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Digital Spy 4/30/06 "Next James Blunt" is 'X Factor' hopeful

Manchester Online 4/29/06 WaX Factor for Shayne

Dot Music 4/26/06 Shayne: UK tour

Ananova 4/26/06 Shayne announces tour dates

Dot Music 4/23/06 X Factor winner top of album chart

Digital Spy 4/23/06 Brookstein "not a fan" of Shayne Ward

BBC 4/23/06 X Factor star tops album charts

Digital Spy 4/22/06 'X Factor' quadruples Fuller's fortunes

Digital Spy 4/22/06 Shayne Ward joins Madame Tussauds

Daily Mail 4/21/06 X Factor boosts Fuller's fortune

Daily Record 4/21/06 X Factor Helps Simon Amass A Fuller Figure 

Daily Mail 4/20/06 X Factor winner on song for album success

Dot Music 4/19/06 Shayne set for album chart success

Channel 4 4/18/06 Is Shayne the best a man can get?

Daily Record 4/18/06 Shayne's World

Daily Mail 4/18/06 Shayne brings the X Factor to Manchester

Dot Music 4/17/06 Thousands enjoy free Shayne concert

BBC 4/17/06 X-factor star sings in home city

Digital Spy 4/16/06 Shayne Ward will stick by his father

Digital Spy 4/16/06 Number 2 for Shayne Ward's new single

Daily Record 4/14/06 Michelle McManus Loses Chicago Part to X-Factor Rival

MegaStar 4/13/06 Pop flops' wonga woe

Sky News 4/13/06 Shayne's Hard Luck Story

Digital Spy 4/13/06 Shayne Ward: "I'm practically broke"

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 Simon Cowell: "I Miss Sharon Osbourne"

This is London 4/10/06 X Factor winner to star in Woolies ad

This is London 4/5/06 X Factor star joins Chicago

The Sun 4/4/06 Chicago gets X Factor

BBC 3/26/06 X Factor losers top album chart

Digital Spy 3/26/06 Chico speaks about loss of brother

Digital Spy 3/26/06 Shayne Ward to buy £1m penthouse suite

Celebrity Spider 3/25/06 Simon Cowell: "You're All as Nasty as Me"

Digital Spy 3/25/06 Jordan and Peter wanted for celeb 'X Factor'

Entertainmentwise 3/23/06 Celebrity X Factor And Big Brother To Battle It Out

Digital Spy 3/23/06 Huge pan-Arabic 'X Factor' planned

Digital Spy 3/22/06 Shayne slams Steve for slating show

Digital Spy 3/21/06 'X Factor' stars go for album chart glory

The Sun 3/21/06 Shayne's gift for mum

This is London 3/21/06 X-Factor finalists battle it out

Daily Mail 3/21/06 X Factor finalists in chart battle

Entertainmentwise 3/21/06 Shayne Ward And Simon Cowell Party At The Playboy Mansion

Dot Music 3/20/06 X-Factor finalists in albums battle

Digital Spy 3/19/06 'No Tomorrow' knocks Chico off top spot

Sky News 3/14/06 Shayne's X-Rated Texts

Manchester Online 3/14/06 Shayne's phone has the XXX factor

The Sun 3/14/06 Shayne's porn text to Rob

Digital Spy 3/12/06 Louis Walsh demands 'X Factor' pay rise

BBC 3/12/06 X Factor's Chico holds top spot

Daily Record 3/7/06 The Real Deal For Maria 

BBC 3/6/06 X Factor's Chico takes top spot

Digital Spy 3/5/06 'X Factor's Chico to be a father

Ananova 3/1/06 Record deal for X Factor losers

Digital Spy 3/1/06 Cowell signs Journey South to record deal

BBC 2/28/06 X Factor's Chico heading to top

Digital Spy 2/25/06 Sol Campbell for 'Celebrity X Factor'?

BBC 2/24/06 Celebrity X-Factor show planned

Digital Spy 2/24/06 ITV announces 'Celebrity X Factor'

Sky News 2/22/06 Chico Says No To 3-In-A-Bed

Digital Spy 2/18/06 Osbourne wants £500K 'X Factor' pay rise

Digital Spy 2/18/06 'X Factor's Andy and Brenda to duet

Digital Spy 2/18/06 'X Factor's Chico wants to settle down

This is London 2/16/06 Chico to star in stripper film

Digital Spy 2/16/06 Chico set to star in stripper movie?

Daily Mail 2/15/06 X Factor finalist to star in his own film

This is London 2/14/06 ITV to pay Cowell £3m in two years

Digital Spy 2/13/06 Cowell signs with ITV through 2008

Sky News 2/13/06 Shayne's Hate Mail Anguish

MegaStar 2/13/06 Shayne calls in the heavies

Ananova 2/13/06 Bodyguard for Shayne

Daily Record 2/10/06 Andy's CD Deal 

This is London 2/9/06 Shayne to tour despite bad throat

Digital Spy 2/9/06 Shayne still to join 'X Factor' tour

This is London 2/8/06 Will Shayne quit X-Factor tour?

UTV 2/8/06 Shayne to join X Factor tour despite throat problem

Celebrity Spider 2/6/06 Simon Fuller Hits Out Over Pop Idol Axing and The X Factor

Ananova 2/6/06 Charlotte: X Factor's Shayne is cack

Digital Spy 2/5/06 Shayne faces surgery to save voice?

Digital Spy 2/4/06 Shayne to pull out of 'X Factor' tour?

BBC 1/31/06 X Factor's Chico gets record deal

Dot Music 1/31/06 X Factor's Chico bids for pop fame

This is London 1/31/06 Oh no! Chico gets a record deal

Celebrity Spider 1/19/06 Pop Idol Winner Will Young Slams The X Factor

Digital Spy 1/17/06 Shayne to record with Robbie Williams?

Ananova 1/17/06 Will slams X Factor

Digital Spy 1/17/06 Shayne to record with Robbie Williams?

Celebrity Spider 1/16/06 Simon Cowell: My Juvenile Taste Made Me

Digital Spy 1/16/06 Fourth week on top for Shayne

Ananova 1/16/06 Shayne 'not allowed' to work with Robbie

BBC 1/15/06 X Factor star stays top of charts

Digital Spy 1/15/06 'X Factor' winner Shayne feels insecure

BBC 1/8/06 Shayne tops chart for third week

Dot Music 1/8/06 Shayne top of charts for third week

Digital Spy 1/5/06 Shayne toasts New Year with DiCaprio

Celebrity Spider 1/3/06 Simon Cowell Slams Music Scene 1/3/06 Chico set for another reality TV show

Ananova 1/3/06 No X Factor role for Posh

Sky News 1/3/06 Louis' X-tra £100K

Ananova 1/3/06 Louis gets payrise

BBC 1/1/06 X Factor's Shayne holds No 1 spot

Digital Spy 1/1/06 Cowell rubbishes Posh's 'X Factor' chances

Digital Spy 12/31/05 Posh claims she's too nice for 'X Factor'

Celebrity Spider 12/30/05 No Resolutions for Simon Cowell

Evening Times 12/30/05 We're simply having a wonderful Chico time

Manchester Online 12/30/05 X Factor: Shayne pops home for Christmas

Digital Spy 12/30/05 Walsh demands double pay for 'X Factor'

Manchester Online 12/30/05 Now Shayne joins jet set

New Zealand Herald 12/29/05 Swift single for X Factor winner

Glasgow Evening Times 12/29/05 X-Factor star set for a Scottish wedding

Tameside Advertiser 12/29/05 Hattersley, home to X Factor!

Ananova 12/29/05 Louis wants more money

Celebrity Spider 12/27/05 The X Factor Winner Tops UK Christmas Singles Chart

Daily Record 12/27/05 Shayne's Blooming Big Secret 

Daily Mail 12/26/05 Shayne achieves his goal (and how!)

BBC 12/25/05 X Factor star in festive top spot

Celebrity Spider 12/24/05 Simon Cowell's Christmas in the Indian Ocean

Digital Spy 12/24/05 McFly unimpressed by 'X Factor'
Dot Music 12/23/05 "X-Factor" sells 300,000

Daily Record 12/22/05 He's The One

BBC 12/22/05 X Factor's Shayne sells 300,000

Celebrity Spider 12/21/05 Heather Mills McCartney Skeptical Over The X Factor

Digital Spy 12/21/05 Shayne launches bid for number 1

Scotsman 12/21/05 X Factor Shayne sets singles record

Digital Spy 12/21/05 Williams befriends 'X Factor' Shayne

Manchester Online 12/21/05 X Factor: Shayne wows Arndale crowd

Sky News 12/21/05 Shayne's New Celeb Pal

Daily Record 12/21/05 £80K On Shayne

Ananova 12/21/05 Robbie a Shayne fan

BBC 12/21/05 X Factor star's hometown launch

Dot Music 12/20/05 X Factor winner tipped for top spot

Manchester Online 12/20/05 Shayne starts work - at the Arndale!

This is London 12/20/05 Andy's secret heartache

BBC 12/20/05 X Factor victor 'is set for No 1'

The Mirror 12/19/05 X-Factor Exclusive: We'll Kill Shayne's Dad

This is London 12/19/05 Shayne's dad threatened

Daily Record 12/19/05 Shayne's World

Sky News 12/19/05 Shayne Has The X Factor

The Independent 12/19/05 The big winner of 'The X Factor' is not who you think it is

Ananova 12/19/05 Shayne says it's all down to mum

Sky News 12/19/05 Sharon's Latest Boob Job

BBC 12/19/05 X Factor's Cowell signs ITV deal

Daily Mail 12/18/05 Shayne dedicates X Factor win to mum

Irish Examiner 12/18/05 X Factor winner Shayne eyes Christmas number one

BBC 12/18/05 Talent shows attract 20m viewers

Sunday Mail 12/18/05 Night of Shayne

Independent 12/18/05 20m watch TV's talent showdowns

The Sun 12/18/05 Louis: I'll do third series

Sunday Mail 12/18/05 It's Better to Come in Second Says Winner Steve

The Sun 12/18/05 'He could be next Robbie'

Sunday Times 12/18/05 Walsh’s singer proves he has the true X factor

Digital Spy 12/18/05 Louis Walsh still not speaking to Ronan

The Sun 12/18/05 Simon: The right act won

Manchester Online 12/17/05 Cheers Shayne, you're a star

BBC 12/17/05 Shayne and Gough win talent shows

Digital Spy 12/17/05 Children's category for next 'X Factor'?

Manchester Online 12/17/05 Shayne has the X Factor

icTheWarf 12/17/05 Heart-throb Shayne has the X Factor

Dot Music 12/17/05 Shayne wins X Factor, Gough lifts dancing prize

Digital Spy 12/17/05 No 'X Factor' tickets left for Euan Blair

Daily Record 12/17/05 £5Million Bets Factor

The Independent 12/17/05 Strictly speaking, who's got the X Factor?

Daily Record 12/17/05 Shane Mum in Punch Up

Digital Spy 12/17/05 Osbourne defends 'X Factor' flirting

Celebrity Spider 12/16/05 Simon Cowell's Girl is Tired of Not Being Number One

BBC 12/16/05 X Factor star's mother arrested

Sky News 12/16/05 X Factor's Shaz Is Shushed

Daily Mail 12/16/05 X Factor Shayne's mother in pub 'brawl'

This is London 12/16/05 Who is king of the jibes?

Ananova 12/16/05 X-Factor warning to Sharon

This is London 12/14/05 Hopefuls line up for final showdown

Daily Mail 12/14/05 Final showdown: X Factor v Strictly Come Dancing

This is London 12/14/05 'X-Factor bet fraudsters net £60,000'

Celebrity Spider 12/13/05 Simon Cowell Teased by Kelly Osbourne

icNorthLondon 12/13/05 G4 prove they still have X factor

The Mirror 12/13/05 Strain is X Factor on Andy Says Wife

Manchester Evening News 12/13/05 X factor Shayne wows old school

Daily Mail 12/12/05 Oh boy! Who will win X Factor final?

This is London 12/12/05 No girls allowed in X Factor final

MegaStar 12/12/05 Final X Factor three

Irish Examiner 12/12/05 All boy X-Factor lineup after Brenda sent home

Sky News 12/12/05 X Factor Down to Three

ic Newcastle 12/11/05 Brothers into X-Factor final

Digital Spy 12/10/05 Chico backs Andy as 'X Factor' winner

Digital Spy 12/10/05 Brenda out in shock 'X Factor' verdict

Digital Spy 12/10/05 Brenda advised to give up smoking

Digital Spy 12/10/05 Louis willing to return for next 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 12/10/05 Shayne fears boot after voice scare

The Mirror 12/9/05 X Factor Exclusive: The Cash Cowell

Ananova 12/9/05 Posh gets the X Factor

Digital Spy 12/8/05 'X Factor' top 4 songlist revealed

Celebrity Spider 12/6/05 Simon Cowell Gets Five Year Music Rights

Celebrity Spider 12/6/05 Simon Cowell Splashes Out on Mum's Birthday

This is London 12/5/05 I'll be back, warns Chico

MegaStar 12/5/05 Chico time's up

Daily Record 12/5/05 Dumped Chico to Cash In

Sky News 12/5/05 Chico Time is Over

Ananova 12/5/05 Chico Time put on hold

Digital Spy 12/4/05 'X Factor' stars to go carol-singing

Manchester Online 12/3/05 X Factor: Chico Time comes to an end 12/3/05 It's Chico's Time Warp

Digital Spy 12/3/05 Shayne committed to girlfriend Faye

Digital Spy 12/3/05 Shayne, Andy argue over Christmas tree

Digital Spy 12/3/05 Journey South's Andy taken to hospital

Daily Record 12/3/05 Warp Factor

Digital Spy 12/3/05 'X Factor's Chico won't strip again

Celebrity Spider 12/2/05 Louis Walsh and Ronan Keating Kiss and Make Up

Digital Spy 12/1/05 'X Factor' top 5 songlist revealed

Sky News 11/30/05 Mystery X Factor Insult

Independent 11/30/05 Talent-show rivals end X Factor spat with deal to split the proceeds

Celebrity Spider 11/29/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Settle

BBC 11/29/05 X Factor copyright case settled

This is London 11/29/05 X Factor row is settled

Dot Music 11/29/05 X Factor copyright battle 'settled'

Celebrity Spider 11/28/05 Louis Walsh: "Sharon Osbourne Could Have Killed Me"

Digital Spy 11/28/05 Chico tipped for success with Christmas single

Manchester Online 11/28/05 X Factor: Conways blast Cowell

This is London 11/28/05 X Factor losers hit out at Cowell

Manchester Online 11/28/05 X Factor: Shayne is back on track

Digital Spy 11/27/05 Louis Walsh refuses to bury the hatchet

Daily Mail 11/27/05 Simon blew it for us, says sisters

Digital Spy 11/27/05 Conways admit: "It was our time to go"

Sunday Mirror 11/27/05 Louis is back for Shayne

The Scotsman 11/27/05 It's never simple when Simons fall out

Digital Spy 11/26/05 Third time unlucky for the Conway Sisters

Daily Record 11/26/05 X Factor: Out Of The Darkness

Digital Spy 11/26/05 'X Factor' stars dating in secret?

Digital Spy 11/26/05 Louis Walsh issues 'X Factor' ultimatum

Daily Record 11/26/05 X Factor: Look Who's Back 

Digital Spy 11/26/05 'X Factor' boys enjoy female attention

Daily Record 11/26/05 X Factor: Boss Reveals New Game Plan

Celebrity Spider 11/25/05 Simon Cowell Slammed by X Factor Judge

Celebrity Spider 11/25/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Seek Agreement

Media Guardian 11/25/05 Fuller and Cowell put court battle on hold

Manchester Online 11/24/05 X Factor: Will Louis return?

Digital Spy 11/24/05 Walsh "agrees 'X Factor' come-back deal"

Ananova 11/24/05 Louis returns to X Factor

Digital Spy 11/24/05 'X Factor' top 6 songlist revealed

The Independent 11/24/05 Simon vs Simon

NY Post 11/24/05 Simon vs. Simon

Daily Record 11/24/05 Louis's Text Factor

Manchester Online 11/24/05 X Factor: Will Louis return?

Sky News 11/24/05 Louis: Will He Stay Or Go?

BBC 11/24/05 Lawyers 'to settle X Factor case'

Daily Record 11/24/05 'Copycat' Show Sparks Court Fightparks Court Fight

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Headed to Court

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 X Factor Judge Quits

Metro 11/23/05 "American Idol" judge Cowell's court case delayed

Daily Mail 11/23/05 Furious Walsh walks out on X Factor

Sky News 11/23/05 Louis Quits X Factor

Daily Record 11/23/05 X Factor Sensation: Louis Quits After Simon Rant

MegaStar 11/23/05 Whining Walsh walks

Media Guardian 11/23/05 X Factor hit by Walsh 'walkout'

This is London 11/23/05 £100m X Factor battle

Daily Mail 11/23/05 Furious Walsh walks out on X Factor

The Independent 11/23/05 Crisis talks after Louis quits X Factor

BBC 11/23/05 X Factor faces £100m 'copy' claim

Media Guardian 11/23/05 X Factor court battle delayed

icSouthLondon 11/22/05 Chico's song wins votes on X Factor

In the News 11/22/05 Thornton backs X Factor judges

Digital Spy 11/22/05 Journey South are new 'X Factor' favourites

Daily Record 11/21/05 Judges' Feud Sealed My Fate

Manchester Online 11/21/05 X Factor: Nicholas blames the judges

Sky News 11/21/05 X Factor Down To Six

Manchester Online 11/21/05 X Factor: Sharon gives Louis a drenching

Digital Spy 11/20/05 Brenda's ex speaks about betrayal

Sunday Mirror 11/20/05 X-Factor Exclusive: Voting Secrets Exposed

Digital Spy 11/19/05 Nicholas gets boot from 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 11/19/05 Chico sings own song in first for 'X Factor'

Daily Record 11/19/05 Fear Factor 

Digital Spy 11/19/05 Sharon drenches Louis live on 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 11/19/05 Louis Walsh blasts "actress" Sharon

Celebrity Spider 11/17/05 Ozzy Osbourne Slams The X Factor

Digital Spy 11/17/05 'X Factor' top 7 songlist revealed

Manchester Online 11/17/05 X Factor: You're only as good as your last song

Digital Spy 11/16/05 'X Factor' winner aims for Xmas number one

Manchester Online 11/16/05 X Factor: Love duet must wait says Shayne

Sky News 11/16/05 Ozzy: X Factor Is Killing Music

Digital Spy 11/15/05 'X Factor' "not about talent" says Maria

Life Style Extra 11/15/05 X Factor Judge Walsh Booed At Big Switch On

ic 11/15/05 It's war on X Factor

Norwich Evening News 11/15/05 Chico didn't have the X Factor for me! 11/15/05 X Factor winner for Xmas top spot

The Mirror 11/15/05 X-Factor Exclusive: Sharon Will Never Forgive Louis

Digital Spy 11/15/05 Louis "admits 'X Factor' mistake"

Ananova 11/15/05 Robbie obsessed with X Factor

Celebrity Spider 11/14/05 Ricky Gervais in Tears Over X Factor

The Sun 11/14/05 X-Factor Maria's agony

Sky News 11/14/05 X Factor - Latest Eviction

MegaStar 11/14/05 Cowell 'sorry' shock

Sky News 11/14/05 Conways Saved By Pal

BBC 11/14/05 Westlife tipped to beat X Factor

Ananova 11/14/05 Simon wins showbiz award

Digital Spy 11/13/05 Cowell turns his back on Conway Sisters

Dot Music 11/13/05 Shock X Factor eviction splits trio

Celebrity Spider 11/12/05 Sharon Osbourne Blasts Mother Teresa

Digital Spy 11/12/05 'X Factor's Chico records single?

Daily Record 11/11/05 Mark's Mister X

Manchester Online 11/10/05 X Factor: The Conways blame Simon

Digital Spy 11/10/05 'X Factor' top 8 songlist revealed

Manchester Online 11/9/05 X Factor: It makes Ricky cry

Ananova 11/9/05 Ricky: X Factor makes me cry

Manchester Online 11/9/05 X Factor: Girls Aloud say no thanks

Manchester Online 11/9/05 X Factor: Ricardo pulls Loos woman

Digital Spy 11/8/05 Girls Aloud snub Cowell's 'X Factor' dare

Daily Record 11/8/05 Whose Side Are You On Anyway, Cowell

Sky News 11/7/05 X Factor Down To Eight

MegaStar 11/7/05 Louis picks loser

Daily Record 11/7/05 Strictly A Ballroom Blitz For X Factor

Manchester Online 11/7/05 X Factor Shayne's pledge to do better

Manchester Online 11/7/05 Did you see: The X Factor

Digital Spy 11/6/05 Ozzy furious over 'X Factor' flirting

Sunday Mirror 11/6/05 Lou-Sers

Daily Mail 11/6/05 I knew I'd lose out to a boy, says X-Factor reject

Sunday Mirror 11/6/05 My Carl Has Got That Sex Factor..

Digital Spy 11/6/05 Walsh boasts about 'X Factor' success

Digital Spy 11/5/05 'X Factor' finalists given reality check

Digital Spy 11/5/05 'X Factor' stars rely on lucky charms

Sky News 11/4/05 X Factor: Battle Of The Judges

Digital Spy 11/4/05 'X Factor' top 9 songlist revealed

Ananova 11/2/05 Girls Aloud slam X Factor

Manchester Online 11/1/05 X Factor: Pop Idol Pete's heartache

Ananova 11/1/05 Sharon told to stop flirting with Shayne

DeHavilland 11/1/05 Sharon too steamy for Saturday evening

Manchester Online 11/1/05 X factor heartache for Waterman

This is London 10/31/05 X Factor flop holds out hope

Sky News 10/31/05 X Factor Chops Another

Manchester Online 10/31/05 X Factor: Phillip won't give up

Ananova 10/31/05 X Factor's Shayne a movie star?

Digital Spy 10/30/05 'X Factor's Shayne has long-lost sister

Sunday Mirror 10/30/05 X Factor: Shayne's Secret Sis

Daily Mail 10/30/05 X-Factor's Chico survives as Magee gets the boot

Sunday Mirror 10/30/05 X Factor: One X Of A Rip-Off On Your Mobiles

Times Online 10/30/05 The Cowell and the pussycat

Celebrity Spider 10/29/05 Sharon Osbourne Almost Quit X Factor

Digital Spy 10/29/05 Louis Walsh plans to manage Shayne

Daily Record 10/29/05 Hex Factor

Ananova 10/28/05 Sharon: Pete needs a good slap

ITN 10/25/05 X-Factor rejects slam judges

Celebrity Spider 10/24/05 Simon Cowell Faces His Trouser Demons

The Mirror 10/24/05 X Factor flops slam judges' row for exit

Manchester Online 10/24/05 Judges' rivalry ruining X Factor - boy band

Media Guardian 10/24/05 X Factor losers blame rivalry between judges

Sky News 10/24/05 Simon's X Factor Strop

Manchester Evening News 10/24/05 Shayne shows his X-Factor

This is London 10/24/05 X-Factor losers blame judges

Daily Record 10/24/05 Out 4 Revenge

Celebrity Spider 10/23/05 Simon Cowell Not Ready to Retire

Celebrity Spider 10/23/05 Simon Cowell: "Kids? I'd Rather Have a Terrapin"
Celebrity Spider 10/23/05 Il Divo: "Simon Cowell Couldn't Criticize Us"

BBC 10/23/05 X Factor judges accused of feud

Digital Spy 10/23/05 Osbourne's nephew blasts 'X Factor'

Daily Mail 10/23/05 'X-Factor judges have vendettas'

Digital Spy 10/23/05 'X Factor's Andy wants to win for mother

Celebrity Spider 10/22/05 Money Mad Simon Cowell Can't Get Enough

Digital Spy 10/22/05 Chico prepares to quit 'X Factor'?

DeHavilland 10/22/05 Chico to leave X Factor?

Celebrity Spider 10/21/05 Roger Daltrey Slams the X Factor

Huntsville Times 10/21/05 'Idol's' kissin' cousin

Manchester Online 10/19/05 X Factor: Trevor's de-light

Sky News 10/17/05 Cruel X Factor Louis

Daily Record 10/17/05 X Factor Mum Has Dig At Judge Louis

Daily Mail 10/17/05 X-Factor is winning the ratings war

Manchester Online 10/17/05 Girl group voted off X factor

Digital Spy 10/17/05 Louis Walsh flees Addictiv Ladies

Daily Mail 10/16/05 X Factor flops blast 'cruel' Walsh

Digital Spy 10/16/05 'X Factor' finalists unhappy with bosses

BBC 10/16/05 X Factor ratings beat BBC rival

Digital Spy 10/15/05 'X Factor's Chico defended by family

Manchester Online 10/13/05 X Factor: Trevor gets a makeover

MegaStar 10/12/05 SeX Factor

Digital Spy 10/12/05 'X Factor' judges ban sex, booze

Digital Spy 10/11/05 Shayne, 4Tune favourites for 'X Factor'

Manchester Online 10/10/05 X Factor: Tears for Trevor, but he'll try again

MegaStar 10/10/05 Bye bye Si?

Manchester Online 10/10/05 X Factor: Shayne's in line for a birthday bonanza

Digital Spy 10/10/05 Cowell accused of shunning 'X Factor' acts

Manchester Online 10/10/05 X Factor: Joanne just misses out

Digital Spy 10/9/05 'X Factor' judges tip Shayne as winner?

Sunday Mirror 10/9/05 We Want X Factor Shayne

Manchester Online 10/6/05 X Factor: Now it's time to get serious

Daily Record 10/4/05 Cowell Girls Swiped Our Band's Name

Manchester Online 10/4/05 X Factor: Trevor through to the finals

Manchester Online 10/4/05 X Factor: Chico makes sparks fly

Ananova 10/3/05 X Factor singer's pool shocker

Digital Spy 10/2/05 Michelle blames pregnancy for failure

Digital Spy 10/1/05 Cowell tried to stitch up Louis Walsh?

Daily Record 10/1/05 Have They Scot The X Factor?

Digital Spy 9/29/05 Cowell angers locals at 'X Factor' boot camp

Manchester Online 9/27/05 X Factor: Give Trevor a try

Ananova 9/27/05 X Factor judge has ears syringed

Celebrity Spider 9/26/05 Sharon Osbourne Terrified of Cancer Returning

Manchester Online 9/26/05 X Factor: Sharon's still suffering

Celebrity Spider 9/25/05 Jack Osbourne: "Mum Sharon Has the X-Factor"

Digital Spy 9/25/05 'X Factor' reject fools Ronan's wife

Daily Record 9/23/05 We Were In Simon's Band.. But He Didn't Know Us On X Factor

Cambridge Evening News 9/21/05 Oh brother! Sister's got the X-Factor

Digital Spy 9/20/05 G4 advise 'X Factor' contenders

Celebrity Spider 9/18/05 The X Factor Wins Sharon Osbourne a Proposal

Digital Spy 9/18/05 Cowell causes nasty 'X Factor' row

Daily Record 9/17/05 X Factor Boys Give Kate A Lift

Celebrity Spider 9/14/05 Simon Cowell Scarred by Sharon Osbourne Attacks

Celebrity Spider 9/14/05 Simon Cowell Terrified TV Fame Would Reveal His Raunchy Past

Ananova 9/14/05 Charlotte 'embarrassed' by X Factor

Digital Spy 9/14/05 Charlotte: 'X Factor' is 'embarrassing'

Celebrity Spider 9/12/05 Simon Cowell Plans Talent Show Movie

Digital Spy 9/11/05 Cowell blamed for nervous breakdown

icWales 9/11/05 Cowell's claws out for Little Britain lookalike

Digital Spy 9/11/05 'X Factor' contestant Michelle pregnant?

Digital Spy 9/11/05 Osbourne infuriates 'X Factor's Moon

The Mirror 9/10/05 Sharon Pulls Short Straw in Shake Up

Digital Spy 9/10/05 Cowell defends nasty crown on 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 9/10/05 'X Factor' judges' categories revealed?

Celebrity Spider 9/9/05 Simon Cowell Bored With Music Industry

Shropshire Star 9/8/05 X Factor pair now local celebs

Norwich Evening News 9/7/05 Yarmouth singer gets onto the X Factor

Manchester Online 9/6/05 X Factor: Rejected Sarah gets a major make-over

Celebrity Spider 9/5/05 Roger Daltrey Attacks the X Factor

Daily Record 9/5/05 X Factor Audience Boost

Manchester Online 9/5/05 X Factor: Louis turns nasty

Daily Record 9/3/05 X-orcist Factor 

Daily Record 9/1/05 Rowetta: I'm Telling You I'm Not Going To Give In

Manchester Online 8/30/05 X Factor: Dorothy's day

Digital Spy 8/29/05 Cowell flirts with 'X Factor' hopeful
Sunday Mirror 8/28/05 Walsh's X Pest Torment

Rochdale Observer 8/27/05 Teen star Trevor wows TV's Mr X

Daily Record 8/27/05 Old Ones Are The Best On X Factor

Dot Music 8/25/05 Wannabes queue to impress 'judges'

Celebrity Spider 8/24/05 Jack Osbourne Fools Simon Cowell on X Factor

Celebrity Spider 8/23/05 Sharon Osbourne Forgives Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh

Manchester Online 8/23/05 X Factor: Trevor's on the road to fame

Digital Spy 8/22/05 Strong start for new 'X Factor'

Sunday Mirror 8/21/05 Lemar's Bro Has X Factor

BBC 8/21/05 New X Factor proves ratings hit

Manchester Online 8/20/05 X Factor: Local hopefuls bid for stardom

Celebrity Spider 8/19/05 Simon Cowell Judged For Having Bigger Breasts Than Sharon Osbourne

Digital Spy 8/19/05 New 'X Factor' "will be Cowell's last"

Manchester Online 8/18/05 X Factor: Never say you're sorry

Sky News 8/18/05 The X Factor Returns

Ananova 8/18/05 No more X Factor for Simon

Celebrity Spider 8/17/05 Simon Cowell Slammed by X Factor Winner

Digital Spy 8/17/05 Sharon: Kelly would fail 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 8/17/05 'X Factor' judge brands Anthony talentless

Celebrity Spider 8/16/05 Sharon Osbourne Amazed to Still Be Presenting With Simon Cowell

Manchester Online 8/16/05 X Factor returns for second series

Manchester Online 8/16/05 X Factor: Where is my bodyguard?

Media Guardian 8/15/05 X Factor judges vow to be nicer

Manchester Online 8/15/05 New X Factor will be about the contestants, not the judges.

Digital Spy 8/15/05 Cowell: G4 'won' first 'X Factor'

Manchester Online 8/15/05 X Factor: Bad news for Brookstein

BBC 8/15/05 Simon's nuts auditions

Manchester Online 8/15/05 X Factor: Cowell - it's a bit of freakshow

Ananova 8/12/05 75,0000 audition for X Factor

Digital Spy 8/9/05 Exclusive: 'X Factor' to return on August 20

Digital Spy 8/7/05 Drag queen auditions for 'X Factor'

Celebrity Spider 7/13/05 American Idol Judge Simon Cowell Pitches New Reality Show To ABC

Celebrity Spider 6/20/05 Simon Cowell Fronts Anti-Bullying Campaign
Celebrity Spider 6/20/05 Simon Cowell Slams British Teenager Fashion for Hoodies

Digital Spy 5/21/05 'X Factor' winner worries about his future

Digital Spy 5/20/05 'X Factor' finalist gets ITV2 show

BBC 5/16/05 Album success for X Factor winner

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 Simon Cowell Started Criticizing From an Early Age

BBC 4/25/05 Sharon and Simon buddies? Yeah right!

Digital Spy 3/30/05 Mariah wants to collaborate with G4

Digital Spy 3/19/05 'X Factor' winner struggling to write album

ic 3/17/05 What's happened to Steve?

Ananova 3/17/05 Name row over G4

BBC 3/4/05 G4 album tops revamped chart show

Ananova 2/25/05 Sharon and Louis agree to X Factor

Ananova 2/17/05 Simon prefers Paula over Sharon

Contact Music 2/9/05 Kelly Osbourne Slams Sharon's Rivals

Digital Spy 2/6/05 Cliff Richard obsessed with 'X Factor'

Media Guardian 2/1/05 X Factor escapes rap for bad language

Sky News 1/31/05 X Factor 2 Go Ahead

Contact Music 1/30/05 Osbourne Signs Deal To Return For X Factor 2

Digital Spy 1/29/05 Osbourne to return for 'X Factor 2'

Sky News 1/14/05 G4 Sign Million-Pound Deal

Digital Spy 1/9/05 Rowetta to go 'Under Pressure'

BBC 1/7/05 Osbourne and Cowell unite for charity single

This Is London 1/4/05 Steve knocks Band Aid off top spot

Launch 1/4/05 Steve beats Band Aid

Contact Music 1/3/05 X Factor Winner Reaches The Top

ITV 1/3/05 X Factor's Steve tops chart

Sky News 1/2/05 Steve Hits The Top

Digital Spy 1/2/05 Steve hits the number one spot

BBC 1/2/05 X Factor star ends Band Aid reign

Digital Spy 1/1/05 'X Factor' contestants surprise Cowell on holiday

Digital Spy 12/31/04 'X Factor' Steve gives proceeds to tsunami fund

Sky News 12/30/04 X Factor Steve: 'I Inhaled'

Digital Spy 12/26/04 Sharon Rock Personality of the Year

ITV 12/26/04 Sharon is queen of rock

The Sun 12/24/04 Sharon's 'sorry Si' after blast at X Factor Steve

Digital Spy 12/24/04 Osbourne apologises for 'X Factor' rant

Daily Record 12/22/04 I've Got The Oats Factor

Digital Spy 12/22/04 Anticipated chart success for Steve

Ananova 12/22/04 Single success for X Factor's Steve

Daily Record 12/21/04 X Factor In Family Fortunes

Sky News 12/21/04 Cowell-Osbourne Clash Feared

Ananova 12/21/04 Awards clash for Osbournes and Cowell

Contact Music 12/20/04 Confident Cowell Books Albert Hall

Contact Music 12/19/04 Cowell 'Threatens To Fire Osbourne'

Digital Spy 12/19/04 Sharon Osbourne facing 'X Factor' axe?

Daily Record 12/18/04 Second Best For X Factor Band G4

Daily Record 12/18/04 X Factor G-D Us Up For A Big Deal

Digital Spy 12/18/04 Cowell hires Royal Albert Hall

Digital Spy 12/18/04 G4 win hairstyle award

Sky News 12/17/04 G4 Are Cutting It

ITV 12/17/04 G4 win best celeb hairstyle award

Contact Music 12/16/04 Sharon Osbourne Needs A Rest

Ananova 12/16/04 Jack says Simon Cowell is a 'slimeball'

News & Star 12/15/04 Can X-Factor Winner Steve Hope To Be Anywhere As Average as Fat Michelle?

Contact Music 12/15/04 Osbourne Accused Of Over-Working Contestant

Daily Record 12/15/04 Steve Stole The Show

The Sun 12/15/04 Steve 'n Shazza are kept a-party

Ananova 12/15/04 Steve and Sharon kept apart

The Mirror 12/14/04 Steve's Sharp X-It

BBC 12/14/04 G4 set to be bootylicious?

The Sun 12/14/04 X marks the clot for Steve

Sky News 12/14/04 X Factor X-it for Steve

Daily Record 12/14/04 Steve's Thanks To Scots

MegaStar 12/14/04 X Factor doesn't appeal

Ananova 12/14/04 Steve booed off stage

Digital Spy 12/13/04 X Factor's G4 land record contract

Digital Spy 12/13/04 'X Factor' winner booed at concert

RealityShack 12/13/04 Tabby Goes Home - The X Factor, Semi Final

Anorak 12/13/04 The XXXX-Factor

Daily Record 12/13/04 X Factor: Winner's Talent Is One In A Million

Daily Record 12/13/04 X Factor: Sharon's Bitching Spoiled Steve's Moment Of Glory

Daily Record 12/13/04 X Factor: Beeb Dances Off With Ratings Prize

Daily Record 12/13/04 Sharon Was Spite Out Of Order

The Sun 12/13/04 Rowetta's floor show

The Sun 12/13/04 Steve: Cheers Sharon!

Sky News 12/13/04 X-Factor Steve Thanks Shaz

ITV 12/13/04 Steve on what Sharon said to him

Ananova 12/13/04 Steve thanks Sharon for X Factor victory

ITV 12/12/04 Steve Brookstein wins X Factor

Digital Spy 12/12/04 Steve wins 'The X Factor'

BBC 12/12/04 Dance show ratings top X Factor

Digital Spy 12/12/04 Walsh and Osbourne to stay on 'X Factor'?

BBC 12/11/04 Steve voted The X Factor winner

Daily Record 12/11/04 The Wed Factor

Sky News 12/11/04 Steve Has The X Factor

Digital Spy 12/11/04 Bookies: "Final too close to call"

Digital Spy 12/11/04 Sharon slams Steve

Digital Spy 12/11/04 Cowell and Forsyth comment on show clash

The Mirror 12/10/04 X Factor In £Million U.S. Deal

BBC 12/10/04 TV talent shows head for climax

Sky News 12/10/04 Steve's XXX Factor Jibe

MegaStar 12/10/04 Cowell wants Posh

The Sun 12/10/04 Becks Factor

Digital Spy 12/10/04 Steve "can't forgive" Louis for Fred West jibe

Digital Spy 12/10/04 GMTV poll predicts close 'X Factor' race

Digital Spy 12/10/04 Cowell wants Posh for 'X Factor'

Ananova 12/10/04 Simon wants posh for X Factor

Ananova 12/10/04 Bookies anxious over X Factor payout

Contact Music 12/10/04 Cowell Backs Beckham to be X-Factor Judge

Contact Music 12/9/04 Gallagher Raves About UK Reality Show Boyband

BBC 12/9/04 The X Factor bickering goes on and on....

Digital Spy 12/9/04 Music stars support G4

Digital Spy 12/9/04 G4 get 'X Factor' grey vote

The Sun 12/9/04 Liam mad fer G4

BBC 12/7/04 Simon hopes Louis is naive

Sky News 12/7/04 Walsh's Sick Jibe at X-Factor Steve

Digital Spy 12/7/04 Walsh compares 'X Factor' Steve to Fred West

Ananova 12/7/04 Steve: All I want is a Woolies No.1

icBirmingham 12/7/04 From a King to a Jack
This is London 12/6/04 Louis: X-Factor star 'like Fred West'

Ananova 12/6/04 Elton 'gutted' over Tabby exit

Contact Music 12/6/04 Elton Phones Talent Show Loser

BBC 12/6/04 Tabby's cat-astrophe, he's voted off

Digital Spy 12/5/04 Osbourne angry with 'X Factor' producers

ITV 12/5/04 Tabby now an ex-factor

Digital Spy 12/5/04 Osbourne and Cowell in feud over Tabby

BBC 12/4/04 TV talent shows approach finals

Ananova 12/3/04 Tabby remains bookies' favourite to win X Factor

Daily Record 12/2/04 Cowell: I've Got Sex Factor 

Contact Music 12/2/04 Cowell: 'Osbourne Is In Love With Me'

Ananova 12/2/04 Simon: Sharon fancies me

Digital Spy 11/30/04 Rowetta accuses judges of going through her bags

The Sun 11/30/04 Hell at hands of a monster

Ananova 11/30/04 Rowetta: Simon is biased

BBC 11/29/04 Louis apologises to Rowetta

Digital Spy 11/29/04 Rowetta smuggled whisky, Walsh thinks

Ananova 11/29/04 X Factor stars better than 60s singers, says jungle champ

Ananova 11/29/04 Simon says burglary joke was misconstrued

The Sun 11/29/04 Rowetta smuggled in whisky

Contact Music 11/28/04 X Factor Link To Osbourne Raid?

Contact Music 11/28/04 Cowell Protests Innocence

Digital Spy 11/27/04 Verity: I almost missed the X Factor!

Digital Spy 11/27/04 Walsh's 'X Factor' future depends on Sharon

Digital Spy 11/27/04 Exclusive: Verity dismisses 'X Factor' tour boycott

Media Guardian 11/26/04 Second series of X Factor commissioned

BBC 11/26/04 X Factor show gets second series

Sky News 11/26/04 Second Series Of X Factor

MegaStar 11/26/04 Cowell burglary quip

The Sun 11/26/04 New series for X-Factor

Ananova 11/26/04 Cowell angers Sharon Osbourne

Ananova 11/26/04 Tina has the hots for X Factor's Steve

Ananova 11/25/04 Tabby to dedicate song to Sharon

Ananova 11/25/04 X Factor reject 'threatens tour boycott'

Ananova 11/24/04 Steve and Rowetta in 'feud'

Ananova 11/23/04 Louis' frustration with Simon

Ananova 11/22/04 Cassie's future plans

Digital Spy 11/21/04 Cassie kicked from 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 11/20/04 Tabby finally comes up to scratch

Ananova 11/18/04 Sharon says she won't choose between her acts

Ananova 11/17/04 Louis backs Tabby to win

Ananova 11/16/04 Louis accuses X Factor contestant of cheating

Ananova 11/15/04 Sir Cliff's advice for X Factor wannabes

Digital Spy 11/14/04 Cowell: "Only one 'X Factor' act will be signed"

Contact Music 11/14/04 Sharon Osbourne Has X-Factor Doubts

Daily Record 11/13/04 X Factor Judge Demands £250K Pay Rise

Ananova 11/12/04 Louis to have speech therapy

Digital Spy 11/11/04 Bookies: "Louis will be out by December"

Ananova 11/11/04 Louis out of X Factor by December?

Ananova 11/11/04 Simon pays for Rowetta's shopping spree

Ananova 11/10/04 X Factor's Peter sucks his glass eyes

Digital Spy 11/8/04 The bitch is back and hates 'X Factor'

The Sun 11/8/04 You blue it, Tabby

Ananova 11/8/04 2 To Go's Emma engaged

Ananova 11/8/04 Elton hates The X Factor

Digital Spy 11/7/04 Stars grow closer on 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 11/7/04 Verity denied record contract

Digital Spy 11/6/04 G4 to sing Britney hit on 'X Factor'

The Sun 11/6/04 X-Factor Tabby: Sex at 12

Digital Spy 11/6/04 Verity looking for love

Ananova 11/5/04 2 to Go are bookies favourite to get the chop

Ananova 11/4/04 X Factor proposal on the cards

Ananova 11/2/04 Tabby remains favourite to win X Factor

Daily Record 11/1/04 The X Factor

Sky News 11/1/04 Sharon Sent Her Packing

RealityShack 11/1/04 The First Live Show - The X-Factor, 23rd October

Digital Spy 11/1/04 Verity - a victim of rivalry

Ananova 11/1/04 Verity: 'rivalry made my exit inevitable'

Digital Spy 10/31/04 Foul play on 'X Factor'?

Digital Spy 10/31/04 Cowell complains about Osbourne

Digital Spy 10/30/04 'The X Factor' gets second series

Digital Spy 10/30/04 Verity ousted from 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 10/30/04 Roberta determined to succeed

Digital Spy 10/30/04 'X Factor' finalists to tour

Contact Music 10/29/04 X Factor Finalists To Tour

Ananova 10/29/04 X Factor finalists to tour

BBC 10/29/04 X Factor hits the road

Contact Music 10/28/04 Cowell Slams Osbourne For Questioning His Sexuality

Ananova 10/28/04 Simon slams Sharon's gay comments as nonsense

Contact Music 10/27/04 Cowell's Ex Disappointed By X-Factor Appearance

Contact Music 10/27/04 Osbourne Brands Cowell 'An 'A***hole'

Ananova 10/27/04 Sharon says Simon's dying to come out

MegaStar 10/26/04 Totally Fact off

Contact Music 10/26/04 Cowell And Osbourne Told To Cool Feud

Ananova 10/26/04 Louis threatens to quit X Factor

Contact Music 10/26/04 Walsh Threatens to Quit X-Factor

Contact Music 10/25/04 Cowell And Walsh At War

MegaStar 10/25/04 Roberta's flack

The Sun 10/25/04 Xtra chance for Roberta

Digital Spy 10/25/04 Sharon refuses to vote out 'X Factor' contestants

Ananova 10/25/04 Louis and Sharon shut themselves away from Simon

BBC 10/24/04 X Factor edges Dancing in ratings

Digital Spy 10/23/04 Roberta booted from X Factor

RealityShack 10/23/04 At The Judges Homes - The X-Factor, 16th October

ic Croydon 10/22/04 X-Factor that's led pavement busker Steve to TV fame

Contact Music 10/22/04 Osbourne Accuses Cowell Of Rigging Show

Ananova 10/22/04 Sharon accuses Simon of rigging X Factor

The Sun 10/21/04 X-pect TV win for Steve

Ananova 10/21/04 X Factor presenter admits teenage anorexia battle

Digital Spy 10/20/04 G4's Jon bullied

Ananova 10/20/04 Rush of money on X Factor's Steve

Digital Spy 10/19/04 G4's 'X Factor' chances improve

BBC 10/19/04 Rowetta: 'Nobody can be as mad as me'

Ananova 10/19/04 Roberta bookies' favourite to win X Factor

The Sun 10/18/04 Rowetta's got the X Factor

RealityShack 10/18/04 Boot Camp - The X-Factor, October 9th

Ananova 10/17/04 Simon an outsider to win battle of managers

Sunday Herald 10/17/04 The Great X-Factor Swindle

The Sun 10/16/04 Cowell doesn't like sole singers

Ananova 10/16/04 X-Factor contestants told to wear bags on feet

Digital Spy 10/16/04 No Xmas number one for 'X Factor' winner

Ananova 10/14/04 Ronan favourite for Xmas No 1 as X Factor release put back

Digital Spy 10/16/04 'X Factor' contestants wear bags on feet

Contact Music 10/14/04 Cowell Invites Victoria Beckham To Audition

Ananova 10/14/04 Louis gets fake home for The X Factor

Ananova 10/14/04 Cowell suggests Posh auditions for The X Factor

Contact Music 10/13/04 Osbourne Drawn To Cowell's Crotch

Ananova 10/12/04 Cowell set to lose £50k?

Contact Music 10/10/04 Cowell's Cruel Jibes Upset Ex-Girlfriend

RealityShack 10/10/04 The End Of The Road - The X-Factor, October 2nd

Digital Spy 10/9/04 Final 15 'X Factor' acts chosen

The Sun 10/9/04 My five tips for the top

Digital Spy 10/9/04 Cowell's ex disgusted by his behaviour

Digital Spy 10/3/04 'X Factor' judges given category details

Ananova 10/3/04 Church cousin fails to impress on X-Factor

Digital Spy 10/2/04 Ozzy's sisters audition for 'X Factor'

Daily Record 9/28/04 It's A Drag..I Do Look Like Julie

Media Guardian 9/27/04 3's a crowd for Cowell

RealityShack 9/24/04 The One Where The Judge Showed Up Late - The X-Factor, September 18th

The Australian 9/24/04 Ten gets The X-Factor but denies $30m fee

Contact Music 9/23/04 Cowell Set To Make Millions From The X Factor

Contact Music 9/22/04 Gallagher's Secret Love For Cowell

RealityShack 9/17/04 Could Cowell’s X-Factor Be The End Of “Idol” ? - The X-Factor, September 11th

Contact Music 9/16/04 Walsh Was Cowell's Second Choice

Ananova 9/16/04 Ronan offered judge spot on The X Factor

Anorak 9/15/04 Simon Sues

Launch 9/15/04 Busted bash Cowell

Ananova 9/15/04 Busted slam The X Factor

Reality TV World 9/14/04 'Idol' creator sues Simon Cowell and Fremantle Media over new UK 'The X-Factor' reality show

This Is London 9/14/04 Busted slam 'ridiculous' X-Factor

E!Online 9/13/04 Simon versus Simon in Court

Zap2It 9/13/04 Not-So-Simple Simons: Fuller Sues Cowell

CNN 9/13/04 'Idol' creator sues Cowell

BBC 9/13/04 Simon v Simon: it's war

Digital Spy 9/12/04 Cowell accused of trying to cause rift

Digital Spy 9/11/04 'X Factor' judge asked to apologise

Media Guardian 9/11/04 Cowell in legal spat over X Factor 'rip-off' claim

The Mirror 9/11/04 Fuller Sues Over Pop Idol 'Rip-Off'

Daily Record 9/11/04 It's Simon V Simon

Ananova 9/11/04 Wannabes agree not to punch Cowell 9/11/04 Networks seek the X-Factor

The Mirror 9/10/04 Sharon's X Pensive

Digital Spy 9/10/04 Fuller sues Cowell over 'X Factor'

Contact Music 9/10/04 Fuller Sues Cowell Over X Factor

BBC 9/10/04 Pop Idol mogul sues Simon Cowell

Contact Music 9/10/04 Osbourne's X Factor Means Huge Salary

RealityShack 9/9/04 Double Trouble - The X-Factor, September 9th

Ireland Online 9/6/04 Cowell overwhelmed by 'weirdos'

Ananova 9/4/04 Band dropped from X-Factor

Digital Spy 9/4/04 'X Factor' judge accused of cheating

RealityShack 9/3/04 Can Simon Cowell Find The X-Factor In The UK?

Daily Record 9/3/04 The X-Factor 15

BBC 9/3/04 More talentless types on TV 9/2/04 The X-Factor Betting Odds For Solo Winner Gender

Contact Music 9/1/04 Cowell Overwhelmed By 'Weirdos'

BBC 9/1/04 Simon's got The X Factor

BBC 8/31/04 Cowell plans life after Pop Idol

The Mirror 8/30/04 Louis The Lip 8/29/04 Death Threats To Cowell

Digital Spy 8/29/04 'X Factor' reject nearly runs over Walsh

Ananova 8/29/04 TV wannabe threatens to stab Cowell

Glasgow Sunday Mail 8/28/04 Sharon: Simon's An A**E 8/24/04 Sharon Osbourne: Cowell's a pompous idiot

Ananova 8/22/04 Simon Cowell hires a bodyguard

Ananova 8/18/04 Sharon recruits nephew

Digital Spy 8/17/04 Osbourne recruits nephew for 'X Factor'

Digital Spy 7/27/04 One True Voice singer through to 'X Factor' finals

Ananova 7/27/04 One True Voice singer 'into new reality show finals'

Digital Spy 7/26/04 Cowell "disappointed" with 'X Factor' auditionees 7/21/04 Cowell stunned by woeful lack of talent

Middleton Guardian 7/1/04 Teacher fails The X Factor test

Evening Times 6/30/04 Pop hopeful Nikitta knocked down on way to audition

BBC 6/17/04 Cowell's latest talent TV on the way

Digital Spy 6/14/04 Thornton to front 'The X Factor'

Media Bulletin 6/11/04 Nokia to sponsor Cowell-produced talent show X Factor

Foxes On Idol 6/4/04 Simon Cowell’s Summer Plans… With Sharon Osbourne?

This Is Plymouth 6/3/04 Do They Have The X-Factor?

Launch 6/3/04 Osbourne judges X-Factor

MTV 6/2/04 Simon Cowell Meets His Match: Sharon Osbourne 5/4/04 Sharon Set To Get Nasty

Digital Spy 5/4/04 Sharon Osbourne wanted for 'X Factor'

MTV 5/4/04 Simon Cowell Will The Face Judges' Jabs On New Reality Show

Ananova 5/4/04 Sharon Osbourne set for The X Factor

Media Bulletin 4/27/04 Trouble for new ITV show as Cowell accused of stealing 4/27/04 Cowell's Posh Ambition

Digital Spy 4/27/04 Cowell 'facing legal action' over 'X Factor' 4/27/04 Simon Cowell accused of plagiarism!

The Mirror 4/24/04 Mr. Nasty Hunts For Old Talent

Sky News 4/23/04 Search On For New Cliff

BBC 4/23/04 Cowell reveals new talent search

Ananova 4/23/04 Older artists welcome on Simon's new show

Times of India 4/16/04 Scary Spice staging a comeback!

Teen Music 4/16/04 Scary Spice To Become Tv Music Judge 4/16/04 ITV Deal For Cowell

Media Guardian 4/16/04 Mr Nasty gets ITV golden handcuffs

Ananova 4/16/04 Cowell signs £1.25m ITV deal

BBC 4/16/04 Cowell signs exclusive ITV deal

MegaStar 4/15/04 Mel B on talent search

The Mirror 4/15/04 Scary Gets X Rated

Media Bulletin 4/15/04 ITV in talks with Simon Cowell to fill the Pop Idol slot

Ananova 4/15/04 Mel B to judge Cowell talent show?

Digital Spy 4/15/04 Cowell to judge new UK reality show


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