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News Articles about Dr. Phil


Woonsocket Call 1/29/05 Dr. Phil’s take on human behavior

KELOLAND TV 1/28/05 Southwest Minnesota Couple On Dr. Phil Show

National Enquirer 1/27/05 Dr. Phil Caught In Child Abuse Scandal

Click 2 Houston.com 1/26/05 Dr. Phil, Tennis Stars Hold Houston Event For Tsunami Victims

Woonsocket Call 1/22/05 Dr. Phil tells of path to psychology

Deseret News 1/21/05 Provo family on 'Dr. Phil'

Pioneer Press 1/17/05 Abusers and victims to share experiences on 'Dr. Phil' today

Kansas City Channel 1/13/05 Dr. Phil Singles Out KC Group For Weight-Loss Challenge

KOIN 1/12/05 Local Bride-To-Be Competes On 'Dr. Phil'

Woonsocketcall.com 1/8/05 Here’s Dr. Phil’s take on strategies in life

Hollywood Reporter 1/6/05 More house calls for 'Dr. Phil'

Ledger-Enquirer 1/4/05 Catch up with Caitlin on today's 'Dr. Phil'

WFIE-TV 1/3/05 Update on Weight Loss Program for Dr. Phil's Sister

Canada.com 1/1/05 Manitoba woman to be featured on Dr. Phil show

Dallas Morning News 12/31/04 Dr. Phil -- or Daddy Dearest?

Milford Daily News 12/23/04 Dr. Phil's weight loss program offered at Hockomock Area YMCA

Wireless Week 12/17/04 Handset Gets A Spot On Dr. Phil

TV Guide 12/17/04 Ms. Ellerbee Meets Dr. Phil

ET Online 12/16/04 Dr. Phil Meets Char the Psychic

Lima News 12/14/04 Soldier’s wife takes part in “Dr. Phil” show

PR Newswire 12/13/04 Dr. Phil & Robin McGraw make Christmas a time to remember for children/spouses of those serving in Iraq

ET Online 12/11/04 Dr. Phil's Family Christmas

WQAD 12/1/04 Dr. Phil Weight Loss Challenge

USOlympicTeam.com 12/1/04 Miranda to appear on "Dr. Phil" on Dec. 7

NC Times 11/29/04 Dr. Phil and Target combine to brighten holiday season

Hollywood Reporter 11/23/04 Big markets get new dose of 'Dr. Phil'

E!Online 11/22/04 Dr. Phil Keeping to the Couch

Zap2It 11/22/04 Dr. Phil Promises Tough Love Through 2009

Hollywood Reporter 11/22/04 'Dr. Phil' stays in therapy for 3 more years

Projo.com 11/18/04 Hatch tells Dr. Phil predator exploiting son

PR Web 11/17/04 What Dr. Phil Knows That You Don't

PR Newswire 11/15/04 Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw Set to Host TNT's Annual Christmas in Washington Concert

NBC4 11/15/04 Win A Trip To Meet Dr. Phil

Orlando Sentinel 11/12/04 His family values seem to resonate with many

Big News 11/10/04 Father and son night on 'Renovate'
Zap2It 11/9/04 Dr. Phil Takes 'Family' Time on FOX

The Independent Journal 11/8/04 Dr. Phil gets real and talks family

St. Petersburg Times 11/7/04 Dr. Phil delights local fans

Tampa Bay's 10 11/6/04 Dr. Phil brings his message of "Family First" to Tampa

CBS 11/5/04 Dr. Phil To Voters: Get Over It

Media Life 11/4/04 'Dr. Phil' and the art of tough love TV

PR Newswire 11/4/04 'Dr. Phil' to Appear Live in a Special Orlando Area Event 'Family First: Living the Dream'

Orlando Business Journal 11/4/04 Dr. Phil to appear in Orlando Friday

ET Online 11/3/04 Dr. Phil's Fighting Words

PR Newswire 11/2/04 Aspen Education Group's Outback Therapeutic Expeditions Featured on 'The Dr. Phil Show'

Independent Tribune 11/2/04 Female wrestler goes on Dr. Phil

WISC 10/25/04 Dr. Phil Tackles Postpartum Depression

Mercury News 10/24/04 Dr. Phil draws throng to SJSU

Union Democrat 10/19/04 'Dr. Phil' helps Long Barn woman's son

Rapid City Journal 10/17/04 Lead couple to appear on 'Dr. Phil'

KVUE 10/17/04 Not all Elgin residents happy with Dr. Phil's presence

Contact Music 10/13/04 Roseanne: Dr Phil Is 'Hitler'

Black Hills Pioneer 10/11/04 Lead couple to appear on 'Dr. Phil'

Fosters Sunday Citizen 10/10/04 Dr. Phil (at least on paper) is here to help

USA Today 10/7/04 Kerry talks about kids, divorce, politics on Dr. Phil

Washington Post 10/7/04 Pop Goes the Psychology: The Dr. Phils Meet the Kerrys

Baltimore Sun 10/7/04 Campaign trail veers through 'Dr. Phil' show

Weekly Standard 10/7/04 John and Teresa Do Dr. Phil

Canton Repository 10/1/04 On Dr. Phil, a Dose of Bad Medicine?

Big News Network 10/1/04 Mental health advocates blast Dr. Phil

News.com.au 9/30/04 Bush on Dr Phil on drinking

Washington Post 9/30/04 'Family First' and the First Family

Chicago Tribune 9/29/04 Dr. Phil Interviews President, First Lady

Washington Post 9/29/04 Dr. Phil's Advice To Candidates: Come on My Show

ET Online 9/28/04 Dr. Phil Gets Real with President & Mrs. Bush

Kentucky.com 9/28/04 Dr. Phil To Ask Candidates: 'How's That Workin' For Ya'?'

Mercury News 9/22/04 Dr. Phil goes primetime

Hollywood Reporter 9/22/04 A Dr. Phil Primetime Special: Family First

Journal Now 9/22/04 Family Talk: Dr. Phil goes prime-time on being a good parent

ET Online 9/22/04 Dr. Phil & the 'Potential' Serial Killer?

ET Online 9/21/04 Dr. Phil Puts 'Family First' in a Primetime Special

CBS 9/20/04 Dr. Phil's 'Family First' Special

Times-Star 9/19/04 Dr. Phil seems to have answers for everything

Zap2It 9/19/04 Dr. Phil Puts 'Family First' for CBS Special

DetNews.com 9/18/04 One of Dr. Phil's latest missions is to help save America's families

ET Online 9/17/04 Dr. Phil Puts 'Family First' in a Primetime Special

WCNC 9/17/04 Tune into Letterman, Regis and Dr. Phil to see Kerry

Indy Star 9/16/04 Dr. Phil examines state of parenting

Dayton Daily News 9/16/04 'Suddenly single' Dayton woman to see Dr. Phil

Time 9/13/04 10 Questions For Dr. Phil

CBS 9/10/04 Putting 'Family First'
ET Online 9/8/04 Dr. Phil 'Shines' On His New Season

Charlotte.com 9/3/04 Jeff Gordon gives Dr. Phil some racecar therapy

Zap2It 8/24/04 Dr. Phil Bumps CBS Premieres

Access Hollywood 8/6/04 'Dr. Phil' Sued By Mental Health Activist

Orlando Sentinel 7/26/04 Mediator? The doctor is out

Los Angeles Times 7/13/04 Dr. Phil Answers Call

StarPhoenix 7/10/04 Getting personal with Dr. Phil

Northwest Herald 7/2/04 Dr. Phil's pros outnumber cons

Sun Chronicle 6/23/04 Thanks, Dr. Phil

E!Online 6/22/04 "Dr. Phil" Case Dismissed

Globe and Mail 6/19/04 Dr. Phil house call prompts criticism from taxpayers group

Press Herald 6/19/04 'Dr. Phil is helping the news grow' at WMTW

CBC Ottawa 6/18/04 Dr. Phil is entertainment, not training says watchdog

Ottawa Citizen 6/17/04 Dr. Phil in town to train civil servants

Calgary Sun 6/17/04 Taxpayers stuck with Dr. Phil's tab

Ottawa Citizen 6/17/04 $300 tickets don't faze Dr. Phil fans as TV superstar sells out fast

Business Week 6/11/04 Dr. Phil: "There Are Times to Push"

Business Week 6/11/04 Dr. Phil Inc. keeps growing, but the relentless self-promoter has his critics

Click 2 Houston 6/10/04 Houston Modeling Agency Signs Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Challenger

Sunday Times 6/6/04 Dr Phil's ex gets sweet revenge

Zap2It 6/2/04 Activist Files FCC Complaint Against Dr. Phil

Milwaukee Journal 6/2/04 Activist Faults 'Dr. Phil' Disclaimer

The Spoof 5/30/04 Dr. Phil Caught Snacking Between Meals

The Facts 5/28/04 Angleton man scores with Dr. Phil fame

WRAL 5/28/04 Louisburg Woman's Weight Loss Success Featured On 'Dr. Phil'

National Enquirer 5/27/04 Dr. Phil's Ex Gets Revenge

Dayton Daily News 5/25/04 Local Client of Dr. Phil Gets $50,000

East Bay RI 5/25/04 Dr. Phil program to feature local weight loss group

Denver Post 5/21/04 Lakewood divorce on "Dr. Phil"

ET Online 5/21/04 Dr. Phil's Weight-Loss Winners!

CBS 5/20/04 Dr. Phil's Sophomore Success

Yahoo 5/19/04 Dr. Phil Leads Weight Loss Challengers to the Finish Line

Omaha World Herald 5/16/04 LifeLite: Dr. Phil fan was rewarded for taking up lost cause

Sydney Morning Herald 5/14/04 Dr Phil: More Hormones From Hell

PR Newswire 5/11/04 Dr. Phil Takes Viewers Inside 'The Anatomy of a Divorce'

The Register-Guard 5/9/04 Stations' deal puts brighter spotlights on Oprah, Dr. Phil

Mercury News 5/7/04 The skinny on Dr. Phil's Booty Camp

Philly.com 5/4/04 A talk with Dr. Phil brings tears from Alycia Lane

Zap2It 5/3/04 Class-Action Suit Targets Dr. Phil

Fox News 5/3/04 The Foxlight: Katie Couric, Dr. Phil, Christina Aguilera

Omaha World Herald 4/24/04 Keeping it real, Dr. Phil wows believers at arena

ET Online 4/12/04 Dr. Phil Meets Bernie Mac

Chattanoogan  4/1/04 Is The Tennessee House Considering Banning Dr. Phil?

WISC 3/30/04 Madison Teen Appears On 'Dr. Phil'

Arizona Republic 3/29/04 Dr. Phil and the mentally ill

Pittsburgh Live 3/23/04 The doctor isn't in for all, 'Dr. Phil' critic says

Daily Nonpareil 3/22/04 Dr. Phil coming to Omaha April 23

Projo.com 3/19/04 Dr. Phil diet enspires fans' support group

The Spoof 3/18/04 Dr. Phil's New Book: 7 Steps to Forging Your Ph.D

Go Memphis 3/17/04 Critic:'Dr. Phil' Isn't Doctor for All

Business Wire 3/16/04 Got Milk?/Milk Mustache Campaign ''Gets Real'' with Dr. Phil

Iowa Channel.com 3/4/04 Dr. Phil On Tour!

News4Jax.com 3/4/04 Si'Mone Small Appears On 'Dr. Phil' Show

Barrington Times 3/2/04 Dr. Phil's coming to Barrington

Fredericksburg.com 2/29/04 Disputing Dr. Phil's diagnosis

Fredericksburg.com 2/26/04 Local woman says Dr. Phil 'ambushed' family

WTOP 2/20/04 TV's Dr. Phil Throws His Weight Around

ET Online 2/19/04 Spend the Day With Dr. Phil

WBKO 2/19/04 Dr. Phil's Weight Loss "Solution"

WMTW 2/6/04 Behind the Scenes with Dr. Phil

Deseret News 2/4/04 Weigh to go! Utah woman loses it on Dr. Phil TV show

Anchorage Daily News 2/4/04 Anchorage man accepts Dr. Phil's diet challenge

American Daily 2/3/04 Dr. Phil Weighs In On Sexual Orientation

WTOP 2/2/04 Dr. Phil's Son Has a Heavy Message for Teens

Baxter Bulletin 1/31/04 Forget Dr. Phil, consider the Sloth Program

ET Online 1/29/04 Dr. Phil's Teen Weight Loss Challenge

Good Housekeeping 1/28/04 Weighing The Worth of South Beach, Dr. Phil Diets

Chicago Tribune 1/25/04 TV's Dr. Phil throws his weight around

AllHipHop.com 1/18/04 Master P. To Appear On Dr. Phil, Launches Watch Collection

USA Today 1/15/04 Atkins, South Beach or Dr. Phil? An expert rates the books

St. Augustine Record 1/12/04 St. Gerard Campus to be on 'Dr. Phil'

Projo 1/10/04 Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Challenge helps local man gain back health

WFIE 1/5/04 Dr. Phil's Sister On A Weight Loss Mission

The Province 1/5/04 Dr. Phil's Weight Solution vs. Hollywood's raw food diets

Sturgis Journal 1/5/04 Former Coldwater resident on Dr.Phil show today

Holland Sentinel 1/1/04 Dr. Phil helps 'shopaholic' overcome problem

The Call 12/27/03 A look at Dr. Phil’s keys to weight-loss success  

Click2Houston 12/23/03 Dr. Phil Launches New Book Today

ET Online 12/22/03 Dr. Phil's Booty Camp

The Call 12/20/03 Dr. Phil on unlocking the door to food control

Chortler 12/18/03 Dr Phil Won't Tell Couple Solution To Their Problem.. 

News Journal 12/16/03 Mansfield man, daughter on 'Dr. Phil' TV show today

Tennessean 12/9/03 Eschewing the fat with Dr. Phil

KOTV 12/9/03 Dr Phil helps Tulsan with weight loss

Beacon Journal 12/8/03 Dr. Phil drops in

NY Daily News 12/8/03 Oprah disses Dr. Phil, Letterman

News Press 12/6/03 Lee man’s bear puts him back on ‘Dr. Phil Show’

The Call 12/6/03 Success the only option with Dr. Phil’s Key No. 3

Houston Press 12/4/03 There's a Doctor in Your House

Philly.com 12/2/03 Decision to dump news for 'Dr. Phil' pays off for KYW

Chicago Tribune 11/28/03 A diet of Dr. Phil

National Enquirer 11/27/03 Dr. Phil Ruined My Life!

KansasCityChannel.com 11/26/03 Dr. Phil's Weight-Loss Plan: Nothing New, But It Works

Salon 11/24/03 Who's your daddy?

Go Memphis 11/24/03 Popular Dr. Phil prodding pudgy Americans to slim down

Philly.com 11/23/03 Dr. Phil here to deliver his straight talk

The Call 11/22/03 Dr. Phil’s book a zero-calorie treat on the local supermarket shelf

Good Housekeeping 11/19/03 Some Experts Say Dr. Phil Is Just What The Overweight Need

Hollywood Reporter 11/19/03 'Dr. Phil' has Rx for sweep

WXIA 11/18/03 Local Man Takes Dr. Phil's Challenge

WBAL 11/17/03 Baltimore's Dr. Phil Challengers Plan Holiday Meals

National Post 11/14/03 Bambi sues Dr. Phil after TV plan costs her a leg

Seattle Times 11/14/03 Does Dr. Phil really have all the answers?

E!Online 11/14/03 Dr. Phil, Maury's Talk-Show Torts

KTRE 11/14/03 East Texan a Guest on Dr. Phil Show

Seattle Times 11/14/03 Local dietitians weigh in on Dr. Phil's new role as diet guru

Miami Herald 11/13/03 Former Cop Suing 'Dr. Phil' Show

Star Banner 11/13/03 Dr. Phil snaps up local 'sex bracelet' story

ET Online 11/12/03 Dr. Phil Offers Help To His Sisters

Channel4000.com 11/10/03 Laurie Bembenek Sues Dr. Phil

Sun Sentinel 11/10/03 A diet of Dr. Phil

News Press 11/7/03 Teddy returns to ‘Dr. Phil’

WBAL 11/3/03 Eight Baltimore-Area Women Take On Dr. Phil

Toronto Star 11/3/03 Selling diet supplements puts Dr. Phil in hotseat

WXXA 11/3/03 Dr Phil Grows Bald Gracefully

North Penn Life 10/31/03 Lansdale woman makes cross-country trip for Dr. Phil

Business Wire 10/30/03 Dr. Phillip C. McGraw Announces the Formation of the Dr. Phil Foundation

Salt Lake Tribune 10/30/03 Dr. Phil draws criticism for endorsing diet supplements

ET Online 10/29/03 Dr. Phil Delivers!

The Herald 10/28/03 Dr. Phil calls, and counselor leaps at the opportunity

Post Standard 10/27/03 Waterloo graduate appears on 'Dr. Phil'

UE Media 10/7/03 One Six Eight Delivers 'Dr. Phil' On-Air Package

Seattle Times 10/2/03 Dr. Phil's Newcastle connection

Tennessean 10/1/03 Dr. Phil weighs in: TV psychologist's diet book looks at emotional eating

Projo.com 9/27/03 Taking a look at Dr. Phil's weight-loss program

CBS 9/24/03 Dr. Phil's 'Weight Solution'

TCPalm 9/24/03 Sewall's Point boutique site for 'Dr. Phil'

Free Lance Star 9/21/03 Does Dr. Phil really know doughnuts?

Globe and Mail 9/20/03 Former Ontario model sheds pounds for Dr. Phil

Quad-City Times 9/18/03 Dr. Phil coaches RI woman on diet

QCTimes.com 9/18/03 Dr. Phil coaches RI woman on diet

Niagara Falls Review 9/17/03 Falls woman wins weight loss sessions with Dr. Phil

ET Online 9/17/03 Dr. Phil's 'Inspiration': Robin McGraw Interview

ET Online 9/16/03 Dr. Phil & Mary Get Real About Season Two

Post-Dispatch 9/15/03 'Doublewide' Dr. Phil takes on American obesity

WEEK 9/15/03 Visiting With Dr. Phil

ET Online 9/14/03 Dr. Phil Weighs in with Mary

Journal Star 9/12/03 Locals will have brush with Dr. Phil

WDIV 9/12/03 Dr. Phil Goes Prime Time With Weight Loss Challenge

ET Online 9/12/03 Katie Puts Dr. Phil to the Test!

CBS 9/12/03 Dr. Phil Weighs In On Obesity

WEEK 9/12/03 One on One with Dr. Phil

News Press 9/12/03 Dr. Phil weighs in on obesity with new book

USA Today 9/9/03 Dr. Phil weighs in on obesity with book, food products

Hollywood Reporter 9/9/03 'Dr. Phil' has right RX for overseas markets

Daily American Republic 9/9/03 Broseley native to be on "Dr. Phil"

WEEK 9/8/03 Dr. Phil Touches Central Illinois

ClickOnDetroit.com 8/28/03 Take Dr. Phil And Katie Couric's Ultimate Weight Challenge

NY Newsday 8/18/03 'Dr. Phil' Redux

ET Online 8/13/03 Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution

WDIV 8/11/03 Warren Company Wins Bid For Dr. Phil's Book

USA Today 8/8/03 Dr. Phil weighs in on weight loss

Globe and Mail 7/25/03 The emperor of empathy has no clothes

Salt Lake Tribune 7/25/03 With couch potatoes as an audience, Dr. Phil will focus on weight loss

Chicago Sun-Times 7/25/03 For Dr. Phil's wallet, next season could be fattening

NY Daily News 7/24/03 'Dr. Phil' enters vast waist land

Statesman.com 7/23/03 Holloway goes Hollywood

Florida Today 6/13/03 'Dr. Phil' appearance irks Titusville man

Poughkeepsie Journal 6/13/03 Rosendale woman gets guest spot on 'Dr. Phil'

National Enquirer 5/24/03 Oprah Betrays Dr. Phil

Shelby Star 5/23/03 Shelby native appearing on Dr. Phil show today

St Petersburg Times 5/23/03 'Dr. Phil' aids WTSP-Ch. 10 in sweeps

Louisville Channel 5/17/03 TV Talker Brady Shuts Out Dr. Phil At Daytime Emmys

WIS 4/29/03 Getting real with Dr. Phil

Herald Sun 4/27/03 Dr Phil comes to town

Times Star 4/25/03 Dr. Phil's straight talk

Stockwatch 4/25/03 The Doctors Are In ... Dr. Phil and Dr. Crane Fight for the Limelight

Edmonton Journal 4/16/03 Are Osbournes taking their cues from Dr. Phil?

Fayetteville Online 4/15/03 Missing man's kin on 'Dr. Phil' show

Arizona Republic 4/14/03 Fans flock to listen to Dr. Phil at Expo

Arizona Republic 4/12/03 Expo to give women fill, and Dr. Phil

Eagle-Gazette 4/11/03 Local clown to debate Dr. Phil on television today

STL Today 4/5/03 Taking the "Dr. Phil" cure

Detroit News 4/1/03 Wyandotte man relives nightmare on 'Dr. Phil'

Herald Dispatch 3/31/03 TV’s ‘Dr.Phil’ to tape at Cammack Middle

NBC 3/21/03 Dr. Phil Helps Parents Talk To Kids About War

Tribune Review 3/13/03 'View,' 'Dr. Phil' earn multiple Daytime Emmy nominations

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/12/03 Conner interview with Dr. Phil is broadcast

Channel Cincinnati 2/27/03 Go Behind The Scenes With Dr. Phil

Union Leader 2/27/03 TV’s 'Dr. Phil' remembers Nashua’s Jeremy Stabile

WTSP 2/26/03 Sarasota family gets results from appearing on Dr. Phil Show

Modesto Bee 2/24/03 Crunched fenders, tabloid tattlers--Dr. Phil's not in Dallas anymore

Zap2It 2/20/03 Does Dr. Phil Need A Wake Up Call?

Zap2It 2/19/03 Dr. Phil Pushes Letterman Past Leno

Chicago Sun-Times 2/19/03 Dr. Phil and Dave

Detroit Free Press 2/19/03 Dr. Phil goes to La-La-Land and becomes a hit there, too

News-Sentinel 2/17/03 L.A. can't get fill of 'Dr. Phil'

Zap2It 2/17/03 Dr. Phil Pays Visit to 'Frasier'

ABC News 2/17/03 Fight Fair

Statesman Journal 2/15/03 Get real, Dr. Phil: Valentine advice lacks integrity

Calgary Sun 2/14/03 Feuding council to white-hat Dr. Phil

Zap2It 2/11/03 Dr. Phil to Make 'Late Show' Appearance

WDIV 2/7/03 Mother Loses Child After Appearing On 'Dr. Phil'

Fresno Bee 2/4/03 Fresno couple to brave 'Dr. Phil Show'

Chicago Tribune 1/18/03 Bembenek case takes new turns with DNA and `Dr. Phil'

Time 1/15/03 My Session with Dr. Phil

Washington Post 12/31/02 Spilling It All To Dr. Phil

LA Times 12/29/02 He flirted, now Dr. Phil's ready for commitment

Chicago Sun Times 12/27/02 Dr. Phil leads revival of syndicated shows

Zap2It 12/19/02 'Dr. Phil' Gets Two More Years

St. Petersburg Times 12/19/02 Analyzing 'Dr. Phil'

USA Today 12/17/02 'Dr. Phil' is answer for syndication

Oakland Tribune 12/16/02 Livermore woman says TV's Dr. Phil was a big help to her

Reuters 12/12/02 'Dr. Phil' Still Gives Oprah Helping Hand

Deseret News 12/11/02 Dr. Phil is almost like family

Salon 12/2/02 Oprah's hulking stepchild

CBS 12/2/02 New Trouble For 'Dr. Phil' Guest

Loris Scene 11/25/02 Dr. Phil Show

Milwaukee Journal 11/19/02 When Dr. Phil says 'break a leg' . . .

Chattanoogan.com 11/14/02 Dr. Phil And Appreciation

CBS 11/11/02 Dr. Phil: No Shrinking Violet

Fox News 11/6/02 Talking Our Ears Off on TV

KFMB 11/6/02 Dr. Phil Gets Real

Sunday Times 11/3/02 Oprah's Dr Phil motivates this Bull

TRN Online 10/26/02 Dr. Phil started practice in Falls

KNBC 10/22/02 Dr. Phil On The D.C.-Area Sniper

USA Today 10/15/02 Dr. Phil dishes advice right in your face

NY Daily News 10/15/02 Dr. Phil: Just what TV ordered

Globe and Mail 10/15/02 Dr. Tough Love riding high

Journal News 10/15/02 Dr. Phil's first Mrs.

KCRA 10/15/02 'Dr. Phil' Earns Best New Ratings Since 'Oprah'

FortWayne.com 10/10/02 'Secret' wife and others recall Dr. Phil's time in KC area

SMU Daily Campus 10/8/02 Dr. Phil a fraud, protestors say

Hollywood Reporter 10/2/02 'Dr. Phil' finds cure at No. 9

Salt Lake Tribune 10/1/02 Dr. Phil Hooks Daytime Audiences With His Common-Sense Counseling

CTV 9/25/02 Dr. Phil's Midas touch? No, that's Oprah's

NY Times 9/24/02 Blunt Advice and No Pity Get Ratings for Dr. Phil

Detroit Free Press 9/23/02 One week of Dr. Phil wasn't scary after all

TV Insite 9/19/02 Day two: Dr. Phil hangs tough

Weekly Standard 9/19/02 Dr. Phil's Talk-Show Cure

Hollywood Reporter 9/18/02 'Dr. Phil' good in first house call

Zap2It 9/18/02 'Dr.Phil' is Good Medicine for Syndication

Chicago Sun Times 9/18/02 A guide to Dr. Philspeak

TV Insite 9/17/02 Dr. Phil begins big

Hamilton Spector 9/17/02 Advice guru's Philisms right tonic for TV

Toledo Blade 9/17/02 Dr. Phil diagnoses society's ills

CNN 9/16/02 Oprah protege Dr. Phil flying solo

Washington Post 9/15/02 Oprah's Guru Is on His Own

Milwaukee Journal 9/15/02 'Dr. Phil' won't have Oprah to lean on

CTV 9/12/02 Dr. Phil to tell it like it is every weekday

Click2Houston 9/12/02 Dr. Phil: Divorce Is Family Matter

D Magazine 9/1/02 Dr. Phil Goes Hollywood

Detroit News 7/21/01 Dr. Phil breaks down relationships, encourages women to 'get real'

E!Online 4/21/01 Oprah Spinning Off Dr. Phil?


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