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News Articles about UK I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here


Anorak 11/24/04 Scaly Creatures

Digital Spy 11/24/04 Vic Reeves is new 'Celebrity' favourite

Media Guardian 11/24/04 Reeves joins I'm a Celebrity cast

Sky News 11/24/04 Reeves Enters The Jungle

Ananova 11/24/04 Vic is bookies favourite to win show 

Ananova 11/24/04 Janet braves snakes - for Brian!

BBC 11/24/04 Vic Reeves to enter the jungle?

Ananova 11/24/04 Celebs speculate about new guest for tree-house

Digital Spy 11/24/04 Vic Reeves joins the jungle celebrities

Ananova 11/24/04 Palace staff jam I'm A Celebrity hotline

Ananova 11/24/04 Emma to surprise Brian in jungle?

BBC 11/24/04 Street-Porter braves snake trial

Digital Spy 11/23/04 Janet Street Porter 'attacks cameraman'

Sky News 11/23/04 Ouch! Janet Gets Bitten

Media Bulletin 11/23/04 Celeb's ratings soar as does Street-Porter's popularity

ic 11/23/04 Joe might squeak it!

Contact Music 11/23/04 Howlett 'Proud' Of Appleton's Jungle Stint

Ananova 11/23/04 Kerry: Natalie is just like me

BBC 11/23/04 Injuries in the jungle

Ananova 11/23/04 Brian and Janet come to blows

Digital Spy 11/23/04 Janet's 'Celebrity' odds cut

Ananova 11/23/04 Pet emus for jungle celebs

Digital Spy 11/23/04 Brian Harvey does it for his gran

Ananova 11/23/04 Natalie given oxygen after completing challenge

Digital Spy 11/23/04 Natalie Appleton needs oxygen after trial

Digital Spy 11/22/04 'Celebrity' launch draws 10 million

Contact Music 11/22/04 Appleton Breaks Down In Jungle

The Mirror 11/22/04 Brave Nat Nabs 7 Stars In Jungle Trial

This Is London 11/22/04 Janet's grumble in the jungle

Sky News 11/22/04 Natalie Gets Oxygen

BBC 11/22/04 Appleton needs oxygen after task

BBC 11/22/04 I'm a Celebrity… get me a laxative!

Sky News 11/22/04 Natalie: I Want To Go Home

Sky News 11/22/04 Sophie Is Just So In Love

Ananova 11/22/04 Janet says Paul is brainwashed

BBC 11/22/04 I'm Natalie Appleton, get me out of here!

Ananova 11/22/04 Camp fire sing song for jungle celebs

BBC 11/22/04 Press views: I'm a Celebrity 4

Ananova 11/22/04 Tara wants Jeffrey in the jungle

BBC 11/22/04 Nine million tune into Celebrity

Ananova 11/22/04 Natalie wants to quit jungle

Ananova 11/22/04 Nine million tune in to I'm A Celebrity

Daily Record 11/22/04 I'm A Celebrity: I'm Going To Get Cancer

Digital Spy 11/21/04 Nancy to drop ditzy image in jungle?

BBC 11/21/04 Comic leads Celebrity jungle leap

Digital Spy 11/21/04 Cruel twist for 'I'm A Celeb' contestants

Digital Spy 11/21/04 Friends worry for Brian Harvey?

Digital Spy 11/20/04 Harvey to stay on 'I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 11/20/04 Royals clash over watching Burrell

Sky News 11/20/04 Harvey Stays In Jungle

Digital Spy 11/20/04 Brian urged to continue 'I'm A Celeb'

Media Guardian 11/20/04 I'm an executive, just give me good ratings

Media Guardian 11/20/04 I'm a local, just give me the money and keep celebs out of my way ...

BBC 11/20/04 Harvey to stay in jungle TV show

Ananova 11/19/04 Will Brian drop out of jungle show?

Media Bulletin 11/19/04 Pasquale emerges as favourite to take I'm a Celeb crown

icCheshireOnline 11/19/04 Burrell expects to suffer in jungle

Daily Record 11/19/04 I'm Rotten

Daily Record 11/19/04 Who Will Be the First to Go?

Ananova 11/19/04 Jungle celebs' hammocks to be bugged

Digital Spy 11/19/04 Bugs to join celebrities in hammocks

Ananova 11/19/04 Cassie favourite to get the boot

Ananova 11/1904 Janet takes on Lydon's challenge

Ananova 11/19/04 Nancy is favourite to strip off in jungle

Ananova 11/18/04 Joe now favourite to be king of the jungle

Digital Spy 11/18/04 JSP prefers cockroaches to companions

The Mirror 11/18/04 Boyfriend "Sophie's Tough"

Net Imperative 11/18/04 "I’m a Celebrity" website goes live

Evening Times 11/18/04 Babes battle to become queen of the jungle

icBirmingham 11/18/04 Jungle Joe's a favourite

This is London 11/18/04 The jungle catfight begins

Digital Spy 11/18/04 Harvey speaks about 'I'm A Celebrity'

Ananova 11/18/04 Sophie bans James from the jungle

BBC 11/18/04 Brian's in with Joe, but out with Daniella

Ananova 11/18/04 Daniella wants Brian buried in the jungle

Contact Music 11/18/04 Huggy Bear Avoids Reality

Sky News 11/17/04 Who's Who in I'm a Celeb

Media Bulletin 11/17/04 Ex addict Anderton favourite to quit I'm a Celebrity first

Guardian 11/17/04 New lineup for I'm a Celebrity ...

BBC 11/17/04 Appleton tipped for jungle TV win

Irish Examiner 11/17/04 Dubliner DJ included in ‘I’m a Celebrity ...’ line-up

Ananova 11/17/04 Sophie favourite to quit jungle

Sky News 11/17/04 It's A Jungle Out There For Celebs

Contact Music 11/17/04 Appleton and Ferguson Take to Jungle

BBC 11/17/04 I'm a Celebrity line up announced

Ananova 11/17/04 The Royals disagree about I'm A Celebrity

Launch 11/17/04 Revealed: I'm A Celeb Ten

Ananova 11/16/04 No chance for celebs to meet before jungle

Contact Music 11/16/04 Fargas Joins Gruesome Reality Show 11/15/04 I'm a celebrity, get me on TV

Digital Spy 11/14/04 Gazza "too famous" for 'I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 11/13/04 'I'm A Celeb' contestants kept apart

Digital Spy 11/13/04 Final 'I'm A Celeb' contestants revealed?

Scotsman 11/13/04 Celebrity Lineup for Jungle Challenge 'Finalised'

Ananova 11/12/04 Sophie's 'rats' fear in jungle

Contact Music 11/11/04 Church Too Grumpy For The Jungle

Ananova 11/11/04 Lisa to be 'wild card' in the jungle

Ananova 11/10/04 Kangaroo's testicles on the menu for celebs in jungle

Ananova 11/9/04 Gazza's £120K deal

Ananova 11/8/04 Sophie gets fit for the jungle

The Times 11/6/04 Mutu merits crack at jungle

Digital Spy 11/5/04 Confirmed: 'I'm A Celeb' back Nov 21

Ananova 11/5/04 Suggs off to the jungle?

Media Bulletin 11/4/04 D-listers line up for next series of ITV's I'm a Celebrity...

Sky News 11/4/04 It's a Jungle Out There

Digital Spy 11/4/04 'I'm A Celeb' specials for ITV2

Ananova 11/4/04 I'm A Celebrity specials planned

Ananova 11/4/04 'Wildcards' to go into the jungle

Sky News 11/3/04 It's a Jungle Out There

Digital Spy 11/2/04 Now Natalie Appleton joins 'Celeb' cast

Media Bulletin 11/2/04 Camelot ties up with ITV for I'm a Celebrity scratchcard

Digital Spy 11/2/04 Kylie's ex heading for the jungle

Ananova 11/2/04 Ex-All Saint Natalie joins I'm A Celebrity

Sydney Morning Herald 11/1/04 Kylie braces for Gooding expose

Ananova 11/1/04 Kylie's ex 'signs' for I'm a Celebrity

Ananova 10/28/04 Ant and Dec want Gazza in the jungle

Contact Music 10/20/04 Psychologists Let Harvey Join Reality Show

Ananova 10/20/04 Brian gets all-clear for jungle

Daily Record 10/18/04 Jim'll Brick It

Ananova 10/17/04 Paul Burrell heading for the jungle

Digital Spy 10/16/04 Paul Burrell joins 'I'm A Celeb' cast?

Leeds Today 10/15/04 Bushtucker Trial?

Digital Spy 10/10/04 Gazza demands £500K for 'I'm A Celeb'

Ananova 10/10/04 Gazza names his price

Media Bulletin 10/8/04 Change of heart for Gascoigne as he joins I'm a Celeb

Digital Spy 10/7/04 Gazza lined up for 'I'm A Celeb'

Ananova 10/7/04 Gazza off to the jungle?

Media Bulletin 10/4/04 I'm a Celeb inundated with Z-list celebs vying to appear

The Mercury 10/4/04 Pelted Peter driven Insania

Digital Spy 10/3/04 Minor stars want 'I'm A Celeb' places

Ananova 10/3/04 Minor celebs want place in I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 10/2/04 Fergie refuses 'I'm A Celeb' offer

The Sun 10/1/04 Sophie is £100,000 Celebrity 9/27/04 Kerry And Brian Split

Daily Record 9/27/04 Brian, Kerry In Love Crisis

Ananova 9/27/04 McFaddens in split

BBC 9/27/04 McFaddens' marriage 'in trouble'

Digital Spy 9/26/04 Dennis Wise turns down 'I'm A Celeb'

Ananova 9/26/04 Wise forced to turn down I'm A Celebrity role

Daily Record 9/25/04 Gail Goes On Jungle Mission

The Mirror 9/24/04 I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of.. The Farm

Ananova 9/24/04 Sophie Anderton favours I'm A Celebrity 9/21/04 I'm A Celeb! Contenders

Digital Spy 9/19/04 Catalina reunites with father 9/17/04 Fergie Jungle Queen?

Ananova 9/17/04 Fergie signs up for I'm a Celebrity

Digital Spy 9/5/04 Fergie to appear on fourth 'I'm A Celeb'?

Contact Music 9/5/04 Steps Star to Join Jungle Reality Show

Digital Spy 8/28/04 Past stars to appear on I'm A Celeb 4?

Digital Spy 8/1/04 'Sensational' shortlist for I'm A Celeb 4

Ananova 8/1/04 Rebecca Loos on I'm A Celebrity shortlist

Digital Spy 7/31/04 Peter proposes to Jordan?

ic Liverpool 7/29/04 'I'm a celebrity, get me in there' 7/29/04 Lydon shows caring side with chimp donation 7/29/04 Are They Getting Hitched?

Ananova 7/29/04 Andre gives Jordan a ring 7/26/04 Model Sophie set to feature in a jungle reality show

Female First 7/25/04 More I'm A Celebrity rumours

Ananova 7/25/04 Model Sophie to star in jungle show?

Edinburgh Evening News 7/23/04 Kerry to haul in trucking crowds

Preston Today 7/23/04 Jungle girl Jennie stars at the show

ic 7/22/04 I'm in a superstore - get me out of here

ic 7/20/04 Jungle queen

Ananova 7/19/04 Germany's I'm A Celebrity under fire

Shropshire Star 7/16/04 Jennie's forged a Bond with county

Ananova 7/14/04 Scott-Lee and Michelle Heaton for the jungle?

Female First 7/14/04 Michelle Heaton in for new series of I'm a Celebrity

Teen Music 7/11/04 Church's Reality Tv Dreams Thwarted By Mother

The Scotsman 7/11/04 ITV investors bank on celebrity

Edinburgh Evening News 7/7/04 Now I'm a celebrity... get me on the Fringe 7/7/04 Ron To Make TV Return?

DeHavilland 7/7/04 Big Ron sent to jungle

Digital Spy 7/7/04 Big Ron heading to the jungle?

Ananova 7/7/04 Big Ron to star on jungle reality show?

Ananova 6/26/04 Lord Brocket 'dumps fiancee'

Daily Record 6/26/04 Brocket's Romance Called Off

Daily Record 6/24/04 ITV: We Can Be Kings Of Jungle

BBC 6/22/04 Gazza heading for the jungle?

Wakefield Today 6/2/04 Jungle star stumps up cash for charity

Ananova 5/19/04 Alex wins Rear Of The Year award

Times Online 5/11/04 Laid-back king of the jungle still walking tall

icCoventry 5/10/04 Warwick to honour celebrity graduate

BBC 5/6/04 Jordan wants to keep Peter private 4/30/04 'Jordan Will Be Massive'

Hello 4/29/04 'I'm A Celebrity' stars reunited

BBC 4/29/04 Jungle buddies re-unite

Ananova 4/29/04 I'm a Celebrity stars unite at reunion bash

Ananova 4/28/04 Jordan's rough sex with Gareth

Ananova 4/22/04 Jordan and Peter the new Barbie and Ken?

Ananova 4/22/04 Jordan reveals details of Beckham incident 4/14/04 Kerry In Frame For Show

Ananova 4/6/04 Ant and Dec want Gary Barlow on I'm a Celebrity 4/2/04 Jordan's Pop Dream

Shropshire Star 4/1/04 Jennie Bond to spill the jungle beans

Ananova 3/31/04 Bryan 'planning jungle comeback'

The Mirror 3/31/04 Bryan's Jungle Booked

Ananova 3/30/04 Dec 'obsessed with Jordan's boobs'

Ananova 3/30/04 Jordan 'wants to marry Peter'

Ananova 3/26/04 Jordan buys Peter a horse

Digital Spy 3/19/04 Andre 'poised' for £1m record deal

Ananova 3/19/04 Peter Andre on verge of £1m record deal

Ananova 3/17/04 No immortalisation in bronze for Queen of the jungle 3/17/04 Kerry Loses Local Vote

Digital Spy 3/16/04 ITV plans Peter Andre special

This Is London 3/15/04 Jordan launches biography 3/15/04 Jordan Gets Intimate

Ananova 3/15/04 Jordan makes blank book boob

Ananova 3/14/04 Andre tour 'a flop'

Ananova 3/14/04 Katie launches jordan's autobiography

The Spoof  3/13/04 BBC Announces New Reality TV Show

This Is London 3/12/04 Kerry falls for TV prank

Ananova 3/12/04 Kerry falls for 'nursing award' prank

Ananova 3/11/04 Kerry denies Brits bust-up with Bryan

Ananova 3/10/04 Lydon's jungle outburst escapes watchdog censure

Guardian 3/9/04 ITV cleared over Rotten outburst

BBC 3/9/04 ITV let off over Lydon swearing

ic 3/9/04 Jungle star set to visit big city

Ananova 3/5/04 Peter Andre to tour the UK this summer

Launch 3/5/04 Andre is "rubbish"Ananova 3/5/04 Jordan to write 'hate' song about Posh

Ananova 3/5/04 Jamelia slams Andre chart-topper

This Is London 3/4/04 Dec's pain at love split 3/4/04 Dec's Heartbreaking Split

Ananova 3/3/04 I'm a Celebrity could be prosecuted over goldfish deaths 3/3/04 Alex Stands By Man

Manchester Evening News 3/2/04 Jungle girl Diane's pot of charity gold

This Is London 3/2/04 Mum's the word for Pete

BBC 3/1/04 Peter Andre - No.1 thanks to Moyles 3/1/04 Andre Hits Number One

Ananova 2/29/04 Peter Andre clinches number one slot

This Is London 2/27/04 I'm a celeb and I'm No.1

Ananova 2/27/04 Will Peter deck Becks? Or will Beckham deck him? 2/26/04 Celebrities Raking It In

Ananova 2/25/04 Bookies pay out early on Andre number one

This Is London 2/25/04 Jungle lovers eye duet 2/25/04 For Pete's Sake, Jordan?

Digital Spy 2/25/04 Andre heading for No1

Ananova 2/25/04 Jordan and Peter still haven't slept together

This Is London 2/24/04 Peter on course for No.1

Ananova 2/24/04 Andre on the way to Number 1?

Ananova 2/24/04 Jordan says Posh's boobs are fake 2/23/04 Jordan Faces The In-Laws

Launch 2/23/04 Lydon's Lockerbie revelation 2/22/04 Johnny: Why I Quit

Ananova 2/22/04 Rotten explains Lockerbie tragedy caused his jungle walk-out

BBC 2/22/04 Lydon 'missed Lockerbie flight' 2/20/04 'I'll Tame Hellcat Jordan' 2/20/04 For Pete's Sake 2/20/04 'I Can Make Her A Star'

Ananova 2/20/04 Jordan and Peter Andre have first date

BBC 2/20/04 Andre rates Jordan's singing

Ananova 2/20/04 Cowell may help Jordan launch pop career

Ananova 2/19/04 Jordan 'loved' acting debut in Footballers' Wives

This Is London 2/19/04 Jordan's having a ball 2/19/04 Jordan Wants Film Career

Ananova 2/18/04 Jungle Jennie raises £260,000 for flying ambulance 2/18/04 Katie: Jordan Is Dead

Ananova 2/18/04 Jennie Bond liked Katie - but not Jordan 2/18/04 Peter's £1m Record Deal

Ananova 2/18/04 Kate kills off 'Jordan' for the love of Peter

Ananova 2/17/04 Andre to visit Reality house

Ananova 2/17/04 Kerry goes back to reality TV

Ananova 2/17/04 Atomic Kitten's Frost furious with McFadden

Ananova 2/17/04 Jordan's ex calls Andre a "slimeball"

BBC 2/16/04 Peter Andre named as Outstandingly Bad 2/16/04 Andre Wins Bad Award 2/16/04 Jordan Denies Romp

Ananova 2/16/04 Jordan denies hotel romp with Peter Andre

Ananova 2/16/04 Jordan and Peter Andre 'like animals'

BBC 2/16/04 Andre takes 'worst' music award

Ananova 2/16/04 Andre's awful award

Digital Spy 2/16/04 Jordan: Andre was a 'wild animal'

Daily Record 2/16/04 Right Kerry On For Queen Of Jungle

Digital Spy 2/15/04 Dec 'finds romance' down under

Ananova 2/15/04 Kerry reunited with her children

Digital Spy 2/15/04 Barrymore headed for next 'I'm A Celeb'?

Belfast Telegraph 2/14/04 Celebrity TV show 'cruel' to animals

BBC 2/14/04 Town celebrates its jungle queen 2/14/04 Queen Kerry Arrives Home

Ananova 2/14/04 Warrington welcomes home Kerry

Hello 2/13/04 Charlotte Church fancies jungle challenge

This Is London 2/13/04 Brocket to rock it

BBC 2/13/04 McFadden 'proud' of jungle crown

Ananova 2/13/04 Brocket in hot water over jungle gropes 2/13/04 Jungle Queen 'Dead Proud'

This Is London 2/13/04 Queen Kerry 'dead proud' of win 2/13/04 The Ant & Dec Conundrum

This Is London 2/13/04 Jennie Bond's new celebrity role

Ananova 2/13/04 'Cowell would be best contestant for I'm A Celebrity'

Ananova 2/13/04 Jordan hoping for romantic reunion with Peter

This Is London 2/12/04 Jungle celebs back in Blighty 2/12/04 Jungle Queen Jets Home 2/12/04 Jordan: I Slept With Teddy

Ananova 2/12/04 Jordan sleeps with Teddy after jungle

Digital Spy 2/12/04 'I'm A Celeb' stars arrive back home

Ananova 2/12/04 Celebrities touch down after jungle adventure

Ananova 2/12/04 Brocket rows with hotel staff over mini-bar bill

Ananova 2/12/04 Mel B was 'fantastic in bed' says Andre

The Mirror 2/11/04 Hard Knocks Never Stopped Jungle Queen

Herald Express 2/11/04 Village Welcome For Jungle Jennie

Media Guardian 2/11/04 ITV news suffers Celebrity comedown

The Spoof 2/11/04 I'm Into Celibacy, Get Me Out of Here!

Media Guardian 2/11/04 Jungle celebrities' success leaves ITV starry-eyed

Western Morning News 2/11/04 Jungle Jennie's Gift To Devon

This Is London 2/11/04 Jungle stories hot up 2/11/04 Kerry Wants Jungle Baby

Media Guardian 2/11/04 What they said about...

Ananova 2/11/04 Lydon boycotts I'm a Celebrity porn party 2/11/04 Jordan Denies Affair

BBC 2/11/04 I'm A Celebrity round-up - the aftermath!

Ananova 2/11/04 Jordan romance won't last, say Ant and Dec

Ananova 2/11/04 Kerry could make £2m after winning I'm a Celebrity

BBC 2/11/04 Bets begin for jungle show stars

Ananova 2/11/04 Jordan says she never bedded Beckham

Ananova 2/11/04 Andre says he's fallen for Jordan

Ananova 2/11/04 Kerry tries for jungle babe

This Is London 2/10/04 Jungle celebs to rake in £££

Digital Spy 2/10/04 'I'm A Celeb' ends on record ratings high

Media Guardian 2/10/04 Jennie Bond should bring out royal secrets book

The Scotsman 2/10/04 Queen Kerry Weighs Up £2m Offers

The Mirror 2/10/04 Jordan: My Men

Media Guardian 2/10/04 Express nets £200,000 jungle queen

Media Guardian 2/10/04 Kerry proves queen of the ratings

BBC 2/10/04 Jungle queen 'is set to earn £2m'

Ananova 2/10/04 Brocket considers lucrative soap contract 2/10/04 Kerry's Jungle Jubilation

This Is London 2/10/04 Kerry's queen of the jungle

Media Guardian 2/10/04 Ex-Kitten crowned queen of the jungle

BBC 2/10/04 I'm A Celebrity round-up - Final!

Ananova 2/10/04 Punters back Andre's Insania as a No 1 hit

Ananova 2/10/04 I'm a Celebrity final attracts record audience

Ananova 2/10/04 Jordan blasts back at rotten Johnny

Ananova 2/10/04 Jordan says night with Peter was 'sexually charged' 2/9/04 From Kitten To Queen

Digital Spy 2/9/04 Kerry McFadden is Queen of the Jungle

Digital Spy 2/9/04 Jennie Bond is 'Celebrity' runner-up

Digital Spy 2/9/04 Peter Andre finishes third

BBC 2/9/04 Kerry McFadden: Kitten gets the cream

The Scotsman 2/9/04 Kerry's Queen of the Jungle

Ananova 2/9/04 'Wimp' Kerry gobsmacked by jungle win

Ananova 2/9/04 Kerry is first Queen of the Jungle

Ananova 2/9/04 Andre kisses goodbye to jungle dream

Ananova 2/9/04 Jordan tries to rekindle jungle romance

Ananova 2/9/04 Kerry backs out of Bushtucker Trial

Ananova 2/9/04 Jungle celebs all set to be quids in

BBC 2/9/04 Celebrity jungle fever rages on

Ananova 2/9/04 Jordan challenges Beckham to sue over affair claims

Media Guardian 2/9/04 How Celebrity was cast

This Is London 2/9/04 Jordan and Brocket out 2/9/04 Jordan Waits For Andre

Media Guardian 2/9/04 Jungle viewers reach fever pitch

Digital Spy 2/9/04 Kerry McFadden way ahead in GMTV poll

BBC 2/9/04 I'm A Celebrity round-up - Monday

Ananova 2/9/04 Jordan says she really does fancy Peter

Ananova 2/9/04 Brocket evicted as trio battle it out

BBC 2/9/04 McFadden 'to win jungle contest'

Digital Spy 2/8/04 Lord Brockett gets the push

BBC 2/8/04 Brocket out of Celebrity contest 2/8/04 Jordan Bounces Out

CBBC 2/8/04 Jordan voted off I'm a Celebrity 2/8/04 Andre's No Crooner

Ananova 2/8/04 Jordan 'glad to be out'

BBC 2/8/04 Jordan voted out of jungle show

Ananova 2/8/04 Jordan voted off I'm a Celebrity

Ananova 2/8/04 British women prefer Tom Jones to Andre

Guardian 2/8/04 I'm A Celebrity... get me a cool million out of this charade!

Stuff 2/8/04 Survival tips

Digital Spy 2/7/04 Jordan's jungle stay over

Digital Spy 2/7/04 Peter Andre's single to get re-release

BBC 2/7/04 Jordan voted out of jungle show

BBC 2/7/04 Alex gets Celebrity jungle boot

Guardian 2/7/04 I'm a Journalist ... Get Me Out of Here

The Mirror 2/7/04 Bad Girl

Media Guardian 2/6/04 'Ratcatcher' Johnny traps 12m viewers

Sky News 2/6/04 Jordan's Flirt Worry

Ananova 2/6/04 Alex not the best

This is London 2/6/04 Johnny blasts jungle celebs

Ananova 2/6/04 Brocket's rocket for Jennie

icSouthLondon 2/6/04 Welcome back Razor

Ananova 2/6/04 Pete and Jennie's balancing act

Telegraph 2/6/04 Rumble in the jungle as Rotten walks out

This is London 2/6/04 Bryan loses Kerry's ring

Ananova 2/6/04 Kerry odds-on to land jungle crown

BBC 2/6/04 McFadden new TV jungle favourite

This is London 2/6/04 Johnny blasts jungle celebs

Ananova 2/6/04 Westlife star offers reward for lost wedding ring

BBC 2/6/04 Johnny gives his reasons

Ananova 2/6/04 Jordan's boyfriend 'to give her benefit of the doubt'

Ananova 2/6/04 Beckham's dad rubbishes Jordan's claims

BBC 2/6/04 Lydon 'feared winning Celebrity'

Guardian 2/6/04 Punk rocker quits jungle for chocolate

Ananova 2/6/04 Peter Andre fails to impress Jordan with Gareth Gates song

BBC 2/5/04 Johnny is out of there

WBAL 2/5/04 Former Sex Pistol Spews Expletives On Live British TV

Chart Attack 2/5/04 John Lydon Voluntarily Ditches Out On Reality TV Show

Ananova 2/5/04 Brocket pockets seven stars

This is London 2/5/04 Johnny quits jungle

Ananova 2/5/04 Lydon - 'I didn't want to become Des 'O Connor'

Media Guardian 2/5/04 John Lydon walks off Celebrity set 2/5/04 Johnny Rotten Walks Out

Media Guardian 2/5/04 Has swearing lost its power to shock?

Hollywood Reporter 2/5/04 Sex Pistol Rotten quits U.K. hit reality show

Ananova 2/5/04 Jordan wants to audition for Pop Idol

BBC 2/5/04 John Lydon: Still rotten

Ananova 2/5/04 No Celebrity eviction after Rotten goes AWOL

Media Guardian 2/5/04 Lydon walkout leaves ITV in the lurch

Ananova 2/5/04 Razor says Johnny quit over £100 bet

Digital Spy 2/5/04 Kerry McFadden new jungle favourite

Digital Spy 2/5/04 Kerry's husband jets to Oz

Ananova 2/5/04 Kerry's mother-in-law promises no boobs

Media Guardian 2/5/04 Never mind the profanities ... here's the apology

Ananova 2/5/04 Schumacher denies Jordan's affair claims

Digital Spy 2/5/04 'Lentil Mental' Lydon quits jungle camp

Ananova 2/5/04 Lord Brocket the new favourite

Ananova 2/5/04 John Lydon quits jungle for good

BBC 2/5/04 Lydon quits I'm a Celebrity show

Ananova 2/5/04 Contestants thought Lydon had lost the plot

Ananova 2/5/04 Jordan's 'popularity on the wane'

Ananova 2/5/04 John Lydon walks off celebrity jungle set

Ananova 2/5/04 Funnyman Brocket tipped to win I'm a Celebrity

Ananova 2/5/04 Razor tells of jungle suffering

Ananova 2/4/04 Razor cut from jungle 2/4/04 'Jordan's Not My Type'

Digital Spy 2/4/04 Razor sliced in 'I'm A Celeb'

Ananova 2/4/04 Jordan and Peter kiss at last

Fox News 2/4/04 TV Station Apologizes for Expletive-Filled Rant on Reality Show

Ananova 2/4/04 Jordan faces water fear in Bushtucker trial

Ananova 2/4/04 Celebrity bosses call time on foul language

BBC 2/4/04 ITV apologises for Lydon outburst

This is London 2/4/04 Celebrities mutiny

Guardian 2/4/04 Rotten outburst sends ITV into tizzy

Ananova 2/4/04 Jordan loses support

Digital Spy 2/4/04 ITV apologises for Rotten's profanity

Ananova 2/4/04 Rotten warned after torrent of expletive complaints

The Mirror 2/4/04 Jordan's Brother: Get that "Leech" off my Sister

This is London 2/4/04 Johnny's 'c'-word outburst

Ananova 2/4/04 Jordan's 'two-faced' accusation shocks Modahl

Times of India 2/4/04 Jordon spikes Beck-Posh twosome

Ananova 2/4/04 Beckham denies Jordan's hints of an affair

Ananova 2/4/04 ITV under fire over Lydon's jungle outburst

The Mirror 2/4/04 Di Out... And Johnny Gets Rotten

The Scotman 2/4/04 Gareth Gates Broke My Heart Says Jordan

Newry Democrat 2/3/04 Money pours in on reality TV game show

Ananova 2/3/04 Modahl evicted from jungle

Digital Spy 2/3/04 Diane and out in 'I'm A Celeb'

Guardian 2/3/04 I don't love Jordan

Ananova 2/3/04 Best's wife: We'll divorce on my return

Daily Record 2/3/04 I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here: I Gave Myr Bike, Mike

Media Guardian 2/3/04 Celebrity scoops ratings high for ITV2

Telegraph 2/3/04 Why I'm keeping abreast of Jordan in the jungle

Ananova 2/3/04 Diane's no star 2/3/04 Beach Beauty Tara In Love

This Is London 2/3/04 Jordan dumps boyfriend 2/3/04 Flirt Andre A Marked Man

Media Guardian 2/3/04 It's the spiders I feel sorry for

Ananova 2/3/04 Jordan finally falls for Andre

BBC 2/3/04 Mike reads nothing into jungle flirting

Ananova 2/3/04 Tara Palmer-Tomkinson finds love in the jungle

Ananova 2/3/04 Jordan says liposuction was her biggest regret

This Is London 2/3/04 Jordan: my big regrets

Ananova 2/3/04 Jordan talks about Gareth's love by SMS

Digital Spy 2/3/04 Jordan's boyfriend: "I'll deck Andre"

Ananova 2/3/04 Jennie Bond and Diane Modahl joint favourites for eviction

icWales 2/3/04 Luxury hotel for Celebrity evictee

Ananova 2/3/04 Mike Read's jungle frustration

Ananova 2/3/04 Beckham says Jordan is not his type

Ananova 2/3/04 Jordan's boyfriend wants to punch Peter Andre

BBC 2/2/04 Read voted out of celebrity show

Ananova 2/2/04 Read first to be voted out of I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 2/2/04 Mike Read gets the 'Celebrity' boot

Ananova 2/2/04 Kerry reveals breakdown torment

Ananova 2/2/04 Alex's trouble in the tunnel

Liverpool Echo 2/2/04 Kerry caught out by jungle grub

Media Guardian 2/2/04 Viewers stick to Celebrity diet

This Is London 2/2/04 Grubs up for celebrities

This Is London 2/2/04 Jungle love: Peter and Jordan 2/2/04 Jordan Hints At Romance

Ananova 2/2/04 Diane Modahl is 'frontrunner for eviction'

BBC 2/2/04 Modahl tipped to exit jungle show

Ananova 2/2/04 Jordan and Kerry tell of 'massive fish eyes'

Ananova 2/2/04 Alex faces snakes and spiders challenge

Ananova 2/2/04 Andre and Jordan make after-show pact

Daily Record 2/2/04 Grub's Up, Jordan

Telegraph 2/2/04 Johnny Rotten has been an eye-opener

Digital Spy 2/1/04 Alex to face last BushTucker Trial

Straits Times 2/1/04 Shh...but I had an affair with Lampard

Ireland Online 2/1/04 Best to face tunnel trouble

Ananova 2/1/04 Andre goes for Jordan's bra in jungle massage

Digital Spy 2/1/04 Jordan's breasts 'set to explode'

The Age 2/1/04 Jordan to eat bugs

Telegraph 2/1/04 Can 11 million people be wrong?

Ananova 2/1/04 Jordan and Kerry face stomach-churning challenge

Sunday Mirror 2/1/04 22 Year Old's Love For 'Celebrity' Lord Brocket

Digital Spy 2/1/04 Kerry and Jordan to go head-to-head

Sunday Mirror 2/1/04 I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Jungle Avenger 2/1/04 Jordan's Footie Scandal

Ananova 2/1/04 Johnny threatens to quit over 'lazy' Jordan

Ananova 2/1/04 Jordan says she'll expose football scandal

Digital Spy 2/1/04 Jordan hints at footballer kiss & tell

Ananova 2/1/04 'Brocket the Rocket' faces his fears

The Observer 2/1/04 A heroine for our times

The Observer 2/1/04 Johnny, be good

Ananova 1/31/04 Modahl red hot favourite to leave jungle first

Media Guardian 1/31/04 Jungle celebs - we can't get enough of them

Ananova 1/31/04 Brocket faces rope ladder challenge 

Irish Examiner 1/31/04 Brocket faces rope ladder bushtucker challenge

The Mirror 1/31/04 Norman: I'm A Lipstick... Get Me Out Of Here!

Telegraph 1/31/04 I'm a celebrity - but I'll cope, says TV vicar

Independent 1/31/04 Jordan: is she a shameless bimbo or a feminist icon? 1/30/04 Johnny Goes Walk About

Digital Spy 1/30/04 Brockett to face next Bush Tucker Trial

This Is London 1/30/04 Passion in the bag for celebs

Ananova 1/30/04 Peter Andre works on Insania song in jungle

Ananova 1/30/04 Jordan dismisses Andre as boyfriend potential

Ananova 1/30/04 John in jungle break-out bid

Ananova 1/30/04 Jennie Bond survives plastic coffin hell

Ananova 1/30/04 Lydon sparks Pistols revival 1/30/04 Jennie To Be Buried Alive

Ananova 1/30/04 Kerry McFadden had to sell parrot to buy tampons 1/30/04 Pete Dumps His Missus

Ananova 1/30/04 John Lydon's real passion - insects

Ananova 1/30/04 Jordan and Peter Andre get intimate in bed

This Is London 1/30/04 Jennie faces 'coffin' task

Ananova 1/30/04 Jennie faces 'coffin' challenge

Telegraph 1/29/04 King Razor cleans up

Digital Spy 1/29/04 Romance in the jungle?

Ananova 1/29/04 Brocket's Viagra hell

Digital Spy 1/29/04 Jennie Bond chosen for 'Down Under' trial

Ananova 1/29/04 Andre reveals 'phone sex secrets of cheating lover'

Digital Spy 1/29/04 'I'm A Celeb' ratings continue to rise

Ananova 1/29/04 Celeb's bake a cake

Coventry News 1/29/04 McFadden Fights Back

This Is London 1/29/04 It's Peter the Great!

Herald Sun 1/29/04 Peter Andre gets an eel full

Media Guardian 1/29/04 Hutton cannot dent Celebrity appeal

Ananova 1/29/04 Johnny not-so-rotten becomes hotter favourite

Digital Spy 1/29/04 Andre completes trial clean sweep 1/29/04 Kerry Fancies Jordan

Ananova 1/29/04 Andre provides contestants with a feast

Ananova 1/28/04 Jennie Bond caught smuggling make-up in knickers

Digital Spy 1/28/04 Kerry Faces Up To The Bush Tucker Trial

Ananova 1/28/04 Kerry makes smoking vow after failing Bushtucker trial

ic Berkshire 1/28/04 Johnny's not so rotten, says his wife

Ananova 1/28/04 Kerry McFadden admits fancying Jordan

Guardian 1/28/04 Viewers stick with Celebrity strife

The Mirror 1/28/04 Never Mind The Bosoms 1/28/04 Make my day, punk

Daily Record 1/28/04 Never Mind The Ostriches.. Here's The Pecks Pistol

Daily Record 1/28/04 Rats in the Camp.. And We Don't Mean the Lads Who Are After Jordan

BBC 1/28/04 Lydon becomes Celebrity favourite
Digital Spy 1/28/04 Andre denies flirting with Jordan

This Is London 1/28/04 Kerry faces jungle trial 1/28/04 Lydon Keeps Pecker Up

Ananova 1/28/04 Lydon the new I'm A Celebrity favourite

BBC 1/28/04 Lydon favourite to win Celebrity

Ananova 1/28/04 Kerry prepares for jungle challenge

Digital Spy 1/27/04 Three close 'Celebrity' favourites

Digital Spy 1/27/04 McFadden to face next Bush Tucker trial

The Spoof 1/27/04 Jordan in talent Shocker 1/27/04 11m watch 'Jordan of the Jungle'

Ananova 1/27/04 Kerry suffers panic attack in jungle 1/27/04 Insect ordeal makes Jordan's flesh creep

Ananova 1/27/04 Jordan rebuffs Andre over penis size

Media Guardian 1/27/04 I'm a Celebrity... is back with a bang

Ananova 1/27/04 Celeb Lydon gets the bird 1/27/04 Model's Snake Challenge

This Is London 1/27/04 Fears, tears and leers

Independent 1/27/04 I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, ITV1

This Is London 1/27/04 It's jolly Rotten in the jungle

BBC 1/27/04 Icky start for 'I'm a Celebrity...'

Ananova 1/27/04 11m watch Jordan's jungle challenge

Ananova 1/27/04 Lydon completes Bushtucker challenge

Ananova 1/27/04 Jordan new joint favourite to win I'm A Celebrity

Ananova 1/27/04 Jordan says she was besotted with 'virgin' Gareth

Ananova 1/27/04 Jordan unhappy with boyfriend for failing to text: 'Good luck'

Ananova 1/27/04 Lydon to face ostrich challenge

Digital Spy 1/26/04 Diane is new 'Celebrity' camp leader

Digital Spy 1/26/04 Lydon picked for next Bush Tucker trial

BBC 1/26/04 "Celebrities" having a hard time in the jungle?

Digital Spy 1/26/04 Timmy Mallett on standby for 'I'm A Celeb'

Telegraph 1/26/04 Outlook steamy as celebrities land in the jungle

Ananova 1/26/04 Jordan 'up for any Bushtucker challenge'

Media Guardian 1/26/04 'Razor' Ruddock is bookies' favourite for I'm a Celebrity

This Is London 1/26/04 I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Ananova 1/26/04 Timmy Mallett could replace Johnny Rotten 1/26/04 Celebrities Pack Luxuries

Ananova 1/26/04 Lipstick, axle grease and rubber ring among jungle luxuries

Ananova 1/26/04 Jungle celebrities competing for Jordan's affections?

Digital Spy 1/25/04 Jordan ditches boyfriend

Ananova 1/25/04 Lipstick, axle grease and rubber ring among jungle luxuries

DeHavilland 1/25/04 I'm a Celebrity...jungle news

Ananova 1/25/04 Lydon 'still in celebrity jungle show'

Ireland Online 1/25/04 Bookies sharpen price on Razor
Scotland on Sunday 1/25/04 Insects? Get them out of here

Sky News 1/24/04 Rotten Walk Out Denied

Ananova 1/24/04 TV bosses deny jungle camp cleared of creepy crawlies

Sky News 1/24/04 Jennie's Jordan Expose

Ananova 1/24/04 I'm A Celebrity contestants meet up

Ananova 1/23/04 Hamilton tips Jordan to win I'm A Celebrity 1/23/04 Kerry Sick With Worry

Ananova 1/23/04 Jordan's Rampant Rabbit vibrator banned from jungle

Digital Spy 1/23/04 Jordan's 'Rampant Rabbit' banned from jungle

Ananova 1/23/04 Kerry McFadden in hospital after I'm a Celebrity panic attack

This Is London 1/22/04 Gareth: 'vote Jordan off'

Digital Spy 1/22/04 Jordan 'could explode' in jungle 1/22/04 Jordan Boobs May Explode

Ananova 1/22/04 Kerry McFadden says she won't flirt on I'm A Celebrity

Ananova 1/22/04 Jordan's boobs 'may explode' in jungle

Ananova 1/22/04 Gareth Gates to vote Jordan out of I'm A Celebrity

Ananova 1/22/04 I'm A Celebrity producers say no animals will be harmed

Survivor Online 1/21/04 Lord Brockett on this Morning

Ananova 1/21/04 Jordan jets off to jungle
This Is London 1/21/04 Celebrities fly out for jungle challenge 1/21/04 Rotten Told Don't Be Foul

BBC 1/21/04 Jordan's jungle plans

Ananova 1/21/04 Celebrities fly out for jungle challenge

Ananova 1/21/04 Andre wants to team up with Lydon

Ananova 1/21/04 Johnny Rotten and Jordan asked to keep it clean

Independent 1/20/04 Anarchy in the jungle: Lydon joins cast of 'I'm a Celebrity'
This Is London 1/20/04 Celebrity line-up is confirmed 1/20/04 Jordan Jungle Action Plan

BBC 1/20/04 'I'm a Celebrity' favourites

BBC 1/20/04 The legacy of punk

Ananova 1/20/04 TV presenter sacked for appearing on I'm a Celebrity...

Digital Spy 1/19/04 Jordan fave to expose chest first in 'I'm A Celeb'

BBC 1/19/04 Lydon named jungle show favourite

BBC 1/19/04 'I'm a Celebrity' contestants picked

The Mirror 1/19/04 Tony Parsons: Rotten Show, Johnny
Chart Attack 1/19/04 John Lydon To Face Humiliation On British Reality Show

Ananova 1/19/04 DJ Mike Read joins I'm a Celebrity contestants
Ananova 1/19/04 Razor and Rotten joint favourites

Ananova 1/19/04 Jordan promises to bare all in jungle 1/19/04 I'm A Celeb Pay Revolt

Sunday People 1/18/04 I'm A Celebrity..I Won't Take Drug Test

Ananova 1/18/04 German I'm a celebrity show exposed as a con

Scotsman 1/18/04 Rotten in the jungle? Get him out of there

The Mirror 1/17/04 I'm A Nutter - Get Me In Here!

Digital Spy 1/17/04 Ex DJ Read replaces Carson on 'I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 1/16/04 Carson axed from 'I'm A Celebrity' again

Ananova 1/16/04 Frank Carson out of I'm a Celebrity 1/15/04 'I'm A Celebrity' Bust-Up

Ananova 1/15/04 Jordan worried about stresses of I'm a Celebrity

This Is London 1/14/04 Jordan's fat fee fury

Ananova 1/13/04 Ruddock is favourite to win I'm a Celebrity

Digital Spy 1/12/04 Carson back in 'I'm A Celeb' lineup

Digital Spy 1/8/04 Alex Best confirmed for 'I'm A Celeb'

Ananova 1/6/04 Jordan demanding £100,000 to appear on I'm a Celebrity

Daily Record 12/20/03 He's A Cracker ..Get Him In There

Ananova 12/17/03 Gazza could star in I'm A Celebrity...

Digital Spy 12/14/03 More names tipped for 'I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 12/13/03 Marsh pulls out of 'I'm A Celebrity' 12/2/03 Romancing The Jungle

Ananova 12/1/03 Johnny Rotten to appear in I'm a Celebrity?

Digital Spy 11/30/03 Johnny Rotten to appear in 'I'm A Celeb'?

Digital Spy 11/29/03 Kerry McFadden in frame for third 'I'm A Celeb'

BBC 10/23/03 Reality TV blamed for pet cruelty 10/9/03 Rhona's Dose Of Reality 9/14/03 Barker's Charity Change

icNorthWales 8/6/03 Another Tuf challenge for king of the jungle

Digital Spy 8/6/03 Fashanu to front football reality series

The Mirror 8/4/03 Linda: My Pain Over Baby Loss

Daily Record 8/1/03 I'm A Celebrity ... But I'm Too Busy

The Guardian 7/31/03 Why I love -Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

The Advertiser 7/30/03 'Celebrity" rainforest up for sale 7/27/03 Fash Denies Rigging Games 7/13/03 Fash's Crocodile Fears

This Is London 7/10/03 I'm a celeb... get me chips!

Guardian 7/10/03 Fash cuts a dash at new record shop bash

Press and Journal 7/6/03 Celebrity Christine Roughs It In The Rain

This Is Plymouth 7/3/03 It's Back To School For Celeb Wayne

Digital Spy 6/27/03 Soap version of 'I'm A Celeb' planned

BBC 6/9/03 'Fashanu doctored threat tape'

People 6/8/03 TV Bosses Sting Jungle Moaners

Daily Record 6/5/03 I'm A Celebrity .. Get This In Me

ic SouthLondon 6/5/03 Jungle gesture raises £212,000 for town charity

Daily Record 6/2/03 I'm A Fake ... Get Me Into Gear

BBC 5/29/03 Tufnell backs new Test venue

Cambridge News 5/29/03 Charity match is just the wicket for Phil

Daily Record 5/23/03 I'm A Celeb Breasty ..Get Me Out Of Here

The Times 5/21/03 Granada puts faith in fruits of the forest

Barnet Times 5/21/03 Fash fostering hope

BBC 5/20/03 I'm a celebrity...give me stars in my eyes

BBC 5/20/03 Granada reaps celebrity profits

Digital Spy 5/16/03 Tuffers joins 'They Think It's All Over' 5/16/03 Tuffers Lands TV Role

BBC 5/16/03 Tufnell for BBC sports quiz

BBC 5/15/03 Jungle stars return to UK

Evening Times 5/14/03 Sian and Cat home after jungle ordeal

Digital Spy 5/14/03 Over 12m viewers tune in for 'Celeb' final

BBC 513/03 Tufnell 'still wants to play cricket'

BBC 5/13/03 Tufnell: King of the jungle

Media Guardian 5/13/03 Former England cricketer takes I'm A Celebrity... crown

BBC 5/13/03 Tufnell at the top in Jungle finale

Digital Spy 5/13/03 Tufnell crowned King of the Jungle

BBC 5/13/03 Tuffers: The future

BBC 5/13/03 Millions see Tufnell crowned

BBC 5/12/03 Tufnell wins jungle show 5/12/03 Tuffers King Of Jungle 5/12/03 Tufnell's Jungle Trial

BBC 5/12/03 Trio compete for jungle crown

Digital Spy 5/12/03 Sleep misses out on final three

BBC 5/11/03 Jungle loses Sleep

BBC 5/11/03 "Bossy boots" Antony leaves jungle show

BBC 5/10/03 Chef given jungle chop

Sky News 5/10/03 Cats Kitty in £1M Boost

Sky News 5/10/03 Toyah Gets the Boot

BBC 5/9/03 Pouty Cat kicked out of celeb gameshow

Cambridge News 5/9/03 Phil is firm favourite to be crowned

Digital Spy 5/9/03 Willcox bites the dust

Daily Record 5/9/03 Little Girl Lost

Digital Spy 5/8/03 Catalina Guirado sent packing

BBC 5/8/03 Guirado evicted from jungle show 5/8/03 Cat Booted Out Of Jungle

The Mirror 5/8/03 Toyah's No Star In The Mud

Guardian Unlimited 5/8/03 Jungle fever

BBC 5/8/03 Minister attacks reality TV

Digital Spy 5/7/03 Chris Bisson is kicked out of the jungle

Sky News 5/7/03 Chris Voted Out Of Jungle

Digital Spy 5/7/03 Chris Bisson is kicked out of the jungle

Guardian 5/7/03 A pair of star-struck lovers reunite

BBC 5/7/03 Tuffers: The future

icNorthWales 5/7/03 How Sian hated the jungle

Digital Spy 5/6/03 Westbrook (really) quits 'I'm A Celebrity'

Media Guardian 5/6/03 Get out of here 5/6/03 Danni Does A Runner

Media Guardian 5/6/03 Westbrook flees I'm a Celebrity jungle

BBC 5/6/03 Lloyd relieved at jungle eviction

Media Guardian 5/6/03 Producers plan Celebrity 'surprise'

The Mirror 5/6/03 British Public Are All W*****s

icWales 5/6/03 I'm proud of Sian, says Lembit

Media Guardian 5/6/03 Celebrity boost for ITV2

Digital Spy 5/6/03 Fash is 'This Morning' favourite

BBC 5/6/03 Westbrook leaves jungle show

BBC 5/6/03 Danniella 'quits jungle'

Digital Spy 5/5/03 Sian Lloyd is first 'Celebrity' eliminee

Digital Spy 5/5/03 ITV2 to show US 'I'm A Celeb'

Daily Record 5/5/03 Danni: I Can't Stand Jungle

Digital Spy 5/4/03 Danniella 'quits' I'm A Celeb

BBC 5/4/03 Fash has do another Bushtucker Trial

Irish Examiner 5/4/03 TV chef fumes at lack of cigarettes

Digital Spy 5/4/03 Fashanu voted by public again 5/3/03 Trouser Snake Trouble

BBC 5/3/03 Danniela braves bug shower

Digital Spy 5/2/03 Fashanu to take on the 'snake pit'

The Mirror 5/2/03 Daniella Rages At Hyperactive Catalina

Media Guardian 5/2/03 BBC's Servants no match for ITV's celebrities

icSouthLondon 5/1/03 Toyah's rumble in the jungle

Digital Spy 5/1/03 Fashanu faces his fears 5/1/03 Brits tune to stranded stars in bush

The Mirror 5/1/03 Danni: Docs Gave Me Two Weeks To Live 5/1/03  Swearing weather girl under a cloud 5/1/03 Danniella's Jungle Enemy

Digital Spy 5/1/03 Fashanu faces his fears

BBC 4/30/03 Danniella makes jungle enemy

Digital Spy 4/29/03 Group fail first 'celebrity chest'

BBC 4/29/03 I'm A Celebrity...: Your views 4/29/03 Cat's Crocodile Tears

Guardian Unlimited 4/29/03 Celebrity nightmares

BBC 4/29/03 Catalina gets ready for crocodile challenge

BBC 4/29/03 Jungle return is ratings hit

Digital Spy 4/29/03 Catalina to face 'crocodile pit'

Digital Spy 4/29/03 11 million watch 'Celebrity' return

BBC 4/29/03 Jungle fever turns up the heat 4/28/03 Spider Mishap For Star

BBC 4/28/03 Street star in 'Celebrity' tree fall

Media Guardian 4/28/03 Reality TV's ultimate trick

BBC 4/28/03 Celebrities prepare for jungle life

Digital Spy 4/28/03 'Celebrity' contestants prepare for jungle stay

Zap2It 4/27/03 British 'I'm a Celebrity' Lawsuit Dropped

icBirmingham 4/27/03 Toyah's naked ambition

Digital Spy 4/26/03 Catalina plans to be Lara Croft

The Mirror 4/25/03 Sian Lloyd Gets Ready For Celebrity Jungle

BBC 4/25/03 Geldof drops Celebrity lawsuit

BBC 4/23/03 Celebrity sun shines on Sian

icNorthWales 4/23/03 Lembit calls on Welsh public to back jungle Sian 4/22/03 No Woman, No Cry

Digital Spy 4/21/03 'Nigel Benn made me do it,' says Fashanu

Digital Spy 4/20/03 Rats give Westbrook a seizure

Digital Spy 4/19/03 Man United back Chris Bisson

Digital Spy 4/18/03 'I'm A Celeb' blankets ITV2 schedule

Digital Spy 4/18/03 Worrall-T plans roast snake meals

Digital Spy 4/18/03 Rustie Lee disappointed at 'I'm A Celeb' rejection

Digital Spy 4/11/03 Barker, Fashanu join 'Celebrity' cast

Digital Spy 4/10/03 More names tipped for 'I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 4/2/03 'I'm A Celeb' wants Dane & Jordan

Digital Spy 3/31/03 Second 'I'm A Celeb' to start May 5

BBC 9/27/02 Geldof takes action against 'Celebrity'

Sky News 9/26/02 Celebrity Survivor Court Showdown

BBC 9/22/02 Celebrity Survivor raises thousands

Guardian 9/20/02 They're celebrities... get them back in there!

The Telegraph 9/15/02 The survivor

Digital Spy 9/13/02 Tony and Tara wanted for primetime show

BBC 9/9/02 ITV scores big with reality TV

This is London 9/9/02 Tarzan Tony is king of the jungle

Guardian 9/9/02 King of the jungle Tony Blackburn triumphs

Digital Spy 9/9/02 'Celebrity' might hop over the pond

Guardian 9/9/02 Get Me Out of Here goes out over there

Sky News 9/9/02 Tony Is King Of Jungle

Guardian 9/9/02 What if Darren had been poisoned?

Sky News 9/9/02 Survivor's A Winner

Guardian 9/9/02 I'm a TV producer - I got you in here...

BBC 9/8/02 DJ Tony wins Celebrity Survivor

BBC 9/8/02 Celebrity Survivor splits audience

BBC 9/8/02 Hamilton exits from jungle

Sky News 9/7/02 Tara Tipped As Top Survivor

Guardian 9/6/02 The real picture

Digital Spy 9/6/02 Nell voted out in "Celebrity"

BBC 9/6/02 McAndrew evicted from survival show

Zap2It 9/6/02 Britain Falls for 'Celebrity' Reality Show

BBC 9/6/02 Cameron leaves jungle show

Guardian 9/5/02 Jungle fever

Guardian 9/4/02 Dumbed up?

BBC 9/4/02 Darren Day evicted from jungle

This is London 9/4/02 Benn curses 'D class' contestants

BBC 9/3/02 Celebrity Survivor claims second victim

BBC 9/3/02 Psychic voted off Survivor show

Digital Spy 9/2/02 Uri voted out in "Celebrity"

BBC 9/2/02 Celebrity survivors face first eviction

UTV 9/1/02 Fresh survivor test for Dazza

Edinburgh News 8/31/02 Jonny has mountain to climb for charity

Daily Record 8/30/02 I fear my Rhona is going to be most hated woman in Britain

Sky News 8/30/02 Geller's Trial By Creepy-Crawlie

This is London 8/29/02 I'm a cameraman - get me out of here! 8/27/02 British B-list celebs strain for jungle fever

BBC 8/27/02 Viewers warm to star Survivor

Sky News 8/25/02 Celebrity Survivor Kicks Off

Sky News 8/22/02 Nell Tipped To Win Jungle Ordeal

icSouthLondon 8/13/02 Celebrity Survivor: Trust Nobodies!

Digital Spy 8/11/02 Celebrity survivors named

icSouthLondon 8/2/02 Anyone for Celebrity Survivor?

Digital Spy 7/28/02 McAndrew joins celebrity "Survivor" lineup

Digital Spy 7/15/02 More celebrity "Survivor" details revealed

BBC 7/11/02 Celebrity 'Survivor' in the pipeline

Digital Spy 7/11/02 Celebrity "Survivor" series confirmed


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