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BBC 11/30/08 Spanish singer voted off X Factor
Digital Spy 11/30/08 'X Factor' hits 12.8m ratings high

Ananova 11/30/08 Chris Martin weeps watching The X Factor
Digital Spy 11/29/08 Sinitta: 'Daniel Evans couldn't sing'

Digital Spy 11/29/08 Daniel Evans reveals 'X Factor' struggle
Digital Spy 11/29/08 JLS 'dress up as Britney Spears'

Digital Spy 11/29/08 Leona's 'Run' stays on top in Ireland
Digital Spy 11/29/08 Vickers told to 'tone down' quirky style
Daily Mail 11/29/08 Keep away, diva Britney tells X Factor contestants
Ananova 11/28/08 Chris Martin weeps watching The X Factor
Daily Mail 11/28/08 'Louis's not bullying Dannii, it's the other way round,' says former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne
Digital Spy 11/28/08 'X Factor' Britney song choices revealed
Daily Mail 11/28/08 Single and ready to mingle: X Factor's JLS sign up for a speed dating session
Daily Mail 11/28/08 Britney Spears steals Madonna's fishnets and top hat as she  warms up for X Factor

Daily Mail 11/27/08 Why did I do this? X Factor favourite Diana Vickers regrets ever auditioning for the show
Daily Mail 11/26/08 'I'd Rather Face Simon Cowell Than I'm A Celeb's Gruesome Bugs' Says Simon's X Factor Reject Girlfriend

Daily Mail 11/26/08 Britney 'Going to Bed Hungry' As She Desperately Tries to Shed Pounds Ahead of Her X Factor
Digital Spy 11/26/08 Britney Spears X-Rated 'X Factor' Performance?

Digital Spy 11/26/08 Hylton Bemoans 'Baddie' Reputation
Digital Spy 11/26/08 Ruth Confident Over 'X Factor' Chances

Digital Spy 11/26//08 'X Factor's Rachel offered record deal

Digital Spy 11/26/08 Coldplay: 'Our Songs Jinx 'The X Factor''
Ananova 11/26/08 Britney Spears' X Factor Demands Surpass Mariah Carey

Daily Mail 11/25/08 Why so glum, Diana? X Factor favourite feeling the strain of being in the final five

Digital Spy 11/25/08 Spears making 'X Factor' demands?
This is London 11/24/08 X Factor finalists Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg look to be an item
Daily Mail 11/24/08 'I hated being on X Factor and was made to feel like an outsider,' admits reject Rachel
Daily Mail 11/24/08 Cheryl Cole's mad dash from X Factor set after Ashley's brother is hurt in car smash
Daily Mail 11/24/08 Is that red rose for Diana, Eoghan? X Factor teens cosy up after making it through to next week's show
Digital Spy 11/24/08 Finalists 'furious' over winner's song
Digital Spy 11/24/08 Amy Winehouse 'asked for X Factor tickets'
Digital Spy 11/22/08 'X Factor' pair 'having secret fling'

Digital Spy 11/22/08 Burke struggles with throat problems
Digital Spy 11/22/08 Leona: 'I might go into movies'
Digital Spy 11/22/08 Cole: 'X Factor' not about judges

Digital Spy 11/22/08 Hylton vows to 'sing like she's won'

Digital Spy 11/22/08 Take That chose JLS 'X Factor' song

Digital Spy 11/22/08 Williams backs 'X Factor's Lorenzo

Digital Spy 11/22/08 Sampson keen to appear on 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 11/21/08 Barlow offers to snap up Vickers

Digital Spy 11/21/08 Ruth starstruck by Take That masterclass

Digital Spy 11/21/08 Rhydian announces 16-date UK tour

Daily Mail 11/21/08 It's Lonely Being Leona: The X Factor Winner On the Life She Left Behind
Digital Spy 11/21/08 'X Factor' Take That song choices revealed

Ananova 11/20/08 N-Dubz warn of X Factor downside
This Is London 11/20/08 X Factor's Shock At Singer's Gun Gesture
Daily Mail 11/19/08 Rejects United: Laura White Enjoys Her 15 Minutes With X Factor Loser Austin Drage

Digital Spy 11/19/08 Take That Pre-Record 'X Factor' Performance
This is Lancashire 11/18/08 X Factor Star To Perform Reebok Show
Daily Mail 11/18/08 X Factor's Diana Shows Off A Fake Tattoo on Her Hand...Just Like Mentor Cheryl
Daily Mail 11/18/08 I'm Proud of My Curves Says X Factor's Laura White

Times London 11/17/08 X Factor's Daniel Evans Says He Never Thought He Would Win
Daily Mail 11/17/08 'Cheryl Is Getting Away With Murder': Louis Hits Back at the X Factor New Girl

Digital Spy 11/17/08 'X Factor's Daniel Denies Using Sob Story'
Digital Spy 11/17/08 'X Factor' Maintains Ratings Lead
Ananova 11/17/08 X Factor Finalists Make It Three Weeks at Number 1
Daily Mail 11/16/08 'Pub Singer' Daniel Evans Finally Voted off The X Factor

Digital Spy 11/15/08 Another 'X Factor' voting 'leak' hits press
Digital Spy 11/15/08 'X Factor' Diana 'will perform tonight'
Digital Spy 11/15/08 Minogue: 'Osbourne made me cry'
Digital Spy 11/15/08 'X Factor' stars remain top in Ireland
This is London 11/14/08 X Factor Revolt As Fans Query Results

Daily Record 11/14/08 Diana Vickers Facing Second X Factor Call Off

Daily Record 11/14/08 Fans Threaten To Boycott X Factor Over Laura White's Exit
Digital Spy 11/14/08 Leon Jackson confirms 2009 UK Tour
Daily Mail 11/14/08 X Factor Fans Of Reject Laura White Urge Ofcom to Investigate Voting Process
Digital Spy 11/14/08 'X Factor' finalists sent for voice tests
Daily Mail 11/14/08 Miserable Diana Vickers Shows The Strain as her X Factor Return Hangs In The Balance
Daily Mail 11/13/08 Lean On Me: X Factor Loser Laura White Parties Executive 'Boyfriend'

Digital Spy 11/13/08 Leon Jackson dating Hope singer

Digital Spy 11/13/08 'X Factor' Bosses Issue Laura White Statement
Ananova 11/13/08 Adele Rates Leona Lewis Above New X Factor Crop
Digital Spy 11/13/08 Adele "fuming" over 'X Factor' Laura exit
Digital Spy 11/13/08 Dixon: 'Walsh was voting tactically'
This Is London 11/13/08 Laura: I Fear My Lover Was Why I Was Victimized
Daily Record 11/12/08 X Factor Reject Laura White To Land Solo Record Deal
Daily Mail 11/12/08 Cheryl Cole Is The Picture Of Misery As X Factor Loser Laura Reveals....
Digital Spy 11/12/08 Cole 'catches illness from Vickers'
Daily Mail 11/12/08 X Factor Boss Simon Cowell Lends Tearful Eoghan His Private Jet To Fly Home

Daily Mail 11/12/08 X Factor Fan Fury As 'Sick' Diana Vickers Caught Yelling and Screaming on Bonfire Night
Digital Spy 11/12/08 Diana: 'I'm Devastated I Couldn't Perform'
This Is London 11/12/08 X Factor Diana "Caught Out In Full Voice'

Ananova 11/12/08 MP Discuss X Factor's Laura White
Ananova 11/12/08 Dannii Minogue In No Hurry To Leave X Factor
Ananova 11/12/08 Leona Lewis Prepares For The X Factor
Digital Spy 11/11/08 'X Factor' Laura Posts Original Material On The Web

Daily Mail 11/11/08 X Factor Fan Claim Laura White's Vote Was 'Fixed' ...

This Is London 11/11/08 Thousands Of Laura Fans Demand X Factor Recall
BBC 11/11/08 Louis Walsh Stand By X Factor Eviction
Celebrity Spider 11/10/08 Dannii Minogue Reveals Simon Cowell Feud
Digital Spy 11/10/08 Leona: I'd love to be an 'X Factor' judge
Digital Spy 11/10/08 The X Factor: Laura White Interview
Ananova 11/10/08 Adele slams X Factor verdict
Digital Spy 11/10/08 Negative press made 'X Factor' star unhappy
Ananova 11/10/08 Alesha Dixon reveals X Factor favourite
Digital Spy 11/10/08 Minogue has 'X Factor' backstage row
Digital Spy 11/10/08 Lewis crowned Best Pop Female at WMAs
Daily Mail 11/10/08 Furious Cheryl Cole Faces Off With Louis Walsh After Favorite Laura Gets Voted Off X Factor

Hello! 11/10/08 Pop Stars of The Future Overcome By One To One Chat with Mariah Carey
Daily Record 11/10/08 Cheryl Cole In Bust-Up With Louis Walsh After Laura White Is Voted Off X Factor
Daily Record 11/10/08 Simon Cowell Blasted By X Factor Reject Austin Drage After Being 'Overlooked' For Eoghan
The Mirror 11/10/08 Shocking Reality TV Moments To Rival Laura's X Factor Drama
BBC 11/10/08 Fans Angry Over X Factor Results
Ananova 11/9/08 The X Factor Finalists spend second week at No.1
Digital Spy 11/9/08 Cole furious with 'X Factor' decision
Daily Mail 11/9/08 'Yes, Cheryl Is Simon's favourite.' Dannii admits she's been snubbed by X Factor boss
Digital Spy 11/9/08 Minogue: 'Cowell is snubbing me'
Digital Spy 11/8/08 Alexandra fears 'karaoke' comparisons
Digital Spy 11/8/08 Dannii Minogue defends 'X Factor's Rachel
Digital Spy 11/8/08 'X Factor' Eoghan denies Diana romance
Digital Spy 11/8/08 'X Factor' stars stay on top in Ireland
Digital Spy 11/7/08 Cowell: 'Leon won't be as big as Leona'
Ananova 11/7/08 Dannii Minogue reveals Mariah Carey's rider
Daily Mail 11/7/08 Beaming Laura White & Other X Factor Hopefuls Spend The Day With Mariah Carey...
BBC 11/7/08 Leona rounds off an amazing year
Daily Record 11/7/08 Mariah Carey Will Show X Factor Contestants What A Diva Is, Says Dannii Minogue
Digital Spy 11/6/08 Lewis 'flattered' by Perry obsession
Ananova 11/6/08 X Factor contestant denies Dannii Minogue rift
Times Online 11/6/08 Turnout Rises As X Factor Phone-In Voters Forget Scandals
Times Online 11/6/08 X Factor Auditions Featuring Robert, Agnes, and Ariel

The Sun 11/6/08 Laura: I'll Do A Little Bit X-Tra
Daily Mail 11/6/08 Ahh...X Factor Diana Enjoys A Romantic Date With Her Boyfriend...
Daily Mail 11/6/08 Diva Mariah Carey Arrives With 20 Suitcases Ahead of X Factor Performance
Daily Mail 11/6/08 Dannii Minogue Shrugs Aside The X Factor 'Sacking' Row To Dazzle at Cosmo Bash
Daily Record 11/6/08 X Factor Star Rachel Hylton Makes Up With Mentor Dannii Minogue
Daily Record 11/6/08 Mariah Carey Demands Special Walkway To Be Built Before She'll Appear on X Factor
Digital Spy 11/6/08 Sinitta: Dannii has 'Arrogant Self-Belief'

HemelToday 11/6/08 Sparks Fly For X Factor Contestants

Fametastic 11/6/08 Cheryl Cole's Doing A Great Job On The X Factor, Says Lemar
Digital Spy 11/6/08 Sinitta:  Simon Cowell Is Absolutely Humiliated

EuroWeekly 11/6/08 Inside The X Factor With George Eason
Digital Spy 11/6/08 Dannii Minogue: I'll Be Back For More 'X Factor'
Reality TV Calendar 11/5/08 American Idol Judge Simon Cowell Gives Up On Women
Celebrity Spider 11/5/08 Dannii Minogue Set To Be Axed From X Factor?
Digital Spy 11/5/08 Rachel: 'I am still in Team Minogue'
Ananova 11/5/08 Rachel denies sacking Dannii
Digital Spy 11/5/08 Cowell 'furious' over 'stolen' Leona track
Digital Spy 11/5/08 Sugababes blame Cole for 'X Factor' absence

Daily Mail 11/5/08 Furious Rachel Hylton Sacks X factor Mentor Dannii Minogue
Ananova 11/5/08 Rachel sacks Dannii
Digital Spy 11/5/08 'X Factor's Rachel 'wants to sack Dannii'
ITN 11/5/08 Rachel Denies She's Dumped Dannii

Now 11/5/08 Diana Vickers Has Come Close To Quitting The X Factor

Daily Mail 11/5/08 Dannii Minogue Puts X Factor Troubles Behind Her...
Digital Spy 11/4/08 Cowell: 'Drained Cheryl could quit'
Digital Spy 11/4/08 Laura goes public with 'X Factor' romance
Digital Spy 11/4/08 O'Leary apologises for 'camp' remarks
Digital Spy 11/4/08 Walsh unhappy with O'Leary 'camp' jibes
Digital Spy 11/4/08 'X Factor' Daniel ruins teeth whitening
This Is London 11/4/08 Simon Cowell Confesses: No Woman Wants Me
This Is London 11/4/08 Shaz Misses The X Factor
Daily Mail 11/4/08 Laura White Goes Public Over Controversial Romance With X Factor Executive 17 Years Her Senior
Daily Mail 11/4/08 'Dannii No Longer Serves A Purpose and Is Not Coming Back Next Year' Says X Factor Source
This Is London 11/4/08 Cheryl Cole vs. Dannii Minogue Rumor Grows

Daily Mail 11/4/08 X Factor Star Sinitta Shows She Can Still Fit Into Her So Macho Outfit 23 Years On
Daily Record 11/4/08 Nobody Wants To Go Out With Me, Moans X Factor's Mr. Nasty Simon Cowell
Daily Record 11/4/08 I Cried when I Lost X Factor To Leon Jackson, Admits Rhydian Roberts

Coventry Telegraph 11/4/08 Austin Booted Out As Daniel Gets Public Vote
This Is 11/4/08 Alex and Ruth: Roommates Not Rivals  
Celebrity Spider 11/3/08 Leona Lewis Eyes X Factor Role
Digital Spy 11/3/08 Dannii to be replaced by young male judge?
Digital Spy 11/3/08 Minogue backs Laura for 'X Factor' win
Digital Spy 11/3/08 'X Factor' Austin: Simon gave me a bad song
Digital Spy 11/3/08 Cowell 'turns to old flame Sinitta'
Digital Spy 11/3/08 'X Factor' Ruth 'would not date Cowell'
Ananova 11/3/08 Leona Lewis shows support for Cheryl Cole
Digital Spy 11/3/08 Spears 'X Factor' date confirmed
Digital Spy 11/3/08 Leona 'planning to adopt a baby'

Daily Mail 11/3/08 Britney Spears 'To Appear On X Factor,' Says Simon Cowell
Daily Mail 11/3/08 Help From The X: Simon Cowell Turns To Old Flame For Support After Split

Daily Record 11/3/08 I Should Have Gone, Admits X Factor Star Daniel Evans As Austin Drage Gets Boot
Times Online 11/3/08 X Factor Charity Single 'Hero' Goes To No. 1
Digital Spy 11/2/08 Austin: 'It's not the end of the world'
Ananova 11/2/08 The X Factor finalists take No.1 spot
Digital Spy 11/2/08 Cole expecting more 'X Factor' shocks
Daily Mail 11/2/08 Barry George's obsession with Cheryl Cole revealed after he begs for an X Factor ticket
Digital Spy 11/2/08 'X Factor's Rachel loses her confidence
Daily Mail 11/2/08 X Factor's Austin Drage sent home after singing 'Will you still love me tomorrow?'
Digital Spy 11/2/08 'X Factor' charity single debuts at No.1
Celebrity Spider 11/1/08 Simon Cowell Splits With Terri Seymour
Digital Spy 11/1/08 Walsh makes 'X Factor' predictions
Daily Mail 11/1/08 X Factor youngster's chance of stardom at risk as Sinn Fein urges boycotting of track

Digital Spy 11/1/08 Simon Cowell 'splits from Terri Seymour'
Digital Spy 11/1/08 Simon Cowell unhappy with 'diva' Dannii

Digital Spy 11/1/08 Rhydian: 'Producers told me what to say'
Digital Spy 11/1/08 'X Factor' stars top Irish singles chart

Daily Record 11/1/08 X Factor Judge Simon Cowell Blasts 'Diva' Dannii Minogue In A New War of Words
The Guardian 10/31/08 The X Factor Does Disco: Week 4
RTE 10/31/08 British Prime Minister Pays Tribute To X Factor
The Herald 10/31/08 War Hero's Plea To Buy X-Factor Smash Hit Single
Digital Spy 10/31/08 'X Factor' Ruth Left Gobsmacked By Judi Dench
Daily Mail 10/31/08 Simon S-cowell can't hide his fury at losing out to Strictly Come Dancing
Digital Spy 10/31/08 Gordon Brown Buys X Factor 'Hero'
Digital Spy 10/31/08 X Factor 'Hero' Outselling Top 10 Combined
Digital Spy 10/31/08 Louis Walsh: 'The Sympathy Vote Got To Me'
Islington Tribune 10/31/08 Mum's 'Soul Food' Give A Boost To X Factor's Alex Burke
Celebrity Spider10/30/08 Simon Cowell Gets Lifetime Achievement Award
Digital Spy 10/30/08 Leona includes 'Run' on album re-release

Metro UK 10/30/08 X Factor Star: 'I Want To Be A Bond Girl'
BBC 10/30/08 Tax refund on X Factor Hero sales
Digital Spy 10/30/08 X Factor 'Hero' 'Biggest Hit Of The Decade'
Digitial Spy 10/30/08 Alistair Darling Tables Tax Refund On 'Hero' Sales
This Is London 10/30/08 Dannii Minogue Left In The Cold at Simon Cowell's Bash
This Is London 10/30/08 Look Who's Strictly Furious  
Daily Mail 10/30/08 Simon Cowell Drowns His Sorrows Over X Factor Defeat..
Evening Post 10/30/08 X Factor Charity Song Heading For Number One
Daily Record 10/30/08 X Factor Hopeful Laura White Has Iherited Her Great Grandfather's Fighting Spirit
Digital Spy 10/29/08 Bruton 'seeks advice over show contract'

Digital Spy 10/29/08 Louis Walsh mocks 'vain' Cowell
Ananova 10/29/08 X Factor single heading for No.1

Digital Spy 10/29/08 Minogue: 'Tabloid gossip is not true'
This Is London 10/29/08 Cheryl Cole Gets Super Fashion Tips
South Wales Evening Post 10/29/08 Mariah Carey To Sing on X Factor
Digital Spy 10/28/08 Dannii rubbishes Cowell feud rumours
BBC 10/28/08 X Factor track tipped for success
Daily Mail 10/28/08 Cheryl and Ashley Cole 'Planning To Renew Their Vows' After X Factor
Daily Mail 10/28/08 Sex Factor: X Factor Hopefuls JLS Strip Off For Raunchy Photo Shoot
Daily Mail 10/28/08 Pure X Appeal As Leona Lewis Returns For A Night Of Divas

Hello Magazine 10/28/08 'X Factor' Finalists 'Hero' Single Set To Storm To Top of UK Charts
Associated Press 10/28/08 X Factor Single Set To Be Sales Hit
Digital Spy 10/27/08 'X Factor's Scott felt "let down" by Cowell

Digital Spy 10/27/08 Cole 'offered £1.5 million to return'
Digital Spy 10/27/08 'X Factor' star "devastated" by kiss and tells
Digital Spy 10/27/08 'X Factor' hopeful dating show producer?
Digital Spy 10/27/08 Mariah Carey confirmed for 'X Factor'
This Is London 10/27/08 Cheryl Cole: Northern Star
This Is London 10/27/08 X Factor Reject Scott Brunton Wants Laura To Win 
Daily Record 10/27/08 No Return To Holiday Camp For Latest X Factor Reject Scott Bruton
This Is London 10/27/08 Simon Cowell 'Falls Out' With Waterman Over X Factor Joke

Digital Spy 10/26/08 Leon misses top spot with debut album
Digital Spy 10/26/08 'X Factor' top 10: What the judges said
Digital Spy 10/26/08 'X Factor's Scott vows to keep fighting
Digital Spy 10/26/08 'X Factor's Daniel backs axed Scott
Digital Spy 10/26/08 Cowell apologises for 'Hero' fault
Digital Spy 10/26/08 Walsh praises 'X Factor' star Daniel

Daily Mail 10/26/08 Scott Sent Home After Daniel Wows Tearful Judges With Song In Memory of His Wife
Digital Spy 10/25/08 Scott Bruton voted off 'X Factor'
Digital Spy 10/25/08 'X Factor's Eoghan ready to show progress

Digital Spy 10/25/08 Hylton hoping for 'X Factor' praise
Daily Mail 10/25/08 X Factor outrage after favourite Laura's secret romance with show executive is revealed
Digital Spy 10/25/08 Sinitta: 'Dannii has balls of steel'
Digital Spy 10/25/08 Cowell: 'Kay's single is pathetic'

Daily Mail 10/25/08 X Factor Outrage After Favorite Laura's Secret Romance With Show Executive Revealed
Digital Spy 10/24/08 'Idol' champ Sparks is 'X Factor' fan

Digital Spy 10/24/08 Eoghan, Diana forge close friendship
Digital Spy 10/24/08 'X Factor' final 12 to perform together
Daily Mail 10/24/08 Louis Walsh Drums Up Support For His Final X Factor Band JLS
Daily Record 10/24/08 X Factor Fury As Strictly Come Dancing Snaps Up Beyonce
Celebrity Spider 10/23/08 Justin Timberlake Wants To Team Up With Leona Lewis
Digital Spy 10/23/08 Louis: 'I miss Sharon Osbourne'
Digital Spy 10/23/08 'X Factor' bosses play down phone error
Daily Mail 10/23/08 'X Factor' Blunder Almost Costs Finalist Ruth Her Place
Celebrity Spider 10/22/08 Reality TV Winner Tipped To Top Festive Pop Charts
Celebrity Spider 10/22/08 Simon Cowell's X Factor Security Stepped Up
Digital Spy 10/22/08 Timberlake wants Leona for new album

Digital Spy 10/22/08 Borrell criticises 'insane' Leon Jackson
Digital Spy 10/22/08 'X Factor's Austin denies gay rumours
Daily Record 10/22/08 Britney Spears Set To Give Raunchy Performance On X Factor
Ananova 10/22/08 Cheryl Cole slates Spice Girls
This Is London 10/22/08 Sweet Di tikkas all the right boxes
This Is London 10/22/08 Sinitta Spills Beans on X-Factor Feud
Daily Mail 10/22/08 Now It's Simon Cowell vs. Dannii Minogue
Top 40 10/22/08 Will Young To Make Special Quest Appearance On The X Factor
This Is 10/22/08 The X Factor Show Will Go On
Teletext 10/22/08 Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue At War
Celebrity Spider 10/21/08 Simon Cowell Denies Retirement Plans
Reality TV Fans 10/21/08 Former X Factor Winner Leona Lewis is Fourth Best Selling Artist Worldwide in 2008
NY Daily News 10/21/08 Simon Cowell's 'X-Factor' threatened by radical Muslim Omar Bakri
Ananova 10/21/08 Beyonce heading for X Factor

Ananova 10/21/08 Leon Jackson wants Paolo Nutini team-up

Digital Spy 10/21/08 JLS singer appeared in CITV show
Digital Spy 10/21/08 'X Factor' accused of being anti-Muslim
Digital Spy 10/21/08 Leona Lewis wants 'Enders catch-up
Daily Mail 10/21/08 X Factor In Terror Alerts As Cleric Says Reality Show Is Anti-Muslim
Daily Record 10/21/08 X Factor Reject Emma and Family Are Homeless
Times Online 10/21/08 X Factor Ups Security After Attack By Radical Islamic Cleric

The Press Association 10/21/08 Girlband Loose Out On Vote For X Factor
The Sun 10/21/08 Si Cowell steps up his security
Gay Socialites 10/21/08 'X-Factor' contestant Austin Drage comes out as straight

Digital Spy 10/20/08 Dannii shuns Gallagher 'X Factor' feud
Digital Spy 10/20/08 Beyoncé to duet with 'X Factor' finalist?
Digital Spy 10/20/08 Girlband defend Walsh against Cowell attack
Digital Spy 10/20/08 Madeley criticises 'X Factor' expectations
Digital Spy 10/20/08 Minogue says Botox days are behind her
Daily Record 10/20/08 X Factor Winner Leon Jackson Loses Chart Fight To Pink
BBC 10/19/08 Comic Kay wins 'X Factor battle'
Digital Spy 10/19/08 Walsh: 'Girlband need a fifth member'
Digital Spy 10/19/08 'X Factor' star defends language decision
Digital Spy 10/19/08 'X Factor' final 11: What the judges said
Digital Spy 10/19/08 JLS vow to do Louis Walsh proud
Digital Spy 10/18/08 Girlband voted off 'X Factor'
Digital Spy 10/18/08 Gallagher attacks 'X Factor' again
Digital Spy 10/18/08 'X Factor' boys 'argue over suit'
Digital Spy 10/18/08 Walsh denies Minogue axe claims
Digital Spy 10/18/08 Leon: 'Peter Kay's track is deceiving'
Digital Spy 10/18/08 Norton criticises 'X Factor's Dannii
Daily Record 10/18/08 X Factor Hopeful Get To Know Each Other In Night Of Flirting

Daily Mail 10/17/08 Almost famous: X Factor's Girlband check themselves out ahead of performance showdown
Digital Spy 10/16/08 Will Young to perform on 'X Factor'
Daily Mail 10/16/08 That's more like it: X Factor's Phoebe ditches the junk food for apple, water and a trip to the gym
BBC 10/16/08 Leona Lewis booed at Mobo Awards
Digital Spy 10/16/08 Estelle, Leona Lewis scoop MOBOs
Daily Mail 10/16/08 Bee Gee Robin Gibb slams X Factor as 'a glorified advert' more about fame and making money than music

Digital Spy 10/15/08 'X Factor' Diana 'behaves like a diva'
Ananova 10/15/08 Wayne perdicts X Factor winner
Digital Spy 10/15/08 Gervais hits back at Walsh's put-down
Digital Spy 10/15/08 Coleen: 'Wayne knows X Factor winner'
Celebrity Spider 10/14/08 Noel Gallagher Takes Aim At 'Talentless' Dannii Minogue
Daily Mail 10/14/08 Dannii Minogue hits back at claims she 'failed as a mentor' attack by X Factor rejectee
Digital Spy 10/14/08 Minogue upset over 'X Factor' rumours
Daily Mail 10/14/08 'The X Factor gave me my curves back and even saved our marriage,' reveals Cheryl Cole

Digital Spy 10/14/08 Brookstein slams "bear baiting" 'X Factor'
Ananova 10/14/08 Oasis slam The X Factor
Digital Spy 10/13/08 Bad Lashes defend indecisive Walsh
Digital Spy 10/12/08 Leon Jackson: 'Don't Call This Love'
Ananova 10/12/08 Leon Jackson defends time taken on album
Digital Spy 10/11/08 'X Factor' Brian quizzed by Customs chiefs
Digital Spy 10/11/08 Same Difference happy to play at Butlins
Digital Spy 10/11/08 Minogue hits back at 'troublemaker' Walsh
Digital Spy 10/11/08 Rachel: 'This is my last journey'
Digital Spy 10/11/08 Jackson discusses 'punchy' new single

Digital Spy 10/11/08 'X Factor' vocal coach praises Rachel

Digital Spy 10/10/08 Bad Lashes bored by 'X Factor' sob stories
BBC 10/10/08 Lewis axed Harrods event over fur

Digital Spy 10/10/08 'X Factor' hopeful: 'I beat the bullies'
Digital Spy 10/10/08 GirlBand admit to 'X Factor' rivalry
BBC 10/10/08 Leona's secret album is launched
Digital Spy 10/10/08 Dannii, Rachel clash on 'X Factor'
Digital Spy 10/10/08 Girls bored by topless 'X Factor' boys
Digital Spy 10/10/08 Leon tips Austin, Laura for 'X Factor' success
Daily Mail 10/10/08 What would Simon Cowell say? X Factor finalists binge on junk food ahead of live show
Daily Mail 10/9/08 Leona Lewis turns down £1m to open the Harrods sale in anti-fur protest

Daily Mail 10/9/08 We're famous! Delight for the X Factor hopefuls as they find their pictures in celebrity magazines

Daily Mail 10/8/08 Single mum Rachel Hylton's stunning transformation as the X Factor finalists get their ready-for-TV makeovers

Ananova 10/8/08 Simon not in touch with X Factor
Celebrity Spider 10/7/08 Louis Walsh Predicts Sharon Osbourne's TV Comeback
Digital Spy 10/7/08 'X Factor' star reveals bullying trauma
Daily Mail 10/7/08 X Factor hopefuls show off their newly gleaming Hollywood smiles on GMTV

Digital Spy 10/7/08 Leona songs 'may go to Shayne Ward'
Daily Mail 10/6/08 Cheryl Cole tipped to win X Factor as bookies make 21-year-old protégée Laura White favourite
People 10/6/08 Video: Leona Lewis Performs 'Stripped' Version of Her Hit Single
Daily Mail 10/6/08 X Factor mum-of-five Rachel in new drugs storm over claims she smoked cannabis while filming show
Digital Spy 10/5/08 In Pictures: The 'X Factor' final 12
Digital Spy 10/5/08 'X Factor' final 12 revealed
Digital Spy 10/5/08 'X Factor' star facing new drug claims
Digital Spy 10/5/08 'X Factor' star: 'Dannii didn't mentor us'
Digital Spy 10/4/08 'X Factor' hopeful is 'secret wild child'

Daily Mail 10/4/08 X Factor chart Heroes: Finalists perform on charity single which will be in shops this month

Digital Spy 10/4/08 'X Factor' finalists releasing charity song
Digital Spy 10/4/08 'X Factor' star Alan backed by mother
Daily Mail 10/4/08 X-ceptionally cute: X Factor hopeful dressed as Michael Jackson for Stars in Their Eyes
Digital Spy 10/4/08 Walsh annoyed by 'X Factor' boyband

Digital Spy 10/4/08 O'Leary apologises to 'X Factor' hopeful
Daily Mail 10/4/08 Remaining X Factor contestants move in with the judges for the (luxury) home stretch
Digital Spy 10/3/08 Keating: 'Minogue has lost X Factor' 
Digital Spy 10/2/08 'X Factor' hopefuls to whiten their smiles
Ananova 10/2/08 Leona Lewis songs to help Shanye Ward
Digital Spy 10/2/08 Walsh annoyed by Cowell's 'X Factor' joke
Digital Spy 10/2/08 Lewis worried about London crime

Digital Spy 10/1/08 Stone supports 'X Factor' hopeful
Digital Spy 10/1/08 'X Factor' Austin vs. 'X Factor' Andy
Daily Mail 9/30/08 You've got the X Factor! Oh no, you haven't... the finalist swapped for a boot camp reject
Digital Spy 9/30/08 Cowell slammed for 'X Factor' swap

Digital Spy 9/29/08 Cole in line for £1 million 'X Factor' deal
Digital Spy 9/29/08 Dannii denies 'X Factor' ultimatum
Digital Spy 9/29/08 'X Factor' judges given categories
Digital Spy 9/29/08 Extra 'X Factor' tops Sunday ratings
Digital Spy 9/28/08 Minogue 'threatens to quit over Cheryl'
Ananova 9/28/08 Cheryl Cole angry at X Factor decisions
Digital Spy 9/28/08 Dermot O'Leary 'angers 'X Factor' bosses'
Digital Spy 9/28/08 Cole 'fed up' with 'X Factor' boss Cowell
Digital Spy 9/27/08 Cowell compares Leon Jackson to Robbie

Digital Spy 9/27/08 Cowell 'furious' over 'X Factor' leak
Digital Spy 9/27/08 'X Factor' hopeful quits Pontin's job
Digital Spy 9/26/08 Cowell rows with 'X Factor' hopeful

Digital Spy 9/26/08 Walsh, Cowell disagree over JLS

Digital Spy 9/26/08 Bunton joins Minogue's 'X Factor' team
Digital Spy 9/26/08 Boyzone ask Walsh for 'X Factor' slot
Celebrity Spider 9/25/08 Simon Cowell Confirms Britney Spears Show
Digital Spy 9/24/08 'X Factor' star looking for a man
Digital Spy 9/23/08 Faith Hill benefits from the 'X Factor' effect
Digital Spy 9/22/08 Same Difference working with Waterman
Digital Spy 9/22/08 Cheryl Cole: I have the 'X Factor' winner
Digital Spy 9/22/08 Shayne Ward to marry long-term girlfriend

Digital Spy 9/21/08 Minogue 'out in the cold' on 'X Factor'
Digital Spy 9/20/08 'X Factor' hopeful gets Leona's backing
Daily Mail 9/20/08 Not again! Cheryl Cole breaks down in tears on the X Factor as she hears yet another sob story

Daily Record 9/20/08 Duane aims to follow in pal Leona Lewis's footsteps with X Factor bid
Digital Spy 9/20/08 Cheryl Cole cries over 'X Factor' hopeful

Digital Spy 9/19/08 Leona's friend enters 'The X Factor'
Celebrity Spider 9/18/08 Britney Spears To Return To U.K. TV

Digital Spy 9/17/08 Cole: 'I have no problem with Dannii'
Daily Record 9/17/08 Exclusive: I'm learning the guitar, says X Factor winner Leon Jackson
Digital Spy 9/16/08 Lewis designs wings for children's hospital
Digital Spy 9/15/08 Minogue baffled by Cole feud rumours

Digital Spy 9/14/08 Will Young praises Cowell, 'X Factor'
Digital Spy 9/14/08 'X Factor's Avenue aiming for top 20
Digital Spy 9/13/08 Piano Tie Tony returns to 'X Factor'
Digital Spy 9/13/08 Welsh town turns out for 'X Factor' audition
Digital Spy 9/12/08 Housewife Ceri tries again on 'X Factor'
Daily Mail 9/12/08 Gummy Ceri returns to the X Factor... as bitching between Cheryl and Simon hots up
Manchester Online 9/12/08 Diary: Shayne's still got X Factor
Digital Spy 9/12/08 Lewis wants to be friends with Price

Digital Spy 9/12/08 Cowell, Cole argue over 'X Factor' pair
Celebrity Spider 9/11/08 Christina Aguilera Gives Leona Lewis Stage Fright
Digital Spy 9/11/08 'X Factor' hopeful 'not a friend of Cole'
Ananova 9/11/08 McFly see X Factor in Cheryl Cole
Digital Spy 9/10/08 Perry: 'I'm obsessed with Leona Lewis'
Mirror 9/9/08 X Factor loser Emma Chawner faces eviction from home over karaoke sessions
Digital Spy 9/7/08 Latest 'X Factor' draws 9 million
Digital Spy 9/6/08 Cheryl Cole warned by hopeful's girlfriend
Digital Spy 9/6/08 'X Factor' hopeful issues warning to Cowell
Digital Spy 9/6/08 Leon promises 'charismatic' new single
Digital Spy 9/5/08 Pool cleaner impresses Dannii, Cheryl
Digital Spy 9/2/08 Minogue hits back at 'naughty' Walsh

Celebrity Spider 9/1/08 Leona Lewis' Pre-Fame Album Set For Release
Mirror 9/1/08 Dannii Minogue lays into fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh
Digital Spy 9/1/08 'X Factor' fans 'want more Dannii footage'

Digital Spy 9/1/08 Niki Evans criticises 'X Factor' team

Digital Spy 9/1/08 'Strictly' judge finds 'X Factor' boring
Digital Spy 8/31/08 'X Factor' Alan blasted by mum, ex
Digital Spy 8/31/08 'X Factor' loses 1m to summer heat
Digital Spy 8/30/08 'X Factor' duo caused riot at footie match
Digital Spy 8/30/08 Angry 'X Factor' hopeful frightens judges
Celebrity Spider 8/28/08 Jordin Sparks Plans Duet With Leona Lewis

Ananova 8/28/08 Exclusive: Dannii lands spy movie role
Digital Spy 8/28/08 Willoughby: 'Louis Walsh is a bitch'
Digital Spy 8/28/08 'X Factor' hopeful responds to 'liar' row
BBC 8/27/08 X Factor denies contestant claims
Digital Spy 8/27/08 Walsh: Cowell has "moved on" from Dannii

This Is London 8/26/08 X Factor Alan in bitter war of words with the father he claims he is 'desperate to meet'
Mirror 8/26/08 X Factor hopeful exposed as a fake
Digital Spy 8/26/08 'X Factor's Rachel receives plea from sister

Digital Spy 8/26/08 Leon has no chance with 'Hollyoaks' star
Daily Record 8/26/08 X Factor winner Leon Jackson has no chance with me, says Hollyoaks babe Emma Rigby
Digital Spy 8/26/08 'X Factor' flops shunning tour offers

Digital Spy 8/26/08 'X Factor' hopeful 'lied about foster care'

Ananova 8/26/08 X Factor sob story is lies

Digital Spy 8/25/08 Alicia Keys to perform on 'X Factor'
Digital Spy 8/25/08 'X Factor' hopeful attacked at boot camp
Digital Spy 8/24/08 Cowell tired of 'X Factor' sob stories
Digital Spy 8/24/08 Kelly Osbourne blasts "spineless" Dannii

Digital Spy 8/23/08 Cowell argues with Cole over girl band

Digital Spy 8/23/08 G4's Ansell slams 'X Factor' sob stories

Digital Spy 8/22/08 Osbourne to write about 'X Factor'?

Celebrity Spider 8/21/08 Dannii Minogue A Target of Bitter Wannabe
Daily Mail 8/19/08 Super skinny Cheryl Cole admits 'I do have fat days'

Digital Spy 8/19/08 Osbourne won't work with Minogue again
Ananova 8/19/08 Adele big on X Factor and Chris Brown
Digital Spy 8/18/08 'X Factor' flops turn down tour deal

Digital Spy 8/18/08 Cole supports 'X Factor' reject Nikk
Mirror 8/18/08 Reality winner X-Factor is still hitting the right notes
Mirror 8/18/08 X Factor wannabes are X tremely untalented
Daily Mail 8/18/08 12m tune in to see X Factor but miss the real drama between 'jealous' Dannii and tearful Cheryl behind the scenes

Digital Spy 8/18/08 Minogue shocked by Cole feud claims

Ananova 8/18/08 Girls Aloud upset for X Factor reject

Digital Spy 8/18/08 Record audience for 'X Factor' premiere

Digital Spy 8/17/08 Picture Special: 'X Factor' fitties

Digital Spy 8/17/08 'X Factor' rejects hit back at Cole

Digital Spy 8/16/08 Walsh unsure over 'X Factor' future

Digital Spy 8/16/08 Jackson keen to avoid Leona comparisons

Digital Spy 8/16/08 Tonight's 'X Factor' talent
Digital Spy 8/16/08 Boyband impress 'X Factor' judges
Ananova 8/15/08 X Factor no joke for Cheryl Cole
Coventry Telegraph 8/15/08 X Factor lacks a certain... well, X Factor
Daily Record 8/15/08 I wept after old pal got X Factor boot, admits new judge Cheryl Cole
Digital Spy 8/15/08 Girls Aloud to perform on 'X Factor'

Daily Record 8/15/08 Scots X Factor winner Leon Jackson will prove critics wrong and be a star this year, vows Simon Cowell

Digital Spy 8/15/08 O'Leary touched by 'X Factor' contestants

This Is London 8/14/08 Dannii shrugs off rumours of tension as she breezes into X Factor launch
Digital Spy 8/14/08 Walsh praises 'X Factor' co-star Cheryl

Celebrity Spider 8/13/08 Dannii Minogue Blames Parents For Disastrous Love Life

Daily Record 8/13/08 100,000 hopefuls try their luck at X Factor auditions
Digital Spy 8/13/08 Girls Aloud to advise Cole over 'X Factor'
Digital Spy 8/13/08 Cole: 'I know my singing limits'

Ananova 8/13/08 Cheryl Cole doubts she has X Factor

Digital Spy 8/13/08 Cowell confident over 'X Factor' chances
Digital Spy 8/13/08 Walsh pleased with London's hopefuls

This Is London 8/12/08 X Factor judge Dannii Minogue vows to feed up 'tiny' panelist Cheryl Cole
Manchester Evening News 8/12/08 We still have X Factor 8/12/08 Dannii wants love and a Kylie duet

Digital Spy 8/12/08 Cowell hopes for unique 'X Factor' champ
Digital Spy 8/12/08 Minogue hopes to mentor 'X Factor' girls
Ananova 8/12/08 Dannii Minogue promises crazy X Factor
Digital Spy 8/11/08 Cheryl Cole wants fresher 'X Factor' acts
Guardian 8/11/08 Has The X-Factor lost its way?

Digital Spy 8/11/08 'X Factor' chief discusses Osbourne's exit
Ananova 8/11/08 Dannii Minogue looking for new Leona on X Factor

Digital Spy 8/10/08 Cole judges friend at 'X Factor' auditions

Digital Spy 8/10/08 Dannii Minogue puts Cole feud behind her
Daily Record 8/9/08 X Factor judge Dannii Minogue wants to do a duet with sister Kylie

Digital Spy 8/7/08 'X Factor' judges tip groups for success

Celebrity Spider 8/6/08 Leona Lewis To Launch Fashion Line?

BBC 8/6/08 Leona Lewis up for US MTV award

Digital Spy 8/1/08 Minogue speaks out about 'X Factor' feud
This Is London 8/1/08 I'm so glad to be rid of her: Dannii Minogue's stinging attack on Sharon Osbourne

Digital Spy 7/28/08 Leona: 'I have a quiet confidence'
This Is London 7/7/08 16-hour days and £100-a-week... Do the X Factor hopefuls know what they're REALLY in for?
Digital Spy 7/7/08 Leon: 'X Factor' is better without Sharon
This Is London 7/3/08 Unleash the diva: Cheryl Cole employs umbrella carrier to give her curls X-tra protection

Digital Spy 7/3/08 Cheryl 'better than Dannii' on 'X Factor'
Digital Spy 6/30/08 'X Factor' chiefs deny latest feud rumours
This Is London 6/22/08 X Factor's Simon bombards Cheryl Cole with good-luck texts for her new role as judge
Digital Spy 6/23/08 Minogue calls new 'X Factor' "a dream"
Ananova 6/23/08 X Factor a dream for Dannii
Ananova 6/18/08 Leona no Bond singer claim TLSP
Digital Spy 6/17/08 Leona: 'Cowell is like my uncle'
This Is London 6/17/08 Girls Aloud's Nadine and Sarah 'upset' after Cheryl Cole lands job on
Digital Spy 6/17/08 Cole's bandmates jealous of 'X Factor' role
Digital Spy 6/17/08 'X Factor' winner blasts Sharon Osbourne
This Is London 6/13/08 Day one and already there's tears as Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole joins X Factor line-up
Daily Record 6/13/08 Cheryl Cole will be big hit as judge on X Factor, says Leon Jackson
Digital Spy 6/13/08 Leona chosen to record Bond theme?
Celebrity Spider 6/11/08 Cheryl Cole Confirmed As Sharon Osbourne Replacement On X Factor
Digital Spy 6/11/08 Leona Lewis 'fancies Shia LaBeouf'
BBC News 6/10/08 Cheryl Cole is new X Factor judge
Ananova 6/10/08 Osbourne backs Cheryl for X Factor
This Is London 6/9/08 Sharon backs Cheryl Cole to replace her on X Factor
Contact Music 6/9/08 Osbourne to Swap X-Factor for Dance Show?
Boston Globe 6/9/08 Simon Cowell's toothy obsession 6/9/08 Sharon Osbourne quits after spat with Dannii Minogue
Digital Spy 6/6/08 Sharon Osbourne quits 'The X Factor'
This Is London 6/6/08 Sharon Osbourne quits X Factor 'over pay row'
FHR 5/30/08 X Factor star to hit the West End
Dot Music 5/28/08 Leona closes Olympics
Ananova 5/28/08 Ward to out-do Leona says Walsh

London Theatre Guide 5/28/08 Quinn swings into Grease
Daily Mail 5/26/08 Exasperated Terry Wogan may quit Eurovision after blatant bloc voting
This is Nottingham 5/20/08 Andy: Good chance at Eurovision
Daily Record 5/20/08 Andy Abrahams is our worst ever Eurovision entry, say the bookies
Digital Spy 5/16/08 Leon: 'X Factor' rival fancies me
Liverpool Echo 5/16/08 Meet X Factor winner Shane Ward

Daily Record 5/6/08 10,000 wannabes hit Hampden for X-Factor auditions
Luton Today 4/29/08 X Factor Beverley in solo show - Luton Today

RTÉ.ie 4/29/08 Entertainment Minogue confirms X Factor return

This is London 4/28/08 Leona Lewis is one of Britain's richest young people just 18 months after winning X Factor

Digital Spy 4/28/08 Leona, Duffy for Mandela Hyde Park gig?

Daily Telegraph 4/28/08 Pop-star waitress Leona Lewis cashes in, in Sydney

Dot Music 4/28/08 Leona for Mandela

Manchester Online 4/25/08 Shayne's American dream

Dot Music 4/25/08 Amy and Leona feature on rich list

Digital Spy 4/25/08 'X Factor' reject to face Cowell again?

Coleraine Today 4/23/08 X-Factor here I come

icWales 4/22/08 X factor teen misses jail

Sky News 4/22/08 Leona's Mariah Help

Digital Spy 4/22/08 Leona told to use Mariah's trainer?

Boston Globe 4/21/08 Leona Lewis no Mariah

The Guardian 4/20/08 Thousands join the queue to be on X Factor

Manchester Evening News 4/20/08 X Factor attracts huge turnout

Digital Spy 4/18/08 Ex-boss keeps job waiting for Leona

LA Times 4/17/08 In ‘Idol’-like form, Leona Lewis wins big

Daily Record 4/17/08 Delight for Leona Lewis as she tops US album charts

Ananova 4/17/08 Cowell gloats after Lewis success

Globe and Mail 4/17/08 Yeah, baby, she's got 'It'

Digital Spy 4/17/08 Leona scores US chart double

BBC 4/16/08 Leona album smashes into US chart

Glasgow Daily Record 4/14/08 X Factor winner Steve Brookstein names new son after late Scots father-in-law

San Francisco Chronicle 4/11/08 'X Factor's' Leona Lewis releases 'Spirit'

Extra 4/11/08 Lotsa 'Love' for Leona

Digital Spy 4/11/08 Cowell: 'Talent' hopefuls were terrible

Celebrity Spider 4/10/08 Simon Cowell Blasts Brit Awards for Leona Lewis Snub

Digital Spy 4/10/08 Cowell: 'I didn't buy Leona a house'

Digital Spy 4/10/08 Leona was "scared" of Cowell

LA Times 4/8/08 Leona Lewis: Superstar? If Clive, Oprah, Perez & Simon say so.

Boston Globe 4/8/08 Lewis's huge voice lifts 'Spirit'

Ananova 4/8/08 Leona bucks diva trend

NY Daily News 4/8/08 U.K.'s answer to Mariah Carey: Leona Lewis

Entertainment Weekly 4/8/08 Leona Lewis' Sultry Side

Celebrity Spider 4/6/08 Leona Lewis: "Fame is Hard to Grasp"

Chicago Tribune 4/6/08 British 'Idol' winner long on hype, short on serious talent

NY Post 4/6/08 Leona Lewis: UK Idol Invades America 

Digital Spy 4/5/08 Leona Lewis "amazed" by US reception 4/4/08 The Spirit of Leona Lewis

Yahoo 4/4/08 Leona finds star status a struggle

Daily Record 4/4/08 I can hardly believe I'm a star, says X Factor winner Leona Lewis

Digital Spy 4/4/08 Bruno fancies Simon Cowell job swap

Hello! 4/3/08 'Incredible' Lewis sets Monaco date with 'gorgeous' Dannii

Digital Spy 4/3/08 Carey not fussed by Leona comparison

Digital Spy 4/3/08 Minogue agrees to Monaco Grand Prix date

Scotsman 4/1/08 Leon Jackson has X Factor for award win

Celebrity Spider 3/31/08 Leona Lewis in Line for $100 Million Deal

Jam! 3/13/08 Leona Lewis is in the Spirit

The Guardian 3/30/08 Hard graft pays off as America falls for latest British pop diva

Hello! 3/30/08 Leona at the centre of a £50 million bidding war by US music chiefs

Digital Spy 3/30/08 Simon Cowell to buy US home for Leona

Times Online 3/30/08 Slow-burn singer from London’s badlands setting America alight

Daily Mail 3/30/08 Wardrobe mistake? Or is Sharon carrying some X-tra pounds?

Digital Spy 3/29/08 Cowell surprised by Leona's US number one

Digital Spy 3/29/08 Leona Lewis promises to stay grounded

Digital Spy 3/29/08 Shayne Ward keen to write his own songs

Hello! 3/29/08 Shayne Ward reveals his special reason to smile on new tour

Herald Sun 3/28/08 Leona Lewis makes pop history by topping US charts

Digital Spy 3/28/08 Leona "overwhelmed" by US success

Daily Mail 3/28/08 British idol Leona Lewis tops the US charts...but still can't afford to buy a house in London

Daily Record 3/28/08 Shayne Ward: I'm a chocaholic

Ananova 3/28/08 Leona bags US No 1

Daily Record 3/28/08 US chart-topper Leona Lewis won't take success for granted

Celebrity Spider 3/27/08 Leona Lewis Faces Throat Operation

E!Online 3/27/08 Kingdom Come: Leona Lewis Hits U.S. Shores

Glasgow Daily Record 3/27/08 Shayne Ward feared never singing again after throat surgery

BBC 3/27/08 US chart triumph for Leona Lewis

Wimbledon Guardian 3/26/08 X Factor’s Sinitta is selling up for £4.5m

The  Guardian 3/25/08 X Factor exec takes ITV role

Daily Telegraph 3/23/08 All the world's Leona's stage

Digital Spy 3/21/08 Leon keen on Kylie Minogue reunion

Yahoo 3/20/08 Leona breaks America?

Ananova 3/19/08 Leona wows on Oprah

Herald Sun 3/17/08 Rivals turn on X factor

Digital Spy 3/13/08 Leona enters US top 40

Dot Music 3/11/08 Leona sells dress for Sport Relief

Times Online 3/8/08 Leona Lewis - the X Factor star with more staying power

Digital Spy 3/8/08 Leona rejects offer of £250K for four songs

Digital Spy 3/8/08 'X Factor' judges demand more cash

The Sun 3/8/08 Xtra dosh for pay rise judges

Digital Spy 3/8/08 Leon keen to "get on" with debut album

Ananova 3/7/08 Leona to perform on Oprah

Access Hollywood 3/6/08 Rising Star: Leona Lewis

Celebrity Spider 3/3/08 Leona Lewis Money Struggles

Manchester Online 3/3/08 X Factor Live @ M.E.N. Arena

The Sun 3/3/08 Hat's not a great look, Rhydian

Daily Mail 3/2/08 X Factor bin man gets UK Eurovision vote

Digital Spy 3/2/08 Leon feels "left out" on 'X Factor' tour

Manchester Online 3/1/08 X-Factor Live @ M.E.N. Arena

Digital Spy 3/1/08 Dannii Minogue gets 'X Factor' pay rise

Daily Star 3/1/08 Loser Leon Lacks Sex Factor 

Digital Spy 3/1/08 'X Factor' star Andy defends Leon

Digital Spy 2/29/08 Leona Lewis: 'Footprints In The Sand'

Digital Spy 2/29/08 Leona to perform on 'Dancing On Ice'

Dewsbury Reporter 2/29/08 X Factor Star Urges Shannon To Come Home 

Digital Spy 2/28/08 Leona visits South Africa for Sport Relief

This is Nottingham 2/27/08 Review: The X-Factor Live, Nottingham Arena 

Ananova 2/25/08 No tour for Leona until 2010

Wear Valley Mercury 2/25/08 X-factor finalist thanks psychic Dean

Herald Sun 2/25/08 X Factor to spark up Grand Prix

Digital Spy 2/24/08 Osbourne wants higher 'X Factor' salary

Daily Record 2/22/08 X Factor Winner Leon Jackson Goes Down A Storm At Glasgow SECC

This is Nottingham 2/22/08 Interview: The X-Factor's Hope 

Digital Spy 2/22/08 Sharon Osbourne quits 'X Factor'?

Ananova 2/21/08 Ronson's X Factor laughs

Glasgow Daily Record 2/21/08 Leon Jackson's Support for Leona Lewis

Digital Spy 2/20/08 Dannii speaks about Osbourne feud

Ananova 2/20/08 Leona worried about fainting

Ananova 2/19/08 X Factor slammed by Hucknall

Daily Star 2/17/08 Who Got Rhyd of the Light? 

The Telegraph 2/16/08 It's time to expose the X Factor myths

Daily Record 2/15/08 Brits Favourite Leona Lewis Is Back In the Saddle

BBC 2/15/08 Lewis makes footprints in States

Daily Mail 2/15/08 Glamorous Leona Lewis horses around on the set of her new video

Sunderland Echo 2/14/08 X Factor Charlie's Arena of dreams

Belfast Telegraph 2/13/08 X Factor bandwagon rolls on

Glasgow Daily Record 2/13/08 Macdonald Brothers To Support Westlife On UK Tour

Belfast Newsletter 2/12/08 X Factor Fever Grips Belfast 

Daily Record 2/12/08 Leona's On Song at Grammys

Digital Spy 2/11/08 Leona is 'overwhelmed' by Whitney praise

Digital Spy 2/10/08 Leona performs at Davis' Grammy party

Sunday Mirror 2/10/08 X Factor winner Leona Lewis' boyfriend quits career to become a pop star

Digital Spy 2/10/08 Rhydian snubbed by Welsh rugby team

Digital Spy 2/10/08 Dannii Minogue avoids 'X Factor' tour

Sky News 2/8/08 Leona's Past Sadness

LA Times 2/8/08 Video: Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party with Leona Lewis

MTV 2/8/08 'American Idol' Chris Daughtry, U.K. Idol Leona Lewis Warm Their Pipes For Clive Davis' Grammy Party

Ananova 2/8/08 Singing kept Leona straight

Glasgow Daily Record 2/7/08 I Get Mobbed In Scotland, Says X Factor winner Leon Jackson

Digital Spy 2/6/08 Cotton quits 'X Factor' role for US

Scotsman 2/5/08 Leon: Dubai venue's a desert stormer

Digital Spy 2/2/08 Leon Jackson is left starstruck by Mika

Digital Spy 2/1/08 Webber denies Rhydian 'Phantom' claims

Daily Record 2/1/08 Leon Jackson Starstruck By Mika

Celebrity Spider 1/30/08 Leona Lewis Teams Up With Akon

Digital Spy 1/30/08 Leona reveals new single details

Daily Mail 1/30/08 Class act: Rhydian Roberts receives honorary degree

Glasgow Daily Record 1/30/08 X Factor Winner Leon Jackson Enjoying London Switch

Digital Spy 1/29/08 Rhydian 'happy' with new girlfriend

Hello! 1/28/08 Rhydian reveals he's dating an older woman with the X Factor... Simon Cowell's make-up artist

Digital Spy 1/26/08 Cowell threatens to sack 'X Factor' judges

Digital Spy 1/24/08 Cowell predicts Rhydian will be star

York Press 1/22/08 X-Factor star brings singing nuns show to York

Digital Spy 1/19/08 Hope deny Simon Cowell rift claims

Daily Mail 1/18/08 Rhydian proves he's still got the X Factor with a thrilling nightclub performance

Celebrity Spider 1/15/08 Simon Cowell Determined to Lose Weight

Glasgow Daily Record 1/15/08 Leona Nominated For Four Brits

Digital Spy 1/12/08 'X Factor' star Niki quits dinner lady job

Daily Record 1/11/08 Blunt Blasts X Factor And Reality Shows

Digital Spy 1/11/08 Gates warns Leon not to be 'moulded' by label

Daily Mail 1/9/08 Ripped Rhydian: X Factor runner-up shows off his impressive physique on the beach

Digital Spy 1/7/08 Leon "wants to date" 'Hollyoaks' star

Digital Spy 1/7/08 Cowell signs Rhydian for £1 million

Digital Spy 1/6/08 Leon "miserable" over gig criticism

Digital Spy 1/5/08 'X Factor' winner vows to stay grounded

Digital Spy 1/5/08 Leon at no.1 in Ireland for third week

Daily Record 1/4/08 Leon Celebrates Birthday With His Pals

Daily Mail 1/4/08 'I was such a pretty boy even my mother thought I was gay' says G4's Jonathan Ansell

Ananova 1/4/08 Leon asks £25K for 3 tunes

Daily Record 1/4/08 Leon Celebrates Birthday With His Pals

Daily Mail 1/4/08 'I was such a pretty boy even my mother thought I was gay' says G4's Jonathan Ansell

Ananova 1/4/08 Leon asks £25K for 3 tunes

Digital Spy 1/4/08 Jonathan Ansell admits to G4 clashes

Daily Record 1/3/08 Leon Jackson's Agent Blasted Over £25,000 For Three Songs

Ananova 1/3/08 Leona for American Idol

Digital Spy 1/3/08 Leon's agent criticised over appearance fee

Celebrity Spider 12/31/07 Simon Cowell Vows to Leave Fortune to Dogs

Daily Mail 12/31/07 'Sick' X Factor winner Leon cancels New Year Hogmanay gig

Digital Spy 12/30/07 Leon struggles to cope with new lifestyle

Digital Spy 12/29/07 Leon is top in Ireland for second week

Digital Spy 12/28/07 Rhydian: 'I love ginger people'

Hello! 12/28/07 Leon drives mum to tears as he turns celebrity Santa

Daily Record 12/28/07 Leon Jackson Buys His Mum A New Mini For Christmas

Daily Mail 12/28/07 Leona flaunts her curves as she enjoys a romantic Caribbean break with her boyfriend

Daily Record 12/27/07 Leon's Dream Day At Rangers Game

Digital Spy 12/27/07 Rhydian: 'I don't like Leon's single'

West Lothian Courier 12/27/07 UK’s Newest Star Keeps His Feet On The Ground 

Digital Spy 12/27/07 Albarn demands end to 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 12/26/07 Same Difference sign record deal with Cowell

Daily Record 12/26/07 Leon's Christmas No1 Costs Bookies Big Time

This is Hampshire 12/25/07 X Factor finalists land record deal

Celebrity Spider 12/24/07 Leona Lewis: "No High Waisted Trousers for Simon Cowell This Christmas"

Celebrity Spider 12/24/07 The X Factor Winner Leon Jackson Claims Christmas Number One Single

Sky News 12/24/07 Rhyd's Simon Set-Up

Daily Mail 12/24/07 X Factor's Leon Jackson claims the coveted Christmas number one spot - as he splits with his lover

Digital Spy 12/24/07 Cowell sets Rhydian up on a date

Daily Record 12/24/07 Leon Is First Scot To Have A Christmas No1

BBC 12/23/07 Festive double for X Factor stars

Digital Spy 12/23/07 'X Factor' winner is too busy for romance

Digital Spy 12/23/07 Hope want record deal from Simon Cowell

Ananova 12/23/07 Leon king of Christmas

Digital Spy 12/23/07 Leon kicked out by mum before 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 12/23/07 Leon clinches Christmas number one spot

Celebrity Spider 12/22/07 Simon Cowell Set to Sue iTunes Over X Factor Download Crash

Daily Record 12/22/07 X Factor Tour Adds Extra Scots Dates

Digital Spy 12/22/07 Leon takes Xmas no.1 spot in Ireland

Digital Spy 12/22/07 Walsh got "fed up" with latest 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 12/22/07 Leon to perform at Edinburgh Hogmanay

Digital Spy 12/22/07 Bublé hopes to record duet with Leon

Daily Record 12/22/07 Leon To Sing At Edinburgh Hogmanay

Sky News 12/21/07 More X Drama

Daily Mail 12/21/07 Dannii hates me, says runner-up Rhydian, but at least Gordon Brown's a fan

Ananova 12/21/07 Rhydian has no complaints

Daily Record 12/21/07 Leon Is Christmas No1 Admit The Bookies

The Guardian 12/20/07 Ofcom asks ITV for X Factor information

Digital Spy 12/20/07 'X Factor's Emily denies romance rumours

This is London 12/20/07 Rhydian: 'I cried after my X Factor defeat... but I still wish Leon all the best'

Glasgow Daily Record 12/20/07 Rhydian: I Cried When I Lost X Factor

Manchester Online 12/20/07 Watch Leon Jackson's When You Believe

Digital Spy 12/20/07 Steve Brookstein offers advice to Leon

Dot Music 12/20/07 Hope's X-Rated Goss

Hello! 12/20/07 Triumphant return to Scottish homeland for 'X Factor' winner Leon

Daily Mail 12/19/07 Leon heading for Christmas No1 as X Factor 'fix' row continues

Digital Spy 12/19/07 Rhydian's mum urges fans to "move on"

Daily Record 12/19/07 Couldn't Believe My Ears When Leon Won

Daily Mail 12/19/07 ITV rejects X Factor 'fix' claim by insisting: 'Leon had 10% more votes than Rhydian'

Manchester Online 12/19/07 Rhydian's mum tell fans 'move on'

BBC 12/19/07 Leon set for Christmas number one

Sky News 12/18/07 Whose X Factor Tat?

The Sun 12/18/07 Leon and Rhyd stay best pals

This is London 12/18/07 Straight from X Factor to Barbados: Simon Cowell jet-skis out of TV row

Daily Mail 12/18/07 'Robbed' Rhydian snubs X Factor party as probe launched into phone vote after 1000 complaints

Glasgow Daily Record 12/18/07 Leon Fans Camp Out To See First Concert

Metro 12/18/07 X-Factor Leon's mum says Rhydian is a bad loser

The Sun 12/18/07 Leon and Rhyd stay best pals

Guardian 12/18/07 Walsh defends The X Factor result

BBC 12/18/07 X Factor voting complaints soar

Digital Spy 12/18/07 Virgin investigating 'X Factor' vote

Times Online 12/18/07 1000 complaints over X Factor voting

Digital Spy 12/18/07 Rhydian's dad: 'X Factor' final was fixed

Digital Spy 12/18/07 Rhydian avoids 'X Factor' wrap party

Manchester Online 12/18/07 X Factor Emma's final date

Celebrity Spider 12/17/07 Simon Cowell Slams Sharon Osbourne's "Wrong" Behavior

Manchester Online 12/17/07 Leon stunned by record deal

Digital Spy 12/17/07 ITV: No problems with final 'X Factor' vote

Daily Mail 12/17/07 Ofcom launches probe into X Factor voting after fans claim Rhydian was 'robbed'

Sky News 12/17/07 The X Factor: Best Bits

Digital Spy 12/17/07 Cowell battles Webber for Rhydian deal

Digital Spy 12/17/07 Billie Piper wants to join 'X Factor'

Sky News 12/17/07 Bookmakers Celebrate X-Factor Shock

Daily Record 12/17/07 Leon Jackson: Now I Can Look After My Mum

Digital Spy 12/17/07 Rhyd's family not commenting on vote rumours

Digital Spy 12/17/07 Dannii snubs present from Louis Walsh

Celebrity Spider 12/16/07 Simon Cowell Furious With Sharon Osbourne

Telegraph 12/16/07 X Factor fans complain over phone-in votes

Daily Mail 12/16/07 X Factor's King Leon vows: I'll buy my mum a new palace

Daily Mail 12/16/07 Rhydian 'was robbed', claim fans who couldn't get through engaged voting lines

The Mirror 12/16/07 The Leon King

Sunday People 12/16/07 This time next year we'll all be millionaires

Times Online 12/16/07 X Factor surprise

BBC 12/16/07 Leon Jackson takes X Factor crown

Manchester Online 12/16/07 X Factor: Upset as Leon wins

Daily Mail 12/16/07 X Factor winner Leon is hot favourite to land Christmas No 1 slot

Sky New 12/15/07 Leon Has The X Factor

BBC 12/15/07 X Factor contestants await result

Daily Mail 12/15/07 The Bitch Factor: Forget the X Factor contestants, it's the judges who are at war

icWales 12/15/07 D-Day for X-Factor star Rhydian

Digital Spy 12/15/07 Walsh claims sob stories ruin 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 12/15/07 Walsh admits being wrong about Dannii

Daily Record 12/15/07 X Factor Leon Has Marti's Secret Weapon

Digital Spy 12/15/07 Cowell furious over Sharon's behaviour

Celebrity Spider 12/14/07 Celine Dion Dumfounded by The X Factor Presenter

Daily Mail 12/14/07 X Appeal: The year Leon went from working at the Gap to performing with Kylie

Telegraph 12/14/07 Shane MacGowan could steal X Factor spot

Daily Mail 12/14/07 Rhydian poised for X Factor victory, but Simon Cowell's the real winner with £7.5m payday

Daily Record 12/14/07 X Factor Leon's Mum Has The Champagne On Ice

Daily Mail 12/14/07 Can nice guys Same Difference really win The X Factor?

Daily Mail 12/14/07 Louis and Sharon hit the town ahead of X Factor final... but no sign of Simon or Dannii

Digital Spy 12/14/07 'X Factor' duet songs revealed

Celebrity Spider 12/13/07 Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan Reunited on British TV Show The X Factor

Celebrity Spider 12/13/07 Sharon Osbourne to Leave The X Factor?

Celebrity Spider 12/13/07 Sharon Osbourne: "Danni Minogue's Only on TV For Her Looks"

Digital Spy 12/13/07 'X Factor' final song list revealed

Daily Record 12/13/07 Leon Has Proved Me Wrong Says Sharon Osbourne

This is London 12/12/07 Sharon Osbourne's savage attack on Dannii Minogue: 'She's only on X Factor because of her looks'

The Times 12/12/07 X Factor fashion: how bad can it get?

Manchester Online 12/12/07 Shayne factors in home gig

Daily Record 12/11/07 X Factor Leon Home To A Heroe's Welcome

Digital Spy 12/11/07 Cowell imposes Same Difference sex ban

Digital Spy 12/11/07 'X Factor's Niki: Louis has two sides

Digital Spy 12/11/07 Rhydian to star in 'Little Britain'?

Celebrity Spider 12/10/07 Leona Lewis Holds On To Number One on U.K. Charts

Celebrity Spider 12/10/07 Simon Cowell Denies Love Split Rumors

Hello! 12/10/07 Leona Lewis shares her life story with Hello! as it marks 1000th issue

Glasgow Daily Record 12/10/07 X Factor Leon Celebrates With A McDonald's

Digital Spy 12/10/07 Rhydian to duet with Katherine Jenkins?

Digital Spy 12/10/07 Dannii wants to date Brad Pitt

Digital Spy 12/10/07 Sarah and Rhydian become "inseparable"

Barnoldswick News 12/10/07 X Factor's Niki backs Leon for win

Daily Mail 12/9/07 Rhydian set to be crowned X Factor king after closest rival Niki gets the boot

BBC 12/9/07 Niki fails to make X Factor final

Entertainmentwise 12/9/07 X Factor's Rhydian 'Grows Close' To Sarah

Digital Spy 12/9/07 Niki Evans voted off 'X Factor'

The Observer 12/9/07 Simply Simon

Digital Spy 12/9/07 Rhydian heartbroken over lost love

Digital Spy 12/9/07 'X Factor's Niki has suicide pact with hubby

Celebrity Spider 12/8/07 Dannii Minogue: "Simon Cowell and I Have a Special Relationship"

Glasgow Daily Record 12/8/07 MacDonald Brothers Are Split Up

Digital Spy 12/8/07 Niki "glad" to see Louis mocking Dannii

Metro 12/8/07 Niki falls at final X Factor hurdle

Daily Mail 12/8/07 Dannii reveals the secret behind That photo with Simon Cowell

Entertainmentwise 12/8/07 X Factor's Rhydian Doubts Dannii's Belief

Daily Star 12/8/07 Leon Rattles Rhydian 

Digital Spy 12/8/07 'X Factor' star wants cosmetic surgery

Showbiz Spy 12/8/07 ‘X Factor’ rejects Hope: “Simon Cowell’s a tw*t”

Daily Record 12/8/07 X Factor Leon's Granny To Conquer Flying Fear

Digital Spy 12/8/07 Dannii upset about 'X Factor' tension

Digital Spy 12/8/07 Leon's gran to beat flying fear for final

The Mirror 12/7/07 X Factor Niki’s revenge

Daily Record 12/7/07 Michael Buble Backs X Factor Leon To Be A Star

Digital Spy 12/7/07 'X Factor's Rhydian gets competitive with Leon

Ananova 12/6/07 Rhydian: I'm a virgin

Digital Spy 12/6/07 Leon performs with Bublé at Wembley

Daily Mail 12/6/07 X Factor's Rhydian reveals his ginger roots

Daily Mail 12/6/07 Pecs Factor: Rhydian works up a sweat as he sets his sights on the final

Digital Spy 12/6/07 Rhydian: 'I'm straight and a virgin'

Digital Spy 12/6/07 'X Factor' semi-final songlist revealed

Celebrity Spider 12/5/07 Terri Seymour: "Simon Cowell Hates Romance"

Times Online 12/5/07 X Factor's Leon Jackson duets with Michael Buble at Wembley

Edinburgh Evening News 12/5/07 X Factor hopeful duets with his idol

Glasgow Daily Record 12/5/07 X Factor Rhydian Falls For Mentor Dannii

Hello! 12/5/07 Shayne woos Hong Kong as he battles Leona in UK charts

Celebrity Spider 12/4/07 Katie Melua's Charity Call to The X Factor

Metro 12/4/07 Niki plans surgery?

Celebrity Spider 12/3/07 Leona Lewis Still Has The X Factor Atop the UK Chart

Celebrity Spider 12/3/07 Dannii Minogue Storms Off The X Factor After Louis Walsh Row

Digital Spy 12/3/07 'X Factor's Hope deny fighting

Glasgow Daily Record 12/3/07 X Factor Leon's Mum In Plea To Scotland

Daily Mail 12/2/07 X Factor favourite Rhydian closes in on Christmas number one

Daily Mail 12/2/07 X Factor rejects Hope: 'We're not going to give up'

Digital Spy 12/2/07 Hope voted off 'The X Factor'

Manchester Online 12/2/07 X Factor: Hope stay together

Digital Spy 12/2/07 Dannii determined to beat "catty" Louis

Daily Mail 12/2/07 When X Factor's Rhydian met Nicole Kidman

Digital Spy 12/2/07 Rhydian struggles with 'X Factor' pressure

Digital Spy 12/2/07 Hope clashed with Niki over housekeeping

Digital Spy 12/1/07 Dermot insists 'X Factor' rivalries are real

Digital Spy 12/1/07 Friedman discusses 'X Factor' choreography

Digital Spy 12/1/07 Louis Walsh regrets forming Hope

Daily Mail 11/30/07 X Factor loses out on £10 million as viewers abandon voting in wake of phone-in scandal

Daily Record 11/30/07 X Factor Votes Row Cost £10million

Digital Spy 11/30/07 'X Factor' group hit by conflict

This is London 11/30/07 X Factor's Rhydian reveals his ginger roots

Digital Spy 11/29/07 'X Factor' top five songlist revealed

Sky News 11/28/07 Our chat with Rhydian

Digital Spy 11/28/07 Ward launches album in Vegas-style casino

Sky News 11/28/07 Fearne's X Factor upset

Glasgow Daily Record 11/28/07 Dermot Quits Big Brother For X Factor

Ananova 11/28/07 Shayne looks towards Hollywood

Shields Gazette 11/28/07 X Factor star lights up the town

Virgin Media 11/27/07 X Factor winner to get Mariah cover

Manchester Online 11/27/07 Shayne and Richard shine in city

Digital Spy 11/26/07 'X Factor': Beverley Trotman

Sky News 11/26/07 Whose new X romance?

Glasgow Daily Record 11/26/07 Cowell Backs Scots Singer Leon

Digital Spy 11/26/07 Louis Walsh's real name revealed

Digital Spy 11/26/07 'X Factor's Beverley mobbed at KFC

Digital Spy 11/26/07 X Factor's Sarah seeks girlfriend for Sean

Daily Mail 11/25/07 X Factor Rhydian Roberts reduces Dannii Minogue to tears (again)

Manchester Online 11/25/07 X Factor: Beverley will keep dream alive

Digital Spy 11/25/07 'X Factor' faces favouritism claims over Hope

Daily Mail 11/25/07 X Factor's Hope survive public vote to sing again

Digital Spy 11/25/07 Rhydian "clams up" around women

Digital Spy 11/25/07 Beverley Trotman voted off 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 11/25/07 Futureproof star: "Hope can't sing"

Daily Record 11/24/07 X Factor's Hope In Meltdown

Digital Spy 11/24/07 'X Factor's Rhydian worries about gimmicks

Digital Spy 11/23/07 Shayne rates 'X Factor's final six

Digital Spy 11/23/07 Hope fight during 'X Factor' rehearsals

Manchester Online 11/23/07 X Factor: Futureproof slam Hope

Digital Spy 11/23/07 'X Factor' group spurns Cowell's advice

Digital Spy 11/22/07 'X Factor' top six songlist revealed

Digital Spy 11/21/07 Ward tired of Leona comparisons

Celebrity Spider 11/20/07 Simon Cowell: "I Will Never Have Children"

Belfast Telegraph 11/20/07 Ulster child star to shine beside Shayne

Sky News 11/20/07 Westlife for X Factor

Celebrity Spider 11/19/07 Kylie Minogue: "I Would Have Failed on The X Factor"

Celebrity Spider 11/19/07 Simon Cowell: "I Don't Have Plastic Surgery - Just Botox"

Celebrity Spider 11/19/07 Simon Cowell Denies Gay Rumors

This is North Scotland 11/19/07 Dannii's fallen in love with contestants

This is North Scotland 11/19/07 Shayne's Streak

The Voice 11/18/07 'I haven't seen my X Factor wife for five weeks'

Digital Spy 11/8/07 'X Factor' singer dates axed star Daniel

Daily Mail 11/18/07 Why is Simon Cowell holding hands with X Factor Dannii?

Sunday Mirror 11/18/07 X Factor's Raquelle: Gimme Daniel

Daily Mail 11/18/07 Hello sailor! Welsh oddball wows X Factor judges Again with camp Eighties hit

Digital Spy 11/18/07 Rhydian threatened to quit 'X Factor'?

Daily Mail 11/18/07 Leona sets the record for fastest-selling debut album

This is North Scotland 11/17/07 Alisha's X Factor luck runs out

Daily Record 11/17/07 Girls Aloud Cheryl Adores X Factor Leon

Manchester Online 11/17/07 X Factor: Girls Allowed

Celebrity Spider 11/16/07 Leona Lewis "Devastated" After Friend is Murdered

Digital Spy 11/16/07 Ward: Only one 'X Factor' hopeful can sing

Sky News 11/16/07 Leona Mourns Pal

Digital Spy 11/16/07 Leona passes condolences for Etem Celebi

Glasgow Daily Record 11/15/07 Shayne Ward's Panic Back On X Factor

Digital Spy 11/15/07 Sean Kingston, Leona Lewis to duet?

Ananova 11/15/07 Kingston loves Leona

Digital Spy 11/15/07 'X Factor' top seven songlist revealed

Digital Spy 11/15/07 'X Factor' row with 'Strictly' over Kylie

Celebrity Spider 11/14/07 Kylie Minogue Hails Sister Dannii as the Only Talented X Factor Judge

Celebrity Spider 11/14/07 Leona Lewis Tormented by "Racist School Bullies"

Dot Music 11/13/07 Leona on course to set album record

Available for Panto 11/13/07 The X Factor: Rhydian's a good bet

Celebrity Spider 11/12/07 Leona Lewis Scores Historic Chart Double

Dot Music 11/12/07 X Factor reject Andy speaks out

Digital Spy 11/12/07 'X Factor's Andy refuses to blame Dannii

Herald Sun 11/12/07 Dannii Minogue kicks on

Digital Spy 11/11/07 Andy Williams voted off 'X Factor'

Daily Mail 11/11/07 X-Factor weirdo Rhydian Roberts tipped to win as Andy gets the boot

Digital Spy 11/11/07 'X Factor' singer dumps lover for Leon

Manchester Online 11/11/07 Dannii's hopefuls 'can win'

Digital Spy 11/11/07 'X Factor' girl band threatened by feuds

Digital Spy 11/11/07 'X Factor' chiefs hire counsellor for singers

Digital Spy 11/10/07 Minogue and Walsh in song choice row

Digital Spy 11/10/07 'X Factor' star hated showbiz demands

Digital Spy 11/10/07 Alisha terrified of dance routine

Digital Spy 11/10/07 Niki 'devastated' by Simon's comments

Digital Spy 11/10/07 Rhydian hopes to 'move' audience with song

Digital Spy 11/10/07 Leona Lewis: 'I don't like alcohol'

Hello! 11/9/07 Shayne puts the X Factor into Xmas as he lights up Manchester

Digital Spy 11/9/07 'X Factor' hopeful strains vocal cords

Daily Record 11/9/07 X Factor Leon Fears For His Voice

Manchester Online 11/9/07 X Factor: Hope we don't suffer again

Digital Spy 11/9/07 Andy delighted by torso accolade

Ananova 11/9/07 Leona winning Spice sales fight

Daily Mail 11/8/07 Leona Lewis's fairytale continues as she transforms into Disney princess

Sky News 11/8/07 Leona Lights Up London

Digital Spy 11/8/07 'X Factor' top eight songlist revealed

Daily Mail 11/8/07 X Factor reject smiles again after £10,000 dental makeover

Hello! 11/8/07 Leona and Westlife bring Christmas cheer to London's Oxford Street

Daily Mail 11/8/07 X Factor winner Leona Lewis gets a diva makeover

Digital Spy 11/8/07 Byrne: 'Cowell is bigger than Brad Pitt'

Daily Mail 11/8/07 Leona proves she still has the X-Factor with newcomer award

Celebrity Spider 11/7/07 Leona Lewis Denies Engagement Rumors

Celebrity Spider 11/7/07 Leona Lewis Eyes Bond Movie

Daily Record 11/7/07 Journey South: This X Factor Series Is Rubbish

Digital Spy 11/7/07 Leona Lewis wins Newcomer of the Year

Foxes On Idol 11/7/07 X Factor: Simon’s Autumn of Horrors

Lancashire Evening Post 11/6/07 X-Factor winner to meet heroes

Sky News 11/6/07 X Factor: Boys vs Girls

Digital Spy 11/6/07 Leona: I can see Cowell attraction

Digital Spy 11/6/07 Ray Quinn dropped by record label

Digital Spy 11/6/07 Kate Moss is 'X Factor' obsessive?

Celebrity Spider 11/5/07 Emily Nakanda Quits The X Factor After Bullying Video

Digital Spy 11/5/07 Futureproof: Hope "detest" each other

Daily Record 11/5/07 X Factor Leon's Mum Says Sharon Is Big Fan

Daily Mail 11/5/07 X Factor trampled by the dancefloor divas of Strictly Come Dancing

Manchester Online 11/5/07 X Factor: Futureproof get boot

Ananova 11/5/07 X Factor ruining charts?

Daily Mail 11/5/07 Girls Aloud label X Factor judges' rowing a 'pantomime'

Dot Music 11/4/07 X Factor rejects blame song choice

Sunday Mirror 11/4/07 Rhydian's a Joseph Reject 

Daily Mail 11/4/07 X Factor favourites Futureproof crash and burn

Digital Spy 11/4/07 Louis Walsh defends Sharon Osbourne

BBC 11/4/07 Futureproof voted out of X Factor

Digital Spy 11/4/07 Rhydian still unhappy with 'X Factor' team

Dot Music 11/4/07 Leona Lewis inspires Beckham and Parker

Digital Spy 11/3/07 Cowell made final decision on Emily's future

Digital Spy 11/3/07 Hope ditch skimpy 'X Factor' outfits

Digital Spy 11/3/07 ITV examines more 'X Factor' irregularities

Daily Record 11/3/07 X Factor Vote Goes Ahead Despite Emily Quitting

Digital Spy 11/3/07 Leon's old school to raise funds for his mum

Daily Record 11/3/07 X Factor Leon's School Helps Out His Mum

Digital Spy 11/3/07 Michelle McManus criticises 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 11/3/07 Leona Lewis stays top in Ireland

Celebrity Spider 11/2/07 Simon Cowell Urges Public to Avoid "Secret" Leona Lewis Album

Digital Spy 11/2/07 'X Factor' top nine songlist revealed

Digital Spy 11/2/07 Boyz II Men: We're not scared of Cowell

Sky News 11/2/07 Emily Leaves X Factor

Daily Record 11/2/07 Cowell Slams Sharon's X Factor Hopes

Daily Mail 11/2/07 X Factor's Emily quits over second teenage happy slapping video

Times Online 11/2/07 X Factor finalist Emily Nakanda forced to quit over 'happy slap' attack

Digital Spy 11/2/07 Trevor McDonald has 'X Factor' plans

Daily Mail 11/2/07 X Factor winner Leona Lewis gets a diva makeover

Digital Spy 11/2/07 'X Factor' finalist filmed attacking girl

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Kelly Clarkson Warns Leona Lewis to "Fight" Simon Cowell

Digital Spy 11/1/07 Norton slams 'X Factor' contestants

Ananova 11/1/07 Leona ups the downloads

Daily Mail 11/1/07 Don't look, Sharon! Dannii gets special treatment from boss Simon Cowell

Ananova 11/1/07 Kylie to sing on X Factor

Celebrity Spider 10/31/07 Simon Cowell's Anger at Leona Lewis' "Secret" Album

Celebrity Spider 10/30/07 Leona Lewis: "Simon Cowell is Too Old for Me"

Sky News 10/30/07 Dannii: Truth on Judges

Digital Spy 10/30/07 Axed Daniel accuses 'X Factor' of conspiracy

Digital Spy 10/30/07 'X Factor's Daniel slams 'ignorant' Osbourne

Daily Mail 10/30/07 'All X Factor judges have had surgery,' reveals Louis Walsh

Belfast Telegraph 10/30/07 X marks the starting spot for Leona

Metro 10/30/07 X Factor star in knife gang shock

Daily Record 10/30/07 X Factor Rhydian Shrugs Off Death Threats

Celebrity Spider 10/29/07 Simon Cowell Slams Take That for Chart Battle With Leona Lewis

Celebrity Spider 10/29/07 Simon Cowell: "I'm a Father to Five Million"

Celebrity Spider 10/29/07 Simon Cowell Defends His Nasty Image

The Sun 10/29/07 Daniel slams judge Sharon

This is North Scotland 10/29/07 Niki new X Factor favourite

Dot Music 10/29/07 Leona to switch on Christmas lights

Celebrity Spider 10/28/07 Leona Lewis to Meet Pop Idol Celine Dion

Celebrity Spider 10/28/07 Simon Cowell Defends Lap-Dancing Obsession

Digital Spy 10/28/07 Leon's mum unhappy with Simon Cowell

Digital Spy 10/28/07 Leona Lewis responds to Jamelia's jibe

The Mirror 10/28/07 X Factor Raquelle's fraudster dad

Digital Spy 10/28/07 Leon's mum unhappy with Simon Cowell

Daily Mail 10/28/07 'Don't Break My Heart' Daniel axed from X Factor

Digital Spy 10/28/07 Daniel De Bourg voted off 'X Factor'

The Mirror 10/28/07 Sharon, it's time to cut the crap

Celebrity Spider 10/27/07 Sharon Osbourne Apologizes for X Factor Exit

Celebrity Spider 10/27/07 Simon Cowell Was a Nightmare Child

Daily Record 10/27/07 X Factor Guru Backs Scots Talent

Digital Spy 10/27/07 Cowell hopes to stop 'X Factor' bickering

Daily Record 10/27/07 We're All Terrified Says Wannabe

Daily Mail 10/27/07 Stop the strops: Simon calls a truce, but will Sharon be back on X Factor tonight?

Digital Spy 10/27/07 'X Factor' vocal coach praises Dannii

Digital Spy 10/27/07 Pressure is on for 'X Factor' finalists

Digital Spy 10/27/07 Leona Lewis tops Irish singles chart

Sky News 10/26/07 X Factor Fisticuffs

Manchester Online 10/26/07 Raquelle's got the sex factor

Digital Spy 10/26/07 Osbourne is returning to 'The X Factor'

Sky News 10/26/07 Leona Vs Take That

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 X Factor Winner to Smash Fastest Selling Single Record

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 Sharon Osbourne Brands X Factor Show "A Bloody Circus"

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 Leona Lewis Fears Ruining Rivals' Careers

Digital Spy 10/24/07 Osbourne: 'Walking out was a mistake'

Daily Mail  10/24/07 'I'll be back,' vows X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne

Glasgow Daily Record 10/24/07 X Factor Adam Cheered On By Scots Family

Glasgow Daily Record 10/24/07 Sharon: X Factor Walkout Was A Huge Mistake

BBC 10/23/07 Talking Shop: Leona Lewis

Glasgow Daily Record 10/23/07 Westlife Star Backs MacDonald Brothers

Daily Record 10/23/07 Leona Has Been Groomed For Fame

Ananova 10/23/07 Osbourne's X Factor betrayal

Digital Spy 10/23/07 Moyles: 'X Factor' is a pantomime

Sunderland Echo 10/23/07 X Factor Charlie takes a break

Celebrity Spider 10/22/07 Sharon Osbourne Walks Off X Factor Show

Foxes On Idol 10/22/07 The X-Factor: Strange, Strange Decisions

Ananova 10/22/07 GA to appear on X Factor

Digital Spy 10/22/07 Osbourne, Minogue row backstage?

Digital Spy 10/22/07 Leona nervous about Take That battle

Daily Mail  10/21/07 X Factor superstar: Leona Lewis on fame, fear of failure, the pressures of being Simon Cowell's biggest hope

Daily Mail 10/21/07 Disgraced X factor finalist reveals suicide attempt

The Sun 10/21/07 Kimberly has eXit factor

Digital Spy 10/21/07 Leona Lewis defends album delay

icWales 10/20/07 Andy and Rhydian on song for X Factor finals

Digital Spy 10/20/07 Cowell discusses 'X Factor' feud rumours

Daily Record 10/20/07 X Factor Scots Get Internet Fan Clubs

Daily Mail 10/20/07 X Factor superstar: Leona Lewis on the pressures of being Simon Cowell's biggest hope

Digital Spy 10/20/07 Simon Cowell wants apology from Louis

Digital Spy 10/20/07 Leona refuses to release autobiography

Celebrity Spider 10/19/07 Simon Cowell Blasts Take That for Leona Lewis Battle

Digital Spy 10/19/07 'X Factor's Futureproof vow to stay together

Digital Spy 10/19/07 'X Factor's Hope: 'We're like the Spice Girls'

Glasgow Daily Record 10/19/07 X-Factor Emily Was A TV Star At Eight Months

Manchester Online 10/19/07 Raquelle's X Factor

Glasgow Daily Record 10/18/07 X Factor Scot Catches Emily's Eye

Digital Spy 10/18/07 'X Factor's Hope hurt by Futureproof slams

Digital Spy 10/18/07 'X Factor's Beverley driven by death fear

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Simon Cowell: "Leona Lewis is One of the Most Important Artists in the World"

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 X Factor Winner Leona Lewis Struggles With Vegetarianism

Digital Spy 10/17/07 Walsh 'X Factor' quit rumour denied

Ananova 10/17/07 Leona returns to X Factor

The Sun 10/16/07 Meet The X Factor finalists

This is Nottingham 10/16/07 Louis to quit X Factor?

Glasgow Daily Record 10/15/07 X Factor Family Move To Escape Neighbours

Digital Spy 10/14/07 'X Factor' star Daniel branded a liar

Daily Mail 10/14/07 X Factor star Daniel De Bourg branded a liar by mother of his son

Digital Spy 10/14/07 Cowell unhappy with 'Strictly' scheduling

Times Online 10/14/07 The transformation of Leona Lewis

Digital Spy 10/14/07 Same Difference star "peeved" by sis

Digital Spy 10/14/07 Leon hoping for romance with Hope member

Digital Spy 10/14/07 Rhyd's parents slam 'X Factor' editing

Daily Mail 10/13/07 What Simon Cowell did on his week off: Spend £1 Million on Two cars

Digital Spy 10/13/07 Male 'X Factor' stars looking for love

Daily Record 10/13/07 Scots Singer's Showdown As The X Factor Finals Begin

Digital Spy 10/13/07 'X Factor' teenager struggles with nerves

Digital Spy 10/13/07 Dannii wants boys to impress on her birthday

Digital Spy 10/13/07 'X Factor' hopefuls settle into house

Digital Spy 10/13/07 Shayne Ward still on top in Ireland

Celebrity Spider 10/12/07 Louis Walsh: "X Factor Houses Are Fake"

Glasgow Daily Record 10/11/07 X Factor Scot Leon Vows To Be A Success For His Mother

Glasgow Daily Record 10/10/07 X Factor Chico To Duet With Pop Legend

Digital Spy 10/10/07 'X Factor' Rhydian angry with producers?

Dot Music 10/10/07 X Factor finalists given Hope

Sky News 10/9/07 X-Factor Stinks

Daily Mail 10/9/07 Eau de X Factor: Show bosses bottle the scent of success in new moneyspinner

Glasgow Daily Record 10/9/07 X Factor Scot Leon Is Second Favourite To Win

Celebrity Spider 10/8/07 Michael Jackson to Appear as Mentor on "The X Factor"

Digital Spy 10/8/07 Profiled: The 'X Factor' final 12

Sky News 10/8/07 X Factor Stars Move In

Daily Record 10/8/07 X Factor Leon: Please Back Me Scotland

Manchester Online 10/8/07 Hope through to X Factor final

Daily Mail 10/8/07 X Factor edges ahead of Strictly Come Dancing in the battle of the box

Digital Spy 10/8/07 Profiled: The 'X Factor' final 12

Daily Mail 10/8/07 'Reject' groups Futureproof and Hope emerge as early favourites to win X Factor

Digital Spy 10/8/07 Osbourne calls end to plastic surgery

TMZ 10/7/07 Wacko Jacko Back on TV?

Sunday Mirror 10/7/07 Walsh Is A Creep

Digital Spy 10/7/07 Icaro hits out at 'X Factor' judge Louis

Digital Spy 10/7/07 Sinitta backs Sharon over Dannii Minogue

Digital Spy 10/6/07 Cowell believes he can win 'X Factor' again

Daily Record 10/6/07 Scots X Factor Girl Tells How They Wooed Simon

Digital Spy 10/6/07 Michael Jackson signs up for 'X Factor'?

Digital Spy 10/6/07 Sharon Osbourne vows to win 'The X Factor'

Digital Spy 10/6/07 Niki wants approval from Louis Walsh

Digital Spy 10/6/07 'X Factor' chiefs deny latest Sharon rumours

Times Online 10/5/07 X Factor up against Strictly Come Dancing

Digital Spy 10/5/07 Walsh jokes about Cowell's success

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Dannii Minogue Brands Simon Cowell a "Sex Fiend"

Digital Spy 10/3/07 'X Factor' Shaun judges talent show

Telegraph 10/3/07 Pete Waterman: I don't watch 'The X Factor'

Celebrity Spider 10/2/07 Sharon Osbourne Impressed by Dannii Minogue

Metro 10/2/07 Jennifer: X Factor makes me weep

Glasgow Daily Record 10/2/07 Dannii: Simon Cowell Asked Me To Go Lap-dancing

This is London 10/1/07 X Factor bootcamp 'full of drugs and sex'

Daily Mail 10/1/07 Sharon Osbourne: How I was nearly fired from the X-Factor

Daily Star 10/1/07 X Factor Finalists Revealed 

Manchester Online 9/30/07 Shayne misses No 1

Daily Mail 9/30/07 X Factor bootcamp 'full of drugs and sex'

Digital Spy 9/30/07 Cowell wants Hope to win 'X Factor'?

Sunday Mirror 9/30/07 Leona's L.A.X Factor

Digital Spy 9/30/07 Leona Lewis buying LA home

ic 9/30/07 Why I quit The X Factor

Manchester Online 9/30/07 Shayne misses No 1

Digital Spy 9/30/07 'X Factor' chiefs axe Hope member

Digital Spy 9/29/07 Simon Cowell loves rejecting contestants

Digital Spy 9/29/07 Shayne steps up security due to crazed fan

Digital Spy 9/29/07 Shayne Ward debuts on top in Ireland

Daily Record 9/29/07 X Factor Friction

Digital Spy 9/29/07 Sinitta hits out at Dannii Minogue

The Mirror 9/29/07 X Factor X-clusive

Digital Spy 9/29/07 Nikki Evans disappoints 'X Factor' judges

Sunderland Echo 9/28/07 Charlie hoping to hit next level

Lancashire Evening Telegraph 9/28/07 X-Factor family are 'neighbours from hell'

Daily Mail 9/28/07 Fans lose out as X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing reveal plans to go head-to-head

Manchester Online 9/28/07 Help Shayne to number one

Daily Mail 9/28/07 The Fix Factor: Just how real is Simon Cowell's hit show?

Manchester Online 9/27/07 Watch Shayne Ward's new videos

Celebrity Spider 9/26/07 Simon Cowell Saves Contestants Life

Celebrity Spider 9/26/07 Jamelia Denies Slamming X Factor Winner Leona Lewis

Digital Spy 9/25/07 First Listen: Leona Lewis' new album

The Telegraph 9/25/07 The X-Factor has acquired the ex-factor

Virgin Media 9/25/07 Leona launches new single

Ananova 9/24/07 Jamelia slams Leona

Daily Mail 9/23/07 X Factor's boot camp hell

The Sunday Mirror 9/23/07 Inside Cowell's Camp X-Ray

Digital Spy 9/23/07 More complaints about 'X Factor' boot camp

Digital Spy 9/23/07 Osbourne recruits Pussycat Doll?

Digital Spy 9/23/07 Manufactured 'X Factor' girl band at war

Manchester Online 9/22/07 Cowell slams pushy mum

Digital Spy 9/22/07 Cowell offers second chance to youngster

Digital Spy 9/22/07 'X Factor' hopeful wants to get back at ex

The Sun 9/21/07 X Factor contestant risks £50k

Manchester Online 9/20/07 X Factor date announced

Digital Spy 9/19/07 Minogue admits to flirting with Cowell

Ananova 9/18/07 Leona sends downloaders crazy

Digital Spy 9/17/07 Westlife hope for 'X Factor' boost

Daily Mail 9/17/07 The making of a diva: X Factor winner Leona's glamorous new look

Digital Spy 9/16/07 Listen to the new Leona Lewis single

Times Online 9/16/07 X Factor judges U-turn over pregnant woman

Ananova 9/16/07 Shanye's dwarf pool throw

Digital Spy 9/16/07 'X Factor' stars expose staged scenes

Digital Spy 9/16/07 'X Factor' star Louis threatened again

Digital Spy 9/15/07 Ex boyband star auditions for 'X Factor'

Daily Record 9/15/07 X Factor: Louis Will Sleep With the Fishes

Digital Spy 9/15/07 Louis Walsh receives "death threat"

Digital Spy 9/15/07 Love blossoms at 'X Factor' auditions

Manchester Online 9/14/07 X Factor: Cowell sparks fury

Digital Spy 9/14/07 Cowell turns away pregnant contestant

Digital Spy 9/12/07 Ben Mills refuses 'X Factor' return

Sky News 9/11/07 Sharon clears things up

Digital Spy 9/11/07 Ward admits to 'X Factor' judge crush

Celebrity Spider 9/10/07 Simon Cowell Urges Dannii Minogue to Be More Mean on The X Factor

Manchester Online 9/10/07 Louis leads the applause

Digital Spy 9/9/07 Cowell creates 'fake' 'X Factor' groups?

Sunday People 9/9/07 Fix Factor 

Digital Spy 9/8/07 Osbourne claims mum gets on with Minogue

Daily Record 9/8/07 Cowell: Funeral Singer Twins Left Me Cold 

Digital Spy 9/8/07 Cotton reveals X Factor judges' demands 

Daily Record 9/8/07 Brothers Are A Hit With Elt

Digital Spy 9/7/07 Ex-lapdancer impresses Cowell with moves

Times Online 9/7/07 Do funeral singers have the X Factor?

Digital Spy 9/7/07 'X Factor' hopeful calls judge brainless

Celebrity Spider 9/6/07 Sharon Osbourne to Quit The X Factor?

Daily Mail 9/6/07 X Factor judge Dannii asks her big sister Kylie for advice

Digital Spy 9/5/07 Shayne wants X-rated video to be broadcast

Digital Spy 9/5/07 Sharon denies plans to quit 'X Factor'

Celebrity Spider 9/4/07 Cheryl Cole Blasts X Factor for Young Teen Contestants

Metro 9/4/07 Shayne Ward was our best man

Celebrity Spider 9/3/07 The X Factor Bosses Deny Sharon Osbourne Sacking Reports

Celebrity Spider 9/3/07 Simon Cowell "Sacked" Sharon Osbourne From The X Factor After Gay Jibes

Daily Record 9/3/07 Slag Us All You Want Simon 

Digital Spy 9/3/07 'X Factor' chiefs defend Sharon Osbourne

Daily Mail 9/3/07 Sharon Osbourne hits back at brother's 'devastating' X-posé

Digital Spy 9/2/07 'X Factor' auditionee blasts 'fake' show

Digital Spy 9/2/07 Sharon told Ben Mills to quit 'X Factor'?

Digital Spy 9/1/07 'X Factor' hopeful wants to prove mum wrong

Daily Record 9/1/07 Cowell Can't Resist McDonald Brothers Jibe 

The Mirror 9/1/07 Dannii's X Factor

Digital Spy 9/1/07 'X Factor' judges argue over school teacher

Digital Spy 9/1/07 Cowell apologises to Scots for MacDonald Bros

Peterborough Evening Telegraph 8/31/07 Fair appearance for X-Factor girls

Celebrity Spider 8/28/07 The X Factor's Dannii Minogue and Sharon Osbourne in Contest Over Bling

Ananova 8/28/07 Webber slates X Factor ratings

Bath Chronicle 8/28/07 Mr. Nasty Cowell was 'as nice as pie'

Daily Star 8/28/07 Why X Factor's Nat for Me

Celebrity Spider 8/27/07 Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion & Elton John Invited to Mentor on The X Factor

Celebrity Spider 8/27/07 Simon Cowell Denies X Factor Rift

Digital Spy 8/27/07 'X Factor' auditionee goes missing

Celebrity Spider 8/26/07 Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue "Feuding on" The X Factor

BBC 8/26/07 'Deluded' X Factor woman's tirade

Digital Spy 8/26/07 'X Factor' boot camp "like a prison"

The Mirror 8/26/07 Sharon's war on 'D-lister' Dannii

Press Association 8/26/07 Young viewers help X Factor to 10m

Daily Mail 8/26/07 X Factor beats out all the other TV channels - combined

Digital Spy 8/25/07 Shayne Ward video is too raunchy for TV

Daily Record 8/25/07 Foul Mouthed Rant of X Factor Contestant 

Daily Mail 8/25/07 Revealed: The truth behind Sharon Osbourne's sensational memoirs

Digital Spy 8/24/07 Cowell slams Walsh for Spice Girls remark

Digital Spy 8/24/07 Leona parties with Kanye West, Rihanna

Foxes On Idol 8/22/07 The X Factor, Season 4: So You Think You’ve Been Fired?

Daily Star 8/22/07 Danni's Lesbian Sex Snaps Shock

Manchester Online 8/21/07 Shayne: I'm so X-cited

Telegraph 8/21/07 X Factor: the nation's guilty pleasure

Daily Record 8/21/07 Let's Not Get Too X-Cited 

Digital Spy 8/21/07 Minogue lesbian lap dance pictures leak

The Sun 8/21/07 Tabby single X-clusive

Digital Spy 8/21/07 Shayne Ward backs Louis Walsh's return

The Sun 8/21/07 X Factor battle of the bling

Celebrity Spider 8/20/07 Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue Flirt on The X Factor

Daily Mail 8/20/07 Louis Walsh claims credit for X Factor's record-breaking 11m viewers

Digital Spy 8/20/07 Louis Walsh used voodoo on Cowell

Times Online 8/20/07 X Factor launch draws 11 million

Daily Record 8/20/07 Louis All X-Cited By His Return 

Ananova 8/20/07 Louis: X success down to me

Daily Mail 8/19/07 As X Factor returns, the no holds barred thoughts of judge Louis Walsh

Mirror 8/19/07 X Factor: The Awful Tooth

Digital Spy 8/19/07 Huge audience for 'X Factor' return

icWales 8/19/07 Dermot’s got the X Factor

Daily Mail 8/19/07 Kylie? I'd go for Dannii any day, says Simon Cowell

Mirror 8/19/07 No more Leonly nights

Mirror 8/19/07 Unsexy, too old and he's a midget

Digital Spy 8/19/07 Dannii Minogue feared 'X Factor' axe

Digital Spy 8/19/07 Cowell speaks about axing 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 8/18/07 Walsh unhappy with 'X Factor' category

Digital Spy 8/18/07 'X Factor' hopeful shocked by criticism

Digital Spy 8/18/07 Minogue told to "tone down" behaviour

Digital Spy 8/18/07 First 'X Factor' hopeful has panel in stitches

Manchester Online 8/18/07 X Factor in eccentric start

Belfast Telegraph 8/18/07 X-tremely awful

Celebrity Spider 8/17/07 Dannii and Kylie Minogue Team Up for The X Factor

Dot Music 8/17/07 Shayne's new album has se-X Factor

BBC 8/17/07 All change as The X Factor returns

Digital Spy 8/17/07 Cowell would choose Dannii over Kylie

Digital Spy 8/17/07 Dermot has Kate's 'X Factor' blessing

Manchester Online 8/17/07 Louis gives us X Factor

Celebrity Spider 8/16/07 Simon Cowell Admits "Staging" Louis Walsh Return to The X Factor

Digital Spy 8/16/07 Cowell: 'X Factor' judges are out of sync'

Daily Record 8/16/07 X Factor Returns: You Won't Believe Some of These Singers...

Digital Spy 8/16/07 Exclusive: Video: Friedman enjoys 'X Factor' role, says Cowell

Media Guardian 8/16/07 ITV pledges X Factor will be the real thing

Digital Spy 8/16/07 'X Factor' defends use of "fake" scenes

BBC 8/15/07 ITV admits staging X Factor shots

Daily Mail 8/15/07 Cowell admits to faking X-Factor bust-up with Louis Walsh

Digital Spy 8/15/07 Cotton wants 'X Factor' stars to date

The Sun 8/14/07 Louis wants to wipe Si's smile

The Sun 8/14/07 Sharon's word of warning

Digital Spy 8/14/07 Minogue denies 'X Factor' feuds

Digital Spy 8/14/07 Tabby warns 'X Factor' stars to stay grounded 8/13/07 Judging Dannii's X factor

Digital Spy 8/12/07 Dannii admits making 'X Factor' hopeful cry

News Shopper 8/12/07 X Factor hell for singing pensioner

Digital Spy 8/12/07 Sinitta wouldn't want daughter on 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 8/10/07 Dannii Minogue: 'I'm right for 'X Factor''

This is Nottingham 8/10/07 Pete slams X Factor?

Digital Spy 8/10/07 Minogue: 'Louis' axe wasn't a PR stunt'

Ananova 8/10/07 Waterman: X Factor talent run dry

Media Guardian 8/9/07 Interview with Danii Minogue

Digital Spy 8/9/07 Minogue clashes with 'X Factor' co-stars

Digital Spy 8/9/07 O'Leary appeared on 'American Idol'

Celebrity Spider 8/7/07 Louis Walsh: "Simon Cowell Wouldn't Spot a Talent Like Elvis Presley"

Female First 8/7/07 Exclusive Shayne Ward Interview

The Sun 8/7/07 Leona has LA X Factor now

Dot Music 8/7/07 X factor winner Shayne's sexy sound

BBC 8/6/07 Singer Ward strives to hold dream

Sky News 8/1/07 George's Dinner Date

Digital Spy 7/31/07 Shayne Ward's girlfriend 'furious' over phone bill

Digital Spy 7/31/07 Soldier tipped as new 'X Factor' winner

Digital Spy 7/28/07 Shayne Ward honoured by Variety Club

Ananova 7/24/07 X factor Louis ready for new fall

Digital Spy 7/21/07 Fearne Cotton loves 'X Factor' role

Digital Spy 7/21/07 Shayne sent back to studio by Cowell

Digital Spy 7/19/07 Walsh: 'The X Factor' could axe me again'

Digital Spy 7/19/07 Cowell likes Seymour to shout at him

Daily Mail 7/18/07 Walsh: 'Friedman had no 'X Factor' chemistry'

Digital Spy 7/17/07 Leona Lewis befriends Kanye West

Manchester Online 7/17/07 Shayne returns to his roots

Ananova 7/17/07 Sharon slates X Factor contestant

Digital Spy 7/17/07 Walsh speaks out about 'X Factor' sacking

Digital Spy 7/15/07 Shayne Ward misses his girlfriend

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Sharon Osbourne Threatens to Quit The X Factor

Ananova 7/13/07 X Factor's Simon: Best acts yet

Digital Spy 7/12/07 Cowell: This year's 'X Factor' better than ever

Digital Spy 7/10/07 Shephard: 'I'm not bitter about 'X Factor'

Entertainmentwise 7/9/07 X Factor’s Shayne Ward Launches Film Career

Lynn News 7/9/07 Mahala wows X-Factor judges

ITV 7/5/07 X Factor star to judge Baby Ballroom

Sky News 7/5/07 Shazza Vs Dannii

Celebrity Spider 7/2/07 Louis Walsh Frantically Takes Back Interview

Ananova 7/2/07 Ray Quinn turns reality judge

The Sun 7/2/07 Judgment Ray for dance show

Digital Spy 6/30/07 Louis Walsh praises Dannii Minogue

ic Wales 6/30/07 Scout Lucy’s got that X Factor

Digital Spy 6/30/07 Shephard discusses 'Xtra Factor' exit

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 Louis Walsh's "Valuable Lesson" in X Factor Sacking

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 Louis Walsh Confirms The X Factor Return

Digital Spy 6/29/07 Walsh: 'X Factor' axe was not a PR stunt

Manchester Online 6/28/07 X Factor comes to town

Daily Mail 6/28/07 Simon Cowell can't do without me!

This is Local London 6/27/07 X factor pensioner through to final 12

Celebrity Spider 6/22/07 Louis Walsh to Rejoin The X Factor?

BBC 6/22/07 Louis Walsh in X Factor comeback

Digital Spy 6/22/07 Friedman explains 'X Factor' role change

Media Guardian 6/22/07 Axed judge Louis Walsh returns to The X Factor

Sky News 6/22/07 Lou's X Factor Return

Guardian 6/22/07 X Factor: the return of Louis Walsh

Daily Mail 6/21/07 Cowell backs down and calls for the Louis Factor again

Daily Record 6/20/07 Deal Has X Factor 

Courier Mail 6/20/07 Dannii's global appeal

icWales 6/19/07 TV wannabes flood to stadium for X-Factor

Dorset Daily Echo 6/19/07 No lift for their pop career

Welsh Rugby Union 6/19/07 Shanks and 'The Voice' join X-Factor auditions

Mobile Today 6/19/07 Carphone signs up to sponsor X Factor

This is Lancashire 6/18/07 X-Factor’s loss was theatre’s gain

Sky News 6/15/07 Simon's Plea Bargain

Ananova 6/15/07 Louis offered X Factor return

icWales 6/13/07 X Factor man admits affray

Sky News 6/12/07 Danni Gets X Rated

Celebrity Spider 6/11/07 Danni Minogue Challenges Simon Cowell for "Meanest Judge" Role

Digital Spy 6/10/07 Fearne's ex auditions for 'X Factor'

UK Parents Lounge 6/10/07 True Life: My X-Factor experience

Sunday People 6/10/07 X Is Just So Good, Says Excited Bri 

Digital Spy 6/7/07 Leona to duet with Whitney? 6/7/07 X Factor Star Robert Allen to meet fans in Gibraltar

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 Dannii Has The X Factor

Ananova 6/6/07 Kylie to coach on X Factor 6/6/07 Kylie to train X Factor finalists

Tottenham, Wood Green and Edmonton Journal 6/6/07 Bingo caller aims to make X-Factor dreams a reality

Islington Gazette 6/6/07 X-Factor hopefuls to descend on Arsenal

Ananova 6/5/07 Jarvis slams X Factor 6/5/07 X Factor's Steve Brookstein Lands Ferry Gig

BBC 6/4/07 Dannii to become X Factor judge

Digital Spy 6/4/07 'Pop Idol' finalist auditions for 'The X Factor'

Digital Spy 6/4/07 Minogue, Friedman join 'The X Factor'


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