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IOL 1/6/04 Heinz full of beans after World Idols success

The Province 1/6/04 Ignoring Kurt dicey for Kelly's career

E!Online 1/5/04 Norway Rules "World Idol"

Television Without Pity 1/5/04 World Idol, Part II

Sunday Times 1/5/04 Catfights marred World Idol

Globe and Mail 1/5/04 Canadians Idol worshippers 1/5/04 Guy's call: Becks missed

The Trades 1/4/04 Roundtable Discussion -World Idol: Finale

NoPointNecessary 1/3/04 World Idol Parts 1 and 2 Recap

The Spoof 1/3/04 World Idol In Hot Soup, and other Idol News

SMH 1/3/04 Now all the world's a stage

The Advertiser 1/3/04 Busy Guy wants to stay on world stage

Herald Sun 1/3/04 World's voters in tune

The Age 1/3/04 Guy gracious as Norwegian wins quest

Chart Attack 1/2/04 Ryan Malcolm Comes In Sixth In World Idol

This Is Exeter 1/2/04 Will Loses World Idol To 'Hobbit' Kurt

News24 1/2/04 Heinz Winckler does SA proud

The Province 1/2/04 Nilsen pulls off upset

Billboard 1/2/04 Norway's Nilsen Nabs 'World Idol' Title 1/2/04 Norwegian Is World Idol

This Is London 1/2/04 Plumber beats Will to world title

Reality TV World 1/2/04 Norway's Kurt Nilsen wins 'World Idol' as Kelly Clarkson places second

Aftenposten 1/2/04 Norwegian plumber is World Idol

Fans Of Reality TV 1/2/04 World Idol 1/1/04: I'm The King Of The World!

CBBC 1/2/04 Norwegian takes World Idol title

Reality News Online 1/2/04 World Idol: The World Has Spoken

Digital Spy 1/2/04 Will finishes fifth in 'World Idol' contest

Ananova 1/2/04 Norwegian is World Idol

BBC 1/2/04 Norwegian wins World Idol crown

Zap2It 1/2/04 Kurt Konquers 'World Idol' Kompetition

Seattle Times 1/2/04 Norway's 'Pop Idol' wins world title

TVRules 1/1/04 World Idol Results Show Summary

Television Without Pity 1/1/04 World Idol, Part I

Herald Sun 1/2/04 Guy misses World Idol title 1/2/04 Norwegian beats Sebastian to 'World Pop Idol' crown

Reality TV World 1/1/04 'World Idol' winner announced

Toronto Star 1/1/04 Canadian Idol Malcolm 6th in world competition

Beavers On Idol 1/1/04 Are Kelly and Ryan World Class?

Go Memphis 1/1/04 Foul Cowell hones barbs for 'World Idol' conclusion

Herald Sun 1/1/04 He's rarely Kurt out 1/1/04 Guy's moment of truth 12/31/03 The "World Idol" Poll 12/31/03 Idol winner to be named New Year's

The Province 12/31/03 Some are Idols in name only

Digital Spy 12/31/03 Unimpressive ratings for 'World Idol' in US

Reality TV World 12/30/03 'World Idol' draws OK ratings in US but mixed ratings throughout the world

E!Online 12/30/03 "Idol" Short of Global Domination

Foxes On Idol 12/30/03 A Look at Norway Idol Kurt Nilsen’s Album, “I” 12/30/03 1.9 Million Viewers Watch World Idol on CTV

The Mercury 12/30/03 Norway could steal Idol title

SMH 12/30/03 World Idol excites 2m fans who aren't officially there

Foxes On Idol 12/29/03 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – World Idol

Exeter Express 12/29/03 Will He Be World Idol?

Daily Telegraph 12/29/03 Sebastian's idle moment is over 12/27/03 Guy wows the world

Evening Post 12/27/03 Shona's On Top Of World Idol Show

Courier Mail 12/27/03 Fans call overseas to gather votes for Guy

Herald Sun 12/27/03 Guy goes over well with Idol critics

Foxes On Idol 12/26/03 World Idol: A South African Perspective

Reality News Online 12/26/03 World Idol: If I Ruled the World

The Trades 12/26/03 Roundtable Discussion- World Idol

Fans Of Reality TV 12/26/03 I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing...No, Really.... 12/26/03 World Idol Judge Worse Than Cowell

Herald Sun 12/26/03 Family affair for World Idol

SMH 12/26/03 World Idol

Toronto Star 12/25/03 Canada's 'Idol' judged lukewarm

Mobile Register 12/25/03 Battle of Idols begins on Fox 12/24/03 Will there be harmony in Fox's 'World Idol'?

Reality TV World 12/24/03 'World Idol' to feature performances, abundance of sniping from judges

The Age 12/24/03 Idol riches

ET Online 12/24/03 Who Will Be The 'World Idol'?

Globe and Mail 12/23/03 A song in his heart

Business Wire 12/23/03 AT&T Wireless and Fox Broadcasting Company Bring 'Text TV' to World Idol

The Province 12/23/03 Idols vie for World crown

Globe and Mail 12/23/03 Battle of the Idols

Toronto Star 12/23/03 Canada's nice guy is in deep

Boston Herald 12/23/03 International 'Idol' champs compete for world title

USA Today 12/23/03 The whole world will be in harmony on Christmas

Foxes On Idol 12/23/03 World Idol Rules Set – How Will Kelly Do?

Ananova 12/23/03 Kelly ahead of Will in running for World Idol

Chicago Sun-Times 12/23/03 Kelly vs. the world

NY Daily News 12/23/03 World of 'Idol' pursuit

BBC 12/23/03 Pop Idol goes global

Herald Sun 12/23/03 Idol judge gets Klaws out

SMH 12/22/03 It's harsh reality TV

Casino City Times 12/22/03 Announces World Idol Odds

TV Guide 12/22/03 Kelly Clarkson Against the World

SMH 12/22/03 All the world's a stage

SMH 12/22/03 The who's who of World Idol 12/22/03 Idol voting puzzling

Orlando Sentinel 12/20/03 'World Idol' Pits Winners From 11 Nations

Dallas Morning News 12/20/03 'Idol' retuns to la-la-la land with world competition

Reality TV World 12/19/03 US and Canadian judges tangle over performances at 'World Idol' taping

IOL 12/19/03 SA Pop Idol's world debut not a big hit

TV Guide 12/19/03 Kelly Clarkson Against the World

Kingston This Week 12/19/03 Malcolmaniacs send Idol’s dad to London contest

Beacon Journal 12/18/03 Alicja Janosz, Poland's Idol winner, competes on World Idol. America...

Reality TV World 12/18/03 Elton John to appear on 'World Idol' results show

The Province 12/18/03 'That was terrible!' Simon says

Chart Attack 12/18/03 Loose Ends: Can Elton John Out-Sing The Idols?

Ananova 12/18/03 Will Young told to take singing lessons

Digital Spy 12/18/03 Will insulted by 'World Idol' judges

The Advertiser 12/18/03 US judge slams our Guy as a `donkey'

Sunday Times 12/18/03 Guy survives judges' abuse

Jam! 12/17/03 'World Idol' hopefuls strut stuff

Billboard 12/17/03 Elton Plans 'World Idol' Appearance 12/17/03 World Idol to feature celebrity guests?

Digital Spy 12/17/03 Elton John to perform on 'World Idol' 12/17/03 I'm just a lonely Guy

SMH 12/17/03 Guy no Idol favourite

Zap2It 12/16/03 Elton's Beltin' on 'World Idol'

Daily Record 12/16/03 Will Dubs World TV Contest Prat Idol

CTV 12/15/03 World Idols get set to face the music

TVRules 12/15/03 World Idol Preview December 25

Sunday Times 12/15/03 Guy has world at his feet

Guardian 12/15/03 The idol of the world

The Mercury 12/11/03 Guy's competition

CJAD 12/8/03 Ryan Malcolm releases debut album Home, preps for World Idol

Foxes On Idol 12/8/03 Meet the World Idols! 12/8/03 Branson tips Guy for World win 12/7/03 Diana Karazone heads for World Idol 12/6/03 World Idol results on New Years Day

Reality TV World 12/5/03 Simon Cowell to serve as "American judge" for the upcoming 'World Idol' 12/5/03 It's not just crocs: Guy

Digital Spy 12/4/03 Ant & Dec prepare to host 'World Idol'

Zap2It 12/4/03 Cowell Will Judge 'World Idol'

TVRules 12/4/03 Simon On Tap To Judge World Idol

TV Barn 12/4/03 Fox PR: Surprise! Cowell to judge "World Idol"

The Mercury 12/4/03 Dicko to be judge

The Province 11/30/03 Ryan's global ambition

Guardian 11/29/03 Idol riches

Daily Telegraph 11/29/03 Mighty, mighty Mark let loose on the world

BBC 11/28/03 Ant and Dec will host World Idol

Digital Spy 11/28/03 Cowell picks US over UK for 'World Idol'

The Scotsman 11/27/03 Ant and Dec to Host Global Pop Idols Contest

Digital Spy 11/27/03 'World Idol' takes ITV1 primetime on Xmas Day

AZ Reporter 11/26/03 Idols From Around the Globe Compete for World Idol

Detroit News 11/25/03 'American Idol' gets global competition

Ananova 11/21/03 Ant and Dec to host World Idol 11/19/03 Guy 'the Fro' takes Idol crown

SMH 11/18/03 From Oz to World Idol

Irish Examiner 11/17/03 Will Young to vie for World Idol status

Teen Music 11/16/03 Idol Goes Global

Digital Spy 11/14/03 'World Idol' airdates set

TVRules 11/14/03 World Idol Coming During the Holiday Season

The Gate 11/14/03 "Idol" Worship On Christmas Day

E!Online 11/14/03 "Idol" in for Global Smackdown

Courier Mail 11/14/03 World Idols in New Year sing-off

Coming Soon 11/14/03 World Idol Smackdown Coming Christmas Day

Digital Spy 11/14/03 Clarkson favourite for 'World Idol' win

MTV 11/14/03 Kelly Clarkson To Vie For Title Of 'World Idol'

The Advocate 11/14/03 Will Young to take on international Idol winners

Foxes On Idol 11/14/03 ‘World Idol’ Is Definitely a Go

Toronto Star 11/14/03 World Idol show airs on holidays

NY Daily News 11/14/03 The world's a stage for 'Idol' 11/14/03 World Idol winner planned

Sydney Morning Herald 11/14/03 Idol's global challenge

The Advocate 11/14/03 Will Young to take on international Idol winners

iAfrica 11/14/03 Get ready for 'World Idols'

Kingston This Week 11/13/03 Canadian Idol Malcolm jets sets around the world

Reality TV World 11/13/03 'World Idol' competition planned for holiday season,... 

TV Week 11/13/03 Fox to Air 'World Idol'

BBC 11/13/03 Will limbers up for 'World Idol'

Chart Attack 11/13/03 Ryan Malcolm To Compete In World Idol On Christmas Day

Mercury News 11/13/03 International 'Idols' to compete on Fox

Toronto Star 11/13/03 Canadian champ to compete for World Idol title

BBC 11/13/03 Pop Idols tackle global showdown

Zap2It 11/13/03 Clarkson Competes for 'World Idol' Crown

Digital Spy 11/13/03 Will confirmed for 'World Idol'

Ananova 11/13/03 Will squares up for world-wide Pop Idols battle

Sunday Times 11/13/03 Heinz eyes the global stage

Foxes On Idol 11/12/03 ‘World Idol’ May Air in December 11/12/03 Idols take on the world

Ananova 11/12/03 Fuller 'planning World Idol'

SMH 11/8/03 Condobolin, Adelaide, the world?

The Age 11/8/03 Idol to live on after showdown

CTV 9/17/03 Canadian Idol, World Idol spinoffs in the works

Toronto Star 9/17/03 Young fans have a voice in starmaking

Reality TV World 8/29/03 'American Idol' producers dream of 'World Idol' face-off

E!Online 8/29/03 Kelly Clarkson vs. the World

Sun-Times 8/29/03 'Idol' contest will go global

Guardian 7/30/02 Pop Idol goes global

BBC 7/7/02 From Pop Idol to World Idol!

BBC 7/3/02 Search For A 'World Idol'?


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