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News Articles about UK I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here


Digital Spy 12/31/06 Matt Willis to write autobiography

Metro 12/28/06 60 Seconds: David Gest

Sunday Mirror 12/24/06 Exclusive: David's Our Special Gest Tomorrow

Daily Record 12/22/06 A Klass Lesson

Dot Music 12/22/06 Matt Willis: UK tour

Celebrity Spider 12/20/06 Matt Willis Mates for Life With David Gest After Reality Show

Daily Mail 12/19/06 I'm a celebrity, putt me out of here...

The Mirror 12/18/06 I'm A Celeb.. Get Me Out Of Hair 

Digital Spy 12/16/06 David Gest signs £500K book deal

Daily Mail 12/15/06 Myleene looks sheer Klass

Celebrity Spider 12/12/06 David Gest Delighted Over Reality Show Image

Digital Spy 12/9/06 Myleene still plagued by jungle maggots

Daily Mail 12/8/06 Jungle Jason launches comeback tour

Glasgow Daily Record 12/8/06 You Farepak That, Myleene

Ananova 12/8/06 Jason Donovan announces UK tour

Evening Star 12/7/06 Donovan swaps jungle for Ipswich

Oxford Mail 12/7/06 Iím a Celebrity starís boost for Chox

Celebrity Spider 12/6/06 David Gest to Give "I'm a Celebrity" Co-Star Jason Donovan Career Assistance

Celebrity Spider 12/6/06 Michael Jackson "Spent a Fortune" Voting for David Gest on Reality Show

Swindon Advertiser 12/6/06 Myleene puts her jungle swimwear under hammer

Digital Spy 12/5/06 Gest's snoring to become ring tone

Manchester Online 12/5/06 I'm A Celeb: 'Invincible' Myleene arrives home

Entertainmentwise 12/5/06 I'm A Celebrity's... David Gest Looking For A British Lover

Digital Spy 12/5/06 Gest yearns for quiet family life

Digital Spy 12/4/06 'Celebrity' final brings in 9.5 million for ITV

Digital Spy 12/4/06 Matt and Myleene return from jungle

Daily Mail 12/4/06 I'm A Celebrity winner back home and looking forward to a good meal

Manchester Online 12/4/06 I'm A Celeb: Hungry Matt arrives home

Digital Spy 12/4/06 Matt Willis made sister eat maggots

Sunday Mirror 12/3/06 Little sis screams for Matt till ear's busted

Sunday Mirror 12/3/06 Myleene: Showers were to cool off my lust

Sunday Mirror 12/3/06 David Gest: The Real King of the Jungle

Digital Spy 12/3/06 Gaffney promises not to cheat again

Celebrity Spider 12/2/06 Matt Willis Wins I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!

Sky News 12/2/06 Meet the Jungle King

Glasgow Daily Record 12/2/06 Matt has the willy to win

Digital Spy 12/2/06 Myleene to make millions after 'Celeb'

Digital Spy 12/2/06 Matt Willis wins 'I'm A Celebrity'

Digital Spy 12/2/06 Gest not disappointed by 'Celeb' eviction

Media Guardian 12/2/06 Where to next after a light snack of crocodile penis?

Daily Mail 12/1/06 Boy band star Matt crowned King of the Jungle

Manchester Online 12/1/06 I'm A Celeb: Matt is crowned jungle king

Sky News 12/1/06 Are my boobs fake?

Daily Mail 12/1/06 David and Dean booted out in surprise double eviction

Manchester Online 12/1/06 I'm A Celeb: David's an unwelcome Gest

BBC 12/1/06 Gest is booted out of the jungle

Digital Spy 12/1/06 Gest and Gaffney given boot from jungle

Digital Spy 11/30/06 Myleene presents celebs' Jungle Awards

Digital Spy 11/30/06 Dean and David create a stir with dishes

Digital Spy 11/30/06 Men miss Malandra in the jungle

Daily Mail 11/30/06 Drippy Dean reaches breaking point with Gest

Digital Spy 11/30/06 Leeming leaves 'I'm A Celebrity'

Sky News 11/30/06 Jan's Outta The Jungle

Manchester Online 11/30/06 I'm A Celeb: Jan's fans can't save her

Daily Mail 11/30/06 ITV denies bribing celebs with cocaine

Ananova 11/30/06 Double eviction for celebrities

Daily Mail 11/30/06 Leeming is seventh celebrity to be evicted from jungle contest

Celebrity Spider 11/29/06 David Gest Plans London Move After Positive Reality TV Stint

Metro 11/29/06 I'm a Celebrity...Get me cocaine?

Entertainmentwise 11/29/06 I'm A Celebrity's Phina Oruche Claims Producers Were Bribing Contestants

Manchester Online 11/29/06 I'm A Celeb: Malandra given jungle boot

Digital Spy 11/29/06 Gaffney enters the Temple of Doom

Ananova 11/29/06 Malandra leaves the jungle

Manchester Online 11/29/06 I'm A Celeb: David teases Jan

Digital Spy 11/29/06 Malandra Burrows booted out of jungle

Digital Spy 11/29/06 Malandra and Myleene risk fall for dinner

Digital Spy 11/29/06 Gest delighted to lose two stone in weight

Sky News 11/28/06 Phina glad to go

Manchester Online 11/28/06 I'm A Celeb: Phina gets her marching orders

Daily Mail 11/28/06 Phina claims: 'It's just a game' as she's booted out the camp

Glasgow Daily Record 11/28/06 More Jan Looming

Digital Spy 11/28/06 Phina voted out of jungle

Celebrity Spider 11/27/06 Kelly Osbourne Blasts "I'm a Celebrity" Contestants

Celebrity Spider 11/27/06 Michael Jackson Tips David Gest to Win Reality TV Show

Daily Mail 11/27/06 Jason goes 'slightly mad' in the jungle

Digital Spy 11/27/06 Myleene and Jason spend night away from camp

Digital Spy 11/27/06 Boys fail to win meal stars in trial

Sky News 11/27/06 Jungle Stars Kicked Out

Digital Spy 11/27/06 Dean, Malandra move into Jungle Pit

Manchester Online 11/27/06 I'm A Celeb: Jordan hits out

Daily Record 11/27/06 Booth Gets Boot From the Jungle 

Digital Spy 11/27/06 David speaks of marriage with Minnelli

BBC 11/27/06 Booth voted off I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 11/27/06 Myleene hailed 'Wonder Women' after trial

Manchester Online 11/27/06 I'm a Celeb: Lauren voted out

Daily Mail 11/27/06 Lauren is booted off I'm A Celebrity

Sunday Mirror 11/26/06 Lauren In Collapse 

Daily Mail 11/26/06 Lauren Booth's dramatic collapse after TV bungee jump

Sunday Mirror 11/26/06 Phina's a Snake in the Jungle 

BBC 11/26/06 Brown voted off I'm A Celebrity

Manchester Online 11/26/06 I'm a celebrity: Faith gets the boot

Sunday People 11/26/06 Lauren: My Horror At 100ft Leap 

Daily Record 11/25/06 Jan's the Biggest Joke in the Celeb Jungle 

Sunday Mirror 11/26/06 Gest the Joker 

Digital Spy 11/26/06 Gaffney accused of playing on mum's illness

Sunday Mirror 11/26/06 O'Sullivan's Verdict 

Digital Spy 11/25/06 Celebs take on bungee jumping trial

Digital Spy 11/25/06 Lauren Booth writes secret 'Celeb' diary

Daily Mail 11/25/06 Designer Henshall gets the boot

Digital Spy 11/25/06 Evicted 'Celeb' Scott criticises Phina

Daily Record 11/24/06 Phin Wins It For the Girls

Manchester Online 11/24/06 I'm A Celeb: Toby in jungle exit

Daily Record 11/24/06 'Wusses' Jibe From Camp Doc 

Dot Music 11/24/06 Jackson 'glued to I'm A Celebrity'

Daily Record 11/24/06 Oh Why Did It Have Toby Me 

Daily Mail 11/24/06 Jungle celebrity Gest gets letters from superstar friends

Digital Spy 11/24/06 Anstis ousted from the jungle

Daily Mail 11/24/06 DJ Anstis first celeb axed from jungle camp

Digital Spy 11/24/06 Angry Phina up against Scott again

Daily Mail 11/24/06 Phina and Faith say Booth has 'let her appearance go'

Digital Spy 11/24/06 Gest hosts all-star jungle concert

Digital Spy 11/24/06 Bitching girls reunited with boys

Manchester Online 11/23/06 I'm A Celeb: Phina and Faith attack Lauren

Digital Spy 11/23/06 Scott and David talk about sexuality

Ananova 11/23/06 Jan's fans accuse show of granny bashing

Digital Spy 11/23/06 Boys just miss out on double win

Manchester Online 11/23/06 I'm A Celeb: Croc challenge for Phina and Scott

Celebrity Spider 11/22/06 David Gest Fears Death by Starvation on Reality Show

Daily Mail 11/22/06 Screaming Leeming: what is bugging Jan?

Manchester Online 11/22/06 I'm A Celeb: Jan parachutes to victory

Daily Mail 11/22/06 Leeming parachutes to victory - and Gest fears death

Digital Spy 11/22/06 Jan picked for another Bushtucker Trial

Daily Mail 11/22/06 Record sixth trial for troubled Jungle Jan

Digital Spy 11/22/06 Girls accuse "sleazy" Dean Gaffney

Ananova 11/22/06 David: We're all going to die

Daily Mail 11/22/06 Former jungle queen Kerry doesn't feel up to scratch

Digital Spy 11/22/06 Dean wins Celebrity Chest

Daily Mail 11/22/06 Jason declares his love for David's unique charms

Celebrity Spider 11/21/06 Michael Jackson Warned David Gest Against Appearing on Reality Show

This is London 11/21/06 Fight breaks out in the jungle

Daily Mail 11/21/06 Jan and Scott get ready to rumble in spiteful male versus female jungle

Sky News 11/21/06 Tumble in the Jungle

Manchester Online 11/21/06 I'm A Celeb: Jan and Scott face trial again

Glasgow Daily Record 11/21/06 Beast of a trial, Jan

Herald Sun 11/20/06 Creepy for Jason Donovan

Digital Spy 11/20/06 First girls v boys challenge ends in tears

Digital Spy 11/20/06 Jan annoys girls with fire jibe

Daily Mail 11/20/06 Klass has public school edge

Daily Mail 11/20/06 I'm a Celebrity two camps shock

Digital Spy 11/20/06 Jason Donovan catches a yabby

Digital Spy 11/20/06 Jungle camp will be split into two rival teams

Manchester Online 11/19/06 I'm a Celeb: Cherie's changed says Lauren

Daily Mail 11/19/06 Soap star Malandra drops into I'm A Celebrity

Sunday Mirror 11/19/06 Exclusive: Kell Axe 

Sunday Mirror 11/19/06 Exclusive: Jan The Wife Swapper 

Digital Spy 11/19/06 'Celeb' star accused of wrecking marriage

Digital Spy 11/19/06 TPT explains reasons for quitting 'Celeb'

Daily Record 11/18/06 New Girl's Verdict On The Celebs

The Mirror 11/18/06 Malandra Burrows In

Daily Record 11/18/06 Malandra: You Don't Scare Me 

Digital Spy 11/18/06 New 'Celeb' contestant to stir up camp life?

Daily Record 11/18/06 I'm Clean Gaffney  

Daily Mail 11/17/06 Gest blows top over loo

BBC 11/17/06 Gaffney enters TV jungle contest

Sky News 11/17/06 Death wishes for David

Manchester Online 11/17/06 I'm A Celeb: Dean shines in shock trial

This is London 11/17/06 Gaffney shock at Bushtucker Trial

Ananova 11/17/06 Dean enters the jungle

Ananova 11/17/06 Liza: 'I hope David gets f****d by a kangaroo'

Digital Spy 11/17/06 Donovan crowned jungle president

Daily Mail 11/16/06 DJ Toby's shower strip proves he's the jungle gigolo

The Sun 11/16/06 Telly babe joins Gaff in jungle

Daily Mail 11/16/06 Jason Donovan's singing drives campmates crazy

Irish Examiner 11/16/06 Second jungle trial for drippy designer

Daily Mail 11/16/06 Scott in the groove for celebrity jungle trial

Sunday Mirror 11/16/06 A Few early thoughts on I'm A Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/16/06 Bungling Booth is a Lauren to herself

The Sun 11/16/06 Scott's failed jungle boogie

Daily Mail 11/16/06 New jungle trial means double trouble for Leeming and Henshall

Digital Spy 11/16/06 Ant nearly quit 'Celeb' after gran's death

Daily Mail 11/16/06 I'm a temper tantrum queen, Phina admits

Manchester Online 11/16/06 I'm A Celeb: Second trial for drippy designer

Ananova 11/16/06 Jan to be first out of the jungle?

Digital Spy 11/16/06 Scott only gets one meal in trial

Celebrity Spider 11/15/06 David Gest Uses Reality Show to Slam Liza Minnelli

Ananova 11/15/06 EastEnders star heading for the jungle

Daily Mail 11/15/06 I'm a Celebrity Jan reveals marital heartbreak

Daily Mail 11/15/06 Phina and Myleene have a good hair day

Daily Mail 11/15/06 I'm a reptile, get me out of here! (and the alligator's unhappy too)

Daily Mail 11/15/06 Too much jungle juice for Myleene

Daily Mail 11/15/06 Scott in the groove for celebrity jungle trial

Manchester Online 11/15/06 I'm A Celeb: Scott faces jungle trial

Glasgow Daily Record 11/15/06 Who would have Gest that he'd be so tough?

Glasgow Daily Record 11/15/06 Gest Knifes Liza in Jungle

Glasgow Daily Record 11/15/06 Off the Record

Celebrity Spider 11/14/06 David Gest Needs Reality Show Cash for Liza Minnelli Divorce Battle

Digital Spy 11/14/06 9 million tune in for 'I'm a Celebrity'

Sky News 11/14/06 Will Dave win I'm a Celeb?

Daily Mail 11/14/06 The sniping, snoring, betting... and flashing of I'm a Celeb day one

Daily Mail 11/14/06 Heartbroken Ant's dilemma in the jungle

Daily Mail 11/14/06 8.9 million watch tears and leers as Gest 'warms' to the ladies

The Independent 11/14/06 First Night: I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!

Belfast Telegraph 11/14/06 I'm a celebrity...get me in there

The Sun 11/14/06 David's filthy jungle tirade

The Mirror 11/14/06 Leery Dave eyes girls in swimwear I'm A Celeb: It's Day One

Irish Examiner 11/14/06 Viewers pick Gest for first bushtucker trial

The Sun 11/14/06 Phina's law of the jungle

Celebrity Spider 11/13/06 I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here Producers Say David Gest Isn't Ready

Digital Spy 11/13/06 David's "snoring Tourette's" gets on nerves

Daily Record 11/13/06 Grumbles in the Jungle as Celebs Arrive

Daily Mail 11/13/06 Booth and Gest start celebrity jungle war

The Sun 11/13/06 Jungle warfare as sniping starts

BBC 11/13/06 Leeming bitten in TV tucker trial

Sky News 11/13/06 I'm A Celeb: New Pics

Daily Mail 11/13/06 Jason's leap of faith on I'm a Celebrity

Irish Examiner 11/13/06 Jason Donovan favourite to win Jungle show

Digital Spy 11/13/06 The Celebs face their first task

Daily Mail 11/13/06 David Gest: The biggest star in the celebrity jungle

Digital Spy 11/13/06 David Gest unprepared for 'I'm A Celebrity'

Digital Spy 11/13/06 Gest, Booth clash before 'Celeb' begins

The Mirror 11/12/06 Maid as a Hatter

Digital Spy 11/12/06 David Gest vows not to quit 'Celeb'

Digital Spy 11/12/06 Titmuss chose love over 'Celeb' contract

Celebrity Spider 11/11/06 David Gest Terrifies "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here" Co-Stars

Daily Mail 11/11/06 The calm before the storm - celebs relax before jungle ordeal

The Mirror 11/11/06 Jungle Fever Boosts Bookies

Daily Mail 11/11/06 Cherie Blair's sister looks ahead to her time in the Celebrity jungle

Worcester News 11/10/06 Fran tops poll in I'm a celebrity..... for councillors

Daily Mail 11/10/06 The calm before the storm - celebs relax before jungle ordeal

Digital Spy 11/10/06 David Gest fails to board flight to Oz

Daily Mail 11/9/06 I'm A Celebrity is back...with z-listers galore

Manchester Online 11/9/06 Get ready for jungle fever

Digital Spy 11/9/06 Myleene Klass admits Jason Donovan crush

Sky News 11/8/06 Meet the jungle mates

Digital Spy 11/8/06 'I'm A Celebrity...' contestants revealed

This is London 11/7/06 I'm A Celebrity is back...with z-listers galore

Media Guardian 11/7/06 Keeping it real

Courier Mail 11/4/06 Best of B-list

Entertainmentwise 11/1/06 Kelly Osbourne For 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'

This is London 11/1/06 She's a celeb...and she's out - Tara axed from jungle

Digital Spy 10/31/06 Two tribes go to war in the jungle

Daily Mail 10/29/06 Hoff's off to the jungle for £300k

Entertainmentwise 10/25/06 More Celebs Touted For I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here

Life Style Extra 10/23/06 'I'm a Celebrity' Ex-boyband battle

Daily Mail 10/20/06 Hunter tipped to tackle TV's celebrity jungle

Digital Spy 10/15/06 Julie Goodyear turns down 'Celeb' offer

Digital Spy 10/12/06 Louise lined up for the jungle?

Life Style Extra 10/12/06 Louise Redknapp to star in 'I'm A Celebrity'

Daily Mail 10/11/06 Watch out Tony: Cherie's mouthy sister set for I'm A Celebrity

The Sun 10/6/06 Whale stars in I'm A Celebrity

This is London 10/5/06 I'm A Celebrity is a fix, claims Jordan

Life Style Extra 10/5/06 Jordan brands 'I'm A Celebrity' a fix

Entertainmentwise 9/27/06 Matt Willis For 'I'm A Celebrity'?

Life Style Extra 9/21/06 Malcolm McLaren on 'I'm A Celebrity'?

Sunday Mirror 9/17/06 Hollyoak Gemma In Jungle 

Digital Spy 9/17/06 'Hollyoaks' star signs up for the jungle

Digital Spy 9/17/06 'Celeb' producers worry about line-up

Daily Record 9/13/06 Col And Justin's 'No' To I'm A Celeb

Media Guardian 9/13/06 I'm a celebrity ... get me life insurance!

Entertainmentwise 8/30/06 Will Big Brother's Pete Star In 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'?

Celebrity Spider 8/24/06 David Gest to Join British Reality Show: "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here"

Daily Mail 8/18/06 I'm a celebrity... get me a better pay deal!

ic Liverpool 4/27/06 I'm A Celebrity star raises £65,000 for Alder Hey

Ananova 3/30/06 Hugh loves reality TV

The Independent 2/20/06 Mark Hedges On I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here

Daily Record 1/7/06 Ban for Thatch's Telly Wee

Digital Spy 1/7/06 ITV bans Thatcher jungle clip

The Mirror 1/5/06 Taylor: I'd Love The Jungle 12/15/05 British reality show saved from eviction

Rochdale Observer 12/13/05 Stars shine brightly for jungle trip girl

Entertainmentwise 12/13/05 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' Winner Embraces Thatcher Spirit

Daily Mail 12/12/05 Thatcher makes amends with troubled brother

This is London 12/12/05 Carol speaking to brother again

Digital Spy 12/10/05 Carol Thatcher speaks out about problem brother

BBC 12/9/05 Carol Thatcher flies back into UK 12/9/05 I'm a Celebrity Thatcher back in UK

Glasgow Evening Times 12/9/05 I'm a celebrity... get me to Glasgow!

Daily Record 12/8/05 Thatch Scrubs Up Well 12/8/05 I'm a Celebrity Thatcher's kitchen sex

Daily Mail 12/7/05 Carol: Sorry about the comfort stop in camp

Daily Record 12/7/05 Wee're Sorry

Digital Spy 12/7/05 "Proud" Thatcher saw Carol win Iím A Celeb

Daily Mail 12/6/05 Iron Lady of the jungle

Sky News 12/6/05 Fame For Jungle Queen Carol

Daily Record 12/6/05 Queen Pee Confesses

Daily Mail 12/6/05 I'm A Celebrity 2005: Highs and Lows

Daily Record 12/6/05 I'm A Celebrity: Jim Can't Bear To Be Tough Guy

Daily Record 12/6/05 I'm A Celebrity: The Bush Chucker

Daily Record 12/6/05 A Touch of Frost

BBC 12/6/05 Jungle show victory seen by 11.8m

The Independent 12/6/05 Carol Thatcher wins 'I'm a Celebrity' (but mother didn't watch)

Media Guardian 12/6/05 'Gobsmacked' Thatcher crowned jungle queen

BBC 12/6/05 Carol Thatcher named jungle queen

Ananova 12/6/05 Carol named Queen of the Jungle

Times Online 12/6/05 Thatcher takes jungle seat with yet another landslide victory

Telegraph 12/5/05 Carol Thatcher wins I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 12/5/05 Carol Thatcher wins 'I'm A Celebrity'

Manchester Online 12/5/05 Carol crowned Queen of the Jungle

Media Guardian 12/5/05 I'm a Celebrity nears 11m viewers

BBC 12/5/05 Trio prepare for Celebrity final

This is London 12/5/05 Jimmy's jungle adventure over

Sky News 12/5/05 So Long Jimmy

Daily Record 12/5/05 They'll All Finish Sickened

Digital Spy 12/4/05 Celebs self-congratulate in DIY award show

Daily Mail 12/4/05 Ball booted out of jungle

The Mirror 12/4/05 Jenny's Jungle Secrets

Digital Spy 12/4/05 Sid and Sheree take on ostriches for chest

Sunday Mail 12/4/05 I'm out of here

Manchester Online 12/3/05 I'm A Celeb: Ball bounces out of jungle

Daily Record 12/3/05 I'm A Celebrity: Antony's Blue Over Ejection

The Mirror 12/3/05 Antony Axed in Costa Cutting

Daily Mail 12/3/05 Blue day for I'm A Celebrity's Antony

Daily Record 12/3/05 I'm A Celebrity: I Owen Enough

Digital Spy 12/3/05 Carol Thatcher dating ski instructor?

Daily Record 12/3/05 I'm A Celebrity: Carry O On Camping 

Digital Spy 12/3/05 Frost was unprepared for jungle boredom

Daily Record 12/3/05 I'm A Celebrity: Sid's A Five-Star Guy

Daily Record 12/3/05 I'm A Celebrity: Fears of Sheree

Daily Record 12/3/05 I'm A Celebrity: Jenny Soaks Up Good Life

Manchester Online 12/2/05 I'm A Celeb: Atomic Jenny out of jungle

Digital Spy 12/2/05 Antony Costa voted out of 'I'm A Celeb' 12/2/05 I'm a Celebrity letter wetters

This Is London 12/2/05 'Happy' Jenny is voted out

Daily Record 12/2/05 I'm A Celebrity: Campers Sheree Their Secrets

Daily Record 12/2/05 I'm A Celebrity: Frost Comes In From The Cold

Sky News 12/2/05 Jungle Day 11: Frost Is Iced

Daily Mail 12/2/05 Moment Jimmy turned the air blue in the jungle

Ananova 12/2/05 Jenny booted off

Ananova 12/2/05 Jimmy's top of the belly-flops

The Mirror 12/2/05 Bush Rucker

This is London 12/1/05 Bobby (bowling) Ball

Digital Spy 12/1/05 'I'm A Celebrity' loses its jungle kitten

Daily Record 12/1/05 I'm A Celebrity: Hair-Raising Discussion

Daily Record 12/1/05 I'm A Celebrity: Former PM Is Dance Fan

Manchester Online 12/1/05 I'm A Celeb: Secret mission for Sheree and Antony

Daily Record 12/1/05 I'm A Celebrity: Rumbles In The Jungle 

Manchester Online 12/1/05 I'm A Celeb: Jimmy top of the flops

Daily Record 12/1/05 I'm A Celebrity: Bobby Becomes A Bowling Ball

Sky News 12/1/05 Jungle Day 10: Bums And Nips

Ananova 12/1/05 Boys bowled out in Bushtucker Trial

Daily Record 11/30/05 Jungle Wine List

Ananova 11/30/05 Dickinson voted off I'm a Celeb

Digital Spy 11/29/05 Dickinson is going, going, gone from jungle

Digital Spy 11/29/05 Thatch, Sid and the Celebrity Chest

Digital Spy 11/29/05 Celebs feast thanks to Kimberley and Jenny

BBC 11/29/05 Injured Davies leaves jungle show

Ananova 11/29/05 Jilly gets the boot

Digital Spy 11/29/05 Kimberley Davies quits 'I'm A Celeb'

Daily Mail 11/29/05 Kimberley quits jungle after hospital ordeal

This is London 11/29/05 Jilly voted out of jungle

Sky News 11/29/05 Jungle Day 8 - Kim Out

Daily Mail 11/29/05 Jilly given the jungle boot

Manchester Online 11/29/05 I'm A Celeb: Jilly voted out

Daily Record 11/29/05 Chopper Cropper Kim

Independent 11/28/05 I'm the PM ... Get me out of here

This is London 11/28/05 Kimberley hurt in stunt

Digital Spy 11/28/05 Hospital dash for Kimberley Davies

Manchester Online 11/28/05 I'm A Celeb: Kim hospitalised after jump

Ananova 11/28/05 I'm A Celeb star injured in fall

This is London 11/28/05 Cannon fired from jungle

Daily Record 11/28/05 Cannon's booted in Celeb vote

Ananova 11/28/05 Tommy leaves the jungle

The Guardian 11/28/05 Thatcher tells campers of the 'dramas' at No 10

Manchester Online 11/28/05 I'm A Celeb: Mum was a workaholic, says Carol

This is London 11/28/05 Carol: Life with Mrs T

Manchester Online 11/28/05 I'm A Celeb: Cannon is fired from jungle

Digital Spy 11/27/05 Elaine Lordan flies back to UK

Sunday Mirror 11/27/05 I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here: Hyland's Verdict

Digital Spy 11/27/05 Carol coached to win by past contestants

Daily Mail 11/27/05 Kimberley and Jilly set for jungle boot

Digital Spy 11/27/05 Kimberley's marriage on the rocks?

Sunday Mirror 11/27/05 I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here: Jailbird's Grumble In The Jungle

Sunday Mirror 11/27/05 I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here: Team Thatcher

Media Guardian 11/27/05 Queen of the jungle

Digital Spy 11/26/05 Ant & Dec present 'Celeb' while drunk

Daily Record 11/26/05 Jimmy Bear Trapped

Digital Spy 11/26/05 Cannon and Ball go through first Bushtucker trial

Daily Record 11/26/05 Grumble In The Jungle

Digital Spy 11/26/05 Jenny and Sheree imprisoned in jungle jail

Daily Mail 11/26/05 Jimmy caught talking to teddy

Digital Spy 11/26/05 Jenny lets rip at the Duke on chest hunt

Daily Record 11/26/05 It's Emmer-Wail

Ananova 11/25/05 Five star Sheree overcomes her fears

Daily Mail 11/25/05 Bush tucker not to your taste, Carol?

Ananova 11/25/05 Cannon and Ball make surprise entry

Media Guardian 11/25/05 Thatcher the vote snatcher

Sky News 11/25/05 Jungle Day 5: Penis Eating

Ananova 11/25/05 Carol and Jilly eat kangaroo's lunchbox

Ananova 11/25/05 Kim faces the Ant and Dec Farm

Ananova 11/25/05 Tension rising in camp says Sheree
Ananova 11/25/05 Jimmy's magical teddy bear

Daily Mail 11/24/05 Jungle Jimmy is not a happy camper

Media Guardian 11/24/05 Cannon and Ball rock on to I'm a Celebrity

Daily Mail 11/24/05 Dec rises to the Kimberley challenge

Digital Spy 11/24/05 Cannon and Ball join the jungle celebs

Manchester Online 11/24/05 I'm A Celeb: Carol doesn't need food

Daily Record 11/24/05 I'll Brush Off Beastie Cop-Out 

Manchester Online 11/24/05 I'm A Celeb: Oh Carol!

Digital Spy 11/24/05 'I'm a Celebrity' stars stole from soap sets

Ananova 11/24/05 Cannon and Ball head for the jungle

Manchester Online 11/24/05 I'm A Celeb: Cannon & Ball set for the jungle

Daily Record 11/24/05 Lordan's £65k For 24 Hours

BBC 11/24/05 Cannon and Ball join jungle show

Digital Spy 11/23/05 Torrential rain leads to stress for TV celebs

Digital Spy 11/23/05 Jenny Frost plays racy game with celebs

Ananova 11/23/05 Weegate hits camp

Daily Record 11/23/05 I'm A Celebrity: Outta Here!

Ananova 11/23/05 Jimmy joins the four star gang

Daily Record 11/23/05 I'm A Celebrity: Waddya Mean Skip , A Weirdo Keeps Grabbing Your Backside

Ananova 11/23/05 Elaine quits

Daily Record 11/23/05 I'm A Celeb Shock: Outta Here

Daily Mail 11/23/05 ITV pulls Elaine out of the jungle

Scotsman 11/22/05 Thatcher girl is highlight of celebrity show

In the News 11/22/05 Millions tune in for I'm a Celebrity

BBC 11/22/05 Actress Lordan quits jungle show

Digital Spy 11/22/05 Elaine Lordan quits 'I'm A Celebrity'

Manchester Online 11/22/05 I'm A Celeb: Carol's drive earns dinner

Sky News 11/22/05 Jungle Day 3 Elaine Out

Digital Spy 11/22/05 Another Bushtucker bummer for Jimmy

This is London 11/22/05 Carol's death-defying drive

Media Guardian 11/22/05 Thatcher's daughter has a prime-time pee in front of nine million people. Go, girls!

Ananova 11/22/05 Carol wins 4 meals for camp

Manchester Online 11/22/05 Sir Jimmy doesn't need the jungle

Digital Spy 11/21/05 Postwoman Thatch takes Highway To Hell

Media Bulletin 11/21/05 I'm a Celeb back with a bang as it pulls in almost 10m

Daily Record 11/21/05 I'm A Celebrity: Osmond's Salt Scam 

This Is London 11/21/05 I'm a sick celebrity

Daily Record 11/21/05 I'm A Celebrity: Jungle Fever Floors Elaine

Sky News 11/21/05 Jungle Day 1: High Drama

Manchester Online 11/21/05 I'm A Celeb: Jimmy, the smuggler

Daily Record 11/21/05 I'm A Celebrity: Four Star Service

Manchester Online 11/21/05 I'm A Celeb: David faces his fears

Daily Record 11/21/05 Four Star Service 

The Independent 11/21/05 First night: I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Ananova 11/21/05 Elaine to leave the jungle?

This is London 11/21/05 Elaine still in hospital

BBC 11/21/05 Nine million watch Celebrity show

Digital Spy 11/21/05 Lordan kept in hospital, may not return to jungle

Ananova 11/21/05 Elaine collapses in camp

Digital Spy 11/21/05 Jimmy reveals contraband condiments

Digital Spy 11/21/05 Thatcher caught being caught short

Sunday Mirror 11/20/05 I'm A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here: Bush Chucker Trial

Digital Spy 11/20/05 Jimmy Osmond singed by camp fire

The Independent 11/20/05 Everything you don't need to know about tonight's 'I'm a' celebrities

Digital Spy 11/20/05 Thatcher throws up during parachute jump

Digital Spy 11/20/05 Exhausted Elaine Lordan faints in jungle

Digital Spy 11/19/05 No 'Celeb' kisses for Antony Costa

BBC 11/19/05 Bookies favour jungle star Owen

Digital Spy 11/19/05 Lordan taking vaseline into jungle

Daily Mail 11/19/05 Who will crumble in the celebrity jungle?

Digital Spy 11/19/05 Sid Owen eyes Kimberley Davies

Digital Spy 11/19/05 New 'Celebrity' will be "most twisted" yet

Digital Spy 11/18/05 Davies has "no advantage" over junglemates

Digital Spy 11/17/05 'Celebrity' females aspire to Jordan

Digital Spy 11/17/05 Goolden threatens to kneecap 'Celeb' males

Daily Record 11/17/05 My Girl Told Me To Go Into The Jungle

Digital Spy 11/17/05 Frost fears heights, spiders - and belly buttons

Daily Mail 11/17/05 Revealed: Your favourite for the jungle crown

Digital Spy 11/17/05 Dickinson plans to top up tan in jungle

Daily Record 11/17/05 I'll Be A Hit In Jungle 

Independent 11/16/05 Carol Thatcher joins the latest crop of celebrities heading to TV's jungle

Daily Record 11/16/05 Former PM's daughter faces bush horrors in toughest Celebrity yet

This is London 11/16/05 I'm a celebrity... don't tell mum

Ananova 11/16/05 I'm A Celebrity contestants revealed

Sky News 11/16/05 The Mystery Jungle Blonde

Daily Mail 11/16/05 I'm A Celebrity special

BBC 11/16/05 I'm A Celebrity hopefuls revealed

Digital Spy 11/16/05 ITV confirms new 'I'm A Celebrity' cast

Daily Mail 11/16/05 Jungle profile: Elaine Lordan

Media Bulletin 11/15/05 I'm a Celebrity... goes live on mobile and internet 11/15/05 Frost faces frosty jungle reception

This is London 11/14/05 I'm a Celebrity pay fight

Sky News 11/14/05 Jenny's Jungle Jackpot

Digital Spy 11/13/05 'I'm A Celeb' stars unhappy over pay

Digital Spy 11/13/05 'I'm A Celeb' stars to be plagued by bugs

Manchester Evening News 11/12/05 New Jungle stars revealed

ITN 11/12/05 Tara berates 'fat' I'm A Celebrity stars
Digital Spy 11/12/05 Tara PT hates moaning 'Celeb' stars 11/10/05 Burrell back for I'm a Celebrity

Manchester Online 11/9/05 I'm A Celeb: Corrie's Martin heads for the jungle

Digital Spy 11/8/05 Goldstein to host Celebrity's 'Jungle Drums'

Digital Spy 11/7/05 'Celebrity' to stream on web, mobiles

Digital Spy 11/6/05 Backstreet Boy joins 'I'm A Celeb' cast

Media Bulletin 11/4/05 I'm a Celeb gets launch date as Frost and Owen set to take part

Digital Spy 11/3/05 'I'm A Celeb' to return November 20

Digital Spy 11/1/05 Fanzine spinoff planned for 'I'm A Celeb'

Norfolk Eastern Daily Press 11/1/05 I'm a celebrity, get Becky in here

Ananova 11/1/05 Kitten heads for the jungle

Sky News 10/31/05 Who's in I'm a Celebrity?

Digital Spy 10/30/05 Axed EastEnder joins 'I'm A Celeb'

Sunday Mirror 10/30/05 Axed Star Elaine To Join I'm A Celebrity

Manchester Online 10/25/05 Cannon and Ball explode into the jungle

This is London 10/24/05 Thatcher to star in I'm a Celebrity...

Daily Record 10/24/05 Thatcher In The TV Jungle

Daily Mail 10/23/05 Thatcher's daughter to star in I'm A Celebrity...

Manchester Online 10/19/05 Jimmy Osmond heads for the jungle

Digital Spy 10/7/05 Cross-dressing Rodman joins 'I'm A Celeb'

Digital Spy 9/25/05 Corrie's Sunita joining 'I'm A Celeb'?

Digital Spy 9/20/05 "Diva" koala axed from 'I'm A Celeb'

Manchester Online 9/19/05 Linda found herself in the jungle

Digital Spy 9/17/05 Blur bassist for 'I'm A Celeb'?

Manchester Online 9/14/05 Mr. T in line for I'm A Celebrity

Ananova 9/7/05 Kerry's on the wagon

Celebrity Spider 11/2/05 Simon Cowell Admires Genuine Victoria Beckham

Sky News 11/2/05 X Factor Boys Save The Day

This is London 11/2/05 Girls Aloud: X Factor is second rate

Manchester Online 8/30/05 Corrie stars set for I'm A Celebrity

Digital Spy 8/29/05 Corrie lovers for 'I'm A Celeb'?

This is London 8/22/05 X-Factor wins ratings war

Digital Spy 8/16/05 Prince Harry's best friend offered 'Celeb' role

Guardian 8/12/05 I'm a Celebrity forced to relocate

Digital Spy 7/17/05 'I'm A Celeb' star marries in secret

BBC 6/16/05 I'm a celebrity... get me Dad of the Year!

Sky News 4/26/05 Sad Brian In Clinic

Digital Spy 4/10/05 Jordan bans 'I'm A Celeb' stars from wedding

Sky News 4/1/05 Nancy Rumbles Jungle Vic
New Kerala 3/31/05 Jungle mates invited to Jordan's wedding

Sky News 3/29/05 Vic Dumped From Car Ads

BBC 2/3/05 Burrell's jungle cash for hospice

DeHavilland 12/31/04 Jungle king is 2004 showbiz winner

Sky News 12/31/04 Jungle Joe Tops Poll

This Is London 12/31/04 Jungle king is year's big winner

Digital Spy 12/28/04 MPs want to ban 'I'm A Celeb' trials

Ananova 12/22/04 Janet tops sexy specs poll

BBC 12/21/04 MP in Commons attack on TV show

ic 12/20/04 Star swaps jungle for boogie nights

Anorak 12/20/04 Jungle Bunnies
Sky News 12/20/04 Kerry & Fran's Spanish Xmas

Ananova 12/20/04 Kerry off to Spain with Fran

Digital Spy 12/19/04 Kerry McFadden comforted by Fran Cosgrave

Digital Spy 12/19/04 Dec tries to win back ex-girlfriend

Ananova 12/17/04 Burrell soul for sale

Digital Spy 12/15/04 'I'm A Celeb' bad medicine for Sheila

Glasgow Evening Times 12/14/04 After the jungle, sexy new look is Sophie's choice

Daily Mirror 12/13/04 Nat, You Touched A Tree..

DeHavilland 12/13/04 Dando killer asks to join I'm a Celebrity

Media Guardian 12/13/04 'I like Paul too'

The Scotsman 12/12/04 Fran Humbled by the Jungle

Digital Spy 12/12/04 Location change for next 'I'm A Celeb'?

Hello! 12/10/04 Jungle Nancy delivers good tidings for lottery

Daily Record 12/10/04 Jungle Joe Jets In

Sky News 12/10/04 I'm A Celeb Nancy Plays Santa

This Is London 12/10/04 'I don't want to become an old cow'

Ananova 12/10/04 Joe close to cracker deal

BBC 12/9/04 Jungle king Pasquale back in UK

Hindustan Times 12/9/04 Paul Burrell wants to move out of Di's shadow

Ananova 12/9/04 King of the jungle returns home

Evening Times 12/9/04 Nancy's so happy to be out of the jungle

Sky News 12/8/04  Burrell: The Butler's Dead

icBirmingham 12/8/04 Jungle Joe's panto in big demand

Evening Times 12/8/04 TV challenge lets Burrell put the past behind him

Anorak 12/8/04 Rock Bottom

BBC 12/8/04 Brian's jungle wash out

Ananova 12/8/04 Joe in demand

Daily Record 12/8/04 Jungle Celeb Joe Jets Home to See Sick Dad

BBC 12/7/04 Jungle TV show ratings drop by 4m

BBC 12/7/04 Joe crowned King of the Jungle

Digital Spy 12/7/04 'Celebrity' final draws 12 million

BBC 12/7/04 Burrell jungle bid helps hospice

Evening Times 12/7/04 TV Jungle king Joe savours his first taste of freedom

Media Bulletin 12/7/04 Pasquale beats late surge from Burrell to win I'm a Celeb

This is London 12/7/04 Joe's king of the jungle

Daily Record 12/7/04 I'm a Celebrity...We're All Tuckered Out

BBC 12/6/04 The comic who became jungle king

Sky News 12/6/04 Joe is the Jungle King

BBC 12/6/04 Comic Pasquale wins jungle show

Manchester Online 12/6/04 Joe 'hottest ever favourite' for I'm A Celebrity crown

Media Bulletin 12/6/04 ITV earns £1.2m in phone votes as Pasquale set for win

BBC 12/6/04 Jungle show faces up to the future

Sky News 12/6/04 Joe Hot Fave For Tonight

Independent 12/6/04 Out of the jungle, into the trash

BBC 12/6/04 Pasquale fancied for jungle win

Ananova 12/6/04 Janet voted out of the jungle

Anorak 12/6/04 The Butler's Revenge

BBC 12/6/04 Sophie's ten minute testicle trauma

Ananova 12/6/04 Life after the jungle - bookies take bets

Digital Spy 12/5/04 Janet Street-Porter exits the jungle

BBC 12/5/04 Celebrities get to stay in jungle

Daily Mail 12/5/04 Burrell: I slept with Chipper the Queen's corgi

Manchester Online 12/5/04 Burrell braves snakes 'hell-hole'

Sky News 12/5/04 Paul's Trial Triumph

BBC 12/4/04 Janet and Sophieís camel troubles

Daily Record 12/4/04 Anderton Gets Marching Orders: Sophie is Set for a Tumble in the Jungle

The Scotsman 12/4/04 Sophie: Jungle Camp Harder Than Drink and Drugs Battle

Digital Spy 12/4/04 Pasquale to get own show?

Digital Spy 12/4/04 Janet argues with boyfriend over cooking

Mirror 12/4/04 Janet Gets the Hump

Sky News 12/3/04 Janet and Sophie's Hump

BBC 12/3/04 Sophie sent packing from jungle

Digital Spy 12/3/04 Sophie Anderton's no longer in the jungle

This is London 12/3/04 Could Burrell be King?

icCheshireOnline 12/3/04 'Little pet' makes most of jungle life

BBC 12/3/04 Huggy bares all about Sophie

Ananova 12/3/04 Romance for Janet and Paul?

Ananova 12/3/04 Fran bookies favourite for the boot

Ananova 12/3/04 Huggy voted out of the jungle

Times Online 12/3/04 I'm a bored, grumpy get me out of here

BBC 12/2/04 'Huggy Bear' voted out of jungle

Sky News 12/2/04 Huggy Leaves The Jungle

Sky News 12/2/04 Fran Wins Three Meals

Manchester Online 12/2/04 Fran faces crocs in latest jungle trial

Ananova 12/2/04 Support grows for Burrell

Evening Telegraph 12/2/04 TV: Jungle stars are coming to city

Evening Times 12/2/04 I'm so glad to be out of there!

This Is London 12/2/04 Sheila: Sophie's a spoilt bitch

Daily Record 12/2/04 I'm A Celebrity: Kaye's Jungle Journal

Daily Record 12/2/04 I'm A Celebrity: Freed D Degree

Media Guardian 12/2/04 Celebrities no longer kings of ITV jungle

Manchester Evening News 12/2/04 Sheila voted off I'm A Celebrity

BBC 12/2/04 Shelia v Sophie - it's war!

Media Bulletin 12/2/04 Huggy hangs tough as Three Degrees singer is voted out

Digital Spy 12/2/04 Sheila regrets 'harsh' Sophie comments

This Is London 12/2/04 Huggy Bear to Buggy Bear

Ananova 12/2/04 Huggy left with cockroach in ear after trial

Ananova 12/2/04 Paul sings, while Sophie sexes up her uniform

Ananova 12/2/04 Sophie: Quitting drugs was easier than jungle

Digital Spy 12/1/04 Time's up for Sheila Ferguson

Digital Spy 12/1/04 Huggy Bear favourite for 3rd eviction

Sky News 12/1/04 Sheila Leaves The Jungle

BBC 12/1/04 Sheila Ferguson leaves ITV jungle

Sky News 12/1/04 Huggy Wins His Tucker

Ananova 12/1/04 Romance for Janet and Paul?

Sky News 12/1/04 Vic & Nancy Reunited

Media Bulletin 12/1/04 Pasquale is hottest favourite to date for Celeb... crown

This Is London 12/1/04 Vic: I wanted to escape

BBC 12/1/04 Nat: The truth behind my tree phobia

Anorak 12/1/04 Too Much Exposure

This Is London 12/1/04 Janet and Paul, the odd couple

Sky News 12/1/04 Jungle Diary Part 4

Daily Record 12/1/04 I'm A Celebrity: I'm Joe Pasquealy Please Get Me Down From Here!

Manchester Evening News 12/1/04 Joe completes 'most dramatic' I'm A Celebrity trial

Ananova 12/1/04 Joe faces biggest Bushtucker Trial ever

Daily Record 12/1/04 I'm A Celebrity: Vic's Big Night Out

Ananova 12/1/04 Nancy: Natalie was given pills

Digital Spy 11/30/04 'Celebrity' eviction for Vic Reeves

BBC 11/30/04 Reeves sent packing from jungle

Media Bulletin 11/30/04 McDonald's denies Harvey to star in post-I'm a Celeb ad

Daily Record 11/30/04 I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Get Me Oout Oz Here

Media Bulletin 11/30/04 Huggy Bear new favourite to go as Pasquale holds lead

Sky News 11/30/04 Nancy Voted Out Of Jungle

Evening Times 11/30/04 Nancy out of jungle

Stuff 11/30/04 Appleton quits reality show

Daily Record 11/30/04 I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Jungle Catwalk

Daily Record 11/30/04 I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Kaye's Jungle Journal 

Digital Spy 11/30/04 Sophie considers quitting 'Celebrity'

Digital Spy 11/30/04 Huggy Bear next to leave, think bookies

Ananova 11/30/04 Huggy Bear next to leave jungle?

Ananova 11/30/04 Sophie to quit?

BBC 11/30/04 Nancy leaves Vic in the wilderness

Ananova 11/30/04 Nancy voted out of the jungle

BBC 11/30/04 Lap dancer sashays out of jungle

Digital Spy 11/29/04 Nancy Sorrell evicted from 'Celebrity' camp

Sky News 11/29/04 Nancy Fave For Jungle Axe

CBBC 11/29/04 Appleton walks out of I'm a Celeb

BBC 11/29/04 I'm A Celebrity get me a record deal

Media Guardian 11/29/04 Appleton walks out of I'm a Celebrity

Daily Mirror 11/29/04 I'm A Celebrity: She Is A Pain

Digital Spy 11/29/04 Sorrell is bookies' fave to be evicted

Sky News 11/29/04 Tearful Nat Quits Jungle

BBC 11/29/04 Nat walks and Brian talks

Digital Spy 11/29/04 Harvey defends Appleton over exit

Digital Spy 11/29/04 Appleton quits 'I'm A Celebrity'

Ananova 11/29/04 Brian defends Natalie

Ananova 11/29/04 Boyfriend defends Sophie's honour

BBC 11/29/04 Appleton quits ITV's jungle camp

Ananova 11/29/04 Natalie leaves the jungle

Digital Spy 11/28/04 Porter rejected 'Celeb' to save marriage

BBC 11/28/04 Singer Ferguson 'facing eviction'

Sunday Mirror 11/28/04 Ultimate Test-Icle

Digital Spy 11/28/04 Ant & Dec give trials verdict

Digital Spy 11/28/04 Porter rejected 'Celeb' to save marriage

Independent 11/28/04 Janet in the jungle: the case for the defence 11/28/04 A fright in the jungle

Sunday Mail 11/28/04 I'm out of here!

Daily Record 11/27/04 I'm A Celebrity: Look What the Wind Blew In

Sky News 11/27/04 Eat That! Sophie Beats Nat

Digital Spy 11/27/04 'I'm A Celeb' parachute jumps unsafe?

Daily Record 11/27/04 John McKie : Vic Reeves

Sky News 11/27/04 Harvey Plans Wedding

Digital Spy 11/27/04 Brian Harvey explains jungle departure

Digital Spy 11/27/04 Brian Harvey to propose

Independent 11/27/04 Janet: love her or loathe her?

Media Guardian 11/26/04 An ill-wind blows no good for Harvey

Independent 11/26/04 Harvey blows out celebrity jungle

Sky News 11/26/04 Jungle Diary Part 3

Sky News 11/26/04 Brian Leaves A Bad Smell

Digital Spy 11/26/04 Brian Harvey quits 'I'm A Celebrity...'

Ananova 11/26/04 Betting underway for more celebs to quit jungle

BBC 11/26/04 Brian Harvey won't stay another day

Ananova 11/26/04 Dec: Sophie is beautiful

Ananova 11/26/04 Paul covered in nasties in Temple of Doom

BBC 11/26/04 Jungle cat fight

Ananova 11/26/04 Sophie and Nat have huge bust-up

Ananova 11/26/04 Nancy and Vic's pay deal

Ananova 11/26/04 No booze-ups in the jungle until Sophie leaves

Ananova 11/26/04 Natalie and Dobby: Separated at birth?

BBC 11/26/04 Singer Harvey quits jungle camp

Anorak 11/25/04 After The Jungle

Media Bulletin 11/25/04 Pasquale back on top in race for I'm a Celebrity crown

Epping Forest Guardian 11/25/04 Local pals back jungle babe Nancy Sorrell

Manchester Evening News 11/25/04 Vic Reeves' arrival stuns jungle celebrities

Digital Spy 11/25/04 Paul Burrell braves Temple of Doom

Digital Spy 11/25/04 Emma B next to enter jungle?

Sky News 11/25/04 Jungle Celebs In Catfight

Ananova 11/25/04 Emma B joins the jungle?

Ananova 11/25/04 Sheila breaks down

Ananova 11/25/04 Flies halt Brian's bid to eat all the pies

Ananova 11/25/04 Nancy plans pop career

Ananova 11/25/04 Flurry of bets on Nancy

BBC 11/25/04 Janet and Nancy's rumble in the jungle


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