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Commentary Articles 4/18/00 to Present

BuddyTV 2/26/09 'Survivor: Tocantins' - Timbera Power Rankings, Week 3
BuddyTV 2/26/09 'Survivor: Tocantins' - Jalapao Power Rankings, Week 3
BuddyTV 2/26/09 What Would Happen if 'The Bachelor' Jason Mesnick Competed on 'Survivor'?
BuddyTV 2/26/09 Survivors Gets Renewed For Two More Seasons 

Star Ledger 10/11/01 Can 'Survivor' survive?

Milwaukee Journal 10/9/01 Is the Moment Gone for 'Survivor'?

Zap2It 4/3/01 Is 'Survivor 2' Less Fun?

Kansas City Star 1/29/01 Savvy castaways know how to play this game

LA Times 1/27/01 You Call That Surviving?

Montgomery Independent 9/9/00 Didn't they close Survivor Island?

San Francisco Chronicle 9/1/00 Big Brother Should Just Pull the Plug

Capital Journal 8/10/00 Reality TV tries to satisfy people's curiosity

Milwaukee Journal 8/1/00 Reality TV just enhances stereotypes

Halifax Herald 7/30/00 There's no getting away from Survivor by Dean Jobb

Alta Vista The Chill 7/27/00 Talking to a 'Survivor'  by Alesya

San Francisco Examiner 7/25/00 Who's sorry at CBS? Not Moonves by Tim Goodman 7/14/00 And the Survivor Lisa Schmeiser
Christian Science Monitor 7/7/00 Behind the curtain of TV voyeurism by Neal Gabler 6/22/00 The Problem with Survivor by Lisa Schmeiser
Salon 6/14/00 Survival of the vilest
Salon 6/13/00 Staying on the island
TeeVee.Org 6/6/00 What I Need Is For These Shows To Go Away by Lisa Schmeiser
Channel 2000 6/1/00  'Survivor' Members Battle Each Other by Denise Felder

The New York Times 5/21/00 The Electronic Fishbowl by Marshall Sella 5/10/00 Tapeworm TV by Gregg Wren

Newsmax 4/28/00  TV Goes to Hell by Brent Bozell

Newsmax 4/18/00 TV Goes Straight Down the Toilet by Brent Bozell


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