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Laura Morett is a 39-year-old Hawaiian mother, wife of 21 years and also a grandmother. Her beauty is complimented by the fact that one of her occupations is fitness instructor, which helps her stay in shape and gives her the energy to keep up with her three kids and two-year-old grandchild. When she is not spending time with her family, working out or riding her Harley, this conservative Christian is running the lobby message center at the Oregon State Capitol building for over 400 lobbyists.  Similar religious and political beliefs, as well as the fact that her daughter had a child at 18, has Laura referring to herself as a, "fit version of Sarah Palin." Laura enjoys listening to Christian music and is studying women's ministry. In addition, Laura counsels couples in her church based on her experiences in a long-lasting marriage with a man she describes as her other half.  Determined and competitive, she freely admits that she wants to win Survivor for the money but in doing so claims that she would never do anything to compromise her faith to get it.


Currently, Laura resides in Salem, Oregon and her birthday is July 30.

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News Articles about Survivor Samoa contestant Laura Morett


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