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Teen Music 1/10/04 Britney Gets Naked In Toxic Video

The Age 1/10/04 Britney keeps with a trashy tradition

New Zealand Herald 1/10/04 Britney's not yet a woman

Teen Music 1/9/04 Spears Postpones Single

National Enquirer 1/9/04 Britney's Wedding Disaster

Beacon Journal 1/8/04 Tell your children: Don't be like Britney

Extra 1/8/04 Britney Spears

Teen Music 1/8/04 Spears Gift To Ex-husband

NY Daily News 1/8/04 'I do' to eye dough

USA Today 1/8/04 Cameron won't pull a Britney

NY Daily News 1/8/04 The 'bad girl' syndrome, a la Britney 1/8/04 Britney's 'hubby' gutted

WXXA 1/7/04 Jason Alexander Hires PR Agent

NY Times 1/7/04 Local Girl Leaves Town, Makes Good, Breaks Heart 1/7/04 Hugh: 'I'd Date Britney'

Teen Music 1/7/04 Britney's Ex-husband's Girlfriend 'devastated'

Borowitz 1/7/04 Britney Bar Mitzvahed

Ananova 1/7/04 Britney tops internet search list 1/7/04 Hefner "keen" on Britney

Defy 1/6/04 Britney Punk'd Jason

The Spoof 1/6/04 Britney a "crap lay" says ex-husband

The Spoof 1/6/04 "Seinfeld" actor Jason Alexander aroused, thinks he married Britney Spears

Guardian 1/6/04 Britney Spears

MTV 1/6/04 Britney's Quickie Hubby Described As A Good Kid Who Likes To Party

Teen Music 1/6/04 Spears Husband Considers Future With Britney?

Ananova 1/6/04 Hefner wants Britney as a playmate

Extra 1/6/04 Britney Reactions

NBC10 1/6/04 Britney Misses Record For Quickest Celebrity Marriage

This Is London 1/6/04 Britney's brawling hubby

NY Times 1/6/04 Britney Spears, After a Dip Into Marriage, Is Free for Whatever Future May Hold

BBC 1/6/04 Britney single again

USA Today 1/6/04 Tale of the tape: Justin & Jason

CBBC 1/6/04 Britney and ex will stay friends

USA Today 1/6/04 Britney's Vegas vacation: Stunt or screw-up?

BBC 1/6/04 Friend who wed Britney speaks out

Ananova 1/6/04 Britney's ex-husband speaks out

BBC 1/6/04 Britney's short marriage annulled

Chart Attack 1/5/04 Me Against The Marriage: Britney Weds, Files Annulment Papers

Washington Post 1/5/04 Married In Vegas, And Maybe In Jest

Extra 1/5/04 Britney Gets Marriage Annulled

Zap2It 1/5/04 Spears Claims She 'Lacked Understanding' of Marriage

Teen Hollywood 1/5/04 Married Britney: 'Oh My God, What Have I Done?'

Media Guardian 1/5/04 After 55bn web hits, Britney is world No 1

Zap2It 1/5/04 Britney Spears Gets Vegas Marriage Annulled

This Is London 1/5/04 Britney's a 'quickie' bride 1/5/04 Britney Gets A Quick Fix

Anorak 1/5/04 The Virgin Bride

Ananova 1/5/04 Britney's whirlwind wedding annulled

Teen Music 1/5/04 Britney's 'husband' Is A Church-going Hunk

BBC 1/5/04 Britney to get marriage annulled

Ananova 1/5/04 Britney to annul 'joke' marriage

NY Daily News 1/5/04 A quickie for Miss Britney

USA Today 1/5/04 And they said a Britney-Jason union wouldn't last

The Age 1/5/04 Britney's 'joke' wedding over 1/5/04 Spears comes the bride

Defy 1/4/04 Britney's Marriage Giggles

Zap2It 1/4/04 Britney Spears: In the Marriage Zone?

Teen Music 1/4/04 Spears Marries Childhood Friend!

AJC 1/4/04 Britney Spears marries in Vegas, but friends expect annulment

MTV 1/4/04 Britney Gets Married In Las Vegas

Teen Hollywood 1/4/04 Britney Plans A Video Retaliation For Justin 1/4/04 Oops, Britney Marries!

Jam! 1/4/04 Britney rumoured to have tied knot

BBC 1/4/04 Britney 'marries' in Las Vegas

Ananova 1/4/04 Britney Spears 'marries childhood friend' 1/4/04 Britney's bad hair day

Teen Music 1/3/04 Boozy Britney Carried Out Of Vegas Club

CBBC 1/3/04 Justin takes Britney's place in Your Charts 1/1/04 No Boob Job For Britney


News Articles 7/1/02 to 12/31/03


MTV 12/31/03 Britney's 'Toxic' Clip Makes 'Cry Me A River' Look Like Child's Play

Teen Music 12/31/03 Britney's Hair Extensions Visible To All

Zap2It 12/31/03 Britney and Christina Still Bickering over MTV Kiss

Ananova 12/31/03 Britney hits back in Christina catfight

Defy Magazine12/30/03 Spears vs. X-Tina

WRAL 12/30/03 Britney Spears Calls Christina Aguilera Scary

Newsday 12/30/03 Spears, Aguilera Trading Insults

WPXI 12/30/03 Britney Spears Tops Searches On Yahoo!

This Is London 12/30/03 Britney's bad hair day

BBC 12/30/03 Britney to play Lisbon rock show

Billboard 12/29/03 Rio Gig Takes Britney International

NY Times 12/21/03 Spears Reigns Again on Internet

1590 Broadcaster 12/18/03 Fans who camped out at Verizon Arena for Britney tickets feel cheated

Coming Soon 12/18/03 Britney Spears' Sister Gets Comedy Show

CNN 12/18/03 Britney's sister getting own show

Teen Hollywood 12/14/03 Britney: Reports Of Leto Revenge Dating Are Crazy

Teen Music 12/13/03 Britney: I Want A Quirky Guy

USA Today 12/10/03 Netizens search for celebrity

Straits Times 12/10/03 Not a girl, not yet a woman

Defy Magazine 12/9/03 Britney Tours Asia

Denver Post 12/9/03 Britney Spears sets Denver date

Oregonian 12/9/03 Britney Spears tickets go on sale Saturday for March concert

This Is London 12/9/03 Britney shocks by covering up

Teen Music 12/9/03 Britney's Hawaiian Thanksgiving

MTV 12/8/03 Steamy Britney Set Brings Holiday Concert To An Anticlimax

Korea Times 12/8/03 Britney Spears Antsy to Be 'In The Zone'

Seattle Times 12/8/03 Britney Spears on first stop of Asian tour

Ananova 12/8/03 No gay vibes in video kiss, says Britney

Teen Music 12/7/03 Britney's Birthday Auditions

Teen Music 12/7/03 Spears Pulled Out Of MTV Show To 'Slow Down'

NMC 12/5/03 Britney to Enter the Concert Zone

Teen Music 12/4/03 Britney Takes To The Road

Ananova 12/4/03 Britney Spears to appear in new Carry On film?

Rolling Stone 12/3/03 Britney Takes "Zone" on Road 12/3/03 Britney Gets In The Touring 'Zone'

Teen Music 12/3/03 Britney's Car For Sale

Ananova 12/3/03 Britney has more hate sites than Saddam Hussein

MTV 12/2/03 Britney Spears Lines Up Tour For In The Zone

KATC 12/2/03 Britney Tops Celebrity 'Hate' Sites

Irish Examiner 12/2/03 Retail therapy cheers Britney up 12/2/03 Oops! Britney's not so hot anymore

Salon 12/2/03 Dirty white girl

BBC 12/2/03 Jack Nicholson's Britney ambition

Ananova 12/2/03 Nicholson says he'd love sex with Britney - but is 'too old'

Launch 12/1/03 Britney Spears Sells 609,000 Copies Of 'In The Zone'

Times of India 12/1/03 Spears tries to spend away her troubles

Beacon Journal 11/30/03 Britney zones out

Teen Music 11/29/03 Madonna: 'Britney's My Little Sister'

The Oregonian 11/28/03 Spears' new album lands on pop chart in the winning zone

Chart Attack 11/28/03 Loose Ends: Britneymania Reigns In The U.S.

BBC 11/28/03 Madonna's sisterly advice for Britney

Ananova 11/28/03 Madonna says Britney is like her little sister

Stuff 11/28/03 Britney rules US charts

Defy Magazine 11/27/03 Britney Still Pop's Princess

Chart Attack 11/27/03 Loose Ends: Britneymania Reigns In The U.S.

CTV 11/26/03 Britney's new album tops charts in first week

MTV 11/26/03 Britney Moans Her Way To The Top Of The Albums Chart

Teen Music 11/25/03 Britney's Sex And The City Dreams

Tallahassee Democrat 11/24/03 Britney Spears grins and bares it, again and again 11/24/03 Britney Spears gushes for gay fans

Washington Post 11/23/03 Britney, Moving Up On the Hate Parade

BBC 11/22/03 Bhangra Britney gets lost in music

Billboard 11/21/03 Britney Spears

SMH 11/21/03 Britney Spears, In the Zone

NMC 11/20/03 When I Think about You, I Touch Myself

Daily Record 11/20/03 Britney Calls Off Her Phone Pals

New Zealand Herald 11/20/03 Britney Spears:In the Zone

SF Gate 11/20/03 There's more to Britney than the porn persona -....


News Articles 11/1/03 to 11/39/03


CNN 11/19/03 Fans camp for Spears CD, critics unmoved

NY Daily News 11/19/03 Oops! She did it again

Ananova 11/19/03 Britney hints Justin not such a 'Trousersnake' 11/19/03 Britney v Christina

Teen Hollywood 11/18/03 Britney: A Diva in Transition

Chart Attack 11/18/03 Britney Spears Lets Her Star Shine

Zap2It 11/18/03 Spears Takes the Walk of Fame

Borowitz 11/18/03 Britney Spears Face Appears on Christina Aguilera

Boston Globe 11/18/03 Britney's latest: sex bomb 11/18/03 Aguilera: 'Britney Mimed'

USA Today 11/18/03 Britney lost in 'Zone'; Beatles could have 'Let It Be' 11/18/03 Britney Breaks Record

USA Today 11/18/03 Britney Spears gets star on Walk of Fame

BBC 11/18/03 Hollywood landmark honours Spears

NY Daily News 11/18/03 Britney's new album: Naughty, not nice

Ananova 11/18/03 Britney gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

BBC 11/18/03 Britney gets Hollywood star

Sun Sentinel 11/18/03 Britney, In Her Prime, Or Primed For a Fall?

Media Life 11/17/03 Britney's blitz puts her in 'The Zone'

NY Times 11/17/03 Oops! It's Album Time Again, Britney

Teen Hollywood 11/17/03 Aguilera: Spears Isn't A 'proper' Artist

ABC News 11/17/03 Review: Spears' 'In the Zone' Insipid 11/17/03 No Sympathy For Britney

New Zealand Herald 11/17/03 The remake of Britney

Ananova 11/17/03 Busted launch attack on Britney

Ananova 11/17/03 Britney in hot pants launches awards show

BBC 11/17/03 Bhangra Britney gets lost in music

Ananova 11/17/03 Aguilera says Spears isn't a "proper" artist

BBC 11/17/03 Kylie's sympathy for Britney 11/17/03 It's Britney Tears

Star Telegram 11/16/03 Britney's latest falls into the erogenous 'Zone'

BBC 11/16/03 Busted beat Britney to number one

Ananova 11/16/03 I'm still a role model, says Britney

NY Daily News 11/16/03 Just like a woman 11/16/03 It's Britney Tears 11/16/03 'I'm Still A Role Model'

Launch 11/15/03 Britney Spears Drug Overdose Rumors A Hoax

NY Times 11/14/03 Britney Sexes Up the Music

Teen Music 11/14/03 Britney's Tears

Launch 11/14/03 Britney Spears & Pink Blow Off NBC's 'Today' 11/14/03 Britney Breaks Down

BBC 11/14/03 Britney's tears on US TV 11/14/03 A chat with Britney

Baltimore Sun 11/13/03 Britney Spears jabs back at Md.'s first lady 11/13/03 Britney Tipped For Movie

NY Daily News 11/13/03 Shooting dulls Spears

Ananova 11/13/03 Britney to make TV film based on her life

Ananova 11/13/03 Watchdog 'hypocritical' over Britney's 'lesbian' snog

The Age 11/13/03 Spears' sexy lyrics

ABC News 11/12/03 In the Zone

Chart Attack 11/12/03 Britney Spears: Coming To A TV Near You?

Teen Music 11/12/03 Britney Wows Chilly New York

Zap2It 11/12/03 Spears Makes Out with ABC Family

Ananova 11/12/03 Madonna kept Britney-Xtina kisses secret from Lourdes

Hollywood Reporter 11/12/03 Spears taking prod'n role on ABC Family pic

USA Today 11/12/03 Chasing Britney

CBS 11/11/03 Britney Spears: Intimate Interview

Standard Times 11/11/03 Britney, in her own words

The Advocate 11/11/03 Brit young thing

Evening Times 11/11/03 Britney's back on song

Teen Music 11/10/03 Durst Insists Britney Romance Real

CNN 11/10/03 Does Britney Spears still have it?

Teen Hollywood 11/10/03 Spears, Lange Named Glamour Women of the Year

Teen Music 11/10/03 Britney Seeks A Brit

MSNBC 11/9/03 Britney Spears: Unzipped

Teen Hollywood 11/9/03 Colin Farrell Shocks Britney With Rude Gifts

Sky News 11/9/03 Britney Runs Home to Mum

CBS 11/7/03 Spears Family Dishes On Britney 11/5/03 Britney in shock pull-out

Chart Attack 11/4/03 Britney Spears Leaves Europe With Mysterious Ailment 11/4/03 Britney pulls out of club appearance

Teen Music 11/4/03 Britney Heads Home From Europe

BBC 11/4/03 Britney pulls out of MTV Awards

BBC 11/4/03 Britney pulls out of MTVs

Teen Music 11/2/03 Britney's Ill Health Puts Comeback At Risk

NY Times 11/2/03 Growing Up: Britney Did It Again


News Articles 10/1/03 to 10/31/03


Film Jerk 10/31/03 Adaptation of Britney Spears’ Novel “A Mother’s Gift” Begins Filming in January

Teen Hollywood 10/31/03 Spears Dating Film Star Cusack? 10/31/03 Pop Lifestyle Ages Britney

KTVU 10/30/03 Spears To Embark On 56-City U.S. Tour

CNN 10/30/03 Britney Spears tour set

Teen Music 10/30/03 Britney Wants To Live In 'Anonymous' London

Teen Music 10/29/03 Avril Slams 'Showgirl' Britney

Teen Music 10/29/03 Britney Lights Up Radio With New Single

BBC 10/29/03 Spears stalker sues over search

NMC 10/28/03 Britney To Make Madonna Move?

BBC 10/28/03 Exclusive : Is Britney moving to London?

Billboard 10/28/03 Alleged Spears Stalker Sues L.A.

Teen Music 10/28/03 Madonna Includes Britney Kiss Song On Remix 10/28/03 Brit's Six-Month Drought

Boston Globe 10/27/03 Britney Spears: No more topless photos

Daily Record 10/27/03 Kylie V Britney 10/27/03 Brit Pack Keeps VIPs Away

BBC 10/27/03 Britney hits out at Idol's Cowell

NY Daily News 10/27/03 Bitter Britney bares all

Newsweek 10/26/03 Bringing Up Britney

BBC 10/24/03 Britney's Bash

BBC 10/24/03 Britney stalker sues for distress

Media Life 10/24/03 Britney and Justin, not so much fun 10/24/03 Britney Sued By Stalker

BBC 10/24/03 Britney stalker sues for distress

Ananova 10/24/03 New Britney album is 'sex, sex and more sex'

MTV 10/23/03 Britney Album Preview: Sex, Sex And More Sex

WXXA 10/23/03 Britney, Renee and Halle Make it on the Top Ladies List

BBC 10/23/03 Is Britney snogging Madonna again?

The Mirror 10/22/03 It's Chest Like A Real Britney

Teen Hollywood 10/22/03 Britney Pens Heartfelt Apology To Timberlake

Chart Attack 10/21/03 Madonna Revisits The Britney Kiss In Audio Form 10/21/03 Britney In Pole Position

Teen Hollywood 10/21/03 Halle + Britney: The Big Tease

MTV 10/21/03 Britney, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Bono To Perform For AIDS Awareness

BBC 10/21/03 Britney waxwork goes pole-dancing

The Scotsman 10/21/03 Britney to take stage at MTV awards

BBC 10/21/03 Your chance to dance with Britney

BBC 10/21/03 Refuse Britney? Basement Jaxx did

Launch 10/17/03 Madonna To Join Britney On 'SNL'?

MTV 10/16/03 Getting Aggressive With Britney Pays Off For RedZone

WSBTV 10/16/03 Madonna-Britney Billboard Pulled 10/15/03 Britney Wants London Pad

Teen Hollywood 10/12/03 Britney Threatens Action Over Diet Pills Furor 10/12/03 Oops, Britney seen again with married man

Teen Hollywood 10/11/03 Governor's Wife Hates Britney

NY Daily News 10/11/03 Gov's wife brushed off by Britney

BBC 10/8/03 Britney gets an injunction

BBC 10/8/03 Britney keeps 'obsessed' fan away

NY Daily News 10/8/03 Oh, shoot- sorry, Britney

Ananova 10/8/03 Governor's wife wants to 'shoot Britney'

WXXA 10/6/03 Gov's Wife Takes Aim at Britney

Teen Music 10/6/03 Britney Spears Is Terrified Of Failure

Teen Music 10/5/03 Britney And Madonna Video 10/4/03 Dear Aunty Britney...

Teen Music 10/3/03 Spears Plays Advice Columnist

Teen Hollywood 10/3/03 Britney: I Didn't Have A Meltdown

Teen Music 10/2/03 Britney Dancer Splits With Pregnant Wife

NBC410/2/03 Spears Bares Bottom For Magazine -- Sort Of

Teen Music 10/1/03 Spears, Timberlake on 'SNL'

BBC 10/1/03 Britney spared stalker court date


News Articles 9/1/03 to 9/30/03


Troy Record 9/30/03 Britney Eyes X-Men Cameo 9/30/03 Britney's Fax Pest Battle

Launch 9/29/03 Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Confirmed For 'SNL'

Charleston Gazette 9/27/03 From mouseketeer to megastar

Teen Hollywood 9/25/03 Is Britney Romancing A Married Man?

MTV 9/24/03 Britney, Metallica, Ashanti, Hilary Duff To Perform At AMA's

MTV 9/24/03 Britney Gets 'Just A Little Freaky' On In The Zone

NY Daily News 9/24/03 Britney caught Short?

MTV 9/23/03 Britney, Metallica, Ashanti, Hilary Duff To Perform At AMA's

Teen Hollywood 9/23/03 Spears Plays Down Avril Outburst

Teen Music 9/23/03 Spears: I Want A 'toxic Guy' 9/20/03 Britney Booed At Bash

Hello! 9/19/03 Britney's Knit Kit Brabs Attention in N.Y.C

Teen Hollywood 9/19/03 Britney Booed at Fashion Show

BBC 9/19/03 Britney goes bhangra for comeback 9/18/03 Britney kiss angers Nicks

Launch 9/17/03 Britney Spears To 'Get In The Zone' With Madonna

WPXI 9/17/03 Britney Goes Topless For Magazine -- Sort Of 9/17/03 Britney Album Date Set

Chart Attack 9/16/03 Britney Spears Calls In The Stars For New Album

Teen Music 9/16/03 Britney's Next Album Due November 18th

MTV 9/16/03 Britney Gets Down With Madonna Again

Teen Music 9/16/03 Britney Thrills Clubbers

Launch 9/14/03 Britney Spears Revises Album Release Date

Las Vegas Sun 9/14/03 Britney Spears shocks Vegas, performs unexpectedly at casino

Teen Music 9/12/03 Britney Blasts 'Desperate' Justin

Teen Hollywood 9/12/03 Aguilera And Spears Still On Bad Terms?

Teen Music 9/11/03 Britney Goes 'Sensual And Sexual' 9/11/03 Kiss not a stunt: Britney

Rolling Stone 9/9/03 Britney Goes Trance With Moby

BBC 9/8/03 Fred Durst on Britney - and the new album

Teen Hollywood 9/8/03 Cameron Diaz Upset Over Jared + Britney

Teen Music 9/8/03 Political Analyst Not Impressed with Britney 9/7/03 Britney's Kiss Catfight

Teen Music 9/6/03 Spears' Bizarre Bag Excuse Over Diet Pills 9/5/03 Kylie V Britney

Teen Music 9/5/03 P Diddy Praises New Britney Material

Extra 9/5/03 Britney Spears

Newsday 9/5/03 Spears: Mom Approved of Madonna Kiss

BBC 9/5/03 Britney gets raunchy in Washington

Extra TV 9/4/03 Britney Spears 9/4/03 Britney and Justin back on?

Teen Music 9/4/03 Britney Insists Kiss Was A One-off 9/4/03 Spears Moving From Kiss-Off To Kickoff

Newsday 9/4/03 Spears: Madonna Kiss Was Unrehearsed

BBC 9/4/03 Spears considers London move

BBC 9/4/03 Britney finds kissing Madonna cool

WQAD 9/3/03 Spears, Blige, Franklin, Good Charlotte discuss N-F-L concert

MTV 9/3/03 Britney Raps On New Album, Teaches P. Diddy A Thing Or Two

WLOX 9/3/03 Big celebration planned in Washington on Thursday

Extra TV 9/2/03 Britney and Madonna

WNBC 9/2/03 A Kiss Is Just A Kiss At MTV Awards

Seattle PI 9/1/03 Paper apologizes for Spears-Madonna photo


News Articles 7/1/02 to 8/31/03


Teen Music 8/31/03 Britney To Keep Thoughts To Herself

Teen Hollywood 8/30/03 Britney To Keep Her Romantic Liaisons Quiet

Teen Hollywood 8/29/03 Britney Goes Footloose?

BBC 8/29/03 Singing and snogging at MTV Awards

NY Daily News 8/29/03 Missies get all kissy

WTEV 8/26/03 J.Lo Pulls Out of Performance with Britney & Madonna 8/26/03 Britney's Ł10,000 Rings

Teen Music 8/24/03 Britney Moves Album Out Of Alicia Keys' Way

Teen Hollywood 8/22/03 Britney's J.Lo Pose

MTV 8/21/03 Britney, Beyonce, Metallica, Missy, Jay-Z Added To VMA Lineup

Teen Hollywood 8/21/03 Britney, Jennifer + Madonna Form A Supergroup?

WXXA 8/19/03 Britney Downplays Leto Affair

Teen Music 8/19/03 Britney Switches Television Channels

NY Daily News 8/19/03 Did Brit find new guy Justin time?

BBC 8/19/03 Man swap for Britney and Cameron?

Sunday Mirror 8/17/03 Radar: Britney Spears

Teen Music 8/14/03 Britney Checks Up On Farrell

Teen Music 8/12/03 Spears Says Breakup Needed to Happen

Teen Hollywood 8/10/03 Spears Fails To Ditch Cigarettes

Launch 8/7/03 Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake Falling Into The Gap?

Fox News 8/7/03 Britney: Timberlake Breakup Made Me a Better Artist

NMC 8/7/03 Britney Bares Bust For Brits

BBC 8/7/03 TV battle for J-Lo and Britney?

Teen Music 8/6/03 Britney Dumps J.Lo's Ex

Teen Hollywood 8/6/03 Millions Offered For Spears And Timberlake Reunion

NMC 8/6/03 Durst And Spears A Duo?

Beacon Journal 8/6/03 J.Lo, Britney take rivalry to TV

NY Daily News 8/6/03 Even Britney can feel overexposed

Teen Hollywood 8/5/03 Spears Slams Timberlake

Zap2It 8/5/03 Spears, Blige Will Help Kick Off NFL Season

NMC 8/5/03 More Chat Thanks To Britney

Zap2It 8/5/03 Spears, Blige Will Help Kick Off NFL Season

MTV 8/4/03 Britney Spears To Perform Two New Songs On NFL TV Special

Teen Music 8/4/03 Britney Spears Eyes Duke's Of Hazzard Role

Launch 8/1/03 Britney, Kelly, Tyrese Set For Teen Choice Awards Taping 8/1/03 Britney Becomes A Duke

NMC 7/31/03 Britney Becomes Daisy?

Boston Channel 7/31/03 J. Lo, Britney Make Best, Worst Dressed Lists

Zap2It 7/30/03 Britney Spears' New Track

BBC 7/30/03 Britney's new movie plans

MTV 7/29/03 Britney Spears' NASCAR Flick Picking Up Speed

NMC 7/29/03 Britney Buckles Up For Racing Flick

TheBostonChannel 7/29/03 Spears, Blige To Play Free NFL Concert

Teen Music 7/27/03 Britney And Justin's Frosty Reunion

Charlotte Observer 7/24/03 Britney Spears racing flick still on

Dot Music 7/24/03 Touchdown Britney

Launch 7/23/03 Bowling For Soup Covers Britney For 'Freaky Friday' Soundtrack

VH1 7/23/03 Britney Spears' Next Role: Wide Receiver For The NY Jets?

The Age 7/20/03 Bad taste, Britney-style

Teen Music 7/19/03 Love's Second Thoughts On Britney Collaboration

Go Erie 7/16/03 Spears on break, but her influence stays strong

Teen Music 7/15/03 Spears: 'I Love My Food'

Teen Hollywood 7/11/03 Britney's Traditional Dreams

The Province 7/7/03 Britney's stylist can't save her from herself

Teen Hollywood 7/7/03 Britney Plays The Field

Teen Music 7/3/03 Britney Went Back To Blonde To Please Men

Teen Music 6/30/03 Justin Reneges On Britney Duet

This is London 6/30/03 Brit O.T.T!

Teen Music 6/28/03 Britney's Former Publicist Becomes Gossip Reporter

Launch 6/27/03 Britney Spears Talks Timberlake And Durst With U.K. Tabloid

Teen Music 6/26/03 Britney's Tattoo Trauma

Teen Hollywood 6/26/03 Britney's A Red Bull Girl 6/26/03 Britney Admits Drug Shock 6/23/03 Britney Star Award Row

Herald Tribune 6/19/03 Rooney, Spears getting Hollywood Walk of Fame stars

Teen Music 6/19/03 Britney And Bodyguard Split

WISC 6/18/03 Spears, J. Lo. Up For Teen Choice Awards 6/12/03 Britney's Breasts Throb

Teen Music 6/3/03 Britney Premieres Songs From New Album 5/30/03 Britney Previews LP, Denies Rumors Of 'Cry Me A River' Response

Teen Music 5/29/03 Britney Spears Sells Timberlake Love Nest

Extra TV 5/22/03 Britney’s Charity Auction

Teen Hollywood 5/17/03 Britney Spears Auctions Her Wares

Teen Music 5/16/03 Britney Plans To Rap On New Album

Teen Music 5/14/03 Britney Gets Together With J.Lo's Ex

Teen Hollywood 5/12/03 Britney Loses Investment Cash

Teen Music 5/9/03 Britney Sells Up

Teen Hollywood 5/9/03 Britney Linked To Ashton Kutcher

Launch 5/8/03 Britney Spears Readying New Album

Teen Music 5/6/03 Britney The Super Prankster

Teen Hollywood 5/6/03 Britney Pays Farrell Surprise Visit


News Articles about Britney Spears


Billboard 4/30/03 Mariah, Britney, More Added To 'Zootopia'

Teen Hollywood 4/22/03 Britney's Delight Over Brother's Engagement

BBC 4/17/03 Britney avoids 'stalker' case

BBC 4/14/03 Britney and Justin meet at Kids' Awards

Extra 4/10/03 Britney Spears' New Beau?

Launch 4/9/03 Britney Spears Restaurant Owes $400,000

Fox23 News 4/8/03 Justin, Britney in Line for Nickelodeon Awards

Daily Record 4/5/03 Britney Rubs on the Factor Phwoar

NMC 4/4/03 Britney and Justin: More Than Love

Daily Record 4/3/03 Britney Votes in Tycoon Senator 4/3/03 Spears Dates Sugar Daddy

Cinema Confidential 4/1/03 Interview: Britney Spears' bodyguard

Teen Music 3/29/03 Britney Signs Up For Will + Grace

Teen Music 3/28/03 Britney and Justin Back On?

MSNBC 3/25/03 Britney deal hits Bertelsmann’s profit

KC Channel 3/22/03 Britney Spears, Madonna Dishonored With Razzies

Teen Music 3/20/03 Britney Bags A New Man?

Daily Record 3/20/03 Piper Calls Tune For Pop Copycat Britney

MTV 3/13/03 Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne Fall Into The Matrix

Daily Record 3/11/03 Bodyguard Keeps Tabs on Britney 3/7/03 Britney Gets Broody

Teen Music 3/7/03 Britney Calls On Avril's Matrix Team

Teen Music 3/6/03 Britney Snubbed For Smoking

Extra 3/5/03 Britney Spears

Teen Music 3/1/03 Britney + Justin On Love Merry-go-round 2/28/03 'Britney Seduced Me'

Teen Music 2/28/03 Christina Gives Britney Dating Advice 2/27/03 Britney Dumps Fred Tunes

Teen Music 2/26/03 Britney Gets Back To Business

Teen Hollywood 2/25/03 Britney's Surprise Visit To Justin 2/24/03 Britney's little sis plays for TV laughs

NBCMV 2/23/03 Britney Spears...Surprise Stars On 'SNL' On 2/22

Teen Music 2/23/03 Justin Is Back With Britney?

Teen Music 2/23/03 Durst Slams Britney In New Song

Teen Music 2/20/03 Britney Catches Us Up on her Relationships

This Is London 2/20/03 Britney sues over coke story

Teen Music 2/20/03 Britney Sings Revenge

BBC 2/19/03 Britney denies dating Durst

Teen Music 2/18/03 Farrell: Britney And Me Was No Stunt

BBC 2/17/03 Britney film tops turkey poll

This Is London 2/14/03 Soap steals Britney's crown

Teen Hollywood 2/14/03 Affleck Plays Matchmaker

Teen Music 2/13/03 Britney's Bad-girl Image

USA Today 2/10/03 Madonna, Britney lead Razzies

icWales 2/8/03 Julien donates Britney's dress to museum

NMC 2/6/03 Slave 4 Who?

BBC 2/3/03 Colin Farrell denies Britney rumours

Teen Hollywood 1/30/03 Britney Bags A New Man

Louisville Channel 1/30/03 Colin Farrell And Britney Spears: Just Friends?

BBC 1/30/03 A Brit On The Side

USA Today 1/30/03 Spears, Farrell officially an item? 1/24/03 Spears stalker 'misunderstanding'

Teen Hollywood 1/24/03 J.Lo Gives Britney Dating Advice 1/24/03 Britney And Fred Split

MTV 1/23/03 Britney Lost Skechers Tens Of Millions Of Dollars, Company Says

Teen Hollywood 1/23/03 Kelly Slams Britney and Aguilera

Hello Magazine 1/20/03 Bruce and Britney Team Up For Final 'Die Hard'

BBC 1/16/03 Are Britney and Justin back together?

Sky News 1/15/03 Britney Caught Kissing

Teen Music 1/15/03 Britney Helps Out Sister On Tv Show

Contra Costa Times 1/11/03 Britney's 16th minute of fame

Teen Music 1/7/03 Britney + Justin To Meet Backstage At Awards Show

Teen Hollywood 1/6/03 Britney To Play Female Sherlock Holmes 1/6/03 Britney To Play Holmes 1/3/03 Teens aim to topple Britney


News Articles 11/1/01 to 12/30/02


BBC 12/30/02 Britney loses out to PlayStation

Teen Hollywood 12/29/02 Britney's Worries About her Dad

Zap2It 12/28/02 Timberlake Hashes Out Relationship in Music Video 12/27/02 Britney Tops Hit List

WESH-TV 12/20/02 People Magazine Names 25 Most Intriguing People

MTV 12/20/02 Britney, 'NSYNC Buried In Ticket Sales By McCartney, Stones

USA Today 12/18/02 Pepsi replaces Britney with Beyonce 12/17/02 J.Lo Beats Britney On Web

CNN 12/15/02 Tattoos, Britney top Web search list

VH1 12/14/02 Justin And Britney At War, Magazine Cover Story Declares 12/12/02 Britney: It's payback time with Justin's latest video

BBC 12/10/02 Spears seeks restraining order

CBS News  12/10/02 Britney Spears Seeks Court Order

MTV 12/6/02 Britney Spears To Work With Rodney Jerkins Again

Extra TV 12/2/02 Britney Turns 21

Teen Hollywood 12/1/02 '21' Club For Britney

BBC 11/29/02 Britney quits restaurant trade

BBC 11/27/02 Britney cuts ties with restaurant

Teen Hollywood 11/27/02 Is Justin's New Video Girl Really Britney?

Teen Hollywood 11/18/02 Britney The Speed Babe

Hello 11/18/02 Britney Spears On The Fast Track With Racy Film Role

Teen Hollywood 11/17/02 Britney's Co-star Reveals Pink Preference

Zwire 11/14/02 Britney's Mom Picks Up Her Pen

Teen Hollywood 11/13/02 Justin Knocks Britney's Movie Debut

Teen Hollywood 11/7/02 Britney's Cartoon Time

Teen Hollywood 11/6/02 Britney Gets Award From Diaz

BBC 11/5/02 Britney - Justin's 'Horrible Woman'?

MTV 11/5/02 Britney Spears' Hiatus Is History

The Mirror 11/4/02 Shania Twain on Britney Spears

Sky News 10/30/02 Britney's Marriage Blow

Fox News 10/25/02 Pop Tarts Crank Up the Sex Appeal

Sky News 10/25/02 Britney Jets into London

Teen Hollywood 10/17/02 Britney And Nick Go International

Teen Hollywood 10/10/02 Justin Reveals More About Britney Heartache

NY Times 10/6/02 Britney Spears Aims for a Second Act, as an Adult

Teen Hollywood 10/3/02 Britney Spears Dating Nick Carter?

BBC 10/2/02 Britney plots return

Teen Hollywood 10/2/02 Manning's High Praise For Britney

Sky News 9/30/02 Lap Dance Lessons For Britney

BBC 9/26/02 Spears warns against piracy

Daily Record 9/25/02 Britney Gears Up for Court Battle

Trentonian 9/24/02 Teens pick Bush over Britney

Spokesman Review 9/6/02 Spears' 'Crossroads' may pique curiosity

Edinburgh News 9/5/02 Britney, classical? That caps it all ..

Sky News 9/3/02 Justin: 'I Never Bonked Britney'

Zap2It 8/29/02 Britney Confesses She's Not All That Innocent

Sky News 8/28/02 Britney: World's Worst Dresser

Sky News 8/24/02 Oops, Britney Fooled Again

Louisville Channel 8/23/02 Britney Spears Undresses Virginity Issue

icSouthLondon 8/23/02 Britney: I smoke, drink and have sex

New York Daily News 8/23/02 Britney opens up on drinking, sex

This is London 8/16/02 Britney bored but happy at home

CBS 8/9/02 Britney's At A Crossroads

BBC 8/8/02 Spears to take sabbatical

Sky News 8/8/02 Britney Takes A Burn Out Break

This is London 8/7/02 Stressed Britney may quit music

BBC 8/6/02 Britney still the Teen Choice

USA Today 8/6/02 'Funniest, coolest' Teen Choice

Fox News 8/2/02 Is Britney Turning Into a Bad Girl?

CNN 8/2/02 Britney on music, 'Boys' and Austin's powers

Zap2It 8/1/02 Spears Does Spin Control on 'Access Hollywood'

Times of India 7/29/02 Britney Spears cuts short Mexican concert

Louisville Channel 7/26/02 Try Out To Be In Britney Spears' Video

Extra TV 7/25/02 Britney's New Beau?

CNN 7/25/02 Is Spears' star falling?

Sky News 7/21/02 Britney's Got A New Bloke

Hello 7/18/02 Britney Collapse Rumours Rubbish Says Her Spokesman

Sky News 7/15/02 Britney's Singing In The Rain

Times of India 7/12/02 US foreign policy vies with Britney Spears

Beacon Journal 7/8/02 Britney top nominee for Teen Choice

Zap2It 6/26/02 Britney, Gellar, J. Lo Lead Teen Choice Nominees

ZDNet 6/24/02 Britney Spears promotes tours with smart card

Sheboygan Press 6/23/02 Britney sports local T-shirt in magazine photo

Indianapolis Star 6/22/02 Spears' show sprinkled with good, bad displays

BBC 6/21/02 Britney tops Forbes power list

NY Times 6/19/02 Britney Spears: Not Yet a Woman, Already a Restaurateur

Zap2It 6/18/02 Britney's Sis Joins Cast of 'All That'

BBC 6/18/02 Britney 'still hurting' over split

Extra TV 6/17/02 Britney Spears

Zap2It 6/17/02 Britney Spears' NASCAR Movie Revs Up

Star New 6/16/02 Philosophically, Britney exists as an ideal goal

BBC 6/11/02 Bertelsmann buys Britney music firm

San Francisco Chronicle 6/3/02 Britney Spears toyed with image at Oakland show

Contra Costa Times 5/31/02 Britney's fans aren't little girls anymore

Hello 5/30/02 Britney Spears is Devastated After Her Parents Split Up

MTV 5/28/02 Britney Avoids Vice, Justin Talk At Sin City Tour Opener

Salon 5/21/02 Britney and Justin together again?

Adweek 5/17/02 Britney, Pepsi Twist Become "Goldmembers"

VH1 5/14/02 Britney, Austin Powers Team Up For Video, Commercial

St. Petersburg Times 5/4/02 Britney's smoke signals new image

Daily Record 4/26/02 Britney Laughs Off Movie Role

Brandweek 4/21/02 Britney Spearheads Launch For Skechers

BBC 4/18/02 Rain washes out Britney gig

VH1 4/17/02 The Britney And Justin Mystery: Why They Won't Come Clean

Zap2It 4/15/02 Britney Burglars Sentenced to Probation

Zap2It 4/8/02 Spears Has Cameo in 'Austin Powers 3'

Shreveport Times 4/7/02 Britney has fans in a frenzy

Sunday People 4/7/02 It All Ends in Spears

Hello 4/5/02 Split With Justin Just a Rough Spot Says Justin's Mum

Times of India 4/1/02 David Crosby decries Britney Spears

Independent 3/30/02 Brotney or Buttney? Oops, her fans have got it wrong again

Daily Record 3/30/02 Britney Rules the Waves

This is London 3/29/02 Britney jeered at movie premiere

This is London 3/29/02 From safe to sexy

BBC 3/28/02 Kylie attacks Britney

Zap2It 3/27/02 Britney Spears Says She is Single After All

Hello 3/26/02 Britney Confirms She And Justin Have Split Up

Extra 3/26/02 Britney Booed in London

This is London 3/26/02 Boos for Britney at film premiere

CNN 3/26/02 Britney: Why I snubbed fans

CNN 3/26/02 Britney tests young fans' patience

This is London 3/26/02 Boos and tears at Britney premiere

BBC 3/25/02 Fans boo Britney at premičre

BBC 3/25/02 Britney fans await premičre

Hello! 3/22/02  Britney Spears all smiles as she presents new movie in Madrid

BBC 3/19/02 Britney 'spearheads' new discs

BBC 3/11/02 Britney denies split

BBC 3/11/02 Britney 'single again'

Guardian 3/7/02 BT pins hopes on Britney for broadband

Fox News 3/1/02 Britney Doesn’t Know Yoko; Will Justin Go Solo?

ZDNet 3/1/02 Watch out for Britney Spears--it's a worm

Zap2It 2/27/02 Britney Spears Exceeds Her Credit Limit?

Fox News 2/27/02 Anti-Fans Burst Britney's Bubble

Cnet 2/24/02 Britney gets cyber make over

Zap2It 2/21/02 No 'Sex' for Britney Spears

Louisville Channel 2/21/02 HBO Denies Spears' 'Sex' Appearance

Louisville Channel 2/20/02 Internet Movie Takes Shot At Spears

New Zealand Herald 2/19/02 Britney loses innocence with first film

Zap2It 2/19/02 Britney Spears, Halle Berry Have the Body Parts Women Want

BBC 2/18/02 Britney for Sex and the City

Zap2It 2/18/02 Oops! Britney Gets Sexed Up for 'Sex and the City'

Guardian 2/18/02 Britney Spears enticed by Sex and the City

Guardian 2/17/02 The A to Z of Britney

Launch 2/17/02 Britney Spears's Breast-Baring Scene Cut From 'Crossroads'

San Francisco Chronicle 2/16/02 Britney plays Britney

Salon 2/15/02 "Crossroads"

IGN 2/15/02 This Weekend at the Movies: Britney's Big Debut

New York Times 2/15/02 A Britney Spears Vehicle That Bypasses the Bumps

Louisville Channel 2/15/02 Spears' 'Crossroads' A Dead-End Street

USA Today 2/15/02 Spears' one-note acting sends 'Crossroads' astray

Zap2It 2/14/02 Britney Spears Defends Losing Virginity in 'Crossroads'

Hello 2/14/02 Britney at Crossroads Premiere

BBC 2/12/02 Red carpet debut for Britney

Hello 2/8/02 Britney Jealous of N' Sync Boyfriends On Screen Kiss 2/6/02 Britney makes her film debut in "Crossroads"

BBC 2/5/02 Pressplay signs Britney Spears

USA Today 2/5/02 Fun, fearless, female: It's Britney

Zap2It 2/1/02 Britney Spears Returns for Double Duty on SNL

Zap2It 1/30/02 Britney, Coens Lead Super Bowl Ad Parade

News Net 5 1/29/02 Pick Spears' Pepsi Commercial For Super Bowl

BBC 1/28/02 Britney to star in Super Bowl ads

Guardian 1/28/02 Britney hits high note for ITV1

Gamespot 1/25/02 Britney's US debut

BBC 1/24/02 Britney and prince 'in e-mail exchange'

Hello 1/18/02 Britney Spears Jets Into London for Two Day Visit

BBC 1/17/02 Britney starts TV blitz

Hello 1/11/02 Britney Spears to Take on Cheeky Chat Show Host Frank Skinner

BBC 1/10/02 Britney to appear on Frank Skinner

Zap2It 1/10/02 Just Say No to Britney and Beyonce in 'Austin Powers in Goldmember'

Zap2It 1/9/02 Madonna, Britney Spears and Shania Twain

Net Music Countdown 1/4/02 Michael Gets Exclusive With Britney

MTV Asia 1/4/02 Britney Gets Dirty On The Dancefloor

Zap2It 1/2/02 Britney Spears Footage Added to Jackson Special

Sky News 1/2/02 X-Rated Christina Top Hot Stuff

Brandweek 12/31/01 Britney Was All The Buzz In '01

IHT 12/27/01 Pop Diva Britney Spears to Star in Raunchy Movie

New Business News 12/20/01 Top AOL searches of 2001 led by Britney Spears

Chart Attack 12/20/01 Britney’s Embarrassing Beginnings

San Jose Business Journal 12/18/01 Britney Spears -- inquiring minds want to know all

Zap2It 12/17/01 Britney, *N Sync and Jagger added to 'AMA'

BBC 12/14/01 Fur flies over Britney posters

Boston Phoenix 12/13/01 Britney Spears Fun House

BBC 12/7/01 Britney to miss Smash Hits party

Salon 12/5/01 Britney Spears is not the devil

Times of India 11/29/01 Britney hails show biz relationship

IGN 11/28/01 ICM Spears Britney Deal

Oakland Press 11/27/01 Young fans flock to Auburn Hills for show

Zap2It 11/27/01 Britney Spears to Shake Her Moneymaker in More Movies

Milwaukee Journal 11/27/01 Britney Hails Show Biz Relationship

Milwaukee Journal 11/23/01 The Britney Spears career advice game

Net Music Countdown 11/21/01 Britney Vanili?

Zap2It 11/20/01 Britney Spears to Arouse Austin Powers' 'Goldmember'

Zap2It 11/20/01 HBO's Britney Special Draws 5 Million Viewers

LA Daily News 11/18/01 'Dream' concert comes true for Britney

San Francisco Chronicle 11/18/01 Britney Spears' vacuity is on an upward spiral
Washington Post 11/18/01 Britney Spears, Live From Las Vegas

San Francisco Chronicle 11/17/01 Britney -- made for boob tube?

Detroit News 11/16/01 Britney Spears goes live for HBO show

BBC 11/15/01 Britney tops US album chart

Zap2It 11/14/01 WB Offers Sneak Peek at Britney in Vegas

Live Daily 11/14/01 Britney Spears logs her third straight No. 1 debut

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/12/01 Lip-synching Britney wows teens with wizardry

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/11/01 To Britney, singing is a fantasy

San Francisco Chronicle 11/11/01 Spirits high as Britney appears

Courier Times 11/8/01 Is an older Britney becoming old news?
Zap2It 11/8/01 Britney's HBO Concert Beaming to Military Bases

USA Today 11/8/01 Britney steps into maturity

Zap2It 11/8/01 U.S. Service Men and Women to See Britney Spears

USA Today 11/6/01 'Britney' tries to grow up too quickly

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/4/01 Despite posturing, 'Britney' pure teen pop

Post Gazette 11/3/01 Britney focuses on sexy this time

BBC 11/2/01 Britney changes her tune

Live Daily 11/1/01 Britney Spears kicks-off tour in support of 'Britney'


News Articles 1/1/01 to 10/31/01


Rolling Stone 10/31/01 Britney

CNN 10/26/01 Britney badmouths in new album

Net Music Countdown 10/23/01 Fans Grab Britney Early

BBC 10/23/01 Britney meets Madonna and child

CNN 10/19/01 Spears teams with America Online

BBC 10/19/01 Britney signs internet deal

Media Guardian 10/19/01 Britney teams up with AOL Time Warner

Milwaukee Journal 10/15/01 Spears hits Milwaukee one more time

IGN 10/10/01 Britney Spears in The Lost Girls!?

Zap2It 10/10/01 O-Town Joins Britney Spears' Tour as "Making the Band Show" Moves to MTV

BBC 10/4/01 Stolen Britney video 'boring' 9/14/01 Britney Spears Reacts To Terrorist Attack, New Album Titled 'Britney'

Milwaukee Journal 9/13/01 Britney Spears Cancels Promotion

BBC 9/13/01 Deal signed for Britney video games

Zap2It 9/7/01 Spears, Jackson Make MTV's 2001 VMAs Interesting

BBC 9/6/01 Britney pulls out of Jackson concert

BBC 9/5/01 Britney 'cheetah act' criticised

USA Today 8/31/01 Time for Britney to dress up her act

BBC 8/31/01 Britney's engagement denied

BBC 8/31/01 Britney label settles online lawsuit
San Francisco Examiner 8/29/01 What's OK for Britney will drive mom crazy

Net Music Countdown 8/28/01 Britney and Justin Sittin' in a Tree

USA Today 8/27/01 Britney shows, makes happy campers

Chart Attack 8/20/01 Britney Fulfils Our Dreams, Totals Ferrari

Zap2It 8/15/01 J Lo, Spears Added to MTV's VMA Awards

Zap2It 7/26/01 Britney Spears to Pop on the Big Screen

icSouthLondon 7/25/01 RSPCA Slams Britney for Selling Pets

icSouthLondon 7/19/01 Britney Records Joan Jett Hit

San Francisco Chronicle 7/17/01  All eyes were on Britney

Globe and Mail 7/17/01 Oops, I got outclassed again

Zap2It 7/16/01 Britney Spears Appears Live from the MGM Grand

Seattle PI 7/16/01 A few minutes with...Britney Spears

Zap2It 7/14/01 Britney Takes it to the Next Level

Zap2It 7/14/01 Britney Takes it to the Next Level

Zap2It 7/5/01 Britney, Whitney Duet with Michael Jackson 

icSouthLondon 6/22/01 Justin Phoned Britney After Hoax
Alabama Live 6/20/01 Dallas DJs fired after starting rumor of Britney Spears' death

BBC 6/20/01 Britney death hoax DJs sacked

Net Music 6/14/01 Survivor Votes Britney Off First

BBC 6/14/01 Britney death hoax fools fans

Guardian 6/14/01 BBC falls victim to 'Britney death' spoof

CNN 6/13/01 Britney Spears death rumor travels around world

BBC 6/12/01 Britney's online shopping spree

Salon 5/29/01 Coy boy toy

Spokesman Review 5/29/01 Britney admits she's no role model for little girls

CNN 5/25/01 Britney: 'I want to keep a personal life'

BBC 5/18/01 Britney to launch 3-D DVD

Milwaukee Journal 5/18/01 Spears Working on Interactive DVD

BBC 5/16/01 Britney Backs Blair

Zap2It 5/11/01 Family Research Council Comes Down on ‘Dawson,’ Britney

UK Telegraph 5/1/01 Britney Spears guide to semiconductors is a hit

BBC 5/1/01 Britney makes physics sexy

BBC 4/24/01 A Mother's Gift: Your views

BBC 4/24/01 Britney branches out

BBC 4/20/01 Britney's book hits US stores

BBC 4/7/01 Britney joins the Pepsi generation

Herald Sun 3/31/01 Britney gyrates first in cola war

Salon 3/29/01 Britney vs. Christina: Sticky star war?

BBC 3/28/01 Aguilera is the real thing for Coke

Milwaukee Journal 3/28/01 Britney and mom try their hand at novel

BBC 3/22/01 Man jailed after Britney concert arrest

Salon 3/22/01 Burning Spears!

Media Guardian 3/20/01 US politician joins Britney in Pepsi advert

Seattle Times 3/19/01 Britney's midriff may be bare, but her arm covers are hot

BBC 3/16/01 Britney's novel debut

Seattle PI 3/16/01 Britney Spears latest prose is in the money

CNN 3/15/01 Britney's novel fetches thousands

CNN 3/14/01 Popstars smash Britney record

Zap2It 3/2/01 Oops! Britney Does It for HBO

BBC 2/13/01 Britney's Valentine kiss boosts charity

BBC 2/7/01 Britney joins the Pepsi generation

Hampton Roads 1/26/01 Britney, 'N Sync part of Super Bowl game plan

Teen Hollywood 1/20/01 N'Sync, Britney Spears delight Brazilians

BBC 1/19/01 Britney and Madonna 'to sing duet'

BBC 1/11/01 Britney Spears 'set for film role'

BBC 1/9/01 Faith Hill trounces Britney and Eminem

NME 1/5/01 Britney and Madge Keep it in the Family


News Articles 1/1/00 to 12/31/00


Zap2It 12/28/00 TV Guide Announces Nominees For Awards Show

BBC 12/26/00 Bets on for Britney baby

CNN 12/21/00 Britney Spears tops Lycos search terms

BBC 12/7/00 Britney to miss Smash Hits Party

icShowbiz 12/5/00 Britney Plans Christmas at Home

NME 12/2/00 Tome of Britney's Life

Zap2It 11/17/00 Fox Presents There's no place like home

BBC 11/16/00 Britney hosts farewell bash

CNN 11/9/00 Britney Spears, mother to write Mother's Day book

Milwaukee Journal 11/9/00 Spears, Mom To Put Out Book

Zap2It 11/2/00 Britney Spears To Host 'Music Awards'

The Register 10/26/00 Get to smell Britney Spears online

National Enquirer 10/23/00 Britney & Ben Affleck shock crowd with steamy kisses

Sun Sentinel 10//20/00 With Britney's navel leading the way, Britannica hits the Web

Live Daily 10/12/00 'NSync, Britney and others team for holiday album

BBC 10/11/00 Concert review: 'Brilliant' Britney

This is London 10/11/00 Britney gears up in Covent Garden

BBC 10/11/00 Britney's dramatic UK debut

Zap2It 10/10/00 Britney Spears On "2000 Billboard Music Awards"

Zap2It 10/9/00 'N Sync, Spears Team Up For 'Billboard Awards'

ITN 10/6/00 Britney's show of love for Justin

Live Daily 9/25/00 Britney Spears pushes back U.K. tour opener

BBC 9/24/00 Britney's Brummie trouble

Salon 9/18/00 Britney's complicated virginity

BBC 9/12/00 Britney label joins MP3 fray

Live Daily 8/31/00 More Platinum For Britney Spears

BBC 8/22/00 Britney becomes BBC agony aunt

LiveDaily 8/6/00 Britney Spears, Others Honored At Teen Choice Award

Rolling Stone 8/5/00 Really Randoms: No Doubt, Britney Spears

Cincinnati Journal 7/15/00 Britney, Justin Sited
Cincinnati Enquirer 7/15/00 Justin, Britney sighted

BBC 6/26/00 Britney Spears museum set up

BBC 6/20/00 Britney in N'Sync movie talks
Salon 6/19/00 Sharps & Flats

BBC 6/13/00 Britney animated over Prince William 6/11/00 Rapper Eminem vs. Pop Singer Britney Spears

CNN 5/26/00 Spears album sets sales record
Salon 5/25/00 Britney Spears does it again!

Milwaukee Journal 5/25/00 Spears breaks sales record with 'Oops'
Live Daily 5/24/00 Album Debuts at #1
Salon 5/22/00 Oops, she's doing it again! 5/17/00 Pop queen's follow-up should be royal success

BBC 5/7/00 Britney does it again 4/7/00 Britney Spears reveals film


News Articles 1/1/99 to 12/31/99


BBC 11/11/99 Big night for Britney
BBC 10/4/99 Britney spears four MTV nominations
Salon 9/17/99 Britney Spears tries to connect with a great rock tradition

Salon 8/27/99 Teen queen Britney Spears invites you to hit her with your best shot.
CNN 8/2/99 Britney Spears has her say so
CNN 3/24/99 Pop princess Britney Spears sets out to conquer music
CNN 3/19/00 Pop sensation Britney Spears heads for TV


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