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This show is about the love affair between Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen who met on the Surreal Life reality show.


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E!Online 7/19/07 Brigitte Nielsen Tries Rehab Life

Seattle Times 5/11/05 Flavor Flav takes time to savor revived career

Reality News Online 4/26/05 Strange Love, Episode 10: The Finale - Is it Real or is it Memorex?

Reality News Online 4/4/05 Strange Love, Episodes 8 & 9: Two for the Price of One!

Celebrity Spider 3/30/05 Chuck D Apologizes to Fans for Flavor Flav's Reality Shows

Reality TV World 3/29/05 Chuck D apologizes for Flavor Flav's 'Strange Love' deadbeat behavior

Reality News Online 3/11/05 Strange Love, Episode 7: All That Glitters is Not Gold

Wirelesss Flash News Service 3/3/05 Hip Hop Minister Accuses Flavor Flav Of Being `Flavor Slave'

National Enquirer 2/22/05 Brigitte Nielsen Rushed To Hospital

Reality News Online 2/22/05 Strange Love, Episode 7: Public Displays of Dissatisfaction 2/17/05 A new reality show captures the unusual chemistry

Contact Music 2/15/05 Brigitte Attempts To Explain Love Triangle

Reality News Online 2/15/05 Strange Love, Episode 5: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Salt Lake Tribune 2/15/05 Faded fame conquers all in VH1's quirky 'Strange Love'

Contact Music 2/14/05 Brigitte Thanks Flavor Flav For Saving Her Life

Lansing State Journal 2/12/05 VH1 reality show follows Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen

Times Dispatch 2/11/05 The accent here is on 'Strange'

Reality News Online 1/31/05 Strange Love, Episode 4: The Couple of the Year?

Reality News Online 1/25/05 Strange Love, Episode 3: Party on, Dudes

Reality News Online 1/18/05 Strange Love, Episode 2: The Smack is Back 1/16/05 1.16.05 Strange Love

The Mirror 1/16/05 Jackie to reunite Sly & ex

Reality News Online 1/13/05 Strange Love, Episode 1: The Flavor of Love 1/10/05 - 1.9.05 Strange Love Premiere

Reality News Online 1/9/05 Strange Love: A Preview

Boston Globe 1/8/05 Two stars try to rekindleold fame in 'Strange Love'

NY Times 1/8/05 Flouting Convention, Embracing Eccentricity

Chicago Sun-Times 12/30/04 Flavor's got the Flav again after 'Surreal Life' star turn

NY Daily News 10/15/04 'Strange' to even stranger on VH1


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