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News Articles about the Segway Transportation device


KSNT 3/11/08 Topeka Man Files Lawsuit against Local Mall to use his Segway

Southside 3/11/08 Segway bill curbs use, business owners say

Daily Herald 2/27/08 Segway never quite lived up to hype

Press of Atlantic City 2/24/08 Segways roll their way into local mall security industry

OC Register 2/24/08 Segway-ing into the future

Orlando Sentinel 2/22/08 Disney World wins dismissal of lawsuit challenging Segway rule

Business Journal 2/18/08 Target to patrol its Seattle parking lots with Segways

Salisbury Post 2/13/08 Spencer Police will soon acquire Segway scooter

Arizona Daily Wildcat 2/12/08 On the spot

Economist 2/7/08 On foot, bike and Segway

Sacramento Bee 2/5/08 Security by Segway: Arden Fair's mall patrolled by two-wheeled scooters

Journal Times 1/29/08 Downtown Business Improvement District buys Segway

NZ Herald 1/23/08 Motorsport: TRS stars in Segway comp

Boston Globe 1/23/08 Segways headed to Super Bowl

Yahoo! News 1/17/08 Officer Bike Theft Foiled By Segway Rider

OC Register 1/16/08 Readers support Villager's Segway request

NBC 26 1/15/08 Segway and GM Collaborate on Eco-Friendly Transportation

Computer World 1/8/08 Segways get green light for use in federal hallways

Cnet 1/3/08 Giuliani: I'm not riding that Segway. No way

Security Park 1/1/08 Portugese shopping malls improve security with Segway PTs

Daily Herald 12/29/07 Segways give security quicker pace, better view to patrol Gurnee Mills

Earth Times 12/20/07 States demand German permission for Segway carts 12/20/07 Ovechkin and Segways don't mix

Journal News 12/14/07 New Rochelle cops zip around downtown on new Segways

Baltimore Sun 12/14/07 Segway assists in mall arrest

Fayette Citizen 12/11/07 That’s no golf cart on PTC paths; that’s a Segway

ABC 12/7/07 Segway tours permitted at Golden Gate Park

USA Today 12/4/07 Donated Segways may help disabled vets get back on feet

This is London 12/4/07 Bobbies on the beat take to Segway scooters to save their shoe leather

Desert Sun 11/29/07 LQ police Segway into theft patrol

Arizona Republic 11/26/07 Segways aid disabled, but businesses fear backlash

Arizona Republic 11/16/07 Glendale man's Segway stirs disability debate

Journal News 11/15/07 Greenburgh police roll out Segway as high-tech crime fighter

MSNBC 11/10/07 Disney World sued over Segway ban

My San Antonio 11/7/07 Injured vets given Segway scooters

Crave 11/5/07 Segway's Ferrari edition (that's right)

Washington Post 11/4/07 Me and My Segway Against The World

Pravda 10/30/07 Government to ease ban on Segway scooters in Netherlands

Tech Digest 10/25/07 Ferrari unveils branded Segway

Read Express 10/22/07 Invasion of the Segways: Now at House Parties

KTVB 10/22/07 Man charged with DUI... on a Segway

USA Today 10/14/07 Disabled groups push Disney, SeaWorld to allow Segways

Journal Register 10/9/07 White Oaks faces lawsuit over Segway

Orlando Sentinel 10/8/07 Disney segues into Segway trips

Daily Star 10/4/07 Segway scooter on trial in city

San Luis Obispo Tribune 10/1/07 County's bomb task force now has Segway scooter for emergency use

News Leader 9/21/07 Baby boomers are quick to hop on Segway bandwagon

Yahoo! News 9/20/07 Segway Inventor Raps Patent Reform Bill

Press Journal 9/14/07 Manchester police praise two-wheel patrols on Segway

Nasdaq 9/10/07 GM Europe, Segway Collaborate On Eco-Friendly Car'

The Other Paper 9/6/07 Tipsy on a Segway?

Chicago Sun Times 9/3/07 Cop riding Segway runs down shooting suspect

Daily Mail 9/2/07 Ouch! The moment Piers Morgan broke three ribs falling off the Segway he said was 'idiot-proof' 8/31/07 Segway gliding: Tootling at 12 smiles per hour

On Milwaukee 8/28/07 The city by Segway

Northern Express 8/28/07 Segway spins its wheels

MSNBC 8/21/07 ‘Got Talent’ judge hurt in Segway crash

Media Wire 8/14/07 Segway Commuter Just Keeps Rolling Along Despite Tornado

Rocky Mountain News 8/13/07 Once-active Segway fan club stalls, disbands

ABC 8/12/07 When Sightseeing Via Segway, Tourists Become the Attraction

Fuel Cell Today 8/8/07 Grant to fund creation of fuel cell Segway scooter

CNET News 8/7/07 Cross-country Segway rider hits film circuit

Red Deer Advocate 8/3/07 Officer hurt in Segway misstep

Daily News 7/30/07 Oregon town eyes Segway for officers

Mail Tribune 7/23/07 The law, on a Segway

KOMO 7/12/07 Bellevue using high-tech Segway to survey sidewalks

Lynn County Leader 7/10/07 Segway turns on a dime, goes 15 miles for the same price

Richmond Times Dispatch 7/9/07 Library sees new Segway

WBOC 7/9/07 Fruitland Police Get Segway

Daily Journal 7/6/07 Segway came to the rescue

VietNamNet Bridge 6/25/07 Segway self-balancing transportation device comes to Vietnam

Scottsdale Republic 6/21/07 Segway scooters coming to Northeast Valley

AOL Sports 6/19/07 Chris Capuano Drives a Segway

York Dispatch 6/12/07 Segway scooters to give York City police a lift for downtown patrols

The Union 6/12/07 Make way for the Segway

WWAY 6/11/07 Segway store opens in downtown Wilmington

Newsday 6/5/07 Segway-assisted cop nabs car thief

CBS 3 5/29/07 Segway Offers Beach Goers A New Way To Travel

PR Web 5/29/07 Segway Supports Release of Independent Documentary

Columbus Ledger Enquirer 5/20/07 Segway to fun

The Independent 5/19/07 Whatever Happened To The Segway?

KSBY 5/18/07 Segway scooter gives freedom to a Paso Robles resident with Cerebral Palsy

Honolulu Advertiser 5/14/07 Segway inventor speaking at robotics event

Hendersonville Times News 5/11/07 Police find new way to fight crime with Segway

Gulf News 5/10/07 Segway targets 20,000 tourists on two-wheelers

UPI 5/7/07 New York requires Segway registration

Sarasota Herald Tribune 5/7/07 Bradenton firm offers Segway tours

Minnesota Daily 5/4/07 Student zips to class on Segway

DelCo Times 4/29/07 Touring the town on two wheels

GearLog 4/27/07 Segway's 6th Birthday: A Celebration of Under-Achievement

Electronista 4/18/07 Segway touts greenness, offers energy credits

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier 4/18/07 Waterloo police add two Segway scooters to fleet

Computer World 4/16/07 What enterprises can learn from Segway Human Transporter

Shanghai Daily 4/14/07 Jackie Chan scoots around Asia promoting hip Segway

Frederick News Post 4/14/07 Segways offer new way to see Antietam

Fayette County News 4/6/07 PTC Council says no-way to Segway on cart paths

The Citizen 4/3/07 Developer wants Segway on PTC paths

Post Dispatch 4/2/07 A Segway is one way to see St. Louis

Las Cruces Sun News 3/31/07 Mall faces lawsuit over Segway

Newsday 3/21/07 Segway patrols coming to Long Beach

Arizona Daily Star 3/20/07 Segway away

Salinas Californian 3/12/07 Angel Island tourists soak up Segway miles

Marin Independent Journal 3/5/07 Angel Island offers guided Segway tours

Deseret News 2/27/07 Senate OKs regulations for Segway scooters

Bay News 9 2/19/07 A Segway to independence
WSVN 2/14/07 Police test-drive Segway scooters

WECT 2/13/07 Wilmington Police Roll into the Future

Honolulu Advertiser 2/5/07 Double takes for Segway patrol

CBS3 1/30/07 Airport Security 'Segways' Into High-Tech Safety

Earthtimes 1/29/07 Miami Police Department Employs Segway(R) PTs to Patrol Super Bowl XLI

Times News 1/25/07 Make way for Segway

The Wildcat 1/24/07 A 'Segway' into the fast future of transportation
NBC 2 1/22/07 Sanibel opts for more Segway study

Times News 1/21/07 Sun Valley ponders buying a Segway for police: $5,869

NBC2 1/15/07 City leaders unsure of Segway safety

Los Gatos Observer 1/8/07 What Segway Bans Have Taught Me About Politics

USA Today 1/2/07 'Segway' scooters banned from public use in Netherlands

Herald Tribune 12/25/06 Segway tour guide wins deal with Ritz-Carlton

Buffalo News 12/23/06 Segway scooters pique commissioner's interest

Palm Beach Post 12/19/06 Segway Steve, making campus bright

Beaufort Gazette 12/10/06 City police join Segway craze

Bellingham Herald 12/5/06 Segway rider asks City Council to rethink scooter ordinance

CNET News 12/4/06 Segway inventor scoots to bigger matters

Inside Bay Area 11/28/06 Segue from walking to riding Segway sped up by new store

East Valley Tribune 11/24/06 Posse Segways into mall patrol duties over holidays

Press Telegram 11/21/06 LBPD looks for Segway renters

Baxter Bulletin 11/17/06 Segway finds its niche

Union Leader 11/16/06 Segway inventor talks science and art with actress

Detroit News 11/15/06 Segway tours go off-road and onto the greenway

Des Moines Register 11/13/06 Riverwalk Segway tour hopes hit the brakes

Contra Costa Times 11/10/06 A Segway adventure on road and trail

The Tennessean 11/9/06 A small Segway society

World Golf 11/9/06 Segway x2 Golf premiers at Tiburón Golf Club in Naples, FL

Mobile Magazine 11/6/06 Golf course dorks to use new Segway

Rocky Mountain News 11/1/06 City official toppled while testing Segway vehicle

Travel Golf 10/27/06 Latest useless and expensive golf gadget: the Segway

Daily Gamecock 10/27/06 Segway demo helps simulate drunk driving

Canoe News 10/23/06 Segway getting test drive in Ontario

Texas A&M Battalion 10/20/06 Taking a Segway

Kyodo News 10/20/06 Tokyo firm begins Segway sales for companies

Edmunds 10/18/06 Robocop Ride: T3 Motion Aims To Supplant Segway

The Ledger 10/17/06 Reinventing The Wheel

Daily Breeze 10/17/06 A Christmas Segway ride helps to rekindle the giving spirit

News Tribune 10/17/06 Rare rollers

Half Moon Bay Review 10/9/06 Segway into Half Moon Bay

Mercury News 10/5/06 Campbell bars Segway tours on popular trail

Cnet 10/2/06 Road bumps don't fluster Segway loyalists

WJLA 10/1/06 Chan: Mastering Segway Scooter Tricky

Star Bulletin 10/1/06 Riding around on a Segway is an easy way to get lots of attention

Daily Collegian 9/26/06 Segway recalls scooters

Daily Breeze 9/21/06 Manhattan Beach may say 'no way' to Segways in some areas

KRIS 9/18/06 Segway Inc. Announces Recall to Repair Segway Personal Transporters

NY Times 9/15/06 Segway Recalls All Its Scooters

The Ledger 9/12/06 Haven Police 'Segway' Into The Future

Business Week 9/5/06 Reinventing The Wheel, Slowly

Billings Gazette 9/1/06 UM traffic cop patrols on new Segway

Mesabi Daily News 8/27/06 Virginia Police Segway to transporters

Indy Star 8/27/06 Segway sales are ready for a boost

Columbus Dispatch 8/21/06 Segway tries a new direction

Fox News 8/21/06 Segways Banned From British Streets, Sidewalks, Roads

Stuff 8/15/06 Off-road Segway scoots in

Orlando Sentinel 8/15/06 Segway rolls out retooled transporter

NY Times 8/14/06 Segway Plans 2 New Models of Transporter

RPI 8/7/06 Rensselaer Students Demonstrate Human Transporter Vehicle at NIWeek

RGJ 8/3/06 The Segway rolls into rural terrain

Houston Chronicle 7/30/06 Another worthless product from Segway?

Milwaukee Journal 7/27/06 One week on a Segway provides ample reasons to ride — or stay off the transporter

Port Folio 7/25/06 A Sucker for a Segway

Courier Post 7/24/06 Training with Segway puts workers in another world

UPI 7/21/06 Close-up view of golf tee aided by Segway

Pittsburgh Live 7/21/06 Tour offers smooth Segway into city

CNet 7/14/06 Riding the Segway express

NBC 17 7/12/06 Raleigh Police Zip Around On Segway Patrols

University of Delaware 7/12/06 Prof uses Segway to crisscross campus

KBCI 7/10/06 Boise Allows Segway Scooter for Disabled on Greenbelt

USA Today 7/7/06 The Segway rolls into rural terrain

Burlington Free Press 6/25/06 The Segways are coming

Daily Breeze 6/23/06 South Bay designer gambles he can turn a Segway into an Easy Rider

Boston Globe 6/22/06 Sales on a roll, Segway considers going public

Hartford Courant 6/20/06 Segway Picks Up Speed

Grand Forks Herald 6/19/06 Segway riders trekking across Minnesota

Toledo Blade 6/17/06 Toledo police eye Segway scooter

Annapolis Capital 6/16/06 Segs in the City: Take a safari on a Segway 6/15/06 Segway receives new life with the SegSeat

ABC 7 6/13/06 EPPD Officers 'Segway' into new way of getting around

CNET News 6/13/06 Star-studded Segway supports climate work

Yahoo 6/12/06 Segway Helps Northern Californians Leave Their Cars at Home

WECT 6 6/12/06 Police May Use Scooter to Patrol Downtown Wilmington

Union Leader 6/10/06 Segway takes aim at the budget-conscious

Yahoo 6/7/06 H.K. bans Segway motor ride

InTech 6/7/06 Segway is smart motion technology 6/7/06 Jackie Chan becomes booster and global retailer of Segway scooters

Crave 6/5/06 Segway on hire-purchase: only daredevils need apply

Indy Star 6/4/06 Segway: From public use to public offering?

MSNBC 5/31/06 Segway launching scooter financing program

Oshkosh Northwestern 5/30/06 Segway treads new ground at Westhaven

Houston Chronicle 5/30/06 Segway scoots into niche market

Business Wire 5/30/06 City of Chicago Releases Contract for Segway HT Procurement; ...

Mankato Free Press 5/26/06 Cleveland police take Segway for a test drive

Newswire Today 5/25/06 Growing Popularity of Eco-friendly San Francisco Segway Tours Prompts more Tours - Bigger Fleet

Christian Science Monitor 5/18/06 Backstory: A natural Segway ...

Prague Daily Monitor 5/18/06 Prague police test Segway transporter

East Valley Tribune 5/16/06 Couple plan Segway scooter tours of downtown Scottsdale

Orlando Sentinel 5/12/06 For a different kind of Epcot ride, step up to a Segway adventure

Lansing State Journal 5/7/05 Officers on a roll at Detroit airport: Battery-powered Segway scooters ease 8-hour shifts

Washington Post 5/5/06 Hitting the Fairway on A Segway

Columbus Dispatch 5/4/06 From street to sidewalk: a smooth Segway

St. Petersburg Times 5/2/06 A Segway into Capitol politics

Des Moines Business Record 4/30/06 Seg-waiting

Press of Atlantic City 4/27/06 Bridgeton police consider adding Segway patrols

Brandon Sun 4/27/06 Nowhere to ride 4/26/06 There is fun in the balance

The Sentinel 4/24/06 Test driving electric scooter

GW Hatchet 4/13/06 Segways the latest trend among campus police forces

Baltimore Sun 4/8/06 The full-tilt tour

South Florida 4/7/06 Glide across Florida on a Segway Tour

Sun Sentinel 4/3/06 Epcot is rolling out 2nd Segway tour

Miami Herald 3/23/06 Segway Patrol

United Press International 3/23/06 Israel legalizes Segway sidewalk riding

Stuff 3/17/06 Segway learns to play golf

Business Edge 3/16/06 Segway's hitting rough roads in Ontario

Bangkok Post 3/8/06 Plans to popularise latest two-wheelers

Austin Business Journal 3/6/06 Segway plans dealer expansion in Texas

Press-Journal 3/6/06 Sebastian candidate motors for voters

Chicago Tribune 3/5/06 Segs in the city

News-Press 3/1/06 Police investigate pair of Segway thefts

Rocky Mountain News 3/1/06 Senate knocks the wheels off bill to allow Segway scooters 2/28/06 Golf - on a Segway?

AJC 2/26/06  Workday zips by on way-cool Segway

Business Wire 2/22/06 TRAC Financial Group Inc. Acquires Segway Financial Inc.

Portland Tribune 2/21/06 TribTown: It’s Segway or the leg way

KARE 2/9/06 Rochester tries Segway scooters for meter collectors

Yahoo 2/9/06 Independent University Study Investigates Turf Impact of Segway(R) GT

PR Web 2/9/06 Customized Segway Takes First Place in Annual Cow Palace Exhibit 

Tampa Bay's 10 2/6/06 How We Roll - St. Pete Segway Tours

Michigan Live 2/3/06 Segway hopes to transport humans here

Desert Sun 1/28/06 Segway offers a new way to see public art in Palm Desert

Tucson Citizen 1/26/06 Segway scooter making debut here

ANSA 1/23/06 Railway police get special scooters

Washington Post 1/22/06 Segway Rules? Roll With It.

Longview Daily News 1/15/06 What a Segway to go

Munster Times 1/14/06 One-tank trip: Segways in Chicago

Globe and Mail 1/13/06 Give teen freedom to Segway, Toronto told

The Register 1/13/06 Aussie coppers crushed to discover Segways are illegal

The Age 1/11/06 Physics be damned: Segway a law unto itself

Annapolis Capital 12/30/05 Fire department to test Segways at First Night

Des Moines Register 12/28/05 Couple wants D.M. to allow Segways on city sidewalks

CNET News 12/21/05 Stay sober operating a scooter, or else

Winston-Salem Journal 12/21/05 Court: Scooter is legal vehicle

Tampa Bay Online 12/19/05 Segway Inventor Targets Water Shortages

BBC 12/16/05 Koizumi rides Segway to work

KPHO 12/16/05 Segways Roll into Valley

Star Tribune 12/5/05 Access vs. safety issues bog down use of Segway scooters

Las Vegas Sun 12/4/05 County to Segway into a new law restricting the scooters on the Strip

R News 11/30/05 Segway Used for Greece Mall Patrols

Des Moines Register 11/29/05 Police not sure what to do with Segway scooter

Fox 21 11/28/05 Segway to Awareness Follow

KARE 11/22/05 Student aims to Segway across state

NBC4 11/19/05 Alexandria Police To Patrol On Segway

Hickory Daily Record 11/15/05 'It's like a magic carpet'

The Observer 11/13/05 Good buy 11/12/05 Segway scooter prohibited from roads

East Valley Tribune 11/12/05 Segway OK, after all

Chicagoist 11/10/05 Paramedics May Segue to Segways

Gainesville Sun 11/7/05 Segway's practical appeal

Greeley Tribune 11/6/05 Windsor mayor has the coolest wheels in town

WJZ 11/4/05 Segways Making Walking Obsolete At Science Center

Columbia Daily Tribune 11/3/05 Officer tests Segway for possible use in patrols

Longmont 10/29/05 Estes police ready to roll on souped-up Segway

Tryon Bulletin 10/24/05 Student to ride Segway from Tryon across S.C. for charity

FOX 10/22/05 Segway To Awareness

Chicago Tribune 10/18/05 On balance, a great way to take city parks tour

Toronto Star 10/15/05 Red light for Segway 10/13/05 Local mall orders security guard to follow disabled man on Segway

Post Gazette 10/12/05 Segway finds niche among people with disabilities

News Sentinel 10/11/05 Want to save gas? Segway's an answer

North Platte Telegraph 10/8/05 Cozad tries out the Segway

PC Magazine 10/7/05 WowWee and Segway Partner Up

Business Wire 10/7/05 WowWee Ltd. Will Be First to Integrate Segway(R) Smart Motion Technology Into 2006 Products

Detroit News 10/7/05 Segway fans visit D.C. to show off machines

Columbia Missourian 10/7/05 Two-wheel drive

Casino City Times 10/5/05 Segway Proposal Rolls to a Stop

Miami Herald 9/26/05 Segway fans ride together to the future

Union Leader 9/25/05 Segway owners celebrate convenience and whimsy

Times Union 9/24/05 Safety laws stall Segway scooter

LA Daily News 9/22/05 Bob Hope Airport police taking off on Segway scooters

Concord Monitor 9/12/05 Segway keeps him down on the farm

Motoring 8/30/05 Into the future: we road-test a Segway

Courier Journal 8/30/05 Segway & the city

AJC 8/29/05 Segway a 'no way' on Silver Comet Trail 8/23/05 Downtown improvement crew uses Segway to collect litter, help police

Detroit News 8/23/05 Segway finds niche among people with disabilities

WKYC-TV 8/19/05 Test Drive: Segway Human Transporter (HT)

Quad City Times 8/14/05 A Segway into business

Long Beach Press-Telegram 8/13/05 He'll Segway to marathon glory

Chicago Sun-Times 8/11/05 For this tourist, it's Segway or the highway

Plain Dealer 8/10/05 Segway owners stand by machines

Providence Eyewitness News 8/9/05 Lawrence police testing Segways

Portsmouth Herald News 8/9/05 Thieves apparently couldn't sell loot

NBC 17 8/9/05 Police Test Scooters On Patrol

Vancouver Province 8/7/05 Amsterdam looks different from a Segway

Union Leader 8/7/05 10 stolen Segways found in Manchester

KSDK 8/2/05 See Forest Park By Segway

Exeter News-Letter 7/29/05 Scoot about on a Segway 7/28/05 Former All Black Awarded Segway in AA Rewards

Knox News 7/27/05 A Segway segue 7/26/05 Local man fighting mall over right to use Segway

Washington Examiner 7/24/05 Sprawl & Crawl - Segway riders welcome on Metro - sort of

Charlotte Sun-Herald 7/24/05 Segway-ing into Englewood

CBC News 7/22/05 Cities in Quebec test safety, benefits of Segway scooters

BBC 7/21/05 Segway on Blair's list of gifts 7/21/05 Segway press coverage zooms, but sales falter

WJLA 7/21/05 Metro to Allow Segways on Trains, Not Buses

Riverfront Times 7/20/05 Nice Segway!

WCCO 7/20/05 Could A Segway Cut Down Your Commute?

Bradenton Herald 7/19/05 Sarasota Segway tour firm to expand

Duluth News Tribune 7/19/05 Touring the town, turning heads 7/19/05 Segway into the Future?

Union Leader 7/11/05 Riders of the new age: Segway polo comes to city

Dallas Morning News 7/9/05 See Austin on foot with Segway tour

Union Leader 7/6/05 Segway lovers flock to fest

Savannah Morning News 7/2/05 Make way for Segway

Detroit News 6/26/05 States' laws on Segway use vary

POAC 6/25/05 Watch the Segway, please

Corante 6/24/05 What to do about the Segway?

Washington Examiner 6/20/05 Trendy scooter may 'segway' to Metro use

KQ2 6/16/05 Kansas City Commercial Realtors "Segway" to St. Joseph

Rocky Mountain News 6/13/05 Segway display offers training for 'magic carpet' ride

Detroit News 6/11/05 Segway shakes up its sales force

LA Times 6/8/05 Segway Shakes Up Its Sales Force

Monterey County Herald 6/8/05 Council approves Segway permit

Post-Dispatch 6/6/05 Woman is hurt during Segway tour in park

KSDK 5/28/05 Science Center Unveils New Segway Transporters

Channel News Asia 5/27/05 Public trials of Segway being conducted at Biopolis, Holland Village

Kansas City Star 5/24/05 Visitors can see Forest Park by Segway

Press of Atlantic City 5/19/05 Couple hopes to Segway into tour business

Capital News 9 5/19/05 Students build 'Segway' Scooter

Nashua Telegraph 5/15/05 Segway scooting toward an IPO? You bet

Beacon Journal 5/8/05 Segway inventor known for more

Union Leader 5/7/05 Segway’s big wheel lays out strategy; IPO planned

Living on the Earth 5/6/05 The Segway Revolution?

KOLD-TV 5/3/05 Scottsdale police looking using Segway vehicles

Arizona Republic 5/3/05 Mall patrol: Police weigh using Segways

Yahoo 5/3/05 Segway Enthusiasts Group (SEG) Hosts SegwayFest in Sacramento, May 13-15, 2005

Delmarva Daily Times 5/2/05 OC tackles Segway use

Ocean City 4/29/05 City Council supports Segway rental business

Delmarva Daily Times 4/27/05 OC votes to regulate Segway devices

WTOP 4/27/05 O.C. OKs Boardwalk Segway Rentals

Press-Telegram 4/25/05 Segway store to open at the Pike

Kiosk Marketplace 4/25/05 Kiosks to dispense Segway transporters

I Seek Golf 4/22/05 Segway Golf Transporter comes to Australia

WBOC 4/11/05 Businessman Seeks Segway Approval in OC

The Dispatch 4/8/05 Ocean City Council Stalls Segway Decision

Naples Daily News 4/4/05 Someone was bound to come up with Segway polo

Shreveport Times 4/4/05 Time to Segway into a whole new century

Press of Atlantic City 4/2/05 Long Beach Township bans Segways in town

NY Times 4/1/05 Thwack! Whir!... Whir? Segway Polo Is Born

Interior Design 3/29/05 Chicago by Segway? It’s All About Architecture

The Dispatch 3/25/05 City Council To Finally Hear Segway Rental Proposal

News-Press 3/21/05 Segways provide fun way to get around

Yahoo 3/21/05 Segway LLC Appoints James Norrod as President and Chief Executive Officer

East Valley Tribune 3/19/05 Segway goes golfing

Mercury News 3/14/05 Segway to sell sportier models

Star-Telegram 3/8/05 Sundance Square security rides Segways

Australian IT 3/8/05 Spare tyre crew finds a use for the Segway

Monterey County Herald 3/3/05 Segway Cart Moves People

PR Newswire 3/1/05 Segway LLC Introduces 2005 Product Line with More Power, More Attitude and More Options

Union Leader 2/28/05 3 new Segway models are coming out today

Toronto Star 2/28/05 Segway segues into GTA

Gulf News 2/25/05 Self-balancing personal vehicle rolls into Dubai

KGBT 2/22/05 Officers at Dallas Love Field using Segway vehicles

WJZ 2/17/05 Proposed Bill Would Ban Segways On Sidewalks

Pittsburgh Business Times 2/16/05 Pittsburgh company to pitch military Segway

The Chapel Hill News 2/12/05 Town may shed light on Segways

Whistler Question 2/10/04 Segways get the ax in Whistler

Rocky Mountain News 2/9/05 Segway dealers taking off in Colorado

Emediawire 2/9/05 Segway of Oakland Gets First Taste of Segway Polo

Film & Video Magazine 2/9/05 Designing the Segway Human Transporter

PR Newswire 2/7/05 Segway LLC Doubles Q4 Sales with 'Home for the Holidays' Promotion

Grand Forks Herald 2/6/05 For 'empowered pedestrian,' it's Segway or no way 2/4/05 Portland's parking enforcers test the self-balancing Segway on their 10- to 15-mile rounds

Kansas City Star 2/4/05 Progressive dinner, Segway-style

WBBH 1/31/05 Segway use sparks controversy on Sanibel

The Dispatch 1/28/05 Commission Puts Off Decision On Segway Rentals

Ocean City 1/28/05 Police Commission has concerns about Segway use on Boardwalk

NPR 1/23/05 The Country from a Segway: 'America at 10 MPH' 1/22/05 Stolen Segway Recovered by New Jersey Police

Del Marva Now 1/21/05 Segway rental concerns raised

eMedia 1/20/05 Heavy Hauler Available Through Segway of Oakland

Emediawire 1/19/05 Segway of Oakland Appeals to EMTs - Emergency Response Vehicle Latest in Line of Custom Segways

IBC 1/15/05 Designing the Segway Human Transporter

Post Crescent 1/13/05 Segway used as tool, not toy

Forbes 1/13/05 FedEx CIO's Segway

Plain Dealer 1/9/05 Segway into a new mode of transportation

Seattle Times 1/4/05 Segway dealer is sold on productivity merits 1/2/05 Sunrise police patrol mall on scooters

Always On 1/2/05 Could Open-Source save Segway?

Courier-Journal 12/28/04 Scooter touted as tool to boost productivity

Courier-Journal 12/27/04 Segways are guided with leans and a dial

BizJournals 12/24/04 Segway a big kids' toy ... and wheels for business

Kansas City Star 12/23/04 Oak Park Mall patrol is on a roll

Portland Tribune 12/21/04 Heck on wheels

CNET News 12/13/04 Segways in Slovakia?

Brownsville Herald 12/11/04 Brownsville man plans to give stand-up tours at state Capitol

Stars and Stripes 12/9/04 Segways add zip to soldiers' routines

Red and Black 12/9/04 Students modify Segway for touring

The Daily Times 12/8/04 Limit Segway Boardwalk use

Cape Argus 12/8/04 Transports of rare delight

The Chattanoogan 12/8/04 Segway Zips Into Chattanooga

Williamsport Sun Gazette 12/7/04 PSU buys Segways for campus workers 12/7/04 ConsumerWatch: Segway Comes To Mart

Daily Times 12/6/04 Segways wobble, but they don't fall down

Union Leader 12/5/04 NH’s Segway looks to the long term

Delmarv Now 12/3/04 Rentals of 2-wheel Segway devices proposed

Hurricane Valley Journal 12/2/04 An Amazing New Way to Explore Snow Canyon

Contact Music 11/21/04 LeBlanc Challenged To Studio Scooter Race

WHAS 11 11/19/04 Executive West invests in Segways

KVAL 11/19/04 Segway For Meter Readers

Concord Monitor 11/19/04 They saw it all - on a Segway

Saint George Spectrum 11/18/04 Tour offers unique Snow Canyon experience

Morning Call 11/17/04 Segway dealer may be coming to south Bethlehem

Mercury News 11/17/04 Segway CEO, President Ron Bills Resigns 11/16/04 When Segway collided with Roomba

CNET 11/16/04 Segway completes transcontinental voyage

PR Newswire 11/15/04 First Coast-to-Coast Expedition on Segway HT

Oregon Live 11/13/04 'Human transporter' Segway opens three dealerships
NW Fusion 11/12/04 First Segway fatality?

Globe and Mail 11/8/04 Segway finds friends among disabled

Union Leader 11/7/04 Seeing America , slowly, on a Segway

Monterey Herald 11/5/04 Segway into the future

Austin Business Journal 11/4/04 Valence to develop batteries for Segway transporters

Southeast Missourian 11/1/04 Student has Segway scooter to negotiate SEMO campus

Houston Chronicle 10/31/04 Candidates scoot along on Segways

San Mateo County Times 10/31/04 Much-heralded Segway struggles to gain traction

Concord Monitor 10/31/04 A new role for Segway

The Desert Sun 10/30/04 Firm touts Segway as ‘enhanced mobility’

News & Observer 10/29/04 Segway owner aims for balance

Herald-Tribune 10/24/04 Segway seeks a security role for its stealthy scooters

Globe and Mail 10/21/04 Segway scooter owner fights for right to ride

USA Today 10/20/04 Segway platform puts robots in motion

AutoExpress 10/19/04 New Segway To The Four...

ABC 13 10/19/04 Dallas police to test two-wheeled Segway on foot patrols

Yahoo 10/19/04 Company first to offer guided Segway ® tours of San Francisco

PRWeb 10/18/04 America at 10 mph Completes 3000 Miles of First Cross-Country Journey using a Segway HT

Dirt Wheels Magazine 10/18/04 The Segway Centaur

Omaha World-Herald 10/17/04 Segway scooter finds friends among disabled

Boston Globe 10/17/04 Their way not the Segway

News Journal 10/15/04 Scoot to Millsboro for the state's first Segway dealer

Boston Globe 10/10/04 The Segway is just one more for the road

US News 10/4/04 Tourists are on a roll

CBC 10/4/04 Segway driver will fight $8,000 in fines

Post Dispatch 10/1/04 See the USA on your Segway


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