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News Articles about UK I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here


Daily Mail 12/1/10 I'm A Celebrity: Did Kayla Collins Really have to wear such a revealing monokini for Celebrity Chest task?

Daily Mail 12/1/10 Stacey Solomon rinses down in the jungle pool in pink bikini after being sprayed with bugs in Bushtucker trial

Daily Mail 11/30/10 Emotional family reunion for Gillian McKeith and her daughters after she is finally voted off I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/30/10 Gillian McKeith insists her fainting spells were all real as she is finally voted off I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/29/10 Jenny Eclair and Stacey Solomon are treated to a night of luxury as they lead Camp Sheila to victory

Daily Mail 11/29/10 'I'm not a fake!' Gillian McKeith insists her fainting spells were all real as she is finally voted off I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/29/10 Is this sickest trial yet? Alison Hammond gets the boot after foul head-to-head Bushtucker with Kayla Collins

Daily Mail 11/25/10 I'm A Celebrity: Slippery Lembit Opik bitten by snake during challenge to win immunity

Daily Mail 11/25/10 Rumbled in the jungle: Gillian McKeith smuggles banned food goodies into camp... in her M&S knickers

Daily Mail 11/23/10 I'm A Celebrity: Kayla Collins puts on a sexy shower scene... but it ends up on the cutting room floor

Daily Mail 11/22/10 Has 'Dr' McKeith been rumbled in the jungle?

BBC 11/22/10 I'm A Celebrity: Nigel Havers quits the jungle

Daily Mail 11/18/10 Stacey Solomon's life hangs in the balance as she takes on the show's most expensive trial ever

Daily Mail 11/18/10 Writer Jenny Eclair begins her 'extreme diet plan' as she and comedian Dom Joly join the jungle camp

Daily Mail 11/18/10 You池e a celebrity, but get that free ad out of there

Daily Mail 11/11/10 The Playboy bunny, the X Factor reject, the ex-politician - step forward this year's I'm A Celebrity contestants

BBC 11/10/10 I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! line-up revealed

Daily Mail 11/9/10 No bikinis for me in the jungle, says Britt Ekland as she arrives for I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/9/10 Indie bad boy Shaun Ryder promises to behave while Lembit Opik hopes for more votes than the election

Daily Mail 11/1/10 Lizzie shows ex Jason exactly what he's missing as she gets ready for I'm A Celebrity..Get Me Out Of Here

Daily Mail 10/20/10 Linford Christie 'is paid 」80,000 to appear in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'

Daily Mail 4/9/10 Sam Fox leads former I'm A Celebrity jungle mates in charity sky diving stunt

RTE 3/25/10 I'm A Celebrity star welcomes baby

Daily Mail 12/21/09 I'm A Celeb's Declan Donnelly looks forward to a merry kissmas with gorgeous Georgie

RTE 12/7/09 Woodburn wishes former co-host well

Daily Mail 12/7/09 ITV says sorry for allowing I'm A Celebrity winner Gino D'Acampo to kill rat in jungle and serve it up as risotto

BBC 12/7/09 ITV apologises for rat killing on I'm A Celebrity...

BBC 12/6/09 I'm A Celebrity's D'Acampo and Manning face rat charges

Daily Mail 12/5/09 'Fantastico... Now my boys are princes,' says Gino D'Acampo as he's crowned King of the Jungle

Daily Mail 12/5/09 I'm A Celebrity is nauseating, fake ... and I've loved every minute

BBC 12/4/09 Chef Gino D'Acampo crowned King of the Jungle

Daily Mail 12/4/09 Myleene Klass: 'I was called ugly, untalented, and unemployable. Then I took a shower... and made millions'

Daily Mail 12/3/09 Kim Woodburn, Gino D'Acampo and Jimmy White make it to the final... as Justin Ryan is sent home

Daily Mail 12/3/09 I'm A Celebrity: 'Starving' stars lose an average 18lbs... as Stuart Manning leaves the jungle

Daily Mail 12/3/09 Stuart denies romance with Sabrina after leaving the jungle... while she's hoping for candlelit date in KFC

BBC 12/2/09 Sabrina Washington voted off I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 12/1/09 I'm A Celebrity: Joe Bugner says his knockout was fixed so Stuart and Sabrina could continue 'romance'

Daily Mail 12/1/09 I'm A Celebrity: George Hamilton quit the jungle because he didn't want to see anyone lose to him

BBC 11/30/09 Boxer Joe Bugner voted off I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/30/09 I'm A Celebrity: George Hamilton quits the jungle

BBC 11/30/09 Actor George Hamilton quits I'm a Celebrity show

Daily Mail 11/30/09 'Breaking up with Alex Reid was harder than divorcing Peter Andre,' says Katie Price

Daily Mail 11/30/09 I'm A Celebrity: Joe Bugner leaves the jungle as George Hamilton threatens to quit

BBC 11/28/09 Sam Fox voted off I'm A Celebrity

RTE 11/26/09 Price flies home to kids after quitting jungle

Daily Mail 11/25/09 Justin in tears as boyfriend Colin is given the jungle boot... while Sabrina and Stuart get very friendly

BBC 11/24/09 Katie Price apologises for her behaviour since divorce

Daily Mail 11/24/09 I'm A Celebrity: Katie Price dumps Alex Reid live on air... hours after he flies to Australia to propose

Digital Spy 11/23/09 Video: Katie Price exits the jungle

BBC 11/23/09 Model Katie Price quits I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/23/09 'I've done my challenges... people can see I'm genuine,' says Katie Price after quitting I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 11/23/09 Katie Price: 'I tried my best'

Daily Mail 11/23/09 Marry me Katie: Alex Reid flies into the jungle to propose

Digital Spy 11/22/09 Katie Price wins eleven stars for camp

Digital Spy 11/22/09 Hamilton 'cheated on pregnant lover'

Digital Spy 11/22/09 Reid: 'I'm going to propose to Katie'

Digital Spy 11/22/09 Video: Katie Price eats a fish eye

Digital Spy 11/22/09 Heaton: 'Katie is facing painful memories'

Digital Spy 11/21/09 Kim Woodburn wins second bush battle

Digital Spy 11/21/09 Price, Woodburn tackle eating trial

Digital Spy 11/20/09 Price 'to land US I'm A Celeb deal'

BBC 11/19/09 'Exhausted' Dallerup quits jungle

Daily Mail 11/18/09 I'm A Celebrity: Camilla Dallerup quits the jungle after just three days

RTE 11/18/09 Price wants Andre to see old Katie

BBC 11/17/09 Katie Price returns to the jungle

Daily Mail 11/17/09 I'm A Celebrity: Swimsuits at dawn as the girls compete to be the new Myleene Klass

Daily Mail 11/17/09 Katie Price is back in the I'm A Celebrity jungle... but has some stiff competition from busty Kim Woodburn

Daily Mail 11/17/09 Jaci Stephen's Jungle Watch: Somebody feed Katie Price to the lobsters

Digital Spy 11/16/09 Katie Price: 'I want fairytale closure'

Digital Spy 11/16/09 Katie Price 'argues with Celeb bosses'

Digital Spy 11/16/09 Dannii Minogue: 'I love I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 11/16/09 Price: 'I bet I have to eat a willy'

Daily Mail 11/13/09 Battle of the bikini babes begins as Lucy Benjamin and Camilla Dallerup hit the beach Down Under

BBC 11/12/09 In pictures: I'm A Celebrity 2009

RTE 11/12/09 Actor Hamilton joining jungle camp

BBC 11/12/09 Hamilton leads Celebrity line-up

Daily Mail 11/12/09 Peter Andre pulls out of I'm A Celebrity roving reporting job for This Morning...

Daily Mail 11/11/09 Jordan gets Five times more cash than other I'm A Celebrity contestants and will arrive a week late into jungle

Daily Mail 11/10/09 Television presenters Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan sign up for I'm A Celebrity

RTE 11/10/09 Andre 'furious' over Price jungle return

RTE 9/21/09 McFadden joining Andre in the jungle?

Ananova 9/14/09 Robbie for I'm A Celeb?

Daily Mail 8/19/09 Peter Andre set to make return Down Under in the I'm A Celebrity jungle

Digital Spy 7/30/09 Rep: 'Lohan not joining I'm A Celeb...'
Daily Mail 12/9/08 Carly 'it's hard being rich' Zucker gets back into the WAG groove with post-jungle spending spree

Daily Mail 12/9/08 'I'll never be like Jordan... Pamela Anderson's my heroine,' reveals I'm A Celeb Nicola McLean
Daily Mail 12/8/08 Two WAGs return from the jungle (but there's no one to greet poor old Carly Zucker)

Digital Spy 12/6/08 Biggins: My 'Celeb' series was better
Digital Spy 12/6/08 10m see Swash win 'I'm A Celebrity'

Daily Mail 12/5/08 'I've still got the hots for Dec!' Janice Dickinson gives her verdict on the stars of this year's I'm a Celebrity
Daily Mail 12/5/08 Celebrities discover the joy of teamwork (even if it meant being nice to David)
Daily Mail 12/5/08 I just loved winding Nicola up, admits jungle 'sex pest' David Van Day after he fails to reach I'm A Celebrity final
Daily Mail 12/5/08 Hungry final four battle extreme wet and windy conditions in cyclone challenge on I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 12/5/08 Webbe wants to marry 'X Factor' reject
Daily Mail 12/4/08 I wish I'd had that vile sex pest David Van Day thrown out of the jungle, says I'm A Celebrity's Nicola McLean

BBC 12/4/08 Singer Webbe leaves jungle show
Daily Mail 12/4/08 Hungry final four battle extreme wet and windy conditions in cyclone challenge on I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 12/4/08 George and Brian brave attacks from ostriches to win food for campmates
Daily Mail 12/4/08 David hasn't got enough front to replace Nicola with his toilet roll chest

My Park Magazine 12/2/08 Nicola McLean Gets Attacked By Katie Price

Daily Mail 12/3/08 'I'll be devastated if that snake in the grass David Van Day wins,' says Nicola McLean as she's evicted
Daily Mail 12/3/08 Last jungle song for Simon Webbe as he becomes the eighth person to leave I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 12/3/08 'Washer woman' Martina strikes out after only finding two stars in the I'm A Celebrity tub of slush

Daily Mail 12/3/08 Carly Zucker an emotional wreck in Australia after I'm A Celebrity chiefs refuse to allow her to fly home

This is London 12/3/08 Van Day is out in front to win I'm A Celeb

Daily Mail 12/1/08 Who is sleeping with whom and where and when!

Daily Mail 12/1/08 Nicola in tears AGAIN as she threatens to quit as tensions flare in camp over sleeping arrangements
Daily Mail 12/1/08 George and Brian brave attacks from ostriches to win food for campmates

Daily Mail 12/1/08 Blubbery Brian Paddick close to tears again in the I'm A Celebrity camp as he tries to make peace

Digital Spy 11/29/08 Martina: 'Carly looks like my girlfriend'
Daily Mail 11/29/08 Unhappy birthday: David celebrates on I'm A Celebrity... and sees his cake explode
Daily Mail 11/29/08 Carly's first smile: WAG leaves the jungle after her constant crying fails to impress on I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/28/08 Action girl Martina wins ten stars for the camp in I'm A Celebrity bush tucker trial
Daily Mail 11/28/08 MORE tears from WAG Carly Zucker as she moans about 'living in muck'
Daily Mail 11/28/08 Come off it Dani ... we can see right through you
Daily Mail 11/28/08 Sucker for punishment: Nicola gets a fright after leech attaches itself to her chest
Daily Mail 11/28/08 Dani Behr admits life was 'very hard emotionally' in the jungle as she's the second celebrity evicted
Daily Mail 11/28/08 'I'm sick of Nicola McLean's boobs', moans Katie Price

Daily Mail 11/28/08 Virginity, naked showers, celibacy - What do Esther Rantzen's children really think of her in the jungle

BBC 11/26/08 Kilroy first to leave jungle camp
Hello Magazine 11/26/08 Extreme Wealth Can Be 'Stressful' Says Jungle WAG Carly Zucker
Daily Mail 11/26/08 'I'd Rather Face Simon Cowell Than I'm A Celeb's Gruesome Bugs' Says Simon's X Factor Reject Girlfriend

Daily Mail 11/26/08 David Van Day Causes A Stink In I'm A Celebrity
This Is London 11/25/08 Ulrika: Myleene Klass痴 career was dead before I知 A Celeb

Digital Spy 11/25/08 Ulrika: 'I'm A Celeb...' saved Myleene

This is London 11/24/08 Sex-hungry WAGs turn to each other on I知 A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Daily Mail 11/24/08 'I'm not busting my balls to feed two d**kheads who really rile me'
Daily Mail 11/24/08 Paddick gets massage from George Takei

Daily Mail 11/24/08 Nicola has disastrous bush tucker trial as she's sent into dark cave teaming with jungle nasties
Daily Mail 11/24/08 Terrified and screaming David Van Day confronts crocodiles in I'm A Celebrity trial
Daily Record 11/21/08 David Van Day at centre of row on first day in I'm A Celebrity camp

Daily Mail 11/21/08 I'm A Celebrity Stars Evacuated As Gales and Torrential Rain Batter Jungle Camp
Daily Mail 11/21/08 It's Too Little, Too Late For Creepy Robert
Times London 11/20/08 The Music Had To Stop Says John Sergeant

Daily Record 11/20/08 Viewers' Anger As John Sergeant Quits Strictly Come Dancing
Daily Mail 11/20/08 Caged: New Junglemates David Van Day & Timmy Mallett 'Kidnapped' En Route...
This Is London 11/20/08 I'm A Celebrity Enjoys A Net Gain As Timmy Swings Into The Jungle
Digital Spy 11/20/08 Dani Behr Tells Campmates About Wedding Day
Times London 11/19/08 Robert Kilroy-Silk Under Fire In I'm A Celebrity...

Daily Mail 11/19/08 I'm A Celeb's Dani Behr Dismisses Pregnancy Rumors Despite Fears She Had Morning Sickness

Daily Mail 11/19/08 Now Carly Zucker's Down To Her Bra as I'm a Celebrity Stars Compete to Strip Off...
Daily Mail 11/19/08 Bad Loser Kilroy-Silk Refuses To Accept Defeat in Trial As Rival Dani Warns...
Daily Mail 11/18/08 Homesick Carly Zucker Breaks Down In Tears Again
Daily Mail 11/18/08 Cheeky Brian Paddick Showers In the Nude...The Bully Boy Kilroy Give Him The Bum Rush

Daily Mail 11/18/08 I'm A Celebrities Face A Race To Free Two New Arrivals 'Kidnapped...'

This is London 11/18/08 Deadly Storms Threat To 'I'm A Celebrity' Jungle
Daily Record 11/17/08 I'm A Celebrity Starts With Another Glamour Girl In A Shower!
Times Online 11/17/08 I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!
This is London 11/17/08 Kilroy Lays Into Zucker In Celeb Camp
Daily Mail 11/17/08 Nicola MakesFor the Male Vote...But Is Already Feeling Homesick
Daily Mail 11/17/08 Producers Fury At George Takei For Boldly Going Where He Shouldn't Have
Daily Mail 11/17/08 Jaci Stephen's Jungle Watch: Why My Money Is On Scary Martina
Daily Mail 11/17/08 I'm A Celebrity: Carly Has No Luck In Her Bush Tucker Trial As She Loses to Dani
Digital Spy 11/17/08 'I'm A Celebrity' Returns With 8.9 million
Digital Spy 11/15/08 Zucker 'driven to tears' by 'Celeb'
Digital Spy 11/15/08 Kilroy favourite for first 'Celeb' exit
Digital Spy 11/15/08 Sugababe Keisha related to Simon Webbe
Daily Record 11/14/08 I'm Worried I'm A Celebrity Viewers Won't Like The Real Me...

Daily Record 11/14/08 I'm A Celebrity: Classic Moments From The Jungle

Digital Spy 11/14/08 Simon Webbe: 'I'm afraid of everything'
Daily Mail 11/14/08 Nicola McLean: 'I'm Ready For I'm A Celeb Now I've Done My Roots, Nails...."

Digital Spy 11/14/08 McLean: 'I might have a go with a girl'
Digital Spy 11/14/08 Navratilova in the jungle 'to win'

Digital Spy 11/13/08 Swash: 'I can be quite aggravating'

Daily Mail 11/13/08 Rumble In The Jungle: I'm A Celebrity Stars Are Already At War (Over Their Pay Deals)

Digital Spy 11/13/08 'I'm A Celeb' stars in pay row?
This Is London 11/13/08 Three Bikinis In 24 Hours For I'm A Celebrity's Dani
Digital Spy 11/13/08 Kilroy: 'I'm A Celeb' will be a challenge
Digital Spy 11/13/08 Carly Zucker: 'I like being scared'
Times Online 11/12/08 I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Line Up Revealed
The Australian 11/12/08 Reality TV Claims Martina Navratilova
Daily Record 11/12/08 I'm A Celebrity: Joe Swash Is Bookie's Early Favorite...
Daily Record 11/12/08 Star Trek George Takei Heads Line-Up For I'm A Celebrity
Daily Mail 11/12/08 'Why Did We Get Into This Shambles' WAG Carly and George Takei Already Getting Cold Feet
Digital Spy 11/12/08 'I'm A Celeb' Girls 'Forced To Cover Up'
Digital Spy 11/9/08 Joe Swash signs up for 'I'm A Celeb...'
Digital Spy 11/5/08 Pursey, Kilroy heading to jungle?
Daily Mail 11/3/08 Straight-talking Robert Kilroy-Silk signs up to cause mayhem in I'm A Celebrity
This Is London 10/28/08 Kerry Katona Faces The Axe From Iceland After This Morning Debacle
Digital Spy 10/27/08 Matthews, Bannerman split again
Daily Mail 10/27/08 Now Kerry Katona's Blasted By Her Mother-In-Law
Digital Spy 10/22/08 Blue singer Webbe for 'I'm A Celeb'?
Digital Spy 10/21/08 Rantzen linked to 'I'm A Celebrity'
Digital Spy 10/21/08 Metcalfe rules out 'I'm A Celeb' appearance
Digital Spy 10/20/08 Jesse Metcalfe for 'I'm A Celebrity'?
Digital Spy 10/6/08 Eubank linked with 'I'm A Celebrity'

Digital Spy 9/14/08 Blackburn tips Osmond for 'I'm A Celeb'
Digital Spy 8/26/08 Tennis legend Cash linked to 'Celeb'
Digital Spy 8/19/08 Clancy approached for 'I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 8/13/08 Jools Oliver for 'I'm A Celebrity...'?

Digital Spy 8/11/08 Axed Corrie actor rumoured for 'Celeb'

Celebrity Spider 8/5/08 Donny Osmond To Star In Jungle Reality Show?
Now Magazine 8/5/08 Donny Osmond to join I'm A Celebrity
Daily Record 6/26/08 I'm A Celebrity.. star Kerry Katona given six weeks to pay tax bill or face bankruptcy

Digital Spy 4/30/08 Bannerman: 'The jungle was like therapy'

Digital Spy 4/30/08 Bannerman keen on 'EastEnders' return

Daily Star 4/25/08 Gemma: My Great Debt To I'm Celeb

Sky News 4/21/08 Cerys To Be Mrs?

Daily Record 4/15/08 I'm A Celebrity winner Matt Willis takes to the decks in Aberdeen

Daily Mail 4/9/08 Hand-in-hand Marc and Cerys show their I'm A Celebrity romance is back on

Daily Mail 4/8/08 Revealed: The picture that shows that I'm A Celebrity lovers Marc and Cerys are back together

Daily Mail 4/6/08 Marc Bannerman's ex gets married - but is he back with Cerys?

Daily Star 4/4/08 Apprentice Superbitch is 'Hired' 

Fametastic 3/29/08 Katie Price & Peter Andre finally get their I知 a Celebrity jungle kiss

Digital Spy 3/21/08 Katie and Peter return to Aussie jungle

Glasgow Daily Record 3/11/08 I'm A Celebrity's David Guest To DJ At Back To The 80s

Digital Spy 3/7/08 Cerys 'still optimistic about love'

Sky News 3/3/08 Cerys' single night

Daily Mail 3/2/08 Ramsay tried to buy my restaurant on the cheap, says I'm A Celebrity chef John Burton Race 

Daily Record 3/1/08 I'm A Celebrity Chef John Burton Race Gets Restaurant Back

Sky News 2/29/08 Cerys' Single Night

Digital Spy 2/27/08 Day-Lewis: I could win 'I'm A Celeb'

Daily Mail 2/24/08 Cerys Matthews: 'I dumped Marc because he couldn't handle my kids and he hated my clothes'

Digital Spy 2/19/08 Bannerman 'will not win ex-girlfriend back'

Sky News 2/18/08 Cerys' split from Marc

Hello 2/18/08 No fairytale ending for jungle lovebirds Cerys and Marc

Daily Mail 2/17/08 Jungle romance is over: I'm A Celebrity's Cerys and Marc split up

The Times 2/16/08 Cerys Matthews on I'm A Celebrity, credibility and love

This is London 2/11/08 Myleene Klass:'How I'm a Celebrity...made me pregnant

Digital Spy 2/8/08 Thorne to appear in 'I'm A Celeb...'?

Daily Mail 1/21/08 I'm a Celebrity star Marc Bannerman cautioned over photographer row

Daily Mail 1/15/08 Fears for I'm A Celebrity star Cerys Matthews as she 'falls off wagon'

Glasgow Daily Record 1/10/08 Marc On Cerys: We Fell In Love, So What?

Digital Spy 12/28/07 Cerys and Marc brand editing 'misleading'

Daily Mail 12/28/07 I'm A Celebrity lovers Marc and Cerys enjoy a traditional Christmas with her children

Digital Spy 12/28/07 Lingerie boss brands Hopkins 'a disgrace'

Digital Spy 12/16/07 Christopher Biggins will return to panto

My Park Magazine 12/14/07 I'm A Celebrity - Marc Bannerman's Welsh lessons

Daily Mail 12/13/07 I'm A Celebrity's Gemma Atkinson reveals plans to launch pop career

Digital Spy 12/13/07 Biggins and Anna to appear on 'Millionaire'

This is London 12/12/07 The pictures that capture Marc and Cerys's passionate reunion

Digital Spy 12/12/07 Marc and Cerys to spend Christmas together

Daily Mail 12/11/07 Marc Bannerman arrested over fracas with photographers

Daily Mail 12/11/07 'Over the moon' Marc plans Christmas love-in with Cerys

Hello! 12/10/07 Marc gets cosy with Cerys at farmhouse in Welsh countryside

Daily Star 12/10/07 Jungle Lovers Drug Bust-Up 

ic Wales 12/9/07 Jungle lovers quizzed after photographer showdown

Daily Mail 12/8/07 Found: The Australian actress I'm a Celebrity winner Christopher Biggins married, because it was 'the done thing'

BBC 12/8/07 Cerys and Marc in Pembrokeshire

The Sun 12/8/07 I'm a Celeb ... get me upstairs

Entertainmentwise 12/8/07 Cerys Matthews And Marc Bannerman's First Night Together

Digital Spy 12/7/07 Cerys and Marc finally make love?

Daily Mail 12/7/07 Queen of the lurvie jungle: How Christopher Biggens can wave goodbye to years of z-list pantos

Daily Record 12/7/07 Cerys And Marc In Date At Pub

Daily Mail 12/7/07 I'm A Celeb lovebirds Marc and Cerys reunite at romantic rural retreat

Digital Spy 12/607 Atkinson to launch music career

Digital Spy 12/6/07 Cerys meets Marc at wedding pub

Hello! 12/6/07 King of the jungle joins in the fun at British Comedy awards

Daily Mail 12/5/07 Marc's guilt over betraying girlfriend Sarah with Cerys: 'I feel sick... I can't even look at myself in the mirror'

Glasgow Daily Record 12/5/07 Marc's Girl Tells Cerys: Rot In Hell

This is London 12/4/07 Jungle 'love rat' Marc's distraught girlfriend: I'm getting tested for HIV

Digital Spy 12/4/07 Cerys: 'Marc didn't mislead me'

Entertainmentwise 12/3/07 I'm A Celebrity Hit By Fix Scandal

This is London 12/3/07 Celebrity love sham: Cerys and Marc are too busy cashing in to rekindle their romance

Hello 12/3/07 'Shocked' Christopher crowned king of 'I'm A Celeb' jungle

Sunday Mirror 12/2/07 Biggins: My life

Sunday Mirror 12/2/07 Marc: Cerys is the one

Daily Mail 12/2/07 Bravo Biggins! The fascinating story of the actor who became King of the Celebrity Jungle

Manchester Online 12/2/07 I'm a Celeb: Cerys longs for Marc

Digital Spy 12/2/07 Cerys declares her love for Marc

Digital Spy 12/2/07 Rodney lifts the lid on Janice's "game plan"

Digital Spy 12/2/07 Biggins hopes to host his own show

Daily Mail 12/2/07 Cerys: 'The moment I realised I'd fallen in love with Marc in the jungle'

Press Association 12/1/07 I'm a Celebrity evictee to buy zoo

ic Wales 12/1/07 PR guru predicts Cerys Matthews will make 」1m

Digital Spy 12/1/07 Marc's friends expect him to dump Cerys

Daily Record 12/1/07 Biggins Weeps For Joy As He Wins I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 12/1/07 Christopher Biggins wins 'I'm A Celebrity'

Daily Record 12/1/07 Cerys: I Want To See Marc Again

Sky News 11/30/07 Biggins The Jungle King

Daily Mail 11/30/07 I'm a Celebrity ... Biggins is crowned king of the jungle

Manchester Online 11/30/07 I'm A Celeb: Biggins favourite as Cerys goes

Sky News 11/30/07 Did Gem Lose Boobs?

Hello! 11/30/07 No reunion with her 'Tarzan' for Cerys as she leaves celebrity camp

Digital Spy 11/30/07 Cerys voted out of camp before final

Times Online 11/30/07 Cerys Matthews leaves I'm A Celebrity to find Marc Bannerman missing

Sky News 11/30/07 No Mark for Cerys

BBC 11/30/07 Jungle showdown for final three

Daily Mail 11/30/07 Cerys 'gutted' that Marc isn't there to greet her as she leaves the jungle

Media Guardian 11/30/07 Nearly 7m watch Cerys eviction

Sky News 11/30/07 Anna's Wild Purchase

Digital Spy 11/30/07 Celebs struggle in personal career quiz

Daily Mail 11/30/07 Gemma shows off her jungle body and reveals: 'I lost A Stone in the jungle'

Digital Spy 11/30/07 Biggins hosts jungle chat show

BBC 11/30/07 Jungle rumble to Cerys comeback?

Daily Record 11/30/07 Cerys Kicked Out ... And Marc's Not There

Digital Spy 11/30/07 Cerys and Biggins compare weddings

Digital Spy 11/30/07 J moans about Janice's crocodile tears

Digital Spy 11/30/07 Four celebs take on Cyclone Trial

Daily Record 11/29/07 Biggins: I'll Get Janice Into Panto

Daily Mail 11/29/07 Gemma voted out of jungle as she looks skinnier than ever

Glasgow Daily Mail 11/29/07 Gemma Atkinson Voted Off I'm A Celebrity

Manchester Online 11/29/07 I'm A Celeb: Gemma in jungle exit

The Mirror 11/29/07 She's rumbled in the jungle

Digital Spy 11/29/07 Marc signs 」50K newspaper deal?

Glasgow Daily Record 11/28/07 Gem's Dig In The Fibs

Sky News 11/28/07 Jan's creepy moment

Daily Mail 11/28/07 'Love rat' Marc Bannerman WON'T return to meet Cerys in the jungle

Manchester Online 11/28/07 I'm A Celeb: Reprieve for contestants

Digital Spy 11/28/07 Janice gives Cerys men advice

Digital Spy 11/28/07 Anna misses being in the jungle

Daily Mail 11/27/07 Is Gemma losing her curves in the jungle?

This is London 11/27/07 Jilted girlfriend of I'm A Celeb 'love rat' Marc Bannerman moves out

Daily Mail 11/27/07 Cerys vows 'I'll never marry again' after jungle pals start planning I'm A Celeb wedding

Daily Mail 11/27/07 I'm A Celebrity... chef is evicted to find restaurant closed in latest round of divorce battle

Glasgow Daily Record 11/27/07 Jungle Celebs Revolt Over Croc Leg Dinner

Sky News 11/27/07 Cerys Exposed

Times Online 11/27/07 The past comes back to bite Marc Bannerman

Manchester Online 11/27/07 I'm A Celeb: Anna's voted off

Hello! 11/27/07 Exiting the jungle Anna remains discreet about Cerys' romance

Times Online 11/27/07 Anna Ryder Richardson latest casualty of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here

Daily Mail 11/26/07 I'm A Celebrity bosses 'hid footage which show Cerys and Marc did get together in the jungle'

Glasgow Daily Record 11/26/07 Cerys Wants To Wait For Marc

Hello! 11/26/07 Marc set to return to Oz to rekindle jungle romance with Cerys

Manchester Online 11/26/07 I'm a Celeb: Rodney given red card

BBC 11/25/07 Burton Race leaves TV jungle show

Daily Mail 11/25/07 'Sexist' Rodney Marsh is shown the red card by I'm A Celebrity viewers

Digital Spy 11/25/07 John and J win six meals for 'Celeb' camp

Sunday People 11/25/07 Letter Alone Marc

Daily Mail 11/25/07 'Be careful, Cerys', family begs as Marc's ex accuses him of beating her

Sunday Mirror 11/25/07 Jungle Marc beat me up

Daily Mail 11/25/07 Now Cerys gets love letter from Marc

Daily Record 11/24/07 I Don't Want To Make A Mistake With Marc ..that's My Big Fear

BBC 11/24/07 Franks booted off TV jungle show

Daily Mail 11/24/07 TV chef John Burton Race gets voted off I'm a Celebrity

Digital Spy 11/24/07 Lynne Franks voted off 'I'm A Celeb'

Daily Mail 11/24/07 Sizzling Gemma admits she has the hots for older men as stars reveal drug horror tales

Digital Spy 11/24/07 Anna and Cerys talk about mystery man

Digital Spy 11/24/07 Rodney's wife insists he's not sexist

Digital Spy 11/24/07 The celebrities argue over beans

Digital Spy 11/24/07 Anna and Rodney triumph in Trial

Digital Spy 11/24/07 Biggins teaches John about orgies

This is London 11/24/07 Cerys refuses to talk about Marc as he flies home to face the music

Sky News 11/23/07 Katie's A Gonner

Daily Mail 11/23/07 Dumped Katie Hopkins takes a swipe at I'm A Celeb jungle 'queen' Lynne

Sky News 11/23/07 Marc's Humble Apology

Digital Spy 11/23/07 Katie is kicked out of the jungle

Manchester Online 11/23/07 I'm A Celeb: Katie goes as Gemma shines

Digital Spy 11/23/07 Cerys can't believe Marc is first out

BBC 11/23/07 Hopkins ousted from jungle show

Digital Spy 11/23/07 Marc: 'I'm deeply sorry for my actions'

Digital Spy 11/23/07 Contestants tell celebrity stories

Daily Mail 11/23/07 I'm A Celeb's Janice attacks Cerys for romance with Mark

Digital Spy 11/23/07 Gemma and Cerys take part in Trial

Digital Spy 11/22/07 Marc is first celebrity to get the boot

Manchester Online 11/22/07 I'm a Celeb: Marc axed

Dorset Echo 11/22/07 Old mates of the jungle heading our way

Digital Spy 11/22/07 Gaffney defends Bannerman's flirting

Times Online 11/22/07 Marc Bannerman faces harsh reality after eviction from I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here

Digital Spy 11/22/07 'I'm A Celebrity' still a ratings winner

Hello! 11/22/07 Marc Bannerman becomes first to bid farewell to jungle life

Digital Spy 11/22/07 The camp gets stressed over mating flies

Daily Mail 11/22/07 'I'm in love with two women': I'm A Celeb's Marc in tears as he reveals his true feelings for Cerys

Daily Mail 11/22/07 No more jungle love: Cerys' shock as Marc is booted out... and his girlfriend has already fled back to UK

Digital Spy 11/22/07 Lynne and Janice triumph in joint trial

Media Guardian 11/21/07 Should I be watching I'm a Celebrity?

Digital Spy 11/21/07 Cerys' friend wary of Bannerman

Daily Mail 11/21/07 It is lucky number seven for Janice as she succeeds in 'Uneasy Rider' trial

Glasgow Daily Record 11/21/07 Knee Bother For Rodney

Manchester Online 11/21/07 I'm A Celeb: Marsh rushed to hospital

Daily Mail 11/20/07 Lynne Franks' boyfriend blasts ITV bosses for editing her into a 'complete idiot'

Daily Mail 11/20/07 Cerys and Marc finally kiss as girlfriend Sarah vows to 'throttle' the flirty star

Daily Mail 11/20/07 'Kids teased me about my mum sleeping with so many men', says Janice Dickinson's son

Manchester Online 11/20/07 I'm A Celeb: Has Marc fallen for Cerys?

Digital Spy 11/20/07 Anna gains immunity from voting

Dot Music 11/20/07 Flirting intensifies for jungle duo

Sky news 11/19/07 Jungle beasts vs beauties

Daily Mail 11/19/07 'There may be trouble ahead' admits flirty Marc as Cerys offers him her bed

Glasgow Daily Record 11/19/07 Terrifying Challenge For Jungle Stars

Hello! 11/19/07 Flirty Cerys raising temperatures with Marc... and his girl

Digital Spy 11/18/07 'Celeb' stars to battle for immunity

Daily Mail 11/18/07 Gemma Atkinson just can't stop stripping off - despite vowing to remain fully clothed

Digital Spy 11/18/07 Marc's girl blasts "home-wrecker" Cerys

Irish Independent 11/18/07 Ignorance of I'm A Celeb critics just drives me wild
Daily Mail 11/18/07 'Get Cerys out of there,' blasts flirty Marc's girlfriend

Guardian 11/18/07 Marsh has a gas in the jungle but leaves the lady blank

Sleaford Standard 11/18/07 Sex row stars face jungle challenge

Daily Mail 11/17/07 I'm A Celebrity PR guru Lynne gets a nip 'n' pluck from the ostriches

Mirror 11/17/07 I'm a Celeb: Janice exclusive

Daily Record 11/17/07 I'm A Celeb Rodney's Amazing Sexist Rant

Mirror 11/17/07 New queens of the jungle

Manchester Evening News 11/17/07 Bungle in the jungle as Rodney rants at women

Scotsman 11/17/07 Marsh gets bogged down in the jungle

Daily Record 11/16/07 Christopher Biggins Is I'm A Celebrity Hero

Daily Mail 11/16/07 Motormouth Janice reduced to tears as she fails again in spider trial

Sky News 11/16/07 Katie's Comeuppance

Digital Spy 11/16/07 Marc and Cerys grow closer in camp

Daily Mail 11/16/07 Rodney Marsh clashes with jungle campers after sexist rant

BBC 11/16/07 Panto star Biggins joins jungle

Digital Spy 11/16/07 Gemma talks about new boyfriend

Daily Mail 11/16/07 Marc racked with guilt after bedtime cuddle with jungle pal Cerys

Daily Record 11/16/07 I'm Not Biggin To Camping

Digital Spy 11/16/07 J reveals relationship dilemma

Digital Spy 11/16/07 Janice complains about Lynne to new camp

Digital Spy 11/16/07 Rodney: 'Janice is a selfish prat'

Digital Spy 11/16/07 Katie wins ten meals in Grave trial

Sky News 11/5/07 Bren's Gabby Rant

Digital Spy 11/16/07 Biggins joins 'I'm A Celeb...' camp

Daily Mail 11/15/07 Apprentice maneater Katie Hopkins gets up close with 20,000 cockroaches

Daily Mail 11/15/07 'Get me in there, and I'll throttle him', says flirty Marc's girlfriend Sarah

Daily Mail 11/15/07 Gemma 'does a Myleene' and strips off to reveal skimpy bikini

Manchester Evening News 11/15/07 I'm A Celeb: Gemma the soap star

Hello! 11/15/07 Jungle beauties Gemma and Cerys follow Myleene's lead

Glasgow Daily Record 11/15/07 Gemma's Bikini Bid For I'm A Celebrity Crown

Manchester Evening News 11/15/07 I'm A Celeb: Jungle buddies left hungry

Daily Mail 11/15/07 Let's get out of here, say 2 million Celebrity viewers

Showbiz Spy 11/15/07 I知 a Celebrity: Janice Dickinson refuses to eat a crocodile penis

Guardian 11/15/07 I'm a Celeb bounces back

Celebrity Spider 11/14/07 Janice Dickinson Confirms Plastic Surgery to Compete in UK Reality Show

This is London 11/14/07 Janice Dickinson warns Katie Hopkins: 'I'm reigning queen of bitches'

Glasgow Daily Record 11/14/07 Apprentice Kate Sets Up I'm A Celebrity Battle

Showbiz Spy 11/14/07 I知 a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here: First Impressions

Digital Spy 11/14/07 Grimes: I want to join Hopkins in jungle

Guardian 11/14/07 Viewers flee the jungle

Digital Spy 11/14/07 Ten Things You Never Knew About Janice Dickinson

Crawly Observer 11/14/07 Apprentice star Katie enters jungle

The Sun 11/13/07 The jungle fun has just begun

Sky News 11/13/07 Newcomer in the jungle

Metro 11/13/07 Battle of the jungle bitches

Daily Mail 11/13/07 Apprentice villain Katie Hopkins enters the jungle in I'm A Celebrity...

Manchester Online 11/13/07 I'm A Celeb: Sparks fly

Digital Spy 11/13/07 Katie Hopkins joins 'I'm A Celeb...' camp

Digital Spy 11/13/07 Lynne and Janice make up after rows

Digital Spy 11/13/07 McLaren not concerned for campmates

BBC 11/13/07 8.7m tune in for ITV jungle show

Metro 11/13/07 Cerys and Marc in jungle love?

Daily Record 11/13/07 I'm A Celebrity Girls In First Night Bust-up

RTE 11/13/07 Katie Hopkins joins I'm A Celebrity camp

Times Online 11/13/07 I知 A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here

Celebrity Spider 11/12/07 Malcolm McLaren Slams "Fake" Jungle Show

Celebrity Spider 11/12/07 Malcolm McClaren Pulls Out of Jungle Show

Daily Mail 11/12/07 'I couldn't do I'm A Celebrity because of my Buddhist beliefs', claims Koo Stark

Daily Mail 11/12/07 I was 'unbooked' from I'm a Celebrity... because I'm Jeffrey Archer's ex-mistress

Digital Spy 11/12/07 'I'm A Celeb': Meet the contestants

Sky News 11/12/07 I'm a Celeb... Guess My Tum

Daily Star 11/12/07 Two Tribes Go To War 

Daily Mail 11/12/07 Was dumped Koo Stark too posh for I'm A Celebrity?

Now Magazine 11/12/07 Gemma Atkinson: I'm scared of sleepwalking in the jungle

Daily Mail 11/12/07 I'm A Celebrity... Anna Richardson overcomes her fear of heights as Gemma enjoys the sunshine

Digital Spy 11/12/07 Team Snake Rock kayak into 'I'm A Celeb...'

Sunday Mirror 11/11/07 5 Beds For 10 Jungle Celebs 

Sunday Mirror 11/11/07 Janice: My Lust For Wombats

Digital Spy 11/11/07 'Celeb' chiefs want stars to shower nude

Manchester Online 11/11/07 I'm a celeb: McLaren pulls out

Digital Spy 11/10/07 'Celeb' gets bigger budget for trials

Manchester Online 11/10/07 I'm A Celeb: The lowdown

Daily Mail 11/9/07 Why we all love those jungle creepy crawlies (And that's just the contestants)

Daily Record 11/10/07 Gemma Atkinson's Got An I'm A Celebrity Secret

Sky News 11/9/07 Jungle: The Best So Far 

Daily Mail 11/9/07 I'm A Celeb's Gemma revives romance with Marcus Bent, scuppering hopes of jungle love

Times Online 11/9/07 Bring on I'm A Celebrity ... Get me Out of Here

Digital Spy 11/9/07 McClaren: I was bullied into the jungle

Manchester Online 11/9/07 We're celebs... get us in there

Daily Record 11/9/07 Gemma Wants Romp On I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 11/9/07 'I'm A Celeb': Most squeamish contestants

Digital Spy 11/9/07 'I'm A Celeb': Top Ten Tucker Trials

Ireland Online 11/8/07 Jungle show line-up list revealed

Hello 11/8/07 'I'm A Celebrity...' fever grips UK as line-up speculation mounts

Daily Mail 11/8/07 Welcome to the jungle: 'Celebrities' descend on Oz ahead of I'm A Celebrity

Sky News 11/8/07 Jungle Celebs Announced

Daily Mail 11/8/07 Profiles: The full list of candidates for I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here

Digital Spy 11/8/07 Atkinson heads 'I'm A Celeb' lineup

Daily Record 11/8/07 Apprentice Girl And Gemma On I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/8/07 Desperate I'm A Celebrity producers in late bid to sign Ingrid Tarrant

Hello! 11/8/07 'I'm A Celebrity...' fever grips UK as line-up speculation mounts

Sky News 11/7/07 Stars off to Jungle?

Glasgow Daily Record 11/7/07 Anna Ryder Richardson To Star In I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 11/6/07 Iceland to sponsor 'I'm A Celebrity'

Daily Mail 11/5/07 Apprentice villainess Katie Hopkins to take on the jungle in I'm A Celebrity...

Digital Spy 11/4/07 'I'm A Celeb' site given the all-clear

Digital Spy 11/2/07 Marsh signed for 'I'm A Celebrity...'?

Daily Star 11/1/07 Join Gemma In The Jungle 

EADT 10/30/07 Delia to escape to the jungle?

Sky News 10/26/07 Gemma For The Jungle?

Digital Spy 10/24/07 Atkinson heading to the jungle?

Digital Spy 10/21/07 'I'm A Celeb' site hit by poison scare

Entertainmentwise 10/17/07 Paris Hilton : 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!'

Digital Spy 10/15/07 Matt Willis to present 'Celeb' spin-off

Digital Spy 10/8/07 Debra Stephenson snubs 'I'm A Celebrity'

Daily Mail 10/6/07 Reality show 'I'm A Celebrity' in talks with disgraced Jeffrey Archer AND his former mistress

Digital Spy 10/3/07 Popstar Daniel signs for jungle?

The Mirror 9/15/07 Matt gets jungle job

Digital Spy 9/5/07 Married couple for next 'I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 8/27/07 Debra Stephenson for 'I'm A Celeb'?

Digital Spy 8/23/07 Right Said Fred star for 'I'm A Celeb'?

Digital Spy 8/9/07 'Cosby Show' star for 'I'm A Celeb'?

Digital Spy 8/5/07 'Celeb' producers want Doherty for jungle

Digital Spy 8/2/07 Barrymore considered for 'I'm A Celeb'

Entertainmentwise 8/2/07 Michael Barrymore To Appear On I知 A Celeb?

Derby Evening Telegraph 7/30/07 Sopranos star in I'm A Celeb?

The Sun 8/27/07 I'm A Celebrity ... Ignore me

Digital Spy 7/24/07 Gazza being lined up for 'I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 7/21/07 Gene Simmons signs up for 'Celeb'?

Digital Spy 7/14/07 Page 3 girl turns down 'I'm A Celeb'

ic 7/13/07 Famous Klass red bikini up for sale

Digital Spy 6/30/07 Psychic Sally Morgan for 'I'm A Celeb'?
BBC 6/26/07 Interview: Jason Donovan

Digital Spy 6/25/07 Ant and Dec want Cowell for 'I'm A Celeb'

Entertainmentwise 6/20/07 Apprentice Bitch To Appear On Another Reality Show?

Digital Spy 6/20/07 Katie Hopkins to appear on 'I'm A Celeb'?

Courier Mail 6/9/07 Mile-high Lisa's TV take-off

Sunday People 6/3/07 I'm a Celebrity favourite shows off her own little star

This is Hampshire 5/16/07 Belinda Oaten turned down 'I知 a Celebrity...' offer

Celebrity Spider 4/27/07 Brian McFadden Signs Up to I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here

Sky News 4/27/07 Is Brian Jungle-Bound?

Hello! 4/24/07 Matt asks 'I'm A Celebrity' pal David to be best man

Sky News 4/2/07 Myleene's Bump Joy

Daily Mail 4/1/07 It's not hearsay...Myleene's having a baby

BBC 4/1/07 Musician Klass confirms pregnancy

Sky News 3/16/07 Who Is David Dating?

Sky News 3/13/07 David Axed By Mistake?

Digital Spy 3/13/07 Gest voted off I'm A Celeb by mistake?

Metro 2/22/07 Jeans-clad Jason back at Harrods

Daily Mail 2/17/07 Jungle fever earns Myleene 」500,000 TV deal

Belfast Telegraph 1/18/07 Life's a jungle but I survive

Celebrity Spider 1/15/07 Matt Willis Regrets I'm a Celebrity Appearance

Dot Music 1/15/07 Willis in jungle vow as album flops

Digital Spy 1/11/07 Gest signs exclusively to ITV

The Independent 1/6/07 Myleene: Klass Act

The Sun 1/4/07 Matt's 」21,000 dream therapy

Sky News 1/2/07 Did Matt Fancy Myleene?

The Sun 1/2/07 Matt hooked on cannabis at 13


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