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 This site has links to news, websites and other information about Survivor 7 Contestant Ryan Opray

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About Ryan Opray


Ryan Opray was born in Redwood City, California and now lives in Los Gatos, California.  He is single and works as an electrician.  His birth date is August 6, 1972.


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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Ryan Opray


RealityWanted.com 2/18/08 Interview with Mary Sartain from Survivor Micronesia & Ryan Opray Of Survivor Pearl Islands

People 2/14/08 Cupid Jonny Fairplay Masterminds Survivor Romance

Fans of Reality TV 11/24/03 FORT Interview With Ryan Opray

Reality News Online 11/21/03 “I Never Gave In”: An Interview with Survivor’s Ryan O.

MediaFiends.com 11/20/03 Interview with Ryan O.

Oakland Tribune 11/20/03 Ryan O. tells all -- well, as much as CBS allows

Survivor Phoenix 11/14/03 Web Chat: Ryan O.

MediaFiends.com 11/14/03 Ryan O. on 'The Early Show'

SurvivorUpdates 11/14/03 Ryan Opray's appearance on the CBS Early Show...

Jam! 11/14/03 Ryano gets poached

Jam! 11/14/03 Castaways fell a Ryan-O.

Reality News Online 11/14/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Why Ryan O. Lost

Jam! 11/14/03 Rhyno gored

CBS 11/14/03 Ryan O. Gets KO’d

Zap2It 11/13/03 Balboa Bags a Rhino on 'Survivor'

CBS 11/13/03 Balboa Cuts Another Morgan, Ryan Voted Off

KTVU 8/28/03 Los Gatos Man Selected For Latest 'Survivor' Cast

Jam! 8/28/03 New 'Survivor' castaways, twist revealed

Survivor Phoenix 8/28/03 Survivor Pearl Islands Cast Revealed

SurvivorFan.com 8/28/03 Ahoy! 16 New Faces and we have a whole new look!


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