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News Articles about Dr. Phil

Entertainment Weekly 1/16/13 Talk show ratings: 'Dr. Phil' is the most watched

NY Post 12/10/12 Dr. Phil is top talker

E!Online 12/4/12 Dr. Phil Car-Theft Crisis Averted: Cops Recover Stolen Classic Chevy

TV Guide 12/3/12 The Scoop Behind Michael Weatherly's Dr. Phil/NCIS Webisodes

Reality TV Magazine 11/29/12 Jeff Lewis, Patti Stanger, And Kalon McMahon Take Dr. Phil’s Babysitter Challenge

Reality TV Magazine 10/1/12 Lindsay Lohan Thinks Dr. Phil Is A Fraud

NY Post 9/24/12 Dina wants ‘Phil’ rematch

Reality TV Magazine 9/16/12 Dina Lohan Claims She’s Not Drunk During Dr. Phil Taping

E!Online 9/13/12 Dr. Phil Calls Out Dina Lohan's Odd Behavior During One-on-One Interview

US Magazine 8/28/12 Dr. Phil's Car Stolen from Repair Shop

TV Guide 5/17/12 Video: Can Dr. Phil Help 700-Pound Man Robert Gibbs Before It’s Too Late?

Daily Mail 3/5/12 Dr Phil reaches out to morbidly obese 23-year-old who posted desperate plea for help on YouTube

NY Post 10/11/11 ‘Dr. Phil’ guest arrested before show airs

Hollywood Reporter 10/10/11 'Dr. Phil' Guest Arrested for Beating Up Girlfriend

Hollywood Reporter 9/30/11 Daytime TV: 'Dr. Oz,' 'Dr. Phil' Winning in a Post-'Oprah' Market

People 9/12/11 Dr. Phil: Cindy Anthony Is 'In Denial'

TV Guide 9/7/11 Exclusive: Dr. Phil on His Blockbuster Interview with Casey Anthony's Parents

US Magazine 9/2/11 Dr. Phil's Son Jay McGraw Welcomes Baby Boy London

People 9/2/11 Dr. Phil Is a Grandfather Again – on His Birthday

NY Post 8/23/11 Mom blames Dr. Phil for hot sauce charge

Hollywood Reporter 8/23/11 Woman Convicted of Child Abuse in Ploy to Appear on 'Dr. Phil'

People 8/16/11 George and Cindy Anthony Will Appear on Dr. Phil

Hollywood Reporter 8/12/11 CBS Settles 'Dr. Phil' Lawsuit Claiming Women Were Held Captive With Naked Man

TMZ 6/17/11 Crystal Harris -- Consoled by Dr. Phil's Son

People 6/15/11 Crystal Harris Denies Romance with Dr. Phil's Son

NY Post 2/4/11 That bites

NY Post 2/1/11 'Dr. Phil' abuse kid could be sent back to Russia

NY Post 1/12/11 Dr. Phil talked Ted into rehab

Digital Spy 11/30/10 'Dr. Phil' creator steps down from CBS

Digital Spy 9/27/10 Dr Phil's son launches gossip website

NY Post 7/12/10 Dr. Phil’s 'house' call

NY Post 6/14/10 Dr. Phil freaks out, Oz close behind

NY Daily News 5/8/10 Oprah Winfrey celebrates 10 years of 'O' magazine at Radio City by shaving off Dr. Phil's mustache

TMZ 5/7/10 Oprah Shaves Dr. Phil -- Kisses Him Off

NY Post 4/27/10 Dr. Phil fingers cheats

Access Hollywood 3/23/10 Kelly Osbourne Injures Arm During Dog Fight, Joins ‘Dr. Phil’ Show As Special Contributor

People 3/19/10 Dr. Phil Becomes a Grandfather

TMZ 3/9/10 Dr. Phil -- I Don't Wanna Be on the Internet

Deseret News 2/15/10 Susan Powell's family will be on 'Dr. Phil' on Tuesday

TMZ 11/30/09 Dr. Phil Show: You Can't Throw Us Under the Bus

TMZ 10/13/09 Dr. Phil Sued Again -- I Saw the Naked Man, Too

NY Daily News 10/9/09 Dr. Phil McGraw denies that he groped ex-patient Shirley Dieu's breasts, held her captive

TMZ 10/8/09 Dr. Phil -- I Didn't Touch Any Boobs

E!Online 10/8/09 Dr. Phil's Bedside Manner: Brainwashing, Groping, Falsely Imprisoning?

TMZ 10/7/09 Lawsuit -- Dr. Phil Trapped Me, Touched My Boob

TMZ 9/29/09 Crash Victims to 'Dr. Phil' Show -- Give Us a Brake

E!Online 9/20/09 Dr. Oz Talks Oprah, Dr. Phil and Farrah Fawcett

NY Daily News 9/14/09 Dr. Phil looks to give show a new feel as he starts new season

NY Post 9/3/09 Dr. Phil Back On O

TMZ 7/22/09 Decorating Duo Says Dr. Phil a Fraud

NY Daily News 10/22/08 Dr. Phil slapped with suit connected to O.J. Simpson case
Rocky Mountain News 10/22/08 Simpson trial witness sues Dr. Phil for defamation

Orlando Sentinel 10/2/08 Dr. Phil is coming to tell you how to live smarter

Orlando Sentinel 9/23/08 Dr. Phil wades into Caylee Anthony saga
LA.com 9/8/08 'The Doctors' features four of 'Dr. Phil's' medical experts

NY Post 9/4/08 Docs on the Box

CNN 5/2/08 Dr. Phil: FLDS principles 'imminent danger' for children

Packet & Times 4/30/08 Man stabbed after dispute over 'Dr. Phil'
TMZ 4/24/08 Dr. Phil's Moment of Truth

Quad City Times 4/21/08 Trouble for sale; Dr. Phil is buying

Western Courier 4/21/08 Pointless media frenzy harming Dr. Phil

Toronto Star 4/15/08 The doctor should get out

Tampa Tribune 4/15/08 Sleazy Tactic In Polk Is Latest Evidence Dr. Phil Needs To Bail Out Of Our TV Screens

TMZ 41/5/08 Dr. Phil's PA -- What the Puck?

E!Online 4/14/08 Dr. Phil Staffers Bail on Show Guidelines

TMZ 4/14/08 Dr. Phil's Peeps to Bondsman: We Work for Him

TMZ 4/14/08 Girl's Granny Takes Her a Phil Pill

TMZ 4/13/08 Dr. Phil -- Screwed from the Bottom

TMZ 4/13/08 TMZ to Dr. Phil: Show Me The Money

Orlando Sentinel 4/13/08 'Dr. Phil Show' helps 1 of jailed teens to bond out

Enquirer 3/25/08 Dr. Phil wants a second chance

TMZ 3/21/08 Dr. Phil Says He Oinked Out

NY Post 2/7/08 Natalee suspects can sue Dr. Phil

Rockford Register Star 2/7/08 When all else fails, try Dr. Phil ... Rockford couple did

Jam! 2/6/08 'Dr. Phil' lawsuit to go ahead

CTV 2/6/08 Oprah to appear on 'Dr. Phil'

Celebrity Spider 2/1/08 Dr. Phil McGraw Supportive But Stays Away from New Britney Spears Mess

Extra 1/31/08 Dr. Phil Not Surprised By Brit's Hospitalization

TMZ 1/31/08 No Dice for Dr. Phil This Time Around

Jam! 1/30/08 'Dr. Phil' defends Britney intentions

Potomac News 1/28/08 Vigilante hammers Dr. Phil

Centre Daily 1/21/08 Talk Show Host Dr. Phil McGraw to Speak with Military Couples on Valentine's Day Video Calls

TMZ 1/21/08 Dr. Phil Unapologetic for Brit Visit

Celebrity Spider 1/19/08 Dr. Phil Regrets Making Britney Spears Statement

Celebrity Spider 1/18/08 Dr. Phil in More Trouble Over Britney Spears Hospital Visit

MTV 1/18/08 Dr. Phil Apologizes For Britney Spears Visit

NY Post 1/18/08 Probe of Dr. Phil- Britney Case 

USA Today 1/17/08 Dr. Phil says he regrets statement on Britney
Zap2It 1/16/08 State of California Investigates Dr. Phil

Louisville Courier Journal 1/16/08 Dr. Phil wouldn't use Britney for publicity – now, would he?

Times Online 1/11/08 Dr Phil McGraw versus Britney Spears

NY Times 1/10/08 Do the Rules Apply to Dr. Phil?

Celebrity Spider 1/9/08 Family Spokesperson: "Dr. Phil Betrayed Trust of Spears Family"

Celebrity Spider 1/8/08 Phil McGraw Hits Out at "Hypocritical" Britney Spears Media

Celebrity Spider 1/8/08 Dr. Phil Scraps Britney Spears TV Special

Celebrity Spider 1/8/08 Dr. Phil: "Britney Spears Mother Asked Me to Make Hospital Visit"

Digital Spy 1/8/08 Dr Phil criticised by psychiatrist

Celebrity Spider 1/7/08 Britney Spears Refused Dr. Phil's Help

Celebrity Spider 1/7/08 Dr. Phil McGraw Visited Britney Spears in Hospital to Tape Special Show

TMZ 1/6/08 Psychiatrists Slam Phil, Cedars

Zap2It 1/6/08 Britney Spears' Latest Problem: Dr. Phil

TMZ 1/6/08 Brit Blindsided by Phil -- Hospital Acts Curiously

NY Post 12/25/07 Spears 'Great Mom': Dr. Phil

Chicago Tribune 12/24/07 Dr. Phil supports Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears' mom

Newsweek 12/13/07 Dr. Phil disrespects adoption

TV Week 12/9/07 Q&A: Dr Phil’s Prescription for Syndication Success

Central Florida News 12/8/07 Dr. Phil Turns Tech

Fresno Bee 12/7/07 LA judge refuses to dismiss suit against Dr. Phil

Jam! 12/5/07 Bus heading to 'Dr. Phil' crashes

Celebrity Spider 12/3/07 Halle Berry Turns to Dr. Phil for Baby Advice

LA Daily News 11/26/07 CBS, `Dr. Phil' Seek dismissal of defamation suit by Kalpoe Brothers

NY Daily News 11/19/07 Old plaintiff seeks new chance to sue Dr. Phil for discrimination

Celebrity Spider 11/16/07 Dr. Phil in Radio Car Accident

Jam! 11/16/07 'Dr. Phil' critic claims discrimination

KDKA 11/6/07 Judgemental Guests Enter Dr. Phil's House

Bluefield Daily Telegraph 11/2/07 Dr. Phil delivers Toys for Tots

WVVA 10/25/07 Dr. Phil & Robin Coming to The Two Virginias

Variety 10/24/07 'Dr. Phil' spinoff sent to market

UPI 10/13/07 Dr. Phil says O.J. book is confession

NY Post 10/9/07 Dr. Phil Spreads Out

Hollywood Reporter 10/8/07 'Phil's' docs schedule syndie appt.

Celebrity Spider 10/5/07 Dr. Phil Offers to Help Britney Spears

NY Post 10/5/07 Phil: Lock Britney Up

Shreveport Times 9/30/07 Dr. Phil and the Jena Six

Commercial Appeal 9/27/07 'Nobody' river wanderer, daughter reunite on Dr. Phil

Saginaw News 9/24/07 Dr. Phil explores MySpace romance

LA Times 9/18/07 Dr. Phil advises Kyla on Southwest Airlines incident

Charlotte Observer 9/12/07 LA judge: 'Dr. Phil' can get documents

CBS 9/10/07 Dr. Phil Explores New Ideas In 6th Season

Broadcasting and Cable 7/24/07 Slackers, Moochers Help Boost 'Dr. Phil'

Calorie Lab 6/25/07 Dr. Phil confronts parents of obese children

LA Daily News 6/10/07 Lawsuit targeting 'Dr. Phil' promotion

NY Post 6/3/07 Amy & Joey to Play House With Dr. Phil

Health News Digest 5/25/07 TV’s Dr. Phil Gets Real About Your Smile and What its Says About You

Kane County Chronicle 5/21/07 'Marcia Brady' confides in Dr. Phil

WAVE 5/15/07 Louisville native among competitors at Dr. Phil's House

CBS 5/10/07 Dr. Phil Discusses One Of His Most Perplexing Cases

CBS 5/2/07 Dr. Phil Takes On Bully Dads

Hollywood Reporter 5/1/07 In matters of cuisine, just call him Dr. Fill

CBS 4/29/07 Dr. Phil Participates In L.A. Times Book Festival

Fox News 4/27/07 Alec Baldwin Apologizes on 'The View,' Asks Dr. Phil for Help

Celebrity Spider 4/25/07 Dr. Phil Goes Behind Prison Walls to Confront an Accused Child Abuser

CBS 3/2/07 "Magic Moment": Meeting Dr. Phil

Celebrity Spider 2/19/07 Dr. Phil & Gwen Stefani to Appear on Post Oscar Jimmy Kimmel Special

The Pine Log 2/12/07 Couple celebrates Valentine's Day with Dr.Phil

Hollywood Reporter 1/30/07 'Dr. Phil': No Aruba damages due

Daily Record 1/13/07 Reality TV hits home

Florida Times Union 1/6/07 Dr. Phil visits jail for latest interview

WCSH 1/2/07 Guilford Woman Appears On The Dr. Phil Show

NY Daily News 12/16/06 Aruba suspects go after Dr. Phil

TMZ 12/15/06 Dr. Phil Lays the Smackdown

E!Online 12/15/06 Ex-Holloway Suspects Sue Dr. Phil

CBS 12/14/06 Brothers Questioned In Holloway Case Sue Dr. Phil

The Enquirer 12/10/06 Bushes Join 'Dr. Phil' at Christmas Show

B&C 11/22/06 Syndicated Ratings: Dr. Phil Edges Closer to Oprah

Market Day 11/16/06 Tense cat debate takes over 'Dr. Phil'

Baltimore Sun 11/2/06 I'm getting my fill of Dr. Phil

Indiana Daily Student 10/31/06 Online Only: Dr. Phil the fake

Star Telegram 10/28/06 Dr. Phil answers holiday call

Kalamazoo Gazette 10/25/06 `Dr. Phil' show interviews local business owner

Seattle Times 10/18/06 Iraqis find solace in "Dr. Phil"

Detroit News 10/16/06 Readers say Dr. Phil is out of touch

LA Times 10/15/06 Baghdad Residents Find Oasis in 'Dr. Phil'

Philly.com 10/11/06 Dr. Phil told: No more house calls

NY Daily News 10/11/06 'Dr. Phil House' sparks shudder, shutter

NY Post 10/11/06 Phil's House of Pain Closes

TMZ 10/10/06 "Dr. Phil" House Shut Down By Angry Residents

Daily Journal 10/7/06 After Dr. Phil interview, teen still has more to say

State Hornet 10/2/06 Dr Phil comes to Downtown Sacramento

The Christian Post 10/1/06 Dr. Phil Invites Women of Faith to Hit Show

Jam! 9/26/06 Settlement reached in Dr. Phil case

Detroit Free Press 9/22/06 Dr. Phil doles out tips and wit

CBS 9/18/06 Dr. Phil Takes Cues From 'Big Brother'

Tampa Bay 10 9/16/06 Dr. Phil to help Florida lady - and her 200 cats

WFIE 9/16/06 Suspended KY Teacher Will Appear on Dr. Phil

CBS 3 9/15/06 Dr. Phil And Robin Stop By CBS 3 To Talk On Book

Santa Maria Times 9/12/06 Lompoc homeless family to appear on ‘Dr. Phil'

Santa Maria Times 9/12/06 Lompoc homeless family to appear on ‘Dr. Phil'

Worcester Telegraph 9/6/06 West Brookfield wife to tell it to Dr. Phil?

KCCI 9/5/06 Des Moines Bride Won't Appear Again On Dr. Phil

TMZ 8/25/06 Dr. Phil Pays Less Than In N' Out Burger

Times Picayune 8/14/06 Dr. Phil is not in

2 The Advocate 8/11/06 Dr. Phil concert for first responders

Edmonton Sun 7/29/06 Here's simple advice from Dr. Phil

Tennessean 7/28/06 YMCA set him straight, Dr. Phil tells Y group

Jam! 7/24/06 Dr. Phil, Stripes on 'Simpsons'

Boston Globe 7/5/06 Dr. Phil savors a different stage

Washington Post 6/9/06 The Concert for Dr. Phil?

Hartford Courant 5/19/06 Get Your Fill Of Dr. Phil In Prime Time

Celebrity Spider 5/15/06 Dr Phil Special: Escaping Danger to Air May 19th on CBS 

Celebrity Spider 5/10/06 Dr. Phil Helps A Married Couple With a Drinking Problem on May 24th Special

Seattle Times 5/5/06 Dr. Phil McGraw to rock out at benefit

Contra Costa Times 4/29/06 Free ride, but no pay for 'Dr. Phil' guests

Road Racing World 4/20/06 Dr. Phil, Motorcycle Safety Advocate

Palm Beach 4/2/06 How's Dr. Phil's big-bucks car workin' for ya?
ABC 3/21/06 Does Dr. Phil Have the Best Hair?

Celebrity Spider 3/10/06 Dr. Phil and Brain Matters Imaging Centers Help Troubled Guests

Asbury Park Press 3/10/06 Don't bet on Dr. Phil's relationship advice

LSJ 3/7/06 Can Dr. Phil dispense good wisdom to Bachelor Pad columnist?

Myrtle Beach Online 3/6/06 Smart men will avoid Dr. Phil

Jam! 3/2/06 Bigamist spotted on Dr. Phil show pleads guilty

CBS 2/14/06 Paula Abdul Spills Her Heart

Newsday 2/14/06 Will Paula get her Phil of love?

Hartford Courant 2/14/06 Poor Lovelorn Paula Abdul Seeks Dr. Phil's Counsel (We Can Hardly Wait)

National Enquirer 2/13/06 Anger over Paula's Secret TV Deal

MSNBC 2/13/06 Is Dr. Phil a stupid cupid?

Toronto Star 2/1/06 When will Phil get his fill?

Celebrity Spider 1/31/06 Dr Phil Helps Paula Abdul Date

Celebrity Spider 1/31/06 Dr. Phil "Love Smart" Special to Air on Valentines Day

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/30/06 Dr. Phil helps Abdul find love

Reality TV Calendar 1/27/06 Paula's Love Life And Dr. Phil

Rockingham News 1/27/06 Dr. Phil unites missing teenager with her mom

Cadillac News 1/26/06 Local woman describes experience on Dr. Phil segment

Cadillac News 1/26/06 Woman faces self on Dr. Phil

PNN 1/25/06 Dr. Phil and Family Donate $1 Million for Foster and Disadvantaged Children

News-Daily.com 1/18/06 ‘Dr. Phil Show’ reunites runaway daughter, mom

Plain Dealer 1/17/06 Local couple get Dr. Phil's help for son

Sturgis Journal 1/17/06 Vitality Cuisine: Dr. Phil’s shape-up plan starts with positive thinking

Orlando Sentinel 1/13/06 Black man raised white to appear on Dr. Phil

Hollywood Reporter 1/12/06 'Dr. Phil' offers dating advice on Match.com

National Enquirer 1/11/06 Dr. Phil's Issues With The In-Laws

Denver Post 12/27/05 People: Dr. Phil's pills challenged

Charlotte Observer 12/23/05 No bond reduction for man held in 'Dr. Phil' bigamy case

PR Newswire 12/20/05 Apartments.com Gives Dr. Phil Guest Free Rent for a Year

Chicago Tribune 12/16/05 Dr. Phil helps cops get their man

CBS 12/14/05 In A Rut? Love Smart Says Dr. Phil

NY Daily News 12/14/05 'Dr. Phil' helps nail bigamist beau

CBS 12/13/05 Dr. Phil's Dating Do's & Don'ts

Zap2It 12/10/05 Dr. Phil Spends 'Christmas in Washington'

MSNBC 12/6/05 Dr. Phil targets moochers in reality series

Jossip 12/5/05 Why you shouldn't look to Dr. Phil to lose weight

New York Daily News 12/5/05 Diet pickle for Dr. Phil

Edmonton Sun 11/27/05 'Dr. Phil' on wheels

Post Gazette 11/23/05 Local family gets a whole lot of help from TV's Dr. Phil

MacLeans 11/23/05 Dutch experts say Dr. Phil tape in case of teen missing in Aruba ‘manipulated"

Sewickley Herald 11/16/05 Sewickley Spa makes Dr. Phil show

CBS 11/14/05 Dr. Phil's 'First Wives Club'

Tribune-Democrat 11/7/05 Labor pains didn't keep fan from 'Dr. Phil'

CBS 11/7/05 Dr. Phil's Help For Newlyweds

Post Chronicle 11/4/05 Dr. Phil Says Natalee Holloway Is Alive

Galesburg Register-Mail 10/24/05 'Dr Phil' helps Galva woman cope with 'empty nest syndrome'

Standard-Examiner 10/21/05 Dr. Phil helps N. Ogden woman

News Sentinel 10/21/05 Dr. Phil throws his weight in the wrong direction

Christian News Wire 10/19/05 Dr. Phil Urged to End Ties to Pro-Abortion Groups

York Daily Record 10/18/05 Dr. Phil helps couple decide

Celebrity Spider 10/14/05 Dr. Phil Taps wsRadio Talk Show to Help Moms

Coming Soon 10/4/05 Dr. Phil & Shaq to Open Scary Movie 4

Tuscaloosa News 10/3/05 Plaintiffs seek class-action status in Dr. Phil diet case in LA

Florida Today 9/23/05 Brevard couple returns to Dr. Phil's show

SCN 9/23/05 Area residents 'get real' with Dr. Phil

Celebrity Spider 9/16/05 Dr. Phil Was Right, Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney Split

CBS 9/14/05 Women, Take Your Power Back

CBS Chicago 9/12/05 Learn More About Dr. Phil

Beacon News 9/12/05 Dr. Phil to offer advice at local mall

CBS 9/12/05 Dr. Phil 'Rescuing The Rescuers'

CBS 9/5/05 Dr. Phil Meets Katrina Victims

Celebrity Spider 8/31/05 Dr. Phil's Son Engaged to Playmate

Chicago Sun-Times 8/31/05 The doctor is in -- and he wants you

Milwaukee Journal 8/9/05 Man says Dr. Phil was inspiration to scare wife

Zap2It 8/3/05 Five More Years for Dr. Phil

Plainview Daily Herald 7/26/05 Dr. Phil stops off at local airport 07-26-2005

Dallas Morning News 7/7/05 Dr. Phil, SMU try to keep things real at orientation

Hollywood Reporter 7/5/05 L.A. getting two 'Dr. Phil' house calls

Munster Times 6/24/05 Dr. Phil's advice for runaway bride

365 Gay 6/10/05 Dr Phil Credited With Ending Trans Family Feud Over Kids

Evening Sun 6/7/05 Nurse appears on 'Dr. Phil' -- and is suspended from her job

Celebrity Spider 6/3/05 Renee Zellweger "I Don't Care What Dr. Phil Thinks"

NY Daily News 5/29/05 Dr. Phil's double trouble

Celebrity Spider 5/23/05 Dr. Phil Prescribes Modern Love

WQAD 5/23/05 Dr. Phil Weight Loss Challenge -- A Year Later

York Dispatch 5/20/05 Local nurse featured on 'Dr. Phil'

Tampa Bay's 10 5/19/05 10 News Anchor Dave Wirth interviews Dr. Phil

Ventura County Star 5/14/05 Here's who should sit on Dr. Phil's couch

CTV 5/13/05 Behind The Headlines (Dr. Phil Special)

Celebrity Spider 5/6/05 Aspen Education Group's Therapeutic Programs Featured on Dr. Phil

St. Petersburg Times 5/6/05 Dr. Phil weighs in on custody fight

Deseret News 5/6/05 Shurtleff to appear on 'Dr. Phil' show

SF Chronicle 5/6/05 Special scum that rose to top of sweeps

Brand Week 5/5/05 Ford to Fete Dr. Phil's 500th

CBS 5/4/05 Pat O'Brien Gets Dr. Phil's Help

NY Daily News 5/4/05 O'Brien to Dr. Phil: 'Out of control'

Philly.com 5/3/05 Here's who should sit on Dr. Phil's couch

Salon 5/3/05 The exclusive Dr. Phil-Pat O'Brien transcript!

NY Times 5/2/05 Synergy for Viacom: Dr. Phil of CBS Interviews Pat O'Brien of CBS

Ventura County Star 4/30/05 Ventura author to be on 'Dr. Phil'

Zap2It 4/29/05 CBS Schedules O'Brien-Dr. Phil Chat

Boston Globe 4/29/05 Dr. Phil confronts Pat O'Brien in special

Celebrity Spider 4/19/05 Clay Aiken Fights The Bullies on Dr. Phil Show  

Zap2It 4/19/05 'Insult Magnet' Clay Aiken Confides in Dr. Phil

Philly.com 4/19/05 Clay Aiken to talk about bullying with Dr. Phil

MTV 4/18/05 Clay Aiken Tells Dr. Phil What It's Like To Be Picked On

News 14 Carolina 4/18/05 Clay Aiken to discuss bullying on "Dr. Phil"

Conroe Courier 4/6/05 Dr. Phil helps bride through weight-loss challenge

Market Wire 3/31/05 The Alliance for Children's Rights & the Dr. Phil Foundation invite viewers to be "Up Close and Personal".. 

Examiner.net 3/24/05 Dr. Phil's show summary

Celebrity Spider 3/23/05 Dr. Phil Brings The Osbournes to Tears

Celebrity Spider 3/22/05 Dr. Phil Gives the Osbournes His OK

Woonsocket Call 3/12/05 Dr. Phil advises how to diagnose personal ‘life strategy’

Daily Facts 3/5/05 Down the freeway and into the studio with Dr. Phil

Blue Springs Examiner 3/3/05 Showdown on 'Dr. Phil'

KMBC 3/2/05 Dr. Phil Vows To Help Mom Get Kids Back

KQTV 3/1/05 KQ2`s Dr. Phil Looks to Help an Area Mother

Jam! 2/25/05 Creepy Dr. Phil crosses the line

WQAD 2/24/05 Dr. Phil -- Behind the Scenes Part I

WQAD 2/24/05 Dr. Phil -- Behind the Scenes Part II

The Examiner 2/23/05 Dr. Phil, Montel focusing on Porter, Shipp disappearances

Hollywood Reporter 2/23/05 'Dr. Phil' finds new L.A. home

KMBC 2/18/05 Dr. Phil To Do Show On Missing Independence Children

News4colorado.com 2/16/05 Dr. Phil, Spady's Parents Tackle Binge Drinking

Reality TV Calendar 2/16/05 Jonathan and Victoria: Did They Phool Dr. Phil?

Courier Journal 2/15/05 Dr. Phil offers his no-nonsense advice on 'Romance Rescue'

Deseret News 2/15/05 'Amazing' couple seeks Phil's help

Delaware County Times 2/14/05 Dr. Phil has big fan in Alycia Lane

CBS 2/14/05 Dr. Phil: Romance Rescuer

Woonsocket Call 2/12/05 Dr. Phil teaches life management skills

STL Today 2/11/05 Hmmm ... Would Dr. Phil have been able to help Dr. Kinsey?  

Projo.com 2/9/05 Dr. Phil to talk with bickering Race couple

Lompoc Record 2/7/05 Losing it with Dr. Phil

Woonsocket Call 2/5/05 Make the most out of life with a little help from Dr. Phil

Tribune-Review 2/1/05 Dr. Phil offers insights useful for average families


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