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About The Surreal Life and The Surreal Life Fame Games


On this show eight celebrities will share a house in the San Fernando Valley. They all will be able to go out to attend to their daily routines, followed around by a camera crew, and will convene in the house every evening to participate in games and other planned activities together.


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News Articles about the VH1 Networks Surreal Life and Surreal Life Fame Games


Daily Mail 5/30/11 Former Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight and wife Adrianne Curry split on their five year anniversary

US Magazine 5/29/11 Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight Split

Reality TV World 4/3/08 Former 'The Surreal Life' housemate Verne Troyer hospitalized

E!Online 7/19/07 Brigitte Nielsen Tries Rehab Life

Pro Wrestling Insider 7/18/07 Randy Savage on VH1's The Surreal Life? 

Celebrity Spider 6/27/07 The Surreal Life Seasons 1-4 to Air on TV Guide Network

Reality Shack 3/27/07 Surreal Life Fame Games Finale – Backstabbers, Boobs and Kathy Griffin to Boot

TV Robot 3/26/07 One More Trashing and One Last Trophy

Celebrity Robot 3/23/07 Troyer, Vern Troyer: From MiniMe to Tattoo Two to Playboy

Metromix 3/21/07 Vanilla Ice's latest gig is on reality TV Turns his talents to 'Surreal Life'

Reality Shack 3/19/07 Rob Throws Another Hissy Fit – Surreal Life, Fame Games, Episode 9

TV Robot 3/13/07 What Tantrum is on this Agenda This Week, Rob?

Reality Shack 3/12/07 Cheaters Never Prosper – Surreal Life, Fame Games, Episode 8

Reality Shack 3/5/07 The Chyna Sin-drome - Surreal Life Fame Games, Episode 7

TV Robot 3/4/07 Rob Van Winkle Needs Some Ice, Ice, Baby

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/21/07 Recap: Separating the Lookers from the Hookers

TV Robot 2/20/07 Celebs Remind Us Surreal Life is Just a Game

Reality Shack 2/19/07 Head Games, Hookers and Bling, Oh My - Surreal Life: Fame Games, Episode 6

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/14/07 Recap: Respect Does a Disappearing Act

Reality Shack 2/13/07 And The Weiner Is - Surreal Life: Fame Games, Episode 5

Fans of Reality TV 1/30/07 Because Yucky is Gross

TV Robot 1/23/07 Surreal Life Fame Gamers Boo-hoo about Getting B-listed

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/23/07 Recap: Kissing, Quitting, and Hamming it Up

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/18/07 Recap: America’s Crappiest Home Videos

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/11/07 Premiere Recap: At the Hotel Fame Whore

Celebrity Spider 1/9/07 Jordan Knight Quit Surreal Life Fame Games After Hearing of Granny's Death


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Websites - The Surreal Life on The WB and VH1 Network


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VH1 - Official Site for Season 6

VH1 - Official Site for Season 5 - Surreal Life - Surreal Life Fame Games

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Reality TV Calendar - Surreal Life Fame Games

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The Surreal Life Internet Search


Clubs/Forums for The Surreal Life


Fans of Reality TV - Surreal Life II Forum

Yahoo Group - Surreal Life

Yahoo Group - Jerri Manthey



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