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News Articles about Tornados


NBC6 3/31/03 Mayor: Federal Aid To Liberty City Unlikely

Miami Herald 3/30/03 After tornado, uncertainty

Miami Herald 3/29/03 Tornado-battered areas of Dade picking up pieces 3/29/03 Bush seeks federal aid for Miami tornado victims

Miami Herald 3/28/03 Liberty City man killed as tornado hurls debris

Herald Tribune 3/28/03 Tornado reported near Naples as storms pass

Oregon Live 3/28/03 Tornado kills Miami man as storms rage across Florida

Herald Tribune 3/27/03 Tornado hits in Naples; others spotted in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach

Jamestown Sun 3/27/03 Early funnel cloud surprising but not unheard of....

Morning Journal 3/24/03 It's safer to ride out tornado in car than trailer

Daily Mountain Eagle 3/22/03 Victims can now see blessings from tornadoes

Marietta Daily Journal 3/22/03 After dual twisters, some ready to move from ‘tornado alley’ 3/21/03 Hundreds injured when tornadoes hit southwest Georgia; flooding hits Carolinas

11 Alive News 3/20/03 Two Infants Among Tornado Victims

11 Alive News 3/20/03 Perdue Declares State of Emergency

USA Today 3/20/03 Early morning tornadoes kill at least 6, injure more than 100 in SW Ga 3/19/03 Tornadoes Sweep Across Northeast Alabama

Corpus Christi Times 3/18/03 North Texas hit with a tornado and thunderstorms

Capital News 9 3/18/03 Oklahoma tornadoes cause minor damage

Star Tribune 3/18/03 Snow, hail, tornado sweep into Colorado 3/17/03 KSD Declared Disaster Area After Tornado

The Outlook 3/15/03 Tornado touches down in Jackson's Gap area in Friday storms

Herald Tribune 3/10/03 Authorities confirm tornado touched down near SRQ

St Petersburg Times 3/10/03 3 funnel clouds sighted as storms sweep through

Wichita Eagle 3/9/03 Study: Don't ditch car during tornado

My Inky 3/9/03 Weather-wise Different tornado alerts worth understanding

Daily Home 3/7/03 Tornadoes spotted in Pell City, Riverside

Ledger Enquirer 3/7/03 Madison County site named most tornado-prone location in Alabama

Coffeyville Journal 3/7/03 Trained spotters play important role in severe weather

Gadsden Times 3/6/03 3 homes destroyed in pre-dawn storm in Calhoun County

Capital Journal 3/3/03 Irving believed to hold tornado record

Virginian Pilot 2/24/03 Region recovers after minor tornado

WKYT 2/24/03 Town Cleans Up After Deadly Tornado

Lexington Herald 2/24/03 'Roar,' then devastation

New Zealand Herald 2/20/03 Violent twister whips dog from yard

PakTribune 2/20/03 Tornado strikes Chinnot, 3 dead 8 injured

Albany Area Advertiser 2/18/03 Tornado damages inspected

WALB 2/17/03 Car saves couple from tornado

WMBB 2/16/03 Tyndall Tornado Tears Trees, Buildings

WALB 2/16/03 Tornado hits South Georgia

Corpus Christi Caller Times 2/12/03 Twister deaths in mobile homes on the rise

Springfield News Leader 2/10/03 Wave of support follows deadly Ozarks tornado

IRIN 2/10/03 DRC: Experts revise figures on Yumbi tornado - only 17 dead

Daily Dispatch 2/10/03 Tornado hits Mt Fletcher

IRIN 2/6/03 Tornado toll rises to 164 dead, 1,702 injured

The State 2/6/03 Tornado kills 164 in Congo

Virginia Pilot 2/4/03 159-year-old church replaces steeple lost in tornado

Expatica 2/3/03 Tornado rips through Limburg villages

Monett Times 2/3/03 Tornado victims to reunite

Frisco Enterprise 1/30/03 Tornado threatens city borders Monday

Ananova 1/29/03 Tornado storm creates giant waterspout

Ananova 1/27/03 Tornado strikes Cyprus 1/27/03 Tornado Ravages Cyprus

Toledo Blade 1/18/03 Tornado-victim aid passes $6.5M

Knox News 1/16/03 Tornado victims receive $16M in aid

The Clarion-Ledger 1/16/03 Tornado victims get federal aid

Doylestown Patriot 1/14/03 Tornado demolishes 60 homes in northeastern Argentina

The Meridian Star 1/11/03 Feds nix Newton tornado relief

Troy Record 1/10/03 Tornado demolishes 60 homes in northeastern Argentina

Rome News-Tribune 1/9/03 ’Bama twister leaves scars

Half Moon Bay Review 1/9/03 Tornado touches down in HMB

Ledger-Enquirer 1/8/03 After tornado, Ohio town balks at family's plan to rebuild trailer

Cherokee County Herald 1/6/03 Tornado damage estimates increase

The Clarion-Ledger 1/2/03 Newton tornado cleanup progressing, mayor says

Houston Chronicle 1/1/03 Tornado tosses yacht club boats

Ann Arbor News 1/1/03 Deadly tornado's anniversary will be remembered by many

Hoosier Times 1/1/03 Monroe County to get $210,500 in tornado aid

The Meridian Star News 1/1/03 Newton recovers after tornado

The Courier 12/31/02 Tornado reported in area

New Zealand Herald 12/29/02 Tornado kills girl in Western Australia

Press Journal 12/28/02 Builder wants to help tornado victim to new house

The Advertiser 12/27/02 Tornado kills girl in WA

Macon Telegraph 12/25/02 Tornadoes hit south Georgia; flooding in Atlanta

Pasadena Citizen 12/25/02 Late night tornado winds cause damage throughout city

The Beacon Journal 12/24/02 At Least 15 Killed as Pre-Christmas Storm Hits U.S.

KnoxNews 12/24/02 Tornado aid reaches $12.1M

KXAN 12/24/02 Tornado Tears Up Soccer Fields

Gadsden Times 12/24/02 Tornado injures eight, damages homes, knocks out power

Houston Chronicle 12/24/02 Storm leaves 12 dead in its wake

KOLR 12/24/02 Help Arrives For Ozarks Tornado Victims

Washington Times 12/23/02 'Life goes on' in La Plata

Dallas Morning News 12/23/02 Possible tornado caused damage in Central Texas

People's Daily 12/22/02 Tornado Leaves 4 Dead, 21 Missing in South China

Disaster News Network 12/21/02 Tornado roars through China

Laurel Leader Call 12/21/02 Storms cause damage across state

The Clarion-Ledger 12/21/02 Newton starts picking up the pieces in aftermath of storm

CNN 12/20/02 Mississippi town cleans up after tornado

Nevada Daily Mail 12/20/02 Two dead as twisters strike Missouri towns

New Haven Register 12/19/02 Midwest tornadoes kill 3, leave 30 hurt

Ledger-Enquirer 12/18/02 Apparent tornadoes kill two in Missouri

Beacon Journal 12/18/02 If twister's coming, the car isn't such a bad place to be

Press Journal 12/17/02 Tornado victims wait for county's ruling

Modesto Bee 12/17/02 Tuolumne power poles, Merced roof damaged

Royal Gazette 12/16/02 Freak tornado tears through South Shore

Washington Times 12/15/02  West storm rages from sea to mountains

Press Journal 12/15/02 Tornado registered in lowest category

Fort Pierce Tribune 12/14/02 Tornado takes the back road 

NewsNet5 12/13/02 Farmer Saves Cows From Tornado

WKYC News 12/12/02 One month anniversary of Macedonia tornado

Cherokee County Herald 12/10/02 FEMA, SBA personnel remain on storm site

WKBN 12/10/02 Tornado Tears Apart Homes, But Not Wedding Plans

Gadsden Times 12/8/02 Rebuild wind-resistant homes, FEMA says

Yass Tribune 12/4/02 Wee Jasper's forest fire and mini tornado

Tuscaloosa News 11/30/02 Police officer paralyzed in tornado a hero to wife

WKBN 11/29/02 Movie goers herded into bathrooms, escape injury in tornado

Times Daily 11/25/02 Abbeville students resume classes after tornado

Clarion Ledger 11/24/02 Tragedy teaches family lesson of faith

Star Telegram 11/23/02 Even a tornado can't keep a good painting down 11/21/02 People collecting tornado debris far from damage

Tuscaloosa News 11/20/02 Tornado damage may set a record

News Messenger 11/19/02 Young woman in path of tornado ... again

The State 11/19/02 Fujita's scale measures tornado's intensity

Online Athens 11/18/02 Trailer owners eye value of shelters

Times Online 11/18/02 Emotional toll follows as physical damage of tornado

Marion Star 11/17/02 Sirens, caution key components in tornado safety 11/17/02 Tornado damage forces district to relocate 1,350 students

WFIE 11/16/02 Cat Lost in Tornado Finds Way Back Home 11/15/02 Determined tornado victims in Tennessee marry one day late

Indy Star 11/15/02 Tornado cleanup cost $1.9 million

Star Press 11/14/02 Officials explain why Blackford County wasn't warned of tornadoes

CBS 11/14/02 Twisters Flattened Over 2,700 Homes 11/14/02 Storms could be costliest weather disaster in Ohio history

Knox News 11/14/02 Prisoners assist in cleanup of refuse from tornado, storms

Camden Chronicle 11/13/02 Tornadoes Rip Through State

NY Times 11/13/02 In the Tornado Zone 11/12/02 F-4 tornado hit Van Wert 11/12/02 Ohio tornado survivor: `I thought we were gone'

BBC 11/12/02 Eyewitnesses: Shaken by the storm

The Sun 11/12/02 US twister hell goes on

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/12/02 Quick action saved movie-goers from tornado

CJ Online 11/11/02 Schools install 'safe rooms' as tornado shelters

BBC 11/11/02 Tornadoes hit three US states

CNN 11/11/02 Death toll mounts as killer storms roll over U.S.

Gainesville Sun 11/11/02 Alabama twister kills at least 10; 50 injured

Daily Record 11/8/02 Tornado Hits Boy Scout Camp

Gadsden Times 11/8/02 Governor visits tornado-damaged Abbeville neighborhoods

Disaster Relief 11/7/02 Deadly Tornado, Severe Storms Strike Alabama

Times Daily 11/6/02 Abbeville resident: Twister "sounded like a train"

Tuscaloosa News 11/6/02 Family escapes as tornado wrecks home: "God was with them."

WALB 11/6/02 Deadly tornado near Georgia border

The Advocate 10/31/02 Acadiana tornadoes confirmed, classified

Houma Today 10/30/02 Houma woman and niece die in violent tornado

USA Today 10/29/02 Southern storm spawns deadly tornado in Louisiana

News Observer 10/29/02 Two die, 5 spared when tornado flings mobile home

Dallas Morning News 10/29/02 About 275 homes damaged in Corpus Christi tornado

BBC 10/27/02 'Tornado' rips through houses

Caller Times 10/27/02 Officials re-tally tornadoes' toll

Ananova 10/26/02 Mini-tornado wreaks havoc in village

BBC 10/15/02 Storms cause 'mini tornado'

Ananova 10/15/02 Mini tornado hits Torquay

Guardian 10/15/02 Heavy weather ahead as tornado strikes Devon

News Observer 10/13/02 Kenly storm was tornado

Houston Chronicle 10/12/02 Tornado destroys homes in N.C.

Sun News 10/12/02 Twister hits Georgetown

The Advocate 10/10/02 39 homes ripped by tornado 10/9/02 Tornado damages couple dozen homes in Assumption

Galveston County Daily News 10/9/02 Residents: Tornado touches down

WBRZ 10/9/02 Tornado touches down near Napoleonville

News 8 Austin 10/8/02 Tornado tips

Chronicle Tribune 10/7/02 Tornado leaves trail of debris

Courier Journal 10/6/02 Tornado confirmed; repairs begin

Cullman Times 10/5/02 Tornado hits Baileyton

NewsNet 5 10/4/02 1950 Wedding Photo Found After Tornado

Independent Online 10/4/02 Tornado victims find solace in town halls

My Inky 10/3/02 After wild ride in tornado, wedding photo back to owner

WSET 10/1/02 Area Homeowner Still Reeling From April Tornado

WTVY 9/27/02 Tornado Hits Panhandle

Herald Tribune 9/26/02 Isidore puts Panhandle and northwest counties on tornado watch

WTHR 9/25/02 Man inside house when tornado rips off roof

Courier Journal News 9/23/02 Single storm cell caused 4 tornadoes

Channel Oklahoma 9/23/02 Storm Teams Aid In Reporting Tornadoes

News OK 9/22/02 Population may alter county tornado stats

Hoosier Times 9/21/02 Reactions to tornado

My Inky 9/21/02 Tornado Pummels Posey

Hoosier Times 9/21/02 Measuring the strength of a tornado

My Inky 9/16/02 Mennonite volunteers helping rebuild after tornado

Natal Witness 9/12/02 Tornado wreaks havoc in Limpopo

On Milwaukee 9/11/02 The "F" in tornadoes

KATU 9/9/02 Unusual Utah tornado causes $1 million damage

Deseret News 9/9/02 Manti digs out after tornado

CNN 9/9/02 Tornado strikes central Utah

Ledger Enquirer 9/6/02 Teen chases storms and becomes a celebrity

Daily Record 9/6/02 Twister Again

Manitowoc Times Herald 9/5/02 Tornado victims face rebuilding

St. Petersburg Times 9/4/02 Town mops up after tornado roars through

News Observer 9/4/02 Wisconsin tornado damage tops $20 million

NY Times 9/3/02 Tornado Leaves Much of Small Wisconsin Town in Ruins

Wisconsin State Journal 9/3/02 Ladysmith residents shocked, dazed

Sky News 9/3/02 Tornado Razes US Town

News OK 9/1/02 Tornado season may set record for few storms

Denver Post 9/1/02 Experts, gawkers survey tornado ruin

Rocky Mountain News 8/30/02 Aurora hit by tornado

Aurora Sentinel 8/29/02 Twister twists construction site in Aurora

SE Missourian 8/28/02 Tornado touches down in Pemiscot County

Wichita Eagle 8/26/02 Teen finds calling chasing tornadoes

Columbia Star 8/22/02 Third grader survives tornado

Jamestown Sun 8/20/02 Cleanup still under way at Staloch farm

Jamestown Sun 8/13/02 Staloch watched tornado destroy barn

KFYR 8/13/02 Tornadoes Touch Down in South-Central North Dakota

Jamestown Sun 8/12/02 Tornado destroys home, buildings near Medina 8/12/02 Tornado destroys farm

Seattle Times 8/9/02 Haunting, deftly told recounting of killer tornado

KARK 8/9/02 Witnesses Claim Bull Shoals Tornado

Billings Gazette 8/6/02 Weather includes tornadoes

Cadillac News 8/2/02 Witnesses report tornado touchdowns

Marshfield News Herald 7/31/02 Twisters reported in Clark, Taylor, Marathon counties

Disaster Relief 7/31/02 Tornado Season Ends with Low Activity, Fewer Deaths

Toronto Star 7/29/02 Tornado tears through park, injuring campers

Globe and Mail 7/29/02 Tornado near Sudbury creates 'war zone'

Holland Sentinel 7/28/02 Tornado hits in Allegan County

Journal Star 7/26/02 Thunderstorms bring hail damage, at least one tornado

My San Antonio 7/26/02 Exhibit recounts Jarrell twister 7/25/02 Tornado count well below average, Weather Service reports

The Capital 7/22/02 Residents report tornado-like dust funnel in Crofton

Evening Star 7/22/02 Weather has a twister in the tail!

Clarion Tribune 7/20/02 Camp helps youths deal with tornado trauma

Toronto Star 7/13/02 Tornado victim leaves hospital after two years

News Tribune 7/12/02 Tornado, windstorm batter area

Billings Gazette 7/9/02 Tornadoes, record heat scorch state

Canoe 7/4/02 Tornado spins through remote farm in northwestern Saskatchewan

Washington Post 7/1/02 In Aftermath of Md. Tornado, A Gap Between Aid and Need

Journal Star 6/29/02 Aid helps Jackson man rebuild home destroyed by '01 tornado

Marshville News Herald 6/27/02 Tornado destroys feed mill, knocks out power for thousands

Amarillo Globe News 6/27/02 Fritch recalls tornado 10 years later
KFYR 6/24/02 Tornado Touches Down in Burleigh County, ND

News Star 6/22/02 Pink Baptist Church rebuilds after tornado

Road Runner News 6/22/02 Tornado Gives New Perspective

New Haven Register 6/18/02 Tornado confirmed in Montville Sunday

Norwich Bulletin 6/18/02 Tornado blew through Oakdale

Garden City Telegram 6/17/02 Twister spotted in Haskell County

CJ Online 6/15/02 Storms bring tornadoes

Daytona Beach News Journal 6/10/02 Tornado damages about 40 homes in St. Pete Beach

St. Petersburg Times 6/9/02 Twister plows through beach city

Amarillo Globe News 6/9/02 For tornado survivor, terror rides the wind

Frederick News Post 6/7/02 Tornado hits; damage not widespread

Pawling News Chronicle 6/6/02 Tornado touches down at Whaley Lake

St. Petersburg Times 6/6/02 Tornado tears up mobile homes

Connecticut Post 6/4/02 State gets rare taste of tornado

Troy Record 6/2/02 Four twisters confirmed

Staten Island Live 6/1/02 Tornado touches down in Fulton County; storms throughout state

News OK 6/1/02 May count of 2 twisters below norm

Washington Post 5/28/02 For Victims Of Tornado, Another Blow

Shropshire Star 5/28/02 Twister tears past music event

Independent 5/27/02 Tornadoes bounce through area

Macon Telegraph 5/26/02 Twister Still Impacts Texas Town

Houston Chronicle 5/26/02 Town recalls deadly twister 5 years later

Dallas Morning News 5/25/02 Five years later, town still coping with deadly '97 tornado

Sunspot 5/24/02 Tornado debris drifts home

Clarion Ledger 5/24/02 Deadly Nov. tornado left mark

Sacramento Bee 5/20/02 Tornadoes reported across Sacramento area

San Diego Tribune 5/20/02 Tornadoes, hail, snow hit California

Washington Times 5/20/02 Volunteer spotters keep eyes on skies

Washington Times 5/19/02 County hit by second tornado in 3 weeks

Amarillo Globe News 5/18/02 Twister destroys home

Cecil Whig 5/15/02 It's official: Another tornado

Modesto Bee 5/13/02 Homeowners in tornado-ravaged Maryland town face rebuilding quandary

Aberdeen News 5/13/02 Tornado Destroys Pieces of History

SE Missourian 5/12/02 Student's lifesaving act during tornado recognized

Science News 5/11/02 Tornado Alley, USA

Lubbock Online 5/11/02 Tornadoes a reminder of mankind's frailty

Courier and Press 5/10/02 Providence church still open to tornado victims

Aberdeen News 5/8/02 Tornadoes batter central, western Kansas

Washington Post 5/8/02 La Plata Tornado Reduced To an F4

CJ Online 5/8/02 Tornadoes move through parts of Kansas

Calhoun Times 5/7/02 Cleaning up the mess from tornado

Lubbock Online 5/7/02 Meteorologists peg twister at F-2 intensity

Calhoun Times 5/7/02 He woke up on the 'right' side of bed

NY Times 5/7/02 Finding the What, When, Where and Why of the Supertwister

The Independent 5/6/02 Tornado hits near Kansas border

Citizen Online 5/6/02 Meteorology class heads for 'Tornado Alley' 5/6/02 Tornado's damage makes Fort Worth tower an eyesore

Dodge Globe 5/6/02 Minor tornado damage reported in central Kansas

BBC 5/6/02 Texas tornado kills two

CNN 5/6/02 Tornado kills 2 in north Texas

Washington Times 5/6/02 Tornado damages church, not faith

Fox News 5/5/02 At Least Four Killed in West Texas Twister
Washington Post 5/5/02 Proof That No Place Is 'Tornado-Proof'

News Star 5/3/02 Maryland tornado pales in comparison to Oklahoma storm

Perry County News 5/3/02 Twister pounds Tobinsport 5/3/02 Another tornado in Maryland damages homes, trees, utility poles

NY Times 5/3/02 Strangers' Kindness Buoys Town After Tornado

Denver Post 5/2/02 Severe weather quiz could be a lifesaver

State Gazette 5/1/02 Tiptonville cleaning up after tornado

Sunspot 5/1/02 Tornado just missed nuclear plant

Washington Post 5/1/02 Tornado's Toll Gloomier

Butler Eagle 4/30/02 Tornado touched down

CNN 4/30/02 Killer tornado becomes one for the books in Maryland

Detroit News 4/29/02 Tornadoes kill 6; more than 100 hurt

Post Gazette 4/29/02 Tornado reported in Butler County

Washington Post 4/29/02 Deadly Tornado Hits Southern Maryland 4/29/02 Tornadoes, high wind kill five and injure dozens 

Indianapolis Star 4/29/02  Tornado hits town in Perry County

Ananova 4/29/02 Tornadoes and high wind kill five

CNN 4/28/02 Storms kill 2 in Missouri, Kentucky

KSDK 4/26/02 Clean Up Begins in Tornado Ravaged Towns

Courier Press 4/26/02 Tornado victims still in hospital

Dunklin Democrat 4/26/02 The path of destruction

News Tribune 4/25/02 Tornadoes, storms batter southeast Missourians

Effingham Daily News 4/24/02 Tornadoes pose spring threat

Disaster Relief 4/24/02 Illinois Suffers First Fatality of Tornado Season

Courier and Press 4/23/02 Tornado that hit Illinois town had gusts of up to 206 mph
Dallas Morning News 4/23/02 Killer tornado cut path of destruction through Garland 75 years ago

USA Today 4/22/02 Year's first twister death is latest ever recorded 4/22/02 Tornado rips through southern Illinois, killing at least one person

KSDK 4/21/02 Tornado Kills One Person, Injures Others

Dallas Morning News 4/21/02 Tornado victims seek answers

WKYC 4/19/02 Two possible tornadoes reported in Stark County

Enid News and Eagle 4/19/02 Night of the twister

News OK 4/18/02 Tornadoes hit Oklahoma for third day

Star Telegram 4/18/02 Area due for big tornado, experts warn

News OK 4/17/02 Tornado near Elk City results in no damage

Houston Chronicle 4/17/02 Tornadoes tear into Fort Worth, destroy homes

Abilene Reporter News 4/17/02 North Texas tornado victims start removing debris

Dallas Morning News 4/17/02 Tornadoes hit area

MSNBC 4/17/02 Sudden Outbreak: Tornadoes, Hail Hit North Texas

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune 4/15/02 Watches, warnings: What they mean

Duluth News Tribune 4/15/02 Siren's tornado underscores need to prepare

Wisconsin State Journal 4/14/02 Severe weather awareness week

News OK 4/13/02 Twister suspected in Garfield County damage

Channel Oklahoma 4/9/02 OU Student Gets Footage Of Texas Twister

Abilene Reporter News 4/8/02 Tornadoes sighted in Throckmorton; damage minimal

Dallas Morning News 4/8/02 Storms dump record rain, spawn twisters and large hail

Yahoo 4/7/02 Tornado threat Texas, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Daily 4/5/02 Weathering the storm

KATU 4/5/02 Clark County devastated by tornado 30 years ago Friday

News OK 4/5/02 Cordell making comeback six months after twister

Billings Gazette 4/5/02 Tornado-survival tips

Wichita Eagle 4/4/02 Tornado takes his house; Assaria man takes it back

Houma Today 4/1/02 Tornado strikes Grand Caillou

Register News 4/1/02 Twenty years ago, a deadly tornado hit Ina

Houston Chronicle 4/1/02 Twister rips La Porte structures

Herald Online 4/1/02 Tornadoes threaten but leave area unscathed

Perry County News 4/1/02 Storm cleanup under way

Houston Chronicle 3/31/02 Tornados, hail batter East Texas

Dallas Morning News 3/31/02 Tornado causes injuries, house damage in Limestone County

Star Telegram 3/30/02 Hail, twisters pound region

Dallas Morning News 3/29/02 Tarrant County tornadoes: 2 years later

Star Telegram 3/28/02 Neighborhood still struggling to recover from tornado

Gadsden Times 3/25/02 Memorial dedicated to victims of Palm Sunday tornado

Birmingham News 3/17/02 Gaps dot tornado warning system

Daily News 3/6/02 Three minutes that changed a town

Brentwood Journal 3/5/02 City readies Early Warning System for tornado season

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/1/02 Refresh your severe-weather IQ this month

Remagen 2/27/02 Tornado, Wind, and Water Protection: Preparing for the Expected

Oklahoma Daily 2/27/02 Preparedness vital for tornado season

York Dispatch 2/25/02 Tornado damage award for car on appeal

The Herald 2/25/02 1947 tornado took him for a ride

Shropshire Star 2/22/02 Town hit by tornado

Bolivar Commercial 2/20/02 Mississippians have good reason to prepare for tornadoes

KARK 2/14/02 Tornado Victim Reunited With Something Special

Messenger Index 2/13/02 Tornado/storm ravage landscape

Elk Valley Times 2/13/02 Devastating tornado hit city 50 years ago

Augusta Chronicle 1/27/02 Tornado victim, Allstate square off

My Inky 1/25/02 Tornado sweeps through McLean County

Cherokee County Herald 1/22/02 Storm victims get gift of warning device

South Bend Tribune 1/18/02 October tornado's effects linger

Pilot News 1/17/02 Second tornado victim dies

South Bend Tribune 1/15/02 October tornado victim dies of injuries

Honolulu Advertiser 1/9/02 Two funnel clouds twist off O'ahu

New Zealand Herald 1/5/02 Tornado takes roof at Snells Beach

News OK 1/3/02 $4.2 million given to twister victims

Sun Herald 12/30/01 Madison couple's tree is symbol of survival

Observer 12/30/01 Tornado terror

New Zealand Herald 12/29/01 Whakatane school damaged in tornado strike

Stuff 12/28/01 Tornado batters boats in rough seas

Sky News 12/27/01 Yachtsmen Up The Spout

Cherokee County Herald 12/26/01 Job of rebuilding begins in Sand Rock

Register Pajaronian 12/22/01 Tornado rips through Watsonville

The Courier 12/18/01 Residents clean up after tornado

Gadsden Times 12/17/01 The Coates Bend tornado - one year later

Tuscaloosa News 12/16/01 Tornado brings back memories of the past

Alabama Live 12/16/01 Tornado survivors count many blessings

Tuscaloosa News 12/16/01 Those who witnessed the storm struggle to cope with emotions

Gadsden Times 12/16/01 Coates Bend family rebuilds after tornado

Michigan Live 12/12/01 From tornado comes kids' gifts of support

News Herald 12/9/01 Tornado ravaged Tyndall Air Force Base in 1967

Inter County Leader 12/5/01 Tornado cat comes home

Democrat 12/4/01 Tornadoes; flooding wreak havoc on county

Times Daily 12/2/01 Town looks to snap back after tornado

Tennessean 12/1/01 3-year-old tornado victim dies at VUMC

Clarion Ledger 11/30/01 Horn Lake woman killed; homes razed

Gadsden Times 11/29/01 Deaf couple escapes death in Sand Rock tornado

Bolivar Commercial 11/28/01 Youngster hurt in twister showing signs of recovery

Southeast Sun 11/28/01 Daleville likened to war zone after tornado rips through city 11/27/01 Woman killed, 11 injured in overnight tornado in western Tennessee

Gadsden Times 11/27/01 Sand Rock tornado rated an F2 11/26/01 Alabama struck by 15 twisters

Daily Mountain Eagle 11/26/01 Haleyville residents had no warning of tornado

Go Memphis 11/26/01 City girl, 10, loved visiting Sledge, dies there in storm

Guardian 11/26/01 US tornadoes kill 12

Clarion Ledger 11/25/01 Storm rips child from mom's arms

BBC 11/25/01 Tornadoes tear through US South

CBS 11/24/01 Weather Kills Eight In Miss., Ark. 11/24/01 Severe storms and tornado kill five in Arkansas and Mississippi

Times Online 11/20/01 Post-tornado cleanup begins 11/17/01 Tornado whips Troutman ranch

MSNBC 11/15/01 Tornado touches down near Austin, two dead in flooding

Tennessean 11/15/01 Final planting to replace trees lost in tornado

South Bend Tribune 11/14/01 Stories of tornado sometimes take on strange twists

Michigan Live 11/11/01 Tornado blew through Owosso 90 years ago 11/8/01 More aid to Siren area tornado victims

South Bend Tribune 11/6/01 They lost just about everything

Tuscaloosa News 11/4/01 Lives of tornado victims still under construction

NewsRoom 11/3/01 Whakatane Hit By Tornado

Michigan Live 10/31/01 'If it wasn't a tornado, I never want to see one'

South Bend Tribune 10/30/01 Twister count increases

Channel 4000 10/30/01 Minnesota Sets Record Of 72 Tornadoes

Greenwood Commonwealth 10/29/01 Don't let attacks overshadow other disasters

News Gazette 10/27/01 Monticello recovering quickly from tornado

Tullahoma News 10/27/01 FEMA confirms Coffee tornado

News OK 10/27/01 Tornado-damaged areas eligible for federal funds

Pilot News 10/26/01 Twisters leave paths of destruction

Decatur Daily Democrat 10/26/01 At least five tornadoes touched down

South Bend Tribune 10/26/01 Tornado damage hits, misses in LaPorte County

Seattle Times 10/26/01 Snow, hail, tornadoes kill 6 in Midwest

Michigan Live 10/26/01 Memories fly in tornado aftermath

Oakland Press 10/26/01 School's custodians escape twister

Disaster Relief 10/22/01 Record Number of Tornadoes in First Half of October

Herald Times 10/20/01 New Holstein native shocked by devastation

Shawnee Online 10/20/01 Townspeople warn, protect each other during twister

Nando Times 10/15/01 Tornado record set for early October, government says

Tallahassee Democrat 10/15/01 Nine tornadoes hit Santa Rosa County

Naples Daily News 10/15/01 Panhandle tornados injure 3, damage homes and cars 10/14/01 Tornados in Alabama and Florida destroy homes

News OK 10/14/01 Cordell tornado is deja vu for family hit by '99 storm

Houston Chronicle 10/14/01 Decatur residents clean up debris after tornado hits

Houston Chronicle 10/12/01 Twister rakes trailer, forces outage

News OK 10/12/01 Tornadoes deemed worst for October

Shawnee Online 10/11/01 Residents survive tornado that destroyed 150 homes

News Tribune 10/11/01 Tornado downs trees, power lines in Springfield

News OK 10/11/01 Strength of storms surprises experts

BBC 10/10/01 Tornadoes hit US Mid-West

CNN 10/10/01 Fall twisters rip through Midwest

News OK 10/9/01 Tornadoes cause damage in western half of state

Herald Sun 10/6/01 10 dead, thousands homeless from tornado

Nando Times 10/5/01 Tornado hits Bangladesh; at least 5 dead 10/4/01 Tornado hits Vic farmland

Washington Post 9/30/01 Tornado's Toll Sudden and Fatal

Citizenet 9/27/01 Tornado tears through The Plains

Washington Post 9/27/01 Tornado Damage Estimates Increase

Fauquier Times Democrat 9/27/01 Tornado rips through area

Gazette 9/26/01 Tornados devastate Washington region

Journal Star 9/24/01 Weekend tornado hits 1 family especially hard

Journal Star 9/23/01 Officials assess damage from tornado

Florida Today 9/16/01 In good spirits, Brevard residents clean up tornado damage

Brainer Dispatch 9/15/01 Tornado victims rebuild their homes, their lives

News 24 9/14/01 Millions' damage after tornado

Lansing State Journal 9/11/01 Tornado causes millions in damage

Lacrosse Tribune 9/9/01 Mobile home destroyed by tornado

Kansas News 9/8/01 Tornadoes touch down in central Kansas

CNN 9/6/01 Tornado greets seniors at Allianz Championship

Sun Sentinel 9/6/01 Storm warning sounded for central Broward; tornado spotted near Boynton

Tennessean 9/5/01 Hermitage will replace trees destroyed in tornado

Detroit News 9/5/01 Unearthed bones yield few clues

Lubbock Online 8/31/01 Afternoon storm system brews up weak tornado over South Lubbock 8/30/01 Manitoba sees fourth tornado this summer

WPBF 8/30/01 Twister Spotted In Palm Beach County

Lake Houston Sun 8/29/01 Funnel cloud creates scary scene at Huffman school 8/26/01 Indiana residents clean up after tornado

New Zealand Herald 8/25/01 Bay of Plenty tornado uproots trees

Naples News 8/22/01 Tornado touches down in western suburbs of Miami

Sun Sentinel 8/21/01 Tornado spins out of moisture from Chantal & touches down in Medley

CJ Online 8/20/01 Tornado can't delay class bell

Dominion Post 8/19/01 Tornado in Nebraska destroys 10 homes

Journal Star 8/19/01 Jackson cleans up after tornado

Wichita Eagle 8/19/01 Hoisington High adjusts to life after tornado

NJ Online 8/18/01 Nebraska residents return home after tornado destroys 10 homes

CNN 8/18/01 Tornadoes rip through Midwest injuring 3

Press and Dakotan 8/18/01 Residents Evacuated Hours After Tornado Levels Town

Centre Daily Times 8/18/01 Tornado touches down in Clearfield

CNN 8/17/01 Tornadoes rip through Midwest, town evacuated

Channel Oklahoma 8/15/01 School Destroyed In Tornado Reopens

Picayune Item 8/15/01 Tornado spotted in Carriere, no damage or injuries reported

CJ Online 8/12/01 Blame Kansas' tornado image on Marshall County town

CJ Online 8/10/01 Tornado siren enthusiast donating two to Sedgwick County

BBC 8/9/01 Mini-tornado hits caravan park

SE Missourian 8/9/01 Tornado-like land spouts spotted near Sikeston

The Sun News 8/5/01 Tornadoes Take Chunk Out of Summer

Shreveport Times 8/4/01 Tornado survivor benefits from doctor's determination

Duluth News 8/4/01 Experts trying to determine if storm that hit Orr was tornado

Zwire 8/2/01 Cooks' home damaged by tornado-force winds

Lenox Independent 8/2/01 Lennox hit by tornado

Lenox Independent 8/2/01 Tornado strikes! — Lennox narrowly escapes disaster

Bolivar Commercial 7/30/01 Volunteers help raise new church in wake of tornado

Daily News 7/28/01 Tornado or not?

Maine Today 7/27/01 Oakfield storm was moderate tornado

Channel 4000 7/25/01 Granite Falls Marks Anniversary Of Tornado

Deseret News 7/24/01 Utah a dust-devil haven

Naples Daily News 7/24/01 Tornado, flooding hits coasts in central, South Florida

Journal Star 7/19/01 Farmers survive twister as severe weather returns

KFYR 7/19/01 Pettibone Tornado

Brainerd Dispatch 7/17/01 Fair officials work to recover from tornado damage

CBC 7/15/01 Tears, trees for Alberta tornado victims

Duluth News 7/15/01 Siren's tornado cleanup continues

CBC 7/15/01 Sask. farmers scramble as Tornado strikes

Lexington Herald Leader 7/12/01 fallout from a tornado

Duluth News 7/12/01 Donations help Siren rebuild after tornado

Sun News 7/11/01 Witnessing the terror of a tornado

Sun News 7/10/01 Twisters fail to wreck summer

Desert Sun 7/8/01 Tornado strikes high desert as rainstorms brew in valley

BBC 7/7/01 Inquiry into French storm tragedy

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/7/01 Damage assessed from Ky. tornado

ABC 28 7/6/01 Tornado touches down in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Lexington Herald Leader 7/5/01 Tornado rips across parts of Pulaski County

Daily Press 7/4/01 Dust devil blows in ‘like a ghost’

Brainerd Dispatch 7/3/01 How to survive a tornado

Daily Telegram 7/2/01 Obey tours Siren; FEMA on the scene 7/2/01 Tornado touches down near Palmetto, damages mobile homes

Japan Today 6/30/01 Tornado hits Hokkaido towns

Duluth News 6/29/01 Siren cleanup nearly complete

KOMO 6/28/01 Tornado Hits Pierce County

Billings Gazette 6/28/01 Montana has seen its share of tornadoes

Michigan Live 6/27/01 Twister detours honeymoon
Register Citizen 6/27/01 Tornado leaves league twisting 6/26/01 Simonson: Difficult to describe Siren's utter devastation

Register Citizen 6/25/01 Storms confirmed as tornadoes

Naples News 6/25/01 Weekend storms, lightning, tornado, hit South Florida
Register Citizen 6/24/01 Apparent tornado rips through city, razing storage shed

The Reporter 6/24/01 NFdL storm chaser gets a thrill out of twisters

Daily Press 6/23/01 Satellite images tell tale of Siren tornado

Green Bay News 6/22/01 Damage may top $10 million

Detroit Free Press 6/21/01 Church rebuilds after tornado left it in ruins

Las Vegas Sun 6/20/01 Volunteers Join Wis. Clean Up Effort

Milwaukee Journal 6/19/01 Tornado rips through Siren area in Burnett County

Brainer Dispatch 6/18/01 Massive job of tornado cleanup continues in city

Oklahoman 6/18/01 Del Aire revives after tornado

CJ Online 6/17/01 Storms attract spotters, trackers, chasers and the curious

Shawnee Online 6/17/01 Swirling sky brings out thrill-seekers

Bergen Record 6/16/01 Tornado, storms pound eastern Iowa

Florida Today 6/16/01 Tornado touches down near space center

Press and Dakotan 6/15/01 Tornado Damage Prompts Disaster Declaration In 11 Counties

LJ World 6/15/01 Tornado ruins home, storms take toll in Kansas

Duluth News 6/15/01 Apparent tornado cuts power to Brainerd

KATU 6/14/01 Small tornado tosses children around on Seattle playground

Seattle Times 6/14/01 Tornado did hit West Seattle school, experts say

Press and Dakotan 6/14/01 Tornadoes Roll Across Nebraska Wednesday

Ames Tribune 6/13/01 Mid-Iowans recall 1976 tornado

Duluth News 6/13/01 Boy recovers from tornado injuries

West Central Tribune 6/12/01 Seven injured, 30 structures hit in Benson

Sun Herald 6/12/01 Apparent tornado blamed for havoc in Hancock

Duluth News 6/12/01 Tornadoes plague central Minnesota

The Times 6/11/01 Sixteen die as storm sweeps Texas and Louisiana

Press and Dakotan 6/11/01 Dual Tornadoes Injure Two In Wanblee

National Geographic 6/11/01 Storm Chasers Face the Powerful Forces of Nature

Tennessean 6/11/01 Church reopens 2 1/2 years after tornado

Enterprise Journal 6/11/01 Seven injured as tornado strikes George County

Tennessean  6/9/01 St. Ann's church has 'tornado sale' today 6/7/01 Nothing like the Midwest, but Chesco feels twisters' wrath

Lubbock Online 6/6/01 South Plains escapes damage from twisters

Rocky Mountain News 6/6/01 Tornado sparks fears over sodium

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/4/01 Twister rips into London, Ky.; 4 hurt

Columbus Dispatch 6/3/01 Tornado damages roof near Circleville

Tennessean 6/2/01 Family facing its tragedy after tornado

Rocky Mountain News 6/2/01 Ellicott tornado victims get grass-roots help

Times Daily 6/2/01 Tornado touches down in Wayne

Oklahoman 6/2/01 Contractors charged in tornado repairs scam

Tuscaloosa News 6/1/01 Booklet could help tornado survivors rebuild their lives

Amarillonet 5/31/01 NWS ranks tornado at F3

Amarillonet 5/31/01 Tornado takes out grain elevator's scale

Rocky Mountain News 5/31/01 Federal aid to victims of tornado unlikely

Lubbock Online 5/30/01 Twister hits in Panhandle

Amarillonet 5/30/01 Tornado destroys house

CNN 5/29/01 Mobile homes, school hit by possible tornado 5/29/01 Central N.J. town is hit by tornado

Bergen Record 5/29/01 Manalapan recovering from tornado

CNN 5/28/01 Tornado in Colorado Destroys Mobile Homes

Capitol Journal 5/28/01 Kansas storms produce tornadoes

Zwire 5/26/01 Twisters tallied from May 20 storms

Washington Post 5/26/01 Tornado Damages Homes in Waldorf

Free Lance Star 5/26/01 Trail of Destruction

Michigan Live 5/26/01 Tornado damage toll hits millions

Alabama Live 5/25/01 Storm damaged north and central Alabama

Natchez Democrat 5/25/01 Thunderstorms bring tornado, hail to Miss-Lou

Alabama Live 5/25/01 Lightning finder seeks twisters

Detroit News 5/24/01 Heavy winds, storms confirmed tornadoes

Detroit News 5/23/01 Twister damage hits $3 million

Zwire 5/23/01 No golfers were injured thanks to warning device

Dominion Post 5/23/01 Weather service confirms tornado in Wood County

Detroit Now 5/23/01 Locals Help Tornado Victims

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/23/01 Tornado reported as storms pummel Ohio

Oklahoman 5/21/01 Dustin home survives another storm

LJWorld 5/21/01 Twisters touch down

Oklahoman 5/21/01 None hurt as twisters hopscotch across state

Lubbock Online 5/19/01 Storm lab map puts city in tornado zone

The Oklahoman 5/14/01 Technology becomes tool of public safety

Amarillonet 5/13/01 Storm chaser offers tour to customers

Channel 4000 5/11/01 Number Of Tornadoes Raising Eyebrows

Star Tribune 5/11/01 Damage done by tornadoes is assessed

Lubbock Online 5/11/01 Tornado anniversary a reminder of nature's wrath

Channel 4000 5/10/01 Tornado Strikes East Of Northfield Twister Damages Homes, Barns

Oklahoman 5/7/01 Tornadoes, rain cause little damage in state

Oshkosh Northwestern 5/7/01 Tornado season blows into the area

Tuscaloosa News 5/6/01 Service recalls the memories of tornado victims

Houston Chronicle 5/4/01 Tornado damages houses in community near Dallas

Duluth News 5/2/01 Tornado reportedly touches down near Glenville, Minn.

USA Today 5/2/01 Tornado damages homes, businesses in Minnesota

CNN 5/2/01 Minnesota town closed off after possible tornado

Madison Press 4/30/01 Tornado season requires some safety preparations

Tuscaloosa News 4/29/01 Community tornado service is intended to give closure

Oklahoman 4/29/01 Town continues struggle to rebuild after tornado

Shawnee Online 4/28/01 Tornado-ravaged Stroud still trying to recover strength

Topeka Capital Journal 4/27/01 FEMA director visits town hit by tornado

Topeka Capital Journal 4/27/01 Tornado leaves permanent scars, pain

Witchita Eagle 4/23/01 Survivor: Tornado 'a noisy son-of-a-gun'

Ananova 4/22/01 Tornado tears through Kansas town

Oklahoman 4/21/01 Tornado siren test sounds false alarm

Clarion Ledger 4/20/01 For heaven's sake, heed tornado warning sirens

Zwire 4/17/01 Time for twisters

Oklahoman 4/14/01 Weather service rates Wednesday's tornadoes

Journal World 4/14/01 Tornado knowledge advances, but still inexact

GC Telegram 4/11/01 Tornado demolishes, home, but Rolla couple survives

News 5 4/11/01 Girl Left Alone During Tornado Warning

CNN 4/11/01 Two killed as tornadoes spread across Midwest

Kansas City Stat 4/10/01 Tornado hits Warrensburg; serious damage, minor injuries reported

Zwire 4/7/01 Freeport ready for tornado season

Witchita Eagle 4/6/01 How to stay safe during a storm

Amarillonet 4/4/01 Lockney Eagle Scout candidate mapping towns' storm shelters

Disaster Relief 4/3/01 Congress Votes on Funding for Tornado Shelters

The Independent 3/31/01 Hall County tops tornado, tornado injuries list for Nebraska

Jacksonville 3/30/01 Tornado hits Clay County

Bloodhorse 3/30/01 Tornado Kills Stakes Winner in Ocala

Amarillonet 3/29/01 Experts say tornado season nears

New Jersey Online 3/28/01 Tornado tears through town, wrecking homes

Las Vegas Sun 3/28/01 Tornado Tears Through New Zealand

New Zealand News 3/28/01 Tornado targets West Coast township

Milwaukee Journal 3/28/01 4 Killed in Pakistan Tornado

Plain Dealer 3/27/01 Storms may knock out tornado warning sirens

USA Today 3/27/01 Spring's return sparks tornado anxiety

News Record 3/25/01 Looking back at Rockingham's tornado

Shawnee Online 3/23/01 House passes tornado shelter legislation

Disaster Relief 3/21/01 U.S. Tornado Season Begins 3/19/01 Weather system brings rain, tornadoes to South Florida

News Record 3/19/01 Stoneville Elementary family still recovering from tornado wounds

Alabama Live 3/19/01 Houses to rise in wake of tornado

Reporter News 3/18/01 Weather radios advised as tornado season starts

Oklahoman 3/18/01 In tornado alley, thrill is in the chase

Tuscaloosa News 3/18/01 Tornado shelter bill put off, pending changes

Sun Herald 3/17/01 Pontotoc twister blew jobs away

Macon Telegraph 3/16/01 Storms, tornado lash Florida, Georgia

News Herald 3/16/01 Tornado tosses homes, kills man

Oklahoman 3/16/01 Tornado blamed for loss

Florida Times Union 3/16/01 Storm rips southern Georgia

New Journal 3/16/01 Federal, state officials assess storm damage

News Journal 3/15/01 Daytona Beach area still cleaning up after tornado

Las Vegas Sun 3/15/01 Ga. Tornado Causes Injuries, Damage

News Journal 3/14/01 Tornado hits, strong winds pummel area

Daily Star 3/12/01 Tornadoes touch down in Kentwood

Tuscaloosa News 3/8/01 College students spend spring break hammering for tornado victims

Clarion Ledger 2/28/01 Tornado victims eligible for federal disaster aid

CBS 2/26/01 Tornado-Tossed Mississippi

CNN 2/26/01 Man Discusses Experience in Mississippi Tornado Storm

New Jersey Online 2/26/01 Families return to tornado-ravaged community

Seattle PI  2/26/01 Tornado kills five in Michigan

CNN 2/25/01 Storms sweep through Arkansas, injuring at least 8

Clarion Ledger 2/25/01 Tornadoes sweep state; minor injuries, damage reported

Selma Times Journal 2/21/01 Tornado threatens Dallas County

Online Athens 2/21/01 'Tis tornado season

Tuscaloosa News 2/14/01 Panel OKs tornado safety bill 2/5/01 Tornado claims as storm hits

Science News 2/3/01 Seismic shivers tell of tornado touchdown

Alabama Live 2/3/01 High pressure to bring dry conditions

CNN 1/19/01 Tornado Touches Down in Georgia

CNN 1/19/01 Fast-moving storms cause damage in Alabama, Georgia

Tuscaloosa News 1/16/01 A month later, tornado’s aftermath is still painfully clear

CBS 1/16/01 Could Tornadoes Be Prevented?

CNN 1/3/01 Alabama Tornado Victims Get By With Help From Friends

CBC 12/30/00 Alberta tornado tops year's weather stories

Corpus Christi Caller Times 12/27/00 Tornado strikes Petronila home

Augusta Chronicle 12/26/00 Donations help victims celebrate

CNN 12/25/00 Tornado Survivor Finds Special Meaning in Christmas

BizJournals 12/25/00 Alfa estimates tornado and storm losses of $1.9 million

Augusta Chronicle 12/20/00 Area helps out tornado victims

Times Journal 12/19/00 Red Cross asks for help with tornado relief

UK Telegraph 12/18/00 Ten killed as tornadoes rip through Alabama

Variety 12/18/00 Survivor picks timeslot

RTE News 12/17/00 Alabama tornadoes leave 10 dead

Daily Mountain Eagle 12/17/00 Death toll rises from tornadoes

Tallahassee Democrat 12/17/00 Tornado, 60 mph winds blast Holmes County

CNN 12/17/00 Cold follows deadly 'monster' tornado in Alabama

Tuscaloosa 12/17/00 A fatal blow: Tuscaloosa tornado kills 10, injures dozens

Michigan Live 12/13/00 Tornado siren system is up and running

Biz Journal 12/4/00 Buckeye Egg hits Lloyd's insurers with $15M lawsuit after tornado

Bismarck Tribune 11/30/00 Recovering tornado victim remains upbeat 11/30/00 Redo for tornado victim

New Jersey Online 11/24/00 Tornadoes in Texas; snow in Idaho

CNN 11/24/00 Tornadoes in Texas; storms expected throughout South

Lawrence Journal World 11/18/00 Police recover from tornado

Picayune Item 11/10/00 Tornado batters Reyer Road area near Poplarville

11Alive 11/9/00 Severe Storms, Possible Tornado

Natchez Democrat 11/8/00 Tornado destroys houses near Newellton

Bismarck Tribune 11/3/00 Tornado response smooth, emergency director says

Bismarck Tribune 11/3/00 Storm Prediction Center didn't expect tornado

Lincoln Journal Star 11/2/00 Tornadoes hit Southeast Nebraska

The Independent 11/1/00  Halloween tornado causes extensive damage, no injuries

The Times 10/31/00 Tornado town's second time unlucky

Dominion Post 10/31/00 Tornado blasts English seaside town; four hurt

CNN 10/30/00 Eight people die in Europe storms

BBC 10/29/00 Victims relive tornado terror

The Times 10/29/00 Tornado strikes seaside town

ENN 10/29/00 Rare tornado blasts English town

This is London 10/29/00 Mother tells of tornado terror

Ananova 10/28/00 Five injured as tornado smashes seaside town

The Times 10/28/00 Tornado causes havoc in West Sussex

Amarillonet 10/25/00 City cleans up after tornado

Amarillonet 10/24/00 Damages eyed after storm

The Oklahoman 10/23/00 Tornado warnings send Oklahomans to shelters

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/21/00 Xenia gets anti-twister aid

Star Telegram 10/13/00 After the tornado: Arlington shopping center back in business

ENN 10/10/00 Water spouts spin off Maine's coast

Claims Magazine 10/10/00 2000 Tornado Season Relatively Subdued

NJO 10/9/00 Watery tornadoes, more common in Tropics

Kansas News 10/8/00 Tornadoes remain a part of Kansas heritage

Oregon Live 10/8/00 Pine Lake survivors return to green up tornado-ravaged campground

Columbus Dispatch 10/5/00 Tornado cleanup under way at egg farm

Lexington Herald Leader 10/5/00 Owensboro's January tornado response analyzed

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/27/00 Xenia declared a disaster area

Plain Dealer 9/26/00 Tornado damage forcing farm to kill chickens

Columbus Dispatch 9/26/00 Data did not indicate tornado in Xenia

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/25/00 Xenia gives thanks for blessings

Columbus Dispatch 9/24/00 Like in '74, Xenia picks up the pieces

Columbus Dispatch 9/22/00 1 million chickens will be delayed casualties of tornado

Plain Dealer  9/22/00 Twister disheartens town, but we’ll get through it’

Cincinnati Post 9/22/00 Echoes of '74 in Xenia Latest tornado rekindles past

CNN 9/21/00 Powerful Tornado Injures 100 in Xenia, Ohio

CNN 9/21/00 Ohio town copes with tornado damage

Newscoast 9/19/00 Mess after Gordon includes tornado damage

The Advertiser 9/11/00 Homes hit by tornado

Star-Telegram 9/9/00 FEMA assists tornado victims

Naples Daily News 9/7/00 High winds, heavy rains, possible tornado in Jacksonville

Houston Chronicle 9/6/00 Many tornado victims seeking federal aid rejected

Jackson Citizen Patriot 8/29/00 Officials react cautiously when hitting tornado siren

Oklahoman Wireless 8/29/00 Tornado numbers dip this year in state, nation

BBC 8/28/00 Tornadoes spotted off Welsh coast

News Journal 8/28/00 Inventor develops idea for shelter from tornadoes

CBC 8/25/00 Typhoon spawns destructive tornadoes

Producer 8/24/00 Concert raises money for tornado victims

UK Telegraph 8/22/00 Hail and tornadoes - it must be summer

Milwaukee Journal 8/19/00 Three reported tornadoes turn out to be weaker, 'cold-air' funnel clouds

MaineToday 8/17/00 It's official: Tornado

St Petersburg Times 8/15/00 Fast twister damages Palm Harbor

News Herald 8/12/00 Tornado touches down in Lake County

Enquirer 8/11/00 Even tornado warnings can't deter 'Survivor' addicts

News Hearald 8/10/00 Tornado sighted

Maine Today 8/10/00 'Tornado' rips up Somerset County

CBC News 8/10/00 Scientist proposes new theory to fight tornados

The Austrailian 8/9/00 100km/h tornado batters Robe

Western Producer 8/3/00 Manitoba farmer moved by support after tornado

Brainerd Dispatch 7/31/00 Tornado victims find time to worship

Brainerd Dispatch 7/28/00 Victim had survived two earlier twisters

CNN 7/26/00 Daylight reveals extensive tornado damage in Minnesota town

CNN 7/20/00 Alberta, Canada Residents Face Aftermath of Deadly Tornado

CBC News 7/19/00 Chretien tours wreckage of killer tornado

CBC News 7/18/00 Tornado Terror
Halifax Herald 7/18/00 'Miracle baby' virtually unscathed after three-story toss
CBC News 7/17/00 Chretien to visit site of killer tornado
Las Vegas Sun 7/17/00 Alberta Promises Aid for Twister Victims
Nando Times 7/17/00 Canadian tornado victim's death brings toll to 11
CBC News 7/17/00 Search moves under water at tornado site

CBC News 7/15/00 Environment Canada calls tornado an 'F-3'
Nando Times 7/15/00 At least 8 dead after tornado in Canada
BBC News 7/15/00 Canada campsite tornado
Las Vegas Sun 7/15/00 Canadian Tornado Kills Nine
Denver Post 7/7/00 Twister rips through farms
Cincinnati Enquirer 7/5/00 Flash floods, possible tornado punctuate holiday 5/14/00 Midwest Cleans Up From Deadly Storm
CNN 5/12/00 1 dead, several hurt in north Texas tornado

CNN 4/24/00 Tornadoes ravage Louisiana, but no deaths reported

CBC 4/24/00 Tornadoes tear through U.S. south

UK Independent 4/19/00 Tornado created by straw fire kills man in truck 3/29/00 Rescue Teams in Texas Search for Tornado Victims

BBC News 3/29/00 Texas tornadoes 3/29/00 Tornado Rips Through Downtown Fort Worth

National Geographic 3/28/00 Deadliest Tornados

BBC 2/15/00 In pictures: Tornado terror

BBC News 2/14/00 Georgia tornadoes kill 22

CNN 2/14/00 Camilla, Georgia Mayor Discusses Damage Caused by Overnight Tornado 2/14/00 Tornados Slam Georgia, Arkansas 8/13/99 Mormons help Salt Lake respond quickly to tornado
BBC News 5/4/99 Nature at its most powerful

BBC News 5/4/99 Dozens killed by tornadoes  

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