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News Articles about Britney Spears


Celebrity Spider 11/3/07 Britney Spears Under Investigation After Running Over Cops Foot

Celebrity Spider 11/3/07 Britney Spears Careless With Birth Control

Celebrity Spider 11/3/07 Britney Spears Former Manager Advises Farm Life

Daily Mail 11/3/07 Britney says she was tricked into divorcing K-Fed

LA Times 11/3/07 What exactly is Britney Spears trying to tell us?

Dallas Morning News 11/3/07 'Oops' and downs: Review of Britney Spears' recordings finds art imitating life

MTV 11/3/07 Britney Spears Allegedly Runs Over Cop's Feet

Celebrity Spider 11/2/07 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's Finances Revealed

Celebrity Spider 11/2/07 Britney Spears Started 2007 Off Pregnant?

Celebrity Spider 11/2/07 Britney Spears "Attracted" to Socialite Kim Kardashian

Celebrity Spider 11/2/07 Britney Spears Sued by Former Manager

TMZ 11/2/07 Brit Under Investigation by LAPD

TMZ 11/2/07 Britney Served -- Legal Papers, Not Drive-Thru

Sky News 11/2/07 What Has Brit Got On?

E!Online 11/2/07 Cops Probe Alleged Brit-and-Run

Daily Mail 11/2/07 Hey Brit Spender! The £135,000-a-month lifestyle of the lavish Miss Spears

NY Daily News 11/2/07 Bad-news Britney Spears bags No. 1 CD

TMZ 11/2/07 HB Neighbors to Brit: Not in Our Backyard

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Britney Spears in New Cocaine Controversy

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Ex-Assistant: Britney Spears Needs Mental Help

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Tony Romo Denies Britney Spears Dating Rumors

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Britney Spears Ditches Radio Interview to Take a Shower

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Britney Spears Parents Reconcile

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Britney Spears Ignores "Cruel" Tabloid Media

MTV 11/1/07 Britney Spears' Blackout Projected To Light Up The Charts For Fifth #1 Debut 

TMZ 11/1/07 Brit & K-Fed -- A Tale of Two Bank Accounts

TMZ 11/1/07 Former Manager to Brit: Gimme More Money

BBC 11/1/07 Spears defends parenting skills

Daily Vidette 11/1/07 CD Review: "Blackout"

University of Minnesota Daily 11/1/07 Yes, Britney did it again

Boston University Heights 11/1/07 Spears 'Blacks Out' and makes an album

Colorado University Campus Press 11/1/07 Britney shows her dark side

Arizona Daily Wildcat 11/1/07 CD Review: 'Blackout'

Palm Beach Post 11/1/07 Review: The highs and lows of 'Blackout'

Pepperdine University Graphic 11/1/07 After a four-year ‘blackout,’ Britney is back

Billboard 11/1/07 Future Looks Bright For A Britney 'Blackout' At No. 1 

Niagara Gazette 11/1/07 Oops, album-buyers are doing it again

Rocky Mountain Collegian 11/1/07 Review of Britney Spears' 'Blackout'

E! Online 11/1/07 Britney's Blackout Lights Up Charts

Akron Beacon News 11/1/07 Aurora native dishes about her boyfriend's ex - Britney Spears

TMZ 11/1/07 Britney: Partying Like a Mock Star

TMZ 11/1/07 Brit's Halloween Date with "TMZ Photog"

Variety 11/1/07 Album Review: Britney Spears - 'Blackout'

Daily Mail 11/1/07 Party animal Britney prowls around in a wild Hallowe'en catsuit

The Post 11/1/07 Spears album drops, slightly better than anticipated

Celebrity Spider 10/31/07 Britney Spears Cried Over Wedding Dress

Celebrity Spider 10/31/07 Britney Spears Gives Up Album Promotion

Celebrity Spider 10/31/07 Britney Spears Has Visitation Rights Cut Back

Celebrity Spider 10/31/07 Britney Spears Blackout Reveals Inner Pain

Fort Worth Star Telegram 10/31/07 Cowboys coach not happy with Britney Spears

Advocate 10/31/07 Not Bad for Britney

Extra 10/31/07 Producer Says Brit Was 'Unstoppable' While Recording 'Blackout'

Sky News 10/31/07 Brit's Black Day

Celebrity Spider 10/30/07 Catholics Slam Raunchy Britney Spears Photos

Celebrity Spider 10/30/07 Britney Spears Breaks Another Road Law

Celebrity Spider 10/30/07 Britney Spears "Furious" at Kevin Federline's Preferential Treatment

Celebrity Spider 10/30/07 Britney Spears Sprays Paparazzi With Wiper Fluid

Celebrity Spider 10/30/07 Britney Spears Romancing Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo?

Extra 10/30/07 Britney Surprises Fans at Midnight Release of 'Blackout'

TMZ 10/30/07 Judge to Brit -- You're Too Chaotic, Custody Denied

E! Online 10/30/07 Britney: Gimme Less Drug Testing

Daily Mail 10/30/07 Spotty Britney has new run-in with the cops

TMZ 10/30/07 Frightened Brit Takes On Drunks, Punks and Cops

Digital Spy 10/30/07 Britney wants K-Fed drug tested

TMZ 10/30/07 Britney Sparrow, Invasion of the Booty Snatcher

Washington Post 10/30/07 'Blackout': Britney Is Back, Not That You'd Notice 10/30/07 Britney 'back with a vengeance'

Dot Music 10/30/07 2007 not a charmed year for Britney

NY Post 10/30/07 No Power Shortage for Spears

Toronto Star 10/30/07 Britney, Backstreet CDs unwelcome comebacks

Seacoast Online 10/30/07 Britney doesn't embarrass herself (for a change)

NY Daily News 10/30/07 Catholics slam Britney Spears pix as 'bottom of barrel' stunt 10/30/07 Britney's back with 'Blackout'

KPHO 10/30/07 Britney Custody Ruling Due Tuesday

TMZ 10/30/07 Britney Pulled Over -- Insanity Ensues

BBC 10/30/07 Review: Britney Spears' Blackout

Sun Sentinel 10/30/07 In Blackout, Britney Spears still remembers how to make hits

Metro 10/30/07 Britney happy after parent class

Buffalo News 10/30/07 Bad Britney-Good Britney

Celebrity Spider 10/29/07 Britney Spears to Spark Catholic Controversy With New Promo Pics

Celebrity Spider 10/29/07 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Attend Joint Custody Hearing

E! Online 10/29/07 Kentucky Church Out to Save Britney's Soul

Extra 10/29/07 Sneak Peek: Brit's Controversial 'Blackout' Pic

TMZ 10/29/07 Shpritzney Spears

NY Times 10/29/07 ‘Miss Bad Media Karma’ Sings, Too

Celebrity Spider 10/28/07 Kevin Federline Fears Britney Spears Will Harm Kids

Celebrity Spider 10/28/07 Britney Spears Shocks Courtroom With Bizarre Outburst

Celebrity Spider 10/28/07 Britney Spears Mother to Write Parenting Book 10/28/07 Britney hits one more time

Daily Mail 10/28/07 Britney storms out of court to launch foul-mouthed rant

Digital Spy 10/28/07 Britney Spears: The essential singles

Celebrity Spider 10/27/07 Britney Spears Denies Sesame Street Links

Celebrity Spider 10/27/07 Britney Spears Tire Sock Goes for More Than $1,000

Daily Mail 10/27/07 Britney left fuming as parenting monitor takes control

NY Daily News 10/27/07 With lots of potty breaks, no ruling on Spears' custody battle

Digital Spy 10/27/07 Moore: 'Spears never allowed to grow up'

Celebrity Spider 10/26/07 Britney Spears Hit-and-Run Charges Dismissed

MTV 10/26/07 Britney Spears And Kevin Federline's Hearing Ends After Judge Does Not Issue A Ruling

TMZ 10/26/07 Brit Heads Home, No Ruling by Judge

Jam! 10/26/07 Britney's back with a thud

Extra 10/26/07 Hearing Ends Without Ruling

E!Online 10/26/07 Britney, K-Fed's Custody Cliffhanger

TMZ 10/26/07 Britney and K-Fed's Custody Hearing Underway

USA Today 10/26/07 Spears custody case back to court

E!Online 10/26/07 Britney's Mom to Dish on Spears Family Values

Extra 10/26/07 Brit's Former Manager Has High Hopes for New Album

TMZ 10/26/07 K-Fed Wants Brit Caught on Tape -- Commissioner Rules

E!Online 10/26/07 Britney's Video Blackout

TMZ 10/26/07 Spears Buys the Boys an Expensive New Toy?

Celebrity Spider 10/25/07 Britney Spears Pal Denies He's Selling Her Diaries

Celebrity Spider 10/25/07 Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Meet for Parenting Session

Newsday 10/25/07 Britney Spears' new CD? Save your money

San Jose Mercury News 10/25/07 Stunner! Britney's new CD is good

Seattle Times 10/25/07 CD review | Britney Spears shines through "Blackout"

TMZ 10/25/07 Security Tight for Britney Spears Custody Hearing

E! Online 10/25/07 Blackout Drunk: We Binge on New Britney

TMZ 10/25/07 Britney and K-Fed Got Along Swell

Newsday 10/25/07 Britney Spears' new CD? Save your money

Daily Mail 10/25/07 Desperate Britney turns to drugs and self-help books

Hello! 10/25/07 Britney takes positive steps to regain custody of her two boys

Daily Mail 10/25/07 Fergie: 'I want to help Britney'

USA Today 10/25/07 Britney throws a few sparks on 'Blackout'

Dot Music 10/25/07 Britney goes back to school

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 Britney Spears Fails to Pay Dancers

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 Britney Spears' Ex-Employees Strike Back With Website

USA Today 10/24/07 Britney throws a few sparks on 'Blackout'

Extra 10/24/07 Britney Revamps Website

People 10/24/07 Britney Spears Begins Parenting Program

TMZ 10/24/07 Britney Pays $4.50 a Gallon for Gas

Daily Mail 10/24/07 Britney reunited with sons - but blistering new report slams her mothering skills

Herald Sun 10/24/07 Britney Spears may do it again with hit new album 10/24/07 Britney Spears like a 'singing sex doll'

Chicago Sun Times 10/24/07 'Black' mark:  La Brit gives us one more tawdry pole dance with fifth album

Stuff 10/24/07 Review: Blackout - Britney Spears

IGN 10/23/07 Britney Spears - Blackout Review

Entertainment Weekly 10/23/07 Music Review: Blackout

Extra 10/23/07 Britney Mows Down Cameraman for the Second Time

TMZ 10/23/07 Brit in Distress, Back in Hotel Hiding

This is London 10/23/07 Britney's parents meet K-Fed for crisis talks

Dot Music 10/23/07 Britney seen out driving with sons

Ananova 10/23/07 Britney joins Sesame Street

Celebrity Spider 10/22/07 Britney Spears Wins Back Right to See Kids

Celebrity Spider 10/22/07 Britney Spears Offered Personal Apology to Hit and Run Victim

Celebrity Spider 10/22/07 Britney Spears Leases Canyon Home

MTV 10/22/07 Britney Spears' Fans: As 'Blackout's' Release Looms, Who Exactly Are They?

E! Online 10/22/07 Boycotting Britney

Times Online 10/22/07 World exclusive: first review of the new Britney Spears album Blackout

NY Daily News 10/22/07 Studio tricks make Britney's new CD sound like robot singing

Daily Mail 10/21/07 Britney gets lippy: The singer unveils her GOB smacking new look

TMZ 10/21/07 Report: Britney Seen With Kids

Celebrity Spider 10/20/07 Britney Spears Fiasco Sock to be Auctioned

WCBS 10/20/07 Report: Britney's Visitation Rights Reinstated

Daily Record 10/20/07 Britney Swollen After Beauty Treatment

Celebrity Spider 10/19/07 Britney Spears "Devastated" by Court Ruling

Celebrity Spider 10/19/07 Britney Spears Runs Over Cameraman's Foot

Celebrity Spider 10/19/07 Britney Spears Hit and Run Charge Dropped

Celebrity Spider 10/19/07 Hugh Hefner Offers "Cleaned-Up" Britney Spears Playboy Cover

Celebrity Spider 10/19/07 Britney Spears Criticized Kevin Federline in New Song

Daily Mail 10/19/07 Devastated Britney loses right to see her sons after failing to take drug test

MTV 10/19/07 Britney Spears Will Have To Go Extra Mile To Get Back In Her Kids' Lives, Legal Experts Say

Celebrity Spider 10/18/07 Britney Spears Visitation Rights Are Suspended

Celebrity Spider 10/18/07 Lance Bass: "I Came Out to Britney Spears"

E! Online 10/18/07 Source: Britney "I Can't Believe This Is Happening"

TMZ 10/18/07 Britney Gets Bronzed and Bratty

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Attorney: "Britney Spears is on the Run From the Paparazzi"

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Britney Spears Gets Dancers on Tape
Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Britney Spears Has Pink Eye - Just Like Kevin Federline

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Britney Spears Tries Lollies and Inhalers to Lose Weight

NY Post 10/17/07 The night Lance stunned Britney

Daily Record 10/17/07 Britney Goes From The Clink To Pink

Celebrity Spider 10/16/07 Britney Spears Booked on Two Hit and Run Charges

Celebrity Spider 10/16/07 Britney Spears Dance Studio Boss: "Britney's Back"

Celebrity Spider 10/16/07 Britney Spears Hits Another Car

Celebrity Spider 10/16/07 Britney Spears Buys Justin Timberlake Album by Mistake

Digital Spy 10/16/07 Spears wants to visit Hualapai Indian?

This is London 10/16/07 Pink Britney wigs out again as she turns herself into police

Celebrity Spider 10/15/07 Britney Spears First Husband Still Loves Her

Celebrity Spider 10/15/07 Shar Jackson Pokes Fun at Britney Spears on "Celebrity Rap Superstar"

Extra 10/15/07 Britney Calls in Sick - But Still Goes Out

This is London 10/15/07 Britney 'boobs' en route to another party as judge warns her to stop her antics

Digital Spy 10/15/07 Britney Spears 'threatened suicide'

Dot Music 10/15/07 Keane vs Britney

TMZ 10/14/07 Britney Wants to Bring Sexy Back

Herald Sun 10/14/07 How a child star's life became a train wreak

Celebrity Spider 10/13/07 Britney Spears Unveils New Album Track List and Art

Celebrity Spider 10/13/07 Britney Spears Lets Dancer Down Again

Digital Spy 10/13/07 Prisoner seeks Spears restraining order

Celebrity Spider 10/12/07 Britney Spears Granted One More Night With Kids

MTV 10/12/07 Britney Spears' New Album, Blackout: A Track-By-Track Report

Fox News 10/12/07 Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears Ignored by Radio

Extra 10/12/07 Britney Begins Auditioning Dancers for Comeback Tour

TMZ 10/12/07 Brit's Paparazzi Pit Crew

TMZ 10/12/07 Britney Shops the Pain Away

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Kevin Federline Dismisses Britney Spears Emergency Motion

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Britney Spears New Album Release Date Moved Up to October 30

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Lance Bass: "Career Driven Justin Timberlake Had No Time for Britney Spears"

Extra 10/11/07 Britney Gets One Overnight Visit Per Week

TMZ 10/11/07 Britney: Wait'll We Get Our Hanes on You

TMZ 10/11/07 BritBrit's Target Rendezvous

TMZ 10/11/07 Britney Says She's "Scared"

TMZ 10/11/07 Britney to Judge -- I Want Overnights with S.P. and J.J.

This is London 10/11/07 Do your buttons up, Britney... and watch out for that bald patch

Celebrity Spider 10/10/07 Britney Spears Eyes Barmaid Job

Celebrity Spider 10/10/07 Britney Spears Father Fears for Grandkids

Celebrity Spider 10/10/07 Britney Spears Passes Drug Test

Celebrity Spider 10/10/07 Britney Spears First Husband Fears for Troubled Star

Celebrity Spider 10/10/07 Britney Spears to be Booked for Hit and Run

Daily Mail 10/10/07 Britney goes topless in her new video

Extra 10/10/07 As Brit's Mom Rushes to Her Side, New Video Controversy Arises

BBC 10/10/07 Judge orders Britney fingerprints

Celebrity Spider 10/9/07 Britney Spears Reunited With Children

Celebrity Spider 10/9/07 Jamie Lynn Spears Comes to Britney's Rescue

Extra 10/9/07 Britney to Perform at the American Music Awards?

E! Online 10/9/07 Britney Comes Clean on Drug Test

Sky News 10/9/07 What's Shocked Brit?

TMZ 10/9/07 Judge to Britney: You Must Be Booked

Daily Mail 10/9/07 Family step in to save bingeing Britney from self-destruction

TMZ 10/9/07 Britney's Tearful Goodbye to Her Sons

E!Online 10/9/07 Britney Comes Clean on Drug Test

Celebrity Spider 10/8/07 Britney Spears Sex Tape Stolen?

TMZ 10/8/07 Brit's Kids Back with K-Fed

E!Online 10/8/07 Mother's Day at the Spears House

TMZ 10/8/07 Britney is with Her Kids -- Right Now

Extra 10/8/07 Woman Yells to Britney: 'Get Out of My Town'

USA Today 10/8/07 Britney's latest act is a 'Gimme'

TMZ 10/8/07 Britney Wants Job As a Bartender? Huh?

Sky News 10/8/07 What's Shocked Brit?

TMZ 10/8/07 Britney Flashes Her Taco

Daily Mail 10/8/07 Family step in to save bingeing Britney from self-destruction

TMZ 10/8/07 Brit to Parenting Coach -- Buzz Off

Hello! 10/8/07 Britney, Spice Girls and Kylie prepare to do battle in the charts

TMZ 10/8/07 Irate Woman Bitches at Britney -- Sis Steps In

TMZ 10/8/07 Brit Knows She's "Gorgeous"

Digital Spy 10/8/07 Silverman: Spears wasn't ready for jokes

TMZ 10/7/07 Britney and Sis Run for the Border

Daily Telegraph 10/7/07 Britney Spears has had a dogged week

NY Post 10/7/07 Previously on Britney

Digital Spy 10/7/07 Britney and Kevin want Bashir interviews

E!Online 10/6/07 Britney's Latest: Blackout

TMZ 10/6/07 Britney and Mama Lynne Reunited?

LA Times 10/6/07 Britney Spears tugs at some famous heartstrings

TMZ 10/6/07 Britney Chaos, Part 3 -- Flat Tire

NY Daily News 10/6/07 Britney skips visit with sons, as video heats up iTunes

TMZ 10/6/07 Britney Spears -- Hotel Mommy

BBC 10/6/07 Britney names new album Blackout

TMZ 10/6/07 Britney: 101 Ways to Cause Chaos, Part 1

Daily Mail 10/6/07 Britney's former bodyguard calls for probe into child abuse claims

Celebrity Spider 10/5/07 Britney Spears New Single "Gimme More" Enters Top 5 on Billboard Chart

Celebrity Spider 10/5/07 Britney Spears to Face New Child Abuse Investigation

Celebrity Spider 10/5/07 Jive Pledges to Support Troubled Britney Spears

Celebrity Spider 10/5/07 Dr. Phil Offers to Help Britney Spears

Celebrity Spider 10/5/07 PETA Want Kevin Federline to Take Custody of Britney Spears Dog Too

Celebrity Spider 10/5/07 Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Must Attend Counseling Together

NMC 10/5/07 Sinead O'Connor Feels Bad for Britney

Extra 10/5/07 First Look: Britney's New Video for 'Gimme More'

MTV 10/5/07 Britney Spears Fans (And Haters) Weigh In On 'Gimme More' Video

Daily Mail 10/5/07 Revealed: Britney Spears' new 'stripper' video

Extra 10/5/07 Britney Asks Photog, 'What Day Is It?'

People 10/5/07 Britney Spears's Ex-Bodyguard Requests Child Abuse Investigation

TMZ 10/5/07 Britney's Got Trouble Under the Hood

Daily Mail 10/5/07 Britney on the brink: New fears as singer publicly breaks down

TMZ 10/5/07 Britney the Hotel Hopper, Part 3

NY Post 10/5/07 Phil: Lock Britney Up

TMZ 10/5/07 Britney's New Video -- The First Look

NY Daily News 10/5/07 Britney gets one last chance from irate judge

BBC 10/5/07 Britney cannot be alone with sons

Ananova 10/5/07 Lily talks Brit-pop pressures

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Britney Spears Heading to Rehab

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Britney Spears Summoned to Court

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Judge Allows Britney Spears Monitored Visitation Rights

TMZ 10/4/07 PETA Hounds K-Fed to Get Brit's Pups

Dot Music 10/4/07 Troubled Britney scores a hit

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Britney Spears Gets California Drivers License

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Britney Spears Family Fear Her "Suicidal Tendencies"

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Britney Spears Caught Up in Sex Tape Scandal

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Britney Spears Ex-Bodyguard Praises Decision

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Police Investigate Fracas at Britney Spears Hotel

MTV 10/3/07 Britney Spears' Constant Presence In Public Eye Could Be Behind Custody Loss

Extra 10/3/07 Britney's Cousin, Alli Sims, Moves Out of Brit's Pad

Celebrity Spider 10/3/07 Kevin Federline's Attorney Thanks Britney Spears Bodyguard for Coming Forward

This is London 10/3/07 Britney finally gets her driving licence - while her sons spend first full day with Dad

Brisbane Times 10/3/07 Britney tells Crocker 'leave me alone'

Celebrity Spider 10/2/07 Britney Spears Lost Kids Over Driving License

Celebrity Spider 10/2/07 Britney Spears Applies for California Drivers License

Celebrity Spider 10/2/07 Britney Spears in Tears After Custody Ruling

MTV 10/2/07 Britney Spears Seems To Be Drowning In Troubles, So Why Won't She Listen To Anyone?

E! Online 10/2/07 Source: Custody Loss May Be "Wake-Up Call" for Britney

TMZ 10/2/07 Cheeky Brit Checks Into Beverly Hills

Daily Mail 10/2/07 Suicide-watch Britney loses her kids...then goes to the tanning salon

Celebrity Spider 10/1/07 Britney Spears: "Everyone Wants a Piece of Me"

Celebrity Spider 10/1/07 Britney Spears Loses Custody of Her Sons 

Hollywood Today 10/1/07 Why Britney Does It; Expressions of a Woman in Pain

USA Today 10/1/07 Can Britney Spears bounce back?

Chicago Sun Times 10/1/07 Britney tracks the paparazzi

TMZ 10/1/07 Britney Drives Illegally

TMZ 10/1/07 It's All Greek to Britney

Ananova 10/1/07 Britney Spears lyrics revealed

Digital Spy 9/30/07 Britney Spears wants Federline back

TMZ 9/30/07 Socialites Blast Britney at Art Show

Herald Sun 9/30/07 Minder says drugged Britney 'out of control'

NY Daily News 9/30/07 Pop tart to pop art - it's 'Just Britney'

TMZ 9/29/07 Britney Gets a Sheriff Escort ... For a Coffee Run

Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 Britney Spears Turns Cameras on Paparazzi

CBS 9/28/07 Britney's Body Guard: She Was Incoherent

Fox News 9/28/07 Britney Spears' Album: First Listen to New Songs

Sky News 9/28/07 Who Will Mentor Brit?

Dot Music 9/28/07 Rihanna: 'Leave Britney alone'

TMZ 9/28/07 Britney -- Welcome to the O.C., Bitch

People 9/27/07 Joey Fatone to Britney: 'I'm Here for You, Sweetheart'

TMZ 9/27/07 In the Bathroom with Britney

TMZ 9/27/07 Spears in Burbank Shooting Spree! Ay!

TMZ 9/27/07 Britney Breaks New Toy

Daily Mail 9/27/07 Why is Britney Spears wearing an engagement ring?

Extra 9/26/07 Britney's Late Night Tanning Excursion

Digital Spy 9/26/07 Elton, Beckham offer homes to Spears

Celebrity Spider 9/25/07 Britney Spears Bodyguard Caught Her "Taking Drugs in Restroom"

Celebrity Spider 9/25/07 Britney Spears Shopping Habit

TMZ 9/25/07 Brit's Bathroom Break Bonanza

Daily Mail 9/25/07 Why did Britney invite a man into the ladies?

TMZ 9/25/07 Brit's Kids Hold on for Dear Life

Sky News 9/25/07 Brit's Hair Crisis

Metro 9/25/07 Beckhams to rescue Britney?

Celebrity Spider 9/24/07 Britney Spears Bodyguard Appears on NBC's "Today Show"

Celebrity Spider 9/24/07 Bodyguard: "Britney Spears is a Drug-Binging Bad Mother"

Celebrity Spider 9/24/07 Britney Spears Hates Signing Autographs for Fans

Celebrity Spider 9/24/07 Britney Spears Stalker Nightmare

Celebrity Spider 9/24/07 Bodyguards Fear Britney Spears Will Drown Kids

Daily Mail 9/23/07 Bizarre behaviour, drug-taking and wandering round naked: Why Britney could lose her children

Digital Spy 9/23/07 Spears voted worst celebrity mother

Celebrity Spider 9/22/07 Britney Spears Charged With Hit & Run

TMZ 9/22/07 Britney Shops After Charges Drop

Celebrity Spider 9/21/07 Britney Spears Considered for Sitcom Role

Celebrity Spider 9/21/07 Diddy: "Britney Spears Didn't Drink on My Watch"

Hello! 9/21/07 Troubled Britney goes into mum mode with her little boy Jaden

Extra 9/21/07 Britney's Chaotic Shopping Excursion with Sean Preston

TMZ 9/21/07 Spears and Sean in Snapstorm

Daily Mail 9/21/07 The morning after: Party-pooped Britney looks fragile after a night on the tiles

Celebrity Spider 9/20/07 Justin Timberlake: "Britney Spears is a Great Person With a Huge Heart"

Celebrity Spider 9/20/07 Britney Spears Finds a New Pal in Avril Lavigne on Night Out

Celebrity Spider 9/20/07 Ne-Yo "Still Rooting" for Britney Spears

Celebrity Spider 9/20/07 Britney Spears Switches Lawyers

Extra 9/20/07 New Details from Britney's Wild Night

TMZ 9/20/07 "Britney" Gets Abs and a Better Weave

Dot Music 9/20/07 Stars back Britney's comeback

Daily Mail 9/20/07 Britney parties until 2am after judge orders drug tests

Digital Spy 9/20/07 Spears spotted partying despite orders

NY Daily News 9/20/07 Britney Spears blows off judge's warning, parties up a storm

Celebrity Spider 9/19/07 Britney Spears to Undergo Drug Tests

Times Online 9/19/07 The decline and fall of Britney Spears

TMZ 9/19/07 Britney's Cold Shoulder Ice Cream Weave

TMZ 9/19/07 Britney: Screw "The Man," I'm Ready to Rage!

TMZ 9/19/07 Brit to Paps: Pump Me Up Bitch

TMZ 9/19/07 Brit Plays Musical Chairs ... In Her Car

Celebrity Spider 9/18/07 Britney Spears Has a Hit on Her Hands

Celebrity Spider 9/18/07 Britney Spears Bodyguard Fired for Failing to Pick Up Her Hat

Celebrity Spider 9/18/07 Britney Spears Dumped by Manager

Celebrity Spider 9/18/07 Britney Spears Lawyer Quits

Celebrity Spider 9/18/07 Secret "Witness" is Britney Spears Former Bodyguard

MTV 9/18/07 Ne-Yo Shouts Out To Britney Spears: 'I'm Still Rooting For You. Come Get These Songs'

E! Online 9/18/07 Britney's Custody Rx: Counseling and Drug Tests

E! Online 9/18/07 Open Season on Spears Custody Docs

Extra 9/18/07 Britney's Health in Danger?

Daily Mail 9/18/07 Britney's ex-bodyguard blows lid on her 'drug use and nudity'

BBC 9/18/07 Britney is dropped by management

Celebrity Spider 9/17/07 Britney Spears Banned From Chateau Marmont

Celebrity Spider 9/17/07 Britney Spears to Face "Drug Witness" in Custody Court Battle

Celebrity Spider 9/17/07 Timbaland: Britney Spears Should Apologize

Celebrity Spider 9/17/07 Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Settle Finances on Son Sean Preston's Birthday

North Star Writers Group 9/17/07 Britney Spears Didn’t Ask for This

Digital Spy 9/16/07 50 Cent defends Britney Spears

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Celebrity Spider 8/15/07 More Doubt Cast on Britney Spears Parenting

Celebrity Spider 8/15/07 Britney Spears Former Assistant Served With Subpoena

Celebrity Spider 8/15/07 Britney Spears Bodyguard Served With Subpoena

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Digital Spy 8/15/07 Spears to open MTV Video Awards?

BBC 8/15/07 Bid to open Britney court papers

NY Daily News 8/15/07 Bye-bi Britney

Digital Spy 8/15/07 Britney isn't worried about losing kids

Dot Music 8/15/07 Spears' former assistant served with subpoena

Digital Spy 8/15/07 Britney doesn't do drugs, claims friend

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Boston Globe 8/14/07 Britney Spears' VMA surprise

Boston Globe 8/14/07 Motion seeks to unseal Spears documents

TMZ 8/13/07 Britney Wigs Out Again

TMZ 8/13/07 Britney Won't Do Coke, Will Do Fake Accent

Daily Mail 8/13/07 Tears as Britney's pal served with court papers to testify on the star's 'parenting skills'

Digital Spy 8/13/07 Britney wants to pose nude for 'Playboy' 8/13/07 Kevin Federline fights Britney Spears for custody

TMZ 8/12/07 Brit's Assistant Gets Served

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Daily Mail 8/10/07 Britney's Ex Wants Custody of Sons 

Celebrity Spider 8/9/07 Perfume Giant Denies Britney Spears Ad Body Double

Zap2It 8/9/07 K-Fed Seeks Primary Physical Custody of Sons

Daily Mail 8/9/07 Bloated Britney faces new battle as ex files for custody of sons

Celebrity Spider 8/8/07 Britney Spears "Seduces" Video Shoot Extra After Breakdown

Celebrity Spider 8/8/07 Britney Spears in Parking Lot Controversy

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Daily Mail 8/8/07 Britney caught in topless romp with a stranger in hotel pool

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TMZ 8/7/07 Crouching Britney, Hidden Accident

Daily Mail 8/7/07 Hit me, baby: Britney Spears causes car crash

Digital Spy 8/7/07 Spears goes topless at photo shoot

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TMZ 8/6/07 Fired by Clarkson, Hired by Britney

Celebrity Spider 8/4/07 Britney Spears Rehires Alli Sims

Digital Spy 8/4/07 Britney plans secret London gig

Celebrity Spider 8/3/07 Britney Spears Ex Assistant: "Britney's a Great Mom"

Digital Spy 8/3/07 Britney 'may have Bipolar disorder'

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Celebrity Spider 8/1/07 Britney Spears Tried to Whiten Son's Teeth?

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Celebrity Spider 7/31/07 It's Over for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

Celebrity Spider 7/31/07 Britney Spears Tears Halt Latest Video Shoot

Celebrity Spider 7/31/07 Britney Spears Sons Could be Kidnapped, Warns Lawyer

TMZ 7/31/07 Britney Bustin' Out

Celebrity Spider 7/30/07 Britney Spears Interested in Ray Liotta Estate

Extra 7/30/07 K-Fed to Reportedly Get $35,000 a Month from Britney in Divorce Settlement

Extra 7/30/07 Spears Family Reunion in Vegas?

TMZ 7/30/07 Spears' Attorney Fears Kidnapping

TMZ 7/30/07 Britney & K-Fed Officially Kaput

NY Daily News 7/30/07 Bizarro Britney not OK!, sez jilted mag editor

Ananova 7/30/07 Britney's music video called off

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The Sun 7/30/07 See saucy new Britney pics

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Entertainmentwise 7/30/07 Britney Spears Hits Rock Bottom

Daily Mail 7/29/07 Britney struggles through raunchy pole dance

Digital Spy 7/29/07 Britney storms out of video shoot

Celebrity Spider 7/28/07 Britney Spears Puts Custody Battle in Jeopardy

Celebrity Spider 7/28/07 Britney Spears Bodyguard "Assaults" Las Vegas Photographer

Celebrity Spider 7/28/07 Britney Spears Assistant Plans to Sell Her Story

Celebrity Spider 7/27/07 Britney Spears Fires New Assistant

E!Online 7/27/07 Britney Seeks Control, Bounces Assistant

TMZ 7/27/07 Britney Bodyguard Thumps Photog

E!Online 7/27/07 Britney's Vegas Bustup

Extra 7/27/07 Britney, Holding Baby Sean Preston, Caught in Middle of Violent Brawl

Daily Mail 7/27/07 Britney's anger after child is hurt in fight with photographer

Dot Music 7/27/07 Britney bodyguard on assault charge

Celebrity Spider 7/26/07 Britney Spears Cousin Reportedly Helping Kevin Federline Win Custody Battle

NY Post 7/26/07 Britney's dress rehearsal for fit

Daily Mail 7/26/07 Britney's £10k bill after she vomits on dress during 

Celebrity Spider 7/25/07 OK Magazine Reveals Britney Spears Meltdown

Celebrity Spider 7/25/07 Britney Spears Umbrella and Car Up for Auction on eBay

Celebrity Spider 7/25/07 Britney Spears Not OK for OK! Interview

MTV 7/25/07 Britney Spears 'Meltdown' Chronicled In Revealing Magazine Article

E! Online 7/25/07 Brit's Cover Sit-Down Not OK!

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TMZ 7/25/07 War of the Roses: Britney and K-Fed Style

Daily Mail 7/25/07 Meltdown: Britney Spears 'completely out of it' during latest interview

Sky News 7/25/07 Has Brit Lost It?

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Celebrity Spider 7/24/07 Britney Spears Unleashes Paparazzi Rage on Heavyweight Cameraman

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Extra 7/24/07 Magazine Calls New Britney Interview 'Heartbreaking and Sad'

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Celebrity Spider 7/23/07 Britney Spears to Tell All in Exclusive OK! Interview?

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Extra 7/23/07 Britney Launches Foul-Mouthed Tirade Against Paparazzi

TMZ 7/23/07 Britney, Boo Boo and Boob

TMZ 7/23/07 Britney's Shopping Trip Turns Chaotic -- Cops Called

Daily Mail 7/23/07 Through the keyhole: Could this be Britney's new home?

TMZ 7/22/07 Brit Says Okay to "OK!"

Celebrity Spider 7/20/07 Britney Spears is the Black Widow for New Video

Celebrity Spider 7/20/07 Britney Spears Planning to Become a Waitress?

Celebrity Spider 7/20/07 Britney Spears Shoots Top Secret Video

Celebrity Spider 7/20/07 PETA Urge Britney Spears to Give Up New Dog

Hello! 7/20/07 Fun-loving Britney Spears strips to undies for Malibu dip

Extra 7/20/07 Britney Plans Shocking Tell-All

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Sky News 7/20/07 Brit's Got Her Boogie Back

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Celebrity Spider 7/18/07 Britney Spears to Host Las Vegas Club Launch

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TMZ 7/18/07 Baby to Brit -- Yo, Mama, Hands on the Wheel!

Celebrity Spider 7/17/07 Britney Spears Upsets Humane Society

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TMZ 7/17/07 Britney Spears -- Terrierist

Digital Spy 7/17/07 Britney wants to be a footballer's wife

CBS 7/16/07 Britney Spears Angers Humane Society

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Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Britney Spears and Nanny "Not Dating"

People 7/14/07 Britney Buys a New Dog

Celebrity Spider 7/13/07 Britney Spears Places Beverly Hills Home on Market Again

TMZ 7/13/07 Britney's "Stalker" Calls Children's Services

Extra 7/13/07 Britney Spears Not Dating Her Manny!

Daily Mail 7/13/07 Britney's ex calls in child protection over safety fears

Dot Music 7/13/07 Britney: Cocktail waitress?

Extra 7/12/07 Britney's New Mystery Man Revealed

People 7/12/07 Britney Spears 'Not Dating' Her Bodyguard

Extra 7/12/07 Britney Spears Wants to Get Out of Her House

Digital Spy 7/12/07 New Spears album expected by Christmas

Ananova 7/12/07 Brit cuts mum from will

Celebrity Spider 7/11/07 Pink Snubs Britney Spears

Ananova 7/11/07 Britney names new single

TMZ 7/10/07 Britney: Taco Belle

TMZ 7/9/07 Britney Takes to the Cement Pond

Daily Mail 7/9/07 Britney's life a real handful for new man

Ananova 7/9/07 New boyfriend says Brit's an alcoholic

Now Magazine 7/7/07 Britney's mystery date

Celebrity Spider 7/6/07 Britney Spears New Love Speaks Out

Celebrity Spider 7/6/07 Has Britney Spears Changed Her Will?

E!Online 7/6/07 Britney: So Sorry for Bumbershoot Blunder

TMZ 7/6/07 Mom to Brit -- I Have Rights Too!

Daily Mail 7/6/07 Britney's got a brand new man

Celebrity Spider 7/5/07 Britney Spears Apologizes for "Umbrella Incident"

TMZ 7/5/07 The Atonement of Britney -- Or, Whatever

TMZ 7/5/07 Britney Busts Out New Dude?

Sky News 7/5/07 Brit's Brolly Apology

Dot Music 7/4/07 Britney: Umbrella attack apology

Celebrity Spider 7/2/07 Report: Britney Spears Partying Has Kevin Refusing to Agree to Divorce Deal

Celebrity Spider 7/2/07 Lynne Spears Hopeful of Reunion With Britney

Celebrity Spider 7/2/07 Producer Gives Britney Spears Comeback a Big Boost

E!Online 7/2/07 Britney Not Ready to Make Nice

Extra 7/2/07 Britney’s New Rant Against Her Mom

TMZ 7/2/07 Britney to Mom -- I'm Praying for You!

Daily Mail 7/2/07 Britney's latest spot of bother

TMZ 7/2/07 Britney Goes to the Dogs

People 7/1/07 Britney's Mom: 'Everything Is Going to Be Fine'


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