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About the World Idol Show


World Idol is a two-part special airing the evenings of Christmas, 2003 and New Year's Day 2004 featuring a competition between 11 National Idols.  The "World Idol" participants, are Kelly Clarkson (USA), Will Young, (UK), Heinz Winckler, (South Africa), Alicja Janosz, (Poland); Jamai Loman, (Netherlands), Alexander Klaws, (Germany), Kurt Nilsen, (Norway), Diana Karazon, (Lebanon), Peter Evrard, (Belgium),  Ryan Malcolm, (Canada), and Guy Sebastian (Australia).


A panel of judges made up of one representative selected from each country, will comment on the performances.  Viewers from around the world will then have a chance to vote.


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News Articles about World Idol


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