-14

NY Daily News 3/17/03 Kings of the reality jungle

USA Today 3/17/03 TV's new reality: All those copycats are fading fast

USA Today 3/17/03 Young adults learn from reality TV

Centre Daily Times 3/15/03 TV romances make a game out of love

Citizen Times 3/14/03 In reality, like most things on TV, reality shows aren't real

Reality News Online 3/14/03 Reality News Update, 3/14: ABC’s Ups and Downs

CSM 3/14/03 Real world will oust reality TV

Seattle PI 3/14/03 Reality TV today's fairy tales

Contra Costa Times 3/14/03 Reality shows: Death of TV or just test patterns?

Press Release 3/14/03 NBC Casting Call "Meet My Dad"

Herald Tribune 3/13/03 Reality TV widens the generation gap

Media Life 3/12/03 Amid reruns, Reality is still king

Star-Telegram 3/12/03 Shows abandon the coasts in search of 'real' people

Florida Times Union 3/12/03 People tiring of reality shows

NY Times 3/12/03 Reality Shows Try Product Placement

NY Magazine 3/11/03 Oh, Get Real! 3/11/03 Why Marketers Love Reality TV Stars: They're Cheap

Reality News Online 3/11/03 Who Should Be Voted Out of Reality TV?

Canton Repository 3/11/03 Reality Show Casting Agents Just Want You to Be You

Fortune 3/11/03 Rupert Murdoch's Cheesy Shows

Milwaukee Journal 3/10/03 America, graceless reality shed on thee

BBC 3/10/03 Reality TV, featuring God... online

Media Life Magazine 3/10/03 Say ugh! to primetime without reality shows

Fans of Reality TV 3/10/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV March 1-7

Beacon Journal 3/9/03 Reality brights

Herald Dispatch 3/9/03 Reality TV bites 3/9/03 Reality brights

St. Louis Today 3/9/03 Audiences may say "I do" to reality shows

Chronicle Tribune 3/9/03 Reality stretched beyond reason

Daily Barometer 3/8/03 How to outfox a reality show

Savannah Now 3/8/03 Watching 'reality' of TV show not as satisfying as spending time with true friend

Press Release 3/8/03 NBC Casting Call "Date My Mom"

ABC 3/7/03 Sex, Money & Videotape

BBC 3/7/03 'Bitter reality' for TV writers

Press Release 3/7/03 Couples Needed for a New Documentary Series

Hollywood Reporter 3/703 Reality category voted in for International Emmys

Post Gazette 3/6/03 Are viewers ready to break from reality?

NY Daily News 3/6/03 Upscripted shows face ratings reality

SF Chronicle 3/6/03 Network honchos need reality check, and quickly

Press Release 3/6/03 Casting Call - VH1 Series - Simply Irresistible

Milwaukee Journal 3/5/03 'Reality' TV debuts not quite up to par

NY Times 3/5/03 Some Reality Shows Have Survival Value

USA Today 3/5/03 Reality TV gets a jolt of reality in Nielsens

Fortune 3/5/03 How Fox Got Lucky on National TV

Chicago Sun-Times 3/5/03 The best reality shows are greater than fiction

Press Release 3/4/03 Casting Call - New Reality Series "The Extreme Truth"

NY Times 3/4/03 Some Reality-Show Mutations Have Survival Value

Extra 3/4/03 Reality Television

Zap2It 3/4/03 Drama Writers Discuss Craft, Diss Reality Shows

Reality News Online 3/4/03 Who Should Be Voted Out of Reality Television? 

Press Release 3/3/03 ABC Operation Love Casting Call

Contra Costa Times 3/3/03 Fast-forward romance

NY Times 3/3/03 Fairy Tales and a Dose of Reality

Times Online 3/3/03 The grim reality

NY Times 3/3/03 Camcorders and PC's Shape Aesthetics of 'Reality' TV

USA Today 3/3/03 Addicted to love: Viewers stick it out with TV couples

CSM 3/3/03 Get Real With Reality TV

Fans of Reality TV 3/2/03 Top 10 Moments in Reality TV, February 22-28

Wichita Eagle 3/2/03 Real Silly TV

Review Journal 3/2/03 Not-So-Real World of Love

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/2/03 Reality trend rolls into spring

Ledger Enquirer 3/2/03 Please get real

Wichita Eagle 3/2/03 Reality shows coming soon to TV near you

St Petersburg Times 3/2/03 Keeping it real


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